Days at the beach – 10

Mark and Jason pulled up to the parking lot outside Sean’s apartment. It had begun to get dark already and that brought some sort of relief to Jason. In spite of all of the exposure he had gone through, he had not become desensitized to the embarrassement. He knew that Mark was going to make him walk to the apartment in just his jockstrap. Mark didn’t get out of the car right away, however. After turning the vehicle off, he simply sat in silence. Jason was uncomfortable, but knew better than to say anything. If he had learned anything during the past days it was that his big mouth could only keep getting him in more and more trouble. Therefore, he simply sat there in his mesh jock, his cock semi hard, waiting for Mark to say something or make a move. Finally, Mark spoke. “You know, your life isn’t going to be a bit like it used to be after this night is over,” he said. “What do you mean?” Jason asked, nervously. His life was already nothing like it used to be. He didn’t want to be able to imagine it could possibly get worse. Mark laughed. “Well, you know what’s going on in Sean’s apartment right now, don’t you?” It was almost a rhetorical question. Of course Jason knew about the party, though he was still unsure what the party entailed. In response, he simply nodded his head yes. “Well, you only have some idea of what is going on,” Mark stated. “I mean, what would you do if I told you that every single jock from the swimming team you were on in high school was in that room? And what if, to make it worse, I told you that all the buddies you ate lunch with in school and played football with were in that room? How would that make you feel?” Jason’s jaw dropped open. He had not been expecting any such thing. Quickly, he looked down at himself as he felt his cock start to expand again. Panic began to find it’s way throughout his body, but he did his best to hide it. There was no way of telling whether or not Mark was telling the truth. “Are they?” was all that Jason could ask. “Well,I can’t say that they are all there,” Mark replied. “But I sure as hell invited every single one of them. I mean, all I had to do was get a keg and that’s more than enough to get as many jock boys as possible to come to a party. I mean, you know how it is. Free beer is a great incentive.” “What are you going to do to me?” Jason asked. The butterflies were swimming around in his stomach, but in spite of it all, his cock did not go down. It continued to stretch the fabric and now he was sure that he was precumming too. Some part of him found the whole idea hot, but it was unfortunate that the part of him that did was his cock. He looked down at his hands. “Oh, you’ll find out,” Mark stated with another laugh. “All I can say is, after today, you might have to kiss all of your friends goodbye… or at least blow them goodbye, because when I am through with you, I am sure they’ll have you sucking their cocks for many months to come.” Something in Jason snapped when he heard that.

Without so much as thinking about what he was doing, he grabbed the door handle and swung the door open. Before he knew it, he was sprinting away from the car and the apartment. He was nearly naked and barefoot, but he couldn’t allow Mark’s words to come true. He had to get away. Being that he was bigger, stronger and faster than Mark was, it seemed like it was going to work,too. He had gotten almost out of the parking lot when he felt something grab the back of his jockstrap. It was with such force that it caused him to stumble onto the ground. Very quickly, Mark had manuevered Jason so that he was laid across Mark’s lap with his bare butt sticking straight up. His hard cock was between Mark’s legs. Mark slapped Jason really hard on the ass. Jason cried out. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Mark asked. “Are you trying to get away?” He started rythmically spanking Jason. “Please don’t make me do this, Mark!” Jason pleaded. He was stronger than Mark, but for some reason he had become incredibly subservient. Mark’s hand slapping his butt did nothing to calm down his cock, and he felt it start to throb between his legs. Doing his best to ignore it, he simply kept begging. “I can’t have this happen to me! It’ll ruin my life!” “I couldn’t care less,” Mark said, and he kept spanking his slave. “You’ll do what I tell you to do and that’s all there is to it. I mean, all this is going to be is a little more public humiliation. You can always tell people that I forced you to do it, as I am sure you’re going to do. But I know what happened with you and Alex is something far different. How much do you want me to tell everyone about that? Or better yet, have Alex tell?” Jason began to cry. He couldn’t tell whether it was from the pain of the spanking, or the realization that Mark’s words were true. He and Jason had shared something beyond what Jason could have conceived of beforehand. It’s one thing to be used like he was, but to actually have a tender moment like the two boys shared, that was something totally different.

It would almost be as bad as admitting that he was a fag. “Please don’t tell!” Jason pleaded. “Please don’t make me do this, Mark!” Mark showed amazing strength, and he flipped Jason around on his lap. He grabbed the front of Jason’s jockstrap and pulled it open. The long and hard cock jutted proudly from its confines. Easily, Mark tucked the pouch of the strap under Jason’s balls so that his cock was standing straight up, visible to anyone who wanted to see it, bobbing in the slight breeze. Slowly, Mark took his hand and slowly started carressing Jason’s dick. In spite of everything, Jason moaned deeply. “Like that?” Mark asked. Jason, sniffling back more tears, simply nodded. He had the strength to fight Mark off, he knew that. He could beat the crap out of Mark and get out of this predicament. Hell, he even knew that Alex would not breath a word about what had happened between the two of them. But as he lay there, strewn across the lap of a younger boy, he realized what had really been keeping him in line. It wasn’t fear of what his father would do, and it wasn’t fear of his jock buddies that were waiting for him up at the party. What really kept Jason from running away was that he knew this was what he wanted. He knew that he enjoyed what was happening to him in some way. If he didn’t, his cock would not get so hard and he would be able to get away. The only thing keeping him in the position he was in was himself. “Better than your girlfriend ever did, isn’t it?” Mark went on. Again, Jason nodded. There was no point in hiding the truth of the matter any longer. He kept crying, though, as Mark’s hand kept jacking his cock. Admission was the hardest part of it all, because when he admitted he might be turning gay, there was really no going back from it. Looking up at Mark’s face, Jason licked his lips without realizing it. Mark laughed. “Do you want to kiss me, Jason?” Mark asked and this got another nod from Jason. Mark simply laughed. “I’m not a fag lke you, Jason. You’re not kissing me anytime soon.” he pushed Jason off his lap and back over to his his seat. “Now pull up that jockstrap and get ready to go into the apartment.” Humiliated and with tears staining his eyes, Jason did as he was told. Then, Mark ordered him out of the car. They both got out of the car and then locked it behind them. They then made their way up to the apartment. Jason was very aware that he was nearly naked, but tried not to notice if anyone was paying any attention. He didn’t know if anyone had come across the parking lot or not. When they reached the door of Sean’s apartment, Mark ordered Jason to lower his jockstrap. With a bit of a whimper in his voice, Jason did as he was told. He reached to pick it up off the ground, but Mark said there was no need for that. He wouldn’t need it where he was going.

Once the door was opened, Jason’s jaw dropped about as far as it was possible. Mark had not been lying about all of his friends that had been invited to the party. The apartment was full of them. They were chatting and drinking beer from a keg, but they all turned around when they saw their straight friend walk in the door. IN spite of the sheer humiliation of the event, Jason felt his cock start to get harder. He reached in front of himself to cover himself up, but the others would have nothing to do with it. Mark slapped his hand and Jason immediately complied. “Oh my God!” one of the jocks exclaimed. “What the fuck is goig on?” “I didn’t believe it!” another said. “I guess Jason really is a fag. Who’d of thunk it?” “Oh, just cause he’s naked doesn’t mean he’s a fag,” someone suggested. Jason turned his gaze to that person and saw that it was Joe. He obviously couldn’t be going anywhere good with this. “Let’s give the dude the benefit of the doubt.” Jason was pushed through the door by Mark. Once inside, the door was closed behind them. Looking around, Jason saw everything that he had expected. All of his friends were there; or at least all of his male friends. There were no girls anywhere. It was definitely a party, with drinks and snacks and things. The only surface that wasn’t covered with refreshments of some sort was the coffee table. There were a few ropes strewn upon it, though. A cold wave went through Jason’s body when he realized that was probably for him. He did also notice that Kyle and Sean were nowhere to be found. Mark immediately walked away and over to Joe.

They whispered for a few moments, and Mark looked very annoyed. Jason was too concerned with his current situation to really do anyting about it, though. He kept looking around the room at all the guys who were looking at his naked body and the hard cock that was now sticking straight up in the air. He felt the shaft begin to throb and was scared he might start leaking soon. “Damn, dude… what are you so hard for?” a guy asked. Jason looked and it was a friend of his named Todd from the swim team he was on. He froze and didn’t say anything. “Why don’t you put some clothes on or something? Cover yourself up or something.” Jason wanted nothing more than to be covered up, but he knew he couldn’t. He was too terrified of what Mark would concoct for him if he disobeyed. In spite of his strong feelings against all of this he said “No, I am okay being naked.” “What are you, a fag or something?” Todd asked. “Why are you so fucking hard around all these guys?” Jason didn’t know what to say or do. He simply stood there, his hands at his sides, his hard cock standing out and started to drip. To his complete horror, Todd noticed the dripping. His friend grimaced in some sort of disgust. Todd walked away. Mark returned to Jason. He seemed annoyed with something, but didn’t seen to be very willing to talk about it. Instead, he just went about humiliating his slave. “Well, I was going to have you do some things with Sean or Kyle, but I think I have a much better idea,” he said. Then, Mark turned to the crowd. “Hey, I know I promised you guys that Jason here was a fag. We know how much he has picked on gay guys throughout the years. Well, it seems that maybe he as doing it to just try and get the focus off of himself. He’s a cocksucking faggot. None of you believed me when I told you, but you’re all here. Now who needs some proof?” Some of the guys expressed their agreement. Others seemed convinced it was still a scam. A few of the guys just seem disgusted and Jason to put some clothes on. “I think he’s a fag,” Todd was heard saying to someone. “I mean, look how hard his dick is.” “Maybe he’s on viagra,” another guy said and some of the guys laughed. Mark got all of the attention back to himself. “Come on guys, I will prove everything to you,” he said. “Jason told me something when I was bringing him here tonight. He has sucked a lot of cock and eaten a lot of cum. But he’s still a virgin. No one has ever fucked him yet. And he really wants someone to fuck him, too. But it’s not going to be that easy for him. He’s going to have to earn it.” “How?” Todd asked. He seemed to be getting somewhat interested. “Well, Jason has a thing for bondage,” Mark continued. “So, we’re going to tie him to the coffee table there, for all to see. Then, I got another fagwho is going to work Jason’s cock and his ass for a while. You’ll know he’s a fag because he’ll really get off on it. I mean, if he’s not gay, then none of it is going to turn him on, right?” A lot of the guys said ‘right.’ “So, if he can go all night without cumming, then we’re going to give Jason what he wants. He won’t get to cum, but he will get his ass fucked by a very cute guy. Someone he really wants to be fucked by.” Jason started shaking his head. There was one thing he really did not want and that was to have any guy fuck him. Just the thought hurt. He felt his cock start to lose a little bit of altitude. Some of the guys noticed this. Someone commented that he was losing his hardon at the thought of being fucked. Maybe that meant he wasn’t gay. Mark was too swift to let this mess up his plan, though. Looking at Jason, he smiled. “Don’t get so unexcited yet, lover boy,” Mark said. “If you pass my test, it’s going to be Alex who is going to be doing the fucking.”

