chapter 51

Chapter 51 of Tim and Michel

Looking back at the rest of the evening and the next morning I knew I had stayed quite cocky all during that time. I was a lot more in Michel’s face than normal. I just felt that he was being harder on me than on the others and I didn’t like that at all. It came to a head when we were in town that morning.

I was wearing some shorts and a t-shirt that just reached the waistband and a grey pair of tango briefs. I still felt very horny after having stayed in our briefs most of the time. Martin had won the competition and I had come in second. Now Paul had lost and he was just wearing a long t-shirt that just reached over his briefs. He was not wearing any shorts.

The next stop for us was a clothes shop for teens and kids.

Now let’s get on with chapter 51

“So what are we doing down here except for embarrassing Paul?” I asked.

Michel smiled at me. “You need any clothes Tim?”

“Hmm no not me, any of you guys?” I asked the rest as I thought it was stupid to ask that as now Michel might just come up with something.

“No, not for us”, Jamey said and the others just nodded.

“So I guess that means that we need to get something for you Tim.”

“Oh, well what is it this time?” I asked.

“I think we need to move over there to the shorts area.”

We moved towards the back. Michel told the others to stay behind us a bit.

We got to the swim trunks, the Speedo’s and the shorts. There were a few more kids and teens around.

Out loud Michel said, “I think you should try one of these on. They would look hot on you.” In the meantime he gave me a pair of shorts.

I wanted to walk towards the fitting rooms but he touched my shoulder. “Wait why not try them on right down here.” He whispered.

I looked at him and said out loud, “Oh why not.” I knew I sounded a bit like ‘whatever’ but I had done this before so…

I took my shorts off and put the new ones on. I noticed that some of the teens were watching me and probably saw that I was quite hard in my grey tango briefs as well. There was not a lot of space in them but just enough to show a big bulge for sure.

“No, not tight enough.” Michel said.

I had handed him my old shorts and when I took the new ones off and I wanted to get my old ones back to put them on, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he had put them back with the new ones. I looked at him and asked. “You want me to leave like this then?”

“Yes I think you are too cocky at the moment and a little lesson would be good.”

“Oh I don’t mind, I have done it before”, and before he knew it I had walked away. I was not sure how long the t-shirt was, but it not long enough that was for sure but maybe long enough to cover up most everything.

I think I surprised him as he had to run behind me to catch up with to me.

“You ok?” Martin asked when I got to him.

“Yes, if this is what he wants then he can have it.”

I saw the surprised look on Martin’s face.  “I have done it before Martin, so it’s nothing new.”

“Yeah I know but still, at least on Paul you can hardly see.”

When we got outside again I looked at Michel with a smug and said, “What now?” As if I was ready for whatever he had planned. He looked at me and then asked the others. “You ok with us going back?”

“Yes I think we are. It’s not like we need a lot and it is getting closer to lunch time anyway.” Dennis said.

“And we can go swimming this afternoon.” Jamey said with a smile.

“Good, take the others, I will be there in a minute but I need to make a phone call.”

I wanted to wait but while Michel was dialling he waved me off, so I walked with the others to the cars. I think he stayed behind me as my bottom showed quite a nice view but the front was out of sight, at least most of it.

“You ok Tim?” Justin asked me while we got in the car.

“Yeah why not? I am fine.”

“Well you seem… How shall I say this, you have been challenging Michel a lot since yesterday.”

“Oh that. Well he is treating me harder than you guys, so if that is what he wants, then fine. But I am not giving him the pleasure of it. I can handle it. Or better, I have done it before.”

I noticed Justin look a bit surprised.

“Just take it easy with him ok.” He said.

“When he does I will.”

Michel stepped into the car about five minutes later and when he got in I said, “That it is about time. It is getting cold in here.”

He just looked at me and didn’t say anything. He waved at the others in the other car and we drove back to the cabin. He didn’t say a lot until we were back into the cabin.

“Hey guys, I know this is a weekend we would spend together but I need about ten minutes with Tim alone in the living room. I hope you can use your time outside or so, and not the bedrooms I would say as it would take too long to come back then. I will give a yell when we are done.”

I looked surprised at Michel. “What?” I said.

“Shut up Tim!”

