chapter 48

On Sunday evening Michel came over to stay the night.  He wanted to go to school with me on the Monday, making sure … well, I’m not sure of what …but I guess to reassure me and to make sure I was going to go.

“You ready to go downstairs?” Michel asked me after I got out of the shower and got ready to dress.

“Yea … you think I look good in these clothes?” I asked because I wasn’t sure.  I wanted to look good … not sticking out somehow.

“Stop fussing, Tim.  You look fine … those black jeans together with the white shirt says fancy … smart, but not conspicuous … so go for that look.”

I smiled.

“You just wanted to hear that didn’t you?”

I just smiled again.  He laughed and put his arm around my shoulder.  I must admit that I had slept a lot better than I thought I would.  I still wasn’t sure what to expect today  … that had given me the jitters on Sunday during the day.  I think Michel had done a good job in coming over and being there for me.

We moved into the kitchen.

“Hey!!  Good morning, Tim … Michel,” my dad said.

“Morning,” we answered.

“I made you some breakfast.  I just have to put the toast down … that’ll be done in a minute … so sit down.”

We sat at the table.  I knew my dad was trying to help as well but, instead of the rest and confidence that Michel was showing in me, he looked nervous.   I was almost sure that he would bring it up somehow as well.  I was right for, as soon as he put the toast on our plates, he sat down, looked at us, and said, “You ready for this, Tim?”

“I have no idea, dad.  I have got no idea what to expect .  so am I ready?  No … prepared?  I guess a bit.”

“OK.  We’ll proceed, just as long as you call me when something happens, OK?   I don’t want you to be hurt at all.  You know I won’t tolerate it if they somehow hurt you.”

Michel answered before I could say anything.   “Don’t worry, sir.  I’ll be there and our friends will be there … so I’m sure nothing bad will happen.”

“I know you will be … but still, there must be no fighting.  You’ll need to go to the director if something happens.  He needs to deal with it and, if he doesn’t, I want you to call me, OK?”

“We will … don’t worry.  But I’m sure us being there will help to keep the nasty remarks to a minimum, sir.”

“We’ll see.  I’ve been doing some reading and there are some very disturbed people out  there.”

“I know, sir.”

“Hey, you two … stop talking about me as if I’m not here, OK?  I’m not a child … I can stand up for myself.”

“We know, Tim.  But sometime a bit of help is always good,” Michel answered.

I saw that my dad was nodding as well.

I had had enough both in conversation and in food and stood up.  “I’ll get our stuff. then we can go.”

I saw a nod from Michel and left to go upstairs.  I could hear them talking and I was sure I knew what the topic was … but I didn’t want to know what was said.

Michel was waiting in the hall and I pushed him outside before dad was able to join us.

“He just means well,, Tim,” Michel said.

“I know but still … I need to learn to fight my own battles.”

“I know … and you can as long as they’re played fair, Tim.  But let’s get there and see what happens.  As far as I can tell, everything will be OK.”

When we got to the entrance Paul, Dennis, Jamey, Brandon and a few others were waiting for us.

“Hi there, guys!” Michel said.

“So you think this is necessary?” I asked them.

“No … but still … if it turns out to be necessary … we’re here,” Brandon said.

I was happy that they simply started to chat normally, about the weekend and other stuff.   So without realising it, we reached the lockers.  I looked around.  I could see some people standing around, looking at me, but nothing was said and there were no unpleasant gestures made.  When I got to the classroom, a cheer rose from my classmates, and several stood by me and welcomed me back.  Most of what was said was positive … comments like “good to have you back” and “You look good!”   All in all, it was not the reception I expected … but I felt very good about it all.

In between classes, some of my classmates came up to me and said things like “we don’t care” and “don’t worry.”  Some girls were especially friendly, I thought.  All in all, it was a lot better reception then I expected.  So, by the end of the day, I really started to feel good and slowly became a bit more at ease with it all.  That morning we’d agreed to meet up outside the school at a nearby cafe to have a coffee and assess how it had gone.

When I arrived with Jamey, the others were already there.

“So how did it go?” Brandon asked.

“Well, since you were in some of my classes, it wasn’t a problem.  There were only positive comments, not one rude remark … at least not to my face.”

“Yea, I thought that would be the case.  I’m just not sure what was said otherwise.”

“No, everything was fine … or did you hear otherwise?” I asked as I had sensed there was concern in Brandon’s voice.

“No, not really … though, I must admit, I was surprised it’s gone this well, to be honest.”

“Yea … me, too,” Michel responded.

“Come on , guys!  What have you been up to?  You must have done something to influence this.”

“We did a bit,” Michel admitted.  “When word got out last week, we made it quite clear that, no matter what, you were still the same person you’ve always been, and that we would not stand for any negative comments or disrespect to you as a student.”

“Oh … and you think that did the trick then?”

“It seems to have worked so far,” Michel pointed out.

“Yea but ….”  Brandon tried to continue but, at that point, Michel hit him on his arm.

I looked sternly at Michel and then said to Brandon, “Go on.  Don’t try to hide anything from me.”

“Well, we’ve heard that a few comments have been made … not directly to us but to others who passed them along to us.  There are a few guys who are definitely not happy with it.  We don’t know who they are or what they’re planning to do … if anything at all.”

“Well, there’s no reason to worry about it … and I’m sure the support you got today will convince the minority to keep quiet,” Michel assured me.  Dennis and Paul nodded in agreement.

After we got to the table and had ordered some drinks, Brandon said, “So … did Tim tell you about our little get-away plans?” he asked to everyone at the table.

“Yea, he told me something,” Michel responded.

“Not us, though,” the others chimed in at the same time.

“Sorry, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet,” Tim apologised.

“No worries.  We’ve got time to organise it still.”

He looked at Paul and Dennis when he added,  “I’m not sure if you’ll like it but you’re invited if you want to come along.”

Yea, I thought.  I wasn’t sure they’d want to.   The way in which a Master and a slave interacted might have been too much for them to deal with, anyway.

