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Here are the sports and actor heroes that star in this story
Randy Harrison (aka Justin from QAF)
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Alexei Nemov
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Andy Roddick
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Video’s of Randy Harrison and Alexei Nemov
Look at the bulge when he finishes his excercise
Now don’t we love a cuty in briefs, here is randy (QAF)


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Coach’s Assistant – Nick Talent’s
This is the coach’s assistant – Nick Talent’s member extra pages.
So ever wondered how the hero’s out of these stories look like. I though you might so here is what I had in mind

Nick & Francis

Andrew & Peter
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Brian and Andy
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James and Alexei
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chapter 22

I had no idea how long I sat down there. At a certain moment I realised that it had gone quiet. I looked around and saw that I was alone. I was alone I thought and they were gone. I looked around again and yea I was alone.

Slowly I realised what all had happened. It had been an unbelievable orgasm. It surprised me completely. It had been so fantastic and so full emotion. I looked at my dick and saw that it was locked up again in his cage. Not that I could have gone hard again. No way. I slowly got up and felt how my legs were shaking. Totally exhausted I thought. I somehow got to my bedroom and the moment I hit the bed I slept.

I woke up. I knew that I had been dreaming. I felt that my dick was pushing against its cage. It felt almost impossible to be able to do that after so many fake and one big orgasm. I looked at the clock and saw it was 11 am. I got out of bed and stepped into the shower. A good warm shower would do me good. I walked into the living room after I put on a black brief.

It was a mess in the room; one glance in the kitchen told me it was not much better down there. Well no surprise I had no time to clean up the night before. I walked back to the living room and sat down on the couch. I hardly could believe what had happened the night before. But it must have happened. All the sperm I had swallowed. I could still feel how it got into my mouth.

I could hardly believe that I had done this. But then the orgasm had been incredible. Thinking back to it I could feel how my dick started to get hard again. Somewhere in the background I heard a noise. I didn´t realise immediately that it has been my PC telling me an email had come in.

Dear Slave,

I will be upfront, you have the day off. You have given it your best and made all the right choices. We also understood that your guest have enjoyed themselves. So all in all no reason not to give you the day off.

Just stay in the briefs that you are wearing now as long as you stay in. If you go out you can wear whatever you want.

We also got a reply from the company that supplied the machine. They said they had some incredible data from it. So enjoy it.

We will be in contact soon.

Your Masters.

Wow no new task that sounded good. I realised though that it meant not getting a new orgasm. But then it had been an incredible one last night. I should book.

The rest of the day I relaxed and when my mom came at 4 pm, I saw that the masters had turned off the cams, exactly as we had agreed.

During the evening and the first few days of the next week nothing happened. I started to get horny again. I was wondering if it was a good idea to send an email to my masters myself to see if they had forgotten me. Especially when my dick was hard, I was tempted to do that. But I haven’t sunken that far yet.

I had visited the gym one more time but didn´t go to the showers. The one guy behind the reception was someone different. All in all that was good. I definitely didn´t want to see him, but I needed my hours in the gym.

On Friday evening, I was walking around in just my briefs when at 7 pm the doorbell rang. Damn I had not invited any one. Who could this be? I walked into the hall and looked through the window.

No, I thought, it was the pizza boy from last Saturday. I opened the door with the hook still on it.

“I have nothing ordered” I said fast when I saw that he was carrying a pizza.

“Oh I am sure that you have”. He said.

“No, I am sure that I would know what I ordered or not”.

“Oh I know you did, so now open the door you slut”. He said.

Damn this could not be true. Would I open the door? I pushed against the door, slowly opening it. He sounded like he would kick it in if necessary.

“That is better. I knew you would obey. Nice briefs by the way. Do you always walk around like that”?

“Hmm, yea I have to”.

“Have to, I thought last week that that might have been the case. Who else would open the door like that”? He laughed now.

He walked into the apartment, in the direction to the living room and I followed him.

What now I thought?

“So you have to do these things, from whom if I may ask”?

“I have got two masters” I replied.

“Ah, that sounds good. They still keeping your stuff locked up then”?

I just nodded.

“Fine, well I was horny and thought I better pay you a visit. So go and sit on your knees”.

Oh no I thought not again.

“Well are you slut?”

“I have to ask permission First”.

“Ok, hurry up then”.

I walked to the PC and typed an email and hoped that either of them would be online.

 When after 5 minutes I still didn´t have a reply the pizza delivery boy said.

 “Sorry but this is taking me too long. Write down their email address then I will write to them myself”.

 This time he walked with me to the computer and saw us both on the screen.

 “Shit they’re putting this on the internet as well, that is hot and makes me horny”.

 I handed him the email address and he walked away. When he got to the door he said “I have to tell them of course that you didn´t listen to me. I am wondering what kind of masters they are and if they approve of that”.

 I didn´t get a chance to answer as he closed the door.

When that sunk into me, I realised that that might have been stupid as my masters told me to listen. So I am not sure what they would do.

Chapter 23

chapter 21

Chapter 21

After I had put on the blindfold again, I followed Frank into the living room. I felt how his sperm started to dry on my face. So humiliating. They started to applaud when I entered. I felt how my face started to colour.

What now I thought while standing there.

“Fantastic show” Willem said.

I just nodded.

“You have made us very horny Tommy” William continued.

“I think we need to do something about it don’t you?”

I just nodded again, what else could I say about this? I had been expected something like that. Until they know it I just stayed with humiliation, but what would they do now? Would I need to suck them or would they fuck me? Hmm at last it was going to happen. My dick started to get harder again. No not again I thought. I started to get the idea that with everytime that it happened the ring around my dick started to get tighter.

“Come and sit down on your knees down here”.

I did what he asked. I felt how they started to stand around me.

I was starting to smell horny pre-cum. I had no idea who was standing around me but I felt that there were at least 3. I wanted to feel with my hands but I knew I was not allowed to do that. I was not good enough to help them.

I noticed soon enough that they started to breathe harder. My dick had found its way up again. The smell, the tension started to get me all horny again. My balls had been teased already a few times and it definitely felt as if the ring was tighter.

I waited, expecting that some sperm would hit my face. I waited until the first one started to moan louder. I waited until I would feel some wet spots shot on my face but nothing happened. Not with the first one but neither with the second or the third one.

I waited until the breathing got less. The sperm of the pizza delivery was now all dried up. I could feel that.

“Ok ,slaveboy. You are lucky. Your masters told us that when you behaved well we were allowed to take the ring away from your balls. Only we decide when you are allowed to cum. We had to tell you that the punishment for cumming too early was that you still needed to invite someone tomorrow”.

I just nodded. I was horny all over. I didn’t mind anymore as long as I was allowed to cum, that was the only thing that counted now.

“Ok, still two to go. We are going to take the ring away. After that you will open your mouth and keep it open whatever happens”.

Ah it was going to happen. I felt how they removed the ring. My dick jumped free and it was difficult to control my body. It wanted to make fucking movements. Then I felt a dick was put into my mouth. Hmm the taste of pre-cum I thought. I couldn’t resist it anymore and my body started to make fuck movements.

I wanted it so much, so eager. But that was it seems the sign for the dick to pull out again. I could hear that the owner of the dick was very horny. I waited to see what was going to happen next. Another dick was pushed into my mouth. This one felt a lot more inexperienced, more undirected and definitely more forceful fuck movements. This had to be the nephew I thought. That alone was enough to get my horniness onto another level.

I just didn’t know anymore what was happening. The moaning of the two standing in front of me got louder. The dick was taken out of my mouth again and I waited again, with my mouth open this time. But nothing happened. I expected again sperm to be shot onto my face and into my mouth but nothing happened.

My dick was hard, tensed even, sticking straight up from my body, my balls big and full underneath. I felt that a hand was put on my dick, almost enough for me to cum. Somewhere though I must have realised I was not allowed to cum yet. I was a total slave now. Something was attached to my dick but I had no idea what it was. It was put around the top of my dick quite tightly.

“Ok, Slave Tom. You are allowed to cum in a moment, but only if whatever happens and you keep your mouth open. The moment you close it you are not allowed to cum anymore. Understood”?

