chapter 37

Chapter 37 of Tom

“I think I will leave you alone for a moment. You do understand me don’t you Tom?”

“Yes I do Erik, but it comes as a surprise”.

“I understand that. But no worries if you don’t want to do this then it stops. You will have an hour to think about it. If you want to we can even agree that you don’t decide until after the auction”.

“How do you mean?”

“Well you decide not until after the auction. After you have spoken with the person that is buying you. So no decision until afterwards”.

“But I do have an obligation by then?”

“Not if we agree to it like this. But good, just think about it. You got time just before it starts ok”.


“See you later then Tom and if you have any questions let me know”.

Erik stood up and walked to the other side of the room. Now what I thought? My dick was hard and was showing me what I wanted. I had to admit that from a lot of stuff that I had done I really got horny. Not all of them for sure, but now what, doing this with a stranger. No way. I slowly finished my beer. In deep thought, I stared at the table top. A moment later, or at least what I thought was a moment later a shadow fell over the top.

“Hey Tom it has been quite some time”.

I just nodded.

“Ok if I sit down?”

“Yea of course”. I answered.

“You do recognise me don’t you?”

“Yea from that evening at home with the pizza”.

“Yes, that was me.  I am surprised to see you here”.

“Yea, Erik wanted me to be here”.

“Is he going to sell you?”

“Maybe. He does not have enough time for me anymore. He is leaving it up to me if I want to stop or not”.

“Oh no wonder you were gone in thought. I had tried to get your attention before but without success”.

“Yea sorry didn’t see you”.

“I know I tried for more than 5 minutes before I came down here. Have you already made up your mind what you are going to do?”

“No, not really. My feelings say do it. My head says no, to heavy…. I just don’t know what to do”.

“Do you have questions about what all can happen?”

“Well not questions but for example, what if there is no click between him and me? What if he wants me to do totally different things?”

“You find that hard?”

“Yea, well I know what makes me horny. What I can do and yes I like doing it I can’t deny that. But there are other things I just don’t want to think about”.

“Did you make an agreement upfront with Erik about that kind of stuff you don’t want to do?”

“How do you mean agreement? I just did what he wanted me to”.

“Ok, so there was no contract or anything?”

“Contract?” I asked him surprised.

“Yea a contract between a master and his slave. That happens quite often. If there is something you don’t like to do, that is agreed up on in it up front. So you agree on stuff before you start”.

“Oh, no I didn’t have anything like that”.

“How did you then know if Erik wouldn’t do something that you didn’t want to do?”

“I trusted him”.

“Ah, now there you get to a crucial point Tom. Trust that is what this is all about. Nothing else. Even if you get a contract that is still the central theme between a slave and his master. Do you understand that?”

“Ya, but ..”.

“No buts Tom. Trust and just go for it”.

“Easier said than done”.

“Well you had no problem with Erik to do that did you?”

I looked at him and then my eyes turned around the room till I saw Erik. He was looking at us. I turned my eyes away again, realizing there were a lot more people here now.

“Yea you are right about that”. I answered in the end.

“Trust yourself Tom and then do what feels good. Make a good agreement after the auction and it will all turn out for the better”.

“Are you interested?” I asked him.

“No, sorry although I really appreciated what happened that evening I got other stuff that turns me on”.

“Oh, ok, pity. But how do you know up front if a slave has got what you are looking for?”

“Ah, it seems Erik has forgotten to tell you something”. He pointed to the table where a little booklet was laying on the table.

“In the booklet Tom are all these descriptions of the slaves that are up for sale tonight. There is also information that is about you. With some examples of what you have done so far”.


“Any other questions Tom?”

“No, not really”.

“Ok, I might see you then later tonight and this one is for you”. He pushed another beer closer to me. One that he had brought to the table but not had drank anything out”.


He walked away. I could hear the sound of people talking in the background. It had definitely become a lot busier than before. I looked at the booklet that he had left on the table. I opened it and found straight off a picture of me and a description of all the things that I had done. It looked indeed about right I thought. I slowly finished my second glass of beer while I thought about the options.

I knew that if I would stop I would miss having it all around. But then again to completely turn over my life and freedom.

“Do you know what it is going to be?” I then surprisingly heard Erik ask beside me.

“Do I have to decide then already?”

“Yea, the hour is almost over”.

I didn’t realize that the time had gone so fast. I was sure that I hadn’t moved in either direction a lot during that hour.

“I don’t know Erik, I really don’t”.

“I understand that. What do you want to do now?”

“Can’t you just go on Erik?”

“No we discussed this for a very long time Tom. It wouldn’t work”.

“Shit but then what”.

“Ok, well why don’t you go along tonight with what is going to happen and then at the end of the night when you know who has bought you, you can decide together with him what you want”.

“And if I don’t want to then there is no need?”

“Yes, that is what we agree upon now”.

“Ok, let’s do that then”, I sighed. At least I had delayed the decision.

“Good, go to the bar and tell them who you are. They will tell you what to do next”.

