chapter 14

“I don’t know it depend on who they are, but a good looking guy like Francis, well I am afraid they might use them to be one of their slaves, if lucky a Master but I thought that”.

 It began to sink in what she meant as he would be hurt, forced to do things, as visions of what could have happened to him in the meantime as I felt how tears again started to run over my cheeks. Damn, I needed to help him, but how. When I opened my eyes though I was startled, startled as I could still see Francis as then it hit me I had another vision.

 I saw Francis; he was walking around in a room with men, women, older ones, younger ones. Most of them dressed but quite a few dressed only in some underwear. Francis turned around our eyes met. I looked down and saw that he was wearing a white brief, not much of underwear. His dick was hard, showing off very much in them. He coloured red I could see that, he wanted to turn away but instead he said something. Again just like last time I couldn’t hear him. He tried again I looked at him saying sorry can’t understand what you want. Then I saw that the bottle of wine he had in his hand overflowed a glass that he was filling up. He looked shocked, turned around hastily and fear came on his face.

My vision shifted, I stayed in front of him, now looking at how he bends over a chair. I saw tears coming in his eyes, when a man with a paddle stood ready behind him. Saying something to him, shouting, and then the paddle went down and landed on his buttocks. I shocked, screamed out when more tears started to run over Francis face. He looked up shaked its head as he wanted to say go now; I don’t want you to see this. I tried to stay locked I realised I needed to see more of the room, but when the nodded increased of Francis our bind decreased, the room started to get blurry, I screamed his name again. But then slowly the face of my Mom came instead of the room. I could here Alexei asked what had happened. I heard my Mom answer, also to make sure no one else would enter the room. She looked at me. “Keep thinking, sometimes it comes back, keeping thinking of him”.

I closed my eyes and tried, tried to get back into the room, to connect with the emotions that Francis was having, I knew what he felt I understood the bonding now. But why why didn’t it come back to me. I slowly opened my eyes and shaked my head.

“Sorry Nick, I am really sorry”.  She held her arms out and we embraced each other, tears still continue to make their way over our cheeks. I heard people asked what was going on. I heard David’s voice; I heard my Dad’s taking him away as his voice got softer.

I slowly got around again and looked at Mom. “You had a vision of him right”.

I nodded.

“Do what I say. You want to remember it as much as you can and you know you can if you go back to it, do as if you where going to make a painting”.

I did as she asked, without thinking as if it would be a way back that would be good.

“Ok, now go back to what you saw and take the image one by one up into your mind, you know what to do but hurry before you forget. During a vision that part of your memory is gone. You need to repeat it as soon as you are back again to remember it”.

“What if he doesn’t want to remember” Alexei said.

“He needs to”.

The vision came back and when the paddling started I could see the pain again, the agony of it all but also some kind of embarrassment when Francis realised I was there, that I saw what happened. I saved it as I did with things that I wanted to paint. I needed it Mom said. Not knowing exactly why but she had recognised it straight off for what it was.

When I was ready I opened my eyes again. “Thanks” I said.

She looked at me. “I don’t know Nick, I don’t think in the end you will thank me for it but you needed to remember. If we ever want to find where they are”.

“I know”.

“Ok, do you want to tell us what you saw”?

“It was as you said. He was being a slave, being humiliated then punished for spilling some drinks. They are using him, making him suffer”.

“Damned “Alexei said, “What triggered it though”.

“Did you think about how Francis would feel, how you felt into he pasted”.

“Yea and I think Francis must have some how though about me too, that is when the link is there. The moment he got … well he didn’t want me to be there anymore the link got weaker what ever I tried to keep it and then it disappeared”.

“Emotions, you where thinking about each other with a deep emotional feeling, that creates the link, or it did in the beginning with me”.

“So how does this help”.

“I don’t know yet, did you recognise anything familiar Nick”.

“No, nothing, all strange people I didn’t know”.

“Any signs of where they were, like a name, a view or anything like that”.

“No, not that I can remember”.

“Well you have to make sure there is nothing in it. That is the best possibility to find out where he is. So later tonight go back to it and see if there is anything that adds up to a place or something like that”.


“So that was it then for now”, Alexei asked.

“Not enough” my Mom answered him.

“I don’t know, is there nothing more we can do then, just wait for more visions of Nick”.

“Oh no there is more I have names, faces, places for the detectives but that will only bring them to the higher boss of this scheme. We need to find them because they can only secure our future but it might not be where Francis is and we need to make sure that both things happen more or less at the same time. Freeing Francis and finding the top people who are behind all of this”.

Alexei looked at her, thinking about her words then he nodded. “Ok, that might work, but just make sure you tell us all. I don’t want to see Nick hurt more then he already is, you understood”.

“I know, that is the promise your Dad, Nick asked of me as well and I told him I would. I am not running away anymore we will have to get to the bottom of this now and for ever”.

“You want to go down Nick” Alexei asked.

“Hmm no, sorry I rather want to stay here”.

“Ok, you want me to stay”.

“Yes please”.

“I think I better go then, I am sure there are things you want to talk about” Mom said.

She left the room. Alexei looked at me.

“You really ok, Nick?”.

“Yea, although it is a lot to take in. On the other hand it explains a lot of things that I have been thinking about as I never understood why Mom left”.

“Well we still need to find out somehow if her story is the truth though”.

“You doubt that then”.

“I don’t know what to think Nick. It sounds all very strange but also very reasonable and I think looking at you, you are getting answers about stuff you never thought you would have so yea I think she is telling the truth but I want to make for sure”.

“Yea, I can understand that”.

“So what do you want to do then”?

“I want to go back to the vision but I wanted some one here while I did it”.

“This fast Nick”.

“I need to know Alexei. I need to know if there was something in that vision that gives away where Francis is. I need to help him, I need to make sure that he gets away of their as soon as we can. He doesn’t want this, this is not his way, this is my entire fault and I need to repair it”.

“It is not your fault Nick. Don’t say or think that”.

“I know with my head but that is not the way it feels, so come sit beside me and let us try to find clues. I will tell you what I see, you ask me about it, go back if something is not clear if it is not detailed enough ok”.

Over the next 90 minutes we went over the vision time after time. I screamed several times, I cried an awful lot more and I slowly started to see what my Mom had mentioned with he might not like it but he needs too. Each time it hurt maybe even more and more and although some details where established nothing useful came out of it as it only drained me more and more.

“Stop Nick, it has been enough. Look at yourself you need something to eat and drink”.

I knew he was right, but I also knew that it was not the last time I would go back. I felt like there was something that I didn’t see that I missed and I wanted to find it.

“Ok, you go and get me something to eat and drink”.

He left; I closed my eyes and relaxed.

The next thing I realised was that I must have slept; it was dark in the room, except for the light beside my bed. I turned towards it and saw there where some snacks on a plate and something to drink as well. I listened if I could hear any sounds but it was quite in the house. I looked at the clock and saw it was just after 11 pm.

I let out a deep sigh, looked again but I guess Alexei had went to bed. I started to remember what we had been doing before I woke up. It came slowly all back to me. I relaxed a bit more, took a bit to eat and then closed my eyes, slowly starting to let the vision back into my mind. Slowly it came back fragment after fragment. I wanted to scream almost again but remembered that might not be a good idea. I swallowed my food and then it struck me. There was something written on the paddle. I had been so locked on Francis his face, but now I saw the paddle again. There was something written on it but what was it. It was not clear. I shaked my head, wrong thing to do I realised as the vision was gone.