I nod; my body was slowly making fuck moments. My hands were bound behind my back. I would not be able to help myself. I held my mouth open and waited. My balls wanted to shoot, big time. But I was not allowed.

Then I felt a liquid was being poured into my mouth. It tasted strange. When more was put into my mouth I tried to swallow and close my mouth. I was not able to do that completely though and enough liquid stayed behind to realise what I was drinking. It was cum. I was drinking cum. Their cum. With more waves it came into my mouth now. My own horniness came to a top. I felt that my balls started to substract. I was close. I swallowed again and more sperm came into my mouth. The taste of that was too much, my balls wanted release. A whole day they had been kept under, continuously promised of shooting and now at last I was cumming. Well not sure if it was cumming, but it was incredible amounts of cum not 3 or 4 times but at least 8 or 9 volleys were shot out of my dick before I slowly started to come to a rest.

The first thing that I realised when I came back from my orgasm was that the smell of sperm was still hanging around my mouth. I started almost to throw up but I was able to withstand the feeling.

I had no idea how long I was like that but suddenly I thought oh it has gone quiet. I looked around and thought they must have gone. I pulled my blind fold off and saw that that was the case.

It took me a while before I realised what all had happened that evening. It was an incredible orgasm, which was so fantastic and so full of emotional discharge. I looked at my dick and saw that it was put back into the cage again. Not that I would have been able to get stiff again. I slowly stood up; completely wasted I walked to the bedroom, fell on the bed and slept almost immediately.

chapter 22


chapter 39

Chapter 39

I looked calmly at her. I walked towards her, stepped around. She didn’t try to stop me. “I will be back after the movies. I am just keeping a promise I made. The cars can wait and remember I love you …..” I was now about 2 meters past her very close to Michel. I didn’t look at her but at him. He had handed me my coat 

 “ ….. I just love Michel more. Come on Michel” I said and pushed him towards the front door. 

“What did you say?” She yelled from behind. I slowly start to realise what I had said. I had been bold maybe to bold but I had lost the courage to stand up to her. I needed to leave now. I opened the door, pushed Michel out and left. 

In the back of my mind I heard how the door that I just had slammed was opened again. I pushed Michel though forward in front of me. He went round the corner and then just when we did this he stopped and turned around. 

Our eyes locked together. He got a bit closer. A smile on his face grew and then he kissed me, slowly forcing my lips to open up. I could feel his warm tongue entering my mouth. Fire went through me when our tongue’s touched each other. I was overtaken with lust but most of all with the love that I felt for Michel. 

When he let go he smiled again and said “I love you too Tim. But I hope you realise what you just did”. 

I smiled back. “I don’t think I do, but whatever it was it felt good Michel and so far as I can tell now that is all that counts”. 

“You want to go back in?” 

“OH No, we are going to do exactly what we planned and also exactly what I told mom. Now we will go meet up with Jamey, Paul and Dennis and then see a movie”. 

“OK, let’s go then”. 

We walked until we got to Jamey’s place. We picked him up and then went to the Mall where we would meet up with Paul and Dennis. 

“So how did you survive Tim?” Paul asked just after we sat down. 

“How do you mean?” I asked. 

“Well Dennis here almost got grounded but his parents thought that the punishment on Friday was enough for now. Next time though he would be punished for sure”. 

“Oh, it seems Mom knew upfront and I think I can handle her from now on whatever punishment she will come up with”. 

Paul and Dennis looked at me.

 “I think we have awoken a new Tim guys”.

 “It seems so” Dennis said. “We never took you for a very over confident guy Tim, but that sounded like you can handle anything”.

 “OH I can, I love Michel and that is all I need”.

 “Wow” Jamey said.

 I think you knew that or didn’t you Jamey?” Michel asked.

 He blushed when he answered “I thought you might have been”.

 “You have no problem with it Jamey?” I asked.

 “Hmm, no I ….”  He started to blush. He looked at Dennis and Paul.

 “No, just good friends Jamey” Paul said.

 “Oh, well I though that ….”

 “Just say it Jamey. We trust each other don’t we guys”?

 We all nodded.

 “So you Tim, Michel are gay then… but Paul and Dennis you are not, or”?

 Dennis laughed. “I am Dennis, I’m not gay, not straight, just Dennis… Jamey”.

 “Oh ok, so you would be interested in a guy then?” he said.

 “If he is interested in me, I might be” Dennis answered.

 “So what about you?” Michel asked.

 Jamey looked at me again. “I like guys” he said slowly. Blushing again.

 “Good, you said it” Paul said.

 “Yea, you must be the person you are” Michel added.

 “Are we the first ones you told?” Dennis asked.

 “No, my grandfather knows as well. I told him about 2 years or so after my parents died”.

 “Oh, sorry to hear that” I said.

 “No worries, but I thought he would want to know before he took me in”.

 “He took it without a problem then?” Dennis asked.

 “Yea, but I know other people think differently, so I am not out. I don’t want to cause more problems than I can handle. I am not as sure of myself as Tim is”, he said looking at me with admiration”.

 “Oh, I can say that I have seen Tim as sure as he was a moment ago. Did anything happen Tim”?

 I looked at Michel. “They are friends so why not tell them, if we ran into trouble we can all get the support we might need”.

 “Ok, I was mad at my mom this afternoon. She didn’t want me to go out with Michel this afternoon. I persisted in going and when she stood in between me and Michel, I walked towards her, looked at her and said: ‘I love you Mom, but I love Michel more, so sorry I am going’. And with that we left”.

 “Wow, I guess she didn’t take that very well then”.  Dennis said.

 “No, idea but my dad told us not to tell her yet as he was not sure of her reaction and I think he was right about that”.

 “So you have now left it up to your dad to get it right then.” Dennis said.

 “Oh I am sure we are going to have a talk when we get back. But who knows she might even forbid me to see Michel anyway. She has never liked him so”.

 “You think she will Tim?” Paul asked.

 “She might, but if she does I will leave. I am not going to stay at that place, with her and not being allowed to see Michel. If she thinks she can get away with that then she hasn’t heard me before I left”.

 “So you think your dad will be able to get her around then?” Paul asked.

 “No, if she has made up her mind and doesn’t accept me that I am gay, then there is nothing he can do about that. He just hardly ever stands up against her. I just learned that he tries to pick his times to fight when he knows he has a chance to win. I thought he was harder but it seems mom sits at the wheel in our family”.

 “So what will you do then?” Jamey asked.

 “Well to be honest no idea. I might need to go and live with Michel if his parents would let me”. I said looking at Michel.

 We hadn’t talked about that yet, but it has been going though my mind for the last hour or so.

 “I am not sure, they accepted my uncle but that doesn’t mean they would accept me being gay so easily or even let us live together already”.

 “So what then Michel?”

 “I don’t know Tim”.

 “Oh you will sort it out guys” Dennis said.

 “Yea, we will but …”

 “We will always be here to help if need be” Paul added.

 “Hmm, if you want there is always a room available at our place” Jamey said softly.

 We looked surprised at him. “You think your grandfather wouldn’t mind?”

 “No, it is not like Tim is my boyfriend”.

 “I don’t know” Michel said.

 “Well just remember if you need a place to stay I can always ask my grandfather but I don’t think he will mind”.

 “That might make things easier Tim, just in case she doesn’t turn around” Paul said.

 “So are we still up for a movie then?” Dennis asked.

 “Oh yea definitively”.  Michel and I said.

 I must admit that yea I saw the movie, but besides being together with Michel and the huge mountain to look up to, in the way of getting back home was not easy at all. Some movie, yea but what it was about I have no idea.

 When the movie was done Michel whispered to me, “You want go with them to have a bite to eat or just the two of us?”

 “I think we need to talk don’t we?” I said softly.

 “Yea, that might be a good idea”.

 So we left the others. Jamey reassured me again that I could stay at his place if needed.

 When we sat down at a cafe close by, Michel looked at me. “You ok Tim?”

 “Yea I am, well no idea to be honest Michel. It will depend on what will happen when we get back. I know one thing I am not giving you up, she has to except that or else”.

