chapter 40

Chapter 40 of Tom

Mark called me on Monday evening. It was not a short phone call because it went for almost an hour. He told me about his day and I just listened most of the time. I also went through my day with him, which was something really nice to do. He told me that he was not able to do Tuesday evening but Thursday would be ok. We agreed that I would come to his place and we would stay the evening down there.

On Tuesday evening Erik called.

“Hello Erik, Tom here.”

“Ah and how are things with Tom?”

“They are great. I had a very good date on Sunday with Mark. I will see him again tomorrow evening.”

“Good, have you already decided on what you are going to do with the others?”

“Hmm, yes I think I have. I am not going to keep them on for long. It might be very good and a lot of fun to do but I want to choose myself. I think that with the date I had last Sunday it might end up like something that I want as well.”

“Well whatever you decide Tom, they will respect it.”

“You think they will?”

“Yes that is what they said and I trust them.”

“Well I am going to ring them either tomorrow or on Thursday so you know upfront.”

“Fine and thanks Tom. It was very nice to keep you occupied like that. I hope you will get something you want out of the new relationship with a bit of spice to go with it.”

“We shall see but it might not be out of the question.”

“Fine, I will send you the pictures and some other stuff. I delete them so that is that and you are free to do what you like.”

“Thanks Erik.”

We wished each other a good evening and I hung up the phone. So that was the first step, but I was for sure that I would soon give the other masters a call. I needed one more night with Mark just to give me enough courage to do that.

After work on Thursday I had a nice bath. I got dressed reasonably nice and went out. He wanted me over there around 6 pm, so we could have dinner. I expected that he was home alone and I was surprised when Peter opened the door. It was a nice surprise as he was just wearing a small pair of white briefs.

“Hi there Tom, Mark had told me you would drop in.”

“Yes I thought he was going to be home alone as he invited me for dinner.”

“No, it is a family dinner, didn’t he tell you?”

“No but that is fine. I know all of you.”

“Fine, it is a man’s evening anyway. I don’t think things are going very well between my mom and dad as mom has been around less and less.

“AH, that is why you are opening the door dressed in your briefs.”  I said laughing while I pushed the door open further to go in.

“Yes what else did you think?” Peter said with a developing blush.

“Is that Tom?” Mark yelled from above.

“Yes Mark.” Peter said.

“OK, take him into the dining room. I will be downstairs soon.”

I followed Peter into the dining room. Their father was sitting reading the newspaper.

“Hey Tom, nice to see you again.” He said.

“Yeah, thanks.” I said.

“Don’t be shy Tom. We know each other,” and he winked with that.

“Yes but…”

“Well, I don’t care. I got faith in Mark and in you as well, so then it will all be alright. After the way Mark came home on Sunday I think you do have faith in the two of you, so as I said I don’t care.”

Now it was my turn to blush.

“Good, I just wanted to say that. You have to know that Mark has little secrets for me so I hope you don’t mind and if you do you need to tell him.”

“Well I enjoyed Sunday very much as well.”

“Good. I know he needed a bit of a push to set the first step. I don’t think otherwise he would have. But we were starting to get crazy down here with him so I am glad it did work out.”

“Oh why is that?”

“Well he was not nice to be around anymore, especially after he had taken Peter and you with him out that evening. You must have made a major impact on him that evening. He was already talking a lot about you but since then there is no other subject. Ah, there he is, seems he needed a bit more time than normal!” He said with a smile.

I turned around and saw that Mark had entered the room with a big smile on his face. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt and a black pair of slim fit jeans. Again you could see he has spent quite some time working out.

“Hi Mark.” I said softly.

“Tom, you ok?” He asked.

“Yes, and how about you?”

“Hey come on guys, kiss each other and then we can move on!” His father said with a big grin.

I smiled. I liked the way they interacted with each other. I noticed that Mark had a blush again. But all of that got lost the moment our lips touched each other. My dick got hard instantly when he slowly started to work his tongue into my mouth. When I let him go I could hear Mark make a soft moan.

“Hmm, nice Tom, I missed that.”

I smiled.

“Ok, Peter, bring the food in, we are now ready for it now.” Mark’s dad yelled into the kitchen area.

During dinner not a lot was said and it seems that was normal. I think that slowly I started to understand that Mark was not a big talker as I first thought he had been.

After dinner we went upstairs. Mark wanted some private time with me.

“Hey, nice room,” I said when I entered. He had a light blue coloured room with lots of paintings and photographs on the wall. Some were small and others were quite large.

“Did you take those Mark?” I asked him.

He blushed again, which I really liked. I guess that said enough.

“Two of the pictures were of his brother and another one of a guy that was Mark’s age who I didn’t know.

“You really have Talent. Do you do this very often?”

“Most of the time during my holidays Tom.”

“Ah, nice.”

“Come here, I want to kiss you again,” he said with a smile.

We kissed each other and it took us a while before we let go.

“That is better,” he said.

“YOU know how difficult it is to sit at a table with you, see how you work your food into your mouth with your lips… Hmm, it’s so seductive.”

I just laughed a bit.

“I had a phone call with Erik yesterday and I informed him that I will call the other masters and will tell them I can’t do it. I want to see how it goes on with us Mark. I want to give it a chance. I can’t think about anything else anymore then last Sunday. You have enchanted me.”

“Good, when are you going to call them?”

“Well tomorrow or perhaps now with you beside me.”

I noticed that Mark got white, very white. “Well maybe you can do it better tomorrow evening.” He stumbled on the words when he said them.

“Oh, I thought you would like me to do it here with you present.”

He didn’t look at me, he got very quiet. What now I thought?

“Have you changed your mind Mark? You don’t want to? ….well you know.”

“Yeah I do but ….wait I will be back in a second.”

It seems he had made up his mind about something as he walked quite fast towards the door and went through it out into the hallway.

Now what I thought again? I looked around in his room again. I saw a stack of clothes on the ground just beside the bed, including a pair of light blue briefs. I smiled and bent over to pick them up. I checked to see if he was coming back or not and then brought the briefs to my nose. Hmm, it smelled just like Mark I thought. I let them fall quickly back onto the stack with clothes and looked around the room again. I saw a stack of CD’s and started to nose through them.

I had gone through most of them by the time I heard some sounds coming from downstairs. Loud voices, Mark and has dad seemed to be having an argument. I heard a door slammed and then his dad said loudly. “You have to Mark. There is no other way!”  It stayed silent then but it seems it had done the trick as I heard that the door opened again. I didn’t hear anything else but shortly after that I heard more than one pair of footsteps coming up the stairs. I went back to sit on the bed.

“Is it ok if my dad joins us for a moment?” Mark asked very softly. I was slowly starting to learn that whenever Mark was not sure of himself he started to talk softly.

“Yes it is your room Mark so why not?”

“I know but it is also a bit your room when you are here.”

He sat down beside me and his dad got a chair from the desk and sat down opposite of us.

“Mark is afraid Tom, afraid to tell you the next thing. You have to know that he was not sure what to do and that I more or less pushed him into this. He asked me to join you two, so if need be I can explain my point of view.”

“Ok, but I have no idea what this is about.”

I noticed that Mark looked at his dad. I then heard him give a sigh and felt that his hand took my hand in his.

“I never thought that you would choose for me Tom. Never! I thought you would be mad after our last session. I didn’t know…. Well I doubted myself mostly and so…well…”

I looked at him. “What is it Mark, what is making you doubt yourself?”

“I have not been honest with you Tom.”

“Oh, what about Mark?”

“Well yes, no, lets… I am very very much in love with you Tom. After the First two times you visited us I could hardly sleep anymore. So bad in love that I hoped if I would make it very very difficult on you that night that you would never want to see me again. Problem solved I thought. The opposite happened. I never expected that you would want to go out with me on Sunday and well…” He stumbled a bit now. “I could never ever have dreamed that, well you know, that we would like and want the same in a relationship, I…”

I gave a little encouragement squeeze to his hand. He stopped talking and just looked at me again. “Just tell me Mark, it can’t be that bad. We have just met each other and honesty will last the longest. If you have not been honest it can’t be that long so….”

A small smile appeared on his face. He let a sigh out again and then continued. “Ok, well if you would have made that phone call, you know to the masters that so called bought you on Saturday evening that this mobile phone that would have started to ring”.  I saw him swallow deeply. I looked at the phone in his hand and then I looked at his dad. “Yours,” I said to him.

He smiled “No, I wouldn’t go that far anymore but…”

“You?” I said to Mark now.

He looked tensed at me. My head was spinning around. He had been unsure, doubtful and then he had bought me to be sure.

“Why did we go on a date then on Sunday Mark? You could have just…”


“Because I wanted you to choose for me on your own, that it was me you chose and not the push to have a master who would drive you. When I found out on Sunday how loyal you are I knew I had lost you, but I never thought you would have chosen for me and if not then I had a second chance.”

I swallowed. I could see where he came from but I felt used as well, not taken seriously. I let his hand go.

Mark’s Dad looked at me and said, “I tried to stop him from bidding on Saturday evening but he was so unsure of himself that he needed too. He wanted you so bad Tom and that is why he didn’t think at that moment. The idea of losing you to someone else was too hard on him. He made a mistake and I know for sure that is one that he would not make again.”

Yes I got that now. I looked at him again and asked softly, “Do you really love me that much Mark?”

I saw that a tear started to run down his cheek. “You have no idea Tom. I sleep with your face in my dreams and your body as well. And then I screwed up. I regretted it so much after Saturday night and I was not sure what I would do if Sunday worked out. But by Sunday morning I knew I wanted you to choose for me by yourself. There was no way I could make you love me.”

