chapter 44

They kept on teasing me for the rest of the time while they were preparing a bed on the ground for Michel to sleep on. I had hoped that there would be another bed that they could put beside mine but it seems that was something Daniel couldn’t do for us.

In the end Daniel left and Michel got undressed. He stayed in his briefs sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Stop teasing Michel”. I said as I could feel my dick hardening already.

He smiled. “Sorry Tim, it is just so funny in the way you react, you keep blushing most of the time you know”.

“Yea, yea, enough is enough”. I said with a smile.

“I know. I think that Brian and Seth want to visit you soon as well, oh and I had a call from Shawn as well”.

“AH, well let’s see if we can organise that over the next few days but let’s keep dad out of it for the time being. We need to time that”.

“No worries. If you want I can bring some of the home work with me as well”.

“Sounds like a good idea. I don’t want to get too far behind”.

“Well time to go to sleep then”.

“Hmm without kisses?” I said prowling a bit.

He got closer and set down on the bed. My hand went straight into his briefs and took a hold of his dick. He started to kiss me then but at the same time took my hand away from his crotch. When we needed a bit of air he said. “Sorry, I meant it Tim. I can wait till your healed ok”?

I blushed “I know but”.

“NO buts Tim”.

“Let’s get to sleep”.

I wasn’t that sleepy but with the lack of sleep for the last few days I could tell Michel was, so I didn’t really fight him on this and let him go to sleep.

I just watched and was content that it had turned out all for the best that day.

So life got back to normal again. Well as far as you could say that. I had long talks with Daniel and Winston in the morning hours and then with Michel and Jamey most of the times in the afternoon and my dad in the evening hours, so the day’s went fast.

I could see that I was healing for sure. I didn’t even attempt to get close to an orgasm, so I had no idea how painful that would be and how it was, but we just had to wait and see. I managed to get out of bed with the help of Michel. I was not allowed to wear any boxers for some time as my balls needed support, so tight briefs were the best the doctor had told me.

Now was that handy or not I thought. It seems he had a talk with his son but not sure what the outcome of it was as Daniel didn’t mention it and I didn’t want to go in to it too much.

After a week the doctor said it was all under control and that I was allowed to go home the next day. I was not allowed to do a lot but slowly walk around and rest and I needed to come back in two weeks time for a check up. The worst part was that he told me not to cum during that period of time. He was not sure what it would do or how it would feel. I had looked at him with a stare but he emphasised it again.

When I told Michel he had taken a deep breath. I knew he had been able to keep his promise to help me and not cum himself but 2 more weeks. I knew that that was not a good idea. He would end up grumpy for sure.

I had a call from Brian at some point and we agreed they would visit the second day I was home in the afternoon. Dad would be at work.

Now going home was strange very strange to say the least. When I walked into the kitchen I could still see my mom sitting in there. It was her chair and most of the times I would walk in there and she would be sitting at that exact spot. I quickly turned away.

I think dad saw it. “You ok Tim?”  He asked.

“Yea sorry I will be shortly”.

I just couldn’t look at that spot, so I positioned myself in a place I was able to glance over it.

“We need to talk Tim”.

“Can Michel stay?”

“Of course as much as he wants, although now, let’s say he can stay during the weekends but not on school nights. Is that a plan”?

I got up and hugged Dad, and then I went to Michel and gave him a long passionate kiss.

“Hmm guys, later in your room please”.

I blushed. “Sorry Dad, thank you for doing this”.

“That’s ok, now we need to talk with you as I said a moment ago”.

I heard the we. I looked at Michel and then back at dad again.

“What is going on here?”

“Well it is about your mother”. Dad said. I felt that Michel got closer to me.

“What about her?”

“I think you expect her to be locked up right?”

“Yea, didn’t she get arrested then?”

“Hmm yea she did but”.

“But what, it was a solid case”.

“No not really Tim”.

“Oh my god, don’t tell me she got away with it all”.

“I am afraid so. She didn’t do anything wrong. She followed up the advice of what she thought was a doctor. All other things were too minor to even get her charged with anything for the time being”.

“Damn and what if I testify?”

“No, that won’t change anything at all. You might need to testify against the doctor although it seems they found quite a few older cases now that are coming forward to witness”.

“So she walks around freely then?”

“I am sorry but she is”.

“So I could just walk into her at any time?”

“Yea although we made sure she knows that we might be able to get a restraining order without a problem if she tries anything”.

“It might be too late then”. I said.

“You afraid of her Tim?” My dad asked.

“Yea wouldn’t you be”. I said now closer to crying than anything else.

“Sorry Son, I will talk with her and see if she has planned anything”.

“You think she will tell you?”

“No, not with so many words but I know her well enough son”.

“Ok, this is still a strange situation”.

“You ok Tim?” Michel asked.

“I will be, I just need to get used to the idea that I might bump into her”.

“Well not around here for sure and for the first week that is all you’re allowed to go”. Michel said.

“Oh yuck, boring”.

“I don’t think so. We have worked it out that you’re going to get a lot of visitors to keep your busy”.

“And then there is school work”. Dad added.

“I know Dad don’t worry”.

“So I expected them all to be here but you spread the visits out I guess then”.

“Yea that is the idea”.

“OK, well let’s get upstairs. Then I can do some home work and we can cuddle for a while. Is that ok dad”?

“Yea go ahead. I will call when dinner is ready ok”?

I looked back at him when he said that. Dad cooking I thought. I never had seen dad in the kitchen. I think he saw my surprised face.

“OH you don’t trust me to do that then?”

“NO, just a surprise”.

“Well wait till you have seen the result”. He said with a laugh.

When we got upstairs we had a good time both working on our school assignments as well as having some good old fashion cuddle time.

I was excited the next day as I knew that Brian and Seth would come around. I walked slowly to the door when the bell had rung.

“Hey come on in”. I said when I opened the door. “Good to see you guys”.

“You too”. Seph said.

After some hugs and kisses. I presumed I would get a lot of them over the next few days, we walked into the living room.

We had some chit chat about what they had been doing. It looked like Brian had regained the complete trust of Seph again.

“So you wanna share with us what happened Tim?” Seph asked. He did that in what I like to say was his master voice. No way I could escape from that. I also felt that they deserved to know the story.

So I told them what happened.

“Wasn’t it very painful then?” Brian asked.

“Well not really. I was out of it but it hurted an awful lot when Jamey was rubbing them in the ambulance. I think that despite the shot of morphine I was urging him to take it slowly”.

“Did it excite you?” Seph asked.

“What?” I said, confused now by his question.

“YOU know losing your balls. Some slaves do you know”.

I looked at him again. I saw that Brian said something softly to Seph.

“Hmm, never thought about it like that. I …. Well I decided that if I had lost them I would not stay with Michel for sure”.

“Ah, so you never wondered what kind of effect it had”?

“NO, sorry not really Seph. But to be honest I think it is not my thing”.

“Ok, just wondered and hope I didn’t offend you Tim. I just thought, well after that last session you took the pain so easily… and sometimes that is ..”. He then got an elbow of Brian in his side. He looked at him and then continued. “It doesn’t matter, forget I asked Tim”.

“Ok, not a problem Seph”. I said.

“So you like it that Jamey bloke then had to rubbed your balls?”

“Oh, he is so easily embarrassed”. I said. “It is good to have some fun with him you know”.

“I am sure”.

“So next Friday we are organising a party and you will be the guest of honour Tim”, Seph said. “We might postpone it but we think you should be up and walking again enough to have a party”.

“A dinner party at your place?” I said surprised as I couldn’t really see myself in a jockstrap yet.

“No, we have hired Michel’s uncle’s bar for the evening. We invited most of your friends to come along”.

“Ah, that sounds nice but why”?

“See it as yours and Michel’s coming out party. Everyone needs one to show themselves who they are”.

“Nice, thank you for that Seph”.

“Your welcome. Ok, I better go now. Brian will stay until Michel is here. So I’ll see you later Brian”.

I was surprised by his sudden departure. When I had walked him to the door and came back into the living room I said. “Was it something I said?”

“No, don’t’ worry Tim. He just wanted to give us some space and time to talk about stuff. And I think he is going to get some new toys for us to play with as well”.

“AH, lucky you”.

He smiled.

“All seems to be fine between the two of you again”.

“Yeb we are back on track and as I said before, maybe even better than before so that is good”.

We talked about stuff that happened at his work and other bits over the next 30 minutes.

“So no headaches, nightmares then Tim, while you are not playing at the moment”?

Damn I thought how did he know?

“Well a bit again Brian. But at least I know where they are from. I can handle them now”.

“Good, just let me know when they get too bad ok”?

“I will, although it seems that now I know what they are and I know we will for sure play some more in the future and they tend not to be that bad as before you know”.

“Ah, well you have a more stable relationship now. You know what you can do and what makes you feel good so I am sure that makes a difference”.

“Did you know my mom is walking around out there?”

“Yea Michel told us, he was quite upset when he heard”.

“Oh, yea well me too. I can hardly understand and to be honest I am afraid, afraid she might do something”.

“I don’t think so Tim. Don’t worry too much. I am sure she will retreat to some strange fucked up community”.

“Well she better”.


“So who did you invite for that party next Friday then?”

“Well Michel’s uncle and Shawn will be there. It seems Martin and his brother should be there too. Not sure yet if your cousin Justin will be there too, but Brandon will and then there are Paul and … well you know them we invited them all. I think there might be a few you don’t know. We didn’t invite any of the others at your school. We thought you might want to be out but not that out yet. I think that when Michel’s parents heard about it they wanted to come but I think Michel together with his Uncle were able to talk them out of it. I am not sure but there might be some others around that you don’t know but who we thought would be nice to invite. I think there are some of Shawn’s friends as well”.

“Good, I like that idea to be honest. It is good to make some new friends”.

“Yea and we don’t do that enough, partying I mean”. Brian said.

“No and I think I can do with having some fun”.

“Yea, I am sure, isn’t it awful not to be able to cum”?

“Oh, I can assure you I can but I am not going to take any risk. I felt how it was once and I want to make sure it is all healed properly before I try again”.

“You have good self control Tim”.

“No, pure pain control. When it happened I thought I was going to cut in half or something like that. I think I never scared any one like that before”.

“So you were wanked by that cute doctor then?”

“No, not wanked he was installing back the tube in my dick… you know”.

“Ah, his father got upset wasn’t it”?

“Yea but he is a good guy. I think you should invite him together with Winston as well”.

“Ok, you better give me their e-mails then”.

“Fine I will forward it to you ok”.

“Sounds like a plan”.

We talked a bit more and then he left.

Over the next few days we had some fun, but most of the time I was home alone, doing my homework and keeping busy. When Michel walked in on Thursday he was all up in arms.

“I tried, I really did Tim”.

“What Michel?”

“I am sorry you will have to go through this but I can’t keep her off my back anymore”.

“What Michel? You’re not making sense”.

“She, what she does to me, she means it well but”.

I got closer to him, kissed him on the mouth just to shut him up.

“OH, you think that helps?” He said when we had to come up for air.

“Well it got you to smiling, now tell me who is bugging you”.

“Mom”. He said with a deep sigh.

“So what is up with her?”

“She wants to see you, you are invited to dinner and if not then they will come to the party. So I gave in. You have a dinner appointment Friday evening before we go to the party”.

“Oh, well that is not a problem. I said I would be more than happy to do that”.

“I know but I had hoped I could have kept you for myself for a little bit longer Tim”.

“Well don’t worry I will be fine, she is not going to eat me alive is she”?

“No, more cuddle you to death or even worse telling you embarrassing stories about me”.

“Oh, I will love to hear them”. I said with a smile and gave him another kiss.

“Yea I know you do but not sure I want it”. He said blushing.

“Oh what is the worst thing you ever did, pee while your mom was changing you when you were a baby”?

He blushed and I knew I was right.

“I am so looking forward to tomorrow night”. I said with a smile.

“Well you are but I am not”.

“Oh you will be ok, and I love you whatever you did as a little child”.

“You think?”

Laughing out loud I said. “Yea come here”.

We kissed some more, a lot more and I felt that I started to warm up, Shit I thought so easily after almost 2 weeks of no cumming.

“Hmm, better stop Michel, not sure I can keep it from cumming you know”.

“I know I am at that point too”.

“You still didn’t?”

“No, I didn’t but we will see what happens during the weekend. I am not sure I can last another week sweet Tim. Not with you around for the whole weekend”.

I smiled “How is your dad doing, is he ok with us now and with me coming to dinner”?

“I think so, he still hasn’t said a lot but he better be. I think mom will not let him get in the way of us I am sure”.

“Ok, so you are afraid of your Mom now I am afraid of your Dad some evening we are going to have…” I laughed out loud.

“Oh, this is just the start. Mom wants us to be there at 4:30 for drinks then dinner an hour later and by 9:00 we need to be at my uncle’s bar”.

“That sounds like a full evening for sure”.