At the very mention of the other boy’s name, Jason felt a wave of emotion go through his body. Right away, his cock started to get hard again. It didn’t take but a moment before he was hard and dripping yet again. He hung his head in shame, but realized something. He was scared to be fucked, but he really wanted to have another moment with Alex. The moment in the shower was something he was never going to forget. It was something he felt he needed to have again. Alex made him feel good, which was something he had not been experiencing lately. “Get over to the table,” Mark ordered. To the surprise of most of the boys, Jason did exactly what he was told. He went over to the coffee table and even laid down on it. he propped his knees up so his whole body would fit. It also gave some exposure to his ass, as he knew that it would be worked on for the first time in his life. Mark took the ropes, bound Jason’s hands underneath the coffee table. There was no way he was getting loose. “Okay, Terry, you can come in now.” To Jason’s total surprise, Terry, the guy who was checking him out in the drive thru came into the living room. They were supposed to meet at the swimming pool but never did. Terry was fully dressed, but he was carrying a vibrator in his hand. And it was no small vibrator, either. Jason had never had anything up his ass before, and started out with something so large was going to be a bit of a horror. Terry went and knelt down by the coffee table. He had a big smile on his face. He sat the vibrator down on the floor and then reached out and grabbed Jason’s cock. Smearing the precum all over his cockhead, he made Jason moan. Jason dropped his head onto the coffee table and felt his body jerk a little bit. “He is a fag!” One of the guys said. “That’s some sick shit!” “Shut up!” Todd said. “I wanna see this.” “Go ahead and get started,” Mark ordered. “You have to last an entire hour, Jason. If you cum within the hour, then you won’t get fucked by Alex. Instead, we’ll take your naked and cum covered body, drop you off in a dumpster in the middle of town somewhere and let you try to get home that way. So don’t cum, fag boy.” Slowly, Terry began to stroke Jason’s cock with one hand. He didn’t stroke for long, as he gathered the large amounts of precum off of the head and then took that hand and brought it down to Jason’s ass. At first, all he did was carress his butt, running his cum slicked hand all up and down his butt. Then, Terry grabbed Jason’s cock with the other hand and began stroking the large cock up and down. Jason started moaning, in spite of the predicament he was in. “Man, that’s gross!” one of the guys said. “I can’t believe that Jason is fucking gay. He’s totally getting off on this shit!” Jason was beyond the point of caring. There was no way he was going to get out of this situation at this point. He was convinced that he was pretty much going to be labeled a fag no matter what. If he went along with his punishment, then at least he might be able to get something out of it. He really wanted to spend time with Alex. It would be worth it and he also wanted to cum. He had been so horny lately. Slowly, as he was stroking Jason’s cock, Terry pressed his finger up against Jason’s hole. He didn’t push it in just yet, but sort of carressed it. Jason had never felt such a thing before. The feeling, along with the presence of the hand on his cock was more than he thought he could handle. He started bucking up and down on the table. He felt his cock feel as if it grew a whole extra inch. It was so hard he felt it would bust out of his skin. he wished his hands were free so he could work on his hard cock the way only he knew how. “Oh God, yes!” Jason yelled outloud. Looking at Terry, Jason tried to bring his face close to Terry’s. He felt like he really wanted to kiss someone. He could barely reach Terry, so he found himself sticking his tongue out, eaching for the man who was pleasuring him. Terry obliged and then kissed Jason on the mouth. It was odd, because Terry seemed so ready to go along with the whole deal. Obviously, having sex in front of other guys wasn’t something that he was scared to do. All Jason could figure was that Terry was gay and everyone knew it. While Terry was kissing Jason, he finally entered his finger into Jason. The feeling was intense, like nothing else that Jason could have imagined. He again started bucking his hips up and down on the table, fucking himself on the finger. It was amazing. There were quite a few hoots and hollers as the guys seemed to be getting into this spectacle. Jason found it odd that so many straight jocks would care about something like this, but the thought left his mind rather quickly. INstead, he focused on the finger that was going in and out of him. Strangley, he liked it. He tried to push it deeper in him, while still having Terry’s hand working his hard cock as well. The feeling was so hot that he felt his cum start to rise in his cock and he knew he was about to cum. Panic flew through his body, as he realized it could not have been more than 15 minutes since it started. He didn’t want to be left in a dumpster. Immediately, Jason pulled his mouth away from Terry’s. His cock was going through convulsions and he didn’t know what to do next. He, however, thought of something very quickly. In order to keep from cumming, he bit down very hard on his lip. It was painful, but it was enough to stop the convulsions and the orgasm subside. “Having problems?” Mark laughed. “Maybe you need something bigger in that hole?” He nodded at Terry, who quickly pulled the finger out. Jason moaned and everyone laughed at him. The guys were really getting into the spectacle. “Just fuck him with the dildo,” Mark instructed. “Don’t work his cock anymore. He’ll be cumming in no time.” Jason looked puzzled at Mark. He didn’t know why mark would think that he could cum without work being done on his shaft. However, it seemed that Mark was giving him a reprieve. It was a bit of relief. That relief changed, though, as he saw Terry start to lube up the vibrator. He wasn’t sure how ready he was to have such a big thing put inside him. A bit of anxiety fluttered through him. But a thought occured to him.

“What if that was Alex’s cock?” he thought and the anxiety left. JAson felt totally horny again and knew what he wanted. He wanted the dildo in his ass only because it would let him know what things would feel like when he finally got to be with Alex. He also found he didn’t care about anything, as long as he had Alex fucking him. “Fuck me, please!” Jason moaned outloud. A few of the guys gasped, but most of them laughed. There was little doubt now that he was truly a fag and there was no going back. For a moment Jason wondered how many of the guys would be asking him or making him blow them. How many of the guys would want to use his ass after they saw him get used by Terry and maybe Alex. He wondered how long he would be able to last, as horny as he was. It was all too much for him, though he knew he had to control himself. He couldn’t cum and lose the chance with Alex. Terry took the vibrator and put it at Jason’s hole. He gently pushed it up against his hole and pressed slightly against it. Jason moaned. Terry reached down, kissed Jason, and buried his tongue in Jason’s mouth. While doing that, he slowly pressed the dildo into Jason, a little bit at a time. Jason felt his whole body convulse, but he realized he liked it. He wanted it deeper. He kept kissing Terry, only feeling both Terry’s tongue and the dildo as it went further and further in his hole. Jason pulled his head away and moaned loudly. Slowly, inch by inch, Terry was fucking Jason, naked on the coffee table in front of about 25 guys. It was hot, and Jason wished he could be stroking his cock while it was happening. He really wanted to pump himself and make himself cum. But he was glad there was no work on his cock. He still had about a half hour to go before he could cum. He was glad he wasn’t being jacked off. But then, he felt something he never thought was possible. His breathing became ragged, his heart was pounding and Jason realized he was getting close to cumming. There was no hand on his cock, it was simply throbbing and bobbing in the air. It was drooling all sorts of precum. But for some reason, Jason was about to shoot his cum everywhere. Jason gasped.

Days at the beach – 10

On the trip back to Sean’s apartment, Jason found himself feeling very conflicted. Yes, as usual, he was nearly naked as he sat in the passenger seat and Mark drove. All he had on was the mesh jockstrap that he had on at the beach earlier. After as much humiliation as he had been through, though, he didn’t give much thought to his nudity. He had just experienced something that was beyond all of the humiliation and was beyond any sexual experience he ever had. The whole scene with Alex was sensual and he felt himself longing to do more with the sexy lifegaurd. However, this idea was not turning him on at the moment. Rather, it was making him nervous and his heart beating 1000 miles a minute. Mark grabbed Jason’s crotch through the mesh material as they drove on. The rough grabbing brought Jason out of his thoughts. Also, he wasn’t used to being touched by Mark or Joe (who he figured were straight and just abusing him).

“Why are you so soft?” Mark asked, massaging the limp dick in the mesh material. “Aren’t you having a good time?” Jason didn’t answer at first. The silence gave much more of an answer than he intended it to. Mark laughed. “Yeah, I thought you would get used to it,” he said. “I even thought you would start to like it.” “I’m not a fag,” Jason said softly, under his breath. In spite of this, though, he cock was beginning to get hard in Mark’s hand. It was stretching out rather quickly. “I never said you were,” Mark said. “But you will be. And you’re going to love what we’re going to do tonight.” “What are we going to do?” Jason asked. He was dreading the answer mostly, but part of him was really wanting to know. Mark took his hand off his crotch and he felt some disappointment. Still, his cock was at full mast and stretching the fabric of his jock. “You’ll see,” was all Mark would say. 2. Sean and Kyle’s Day When Mark took Jason to the beach, Joe got the other two slave boys into his car. He made both of them sit in the back. “Sit close together, too,” he instructed. They did so. “Put your arms around each other.” They did.

Joe smiled as he started driving. He was really enjoying everything that was going on. This had all been exciting from the day Kyle iniated it, but it was so much better when they had turned on Kyle and then added Jason into the mix. No one really knew this, but Jason used to bully Joe when they were younger. It had gone on for years and since Jason was much bigger than him, there wasn’t much that Joe could really do about it. When he told teachers what was going on, thy never did anything. He found out later that teachers think it’s good for people to be bullied. One of the reasons that he had wanted to use Jason when this experiment started was because Jason had used to call him a fag and told people that Joe sucked cock. It was fun to be using him like this. But as much as Joe hated Jason, it wasn’t the main reason he had wanted to do this in the first place. Joe really was gay and he had the major hots for Mark. In fact, he felt like he was seriously in love with Mark. He knew if he ever said anything, Mark would beat the crap out of him, though. Still, it was Mark who had the original idea of turning against Kyle and it didn’t take much for him to go ahead and say yes. There wasn’t much Joe wouldn’t do to make Mark happy. Looking up in the rearview mirror, Joe was happy to see that Kyle and Sean were holding each other very close. He took a look down at their crotches and noticed that they were definitely hard. He smiled. He loved what they were doing to them. Kyle and Sean had wanted each other for so long, but they just needed some pushing together.

Joe figured that was why Kyle set up this whole humiliation thing for them to begin with. He wanted to have some fun with Sean. “Start making out,” he instructed. There was rarely any resistance from the two boys. He knew why. It’s because they wanted each other so much. He didn’t feel so bad about making them do what they already wanted. So the two boys, clad only in skimpy thongs that barely concealed their long and hard cocks, started making out and feeling each other up. It was hot and Joe found himself getting very hot himself. The whole time, he started thinking about Mark and how he wished he could be doing that with his friend. His own cock (which he always felt bad about being smaller than all of the slave boys they had) was getting hard in his boxers. He knew he had to distract himself before they got out of the car. Once they got to Sean’s apartment, everything happened as it normally did. All hard and almost naked, Kyle and Sean were made to walk through the whole parking lot and then into the apartment. There were a few people staring at them, but it wasn’t a big deal anymore. It happened often enough that they were used to it. Still, it felt nice when they had the door shut behind them. “Okay,” Joe said, turning to face the boys, “we have a lot to do to get ready for this party tonight.” Sean looked nervous, but it seemed like he wanted to say something. Joe nodded at him, so he spoke. “What is going to happen at this party?” Joe laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, there will be plenty for you boys to do,” he replied. “Mostly, though, it’s going to be to humiliate Jason and not you. So, don’t fret too much.” Sean and Kyle relaxed just a little. But their dicks stayed hard and that was starting to get Mark pretty hot. He moved his leg a bit to try and hide his dick getting hard. “What are you going to do to him?” Sean asked. He didn’t care too much, really, but was just curious.