“Thanks, but we’re quite open … as you must have discovered by now.  So …  if it interests us … we’ll be there, won’t we, Paul?” Dennis said.

I saw Paul smiling.  I was not sure if it meant that Paul had talked with Dennis or that he was just happy about being included.

“OK … well, we have a cabin in the mountains and we thought now, with the weather getting better, it might be nice to go and have a long weekend there soon.  We could leave early afternoon on Friday and I think in three weeks time, we have a Monday off for a teachers’ study day … so that weekend, we could stay until late afternoon Monday.  What do you think?”

“Who are you inviting?” Paul asked.

“Well … all of you … and Justin, of course,” he said with a smile.

“Yea … of course,” Paul agreed.

“So … it’ll be a gay guys’ weekend, I guess?” Dennis asked.

“Hmmm … yea … and you might see some … let’s say ….”  At that point, Brandon stopped, not sure if he should go on revealing the details.

“More of the same that we saw at the party last time?” Dennis asked.

I could see Brandon’s  face colour as he remembered what had happened before.  “Hmmm … yea, that’s the idea.  Not having sex with each other … just playing around… with some tasks set.”

“Are you up for that, Paul?” Dennis queried, looking at Paul.

As he said it, I watched all the faces turn to Paul and then to Dennis again.  Now it was Paul’s turn to blush.

“Hey!!!  What’s going on here?” Michel demanded.  “Are you two keeping secrets?”

I saw that Paul was looking at Dennis now.  I was wondering who would answer that one.  I knew now for sure that Paul had talked with Dennis about it.

“Come on … let the cat out of the bag!” Brandon joined in.

I felt how uncomfortable Paul was with the direction the conversation had gone.  I could see that Dennis wasn’t going to answer the question either.

“We don’t bite, Paul.  Just tell us what you’re ready to say … nothing more, OK?  I promise … we won’t ask for further details,” I said.

He smiled a bit at me now.   “You know already, Tim … so why not tell the others?”

“Are you sure?” Dennis asked.

“Yea, you wanted me as well, didn’t you?”

“Yea … as long as you explain it to them in detail.”

“OK … well, I guess we’re a couple when it comes to male partners.  It’s nothing definite or anything like that … just that we both want to play around more … discover each other more.”

I was a bit disappointed with the casualness with which he spoke.  Had Paul not told Dennis then that he loved him? Surely he must have.

“Oh … and as for you, Tim,” he continued when he saw the surprised look on my face, “He knows but he isn’t sure what he feels.  So we agreed to leave it at that for now and see where it goes.”

“You’re happy with that, Paul?” I asked.

“it’s better than a rejection,” he replied, not wanting to look at Dennis.

“So … if we join you, you can expect us to play along with the tasks … or can we just be observers?”

“Hmm … well, we haven’t talked about that yet ,” Brandon started but he was immediately interrupted by Michel, who spoke with authority.  “Join in, if you come along.  As Brandon said, there’ll be no sex … just tasks to do “

“We can, can’t we, Paul?” Dennis pleaded to my surprise.

“Yea, I guess.  We need to talk about this but we’ll get back to you, OK?”

“Hmmm, guys …,  “

“Yea, Jamey?” Brandon said.

“Well, I would love to come especially if it means spending time with Martin … but I don’t think he’ll be allowed to join us and I don’t think I want to come on my own or with someone else.”

“You think he won’t be interested?”  Dennis asked.

“Well … he is younger, you know.  It’s not easy to see each other to start with and I don’t think we can bring his brother, William, with us.”

“No, that’s not a good idea.  But this might be the way to get Martin to come with us.  Let me talk to William and see what we can do.  Just don’t say anything to Martin, OK?” Michel said.

“You think he could get permission from his partners?”

“I don’t know, so  don’t get your hopes up.  I’ll get back to you after I’ve spoken to William, OK?”

“Good!  That solves that, then.  Is there anyone else we should ask?” Brandon queried.  “They’d have to be on bunk beds, cause there’s only 4 normal beds in there.”

“Hmmm … no, not really.  I don’t think Daniel or Winston would be interested in something like this.  Although they’re good friends, I suspect that this is not their thing.”

“What about Stephen?” I asked, not realising that I’d just outed him without intending to.

“Oh, no … well, we could ask Brian to ask him … but he has no partner, so inviting him isn’t a good idea , I don’t think.”

“Well 8 are enough.  I’m sure we’ll have fun.  Just being away and spending time together sounds great,” Jamey enthused.

We talked a bit more about the trip and other stuff and in the end left the place around 6 pm.  I knew dad would not be home yet, so there should be time enough to be home safely before dinner.

As we got to the front door, Michel said goodbye.  He turned to leave … I knew he’d be expected home tonight … and there was still homework to do, too.

“Oh … Tim … you’re definitely feeling better, right?”

“I’ll be fine, Michel,” I said.  He stepped closer.

“No, that’s not what I mean.  I mean … you know … after the . …”  He stopped as one of the neighbours walked by.

“Oh, yea … a lot better.  I hardly feel any pain. I’m not sure what’ll happen when I try to cum as that might be a bit painful … but everything else feels fine.”

“Good!  Then, for tomorrow, wear the bright green Y-fronts, OK?”  With that said, he turned around and walked away.  I wasn’t able to see his face so I wasn’t too sure if he meant that as an order.  I wanted to say something but he was now 2 to 3 meters away from me.  Without turning around,  he said, “Have fun tonight!”

Yea … well … I started to get horny straight off as my mind starting to fill with the kinds of ideas that he might come up with.

I did eat with dad … did my homework … and went to bed quite early.

In the morning, I got up and looked for the green y-fronts.  OK, they were kinda old fashioned but definitely not loose … they were a small size and fitted nicely around my balls and dick.  I took a deep breath and tried to get my jeans on.  The longer I stood there, the more likely I was gonna get hard

When I got to school, Michel was waiting for me.

“Did you have a good night’s sleep, Tim?”

