chapter 35

Together we got out of the car. I walked around it as fast as I could. The seats were in the light. When we got there we sat down. I looked around. “Hmm, we better do this fast Peter. Any one that drives or comes by can see us”.

“Yea that is what I thought as well. But it doesn’t need to take too long”. He answered.

“NO, we look both very hard so I guess not”.

“How are we going to do this?” He asked me while he looked at my briefs.

I moved my hand towards his crotch. When I got closer I felt the heat came from it. Then I slowly put my hand on his crotch. He didn’t wait long as I felt his shaking hand touched my crotch. I think we both let out a moan at that exact time.

I started to move my hand over his crotch fast as I didn’t want to lose this one. He hesitated for a moment and then followed my lead. I felt that my balls were already starting to get ready to shoot. I knew that this was not going to take that long. I was so horny. I felt that he pushed his crotch against my hand.

I almost didn’t care anymore winning or losing as long as I was able to cum.

I looked up and was startled as I saw that 2 boys out of the group from the shop were watching us. Damn they had planned this upfront. No tie by accident this was on purpose. I felt that I got even hornier as I realised what we were doing in front of them. I felt humiliated, sitting there cumming in public in my briefs. Shit I thought and looked up at Peter who was still looking at my crotch.

He hadn’t notice them yet, so I said. “Hey Peter we got spectators”.  While I said that I saw that he looked up, turned red. I had sped up my movements at his crotch as well.

“Damn”. He said. I felt that he pushed his crotch against my hand and then it started to get wet.

“Wow, he had just cum, while we were watching”. One of the blokes said.

Peter had let his hand go off my crotch. He was focussing on his own orgasm. I had won I realised but I was still very hard and very horny.

“Thanks for this boys. We will see you on the webcam I am sure”. One of them said.

“What was that about?” Peter asked when he got back in a bit.

“That was two of the blokes that saw us do the task in the shop earlier on”.

“OH, how did they come down here”?

“Mark of course, what do you think”?

“Oh damn now what” Peter said.

“Well I am going to go back to the car. I think I have had enough”.

“Yea, but what will they do with me. You think I am allowed in the car like this?”

“I think so Peter. They have not done anything too dangerous tonight. It was all planned very well.

“Yea I guess it was.”

“Well you can hardly see that you came and you are not hard anymore that is at least something”. I said.

“No, that is true, but you are hard. Are you very horny”?

“You can hardly believe how much. But let’s get going”. I said and started to walk to the car.

I opened the door and got in.

“Nice”. Master Mark said.

“Hmm, yea well not really”. I answered.

“I think you do, look at your briefs”.

“Hey Peter not to cold though?” Mark switched now as Peter got in front of Sander’s side window.

“No, but please can I come in”?

“Oh, you think we are done then already?” Mark asked him.

“Please guys you can’t just let me stand here or let me walk home so can I get in”?

“We are almost done Peter. Just close your eyes and keep standing down there like that ok”. Mark said.

I saw that Sander now lifted his hips up and pulled his trousers down, and then he pulled out his hard dick and started to jack himself off. Oh damn he was going to shoot on Peter’s undies as well.

“Oh, peter you better not open your eyes if you do you will have to walk home. I think that will be enough encouragement to keep your eyes closed”.

I heard that Sander moaned hard and then his cum must have splattered onto the jockstrap of Peter.

“Ok move down here now Peter, on my side you can open your eyes now”.

Peter slowly walked to the street side of the car. I saw he looked closely to see if there was no one watching. When he came up to the Mark’s window, Mark smiled and said: “Ok, close your eyes again”.

I couldn’t see what happened then but I knew what Mark was doing. He didn’t need a lot of time as all of a sudden I heard that Mark moaned and must have put his cum on Peter’s jockstrap as well.

A moment later Mark said. “Ok, you can come in now”.

Sander moved towards the door opened it just when a car drove by and blowed his horn.

He sat down beside me. I looked at his crotch and saw that he was looking at his, very wet jockstrap. I could smell the scent of cum on it for sure.

Mark started to move off slowly. Home I thougth. I hoped so. I had enough although I was horny as hell”.

“Did you enjoy that all guys? We did”. Mark said.

“Yea thank you master”. Peter answered.

“Yea we saw that you did Peter. And you Tom?”

“Yea it was ok”.

”Good, well we all came very nicely I would say, except for you Tom. By the looks of it I think you are up for it aren’t you?”