I sighed, at least I knew now where to look but how would I be able to read what was on it. I sat on down on the bed and started the vision from the beginning onwards again. Trying to fast-forward it but that didn’t work, waiting slowly to get to the point where the paddle was in view. Seeing Francis in his underwear, his fear, and his emotions when he knew what was coming. He knew he had been paddled before. And then the paddle was gone again. I needed to concentrate on it better I thought and I started the vision again.

It took me an awful time until I realised that I could read it and what it said. I let out a deep sigh. Not sure what it mend yet, I had at least found a clue. I looked now at the clock and saw it was 2.30 in the morning. I felt tired, very tired, hungry and thirsty again. Had I been doing this for the last three and a half hours I thought, no wonder. I got out of bed … hmm I was down to my own briefs. Would Alexei have undressed me, I realised he must have. I felt that I started t get hard a bit. Not known I thought. I needed some food, so I got up and walked towards the kitchen.

It was very quite in the house. When I got to the kitchen though the light was on their. I slowly opened the door and saw that Randy was sitting beside the counter, face buried in his hands with his elbows resting on the counter. I walked behind him and then put my hands on his shoulders. He shrived a moment and then looked up.

“Nick”, he said a bit harder and if he was surprised then again softer “Nick, are you ok”.

“Hmm will be just tired and hungry”.

“You have been awake a long time then”.

“Yea, I woke up at 11 and went through it again till now so a long session. Hmm that is if Alexei told you what happened tonight”.

“Some of it. I know he helped you with your vision. Is that what you have been doing for the last three and a half hours then”?

“Yea it was”.

“No wonder you are tired, let me get you some food then”.

He got up and opened the fridge. “Did you get anywhere with it”.

“I might have not sure yet”.

“Ok, I am sorry really sorry for you Nick” he said.

“I know you are Randy and I am not surprised to find you here as I am sure that you are the only one beside Mom can probably feel what it is”.

“Yea, I guess so but not sure in the way she and you do though. But yea that is where my mind was. I decided to get out as I couldn’t sleep anyway”.

“See, well I am not able to tell you know but I will one day Randy, I hope as you deserve to know it”.

“We will see Nick, we will see, just as you know if you need to talk I am here for you. I want to help you in any way I can”.

“I know and I am not sure but I might need you as well. But as I said to early we need to find out more first”.

We ate something and then went back to bed. I though about giving the vision some more attention but sleep lucky got in the way of that. The next thing I remembered was sunlight. Sunlight in my room, coming through the window and David’s shadow in front of it.

“Good morning David” I said.

“More afternoon Nick, but good morning to you too” he said with a smile on his face.

“Have you been here a long time” I asked him.

He came closer to the bed and set down on it. His face looked tired. I knew I didn’t need to ask him if he had slept a lot as he probably didn’t.

“Some time. I wanted to be here when you would wake up”.

I smiled “Thanks David”.

“Your welcome, but I had some selfish reasons for it as well, as I felt the need to talk about it all. Mom, visions, why you screamed last night. So many questions, more then she was not here”.

Oh, I thought well I have had more answers from her I guess then David had and the talk she had with me, my screaming must have given a lot more for him.

“I am sorry David, sorry to worry you. I am fine, well fine in the circumstances”.

“I don’t know if I can trust her again Nick. Not after leaving her. I want to but parts of me are not sure I can”.

“We talked last night, after she came from you. Something that had shaken her up quite a lot but I had questions too. She was honest about a lot of things, her life she lead, her regret of leaving us, the reasons to come back but somehow I think there are parts she is not telling me”.

“She might have her reasons for that David”.

“I know but it is not helping to trust her again as she hurt me more then I realised back then”.

“I know, I might have shown it more back then but I knew you where hurting too, then. I was just not able to help you with it”.

He smiled. “Oh you did, you left her memory alive for some time at least which helped me more then I thought it did in the beginning”.

“Well you will have to give it time. I don’t think she will be out of our lives fast. There are things that need to be done”.

“Is it true that she can help with Francis”?

“Yea she will, she is already”.

“I know, she talked with the detectives this morning and although some of them looked shocked I also saw some relief on their faces. Alexei said they where happy to have some clues at last that they could follow up, something substantial”.

“Is she still here”?

“No she left, they will come to find her down here, so she said she had to leave”.


“You had more questions for her Nick”.

“No, just that she might have helped more”.

“Oh, but she will stay in contact with the detectives so she will. She just didn’t want to be seen around the house down here”.

I knew she hadn’t told him everything then. The things that she didn’t want to be known where still secret for David. I swallowed as I knew I couldn’t go on about it.

“Alexei, Randy and James left as well. I changed my schedule and will stay for a few more days”.

“Ok, that is good David; we need to talk more about Mom I guess”.

“Yea we will. Ok, I better go and get Dad now as he wanted to know the moment you woke up”.

“Ok, see you later; I will be out bed when he is done worrying”.

“He means good though Nick, remember that”.

“Oh, I know that David”.

David left and I knew it would be only minutes for Dad was around. When he entered he got close to the bed, tears running over his cheeks when we hugged each other.

“I am ok Dad, don’t worry I am ok and Francis will be”.

“I know, but”..

“Stt, not now Dad”.. I didn’t want to talk about it to much. He would want details and I was not ready to share them. We talked about Mom, what she had told him, she had apologized and she had talked with Susan, reassuring that she would not be back for him.

“She did go though a lot after she left Nick”.

“I know Dad”.

“It makes it easier to forgive her. I never thought I could but I think I almost have”.

“Yea it does”.

“You have already haven’t you? I can see how you defend her a bit”.

“Of cause, she had no choice. Would you ever have understood what was happening to her”?

“No, I guess not”.


“I know but still you know her ……”  We talked about her, what it had been before she had run off. It was some big healing time for the both of us, at it had been a subject that always had been between us. Grief, anger or any emotion that he lacked after she had left and my own grief and anger for her doing it had never come together until now.

During the next few days the vision really started to get to me, as it came back and back again, even when I didn’t want it too. I didn’t discover that much anymore. I did some research on the internet and in the end I found what I think is the name of the club that was on the paddle where it all happened. Now finding the club was one but how to get there and making sure that Francis was there as well was something different though.

I had one more phone call with my Mom but that was it. She said she would be back in contact but so far nothing happened. I started to get inpatient. I had a phone call with Alexei and he said the detectives where making progress but it needed to be done slowly and carefully. In the meantime I was struck bye the vision that I had and the agony that Francis was probably in day after day.

The website of the club was a bit of a strange one but if you read between the lines it said enough what kind of place it was.

Slowly I got a plan together and I just thought I couldn’t wait any longer anymore. So 5 days later I got in contact with Randy. I asked him to call me back later on the day as I got his voicemail.

I was happy when he rang early in the evening.

“I have come up with a plan Randy. It is really getting to me that we are not moving forward at all and I want something done. Can you come up for a week or so”?

“Yea, I can no problem. What is your plan though”?

“Well I am not going to go into details yet as I am not sure but I want us to go to San Francisco. I think I found the place where Francis might be and I think the only ways to get into such a place are friends or a good intro. Now I thought about asking James or Alexei but James is not famous enough nor has the experience and although Alexei is famous enough he is lacking the experience nor can he pretend I think. So that left me with you”.

“What have you in mind Nick”?

Chapter 15


chapter 13

“hmm, welll” I was not sure what to tell Randy although he had been there once when it happened.

 “Let me tell you about your Grand Dad, my Dad.”