“Yea, not a problem.”

“Good, you did as I asked?”

“Yea … but what about them?  You’re going to …?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.  Lower your jeans a bit so I can see.”

I looked around to see if anyone was watching and then lowered the band of my jeans.

“Good!  That’s the pair I wanted.”

“For what?”

“You’ll see.  Let’s get to class.”

Nothing much happened all day.  I kept wondering when Michel would want me to do something and where.  I didn’t see him all day … just during a few odd moments in the hallways and in the classes we had together.  But that wasn’t that many on a Tuesday.

At the end of the day I was standing with Jamey and Paul when Michel came over to me.  Paul asked us to come with him to the cafe again but Michel interrupted.  “Sorry, Paul, but we’ve got other things to do.”

“Oh!  You don’t want me to hang around, then?” he said and I could see a slight grin on his face.

“No, not really.  If you wanna talk, we can do it tomorrow night or you can give either of us a ring tonight.”

“I’ll do that then, if you don’t mind.”

“No … call around 9 … we should be home by then and finished our homework.”

Wow!  there’s a lot of time to play, I thought.

Paul responded, “OK … expect a phone call later.”

“OK … not a problem.  Shall we go, Tim?”  Michel then said to me.

Like I had a choice? I thought.

“Where are we going?” I asked after we’d moved a few meters from them.

“Silent, Tim.  Just follow me and don’t ask any questions, OK?”

“Yes, Michel,” I answered as I knew I’d better behave from now on.

We walked towards the big mall that was close by.

“OK … we’re going to go into one of the shops in a moment.  What I want you to do is to choose a pair of slacks and then go into the changing area.  When you get there, you’ll take your shoes and jeans off.  Then you’ll call for the shop assistant.  You’ll tell him that the pair you got off the rack has a broken button and you can’t try them on.  You’ll stand there in your underwear and ask him to get another pair.”

“OK, Michel.  Anything else?”

“Yea, you’ll be standing in your bright green y-fronts and you will make sure your t-shirt is tucked in.  When you hear him get close, open the curtain completely and hand him the slacks.  You’ll leave the curtain open till he comes back.”

“Damn!!!  What if …?”

“There won’t be any ‘what if’ and remember … I’ll probably be opposite … close enough to be able to see if you did what you were told. “

“Yes, Sir.” I knew I could trust him.

I felt my dick already getting hard, just thinking about it.

“OK … let’s go into this shop,” he said.

It was a mid-range shop, selling men’s, children’s and women’s clothing.  Nothing else.   I walked in and saw Michel following me.  I looked around to see if I could tell what kind of shop assistance was available … but, watching all the people shopping, I couldn’t really tell.  There was a mix of older people and families … not a lot of young people from what I could see.   OK … no …  wait there were some younger guys shopping.  I got to a rack of pants, picked out a few pairs, and went towards the try-out cubicles.  These were in a small hall at one of the sides of the shop.  I watched an older and a younger guy standing at the till nearby.

I walked over and saw that the try-on area consisted of a central corridor with mirrors, flanked by small cubicles where you could change into the new clothes.  I entered one of the curtained cubicles and changed into the first pair of pants I’d picked up.

I took my shoes and my socks off, then my trousers.  I checked myself to find that I was, without any stimulation, reasonable hard.  My nerves had gotten to me a bit … so I  wasn’t rigidly hard … but still, I was aroused.  Although the sales people didn’t seem especially pushy, it took a little time to put the pants on over my erection.  I’m sure they’d dealt with more difficult customers … but, still, I was taking a lot of time.  I removed my t-shirt and my briefs and then put on the new pants.  I took the button off and hid it underneath my jeans which I’d draped over the chair.  I took a deep breath and called out urgently, “Can someone help me?”

I wasn’t sure if someone responded until a definitely older voice said, “Who wanted some help?”

OK … I’d set this up properly.  With one hand I opened the curtain, then stepped halfway out of the cubicle and said, “I’m the one who needs help, sir.  There’s no button on these pants … could you get me another pair to try on?”

He looked at me, only half dressed, and said, “Of course … I’ll be right back.”

As he turned around, I noticed that Michel was standing in the central area outside the cubicles where people checked out the fit of their clothes.  He smiled.  He was followed by a kid of around 10 or so who pushed past him with 3 t-shirts in his hand.  He looked at me curiously and I watched his eyes travel down from my face to my crotch. I thought how embarrassing this was, and immediately hardened.

It seemed to me that it took ages for the sales person to return.  The kid had abandoned serving us, and a fellow of about 30 years of age was assigned to serve us.  Then I saw Michel start to walk away.  I stepped forward a little to see why.

“Ah … you must be the customer with the trousers without a button?” the sales person asked.  I felt myself blush.  This time it wasn’t the older salesman but the younger guy who’d come back.  He was around 22 or so … he had an attractively round face, with green eyes and brown hair … and slender … so he wasn’t bad looking at all.

“Hmm, “

“Oh, you don’t have to say anything!  When Richard said I should help you, I knew that something was probably going on.  You need help, trying something on?”

I started to get very flushed.  What was going on, I wondered.   Before I knew it, he’d moved closer and forced me to step back against the wall of the stall.

“OK … lift your foot up so we can see if this will fit.”  He held the trousers open so I could step in.

“You mean…?”

“Yea … go on.  I don’t have all day … and you definitely look like you need help.”

I moved against him and stepped into the leg he held in front of me.  He was bending over a bit now to slide the slacks over my leg.

“Put your hand on my shoulder and rest on it while I slide the jeans onto your other leg,” he instructed.  ” I don’t want you to fall over.”

I had to move a little bit closer to him to do this and his face now was very much level with my crotch.  When I realised that, I felt my cock harden.

“Down, boy!” I heard him whisper.

Now I stepped into the second leg and he pulled the slacks up.  Still positioned close to my cock, he moved the trousers slowly against my briefs, in the process touching my dick.

“Wow!!  You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you?, he said with a smile on his face as he looked up.

