Days at the beach – 1

Sean was not happy. One may have thought he would be happy in a
situation like he was, but it was not true at all. He was not the type
that liked to be controlled. At least he thought he wasn’t. It seemed,
though, that no matter how hard he tried, he kept giving the impression
that he was having the time of his life.

This all started about a week ago. Sean was working part time at a
clothing store at the mall for extra money. He was attending college
during the day and working at night. Being 19, he was one of the oldest
people at the New East Clothing Depot. Most of the kids that were there
were high school students. A couple of the managers may have been in
their late 20’s. It was kinda cool looking at some of the young guys,
but he knew it was hands off. Besides, if they found out he was gay he
might have to quit. No one knew and it wouldn’t make for a very happy
work enviroment for him.

Still, a man had urges and sometimes they were known to betray
themselves. Even when all logic told them better, their cocks would make
them think and do things that were ill advised. And it was because of
this that he got himself into the biggest mess he had ever been in.

It was one late night at work. None of the managers were left in the
store because it was so slow. Sean was the oldest worker and he was more
or less in charge of the place. There were also one girl and three
teenage boys working at the time. All three of them (Kyle, Joe and Mark)
were real hotties and Sean had caught himself staring at them all a
little too long. Until that night, he hadn’t really thought any of them
had noticed.

A cute but obviously underaged boy walked in with his mother. They were
looking throughout the aisles at the clothes. He had picked up a few
items and came up to the counter to ask where the changing rooms were.
Perhaps a little too eagerly, Sean said he would be very happy to show
them where. A couple of the guys laughed, but no one said anything.

After he showed the boy into the fitting room, Sean decided he was going
to steal back into the offices. In the manager’s office, there were
security cameras that looked into all of the dressing rooms. He wanted
to take a look at the boy, just to see how he looked in his underwear.
It was risky, he knew that, but there wasn’t much of a way for him to
resist. He was overly horny that day and just needed a little

He switched the camera over to the correct room and caught the boy as he
was dropping his pants. His shirt then came off next and he was wearing
blue bikini briefs. His body was hairless, except for a whisp of pubic
hair that peaked out from the waistband of his underwear. Obviously a
vain boy, he posed for himself a few times in the mirror.

Sean was very turned on. He absently started fondling himself as he
watched the boy pose. The kid had taken several items into the room with
him, so he kept putting on and taking off his clothes. Seans cock had
grown very hard and he unzipped his fly to let it release. No one was
allowed in the manager’s office so he thought he was safe.

The boy in the camera was getting close to being finished with his
changings. So Sean decided it was a good idea for him to get off quickly
and then get out of the room. He started jacking his cock really fast.
It only took a few moments and he felt the tingle in his shaft as he was
about to cum. He allowed one moan to escape from his lips and then-


The clicking noise happened right as he was about to get off. His hand
stopped jerking while he was on the edge. Turning around, he saw all
three boys standing behind him in the office. The clicking noise was
Mark pushing the eject button on one of the vcrs. A tape came out of it
and Mark tossed it over to Kyle. Sean was so shocked that he totally
forgot that he was there holding his cock. For the first time, all three
boys had a good look at the 8 inch hardon that usually hid in his jeans.

“What the hell is going…” Sean began but was cut off.

“Oh, I think we’ll be asking the questions,” Joe laughed. “Unless you
want the boss to see this tape.”

Sean tried to stuff his hard cock back into his pants, but Kyle shook his
head. “Don’t put it away just yet,” he said. “And don’t take your hand
off. Keep holding it.”

He wasn’t sure why, but he listened to what Kyle said. Most of it was
more than likely fear. The situation he was caught in was not one that
most people experienced.

“Squeeze it,” Mark said, chiming in for the first time. “Squeeze it
three times and then stop.”

“What the hell, I’m not going to!” Sean yelled and was about to take his
hand off.

“Don’t you dare.” Kyle looked at Mark. “Take the tape and put it in your
car. Go now before he has a chance to get up.”

Mark ran off. Sean knew he didn’t have time to conceal his dick and
catch up to him. And he certainly couldn’t have ran out in the situation
he was in.

“What are you guys gonna do?” Sean asked.

