Days at the beach – 4

Days at the Beach Chapter 4

Kyle still had a hard time believing that this had happened to him.  Only 24 hours before he had been running the humiliation show.  Now, he was standing nearly naked on the beach with nothing but a tank top to keep him from baring all.  And now he was going to be expected to play volleyball.

Sean, on the other hand, had other problems.  Unlike Kyle, he was being held under an order to not be able to cum until Monday night.  It had been over a week since he had last shot, so the slightest arousal could be his undoing.

The lucky part of the game was that there were only a few other people on the beach near them. Being that they were all men, there was a possibility that they were all gay.  If this was the case, it would still be embarrasing, but it would likely not result in the police being called.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” Joe said, as they set up to play.  “We’re going to put a little wager on this game.”

Neither Kyle nor Sean liked the sound of that, but they didn’t say a word.  The last thing they needed was to be punished more than they already were.

“Oh, it won’t be so bad,” Mark put in.  “In fact, you might come out of this a little better than you are right now.”

They both doubted that, but still remained silent.  Another small breeze came along and rustled Sean’s cock just a little.  He felt a little swell and he knew he had to control it.

“The good news is if you win, you’ll have a little bit more cover,” Joe continued.  “You’ll take off the tank tops and wear these instead.”  He reached into his deep pockets and pulled out two pairs of bikini briefs.
One was red and the other was orange and they were both made of mesh.  Although they were bikinis, it was still obvious that they were underwear and not shorts.  The only advantage was that they covered more than the tank tops would.

“And if you lose,” Mark went on, “You get to spend the rest of the day naked.”

“Ah, come on guys!” Kyle pleaded.  “This has gone too far now!  Let me get back on your side and just torment Sean!”

Joe and Mark laughed.  Joe took out the ball and prepared to serve. “We’re going to play until 21 points.”  He served without even worrying about replying to Kyle’s comment.

The game was very close. It went back and forth and was pretty evenly matched.  This was pretty impressive as Kyle and Sean tried their best not to expose themselves too much.  It was amazing that they were able to do this and yet remain in the game.

As it progressed, the game did attain its share of attention.  About ten guys eventually migrated close to the net to watch.  A couple girls made their way over too, interested in seeing how the two scantily clad guys
were going to keep themselves covered.  Whether or not Sean or Kyle did good or bad, almost every move got them cheers.

On almost every serve and return, Sean and Kyle had to of course raise their arms up.  Depending on the angle, this would reveal so much of their cocks and balls.  They all got whoops and raves from the audience.
The greatest moment of all came when Sean ran towards the ball and dived towards the ground to return.  He not only missed the ball, but he almost lost his shirt in the process.  His cock was already getting hard from the attention, but he had done a pretty good job of not letting it be seen all the way.  His dive pulled the shirt up to his chest.  His half hard dick skidded into the sand.  The shock of this caused him to turn on
his back to keep from injuring himself.  His dick was then visible to everyone, hard and covered with sand, slapping against his stomach.  This got him a standing ovation from the meager crowd.

Getting up, Sean had quickly pulled his shirt down to cover himself again.  The exposure, though, was quite a turn on and he found himself getting even harder.  The cock started, which had been laying flat on his
stomach, began to press against the shirt in a quite obscene way.  He only tried to adjust it once before getting a stern look from the other boys.

In the end, Sean and Kyle did end up winning by one point.  It was close though and it was Kyle who scored the winning point.  He had been exposed enough and was not quite ready to be totally naked on the beach.

Soon after the crowd went away, Sean and Kyle were presented with their mesh bikini briefs.  Kyle took the red one and Sean wore the orange one. They were made to hand over their shirts, though, so there was still a large degree of exposure.

They both thought they were out of the line of fire when they were allowed to lay down on the blanket, though.  They couldn’t be more than wrong.  Joe and Mark had a lot more torment planned for their two slaves.

Sitting across from them, the two tormentors laid out the plans for the rest of the day.

“We’re going to do things a little different with the two of you today,” Joe said.  “Sean is still not allowed to cum until Monday night.  Kyle, however, we can make cum however many times we want him to.  So, we
decided to completely reverse the situation.”

“Kyle has to get off no less than seven times a day,” Mark laughed.  “And each time it has to be Sean that makes him cum.”

“The first time is going to be right now,” Joe put in.  He looked over at Sean.  “Stroke him through his mesh bikinis.  I want him to cum in his shorts and wear them for the rest of the day at the beach.”

Sean had gotten rather used to this treatment, so it didn’t phase him  much.  At least this time it was not going to be him that was on the exposed end.  That was somewhat of a relief.  Plus, he had really wanted
to get his hands on Kyle’s cock, even if it was only going to be through his underwear.

Without so much as a word, Sean grabbed Kyle’s pouch.  The younger boys cock started getting hard right away.  The head extended and pressed hard against its mesh barrier, stretching the bikinis as far as they could go.  Sean’s hand was solidly grasping the mesh clad cock and he began pumping it for all it was worth.

Kyle tried his best for a long time to not let anyone know he could possibly be enjoying it.  He kept a scowl on his face for as long as he could.  Sean’s hand, however, was a bit more talented than he had counted
on.  After a while, in spite of himself, a small moan escaped Kyle’s lips.

“Haha,” Joe laughed.  “I knew he would like it!  Kyle’s a fag just like Sean!”

No matter how much he was enjoying a handjob, Kyle was not ready to be called names.  Angrily, he looked over at the boys and said, “I am not a fag!”

“Look here,” Mark said.  “If you ever deny being a fag again, I will make sure your father not only gets these videos we’re making, but I will take your bikinis and make you walk home naked.  You got it,?”

Kyle said nothing at first.  Sean’s hand stroked him hard and he felt his body lurch forward in lust.  Then, he looked down at his dick and remained silent.  A simple nod of the head was all he gave.

“So?” Joe asked.  The nod wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

“I’m a fag,” came Kyle’s humiliated reply.  Somehow, though, it was obvious that the humiliation was a turn on to him.  His eyes went out of focus and it almost seemed like the admission pushed him to the edge.

“I think he’s gonna shoot!” Joe yelled, much louder than eithe Sean or Kyle would have liked.

“Oh yeah!” Mark said.  “Pump that rod, Sean.  Pump it for all you’re worth.”

Sean did just that.  He started pulling on the briefs even harder, giving the cock a good workout.  Kyle was so horny and wanting to shoot that he began bucking his hips.  As he did this, it made Sean just incredibly
horny so he started jacking away with all he had.

“OH god, I’m cumming!” Kyle whispered and he did just that.  Right away, he began shooting off in his bikinis.  The cumshot was great and it came spurting through the mesh briefs.  Most of it just oozed through, but the first spurt was strong enough that it hit Sean in the face.  Without even thinking about it, Sean reached his tongue up and licked the cum into his mouth.  This got a couple of hoots and hollers from the boys.

“Keep jacking him,” Mark ordered and Sean obeyed.  he was in no hurry to get his hand off Kyle’s cum soaked cock.  He kept stroking and Kyle kept hard.  There was a bit of squirming while his dick started to get a little sensitive, but that did’t really last very long.  Before either of them knew it, the combination of cum and stroking had the boy writhing in lust again.

“I want him to blow again,” Joe ordered.  “I want those briefs overflowing with his juice.”

“Yeah, jack off his rod, Sean,” Mark said, the horniness began showing in his voice.  This caught Sean a little off gaurd, but he knew better than to say anything.  Instead, he just kept his work up on the hard dick.

“Stick your hand in the briefs and jack him more,” Mark suggested.  “Get that cum working for you.”

Sean reached his hands into Kyle’s briefs and the younger boy gasped at the skin on skin contact.  His boner was indeed hard as a brick and slippery as could be.  Sean’s hand was very well lubed and it slid easily up and down the long shaft.  Kyle’s now heavy breathing suggested that he wasn’t far off from another orgasm.

Pretty soon, Kyle was bucking his hips once again.  His eyes were closed and he was feeling all of the strokes.  It felt so good to have his cock so slippery and he forgot totally that he was on the beach where anyone could see him.  His hips were working like a jackknife in tune to Sean’s hand.  He moaned out loud and then another spurt of cum came flying out of his briefs.  This time the spurts were landing on his stomach and chest.  Sean’s already cum soaked hand was just filled with more and more juice.  He was moaning and thrusting until he was totally spent.

This time the boys let Sean stop jacking.  However, that did not mean he was off the hook.

“Now, take his briefs off and take yours off too,” Joe instructed.

“What?” Sean asked.  “You said we didn’t have to be naked if we won the game.”

“And you won’t be,” Mark said.  “You’re just going to switch bikinis.”

Without another word, Sean slipped Kyle’s briefs off.  When he pulled his own off, his hardon slapped hard against his stomach.   Sean’s cock was covered in precum and it splattered against his tummy.  He moaned a little when that happened, but tried to ignore it.  Taking Kyle’s bikinis, he was about to put them on him.

“No,” Joe said.  “Put yours on Kyle first.”

