chapter 47

We had a nice wake up the next morning. I went out to make a nice breakfast. Around 11:30 or so we heard some people walking into the bar bit and we knew it was time to get up and get going. Although the evening had been nice, the night had made the love for each of us stronger; as it did each time we made love. I knew that it was important to do this as well as the play otherwise our relationship would not last. No, there was definitely a lot more between us then just master / slave.

We got out and saw that Shawn was walking around in his briefs.

“You’re never allowed to wear anything more then that?” I asked.

“Not until the bar is opened, but I don’t mind”.

“Is my uncle around?” Michel asked.

“He is still upstairs. I am just here to make sure you guys would be up and going before the rest of the staff comes around”.

“We are done. I just wanted to thank Jeff for it all”.

I wanted to follow Michel upstairs.

“No, you can enjoy the view down here. I will be back in a second ok?”

“Yes Michel” I said.

“So you enjoyed the night then Tim?”

“Yea great, it was fun Shawn”.

“You need that from time to time don’t you?”

I smiled as I realized he knew what I had been thinking.

“Yea, I love to play from time to time but I love just making out as well”.

“Good, I think you both needed a goodnight”.

“Well it’s not easy to do stuff like this at home, although it might get easier I guess now that we are both out”.

“It will, you going to be ready to go to school again”?

“No choice I guess there Shawn”.

“I know, but there might not be as much out when you think about it all”.

“I don’t know but I think there is”.

“Your friends will support you for sure”.

“I know they will Shawn but still, just the looks you know”.

“I know, just come around if you need to talk about it all ok”.

“I will”.

“I better get back up there again as well. See you around soon”.

Shawn left me as well now on my own sitting at the bar waiting for Michel.

School yea that was the next part I guess. It would not be easy to go back but it needed to happen for sure.  And then there was mom somewhere she was still out there. Lost in my thoughts I didn’t hear Michel come in and join me. He put his arms around me and whispered “Lost in thought my Timmy”.

I startled turned around and got kissed on my lips before I could say anything.

I smiled when he let go.  “Yea, just thinking about it all you know”.

“I know it is one of those things you do too much. That is why I am happy I can distract you with tasks etc”.

“I guess so”.

“You enjoyed last night?” He asked.

I knew my smile got bigger and I just leaned in forward to kiss him again.

“I guess that was a yes” Michel said with a smile when our lips parted and were not touching anymore.  “We need to do that more though Tim. I love you and I know I just need to show it to you as well”.

“Oh I know you do Michel. I know you do”.

“I know you know but I feel I need to show as well ok. But I think it is time to go home, your home I think as you invited Jamey over this afternoon if I am right”.

“Oh, damned yea I did. I better give him a ring then”.

“You think he will be awake then”.

“You think he slept?” I countered.

“Oh, yea he might not have”.

“Hi Jamey” I said when he picked up.

“Hi there Tim”.

“Just wanted to let you know we will be home in about an hour”.

“Thanks, I was wondering when I could come over”.

“OK, see you then”.


“He will be coming over then Tim?” Michel asked.

“Yea, he will”.

“Good, you wanted me to talk with him or can you”?

“I think I can although he might want to talk with you as well”.

“I think you can help him for now. I think he needs to know why more then what to do. Later though it would be good to talk with him again. I know you and Martin have talked quite a lot so I think you can help him better for now too”.

“I guess, so you are not going to stay then. Stay the night then even”?

“No, sorry Tim but I think I need to go home and show my face there. I have hardly been home lately”.

“But I will be around Sunday evening or so if that is ok. I think you might want some help with taking your mind off of the Monday”.

I know the smile on my face disappeared for sure. I just hoped it wouldn’t show too much or Michel would not notice.

“It will be ok Tim; don’t worry too much about it”.

We went home and before going into the living room I said goodbye to Michel. I think my dad knew what was going on as somehow he waited until after the front door closed again before walking into the hall.

“So how did the dinner go last night?”

“They are really nice people Dad. I think they would have liked you to be there too”.

“So that went ok then?”

“As far as I could tell. I think that Michel’s mother is ready to take mom’s place”.  I said with a smile.

I saw that that changed the outlook on dad’s face though.

“Any news from her?” I asked when he kept quiet.

“No news”.

“Ok, so how are you doing dad”?

“I am fine, don’t worry about it. As I told you it will take time. Is Michel is going to be back later on?”

“No, he won’t be here until tomorrow evening”

“Good, I think I like just hang around with you for some time if that is ok”?

“Yea, we could go somewhere tomorrow if that is an idea”.

“We could do that, or this afternoon”?

“Sorry but Jamey is coming over this afternoon. He needed to talk about something”.

“Oh, ok, well invite him for dinner if you want to”.