“Ok, I would love to stay but I want to make sure I have my homework done so I better be going”.

“Oh, do you need to?”

“I do, sorry Tim and I think if I stay then both of us will end up with something we better wait a little bit on. Is it healing ok”?

“Yea doing ok. I am still keeping tight briefs on as that is the best way of preventing my balls from hurting too much when I walk”.

“Ok, sounds like a good idea, I will get some stuff then for the weekend. I will pack it then you don’t need to”.

“What?” I said.

“I am packing a bag for you and you are not allowed to check it out ok”?

“Yes Michel”.

“Good, well have sweet dreams later on and I think your dad is going to bring you over tomorrow night”.

“Oh ok, you won’t pick me up”?

“No, mom wants me there when you arrive”.

“Don’t worry Michel it will be all ok yea”.

“We will see”.

“At least we can spend the weekend together”.

“That is for sure”.

We kissed one more time, and then my phone went off.

“I better take this”.

“Ok, see you tomorrow Tim”.

“Will do”.

“Hi this is Tim”.

“Hi there Tim, how are you doing”?

“Hi there Justin”.

“How are you doing Tim?”

“Better every day. I was wondering when you were going to call”.

“Well that was not easy Tim. My mom is still your mom’s sister and she has had a hard time believing this”.

“Oh, well she has to but tell her that she is more than welcome to visit ok. I would love to see you too”.

“I think that can be arranged I got permission to come over tomorrow for the weekend, just in time for the party”.

“She knows about the coming out party?”

“No just that you are having a getting better party. I would never say anything about Michel coming out. I don’t think for some time that I want to tell her myself to be honest. So, his parents responded good didn’t they”?

“Yea, I am having dinner tomorrow with them”.

“OH meeting your mother-in-law to be”. Justin said laughing.

“Yea but I think his mom is ok, not sure his dad will be but at least Michel will be there with me”.

“That is a good thing yea. I can’t wait to see Brandon again”.

“Oh you hit it off then?”

“Yea, we have been chatting an awful lot and he is invited tomorrow as well isn’t he”?

“Yea you will see him”.

“SO, you have been chatting or more… Justin”?

I could almost see him blush on the other side of the line.

“OH, you know how handy computers are these days”. Justin answered.

“Well you better tell me, I would love to embarrass Brandon with it”.

He smiled now and started to talk.

It took us almost half an hour before we hang up, that was fun I thought. It seems they were made for each other. We would see how things were going on tomorrow I thought.

The next day I had a long bath getting cleaned and relaxed. I had a nap before it and was ready to go at 4 pm. My dad just made it on time and looked approvingly.

“You ready for this Tim?”

“I don’t know but I have to and it will be ok”.

“If you are not let me know and I will pick you up ok”?

“I will Dad”.

I had been wondering how he was doing but from the moment I had come home and had learned that mom was free out there he has become very quiet. I know that it was not easy on him either but I hoped he would snap out of it soon.

When we got to Michel’s place he looked at me.

“Don’t grow up too fast Tim, but have a good evening ok”.

“I will dad; if you want you can join us I am sure they wouldn’t mind”.

“I know, Michel’s mom did call me and invited me but this is about Michel and you tonight. I am sure next time she will insist to meet with me as well”.

“Ok, we’ll see you on Sunday then”.

“Have fun and if there is anything, give me a call and I will pick you up ok Tim”?

“I know Dad, love you”.

“Here don’t forget the flowers”.  He handed me them from the back of the car.

I waited until he drove off. Then I walked towards the gate. I wondered about the conversation we had just had. He was lonely that was it, lonely for sure I thought”.

When I got to the door it was opened before I even could ring the bell.

“Hi there Michel”. I said with a smile as I saw a nervous looking Michel standing there.

“Hi there Tim. Your looking hot you know”.

“I hope so, your dressed sharply yourself as well”.

“I needed to”.

I smiled and wanted to move forward to kiss him but he held off. “Later Tim”.

Oh a shy Michel now that was something I had not seen before I thought and laughed a bit.

“Is that Tim? Michel, come on in with him, don’t leave him standing in the cold”.  I heard a voice from the back.

“My mom”. He whispered. “Come on in, are you ready for this”?

“I am better than you”. I said with a smile.

But then he was pushed aside and a nice looking blond with a very open and friendly face came into my view.

“Good to meet you at last Tim. I have heard so much about you”.

“Only good I hope”.

She smiled. “Mostly yea, but then I had to drag every word out of him. You know he can be so shy sometimes”.

I wanted to say something but she continued. “OH are these for me, you shouldn’t have done that”. With that she took the flowers out of my hand and looked in love to them.

“How did you know I like tulips Tim?” Again before I could say anything she said. “Oh don’t say Michel because he never buys any flowers for his mom nor does his father”.

I saw that Michel now was sticking out his tongue and making kissing movements with his lips.

“Now you know how it is done Michel. Here go and put them in water while I take Tim into the living room”.

She handed Michel the flowers and turned towards me. I saw Michel walking off to the door that would have let him go into the kitchen.

“First though come here Tim. I am sorry about all that happened”, and before I knew it I was buried in her arms. I thought I heard her do a bit of a snicker so I thought it was time to get out of it and I slowly let go.

“I am fine. I am healing and it will be all over and forgotten soon”.

“You are strong guy Tim. But this will need time. So if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, just come over ok. You are now just as much part of this family as Michel is. OK let’s get into the living room”.  She pushed me more or less through another door. I went into a very warm cosy area. Yea this was so much different than our house I thought. This was a room you want to spend time in, together with others I thought. My gaze was kept though by a strong sturdy man in one of the chairs. He was reading the newspaper and looked up when we entered.

“Dad, this is Tim, Michel’s boyfriend”.  She said softly.

“Nice to meet you Tim”. He said. I walked forward to him and got a very tight, hard handshake. I didn’t crack underneath it and did return the favour. I think it put a smile on his face.

“Good to meet you Tim. Are you into any sports”?

Oh shit I thought, he is really going for the tough guy questions. The one that he would have asked his daughter’s boyfriend I thought. I smiled and said to him; “Yea I follow football not as a fan but just out of interest. I have played some badminton though”.

“Ah, ok, like Michel”.

“Yes sir, and also I was on the wrestling team”.

“Ah, I did that when I was in high school too”.

“You any good?”

“I won a few yea”.

“So do you want something to drink?”

“You got a soda sir?” I asked him.

He looked then at me and said “NO, but we have some red wine”.

I had heard that Michel’s mom just had left and I had no idea if this was a test or not.

“Yea that is a fine idea Sir”.

“Good, I have never gotten Michel to drink it”.

I let out a sigh. He came back to the chairs and put the glass into my hand.

“Cheers”. He said. We bummed glasses and then he started to drink the red wine in one go. Not how I had seen others drink wine, but if that’s how he wanted it. No, I thought I better not. I took quite big sip and put the glass back on the table. I sat down with it and wait for him to do the same.

He smiled at me. “I wondered what you would do Tim. Good you drink just a sip and not the whole glass. For one moment I was afraid you would just follow my lead”.

“It had crossed my mind Sir, but I never do that. I have hardly ever drank any wine so I want to enjoy it not get drunk”.

He smiled again. “Seems Michel found himself a smart one and that is more than I would give him”.

“You don’t approve sir?” I thought as I didn’t want to play around the pool with him.

He looked at me sternly.

“I can go if you want me to”.

“Oh no you better not”. He said with a smile. “Not if you don’t want me to sleep for the rest of the year or so in the guest room. I don’t think that I would be back into bed with her. From the moment Michel told us, she was so happy he came out. I think that she always suspected it to be honest”.

“You didn’t Sir?”

“I don’t know Tim. I think if I look deep down inside me it has crossed my mind. But Michel doesn’t look or act like a typical gay man you know, neither do you”.

“So you are ok with it then?”

“I will be. I love him and he knows that Tim. And I am welcoming you with open arms into our family. I can be a bit sturdy maybe even conservative about stuff but I found my love and would never have been able to get passed the struggles in life without her and the moment Michel told us he was gay I knew there was more to it. I looked at him and knew he had found his love. Oh it hurt to realize that Tim, don’t get that wrong but if that is what Michel wanted then who I am to stop him. He is my son and I love him, whatever he chooses. But I also know that there are people out there that think differently and I still want to protect him. To guide him to make the right choices. I can see he does but that doesn’t make it easy to let go. You have to know that I think Michel is a good judgement of people but he trust others with this now as well and I just hope he doesn’t end up hurt physically or mentally. So you see where I am coming from?”

He had been looking into my eyes while he said that and I could see that he meant it. He cared more than anything else, which was important for him.

“I understand Sir and I would not do anything to hurt him Sir”. Then slowly, softer I said; “I love him to Sir. I wouldn’t know what to do without him”.

“I know, but while you were in hospital those 2 days and you didn’t speak to him, you hurt him. I know you had your reasons but still that got me on the edge”.

“I know sir and we talked about it and I think there might be more moments like that in the future but we need to communicate to each other, I think we have learned that now”.

“Good, just as long as you know you are welcome down here anytime you need. Oh and next time invite your father in as well yea. He must have had quite a shock too”.

“I will sir”.

“Ok, now tell me what are your plans for the future young man”? He said it in such a tone that I only could say to him.

“You had prepared that question for a time didn’t you sir”?

“Well not really or not with the young man in it”. He said laughing.

“Yea that is what I meant”.

“I know Sir”. I said laughing.

Before I knew it we were talking about future plans, how he had grown up etc. I had heard that Michel came in and slid into the seat beside me.

Then Michel’s mom came in to tell us that diner was ready. We all moved to the dining room. Wow I thought when I entered it. It seems they did more entertaining than we did. Candles were lit and some very good china was on the table.

“You can come and sit here beside me”. Michel’s mom said.

“Yes ma’am”. I answered.

“Oh, you better call me Janet, Tim”.

“Hmm yes ma’am”. She laughed when I did that.

She sat down beside me; opposite of her was her husband and upside of me was Michel. He smiled at me; it seemed he was able to relax a bit.

I was a bit quieter over the first few dishes. Talks more or less moved around me. Oh I was asked stuff and Michel had to tell how we had met, well at least part of it.

When the main course was almost finished Janet looked at me.

“You know Tim. I always had thought about how after diner I would go into the kitchen with my daughter-in-law to be and then while doing the dishes we could share some war stories about Michel. I guess now it seems that you are that person you might want to come with me to the kitchen in a moment”.

I blushed but Michel was one step ahead of me, as if he knew it. “Oh, I thought we would go back into the living room for a drink”.

Janet smiled. “You don’t want him to hear how you wet your pants when we took you with us to the pet shop to buy a dog and the first one you saw startled you”?

He coloured now terribly. “Mom please”.

“Or the reason why I want you to wash your own underwear”?

“Mom please”.

“You think you can stop her from telling him Michel?” His dad said with a laugh.

“I hope so”.

“Come with me into the living room you don’t want to stay when she starts ok”. He said laughing almost harder now.

“Don’t believe a word”. Michel stuttered a bit and then he was moved out of the room by his dad.

“You wouldn’t do that to him would you?” I said looking at Janet.

“Oh I had planned to with a girl friend, now I don’t know but I wanted to have you for myself for a bit. I never expected two sons you know and I just want to get to know you as well as I got to know Michel. Oh, hmm”.  She continued then starting to stutter as well and a red face too.

“Hmm sorry not that good”. She said laughing now as well.

“Oh, that sounds like something I would love to hear”.

“Come on let’s go into the kitchen”.

I followed her with some plates into the kitchen.

“So you ok Tim?” She asked while she started to do the dishes.

I looked at her. “Yea I am fine Ma’am”.

“Janet remember, please try that otherwise I feel very old”.

“Janet, Ma’am it will be”. I said and she laughed.

“I think we will be friends together very quickly. I like your humour. Sometimes I wish that Michel would have a bit more of that. He can be very serious you know”.

“He has humour to ma… Janet”.

“Good he is a good boy you know”.

“I know Janet, I love him”.

“Yea I noticed that when you came in. But then I already knew you were just as I knew Michel was. You met about half year ago didn’t you. I think you came over to the house a few times waiting for the train or something like that”.

I smiled at her and said. “You’re good Janet, very good”.

“Well I have been waiting for Michel to open up for such a long time. I saw a change in him around that time and when he didn’t say anything about a new girl or anything but started to talk about some new friends he just confirmed my suspicious. Shocked a bit maybe Tim, but happy that he had found love”.

“So you are fine with us then?” I asked her.

“More than that what more can a mother want than two sons”.  She said smiling now from one ear to the other.

“So what about those embarrassing stories about Michel”.

“Oh they are no fun telling them without him here. But he did some strange things in the pasted”. She said.

“Oh I am sure we all did and you did as well”.

She got red again.

“Oh, yea especially after meeting his dad you know. We had a wonderful time together before we told anyone we were in love. It was … and she told an incredible story about how they met and what they did”.

