May 2017 picture competition

May 2017 picture competition.

If you press any of the pictures down below they will open as a slideshow and you can navigate trough all the pictures. Don’t forget to vote as this is a competition. You can find the form to vote underneath the pictures. Vote for the best 5 pictures of guys in underwear. If you vote and leave your e-mail you will get 5 additional pictures at the end of the competition. Your e-mail will just be used to send you the additional pictures and the results of the competition. This is a non-commercial site.

Number 1 will get 10 points, number 2: 7, number 3: 5, number 4: 3 and number 5: 1 point. For the results so far
go here.

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Please fill in the fields and say what pictures you think are the best 5. If you fill in your e-mail I can send you the additional 5 and results


You can vote for the best 5 pictures of this month. You will receive results and also additional bonus pictures.
  • Leave your email address for results, announcements etc. All non commercial
  • leave any comments here