“No, that is something that would not work. I don’t know Mark. I feel honoured that you feel that for me. That you see all of that in me but I am just Tom. I am guy that doesn’t know it all either and I have some strange triggers in me.”

He smiled a bit again, “I know and that is why I love you so much. Because you are who you are and it doesn’t matter if you are just sweet like last Sunday and being you or being a bit naughty like those few of those other times earlier. I… Can you forgive me Tom?”

“I think so Mark, and as I said honesty last the longest and we don’t get a lot of chances like this.”

I know, no more lies Tom.”

Then Mark’s Dad said, “I think I will go down now as I suspect you will be able to get passed this. Just remember if you need to talk with me, either of you, my door is open.”

“Yeah Dad, thanks!” Mark said.

“You are insecure aren’t you Mark?” I said after a bit of silence.

“Well, yes I am, for example I stand in front of the mirror for a long time when I want to dress nicely.”

“Oh, you do, well that is good and I want to find out about all those little things.”

“Good, there are lots more to discover.”

“But when you are a master, you are not insecure then at all.”

“Yes it’s odd, I never had that with Peter nor with you.” While he said that his voice sounded a bit different as well.

“Good, not sure if it otherwise would work you know.”

“No, well I just want to enjoy your company for a little while before we go downstairs.”

He got close to me and put an arm around me. We had some very soft and tender kisses over the next few minutes. If there had been any doubt with me it was gone very fast. I felt that the sparks went up and down between us and I thought about all the fun we would have.

chapter 41

hoofdstuk 41

Hoofdstuk 41 van Tom

Op donderdag moest ik toch wel even goed nadenken over wat er allemaal gebeurd was. Het leek zo onwaarschijnlijk. Ik dacht nog even aan Erik wist hij dit. Hij moest mark en zijn vader gezien hebben of .. nee Mark was er natuurlijk niet bij geweest dat kan niet. Hij zou geen toestemming gekregen hebben om daar binnen te komen. Ik dacht er over na om Erik te bellen maar ach wat goed zou dit doen.

Laat in de avond belde Mark me op “He Tom goed dat je thuis bent. Ik was even bang dat ik je niet op tijd te pakken zou krijgen”.

“Oh, hoezo”.

“Ik ben dit weekend uitgenodigd om naar een feestje te gaan van een van mijn neefjes. Hij is net iets ouder dan ik. Ik mocht iemand meebrengen en nu had ik eerst bedacht van nee ik ga alleen. Het is 2 uur rijden hier vandaan. Maar nu heeft mijn oom aangeboden dat ik in hun cabin mag verblijven die net buiten de stad daar ligt tegen een heuvel”.

‘Oh, He leuk voor je maar wat heeft dat nu met mij te maken”.

“Ik wilde vragen of je mee wilt” zei hij zachtjes.

Ik kon de spanning in zijn stem horen.

“Wanneer wil je weg gaan”.

“Wel ik had gehoopt morgenavond en dan zondag middag weer terug. Ik moet namelijk nog wel wat aan mijn huiswerk doen die avond”.

Oh wow leuk een weekend samen met hem.

“Ah, ja lijkt me leuk Mark, wil je dat ik dan ook mee ga naar feestje”.

‘Tuurlijk, is toch gezellig”.

“Hm denk je ik ken er niemand”.

“Nee, maar zijn leuke gasten dus komt helemaal goed”.

“Hm, mark en wie ben ik dan”.

“Oh, dat bedoel je, wel mijn vriend wie anders”.

“Ok, weet je dat zeker dat je dat wilt”.

“Ja, en als dat niet goed is dan niet he, dan gaan we gewoon of terug naar huis of naar de cabin. Komt helemaal goed”.

“Je komt wel vol zelf vertrouwen over Mark”.

“Ja, dit voelt goed Tom. Ik weet wat ik wil. Hoe laat ben je morgenavond klaar met werken”.

“Oh, rond een uur of 4 moet ik wel af kunnen sluiten. Dan zijn we net voor de spits onderweg”.

“Goed, prima zie ik je dan. En eh, dankje Tom, ik kijk er erg naar uit”.

Ik lachte: “Ik ook Mark, Ik ook”.

“Slaap lekker”.

Het duurde nog zeker 5 minuten voordat een van ons neergelegd had omdat we niet de eerste wilde zijn. Ja ik weet het mushy maar zo voelde het nu eenmaal. Heerlijk dacht ik”.

Ik had me snel gedoucht op vrijdag na mijn werk en een leuke zwarte strakke jeans en een wit T-shirt aangedaan. Wat andere kleren in mijn tas gegooid en in de auto gesprongen. Rond 4 uur was ik al ter plaatse. Beetje vroeger dan Mark waarschijnlijk verwacht had, maar ik had er zin in.

“He, jij bent vroeg” Peter zei toen hij de deur openende.

“Ja, heb er zin in”.

“Dat geloof ik graag. Hij is nog boven dus loop maar door je weet waar het is”.

Ik liep de trap op en klopte zachtjes op de deur.

“He, Peter, moet je nog iets” riep Mark vanuit zijn kamer. Hij had er zeker nog niet op gerekend dat ik het al was. Ah, een verrassing dacht ik.

Ik pakte de deur klink beet en opende deze nogal fors in een keer zodat Mark geen tijd had om te reageren. Ik wilde iets zeggen maar mijn mond werd gesnoerd toen ik hem zag staan, met zijn rug naar me toe. Ik liet mijn blik over zijn brede sterke schouders glijden langs zijn toch wel smalle rug moest ik opmerken naar zijn billen. Deze waren gehuld in een wit strak slipje. Nu niet echt iets dat ik van Mark verwacht had. Was een leuke calvin klein slipje dat was zeker. Zijn billen waren straks, beetje bolvormig. Toen verder over zijn slanke maar toch wel gespierde benen naar zijn voeten. Deze stonden net iets uit elkaar, niet te groot. Eigenlijk was alles juist perfect in proportie. Ik voelde hoe mijn lul een gigantische sprong maakte en kei hard werd.

“He, peter wel je tong binnen boord houden he”. Zei hij en ik kon horen dat hij een glimlach op zijn gezicht had terwijl hij het zij.

Ik slikte heftig en zei toen met een hese sensuele stem “hm, ja maar valt niet mee Mark”.

“Oh shit reageerde hij en ik zag dat hij snel voor over boog om in zijn jeans te stappen die hij in zijn handen had.

Nu iets voor over gebogen was de aanblik alleen nog maar heftiger. Gelukkig trok hij zijn broek omhoog en stond hij weer recht op. Terwijl hij zijn rits dicht deed draaide hij zich om.

“Ik had je nog niet verwacht Tom” zei hij met een glimlach op zijn gezicht.

“Wel ik had er zin in en als ik geweten had dat jij zo op me stond te wachten dan had ik nog net een paar minuten eerder geweest”.

“Ja dat zou je wel willen he. Nog even wachten tommetje”.

Ik had terwijl mijn ogen over zijn torso laten dwalen. Zijn tepels stond ligt naar voren en vormden een mooi decor rondom wat lichte haren die hij had. Oh shit geil dat zeker, niet te veel maar wel lekker.

Hij lachte toen hij zag dat ik hem opnam. Met het T-shirtje dat hij van bed gepakt had begon dit nu snel te verdwijnen.

“Ok, ik moet nog even zeggen dat we weg gaan en dan ben ik er klaar voor”.

“Goed, is dit je tas”.


“Zal ik hem vast in de auto zetten”.

“Is, goed dan zie ik je daar zo”.

Hij zat zo in de auto en op weg wat wat mij betreft een heerlijk weekend kon worden. Ik had nooit gedacht dat zijn vader al zo snel ons de gelegenheid gaf om elkaar beter te leren kennen. Iets dat dit weekend al leen maar zou versnellen.

We praten bij over het wat er op school en werk de afgelopen twee dagen gebeurt was en Mark vertelde me een en ander over zijn familie en neefjes die we gingen bezoeken. Het was zijn neef zijn 18e verjaardag en dat werd in de familie groots gevierd dus vandaar. Hij had zijn neef nog gesproken en er zou in totaal een man of 30 zijn. Het zou wel laat worden want zijn neef had gevraag tot het laatste te blijven aangezien ze elkaar weer niet zo veel zagen. De cabin was juist een goede gelegenheid daarvoor aangezien we binnen 20 minuten van hen vandaan zaten.

Het bleek dat de cabin van zijn grootvader was die het gebruikte als hij wilde gaan jagen of zo en vroeg op moest zijn. Hij bespaarde zo een half uur en vond dat wel net zo makkelijk. Mark was er twee keer tot nu toe geweest. Het lag vrij afgezonderd vertelde hij.

Hij had gelijk, toen we er aan kwamen wa er geen huis of straat in de verste verte te vinden. Ik had een relatief klein hutje verwacht maar dit was bijna een bungalow dacht ik toen Mark de deur open deed.

“Ik zal even laten zien waar de slaapkamer is dan kunnen we daar de tassen neerzetten en dan het haardvuur aan doen”.

“OH een tweepersoons bed” zei ik. Toen Mark de deur openende van de slaapkamer.

“Ja, vindt je toch niet erg Tom.”

“Hm, nee had het alleen niet verwacht”.

“Wel als je niets wilt dan …”.

“nee, geen probleem Mark” zei ik met een lach, en vervolgde met “Dan zie ik misschien nog iets meer dan vanmiddag”.

Ik had een lachende reactie verwacht maar hij keek wel even gespannen en glimlachte toen wel “Wie weet Tom”.