“.. You know there is a lot of Michel’s dad in Michel. You need to be strong with him to make sure he gets out of his shell. Otherwise he will just sit and not talk about what is bothering him”.

“Yea I know but he has some great things about him as well. I am still finding new things out about him every day and I am loving that”.

“Oh, that is so much fun to do”. She said. “I think that is the best part of being in love and discovering each other”.

We got quiet I guess a bit thinking about this.

“How are you holding up with your mom out on the loose again Tim?” She then asked softly while looking at me.

I am not sure why but the way she said it or the things we just had talked about I felt that I cracked up a bit.

“Slowly Ma’am”.

“Janet Tim”.

“I know Ma’am but it is not easy you know. I know she loves me but that she was…. able to…. do…….. Such a thing”. I was now stuttering and some tears were on my face.

“Oh come here”. She said and before I knew it I was back into a big hug with her. This time I couldn’t control myself anymore and started to cry.

“Let it out Tim, it is good to cry, to show your emotions”. She whispered.

I could hear a door open in the background and I think I felt Janet move her arms to whoever was there. I just cried and cried. When I got a bit more together I pushed myself off her a bit.

“Thanks, it seems I needed that”. I said blushing a bit.

“That is fine Tim, whenever you feel you need that come to me ok. I know that it is not easy on you what happened. If you need to talk to, come over yea”.

“I will Janet; I just didn’t know it was hiding in there. I have been feeling ok handling it so far but I guess there is a lot more pain with me than I thought I had”.

“I am sure it does and you need to give it time and attention Tim. Don’t put it away ok”?

“I think I know, but it is so hard to believe she did it you know. I sometimes think especially when I walk into the kitchen that she is just sitting there then when I realize she isn’t it sinks in again what she did”.

“Sometimes people have a lot of trouble dealing with their own stuff Tim and it seems your mother found help with the wrong people. You trust your own feelings and never trust someone else’s ok”.

“But that is not easy and as a child you are learned to trust your parents, when they do  … oh I don’t know even my dad seems to be lost with her you know”.

“Oh I thought I heard that in his voice when I had him on the phone. I hope he really takes up the invitation soon to come over for dinner”.

I smiled. “I know he would loved to but I think you might need to force him a bit in this then he will come otherwise I am not sure”.

“We will see, you ready to go back into the living room”?

“Yea, I think we need to get going soon”.

“I think so Tim. But promise me if you need to talk come around down here ok. Even if Michel is not here, promise”?

“I will Janet”. I stepped back up to her and hugged her again. It was nice, it was safe and it was the way it should have been with my mom. But I guess I never had that kind of relationship with her. Or she was unable to do it. I let out a deep sigh, looked at her and said; “Thank you Janet”.  I started to turn towards the door when I looked back. “You are a great person Janet and I can see a lot of you in Michel, you did a good job with him raising him. You can be proud of yourself”. I saw that she blushed but also that she accepted the compliment just as I meant it. I walked through the dining room into the living room.

“You ok?” Michel said when I walked in.

“You better answer that Tim. He has been walking up and down for the last few minutes”.

“Yea I am Michel. It seems I just needed some motherly love”.

“Oh you must have gotten an over dose of that then”. Michel’s dad said with a smile.

“Good, well Dad it is time we go, if that is ok”?

“Yea go to your party and enjoy yourself. Just be quiet when you get in tonight ok”?

“We will”.

“Come on let’s get upstairs”. He said.

I followed him to his bedroom.

“Come here Tim”. He said and he gave me a passionate kiss”.

“So you survived it Michel?”

“Yea I did, not sure you did in the kitchen or with my dad. I didn’t know they would do this to me”.

“Oh they didn’t do anything. You should be proud of them; they made me feel very welcome you know”.

“Ok, if you say so. Talk with them about it Michel”.

“I will see”.

“Ok, party time, shall we go”.

“No, we need to change we can’t go out parting like this”.

“You’re sure?”

“Yea, I am but I am going to change in the bathroom and you can do it down here. I don’t think that I would be able to control myself if I would see you naked”. He said with a smile.

He got my bag from the bed and said. “There is a surprise in there. Just put it on and don’t wonder about it and put the other stuff over it ok”.

I wanted to grab the bag but he put it down again. “Wait till I am gone, promise”?


“When you finish come and join me in the bathroom and then we will go”.

He left and I opened the bag. I looked into it and thought. “OH no, what is he up to now? He can’t have me to wear that tonight”.  I got hard instantly and even worse excited. Two weeks of not cumming were getting to me.

I took it out of the bag and put it on. It was tight enough to keep my balls from dangling and that was good, but … oh hard as ever I thought.

I got the shorts that were on top of it on and the tight t-shirt as well and then went to the bathroom.

“You ready Tim?”

“Yea but what have you planned”?

“So you liked that outfit?”

“Yea, but what ……

chapter 45

chapter 10

With a burst of music in the background, Alexei came walking onto the stage.  Damn!  What was he doing here?

“Alexei Nemov, my friends.”  The crowed applauded.  I’m not sure that everyone knew who he was but the way he was dressed would certainly tell anyone he was an athlete as his build was obvious even in street dress.

He and Rosie chatted for a bit and I was certainly impressed again how easy it seemed for Rosie to make everyone feel right at home.  I focused on the conversation again when Rosie asked Alexei if he’d seen any of my work.

“Oh, I’ve known Nick … actually, both Nicks … for a long time.  I was guest trainer for Nick’s brother, David … the hunk, as you referred to him … and also for Nick a few summers back.  David is a really good guy and I would not be surprised if we see him in the future at an Olympic gymnastic event.”

“Wow!  He’s that good?” Rosie said, looking over at my picture again.   She turned to me and said, “You’ll have to make sure that he practises as much as he can, then, Nick.”

“But Alexei … you asked me if you could come along as well tonight.  Why was that?”

“Well ….”  He waited a Moment and looked at me.  “I’m not sure Nick is going to be happy with this, but there’s an even better painting than the one that you see here.  I know Nick is keeping that for his own private collection after displaying it at the exhibition.  It is the other one that he didn’t want to include in the sale of his works.”

Damn!  He wouldn’t!  I looked at him, silently begging him not to go on, but there was no way I could make a scene on TV and I guess he knew that.

“But I think that painting deserved to be shown to a wider audience, even if it is only shown in public once.”

“Have you seen it Nicole?  Nick?” Rosie asked.  “I haven’t … Alexei wouldn’t let me.”

“Yea, it’s wonderful,” Nicole said simply.

“It’s so good, I offered the largest sum of money I’ve ever offered for a first-time painter’s work, but Nick doesn’t want to sell it.”

“Bring it in, guys,” Rosie said.

I couldn’t look at it.  I knew what was being pushed onto the stage.

The audience burst into murmurs, exclamations and applause as the painting of Francis was put beside that of David, Kathy and the baby.

When the audience calmed, I felt Alexei trying to catch my eyes, but I ignored him.

 “Lost for words?” the other Nick asked Rosie as she remained silent.

 “I’m stunned, I’ll give you that, Nicky boy,” she responded quickly as she realised she’d let the conversation lapse.

 “I see what you mean, Alexei.  Nick … this is incredible.  Can you please tell us who the young man on the painting is?”

 I took a deep breath.  I opened my mouth but no words would come out.  A tear crept out of the corner of my eye and was about to roll down my cheek.

 “I can tell you that as well.  As you probably can see, this subject is a gymnast as well.  He’s a very good friend of both Nick and David.”

 “He must be good, too!  Just look at that upper chest!” Rosie said.  “But how were you able to catch those emotions so eloquently, Nick?  You’re incredible, you know.  I think you’ve a great future ahead of you if you can put emotions like that onto the canvass.  It’s a shame he isn’t here as I would have loved to know who is important in his life.”

 “Well, that is a bit of a problem,” Alexei answered.  “He’s lost.  We’re not sure where he is at this Moment.  One of the reasons I decided to bring this picture down here was to see if your audience might have seen him somewhere in the past four to six weeks.”

 So that was what he was doing!  And, so far, he seemed to have gotten away with this public plea for help.  I hoped it wouldn’t backfire, though, either on me but especially on Francis.  I still was not looking at the direction of the painting when Rosie added, “So … there’s a hotline number for missing persons on your screen right now.  Please let us know if anyone has seen him … because, yes, I think I want this guy on my show, too,” Rosie continued with a smile.

 She then closed her show in her traditional way, then turned and thanked us all for coming.

 “Is it gone?” I whispered to Nick when everyone started to move away.

 “You can look again, Nick.  They’re putting it away.”

 “Good,” I said and let out a big sigh.

 “Well done, you guys!” Rosie exclaimed.

 “I think that was a memorable episode and I meant every word I said.  You have both a great future in front of you as artists, Nicole and Nick.”

 “Thanks.”  I saw Nicole walk towards Alexei and start talking with him.

 “Nick, can you come over here for a Moment?” Rosie asked when most of the audience had left.

 I followed her to the side of the stage.  Hardly anyone was there now.

 “Is Francis your boyfriend?”

 I felt my face started to go red very quickly.  “I won’t tell anyone,” she added.  “I just felt that your response … the shaking of your hands which, by the way, was kept out of the picture …  gave me an idea there was more to your relationship than just a good friend.  Also the intense look you gave him on the canvas.  I think I’ve only seen that with painters who were in love with, and were loved by, their subjects.

 “Yes … he’s my boyfriend.”

 “He really is lost, then?” Rosie asked.

 “We think so … although the police think he just ran away because of the stress.  We think something terrible might have happened to him.”

 “OK.  So that was a genuine call for help by Alexei?”

 “I think that is what he just did.”

 “You didn’t know, did you?”

 “No, that was a complete surprise for me.”

 “I can have them cut that small segment out if you want.”

 “You can do that?”

 “Yea … it’s the advantage of not doing this live.”

 “No.  If his picture is seen nation wide, it might help.”

 “OK.  We might add a line that they can call us, rather than the national missing persons’ phone line if they have seen him … or any other number you want.”

 “Let me think about that.  If we do something like that, we’ll need a lot of phones to take the calls.  I’m not sure we can move that fast.”

 When I got back to the dressing room, Alexei was there and so was Nick.  Nicole had gone to her own dressing room.

 “I’ve got your Dad on the phone, Nick.”

 “He knew, Alexei?”

 “Yea, we talked about it.  He wants to know how it went.  I thought you might want to give him that feedback.  You and I can talk later,” he said.

 I took the phone from him and then looked away when I started to talk.

 “Hi, Dad.”

 “Hi there, Nick.  How are you?”

 “I’m fine, thanks.  No thanks to Alexei though.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack on stage when he introduced Francis’s painting.”

 “But it all worked out well, didn’t it?”

 “Yea, Alexei did most of the talking and there wasn’t a lot more said other than that I had painted the painting.  So there was almost no connection made between Francis and me.”

 “So now we’ll have to wait to see if someone contact either Alexei or the program or the missing persons’ hotline.”

 “Hmmmm … well, no.  Rosie wants to help and she said that they could put a special phone number underneath that segment telling people to call if they’d seen Francis.  It just means though that we need phone lines set up because, as you know, these kinds of requests draw calls from a lot of sick people.”

 “OK … well … how long do we have to organise this special number?”

 “I think about 5 hours or so.  Do you think that will be enough time?”

 “I don’t know but I can give it a try.  Can you ask Rosie or someone from the show to contact me so I can give them the thumbs up with the number?”

 “I will.  And thanks, Dad.”

 “You’re welcome, son.  I’m just happy that, at last, something is being done and that you want something to be done, Nick.  Those are positive signs.”

 “Well, you’ll have to thank Alexei for that.”

 “I will … don’t worry.  See you tomorrow, Nick.”

 “Till tomorrow, Dad.”

 I was not very optimistic about the result of the phone calls but it was an effort at least.  I made sure that Rosie got my Dad’s phone number.  She also told me that she wanted to stay in contact with me and expected to be informed if we heard anything.  Not to mention that she really wanted Francis on the show.

 When we got back to the hotel, it wasn’t easy to be alone and away from Nicole.  She was sweet and I knew I could trust her … but not yet.  It was just too early to trust her with something like this.  I needed to deal with Alexei first.

 So the Moment she was gone, I turned to Alexei, looked at him as I could see him readying himself for my attack.  He knew he’d gone too far … he was now probably wondering if it had been beyond the pale or not.

 “I have no idea, Alexei, if I’m mad or happy with you.  I know one thing … if you ever do such a thing again, then I definitely will lose my trust in you … and I’m not sure if that’s worse or better than doing the right thing.  So please … never do such a thing again without me knowing … OK?”

 “I know, Nick … but after our talk last weekend, I wasn’t sure you’d go for it.  I also felt as if you were afraid to move on … to go and search for him … afraid of what you might find.  But isn’t knowing better than not knowing?”