“You ok Michel?” Dennis asked him now as well. I think they all could feel the tension between us.

“Yes, it will be in a moment Dennis, nothing to worry about ok.”

“If you say so, just don’t fight ok. Fighting will make nothing better.”

“I know so we won’t, will we Tim?”

I looked at him as I started to feel he had something on his sleeve.

He waited until the others left and closed the door behind them.

“So what is this all about Tim?” Michel asked before I even could say anything.

He came closer to me while he waited for an answer.

“This is the time to tell me Tim. You have been fighting me from the moment we got here.”

“Hmm, well”.

“Well what; tell me so we can adjust it.”

Oh shit I thought, this sounded like I was in trouble. He was right up to my face now. He got closer and then moved his lips on to mine. Even if I would have been able to say anything he prohibited it now for sure. The kiss got hotter and hotter and I felt that if he would keep this up I would explode for sure.

He let go though and looked at me. No smile just a stern look.

“You know I love you. You know I love spending time with you, so no reason for jealousy.”

I looked at him surprised. “Jealousy?” I said now laughing. “You think this is about ‘Jealousy’?”

“What is it then?” He asked not giving up.

“You, it is about you Michel. You have been up my ass all weekend so far. It seems that whatever I do you get closer and more in my face. You are treating me harder than the others. Like this morning I didn’t lose, Paul did and still I ended up being punished walking around like that. That is what I am fed up with… Just treat me like the others and we will be fine.”

He looked at me.

“Ok, but you are my slave and I can do as I want to Boy.”

Oh I really had pissed him off.

“You listen right now Tim. I am fed up with it. I thought about it and this morning I knew I had to do something. You are being far too cocky especially about doing the things I order you to do. Even in such a way your cockiness might become a danger for yourself. Do you understand that?”

“What danger, not me I am fine because I have done it before. It’s just not fair between me and the others!” I now started to shout.

“Ok, shouting is not helping us at all. So Shut up Tim!”


“Tim!” Michel said, “Shut up and I mean it!”

He came closer again now and took each of my hands in one of his. What I had not seen was that he had a rope behind him which he now started to tie around my wrists behind my back.

“Michel, please… I”

“No it’s too late just shut up Tim. Don’t make this any worse than it already is and to start with calm down okay. I have not seen to you be like this ever before.”

He got my hands tied behind my back and then walked towards the table.

I wanted to say something again but this time I got a sock pushed into my mouth. It seemed he was prepared for this.  I wanted to step back but I felt that he had my hands bound now to the table. There was not a lot of space that I was able to go without taking the table with me.

“Ok, before I call the others back in. I love you Tim, just remember that. I want you to think about being cocky and endangering yourself when you are. I can’t let this go, you need to learn that I am there for you and that I am your master, so for now you are going to be punished but I hope it will help to calm you down and learn. We will talk some more as soon as I see you have calmed down.”

I think that at that point my eyes were flashing my anger, but before I had done anything he was on his knees and started to bind my legs to either side of the table, and then he moved around and went to open the door.

“Come on inside guys.”

I saw that they looked surprised from Michel to me and back.

“I am not going to explain why to you but Tim will do it later on today.”

“Sorry Michel, but…”

“No, this is important and was bound to happen. For now I may need your help and I hope you won’t ask too much and just help ok.”

“We will as long as you are not going too far Michel”, Dennis said.

“You know me I won’t.”

“Good, what do you want us to do then?” He continued.

“Well Jamey, can Martin help me for a moment?”

“Yeah why not, go on Martin.”

Martin came closer to me and Michel did the same. I could see that he gave Martin something. “Put this around his balls Martin and use the buttons to make it fit nicely.”

I couldn’t see what Martin was doing except he was fondling my balls and it hurt getting them closer together that was for sure and then there was something put in between my dick and balls. I heard a click and when he let go I could feel that my balls were being pushed down. I looked and saw that there was something around my balls and I could not see them. Little cables went down off of it and were hanging just underneath my balls.

“This is called a parachute. It will hold your balls together and also when any strain is on them, it divide it evenly.”

“Looking good, but what are those chains for?” Dennis asked.