Samen maakten we wat te eten klaar en spraken we over waar we van hielden.  Na een gezellig diner onder het langzaam donker worden in de cabin blijkt dat Mark een paar films bij zich heeft. We installeren ons voor het haardvuur op de bank. De eerste film was een comedy maar om eerlijk te zijn wederom heb ik er niet veel van gezien. Onze handen hadden elkaar gevonden, daarnaast  voelde ik zijn warme door zijn en mijn broek heen komen waar onze benen elkaar raakte. Af en toe voelde ik ook hoe zijn voet langzaam over die van mij heen ging.

“Ik wil je zien” fluisterde Mark hees op een gegeven moment.

Ik lachte: “Open je ogen dan”zei ik ondeugend.

Hij lachte nog wat anders “Je weet wat ik bedoel gekke”.

“Hier of de slaapkamer” zei ik zacht.

“hier bij het haardvuur. Laten we de tafel wegschuiven dan hebben we het kleed om op te zitten”.

De tafel werd weggeschoven. Hij keek me aan en kwam langzaam dichterbij. “Alleen zien en voelen Tom”zei hij zachtjes weer. Ik voelde de spanning in zijn stem.

Ik nam het initiatief en begon de knoopjes van zijn blouse te openen. Trilde hij nu voelde ik dat goed. Terwijl ik dit deed streelde ik af en toe met de rug van mijn hand zacht zachte warme huid.

Mijn lul had alweer zijn eigen weg gevonden en liet het bloed in snel trein toe om harder en harder te worden.

Bij het laatste knoopje, net onder zijn navel  hoor ik hem een zucht laten. Opgelucht dat het klaar is. Ik duw nu zachtjes de blouse naar achteren. Langzaam zijn naakte torse onthullend. Ik duw de blouse over zijn schouders. Weer een zucht ontsnapt zijn mond. Ik kan het niet laten en laat snel de blouse vallen en bezig langzaam met mijn handen over zijn schouders naar zijn tepels te gaan. Ik draai er langzaam over heen voordat ik mijn weg vervolg en zijn sterke spieren voel. Een strakke buik ja dat had ik al gezien maar voelen is toch even iets anders.

Hij duwde me zachtjes naar achteren, zijn handen hadden de onderkant van mijn T-shirt gevonden en begonnen dit langzaam naar boven te bewegen. Ik stak mijn arm omhoog zodat hij langzaam het T-shirtje over mijn hoofd te trekken. Toen het eerste stukje stof daar was en ik niets meer zag stopte hij met trekken en voelde ik zijn hand over mijn buik gaan en dan langzaam omhoog naar mijn tepels. Hij herhaalde hetzelfde als wat ik gedaan had. Hij raakte ze niet aan maar omcirkelde ze. Ik voelde dat ze meer wilde, ze werden hard en ik probeerde even me zo te bewegen dat hij ze aanraakte maar hij was me te slim af. Ik zuchte ook hard en voelde hoe ik licht trilde toen zijn handen mijn lichaam verlieten en het T-shirtje verder over mijn hoofd trok.

“lekker” vroeg hij zacht.

“Ja zeker Mark”.

Ik had mijn handen inmiddels laten zakken en ze vonden de rits van zijn jeans. Ik trok deze langzaam naar beneden. De hitte van zijn geslacht werd voelbaar door het dunne materiaal van zijn slipje heen. Oh wat zou ik daar nog van genieten dacht ik terwijl ik snel zijn jeans naar beneden duwde. Hij bleef niet lang achter en voordat we het wisten stonden we in onze slipjes.

“Kom hier” fluisterde hij zacht. Ik stapte naar hem toe en zijn handen gingen langzaam om me heen. Hij trok me dichterbij. Ik voelde hoe onze huid elkaar raakte. Onze borsten zachtjes langs elkaar heen gingen. Oh zijn bobbel, ja hij was hard. Ik had dat al wel gezien maar dit was toch anders. Op deze manier. Onze handen ontdekte ieder plekje van elkaars lichaam, zo erotisch, gevoelig, geweldig dat ik er geen woorden voor had. Onze lippen raakte elkaar en onze passie was voelbaar doordat onze tongen elkaar opzochten en danste in onze mond. Hij drukte zijn bobbel nog harder tegen die van mij en ik drukte terug. Bijna zoals een hondje tegen iemands been aan gaat staan rijen. Harder en harder en ik wist dat ondanks da tik dit niet wilde er geen houden aan was. Ik voelde hoe mijn ballen samentrokken en juist op dat moment voelde ik hoe Mark tegen me aan trilde en stopte met duwen. Ik wist dat ik niet de enige was en op het zelfde moment werd de stof van onze slipjes doorweekt met warm sperma dat hard uit onze lul schoot. Ik voelde hem relaxen en ik deed het zelfde.

“Sorry daarvoor” mompelde hij.

‘Waarvoor Mark, dit was leuk en precies goed. De rest komt wel. Hij ontspande zich wat meer. We kusten elkaar nog wat meer en daarna lagen we ons neer op het kleed. Gedurende de rest van de avond lagen we in elkaar armen, af en toe nam een van ons het initiatief en liet zijn handen dwalen over de ander zijn lichaam. Dan weer staarden we diep in elkaars ogen.  Op een gegeven moment moeten we naar bed zijn gegaan want daar werd ik wakker, licht sijpelde door de gordijnen naar binnen. Ik voelde hoe Mark achter me tegen me aan lag. Zijn armen rondom me heen. Ik lachte en vroeg me af of hij nog wel gevoel had in de arm waar ik gedeeltelijk op lag.

Heerlijk was dit, dit wilde ik wel iedere ochtend voelen. Mark bewoog zich wat. Hij was dus ook wakker aan het worden.

“Goede morgen Tom” zei hij zachtjes.

“Jij ook Mark”.

“Lekker geslapen Tom” fluisterde terwijl hij met zijn tong cirkels begon te draaien over mijn nek.

“Ja, jij ook”.

‘Ja, dus nu tijd voor een ontbijtje, denk je niet”.

“Lijkt me goed plan, al hoewel ik ook wel iets anders voel” zei ik met een ondeugend lachje.

“Hm, nee Tom ontbijt en ik denk dat jij dat wel kan klaar maken” zei Mark nu iets harder en met meer vertrouwen in zijn stem.

“Dat kan ik, ja maar is het niet leuker gezamenlijk”.

Hij draaide me om keek me aan. Ik schrok een beetje van zijn gezichtsuitdrukking. Liefdevol ja maar er was ook iets anders.

“Nee, meester wil ontbijt op bed en wie denk je dat dat voor hem gaat maken”.

Mijn glimlach verdween van mijn gezicht.

“Hm… ik denk ik dan”.

“Lijkt me ook, hup “ zei hij terwijl hij me uit bed duwde.

Ik pakte mijn tas en begon een broek en T-shirt er uit te halen.

“Denk je Tom dat je die nodig hebt”.

Ik keek hem weer aan. Mijn lul was nu weer kei hard. Was dit de eerste keer in de nieuwe situatie dat we ..

“Tom, nu. Ontbijt ja en je hebt meer dan genoeg kleding aan op dit moment”.

Ik voelde hoe ik kleurde toen ik me omdraaide. Hm, “ ik wist niet wat ik moest zeggen. Dit was even wat anders en ik was nog aan het schakelen.

“Tom, nu of moet ik je nu al een lesje leren”.

Ik stond nu recht op en keek hem aan. Hij meende het.

“Zie je zo slaafje.

Met een stijve in mijn slipje draaide ik me om en liep de slaapkamer uit. Wat nu dacht ik, wel leuk maar onverwacht ik had even tijd nodig om om te schakelen. Ik wist niet wat me nu te wachten stond maar begon wel geil te worden van alle mogelijkheden. Ik maakte snel het ontbijt klaar en liep weer terug naar de slaapkamer. Mark zat recht op. Ik zette het dienblad voor hem.

“Goed zo en terwijl ik eet ga je daar maar even op je knieën zitten, net naast het bed. Wel recht op ja. Ik hou wel van een ontbijtje met uitzicht op je stijve lul in een te klein slipje. Je bent echt wel een slaafje Tom. Heerlijk gaan we vandaag wat plezier hebben samen”. Hij lachte nu hard op.

Ik voelde de spanning toenemen maar zakte op mijn knieën en wachten geduldig af.

Hoofdstuk 42


chapter 50

Chapter 50 Tim and Michel

On the Friday morning we woke up late, very late yes, as it was my dad who was knocking on the door and said that Brandon and Jamey were waiting downstairs.

“Fuck Michel we overslept.”

He opened his eyes. “You wore me out last night Tim, so what do you expect.”

I smiled remembering the fun we had the evening before.

“I know but we better hurry up.”

“Yes, well you go shower and I will pack, then while I shower you can have breakfast.”

“You don’t need breakfast Michel?”

“No not really, so get going.”

I got out of there and when I was on the landing I shouted downstairs. “Be there in a second guys.”

“Fine, you better or we will come and get you!” Brandon yelled.

I had a fast shower. When I got back to the bedroom, Michel had just closed one bag and pointed at the clothes on the bed.

“I put your clothes in as well and left some out for you to wear. I will have a shower and see you downstairs in a moment then we can leave.”

I could hear a determination in his voice that had not been there earlier that morning. I smiled at him and said, “Yes sir.”

“Good boy, now go on.”

He left to have his shower while I walked to the bed. There was a pair of shorts and a white t-shirt on the bed. I looked and saw there was also the green jockstrap that we had bought.  It would be a fun weekend for sure. While putting it on my dick started to get hard thinking about what might happen over the next few days. I was sure that Michel would not be the only one seeing me in those jockstraps.