Sean obeyed.  He slipped the dry bikinis onto Kyle.  The boy lifted his hips up to allow the to slide on evenly.  A smile on Kyle’s lips showed  that he thought he was definitely getting the better part of the deal.
When Sean grabbed the cum soaked bikinis and was about to put them on, Joe made him stop.

“No,” Joe stated.  “I want you to lick the cum off them.”

“What?” Sean asked, not expecting this.  Not only were they not letting him cum, making him jack Kyle off, but they were going to force him to lick the cum off the bikinis?  It was clear that he was still more of an
object of humiliation in this situation than Kyle was.

Lifting the cum soaked mesh bikinis to his mouth, Sean began to lick the cum off of them.  He had never tasted anyone’s but his own, but he found right away that he actually liked Kyle’s cum better.  It had more of a sweet taste to it and was less salty.  He found himself actually enjoying it and totally forgot that he was being forced into it.

“Looks like he’s getting off to it,” Mark said.

“Yeah,” Joe agreed.  “I have a better idea.  Put them in your mouth and suck the cum out of them.”

Kyle did not have to be told twice that time.  He stuffed the bikinis into his mouth and began to suck the sweet cum out of them.  By the time he was done, the briefs were still soaked, though most of it was his own saliva.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Joe said.  “Now put them on.”

It was hot for him to be wearing the briefs after all that had happened to him.  However, it was hard for him to get the mesh to completely cover his cock.  Sean hadn’t realized that he had a full boner that did not
want any part of being covered up.  Eventually, he had to decided it wasn’t going to work.  So instead, he had to let the big head stick out over the waistband.  He just hoped no one would see.

Luckily for both boys, not much else happened at the beach.  Joe and Mark seemed satisfied for the time being.  So, they played in the water, ate hot dogs and made Kyle and Sean simply lay on the blanket.  It was boring and the two didn’t talk much.  However, when they did, Kyle seemed like he was softening up to Sean just a little bit.  He might have started to realize that they were both in a very complicated predicament that neither of them had any chance of getting out of soon.

When they got back to Sean’s house, the focus was put back onto Sean. Both boys were forced to get naked as soon as they entered the house. Joe and Mark must have still had a soft spot for Kyle.  Kyle was allowed
to sit down while Sean had to stand up.

There was a lot of talking and hanging out, and it seemed for a while like Kyle was becoming a member of the group again.  Sean, on the other hand was feeling very uncomfortable.  He was naked, hard and dripping in front of the other boys. Worst of all, he had no idea what was in store for him next.

After a while, he found out, though.  Joe reached into his backpack and took out a pair of handcuffs.  He went over to Sean and cuffed his hands behind his back. Joe then went over to Kyle.  He kicked Kyle’s legs open.

“Sean, come sit over here,” Joe instructed.  Sean came over and he was pushed down into Kyle’s lap.

“Now, what we’re gonna do will be really fun,” Joe continued.  “We are going to watch the video of you guys getting busy last night.  We’ll decide when to do something different.”

Mark turned on the video and then he went and sat on the couch with Joe. Sean was sitting between Kyle’s legs on the easy chair with a raging and dripping hardon.

As he was watching the activities of last night, Sean began to get hornier and hornier.  Everything that happened threatened to send him over the edge.  He yearned to grab his dick and start yanking on it, but
there was no way that he could with his hands cuffed.  Frustration was mounting and it didn’t help when Kyle’s cock got hard again and started pressing against his back.

When the part of the video came where Kyle was stripped down to his bikini briefs, Kyle was given an order in real life.  “You start jacking Sean’s cock,” Joe instructed.  “Remember, he is NOT allowed to cum.  And
YOU are NOT allowed to stop stroking.  If he cums, you will both be punished.  It you can get through the video without Sean shooting, we have a little reward for you.”

Kyle reached around and closed his hand around the throbbing piston that was Sean’s cock.  The older boy felt like he was going to shoot off the very moment the hand laid on his boner.  Joe and Mark were way too good at coming up with punishments for them, so he knew he had to control himself.  The next half hour was going to be the hardest of his entire life.

Kyle’s hand continued it’s jacking of Sean’s cock.  Sean kept watching the video, but did everything he could to take his mind off of it.  he tried to think of anything that would keep him from cumming.  Whatever he had used before to lower his libido went through his mind.  It di help a little, as several times Sean was ready to cum and was able to hold it off.

The hottest part of the video for Sean was when Kyle had his bikini  briefs ripped off his body.  Seeing that started the convulsions in cock and he thought he was going to blow.  It was so hot the way he wrapped
the tattered remains of the bikinis around the nice hardon and continued to stroke Kyle, who was naked save for the shards of cloth remaining around his hard dick.

Kyle sensed this, however, and he slowed down his stroking.  He was actually able to open his hand enough to cut down on the friction that bringing Sean close to orgasm.  The other two boys did not notice and
that was cool.  Neither of them wanted to be punished.

When the video was coming to an end, Joe and Mark had to admit they were impressed.  But, they were not quite ready to give up on Sean’s torment just yet.  They told Kyle to take his hands off of Sean’s cock right away and he complied.  Despite himself, Kyle was getting used to getting orders.

“Sean, stand up for a moment,” Mark instructed.  He did so and the two boys laughed when they saw the huge hardon jutting from Kyle’s crotch. It was leaking tons of precum, which was cool because it hadn’t been that long since he came at the beach.

“He’s such a fag!” Joe laughed.

“Say ‘I love to suck big cocks,'” Mark instructed.

“I love to suck big cocks,” both Sean and Kyle said at the same time. They hadn’t really thought about who was being addressed.

“Wow, Kyle,” Joe said.  “We never would have guessed.”

“Now, Sean,” Mark added, “sit down on Kyle’s knee.”

Surprised by this new turn, Sean did as he was told.  It was pretty uncomfortable and he found himself squirming.

“Not like that, you idiot,” Joe said.  He came over and grabbed Sean by the shoulders.  “You have to have his knee press right under his balls. Where his shaft goes into his body.  THere, that’s right.”

Sean was adjusted and the moment he was, his eyes went wide.  Kyle’s knee pressed right under his balls and the pressure felt awesome.  He found himself squirming again, but this time it was to keep the pressure on. His cock (already 8 inches long) expanded and was even bigger than he had ever seen it.  Mesmorized, Sean kept looking down as his ballooned up dick.

“He’s turned on by his own cock,” Mark laughed.  “Look, he’s starting to drool over it.”

“Give him a pony ride on your knee until the video ends,” Joe instructed.

Kyle immediately started rocking Sean up and down on his knee.  Because he couldn’t grab his dick, the boner kept bobbing up and down in the air.  Sean couldn’t keep he eyes off it.  The throbber was leaking with tons of cum and the bouncing on Kyle’s knee started flinging bits of cum all over the room.  Generally, Sean would have been worried about it getting all over his carpet, but he was so horny that he couldn’t do
anything but stare at the long, thick shaft.

After a few moments of rocking, Sean began thrusting his hips again.  He was so close to cumming and he needed to thrust against something. Unfortunately, there was no friction and nothing for him to to get off
on.  His eyes crossed and he started moanly deeply.

The click of Joe turning the tape off brought him out of it.  Sean looked around and realized he had made it.

“Good job,” Mark said.  “You guys deserve a reward.”

“Great, can we get dressed?” Kyle asked hoping.

“No, nothing like that,” Joe said.  He turned to Mark.  “Go in Sean’s bedroom and set up the video camera.”  Mark immediately did as he was told to.

“Mark and I are going to give you time to be alone,” Joe continued.  “You can get to know each other better, have some fun time of your own.”

“I am not having sex with this guy!” Kyle protested.  “I’m not a fag!”

“Look here,” Joe said.  “You will make love to Sean whether you like it or not.  You’ll suck his cock, he’ll suck yours… you’ll do everything you can think of without letting him cum.  And if you don’t, we’ll take
you down to the mall and make you run aroud there naked.  got it?”

Kyle stopped arguing.  Sean was secretly happy to be able to do something that was less kinky than what was going on.  A chance to just be tender with Kyle would be more fun.

When Mark walked in the room with the rope, however, this idea totally left Sean’s mind.

To be continued.  Any comments, please email the writer

chapter 5

Joey en de droom jongen -1

Al dromend liep ik op weg naar mijn laatste klas van de dag. Gym niet mijn favorite uurtje van de dag maar zo aan het eind van de dag moest het maar. Het moment dat ik de kleedkamer in liep sloeg mijn hart over. Daar stond hij mijn droom, mijn super droom. Wat nu, hij stond daar waar ik normaal gesproken mij omkleden. Zou ik naast hem gaan staan. Of .. .. Mijn hart nam het over van mijn hoofd en voor ik het wist stond ik naast hem.


“Hey” alles goed.

“Ja, nog een uurtje en dan weer gehad voor vandaag”.

“Zeg dat wel gelukkig is het gym het kan altijd erger toch”.

“Wel, misschien” zei ik aarzelend.

Hij had inmiddels zijn bovenkleding uitgedaan en ik verwachte dat hij nu zijn T-shirtje aan zou doen. Ik zag zijn handen naar beneden gaan en wist dat er iets anders op het programma stond. Ik haalde diep adem, nog een keer.