“Oh, Tim needs a lesson, a lesson in humiliation and we are going to give that to him this afternoon. On these chains you can hang weights and depending on how things go, Tim will get a few on them. Now I noticed that you slave boys are all hard. So you learn straight off guys. Justin, Paul and Martin, whenever you are hard in your briefs you will tell us again. If you are hard at the same time just as you are now then Tim will get another weight of two hundred grams hanged on the chains. So I guess I better hang the first one on.”

I saw that he had gotten something from behind me and then went down to my balls. I could feel he lifted up the chains a bit and then oh yeah, damn there was something definitely hanging on them. But despite the pain I could feel that my dick was starting to get hard.

“OH that looks hot!” Brandon said.

“Yeah I thought that was something you would like!” Michel said.

“So that is it then?” Dennis asked.

“No, one more thing, whenever one of you gets hard as I said you need to tell us. For each time one of you gets hard Tim will get five spanks on his buttocks with the paddle that is laying there. And if you all got hard there will be not only a weight hung on but also he will get later on five spanks with the ruler on his balls. I won’t do that until he is totally finished and he knows how to behave again!”

“I don’t think he is agreeing Michel, definitely not!” Brandon said while he looked at me. I was now trying to get away and also trying to say something through the sock.

“I know and he will learn, so as they are all hard at the moment that is fifteen swats on your buttocks Tim.”

I just looked at him. Was he really going to do that in front of the others? I kept my head high when I felt the air of the first thrust start to come passed my buttocks and then I felt it when he hit. I moved forward a bit and kept my teeth gritted to make sure I would not make any sounds. He went on and counted them till he had reached the fifteen. My dick had gone soft and when I opened my eyes again I saw the other guys had gone soft again as well. It seems paddling was not something that turned them on, that was good I thought.

I had a hard time not to cry but I was not going to give him that satisfaction. He smiled when he saw me. “It seems we are going to go on for a little while so let’s see if we can get some lunch.”

“Yes, I think it was our turn to make that.” Brandon said. He walked into the kitchen with Justin.

“Let’s watch some TV while we wait till lunch is ready.” Jamey said and he pulled Martin along with him onto the couch. I couldn’t see where the rest went as I could not turn around that far. I felt that Michel had moved away as well.

Damn here I was, now what I thought. I could feel the weights on my balls and slowly it started to get worse as well. Oh yes it was definitely harder to be like this but also my dick got hard again. I knew I had better stand still as with every move I made the weights were swinging a bit.

Then Brandon yelled from the kitchen, “Justin is hard.”

Damn I thought, what were they doing in there as I could hear Justin laugh as well. I could feel that Michel came closer as well. I took a deep breath and then I felt the paddle landing on my buttocks. I yelped a bit as this hurt more than the first time. I was not sure if I could keep the tears away but I managed.

He just said five and the last one landed when Jamey said, “Hard one down here too.”  I got five more paddles and guess what it was followed by five more when Dennis said that Paul got hard as well. I definitely started to cry when he finished the last one but when he walked around and looked at me I looked back. I was crying but not giving in for sure. Before I realised he hung another weight on my balls and took a deep breath. Then he slapped my balls lightly and said, “More of that later.”

I was left standing there for some time then and slowly lunch was put on the table and Justin walked by several times smiling at me but also I saw that he liked what he was seeing because when he went in the kitchen for the third time to get the plates I heard Brandon laugh and shout, “Hard again!”

Shit I thought. I survived these though and the others joined us at the table when everything was put out. But I was there standing as an object for all of them to watch while they eat. “Hard here as well”, both Jamey and Dennis said. I saw that Michel got up and this time he put the weights on first and then started to paddle my buttocks. Now I could see that they all were watching this. I felt humiliated, degraded and very…  Shit I thought as I felt that I got hard while the tears were running down my face.

By the time he was finished this time I was crying quite hard and when he stood before me I just lowered my face. He was my master and I knew that and he would go on as long as I misbehaved.

“That is better. I will take the sock out of your moth now as that must be uncomfortable. I will give you something to eat as well but you better stay quiet or I will put the sock in again. Understood?”

I just nodded and he took the wet sock out of my mouth. I took a few deep breaths through my mouth. I looked at him and hoped for a smile but he didn’t. The others talked and I got from time to time a bit of bread from Michel.