“Sorry … but wouldn’t you?” I replied.

“I know … but we can’t do that sort of thing here … and I’m not sure the other guy who just left would really like that.”

“Oh … so you were on to us then?”

“Let’s just say that I know what I saw when he walked behind you into the shop and later into the changing area.  But see … these fit you well … so I think you’d better buy them, don’t you think?”

“Hmmm … yea …  if you say so.”

“Well … they look great on you … very tight, I must say … but quite nice.  They make your bulge look stand out … so, yes, I’d say, keep them and you can pay at the checkout counter.  I’ll get a bag to put your old ones in.”

I just nodded and started to get my socks and shoes back on.

“You do this stuff a lot?” he asked.

“Yea … from time to time.”

“OK … tell your master that he’s more than welcome to do stuff down here during slow hours when I’m around.”

“I will,” I said and followed him to the till.  When I got there, I saw Michel standing not too far away, looking at me surprised … probably because I still had the trousers on.

The customer in front of me was finished and turned around.  It was the kid with his mom.  He looked at me and then said to his mom, “I want the same green y-fronts as him … they looked hot.”

I’m not sure his mom understood him as she just walked past us.  I stepped forward, trying to end this ordeal as quickly as I could.

When we got out of the store, Michel asked, “What was that all about?”

“I’ll tell you when we get home.  You’re coming home with me?”

“Yea … you think your dad will be OK with that?”

“Yea, it’s not a problem.  I’m not sure if he’s home even.”

We arrived home around 6.30.  I got something to eat out of the fridge to warm up.  There was a note from dad that he was working that evening and might not be home until later.

I put a note beside it, telling him that Michel was staying the night.  I thought it might be better to let him know.

After we’d had something to eat, we went upstairs to my room.

“So what was that all about, Tim?”

“With the boy, you mean?”

“No.  I know he saw you, so I can understand that remark.  You looked hot in them, Tim … very hot.  I was surprised, though, that he said it to his mom so openly.”

“Yea … me, too.  I was afraid she would either ask the boy how it was possible that he’d seen my underwear … or, even worse, if she could see what I had on.”

“Yea!  That last one would have been fun!  No, I meant the sales assistant.  Why did the younger one come back with the pants?”

“Oh, the older guy had told him there was something unusual going on … and that we needed his help.”

“Ah … so he was gay as well?”

“He didn’t say so but I think there is no doubt about it.  He was quite openly looking at me and he felt me up as well.”

“Oh!  What happened, Tim?”

“Hmm … well, he wanted to help me get into the trousers so he held them open for me to step into …  and, later on, he even touched me while doing up the zipper.”

“Wow!  Well … we might go back then .”

“Oh … he told me to tell you that during slow hours, I was free to come back for more tasks.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Tim?”

I started to blush and  hard again.

Michel smiled.  “You’re so hot when you feel embarrassed, Tim … so hot.  I could just do you, you know.”

Before I knew it, I said, “Why don’t you?”

He looked surprised.  “You mean?”

“Yea … I’m not in pain any more.”

“Oh!  OK … well, your dad is away … so we can do some cuddling and see where it all ends … but if it doesn’t feel right, I’m not going to do it … and I don’t want you to continue if you don’t feel right … OK?”

Michel moved closer.  I could feel the heat radiating from his body.  He moved even closer and slid his right hand from my shoulder down the middle of my back and rested it on my waist.  I turned my head to the left and looked up into Michel’s hazel eyes.  Somehow, in the space of only a few seconds, the other the looks on our faces had morphed into serious expressions of desire, lust.

“You want to shower?” Michel asked softly as he slipped his hand under my t-shirt and slowly slid it up my back.

I swallowed hard; I knew Michel could hear it.  He cleared his throat and managed to eke out a feeble, “Yes.”  I was trembling.   My horniness was already ramped up by the task I’d done in the store, and now the prospect of some love making with Michel made it go in overdrive .

Michel’s hand continued lifting the back of my t-shirt so I grabbed the front and pulled it up and over my head.  While he was doing that.  I got my hands on his hips and then slowly lowered his shorts.  Wow!  He was wearing a nice tight pair of grey briefs.  He stepped out of his underwear and pushed me away so he could take his shoes and socks off as well.

“Can I see those green briefs again, Tim?” Michel said in a husky voice.

I stepped back and looked up at him.  With my eyes on his, I moved my hands down to my jeans and opened the button.  Then slowly I lowered the zipper.  Michel was quiet and the only sound that I could hear was the zipper and his heavier breathing.   I smiled and stepped forward again.  Now, our crotches touching each other, my hands went to his back, slowly starting to lift his t-shirt.

Now only in our briefs, we kissed passionately.  I felt his tongue forcefully enter my mouth, opening it.  His tongue started to swirl around mine.  Shivers ran up and down my back feeling the tingling sensation of our tongues dancing.  We knew we needed to part for air but there was no real need for it though.

In the meantime Michel’s hands had been caressing my back but now had found their way to my buttocks, sliding in between my skin and the briefs.   I smiled as I knew he wasn’t patient, not at all.  He wanted to see it so I let him and slowly my briefs where pushed down.  My dick jumped out of my underwear, giving him a bit of a wet warm welcome as some precum splashed on his hands.

“You’re ready, aren’t you, Tim?”

“Very, Michel … very.”

He pushed his own briefs down and stepped closer again.  Michel stepped forward, right into my arms.  As our bodies made contact the electricity of the moment caused my erection to spring to full attention.  Michel looked into my eyes and slowly moved his lips closer and closer.

I closed my eyes in anticipation of the kiss and, when I felt Michel’s lips meet mine, I suddenly needed more oxygen and began desperately sucking air through my nose.  I then slowly opened my mouth again.   Now his lips opened as well and begin exploring my oral cavity.  I forgot all about breathing … it was no longer necessary.  Even more than the kiss before, I felt as if we were one.  I belonged to Michel.