“Niet jou favorite uurtje dan” vroeg hij.

“Nee, niet echt” zei ik. Ik draaide me om en begon my tas open te maken en vervolgens mijn t-shirt en broekje er uit te halen. Ik wisselde van t-shirt en deed net de knopen van mijn broek open toen hij zei.

“Ja dat snap ik. Met dit lichaam ben ik nu eenmaal meer gebouwd om te sporten dan jij” of niet dan.

Met die vraag moest ik me wel omdraaien er was geen mogelijkheid omdat te laten gaan.

Ik keek om en zag dat hij nu in een mooie strakke gele boxerbrief stond. Verdomme zou hij gemerkt hebben dat mijn eerste blijk niet naar zijn bovenlichaam was maar naar zijn broekje. Mijn lul maakte sprongetjes omhoog, niet 1 maar wel 3 tegelijkertijd.

Ik probeerde me te herinneren wat voor ondergoed ik die ochtend aan gedaan had. Ik droeg zelden boxerbriefs maar meestal gewoon een slipje. Ik hoopte dat het een donkerblauw of zwarte geweest was. Terwijl ik probeerde om hem een antwoord te geven duwde ik mijn broek naar beneden en zag dat het een wit slipje was. Verdomme. Mijn lul stond mooi getekend in mijn broekje. Ik zuchtte diep en antwoorden:

“Ja, daar zit inderdaad een verschil in”.

Ik ging nonchalant door met het uit doen van mijn broek. Ik wachtte op een volgende zin van hem want vond het lastig om nu weer om te draaien.

“Je kunt daar wel wat aan doen hoor. Beetje oefenen en je bent zo een stuk gespierder”.

“Misschien wel ja, maar kan me er echt niet toe brengen”.

“Wel als je wilt kan ik je wel een keer wat tips geven en helpen”.

Waar wil hij nu naar toe dacht ik bij me zelf. Dit is een droom die te goed is om waar te zijn. Hij had nog nooit zoveel tegen mij gesproken als vandaar.

“Hoe zie je dat voor je” vroeg ik nu.

We stonden inmiddels allebei alleen nog in ons ondergoed. Ik met t-shirt, hij zonder. Ik weet niet veel meer van mijn omgeving op dat moment, of er andere waren, of dat we bekeken werden of iemand naar ons luisterde. Alleen hij mijn droom jongen bestond nog op dat moment.

“Ik ben lid van de sportschool hier om de hoek, ga je toch gewoon een keer mee”.

“Hm, moet ik thuis wel even vragen”.

“Is, goed, morgen dan”.

Mijn lul had nu een geheel eigen leven geleidt en stond vier en strak in mijn witte slipje. Niets werd verborgen, ondanks dat het T-shirtje een beetje over mijn slipje heen viel.

“Ja, ik laat het je morgenochtend wel even weten”.

“Is goed”. Ik wilde omdraaien toen ik een hand op mijn schouder voelde. Ik draaide me hoofd half. Hij had zich iets naar voren gebogen en zijn lippen waren dicht bij mijn oor.

Hij fluisterde ” Zo te zien hoeven niet alle spieren veel aandacht”.  Ik kleurde.. wat nu stond ik hier voor paal. Het klonk positief maar was het zo ook bedoeld. Ik draaide me, sloot mijn ogen en zag het beeld van mijn droom jongen voor me. Mooi glanzend bruin haar,  mooi gevormde ogen, blauw van kleur, een klein fop neusje met daaronder een sterke borst, welke wat haren begon te vertonen. Een sixpack om jaloers op te zijn gevolgd door een geel boxerbrief met vulling. Mijn lul steigerde nog een maal en voor ik het wist spoot mijn sperma uit mijn lul in mijn broekje, …. … Op het hoogte punt van mijn orgasme met de droom jongen voor ogen ……. dacht ik wat nu………….

Waren er andere die mijn gezien hadden.  Was het zichtbaar dat mijn witte broekje nat werd. Ik voelde me hoofd rood kleuren, warm worden, behalve dan die natte plek in mijn broekje. Kon ik me omdraaien, had hij gezien wat er gebeurt was. Ik stapte in mijn sportbroekje. Ik wilde zo snel mogelijk alles verbergen. Daarna zou ik wel eens rond kijken of iemand het gezien had. Voorzichtig trok ik mijn sportbroekje over mijn slipje heen en ging recht op staan.

Ik keek in de andere richting dan mijn droom jongen stond. Daar was niemand. Ik draaide mijn hoofd en daar stonden een aantal andere klasgenoten maar ze keken niet. Ik draaide langzaam om. Ik wist dat ik weet oog in oog met mijn droom jongen zou komen te staan. Ik hoopte alleen dat hij inmiddels ook wat aangedaan had.  Ik voelde nog meer bloed naar mijn hoofd gaan.

“Ik ben er klaar voor”.

‘Eh … en je schoenen dan” zei hij met een glimlach.

Ik werd nog roder. Verdomme hij had gelijk.

Hij pakte zelf ook zijn schoenen uit de tas en ging zitten. Hij had inmiddels inderdaad t-shirt en broek aan gedaan. Gelukkig dacht ik.

Ik pakte mijn schoenen en ging naast hem zitten.

“Morgen ja, lijkt me leuk om jou wat meer te leren”.

“Ik zal eerlijk zijn ik kijk er niet naar uit maar is wel goed denk ik, kan wel wat meer beweging gebruiken”.

“Wel trek je gewoon niets aan van de rest hier, laat die maar praten”.

Ik keek hem aan nu met een vragende blik.

“ja ik weet het best wel. Je wordt geplaagd af en toe en met kiezen tijden de gym altijd een van de laatste”.

“Oh, ok…”.

“Maar daar gaan we verandering in brengen”.

Ik wist niet precies wat hij bedoelde, was ik nou een soort van project van hem.

Hij was nog even in zijn tas aan het rommelen. Ik zag dat hij er iets uit haalde, maar kon niet zien wat.

Fluisterend zei hij daarna: “eh.. misschien niet lekker zo’n natte plek. Het is niet veel maar dit kan helpen”.

Ik voelde mijn bloed weer helemaal naar mijn kop trekken. Neeeeee hij had het gemerkt.. .. Hoe was dat nou weer mogelijk.

Ik aarzelde toen hij zijn hand naar die van mij toe bracht. Ik keek om te zien wat hij had. Het was een onderbroekje, geel van kleur. Ik reageerde niet toen hij fluisterend vervolgde “Het ruikt ook een beetje”.

Ik keek op naar zijn gezicht. Hij knikte naar zijn hand. Verdomme ik moest wel kon toch moeilijk hier in de kleedkamer me nu uit kleden.

“Ga even naar het toilet en maak het schoon ik wacht wel. Het is een jockstrap trouwens. Maar wel schoon”.

Een jockstrap. Daar had ik nog niet van gehoord. Ik pakte over van hem wat hij in zijn hand had. De aanraking bracht een nieuwe schok te weeg. Ik voelde mijn lul een beetje steigeren. Ik stond op en liep naar het toilet.

Ik trok snel mijn broekje en wit slipje uit. Met wat toilet papier maakte ik de boel schoon. Daarna stapte ik in de jockstrap. Er was geen achterzijde, alleen wat lintjes. De voorzijde sloot strak rondom mijn ballen en lul en dat liet verder niets te wensen over. Zag er geil uit dat moest ik wel zeggen. Ik trok mijn broekje weer aan en liep terug de kleedruimte in. Mijn droom jongen lachte “Dat was snel” zei hij.

Ik wilde het andere slipje in mijn tas stoppen toen hij zachtjes zei:  “Geef die maar aan mij”.

Ik kleurde weer en overhandigde hem het slipje. Hij keek er even naar en stopte het in zijn tas. “Die krijg je morgen weer wel terug”.

“Is, goed en dan kan ik die van jou ook weer terug geven”.

“Is, prima, laten we maar eens gaan zien wat we nu weer moeten doen vandaag”.

In de gymzaal aangekomen als een van de laatste zag ik al gelijk dat de judo matten uitgespreid lagen. Niet een van de dingen waar ik nu echt van hou. Te veel contact te veel kracht voor nodig.

“Oh, daar zijn ook de laatkomers” zei de gymleraar. “Jullie hebben geluk. We zijn bijna klaar met indelen alleen die twee zijn nog over dus dat komt goed uit”.  Ik keek naar wie hij bedoelde. Twee stevige jongens uit een andere klas. Dat werd alleen maar verliezen dacht ik. Maar ja dat was meestal het geval.

Wat ik niet verwacht had, was dat gedurende de volgende 30 minuten er veel meer dan anders lichaamscontact was. Ik wist niet of dat voor real was of alleen maar doordat ik de stof van mijn sportbroekje rechtstreeks om mijn billen voelde en iedere aanraking heel zacht en bijna sensueel voelde.