The whole experience had been making him so horny and he had learned to pretty much just enjoy it while he could. Even with the public humiliation, it was kinda hot. “Oh, let’s just say that after tonight, he’s NEVER going to call anyone a fag ever again,” Joe laughed. “But let’s have some fun here, too. I am going to go get myself a snack. I want you two to be naked and laying on Sean’s bed when I get back. You should be jacking each others cocks, but not enough to make anything serious happen. You better not cum and you had better still be jacking once I get in the room. Get to it.” After this instruction, Sean and Kyle went into the bedroom and quickly stripped out of their thongs. Their hard cocks bobbed in the air and it felt good that they were released. Sean quickly got on the bed, but Kyle hesitated at first. “Come on!” Sean urged. “We have to be jacking by the time he gets back.” Kyle was obviously thinking about something. He shook his head. “Joe always takes a while to get his food,” he said. “We have some time.” Still, Kyle sat on the bed. He grabbed Sean’s hand in his and caressed it. Sean smiled. Secretly, they had let feelings for each other develop. They hadn’t said anything nor expressed it in front of Mark and Joe, though. Leaning forward, they kissed each other solidly on the lip. Sean tried to slip his tongue into Kyle’s mouth, but Kyle pulled away. Sean felt frustrated. “What’s wrong?” he asked. Kyle shook his head. “Nothing,” he said. “In fact, I think I know a way we can switch this game back into our favor.” “It never was in my favor,” Sean said sullenly. “It was in yours.” “I am sorry,” Kyle said. He kissed Sean again. THen he reached down and grabbed Sean’s thick cock in his hand. Squeezing it, he forced another strong sigh from Sean’s lip. He muffled that sigh with a deep kiss. “Do you regret what has happened?” Sean shook his head. “I am happy to be with you,” he admitted. “ButI would like all of this public and slave crap to end, though.” “I think I know how we can do it,” Kyle said. “For us and for Jason.” “Oh, I don’t care about Jason,” Sean said. “He’s always been a bit of a dick anyways.” He then eached over and grabbed Kyle’s cock. They began jacking each other and kissing. It felt good so they kept doing it, kissing in between talking. “Yeah, I know,” Kyle said. “He used to call me a fag and beat up on me. He never touched you, though.” “Because I am about the same size as him,” Sean said. “You know how bullies are, they only pick on people they know they can beat up.” he realized he kinda insulted Kyle and then tried to cover it up. “But anyhow, what do you want to do?” “Well, I figure we just have to turn the tables,” Kyle said. “Mark and Joe have blackmail on us, so we’ll have to get some on them.” Sean moaned deeply as Kyle twisted his fist around his hard cock and squeezed it hard. They kissed each other deeply with lots of tongue. “What are you going to do?” Sean asked. “Well, the key is Joe,” Kyle whispered. He then took his other hand and started fondling Sean’s balls. The way he looks at us, I know he wants us. So, all we have to do is get him involved and then tape him the way they did to us.” Sean looked doubtful. “How are we supposed to do that?” he asked. “It’ll be easy,” Kyle said. “I told you he wants us. He was getting all hard in the car. So he’s horny. It’s not too hard to get a horny guy to do whatever you want.” “I guess we’re proof of that,” Sean laughed. For emphasis, he started jacking Kyle’s cock really fast. He knew Kyle’s spots and knew how to bring him to the edge. Within moments, Kyle was brought to the brink and panic filled his eyes. “Sean, stop!” he said and Sean did. Sean laughed as he watched Kyle start to settle down.

Once he did, Joe still had not come back into the room. So, Kyle got up off the bed and started to prepare some things. Joe wanted to take his time getting his snack. He knew the longer he took the closer the two boys would be to cumming. One thing he really loved was to watch other guys doing their best not to cum. It really turned him on big time. Once he had waited a good 20 minutes, he finally went into the room. As he has expected, the two boys were lying on the bed, jacking each others cocks and squirming. He had peaked in earlier and saw the two of the kissing too. It had only been for a second, but he thought it was really hot. He really liked hot kissing. “Having fun, boys?” he asked as he came in. He sat down in the lounge chair that gave him the best view of the bed. “Don’t stop on my accord.” Sean and Kyle had no intention of stopping. They continued to jack and fondle each other. They wanted to kiss too, but they were careful not to do it just yet. They knew how hot it made Joe, so they wanted to make surethey did everything right. “So how about I let you know a little bit about what’s going to go on at the party?” Joe asked as he sat there. “Like I said, there will be stuff for you to do, but it won’t be focused on you. I figure it’s about time for Jason to truly come out of the closet as a true fag. Better that he does it in front of a bunch of his best friends. In fact, I think it’s best that he does it in front of every guy who played on every sports team with him in high school.” Kyle raised his hand to ask a question. Joe aknowledged him so he could talk. “Um, so what are Sean and I going to do?” he asked. “We won’t have to blow him or anything in front of all of those people?” Joe laughed. “Nope, not at all,” he said. “Basically you guys will be serving drinks. You’ll be wearing your thongs and waiting on everyone. You won’t be doing anything to out you. Don’t worry.” He sat back further into his chair. He was starting to enjoy what was going on and that was exactly what Kyle was counting on. When Kyle noticed that Joe was getting hard and trying to hide it, that was when he decided to do what he knew would really turn the boy on. Slowly leaning over, he started lightly kissing Sean. The other boy kissed back and as he did, Kyle looke over and saw some surprise on Joe’s face. But it was pleasant surprise and that was good. There was no objections on Joe’s part to what they were doing. Taking his other hand, Kyle began running his hands up and down Sean’s naked and hard body. Sean took the hint and started to do the same. They kept jacking each other, even though both of them had started to get really close. They knew they had to do their best to not cum, though. It would ruin what they had planned. As they continued making out and jacking and feeling each other, Kyle kept his eye on Joe. The boy was getting hotter and hotter watching the action on the bed. After a while, he stopped hiding his hardon and that was what Kyle had been waiting for. The moment he did, Kyle broke away from Sean and stood up from the bed. “What are you doing?” Joe asked, the horniness very evident in his voice. “I didn’t tell you to get up yet.” Ignoring what Joe was saying, Kyle dropped down in front of Joe. Reaching forward, he grabbed Joe’s crotch and started kneading the hard cock through his baggy jeas. Joe’s eyes grew wide and he knew he should stop, but he didn’t at first. No one had ever touched his cock before in his life and he liked the feeling way too much. When Kyle knew he had Joe where he wanted him, he reached up and slowly unzipped Joe’s jeans. The boy started breathing very heavy. Kyle pulled the jeans down slowly, revealing a pair of boxers that were being seriously stretched out by his hard cock. Kyle grabbed the hard cock through the boxers and began to pull on it. Joe looked like he was going to faint dead away. After some slow stroking, Kyle then pulled the boxers down. Joe’s cock was about six inches long and it popped out of the boxers. It was hard and dripping. Kyle continued to stroke it, making Joe’s eyes cross. Sean got out of the bed and he came over and he pulled the jeans and the boxers off of Joe’s legs. The boy put up no resistance.

Then Sean pulled his shirt off so he was naked. Kyle’s hand on Joe’s cock had the boy in total control. However, since this was his first time, Kyle knew it might not last very long. Therefore, he went ahead and pulled Joe up from the chair. He and Sean led the boy over to the bed and laid him down. Kyle never took his hand off of the cock. Joe was hypnotized. Laying on his back, Kyle went down and put his face close to the cock. He brought his tongue close to it. Then he looked up at Joe. “Want me to lick it?” he asked. Slowly and dumbly, Joe nodded. Slowly, Kyle brought his tongue close to the cock. A long stream of precum revealed Joe’s horniness. Kyle licked the bottom of the cock all the way to the tip. Once he got to the top, he took the head into his mouth and start to suck it slowly. Joe began to sigh with each movement. His balls began to tightenup and Kyle knew it wouldn’t take long. He had to get Joe exactly where he wanted him. Sean began licking Joe’s nipples, getting them hard. They wanted Joe to be as horny as they possibly could get him. Kyle began to fondle Joe’s balls as he sucked his cock. Then, he slowly took his hand down and began to tease Joe’s ass a bit. As he sucked, he slowly began to insert his finger into Joe to see what would happen. He tried to move slowly to keep there from being any pain at all. Joe, however, started moaning and squirming and then tried to get Kyle to insert the finger even faster. Sean noticed this. He reached up and kissed Joe on the lips. Joe didn’t resist. He knew he should, but he couldn’t. Everything felt really good. And if you had sex slaves, they should be made to make you feel good right? he told himself. “You like that?” Sean asked Joe. Joe nodded. “What do you want to do?” Joe didn’t respond. “Are you close to cumming?” Sean asked. Joe nodded again. “You want to cum?” Joe nodded. “Tell us what you want,” Sean asked. Joe said nothing. “Tell us or you don’t get to cum,” Sean said. Joe was surprised to hear his slave telling him that. If he wanted to cum, then they would make him cum. That was all there was to it. he was about to say something, but before he could, Sean reached forward and kissed Joe with a lot of tongue. He buried his tongue in Joe’s mouth. When he pulled off, Joe was frustrated and wanted him to keep kissing him. “Tell us.” Joe shook his head. He knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t admit it to the slaves. Kyle stopped sucking Joe off and just held his cock really tightly. He then began finger fucking Joe with the inserted finger. Joe’s eyes crossed again and he was begging to cum. With every finger stroke, Kyle gave Joe’s cock a nice squeeze. He was able to keep the boy very close to the edge but not let him cum. “Tell us,” Sean insisted. Joe kept shaking his head, but he knew he was losing his control on this situation. The finger kept fucking him and the squeezing of his cock kept him one stroke away from coming. He was losing all his resolve when Sean asked again, “Tell us!: “Fuck me, please!” Joe found himself yelling against his will. The moment he did, Kyle gave his cock one stroke and a spurt of cum shot out of his dick. After waiting a second, Kyle gave another stroke and another shot of cum came out. He did this a few times before vigorously stroking the cock, milking it of all of its cum. It took a while and soon joe was literally covered in his own cum. It was like nothing any of them had ever seen. “Wow, that’s a lot of cum!” Sean said. He looked at Joe and smiled. “I wonder if you can do it again.” Joe tried to compose himself. He was covered in cum, so it wasn;t easy. He looked around. “Get me my clothes,” he ordered Sean. All Sean did was laugh. “Stop lauging at me and do what I say.” “You won’t be giving any orders anymore, hot boy,” Kyle said. He let go of the spent cock and stood up. Going over to Sean’s computer, he turned the monitor on. Joe’s jaw fell open when he realized that Kyle and Sean had recorded everything on their webcam. “What the hell,,,” he began but was cut off. “Things are going to be a little different from here on out,” Sean said. “And to start with.get on your knees, Joe,” Kyle said. “Sean and I haven’t came yet.” Joe didn’t move. “Well, if you don’t, I think Mark would love to see this video.” That was all it took. Joe got out of the bed, and dropped down to his knees. Sean and Kyle approached him from either side. He was prepared for whatever was coming. “Suck as both off, at the same time,” Kyle instructed. Joe reached up and took a cock in each hand. There was no secret that he really was enjoying this as he just recently spent cock started getting hard already.

Joey and the dream boy – 8

I was standing by the door. Yes, I had challenged him and said we had to talk, so he invited me to come over right after school. I couldn’t put our discussion off, nor did I want to because something else that was embarrassing could happen again. Marco had looked at me several times during gym period. I think he’d finally understood what was going on and I don’t think he was very happy about it now.
I was a bit surprised when Anita opened the door. “Hey, Joey, come in.”
“I’d actually expected Marco.”
“I know but that he’s still in the shower. I’m afraid he had to cool down after our talk about you.”
“Oh, is he still mad at you?”
“Not really, but he told me that you’d be coming over. He just didn’t want to tell me why.”
“Well, let’s just say there was an accident in the locker room with more than one pair of eyes focused on me and my new look.”
“Oh, shit. Did you tell him you know?”
“No, but he’ll know all about it pretty soon, so maybe it would be a good thing if you could stay around.”
“If you want, Joey.”
“Yes, please”.
“But the new look was a success?”
“You have no idea, Anita. I can’t remember ever being the centre of attention as often as I was today. I think I’ve been given at least seven phone numbers today, so that might give you some idea.”
We entered the living room and I was given a glass of water, which was all I wanted.
“I’m going to do something but I’ll be back,” Anita said. “It might be a good thing if the two of you started this conversation without my being here.”
“Perhaps … yeah. And ummm … Anita, thank you.”
She laughed and waved it away.
I waited patiently. I thought I heard more than one voice and thought that maybe Marco wasn’t alone, but I couldn’t be sure.
A few minutes later, Marco walked in. “Anita said you were already here. Sorry, but I just wanted to shower.”
He didn’t sound as confident as usual. He also remained a bit standoffish.
“Uh, you wanted to talk, Joey?”
“Yes, Marco. Don’t you think that’s necessary?”
“What about?”

I looked at him, my head cocked slightly and smiled. I decided not to say anything and just wait for his reaction.
Then I heard his internal voice say, “Shit, there, he’s doing it again! Surely he must know what an effect he has on me?”
I saw myself standing there through Marco’s eyes. I was in his head again. I felt our two dicks start to grow again and Marco was straining to contain his arousal. I still could not believe that I had that impact on him. Or he had on me. After a minute or two I breathed deeply. I had previously thought about what I wanted to say, but it wasn’t easy to say what I should.