“I might, hmm dad you ok with this then”?

“Yea as long as you are happy and we can do something together tomorrow I will be”.

“Yea no problem there. Hmm dad, would it be ok if I invite some one else over as well for dinner”.

“ Who?”

“Not sure yet dad. But I will let you know ok”?

“Ok, one of your friends”?

“Sort of, someone I know from school”.

“Ok, let me know before 3 or so, so I can take it into account with the amount of food I need to make”.

“No problem. I am going to go upstairs and shower”.

It was nice to be back in my bedroom again. I got myself undressed and stepped into the shower. Although not intended my mind and dick had thoughts of its own while the warm water was running over my body. My dick got hard and as I didn’t want to play with myself I got horny as hell thinking back at the night before. Maybe it was a good idea to ask Dad if it was ok to let Michel stay the night on Sunday. It would make waking up and going to school a lot easier as well.

I got out of the shower, shaved and then put the towel around me and walked into my room. I closed the door and walked towards the drawers with my underwear. I just had let the towel drop when a voice from the other side said: “Hmm nice ass Tim”.

I felt that I blushed but I resisted the urge to turn around when I recognised the voice.

“I thought you would rather pervert now on someone else Jamey. I thought I would be out of your dreams now”.  I said hardly containing my laughs.

“Oh, I don’t know. I am still allowed to look”.

I put my briefs on and got a t-shirt out of there as well. I knew it would be long enough to cover most everything. I turned around.

“Hi there Jamey good to see you again”. I walked towards him and opened my arms. He stood up from the chair he was sitting on and we hugged. I could feel that he liked that. But then my dick had a mind of its own again as well.

“Hmm, you didn’t have enough Tim, last night?” Jamey said with a smile.

“More then you Jamey but that doesn’t mean I am always game for more”.

“Oh, definitely more than me but I had a great evening Tim”.

“I know you did, you know it now I guess”.

“Yea I know how it feels to be in love for sure. So you think Martin feels the same”?

“You still in doubt about that Jamey?”

“Well, I don’t know if it was just his desire to well play as you call it or”.

“Oh, I think you might be surprised Jamey”.

“So he likes men to then”.

“You really have no idea how it looked last night did you?”

“What do you mean?”

“He had only eyes for you my friend and for no one else”.

“You think so?”

“I am sure. And yea I think he did, he did for you not only because he likes to do stuff like that, but because you asked”.

“Wow”  He said.

I could see that he was lost in his own thoughts again now. It took a little bit before he got around again and said “I guess we need to talk then probably”.

“I think that might be a good idea. I don’t think you talked a lot last night did you”?

“No, although some how the time had gone fast”.

I smiled, “I am sure it did”.

“So are you going to get further dressed Tim?”

“Yea, not a good idea if my dad walked in with me dressed like this”.

“No, although I don’t mind”.

“I know”.

“So you ready to go to school on Monday?”

“No idea Jamey. I rather not think about it to much to be honest”.

I can see why, just remember we will be all there ok”.

“I know and that will help. You got any idea how much of it all got out?”

“Not completely to be honest. It is not like I am in the grapevine at school as you know”.

I smiled. “Ok, let me get something to drink and then we can talk some more as I am sure you got more questions”.

“Yea, there are a few things I would like to know before I talk with Martin I guess”.

We went downstairs got something to drink and told dad to expect one more for dinner. I went to the toilet before going back to my room and called Martin and tod him he was invited over for dinner. He refused first as he didn’t see a point in it. I argued though that we needed to talk about what happened the evening before. He then went to ask permission from his parents.

“So I am back again, sorry had to take a pits stop at the toilet”.

“Oh that is fine, I have just been going through all the books you have down here Tim. You read a lot don’t you”?

“Yea, I do, it is kind of relaxing”.

“So why not be a member of the library then?”

“Oh, I want to read them more than once as I tend to read over stuff the first few times”.

“Ah, so hmm well how long have you known Martin”?

“Hmm, not that long or well Jamey”.

“Michel and I once had to baby sit a group of scouts and Martin was one of them”.

“Ah, but how did you find out he was well like you then”?

“Oh, easy we went swimming but as no one had swimming trunks with them we had to do it in our underwear. Guess we were the only ones in briefs. You can imagine how that looked when we got out of the water”.

“Wow yea”.

“Well that is not all as when we got back to our bike’s our pants were gone so we had to bike back in our underwear. Although we were not the only ones it was still damn humiliating”.

“So that is when you found out?”

“There is more Jamey, but that is what you have to ask Martin yourself. But this is the time we got to know each other. Later there was more stuff on the school podium and that one day if you might remember. Also Martin’s brother William is like Michel on the school board so they know each other”.