 “Hmm, I know but just as long as you realise what you are about to do. She is still your mother”.

 “I know, but I have to move on. I know dad will support us that is enough for me at this moment”.

 “So would you take Jamey up on his offer?” Michel asked me with a slight smile on his face.

 “I don’t know, it might be the only possibility. I don’t think that Seth and Brian would let me stay or even your Uncle Jeff”.

 “Oh, I think Jeff would be ok for a few nights, but a longer stay I doubt it too”.

 “So I guess we better just see what will happen ok”.

 “Ok, just go with the flow then”.

 “Yea, we can worry and think of all scenarios but I never thought she would be able to do what she did this morning”.

 “I can see that, you want me there?”

 “Let’s see, I think it would be a good idea but I might have to give in on that and just talk with the two of them. Just stay and wait till it is done ok”?

 “Ok, I love you Tim and very proud of the step you took today”.

 “I know, not sure it was a good one but it happened. You know she might call your parents?”

 “Yea I thought about that too”.

 “You are ready for that?”

 “I think so, I might tell them anyway even if she doesn’t call just to be upfront with it. I would rather tell them myself than they finding it out in another way”.

 “Hmm, yea that might be good. Well I guess we better get going then”. I said and stood up.

 “You’ll be ok Tim”.                              

“We will see. Let’s go”. I said with more confident than I felt.

 When I got to the front door I looked at Michel, doubt started to get to me. Yea I was sure what I wanted but could I keep going for it after I went in. Michel didn’t say anything but just smiled and then nudged me to move on.

 I opened the door, it was quiet inside. Normally, mom would be in the kitchen and dad would be in his study. I never wondered about that but it was strange. Only later on in the evening, they were in the living room together, most of the times for the late news or so.

 I hung up our coats and pushed Michel to go up the stairs. I wanted to follow him but was then stopped as mom yelled from the kitchen “Tim, come down here please”.

 I let out a deep sigh, “here we go Michel”. I said to him.

 I opened the door; mom was sitting at the table. “You have a job to do. You better start with it right now”.

 I was stunned with those words, was she just going to let it all go by? Was she going to ignore what I had said? Or had she known all the time?

 “I will do it after Michel is gone, we are just going upstairs”.

 “I think Michel is just about to leave Tim. You go and clean the cars as you promised”.

 I looked at Michel; he had already taken one step back to the door.

 “Stay Michel” I said. The fact that she was pushing him was just what I needed to stand up to her.

 “Michel will stay. We will go upstairs first and I will do the cars later tonight”.

 “No, now Tim. You said yourself earlier you would do them when you would come back from the movies. You are back now so no excuses”.

 Michel nudges’ me again. She had me their I though but…

 “Michel will stay though; he can go to my room”.

 “No, I think it is time for Michel to leave”.

 I let out a deep sigh. “Where is dad?”

 “In his study, you are not allowed to disturb him”.

 I was not sure about that at all, but there was no way to find out at this point. I needed to do this myself I guess.

 “Well Michel is going to stay. He can wait in my room until I am done”.

 “No, he is leaving” She said now looking at Michel directly.

 This was not going as I had expected. I looked at her. I didn’t let go of her gaze. I could see she was surprised by that, normally I would let go and would look down fast.

 “Didn’t you get what I said earlier this afternoon Mom?” I asked softly but confidently.

“Go and do the car and Michel please leave”.

 I still looked at her. She was not answering my question on purpose. I just hoped that Michel wouldn’t say anything now. I was not going to respond. Only if she was going to answer my question.

 It stayed quiet for 30 seconds, a minute. “Now, Tim go on or you will be grounded for a week”.

 I felt that Michel started to step back again towards the door. I looked over my shoulder and formed with my lips the word “Stay”. I turned back and looked at her again. Still waiting for an answer.

 “Are you deaf Tim? I said go and do the car now. And you Michel leave before I call your parents”.

 She had prepared this very well I thought. “No need for that we can call them ourselves”. I said.

 “You wouldn’t, I am sure that his parents don’t know nor would they approve”.

 Ah got her I thought. “So you did hear me Mom? Well we don’t care we love each other and that is all that counts”.

 “No way Tim. Forget about it”. She stated harshly.

 “Never Mom. It is something you will need to accept”.

 “Never Tim” she yelled now. Slowly during the conversation she had started to raise her voice more and more. I think the way I responded in quiet calm sentences must have gotten to her. I never had done that before. I either had done what she wanted or I had yelled at her.

 “I think you don’t have a lot of options Mom, it is my life”.

 “He is right about that Dear”… … my father said from the door. “Why didn’t you call me as agreed and tell me that Tim was home? We were going to sit together and talk this over”.

 “He needs to do the cars first and then we can talk. Michel has nothing to do with it and can leave” she answered him. “That is what we would do, but Tim doesn’t seem to be coming up to his promise and do the cars first. He is still behaving childish, like I said he was. He can’t make decisions on his own”.

 “I think this is a bit more important than the cars don’t you think so? They can wait”.

 “Oh, you started to come back on our agreement now as well” she yelled at my dad. I could see that he crumbled a bit. Something I never had expected a few months ago as I thought that Dad was the boss in the house. That had all been played by her. She had both of us in a hold. Whatever she wanted would happen.

 “Let’s talk now” I said. “I can always do the cars later. Michel will stay though”.

 “Hmm, he can stay Tim, but he needs to wait in your room. This is a family affair”.

 “He is family Dad” I said.

 “Michel, please go up to Tim’s room and wait there will you?” Dad said.

 “Yes sir”. I looked pleadingly at Michel. “I think I better go upstairs Tim. I will be here when you finish ok”?

 “Ok if you think so”.

 “Yea you can do it Tim. I love you” he said when he stepped out of the door.

 I smiled and saw a smile around dad’s lips as well. That disappeared fast though when he turned around.  “Let’s sit down”.

 I looked at Mom and Dad, waiting for either one to start. It kept silent for some time. I was thinking about getting up again. I had done my say, but it seemed they wanted to hear it again or….

 “So, you ok with Michel and me, Dad?” I thought the best way to start was to get up some support.

 “I will get used to it Tim. But it comes as a shock you know”.

 “I know, it is not something that I was prepared for myself”.

 “So you are not sure then Tim?” Mom interjected.

 “Oh no, Mom I am sure. More sure then I ever was about anything”.

 “But, you said you were not prepared, so how do you know you are ……”

 “Gay you mean Mom?”

 She nodded.

 “Oh no doubt there Mom, I know I am attracted to guys more than girls for some years now”.

 “Oh”, disgusted, “You are just confused. You never had any girls as close friends, so how would you know, only boys”?

 “How did you know you loved Dad, Mom?”

 She looked at him. “I just did”.

 “So you never wondered about girls then?”

 “Yuck never, it is just not done Tim. I am sure you will see that after you get to know more girls you know”.

 “I don’t think so”.

 “You never know if you don’t try Tim”.

 “I ….”

 “No, Tim, I think you should give it a try first don’t you think?”

 “No, Mom I love Michel that is all I need”.

 “He is just using you Tim. Can’t you see that”?

 “No, Mom he isn’t. We love each other”.

 “Phh, I know his sort, only wanting you for one thing. You will regret it in the future. I know you Tim; you are a bit childish still, easily influenced. Why do you think we are so tough on you? You need to toughen up and stand up against fags like Michel”.

 “I am a fag Mom”.

 “No, you are not, you only think you are”.

 “So now what?” I asked.

 “Well I would like you to stay away from Michel for a while and try some girls. Then if you are ….”.

 “Stop it Mom it is not like trying something that you don’t like”.

 “Well I want you not to see Michel for some time”.


 “Son, wait a minute. Dear, would you be ok with them if he would stay away from Michel for a week or so”?

 “Not long enough”.

 “I won’t Dad, never. I will need to listen to her putting him down all week. I am not going to do that”.

 “I might want to consider not seeing him for a week, but not with her around. Even if she promises she would not do that. I just can’t trust her at all”.

 “What then?” He asked.

 “He could stay at my sisters for a week”.

 “No, I will need to go to school, that is too important”.