Marco wasn’t quite finished his thought, so I kept silent. Through his eyes, I saw his eyes on me as I rubbed my hands over my dick.
“Now, what’s he doing?” I heard him think. I noticed his breathing accelerate. This was exactly what I wanted. I brought my hand to my fly and slowly began to unzip.
“No, no, nooo!!!” I heard Marco say to himself. “Why is he doing this? That’s something I want to do, what I’ve been dreaming of doing. What is he doing to me? Shit, he’s so beautiful, so beautiful. But …. ” I followed his thoughts and knew I was starting to get him where I wanted him.
I focused more on me as I opened my pants and let them begin to slide down.
I heard Marco again. “No, please, Joey. Don’t. This is … shit … almost exactly as I’ve dreamed it would happen, so I must be dreaming. Oh, he’s so gorgeous.”
I wasn’t sure about the next part of my plan. I wasn’t certain I could pull this off. Into Marco’s mind I planted the thought that he should come closer … come closer to me … help me out. Marco slowly started to move, his eyes focused on the parts of my briefs that I was showing through the zippered opening and also the top of my dick that was just peeking out above my briefs. I tried to implant the thought in Marco’s head: “Now kneel down in front of Joey, just kneel and move your hands to Joey’s trousers. Spread them open. Open them up more.” I saw him do what I told him silently to do: he went down slowly to his knees.
Marco rested on his knees and his hands went to my fly, slowly increasing the opening. I knew what I wanted him to do next but I couldn’t make him take the next step. That wouldn’t be fair. He had to take the next step on his own.
I looked at him and, when I brought my hands closer to him, his eyes moved from my briefs to my face.
“I think it’s time to talk, Marco,” I said gently.
He looked at me in surprise. “Did you do all of that?” he asked, startled.
“I just reinforced what you were thinking and what you wanted to do.”
“Shit! That can’t be ….” He got up off his knees and dropped onto the couch. He was bent over with his head in his hands.
He was crying. What should I do now? I wanted to sit next to him. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Anita and someone else walk into the room. The second person acted quickly and put his arm around Marco’s shoulder before I knew it.
“Leave them be, Joey. This is our younger brother,” Anita whispered.
Yes, he looked very much like Marco, a little smaller but still he clearly had the same facial characteristics. A moment later he looked up at me and nodded, directing me silently to sit on Marco’s other side . I looked at Anita for guidance and she nodded her approval.

Carefully I sat next to Marco and laid my arm over his back. He moved a little and his weight shifted from his brother to me.
“It can’t be, it can’t be,” I heard him mumbling.
“What can’t be, Marco?” I asked him quietly.
“This … this can’t be. I can’t cope with this, not now.”
That was not the answer I was looking for.
He slowly became a little calmer, then looked at his brother and Anita.
“You told him,” he said accusingly to Anita.
“Yes, sorry. I did. I don’t know what you were doing on Saturday around noon but Joey was inside your head at that time. He had a mishap while he was with other people. I had to explain what had happened to him. You can scold me later and be as angry as you want, but think about this first, OK, brother?”

Then she used that same beguiling smile that Marco already once had used on me, the smile with which he had persuaded me to come home with him last week after school.
“OK, what do we do now, now that he knows all about it?”he asked her.
“What are you afraid of, Marco?” Anita asked.
“Afraid? Why should I be afraid? Is there something else you know then?” he replied.
“Marco, please, be honest about this, otherwise we can’t help you,” interjected his brother.
“What do you mean?” he said, a little cross this time.
“I mean our conversation on Saturday … you know, that time when ….” He went no further but instead turned his head slightly toward me.
“Shit, I should never have let you get involved!” Marco exclaimed.
“Remember, that’s what we promised each other when they told us all about this ability one or two years ago. Don’t you remember? That together, we could get through this?”
“I know, but it ought not to happen this soon. And you were supposed to experience this first, Anita.”
“I know, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you. So I’ll repeat my question, Marco. What are you afraid of?”
“Can’t we discuss this better at a later time, without … sorry, Joey … but without him present?”
I could really understood where that comment came from. This was a family matter, even if I was somehow involved and hoped that, some day, I too would be a part of this family. I moved to get up when Anita intervened. “I think that Joey is already involved. You have fewer secrets from him than you might think.”
“But I’m scared, Anita. OK, maybe I shouldn’t be, but I am, “said Marco, now being completely honest.
“Afraid of what?” asked his brother gently.
“Afraid of all this. This spoils everything. I can’t have any secrets any more. I don’t understand anything any more. I thought I’d have at least another seven years before I would have to deal with this. I don’t even know how this works. And what Joey just did, shouldn’t be possible. At least, not according to what we’ve been told.”
“No, that’s true, Anita. Any thoughts on that?” asked Marco’s brother.
“I just don’t know,” she replied. “Don’t ask me to have all the answers!”
“No, I thought I knew all about it,” said Marco, “But clearly they’ve held some things back.”
“Maybe, but it first occurred with Joey. Does he know why?” Marco asked.

“He says he has no idea,” said Anita.
I could see that Marco was getting angry. Oh, I thought, I’ll bet he does have a pretty clear idea what is going on.
“Is that the whole story?” he asked Anita.
“He’s smart, I expect that he suspects more, Marco.”
“But none of us can be sure. None of this is entirely certain. It’s all happening too quickly.”
“Marco …,” began his brother. “Think about Saturday. In my opinion, you knew exactly what you were feeling. Isn’t that the only thing that matters? The rest doesn’t count.”
“Maybe,” he replied, doubt in his voice.
“Perhaps. Maybe he’s as confused as we are.”
“You know what you do to me, don’t you, Joey?”
Now it was my time to blush.
“Ummm … after what happened this afternoon … no doubt!”
“You have no doubts at all about what you can do?”

“Marco, I have wanted you for so long, perhaps from the moment I saw you for the first time, although at that time I didn’t recognise my feelings in that way.”
“But why me … why me?”
“Now I could ask that same question. I still don’t understand why someone would feel anything for me: Loner Joey, nothing special. “
“Okay,” interrupted Anita decisively, “it’s time for us to go, right, bro?”
“Ummm ….”
“No, Marco, we’ll talk later, OK? You know we’re always here for you, and you can figure out from our actions the past few days that we are more than happy with the choice you made. Joey is very special, a little intense but fun! I look forward to the mischievous pranks we’ll be playing on each other. It’ll be a blast.” Anita and her brother left the room.
“Maybe it would be better if we went to my room to chat, Joey. Well, assuming you still just want to chat.”
“Marco, stop being so nervous. I did this and … we’ll see where it goes. If more happens, great!
If not, then it’s all for the best. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
He smiled and stood up. I followed him to his room. When I was inside, he just turned around. “May I kiss you?” he asked quietly.
I answered not in words but by moving my hand behind his head to draw his face closer to mine. I felt a sense of anticipation. This would be our first real kiss .. at least, the first not to take place in our fantasies. I left that thought to concentrate on the here and now. I gently put my lips to his. They felt so soft, so nice. They tasted like … well, Marco. I felt him slowly touch my lips with his tongue and signalled me to open my mouth. I think my breathing stopped. I felt totally at one with Marco. Our emotions skyrocketed. This is what I had always wanted and now it was happening. Incredibly, it was me, Joey, hooking up with this incredible hunk of a guy.
Our tongues now danced wildly together, a tango sparked by all the erotic energy generated between us during the past few days. All I wanted was more of it. My knees wobbled and began to give out. “Time to breathe!” I thought as I gently drew back from my kiss with Marco so I could get some air. He gazed at me, I at him.
“You know, if this is the beginning of the future, I can’t have any fears, Joey. My beautiful, sweet Joey. I love you more than you will ever know.”
Those were the only words I wanted to hear, the words which I had dreamed of hearing. Dreams could come true. Doubt no longer existed and I whispered, “Marco, my beautiful Marco. I love you more than you will ever know, but I will do everything in my power to make you see the way I feel.”

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chapter 8

Joey and the dream boy – 7

“Well … I mean ….”
She paused for a moment with a thoughtful look.

“Ummm. Joey, did you just uh … well, you know …. “
I didn’t just blush, I turned crimson with embarrassment.
“OK, that doesn’t matter. But were you in Marco’s head just now?”
“What do you mean?” I asked her.
“I’ll be getting quite a lot of flack by telling you this,” she replied. “Quite a lot … but I think it will make you less suspicious of me or, above all, of Marco.”
I looked at her, waiting for what I suspected was coming.
“There’s something that is hereditary in our family, that usually only appears around our 25th birthday. It has to do with sharing our feelings with the ones we love. We are for some reason able to … how shall I say it? … two people that really love each other can feel each others emotions. Or maybe, even better, actually see them from the point of view of the other person. It sounds strange but it’s really fun once you get used to it.”
“OK … but Marco isn’t yet 25, is he?”
“No, that’s right. That’s what makes this weird. I was talking to our grandpa about it and he pointed out that sometimes it starts at a younger age. I asked if he knew the reason in the case of Marco. He said he didn’t know but then he just smiled. I think he knows the reason but he said it wasn’t for me to discover yet.”
“So what does all this mean?”
“Well, at the very least, that you are meant for each other.”
“So you’ve come to the conclusion that that is the reason that this phenomenon has started for him now?”
“Yes, absolutely. You know brothers and sisters feel certain things and I can see his aura sometimes. And that has been different from the moment he started to talk about you, to be honest.”
I felt confused. It was all too much to understand.
“But if it’s your family’s gift, why am I the person who is able to be inside Marco’s head every time and see what he thinks and feels? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”
“I don’t really understand how this connection works between you two. It seems different from the normal, for sure … special even. And we just have to wait and see how it evolves, Joey.”
“Ready to talk?” I heard Julian ask from behind his computer.
“Yes, almost. Don’t be so impatient,” Anita said.
“But what about …?” I started to ask.
“Later Joey. Let’s take this one step at a time. But maybe you want to get something you’ve already dreamed about out of this?” she added playfully.
I felt myself start to blush again.
“Doesn’t matter, we all have dreams and hopes,” she added.
“Do you think Marco felt it?” I asked.
“What do you mean? That you sense what he’s thinking?”
“From last night’s dream?”
“I’m not sure, Joey, but you might find out in the future. But now, back to practical matters: I’m going to get something for you and you can change in that corner.”

I let out a sigh as Anita was walking towards the door. My head was spinning from everything she’d told me. It was, at the same time, so strange, but not so strange. Although it was still not about things like the jockstrap and the outcome of the game.
“Is everything okay?” Julian asked.
“Yes, I think so. I have ummm … this problem. “
“Not to worry. Anita is going to get something clean. The funny thing is, this kind of thing usually happens later in the fitting and I’m usually the one who ….. But just get changed and then Francis can continue.”
“Yes, thank you, Julian”.
“No problem. We men have to stick together, don’t we?” he said with a laugh.
“What are you doing in the meantime?”
“I’ve refined the sizes in the computer and, at the moment, it’s set to the calculation based on the clothing that Anita has chosen. If Francis is finished, then we’ll start with the trousers and shirts. That’s just the first stage. I’m not easy satisfied, I’ll want to check everything to see that it fits properly ….”
“You mean everything will be tailored specifically for me?” I interrupted him.
“Of course! What else did you think I was doing here? We must have a selection of clothes that are exactly right … tight where it should be tight and loose if that was the intended original design.”
“And what has Anita chosen?”
“You’ll see. But she really has excellent taste. I myself have made one or two suggestions for additional outdoor wear, but I can assure you that you’ll look sexy without being over the top. Exactly right for a guy of your age.”
“That’s why you said I would stand out.”
“Absolutely. I know you’ve never had clothes like this before but, after you see yourself in my outfits, the clothes you had with you, I suspect, will be consigned to the charity donation bag!” he laughed.
Anita came back with some other clothes for me to try on and I changed into them quickly.

A moment later, I sat back in the chair. I cannot tell you in detail what happened during the next hour but, after my hair was cut, Francis said that this was just the start though it looked finished to me.
Then we had a luxurious lunch. After that, Francis went back to shaping my hair and came up with the idea that streaks of colour … dark blond in one section, a slash of dark blue in another … would be a good idea or might even be perfect. I had my doubts, but I knew that I should trust him and let him do his thing.
Francis also worked on my eyebrows and shaved my legs. Why, I did not know … but I was fine with it. It actually looked quite sexy and felt so smooth. My eyebrows he had clipped a little shorter and better aligned with my face. Even I could see the improvement.
After a coffee and some consultations, there was a knock at the door.
“Come in!” cried Julian.
A young guy wheeled in a rack of clothes.
“Is that all that’s available at this time?” Julian asked.
“Yes, Julian. All that conformed to the data in the computer,” he answered as he quickly checked me out from head to toe.
“Good, you can go now.”
He turned around, looking slightly disappointed. “Anita will be helping you, right?”
“Yes, of course.”
Julian moved the rack close by and said, “We’ll dress you completely at first. I think that will work best, but we’ll see. Underwear first!”
I looked at Anita.
“Come, come,” she laughed, “no time to be shy, Joey.”