 “He was a poor painters son as most of the times they were out painting people’s houses. When he was 15 they landed a big order for one of the major mansion’s around. He was dumbstruck by the beauty of the paintings that were in it. On an afternoon when his dad had left him alone he painted one himself on the wall/ Instead of painting it straight, he was found lying on the ground in the evening as he didn’t report home. The painting on the whole was of a bloody scene, a murder they said. He didn’t remember a lot except that he had looked into the butler’s mind before he left. The butler had run away the moment he had seen the picture.  They didn’t know until they found our Grand Dad later that night. He told me this story as from that point onwards that he would have  them on a regular basis. He said that when ever emotions were struck to him. Either by what he saw or by what he felt, he was drawn into it and he could see every detail of it just like he was watching a movie.”

“Is that your gift as is that what you do for them?”

“Hm, yea more or less. I gather information for them. Information they use to do evil with.”


“No murder or anything Nick, just blackmail, extortion and a way to gain influence.”

“Damned,” I looked at her. “How could you?”

“I can’t defend myself Nick. I have been thinking about that for the last 10 years as well. By the time I realized what they were doing I was drawn in to far. There was no way out of it anymore. Not without being subject of blackmail or pain myself.”

“So you got them a lot?”

“On a regular basis, as I said depending on how strong emotions are send out.”

“Did you feel my emotions when I saw you yesterday?”

“Oh, they where clear Nick. All understandable but there was more and …”

“Hmm, this is getting personal are you sure you want me to stay Nick?” Randy asked

“Yea, I might need someone to talk about and there are little or none secrets between us.”

He blushed a bit but kept quite.

“So that is what you found out about Francis?”

“OH, no I saw that in the picture you know. That is what your Grand Dad could do, too. Whenever he had seen an image full of emotions he was able to bring it back to life on the canvas. Powerful for sure.”

‘Do you have some of his paintings then?”

“No, sorry there is as far as I know, not one left. They all went down when his house burned down when I was 15 or so. I don’t think that after that he ever painted anymore. But I remember them.”

‘So when did he tell you then?”

“Just after I got pregnant with David. He said he had been waiting for me to get passion in my eyes as he knew that would be the trigger. So we talked about it. What he thought never knew is how strong it was for me. It was at some point not even choice anymore but very overwhelming where ever I was looking.”

“You still have it as often?”

“No, I have gained a bit more control over it but it is still overwhelming as getting control over it comes with a cost.”

“A cost?”

“Yea, but more about that later. I don’t think you have it to bad so no need for that at all.”

“I don’t know. I don’t have a lot to compare with.”

“So you had them then?”

“Yea a few times. You remember that time at Nick’s place and then there was ….”

I stopped.

“They all had to do with Francis right. All since he left?”

“Yea, it seems our emotions are pulling us together.”

“I knew when I saw that painting of him on TV there was a special connection. I am sure that is what has been helping you so far. Putting the images you get onto paper instead of living them in the visions. It might mean you are not as powerful as me or …..” she stopped and looked at me.

“Hmm, let me know if you think I am going to far Nick or when you want Randy to leave, but hmm are you sexual involved with Francis already?”

I blushed as this was definitively not a question that I would ever dreamed off having to get from my parents, more or less, my Mom.

I looked at Randy as he knew but still.

When I looked back at her a smile came over her face. “Ok I guess that means a yes, hmm now a more difficult question do you have a certain special kind of sex with Francis, a kind of role play?”

I think by now I got as red as you can imagine. I looked at Randy again. When our eyes met I think we both realised what she was asking. Did she know I thought or ..  I looked back at her again.

“I. hmm .. I welll. …. Hmm, what has that to do with the visions?”  Happily to have found a way to deflect the questions.

“Well it is about the control thing, certain role play will help to keep them under control.”

I turned several shades of red now. What was this about, how why.. not with my Mom I couldn’t.

“Oh, hmm.“

“So do you Nick, you reluctance to answer ….. I don’t condemn you if you do Nick. Just might be able to help.”

Still I had no appetite to talk with her about it at all. I looked at Randy again. “Shall I Nick?” he asked

I nodded. I then could here him start to tell about what had happened to me … .. I more or less slowly started to think about Francis. How was she able to help. How…………

I saw him again. He looked at me. I saw his lips moving but again their was no sound with the vision. I felt how my heart flowed over with love. I could see that he was not anymore in the lighthouse as the shape of the room he was in was different then before. I saw also that he was wearing a very tight t-shirt and a very tight pair of shorts, too. He looked incredible smart in them. No sexy was the better word. I am not sure how long we kept looking into each other eyes but a movement in the room where he was made him turn his head away and I could feel that I lost grip on the image. When he looked back at me again I could hardly make out his face. I yelled “Francis”.   I felt how tears where starting to role over my face. I felt how some one had start to talk with me and kept me in his arms.

I stayed with his image in my head for a little while and then I opened my eyes, the images were gone and the whole experience came rolling over me. I looked at Mom.

“You had one again didn’t you?”

I nodded.

“Anything in them could help you to determine where he was?”

I thought about that one for a moment. “Sorry to ask that fast but it is important to remember now so you might go back to it and see if there is something in it?”

“NO, I don’t think there was.”

“That is a shame, just think back later if you can.”

I just then remembered what we had been talking. I looked at Randy, “I told her.”

“All of it?”

“All I know there might be more but that is up to you Nick.”

“Oh, ok so that can be of influence of the visions?” I asked

“Yea, that is a way of keeping them under control.”

“For you too, just like this?”

“More or less. But I have to be honest. I knew most of that, I have been reading the newspapers and keeping up to track. I just wondered how much of this all effected you and your relation with Francis. But I guess, … well; I think you have enough for now to adapt too. I am going to go downstairs and wait for the others. You can talk then if you want with Randy.”

“Thanks Mom.”

“Your welcome Nick. Sorry you have to go through all of this.”

She got close and hugged me.

Randy looked at me. He didn’t say anything, stood up and sat down beside me. Still being quite he put his hand over my shoulder and we hugged.

I looked up to him and said “Now what”.

“Nothing Nick. She is just trying to be honest but I am not sure she is able to tell it all. Something says me that she has been through a lot. That is something you have to remember Nick.

“I guess, well we better go downstairs and see what Keith found out and how we are going to deal with this all”.

“You are not mad at her anymore then”.

“OH, I am but I feel I need her somehow as well. She might have the clue to find Francis”.

When we got downstairs it was just mom standing at the door and David not far away from the couch. It seems he just had stand up.

“Why?  I’m in charge of my life … and I’m not going to stay if you’re going to be here.”

“Please, David … please stay.”

I saw him hesitate but, when his hand reached for the door knob, she pleaded, “Please, David … if not for me or for yourself … stay for Nick’s sake … OK?”

He looked over to me.  I had no idea what this was about, so I asked her what she meant.

“Later, Nick.”

“Stay for Nick’s sake, David,” she repeated.  “Don’t do it for me … but do it for Nick … OK?”

“We’ll see … but if this is just a ploy to try and get back into my good graces … then I’m out of here … understood?”

“OK, David.”

I looked at her again.  What is going on, I wondered.

“I think it’s time for us to leave,” Alexei said.  “I think there’s a family talk that needs to take place.”

“Hmmmm … Alexei?  Are you James’s boyfriend … James, Susan’s son?”

“Yes,” he said, a bit startled that she knew that and that he was gay as well.

“OK, you’re almost Nick’s family … so please stay as well … and I guess the same applies to you, Randy.  You’re not direct family … but you’re a very close friend who’s welcome as well.”

“What is going on, Mom?” David said now.

“Just wait till your Dad and Keith are here ok?”

