chapter 45

Chapter 45 of Tom

That night not much more happened. We were both quite tired. Back at the cabin Mark said.

“I know you have a lot of questions Tom, but they can wait until tomorrow.”

“Ok, have a goodnight sleep then Mark.”

I could understand that Mark didn’t want to talk too much. It was probably a really big deal coming out of the closet with his granddad and cousin.

The next morning I woke up first and watched as it started to get light outside. I looked at Mark and got all fuzzy inside. Yea he was a bit young for me, but you could see his nice tight body and that he would grow into more than he already was. After a few minutes I watched as he started to wake up as well.

“You have a goodnight sleep Mark?” I asked.

“Yes Tom, did you as well?”

“It was ok.”

“Did you enjoy last night?”

“Yes, thank you master.”

“You are welcome my slave. I just had hoped you would have been a bit stronger and didn´t lose. But you will feel the consequences of that today.”

“Um, sir you are not happy with that?”

“No, I have got no control over it anymore Tom and I don´t like that very much.”

“Oh, but I did give it my best, you know that don´t you?”

“Yea, I know but you still have to learn quite a bit don´t you think…”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, well time to get up then. We need to be at the cafe around the corner from here at 10:30.”

“Do you have any preferences about the clothes I wear today sir?”

“No, do the same as yesterday evening.”

It seems as if Mark didn’t care anymore. He really was disappointed. I have always seen him enthusiastic when he has treated me as a slave, but that is gone now.

After a short breakfast we went to the cafe. John, Arnold, Joshua and Karl were already there when we arrived.

“Let the party start!” Arnold said.

“Yes we are ready for it.” Mark answered.

“Ok, we need to talk first. Slave you go and stand behind the bar now, even take a drink, which might come in handy.”

Mark, Arnold and Karl sat down at one of the tables.

“Everything ok Tom?” John asked me.

“Yea it was a quiet night though.”

“Oh, well not with us. We enjoyed each other.”

“Hmm I guess Mark didn’t feel up to it when we got back.”

“A shame as I don’t think it is that easy for you to sleep together.”

“No, not really. Does anyone know what is going to happen next?”

“No idea Tom, but I have been here before with Karl.” Joshua said.

“Even on a Sunday?” I asked.

“Yea, especially today with the sun out.”

“I guess I’ll just have to wait.”

I saw that at first Mark was mostly listening and then slowly started to join in with the conversation. A smile appeared on his face and he walked together with Karl to the toilet. They didn´t stay in there that long and when they came back Mark said, “Tom, come down here.”

I walked towards him.

“Get undressed. Leave your jockstrap on for now.”

“Oh, he is still wearing that dirty thing?”

“Yea, it was the only thing I brought with me.”

I knew he was wrong but I didn´t go against him. It was no use I thought.

“Ok, the cafe opens at 11. You will stay for the first hour in the toilet and what we will do after that, you will find out.”

“Come along.”

I walked behind Mark. I didn´t hear the others, but I could hear some laughter. Mark didn´t walk towards the men’s toilet, but just to the door beside it. It looked like a work closet or so. He opened the door and went inside.

“Come on in. My hand is on the light switch, but I first want you to close the door.”

I went in behind him and the moment that he put the light on I saw that it was bigger than I thought it was. There were a few places to sit and also some cupboards. Just before the outside wall was a kind of fence. It was about 40 cm of the wall.

“Ok, come down here; get down on your knees just before the fence Slave.”

I went on my knees in front of the fence.

“I am going to tie your hands to the fence in a moment and then when I am done I am going to put a bit of wood on the fence. Make sure you get comfortable when you rest your head onto it as you will be sitting like this for quite some time.”

Easier said than done. I stretched upwards and put my head on the wood. I tried to get as comfortable as I could. On the ground were my knees were was a pillow so that would be ok. Then I felt that Mark started to put something around my neck.

I tried to wiggle a bit, but it felt like he immobilized my head. I didn´t want that.

“Easy Tom, nothing is going to happen. I am just going to make sure you can hardly move. But you trust me ok. You will be safe.”

Again damn I thought, but I knew that so far although what Mark had made me do was risky but never over the top. I got a bit quieter and just waited. Out of the corner of my eye I saw he took something from the ground. He touched my head and then he pulled it over my head. I saw a tube coming closer.