Oh verdomme dacht ik mijn hormonen zijn zeker in overdrive vandaag. Keer op keer kwam ik op de grond te liggen en voelde ik handen, armen en benen op plekken komen waar ik ze nu liever niet had. Mijn lul dacht er zo het zijne van en bleef wel redelijk op peil. Hij steigerde af en toe maar dat grappige slipje zorgde er in ieder geval in de voorzijde er voor dat hij niet al te stijf werd.

Mijn droom jongen verging het iets beter, met name omdat hij wat sterker was maar ook hij kon niet tegen het gewicht van de andere twee op. Toen we allebei net weer eens even opstonden keken we elkaar aan en ik voelde me weer opgeladen alleen al door die warme, glimlach, die zachte blik van aanmoediging. Niet dat het veel hielp want ander maal belande ik al snel weer op de grond.

Volgens mij had ik aardig wat blauwe plekken opgelopen toen de gymleraar er voor die middag een einde aan maakte. “Gelukkig dat zit er weer op” zei de droom jongen toen hij naast me kwam lopen.

“ja, dat was pijnlijk”.

“Volgende keer moet ik toch echt op tijd zijn, dan overkomt mij dit niet” zei hij met een glimlach.

Ik wist niet of hij een antwoord verwachte dus ik bleef er even stil bij.

“Kom, omkleden en dan naar huis”.

Op dat moment realiseerde ik dat ik zo dadelijk in dat gele …eh wat was het ook weer .. jockstrap je zou staan voor de rest van mijn klasgenoten. Snelheid dan maar dacht ik.

Aangekomen bij mij tas zag ik dat de er deze keer weinig gein getrapt werd maar eigenlijk iedereen bezig was om snel zich om te kleden en te gaan. Het omkleden was dan ook pijnloos. Ik keek niet om naar mijn droom jongen maar voelde dat hij naast mij zich ook redelijk snel omkleden. Ik had nog een minuut of 20 te fietsen dus wilde nog even naar het toilet voordat ik vertrok.

“Ik zie je morgen ok” zei ik tegen mijn droom jongen.

“Ja, is goed, ik wacht wel voor de school ok”.

“is prima” zei ik.

Toen ik terug kwam uit het toilet waren de meeste weg. 2 van mijn klasgenoten stonden er nog. Ik wilde mijn tas pakken toen een van hen zei “Zo vriendjes aan het worden met Marco”.

Oh, verdomme, ik had dit willen voorkomen. Vandaar dat ik zojuist ook al niets gezegd.

“Eh, wel “.

Voordat ik verder kon gaan zei de andere ” En wat voor slipje had jij nu aan, zo’n homo broekje”.

“Eh, ” ik voelde dat ik kleurde.

“Vind je lekker zeker als we dat zo tegen je zeggen”.

Ik wist niet wat ik hier op moest antwoorde. Ik pakte mijn tas en draaide me om. Ik had terwijl wel gevoeld dat mijn lul wat steigerde.

“Ja, loop maar weg. We pakken je nog wel een keer ja”.

Ik liep snel weg en stapte op de fiets. Gelukkig weg van die pestkoppen dacht ik. Tot nu toe was het pesten tot verbale zaken gebleven ik hoopte dat dat zo zou blijven.

Toen ik thuis aan kwam was daar nog niemand. Ik ging snel naar mijn kamer, ging op mijn bed liggen en in mijn hoofd draaide ik de scene nogmaals af. Mijn had had zich al lang richting dat gele jockstrap broekje bewogen. Al snel heel snel voldoende hoe dank zij het beeld van iedere centimeter van het lichaam van mijn droom jongen ik weer klaar kwam. De hele scene van die dag terug halen, heerlijk morgen zou ik met hem alleen zijn, in zijn kamer, in alleen een sportbroekje, ik zou die heerlijke benen …. en toen toen werd de deur open gegooid. …….

hoofdstuk 2

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Days on the beach – 3

Days at the Beach Chapter 3

Sean’s nightmare 3 day weekend had just begun. He had spent part of the day hanging out in a thong, another part of the day naked and it seemed like he wouldn’t be getting any chance to be alone for a while.  On top of all of that, he was not going to be allowed to cum until Monday night.

After the boys had let him up again, it had been a regular day at the beach.  The tormenting had stopped for a while and they even allowed him to put his thong back on.  Sean so wished that he had another pair of
bikinis, but he decided it would be a better idea to not say anything about it.  The last thing he wanted was to have his thong taken away again.

Not that the thong was really doing much good.  He was so horny that his cock never got lower than half mast.  The thong was not made to cover something so big, so while the other guys played and hung out and swam, Sean had to sit on the blanket most of the day to hide his dick.

When evening was coming, the boys decided it was time to retire back to Sean’s apartment.  Even though he was not looking forward to spending even more time with Kyle and his friends, it would be good at least to be in a more secluded area.  The humiliation was one thing, but getting arrested would be a whole lot worse.  Luckily, they had been hanging out on the slowest and loneliest sections of the beaches.

Once they all arrived at Sean’s place, Kyle parked the car.  He ushered the guys out and pushed Sean ahead of them.

“Go ahead, lead us to your place,” Kyle said and the guys laughed along with him.  There was no chance that Sean was going to be able to use the guys to hide himself.

On the way up the stairs, a couple of guys passed him by.  They both looked a little surprised that a nearly naked man was walking with 3 boys who were fully clothed.  The second guy seemed to get rather turned on by the situation, and gave Sean a little slap on the side of his ass as he passed.  This ended up causing more laughing fits among the boys.

Once inside, Sean went right for his favorite chair.  Sure, he had been exposed several times already, but he wanted to get into a place where he knew he would be comfortable.  Plus, there was a pillow that he could
place in his lap.  At least for a short while he would be covered up.

Kyle would have none of that, however.  He grabbed the pillow out of Sean’s lap and shook his head.  “I don’t think so,” he said.  “And who said you could sit down?  Get your ass out of the chair.”

Submitting very quickly, Sean stood up.  The exposure had the undesired effect and his cock started to grow again.  This insighted more laughs from the peanut gallery.

“Man, it must be hurting his cock to not have much room to grow,” Joe said.  Joe was rather cute.  All of the boys were.  Sean only wished that throughout this ordeal he would eventually get to see one of them naked. However, besides humiliating him and Kyle stroking his cock, none of the guys seemed interested in getting more involved.  Joe was a skater/surfer dude.  He had long, dirty blonde hair and dressed like the grunge look was still in.  He was skinny, but probably toned as skateboarders were. He was forever moving his hair out of his face when it decided to fall in the way.  His clothing was too baggy to really get an idea of what his body looked like.

“Well, I guess we can take care of that,” Kyle laughed.  “Take the thong off, Sean.”

Without a moment of hesitation, Sean lowered his thong and stepped out of it.  The moment his cock was free, it started bobbing and swinging in the air.  He was about to grab it and make it stop, but a stern look from Kyle stopped him.  Sean kept his hands at his sides.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Kyle began.  “Do you have beer in the fridge, Sean?”  Sean nodded.  “Good, go get us a beer.  You can have one too.  The guys and I are gonna sit down and have a drink.  You are not
allowed to sit down until I tell you to.  You are not allowed to touch your cock or try to hide it in any way.  You know the consequences if you do anything wrong.”

Sean agreed.  He then went and got the beer out of the refrigerator. After giving it to the guys, he went and stood beside the couch.  He was about to pop open his beer when Kyle got up.  The boy had already opened
his beer and he took the one from Sean’s hands.

“Here, drink mine instead,” Kyle said with a smile.  They traded beers and Kyle sat back down.

It didn’t take long for Sean to start feeling the effects of the beer. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t eaten anything at all that day.  Who knew for sure?  But by the time he was done with the can, he was quite
buzzed and found that standing up became very hard.  A few times, he had to catch himself to keep from falling on the floor.

Mark laughed.  “You are so mean, dude!” he said to Kyle and they all three laughed.  “He’s losing it already.”

Sean realized then that they must have put something in his drink  It worried him at first, but for some reason didn’t seem like it was a very big deal.  He felt good, his dick was rock hard and dripping and he was
no longer too embarrassed about being naked.  In fact, it began to seem and feel very natural to him.

The boys still did not let him sit down, though.  In fact, Mark left the room and came back in with a video camera.  It was Sean’s, but he didn’t mind, really.  It wasn’t really connecting in his brain what was about to
happen.  The boys were going to make videos of him, obviously drugged up, naked, dripping tons of pre-cum and hanging out with three seventeen year old boys.  If had known better, he would have tried to put a stop to it. There was really no chance of this though.

After everything was set up, Kyle asked Sean if he wanted to pose a little bit for the camera.  Totally feeling up to it, Sean tried flexing his muscles a few times.  The third time, he tripped and fell on the
floor.  His cock rubbed against the floor, leaving a trail of pre-cum on the hard wood.  He tried to get up, but wasn’t able to.

Kyle (the only one of the boys who seemed willing to touch him) came over to help him up.  Sean was a bit bigger than him, though, and Kyle was not strong enough to pull him up.  After a while, he had to ask for help from Mark and Joe.