It immediately became very quiet in the room.  Everyone was asking questions inside, but no one had the nerve to voice them.  We were silent, everyone lost in their own thoughts.

When my Dad came back with Keith and Susan, I could see that she’d been crying.  They’d made some coffee and tea in the meantime as well.

Susan got close to my Mom and opened her arms to her.  My Mom got up and responded to the hug.  I could see that Susan had a tear rolling down her cheek.

“I’m going if I’m not told soon what the hell’s going on here?” David said, now getting very agitated.

“Please stay, David,” my Dad insisted.  “Please do … yes.”

“But can you please tell us what’s going on?  I think we’re all on the edge and the uncertainty is killing us.”

“OK.  Let’s sit down though.”

“So what did you find out Keith” my Dad asked.

“Well we might have found a way out of this all, but it involves a certain equilibrium. That means that the moment we are able to find Francis and lift their leverage …”

“Who, hold on who said that they have Francis. Did you find some more clues to that then?”

“I talked it through with all the detectives and although I am sure it looks very unlikely for you, we are sure that they have him. I don’t think that they would use him against your Mom but they are a group that wants to be sure so yea, we can see that they want have something to make your Mom do what they want to.”

“Ok, so you know where he is?” Alexei asked

“No, the organization is big and it is almost impossible to know all the places they are located. You have to remember that we are just starting to get into knowing them and we are making progress for sure but it is slow going, for sure. “

“So how are we going to find Francis then”.

“Slowly Nick, very slowly, uncovering one stone at a time and then in the end we will find him”.

“Can you help them with it” I asked mom.

“I might but I need to do it very very carefully”.

“Why, if we have enough evidence to get them, then there is no way we need to be afraid of them” David said.

“Hmm, no sorry David, but some of them would get away before we get them for sure and that would threaten to many lives including Francis”.

“Oh, of cause, so what then, just wait and see”.

“No, there are ways that your Mom and Nick might be able to help us with. Your mom told us she could be helpful in the way she was helpful for them, but not to get back at them”.

“Oh, mom, what do you do then”. David asked her in a way he knew he wouldn’t get the answer.

“Sorry David, can’t tell you”.

“You told Nick though didn’t you”.  Know I was not sure if that he knew she told me or that he was just trying to get to her.

“Only what he needed to know”.

“So you know then Nick”.

I looked at them. Was there a way out of this. “David, sorry but this is between Nick and your Mom for the time being stay out of it. Ok”.

 “No, I am her son too”.

 “Yea and you will know but we want to make sure as little people as possible know. Every one that knows is in danger so …. Your Mom just doesn’t want that ok”.

 “I don’t know if she wants me to trust her it is a strange way of doing it”.

 “I know David, but I can’t just not yet. When this is all over I will promised”.

I didn’t think that she convinced him at all. And my dad well he was just playing along I could tell. As long as she was cooperating with Keith he would not bite but their was still anger in him for sure. And for me, I don’t know I always had felt more attracted to her and maybe the talents we both had had to do with them. It isn’t making it any easier. I could see why she had left. I could still feel the pain of it. But I saw also what might have happened if she hadn’t.

“So you found a way to get them to stay off when we get Francis free then” Alexei asked going back to where keith had left off before David got into it.

“Yea, we are gathering enough information that will be so damaging to them that if we have Francis we could barging it to keep them off our backs for sure”.

“You got all the information then already?”.

“No, not yet Alexei but if we keep finding stuff like this together with Nick’s Mom we will in a few weeks or so”.

“So what do we do then in the meantime” Randy asked.

“Just gatering more information and see if Nick and his mom can help”.

“Oh, so there is nothing else to do then at this point”.

“no, we might have questions in the future or might need your help some how but not yet”.

“So, there is nothing else to do then”.

“No, unless…. ….. “.

“I think you are right Keith. I can tell you more tomorrow or so but for now there is not a lot I can do. I want to talk with Nick a bit more see if somehow I can find more out where Francis is”.

“You need to talk with Nick about how to do that”. David asked.

“He will help me”.  I knew when she said that that it probably would be more the other way around. I was just not sure if I could.

“Ok, lets split up then I guess you want to go to Nick’s room again”.

“Yea that might work”.

“You going along Keith”.

“No, if they find anything I will hear it tomorrow”.

“Ok, well for the rest I have a drink in the living room. I think we can use one”.

“You come along Randy” David asked.

I was surprised at that and it seems Randy as well as he looked at me to see what I wanted him to do. I didn’t feel like I was on a good list of David any way and we definitely didn’t want to go any deeper so I though what the heck. I think though that Alexei felt something too as he said. “You go with David Randy, I will go with Nick,just in case he needs some one ok”.

Randy nodded. David led Randy into the livngroom and we went up to my bedroom.

We got up and I felt that Mom followed me into my room. When I wanted to close the door though Alexei pushed his way in.

We all sat down. A very awkward silent hang in the room.

“So do you have any more questions then Nick”? She started.

“I don’t know Mom. You mend me, that I was able to figure out where Francis would be if I would have more vision’s right.

“Yea but , .. hmm he knows all about it then” she said pointing at Alexei.

“yea he knows most of it and has been a good friend so far”.

“Sorry Alexei, but the last thing I expected that my son’s would be having celebrities as friends”.

“Oh that says a lot about them as they feel very much at ease with me and the others. They are fun to be with and always careful not to slip up to others”.

“So you are all right to getting mixed up in this”.

“I don’t know but I have been there for Nick from the moment he needed a friend to confide in. I know he has gone to a rough spot a few times and I am glad that I was there to help him. He knows that he can trust me and if he needs help I am their”.

“Ok, well yea you are right Nick. I can’t do a lot except for helping you with the vision’s when you get them”.

“So how would you help”.

“I think you need to know more  a lot more…..” she stopped then.

“More, of what”.

“More behind me leaving and also behind the visions. They are linked together but in a more difficult way then you can imagine”.

“Like what”.

“Well we talked about the bit of feeling like being humiliated and be treated somehow as a slave. I know after Randy told me the story that probably your relation with Francis has nothing to do withthat but definitely you have feelings in that directions. That is how you ended up with Mike didn’t you”.

I nodded. .

“Your Dad told me you have been going to a psychologist”.

“Yea, why did he tell you that”.

“Can you tell me what for Nick”?

“To deal with the things that has happened in the past”.

“I think I want to, although your Dad told me a bit about it. But can you tell me what the psychologist want you to think about and get to grips with. In other words what is behind all of this for you as there is always is”.

What I thought, how would she know that? I am not going to tell my Mom anything about those feelings. I know Alexei know or guessed but still it is not something to talk about with your Mom, especially not if she is more or less a total stranger to you.

She continued “I think Nick, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, at least not if you tell me. I think I know what you feel, why you feel it and that it is difficult to handle it”.

‘How would you” I said.

 ‘It happened to me too Nick. I have those feelings too. That is what they are locked in with the visions”.


 I felt that Alexei had moved closer to me, his arm now resting on my shoulder.

 “Feelings of wanted to be humiliated, feelings of be humiliated by some one you love. The emotional stimulations from it. I have them too. That is what they found out, that is the real bit they blackmailed me with. That together with the fact I needed to act on it, because otherwise the visions became too bad. So they had me. I couldn’t get away. The emotions where to tight and I had no one to talk about it”.

“But you are straight” I yelled out, not realising that what she meant was humiliated by other men not women.