“Mouth open Tom,” he said.

I hesitated. “Come on Tom, trust me.”

I slowly opened my mouth and he pushed the tube into my mouth. I had about 3 to 4 cm of it in my mouth. I concentrated on the other end of the tube. It was going up a bit and it was attached to some kind of funnel.

Shit no, I thought as I slowly started to see why I was here like this.

I sighed a bit.

“Ok, you understand where you are and what this is I guess. On the other side of the wall is the men’s toilet. The funnel is exactly opposite of one of the urinals. Now you just have to wait and see how many times they will go and choose this one,” he said with a bit of a laugh.

“Maybe this will ensure you will do better your next time Tom. Maybe a bit too far on the other one, I might be the only one to use it.

Oh dammit I was going to be drinking Mark’s urine in a moment. I felt that my dick started to get hard. I did not see what Mark did next, but he stepped back and when he opened the door he said. “There is a button just beside your right hand at the tube. If you need help or are in trouble press it. Only emergencies right Tom, don’t disappoint me.”

As there was no possibility for me to say anything I just waited. A moment later I thought I heard the door from what I thought was the toilet being opened. I started to shake a bit nervously. I knew what my master wanted and I would give it a go. The tube was quite far in my mouth and I couldn´t close my mouth completely.

A bit later there were a few drops coming into the tube and my mouth. I wanted to spit them out as the taste was quite strong. But I couldn’t manage to do that. More and more drops came in and then it became a bigger flow. I tried to keep it in my mouth but I couldn’t and some started to drip out. I smelled it and it stunk. I knew I had to swallow otherwise I would get very wet. I let go of my reflex and swallowed. I tasted the urine even better and now that my mouth was empty the flow really got to going. I had resisted swallowing but in the end I had to and swallowed again. It seems that the tube was regulated by the amount I had in my mouth and the moment I swallowed a lot more came into my mouth till it was filled up again.

After a minute or so it slowed and I heard that the door was closed. That’s good I thought it should take a bit longer now.

But I was wrong as I heard the door open again. I didn’t know it could be that busy already. I didn’t know how many times the door went open but it seems quite often and for some reason they all came to the same urinal. I started to swallow and kept doing it. It tasted really bad right, but the difference in taste slowly started to flow from one into the other. The only thing that was happening was that my stomach started to get full and also was not coping very well with it. I knew there was only one thing that I could do and that was press the button. I hesitated but when I thought I heard the door again I did press the button and the flow of the tube stopped almost immediately.

I choked a bit as my stomach wanted to get rid of it. I now heard that my door was opened.

“I am proud of you Tom. I am going to untie you now.” Mark said softly.

He pulled the tube out of my mouth a few last drops hit my tongue and I started to gag again.

“Take a deep breath Tom, it is over now.”

I just nodded. I couldn’t say a lot as I was desperately trying to keep my stomach under control. He untied my head and helped me to stand up.

I felt that my stomach splashed from all the urine that was inside it.

“Have I done you proud?” I asked him softly.

“Yea Tom, I am really impressed.”

“I am not going to get punished because I pushed the button?” I asked looking afraid.

“No Tom. I am proud of my slave so don’t worry.”

I looked at him in disbelieve. “But I had to press the button because I couldn’t keep up with it anymore.”

“I know but I didn’t expect anything else than that. I saw you postponed it a few times, so I knew that you got to the end of your abilities, you have gone past what was possible just for me.”

I saw that Mark meant it and I started to glow a bit with pride.

“I just didn’t want to disappoint you Master.”

“You haven’t Tom. But you are not completely finished ok.”

“OH, what is next then?”

“You will see, join me back in the cafe ok.”

He opened the door and I followed him into the cafe. It was a lot busier in here than I thought and I felt that my face colored. I put my hand in front of my jockstrap and whispered to Mark, “Can I get my clothes Mark?” I was at that point still behind him.

Mark stepped aside and said out loud. “You ashamed of something Tom?”

“Take your hands away.” He whispered again.

Slowly I took my hands away and I had the idea all eyes of the room were focused on one spot. A spot that was showing off more and more every second and then someone started to applaud and it was followed by more and more.