“Oh! God! I need this!” I  moaned.  How could I deny this overwhelming need? “Take me, Michel … I’m yours.  Do what you want with me … I don’t care …  just take me!”

Michel didn’t answer.  He knew I was hotter than hot.  We just kept grinding our steel rods against each other, each frantically exploring the other’s body with our hands.  Slowly I started to feel like a bowl of Jell-O that had been left out of the refrigerator too long.

Michel tastes so good!  He’s sooo good, I thought as I sucked Michel’s tongue into my mouth and made love to it with my own tongue.

It felt like this was as good as it could be.  I could feel that Michel was ready for it as well.  Michel then turned around and moved us so that my back was against the wall.  Then ever so slowly he began working his lips down to my nipples.

I moaned loudly when I felt Michel’s tongue stroke my right nipple and guide it between two sucking lips.  Quickly he moved to my left nipple and gave it the same treatment.

I needed him to stop doing it.  I knew I was not far off my explosion and I knew he didn’t want me to come yet.  It was time to take control of this.  I pushed him away and lowered my head until I reached his nipples.  I returned the favour and in two fast moves I tucked them between my lips and sucked on them.  I could hear Michel stop breathing for a moment.  I decided not to waste a second and went straight down until I was able to blow some warm air over the tip of his dick.  As I had hoped, he was startled for one second as he gasped for air.  That was followed by a loud moan.

I moved closer and touched his piss slit with the tip of my tongue to taste his precum that was little by little starting to ooze out of it.  I opened my mouth and started to let his dick slide inside me.  By the time that I’d reached his balls, I’d moved my hands onto his buttocks, setting the pace of his face fuck.   One of my hands slid down a bit and was able to reach his balls.  I heard another loud moan from Michel’s mouth when I touched them.   I went back a bit till I found his perineum, a bit wet but hot.  Slipping my finger back, I could feel his ass lips.  He shuddered when I touched them.  I pushed a bit against them.  I didn’t want to push inside … just rub and caress them.  Slowly he had taken over deciding the pace of my face fuck.  I could feel him getting closer and closer.  Then all of a sudden, another tremble went through his body.  I pressed forward a bit more and, for just one second, I thought that a tiny bit of my finger slid inside his ass lips.  In the meantime, I moved my tongue around his dick and then Michel stopped for a moment.   His cumload burst past the barricades and rushed headlong through their passageways to join the seminal fluid and launch themselves down my throat.

I felt the warmth of his cum in my mouth.  I got up and waited until Michel opened his eyes.  He was lost in a kind of dream world for a few moments.  I loved watching him just after he’d cum.  The peaceful restful happy expression was all I needed to see.  Then he became aware that I was standing up looking at him, moving in for a kiss.  Our lips met.  When Michel parted his to welcome my tongue inside, he became the recipient of the gift of his own cum as our tongues danced back and forth, mixing and swallowing Michel’s seed.  My erection was still pressing against his abdomen seeking release.

He smiled at me, then asked simply, “Can you wait?”

I nodded.

“OK … shower first, then,” he said.

He took me into the shower and I had a hard time … yea, a double entendre … to make sure I wouldn’t come while his hands washed my body and my hands washed his.

“We’d better get out … I’m not sure how long you’ll be able to keep that going,” he said with a smile.

We got back to the bedroom.  He pushed me onto the bed.  Slowly he lowered himself onto me and then started to kiss me.  Our hands were locked together on our sides.  He was resting with his elbows on the bed.

I was sure he couldn’t remain in that position for very long and, indeed, a moment later, he rolled beside me laying on his side looking at me.  His eyes stayed on my dick.  I could see a smile forming on his face.

“I think that’s enough for today, Tim.  Let’s go to sleep.”

I looked at him.  No!  He had to be joking!  He couldn’t mean what he said.  He couldn’t leave me hanging like this.  I think he saw my disappointment on my face.

“No, just joking!!!  I’m just admiring it.  It’s really looking proud … standing there at attention, Timmy.”

Now I smiled again.

“Well … yours is coming back to full awareness, too, isn’t it?”

“What do you expect?”

He moved his face closer again.  Just like before an almost electrical explosion occurred as his lips touched mine.  It was almost too much.  I let out a deep sigh as our lips were glued to each other.   Then he moved down again, slowly licking his way to my cock.  I waited for him to touch it and was even momentarily a bit disappointed, I must say, as I felt his tongue caress my balls.

Again his voice had gone husky as he said, “Move your knees up, Tim.”

I shook a bit while I moved my knees up.

With his hands he now moved to my buttocks, pushed them up a bit.  Again I was having trouble breathing because the anticipation of what about was to happen was almost too intense.  I had closed my eyes and it took me by surprise when, instead of his finger, I felt the warmness of his tongue touching my ass lips.

I let out a loud moan and felt as if my senses had elevated to a higher state of excitement … as if my body had been infected with the sensations of pure lust.  I didn’t want him ever to stop.  The movement of the bed made me aware of his increased passion.  I opened my eyes and saw that Michel had reached back for something.  He pulled out a condom and a tube of lubricant.  He removed the condom from its foil pouch and, with his eyebrows up, asking me if I was OK, he handed it to me.  “Can you help me with this, Tim?”

I rose a bit while Michel moved with his dick now beside me.  It was hard and proud, standing fully erect again.  It looked untouched, as if it hadn’t come just 30 minutes ago.

“I don’t think you’ll need to prepare it a lot,” he whispered.

I took the condom with both hands and placed it over the head of his cock and then slowly rolled it down.   It dropped down his shaft quite easily … as if his cock was pushing itself into the condom.

“Hmm … no … it’s definitely ready, isn’t it” I responded with a smile.

I kept my hand out.  He understood and squirted some lube on it.  I then moved my hand and started to rub his dick, at first slowly but then with greater speed.  He moaned and gasped, “You’d better stop, Tim.”