 “I don’t know, Alexei.  I don’t know … but that’s irrelevant now.  Just never do something like that again without consulting me, OK?”

 “I promise, Nick.”

 “Good.  Now … what about sorting out all the phone calls we’re going to get?”

 “Well … I’ve looked into that already.  I have several detective agencies ready to follow up any interesting leads we get out of this.  So it might end up being a bit expensive … but I know it’ll be worth every penny … so don’t worry about that.”

 “I know but I’m not sure that we’ll have the manpower to answer the calls, much less follow them up.”

 “Well … let’s first see what the response is … then we’ll deal with the next steps.”

 We watched the episode from our hotel room.  Nick and Alexei had joined us.  I tried to call my Dad after the program but he didn’t answer the phone when I called him.  I guess he was busy with answering the phone number that had shown up on TV at the end of the program.

 I didn’t sleep that well during that night, I must admit.  I was happy with how the TV show had gone but anxious to see what the outcome of the program would be.  I knew in my heart that he hadn’t run away; if he had, there’d have been numerous sightings of him over the last few weeks.  If not a deliberate disappearance, then what?  What explained the complete lack of evidence of his existence?  I waited until 6 a.m. and then decided to try calling Dad again but still he didn’t answer.  I got up on time and had a long breakfast, just reading a newspaper until, towards the end of my coffee, Nicole appeared.  She just made it on time before going to the airport.  I said goodbye to Nick and Alexei.  They said they’d be in contact and would try to be over again somewhere around the Christmas period which was about four weeks away from now.

 When I got to the airport, I expected to be picked up but there was no Dad, no Susan in the arrivals lounge.  They must have been busy, I guess.  I waited to see if I could see anyone else I knew, but no one else was there that I recognised.  I was almost at the taxi stand when my name was called.  I looked over and saw a familiar face but it took me a Moment to remember who it was.  Susan, I think her name was as well … the girl who had been part of the management team during the school protest in high school.

 “Hi, there, Susan!  What are you doing here?”

 “Picking you up.”

 “Oh!  Why is that?”

 “Well, it seems it was my turn to take a rest from the telephones and they thought picking you up was a good idea.  I had been manning the phones for the last four hours or so.”

 “Oh!  So you’re helping Dad out then?”

 “Yea … me and a bunch of other people.”

 “Anything useful?”

 “I don’t know … I just make notes, nothing more.  I think your Dad had a few other people, even policemen around to sort through them”

 “So a lot of tips have been coming in?”

 “Yea, especially in the first two hours after the program.  We’re expecting another spike when the rerun is broadcast this afternoon.  But we should make it back in time for that.  Are you ready to help?”

 We got in her car and started to make our way through town.

 “Hey … where are you going?” I asked when I noticed that she took another direction than the route to our house.

 “High school.  That’s the only place where we could get together and also had enough phones to do this.”

 “Ahhh … how many are hooked up?”

 “Oh … I think about 15 or so.”

 “Wow!  That many?”

 “Yea … but it was easy to get us all together again and it’s been kind of fun.”

 “Us?” I asked.

 “Hmmmm … most of the team that led to the downfall of the parents-teacher council that time … they’ve all come back to help.  One phone call from your Dad to Justin made it all happen again.”

 “Ahhhh … so you’ve spent the night together again?”

 “Oh, yes …and we’ve been telling stories of the good all days.”

 “So everyone is still there?”

 “Yep … just about.  Oh … and you’re now a star … a TV star, Mister Artist,” she said with a wide smile.

 We talked a bit more about what she had been up to and then we arrived at the school.

 When I got together with my Dad, the first thing I asked was, “Any good clues about where he is?”

 “Don’t expect too much too fast, Nick.  Keith told me last night that it’ll take a few days to go through all of the calls and see which ones are possibly legitimate sightings.  Then someone will have to follow it up.  So … yea … we’ve gotten quite a lot of calls but, to be honest, not a lot which say straight off … yes, he’s been there.  So I agree with you … he hasn’t run away like the police are thinking.”

 “Good … that’s at least something we’ve gotten out of this.”

 “True … if they believe us.”

 “But I thought that the police were helping?”

 “No, not really.  Keith and one or two of his colleagues are here but they made it explicit that they were here, not as police officers but on their own.”

 “Oh, well … this should convince them, at least.”

 “We’ll see.  It seems Keith had a call from the police in his jurisdiction, they weren’t happy about the way his possible disappearance was announced on national TV.  So we might need to do some fence mending with them.  But why don’t you go and talk with the others?  We expect the rerun to generate another rash of calls … so it might be quite late before we can go home.”

 “OK …I can answer some calls as well, I guess.”

 “No, Nick … that is a definite NO.  You don’t want to hear what some of them are saying.  Just go and talk with the people who are on a break from the phone or help Keith and his colleagues to go through the notes to see if any of them makes sense … but no answering phones, agreed?”

 “Yes, Dad.”

 I really hadn’t thought about it but later, after I’d read some of the notes, I understood.  Hearing it and reading it were two different things.

 During the rerun of the Rosie show, the number of calls declined a bit but that didn’t last.  About two minutes after the number was posted on the screen, several phones started to ring.

 Keith had walked up to me and we talked a bit.  He said he was impressed by the paintings, too.  He also said that there were not very many really good leads in all the calls.  Most of them were from people who really had a screw loose … but sometimes, he pointed out, and a good tip would come in two or three days after the broadcast.  Some of the reports would be fresh sightings which could be investigated, and not ones that were from weeks ago and difficult to prove.  So far they had a handful of calls that looked promising and they’d forwarded those to the private eyes to take a look at.

 By the end of the afternoon, the number of phone calls started to diminish.  It was agreed that the group would be split up into three squads, each doing an eight-hour shift.  This meant that my Dad and I could go home while others would stay around.  Just in case something came up, Keith or one of his colleagues would always be there.

 When we had cleaned up the dishes after dinner and sat down with a drink, Dad looked at me for some time. I was already nervous from the silent dinner we had as I felt there was something on his mind.

“Nick, can we talk?” he said in the end not looking up from his drink that was in his hands.

“What about Dad?” I asked.

“How are you really coping with all of this?”

I looked up and I knew he wouldn’t take an answer like yea I am or anything in the line of it.

“Sorry If I got you with that question but I know you are struggling a bit and I just wanted to make sure you where doing ok”.

“I am Dad,” I said with as much power in it as I could.

“No, be honest Nick, you are not. I have seen the black pictures you are making. That is not coping as that is avoiding it. You are getting even deeper in the woods instead of coping, Nick.”

All I could do was look down, now. I just couldn’t answer him as I still had no idea what I was feeling or how to handle it all.

“You need to move on, you know as you can’t stay waiting for ever”.

I looked up now as what was he saying he wanted me to move on? Now, when we had some new hope that their might be a good lead in those phone calls.  I really could not believe what I was hearing.

“I know Nick. I waited to long too. You are to young you know”.

I looked at him and I think their was hate in my eyes now. “I know and I didn’t give up the first time and I definitely won’t give up the second time,” I said. “So I am going to go upstairs and don’t ever bring this up you hear me,” I shouted at him.

I had gotten very angry in a very short time. While I walked up the stairs I felt the anger going to flow out of me already but it had scared me. Why had I lost my temper so fast? I was known as a very patient guy but he had come too close to me. He had told me before what to do and I told him to leave it up to me. He was not listening that I was dealing with it on my own way. He didn’t run away as it would be just a mater of time that we would find where he was taken. Especially after the TV request that Alexei had made.

 We had more calls over the next few days.  I stopped going in to the school for a while as I wanted to concentrate on finding Francis.  We had a long phone call with the police but that didn’t get us anywhere.  It seemed that they didn’t have the manpower to really concentrate on his case.  On the fourth day, the calls came infrequent and we got the number redirected to our house, but only after I promised my Dad never to answer the phone.  That evening we met up with a small group, Keith and a few of the private detectives.  We didn’t get much further so, all in all, it seemed as if something truly serious must have happened to Francis … otherwise we should have gotten more clues.  In the end, announcing his disappearance didn’t get us very far ahead.

 After the New York trip, the remaining paintings were sent back to us.  I put them in the back room.  The painting of David and Kathy was waiting for them to pick up.  But the portrait of Francis was still packed up.  I knew that I could try to force a vision, but I wasn’t sure that would work.  The first time Francis had been in a strong emotional mood and the second time it was me.  So I got the painting out.  I looked at it, concentrating on it … but I really didn’t get anything happening at that Moment.  I became more and more frustrated as the day progressed.  With the December festivities coming up, these were not the feelings I wanted to have.

 I know that I got quieter and quieter as I became more and more frustrated.  My Dad tried to talk with me once or twice, but I just couldn’t be bothered.  Two weekends after the TV show which, by the way, had gotten me a lot more job offers, my Dad organised a little get together.  Or perhaps people just decided to visit.  David and Kathy came back home.  James and Alexei showed up, and Randy came over to stay.  So the gang was back … but, without Francis, it just wasn’t the same.  I stayed down and even a bit depressed.  I still couldn’t find a way to get my anger out.

 One Saturday afternoon we were all sitting down at the table for lunch when the door bell rang.  Since I was just toying with my food, I was up before I even knew it.  I walked towards the door, opened it and …..

 My mind went blank.  It ignored the evidence before its very eyes.  This couldn’t be … no way.  I closed my eyes, opened them again, checking to see if the conclusion my brain had come to was right.  I could feel my legs start to give way, my breathing became flat and, before I knew it or could say anything, I dropped to the ground.  I could hear someone say my name though … “Nick!!!!”

chapter 11

chapter 9

“Good … I knew it wouldn’t take long for you to regain consciousness.  It was just a mild dose I gave you.  Now you can either resist or you can do as I want.  If you do as I say, no one else will ever know.  I’m surprised no journalist has asked you about your past so far.  A little helpful publicity for our famous artist might draw even more attention … though not perhaps the kind of publicity you want,” he said laughing.

 “Don’t cooperate and you’ll find some pretty embarrassing material showing up unannounced on TV.  I just want to have some fun with you so don’t make this any more difficult than it needs to be.”

I started to tremble the Moment he came closer.  I had a series of flashbacks and I was determined that this was not going to happen again.  I knew for sure that this time I was not to blame but how could I get out of it?  I just didn’t know.  I tried to get free but he had bound both my arms and my legs quite tightly.  I screamed but to no effect … the tape over my mouth seemed almost soundproof.  I looked at him.  I knew he was going to do something nasty, and there wasn’t seemingly much I could do to stop him.  I just hoped that someone would come in.

I felt his hands opening up my trousers.  Almost instantly my mind went back: when I’d gotten dressed, what kind of underwear had I put on?  I think it was an old pair of light blue briefs, or so I thought.  He would see them in a Moment.  I felt my dick start to plump up when that idea entered my mind.  It seems that my reactions to be forcible undressed had not changed one bit … but why would it, I thought.

I considered ways to get through this without too much pain, either physical or emotional.  I realized that he’d removed my pants, followed swiftly by my briefs.  My dick jumped up, happy to be free.  But when I felt his hand move towards my buttocks, I knew what was going to happen as I closed my eyes.  There was no way my conscious mind was going to be here and think about what was happening.  I closed off my emotions and reached out for thoughts of Francis.  I knew that those were the only thoughts that would stop me from getting really upset about this.  I knew I got a smile on my face whenever I pictured Francis’s face before me.  He smiled back at me.  We were together, sitting beside the little lake where we had so many nice memories.  I wanted to say something but I didn’t.  He was looking happy.

 The image was interrupted when I felt something touch my ass.  In my mind, I yelled out to Francis.  I wanted that image back of us at the lake.  I reached out completely with my mind and, before I knew it, I was there again … back at the lake.  It worked.  I was back to a nice place.  Whatever was happening to me, it wasn’t happening to my mind and my spirit, but just to my body.  I’m not sure when I felt it change again.  I’d been looking at a deer we’d seen there before … then, all of a sudden, it was gone.  The lake was gone.  Francis was not longer sitting on the grass by the side of the lake but he was now sitting in an almost empty room.  He was standing beside a little bench.  There was a blanket on the bench.  I then realised that he was not dressed … he was wearing some kind of light blue briefs, just like the ones I had on … or used to have on … since I knew they’d been ripped off of me.

 I looked at Francis.  He looked back.  He had a pleading look on his face.  I saw him move his lips but there was no sound.  Then I realised I saw marks on his body … marks that were made of dried blood.  I know at that point that I stopped breathing.  I realised that it was not a vision drawn from my memory any more, but a vision like the one I had had at the lake.  I screamed out Francis’s name, but I knew that he couldn’t hear me either.  I couldn’t stop looking at him.  I know he must have felt my presence as he kept speaking to me.

Then my emotions reached back to the reality.  The connection I had there for a Moment with Francis got lost as my balls started to contract and my muscles tightened to eject my cum towards freedom, leaving my body behind.  I tried vigorously to return to the vision again but it didn’t work as shots of my cum erupted from my dick.  I cursed.  Damn, Tyler, I thought … why couldn’t you have gone slower so I might have recognised something more from my vision?  I realised that I checked out Francis but had not looked around enough to get any details of his surroundings.