 “Well stay at home then. I won’t do …”

 “You will Mom you are who you are just like I am”.

 “So would you be able to stay with one of your friends?” Dad asked.

 “Yea, like Brandon. I am sure he is not gay” Mom said fast before I could answer.

 I laughed and then looked at dad, “I might but not sure what to give them for a reason. I don’t want anyone to find out I am gay or in a relationship with Michel”.

 “Mom, would you agree with that, if he would stay somewhere for the next week?”

 “If he promises not to see Michel”.

 “I will in school”.

 “Ok, beside school then”.

 “And you will be ok if he still feels he loves him then?”  Dad asked her.

 “He won’t”.

 “That is not what I asked?”

 “He won’t so I don’t need to go there”.

 “But you would agree with it then?”

 “As long as he goes to the doctor on Wednesday. I told you the results were in and there is something not right, as we know”.

 “Is that ok with you Tim?”

 “Yea, as long as I can see Michel after that and that he is welcome down here when I want”.

 “Do you agree to that?”

 “We will see, but I am sure he won’t”.  

 “I am here to make sure she will Tim”.

 “And you will go to the doctor on Wednesday ok?”

 “Ok I guess”.

 “So you have any idea who you could stay with?” My dad asked.

 “Yea, one of my classmate’s lives alone with his grandfather. I think they have a spare room”.

 “Ok, you have their phone number”.

 “Yea, I do”.

 “Ok, I want to give him a call and see if they are ok with it”.

 “You are not going to tell them that I am gay right?” I asked.

 “I might, we will see Tim”.

 “Oh you can tell, but by the end of the week you will have a date I am sure” Mom said.

 I looked at her. I wondered why she was so convinced that I would change in just a week’s time.

 “NO Mom I won’t I have Michel” I said.

 “Oh, I think you might not have a date then, but I am sure you will have dropped Michel. You are just confused”.

 In the meantime, I had given Dad the phone number. He had gone to his study to make the call.

 I looked at her. Waited for her to say something.

 When she didn’t I said “You are really uncomfortable with this aren’t you?”

 “Yea, you can’t be … like that, you are just influenced you know”.

 “I though you always trusted my judgement Mom, I am not. I have known that I like guys better then girls for a long time”.

 “Oh, as long as you have not tried girls how can you be sure?”

 “Have you ever thought about having sex or loving women?” I said.

 She looked at me with a disgusting face and said “Yuck Tim, stop it”.

 “Well that is what I think about having sex or loving a girl is, so …”

 “Oh, but that is different, you never had …..”  She then stopped. I think she realised that whatever she would say now I could turn that back easily on her.

 “…. Oh that doesn’t matter it is just wrong, morally wrong and you know it is not the way you where brought up”.

 “I am sorry Mom; sorry to hurt you, but it is my life and I have to live it and I can’t live it the way you want me to”.

 She looked at me. “Well we will see as long as you are going to be there Wednesday at 4 pm, okay?”

 “I will as long as you keep your side of the promise”. 

 Again she got quiet, I had hoped for a swift response but when dad opened the door the opportunity was gone. I don’t think that although it was said now 3 times that she had agreed with it. Somehow, she had been able to dodge that question.

 “I have talked with the Jamey’s grandfather and they are expecting you. You can stay with them for a week and then we will see again. So go upstairs and pack your school stuff and some clothes. I will be there in a moment”.

 I got up smiled at Dad and left the kitchen. I more or less ran upstairs. My bedroom door was open so I walked straight in and jumped into Michel’s arms.

 He pushed me back a bit and looked at me. “You ok Tim?”

 “Yea, she is still convinced I will forget about you in a week’s time”.

 “Hmm what do you mean week’s time?”

 “Well let’s see this as a cooling off period. I am going to stay with Jamey and his granddad for a week. I am not allowed to see you after school and if I still think I am gay after that week I can come back down here and she will be ok with it”.

 “That easy?”

 “Yea I wondered about that too. Although that doctor seemed to have found some results with the test that they want to check. I need to meet up with them on the Wednesday”.

 “OH, is that strange?”

 “No, don’t think so, she made that arrangement before, she told me this morning already that the results came in and they wanted to see me on Wednesday again”.

 “Ok, so her being that easy has got nothing to do with that then?”

 “No, I can’t see how”.

 “Hmm, strange I just can’t believe she is just going to be happy with it after a week you know”.

 “I know, I think it is a good idea though to tell your parents Michel as I suspect one of the things she is going to do is tell them”.

 “Yea I thought about that too Tim. I didn’t want to do it yet but now I think I better”.

 “You going to be ok with it though? I feel guilty about forcing you to do so”.

 “Don’t be Tim. It is not your fault. And you have not been the only one that has brought the subject up in the past as Uncle Jeff said it might be better as well”.

 “Ok, you want me there as well when you tell them?”

 “Hmm one step at a time. I will tell them, see how the response is and if it is ok I might tell them about you but maybe I will wait with telling that. If they ask I will but if not asked I am not sure I will tell them. It might limit our visits some how and I definitely don’t want that. I would rather spend the weekend at our place when they leave town than being told to stay at your place or at Uncle Jeff’s”.

 “Hmm yea” I said. “It might then be a good idea to call Jeff and see if he can be there when you tell them”.

 “Now that might be a good idea. I will give him a ring and see if he can come over tonight”.

 Michel got his mobile phone out. “Here let me put it on speaker so you can hear his response”.

 He dialled.

 “This is Jeff” I heard.

 “Uncle Jeff, how are you, this is Michel”.

 “I am fine, long time since you called Michel”.

 “Yea, I am down here with Tim at the moment”.

 “Ah, and you thought I can do nothing better while I am with him then call your old Uncle Jeff?”

 “Oh funny, I don’t need your advise about anything of that Jeff, but there is something I could use your help with though”.

 “Anything you want Michel. You know I am there for you if need be”.

 “I know”… he got quiet then though.

 “So what can I do then Michel?” Jeff said making sure it didn’t get to quiet.

 “Hmm, oh, ah…”  

 “You can tell me anything Michel”.

 I gave him an encouring nod. “Ok, have you got time to meet me at home tonight?”

 “Yea, I am planning to see my slave Shawn tonight, but if it is important I can cancel that”.

 “If you would, it is kind of important”.

 “You can come down here as well if you want to Michel”.

 “No, can’t do that I am …..” he stopped again.

 I stepped in and said “Wait a second Jeff; I think we need a chat. I am just covering the phone yea”.

 “Ok, Tim”.

 “If you don’t’ want to do this Michel” I said.

 “No, well, yea I want to do this, just not sure how to ask him”.

 “Tell him what happened today down here”.

 “Hmm, yea I can do that, he will guess it then”.

 Michel took his hand away from the phone. “Jeff”.

 “Yea Michel”.

 “Tim today had a row with his mom. She is threatening to call my parents”.

 “Oh, why didn’t you say so Michel? You want me there when you tell your parents?” he said with a chuckle behind i”.

 “Yea, if you would. I might need the support”.

 “I will be there but I don’t think you have to worry too much. I think they might be surprised at first but they are such more accepting to it all now then when I told your dad, many years ago”.

 “I know but I am their son”.

 “As I said it might be a surprise and they will have questions. But we know you can answer them. This is not something you just found out. You have come to terms with this all quite some time ago. So just be open and fair to them and if need be you can always stay with me for the night if they need some time to adjust”.

 “Ok, meet you there in about an hour or so then?”

 “Yea, that is a good idea”.

 “You want me to pick you up?”

 “No, I think Tim’s dad needs to go out anyways, so he will give me a lift”.

 “Fine, are you ok Tim? It sounds like it has been rough down there”. He asked now directly to me.

 “Yea rough but I am ok. I know what I want and if she can’t live with that, then that is her problem”.

 “Good for you Tim”.

 “Well it is easier said then done” Michel said and he continued to tell what was agreed upon.

 “Ok, well if you need help Tim or just a listening ear let me know ok?”

 “Will do that Jeff”.

 “Ok, and see you at home in an hour Michel”.

 Michel hung up. “You will be fine Michel”. I said.

 “I know but still it is scary, what if they respond like your Mom”?