“Yea I know and I know just like Alexei that you are gay. But that has nothing to do with it as you know what I mean. When Randy told me about what had happened with a certain Mike and some doctors I got scared. Do you know why as it got very close to what had happened to me.  I got hooked up in a world that was more vicious. More know about stuff like that and they had a grip on me if I wanted or not. When I stopped for some time the vision’s came and they where innocent at first but then became more fierce full as I had them of your Dad on the strangest moments of the day. Then at some point I think I started to get them about other people as well. When I met one of them at some point he humiliated me the way they did and the vision I got then of him, in the heighted of emotions made me aware that he had secrets, secrets he could be blackmailed with. What I didn’t know was that when I told a friend that that he would make such miss use of it. So I was hooked I needed the humiliation and the visions came then by it self making it almost impossible for me to have a normal live. When I had a vision of your Dad at some point where he was in the opposite role I got afraid. It always meant that there was something going to happen that would lead us down that path and I loved your Dad to much for that. Just like you love Francis to much for that. I can see that in the painting you made of him. So now you know most of it”.

I looked at her in disbelieve. I could feel Alexei present beside me reassuring me. I could feel that I started to tremble a bit.

“Stay with us Nick” Alexei whispered in my ear.

I almost had to faint again. I looked at her. I saw tears where running over her face. “I knew you were good in painting Nick; I knew that was a quality you had from me. When I saw the painting on TV, the love it was showing I knew you had found your destination but it showed me also that you must had the vision of some kind. I was afraid there might be more you have inherited from me and that was the reason I had to come, I had to find out and warn you about it just in case it was true. I am sorry that my fears became truth though”.

I got up and held my arms out, a long hug followed, tears running over both our eyes.

“Any questions Nick” she asked when we sat down again.

“I don’t know Mom, I really don’t know, this is just too much to take in”.

“I know. I will be around for some time although I am not going to stay much longer down here as I know this is the first place for them to check out to see if I am here. There must be no proof of that at all or we are all in deep shit”.

“Mom,” I said not expecting for her to use such a word.

“I am sorry Nick, but you better get use to the fact that I am saying what I mean and no other way. I have learned to be honest with those I love and care for.”

“How would you know about that, you left us?” I asked as the anger in my voice surprised me. I saw that it had Mom straight in the face again. I was about to apoligize for it when she said.

“I know, but there were others.”

“You got married again?” as that was the first thing came to mind for me.

“No, not married, but …. Lets say that although I didn’t want to I got pregnant at some point.”

I looked in disbelief at her as I almost wanted to run away. A child, for who she had been their all the time. A child who had the love that I had devoured and the support I had needed?

“Yea, you got a little brother,” she said then softly.

“You didn’t run off from him then did you?” I asked

“No, I didn\’t, I couldn’t. They had us.”

I looked now as I could see a lot of pain and regret on her face.

“Let me explain, again,” she said with a sigh. “He is the son of one of their leaders. I couldn’t get away he wouldn’t let me. But David and you are all I have, he is not my son. He is .. well you are all he is not, smart, well-behaved, and talented.”

I could see a tear starting to run over her face. I still had no idea how her life had been but it for some reason it felt like she had not had a lot of control over it at all.

“He has a name?” I asked

“Damon” she said.


I saw her tremble a bit before she spoke. “He is in their grips totally and will do what they want. I love him and I know he loves me, but I am not sure what he would do if he ever needs to go against me, though”.

“Does he know he has brothers?” I asked

“No I was too afraid to tell him when he was younger and later, he was too messed up to know. He …….“ She stopped there.

“He is not of this world. Lets forget about him for now. Lets see where we stand.”

“So now what then?” I asked as my mind wondered

“Well the detectives tomorrow I guess,” she said.

“Hmm, you stopped there a moment ago, Mrs., but I have a feeling there is more….” Alexei said looking at her.

She sighed deep. “You see people Nick?”

“I tend to do yea or at least their emotions and with you I can see there is more, more warning more danger. I don’t know how but if you could tell us it might help to deal with the detectives.”

“I know, I am sorry Nick. I know this is something you don’t want to hear.”

“You think they would kill Francis?” I interrupted her fast

“No, no worries about that, although I am not sure how you felt after that long session with Mike.”

“Well dead a few times for sure, but what does that has to do with Francis? What do you mean, would they hurt him?”. I asked

“Hmm you said something earlier on, Madame that they don’t kill people but they use them, how?” Alexei asked.

chapter 14

chapter 29

I couldn’t say anything for a moment. Yea his sister, definitely his sister I thought when they stepped into the room.

“Tom, my name is Tom”. I said.

“Nice to meet you Tom, I am Anita” she said.

“Ok, Tom, to be clear. I just told you that at home they didn’t talk at all about sex and stuff like that. I don’t think that Anita ever has seen some one naked except for herself right Sis?” he asked.

She nodded.

“What I don’t want is that some kind of guy will take advantage of her. I want her to know a bit more about sex so to say”.

“Oh, and you want me to take care of that”?

“NO, I want you to undress so she can see how a man looks etc, well you know”.

“She is older than 18 then?”

“Yea, otherwise I wouldn’t let you do this”.

She definitively didn’t look 18 in that old fashion dress. She looked a bit off the world to be honest. Strange task I thought as well”.

“You want to do it?” he asked.

“Getting undressed and then”.

“Well pull the rod you know and maybe she can feel it”.

I knew better than to disobey.

“Ok, yea that is fine”.

“Go and sit there” he said to Anita.

He went and sat down himself beside her.

“You can start” he said.

Ok, this would be very straight forward I thought. Ok let’s get this done then.

I started to undress myself. First my shoes and socks, then my t-shirt. I saw that not only was the girl following me with quite some interest but her brother was as well. Was there more behind this than I thought? He did look quite good to be honest. Oh damned wrong thoughts. I still had the device on and felt that my dick was pushing against it. Oh shit I thought, no way I was going to cum as I had no key with me. Now how would I explain that?

With confidence I then pushed my trousers down. In a small, light blue briefs I was standing there.

“Hey, what is that now? I thought all blokes were usually wearing boxers these days”.

“No, not me” I said.

“Oh, ok, well sis, some men still wear briefs like that but they are not very common anymore. These days they were more short types of underwear. It gives me freedom”.

They watched both very intensely when I slowly started to lower my briefs.

“Oh more surprises Tom?” he asked.

“What is that?”

“That is a device that prohibits me to get hard or if I do that I can’t cum”.

“Never seen one of those before” he said. He stood up and came closer.

“Can I feel it?”

I was not going to let him get away with that I thought and said.

“Oh, I thought that was something your sister would do”?

“Hmm, in a minute but I want to see how this works”.

He took my dick in his hand and started to play a bit with it.

“Ah, it can get hard can’t it”?

I just nodded.

“But not completely is it”.

“No, not really”.

“Sis come over here and feel this”.

His sister came close by and then touched my dick. When she started to rub it I could feel myself hardening.

“Could you still masturbate for us?”  He asked.

“I can try” I said as I felt and started to feel more slave like again.

“Yea I want that, so get on with it”.

I took my dick with both hands and the bits that I could touch I started to rub. I felt that the top of my dick started to touch the device.

“Is that painful?” I heard him say.

“Yea a little bit”.

“So you see Sis, this is what a guy needs to do to get himself off. Just like I found you. We all do that so nothing to be ashamed off. What you have to remember is that you can never get that thing into yours ok? What you will see in moment is what will happen then, if he cums. Just take a look at his face as you can see it will change just before he cums, there will be a look on his face when he will”.