When I got downstairs I was greeted by a very enthusiastic Jamey who put his arms around me and pulled me into a hug.

“Thanks for inviting me.” He whispered.

“You’re welcome.” I whispered back.

“You guys are late.” Brandon said while he shook my hand.

“Sorry, we overslept this morning.”

“Yeah… yeah…” He said.

“I can’t help it you two are early as you just want to see your boyfriends.”

I saw them both start to blush while they looked at my dad.

He smiled.

“SO, you ready to go then guys?” He asked.

“Almost, I just want something to eat and when Michel has finished his shower we are ready to go.”

“Oh, he doesn’t need anything to eat?” My dad asked.

“No, I think he will just get a coffee for in the car.”

“Well just make sure you have everything packed you don’t want to spend your weekend down there shopping for stuff you forgot.”

“I will be fine; Michel packed so I am sure he got everything.” I said.

“You didn’t check?” Jamey asked.

“No, why would I?”

“Oh I can imagine for several reasons to be honest”, Brandon added.

I hadn’t thought about that before but I knew I would just have to get along with it. What if he didn’t pack anything else then what I was wearing now?

“I trust him, he knows what I like.”

I saw Jamey smile at that.

My dad left the kitchen and wished us a good weekend.

“You think he has something planned as well?” Jamey asked.

“I don’t know I think he said something about visiting some clients tomorrow, he was invited for dinner at their place.”

“Oh, ok, well I am just ready to do this. I am so happy that William found a way to get Martin to join us as well”.

“Did you tell Martin?” I asked.

“No, he thinks he is going along with his brother. He gave me a bag with his clothes and those are in the car. I think he has some fun on his mind when he gets him to our doorstep.”

I smiled and said, “Poor Martin, and Justin where is he?”

“Oh he should be on time to the cabin; his mom is bringing him I think.”

“Well that settles it all then. Let me see if Michel is ready ok.”

I finished my coffee, then made one for Michel and then went upstairs to see if he was done.

I found him in the bedroom just finishing his dressing.

“You all done Tim?”

“Yes sir. I got you a cup of coffee on the kitchen table.”

“Thanks, I need that. Just bring the bag with you downstairs and don’t look in it ok.”

I just nodded and started to follow him downstairs. In the meantime I wondered about what he had packed, it seemed that Jamey and Brandon had been right. He must have put something in there.

“Hi there guys.” He said when he opened the kitchen door. “You all ready to go?”

“Yes, just waiting for your lazy ass.”

“Oh be careful Brandon, I am sure you end up being you know the master at some point and revenge can be fun.” He laughed a bit as he said it.

I knew that Brandon and Justin would be doing some role playing for sure while Michel and Jamey would remain masters all the time for sure. I was not sure about Paul and Dennis though.

“I can beat your ass anytime I want to, so there are no worries there.” Brandon said.

“We shall see. Now let’s get this show on the road. Paul and Dennis are meeting us up down there and Justin as well I understood. Martin might arrive a bit later.”

We got in the car and drove off. We talked about the weekend and things we were planning on doing. I think that all in all it would be nice just to be with a bunch of gay guys for some time. It should be a nice surrounding, so some swimming and hiking would definitely be on the menu as well. Brandon told us a little bit more about the area and what we could do. It seems his parents had some bikes up there as well. Otherwise there was not a lot around. A camp site is a few kilometers away and the village in the other direction also about five kilometers or so away.

We arrived just before 2 pm. We saw that Justin was already waiting at the gate leading up to the cottage.

“Hi there guys, I was starting to get worried I was not at the right place. I tried to phone you Brandon but it seems we have no connection down here.”

I watched as Brandon more or less rushed to Justin and took him into his arms.

Michel leaned out of the car and yelled, “There is more than time for that later, for now open the gate so we can get in!”

I saw that Justin without looking up or anything gave us his middle finger on which Michel hit the horn of the car.

Brandon then stepped back looked at Michel and opened the gate so we could drive in.

“So Paul and Dennis are not here yet?” We asked Justin.

“No, not yet but they will be doing the groceries for today, so they might be a bit later.” Brandon said.

“Oh, that was smart of you but you could have told us.” Michel said.

“Sorry forgot that. They should be here shortly as well.”

“Right well let’s get our gear inside then and have some of the drinks we still have left with us.”

We went into the cabin which was nice and big. It had as Brandon had told us several bedrooms and soon enough they were all occupied. It took Brandon and Justin a bit longer to get out of theirs though. But when Paul and Dennis arrived they showed up with a bit of a grin on their faces.

After we unloaded the car we all sat down in the living room.

“Good we are all here now except for Martin, but he should arrive in half an hour or so. I have been discussing this with more or less all of you, except with you Tim”, Michel started.

“We agreed that we would stay within the limits of the couples when it comes to sex. We also agreed that there would be at any time a slave in each couple. I left it up to you Paul, Dennis, Justin and Brandon to decide how it is done. But to be fair there can’t be any switching or anything going on after those days tasks have started, ok?”

They all nodded. I wondered where this was going to as it was something that I had been expecting. What I didn’t know was that Michel seemed to have been in overall charge of it all.

“So we are going to be here from Friday till Tuesday morning. That will give us 4 days more or less to have fun. We agreed that any disagreement between either masters or slaves at that time will be sorted between them. I know from Paul that he will start out as the slave and that he and Dennis have agreed to decide tomorrow around this time if that would stay like that or if they would switch roles.  Is that right guys?”

“Yes that is the idea. We will discuss it tomorrow just before we start the afternoon activities and we will see then what we will do.”

I smiled at Paul. I didn’t expect Dennis to be the slave but then again I didn’t expect Dennis to be more or less together here with Paul either.

“So what about you two then?” Michel said looking at Justin and Brandon.

“I will start as being the slave.” Justin said with a smile. “Brandon will do tomorrow and we will decide after that how we will continue.”

“Good, ok then I would say Paul, Justin and Tim it is time to undress. Slaves are inside and are only allowed to wear their underwear and nothing else, so get undressed.”

See it didn’t last long I thought and I started to undress. Now I was used to doing this and also used to getting hard showing myself off but I kept an eye open to see what Paul and Justin were doing.

Justin was wearing light grey briefs, quite snug around his crotch I must say, showing off a nice tool in there as well. Now Paul had a pair of white boxer briefs on. I had a clue they were a size or two too small. I got a whistle from Jamey when he saw my light green jockstrap.

“Ok, looking good don’t you think guys?”

“Yes he did what I asked him to put on, not a bad start Paul.” Dennis said while he admired red the boxer briefs.

I saw that Paul got hard by Dennis gazing at his crotch. Now Justin on the other hand had sat down quite fast.

“A good start so to say.” Michel said. “I will explain more after Martin has arrived.

We drank a bit more and we walked around exploring the cabin. Outside at the back was a large Jacuzzi and sauna, something that we all found a good idea to have some time relaxing in later on that evening. I had gone soft as the time moved on and felt a bit more relaxed walking around like this.

“As you bought food Paul and Dennis, can you do dinner tonight?”

“Yeah not a problem, when do you want it?”

“Well if we want to go into the Jacuzzi and sauna, not too late I would say.”

Then Michel’s phone rang.

(Narrorating now by Martin).

I had gotten up that morning not really wanting to go with William. I would be the youngest in the group and I found it strange that William was so happy for me to come along. There would be girl talk all weekend. Now if Jamey would have been at home I definitely would have objected but he had told me that he would be out all weekend as well so anything was better than staying home with my parents, even girl talk. I expected them to end up in some bar at some point so who knows what interesting thing I would bump into.

I got in the car with William who was still very happy and talkative. I was not sure exactly how long the drive was but it was at least two hours William had said. He was doing the driving so I was just staring out of the window and listening to the music most of the time.

I was awakening by William. “Hey Martin, why don’t you get comfortable and take your shoes and socks off?”

“I am fine William.”  I looked at my watch and saw that we were half way already. “We are half way already as you told me it was a two hour drive so no worries.”

“I told you to get them off Martin now!”

I turned my head and looked at him. I had not heard him be so commanding since the last time we had played a bit, which was almost five months ago now. I didn’t see him smile or anything, so it seems he was dead serious.

“You mean that William?”

“Look at me Martin, am I joking?”

“You mean you want me to be your slave in front of your friends?”

“What I want is no concern of you when it comes to that; now get those socks and shoes off!”

I looked at him he was serious for sure. I hesitate still though. I think then he lost it as he stopped the car on the middle of the motorway.

“You got fifteen seconds to get your socks, shoes and trousers off or I will give you a hand but then outside the car.” He said threatening now.

No way, I thought and I started to take my shoes, socks off and then I looked at him again.

“Trousers to, you need to learn a lesson Martin.”

I let out a deep sigh and took my trousers off. I was wearing a rather small pair of yellow briefs with blue pickles on them. An odd pair but then I never thought any one would see them.

At least in the car I knew my t-shirt was long enough. I just hoped that he didn’t get me out of the car at some point. The thought not appealing to me in any way did get my dick to thinking and started to bulge out the small pair of briefs.

He drove off again. I didn’t look at him. How could he do this while we were going to meet up with his friends? Damn, hard maybe but I was mad as well. I saw that he was looking at me.

“You enjoying this William?” I asked.

“No, but you seem to be.”

“Oh, I think you are, otherwise you would not do this to me.”

“You will enjoy it and sulk now as hard as you want Martin as long as you do what I tell you. Or do you want me to tell mom and dad about Jamey?”

I looked startled at him. Now how did he know about that?