Instead of putting him back on his feet, the guys carried him over to the easy chair.  Kyle sat down first and then they sat Sean down on his lap. It felt good, sitting between the younger boys legs.  Kyle put his arms
around Sean, indicating to him that he could lay back if he wanted to. Sean readily did so.

“We’re going to play a little game, okay Sean?” Kyle asked.  Again, Sean nodded.  He liked games.  “Okay, here is what’s going to happen.  Mark and Joe are going to run the video camera.  I’m going to play with your cock.  Your job is to moan and really get into it for the camera.  You can not cum.  If you do cum, I will get pissed off and show the videos to your parents, our boss and someone at your college.  So, if you get
close, you let me know.  got it?”

Sean indicated that he understood.  One word from Kyle and they started the camera up.

As soon as Kyle’s hands touched his dick, a long sigh escaped from Sean’s lips.  He spread his legs out really wide, giving the camera the best view of his shaft and balls.  Pre-cum had coated his cock with a nice shiney sheen.  Kyle hands moved up and down with ease.

Sean didn’t even have to improvise.  It felt so good.  He started moaning.  Whatever drugs they gave him took away any of his shame.  It felt so good.  He started swiveling and rocking his hips, thrusting his
hard dick through both of his hands.  When he did this, though, Kyle squeezed the shaft very tightly.  This caused Sean to moan louder than he ever had.

“Haha, look at all that pre-cum!” Mark laughed.  “He must be close.”

As Sean was moaning, Kyle squeezed his cock even harder.  Looking down, Sean saw his cock was turning red.  His balls were pulled up tight against his body.  “Ahhh-ahhhh—AHHHHHHH!!!!” Sean moaned, his breath catching with every squeeze.

“Oh, I’m close!”  Sean cried.  He tried thrusting his cock through Kyle’s hands, but it didn’t do any good.  Even with the large amounts of pre-cum,  Kyle’s grip was too hard.  Sean started riding Kyle’s hand for all he was worth.  His hips were thrusting up and down like a bucking bronco, but it did no good.  All Kyle did was remove his hands and he held his arms around Sean’s waist.  There was nothing for his cock to press up against.

“Oh please let me cum, please let me cum!” Sean cried.  He wanted so bad to reach down and start fisting his cock.  Before he had a chance, though, Kyle grabbed both of Sean’s wrists and held his arms behind him. “I need to cum!  PLEASE KYLE, I’ll do anything you want!”

Joe and Mark were getting a good laugh at Sean’s expense.  not only that, but there were getting every moment on tape as well.

After a few moments, Sean calmed down a bit.  He relaxed and collapsed against Kyle.  That was when he felt something very odd.  Lying against Kyle, he felt Kyle had a hard on.  It was the first time he had noticed
anything like that from the boys.  This whole situation was turning the boy on.

Well, as nice as that thought was, Sean wasn’t able minded enough to really be too concerned with it.  His mind was so sexed up that it was the only thing he cared about.  So, in order to enjoy himself even more,
he pressed his backside up against Kyle’s cock.  A bit of a moan escaped Kyle’s lips, but he cut it off.  However, Sean could tell he was enjoying this.

Kyle’s body was pretty much hidden from the camera.  Also, Joe and Mark could not really see much of what was going on.  Sean sensed this just barely, so he decided he would try playing with Kyle just a little bit. He started massaging Kyle’s dick with his naked ass, pressing hard up against the rock hard cock.  In spit of himself, Kyle seemed to enjoying it.  He hadn’t counted on this turn of events.  It was nice.

Unfortunately for Kyle, Sean wasn’t the only one who noticed what was going on.  Joe and Mark had been planning for some time to change things around.  They were unsure exactly why Kyle had been so willing to keep jacking Sean’s cock.  All they could figure is that Kyle was gay too. So, they decided that if at all possible, they would try to get Kyle into the same situation that Sean was in.  Then, Kyle wouldn’t be the leaderanymore… he would be the slave.

Kyle was rubbing his dick up against Sean’s backside.  His mind had totally gone comatose by this point and he wasn’t sure why.  He was a virgin and no one had ever touched his cock before.  But he didn’t think
that was enough for him to start to phase out.

Almost pushing Sean off his lap, Kyle came to a realization.  His eyes opened wide and he looked at his friends over Sean’s shoulders.  They were both laughing when they saw his eyes.  At some point when he hadn’t been looking, the boys slipped the same drug into his beer that they had given Sean.  He had been set up.

Before he knew what was going on, Joe and Mark helped Sean to his feet. Then, they shoved him to the side on the couch.  Both of them were then on Kyle.  Joe started working on his shirt and Mark worked on his pants. In 20 seconds, they had their friends stripped down to his underwear. Kyle was wearing a pair of gray bikini briefs with a nice wet patch where his cockhead was.  On top of that, he was as hard as a rock.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” he asked, trying to get up.  The drug was overpowering him, though, and he wasn’t able to do anything.

“We were thinking how much fun it would be to have two slaves instead of just one,” Joe laughed.  “And now, you’re the second one.”

“The Hell I am!” Kyle shouted and tried to get up.  He did manage to get up just a little, but was easily pushed back down again by Mark.  Looking down as his dick, he saw the head start to push it’s way up past the waistband.  Alarm showed on his face as he tried to cover himself up. The boys had non e of that, though.

“We have video here of you moaning and thrusting up against a naked guy,” Joe pointed out.  “So, unless you want US to show this to your parents, I think you better calm down and do what WE say.”

Kyle was about to protest, but he had to stop.  He was in no shape to try and talk his way out of this.  His mind was so far gone and his body was too weak.  And his dad was a church minister.  If he saw this tape, his father would disown him.  His best friends had him up against a wall.

“We won’t be all that bad to you,” Mark said.  “IN fact, we’re going to let you get off tonight.  Although, it’ll be the last time you get to for a while.”

“So, here’s the plan, boy,” Joe continued.  “You’re going to go over there into Sean’s bedroom and lay down on his bed.  Then, we’re going to bring Sean in and he’s gonna jack you off in you bikinis.  Once you cum,
we’re going to let you go to sleep, but you have to sleep in Sean’s arms.  We’ll be taping the whole thing.  Got it?”

Kyle nodded, a pissed off look resurfacing on his face.  He had been outsmarted and he wasn’t used to that.  He definitely did not want to be sleeping in bed with Sean.  Although the thought of it did send a big throb through his cock.  he felt some more pre-cum soak his bikini.

“Okay,” Mark said.  “Then tomorrow, we’re going to take you and your boytoy back to the beach.  We’re going to play some volleyball.  I’ll bet you’ll like that.”

Kyle nodded again, but he knew better.  Whatever the boys had planned was not going to be a normal game of volleyball.

Mark picked Kyle up and began dragging him into the bedroom.  At this point, he was almost as far gone as Sean had been so he wasn’t much help.  Once in the room, they threw him down on the queen sized bed.  he rolled over on his back.  His hard dick was pressing up against his briefs, leaving a considerably large tent in them.

A few moments later, both of the guys helped Sean into the room.  They put him down on the bed too.  His head landed right below Kyle’s crotch. For a few moments, the drugged boys just laid there, unsure of what to do.

That didn’t last long as Joe and Mark brought the camera into the room. After it was set up, they were about to tell Sean what to do, but the horny 19 year old didn’t need instructions.  He grabbed Kyle’s dick
through the briefs and started jacking him off.

Kyle started moaning right away and they all knew it wouldn’t be long. He was so horned up from what was happening.

“Hey, it’d probably be easier if we got rid of those bikinis,” Mark said.  “They’re restricting him a bit.”

“I got a better idea,” Joe said.  He went over and grabbed Kyle’s bikinis and then ripped them off of him.  Kyle was shocked but was careful not to make any noise.  His cock was still covered in the tattered remains of the ripped up bikini.  This made it so much easier for Sean to do his jacking with the bikini wrapping itself around the hard dick.

The more Sean jacked, the faster he went.  Pretty soon, Kyle was thrusting his hips ito the air much the same way as Sean had been doing before.  They knew he was close.

“He’s gonna blow!” Joe yelled.

“Take cover!” Mark laughed.

Before he knew it, Kyle was cumming into his torn up bikinis.  It was the best orgasm he ever had, but it was only afterwards that he realized what it signified. His life had changed just as much as he had forced Sean’s to.

In the morning, Mark and Joe work Kyle and Sean up.  They were sleeping under the covers together, and Kyle was clinging onto Sean.  When he realized this, Kyle quickly pulled himself off of the other boy and
blushed.  His friends just laughed at him.

To add to his humiliation, the boys made Sean and Kyle shower together. They didn’t really wash each other, but it was still an arousing experience.  Afterwards, they were made to stand naked in front of Mark
and Joe.

“Okay, here is what we’re going to do today,” Joe said.  “We’re going to go to the beach and play volleyball.”

“And?” Kyle asked, knowing that wouldn’t be the end of it all.

“And nothing,” Mark said.  “That’s it.”

“Well, what will we be wearing?” Sean asked, knowing that he would rather not know.

A big smile crossed the boys’ faces.  Joe reached into his bag and he pulled out two tanktops.  That was all.

“Put them on,” Joe ordered.