10 minutes later I was in an area with 7 other slaves. All differently dressed. When I entered I was informed that I was only allowed to wear in there what I was allowed to wear as a slave normally. When I looked at the others it seems that almost nothing was the trend for slaves. I had kept on my briefs but that was still more than three of them who were wearing nothing except for some chains and a ring around there neck. There was one other slave who was about my age but the others where older. He was wearing some very tight rubber briefs and a t-shirt. Then one by one we were called to the podium. I was the last one and Erik was waiting for me. He introduced me and told a few of the things that I had done. I felt that my dick was starting to get hard while he was doing that. Then that was all and I was told to go back again. I walked off with a modest amount of applause. I couldn’t see into the room because of the light but there must have been at least 100 or so in there.

“Hey, do you know what is next?” I asked the slave who was sitting beside me.

“No not really. Normally we will be all called back onto the podium in about 10 minutes or so, but it almost seems like they are doing something else today”.

“Shut up back there. You should know better than to talk down here”. A harsh voice from the door yelled.

The slave turned his head down and looked at the ground. I looked around but most of them just sat there waiting to see what would happen. We were indeed brought back to the podium. Not all of us together but in a group of 4. When we got onto the podium we were blindfolded.

“Ok, 10 minutes to test the slaves. You are allowed to touch but no pain. You all know the rules”.

Before he was finished saying that I felt the first hands going over my body. I felt that my dick started to grow in these too small white briefs. I heard several men whispering, not only to me but also to the other slaves.  My dick jumped almost out of my briefs when I heard one whisper. “Shall we take you outside dressed like this?” Some of them must have seen the result of that and laughed.

It felt like an eternity but I was happy when the blindfold was taken off and we were lead back to the room beside the podium. The other four went back up now. I sat down close to the slave who I thought was of my age.

“You know what is going to happen now?”

“No, it is the first time for me down here”.

“Oh you think the others have been here before?”

“Yea one of them told me that sometimes master’s do this as part of their game. To give the slave the idea that they are being sold”.

I looked around and didn’t see the man that had shouted shut up before. I think he had gone up to the podium himself.

“Oh shit I hadn’t thought about that possibility yet”.

“Well I hope that is my case. I don’t want to think about having to serve someone else. I really love my master, but if that is what he wants”.  He sighed and a tear was running down his cheek.

“Oh relax you might be right, maybe it is just a test”.

“Maybe but he likes you and I am in my early twenties, so I’m not sure what he does. And you?”

“My master told me has no time for me anymore. He is leaving the decision if I want to be sold or not up to me”.

“Oh and then you’re still here?”

“Yea I am not sure I can live without this. Depends a bit on who will buy me”.

“Well good look. There were quite a few old ugly guys in the room so I don’t think I want to end up serving one of them”.

The others slaves came back again and we knew we better keep quiet again as that man was standing at the door as well.

“Ok slaves”, he said. “They are doing a first bid now in an envelope for each of you. The highest bid amount for each of you is going to decide who is going on to the podium first. We will do the sale in couples of two. We will start that in about 10 minutes. Normally it should all be finished in about an hour. Stay calm and quiet down here. The one that is going to make trouble will end up the podium and will be given a trashing he will remember. I am sure you don’t want that to happen.”

He turned around and every one stayed quiet.

A moment later the first two were being called forward. I thought well I’m not the cheapest of the group. The next two rounds went quite fast. I was left alone with the slave in his twenties. It seems there was more interest in us young ones. It took them quite some time to do the two before us as we had to wait at least 20 minutes or so.

When we were called onto the podium Erik was waiting there with someone else, the other master I thought. I had to go and stand beside Erik and although I was in front of a full room in my briefs I must have been nervous as I didn’t get hard at all.

“Ok, wait and stand still”. Erik whispered.

A moment later numbers were starting to fly around us. It seems we where both quite popular. I couldn’t tell if it was by the same people or not. After 5 minutes there was a short break.

“Ok, we got two requests. I think these slaves should follow them up. The first one is that they need to be naked. So you better get naked guys. The second one is that they have to masturbate during the remainder of the bids, but you are not allowed to cum”.

Damned I thought this is not what I had expected. I looked at Erik and he nodded. I slowly started to take the briefs off. I looked at the other slave and saw he did the same. He had a nice long dick. I felt that my dick started to get hard now. I took it in my right hand and slowly stared to pull on it. I moaned softly and that is when the bidding continued.

I slowly started to get into a trance again. I knew I was doing it in front of a lot of people and I got hornier and hornier. I didn’t even notice that the bidding had stopped until Erik had tapped my shoulder and said “It is done”.

I looked at him and said “And”.

“I don’t know. I didn’t see who it was. But we need to go and sit at that table. The one that bought you will be there as well”.

I was allowed to put my briefs on again.  They hardly covered my very hard dick. I followed Erik to a few tables at the side. It seems these were kept empty for us to use now. From one of the people that organised it all Erik got a note handed to him. He opened it and looked at me just after he read it. “It seems I have to put the blindfold back on again. It seems the buyer is not ready to show himself. But he wants to talk to you”.