“Ah, ok now I can see the connection forming. But William did tell Martin stuff to do then”?

“Yea, but more in a protective way and only a few times just to make sure Martin didn’t get in trouble. You can imagine what would have happened if he was going to look around for someone on his own”.

“Yea, not a good idea, but they didn’t have any …”

“I don’t know but I don’t think so. William was just protecting the urges of a teen discovering it all”.

“Hmm, so you told me that there was love between Michel and you and still you play around because you feel the need. Can you tell me a little bit more about that as I am not sure how this will work to be honest? You know … what I mean will ….”.

“I know Jamey” I interrupted him. “That is why we asked you to come over. Although I am not sure if I can answer all for Martin as each individual has to answer questions like this for his own. But one thing to make sure there is more than just the play ok. Last night was one of the best nights I had with Michel, and it didn’t involve any play”.

“So you can turn it off then or …”

“Not exactly but like with us and with Brian and Seph and with Jeff and Shawn and I think like there is between Martin and you, there is more than just a slave/master relationship. It is not the only important thing or even it might not start like that. If you didn’t have any feelings you would not have told Martin to go upon that stage. You might have ended up playing around after you got to know each other more but yesterday happened all because there is a connection between you two. A connection that is stronger than that one between just a slave/master”.

“Hmmm yea and I am not sure I am like Michel, Tim. I am not sure I can do that”.

“Don’t worry, you will find out like Michel found out and if you can’t then it is up to Martin to see how strong his love for you is. But I think you might be surprised with that”.

“But with him still in the closet and I am not out that openly either it might not be easy to find out to be honest”.

“Oh tasks you can do anywhere, even little concealed ones Jamey. Just make Martin wear a too small Speedo to the swimming pool will be hot and horny for him and I think it might be for you too. And there is always here or at the bar you can have fun too”.

“Maybe, I guess I won’t know until I talked with him. I will see if I can find him at school on Monday”.

“Good that is one step Jamey”.

“So you like to be humiliated in small briefs and Speedo then Tim?”

“Yea, that is more or less my major turn on into getting it done. It helps to do a task from time to time to keep the headaches away as well. It seems for me it is a way out of tension that build’s up otherwise”.

“Oh, ok, and you think Martin is into that kind of stuff to?”

“I am not sure what makes Martin tick Jamey. You saw what happened to him during the punishment day at school and also on other times like last night so whatever it is, it is part of it”.

“More to discover I guess” He said with a deep sigh.

“I think you will have as much fun discovering it all you know. If you would know it all it can get quite boring, it is one part of being in love that keeps it very nice all in all”.

We talked a bit more and then when it was almost time for dinner, we went down. We helped dad finish preparing it. I was just about to set the table when the bell rang. As I had my hands full I thought good.

“He Jamey can you open that? I think we are expecting one more guest for dinner”.

He looked at me. “You didn’t say that Michel was coming over Tim”.

“Oh, I forgot I guess”.

I saw my dad looking at me. He knew it was not Michel.

The bell rang a second time. “You better get it then Jamey”. I said.

Jamey walked into the hall. I waited to hear the door being opened and then two surprised screams sounded then it got quiet.

“What are you up to Tim? That is not Michel is it”?

“No, just someone I think Jamey needs to talk with”.

“Oh, you are match making Tim. We are going to have some conversation during dinner I hope”.

“No idea Dad, they hardly talked yesterday evening either, that is why I brought them down here so that after dinner they can talk”.

“Ah, ok good. Then at least you can help me with the dishes”.

I sighed.

“Well Tim, it is an easy price to pay for it. But I think you better get them into the house as I think otherwise they might just stay and stand there at the door forever”.

I opened the door to the hall and dad was right. The door was opened and they were both just looking at each other. I smiled and then said. “Are you letting him in Jamey?”

I looked at a full blushing Jamey when he turned around. I could see the words, Thank You, forming on his lips.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Martin asked when he closed the door behind him.

“And spoil the surprise, never”.

“So you set us up then Tim?” Jamey asked.

“Yea but I think you both like to be set up like this. I also know you need to talk, so I just gave you the opportunity to do so”.

“Good, but I hope there is some dinner as well because I am sure I am not getting any at home”.  Martin said.

“Yea, dinner first then you can talk in my room ok”.

“Thanks Tim”. Jamey said now out loud.

We got through dinner ok. They talked more than I thought, but I saw Dad wink at me when the other two couldn’t see. I smiled back. I guess he liked the idea of coupling those two.

When Jamey got Martin upstairs he said. “You sure Martin is not too young Tim?”

“I don’t think so and you have seen them together now. They are the perfect match for each other. Maybe the 2 years age difference now is a little too much but it won’t be like that anymore in a few years time”.

“I guess you are right about that”.