Kyle and Sean both took the tank tops and put them on.  They were long to enough to cover their cocks and asses… barely.  If for someone reason either of them had to lift their arms up, their dicks would be in plain
view.  Even a little breeze could be their undoing.  The realization and looks on their faces just made Joe and Mark laugh even more.

When they got down to the car, Sean and Kyle had to both sit in the back seat.  More than ever, they had to do their best to keep their erections down.  This would be harder for Sean, though, as he hadn’t been allowed to cum yet.

As they drove along, there really wasn’t much talking.  Kyle was still very pissed and hadn’t accepted his role in all of this yet.  Sean, on the other hand was just being subservient.  He realized before that he was a slave and there was no way around it.

When they got to the beach, they went to their regular spot and put the blanket down.  Kyle and Sean were of course made to stand up.  They had strict orders that they were not allowed to hold their tank tops down.
If they tried to do it just even once, they would be stripped of their shirts and forced to remain naked for the rest of the day.

As Mark and Joe had a good time, hanging out, laughing, swimming, Kyle and Sean simply stood in place, hoping against hope that no breezes would come upon them.

“This is all your fault,” Kyle sneered at Sean.

“I didn’t start it,” Sean replied.  “You didn’t have to start blackmailing me in the first place.”

Right then, a small breeze came along and blew Kyle’s tank top up just a little.  His soft cock was visible for just a few seconds before the fabric concealed it again.  Kyle saw Sean looking down.

“Hey, keep your eyes to yourself, you pervert,” kyle snapped.  “You’re getting hard now.”

Looking down, Sean saw this was true.  He knew he had to control himself because the slightest wood would betray him.  He was able to keep himself down, though.  Perhaps this day wouldn’t be as bad as it seemed.

Joe and Mark, wet from swimming, came back to the two boys standing in their tank tops.  With a smile Joe said what both of them had been dreading all afternoon.

“Ready to play volleyball?”

To be continued.  Any comments, please email the writer

chapter 4

Tim and Michel chapter 60

Chapter 60 of Tim and Michel

So perhaps you were wondering what happened in the shower? Well, I’m sorry to say that, although Michel kept teasing me, I escaped from there without too much of a problem. I tried to get him to go with me to school, but he started to distance himself the moment I said it … so we went to school separately.

We talked a lot at school about the meeting. Brandon, Paul and Dennis were a bit more optimistic about it all but, still, we weren’t sure of the outcome and couldn’t wait until we could get going. On Friday evening, I was picked up by Michel’s uncle. He would take Mark and me up to the small town where we thought it would all happen. Michel said that two rooms were booked for us at a small motel just outside the town but not in it. We would meet up with Mark on the way as he had stayed with Karl the last few days.

“Did you see Michel?” I asked his uncle as we were settled on the motorway.

“No, I talked with his mother but his dad isn’t letting Michel out of his sight right now. I think he mainly blames me for this.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“I think he still resents me for being gay. He took it badly when I told him many years ago. I thought he’d come around but I see now that I doubt he ever did accept me, to be honest.”

“You’ll not give up on him, will you?”

“No … I’m not sure .…”

“Please … for Michel’s sake … he needs you.”

He looked at me closely before turning back to the traffic.

“I know, Jamey. I know. I won’t give up on him or on my brother.”

“Good, I think you would regret it if you did.”

“You’re way too wise for your age, you know, Jamey.”

I blushed a bit.

“So … what do you know about Mark?” he asked.

“Not a lot. Karl said he was younger and that we had some stuff in common to talk about.”

“Ah, well … that you’re both gay, for one thing.”

“Yeah … definitely that … but I’m just not sure what else. Might be he’s without his parents as well.”

“You’ll be OK. You only have to spend a few hours playing around the church tomorrow … you’ll cope.”

“You don’t think we’ll find out much tomorrow?”

“No … this feels like a wild goose chase so we just have to be patient.”

We got to the motel around 10 pm. It had been about a 5 hour drive. I knew the town wasn’t close but this felt like it was out in the middle of nowhere.

“So now what?” I asked as we got out.

“Let me go and get the keys and then we’ll meet Karl and Mark and see what the strategy is for tomorrow.”

I looked around. It wasn’t a big motel, just 15 rooms or so. Not all were occupied as there were only about six cars or so outside.

“OK, we’re in rooms 7 and 8,” Michel’s uncle said when he came back from the reception desk.

We walked towards the rooms. He opened number 7 without using the key.

“I thought you’d be here,” he said while opening the door.

Karl and someone else were sitting on the edge of the bed.

He stood up and walked towards Michel’s uncle. “Good to see you again.”

“You too, Jamey,” he said, shaking my hand as well.

“So let me introduce you to Mark … he’s one of my nephews.”

The teenage boy got up and came over to us. “Glad to meet you,” he said softly and we shook hands as well. He seemed a bit shy, I thought.

“So, what’s the plan?” Michel’s uncle asked.

“Well, I’m leaving in a moment. You can sleep in room 8 and the guys can have room 7. I’m sure they’ll have lots to talk about. Then tomorrow, you drive into town … it’s about eight miles from here. You’ll find a church in the middle of town. There are lots of vantage points to check the area out while staying nearby. You need be to be there at 9.30 as mass starts at 10. It might take up to two hours before you see anyone exiting. They normally stay around talking for a bit before leaving. When they’re all gone, someone will lock up the church. At that point, call your uncle and then you can go back home. I’ll be in touch on Sunday to discuss the things you saw.”

“What do we need to look out for?” I asked.

“Most important is car number plates. We want to see if we can track where everyone in the community is living. That is step 1. I think you’ll also want to make a special note of any couples that come in on their own. They don’t have children and that is kind of strange for this group of people.”

“You think Tim might be with them then?” Mark asked.

“He might be … we just don’t know. But don’t expect to see him straight away … this is likely to be a time-consuming stakeout and we might need several weeks to get what we want.”

“What if someone comes up to talk to us?” I asked.

“You just say that you’re waiting for your uncle to pick you up.”

“We’re family then?” I asked while looking at Mark.

“Yeah … that’s the idea.”

“OK … any questions?”

“No, not really,” I replied.

“Good. If you do, text me … OK, Mark?”

“Yes, sir,” Mark promised.

“Well … it’s time for me to leave. Good luck, guys.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that … but we said our goodbyes.

“I’m going to go to bed, guys. I’ve had the late shift all week in the bar and I was awake early today as well. I’ll knock on your door tomorrow around 9 a.m. Have a good sleep.”

When Michel’s uncle closed the door, there I was unexpectedly in a room with this unknown, but pretty good looking, guy. I knew better than to hope that he’d start the conversation. He’d already shown himself to be very shy.

“So … I guess we’re on stakeout together.”

“Yeah, it seems so.”

“You OK with that?” I asked.

“Yes … anything I can do to help Granddad is fine….” He paused for a moment … looked me in the eye … and then a small smile appeared on his face. He added, “Not a disappointment when I have to spend the night with a hunk like you, either.”

OK! I started to blush again. “Thanks, Mark. You’re pretty cute yourself.”

“So … does that mean we can have some fun?” he said.

So much for being shy! I couldn’t have been more wrong. Once alone, he was quite forward now.

“No … sorry, Mark, but I have a boyfriend.”

“Me, too … but he doesn’t have any say in this.”

I sat down on the only chair in the room. “Oh, why is that?”

“He has to do what I want. He’s got nothing to say about what I do.”

A thought began to form in my mind. Just like his granddad, was he ….?

“He’s your slave” I said quietly.

“Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?” His voice now was strong … a bit too much so, I thought. He was proud but also insecure, I judged. That is why he had been shy when we had entered.

“No, I’ve got one myself,” I said.

“Really? You do?” he asked.


“Oh … I didn’t think you ….”

“Not manly enough for it, Mark?” I asked.

He’d backed down a bit now. “Sorry if I insulted you, Jamey. I just thought … well … you know you don’t look …..”

“I know I don’t have your muscles, Mark, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to push someone’s buttons”

He blushed now. He stood up and moved closer to me. He held out his hand. “Sorry, Jamey. I’m new to all of this and, although I want to help, I didn’t expect to meet another master.”

“That’s OK, Mark.”

“How is Michel doing?” he asked.

He seemed to know quite a bit of the background of the story.

“Not good. But, once we find Tim, he will be.”

“You’re a good friend of Tim’s.”

“Yeah … he’s the best.”

“I don’t have many friends my own age, you know. I’m not yet out at school.”

“How old are you, Mark?” I asked.

“Just 16.”

“Wow … and you already own a slave. You’re still young.”

“I know what I want and Tom adores me,” he replied quickly.

“I’m sure he does. But do you adore Tom as well?” I asked.

“Of course … otherwise, we wouldn’t be together.”

“Well … maybe you should respect him a bit more, then, and not expect to do it with just any one who you find attractive. Let your own relationship develop first.”

I saw that he was thinking about that.

“I just don’t know. Maybe I am too young and don’t deserve someone like Tom yet.”

I looked at him. “Shall we get ready for bed and you can tell me about him, OK?”