 “They won’t you know that. Like Jeff said, they might be upset but they will be ok”.

 “Yea my heart says that is the case but there is that little voice in my head that keeps telling me otherwise”.

 I moved closer to him and whispered. “Whatever happens I love you and that will never change whatever is going to happen this week”.

 He smiled. Our lips got closer and started to come together. They separated a bit and our tongues touched. A wet, hot kiss followed, until somewhere in the back of mind came the conclusion that there was someone coming up the stairs.

 “Hmm you ready to go Tim?” he asked when he got to the door.

 “Give me just a few minutes Dad”.

 “Ok, you are going to be ok Michel?”

 “Yea, I asked my Uncle Jeff to come over tonight. I am going to tell my parents as well”.

 “Good idea as I am not sure what she is going to do Tim. It seems she is agreeing to it all, but is also sticking to her guns so she might change in a week, but let’s first cool things down as at this moment even I can’t get through to her”.

 “Ok, we will be down in 5. Michel can ride with us. Can you drop him off”?

 “Yea no problem”.

 “5 minutes, yea no longer. I don’t want to come back again ok”?

 “Ok, Dad I love you”.

 He stopped, looked back at me and said. “I love you too Tim and I am very proud of what you did today. I am sorry I couldn’t’ be a lot more help in this. You know how she is”.

 “I will be fine Dad don’t’ worry”.

 ‘Sorry Tim that’s a parent’s job, I will do that forever and ever”. He said and came closer and hugged me.

 He let out a sigh and went downstairs.

 Michel came closer and we started to kiss again. I pushed him away a bit.

 “Sorry Michel but I have to get ready ok?”

 “Ok, well I can help, together we can do it in 3 minutes and then we have 2 more to make out”.

 I laughed. “I will get my clothes if you can get my school stuff”.

 “Hmm Tim, not sure what you need all this week. You even might want to put some school work on a memory stick, so I better do the clothes I think”.

 “Ok, that is right; I need to get my essays on the USB stick to take with me. I think Jamey will have a computer that I can use”.

 Michel went to the cupboard while I started up the computer at the desk. I got all my books in my bag and then copied the files.

 When we got downstairs dad was there. We got through the kitchen to the car. I had expected mom would be there but she wasn’t. I looked around let out a sigh and thought ok let’s get this done.

 We brought Michel home. I told him to ring me as soon as he was able to and then he went inside. My dad drove off. About 10 minutes later we arrived at Jamey’s address. Even before I had gotten to the door, it swung open and Jamey walked towards me. “Sorry to hear it didn’t go right” he said. I could hear concern in his voice but his facial expression had some joy in it as well. I smiled “Her loss, our luck”. I said.

 “Let me help you with your luggage and I’ll introduce you to my granddad” he said.

 He walked to the car, got one of the bags from dad and led us into the house.

 “Granddad, let me introduce you to Tim and his Dad” he said.

 He was old but still a very strong looking guy got up from his chair and held out his hand. Oh yea strong I thought when I shook it. He then did the same with Dad.

 “Sorry it didn’t go ok Tim”, he said. “But you are welcome to stay as long as necessary”.

 “Thanks Sir”.

 “Ok, show him his room and take his stuff upstairs Jamey”. He said. He then turned to my dad. As I was hurdled by an indeed excited Jamey I couldn’t hear anymore what he said to my dad. I realised though that he wanted Jamey and me to leave, so he could talk with my dad.

 He showed me the spare bedroom. Jamey’s room was just on the opposite side of the bathroom. We had to share but Jamey said that as his Granddad has his bed and bathroom all down stairs we would manage just fine.

 “Yea, you just want to walk in by accident” I said.

“Hmm, no it has a lock” he said fast before I could stop him. He had turned very dark red. I smiled, “Just joking Jamey. I saw that already”.

 He thumbed me on the shoulder.

 “You turn red so nicely Jamey that it is almost impossible not to do that you know”.

 “I know, I can’t help it. I am easily embarrassed”.

 “OH, but that is good, that is a nice quality you know”.

 “I know, my granddad keeps saying that as well”.

 “Just make sure you don’t give yourself away like in the swimming pool last week”.

 “Well that was difficult you know, walking around in a Speedo and then two good looking hunks showing their stuff off in wet briefs. What do you expect then”?

 “I know but still if you don’t want anyone to get it”.

 “Ok, but what about your Mom? You think she will call school, tell others or….”

 “I don’t know Jamey. It feels like she is up to something but maybe we are all seeing too much in it. I can hardly believe she would do that to me. I know I am still her son. She still loves me just ….”

 “I know, so you got any homework left to do?”

 ‘No not really”.

 “Ok, let’s go downstairs get a drink and watch some TV ok?”

 “Yea sounds like plan. Michel will call though, and then I have to leave and answer it”.

 “No problem with that. You can even stay here if you want. Do whatever you would do at home Tim”.

 I smiled at him. I took my arm and put it over his shoulder. “It is good that I am able to get to know you a bit better Jamey. I think you would make a good friend and I am short on those at the moment”. He blushed again. “Stop doing that” I said.

 He just smiled and we walked downstairs.

 My dad had just got out of the room where Jamey’s granddad was in.

 “Ok, I am going to leave Tim. You are going to be ok?”

 “Yea, it is only for a week and then she will have to turn around. She promised”.

 “We will see. Just make sure you keep your promise of not seeing Michel outside school and be there at the appointment on Wednesday ok”?

 “I will Dad”.

 “Ok, just make sure that I don’t get a complaint from Jamey’s granddad ok”.

 “No worries, you know I can behave”.

 “I know but still”.

 “No, worries. You have good luck with Mom”.

 “I will, oh I might be here on Monday night if I don’t”.

 “That would be nice”.

 He got closer and we hugged.

 I watched as he stepped out and left.

 Jamey was just leading me to the room where the TV was in when his Granddad called out “Tim can you come in for a moment?”

 I pushed the door a bit open. “Please come in Tim”.

 When Jamey was about to follow he said “No, sorry Jamey, I want to talk with Tim for a moment. He will join you shortly”. 

 “Ok, see you in a moment Tim”.

 He closed the door behind him.

 I looked around in the room. It had a lot of bookcases, which were filled with books. Some old ones I could see and some newer ones as well. When I got back around my gaze rested on Jamey’s granddad.

 “I am thankful for you letting me stay this week Sir”.

 “No need. I hate bigotry and I can’t understand that someone would respond like that to her own son”.

 I just nodded.

 “So, just make sure you feel at home. Do what you want to do. Just make sure that your dad and in the end your mom can’t get out of the deal you made today. So I would like to ask you not to make any phone calls to Michel and I expect you home every day straight from school except for the Wednesday as I understand you are going to see the doctor”.

 “Yes Sir”.

“Ok, otherwise I am sure you can find some things to do with Jamey. I am going to be honest as I think it is good for Jamey to be around someone that is gay and from his own age. I don’t think that he goes out enough or talks enough with others, so I am happy you are here. I think I have seen him act a bit different during the last week since he knows that there are more then him around at school that are gay. More relaxed with himself. If I read him well enough I think he might even have a bit of a crush on you. So be careful, be his friend but not more. I don’t want him to get hurted”.

 “I won’t Sir, don’t worry. He knows Michel and me are together”.

 “I know but that doesn’t mean he can’t fall for you Tim. So I just ask that you be his friend but clear on anything other ok”.

 “I will Sir”.

 “Good, now that is cleared up, go and have fun and watch a program”.

 “You are not going to join us Sir?”

 “No, I am fine here with my books” he said with a smile. I definitely could see where Jamey got his smile from.

 “Yea, a great collection by the look of it” I said.

 “It is, are you into reading then?”

 “Yea, I just finished ‘Lord of the Rings’” I said.

 “Well if you want you can always look around to see if there is anything you would like to read”.

 “I might later on this week. Oh I expect one call from Michel later on. He ….”.

 He stopped me though. “Yea I know you can take that one, just don’t stay talking too long ok?”

 “Yes Sir” I said with relief.

 I then left the room and went to the room beside it where I could hear the sounds of a TV.