“I am impressed Tom.” Karl said when he came closer. “I have never seen someone drink that much piss before. Come and sit down and see for yourself. You attracted quite an audience.”

He pushed me in front of a TV. I looked and saw a window and behind the window. “Shit!” I said softly as I realized that the space with me in it was on the TV. They had seen it all.

“You were able to follow it from down here?” I asked surprised.

“Yes of course Tom.” Mark said, “And hmm, we were not the only ones.”

He must have turned the camera now as I saw that they were standing outside. A small group of young men was standing at the window looking through it with lots of smiles on their faces. My dick got even harder now in my jockstrap. I realized I was humiliated even more than I thought I was.

“Ok Tom, last bit for today. I am going to put this blindfold on you and then you will sit on your knees again. Joshua and Arnold are going to tease you and help you. In front of you there are a few of these guys in their underwear. You will have to make sure that a hand of any other part of you is continuously on their underwear. As I said there are five of them and you will have to touch them all at least once. You are going to do this for ten minutes and in that time you are not allowed to cum and after those ten minutes you will have exactly one minute to cum. Understood?”

“Yes sir, Mark,” I said softly.

I sat on my knees and Mark put the blindfold on me.

“Oh one more thing Tom, if you cum during those ten minutes then we will lock it up again.”

“Hmm,” I said.

“You are to get nice and stiff, but you cannot cum.”

“Oh damn.” I said.

“Yes and the key I will give to Karl, so you won´t be released until he comes to visit.”

“Oh shit, dammit.” I said.

“So keep it up although I think that Joshua and Arnold might think differently.”

I felt that people came closer. I slowly felt forward with one hand and then found a leg. I moved upwards until I found some brief. I was horny but that increased and not only with me but also with the one I was touching. Then Arnold and Joshua started to play with my dick. Oh damn, I thought this is going to be difficult.

With my other hand I found another leg. I moved up and thought no different, but then I felt boxer shorts. The dick inside these was hard as well and was proudly using the space he had. I let go of the first one now. I felt someone else was standing very close as I could almost smell him. I pushed my face a bit forward and then I touched almost at the same time another pair of briefs. The odor of urine and precum entered my nose. Oh no I thought as another wave of pleasure went through my body. Joshua and Arnold started to intensify their activities as well.

“Two more minutes,” Karl said.

The last few minutes Arnold and Joshua had been easy on me and had taken it a bit easier. I also had touched the other three, so I slowly started to relax a bit.

“Ok, one more minute. I think Arnold and Joshua are not really doing the best they can!” Karl said. “Mark I would say that one of them will have to put Tom’s device on instead of him and you take the key with you if Tom is not cumming within the next minute.”

No answer from Mark was necessary as both of them started to really go for it. I moaned a few times as I knew I was very very close.

The pressure got bigger and bigger and I knew I was extremely close when Karl said. “One minute now to cum Tom!”

“Damn!” I heard Joshua and Arnold say and at the same time they did, they stopped playing with my dick. I knew I was close but now what. I slowly went forward again and I hit the jackpot again as the bloke was still close by and when my face hit his briefs he moaned loud, which followed by him pressing his crotch into my face. I felt that his briefs went wet and the smell of cum filled my nostrils.

That was enough for me and I started to cum violently. Not once, twice or three times but at least ten times or more.

“Wow!” I heard from several sides of me when the last drops left my dick.

“Go and stand.” Mark said.

I stood up and Mark embarrassed me. He then removed my blindfold and looked at me. “I am proud of you,” and with that he kissed me full on my mouth. Then he whispered softly. “I really really love you Tom.”

I looked at him and smiled. My hand had reached his crotched and he was hard as can be. I licked my lips.

“Hmm, yes you want to suck me Tom?” He whispered.

“Of course Sir.” I whispered back.

“No, not as master Tom, as my boyfriend.”

I looked at him and smiled, “Of course.”

“Well if you want to wait till we are back in the cabin I can understand that too.”

No, wait, definitely not. I was still horny and if I would please Mark with that, then I would.

While I knelt down Mark said. “Oh Karl here is the device I will leave it up to you to decide who is going to enjoy it.”