Before long we were in bed. We’d undressed with our backs to each other and had gotten in the bed without seeing much of each other’s body. Not even a peek. But in bed it wasn’t easy to ignore that we were naked together.

“So … tell me how you met him.”

Mark started to tell the story about Tom coming to their house as a surprise for his brother and him. Paid for. He said he fell in love with him straight away … but he wasn’t sure if that was because of who he was or of his slavish behaviour. But later on, after not seeing him for a while, he knew he wanted just to be with him … although the aspect of having him do what he wanted was exciting as well. Mark had had several talks with his dad about it.

“Your dad?” I said.

“Yeah … you sound surprised.”

“Yes. I’m not sure I would talk with my granddad about something like that, to be honest.”

“Oh … my dad helped me to get Tom in the end. So he ended up being both my boyfriend and my slave.”

“Wow!!! That’s quite special. Is Tom OK with that? Isn’t he too young to know he is a slave?”

“Oh, no! Tom is 21 already. We’ve talked about it and he loves me … but he also loves to serve me and makes sure I’m always proud of him as well.”

Next he told me what Tom had done for him so far.

“So … what do you think?

“Sounds like he loves you a lot, Mark.”

“Yeah … I’m pretty sure he does,” he said in a wistful voice. “So how did you meet your slave boy?” he asked.

“Oh … that was quite special. I’d seen him before ….” I started to tell him the story about the party. I saw that he liked what I had done.

“I’m still not sure what Martin thought when we met the first time, but I knew that there was sexual tension between us from the first moment we saw each other. When he got up on that podium, I felt so proud of him … that he would do that for me … showing how much he must have liked me.”

“Hmmm … yeah … I wondered about that too, you know.”

“About what, Mark?”

“Well … what they feel … why they do it. I’ve tried to talk with my brother about that … he too is a slave, you know … and he tried to explain it … but I just can’t see it.”

“Maybe that’s why you’re a master, Mark, and not a slave.”

“I know … but have you ever wondered?”

Now that was a question that really hit home. Of course I’d wondered about it … and I’d planned to talk with Tim about it … as I wanted to understand Martin better … but I just hadn’t found the courage yet to do it … and now, well, now it might be too late.

“You have thought about it as well, haven’t you?” he said as I kept staring off into space.

“Yeah … I have, Mark.” With that admission, it hit me like a truck: I needed to understand Martin. If I really was his master, I needed to get to the bottom of his sexual being. I think at that point we both were considering the same question.

I let out a sigh. “You ask tough questions there, Mark. I’m not sure I want to know the answer at this point … but I feel it might be necessary in the future. Did you ask your granddad Karl?”

“No. I can talk with my dad but I have not seen Karl, my granddad, that much. Might do it in the future. Who knows?”

“Well … maybe it’s time to go to sleep then,” I said.

“Yeah … I’m not sure that I can but we’d better try, I guess.” He turned the light out and I knew he’d he turned his back towards me. I did the same. I felt how tired I was and was asleep before I knew it.

I know I was awakened by some movement in the bed. I remembered where I was and then thought … no, Mark … please don’t do that. But I could feel from the movement of the bed what Mark was doing. I knew he was 16 and 16 year olds are always horny … but couldn’t he have waited to do it in the shower or somewhere more private?

His climax took another minute … then he shuddered, stopped stroking and sighed. Done, I thought. Then suddenly he looked over his shoulder and looked me straight in the face. I smiled.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed.

“Well … same result,” I joked.

“Oh, I ….”

chapter 61

Days on the beach – 2

Sean was feeling very lucky.  Well, at least he was for the most part.
Although he had been thoroughly humiliated the day before, no one at the
beach had really seen him.  This was a great relief and it felt even
better that the guys had given him Sunday off.  Not really knowing what
they had in store for him, Sean thought this wasn’t going to be as bad as
he thought it was.

And how could he lie to himself?  In spite of everything that had
happened, he had somewhat enjoyed.  How else could he explain why he had
been so hard throughout the whole experience?  Besides that fact that
Kyle had been playing with his cock the whole time, that is.  But when he
came, it was like the best orgasm he had ever had.  He had loved it.

Afterwards, the luckiest and unluckiest things happened to him.  The boys
let him put his bikini back on, but the thing was soaked in his cum.  It
wasn’t so bad at first, because they were on a part of the beach that no
one really spent much time at.  He had lucked out that no one had seen
him naked, and it was possible no one would see him with cum soaked
bikinis on.  In fact, besides the obvous smell of the cum, they might
just have assumed that he was wet from swimming in the ocean.

It was going good until the boys got hungry.  Mark had the idea to give
Kyle the money and send him to the concession stand.  It was bad enough
that the underwear barely concealed his cock, but being as wet as they
were, his cock was clearly visible.  He blushed when the suggestion was
made, but knew there was no way out of it.  He took the money and went to
get the guys some hot dogs.

It was an odd experience, but luckily no oe said anything.  A couple of
guys gave him the thrice over, but Sean found that it didn’t really
bother him that much.  That was until his cock decided to start getting
hard again.  Once that happened, he felt his whole body turn red.  Of all
the people in the line for the stand, he was the one dresed in the
skimpiest clothes.  Aware of this, his cock began to strain even more
against his bikinis.  He had to get his mind on something else, quickly,
or he knew the thing would spring out of the bikinis and he wouldn’t know
what to do after that.

The man at the concession stand gave him a very wry grin when he came up
to his place.  He ordered the three hotdogs and felt rather pissed off
that the guys were not going to let him get anything.  He was starving as
he didn’t even have time to get breakfast.  The concession man told him
it would be a few minutes, but if he wanted to he could stand to the side
while the other customers were helped.  Already feeling totally exposed,
it was really the last thing that he wanted to do.  But he didn’t have
much of a choice.  Following the boys around had given Sean a bit of a
subserviant attitude and he did so.

About six customers passed him while he waited for the dogs to be done.
Some of the people even had hotdogs, so it didn’t take him very long to
figure out what was going on.  The guy behind the counter was trying to
keep him there for as long as possible.  Realizing the man was doing
whatever he could to keep Sean from leaving, this caused Sean to blush
even more.  Unfortunately, it also caused his cock to start pressing
against his shorts again.  Looking down, he saw the head start to push
against the nonexistent waistband.  As much as he tried to resist and
think of other things, it only made him harder.  He tried to control the
rising dick, but that prove to be impossible.  The big head of his long
dick began to push its way free of the skimpy bikini briefs that he was
wearing.  With alarm running through his body, Sean turned to the guy and
asked if his hot dogs were done.

Luckily for Sean, everything was ready for him.  Unluckily, he had to
carry all of the items with both of his hands.  There was no way that he
could cover himself from being seen.  He had never suspected himself for
being an exhibitionist, but for some reason the thought of being seen was
making him hornier than ever.  He wasn’t 100% sure but he thought at one
point that his cock head had sprung free from it’s polysester prison,
making itself visible to anyone who had any desire to see it.

When he got back to the group, his cock had calmed down just a little
bit.  Sean was halfway scared that the boys were going to make him strip
down to his naked self again, but that did not happen (much to his
relief).  In fact, the guys seemed to lose a lot of interest in him for
the rest of the day.  It was a shock, but not really an unwelcome shock.
If he got arrested for indecent exposure, his only defense would be that
the guys made him do it.  That of course wouldn’t work very well because
the video would not be very good evidence.  He cursed himself for getting
himself in such deep trouble.

Sean’s day passed quietly enough.  He was relieved when he got home and
nothing further happened to him that day.  After speaking to Kyle, he
learned that he would get Sunday off and nothing would happen to him
until the following weekend.  Knowing that this would make things easier,
the week started off as pretty easy.

He had gotten very horny, though, on Sunday night and decided it would be
a good time to jack off.  The following day had been the first time in
his life that anyone besides him had played with his cock.  So jacking
off was something that he LOVED doing.  Most of the time, he did it
several times a day.  Nothing felt better than his hand sliding up and
down the smooth, long and gorgeous shaft.

Looking up some pictures on the internet, Sean pulled down his underwear
and squeezed some lube into his hand.  He hadn’t yet found any pictures
that were quite turning him on, but that wasn’t any excuse for him not to
play just a little.  With a cold, lube filled hand, he grabbed his hot,
throbbing cock and squeezed it as tight as he could.  It felt so awesome.

Sean froze, though.  He remembered one of the things that he had promised
to Kyle the day before.  He had said that he would not cum unless given
permission to do so.  He promised.

Yeah, but who would know? he asked himself.  There’s no way they could
find out that I have jerked off.

With that cleared away, Sean started pumping his hard cock.  He loved the
way his hand glided over the shat.  Sean loved his cock.  He was aware at
a very young age that he was truly gifted in the dick department.  His
cock was a beautiful 8 inches long and so thick that he was just able to
get his hand around it (for you readers, this is based off my own cock,
just so you know).  The skin was always so tight when he was at full
mast.  It was a thing of beauty and it was his pride and joy.  He almost
wondered if it really mattered that other people may have caught a
glimpse of the impressive tool.  They would have been crazy to not have
loved it.