I then opened my eyes as I felt that Tyler had stopped manipulating my body.  I presumed that he too had come, but I hadn’t registered it at all.  Coming back to this time and life again, I heard him say, “So … you liked it, too.  Good … we might have some more fun for sure.”

He cleaned his dick and put his clothes back on.  I looked at him as I saw him approach me.  I shrank back, aware that he might hit me.  I think he must have seen my reaction as he said, “Don’t be afraid, as I’m sure you’ll be quiet after this as it is just what you needed.  No one knows you’re here … so if you ever tell anyone about this episode, then I’ve made arrangements that journalist all over the country will know who you are and what happened to you in the past.  So you promise to shut up?” he asked.

I nodded.

“OK … no screaming when I take the cloth out of your mouth, OK?”

I nodded again.

The Moment the cloth was gone, I blurted out, “You fool!  Why did you have to go so quickly?”  I didn’t realise that’s probably take my comment completely the wrong way.

 “Oh, well … next time,” he answered.  “So … you won’t say anything, I presume? I’ll let one of your hands free … then you can do the rest yourself … while I get out of here.  Just make sure you get back to the party as soon as you can.  So far you’ve only been away for a short time … just ten minutes.  So just say you went to the loo. OK?”

I didn’t say anything … I simply followed his lead in untying my hand.  He then raced out.  I got myself free within a minute.  I pulled my briefs back up again, then my trousers.  He hadn’t spilled any of his cum on them, so that should look ok.  I’d put some tissue paper in my underwear, so there’d be no signs of leakage or blood … or so I hoped.

As I moved, I felt that he hadn’t been particularly careful … but I also couldn’t remember much of what happened.  The vision of Francis in that room was a lot clearer than the rape.

I know I’d never be under Tyler’s control again, as there was no way that he could hurt me.  The story of my treatment at the hands of the doctors was well known by most people, even the journalists who covered the gallery opening.  More people knew than Tyler thought they did.  He could just not believe that no one would write about it.

I walked towards the door and recognised where I was … in the hallway where Tom also had his office.  At least I knew how to get back to the rest of the group.

When I got there, I was asked some questions, and I knew what I was going to say.  When Alexei got closer, I saw he had a worried look on his face

“You OK, Nick?”

“Hmmmm … yes and no, Alexei.”

“Oh!  Do you want to go home?”

“Maybe … but I’m not sure.  I need to tell you what has happened as I am afraid I’ll forget details of it.  Can you get Brian over here as well?”

I wanted more then one person present when I told my story for the first time, as I wanted to make sure that together we’d remember as much as possible.

When Brian arrived, I told them what happened … well, not about the rape as I knew that would only be a distraction.  I told them I had had an emotional Moment when I by accident had wandered into the room where the painting of Francis had been.  They were both happy about the vision I’d had … just the fact that it seemed that Francis had been hurt was positive … but my lack of precise information about his surroundings made it less useful.

“So … you have no idea where he is?”

“No … but I’m sure that he hasn’t run away.”

“OK … but this isn’t something the police are going to believe.  Most of them don’t believe in visions like this.”

“So … we’re not any further along, are we?” Brian said.

“We’ll just have to wait and see if I have any more visions, I guess.  At least I’ll know that this one time wasn’t an accident,” I said.

“But it might be another three or four weeks before you get the next one.  And I’m not sure we can trigger them, as I think you’ve already tried that,” Alexei added.

“Yea … I tried that, but it didn’t work.”

 “So what’s next?”

 “Like Brian said … we wait and see.  I’m not sure what else we can do.”

 “We could get the press involved, Nick,” Brian said gently.

 “No!  No press!  You know they’d only go after the sensational angles and that’s not what we need.  I’ve had enough of that in the past.”

 “Are you sure?  Not even with someone we might trust?”

 “But would it stay with that one person?” I asked them.

 “It might if we do it carefully and not let out too many details.”

 “No … I don’t think that will work, guys … even if I was up to dealing with the press directly, which I’m not.”

 “OK …, so you’ll let us know when you get your next vision?”

 “Of course … and next time, I’ll be prepared for it and make sure I get more details from what I see as well.”

 We wandered back to the others.  I saw there was a second woman standing among them now as well.  Nicole was there, but there was someone else, too.

 “Hey, there, Nick!” Nicole said.  “We’ve had a great offer.  I hope you’re game for it, too,” she said enthusiastically.

 “Oh!  What’s happening?”

 “Don’t tell me you don’t recognise me?” the other women said with a grin.

 “Well … you’re not my Mom,” I said with a bit of a smile.

 “Oh!  Both cute and funny.  I think you’ll do fine,” she said.

 “Fine doing what?” I asked, now getting curious

“Ahhhh … so you want to know?”

“Well, I’m always open to offers.  But remember … so far, there’s only been one that I haven’t accepted.”

“She wants us to come on her talk show!” Nicole interrupted us.  “She loves our work and thinks it’s a good idea if more people learn about it.  It’ll be a great opportunity.”

“Ahhhh … the local talk show!  Well, I’m not sure if that would be better publicity than the local newspaper.”

Before I even finished that, the others were laughing quite uproariously.  Now what had I said that was so funny?

I looked at the woman again.  I never really cared much for talk shows, so the chance that I would recognise her seemed quite small.

Our eyes stayed locked until she said, “He really has no idea, has he?”

“No, I don’t think he has.  I’ve never seen him watch your show and we’ve been sharing an apartment for quite some time now,” James said.

“I never watch shows like that,” I confessed.

“OK … well, do you want to be on mine then?”

“Depends on your reason for having me,” I countered.

“Your work,” she said, keeping her answers short.

“Are you sure that that’s the reason?” I said with a hint of suspicion in my voice.

“Of course … your work is wonderful.  I regret that I wasn’t able to be here for the opening night or I would have ended up with one or two pieces myself.”

“OK … well, as long we’re only going to talk about my work, I’m game.  When do you expect us?”

“The Friday night show at the end of the week.”

 “I think I should be able to be there.  I guess it’ll be fun to be on an art talk show.”

 More smiles and laughter erupted after that.

 “You’ll be surprised, Nick,” she said with a smile that involved every muscle on her face, it was so glowing.

 We talked a bit more, and then she said a quick good bye and was off.

 “You have still no idea who she is, do you?” Nicole said after she’d left.

 “No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me any second now.”

 “That was Rosie.”

 “Who?” I said with an even bigger smile on my face, as it was fun teasing Nicole.

 “Oh, you’re just teasing me!  You do know!  Well, I need to prepare myself for this so I won’t be able to do lunch … but we’ll meet up at the airport Friday morning, right?” she asked.

 Airport, I thought.  So this was no local talk show host.  I didn’t want to ask Nicole who Rosie was … I’d find out myself.  So I just said, “Sure, make sure the show books us on the same flight and we’ll travel together.”

 As it was quite late in the afternoon, we went to dinner before returning home.

 During the rest of the week, that vision didn’t leave my mind for more than a minute.  The sense of urgency to do something got stronger and stronger.  I just couldn’t sit and wait any more.  On Friday I was planning to meet up with Nicole to fly to New York.  After the show was taped, we’d stay the night and then I’d made travel arrangements to fly back to my parental home.  I needed to discuss this with Dad but maybe it was a good idea to use the detective and some kind of psychology to get to the bottom of this.

 Oh … of course I’d done some research to see what kind of talk show Rosie had.  What an idiot I was!  I grew more nervous than I’d ever been before but this was a great opportunity.  It would mean more pressure for me to produce, but I felt I could handle that as I knew I was good.  We just had to find Francis.

 And as for Tyler?  Well, without going into too much detail, I’d told Tom that the bastard had insulted me publicly and that I’d be grateful if I never had to see him again.  Tom had assured me that another meeting was highly unlikely as Tyler hadn’t only insulted me, he’d talked down to almost every gallery owner who’d attended the exhibition, telling them how lucky they’d be to have any of his future shows.  Tyler, it seemed, wouldn’t be welcome anywhere in the art world again.  I just hoped that was true.

 So … with all of that out of the way and heartened by the good wishes of some of my fellow students … I was off to New York on that Friday.  I really enjoyed spending time with Nicole and to learn more about her.  She was really interested in us working together some time to see if we could inspire greater creativity in each other.  We agreed on a weekend of undisturbed art later in the month.  I didn’t tell her that I might not make it as I was sure that that weekend would happen sometime in the future, not this month.

 After a light lunch, we arrived at the studio.  It seems the program was not broadcast live but was taped on the afternoon before.  There were quite a number of people around outside waiting to get in, but the taxi driver seemed to know where to go as we ended up at the artists’ entrance.

 I didn’t bring any special clothes as I saw no point in that, but it was strange sitting in a dressing room anyway a little while after we arrived.  I got fussed over by several people; some doing makeup and also some one wanted me to change my t-shirt as it didn’t match with the decor.  So when I told her I didn’t have anything else with me, she looked at me and said, “Artists!  They’re all the same!”   With that she walked away … I’m sure to find a solution to her costume dilemma.

 When the door opened, I started to say “So … did you find something appropriate?” but the sentence died on my lips when I turned around and Nick walked in.

 “Hey!  What are you doing here?”

 “Oh, Rosie wanted me to be here, too.  I think she wanted to thank me for introducing her to you and Nicole.  Also she wanted me to drum up some publicity … advertising is always good.  And Rosie is normally good fun.”

 “So why didn’t you tell me last weekend who she was?”

 “She wouldn’t let me!  When she found out you didn’t know who she was, she just didn’t push any further and left it as it was.  Be prepared for her to make a remark about it, though.”

 “Oh, she wouldn’t, would she?”

 “I’ll bet she will.”

 The door opened again.  “We found this for you to wear,” the girl who came back in held out a light red t-shirt.

 “Nice!  That’ll look good on you.  But didn’t you bring some clothes with you?” Nick asked.

 “No, I didn’t know I’d need several changes of wardrobe.”

 “You’ll learn soon enough to be prepared for anything, as I’m sure this won’t be your last interview.”

 “I don’t know if I’d like that fuss all the time, though,” I confessed.

 While I talked, the girl had handed me the t-shirt.  She watched as I removed my t-shirt and put her choice on.  It felt very soft and smooth.  It was a classy item of clothing, I could feel that.

 “Looking good!” Nick said.

 “You think?” I said as I turned towards him.  I was shocked when I saw him standing in just his briefs with a white t-shirt on.  I could feel my brain going in overdrive.  Oh, no, I thought … don’t blush, don’t blush.

 “Yea, it’s good though that I brought my blue one with me … otherwise, we’d almost look the same.”

 “Oh!  We’d never have allowed that!  One of you would just have to go on camera topless!” the girl teased.

 “We have another 30 minutes or so, right?” Nick asked her.

 “Yea … well, give me ten minutes to get ready … then you can do my makeup, OK?”

 “Sounds like a plan!  I’ll be right back,” she said over her shoulder as she walked out.

 “You didn’t mind undressing in front of her?” I asked him.

 “No, it was more you that I was worried about!  When your mouth dropped open completely when you turned around, I thought it’d be better to get rid of the girl for the Moment.”

 “I’m sorry, but …,” I said, blushing now.

 “No worries, Nick.  I more or less asked for that … I should have known.  I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much.”

 “Hmmm … well, embarrassed maybe … but you left me with some nice artistic images of you as well,” I said with a smile.

 Now he was blushing!

 “As long as those images never appear on a painting,” he retorted.  He laughed as he finished the sentence.  I joined him as I knew the image would be always there just in case he wanted it painted.

 “So … are you ready for this?”

 “I think so.  I have to and she promised only to talk about art … and I’m comfortable on that subject.”

 “I’m sure she will.”

 We waited for the girl to return to finish Nick’s makeup.

 We met up with Nicole just outside the studio.  Nick would go in first, sing a song, and have a chat with Rosie before we had to enter.

 “He has a good voice,” Nicole said, admiring him.

 “Yea … he’s not too bad, although this is not exactly my kind of music.”

 “How do you know him?”

 “Oh, he wanted me to do a job for him just after the opening day of the exhibition.”

 “You’ve already landed a commission?  Wow!  That’s tremendous … especially from someone famous like him.”

 “Well, it helps,” I said as I didn’t want to go into too many details.

 She let out a deep sigh.  “But I guess he’s just as unavailable for us girls as the other guys you were with last Saturday.”

 I had been preparing for this as I thought she’d noticed the sexual orientation of my friends.  All the same, the comment surprised me a bit.

 I laughed and said, “That is your problem!”

 “And that is a very diplomatic answer, Nick … not something I would have expected from you … but I can understand why.  I won’t ask.”

 When Nick finished his song, he was invited to join Rosie on the couch.