 I opened the door and saw that Jamey was sitting on one side of a two person couch.

 “So what did he have to say? ……. Oh let me see, you are very welcome to stay. Feel at home but you are not allowed to hurt me”.

 I laughed “Seems you know him well Jamey”.

 “I do but then we are quite close. We were before I lived down here even”.

 “Ok, so what are you watching?”

 “Hmm not sure, anything you are interested in?”

 “No, not particularly. Anything you normally watch on Sunday evening”? I asked him.

 He looked at me like he was making up his mind. Then I saw slowly that his face started to get red. Oh no I thought here we go again. I smiled to make sure he knew whatever it was it was ok.

 “Hmm, yea … I oh, I watch normally some rerun’s of Queer as Folk”.

 “Oh great I heard a lot about it, but never saw an episode”.

 “So, you want to watch then?”

 “Yea go for it” I said.

 He smiled at me and flipped channels. I think he knew exactly where to go.

 For the next 90 minutes we watched two episodes. I found some things definitely over the top but others were ok. I had seen from out of the corner of my eyes that whenever Randy showed up Jamey had to adjust himself a bit. I smiled as I think he even didn’t realised he was doing it.

 “You want to watch more?” he asked when the second episode was finished.

 “Is there more then?”

 “Oh, yea two more episodes”.

 “I think not, we can talk a bit or watch something else”.

 “You didn’t like it then?” he said softly.

 “No it was ok, nice story line but a bit to much from time to time. I can hardly believe that the average gay guy is living like that”.

 “Hmm, yea I guess so, but you can dream”.

 “So who do you dream about then?” I said with a crooked smile.

 He got red again. “Hmm, you don’t think Randy is a hunk then?”

 “Yea he looks quite nice”.

 “Hmm, well I guess when you are as cute as you are then ……” he stopped when he realised that he said that out loud. He started to blush now full on; he got up and started to walk to the door.

 “Jamey” I said softly. The last thing I wanted to do was scare him.

 He stopped but didn’t look back.

 “Jamey” I said again.

 He now turned around. I smiled at him “Thanks for the compliment, but I am not cute ok?”

 He gave a smile back. “OH yea you are Tim. You are ……”

 I kept my smile. “NO worries I like it that you seem to have a crush on me Jamey. I know since Paul and Dennis pointed it out to me on that Friday when I got my first punishment and your gaze was locked on my briefs when I was standing in front of you”.

 He coloured even more now and wanted to turn around again. But this time I had stood up quickly and put my hand on his shoulder.

 “I am fine with that Jamey. As long as you know that I am in love with Michel ok”?

 “I know Tim and I don’t want to come in between you two”.

 “So don’t worry and I really want to become friends with you Jamey”.

 “Ok ….” I had to cut him short as my phone started to ring.

  “Sorry Jamey” I said.

 “Ok take it; I will be in my bedroom if you need me ok?”

 I smiled and nodded while I opened the phone.

 “Hi Michel”.

 “Oh, you where waiting for the call then Tim”.

 “Yea, sorry but I was. We watched some TV but my mind was more with you and what was happening down there. So …”

chapter 40

chapter 4

I was awakened by the sound of a knock on the door. I slowly opened my eyes.   I realised that there was something on top of me. I looked straight into Alexei’s face; he was smiling at me. I could feel James stirring behind me. Not only was his arm holding me in a tight grip but I could also feel his dick touching my bum. I started to blush.

I’d just realised what had awakened me as I heard another knock on the door.   Before either of us could say anything, James said in a quiet voice, “the door is open, come on in.” 

I definitely could feel Alexei now holding on more tightly, and I pushed my arm up, making sure that James had to move.   With my other hand I grabbed the blanket and was able to pull it over me.  

“Hey, guys … sorry to disturb you but do you have any idea where Nick is?  I went to his room as breakfast is ready, but he’s not there.” 

James must slowly have started to realise what he’d gotten us into, I thought, as I could feel his hand now moving under the blankets, trying to find me.  

“Hmmm … yeah, we sort of know where he is,” Alexei said.  

“Oh, good.   I was afraid that something had happened again.” 

“No, nothing happened.   I found him last night downstairs in the lounge at 3 a.m.  and he didn’t want to go back to his room.” 

“Oh, did he go home then?” 

“No, of course not.   Do you think that I’d allow him to drive after the amount of alcohol he’d had?” 

“I guess not,” David admitted.  

Suddenly James’s head appeared, moving under the blanket.  

“You OK?” I could hear him whisper.  

I just nodded.  

“Hey … what are you doing, James?” asked Alexei.  

After James had emerged, he answered (and I could hear the chuckle in his voice): “Just checking to see if Nick was OK.” 


I guess it was time for me to throw back the blanket.  

“I’m right here.   Sorry I didn’t make it to breakfast on time, David.” 

“Oh, well … as long as you’re OK.   I’ll see you in 10 minutes then … that is, if you’re still up for breakfast.” 

“Yeah, that sounds like a plan but I think I need at least 15 … OK?” 

“OK … I might have some fun, too, with Kathy,” he said as he left the room.  
“Hmmm … guys, I’m sorry.   If I’d known that you were here, I wouldn’t have shouted that the door was open,” James said apologetically.  

“No, it’s fine.   It’ll give those brain cells of David something to think about.” 

“But how did you end up in between us?  If I may ask, brother of mine?” 

This got a chuckle out of Alexei, and I could feel my cheeks starts to blush again.  

“I think Alexei only wanted me to get some sleep and it seems to have worked.” 

“Well, that’s good for you … but what were you doing down in the lounge at 3 a.m.?”

“I think I’ll leave that up to you to tell, Alexei.   I think I’d better get out of bed and have a shower or I won’t make it on time for breakfast.” 

“Oh, I’m not sure David would mind,” Alexei interjected.  

“Hmmmm … I know my brother and he just said that to let me know I’m not off the hook … not yet.   He wants to know why I was with you two guys curled up in bed.   Not that I minded, to be honest.   You do a very good cuddle, you know, James.” 

Now he was the one to blush.

“OK … let me pass, you guys.”  

I threw over the blanket, not sure that I was ready to see their two big bulges.   “I think I’d better leave you to it,” I said with a smile.  

“Hmmmm … you could always stay if you wanted,” James said seductively.  

“Shhhhhh,” Alexei said.   “Not now.” 

“What?” I said, looking from one to the other.  

“Later, Nick.   Go get dressed and shower, OK?  David is waiting for you.” 

“OK,” I said, a bit grumpy.   What was that all about?  Well, I had enough to deal with.   I stepped out of bed, got dressed and went to my room to have a shower.  
(In David and Kathy’s bedroom)

“Hey!  There you are.   Where’s Nick?” Kathy asked David.  

“Oh … having fun, I guess,” he said.  

“What do you mean, David?” 

“He wasn’t in his room, so I checked to see if Alexei and James knew where he was.   Well, I found him, in bed between the two of them!  You know … I’m not sure who I’m more mad at … Nick, for doing this, or Alexei and James, for putting him in this awkward position in relation to Francis.   This is not going well.” 

“Oh … I’m sure it wasn’t anything like that.   I’ll bet if you ask Nick, he’ll have a good explanation.” 

“Maybe.   Alexei said he found him early this morning in the lounge, reading.   He wasn’t able to get him back to his room seemingly …so he ended up in theirs.  
But why?” 

“Well, just be nice when Nick arrives.   You know he’s had enough to deal with.” 

“Oh, I think he’s doing very well … he’s Mister Stardom.” 

“Yeah, he was a big hit last night, wasn’t he?  I’m so happy for him.   He really deserves that, you know.”

“I know.   I was just hoping that we could talk a bit with him and let him see that Francis is just being selfish to impress him.” 

“They’ll work it out, David, don’t worry.   Come here.” 

For the next 10 minutes not a lot was said, until there was a knock at the door.  

“Come on in, Nick,” Kathy called out.   “Hey, there, Nick!  Good to see you!” 

“Yeah, sorry to be late, Kathy.   I had some trouble sleeping last night.” 

“I’m sure,” David said, too quickly.  