I stopped and smiled.  I saw that he’d put some more cream on his hands and I knew what was about to come.  I laid back and pulled my knees up.  He pushed my ass upwards again and I knew he saw the entrance to my love tunnel.  Well … I hoped that that was what it was going to be.  I had read a lot about being fucked, so I knew it would hurt at first … but that eventually I’d come to love the sensations.

I jumped a bit as the cold jell touched my hole.  Michel gently rubbed the head of his cock across the opening.  OK … this wouldn’t be the first time … but it was going to be Michel’s first time.

Then I felt it, a finger pressing against the lips of my ass.  Did that ever feel good!  That must be his index finger going in.  What a touch he had … so gentle, so smooth!  He was working on my ring now, trying to get it to relax.  I’ll help him.  There goes a second finger … it must be the middle one.  Nice stretching motions … he’s so gentle.  Around and around, he’s twisting his fingers, prying them apart … trying to open me wider.  Ahhh, a third finger!  Well, he’s pretty big.  This is sooo good.

It wasn’t painful, so I slowly relaxed.  Then he withdrew his fingers.  I felt empty immediately.   I’d read about that as well, withdrawal symptoms.

Then I felt what must have been the head of his cock, pressing against my hole.  He leaned over and kissed me.

“You ready for this, Tim?”

I could hardly say anything, I was breathing so hard … trying to cope with the range of feelings I was experiencing.  I just nodded and smiled.

He moved back a bit and then I felt him apply pressure.  I felt his crown begin to penetrate my flesh.  Once his head was half way past my sphincter, I relaxed a bit more.  It felt as if Michel’s dick was being sucked inside.

I let out a low moan as the fullness of it all surprised me.  I felt as if I was slowly being opened up and the pain subsided.

“Good?” Michel asked.

“Yea,” I said in a husky voice.

He then pulled out.  Oh, what a feeling … but, at the same time, I felt empty.  Then with a bit more force, he moved deeper inside me.  This time I let out a cry of pleasure as he slid further inside and eventually struck my pleasure button, my prostate.  I opened my eyes and saw that Michel was smiling at me.

“Jackpot!” he said.

“Wow!” was my answer.

He now started to slide in and out in a regular rhythm.  I just thought I’d gone to heaven and back.  I felt my dick harden even more.  It felt like it was pushed upwards with every thrust that Michel made.

I knew then that I wouldn’t last very long.  I’m not sure but, for a moment, Michel broke the rhythm and pushed it deeper inside but held it there.  I felt every nerve in my body starting to sing and then, “Ahhunggg ….  Ahhhg ….  Ahh ..,.” as stream after stream of cum left my dick … the first ejaculation went way over my head … the next few reaching my face and upper chest.  My body gyrated as if attached to an electrical source … except Michel was that electricity.  I soon collapsed back onto the bed.  Michel had stopped thrusting.  I slowly opened my eyes.

“Go on,” I invited.

Michel smiled and said ‘I can’t!  You’ve got it in a tight lock down there.”

Oh, damn!!!  I felt my muscled tighten, so much so that he was almost trapped inside me.  I took a deep breath and, as I did, I felt Michel slowly withdraw.  He hadn’t given up, though … and I saw the look on his face intensify as he entered me again.

My dick was still half hard and I could feel that the pressure inside me was building again when Michel hit my love button very forcefully.  When he pulled back, my dick had reached full mast again and, with two more thrusts,  I felt ready to shoot again.  This time, though, I almost lost consciousness.  I shouted out loudly when he hit my prostate hard again.  Then I heard him scream and collapse on my chest as he was splashed by spurts of my cum.

I needed a moment to return to the real world.  At first, I felt his dick still inside … then I sensed that he was more or less laying on top of me.  I opened my eyes and whispered into his left ear that was close to my mouth, “You’re OK, Michel?”

He moved up a bit and I saw tears running down his face … but also a smile.

“OK is just the half of it, Tim!  That was incredible.”

He then kissed me before moving upwards again.  In doing so he slowly starting to withdraw his dick from inside me.

“You’re incredibly tight, Tim.  Careful … don’t do that,” he warned.

“What?  Flexing my muscles down there?” I said.  “I wasn’t even aware that I was doing it.”

“If you would have continued that, I would have come again!”

With a soft popping sound, his dick left my love channel which, as I had expected, now felt very empty.

I saw that he’d slid off the condom and tossed it on the night stand.  “I think a shower is in order again,” he said, looking over me.

“You think so?” I answered.

We made our way to the shower and were luckily out of there before my dad got home.

Back in bed we were laying on our backs.

“That was incredible, Tim,” Michel said.   “I don’t think I ever came so forcefully.”

I smiled.  “Me, neither … and never will again … probably never twice as I did now.”

“Yea … that was amazing … but then, you had some help up in there.”

“I guess.”

“So how did it feel ,Tim?”

“Oh … I think there’s only one way to find out, Michel … as there are no words to describe it.”

“Hmm … we’ll see,” he answered.

We just laid there and, I think, soon after, we dozed off.  Well, I know I did.

The next morning, I think there were smiles everywhere.  I’m sure that my dad was aware that something had happened, but he didn’t say anything at all.  I was just lucky that he’d come home late as I’m sure, otherwise, he would have heard us … as I can’t say we’d been very quiet.

The first three hours of the day went by fine.  The fourth one was the gym period.  I was close by so I was among the first to enter the locker-room.  There were just one or two others there.  I’d worn white briefs that morning … a nice style, nothing too tight.  I saw that Brandon was there as well and he smiled when he saw me.  He was still on the other side of the room, though.

I’d just taken my pants off and was ready to put my shorts on when the door of the locker room was opened with a crash.

“There he is!  He really expects to be able to change with us, the pervert,” one of them said.  I was shocked … beyond shocked … when I realised who it was.

“You really think you’ll be allowed to change here, faggot?”

It suddenly came to me that I was quite alone, facing these guys.  I’d expected that Michel would be here by now but I realised that, of my friends, only Brandon was there and he was too far away top defend me if they attacked me.

“I think you want to try to convert us, fag … so you’d better leave.”