By the end of lunch there was talk of more swimming and maybe jumping off the bridge. I am not sure if Michel did it on purpose but you can guess what happened. Another weight was hung on my balls and more paddles were received. I couldn’t control it and started to cry from the first hit onwards.

When he was ready I looked at him this time and said, “Thank you Sir.”  I was not sure why but I was starting to learn my lesson.

He smiled now. “Good Tim.”

“Please let me go sir.”

“No, not yet Tim, but I will stop the paddling for now ok.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Ok guys lets clear the table off and then wait a half hour before we go swimming ok.”

They went to sit on the couch. I stayed behind at the table still bound. I had definitely calmed down now. But still couldn’t understand why Michel was doing all of this. Yes the punishment for misbehaving ok I got that but he said there was more. About twenty-five minutes later they were starting to move around again.

“I will be outside in a minute I need to talk with Tim first, ok guys.”

Was he going to leave me behind like this? When they left he came close to me and moved so I could see his face.

“Ok, Tim you know why I did what I did?”

“Hmm, because I was misbehaving Sir.”

“Yes that too but there is more to it Tim.”

“Hmm…” Now I would have loved to have said anything else but I just didn’t know.

“Ok, I think you need more time. I had hoped you would have known but not yet. I will give you some more time to think about it. We will see about the last part of your punishment and see if you have found the answer when we get back from swimming. You are going to be ok in the meantime Tim.”

I nodded. “We will be back and then talk ok.”

“Yes sir.” I said.

I knew I could stand for quite some time like this as the weight was not too heavy anymore and my balls felt ok, a bit big as they must be full by now but that was it. I saw that Michel kneeled before me. He fondled my balls. “Just checking them, but they look good. Not too painful Tim?”

“No sir.” I answered.

“Ok, just think about the question and don’t forget that I love you.”

“Love you too Sir.” I said softly.

“I know Tim, I know. Just relax and try to think about what you did and what might have happened.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, see you later then.”

It got quiet then fast as I heard their voices get softer and softer until it went completely quiet.


(Jamey narrating)

We had a nice swim and played around. When we got back on the beach we sat down around Michel. “Sorry to ask you Michel but what happened this morning? What is going on between you two? I know you said that Tim would tell us later but I think you owe us an explanation as well.” Brandon said.

“I don’t know guys. But Tim got very cocky today, almost like he didn’t mind walking around in his underwear. This was just one of the things that has happened since yesterday. I knew something was up with him, I was just not exactly sure what it was.”

“So you punished him for being cocky then?” I asked.

“NO, Jamey there was more to it. I knew there was. That is why I made that phone call. I think most of you have met Seph and his slave at our party last time. Well I called Seph and explained to him what was going on and if I needed to do something about it. He startled me when he said that Tim was in a very dangerous mood. He said that if Tim would do anything and would make up his own parts of his tasks he might do something stupid that would endanger him. I didn’t agree with him until he told me that anything could have happened in that shop or outside if he would have gone his own way.”

“Hmm maybe yes, but why then the punishment?” I asked.

“He needs to see that for himself. We as masters are there to guide our slaves but also to make sure they don’t go too far. To make sure they don’t get harmed. He needs to come to that conclusion himself and the way he was this morning he would not have seen that. He needed to calm down. Well I think the punishment has done that. Now he has some time to think and we will see where that leads.”

“You still going to give the last part of the punishment?” Martin asked.

“Yes if he comes to the right conclusion or not, he needs to learn this lesson. Seph said it is an important one and in some degree all slaves go through this phase. So you see I have no choice. Sorry if it has spoiled the weekend.”

“It has not spoiled the weekend, it just surprised us but you needed to do this straight off we understand Michel!” Brandon said and I noticed that Paul nodded as well.

“So you need more time on your own when we get back?” I asked.

“No I don’t think so. Tim is smart he will figure it out and then you can watch when I do the last bit.”

We smiled. “Better him than me”, Martin said.

“Oh you don’t like it when I play with your balls then Martin?” I asked. I put my hands on his briefs and played a bit with them. “Hmm you better stop if you don’t want me to cum Jamey”, he said with a big blush on his face.

“You are so easy Martin. You will learn to hold off though I am sure you will.”

We talked a bit more and then we decided we would go back to watch a movie or two and see how Tim was doing.