“Yes I know and I can keep a secret as long as you trust me and do what I tell you to ok?”

Damn this couldn’t be true I thought. Now what? I knew there was no way out of this and that I could trust William, he hadn’t done anything too extreme in the past. He just helped me to control my urges I guess.

“Ok, I will get down from my high horses okay?”

“You love him then, that Jamey guy?”

I looked at him now starting to blush and said, “Yes I do, does that bother you?”

“No, as long as you are sure and he is not hurting you in anyway.”

“I am fine.”

“Good well we are almost there, so for now I want you to get your t-shirt off.”

I looked at him again but saw a stern look on his face.

“Go on.”

We had driven off the motorway now into what seemed like a big forestry area. I took the bottom of the t-shirt in my hands and moved it upwards until I pushed it over my head.

“Hmm, you are enjoying this Martin. You got some strange triggers my brother.”

“I know but you are making use of them at the moment.”

“Yes but you will love it all in all, so don’t worry ok?”

Easier said than done I thought.

He stopped at the entrance to a driveway. It was closed off with a gate. He took out his mobile and I could see that he was dialling a number. I just could not see it and then he answered the phone just with one sentence. “We are almost there.”

I suspected that he had talked with one of his friends.

“Sorry but I had to let the guys know that I was almost there and for you though this is the end Martin. This is as far as I can go. You will get out of the car and then walk up the drive towards a cabin that should be there.”

“What just like this, in my underwear? And who is up there, one of your friends?”

“Martin shut up, get out now!”

I got out. I thought for one minute that he would follow and leave the car down here but he closed the door and then I could hear him give it some gas.

“Have fun!” He said from the open window and drove off.

I stood there beside the road, pretty obvious for any one that was driving by, now what? I knew I could trust William so I thought better than to stand here, it is better to face whoever is up there. I opened the gate and started to walk to the cabin. Just walking around through the forest had made me rock hard though.

I was wondering who was going to be there. When I turned a corner after about hundred meters or so I could see a large cabin about hundred meters away. As I walked, I got closer and closer to it. I had placed my hands in front of my crotch. If this was one big joke of my brother’s, the last thing I wanted was to show his friends, how excited I had gotten by this.

As I got closer to the cabin, I could see the door was opened a bit, not a lot just a bit. There was no sound. I hesitated. Now what I thought? I looked behind me to see if William had come in behind me with his car or not. But there was nothing. I turned around again and looked at the cabin. There was no way I was going on with this. I noticed that in the car that was beside me now were some clothes. I reached for the handle of it; now with my back to the cabin I heard a shout. “Don’t do that. Turn around!”

I thought I knew the voice but was not sure. It could have been from Gavin one of William’s friends.

“Come on guys, please don’t do this, let me get some clothes on!”

“You got nothing we have not seen before!” The same voice said again.

No this was not Gavin I thought and not any of William’s friends or not one that I knew.

I stood still not sure what to do, if I opened the car door, got some clothes and run I had about a fifty meter head start on them. It could be enough to get to the road. I moved the handle but then got startled.

“If you do that, I never want to see you again!” I froze, I knew that voice. I think that my dick knew it before I did as it got hard again straight off.

“Jamey”, I said now turning around.

“Yes, now come down here and then stand in front of the door with your hands behind your back.”

As I got closer, I wondered if Jamey would he be alone then. Was this going to be our first weekend together?

I did as he told me and stood still about two meters in front of the door. I put my hands behind my back showing now my very exposed hard dick in those yellow briefs. I heard some laughs coming from the cabin. He was definitely not alone I thought.

“Close your eyes and don’t open them, not even once.”

I did as he asked and closed them. Then I waited. I had no idea what was going on. I heard some sounds but there was no one that I could really make out, what was going on? I suppose that Michel and Tim might have been there as well. As time went past, I stayed hard. Oh yes I definitely did. Then it got quiet. Did they close the door I thought? I twitched when I felt a pair of hands on my naked shoulders and some air was blown into my face. One pair of hands, damn there were more than one pair I thought as I felt some on my leg as well. My dick was now very hard. I had not cum in around forty-eight hours and I was hot and horny. Then I felt a hand on my briefs, it caressed them slowly. I wanted to open my eyes but I knew I better not.

There were now a pair of hands on my back, one pair on my legs and the pair on my briefs. I knew that I was not going to last that long for sure. Then I could feel some one standing in front of me. The hands were still in placed on my crotch but there was definitely someone standing very close to me. I wanted to open my eyes but a voice whispered. “Don’t open your eyes.”

I knew who that was and before I could say anything my mouth was closed off, the lips I knew them and I slowly opened my mouth. His tongue penetrated my mouth, swirled around inside mine and sucked the air out of me. Together with the harassing of my dick through my briefs I felt that I was about to cum and then he tugged very hard and I felt my sperm started to erupt, yes erupt from my dick. He didn’t stop kissing but his hands stopped feeling me up. I buckled as more and more sperm shot from my dick. Then his hands caught me just in time, I let go and felt his body against mine.

I slowly started to hear some sounds as well and then opened my eyes. I looked over Jamey’s shoulder and saw that Michel, Dennis and Brandon were standing behind him.

“You having fun?” Michel asked.

“Thank goodness it is you. I was afraid it would be my brother’s friends in here.”

“No, just us.” I heard Tim say from behind.

I pushed Jamey back a bit and smiled at him.

“How did you manage to make this happen Jamey? Oh I don’t mind and don’t tell me just say how long.”

“Till Tuesday.”

“Wow, great!”

“Yes but I think you deserve some punishment for cumming don’t you think? Who told you, you could do that?”

“Sorry Sir.” I knew immediately that is what was going on. This would be an important weekend for us and the last thing I wanted was disappoint Jamey. I knew he had asked William to undress me and walk me down here in my briefs. I then realized I had disappointed him. I looked down to the ground and waited for what he would say.

“Take him in guys, wash his legs but make sure that his briefs stay wet. He needs to be reminded of what he did.”  Jamey said.

I felt a pair of hands now pushing me forward a bit. I turned and saw Tim, Justin and Paul standing beside me, wow they were just in their briefs like me.

(Back to the narrating by Tim)

I could hardly believe that had Martin just done what he had done. No not the wetting his briefs as we had seen that happen before but walking down from the road towards a cabin he didn’t know who would be in there. I saw how he was startled when he heard Jamey’s voice. He looked incredible in his briefs though and very hard. We got him inside and to the shower.

“It was incredible that you did that Martin.” I said to him when it was just us slaves together.

“Oh you know me I have an easy trigger.” He said in a sad voice.

“No, I mean coming down to the cabin in just your briefs.”

“Oh yeah, well William told me to and I thought that his friends would be in here, so I thought what the heck if this is what he wants.”

“So you are happy then that it was us?” Justin asked.

“Yes, for sure.” He said but he still didn’t sound happy.

As Justin and Paul started to clean off the cum that had dripped on his legs, I took my hand and put it under his chin, moving it upwards so that I could look him in the eyes.

“You don’t sound happy Martin. I thought you would have gone crazy with the idea of spending time with us and Jamey till Tuesday.”

“Yeah I guess, but now he is mad at me.” He said with a sad voice.

“Mad at you, Martin, he could never be mad at you.” I said.

“Oh, you didn’t hear him then. I always will disappoint him.”

I started to see where he was coming from. “You mean because you came?”


“Don’t worry that is all part of it but it doesn’t mean he is mad at you. He might tease you with it and he really wants you to get a better control of it, but he will never be mad.”

“Oh, you think?”

“Yes, trust me. Just go and sit with him when we get back into the room.”

“I am not sure he wants me to with these wet briefs.”

“Oh, he won’t mind.” Paul joined in now as well.

He looked a bit more convinced now but still not really happy.

“Let’s get back in there.”

When we entered through the door our four masters were sitting at each one of the chairs around the table.

“Good there you are, come down here and go and stand in front of your master.”

I walked over to Michel and I smiled standing in front of him. His eyes were not at the same height as my crotch. I looked beside me for one second to see how Martin was doing. I saw he was standing now in front of Jamey, his dick had gone hard again but I noticed him tremble slightly as well.

I looked back at Michel and saw that he was looking at Jamey and Martin as well.

“Take it easy Martin; nothing will happen down here to you. It will only be fun.” Michel said.

I saw both Jamey and Martin now looking at us. “He is right you know.” Jamey said.

“You’re not mad then?”

“Mad, why would I with a whole weekend of us being together?” Jamey said.

“Because I came.” I could hear Martin whisper.

A concerned look on Jamey’s face turned into a little smile, “No, I’m not mad at all Martin, proud and happy you can do that with just me standing there but still it will be more fun if you could last longer though.”

“Oh, ok I will try.”

“I know and you will fail and try again so no worries about it ok?” Jamey asked.

“So, tell us what the plan is for the first twenty-four hours then Michel.” Dennis said.

“Ok, slave boy’s. As I said before inside the house you’re only allowed to wear your underwear but that also counts for the outside.”

“Wow!” I heard Justin say.

“The competition for the four of you is to stay hard as much as you can between now and let’s say 10 am tomorrow morning. We will be clocking the minutes you are hard. Each time you get hard you will have to tell one of the masters and he will then start the stopwatch that will be put on your neck in a moment. When you get soft you will have to tell us as well so we can stop it. We will check from time to time to see if you are not soft yet and if we find you forgot to tell us to add up minutes we will delete all minutes till that time. Understood?”

“Yes sir!”  We said all at the same time.

“Ok, beside that I am sure we will have all kinds of fun as well.”