 “So Nick … what’s new since last time you were here?”

 “Well … not a lot as that was at the end of my last tour.  I’m still on my break, but slowly starting to get some ideas for new songs.”

 “So, if you have no news, why did you offer to come on?”

 “Hmmm … you asked me to appear, remember?” he said with a laugh.

 “Oh, yea!” she laughed, looking at Nick’s surprised face.

 “I just wondered how you got acquainted with the two gifted artists you’re about to introduce to us.  You pointed them out to me so I wondered how you got to know them.”

 “Ahhhh … that’s easy.  The owner of the gallery where they had their opening exhibition is a friend so he invited me over on the opening day.  I’ve been in contact with Nick since then several times.  I even asked him to do a painting for me.  He’s working at that at this very Moment.”

 “You think his paintings are a good investment?”

 “Sure they are!  At his opening, he sold all of them except for two which he deliberately held back for his own private collection.”

 “That is impressive!  Maybe we should ask them to join us.  Please … Nicole and Nick.”

 I took a deep breath and followed Nicole onto the stage.  We were greeted with kisses as if we’d been friends for ages.

 “Welcome to you both,” Rosie said warmly.

 “Pleasure is all ours,” I said before Nicole could say anything.

 “Oh!  Now it’s a pleasure, is it, Nick.  I guess that since last Saturday you’ve done some research about who invited you onto an ‘art’ talk show.”

 I guess I gave her that opening too easily … but I wasn’t sure how to get out of it.

 “Of course, it took me quite a while to find a reference to you on the internet,” I said with a smile.  “When I saw all those people outside … well, I’d have expected to be able to find you a lot easier, to be honest, as all the people outside seemed to know who you were!”

 She laughed even harder now.  “I guess I had that one coming, Nick!  Now that we’ve had our little joust Nick, let’s see what Nicole has to say.”

 “I’m just happy to be here, Rosie.”

 “Nice girl!” Rosie said.  “But maybe you could tell us a little bit about the statue that you created.  I thought that this one was the best pieces in the exhibition, so I asked Tom to bring it out here.”

 The statue was brought out onto the stage and Rosie and Nicole started into a discussion about its artistic intent.  I noticed that she did a good job of explaining techniques to the audience, so they felt engaged in the creative process.  I wondered which painting she had chosen from my part of the exhibition, as I suspected she had done that as well for me.  I was still off in my own little world when they both sat down and she looked at me.

 “Now, Nick … do you have any idea which painting I brought here?”

 “I hope it’s not the one that is maybe a bit too explicit for daytime TV!” I said with an innocent grin.

 “Oh, well … this program isn’t broadcast till later tonight, so we should be fine.  Here it is.”

 And, as I suspected after that last comment, the painting of David, Kate and the baby was brought out onto the stage.

 “So what were your thoughts when you painted this?  And how long did the subjects have to stay in one position?”

 “Oh, not that long, Rosie.”

 “So the mother wasn’t sucked dry by the baby as they posed, Nick?”

 I laughed.  “No, I did a quick sketch and that was enough of a pose from which to paint … so not more then a normal feeding time, I’d say.”   The last thing that I wanted to tell everyone was a quick glimpse of only one or two Moments was enough for me to capture the Moment that needed to be put on the canvass.

 “So … what were you thinking when you painted this?”

 “I think you can see that quite well, Rosie … the love of a young mother and father for their first born at a very intimate Moment.”

 “Yes, I can see that.  What I find amazing is how you were able to capture that feeling and convey it in the painting itself.  The expression is so natural and at the same time it says a lot more than you normally see in a painting.”

 “I have no idea … it’s the secret of being an artist, I guess.”

 “OK!  Well, we’ll talk further in a Moment as I want to see if you can introduce me to that hunk in that painting … but first a commercial break.  We’ll be right back.”

 I let out a deep sigh as I felt I had survived the first bit.  I think Rosie must have heard that.  “You’re doing great, Nick.  Nothing to worry about”

 “Yea!  You got her back good when she asked you if you’d goggled her!” the other Nick said.

 “Hmmmm … I think he was prepared for that question, though” Rosie said with a smile to Nick.

 “Oh, you think so?” he said mischievously.

 “Just remember, Nicky, that payback can be a bitch.”

 “So what’s next, Rosie?” Nicole asked.

 “Well, I just want to finish off talking about the painting with Nick and then we have our mystery guest.”

 “Oh, nice!  Do we know him?”

 “I think you might … but we’ll see.”

 “Get ready,” one of the stage directors said.  “We are back 3 … 2 …1 … go.”

 “So, Nick, can you enlighten us who that hunk is and if he is tied to that lovely lady in the picture?”

 “He’s my brother, David, and I think you just blew up his ego quite considerable by calling him a hunk.”

 “He just is … just look at those muscles!  Don’t you think so, too, Nicole?”

 “He is certainly nice to look at.”

 “I’ll let him know, but he is a gymnast … or gymnast to be … so no wonder he is built like that.  But I have to disappoint you though, as he is closed and permanently tied to the lady in the picture.  The love you see is real both for each other and for their baby.”

 “Hmmmm … well, that’s a shame that all the good-looking ones are locked up.  But maybe we’ll have more of a chance with our mystery guest for today.  Please come on around and show yourself.”

chapter 10

chapter 28

Damn, there I was dripping all over. More and more people came up to the podium to congratulate Alex now that it was finished. The remarks that I heard were nice, fun, and daring. I also saw that he got a lot of cards. It seems he would get quite a few orders in. I looked around and I wanted to leave. I wanted to wash and be gone. I saw an older man with a younger guy coming up to Alex. He pushed the younger guy towards me and stepped up to Alex himself. The younger guy looked at me.

“You made a fool out yourself in there. Did you do it yourself or were you told by Alex to do this?”

“Eh”. I said trying to find any words to say.

“Well you didn’t do this out of your own choice did you?” He asked.

“Hmm, no not really, but not under the command of Alex either. I knew I had to show underwear but not what kind”.

“Well, were you not embarrassed by it all, and now still dripping in front of me”? And with that he looked at my dick again.

“Of course I was, what do you think”?

“Well you are not in a hurry to get away”.

“No, but everyone else is still here too”

He just laughed a bit and said. “Yea but they are not standing here, with dripping briefs after they had an orgasm”.

“Hmm… well, No but”.

“It’s ok, just teasing you”. He said when I started to stutter. “But you do have a master then?”

“Yea, I do”.

“Is he here?”

“I don’t know, probably but they have left then”.

“Oh, more than one?”

“Yea, 2”.

He looked down at my briefs again and said. “Was that just as cruel as it looked?”

“It definitely was not really nice”.

“Oh I don’t know that yet”.

“Hey, Tom, come down here”. Alex said.

I turned around towards him and move to him.

“This man wants to know if you faked it all or if this was for real”.

“As real as you can think of, you don’t think I can do that like this”?

“I don’t know slave. I think you would do anything if ordered”.

I blushed, how did he know this?

“He didn’t know what kind of briefs they were, not until he went on the podium and until today we had never met each other before”. Alex said.

“Ok, let’s see. Can we go backstage”?

“Yea, of course”. Alex said.

“There are less people down there although I don’t really care”. The bloke said.

The four of us went backstage.

“I am interested in quite a few of your designs. Not only the cloth itself but the design”.

“OK, that can be done, but it costs more of course”.

“Ok, I understand that, but I think I can open up a reasonable market, exclusively in this line, something that could work for you”.

“I can image that”.

“But before that, I want to make sure it works for real”.

“How do you propose to do that?”

“My slave will give them a try as well”.

“Ok, but I need to replace the battery then I suspect”.

“No problem. Tom was it now? Could you get those briefs off? Slave naked now”.

The younger bloke started to get undressed as fast as he could. I just had got my briefs off when I looked up and saw he was wearing full coloured briefs. He got out of them and I saw a bold shaven crotch. His dick was not that big I thought. I wanted to give the briefs to Alex so that he could clean them first.

“No, he can get it on like that. Alex you can still replace the battery then”.

Oh shit I thought, he will have to get into the wet briefs with my sperm. The idea made my dick started to harden up again.

“Ah, I think you like that idea don’t you slave Tom”?

I just nodded.

The slave put on the briefs and because they were wet he was showing off his dick quite well.

Alex looked up and said. “I need to adjust the buttons”.

“Not a problem, go ahead”.

The slave started to get excited the moment Alex touched him. I also saw that he replaced the battery.

“Don’t jump or anything but I think this will be quite a shock straight off as the briefs are already wet”.

“Oh he is used to this kind of thing”.

I saw that Alex closed it up and at the same time the slave let out a cry. I could see that his dick went up fast now. He got harder and harder. He must have been ready to shoot as within a minute he came and started to spray his cum into the briefs, even before the battery was drained.

“Ah, well even for my slave this is fast so it works for sure. Good, can you come to my office tomorrow”? He asked Alex.

“OH and for you Tom. I think you deserve something. Slave, get those briefs off. I think you will like the idea to keep these briefs Tom. Whoever your masters are I think they will have some fun with it”.

The slave took the briefs off and handed them to me. I felt that my dick was now fully flagged.

“So are you going to put it on Slave Tom?” The guy said.

I started to shake when I stepped in them. I pushed them up and they more or less went into the right place straight off. Even before I realized the electric pulse went through my dick again. Not that much, but still hard enough to get me going again. The idea that they had the fresh cum of his slave was there didn’t help either and before I realized I was coming again. I looked up and saw that they were all laughing, even the slave.

“Well your masters have got their work cut out with you, such an easy trigger I don’t see that often”.

I blushed again.

“But nice, don’t be embarrassed too much, but if I were you I would go and get changed now”.

I looked at Alex and he nodded. I walked back to my clothes. I got a hand towel and started to clean my crotch. I heard more and more sounds now. I didn’t realize until then that probably quite a few had seen that display as well. I saw that Alex was talking with some of them, but I was done and I wanted to get home and hide. I had had enough exposure for this time.

I was happy when I got home. It had been quite a day. I put on one of my older briefs and sat down on the couch and watched TV for the rest of the evening.

 At the end of Sunday afternoon I heard an e-mail come in and walked to the PC.

So slave that must have been several interesting days? We are very proud of you. The way you let go of yourself, especially on Saturday, but we need to talk about it, as well as on Friday you were not allowed to cum and you did. No problem with the Saturday ones, they were fine. You were challenged but a good way to humiliate you. We understood that you were allowed to take the briefs with you. So clean them and make sure there is always a fresh battery for them. We didn’t see that you put your device back on but we assume you did. Make sure the key is back in the post. If we don’t have it by Monday there will be a price to pay. For the rest of the week you have off, nothing from us, but next Friday we have some fun planned again. Sweat dreams for later.

Your masters.

The rest of the week I enjoyed the free evenings. Ok, I still had to walk around in briefs and I knew the cameras would be on but I was starting to get used to that. Just as I did with the device around my dick. Only in the mornings it was still difficult, when my morning wood was pushing against the top. And the rest of the day as long as I was not reminded of sex I was ok.

On Friday evening I heard the e-mail go again. I felt that my dick started to push against the top again. It seems it wanted to do something again.

Dear Slave,

We have put the next message out and got quite a few that have respond to it. It seems there is quite some interest in it. Tomorrow you will get an e-mail from us where to report. Once you are there, do exactly as told and behave. Just make sure you have some nice shorts on with some cute briefs underneath. The rest is up to you. Have fun tomorrow.

Your masters.

I clicked on the attachment.

Offered service of a well built young man. He can be used as a house slave, sexual information, butler etc. No sex. He is polite, well behaved and he follows orders. See him online at… before you respond.

Damn I thought what now. I didn’t sleep that well. I had no idea what they were getting me into now. I got more and more horny the next day waiting for their e-mail. When it arrived it said to report somewhere at 7 pm. I had put some black shorts on with a pair of my white briefs underneath. Some socks and a t-shirt made it complete. I was on time so I waited outside; it was a big house I thought, people with money.

When it was 7, I walked to the door and rang the bell.

The door was opened by a guy my age. He looked me over.

“Good, you look even better than I thought, come in”.

I followed him into something that looked like a living room.

“You want a drink something?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you”. I said.

He went to get it himself. Well no waiter or butler then and house slave to clean probably neither as it looked clean enough. What then I thought.

“You know why you are here?” He asked when he returned.

“No, not really”.

“I just didn’t see any other way, so I felt I had to do this”.

“What?” I asked.

“My family background is very Christian and you can understand that about sex and that nothing was ever said. I found out late myself in a way that I didn’t enjoy. That is not the way I want others in my family to happen. So when I saw the advertisement I thought this is my chance”.

“Damn what now? Does he want to try out if he is gay or …”

“Wait, this will make it clear”.

He walked up to the door and shouted something upstairs. I heard someone coming down the stairs.

“Look, this is… What is your name again?” He asked me.