I felt that she looked at me. Damn I thought look somewhere else. I felt that my orgasm got closer. Probably not because of the way she was looking at me but more of the way he was staring into my face as well. Just about the moment I thought that I was going to cum he said.

“OK, here it comes, just look at his face and then his dick”.

On that moment I felt that the device started to get tight around my balls, after a week of not cumming they wanted to shoot. But unfortunately it stayed with that, just the moving and no cum.

“Normally Sis, there would be some white stuff coming out of his dick. You can never let your body be touched by that as you will get pregnant from it, so always use a condom. It seems Tom that device did is work quite nicely. It looked very horny”.

“It is very horny as well” I answered still wondering if I was here for him instead of her.

“Ok, sis any other questions”?

She didn’t say anything but was just staring at my dick.

“Well in that case Tom, thanks for the show, you can get dressed again”.

I dressed and before I realized it I was standing outside again. It had gone all very fast, nice yea but humiliating no not really I thought.

The next morning there was another e-mail.

Slave we got a message saying that you did what they wanted. Was it nice? Maybe not as humiliating as on the podium but then we can’t do it all the time. We have made a new appointment for you. You will go there and do exactly what is said. You will be expected there tonight, possibly Wednesday and then Friday again. So keep those evenings open.

Oh and then next weekend you will get a nice new task to do. Just be prepared for that.

Your masters


Ok, a lot of tasks this week, nice but it would take up a lot of time from me. But after yesterday I would be surprised by nothing.

That night around 7 I was again prepared to ring the bell. A bigger house this time for sure. I rang and the door was opened fast.

A guy of around 15 opened the door.

“AH, you are the model we ordered.

“Yea that is me” I answered.

“Ok, come on in then, everyone is in the living room”.

I followed him into the living room. Nice guy I thought, but what now, sex education for him I thought.

When I got into the room I was introduced to everyone. The dad and mom of the kid, both not dressed in more than a bathrobe as far as I could see. A sister of the guy who I guess was around 17 or so and another brother older I suspected. And then there was a woman of around 22 or so. Not handsome but not ugly either.

“Welcome Tom” the father said. “Good of you that you were able to come. I understood that this is not the first time”?

“NO, not really”.

“Ok, this is my family and that is Petra, a model just like you”.

“Oh, ok, hi there Petra”. I said.

“Well after the introductions I think we better get started straight off. My wife and I are in an open relationship. Also that we can do it wherever we want even down here in our own house. If we want to walk around naked that should be possible. If we want to have sex as well. What we don’t want is that our children would see our bodies or us having sex first. That is where you come in. So if you take your clothes off to start with. Your underwear you can keep on for now”. He said to us.

Petra didn’t hesitate and started to undress herself. I followed. Today I was wearing a white tanga brief. Not a small size but let’s say tight. I saw they were wafting us with pleasure.

“Ok, you guys, pay attention. Before we want to show you what it is to make love, we want you to get to know the male and female body. After that we shall show you what kind of things you can do together. And to close it off we will show you how it is possible to let the other gender enjoy it.

Before I even knew what was happening the mother and the girl was attending to me. They slowly started to caress my body. A moment ago I had thought that Petra and me were going to do it but now I was not sure anymore.

So I let the mom and girl go ahead. I had to explain what the device would do for me. Not that mom had a problem with that as they got it hard. She was experience for sure and not that much later I felt that the device started to get close around my balls again and then I moved forward, wanted to shoot but that was it.

In the meantime, the men had been doing stuff to Petra and she had cum more than once. All in all not a bad evening. I felt used and I knew my masters would be paid for it.

After 90 minutes I was again dressed and together with Petra and the dad we went to the front door. Just when the door was about to close I felt the hand of the father on my shoulder. “Wednesday you will enjoy yourself a lot more, I promised” and with that he closed the door.

A strange remark I thought, but there was no way I could get in contact with them again. There was no other way than just wait till Wednesday.

This time I had a clothing instruction. I needed to wear a brief with a sport short and a t-shirt. I rang the bell at exactly 7.

The young guy opened the door again.

“Ah, there you are, come on in we were waiting for you”.

This time it was a lot quieter in the living room. The dad in a bathrobe was there and the oldest son. He was dressed just like me in a t-shirt and sport short.

“Good you are here again Tom. We are going to make this into an enjoyable evening”.

“Ok, that is nice sir”.

“Last time was more or less as an intro. An intro to see what kind of guy you are. You obeyed well and my wife told me she had to do quite a lot of convincing to get you going. Today we are going on with lesson 2 of the program. This includes sexual power and what you can do with that. I think you know a lot about that isn’t it Tom”.

“A bit yes”. I answered.

“You are a slave yourself isn’t it?” the youngest son said.

I felt that I blush “Hmm, yea”.

“Good, that will be fun then dad” he said.

“Yea, it will, also for you Tom. You are not the only slave down here. I have discovered a few years back that my oldest son loves it too. I think also that you have some things in common. Now my youngest son there is a bit of an opposite of him. He likes it rough and to be the boss. So tonight we are going to have some fun, but first let’s get to know each other a bit and have a drink. 

chapter 30

chapter 46

I looked at Martin then.

I whispered “You ok Martin?”

“Yea, he is hot isn’t he?” He said with a smile.

I followed his eyes.

I smiled and thought a match made in heaven. I was happy for Jamey although not sure he would be able to do this but maybe for Martin he could. There has definitely been something going on all evening between them. The sparks had been enough to light up the room.

“You happy with this then?”

“Yea, if he wants me too and like you I am hard, I have been all evening, since he walked in, he’s been hard as well”.

“Good, well I think we better get this done then”.


I started to take my shirt off showing the white hot gymnastic singlet. I saw that Martin had taken off his shirt too. I gave him a smile as I heard the whistles coming from the crowd.

I got my hands on my pants then and pulled them down. Now just in the very tight gymnastic shorts. I let out a deep sigh and looked up when applause came out of the room. I looked to my side as I saw that Martin had on very tight white boxer briefs showing his hard on very well. He didn’t look back though. I followed his gaze and saw that Jamey was licking his lips. I gazed down and saw that with one hand he adjusted his hard on in his pants.

“Go on Tim you are not done yet. I think the singlet is enough for tonight”.

I looked at Michel and saw he smiled. Ok I thought, well I better make a good hard fool out of myself and started to take the shorts down as well. Leaving me now just in a gymnastic singlet with a very hard dick for sure.

“Ok, thanks guys and you can now join the rest again”.

With applause we left the stage.

I got hooked on by Daniel and Winston straight off and I saw that Paul and Dennis were not far behind. Jamey though had only eyes for one.

“That looks so hot Tim” Daniel said.

“Yea but hands off”. Winston now reminded Daniel.

“Oh,” but he couldn’t get on as his drink went down the wrong channel.

“Hot for sure” Paul said.

“No wonder you didn’t seemed to mind that day walking around in your undies” Dennis said.

“OH I did but it was hot as well”.

“I am sure it was for you. But did Michel know about that and what would happen”?

“He is on the student council remember, so yea I guess that is why I had those stupid briefs on”.

“You definitely look hot Tim” Dennis said again. I looked at Paul at that moment and saw his jealous look on his face.

“Why don’t you two go dancing guys” I said. They nodded and walked towards the middle to start dancing. I was just able to pull Paul aside.

“You should tell him Paul”.

He blushed “How you know?”

“Because it is all over your face, especially when he is saying some one looks hot”.

“Well he is not like that he told me before. He is ok with playing around but that is it”.

“Are you sure? You think he would say those guys down here are hot if he didn’t want something more. Look how he is dancing there with Shawn”.