Erik got the blindfold out again and put it on. I heard then that two chairs were pulled away from the table and people sat down on them. I thought I heard Erik say “Oh”. But I was not sure of that.

I waited.

“Hmm, Tom I will need to ask you a few questions and I expect honest answers ok?”

“Yes Erik”.

“Do you already know if you want to be sold or not?”

I was surprised by that question. Although it had partly been on my mind during the whole auction I still had not reached a decision on it.

“That depends who bought me”. I answered.

“Yea we expected that more or less. You really want to but it depends on who has bought you. Can you tell us why”?

“I need to be able to trust the person. I knew that Erik or Flip would never go too far. Although, I had my doubts when they started to put me out through the internet. I am not sure if I could do that again”.

“Ok, we understand that” Erik said. I could hear that there were notes being pushed over the table. It seems they wrote down what they wanted Erik to ask.

“Is there anything else that matters Tom?”

I was silent. I knew that I was not sure if I could tell this or not but I decided to be honest. It could be misused but then at this point I could always get out of it.

“There is more than the play between master and slave. I have been in love before and I want that again. But maybe only in combination with the play. I think that would be ideal. More than just do stuff as a slave, build on each other, love each other etc”.

It got silent again and I could hear that someone was scribbling something down.

“Ok, I can understand that. And what if you would find that, would you would be willing to go on?”

“Yea”. I answered fast.

“So you want to get rid of the blackmail and play with someone you love?”

Oh damn they know about the blackmail.

“Yea that would be my choice”.

“And if you wouldn’t have that choice you would stop?”

“I think I would yea”.

“Ok, I am going to give that choice to you. I am not going to threaten or blackmail or something like that. I want obedience and if not then I will punish you”.

“Hmm yea that is what I would expect”.  I said when Erik stopped at that point.

“But if there is no love Tom what then?”

“Well you never know that at the beginning we will have to wait and see”.

It started to go in a strange direction. I was not sure where this would lead anymore.

“Are you sure?” I heard Erik asked to my new master.

I heard something written on the paper again.

“What if I was in love with you already?” That was a question that totally surprised me.


“What if I am already in love with you?” Erik repeated the question.

“How is that possible? Do we know each other?”

“Maybe” was the answer from Erik . “Think about it for a little while. We will be back in a moment”.

I heard that the chairs were pushed aside.

“Who are they I wondered and I had not expect anything like that”.

“No me neither”.  Erik answered without getting into the first part of my question.

“Now what. Do I have to decide without being able to see him? I can’t do that. I also don’t know if I can love him. Shit what a mess. What if I say yea and I can’t fall in love with him later. Erik this is all real right? You are not playing a game with me of trust or anything?”

“He responded direct and convincing: “No this is real Tom. Unexpected but real. I don’t have time to continue so”.

I heard a familiar noise. My Phone went off.

“Answer it”. Erik said while he had taken the Phone out of my bag and offered it to me.

“This is Tom”.  I said when I brought the phone to my ear.

“Hey Tom, home already?”

“Ah, no not yet”. Why did he call I thought?

“Oh, but you finished your task for the evening”.

“No not really. It is not a small one”.

“Ok, well I just wanted to know if you still wanted to go and have a drink with me tomorrow”.

“Hmm I don’t know if I am available tomorrow”.

“But you would if you were available?” He asked.

“Yea I think I would. You want me to know you better and if we walk into each other in the future that can only be in your advantage”.

“Oh,but I just want to do it as friends. I don’t have that many and I thought you might want to become one”.

“Ok, call me tomorrow then ok. If I am available I will come”.

“Good, fine I am looking forward to that”.  I heard him say enthusiastically on the phone. “At noon on a terrace in the town square”.

“Yea fine”. I said.

“Hey you got a date?” Erik asked.

“Yea I think so that is if I get the time for it”.

“Do you like him then?”

“Yea, a bit strange and very demanding but also cute. I think he wants to become friends so let’s see what will happen. But it depends all what is decided tonight if I am allowed or not.

“So you want to go ahead with the sale then?”

I let out a deep sigh. “Are they still close by?” I asked.


“Ok bring them back I think I have them an answer”.

I heard that the chairs were shoved around the table again.

“OK, I will say that under certain conditions I want to go on with this. I need to be able to live my own life, like I have a date tomorrow. So if something like that happens then no tasks. Is that acceptable?”

I heard something was scribbled down again.

“Yea that is fine”.  Erik said.

“Ok, can I take the blindfold off then?”

“Hmm, no, stay like this. We will be in contact with you later this week. There is no need for you to know yet who we are. You can just do what you want. Flip has already dismantled your cameras in your room. You are only not allowed to wear more inside the house then your briefs and you are not allowed to cum yet. Is that understood?”

Well it seems that so far nothing would change. It was a shame I wouldn’t see them though.

“Clear”. I answered.

“Well see you soon then” and with that I heard that the chairs were pushed back again.

“Shall we drink something?” Erik asked.

I nodded and felt that Erik took the blindfold away.

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