I stepped out of my shorts and underwear and quickly grabbed the new ones from Julian. They felt soft and very nice, I thought. They felt incredible as I pulled them up my legs. My dick had enough space and filled the pouch beautifully. My balls also seemed to have their own specific space. “Wow, Julian, these are amazing!” I exclaimed.
“Incredibly hot, Joey!!” Anita burst out at the same time.
Julian laughed in pleasure. “If you think that now, just wait. It only gets better.”

For the next hour I tried on all the selections, one by one. I had really only one thing to say: Wow! I hadn’t expected any of this to happen, and I tried to tell Anita that it was all too much and cost too much money but, unfortunately, I realised that I had lost that fight yesterday when I agreed to come.

There were a few items included that I was not sure I would ever wear, but I didn’t tell them that.
When I had tried on the last item, I asked if we were finished.
“Yes almost,” replied Julian. “I have two more recommendations: first, what to wear tomorrow, and two, what to wear when you leave here. I want you to make a dazzlingly memorable impression on Petra.”
He gave me the clothes and told me to put them on and wear them tomorrow as well. Even though I found them somewhat daring, wearing them felt good. Yes, I would definitely be noticed. I just did not know whether I really wanted so much attention.

After that outfit, Julian dressed me in a tight pair of light blue jeans with a dark red polo shirt. I looked in the mirror. Yeah, that was pretty spectacular. I also understood how well those colours stood out against the light red of my jacket. The red in the shirt was not too dark, making the colours quite compatible.
“And Anita …” Julian asked, “was this about what you wanted?”
I saw Anita’s jaw literally drop. “You have outdone yourself, Julian.”
“Well, now onto the next facet, the shoes,” he said as he walked to the door.
“Do I really have to add new shoes?” I asked Julian.
“No, this pair is showing just enough of your leg and foot. Tomorrow, you’ll have to change to a pair of open-toed sandals,” he replied.
“Shit, now I know what I forgot,” Anita said suddenly.
“There can’t be anything you missed,” I interjected, trying to stop her from buying anything more. I didn’t want her to get anything else.
I followed Julian quickly to the great hall. It was just as busy but the sound level suddenly dropped as I walked through the door. I clearly saw that, here and there, mouths remained open, while others undressed me with their eyes.
Julian led me to a door at the far end of the hall. I walked through the great hall feeling a little shy. I kept my eyes averted, I dared not look around. But the silence and the looks I got made me feel stronger and more assured. I smiled and took the last steps more confidently.
Julian did not knock, he just walked in. He said, “Ta da!” to announce our arrival.
“We don’t knock any more, Julian?” Petra said with a slight irritation in her voice.
“You wanted proof … so look at this.” And with that he stepped aside.
I stood before her, completely transformed. I looked straight at her and turned slowly. As I stood directly in front of her, I saw her jaw drop. Anita, who was standing behind me, whispered, “She doesn’t know what to say.”
I smiled in triumph. “OK, stop it now,” Petra said. “Wow, Joey, I knew you were a stud even wearing those horrible clothes this morning, but this? Man, you just radiate sex! Incredible. I could take you like this.”
“Oh, no,” I thought and felt my face become red yet again.
“Anyway, I think I’ll leave that to Anita’s brother. I think he’ll appreciate that more.”
Now I was twice as red if that was possible. I looked in panic at Anita, but she just shrugged her shoulders.
“Isn’t it pretty clear, though, Joey? All those in the know have to do is look, right, Julian?”
I looked at Julian. “Sorry, but my gaydar is pretty good, so it doesn’t take much to see what you are. All I did was bring out those qualities in applying the right accents in these clothes.”
“Oh,” I said, only half understanding what he meant.
“Good, then we need to settle the balance on your account, Anita,” said Petra.
Anita walked over to Petra and together they talked quietly.
Anita then turned around. “Joey, there’s something you can do for me. You asked earlier today to … well, could you do anything to make up for all this.”
“You mean, the money and stuff?”
“Yes, Petra has a favour to ask. She wants to include you as a model in her catalog. That means that on the holiday Monday, you’d be here for a photo shoot. Would you like that?”
“Me? I …,” I stammered.
“Yes, you!” exclaimed Petra. She came closer and put her arm around my shoulder. “You really have no idea, do you, Joey? We’ll agree to call you at the end of the week. I think you’d better get it into your head how attractive you really are.”
I nodded, but changed my mind and said, “I’ll call you, OK?”
“That’s fine. Do it or I’ll send Anita after you!” she added.
I looked at a laughing Anita and agreed. “Yeah that’s fine.”
We left the shop and got into the car. “You OK with all of this?” Anita asked.
“Yes, it’s fine.” I looked down to assess the way I looked.
“Do you expect any problems at home?” she asked.
“No, probably no one will be home.”
“OK, you know you can always come with me to our place?”
“It’ll be OK, I have to do some homework. I’ll put my old clothes on when I get home.”
“Good. If there’s something you need or want tomorrow morning, call me, OK?” she said firmly.
I looked at her.
“Joey, promise me that if anything happens, you’ll call me. I or someone else will be there within ten minutes. Wait outside if need be.”
“That’s not necessary. They leave me on my own. They’ve been that way all these years.” With that answer I turned my face away from her. It had been a wonderful day and I didn’t want to spoil it with self pity. I didn’t want that and I didn’t deserve it either.
We both were silent for the rest of the trip. When we arrived, I said a grateful “Thank you!” I turned and headed for the door.
I was right; there was no one home.

The next morning when I woke up, I heard some noise in the kitchen. They’d just gotten home, I guess. I’d done my homework and had my new clothes neatly hung and folded. I had put some in hidden places so they wouldn’t be spotted immediately. I did my laundry myself, so that shouldn’t pose a problem.
Monday morning I was up early. I wanted to be gone before they woke up. Normally I never did that but today they could just deal with it. I had some money left over and really wanted to have a nice breakfast. I went down the street to a small bakery where you could also drink some coffee and have a delicious hot croissant.
I opened the door and walked in. There was a girl of about 19 or so behind the cash register. She looked up when I came in and said, “What would you like?”
“A coffee and two croissants, warm if you have them.”
She smiled and replied, “Sure, no problem. I’ve never seen you here before, have I?” she added as she wet her lips with her tongue and tossed her long hair over her shoulders.
Ah, that must be her being flirtatious , I thought. She didn’t recognize me even though I’d been in the shop at least two to three times a week before today.
“No, I just moved here.” It seemed like a good idea to play along. I wanted to see where this would go.
“If you want, I can show you around the town.”
OK, she definitely thinks I’m straight! I was still smiling, though it was getting harder to still play the game. But this was fun, it was something that I wasn’t used to yet.
“No thanks, I’ll be able to find my way around, I think.”
I sat down and tried to ignore her. Moments later, I got my coffee and the croissants with a napkin. I saw she’d written some numbers on it. She saw me looking and said, “That’s for you if you change your mind.”
Fortunately, at that moment, the door opened and she had to return to the counter.

I could feel myself blush. This attention wasn’t what I was used to but I’d been warned. Was I really that good looking? I didn’t know what I was expecting but this seemed a little much. Apparently the change in my hair and the addition of a new wardrobe (I was wearing the light blue jeans from yesterday with a yellow polo shirt that was tight around the upper part of my chest and looser on the bottom) had certainly had the desired effect. Though it was a bit chilly, I deliberately did not wear a coat. I had no socks on and my legs were visible a good 10 cm above my ankle. I wore my old shoes, but this was the best combination I could think of.
With my bag over my shoulder, I started off on my way to school. And yes, it was different. In the last 500 meters, I encountered more and more of my schoolmates. They looked at me as if they’d never seen me before. Who was that handsome boy with the chic clothing and spiky hair? Probably none of them had ever noticed me because I had always been looking down, invisible.

My self-confidence grew. No one said anything to me and, because I was early enough, I made it to my classroom without being stopped. There was only one student present when I got there. He looked at me and asked, “Hey, are you in the right class?”
“Yes, definitely,” I said as I walked over to my usual place.
“Oh, Joey sits there ….” He stopped and added, “Joey, is that you?”
I smiled and said, “Yes, it’s me.”
“Wow, that’s an incredible makeover.”
“You bet!” I replied.
“You look really cool, you know? Completely different!”
I smiled and looked towards the door as the first girls came in. They were busy talking. The chatter stopped when one of them looked at me. I saw her look me up and down. It was a good thing that I was sitting down, I thought. The other girl pushed her aside and did the same inspection. A few mouths opened in surprise.
I said nothing, but looked at the other guy and laughed. “You see what I mean?” he said.
The girls hesitated as they sat down, unsure who I was. They were sitting to the right of me while I sat in the centre aisle. Soon they started whispering to each other. I knew that I was the subject of their conversation, but this time, I didn’t care. Their attention now was positive.
Other girls came into the classroom and they were equally uncertain who I was. A number of boys also reacted in a similar way. But I was waiting for only one person to arrive, Marco. He sat two seats away from me on the right. When I looked in his direction, I caught him looking back at me, which he had done a lot of in the last few days.
It was fairly busy when he walked into the classroom with one of his friends. He went to his desk to sit down and almost automatically he looked at my place to see if I was there. I smiled. I saw his mouth open and close again and then slowly open again. This time it remained agape.
At the same time I saw myself through his eyes. Oh, shit, I thought, it’s happening again. There was a rush of thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t figure out. I felt my/his dick become aroused and filling my pants … well, actually, his pants. I felt how he could hardly breath, his horniness taking over completely. No … no … don’t do this now, Marco. Don’t cum, I thought, not now. Marco moved his hands slowly to his crotch and rubbed his very hard love pole gently. He breathed deeply, even moaned, and turned slowly to get himself back under control. I could feel my/his mouth close, followed by the force of a hard blow against his elbow.
At that moment, I was back inside myself. I saw Marco talking to his friend. He got up and walked in my direction.
“Is it OK if I sit here, Joey?” Marco asked.
“Of course,” I said softly. With that look in Marco’s eyes, his thoughts became very clear, very quickly, or so I judged.
One of the girls got up and sat in the seat behind me. “Hey, Joey! I knew you were hiding something, but this? Wow!!!”
“Surprised?” I replied.
“Absolutely … but I love these kinds of surprises,” she said as she wet her lips.
“Stop it, Lianne!” warned Marco.
“Oh, are you jealous that I’ve never looked at you that way, Marco?”
I saw Marco start to turn away, red with anger and outrage.
I smiled at Lianne for a moment and followed him out.
“I’ll kill her, you know.”
“Who are you talking about?” I asked.
“Who do you think? That stupid interfering sister of mine. I asked her yesterday what you two had done and the only thing I got out of her was that you had been to the mall. Well, she was clearly lying.”
“Yes … sorry. I thought that was where she was taking me but ….”
“I know where you’ve been. I can see it in the clothes you’re wearing. The colouring of your hair … just right to match your eyes. That can only mean one thing. So yes, she’s going to get it from me.”
He’d looked at the colour of my eyes? Now I went all soft inside but that feeling changed quickly. Had Anita been right? Was Marco also gay? And did I have a chance?
I’d garnered a lot of attention. I think I’d received five phone numbers before the lunch break was over. I also had heard several times questions like, “Who is the new guy?”