For the next hour or so we chatted. Martin was more or less continuously hard so it would not be easy for us to win this one as we already knew then. Martin said not to worry he was sure there would be other bits of the competition that he would definitely not win. Paul and Dennis had disappeared into the kitchen and about forty-five minutes later dinner was served.

When Justin and I had done the dishes, Michel wondered if anyone would like to have a bit of a swim in the lake in a moment.

“First our dinner has to sink in.” Dennis said.

“Yes I know but I thought it would help the slaves to get hard a bit easier knowing they will end up being outside in there briefs very soon.”

I think that was maybe not what we had realized at that moment but sure enough I could see four hard dicks standing up and stopwatches being put on again.

A half hour later Michel stood up and said, “Ok let’s go.”

It was still light outside and I could definitely see that the four of us were hesitating to go out there.

“You can wear a t-shirt if you want.” Dennis said.

Before we all knew it, we had each put a white t-shirt on. I turned to see that at least we were a bit covered up, although none of the shirts was hanging long enough to cover the undies up completely.

“Still not hiding it all guys!” Brandon said with a smile.

We walked to the lake that was about three hundred meters away. It was beautiful and I am sure we were quite safe down at this end. Up to the left it looked long and broad but on the right hand it got narrower and I think I could even see a bridge about five hundred meters away.

“Ok, let’s go in.” Brandon said.

I saw that Michel, Brandon, Dennis and Jamey started to undress. I then heard Martin say “I am hard.” He laughed to go with it.

“Yeah wait a second.” Jamey said and I knew this was going to happen.

But seeing our boyfriend’s, i.e. our masters and all four of them in the same black Speedo got all three of us very quickly hard.

“I think you guys need to cool down a bit.” Michel said with a laugh and said. “So come on get them shirts off and let’s swim.”

I looked around and saw the others doing the same, so I took my t-shirt off.

Getting into the water I noticed that it was definitely not as cold as I expected it to be, but even though I had to call out, “I’m soft”, very fast. Staying in the water and hard was not easy and although it was not cold, it was colder than the air outside and our body temperature. I was happy to notice that I was not the only one.

We had some innocent fun playing in the water and after about thirty minutes we got out. Now my briefs didn’t leave much to the imagination and when I looked around the others were quite obvious as well.

“Do you know what?” Brandon said.

“I always have wanted to jump off a bridge, let’s go up there and see if it is deep enough.”

“Hmm can’t we just go back?” Paul asked.

“Oh you wimp.” Dennis said with a smile.

I think he knew that Paul would never let him say that to him.

“Oh, you think I am a wimp, well I can go up there dressed like this, and I don’t need the t-shirt.” He said.

“Good, give it to me then!” Dennis said.

“Hmm, well…” Paul added.

“No backing off now Paul, give it to me.” Paul handed his t-shirt and looked around at the others. “You joining me now or are you all wimps?”

I guess he didn’t want to be the only one in just his undies.

“Yes give your shirt to me Martin!” Jamey joined in.

Before I knew it Michel had taken my shirt out of my hands as well and we were making our way up to the bridge. The four masters up front and we were all following.

When we got closer to the bridge area Justin whispered to me. “I can hear cars.”

“Yeah I thought that too.”

“You think they would want us to go up and jump like this?” Martin asked.

“Quiet down there guys.” Brandon said.

When we got to the bridge, there was a path leading up to it and also one going from where we were to the edge of the water.

“Let’s check out to see how deep it is guys.” Jamey said.

We followed them to the waterside. Just when we got there we heard that someone or something splashed in the water.

“Damn, we are not alone.” I heard Martin whisper to Paul.

When we got to the water’s edge, the four of us hid behind our masters looking over their shoulders.

We saw one guy swimming in our direction and another one up on the edge of the bridge who shouted, “Bombs away” and then jumped.

“Hey you guys want to join in?” The guy asked while crawling up the shore.

“It is deep enough then?” Brandon asked.

“Yes not a problem at all.” The guy said. “Just look at Mark there.” He said with a smile.

He was wearing shorts and had noticed us stare at him for a second at his black Speedo’s.

“Nice, yeah we were thinking about jumping off of the bridge.”

He waved at his friend who now swam towards us.

Before I could do anything though Michel stepped aside and said. “You think going up like that on the bridge is a problem?”

“Hmm, well wow. Hmm no there is just a car from time to time but not that busy.” He blushed and stuttered a bit while his eyes were glued to my crotch.

“Good, then up you go guys.” Michel said waving to the four of us.

“Damn, what is this a little fairy show?” The guy who had got out of the water asked.

That was not the response we had expected.

“NO, just some guys doing a dare!” Brandon said.

“OH, well you guys look hot that’s for sure, but yes go up it is really fun to jump in from up there.”

I turned to Michel and wanted to say something to him when I heard Martin whisper behind me “I’m hard.”

“OH no, you are easy.” I heard James say quite loudly.

I looked over my shoulder and saw a hard and blushing Martin very embarrassed but also he was very hard indeed.

“Hey what is going on down here?” Mark now asked.

“Ok, guys go on up then, we can explain it.”

So although Martin was the only one really hard, I could see that the Justin and Paul were chubbing a little bit, in their briefs as well. I said, “I will but Michel I am hard too.”

Michel smiled and pushed the stopwatch and then pushed me out of there.

“Oh you guys think that it will be ok down there? They didn’t seem to be too happy with us going around like this.” Justin said.

“I think they were watching us with quite some interest to be honest.” I added to the conversation.

“Yeah me too, when I saw how hard their eyes were glued to me.” Martin said.

“Oh they definitely were, but we still better do what was said. Who goes first?” I asked when we had reached the road.

“You want to go out to the bridge one by one then?” Paul asked.

“Yes less chance of a car seeing all four of us.”

Just about that time, one came up from the other side.

We waited till it had passed.

“Ok, let’s get this over with and Paul walked out onto the road and ran to the bridge and without spending too much time there he jumped off.”

“Damn, he was fast!” Justin said and then he started to run and got onto the bridge and jumped off of it as well.

“Now who is next?” I said looking at Martin.

“Me, I am not going to stay behind as the last one here.”

“Let’s go together then!” I ran just behind him. I was sure I heard a car coming but didn’t wait and see. When we both sat on the edge of the bridge, we both jumped just as the car drove by.

It felt nice to do it although my balls got a bit of a bump when they hit the water. When I got back up again I saw that Paul and Justin had just crawled onto the shore and that Mark and his friend were still standing there.

When we got closer to the edge though I heard Michel say, “We’ll see you tomorrow morning then ok?”

Mark replied with, “That sounds like a plan.”

“Bye guys you are looking hot!” Mark’s friend said when he left.

“Strange, what was that all about at the end?” I asked Michel.

“Shut up slave. You have asked too much today.”

We got back to the cabin without any one seeing us. Martin and I got hard several times again but still Justin and Paul were not far behind me.

Looking back at the rest of the evening and the next morning, I knew I had stayed quite cocky all during that time. I was a lot more in Michel’s face than normal. I just felt that he was harder on me than on the others and I didn’t like that at all. It came to ahead when we were in town that morning.

I was wearing some shorts and a t-shirt that just reached the waistband and a pair of grey tango briefs. I still felt very horny after staying in our briefs most of the time. Martin had won the competition and I had gotten second. Now Paul had lost and he was just wearing a longer t-shirt that just reached over his briefs. He was not wearing any shorts.

Next stop a clothes shop for teens and kids…

{{{ It took me an awfull long time to write this. I wanted to make it into something special chapter 50 but also got stuck with ideas on were to go with the story. So made it to complex and got writers block on it but so far I have written chapter 51 as well so hopefully we are on the move again with Tim and Michel. If you got any idea’s send me an e-mail ([email protected]) Hope you are still enjoying the story  


chapter 51


chapter 39

Chapter 39 of Tom

 Damn I thought when I saw those First words. I wanted to look at Mark but I was too curious to read the rest. I looked back at the screen:

If you cum this afternoon then for at least 30 minutes after that you will have to make sure you wear no trousers and only your briefs and people must be able to see you. For example if you are home, go and stand by an open window and take your trousers off. Have fun. Your new master.

Holy shit, not something that I was expecting. I looked at Mark.

“What is it Tom, bad news?”

“Here”, I said and gave him the phone.

A smile appeared on his face. “It is almost if they know what has happened Tom”.

“Yes, unbelievable, but I have to do it as they will find out, I know, if I have done it or not”.

“And, you find that important even if you are not going to go on with them?”

“I don’t know that yet Mark. I know it is what you want”.

“Oh, sorry Tom. And yes that is what I want. But you still haven’t made up your mind have you?”

“No, but I can’t do nothing. It is not fair. And I should have said something yesterday and I didn’t. No I really have to take my trousers off. How long is the movie going to last?”

“45 minutes I think”.

“Ok, that should be enough then”.

I pulled the button open on my trousers and lifted up my butt a bit. I noticed Mark looking with big eyes”.

“You are really going to do this?”

“Yes, I think you can add to your list that I am loyal as well”.

My light blue briefs came into view and you could see a big wet spot on them.

“Shit”, I heard Mark whispered and he moaned softly.

“Hey”, I said. “Nothing you haven’t seen before”. I smiled at him while I pushed my trousers past my knees.

“Yes I know but not like this and my hand was on there a moment ago. And don’t forget that I can see you are getting stiff again in those wet briefs.”

I looked to see what the damage was. He was right, it was quite wet. A hefty orgasm I thought.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mark had unbuttoned as well and then lifted his buttocks.

“What are you doing now Mark?”

“Well I can’t stay behind then”.