“I’m almost done … then I’ll be out of here,” I replied, braver than I felt.  I was just about to step into my shorts, trying to ignore them.

One of them pushed me, though, and said, “No way!  Get your pants back on and get out of here!”

I looked up now.  I saw about ten guys surround me … all looking at me … and a few staring at my crotch, I think.  I was nervous but, in spite of that, I could feel my dick slowly start to respond.

Oh, no … not now,  I thought.

“Leave him alone!” I heard Brandon shout from behind me.

“Shut up, Brandon.  The coach will soon be here with the verdict.  We took this to the student- teacher council … we don’t want him perving on us.  He just has to go to the girls’ locker room to change, as he’s just like them.”

What? I thought.   That couldn’t be the case, could it?

The gang moved closer again and one had taken my trousers out of my locker, holding them in front of me.  I could hardly move … I was scared by now.  Then the door slammed open again.

“Back off!”  I let out a sigh of relief as it was the coach.  Things could only improve npw

“Sir … tell him to leave now,” the student who’d spoken first said.

I still couldn’t remember that bully’s name.  I didn’t have a lot of classes with him.  All in all, I think it was largely members of the football team who were protesting my presence.

“He will … don’t worry.”

What? I thought.

“Good, we don’t want fags down here,” some of them chanted.

“Who said  that?” the coach said.  It suddenly got quite quiet then.

“Let me make one thing clear here,” the coach said clearly.  “I never want to hear any denigrating word said to Tim at all.  If I ever hear anything negative, I’ll make sure myself that that person is punished as severely as possible … up to a suspension.  Do you understand?”

I could see some nodding but not a lot.

“The same in case anyone ever hurts Tim … is that understood?”    Still a few nodded but not that many.

“OK.  Now that that is clear … we have to deal with where you should change, Tim.  I agree with the others that it’s better if you do that with the girls.  In that case, no one can claim that you’re hitting on them.”

“But sir …” I started.

“No, Tim.  On this point, the student/ teacher council was clear: for the time being, you’ll use the girls’ locker room to change.  We’ll continue our discussions at the end of the day but, since this class has started, we needed a decision.”

I saw Michel behind the coach.  “I’ll go home then, sir, so that no one is upset,” I said.

“Oh, no.  You’ll stay.  I want to see you coming out of the girls’ locker room, dressed for class within 5 minutes, or you’ll be suspended as well.”

Damn!!!  I looked at Michel.

chapter 49

chapter 32

By the time I got downstairs the guy had left already. My master was sitting with his dad on the couch. They had started the pizza. The other son was standing beside it looking at them.

“AH, there you are. You are looking quite wet”. The dad said.

“Yea, he was thirsty and there was some one here that needed to pee so”, said the young master.

“Oh, so the pizza delivery guy needed to go?”

“Yea, he did, but that was resolved quite nicely”.

“Was it nice?” The dad asked me.

“It was ok”.

“I think more than that, he stayed rock hard during it. Although now I think he has soften up a bit”.

“Yea I think so too”.

“Well they will have to wait for a bit. They will do their last task in a moment”. The dad said.

Without a lot being said they finished their pizza. I looked around but most of my view was on the slave son’s wet briefs. The effect on me was that I slowly started to get hard again.

After about 30 minutes or so the dad said. “Well time to wrap up this for this evening. We will go on again on Friday. Lastly, one of the things we want you to do is a striptease. So we decided that the loser of the last task will start with a striptease on Friday with a piece of clothing less. Not that that will mean anything but it is a start”.

“Yea, nice”. Said the master son. “Can I tell them what it is they will need to do?”

“Yea of course it is your evening”.

“OK, you will go and start to masturbate each other in a moment. You will do your utmost best to make sure that the other one will come as fast as possible and the one that cums first will be the loser. Is that clear?”

Yea what was not clear about that I thought?

“Ok, go and sit beside each other on the couch”.

When we sat down we touched each other. It felt very horny and my dick was very stiff now.

The slave son wanted to get his briefs off but the dad said. “No leave them on; it will make it more difficult”.

Oh that would be the case. I knew he was just as horny as me so whatever happened I knew it would be close.

“Ready, go for it”. The Young master said.



I put my hand on his crotch and slowly started to rub it. I looked to see how he responded. I met his eyes when I realized that he was doing the same. I smiled at him and repressed a moan, which I normally would have let out. It was the very tense for me as I knew I was not going to spurt any cum. It didn’t take long until I felt that I was almost going to cum. When he pulled it further back and the material of my briefs rubbed my dick a bit longer I knew I was a goner and I yelled it out.

I had kept rubbing his dick but then realized that my hand had gotten wet that he had cum as well.

“Good slave”. Said the little master. “I had only hoped you would have lasted a bit longer. I am disappointed in that. But you lost Tom, so on Friday you will start with a piece of clothing less”.

“Yes master”. I said as I had no choice but neither knew what they had planned exactly for Friday.

“Did you enjoy it Tom?” The dad asked.

“Yes master, it was nice”.

“Good, you can get dressed then in a moment and we will see you here again on Friday at 6 pm ok”?

“Yes master”.

“Oh, you will have to make sure you wear a T-shirt, sport shorts and some kind of white briefs, the smaller the better. I assume that you will do this without me contacting your masters right?”

“Yes master”.

“Ok, you can get dressed now”.

After I dressed I was allowed to go.

I took the day off so that on the Friday afternoon I could have a little rest. I had just showered and was checking out my drawer to see what I would wear. The smallest briefs were the ones with the little cartoons on them. I took a deep breath and put them on. Just as I was doing this I heard that I received mail. As I had still some time left I went to the computer to see what was sent to me.


“Dear slave boy”.

The next few days will be very important for your future. You have come further then we expected. You will also have tomorrow evening an appointment. You will call at exactly 8 pm at this address. You will do exactly what you are told. Depending on the end of the evening we will contact you to tell you what will happen further after this. For tonight have a lot of fun but after last Wednesday we suspect you will have.