“Sigh, yea others maybe but not me”.

“You never know if you don’t tell him for real how you feel you know”.


“Think about it and this evening might just be the right surrounding to do it as well”.

He looked down and I could see he was reasoning with himself.

“I guess” he said and walked towards Dennis. Now I never thought this was the case but tonight it was crystal clear. I guess there was no hiding it for Paul down here anymore.

I got distracted though as Michel came beside me and smiled while saying “I could do you right here and now you are so hot Tim”.

I blushed.

“But I guess I have to settle for a dance, let’s get out there and have some fun”.

Before I knew it I was in the mingle with the rest on the dance floor. I could feel that sometimes people touched my bum a bit but the front side was protected by Michel as he kept dancing very close by. Lucky for me, because without cumming for two weeks I was very very hard.

“You are enjoying yourself” Michel said while squeezing my dick with his hand.

“I don’t think I need to answer that Michel. It’s just so nice to dance together, with our friends around us and to just be ourselves”.

“Are you worried about going to school next week?”

“Yea, not sure what words has come out of it but probably something”.

“It might you don’t know”.

“Oh mom would have taken care of that for sure Michel”.

“Well we will get passed it together and you know you got friends there”.

“I know”.

“No worries tonight ok”.

“Ok, so what do you think about Jamey and Martin”?

“Oh, very hot, they are a good couple together aren’t they”?

“Yea another match made and make sure to keep an eye out on Paul and Dennis”.

“You think they, I thought they just played around”.

“I know but Paul was definite jealous tonight when Dennis made certain remarks. I told him to talk with him”.

“You think they might hook up?”

“I don’t know but one match making is enough for one evening I would say”.

We danced for sometime and then went back to the bar.  Some joined us but not everyone. Then Shawn got our attention. “Please no, not tonight”.

“You should have known better Shawn”.

“Please sir. I am sorry I will take any punishment you want tomorrow”.

“No, Shawn. You know what this week’s task is and that is still on. You should have thought before”. Michel’s uncle Jeff said.

“What is going on there?” I whispered to Michel.

“Wait and see” he answered.

Shawn looked around now definitely blushing and worried. He wanted to turn around.

“I think you should be proud of it Shawn”. Jeff said.

He turned back. I looked at him waiting to see what would happen. It had gotten quite quiet in the room. Shawn was now in the middle and center of all attention.

He looked at Jeff again. “Please sir everyone is watching now”.

“You should have known better, if you would have done it then no one would have seen you do it so hurry”.

He now lowered his head down. Then the quiet was broken by the sound of water dripping on the ground. I looked down and we could see that Shawn was getting his briefs wet, not a bit but a lot; it ran down his leg onto the ground. I got hard, as it was hot to see.

“You like that?” Michel whispered while he placed his hand on my briefs now.

“Hot to see him do that” I answered.

It was still quiet just the pee running as it seems there came no end to it. He must have been on the edge for quite some time. Then I heard Seth say something “Go and lick it”.  I looked over to Brian who had a shocked look on his face.

“Go on, you like that”.

He moved closer to Shawn and got down on his knees. Then while Shawn was still peeing, Brian got him closer and I could see that some drops fell on his face and then in his open mouth.

From my left side I heard a “Wow” coming and I looked to see who it was.

It was Martin blushing now. I saw that Jamey was looking at him and the scene with interest.

My gaze was brought back when Shawn said to Jeff “Thank you master”.

“Good job Shawn. I am proud of you”.

Slowly you could see now that his dick came through the fabric of his briefs that he was wearing. He was not hiding that much anymore.  Brian was now licking Shawn’s legs and moving closer and closer to the briefs.  He stopped for a moment and looked at Seth. I didn’t see the nod that Seth gave him but I am sure it must have been there as Brian moved towards Shawn’s balls and now started to lick them through the fabric of the briefs. He moved upwards along Shawn’s shaft. Shawn, moaning now as he got teased and even sucked a bit.

Then when Brian came to the top of Shawn’s dick he moved a bit and took it into his mouth, sucking the pee out of the fabric now. I think that that was too much for Shawn as we saw how he started to move and then pushed Brian away when he started to buck his hips and let out a scream.

“Damned that is hot” Michel said.

I could only agree with him. We saw now that a bit of cum spurted through the fabric on to the ground.

“Brian come over here you did well” I heard Seth say.

I saw that Brian’s briefs were not leaving a lot to the imagination. I looked sideways again and saw that Martin now had a hand on his briefs, playing with his hard dick. Jamey had his eyes focussed on it. I saw that William, Martin’s brother whispered something in his ear. He looked at William and got a smile on his face when he saw William nod.

I don’t think that Martin had seen any exchange of this at all. I saw Jamey looking at him again. Martin responded fast when Jamey said “Stop, don’t touch yourself”.

Martin looked up. It had gotten rather quiet now again. “Come down here” Jamey said.

He looked at Martin and got closer to his ear. He whispered then something. I saw disbelieve on Martin’s face at the same time when it started to colour quite shiny red. “No, don’t touch yourself, not even then” Jamey said when we could all see where Martin’s hands had gone again.

“You want me to do that now”.

“Yea I think you will enjoy it”.

He blushed again. He then moved closer to Shawn. Was he now going to lick the cum out of the briefs? If so that was quite a bold move of Jamey. Although with William there I didn’t think he would have gone for anything like that.

But Martin got onto the ground. Then he sat down in the middle of the puddle with pee and cum. He moved a bit and then got up and turned around. You could see that his briefs got wet and a bit see through as well. He then positioned himself in such a way that his crotch would be in the puddle next. He then lowered himself until he lay down in the bit that had been left down there. He then moved a bit up and down and left and right. I am not sure but I thought I heard him make a moaning noise but he got up as fast as he could.

He was very red faced now and he let out a deep sigh. We all were now looking at his crotch and he knew that. It was wet, a bit transparent but not as much as Shawn’s were but what was worse for Martin, was that you could see how slowly some cum started to come through his briefs down to his legs and on to the ground.

“Hmm, he has an easy trigger William” Jamey said.

“Yea, way too easy”.

“That might be fun in the future” Jamey said. But in his voice was a definite sound of pride coming through. I think Martin must have heard that too because when he looked up to Jamey he had a smile on his face how embarrassing it all was.

“Good show” I heard Daniel whispering to Winston.

“Damned good show, but glad I am not giving it”.

“Is Tim, also going to do something like that?” Daniel asked at Michel.

“No, not today, he is off the hook until his balls are healed. I think that is best”.

“Yea, you better, he might like it too much just as Martin did there”.

“So you done stuff like that too Tim?” Winston asked.

I wasn’t sure if Brandon was close by and if he would ever tell. I suspect that Michel felt my unease with it as he said “I think that is not for tonight. Not sure we want Tim to have an accident just as Martin just had”.

“Oh, ok sorry that I asked” Winton said a bit concerned he went too far.

“No worries Winston. I love it when Tim needs to tell about the things he did. It humiliates him again and most of the times he is very hard as well but not sure it is a good idea to do that now”.

“Let’s dance a bit more” Daniel said and he swirled Winston off to the dance floor again.

“More match making going on?” Brandon whispered in my ear. He had snucked up behind me.

“It might” I said. “Who knows?”

“So you are enjoying yourself Tim?” Brandon asked.

“Yea I am doing ok and you?”

“Fine, thanks to you I got to get to know the cutest, nicest guy on the world what more can you want”?

I saw him blushing while he watched how Justin was talking with Seth now.