Damn I thought more humiliation. Was it not going to stop then? My dick had other thoughts though as it was pushing hard against the waistband of my trousers. I moaned softly.

“I think you just answered that one Tom. I think you deserve another chance to come don’t you think Peter?”

“Hmm yea I guess so especially as he has won”.

“Yea that is what I thought too. So what do you think Sander? You think Tom will dare to do the last job as well then?”

“I am not sure, it is a bit tricky this one”.

“Yea I know but I think that Tom is horny enough to do it. I think he is only thinking with his dick and balls now.”

“You think so Mark? I think it is a bit risky”.

“No, I think he will. How late is it”.

“It is nine thirty Mark”.

“Not too late then. So what will it be, you want to cum Tom”?

I was as horny as hell and surprised myself when I said with a shaky voice.

“Please master”.

“Ok, well we are there then.”

I looked outside. Although it was dark I could see we were standing in a street with some houses attached in a row on either side. I didn’t recognise the place though.

“Well if you want to cum, we will give you a chance. Sander didn’t deliver the news paper tonight at the first three of these houses. I think you can deliver at least one of them. Which one is up to you Tom”?

“What?” I said through my horniness I had only heard half of that. The only thing that really got in was I was allowed to show someone my hard dick in my briefs. That it was a stranger and I would be humiliated like that and I couldn’t care less. I just wanted to come.

“Yea, you will deliver at one place the newspaper dressed like that and you will make sure that you will cum as well.”

“Oh, ok”.

Sander gave me the newspaper and opened the car door for me. I stood up and looked around. It was a very quiet neighbourhood. I didn’t hear or see anything.

“Ok, Tom. Last instructions”. Mark said. “You need to cum but you are not allowed to use your hands. If you do no cum before you are back down here you can walk all the way home. So do your best”.

Shit I thought. Not a lot of choice I thought. I walked towards the first house. A very nice well made up garden, open and all. As soon as I would start to walk to the door they would be able to see me. I just walked fast to the second one. This had a wild front garden with beside the door a tree. This will do I thought.

I felt that my dick was now really ready to spurt a lot of cum. I walked towards the tree. I pushed my briefs against it and rubbed it. I stopped after 15 seconds or so as I felt that one more time would be enough to cum. I let out a deep sigh and pushed the doorbell. I got closer to the tree and rubbed it again. I saw through the door that the light went on and someone was going to answer the door. I stopped rubbing, stepped back again. The moment the handle of the door was moving I felt that my balls started to contract. Oh shit here it comes I thought. I was able to keep the moan in when the door opened. But my cum started to spurt its way out through my dick hitting my briefs. Oh hitting it, straight through it I thought. I opened my eyes and saw a guy of around 16 or so looking at me. He was looking at my crotch where I now was sure sperm was dripping onto my legs and ground.

I pushed the newspaper forward and said. “I think this one is yours. It was on the street”.

“Hmm yea that could be right. It looked very good what you just did, incredible too. I would ask you in but my parents are home. But thanks for the paper”.

I heard some sounds behind him and he closed the door fast. I think he wanted to protect me from whoever was coming towards him.

I turned around and saw Sander looking at me from the footpath. “Damn Tom. I didn’t think you would do it. Come on you deserve your clothes for sure now”.

I followed Sander shaking on my legs back to the car. More and more sperm was dripping onto my legs down towards my feet.

“You were lucky there you know, the other two houses have older couples living at each. I am glad that William opened the door as well. I know what he is doing right now”. He laughed with that.

I got into the car and let out a sigh.

“And Sander, did he do it?” Mark asked.

“Yea you can be very proud of him”. He then told them what had happened. I didn’t realise that he had seen it all.

“Oh damn no sperm on my back seat dude. Peter, lick it off fast”.

Before I realised it Peter was licking clean my legs.

It was hot to feel that as I felt that my dick started to get hard again.

When we got to Peter and Mark’s house I was allowed to put my clothes on. I didn’t need to go in anymore and was told to go home.

When I got in there I heard that an e-mail arrived.

When I opened it I read.

Dear Slave,

Well done tonight. Your masters are impressed with you. A good start of an important weekend. I think you will bring us quite something. Now make sure you are ready tomorrow at 5 pm. Your clothes to wear then are on your bed. And oh cumming once is enough so no playing”.

Your master Erik.

chapter 36