“Shush!!!” Kathy said.  

“I’m sorry you found us like that this morning, David.   Believe me … there was nothing going on between us.   I felt just very very lonely and I didn’t want to go back to my room to sleep.”

“So you went up to Alexei’s room instead … just like that?” 

“No, not just like that.   He more or less forced me to go up with him.” 

“I always was afraid something like that might happen.   I’m going ….” 

“No, now stop it, David.   He forced me back to their room … but I’m happy he did … as at least I got a few hours of sleep … otherwise I’d probably have fallen asleep early this morning down in the lounge.   So he did me a favour … don’t say anything to James or Alexei about it, OK?” 

“So, you’re doing better now, Nick?” Kathy said.  

“Yeah, I’m feeling better.   It’s good to feel that someone is around for you and cares for you.” 

“Francis cares for you,” David said.  

“Well, he has a funny way of showing it,” I said more harshly than I wanted it to come out.  

“He’s just trying to do his best for you, so you can be proud of him.   He’s really pushing himself.” 

“He should know better, David.   I’m proud of him whatever he does.   I just hate the both of us at the moment for not being able to talk normally about anything.   I’m fed up with us ending up in fights all the time.” 

“We know.   You just have to be patient.   It’ll get better again.   Maybe you can come up soon for a visit to make things up.” 

“I’m not sure I can.   I’ve got a job probably for the rest of the week and then I’ll need to catch up with school quickly when I get back to that.” 

“You got a job?” Kathy asked, surprised.  

“Yeah, I got an offer to go down to Orlando tomorrow to go and do a drawing for someone.” 

“Wow!  That’s great, Nick.   I’m so happy for you.” 

“I haven’t decided yet, Kathy, whether to accept.   I’m not sure I’m going to do it.” 

“Don’t you think it’d be better to go back to Francis during that time and make up?” 

“No, David.   I’m not running back to him.   If he hasn’t got time for me when something major is happening in my life, then I’m not going to be the one to do the running.   You know what?   I thought he’d call me last night.   Well, he didn’t … so if he doesn’t care ….” 

“He does,” Kathy said firmly.   “He told us he was going to ring.   He must have fallen asleep, I guess.” 

“I don’t know and, for today, I’m not going to care.   He spoiled yesterday … today, I’m going to enjoy what is happening to me.   So where is breakfast?” 

“Oh … if you feel like that, Nick …,” David said.  

“It isn’t that I don’t care, David … but I have to go for what I want, too.” 

“I think I understand,” Kathy said.  

I looked at David and saw that he was not convinced.   He was not going to let go.   We walked to the buffet table which was filled what looked like a full range of breakfast items.  

“So how is the little one doing?” I asked Kathy, ignoring David for the moment.  

For the rest of the meal we talked a lot about the little one and other stuff.   The subject of Francis was forgotten for the time being.   But more and more I thought about him.   I’d made up my mind I was not going to let him bug me any more.   I knew I’d have to deal with it in the end but we could do that the next time we saw each other.   Maybe that would be a lot easier to do than talking with him on the phone.  

It was almost midday when I left their room.   It was fun talking with them and getting up to speed with all the things that were happening with the little one.   I noticed that Kathy was missing him more than she led us to believe.  

I called Randy and he said that Nick would meet with me at the hotel bar around 3 p.m.  that afternoon, so I had a few hours to kill before the busy afternoon and evening arrived.   At 5 I needed to be back at Tom’s gallery to present the exhibition to the press.   I had no idea how many people would be there.   I knew I’d have one friend there for sure as Steve had used his press pass to get in as well.   He’d said he’d be there for support if needed.  

Just before I left the room to meet up with Nick the phone rang.   Francis, I thought … but when I got to it, I saw that it was Tom’s number on the caller ID.  

“Hey, Tom!  What’s up?”

“I just wondered if you could come in a half hour earlier as I want to make sure you’re prepared for the press.   I have been fielding requests all afternoon to see your exhibition, and I think there’s going to be as big a press turnout for this exhibition as I’ve ever seen.” 

“Oh, dear … now you’ve got me nervous!  You think it’s the notoriety of my past?” 

“No … as far as I can tell, no one referred to that at all.   You know … I wouldn’t have let any of them in if they had.   I think most of them are from the major art magazines and some local one newspapers as well.”

“OK … well, that’s even more reason to be nervous.” 

“Well, just be there half an hour before the opening, OK?” 

“I will, Tom.” 

“Good.   Have you already decided on the job?” 

“No, not yet.   I’m meeting Nick in about 5 minutes downstairs in the bar.”

“Good, just be open and ask whatever you want.   He’ll be OK with that.” 

“I will.   Take care and see you later.” 

“OK.   Bye for now, Nick.” 

I hung up and looked in the mirror.   I think I’d dressed well enough that I could go straight from the bar to the gallery.  

I found Nick already waiting for me.   “Hi, there, Nick!  You want something to drink?” he asked.  

“That might be a good idea … yeahh … a dark beer.   I think I need something to calm my nerves.” 

“Why is that?” he asked.  

“Well, I just had Tom on the phone and it seems the press somehow got wind of something interesting in the gallery.   He said he’d had quite a number of requests to attend this afternoon.” 

“Good!  It worked then!” 

“What???  You had something to do with this, Nick?” 

“Yeahh, I hope that’s OK.   I called a few friends of mine to let them know that I saw the work of an amazing young new artist at a private opening last night.   I hope you don’t mind?” 

“Oh,well … I guess you have contacts like that.” 

“You didn’t recognise me yesterday, did you, Nick?” 

“No, to be honest.   I asked Tom and Randy about you as I wanted to find out who you were.   It’s not often you get an offer like that.” 

“I know … and I hoped you’d ask them.   I wanted them to be honest about it all.   So I guess you have some questions?” 

“Yeahh … several,” I said.  

“OK.   I’m here.   I’ll answer them as honestly as I can.” 

“Why that ridiculous offer, Nick?” 

“Hmmmmm … that wasn’t the first question I thought you were going to ask, Nick.   I think part of it was because I want to make sure you know I value your work and I’m also absolutely sure that very soon I’ll know how valuable your work will be.” 

“Oh, OK …well, I won’t take you up on your offer.   I haven’t decided if I’ll sell that drawing as you might imagine … but, if I do, it won’t be for a price that I think is way too much.” 

“OK … well, that is up to you, Nick.   My offer stands.   I hope you’ll take me up on it as I really like what you did in that drawing.” 

“Yeah, you told me that last night.   But that offer … why do you want me to do a drawing for you?” 

“Well, mostly because of that drawing of Francis, Nick.   It’s the way you did it … the way you were able to put your feelings into it.   I want a picture like that and I hope you’ll be able to do something like that for me.” 

“Feelings of love, you mean?” 

“Yes … at least, that is what I see in that drawing.   I want you to put that in the drawing you are going to do for me.  too.” 

“Who do I need to draw, your girlfriend?” 

He smiled.  “No, I want you to draw my boyfriend, Thomas.  Nick.”

“Oh, you are gay then?” 

“Yes.   My family and friends know but, so far, no one has outted me to the broader public.”
“Well, I wouldn’t do that.” 

“I didn’t think you would, Nick … otherwise, we wouldn’t be sitting here.   I’ll be honest with you … I know a bit about your past.   Randy told me what happened to him … how he got rid of those bastards … and how he helped you to do the same.” 

“Oh!!”  I still wasn’t ready to talk about those events openly.   I’d locked that part of my past up after the trial and I wanted it to stay behind closed doors.

“But that’s not the reason I told you.   I just wanted to let you know that I trusted you … otherwise, I wouldn’t come out to you at all.   I think you can understand the reason I need to be careful about this with people.” 

“I guess.” 

“So, are you going to do it?” 

“Well … I’ve given it a lot of thought and I think I will … yeah.   But during spring break … so in 3 or 4 months.   It’d be too disruptive at the moment with school work and all.” 

“I thought that you were going to say that, Nick, but I really want you to do it this week.   If not, then I might have to go and find some one else … although they might not be as good as you are.” 

“Oh, well … if you’re so desperate … then you might be better off doing that.” 