I enjoyed it. Even some teachers found it difficult to recognize me, particularly after the lunch break and Marco went back to sitting away from me. Popular boys sat on one side and popular girls on the other side. Nobody said anything, everyone thought I was normal. My new status!
The last hour of the day was gym, a class I didn’t look forward to. I might be seen as a new person with my flashy clothes and even my new sports outfit, but the old clumsy Joey couldn’t be reworked so easily.
With his arm over my shoulder, Marco and I walked into the locker room. We had gym class together with another section of our year.
I went to my normal place and started undressing myself. I was wearing light cream briefs which outlined my dick quite nicely. My shorts were red and were of the right size to support my form.
Normally I dressed as quickly as possible but today, I took all the time in the world. I not only saw Marco but also some other boys openly watching. Attention was paid not only to my briefs but my shaved legs apparently were also noticed.
Suddenly I saw myself again through Marco’s eyes. Shit, I was again back in his head. He stood in his boxers but he was working to make his dick hard. He looked around and saw that he was not the only one in his boxers. There were three boys from the other class and two of them were openly staring as I changed and the other guy secretly threw glances at me. And then there was Peter from our class. He stood next to me and almost reached over with his hand to touch my buttocks. “Damn!” I heard Marco mumble under his breath. I saw him pick up my shorts out of the bag and step into them.

Marco’s thoughts came in loud and clear. “Damn, Joey! This makes it even worse.” He sat down and rubbed his hand over his dick. Fuck, no … not again … don’t cum now, Marco! I tried to get out of his head. The last thing I wanted was for him to cum in the change room. I felt him get more and more excited. I didn’t get outside his head but I did a daring thing: I reached out with my hand to touch his face. Nobody was watching me at that moment but immediately they turned to look. I glanced down to see what they were gazing at and saw that my dick was obviously on display in my shorts. “Thank you, Julian,” I thought. “This kind of attention wasn’t what I had in mind.”

Marco pulled on his dick twice and silently moaned inside. I felt his sperm pouring out of his dick , gradually wetting his boxers. He was almost in a trance, I noticed. I knew that the feeling of my being in his head also remained. It was no different for me. I stood in the middle of the dressing room, eyes focused on me, looking at the wetness caused by my rock hard cock. I slipped back into my own body and walked over towards the bathroom and showers. I needed some toilet paper. After I had cleaned up most of it, I left the area. Marco was standing by the showers. I walked along behind him and whispered, “We need to talk after school.” When I finished, I looked at him and saw that he had a puzzled look on his face. He hadn’t understood everything yet, but we couldn’t continue like this much longer.

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chapter 8

Joey and the dream boy – 6

I touched it and, yes, I saw that in my dream, too. That exact bottle. I wanted to open it but didn’t dare do that again. If this really was from him ,then … or was it just mine? Had I done that in my dream? Had I just …? Geez, this was really getting crazier.
I shook off the feeling. I had another hour to shower, have breakfast, get dressed and pick up some money so I’d be ready when Anita picked me up. And yes, I wanted to make sure I was outside when she arrived. I did it all in time and didn’t run into my parents. When I saw her drive up, I walked out to the car. She opened the door for me.
“Good, you’re right on time,” she said as she glanced over my shoulder towards the house.
Damn! I should have met her somewhere other than at my place.
“Yes, I was woken up by my parents.”
“Who isn’t?” she answered dismissively. I let it go, not wanting to tell her that I was woken up when they stumbled home.
“Well, let’s go shopping then. Do you have any ideas where we should go?” she asked.
“Shopping won’t take that long. And afterwards you wanted to show my new outfit to Marco.”
“Hmmm … do you really think that’s necessary? We’ll be busy all day. And Marco will see the results on Monday.”

Apparently Marco was right and this was something more than a one time thing. I looked at her. “I enjoy doing this with you, Anita.”
“Do you trust me, Joey? I know we only met yesterday, but I’m not going to do anything you don’t want.”
“Yes, I know … but, as you said, I’ve known you only for a day. What did you have planned?”
“Well, I’ve made an appointment with a friend of mine. She had time for us to come in and one of her employees will be available to help us today. You can assume it will take a couple of hours with her.”
“Oh! But I’m not sure that I have enough money.”
“Don’t worry. This is a gift from me.”
“Sure … but ….”
“It’ll be fine, Joey, just go along for today. You can always do something nice for me in return some time later.”
I nodded but didn’t know what was going on. I could never figure her out.
“Relax, Joey. Did you have a nice afternoon with Marco?”
“Oh, yes … it was great. A nice swim… that really helped because I wasn’t stiff at all this morning.”
“Ha …. you boys and then ….” She stopped in the middle of the sentence. I looked at her. I saw that she was blushing furiously. “Okay, I’d better be careful. You’re definitely not used to this kind of frankness. Sorry for that, Joey. “
“It doesn’t matter.”
I wasn’t going to say anything more about what had happened with Marco.
“Yes, Marco said that he enjoyed the afternoon. You watched a sweet movie.”
Oh, damn! She must know which one, but I couldn’t remember. I knew what I dreamed last night but not what happened yesterday afternoon.
“Yes, sure.” I smiled enigmatically and dropped the subject. Fortunately, she let it go.

A minute or two later we arrived at a really imposing mansion. We got out and Anita went up the steps and pushed the door open. I expected her to press the bell by the door but she walked right in.
I followed her inside. We entered a grand hall with a staircase leading directly to the floor above. We weren’t alone; other people were seated at tables having cups of coffee and tea. Some were dressed in uniform and looked like they worked there. One of them walked over to us and spoke to Anita. “You have an appointment, ma’am?”
“Yes, Petra knows I’m dropping by and she said she would have time for us today.”
I watched him when she dropped the name Petra. He ignored me but responded, “I’ll be right back.”
He walked away and within a minute a woman came over to us, followed by a handsome man. I didn’t know what was going on. “Hi, Anita. Nice to see you again. Not with Marco today?”
“No, after our last visit, I really don’t think he’ll be joining me again, Petra. But I found a new victim.” Petra looked at me and saw the horrified look on my face when Anita said “victim.”
“Don’t worry! She barks but doesn’t bite … much …, “then she paused and smiled
I held out my hand and said, “Joey, madam. My name is Joey.”
“Oh, so polite,” she purred.
“Julian, it’s up to you. I expect you to take good care of Joey.”
“Thank you, Petra, I appreciate that very much,” said Julian.
“We’ll see how much Julian can do, Anita.”
Petra turned to me and said, “Enjoy yourself, Joey and just go with the flow. Promise me, please … come and see me before you go, OK?”
“Yes, Madam,” I promised. “I’ll make sure we do.”
“Oh, I’m sure that Julian and Anita will want to show you off,” replied Petra.
“Good. Julian, do your best. I want to see the result at the end of the day.”
The young man looked surprised. “Don’t you trust me any more, Petra?”
“Of course I do, but I think Anita is looking for something truly special and I want to be sure that you give her what she wants.”
“Of course I understand, Petra,” he said with a smile as he looked me over from head to toe. “I think that can be done,” he continued. “Anita, nice to see you again. You’ve given me an interesting challenge this time.”
“Oh, I think you’re going to have an unforgettable day.”
“We’ll see! So let’s go.”

As we walked away from Petra, I looked around. I saw a fair number of people had watched the exchange among us and looked at me … some jealous and others with disapproval. Clearly I wasn’t the typical client of a posh establishment like this one. For one thing, my clothes were clearly not sufficiently up to date.
“Hey Joey …. come on,” Julian called as he opened the door Anita and I were standing in front of.
I followed them into a vast room. On one side sat a large mirror with a chair. On the other side were placed racks of clothes. Otherwise, the room was quite empty.
“Okay, Joey. I hope you’ll appreciate what we’re going to do. Maybe not at the beginning, but I want to ask you to trust me, OK? I want to look at you first. So please take everything off except for your underwear.”
“What?” I said as my jaw dropped.
“Nothing to be ashamed of. I can only do my work if I can see what I have to work with.”
I looked at Anita. “Ummm … here?”
“Yes, what’s the difference between underwear and the swimsuit you were wearing yesterday?” she asked, smiling.
Of course, she was right again. “No one will walk into the room uninvited?” I asked Julian.

“No, they know better to interrupt when I’m with a client,” he promised.
“OK.” I slowly began to take my clothes off. It felt a little sensual. I would get this done. They seemed a little over the top to me, but I could deal with them.
“My goodness, it’s warm in here,” Julian said. “Please hurry up. I can also see that you have a toned body under what you call clothes.”
I started to blush as I dropped my pants and pulled off my socks.
“OK, come over here.” He pointed to a mark on the floor.
I walked over and stood where he wanted. “OK … please stand still.”
I looked at him and saw him move a mouse. “Stay still, OK? I want this to be perfect. Just look straight ahead.”
“May I ask what you’re doing?”
“Oh, I’m taking your measurements. Not as nice as doing it by hand but the computer does it a heck of a lot faster.”
“With a computer?” I asked.
“Yes, it’s a special 3D program.” He walked back and sat beside Anita in a chair. “Remain standing, please. The scan will take about five minutes.”
“Oh, OK.”

Julian turned to Anita. “What do you want to buy for him, Anita?”
They proceeded to chat as if I wasn’t there. I wasn’t supposed to move and occasionally I tried to interrupt their conversation but they totally ignored me.
“OK, let’s summarize: you want two pairs of jeans, a pair of dress pants, a number of T-shirts for school, a couple pairs of shoes, a set of sports clothes, and a swimsuit. Correct?”
“Right. Now, when does the other stylist come in?” Anita asked.
“In about ten minutes or so,” Julian replied.
“Who’s coming?” I asked them both but she ignored me. Anita went to the other side of the room where there was a big screen and a rack of clothes.
“Just click … but you know what to do,” Julian said, walking back to his laptop. After checking something, he returned to me. “Thank you, Joey, for being so patient. That went well, we got the proper measurements in one scan.”
He stood in front of me and began to slide his hands over my body. “Sorry to be so intimate but I have to use my hands so I can get a feel for you. The computer can’t do that for me. I need to feel what I’ll have to work with. Hmmm, you’re not as muscular as I thought.”
“No, looks are deceiving,” I replied while I was struggling to find this not so arousing. Julian had very soft hands. He smiled knowingly, as if he realised exactly what he was doing to me.
He knelt down in front of me and his hands were now running down the sides of my legs. “Hmmm, you’re more muscular here. Better. Do you want to become more muscular or stay as you are now?”
“Marco has taken over his workouts,” Anita answered before I could.
“Well, that will make his physique even better. I wouldn’t go as far as Marco has developed, Joey … but a little more muscle makes the body more beautiful.”

His hands were now investigating the insides of my legs and, when he touched my briefs, I had to breathe deeply. My dick was already at half mast at that moment.
“Hmmm, good thing you did. Just let yourself relax. I’ve got to have a clear idea of the entire body.”
I felt myself blush as my dick slowly rose. It became more embarrassing when Anita added, “Yes, and those balls are also quite nice.”
As she said that, she couldn’t see me, her back was to me. She must have observed me yesterday at the pool more than I thought.
“Hmmm, yes … you’re right,” Julian said as he massaged my balls gently with his hands. He let them go and moved to slide his hands gently over my buttocks. “Nice firm butt, too. He’s even better than Marco in that department, Anita. Marco’s ass is just too muscular. This one is much more beautiful, firm, not too muscular, and beautifully proportioned. Just perfect,” he said as he stood up.
My face was now beet red and my briefs were extended by my aroused cock, and I couldn’t hide either condition.
“Oh, I love it when someone acts like he doesn’t know how handsome and well-formed he is. You’re going to have a very fun week, Joey,” added Julian. “Anita has arranged a complete makeover for you. You’re going to be completely recast by the end of the day. But first, please do this. Then we’ll see a little less of you. In your present state, you’ll distract Francis too much.”
“Francis?” I queried.
“Yes, while I’m out working on the design of this makeovers, we’ll see what he can do with your hair.”
“Oh,” I said, still mystified.
“Are you ready, Anita?”
“Not yet, I want to talk to Joey, but you have plenty of information for you to get started.”
I quickly pulled up my shorts. They didn’t add a lot of coverage, but it was better than nothing.
“Come and sit here, Joey,” Anita invited.
I sat on the chair next to Anita. “Julian is right, you know. Marco exaggerates a little. You look much better than he does, all things considered. And no, I’m not saying that to tease you. I mean it.”
I smiled shyly at her. “I’m not used to hearing so many compliments, Anita,” I said honestly.
“I know, but you’ll get used to it.”
“What do you mean?”
“Just wait til later this afternoon.”
“OK, but why are you doing this makeover for me?” It was a question I had been asking myself since yesterday, and even moreso since we’d arrived. I knew now that this wasn’t just expensive but very expensive indeed.
“I’ll be honest with you. Wow … this isn’t easy. Let me start by saying that, if you weren’t gay, I would probably have done everything I could to get you into my bed because you’re just lovely, Joey. But, I know that will never happen so …. ” She stopped when she saw my mouth drop open in astonishment.
“You’re gay, Joey. I know I’m right about that.”
“Well, yes … but how ….”
She threw her arms around me when she saw tears forming in my eyes.
“Calm down, Joey. You’re safe with me.”
I nodded because I knew that already, but I was too upset to be able to speak.
We sat so quietly. I looked over towards her. “How did you know? Do I look gay?”
“No, not at all. It was more about the way you and Marco dance around each other.”
“OK, but I didn’t notice anything gay about Marco, and I know he’s not.”
She started laughing. “Joey, Joey … maybe Marco doesn’t know it yet. Maybe he isn’t even aware of what you mean to him.”
I looked at her in astonishment.
“I was looking at the two of you yesterday, playing sports. The sexual tension just oozed from your encounter.”
“Oh .. when did you realise ….”
“By what happened during your last hour together.”
“OK … so, when we were ….”
“Of course. How did you think I knew you had such big beautiful balls?”
I blushed even more furiously.
“Don’t be embarrassed, Joey. I think you’ll make a great brother in law.”
“You think Marco ….”
“Yes, I have no doubt about that. As I said, maybe he doesn’t yet know, but tomorrow will be a different story.”
“You mean .…”
“Of course! Why do you think I’m doing this? A little bit for you but moreso for my brother.”
“Does he know we’re here?”
“Maybe, though when I brought him here for a makeover, I had to book an appointment two months in advance so he probably couldn’t guess what I was able to arrange at short notice.”