Both Kyle and Joe smiled. “I think we’re going to have a little fun,”
Kyle said. “And don’t worry because you’ll be the one having most of the

Nothing had happened right away. Sean was eventually allowed to put
himelf back in his jeans and then go back to work. The boys promised
that the tape would not be shown to anyone as long as he did whatever
they asked him to. Not thinking it would be anything in particular, he
decided they might want him to do some extra work for them do they could
goof off.

That was Monday and the rest of the week passed by slowly. Every day at
work was a nightmare as Sean worried that the boys would say something
about the tape. He was afraid they would tell the manager and he would
lose his job. He came in prepared every single day to lose his job. But
nothing happened.

That was until Saturday morning. He was sleeping when he heard the phone
ring promptly at 7 am. It was his day off, so generally Sean slept late
into the day. Thinking it was a telemarketer, he had intended to just
say that he was tired and end the call. he was surprised when he heard
Kyle’s voice on the other end.

“Hey Sean,”the boy said. “Aren’t you awake yet?”

Sean yawned. “No, I don’t get up so early on Saturdays,” he said.
“Can’t you call me back in a couple hours?”

“No sir,” Kyle said. “We’re going to go to the beach today. And you’re
coming with us.”

“I don’t want to go-”

“Don’t argue or we’ll show the tape to the boss,” Kyle said. “We’ll be
at your house in half an hour. Be outside. Do you have a pair of

“No I don’t,” Sean replied. “I only have trunks.”

“How about bikini briefs?”

“Yeah, I have some of those,” Sean replied and automatically regretted

“Okay, you are to stand outside wearing nothing but you bikini briefs..
and I mean nothing. Then we’ll pick you up and head out to the beach.”

“I can’t stand outside in my underwear!” Sean protested. “I’ll get
arrested or something.”

“Just wear a dark color and people will think they’re speedos,” Kyle
insisted. “Or I could always have this tape play on the closed circuit
television at your college.”

That was the only warning that he needed. Sean immediately said he would
do it. Kyle was happy and hung up the phone.

Right before he went outside, Sean looked at himself in the mirror. He
stood in a tight pair of blue bikini briefs. The outline of his cock was
visible as it was pressed up against his body. His lean, toned body was
hairless and the wavy hair on his head was brown. He thought he was
sexy, but had to get those thoughts out of his head. The last thing he
needed to do was get hard before he went outside.

Standing outside, he made sure he didn’t go out until right at 7:30. He
figured the least amount of time in the open was better. The boys,
however, may have sensed this plot. They didn’t show up on time. A few
people gave him funny looks as they walked by, but no one said anything.

About fifteen minutes late, a white car pulled up. The three boys were
all in the car. They whistled at Sean as they pulled up. Unlike him,
they were dressed in baggy shorts and tank tops. Sean wanted to get in
the car right away, but they didn’t let him.

“Come on guys, people are staring at me,” Sean pleaded. “Can I get in?”

“Are you going to be a good boy and do everything we say without asking
twice?” Kyle asked.

Eager to get in the car and out of public view, Sean replied. “Yes,
anything, just let me in the car. PLEASE!”

“Okay, get in the back.” They opened the door and let him in the back.
The car was big and all three of the other guys were sitting in the
front. After the door was closed, Sean was all alone in the back. The
car took off.

Kyle was driving. Joe was in the middle and he turned around to look at
Sean. Sean blushed as he felt the blood run into his cock. It turned
him on being looked at like that. He covered his crotch and blushed

“Uh uh,” Joe warned. “None of that remove you hands.”

“Come on!” Sean pleaded.

“Remove your hands or we’ll remove your briefs,” Mark warned. He was
serious and Sean could tell. He moved his hands and his cock pressed
hard up against his briefs. If it grew any more, it would pop through
the waistband and be in plain sight.

“He’s so hard!” Joe laughed. The others all laughed with him. “He’s
loving this!”

“What are you guys gonna do to me?” Sean asked. He was a little scared
now. That didn’t make his cock wilt, though. It made it get just a
little more stiff.

“Well, we’re going to go to the beach,” Kyle said, while driving. “And
we’re going to have some fun.”

“Yeah, get used to the bikini for now,” Joe said. “You won’t be wearing
it all day.”