As his hand slid up and down the slippery tool, a strange thought
appeared in Sean’s mind.  He was breaking his promise.  He was breaking
his word.

So what?  His mind said to him.  There was no way that the guys would
know.  He could always lie and said that he didn;t jack off.  There was
no way of telling.

Satisfied with the answer he gave himself, Sean decided there was no
reason he couldn’t bring himself to cum.  He found this great picture
online that horned him up really good.  The guy in the picture was laying
asleep in his bed.  Some other guy was holding his cock, as it was
hardening through the slit in his silk boxer shorts.  After having his
dick held by Kyle, this was truly a fantasy that he was able to relate

For some reason, though, he paused.  Not sure exactly why, he almost felt
slightly guilty.  As if he were betraying some sort of confidence.  His
hand stopped sliding and simply held the hot and throbbig cock between
his fingers.  What was going on?

He couldn’t do it.  For the first time in his life, he felt bad about
playing with himself.  He had learned to jack off when he was about 10
years old and had made a regular habit of it since then.  Never before
had he ever stopped in the middle of doing it.  Hell, he often would do
it three times before he decided to quit.  But for some reason, he felt
very guilty this time.

It was because of what he said to Kyle, wasn’t it?  It was because he
said he would not jack off unless he was permitted to do so. How odd that
he would feel so subject to such a stupid thing.  But there was some
subserviant part of him that knew it was the right decision.  He couldn’t
cum unless he was given permission to do so.

Permission? he asked himself.  What was he, some sort of slave?  What the
hell was happening to him.  There was no telling.  Apparently the boys
had found some sort of weakness in himself and there didn’t seem to be
any way around it.  His hand was leaking with lube as it held his cock,
so ready for release.  For the first time in his entire life, though,
Sean did not jack off.  He held his dick for quite a while, giving it the
occasional squeeze, but not once did he stroke the throbbing member.  He
realized in some dark and remote reason that it was almost hotter for him
not to cum.

If he realized what the following weekend had in store for him, he would
have jacked off until he was out of cum.

The whole week at work was a lot easier than he thought it would be.  The
boys did not do anything to him, and it was pretty easy.  Several times
he expected one of them to jack him off in the fitting rooms, or to make
him work in his underwear, but to their credit, they did not make him do
anything at all. Besides the not cumming part, Sean suspected that he had
made it through the week pretty much unscathed.

On Saturday morning the next weekend (Memorial Weekend and he was happy
for a three day holuday) the phone rang at seven in the morning.  Knowing
who it was, Sean answered the phone.

“Kyle.” He said, solemnly.

“Hey, you are learning pretty quickly,” Kyle responded in the phone.
“Are you ready to have some fun today?”

Fun? Sean thought.  Maybe fun for you.  In spite of that, though, he
heard himself say, “Yeah, I am ready.”

“Good, now what else do you have as far as underwear goes?”  Kyle asked.

“Well, I have more bikinis,” Sean stated.  “I also have briefs, some
boxers and a couple of thongs and-”

“What color thongs?”  Kyle asked as Sean wished that he had not mentioned
it at all.

“Blue, green, red-” Sean begn and was cut off.

“Put on a red thong,” Kyle said.  “Meet us outside in about 20 minutes.
You better be wearing the thong and you better NOT be covering yourself
up.  Got it?”

“I got it,” Sean agreed.  As much as it pissed him off, it also quite
turned him on at the same time.  He found the red thong and putting it
on, he fully expected something bad to happen to him.  He went outside
and waiting until the boys arrived.  At least I will be able to get off
soon, he thought, fully expecting nothing more than a simulation of the
previous week.  It had been a whole week since he had shot a load and he
was more than ready to give it another go.

The boys showed up and let him in the car.  Nothing too embarrasing had
happened while he was waiting.  An old lady had passed by and she made a
comment about how hot he looked in his bathing suit.  Not really being
able to reply, Sean had simply smiled back at her.  Old women seemed a
perverted lot, and he was happy for that fact at least.  When he got into
the car, it was the same situation as it was the Saturday before.  He was
not allowed to cover himself up as he sat in the back seat by himself.

By this point, Sean had decided that all of the other guys had to be
gay.  if they weren;t, they would not be putting him through all of this
torture.  Why would straight guys want to see another guy making a fool
out of himself at the beach?  Why even further would anyone put their
hand on his cock without wanting to.  Kyle at the very least was as gay
as Sean was.

When they reached the beach, things were very similiar as they were
before.  The boys laid out a blanket and the sat down to enjoy
themselves.  Sean was made to stand up and was immediately told to lose
the thong.  He did as he was told and handed the thong over to Kyle.  The
younger boy placed the scrap of fabric in his pocket and Sean had to
stand in front of them all with another raging boner.  He was so scared
someone would see, but no one walked by on that lonely part of the beach.

Finally, after talking amongst themselves for a while, Kyle turned to
Sean and smiled.  “Now let us know how many times you have jacked off
this week,” he said.

“None,” Sean replied.  He cock was at full mast and it was already
seeping with precum.  He hoped that was enough to convince the guys that
he was telling the truth.

“Okay,” Kyle continued, “you have been a good boy.  So now you will get
rewarded.  Do you want to guess what your reward is?”

Sean was hoping he would be allowed to get off.  So, he voiced this
concern.  “Will I be allowed to cum, sir?” he asked.  He addded the ‘sir’
on without really thinking about it.  The realization of that caused him
to blush deeply.

“Lay down, Sean,” Kyle instructed.  Relieved about being allowed to lay
on the beach again, Kyle slipped down to the blanket.  His cock was hard,
throbbing and leaking with tons of precum.  He couldn’t wait for Kyle’s
hand to bring him to the brink of cumming again. It had been a whole week
and he had never waiting this long since discovering that he could jack

“Now, things are going to be a little different this weekend,” Kyle
instructed.  “I AM going to jack your cock.  When you get close to
cumming, I want you to tell me.  When you do, I will have another little
surprise for you.”

Sean agreed.  Anything to get some release, he thought.  Nothing would
satisy him more than Kyle’s hand on his throbbing dick.

Slowly, Kyle started stroking Sean’s cock.  Mark and Joe looked on with
eager eyes.  If Sean hadn’t known better, he would have sworn that both
of them were drooling.  Did they want to get their hands on his dick as
well?  Just the though made Sean’s dick stretch larger than it ever had
before and the precum began seeping out in what seemed like gallons.

“I think he’s getting close,” Kyle told the other guys.  “Think it’s time
to tell him his next mission?”

The other two boys agreed.  The both grabbed both of Sean’s arms and helf
them together. Before he knew it, both of Sean’s arms were being
handcuffed together.  He looked shocked, but he was so close to cumming
that he didn’t care too much.  A large moan escaped his lips and then
right when he felt his load building up, Kyle pulled his hand off the
hard dick.

Sean found himself once again thrusting into the air.  Unfortunately the
air was not able to keep the friction going.  His cock was once again
denied its release and he kept rocking his hips.  All three of the boys
were laughing at Sean.

When his hips finally were under control, Sean looked at Kyle with
wondering eyes.  He was sure he knew why Kyle stopped, but knew better
than to ask why.  With sympathetic eyes, he looked at the younger boy.

“I have a new deal for you, Sean,” Kyle stated.  “For each time you nod
your head, I will stroke your cock just once.  If you shake your head, I
will burn your thong and make you walk home naked.  Do you agree?”

Not being stupid, Sean shook his head yes.  This resulted in one long and
slow pull of his dick.  Sean moaned deeply as a load of precum came out
of his slit.  The boys laughed as Sean uncrossed his eyes.

“Here the deal,” Kyle continued, “You are going to let Mark, Joe and e
spend the night over at your place for the entire weekend.  Right?”

Sean wanted to shake his head no, but he had no reason to at all.  Once
again, he nodded.  This nod resulted in another stroke and he realized
then how close he was to cumming.  he began to thrust his hips in Kyle’s
hand, but the boy simply removed it again.  A large glob of cum spurted
from his cok and landed on Sean’s face.  Without so much as an order,
sean found himself licking the cum up with his tongue.  All of the boys
laughed at him as another spurt of cum shot from Sean’s cock.

“Wow, we brought you right to the brink, didn’t we?” Kyle asked.  Sean
nodded but this did not result in him getting another stroke.  THe oys
just loked at him as Kyle asked one final question.

“Now, you won’t cum unless I ask you to, right?” he asked.

Sean nodded, knowing it would get him another stroke.  It did and Kyle
pumped his dick just one last time.  Another load escaped from his cock
and Kyle used this load to polish Sean’s cock.  He was careful to keep
the boy from cumming though.  When he was done, the large dick was
sparkling with cum.  Sean needed to cum so bad.

Then Kyle gave the worst news at all.  “You won’t be allowed to cum until
late on Monday night,” he said.  “And we’re going to torment you so much
that you’ll be our willing slave by the time you are allowed to get off.
And when you do cum, it’ll be like a waterfal and you’ll lick up every
fucking drop.”

This story is copyright 2005 by J.M.K and with his permission published on this website. If you want to write a comment to him use then his email: [email protected]