I wanted to say Tom but my voice got stuck when I…

chapter 29

chapter 43

I saw that Daniel moved his head closer to my balls. What was he going to do, lick up all the blood? He would not be that stupid.

“Hey stop, what do you think you are doing Daniel? Don’t do something stupid”.

“You don’t know do you?”

“What?” I asked.

“Damn my Dad. In whole hassle he hasn’t told you what kind of mess there is on here did he”?

“No, but I suspect it is blood, after all that pain that went along with it and the looks every one gave me”.

He looked again at me with a smile.

“Isn’t it then?” I asked.

“No sorry Tim, but it seems that despite everything they went through your balls are not ready to give up yet. Although I think you better wait before your next orgasm”.

“I came?” I asked hopefully.

“Yea, you wanna see it?”

I nodded as hope came back to me but also still hard to believe I just had cum.

Daniel got closer with his fingers to my dick again. He moved it to the side and scooped something off my body. He then got closer to my face.

“See, pure cum. You believe me now or you want to lick it so you are sure”? He said with a wicked grin now.

“They are functioning still. WOW yeaaaa”. I started to yell out again. At the same time tears started to run over my cheeks, not just one, but a whole river was developing itself.

I saw that Daniel just cleaned his fingers on one of the tissues that were there and then he got closer to me and hugged me. “Don’t cry Tim. It will all become ok again”.

I slowly started to dry up and pushed Daniel away a bit.

“Sorry for that Daniel”.

“No worries Tim, rather than when it caused you pain, I think these were tears of happiness”.

“Yea they definitely were”.

“So it turns out all for the best, at least for you” he said softly.

“Well we will sort your situation out as well. Just clean me up and get my hands loose. That will help me to think about what is next”.

He did as I asked. He cleaned me up and then we talked a bit. It seemed that his dad never accepted him being gay, but when he said he wanted to be a doctor he was willing to help. Now he was not sure what he wanted to be.

“Don’t worry. I am convinced you will be a good doctor one day Daniel, you are caring, tender and you listen to people that is more than I have heard your dad do so far”.

He laughed a bit. The door was pushed open again and my dad walked in.

“You are Daniel?” He said.

“Yes Sir”.

“What are you still….?” “Shut up dad” I said interrupting him. “What Tim? Watch your language you are in no condition to stand up for yourself and I don’t like you being taken advantage of twice in a week ok. I didn’t prevent the first but I will make sure this never happens again”.

“Dad, sit down here. Daniel is leaving. First listen to me and then decide ok”?

“NO, I will not”.

“DAD” I shouted now. “Shut up. Sit and let Daniel go ok”.

He looked startled at me. “Please Dad” I said as I saw that this time I had his attention.

“Ok if you say so, But I am not finished with you Daniel”.

“You are, now shut up. Daniel you better be back at 3 down here ok”?

“Are you sure Tim?”

“Definitely more than ever we need to clear this up”.

“Ok, see you later and Sir”. He said looking at my dad “I would never do something to hurt your Son or any of my patients”.

He left the room before Dad could answer with something.

“There is no need to protect that bastard you know”.

“Never say he is a bastard anymore and now listen to me ok. Just listen”.

“Ok, but not…”

“Listen” I said again interrupting him. Not only that, I think he saw that I had clenched my fist as well.

“Hey they got you loosened up”.

“Yea good isn’t it”.

“It is all over then”.

I smiled. “I see you have been talking with Daniel’s Dad then?”

“That is his dad, the doctor?” He asked.

“Yea he is”.

“Yes I have and…”

“Ok, wait a second. The short version, I was unable to control myself when Daniel was putting the catheter back in. He didn’t do anything at all, it was my fault. The good thing is of course is that I now know that they are still working”.

I made sure I emphasised the last word working. He looked up at me and smiled, looked down at my crotch again. I saw his smile becoming bigger then he turned back again and said. “You are sure?”

I laughed now. “You sound like me. But to make sure I saw it and smelled it”.

“OH yuck, too much information”.

“I thought you would be happy with that?”

“OH I am very happy. No wonder you are there sitting with a smile on your face. Now what is this with Daniel and his dad as it is a completely different story than what I got from him”?

“I thought so….” I then told him what I overheard and what Daniel had told me.

“Oh bugger” my dad said, “another one of those. Well I guess it is our task then today to set them straight. I don’t want them to fight over this, do you Tim”?

“No how else would I have found out?”

“Right, although not sure you liked the pain that went with it”.

“No definitely not, that was just too much” I said.

He then looked at me. I realized what I had said and thought oh damn I better be careful.

“I am going up to see if I can speak with that doctor of yours. You want him here before 3 then”?

“Yea that is the idea”.

“Oh, one more thing. Have you already worked out if you are going to see Michel? He is here and outside waiting again”.

Damn I thought, now that was something I hadn’t really had thought about.

“No later maybe Dad”.

“And Jamey, I am sure he wants to know what is going and how you are doing?”

“Ok send him then”.

It seems this morning there was not a lot of time to get rested. I was surprised that they were allowed in one after another. Maybe what had happened had made the staff think I needed the distraction. But to be honest I didn’t.

“Hey Tim, can I come in?” Jamey said.

“Yea, come on in”.

“How are you doing Tim?” He asked.

“I am fine thanks for asking”.

“Ok, that is good then”.

“Yea I am most of the times not in any pain. I had a good night sleep and I scared the hell out of everyone this morning by having an orgasm. I don’t think anyone expected that I still could”. I said.

I wanted to shock him and see how he would respond. The severe look he had on his face changed immediately and a smile appeared.

“You didn’t?”

“Oh yea I did, it hurt as well of course, but at least I know now it is all still working”.

“Well that is at least something. I guess they should have kept your hands tied”. He said with a smile.

I laughed now: “No I didn’t do it myself”.

“OH what then?”

“You saw that guy Daniel, the doctor’s son?”


“Well let’s say that I had a bit too much fun while he was cleaning and replacing the catheter”.

He started to laugh hard now. “Oh you didn’t Tim that is so funny”.

“Well I think you better not say that to Daniel he was embarrassed and left. Then when his dad came in he got the totally wrong idea. You see Daniel is gay and his dad is not very supportive at all”.

“Oh wow drama all over then. Well I am happy it is still functioning”.

“I am sure you are Jamey” I said with a smile.

“No not like that”. He said. “Just happy for you and for… Michel” he said softly.

I hoped he wouldn’t go there but it seems he had that planned. When I didn’t say anything he continued.

“He is waiting outside you know”.

“I know Jamey”.

“YOU sure you don’t want to see him?”

“Not yet, maybe later on today ok”.

“You ok if I tell him you are ok or…”

“No, let me do that myself later on. Tell him to go home and that I want him here later at dinner ok”.  As a small plan came to my mind.

“Ok, take care Tim and I will be here around visitor’s time tomorrow”.

“Ok Jamey, see you then”.

Jamey walked out, quiet at last I thought.

I must have dozed off at some point though as I saw my dad sitting beside the bed when I opened my eyes.

“You had a nice nap Tim”.

“Yea thanks Dad. Did you talk with the Doctor?”

“What a guy? I think at first he didn’t believe me. He was so distrusting about his son. When I told the real story what had happened and explained a bit more about you and your mom, he took that definitely a bit better. So we need to wait and see what his response is”.

“Ok, he is still going to be here before 3 then?”

“Yea he said he would come down here before meeting with Daniel in his office”.

“Good, then at least he doesn’t expect anything”.

“No he doesn’t”.

“Ok, so when are you going to meet up with Michel? I saw that he has left”.

“Yea I told him too”.

“He is hurting Tim and if you want to have a future with him then you better do it earlier then later ok?”

“I know I will meet with him during dinner time”.

“Ok, well I better get going. I have business to take care of, or do you need me with Daniel and his dad”?

“No, you go on. There is nothing you can do that I couldn’t. I only want to make them listen to each other”.

“Ok, see you then later tonight ok”.

“Oh dad” I yelled before he left.

“Can you give this note to Winston please?”

“The volunteer?” he asked.

“Yea, something I want now that I am able to move around a bit better”.

“Ok will do, see you tonight then”.

“See you dad and thanks”.

“You’re welcome Tim”.

So I waited till it was just pasted 2:30. I expected Daniel’s dad to walk in.

“So you wanted to talk Tim?”

“Yea, to start with I wanted to know how I am doing at the moment and what the outlooks are”.

“Oh, I thought you wanted to talk about Daniel”.

“That too but let’s start with me your patient ok and then we will talk about your son”.

“You are not going to throw a lawsuit against him are you?”

“No, you didn’t listen to what my dad told you did you?”

“I did, just didn’t believe him”.

“Well you should, but back to me your patient first ok”?

“Ok, so what do you want to know”?

“I just want to know what the healing process is going to be”.

“Oh, you should be fine, it may take a little while but you will be fine. Not that you will do anything productive with it”.

“You mean like making children?”

“Hmm, sorry that slipped out Tim”.

“I don’t know that it did Sir”.

“Ok, well you should be ok, a bit careful with your, you know what until it is all healed”.

“And how long is that going to be?”

“Not sure, probably 2 to 3 weeks or even a month, I have never seen anything like it, so”.

“Oh, that is long?”

“I know certainly that you can’t stay without for one day”.

“I can, I just was”.

“Yea see, that is what I mean. Let’s talk about that son of mine”.

“He didn’t do anything. He was professional. He didn’t say anything at all. I just got horny”.

“Oh and I must believe you?”

“Do you love your son?” I said then turning this back a bit.

“Yea of course I do. I always have”.

“Does your son love you?”

“Yea, otherwise he wouldn’t be here I suspect”.

“So, you trust him?”

“Hmm” He got quieter now.

“You want him to move away from you? You want to stay in contact with him?”

“He won’t go”.

“He just might. You have hurt him today more than you know I think. More than he is ready to admit to himself. And one day sooner or later that is going to back fire. Not sure how he might hurt you, he might leave, he might even hurt himself”.

“How do you know?” He said.

“Because that is where I was yesterday morning, listen and learn”. I said a bit more offensive than I wanted.

I told him in the next 10 minutes the story about mom and me and what happened. I concluded with. “I am not sure what you were told or what you believed from what they told you about what happened with me. But that is the truth. I have no reason to lie to you as I don’t care. What I do care about is that another possible family broken up because of what happened to me and that is something I am not going to let happen”.

He looked at me and backed off a bit. “You can’t tell me what to do”.

“I know, I only wanted you to listen ok?”

“Oh, well I better get upstairs”.

“Hmm, no you can stay here. Daniel will be in soon”.

“You told him to meet me up here?”

“Yea, you just listened to me for about 10 minutes now. I want to ask this, have you lately or ever listened to Daniel that long? Have you ever asked him really how he felt? What he was struggling with? You really think he accepted it all like that? He was happy with it. You don’t think he wants to live up to the image his dad has for him?”

He stopped and turned around. “I listen to him. I have always done that”.

“Really listening and hearing at the same time as well?”

He got quieter now.

“Do you know if he has had any flirts, been in love with someone?”

He now came walking back to me.

“So why here?”

“Because I want you to listen and hear ok”.

“Ok, I will try”.

“No shouting then”.

“I promise”.

“Ok, sit down and tell me why you became a doctor, while we wait for Daniel”.

He told me the story. Even a bit to my surprise there was a lot of ideology in it, so I hoped that if he would listen to himself he would understand a bit better.

He was almost finished when Daniel opened the door slowly and looked at me.

I nodded and he came in.

He waited until his dad was finished telling his story and then got closer and sat down on the other side of the bed.

“Hi Dad”. He said softly.

“Hi there Daniel”.

“Ok, you guys just listen to each other ok”.

“I am sorry Dad I should have known better”.

“I don’t think there is a lot to blame you for Daniel. Except maybe, well maybe for listening too much to me and not trusting yourself”.

I saw Daniel looking with big eyes at his dad.

“Thanks Tim. I think you did something that no one has done in a long time. Not only have I listened but I have heard what I said myself as well”.

I could have jumped from joy into the air but just kept calm.

“No, you are not to blame Dad”.

“Can you tell me something Daniel, why do you want to become a doctor”?

Wow hard question I thought. I only hoped that Daniel would be honest.

“I want to help people Dad, people that are sick, people that have no one that will listen to them and end up here. If you expect me to become a hard chirurgic that only cuts and puts it all together then forget about it. That is not me. I think I am more a guy that listens and cares about his patients and wants to do more than just heal them physically”.

“I thought so. You want to become like me? Is that what you have been trying to do Daniel?”

He blushed.

He looked at me and then said. “Right again Tim”.

“Ok Daniel I think we both need to think. I was way out of line this morning with what I said and I want to apologize for that. On the other hand I think we both need to do some soul searching. You in what you really want to do and stop trying to be like your Dad. It is your life and I will be proud whatever you decide, you will do ok”.

“Ok, I will”.

“Good, now me on the other hand….” He stopped for a moment and then looked at Daniel again.