“I’d hoped I could convince you to come down with Randy and I this week to do the portrait.  I know you trust him … and I think he’d enjoy spending more time with you, too.” 

“I know you asked him over to help pressure me … but why do you have to move so fast?”  

He didn’t answer that one straight away.   He looked away, then looked back at me and I heard him whisper, “It might be too late otherwise.” 

“What?  You’re not quarrelling with Thomas, are you?” 

“Oh, no!  Never!  Hmmmm … this is difficult, Nick.   There are only a few people who know.   Randy is one of them.   I want you to come down with me this week because, because Thomas might not be here any more in 3 or 4 months.   And if he is … he won’t look like he does now.” 

I looked at him strangely and waited for him to explain.  

“He has AIDS, Nick, and hasn’t got more than a few months to live,” Nick said quietly.  

“Oh!  Damn!  Nick, I’m so sorry.   Why didn’t you say so before?” 

“It isn’t easy to explain, Nick and I don’t want you to come out of pity or paint out of pity.   I want a picture, full of life … full of the loving feelings that I know he has for me and I have for him.” 

We sat a few minutes in silence, sipping on our beers.  

“So are you coming?” he asked softly. I could see he was waiting eagerly for the answer, almost afraid I would say no.   But how could I no, after all he’d told me?  I just had to go, and I knew it.   Against love I couldn’t say no.  

“Yes, of course I’ll come.   Make the arrangements … I’ll fly with you tomorrow.” 

“Thanks, Nick.   I’ll make it worth your while, trust me.” 

“That’s not the reason I’m doing this, Nick.   I just want to make sure you have something to remember him by.   I can see why you wanted a drawing to remember him by.   I just hope that I can put the same feeling into it, though.” 

“We’ll see, Nick,” he said.  

Nick left and I knew that my emotion-filled day was just starting.   I was tired, tired of being alone, tired of people hurting others.   But I’d help to change that if I could.   Oh, yeah … idealistic, I know … but if I could bring pleasure to other people’s lives, then I’d do my best to achieve that.   My art was my way to contribute and it seemed so far to have worked.  

I had to get ready for the next part of the day, the journalists.   Nick had said he was sure there’d be quite a few around and I was not sure I was ready to handle them.   I knew some might know about my past and I was definitely not ready to talk about that yet.  

But I knew that Tom would be there and he would protect me for sure.  OK, let’s get this over with.  I got my mobile out but no one had called.  I had hoped that Francis would have tried to contact me by now.  I got into the waiting car and decided to try him myself.  He didn’t answer.  I thought about the message that I should leave but I had nothing g more to say.  Not after the 15 or so I had been leaving since yesterday evening.  I just said “Call me.”  

I called Randy as well and let him know I was joining him tomorrow.  Now the next step might not be as easy, I thought.  I called my Dad as he was definitely not happy with my plans but all he wanted was to make sure that I would keep up my university work.  I told him I would.  It was just a too good opportunity to let go.  He tried to persuade me to do it later but I told him to trust me … that it had to be now.  

I was reasonable calm when the car reached the front entrance to the gallery.  I was late, the doors were opened already, and it seems quite a few people had been in already.  I found the strength to get up and face the music.  Let’s see what the real experts thought of my work instead of the wealthy in-crowd that had been there the night before.  

“Ah, there you are, Nick!  Please follow me.  Tom is in his office with the other two.” 
I followed him up.  

“Good to see you made it, Nick.” 

“Sorry to be late, but it’s been a bit of a rough night and day.” 

“Well, this won’t take too much of your time, I hope.  We’ll go out, my press agent will introduce us all and tell everyone that they can walk around first. Then, after about 15 minutes, there will be a press conference where the four of us will be available to answer questions.  Normally then there’d be individual sessions which will be arranged by my press agent.  He’ll talk with you to see if you want to do any.  If you don’t want to meet with journalists individually, then don’t.  I only ask you to spend the 15 minutes with the four of us.  Is that clear?” he asked, paying a little more attention to my reaction than to the others.  

“OK … let’s get this over with,” I said.  “I hate journalists,” I whispered to the others.  

The press agent made his introductions and invited the journalists to look around.
 I saw that Steve was there and smiled at him.  

I watched everyone wander around the gallery, some stopping to look at individual items.  Most of them though were making notes in my area and I guessed that I’d be getting a lot of questions over the next little while.  

“OK … let’s get this going.  I want you all to understand that I won’t accept any duplicate questions.  If the artist is not ready or willing to give an answer to a question, please don’t follow his answer with a repetition of the same question worded differently.  If you do then you’ll be asked to leave.  Let’s see, who would like to start?” 

Several hands went up.  The first questions were directed to one of the women artists.  After a few minutes the number of questions slowed down.  

“Where did Tom find you, Nick?  It seems that you have been an artist for some time?”  I had unexpectedly had a question directed at me.  

I smiled and answered, “No, I haven’t been doing this for a long time.  Tom invited me as we have some mutual acquaintances who though my work was worth his attention.” 

“I think it’s more than worth a look.  Your work has a warmth to it that has not been seen for a long time.  I think you are going to be around for quite a while.” 

I’d missed who had asked that question but I just nodded to thank him for his kind words.  

“I’m Steve, an independent journalist.  Can you tell me which is your favourite?
 The drawings or the paintings?” 

“To be honest, Steve, I don’t know.  I think that for the time being I would say drawing as I know my skills are better developed than in painting.” 

“You are still studying then?” he asked.  

“Yes, I am currently following the arts program here at the university.  I chose it especially to enable me to develop my talents at a higher level.” 

“Hello, I’m Jim from the Advocate.  I can only say that I am touched by the emotions you are able to put into your work.  I think everyone can see that the people that are in your work must mean a lot to you.  Can you tell who they are?” 

Oh, there we go, I thought.  I looked over at Tom but he just smiled.  It wouldn’t be too difficult to get out of this without revealing too much personal information, I thought.  

“The one with the baby is a relative of mine.  When I made it I felt really a part of their little family.  I felt that the love they shared was something profound that needed to be shown to people around the world to make sure everyone would know that those sentiments were still around and not lost.” 

“Well, the drawing captures that beautifully.  I have one more question which I hope you are willing to answer.  The other painting of the striking looking guy has a special meaning to you.” 

“Yes, he means a lot to me.  He is one of the best friends I’ve ever had.” I was not going to offer more information about Francis.  I’d been surprised that the Advocate had sent a reporter to this opening to start with.  I just hoped the guy would leave it at that.  

Someone else asked me a question about how long I’d been doing art.  I answered without to much enthusiasm.  I could feel the gaze of the Advocate journalist still on me.  

“OK, there is time for one more question.”  Someone asked something of Tom and he answered it.  I must say that most of what was being said was going right past me.  I knew I had agreed to do this question-and-answer session, but I’d make sure in future never to do it again.  

The press agent came to me and said that several reporters had asked for an interview.  He advised me to do two of them.  I asked which ones.  He said the Times and the Advocate.  I looked at him.  “It’s up to you but I think that the guy from the Advocate will write that you’re a gay artist, so you might want to make sure he puts the proper spin on what you think your work means … so I suggest you talk with him.”

I looked at Tom.  “What do you think, Tom?” 

“I must say, I was surprised he was here.  He must be their arts reporter, otherwise he wouldn’t have been invited.  I think it’s better to talk with him and suss out what he’s going to write.  You can use my office if you want the privacy.” 

“Let’s get this over and done with then,” I said, resigned to my fate. 

I went into Tom’s office and waited for the arrival of the guy from the Advocate.
 He came in and shook my hand, holding it, I thought, a bit longer than was necessary.   

“I’m glad you agreed to this, Nick.  I just have a few questions if that’s OK.” 

“As long as I can read the article before it’s published, then ask away,” I answered as Tom had told me to do.

“That can be arranged as long as you understand it is our right to print it.” 

“Of course, I just want to know what I’m going to see in print.  I hate unwarranted criticism and want to be ready to comment.” 

“You’re afraid I’ll out you, Nick?” 

I smiled at him.  “No reason not to cut to the chase, is there?”

Chapter 5

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