At that moment the door opened. A flamboyant guy in his 20s bounced excitedly into the room. “You were lucky, Anita. I had my whole day booked but, with such bad weather, I suddenly had an opening. You’re really lucky.”
I looked at Anita.
“Yes, in your world, Francis … but your bad luck is our good luck. Here, I want to introduce you to Joey.”
I stuck my hand out to shake his and it was grabbed enthusiastically by Francis as he quickly scanned my body.
“Hello, Joey! Pleased to meet you today. You really know how to find the best ones, Anita.”
As he said that, he slowly ran his fingers through my hair, just like your typical hairdresser.
“Oh, and this will be so nice to work with. A bit thick but a good length, without any natural curls. You know how I hate curls on a man.”
“Right, Francis. I also had to consider your availability when I called Julian yesterday.”
“Good. Well, Joey, come with me and we’ll see what we can do.”
He walked over to the chair. Only when he arrived there did he see that I hadn’t moved.
“Hello! Is something wrong? Come over and we’ll start.”
“Julian … Anita … Francis … I just wanted your attention.”
Anita looked at me. Julian turned around.
“Just to be clear. I’m OK with this … and you’ve asked me to trust you, and I do … but please stop talking as if I’m not here. If you want us to continue, you’ll have to please tell me what you’re gonna do, OK?”
“Oh, the little pup has teeth,”Julian observed.
All three nodded. I got up and walked over to Francis.
“OK … there are several steps to what I’m going to do, Joey. First I’ll take a look at what I can do with your hair. That involves a lot of manual manipulation and the use of a few tools. Once I’ve decided what to do, I’ll talk to Julian about style and colours as whatever I do should match your clothes. Then the shaping and cutting will be followed by colouring and whatever else is necessary. Whether more needs to be done depends on what Julian or Anita recommend. Clear enough?”
“Yes, all clear … but what do you mean by colour?”
“Well, we need to decide on the shade … lighter or darker … or whatever.”
“OK … but not yellow or green or anything?”
“No, definitely not. You don’t have to worry about that. You said you trusted us, so that is what you should do.”

For an hour or so, Francis worked diligently on my hair. I could hear Anita and Julian talking in the background, but I was just sitting in my chair, my mind wandering.
“You’re hard, too, while you’re talking about it,” I heard someone say.
“Yes, sorry … it’s so odd. I don’t understand.”
“Come on, brother, come on. Enjoy your delicious fantasies, but it’s too early to predict the future.”
“You can’t know that, not with us.”
“I agree, but the feelings will come soon, so it’ll take a while.”
“I know, but still. It stays weird. I really woke up having had a wonderful dream, but I can’t remember any of the details.”
“Smile … you just forgot how it should go.”
“Yes … and you’re laughing.”

I realized I was in Marco’s house again. That must have been the youngest brother, the one I had not seen yet. He was also a nice-looking guy. True, not a muscular body like Marco’s, but you could really see the resemblance. I realised that Marco was thinking about that dream tonight. Wow, he really enjoyed it! Anita might be right. Marco was day dreaming but it was so real. I almost literally felt how he took my dick back in his mouth and …. slowly began to suck, with his tongue slipped forward toward my balls.
“Ahhh …. ” I just was able to feel the tongue gently….
“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” said Francis as he was snipping my hair.
“No, no,” I said quickly. “I’m fine,” I added quietly as I remembered how Marco enjoyed my love pole. One more deep thrust and I knew what would happen next. Wow! I so felt that! My cock started to throb and it was like I was about to erupt. At that moment I began to taste it again in my mouth … my own seed. Thinking of Marco brought it all back. What did it all mean? Oh, yes … he pulled on his dick once or twice and then … oh, yes … his sperm also shot out. Sitting there in the salon, I moaned as if I was right with him. Ohhhhh, shit, I thought, not now.
“You OK, Joey?”
I opened my eyes and saw Francis looking at me with concern.
“Ummm … yes … sorry but I fell asleep.”
“Oh, is that what we’re calling it now?” he said as he smiled knowingly.
What I didn’t notice was that Anita was standing right next to him, observing.
“Well, I might have, Francis. I think it’ll be good for me to check with Joey, seeing how far along Julian has gone with my wardrobe.”
Francis took the hint.
“Well, Joey … are you saying you just … well … you know ….”
As he stuttered in confusion, I didn’t just blush, I went beet red.
“OK … his opinion doesn’t matter … but weren’t you inside Marco’s head just now?”
“What do you mean?” I asked her.
“Well ….”

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Chapter 7

Joey and the dreamboy – 5

Marco had a smile on his face. I couldn’t say anything. In a smooth movement I let the towel fall and I dove into the water. I needed cooling down. Simply swim … glide through the water … don’t think … just do.
I enjoyed the refreshing water. I felt the tension flowing out of my body. My muscles relaxed. Delightful! Marco had been right … swimming sure helped. After a few lengths, I felt Marco standing next to me.
I didn’t know what to do. Should I say something or what? I thought back to what had happened. Did it really take place, or had I dreamed it all? That yellow jockstrap came from somewhere and that hickey on my neck wasn’t fake. I felt my dick begin to grow again as I thought of those erection-inducing dream encounters.

After another 10 minutes or so, I’d had enough. I eased myself over to the side of the pool, pulled myself up, and sat on the edge, my feet dangling in the water. I looked at Marco who was diligently doing lengths. My gaze raked over his body. He was wearing a pretty unrevealing swimsuit, unfortunately I thought as I felt my cock stiffen. Apparently, I dared do more now even without my towel available to cover myself up.
I saw Marco slow down and eventually he moved towards me.
“It’s nice to swim after a workout like this, isn’t it?”
“Yes, wonderful! I was pretty tired and my muscles were stiff, but that swimming really helped.”
“Exactly … but you’ll really feel the difference tomorrow.”
“But you won’t be ‘stiff’ if you do this any more.” I subtly put the emphasis on the word “stiff” to see if he would pick up on my choice of words.
Damn, he coloured a bit. He came closer to me and pushed against me.
“Do I have to teach Anita yet another lesson? Or has she been behaving?”
“Oh, she was like wax in my hands,” I said.
“Well … you must have made quite an impression on her. She’s taking you shopping tomorrow, I understand.”
“Yes … an unexpected but nice gesture.”
He looked at me and said, “You’re braver than I am. I hear from others who go shopping with their girl friends that they can encounter the worst situations imaginable!”
“I can see that … but she’s not really my girl friend, Marco.”
“Oh, she’s already become attracted to you for some reason. She’s never taken any of my friends shopping before.”
“Well, you’ve got me for the rest of today and I’ll be your sister’s companion tomorrow. What else are we going to do?” I was shocked by how forward I’d become. I was never like this before … but Marco made me feel comfortable. I could be myself … despite what had happened before.
“I don’t know … maybe just play a game or watch a video … whatever you’d like.”

For the next few minutes, we chatted back and forth about what we’d do. He had a huge collection of games and movies ,,, and quite a number of books. Once during our talk I felt a hand on my swimsuit, softly rubbing back and forth over my dick. Damn!!! I didn’t realize that he would be inspired to do that. It was nice and I felt my cock begin to harden all over again. I didn’t dare look at Marco but tried to move my hand to the side of my body, between us.
“Do you know that you have a pretty obvious hickey on the side of your neck there? That must have been hot!”
Finally, I had an excuse to pull my hand back. Luckily I turned my head and looked at him.
“You have no idea, Marco, how much fun it was. It was so hot … so horny … so … wow!”
“Ah, okay … sorry … I don’t need any details. I just didn’t expect that from you,” he responded shyly, almost with a tone of regret that he’d asked for the information in the first place.
“Well, I didn’t do much to earn that mark … other than maybe just letting the other one do it.”
“You liked it, then?”
“Yes … but you have to know what that’s like from your own experiences. After all, you’re really popular at school.”
“Sure … but that doesn’t mean I dive in bed with everyone who offers,” he responded, a bit defensive and aggressive at the same time.
“Oh, I didn’t say that, Marco. Don’t get me wrong … but you know what they say about popular guys.”
He laughed again. “Yes … but quiet waters may run deep, as the old saying goes,” he said, pointing to my neck.
I blushed at that. “It’s getting cooler … I’m going to get dressed, OK?”
“Sure. I’ll get the movie ready.”
I nodded and walked back to the building.

A little while later, we were lying on his bed watching a movie on the ridiculously big screen.
Don’t bother asking which movie we saw. I was periodically distracted as I enjoyed the occasional touch with his legs and feet … the heat of his body so close to mine … and, oh yes … the smell that came off his bed. It was definitely Marco, I thought. Several times I began to get stiff but I could happily suppress those impulses. The rest of the afternoon was fun, cosy … as if I’d known him for years. Why was that?
About 4 o’clock I left Marco and that beautiful home and went back to my own stomp … my own room was empty, without any energy or feeling in it. It might even have felt worse than normal. My parents had called out to me as I came in but I’d ignored them. It was now 8 o’clock in the evening and still there was no call for supper. Apparently they’d begun drinking earlier in the day.

All my self-confidence from earlier that day was lost. That was another world that I couldn’t be a part of. I didn’t have a place there. Don’t get used to it, I told myself. I was a loser, with loser parents and no chance … shit!!! Perhaps I felt even more depressed than I felt before Marco began to talk to me. This was ….
I started reading one of the few books I owned. Daydreaming was what I most loved. There I could pull back into my own world. Hoping for another such wonderful dream, I slowly began to sink into a deep sleep.
I smelled something or someone … hmmm … that smelled delicious!!! I knew that smell. I looked around me and I was back in Marco’s bedroom. He lay next to me, a broad smile on his face.
“Do you know how I get off?”
I looked at him, to gauge what he meant.
“You know ….” He moved his hand to his dick and made a subtle gesture.
“Oh,” I said “Ummm … no, not really.”
“Here … you have to look.” He pressed the button on the TV, and a naked woman and man appeared. Together they lay on a bed and what they were doing was clear. Annoyed, I looked at the screen. Horny guy, I thought. My eyes were mostly on the man. “Nice guy,” Marco said.
A little later, a third person appeared … a young guy who first started paying attention to the woman but then moved his hands over onto the man, stroking his torso, his nipples and slowly his1 shoulders, too. A little later, he lowered himself down to his dick and balls while the first man continued fiercely licking the female.
“Nice,” Marco said again. I looked at him. My gaze went to his crotch. He had a hardon … that much was clear. I knew my dick was in the same state. He hesitated but came slowly closer to me. I didn’t resist him when our lips gently touched each other. Hmmm … he was delicious … that soft skin … the furnace-like warmth that came from him. I felt him breath slowly through his mouth. The air made his lips vibrate slightly … then my lips gently tapped against his. Wow! Hello … hmmm ….
Then he opened his lips and gently pushed his tongue against my lips … getting them wet … and then his tongue slipped into my mouth. An explosion of pleasure went through me when his tongue touched the tip of mine.