I looked at him. “You mean you also just…?”

“Yes when you uncovered those light blue briefs Tom”.

I saw that he had on black boxer briefs. “But that doesn’t mean you have to”.

“Yes I does, today you are not my slave. I will do what you do because this is just a date and I want to show you that I can take a dare as much as you can”.

“Ok, well if you are sure”.

He looked around. “Not sure but I don’t think anyone can see us down here”.

Yes there we were. As you might expect I didn’t see a lot of the movie but it was kind of exciting all in all. I think we were both glad that we could put our trousers back on again before the movie was finished. I found it amazing he had followed my actions as well.

Just when we got outside and walked past the door a guy we were sure was gay of around 30 was standing there. He stepped forward so we had to slow down for a moment.

“Nice underwear guys, thanks for the show”, he smiled and walked away.

“Damn.” Mark said. “That was not supposed to have happened.

“NO, and now you know how I feel when I have to open the door for an example like this”.

“I don’t know Tom. I think there are other things that come into play when you do stuff like this, but what now? What is next? Any plans?”

“I still have a bit of time. You want to go and grab dinner somewhere?”

“Hmm, I want to have you on my own Tom. I don’t like to whisper continuously”.

Yes he was right about that.

“Well we can order a pizza at my place Mark”.

“Yes, we could do that.” He said.

It felt good walking together to my apartment. My feelings for him were growing fast. I had not planned that at the beginning of the afternoon. But I wanted to be with him on our own for sure now. It had gone very fast, way too fast. When we got in I walked to the phone”.

“Pizza it shall be then?” I asked.

“Yes, do a Hawaiian pizza for me ok”.


After I ordered it, I turned around and he was sitting on the couch.  “Something to drink while we wait?” I asked.

“Yes I could do a beer”.

I sat opposite of him when I came back. I had thought about the couch and sitting beside him but it was not a big couch and I didn’t know what would happen then. I noticed that he was disappointed that I did that.

“Sorry Mark but it has gone too fast you know”.

“I know, I just wanted to have you close by”.

We did some small talk waiting for the pizza to arrive.

When the doorbell sounded I stood up and went to the door.

“You’re dressed today!” The pizza delivery guy said when I opened the door.

I smiled when I saw who it was.

“Yes, sorry but I have visitors”.

“Oh, well I guess it can’t be all the time. A shame, I was ready for a break”.

I smiled at him.

We ate the pizza in silence. I looked at him from time to time and I noticed that he did the same.

When I took the dishes into the kitchen and returned I decided to sit beside him.

“I have to go in a moment Tom. I still have some homework I need to do”.

“That’s a shame, but I had a wonderful Sunday Mark.”

“Me to Tom”.

We kissed softly, our lips just touching each other. I felt the pressure to do more coming on fast. The feeling was so incredible, so safe and as it was something I should have done long ago”.

“Hmm, Mark”.

“Yes I know Tom, but…”

We kissed on. We both knew right there, that there was definitely something between us. We clicked. I don’t know why he was right but he was all that was needed. Did I have to be difficult about it? No, but then there was the auction the day before. I knew in an instant what I had to do. I had to be honest with the others and to myself. I needed to tell them No!”

“Hmm, Mark, I want to see you later this week. Can you do Tuesday or Wednesday evening?”

He smiled and kept my eyes locked on me. “This means this no buts… anymore Tom?”

“No, it will be difficult this week but it will be ok”.

“You think?”

“Yes and we have lots to discover Mark. I know what I want and so do you, but still it will take a while to get there”.

“Probably, but I know that I can’t do what I have done with you lately or at least not in the same way but we need to build this up together I guess Tom”.

“Yes” I smiled still.

“I don’t want to go Tom”.

“I know Mark but Tuesday or Wednesday will be here soon”.

“Yes but I find it hard to believe that I have this feeling just after one afternoon, I…”

“We shall see, now it is time to go…”

We kissed one more time and then he stood up and left.

 chapter 40

hoofdstuk 40

Hoofdstuk 40 van Tom

Mark belde me op de maandag avond. Niet een kort telefoontje maar bijna een uur. Hij vertelde over zijn dag en ik luisterde aandachtig. Ik vertelde wat ik had gedaan. Hij kon helaas niet top de dinsdag maar de woensdag was geen probleem. Hij wilde bij voorkeur dat ik bij hem langs kwam. Ik was er eerder geweest dus ik zag er niet echt een probleem in.

Op dinsdag avond belde ik Erik.

“Hoi Erik, Tom hier”.

“Ah, en Tom hoe is het met je”.

“Wel goed, heb een heerlijke date gehad op zondag en zie hem morgenavond weer”.

“Goed, heb je al besloten wat je met die andere gaat doen”.

“Hm, ja ik denk van wel. Ik ga hen niet voor het lapje houden. Al hoewel het me reuze leuk lijkt wil ik toch graag zelf kiezen en ik denk dat dat met die date van afgelopen zondag best iets kan worden”.

“Ok, wel het is jouw beslissing Tom. Ze zullen die respecteren”.

“Ja denk je”.

“Ja, dat hebben ze toegezegd en daar vertrouw ik op”.

“Ok, wel ik bel ze morgen of donderdag avond dus dan weet je dat alvast”.

“Prima en bedankt nog Tom was leuk om je zo bezig te houden en te zien. Hoop dat het wat wordt met die nieuwe en dat ook dat extra er nog beetje in zit”.

“We zullen zien maar ik denk van wel”.

“Ok, ik stuur je nog de foto’s en andere zaken. Ik delete ze daarna dus dan ben je vrij wat dat betreft”.

“Dankje Erik”.

We wenste elkaar een goede avond en ik legde de hoorn neer. Zo dat was stap 1. Ik was echter nog niet zo ver dat ik de andere meester al wilde gaan bellen. Daar had ik nog een avondje met Mark voor nodig om me die moed te geven.

Na mijn werk op woensdag ging ik lekker even in bad. Trok een leuk stel kleren aan en ging daarna op weg naar Mark. Rond 6 uur was ik daar. Ja, ik zou mee eten. Ik verwachte min of meer dat Mark alleen thuis zou zijn maar keek wel even op toen Sander in een slipje de deur open deed.

“Hoi Peter”.

“He Tom. Mark vertelde me al dat je langs zou komen”.

“Ja, ik dacht dat hij alleen thuis zou zijn omdat hij me voor het eten al had uitgenodigd”.

“Nee wordt een familie etentje. Had hij je dat niet gezegd”.

“Nee, maar geeft niet. Ik ken jullie allemaal al”.

“Ja, en het is alleen de mannen vanavond. Ik zie de andere steeds minder. Ik geloof niet dat het goed gaat tussen mijn vader en moeder wat dat betreft”.

“Ah, vandaar het slipje” zei ik lachend en duwde de deur verder open om binnen te gaan”.

“Ja, wat dacht jij dan” zei hij met een rood hoofd.

“He, is dat Tom” hoorde ik Mark roepen.

“Ja Mark” riep Peter”.

“Ok, neem hem maar mee in de eetkamer ik ben er zo”.

Ik volgde Peter de eetkamer in. De vader van Peter en Mark zat aan tafel de krant te lezen.

“He Tom, leuk je weer te zien” zei hij.

“Ja, dankje”.

“Kom, niet zo verlegen we kennen elkaar toch al”.

“Jawel maar..”.

“Ja, geeft niet. Ik heb vertrouwen in Mark als jij dat ook hebt en zo te horen na de avonturen van zondag komt dat helemaal goed”.

Ik bloosde nu.

“Goed, dat wilde ik even zien. En ja hmm Mark heeft weinig geheimen voor mij dus hou daar alvast maar rekening mee”.

“Wel, ik heb het ook erg naar mijn zin gehad zondag”.

“goed zo. Al hoewel als ik hem niet een beetje een duw gegeven had hij nooit deze stap gezet zou hebben. Ik ben blij dat hij dat gedaan heeft want anders waren we hier helemaal gek geworden”.

“Oh, hoe dat zo’.

“Wel hij was niet te genieten sinds die laatste keer dat hij jou en Peter meegenomen heeft. Je moet knap veel indruk die avond op hem gemaakt hebben. Sindsdien ben je het enige onderwerp waar hij nog over praat. Als hij ten minste al iets zegt. Ah, hier is ie dan… had blijkbaar nog even wat meer tijd nodig”.

Ik draaide me om en zag een glimlachende mark de eetkamer in komen. Hij had een strak wit T-shirtje aan op een leuke zwarte jeans. Hmm wederom kon ik duidelijk zien dat hij behoorlijk wat tijd doorbracht met sporten.

“He Mark” zie ik zacht.

“Tom, alles goed”.

“ja, en met jou?”.

“He kom on guys, geef elkaar een zoen dan hebben we dat ook weer gehad”zei de vader.

Ik lachte en zag dat Mark bloosde. De hele wereld verdween echter toen mijn lippen de zijne raakte. Mijn lul sprong gelijk op hard. Ik voelde hoe zijn tong langzaam bij mij naar binnen ging en stopte toen hij zachtjes in aanraking kwam met die van mij. Toen ik langzaam los liet, kreunde Mark zachtjes.

“Hm, heerlijk Tom. Ik heb dit gemist”.

Ik lachte.

“Ok, Peter kom maar met het eten we zijn er klaar voor” zei Marks vader.

Gedurende het eten werd er wel wat gepraat maar niet zo heel veel. Blijkbaar was dit de gewoonte en was Mark niet zo druk iemand als hij in het begin bleek te zijn.

Na het eten gingen we naar boven. Mark wilde blijkbaar wat privé tijd met me.