“So how much time are you going to give them?”

“Oh, about 45 minutes or so. I don’t want them ending up making out on my bedroom”. I said with a smile.

“You won’t want to join them. They are both quite cute you know”.

I was startled by Dad’s question. I looked at him. “Never Dad I got Michel that is all I need you know”.

I saw relief in his eyes when I said that. “Thanks Tim, I just wanted to make sure”.

“I am Dad, 100% sure”.

“Good, well whenever Michel wants to sleep over that is fine by me as long as your school grades are doing ok. Talking about school how do …”

I interrupted him there. “No idea about that. I just have to wait and see”.

“I know just let me know if you need help okay?”

I will, but my friends will be there to”.

“I know I just wished you would let me talk to the staff or the director at least about it. I want to make sure they got your back Tim”.

“My friends will Dad”.

I was not sure he thought that that was enough. I knew he was afraid that I would be hurt even more. But this is something that I knew I had to do alone. Well with help but help of people I knew I could rely on. I still had no idea what that last mistake I made to get up to five faults was and I just didn’t trust the director at all.

We did the dishes and then I slowly made my way up the stairs. I did it silently. Although when I got to the bedroom door there were no sounds. I thought about that for a moment and then decided to go back down again and walk up the stairs again. This time I made sure I was quite loud so they knew I was heading up.

I opened the door and oh yea I could tell that they split up now, they had been doing something for sure.

“Done talking?” I asked.

“Yea for the time being”. Jamey answered.

“So, what now?”

“I guess you could say we are together now”. Jamey said.

“You ok with that Martin?” I looked at him.

He didn’t need to answer though as he was beaming completely.

“Yea, I definitely am. What is not to like about a hunk like Jamey”. He said.

“Good, I guess that worked out quite nicely then”.

“You sure did Tim”. Jamey said. “But I think we would have gotten there on Monday otherwise”.

“I know but why waste two days”. I said with a laugh.

“So what about the other thing then?” I asked looking at them.

“Get your pants off Martin”. Jamey said.

I think he got Martin there by surprise though as he looked at me then at Jamey. But then without hesitation he stood up and started to unbutton his pants.

“Hey sorry Jamey you don’t need to demonstrate”.

“I know I just wondered if he would and damn look at that gun”. He said out loud.

I followed his gaze now and saw that Martin had a very very hard dick in his boxer briefs. Yea he was wearing boxer briefs I thought but they were very very tight.

When I looked at Martin’s face there was a bit of a smile on his face.

“You can put them back on again now Martin”. Jamey said with a soft husky voice.

I think that although Martin had been surprised by Jamey’s request. I was not sure that Jamey had been prepared for the result of it as he was looking very flustered all in all.

Oh they are going to be fun to be around with I thought.

We talked for quite a bit when around 8 pm the phone rang.

“Hey you guys I am going to take this, it is Brandon and I want to know how it went with Justin”.

“You go ahead Cupid”. Jamey laughed.

“Hi there Brandon”. I said while walking out of the bedroom.

“How are you doing?”

“Great, terrific. I just got a phone call from Justin he is back home again”.

“Good, so you had a good night then?”

“Yea a bit well, very good Tim, don’t want to go into details”.

I smiled.

“I am just glad it all worked out”.

“Me too, me too, and it would never have happened if I hadn’t met up with you Tim”.

“You can bet I will remember that Brandon. But why did you call”.

“Oh yea well just wanted to let you know how it went but I thought you might be interested to go with us to a cabin we have in the mountains. The weather is just perking up and I think it would be nice to spend some time down there all together”.

“Justin will be there too?”

“Yea I invited him over. Just like you and Michel and maybe Jamey and Martin after they have hooked up. Although after last night I think that will be just days rather than weeks to be honest”.

“Already done”. I said with a smile.

“What do you mean Tim?”

“They are already making out in my bedroom I suspect”. I said with a smile.

“Oh, you are fast Tim”. Brandon said. “But you think that might be an idea?”

“Yea, when though?”

“Well in two or three weeks”.

“I will discuss it down here and with dad and we can talk about it later during the week ok”.

“Good idea”.

I knocked on the door before opening it. I guess I was still a bit too fast as I saw that they just parted their lips.

“Sorry but I am back guys”.

“Oh that is ok Tim”. Jamey said. “I have to go any way in a moment”.

“Yea me to”. Martin chipped in.

“Ok, if you want me to be on my own”.

“Oh, I am sure you need to ring Michel in a moment anyway”. Jamey said with a smile.

“I just might”. I said.

We hugged, I got a thank you from both of them whispered in my ears and then they left.

I just sat down on my bed. I knew that I was going to do some reading but first I needed to hear Michel’s voice.

chapter 48


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