Your masters Flip and Eric.


Damned two nights in a row. It could get too much I thought. But first tonight I had no idea what was going to happen but I was sure that I would be standing in those very skimpy cartoon briefs at some point.

At exactly 6 pm I pressed the doorbell.

“Ah, you’re nicely on time”. The young master said. “Come on in”.

I walked into the living room. On the couch the slave son was already there. Dressed in the same way I was. The dad was not there.

“OK, we will leave in a moment. My dad can’t be here today so I came up with some fun things to do tonight. First we will go to the fitness centre and I will explain everything there ok”.

“Yes master”. We both said at the same time.

We laughed about it but there was an undertone of nervousness in it for sure.

“Good, you can go to the car and I will be there soon. You can drive ok?” He said to his brother.

“Yes master”.

“Good, wait till I am there”.

Together we walked to the car.

“Where is your dad?” I asked.

“Oh, he had to go to work suddenly. Ever since he told us, I could tell that my brother was having fun with these thoughts of what was to come. I don’t expect this will be an easy night. Sorry for that”.

“I am used to these types of things and it will be very horny time with whatever he comes up with.

“You are looking at that all very relaxed are you not?” He asked me.

“Well not easy but there is nothing else I can do”.

“No, maybe not”.

“OK, where is he?” He said after we sat down in the car.

I looked at the house and saw that he was just stepping out of the house and he had his mobile in his hand. I had gone to the front and it seems he was ok with that as he sat down in the back.

“Ok, we are going to the fitness centre close to the shopping centre on the north side, ok?”

“Right, where do you want me to park?”

“ON the front side”. He said.

The slave brother started to drive. I had some idea where the shopping centre was but I didn’t really know it very well. I surely never had been to the fitness centre down there. I had expected that we should have gotten some tasks inside the house but this would be something different. I knew the little master had some strange ideas as well.

After about 10 minutes we stopped at the front of quite a big building.

“Ok, we will go to the locker room in a moment. I still need to change. It is good that you have got the right gear on already. I have got some different shoes with me for you. When we get to the hall I will explain what the first task will be”.

“Yes master”. We both said at the same time.

“Good”. He said and then he looked at me. “Are you not forgetting something Tom?”

I looked at him surprised.

“I believe you were supposed to start with a piece of clothing less today. So what will it be? Your sport shorts?” He said laughing.

“Hmm no, can it be my shoes?” I asked.

“Yea fine although you might have needed them in a moment”. He smiled. “But too late for now. Leave your shoes here ok”.

I took my shoes off and followed them inside on my socks. We followed him into the locker room where the other slave got a pair of shoes to wear. The little master changed making sure we got as horny as possible. Oh I didn’t tell you yet I have received the key to unlock the device. I could get hard easy now but not some. In the car the little master had asked for the key.

I got some strange looks when I entered the hall in my socks. He took us in the direction of some devices. We followed him and then he tapped someone on the shoulder. He turned himself around.

“He Bart, nice to see you again. Are those two really going to do it?

“Yea, they have no choice Sander. It will make them very horny.”

“Hi, nice to see you two again”. Sander said to us.

I had recognised him the moment he turned around. The pizza delivery guy from Wednesday. I expected a lot but not this.

“Ok, first we are going to do four different power exercises. The overall loser of the four will need to hand in another piece of clothing. Understood?”

“Here in the hall?” The son slave asked.

“Yea, where else?” Master Bart said (the young master).

“Oh, ok”.

Damned I thought, I might end up losing my Socks then and even more if we stay here. I thought. I looked around it was quite crowded with an average kind of group. Some younger and some older ones around as well.

For the first exercise I had to go with Sander. It was an exercise where I had to push as much weight as I could while stretching my legs.

I went to lie on the chair.

“So you like to walk around in briefs then?” Sander asked.

“Yea a little bit”. I said.

“Nice, it looked hot. Love to see what you are wearing today”. He said with a smile. “But first push this away in a moment. I will add 5 kg to it each time. We shall see how far you will get.”

I started easy but when we got to the 50 kg it got very hard. I managed though but with the extra 5 kg I lost it. That was just too much.

“Ok, I have written that down. For the next exercise you can go to Bart. I will see you later.”

I saw that Bart was on the other side so I walked towards him.

Nothing much happened during the exercises. It was quite heavy and neither Sander nor Bart said anything about who was in the lead. After we had finished the four exercises we were taken back to the walking tread mill.

“Ok, the next task we are going to do is also the last one we will do here. We want to see who can walk the most distance in 10 minutes. We are going to do this with you standing beside each other so you can see what the other is doing. Oh and with walking we mean walking. You can go as hard as you like as long as you make sure you walk. It is not allowed to run. If you do then you will have automatically lost. To make it a bit more difficult we will start with a slope of 10% as well. Understood?”

We both just nodded. No way were we going to say yes master down here.

“Good but before we go and do this; we have to see who is going to hand us another piece of his clothing”.

Now I thought, I had hoped that walking would be part of it. Well I had done all I could I thought.

They stood together whispering and smiling. “Ok, you can tell them Sander”. Bart said.

“Ok, well the result is fun for us but less for both of you. If we count all the weights you have done there is a tie. So it means you both lost. So decide which piece of clothing you want to take off.

“Hey that is not fair.” Peter said. “Why not make it a double wager at this walking task?”

“Shut up Peter, but if you want to, if you lose the next task you will get rid of two pieces. Sounds like a good deal.” Bart said.

I saw that for one moment that Peter wanted to protest, but it seems he understood that that might just make it worse.

“So what will it be boys?” Sander said.

Now what, I thought. Taking my t-shirt off would be something and I definitely would not take my shorts off. But if I take my socks off, this was bad because I really did not need to walk on my bare feet I thought. If for safety reasons that is not allowed then I will lose this for sure.

I saw that Peter took his shoes off. If I would keep my socks on at least this walking would be an even battle and if Peter lost then we would be even. But could I take my t-shirt off. What would I do….?

chapter 33