“He leuke kamer” zei ik toen ik binnen kwam. Hij had een licht blauwe kamer met veel gekleurde schilderen en foto’s aan de muur. Sommige heel klein maar andere redelijk groot.

“Heb jij die gemaakt Mark” vroeg ik aan hem.

Hij bloosde dus dat zei genoeg.

Twee waren er van zijn broer en eentje van een knul van Mark zijn leeftijd die ik niet kende.

“Je hebt echt talent. Doe je dit vaak”.

“Meestal als ik vakantie heb Tom”.

“ah, ok. Leuk”.

“Kom hier ik wil je nog een keer zoenen” zei hij met een glimlach.

We kuste elkaar en het duurde echt wel even voor de lippen elkaar weer loslieten. “Dat is beter” zei hij. “Weet je hoe moeilijk dat het was om aan tafel met je te zitten, terwijl die lippen het voedsel naar binnen werkte. Hmm. Zo verleidelijk”.

Ik lachte maar wat.

“Ik heb Erik gisteren gebeld en verteld dat ik de andere ga bellen en ga zeggen dat ik het niet ga doen. Ik kan het niet. Ik wil kijken hoe het met ons verder gaat Mark. Ik heb sinds zondag niet echt rust gehad en moest continue terug denken aan de zondag. Je hebt me betoverd”.

“Goed zo. Hmm wanneer ga je ze bellen”.

“Morgen avond of misschien zo dadelijk met jou er bij”.

Ik zag dat Mark een beetje wit weg trok. “Hm, wel je kunt het misschien beter morgenavond doen” stamelde hij zacht.

“Wat Mark. Ik dacht dat je het leuk zou vinden als ik het hier zo dadelijk zou doen”.

Hij keek me niet aan. Hij was stil. Wat nu dacht ik.

“Heb je je bedacht Mark. Wil je niet . … wel weet je”.

“Ja wel maar. Wacht ik ben zo terug”.

Blijkbaar had hij een besluit over iets genomen want hij liep snel weg richting de gang deur.

Wat nu dacht ik. Ik keek nog eens rond in de kamer. Ik zag wat kleren op de grond liggen, waaronder een licht blauw slipje. Ik lachte en boog me naar rechts om het op te rapen. Ik keek nog even naar de deur om te zien of hij al weer terug kwam en bracht het slipje toen naar mijn neus. Hmm heerlijk dacht ik echt de geur van Mark. Ik liet het snel terug op de stapel vallen met kleren vallen en keer verder rond in de kamer. Er stond een PC en een kleine muziek installatie. Daarnaast stond een hele stapel met Cd’s.

Ik had al eigenlijk wel even door de stapel heen geneusd toen ik van beneden vandaan enkele behoorlijk harde stemmen klonken. Mark en zijn vader hadden blijkbaar een argument. Ik hoorde de deur slaan en daarna zijn vader roepen: “Je moet wel Mark. Kan niet anders”. Het bleef even stil daarna ging de deur weer open. Ik hoorde niet wat er gezegd werd maar het duurde niet lang en toen ging de deur weer open. Ik hoorde meer dan een paar voeten de trap op komen. Ik ging terug op het bed zitten.

“Is het goed dat mijn vader even binnen komt Tom”, zei Mark zacht.

“Ja waarom niet. Het is jouw kamer”.

“Weet ik, maar ook een beetje die van jou als je hier bent”.

Mark ging naast me op het bed zitten en zijn vader trok de stoel van het bureau er bij en ging recht tegenover ons zitten.

“Mark is bang Tom. Bang om je het volgende te vertellen. Je moet weten dat hij eigenlijk niet wist wat hij moest doen en dat dit ook wel mijn schuld is. Hij heeft gevraagd aan mij om er bij te zijn. Hij denkt dat ik het beter kan uitleggen”.

“Ok, maar ik snap het niet”.

Ik zag de vader van Mark, Mark aankijken.

Ik hoorde hoe hij zuchtte naast mij, toen mijn ene hand pakte en die in zijn handen hield.

“Ik had nooit gedacht dat je op deze manier voor mij zou kiezen Tom. Nooit ook. Ik dacht dat je kwaad op me zou zijn na die laatste sessie. Ik wist niet …. Wel ik twijfelde vooral aan mezelf en dus … wel ……”.

Ik keek hem aan “Wat Mark. Wat is er dat je zo moeilijk vindt”.

“Ik ben niet eerlijk tegen je geweest Tom”.

“Oh, .. hmm waarover dan Mark”.

“Wel je. Nee, terug. Ik ben heel heel erg verliefd op je Tom. Ik kon na de eerste twee keer hier thuis al bijna niet meer slapen. Zo erg dat ik dacht van als ik je het nu heel lastig maak tijdens die avond dan wel dan wil je me niet meer zien en is dat ook opgelost. Het tegen deel gebeurde. Ik had nooit verwacht dat je zondag met me uit zou willen en wel .. had nooit zelfs kunnen dromen dat we, je weet wel allebei hetzelfde zoeken. Ik ……”.

Ik kneep even in zijn hand en hij stopte met praten. “Vertel me het nu maar Mark, zo erg kan het niet zijn. We kennen elkaar pas en hoewel eerlijk het langst duurt je bent er al heel snel bij met het me te vertellen dus …”.

Er kwam een kleine glimlach op zijn gezicht wel een zenuwachtige nog. Hij zuchten weer en zei toen “Goed hier komt ie dan. Als je hier vandaan die meester had gebeld die je zaterdagavond gekocht had, dan had deze mobiel hier over gegaan”.  Ik zag hem slikken. Ik keek naar een mobiele telefoon in zijn hand. Ik keek naar de vader van Mark ‘U” zei ik.

Hij glimlachte “nee, ik ga zo ver niet maar …”.

“Jij zelf”.

Hij keek me gespannen aan. Mijn hoofd tolde. Hij was onzeker geweest. Niet zeker van zichzelf en dus had hij me ook maar gekocht om zeker te zijn.

“Waarom heb je dan toch de date gedaan op zondag Mark. Je had gewoon, wel …”>

“Omdat ik wilde dat je zelf voor me koos. Dat ik het was en niet de drang om een meester te hebben de doorslag zou geven. Even toen ik er zondag achter kwam dat je wel erg loyaal was, dacht ik dat ik je verloren had. Maar goed , ik had nooit gedacht dat je voor mij zou kiezen .. en wel dan had ik nog een tweede kans”.

Ik slikte. Ik snapte waar hij vandaan kwam maar op een of andere manier voelde ik me ook gebruikt, niet serieus genomen. Ik liet zijn hand los.

“Ik heb hem zaterdagavond nog geprobeerd om te stoppen met bieden maar hij was zo onzeker dat hij wel moest. Hij wilde je hebben en daar door heeft hij even niet goed nagedacht Tom. Een fout dat zeker en ik weet ook zeker eentje die hij niet meer zal maken”.

Ja dat snapte ik ook wel. Ik keek hem weer aan ‘Hou je dan zo veel van mij Mark”.

Ik zag dat een traan langs zijn gezicht bungelde. “Je hebt geen idee Tom. Slapen ja de ik wel maar mijn dromen zijn gevuld met jouw gezicht, met jou lichaam. En ik ik verknal het dan. Ik had zo’n spijt zaterdagavond nadat we de bieding gewonnen hadden dat ik niet meer wist of ik zondag nog wel door kon laten gaan. Maar bij het daglicht zondag wist ik dat het beter was om je op eigen kracht voor me te winnen. Ik kon je ten slotte niet dwingen om verliefd te worden op mij”.

“nee, dat zeker niet maar … . ik weet het niet Mark. Ik voel me vereerd dat je dat allemaal voor me over hebt. Dat je dat in mij ziet maar ik ben maar gewoon Tom. Een vent die het ook niet allemaal weet en die een paar hele rare triggers heeft”.

Hij glimlachte nu weer wat “Weet ik en daarom hou ik ook zo van je. Om wie je bent. En dan maakt het niet uit of je gewoon lief ben zoals afgelopen zondag of misschien wel ondeugend zoals die paar andere keren. Ik …. Kun je me vergeven Tom”.

“Ik denk het wel Mark, maar zoals ik al zei eerlijkheid duurt het langst en veel kansen krijg je niet”.

“Weet ik, geen leugens meer Tom”.

“Ok, ik denk dat jullie er samen wel uit komen ik ga naar beneden, zie ik jullie daar dadelijk ook nog even”.

“Ja, pa dankje” Mark zei.

“Je bent eigenlijk eigenlijk wel een onzeker iemand is het niet Mark”, zei ik na een korte stilte.

“hm, ja behoorlijk. Je hebt geen idee hoe lang ik voor de kast sta als ik echt iets leuks wil aan hebben”.

“Oh, ok, wel dat zijn van die kleine leuke dingen waar ik dan wel achter wil komen”.

“Goed, er is nog veel meer te ontdekken”.

“Maar wat als je meester bent. Je lijkt dan absoluut niet onzeker of zo”.

Hij glimlachte: “Klopt helemaal. Had ik met Peter niet en met jou ook helemaal niet” terwijl hij dit zei klonk zijn stem ook een beetje anders vond ik.

“Goed, anders gaat het nooit werken”.

“Nee, wel kom hier ik wil nog even samen genieten voordat we naar beneden gaan”.

Hij trok me dichterbij, sloeg een arm om me heen en begonnen me weer zeer teder te kussen. Oh als ik nog twijfel had was die nu weer snel weg. Ik voelde de vonken over slaan en dacht aan de leuke dingen die nog zouden gaan komen.

 hoofdstuk 41