When we got to the cabin we let Michel go in first, we knew that despite that he wanted us, it was best for him to see Tim first. So we stayed a bit behind. I didn’t see him go inside but a moment later he yelled. “Tim where are you? You can’t hide from me.”

“Oh he got away. I didn’t expect him that too do that.” Brandon said.

“No me neither. You think we should go inside and help Michel to find him?”

“Hey, sorry guys but this is between them, let’s wait outside.” Dennis said.

He was right I thought so we talked a bit and waited until Michel found Tim so we could go inside.

Our attention was brought back to the door when it was pushed open quite fast and it made a banging noise.

“Hey any one of you seen Tim outside?”

“He is not inside?” Dennis asked.

chapter 52 

chapter 41

Chapter 41 of Tom

On Thursday I really had a good feeling about all that had happened. It had also seemed so unreal. Had Erik known? He must have seen Mark and his father or… No, Mark would not have been there! He would have not gotten permission to get in there. I thought about giving Erik a ring, but on the other hand, what good would it do?

Later on that evening Mark phoned me, “Hey Tom, good that you are home, for a moment I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get in contact with you.”

“OH, why Mark?”

“I have been invited this weekend to go to a party of one of my cousin’s. He is just a bit older than me and I am allowed to bring someone along with me. It is a two hour’s drive from here so I was thinking no I better not because it means staying over with them as well, but my uncle has offered that I stay in their cabin which is just outside of the city in the forest.”

“OH, nice for you Mark, but what has this got to do with me?”

“I wanted to ask if you wanted to come along?” He asked very softly.

I could hear the tension in his voice.

“When do you want to leave?”

“Well I had hoped to leave at the end of tomorrow afternoon and be back on Sunday afternoon. I have not finished all my homework so need to do that on Sunday night.”

OH wow a weekend together with him I thought.

“Yes that sounds good to me Mark. Do you also want me to go to the party as well?”

“Of course, that is all part of it.”

“Hmm, but I don’t know anybody there.”

“Not a problem, they are all nice guys so we will fit in.”

“Ah Mark and who am I then?”

“Oh you mean that, what am I, well your my boyfriend who else?”

“Ok, as long as you are sure about that Mark.”

“I don’t care and if they do then well bad luck, we will head back home or to the cabin. Don’t worry about it I would say.”

“You sound full of confidence about it Mark.”

“Yes…” I could hear a smile in his voice, “It feels good Tom. I know what I want and I don’t care anymore. So what time will you be home tomorrow afternoon?”

“Oh, around 4 pm I think. We should be able to get out of town before rush hour starts.”

“Sounds like a plan, see you then and hey… thanks Tom. I am really looking forward to this.”

I smiled. “Me too Mark, me too.”

“Sweet dreams for later Tom.”

It took us another five minutes before either of us had hung up the phone. Neither of us wanted to be the first one. I know that sounds mushy but as Mark said it feels good.

On Friday I hurried, I had a quick shower when I got home and put a nice pair of black jeans on with a white t-shirt. Some other clothes I put in my bag and then I jumped into the car, so it was just 4 pm when I arrived at Mark’s place. A bit earlier than he expected probably but I guess I was really looking forward to it.

“Hey, you are early.” Peter said when he opened the door.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

“No surprise there. He is still upstairs so you can go on up. You know where it is.”

I got up the stairs and knocked softly on the door.

“Hey Peter, you forget something?” Mark yelled from his room. He definitely didn’t expect me yet, so time to have some fun I thought.”

I turned the door knob and with quite a bit of force I pushed the door open completely. Mark would not have the time to respond. I wanted to say something but my breath was taken away with the view of Mark, who was standing with his back to me. I let my eyes wonder over his strong shoulders then his smaller back down towards his buttocks. They were covered in some nice tight white cotton briefs. He was wearing a pair of Calvin Klein briefs, not something I would have expected. His buttocks were nice and round, then my gaze went down over his legs towards his feet. They were just a bit apart and not too big. All in all, he was pretty much shaped to perfection. I felt that my dick started to get hard instantly.

“Hey Peter, you better keep your tongue inside your mouth!” He said and I could hear he had a smile on his face.