As soon as they got to the beach, they found a nice part that was away
from most of the people. Putting out a big blanket, the three boys sat
down. Sean was about to but he was instructed to stand up. He did as he
was told. It was a little more comfortable being at the beach since
people would have assumed he was in a swimming bikini and not underwear.

The boys laughed and joked for a while, and finally they turned back to
Sean. Kyle, apparently the leader, said, “Okay, you can slip out of
those bikinis now.”

“What? What if someone sees?”

“You get to choose. They can see you or they can see you jacking off to
an underage boy. I wonder how long you college will keep you before
throwing you out?” Kyle said.

“Besides,” Joe remarked, “that cock of yours is straing to get out.”

Realizing he had no choice, Sean slipped off the bikinis. His hard cock
sprung free and stood out at it’s full mast. The boys laughed when they
saw it. Sean felt himself blushing.

Kyle grabbed the bikinis and stuffed them into his pocket. “You can get
these back later,” he said. “First, here’s some of your new rules.
First, you only get to jack off when we tell you to. Got it?”

Sean nodded, knowing that that only meant trouble.

“Second, you are going to spend every weekend at the beach here with us.
Got it?”

He nodded again. There went all of his free time and sleeping late.

“Other rules will come. That’s all for now. Lay down on the blanket.”

Sean laid down as quickly as he could. His cock still stood straight up
in the air, but it was not as easy to see laying down. His one attempt
to cover himself up was stopped when both Mark and Joe grabbed each of
his hands. Kyle kicked Sean’s legs far apart.

“We’ll have none of that,” he said. “But here’s some good news for you.
You will get to cum soon, so maybe that cock of yours will go down a

Some precum seeped out of his cock and all three boys laughed at that.
“He’s so fucking horny!” Joe laughed. “This guys a total perv!”

Kyle reached in and grabbed ahold of Sean’s cock. It was wet and
slippery and Sean gasped. Against his better will, he started thrusting
his hips up and down. Kyle laughed and then let go of the cock.
Frustrated, Sean pumped into the air a few times and then stopped.

“Mmmm, please do that again,” Sean moaned and then wished he hadn’t. It
made them all laugh again.

“Ick, I got his cum on my hands,” Kyle laughed. “Oh, I got a better
idea.” he reached into his pocket and took out the briefs. Sean groaned
as he realized what was about to happen.

Kyle wrapped the briefs around Sean’s cock and started stroking again.
This time he went really fast, like he wanted Sean to cum really quick.
Sean felt it coming pretty soon and he moaned really loud. Right at that
moment, Kyle took his hand off again.

For the second time, Sean found himself thrusting against the air. He
wanted to get off so bad, but there was nothing he could do. All of his
urges to grab himself and beat off were hopeless as long as they held his
arms like that.

“Please make me cum!” Sean found himself pleading. As usual, this only
caused the boys more laughter.

“Okay, sure,” Kyle remarked. “But first, I want you to tell me.. which
one of us do you think is the hottest?”

“Don’t make me do that!” Sean begged.

“Okay” was Kyle’s reply. He grabbed Sean’s bikini wrapped cock and
started jacking it. Sean kept from moaning, but when he came close to
cumming, his eyes crossed. Kyle knew what to do and he pulled his hand
off. For the third time, Sean was left just moving up and down.

“Tell me”


When he settled down, Kyle grabbed him again… he jacked really fast,
just about ten strokes and then pulled off. This time, Sean had been on
the verge of cumming but he stopped. He moaned in frustration.

“come on” Kyle prodded.

“No, I can’t.”

This time Kyle grabbed the cock and squeezed it hard. Sean moaned
against his will. They all laughed. He knew he had to cum.

“Tell me,” Kyle said with a squeeze. When he didn’t give an answer, Kyle
stroked the full length of his cock just one more stroke.

“You! now let me cum, please!” Sean yelled, louder than he would have

Kyle laughed. He squeezed the cock and stroked it once more. A shot of
cum flew out of Sean’s cock. Kyle waited a moment, stroked again and
aimed another shot out. This continued about 3 more times until Sean was
spent. He still felt horny, though, because although cumming felt good,
the lack of strokes stole most of the good feeling. Worse than that, his
bikinis were covered in cum and they were all he had to wear.

This story is copyright 2005 by J.M.K and with his permission published on this website. If you want to write a comment to him use then his email: [email protected]

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