“You better be careful though Brandon. Seth can turn anyone into his obedient slave within minutes”.

“Oh I don’t think we need to worry about that”.

“I know, you really seemed to have hit it off”.

“We have, that is why I wondered, is it ok then if he is going to stay over at my place tonight”?

“Yea not a problem”.

“Ok, hmm……. do you know if he ……. you know what I mean”?

He coloured now completely. Wow this was red face evening for sure. I knew what he wanted and I was going to make it last as long as I could.

“What Brandon?”

“Well you know if he has ever ..  …”

“Ever what Brandon?” I said but I couldn’t keep my smile from my face anymore.

“Oh stop playing around it Tim, you know what I mean”.

“Yea well no idea, you will find out yourself Brandon”.

“Hmm, I guess so, but …”

“Oh, don’t worry you know what to do and he will be as nervous as you are”.


“He will, just go and enjoy yea”.

“Well that is the other thing as we are going to be going. He leaves early tomorrow again”.

“No need for excuses Brandon”.

Over the next hour they all went and I wondered why we stayed as I expected Michel to want to go home not too late either.

I saw Jamey standing in the corner and his eyes were following Martin and William out of the door. I could see that he let out a sigh. He didn’t move though as he kept looking at the door if Martin was still there. I smiled and moved closer to him.

He startled when I whispered to him  “Now you know”.

He turned to me then and smiled. Oh yea I thought definitely smitten all over.

“You saw?” He said innocent.

“Sorry Jamey but the way you were looking at each other everyone even the straightest person around would have seen it”.

He blushed, damned I thought more blushing. “Yea I know” he answered then.

“Good, well come to my house tomorrow afternoon ok”?

“Oh, if you want”.

“Yea, it would be good to see you again and we didn’t talk that much this evening.”

“Ok, well I better get going then before Michel starts to push us all out. Have fun” he said.

I am sure he didn’t realise that he might just have told me something that I was not allowed to know. I looked around and saw indeed that everyone more or less was starting to leave. Some joking with Michel about something.

“You look hot Tim” Shawn said while he walked towards me.

“Thanks Shawn. But you were the star tonight. Nice show. It got you horny didn’t it”?

“Yea, I had hoped that Jeff wouldn’t make me do that but I guess I should have known better”.

“Yea you should have. But then again who else would have entertained us”.

“You think that Martin is going to be ok with Jamey. I never suspected they would go at it like that. They didn’t meet until today did they”?

“Oh so you saw that too?”

“Yea and Jeff and I think Seth as well. They are all a bit worried about it though as it might go just too fast”.

“I know, I invited Jamey over tomorrow to talk, either with me or with Michel but someone needs to I think”.

“Yea I think so too, although they would look hot together”.

“I think they would”.

“Ok, I think we are going. It seems you and Michel are going to close up tonight”.

“Ah, didn’t know that”.

“Oh sorry I shouldn’t have said anything. Enjoy though”.

“Will do and thanks Shawn”.

I saw the last ones leaving when Michel came towards me.

“You enjoyed the evening then Tim?”

“Very good and you sir?”

“Oh, just Michel, Tim, no sir thing tonight”.

“Come on follow me”.

He walked towards the special room with the see through glass that was in the back of the bar. He opened the door and then waved me in. I stepped in and stood still.

It was lit by hundreds of candles, in the middle was a big bed and beside it some snacks and a bottle of champagne.

“Wow Michel”.

“I asked Jeff to give us this for tonight and he was more than willing to help me with it”.

I turned around and took him into my arms.  While our heads rested on each other shoulders I whispered in his ear “Thanks Michel for being there the last few weeks. Not sure I could have done it without you”.

“I know, love you Tim, nothing will change that”.

“Love you too Michel”.

We backed off looked each other in the eyes and then slowly moving forward again till our lips touched each other. Soft nice lips I thought. I felt the pressure of his tongue just behind it and I slowly gave in and opened my lips. Now electricity got to me as our tongues danced together. I felt that my dick got hard. I needed to be careful. I didn’t have the go ahead with cumming yet so how was he going to prevent that from happening? He knew I was easy triggered.

I backed off when the lack of oxygen started to get the better of me.

“You better be careful Michel or I am going to cum”.

“I know Tim, but I think we just have to go with the flow if it happens it happens”.

“Are you sure, I mean did Daniel say anything about it”?

“No, but knowing you if you have to keep it up much longer you are going to cum anyway so why not make it nice and smooth ok”?

“I guess so, but I am still a bit worried about it”.

“I know, but no need for that. Come here and let me take that nice singlet off”.

He now started to move his hands over my upper body. I felt that my nipples were standing out very hard. In the end, he got my singlet off but in the meantime my whole body started to feel very sexy as there was not one bit that he hadn’t touched more than once. His soft skin of his hands moving over my body was incredibly sensual. When I had stepped out of the singlet I pushed him back. He looked at my very stiff standing straight up dick.

“Let me” I whispered and started slowly to undress him as well making sure that he would feel like I was feeling.

When I had gotten his t-shirt out, I pushed him onto the bed. Now starting with his feet pushing his pants upwards getting closer to his crotch. I could feel there I had him hot and hard so I took my time. Not only caressing his legs with my hands but also slowly licking his toes.  I slowly started to take his pants off and started to enjoy the view of his hard dick in his very sexy aussiebum briefs. I resisted to go for them straight off and I pulled off his trousers and then moved slowly back up again using my hands and my tongue.

When I got to his inner thighs he was starting to push his hips upwards. I looked up, he had his eyes closed and was definitely enjoying this. He saw me looking and then smiled at me.

He rose up a bit and removed with his hands his briefs. “I think something definitely wants some attention. It can’t wait anymore Tim”. I laughed and moved closer to it.

I now started to lick his boyhood slowly, up and down, making it nice wet and shiny. I kept on doing this for quite some time and then all of a sudden I just forcefully pushed his cock into my hot warm mouth as far as I could and sucked it.

I know that my plan had worked as a big moan came away from Michel’s lips. To my surprise though it didn’t stay that long, because at the same time I felt that he was cumming hard in my mouth. Shooting his cum totally to the back of my throat. I swallowed it without hesitation, enjoying the salty taste of his cum. More shots now found its way into my now saturated mouth. I let his dick go when I felt that slowly the energy behind his spurts started to slow. I looked up and saw a panting Michel with his head back all the way. When I moved up I felt his head turning towards me, opening his eyes and also his mouth to say something. I was fast and didn’t give him a chance, I placed my lips on his mouth. He licked his cum of my lips.  Again I could feel the pressure of his tongue trying to enter my mouth. I waited for the right moment and then when I was able to open his mouth with my lips and our tongues started to dance in a bath of his cum when I started to share that with him.

“Wow” was the first thing he said when our mouths were free again.

“You liked that then?” I asked with a wicked grin.

“What do you think, although I would rather have lasted longer but you surprised me there twice you know”.

“Good that is what I wanted. I don’t want to get too predictable”.

“You never are Tim. But let me now”.

I hesitated. I think he saw that as he said “You don’t want to?” He sounded a bit disappointed.

“Yea, well want to yes, but no not really to be honest Michel. Just hold me ok”?

With that we got onto the bed and held each other. Spooned up with me in front of Michel.

After a few minutes I could feel his dick was there pushing at my bum.

“Something is ready again is it not?”

“Yea, but it has to wait this is nice”.

“Ok, this is nice too, we don’t do that enough”.

“I know, let me know when you want to turn around though”.


Not sure what happened then but I guess we must have fallen asleep…

Chapter 47