I swallowed heavily and said with a soft sensual voice, “Hmm, yes but that is not easy Mark.”

“OH shit!” He responded. He bent forward to step into his jeans that he had in his hands.

Now bent over the view only got better, he was fast I thought and a moment later I heard him close his zipper and then he turned around.

“I didn’t expect you Tom”, he said with a smile.

“Well I am looking forward to this and if I had known you were waiting for me dressed like that I would have come a few minutes earlier.

“Yeah you would have liked that wouldn’t you? Just be patient Tommy.”

In the meantime my eyes had been going up and down his upper body. His nipples were shining a bit and were hard. Around them there were small little hairs. Hmmm so cute I thought and not too many hairs but just enough.

He smiled again while he got his shirt from his bed and put it on.

“I just have to tell them that we are going and then we can leave ok!”

“Good, is this your bag?” I pointed towards a bag at the side of the bed.

“Yes it is.”

“I will go ahead and put it in the car.”

“Fine, I will be out in a few minutes.”

He was right about that. I think he liked the idea of going as well. I never thought that his dad would let us go alone for a weekend like this. I know he approved of us but this was really something.

We talked about what had happened at his school and my work during the last two days. He told me that we were going to visit his cousin who had his eighteenth birthday and that this would be a large celebration. He had talked with his cousin and found out that there would be around thirty people or so and as they just didn’t see Mark that often and he was asked to stay late. The cabin was an answer to the travel problem as it was only twenty minutes from the house.

It seems that the cabin was not Mark’s uncles but belonged to his granddad and that it was used as a sleeping over place for going hunting the next morning early. Mark had been there twice so far. It was quite out of the way of anything else.

He was right about that, when we arrived I had not seen any houses for the last fifteen minutes or so. I had expected just a small cabin but it was more the size of a bungalow. Inside it was even bigger as it had a lot of facilities in it as well.

“I will show you the bedroom. We can put our bags down there and then start a fire.”

“Ah, a double bed”, I said when Mark opened the door.

“You don’t mind I hope Tom?”

“No, I was just not prepared that it would be ok with you too.”

“Well if you don’t want to then?”

“No, not a problem Mark.” I said with a smile. “I might even see more than this afternoon!”

I had expected a more relaxed comment back, but he tensed up when he said, “Who knows Tom.”

Together we prepared some food and talked about what we liked and didn’t like, and after a cosy dinner it started to get slowly darker in the cabin. Mark had a few movies to watch with him.

We sat ourselves in front of the fire. The first movie was a comedy but to be honest I didn’t see a lot of it. Our hands had found each other and through my jeans I felt the heat of his leg and from time to time I felt that his feet touched mine. Not accidently, no it was on purpose that was for sure.

“I want to see you.” Mark whispered with a hoarse voice.

I smiled at him, “Open your eyes then.” I chuckled.

He smiled back at me and answered, “You know what I mean Tommy.”

“Here or the bedroom?” I answered softly.

“Here by the fire”, he said with a hopeful glee on his face.

“Let’s push the table away and then we can sit on the carpet.”

The table was pushed away and he came slowly closer to me. I could see he swallowed hard before saying. “Just look and feel, ok Tom.” His voice was full of expectation and excitement.

I took the initiative and started to open the buttons from his shirt. I could feel that he was starting to shake. While I was doing this the back of my hand was softly caressing his warm skin.

My dick had found its way up again and I started to get harder fast.

When I had gotten to the last button, which was just under his navel, he let out a deep sigh. Relieved I had done it I now pushed the shirt backwards, slowly revealing his upper torso. Pushing his shirt over his shoulder I just let it drop and started to caress his shoulders. He let out a soft moan. I moved my hands towards his nipples and rubbed them softly before I flowed downwards over his tight stomach. I had seen it but feeling was even better. Hard and still soft as his skin felt like silk.

He pushed me backwards while his hands had found the bottom bit of my t-shirt. Slowly he moved it upwards. I raised my arms up so that in one movement, he slowly took my t-shirt over my head. When the first part had reached my head he stopped. I felt that his hands were now slowly going over my stomach moving upwards towards my nipples. He didn’t touch them but just went around them. I felt that I wanted more. They got hard and I just moved a bit trying to make sure that he would touch them. I let out a moan as well now and I was shaking a bit when his hands left my body and pulled my t-shirt further over my head.