“I know what I need to do. I need to think why I have been doing what I have been doing. I guess in some way I was trying not to accept who you really are and what you feel. That is very unthoughtful of me. Even worse I have been foolish into believing it was a phase or whatever. You have to trust me that I will work on it, but I suspect I will need time. Time to think why I think as I do and then we need time together. I hope by then you can trust me again and tell me who you are, what you do, what you feel, who Daniel really is. And that I then can listen to what you tell me. I don’t think it is the time and place for that now, but soon I hope”.

While he said that he had gone up and walked around the bed to meet up with Daniel. He opened his arms. I could see that Daniel was not sure what to do and then slowly stood up and hugged him.

“Thanks for doing that Daniel that means a lot to me, despite the things I did today, you are still able to do what you are. Never stop doing that Daniel”.

I now had tears in my eyes, oh yea I love soppy bits, you didn’t know that yet.

Daniel looked back at me now. “Thank you Tim for whatever you did”.

“You’re welcome. Just stay in touch ok?”

“I will don’t worry but for now I am going to take a few days off if that is ok with the doctor?” He said looking at his dad.

“Yea that might be a good plan. Just remember I will always be there for you Daniel”.

Daniel left and the doctor walked behind him but turned around. “I am sorry if I have been rude to you Tim. Would you please apologise to your dad and tell him he has an incredible son, although I think he knows that already. See you tomorrow. We will try to do that without the hassle and see for real how you are healing. I suspect the colouring will have gone down and we can see more”.

“Ok, bye doctor”.

What a surprising turnout. I never knew which or questioned that it did but it had worked and that was the most important thing. It was good my dad had showed me the way in how to do it. Now I would just wait and see what the results of it would be.

What he hadn’t given me was any advice on Michel and I knew that was the next thing to deal with.

I wasn’t allowed out of the bed yet. But I did manage with the help of Winston to get ready for what I wanted. We were early with that and the last hour or so I just waited. I rehearsed what I wanted to say but I guess every time I got to the point I wanted to say sorry it just didn’t come out of my mouth. I think the last 10 minutes or so I watched the clock almost every second or at least it felt like that.

I had made sure that every nurse and doctor had done the things that needed to be done for the next 2 hours, so all in all we should have some time for ourselves. Oh no not that I was thinking about anything like that to start with as I had too much pain doing that earlier this morning. But just some relax time.

I hadn’t been out of the bed yet as I was not sure my balls would like just hanging down.

It got to 5:30 and then to 5:45. I was almost ready to call out to someone and ask if they could give Jamey a call. I was afraid that Michel didn’t get the message and all these preparations would have been for nothing.

Then there was a knock on the door. I looked around the room to see if everything was in order. There were several candles in the room and a few vases with roses in them as well. Winston had gone through great length to get both in and in place. The roses they didn’t come cheap or locally and the candles because it was forbidden to light one in the hospital, which was understandable if you ask me and I think Winston just forgot to tell someone.

“Come on in”. I said when I realised that probably Michel was wondering why his knock didn’t get a response to it.

The door opened slowly and Michel looked around, first he followed the candles that were lit up and then in the end he got to me. I could feel how our eyes touched each other and then I felt my heart fill with warmth, safety and care. But there was more, there was fear and…well, fear…mostly. The fear I had hurt him yesterday by not letting him in.

When he didn’t come in any further I said. “Come on in Michel”.

He got in and closed the door. “Don’t worry”. I said when he looked at the candles. “They don’t know and we are not going to be disturbed for another 2 hours”.

“OH, you ok Tim?” He asked when he got to the end of the bed.

“Yea, I am fine, just come down here. I want to kiss you”.

A little bit of a smile broke out on his face while he moved closer to the side of the bed. When he bent over to let our mouths come together the first thing I realized was that I had missed his smell. His smell would blow my nostrils away. Then I felt the softness of his lips carefully touching mine. I almost opened my mouth to let him in, but he backed off and stood straight up again.

I let out a sigh and then said. “I guess we need to talk”.

I looked at him, he sat down now on the edge of the bed and just nodded.

“You want to say anything?” I asked in the hope he would blow of some steam.

“No not really”. He said but in his voice and on his face I could see there was anger in it.

“Well I do”. He just looked at me while I said that.

I knew he was definitely waiting for me to continue.

“You are not going to make this easy on me are you?”

Again a smile on his face appeared.

“My mom could have told you, I don’t speak a lot when I am angry. She probably would have if you had waited with this until after she had met you”.

“Ok, well”. Damn this was hard. I had known so well what to do with Daniel and his Dad. That had been very clear in my mind just after it happened.

Ok, nice sentence or not, this was from my heart I thought and before I knew it I was off…

“I know I hurt you Michel and I can say I am sorry for that but I know that will never do it. I know you care for me and I am sure you were very very worried about how I was doing. I know you wanted to be with me, keeping me in your arms just as much as I wanted to be held by you at that time. But, no buts about it Michel. I needed time, time to sort this out, time to even have somewhat of a bit of hope, that well you know they hadn’t done any damage. I knew I would be able to go with you if that was the case. But what if it was not….? There was no way I thought I could if I well you know. I couldn’t hold you back. You deserved a full functioning boyfriend not a….”  I closed my eyes and finished the sentence “dysfunctional lunatic”.

It had come out fast. Much faster than I wanted and now while I was thinking of what to say next I had closed my eyes.

“I know it is not something to imagine that would happen. But I had to Michel. I had to take up the sword and fight the idea that I would lose you somehow. But I didn’t, I gave up, gave up on you, on my friends, on dad and maybe worst of all on myself”.  I opened my eyes at that point and saw that Michel now had tears running down his face.

He looked at me and whispered. “I would never have left you”.

I nodded. “I would have driven you away. I would have made sure you didn’t want me anymore”.

His look had now turned in something of a big disbelieve.

“I would Michel, anything would have been better than to have to look at you and look into your eyes and tell you what had happened and what you had to deal with for the rest of your life”.


“Sttt. Wait a minute”. I said now with my hand reaching out taking his hand into mine.

“I know, you love me, you care for me, maybe even more than I do for you. But it was just that that made me feel scared. The love that we feel. The knowledge I had to do something that would break it all. I knew it would hurt me and I would hurt you. I had a lot of trouble trying to handle that idea Michel, so much that I thought about the one thing that would prevent all of it. At least for me I guess. But I know it would have in the end also for you”.

“Tim, no please”.

I interrupted him again. “I know Michel just hearing me say it, I think how could I ever think that, but my god realizing what they might have done was just too terrible to think about. But I know better now. I had Winston to talk to. You know Winston?” I asked him.

“Yea I had seen him around”. Michel said.

“I know I was wrong there and then. I know there is more, even if I would have lost them”. Now I was interrupted by Michel

“You didn’t then?”

I smiled. “No, it is all suppose to heal soon enough”.

More tears started to flow now.

“Come here”. I said.

We hugged for a long time, then slowly our faces got together, caressing the sides then slowly our fronts got together. I looked him in the eyes. I slowly moved my tongue over his wet cheek, moistening my mouth with the shed wetness of Michel’s tears, slowly moving towards Michel lips and electrifying mine when they touched his. This time my mouth opened up more and our tongues started a dance, a slow one as they felt like reconnecting. In the end, I felt that I needed some air and pulled back. But just a bit. We ended up looking into each other eyes. “I am sorry I hurt you Michel”.

Now he smiled. “I know you are Tim and I understand now why. Just whenever you feel like that again, go and see Winston, promise me ok”?

“Oh you are sending me off already?” I said with a smile.

“No, never again. I can’t live without you and no one can live with me either as I think mom and dad were almost happy to throw me out this morning. I haven’t slept for the last 36 hours Tim. I was not sure what to do anymore. This afternoon I was ready to burst in here and just talk with you if you wanted or not. But I never got further than the front door. I turned around as I knew that wouldn’t do it either. You know what the worst thing was? Not knowing how you were doing, how you were feeling, or even just to hold you”.

He kissed me now.

“But Tim, please do not ever do that again. I can understand you needed time. But next time let me in, let me help you and if you don’t want me to talk with you then just let me be there. I know we both need space from time to time but never again should we shut each other out”.

“I know, this has just been another lesson I guess”. I said.

He was quiet then. I could feel that he was trying to get the courage to bring something up. When I saw his gaze going down to my crotch I knew what it was.

“You wonder how it looks, what the damage is Michel?”

He looked at me and said softly. “Sorry Tim, but what happened and yea how are you doing?”

“I am fine now, no pain or hardly any pain. Oh as long as you don’t make me hard so that I cum so ……”

“Oh, I won’t, don’t worry Tim”.

“I know. You sure you want to know what happened?”

“Yea, I might understand this better”.

“Over the next 10 minutes I did just that. I told him what happened. I finished with what the doctor had said”.

“Good, we have to talk it through slowly then. But you saw already how it looked”?

“No, I didn’t have the guts so far. I was afraid I was going to faint Michel. But, do you want to see”?

“Hmm, I am here to make sure you don’t faint and yea I do wonder”.

“Ok, go ahead then slowly though”.

He moved away the sheets then the last layers of cloth that were still on top of it. I saw it on his face when he did the last bit.

“That bad Michel?” I asked.

He looked back up. “Yea but I am sure the look is worse than it is for real. It just has all kinds of colours that make it look awful. You wanna look”?

I just nodded. He then lifted me up bit and I looked over the sheets and saw the colourful rainbow. He warned me for the colours, but what he did not warn me about was the way the area around my balls looked. It seemed they still looked crushed, there were lines around them. I guess the one that looked the worst was the one that they had done first. I was in a daze and I wanted to grab them and protect them. I had seen enough though and I started to feel nauseous. Oh no I thought and I went to lay back down.

“You ok Tim?”

“Yea, still not easy to look at”.

“I know but they will heal. I will make sure they get a lot of love and special care”.

“Oh, better not”. I said with a laugh.

We cuddled a bit more and there was some kisses involved as well. When I started to feel my dick get hard I pushed him away. “Hmm, I love you Michel and I love this but look”. I said pointing at my crotch.

“OH, shit sorry”.

“No, that is fine”. I pushed him away a little. “See, you got the same problem. Maybe you should let me take care of that”.  And with my hand on that side I started to open his pants a bit. “No, I can wait Tim, don’t worry”.  He said with a smile.

“Good, well then, will you go to the door and take a look outside”?

He walked to the door and opened it.

“Hey there is a trolley standing down here with a cloth covering something up”.

“Yea bring that in”.

He went outside and drove the trolley in.

“What is this then?”

“Well I thought we could have a romantic dinner together”.

“Oh yea what did you get?”

“Come down here, you can sit on the bed beside me and then we can eat together. Put the table out and the things on it”.

He got the cloth off and opened the lids of the pots and plates that were under there.

“Wow nice”. He said when he saw I had ordered little pieces of food, some slices of pizza, small hamburgers, some fries etc.

During the next 30 minutes or so, we enjoyed each other’s company. He told me how things were going with his mom and dad and we just enjoyed the food. We would share the longer thin fries from time to time, always ending in a hot passionate kiss.

“So you going to be ok?” He asked when we more or less were finished with dinner.

“I guess it is going to take some time to heal Michel, but yea I should be”.

“So what is next then?”

“Not sure, I think they want me to rest and then slowly get out of bed and do some walking. I think they don’t want me to do it too fast”.

“Oh ok, so you expect visits then?”

“Definitely Michel, I want to see you every day”.

“Good, I expect you to be around”.

“So you got any idea what is going to happen with your mom?”

I hadn’t thought about it and dad probably wisely hadn’t brought it up yet.

“No idea Michel, dad hasn’t talked about it”.

“You want to see her?”

“Never, never again Michel”.

“Oh ok, well you better be prepared to be pampered by my mom then Tim. I think she found out this week and has been even asking if she could visit. I told her it had to wait until you were home. But not sure I can hold her off too long”.

“Oh no”.

“She won’t be too bad but she wants to get to know you better for sure”.

“As long as you are there I can handle anything”.

“Good, well I guess I better get out of here Tim”.

“Hmm, no we have to find a way so you can sleep down here Michel”.

“Oh, they will never approve of that”.

“I don’t know, maybe. Hmm go out and see if you can find Daniel and ask him”.

“Oh, you think he will say its ok?”

“You can always ask can’t you?”

“I guess, ok but are you sure?”

“Yea would be nice to watch some TV and then go to sleep and if I wake up knowing you will be here will be reassuring”.

“Ok, let’s do this then”.

He was outside for some time and then he came back inside with Daniel.

“And you think this might work?” I asked them both.

“He sounds eager for sure”. Daniel said.

“Well it was his idea”.

“Oh, I think he just wants to see you naked Michel”.

“You think, as a doctor that is a good idea?”

“No, I don’t think so. I don’t think he is up for that. He triggers too easy I found out”.

“Stop you guys”. I said while I felt my cheeks going into a full blush.

chapter 44