He looked at me and asked softly, “Nice?”

“Yes, sure Mark.”

I had put my hands down again until they had found the zipper of his jeans. I slowly took it down. I felt the hotness of his penis through the thin cotton of his briefs. I knew I would enjoy that a lot more in the future. I pushed the jeans down. I can assure you that he followed my movements fast and before we knew it we were both standing in our briefs.

“Come here”, he whispered. I came closer to him and he wrapped his arms slowly behind me and then pulled me closer. Our skin touched each other. Our breast rubbed. Oh and I felt the hardness of his dick. I had noticed it when I had taken his jeans off but feeling it was different. Our hands touched each part of the other’s body and caressing it softly. It felt very erotic. I was shaking a bit from time to time and when we kissed and our tongues touched each other I could feel the heat moving upwards. He pushed his dick harder against mine and I pushed back. Almost like a dog can ride some ones leg we did it harder and harder and I knew I didn’t want to stop it because it felt incredible to feel him and his soft warm skin. But I knew I could not keep this up as I felt that my balls were starting to contract and just at that moment I felt that Mark shook even more and then stopped pushing.  I knew I was not the only one as both of our briefs were soaked with warm sperm that rocketed out of our dicks. I felt that he slowly relaxed again in my arms. Something I am sure I did too.

“Sorry for that”, he whispered.

“Sorry for what Mark? This was just perfect. The rest will come.”

He relaxed some more. We kissed again and went to lie down on the carpet. During the rest of the evening we continued to caress each other slowly, but sometimes our hands would go a bit faster but most of the time it was slow and wonderful. Then we stopped and just looked in each other eyes. I am not sure but when I woke up I felt I was in a bed. We must have somehow gotten in there at some point. I saw some light coming through the curtains. Mark was lying against me, with one arm around me and I was not sure as it was under me that he had any feeling left in it.

I enjoyed the moment. I thought I could do this every morning and then Mark moved. He was waking up it seemed.

“Good morning Tom”, he said softly.

“You too Mark.”

“A good nice sleep Tom?” He whispered in my ear while with his tongue he started to draw circles over my neck.

“Yes, and you too?”

“Yes, so time for some breakfast, don’t you think.”

“Sounds like a good plan Mark, although I would not mind something else either”, I said softly chuckling.

“Hmm, no Tom, breakfast and I think you can prepare it.” Mark said now a bit harder and with more confidence in his voice.

“I could do that yes, but is it not nicer to do it together?”

He turned towards me now. I was startled by his expression. There was love yes but also something else.

“No I don’t think so Tom. Your Master wants his breakfast in bed and guess who is going to make that for him?”

My smile disappeared from my face.

“Hmm… Me then I think.”

“I think so too, so go on”, he said while he pushed me out of bed.

I got my bag and pulled some trousers and t-shirt from it.

“Do you really think you need those Tom?”

I looked at him. My dick was very hard now. Would this be the first time since, well since we had gotten together that…?

“Tom Now! Breakfast and you are wearing more than enough clothes for the moment!”

I felt that I blushed when I turned around. I had no idea what to say. This was different and I had to get used to the idea again.

“Tom, now or do I need to punish you already?”

I stood straight up and looked at him. I could tell he was serious about that.

“See you in a moment slave boy.”

With a hard dick in my briefs I turned around and left the bedroom. Now what I thought? Parts of me were liking this but it was unexpected and I had a hard time adjusting to it. I didn’t know what would happen next but I was horny and that was for sure. I prepared breakfast fast and then walked back to the bedroom. Mark was sitting up straight in the bed, so I put the tray in front of him.

“Good, and while I eat you will go and sit on your knees Tom, just beside the bed. Oh wait make sure you keep upright. I love a breakfast with a view to enjoy in the meantime. You are really a slave boy aren’t you Tom. Just look at yourself, all boned up. I think we are going to have some fun today!” He was now laughing out loud.

I felt my heartbeat go up, the tension rose while I was sitting on my knees with my hard dick straight up. In the meantime my mind went over all the things he might have planned, but then who knows he had surprised me in the past that was for sure. I watched while he started to eat breakfast.

chapter 42