In the meantime, our hands had taken an identical path. My hands had found the way to his back. His were more targeted towards my crotch … opening my zipper and then my pants. He must have felt the warmth of my dick through my briefs. I pushed my chest up. I wanted to feel those hands again, just this time on my own dick instead of his.
He pushed my briefs down quickly and surrounded my dick with his hand. Very gently now he began to brush the skin. Gently stroking up and down, he slowly uncovered my cockhead too. I moaned. We were still kissing forcefully. My hands had now taken his t-shirt out of his pants and he realized that I wanted to remove that piece of clothing that separated us.
He stopped kissing, looked at me and allowed me to pull the t-shirt over his head. I took in the sight of his beautiful upper body. It was a little hairy but overall smooth. “Incredible,” I sighed quietly. He had now let go of my dick and did the same to me. I saw his eyes take in every bit of my torso and it seemed like he drowned in it. I laughed. “The rest too,” I said softly.
I looked at his crotch where his hands opened his zipper and pushed his pants down quickly. He wore a pair of white tanga briefs that showcased his cock in all its glory.

OK! He pushed the briefs down … releasing his beautiful love pole with a decided jump to freedom. It had been waiting to be released. A bead of seminal fluid enthusiastically flew from the tip of his dick and ended up on his upper legs and belly. Without thinking, my hands moved to his tummy and scooped it up. I carefully put the drops to my lips and licked them up. This time, I got to taste him myself. My dick wanted the same treatment as I started to drip now too.

“I want to taste it,” I heard Marco say quietly. He pushed me over and, a moment later, the warm air of his breath caressed my dick. It tried to reach Marco’s mouth … then, boom … there it was! His tongue hit my glans. I breathed in sharply while feeling pure pleasure throughout my body. What an experience! Gently his tongue moved further and further towards my balls. At the same time, I realized what he was doing. New waves of enjoyment pulsed through my body and I knew that this cascade of feelings could not last much longer.

I pushed Marco gently. I didn’t want this to end so quickly … and I wanted Marco to feel what I was feeling. I didn’t want to cum yet … but, at that moment, as Marco touched my balls with his tongue, I knew I was lost. I felt my balls pull up and wave after wave of sperm left my balls on their way to Marco’s mouth. In the meantime my hands had found his dick and felt it get harder. Actually, while I crested on the waves of my orgasm, just after I had finished, I also felt him cum. Just before that happened, he turned around and picked something up from his bedside table and held it against his dick.

I watched in awe as he shot his sperm, pulse after pulse, from his dick. He caught it in something, I could see. Wow, he kept shooting cum shot after cum shot. When he finally finished, he put the object on the nightstand and dropped back onto bed. He looked at me and said.,”Oh, what a joy you are, Joey! I never dreamed that anything like this could happen.”
Oh yes … and that was when I woke up to a knock on my door.
“We’re back home. Keep quiet if you stay up much longer … and take it easy today. We want to sleep ….”

And with that I heard footsteps move down the hallway and the door of their bedroom close. They couldn’t have known whether I was home or not … nor did they much care. I thought back about my dream. What a great erotic way of cumming! I was sure I had done just that … but my briefs weren’t wet and the bed and sheets were dry as well.
Strange. I knew that I really had cum. I sat down and saw it was almost 10 o’clock. It was time to get up. Anita would pick me up soon. I glanced at my bedside table. What was that, sitting there? Was that … no … that couldn’t be! It had all been a dream.
But … my hand slowly moved to the object … the jockstrap! First the jockstrap … then the hickey.
What was going on?

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Chapter 6

Joey and the dream boy – 4

“Hey, lazy ass, wake up! Your phone has already gone off a few times and, if I must, I’ll answer it the next time.” My father said this through the door. I knew he wouldn’t open the door but still.
“Yes, I’ll be there in a moment.” I heard him walk down the hall and down the stairs.
Slowly I began to remember … no, not again … it was so real … but it had to have been a dream again. Verdomme. Damn! I felt my briefs and there was that wet spot again … an ejaculation … not a real hand job by my dream boy … but surely just a dream again. What a loser, I thought. I swallowed deeply. Oh, yes … of course I would go to him … but yes … what I’d just dreamed would definitely not happen.
I was confused and not at all sure what was going on. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I wondered whether I could bring myself to go, but I had to be sure. Had I been looking forward to going just to make a fool out of myself? I looked in the mirror and saw the face of a loser. I hated my insecurities, but they were confirmed every time I went out … so why bother? Shit, what was that on my neck … a big mark … what was that? I felt it cautiously but, no, this was no pimple. It was shaped like lips impressed on my skin. Suddenly I remembered the last part of my dream. Shit! It wasn’t a dream … but I hadn’t been with him yet. But unquestionably this was a hickey. I didn’t understand it … first the jockstrap and now this from my dream. What was going on?

I heard my phone go off back in the hall. I quickly ran into the bedroom and pulled my pants on.
“Hi, Joey here,” I said.
“Hey, Joey … you’re finally awake! I’ve already left a few messages. Come on over. I’m ready.”
“Hi, Marco … yes, I’ve just gotten up. Sorry, I didn’t had a restful night.”
“Okay … I’ll see you in half an hour.”
“Sure … that’s fine. Do I have to bring anything?”
“Some casual sports clothes you can easily move in.”
“No problem.”

He gave me the address. I had a quick shower and dressed in a pair of smart jogging pants and a nice T-shirt.
I grabbed a glass of milk in the kitchen and called out to my parents, “I’m going out, but I’ll be back sometime this afternoon.”
They weren’t used to me going out. Usually I spent the entire weekend at home. I didn’t want them to ask any questions or see my hickey. I quickly got on my bike and ten minutes later I rang the doorbell.

It was a big house with, as far as I could see, a large garden. No wonder he had room to work on his muscles! The door was opened by a female, a bit older than Marco, but definitely a member of his family.
“Come on in.I’m Anita, Marco’s older, wiser sister.”
What could I say in response to that? “Yes, Marco invited me over.”
“Yes, so he said … come on in!”
I followed her through the entryway into the living room. There was no sign of Marco. What was I doing here, sitting with his sister?”
“Sorry, Marco will be down in a minute. He asked me to keep you company.”
“Oh … okay.”
“Marco has been talking a lot about you the last two days. Have you known each other for long time?”
“Well, no … not really. We’ve been in the same class all year long.”
“Well, he’s pretty impressed with you.”
She look me over from head to toe. “Wow! That’s a decent souvenir you have there! That must have been a wild time!”
I knew exactly what she was talking about but I also felt very uncomfortable discussing my hickey. I should have camouflaged it better, I thought. I didn’t respond but I blushed very deeply. Then she added, “Yes, Marco said that you were shy! Don’t worry. Girls don’t mind that at all. Indeed, a lot find it quite attractive. But you probably know that already.”

Oh! She was getting very blunt and almost intrusive now, I thought. At that moment the door opened and Marco entered. “Good … you’re already here. Nice! I’ve already warmed up so I can start immediately.”
He saw the look on my face and turned to his sister. “Sis … have you been teasing him ruthlessly?”
“No, Marco … why would I? But as a friend of yours, he’d better be able to take a little kidding.”
Marco’s look, however, said something different … something like, not now, sis. Apparently she understood his message better than I did because she turned to me, gave me a smile, and said, “If you’re done later and Marco wants to keep on going, I’ll be in the pool. Feel free to join me. I promise not to bite, OK?”
I nodded and followed Marco up the stairs.
“Well, Marco … what was all that about?”
“Oh, nothing … just leave it alone. My sister likes to challenge and sometimes she goes too far. By the way, I’m glad you’re here. It’s nice to have someone to work out with. First to my room and then we’ll go to the basement where all the apparatus is.”

Oh, shit, I thought … his room. That’s how it had all started in my dream as well. I felt my cock rise in my jogging pants. It was fortunate that I’d worn a nice pair of tanga briefs that kept my dick under control.

He opened his door and I followed him in. I was shocked. I recognized the room as if I’d seen it before … in fact, last night in my dream! Damn it! How was this possible? I felt my legs start to tremble. What was happening here? This wasn’t fun any more. I was so amazed that I didn’t realize that Marco was talking to me and had taken off his jogging pants, revealing light green briefs.

“Oh, yes … fine,” I said … but I didn’t really know what question I’d responded to.
He looked at me strangely but didn’t say anything. He moved closer. He touched my shoulder and said, “Come on … let’s go downstairs. My sister calls it the torture room. I don’t think it’s all that bad.”
I followed him down the stairs, into the hall and down another staircase. We arrived at a professionally decorated room with a bike, treadmill, weights and some other devices I had seen in a public gym.
Before I knew it, we were at it. Marco explained everything well and knew instinctively what I could do and what I couldn’t. Some things he did for himself and other things he helped me with. That meant that he would touch my body and that caused an increased blood supply and beads of sweat to my love organ.
After we’d been working out for half an hour and he’d corrected some of my faults in my technique, he suddenly stopped himself. “Wait a second! I’m screwing this up, aren’t I? I didn’t even bother to ask you whether you liked this … or if was it helping … or even if was painful. Sorry … but I get carried away sometimes. Once I finish my exercises on Saturday morning, I lose track of everything. Anita sometimes says that I’m like a man possessed. But hey .. are you all right?”

I smiled for a moment. This was the concerned Marco I’d come to know and love. He’d shown that aspect of his personality from time to time and it was so incredibly sweet when he did that.
“Of course, Marco. I’d already said that I was fine. It’s okay for me to sweat. I think that’s kinda the idea here, isn’t it?”
“Hell, yes. Do you have other questions or can we move on?”
“Hmmm … next time I’d better wear sports shorts because these jogging pants didn’t really work. Occasionally they grab my legs and that doesn’t make exercising easier.”
“You’re right, of course … and I should have told you so up front. But if they bother you, just take them off. If that makes you more comfortable, go ahead … there’s no one else here and we’re both guys, after all.”
I blushed again. Why had I said that? I had nice briefs on but, most of the time, they were definitely well filled.
“Hey, I don’t care … we’re just two guys together and, as I said before, you have a nice body, so you have nothing to be ashamed of.”
I wondered. Damn! Before I could say anything or do anything, he pulled his own sports pants down. “See? I’ll join you so you don’t need to feel embarrassed.”
Oh, dear! That certainly wasn’t any help! But I couldn’t be left behind at the same time. He was right … it didn’t mean anything … but, still, I turned my back to him while I took my jogging pants off.
“OK,” I said casually. “What’s the next thing you want me to do?”
I saw him look down at my crotch … or did I see that wrong? “Oh, we’ll continue doing squats. Another half hour or so and then you’ll have had enough.”
He stood next to me during that exercise and I also saw him looking at my neck. I knew what he saw. He didn’t say anything. During that half hour, I really had a pretty stiff dick a number of times. I had no idea what to do considering all of this … it was still very confusing. Also … what about those green briefs … which were definitely a statement. Was he now challenging me by wearing something provocative … or was this still just “guys together”? I didn’t dare do anything because I was afraid of losing the friendship that I was just starting to build with him now.
Na een uurtje of zo stonden mijn spieren op springen.After an hour or so, my muscles were very sore. “I’m going to do a little more,” he said, “but I really think you’ve had enough. What would be really good for your muscles would be a little swimming and just lying in the water. Your muscles will feel less stiff tomorrow. I’m going on for another half hour and then I’ll come outside. OK?” OK?”
“OK … “””””OK … but I don’t have any swimwear with me and your sister is out there.”
“Oh, no problem. Behind the pool is a small changing room. In the second drawer there’s some swim wear of mine that you can fit into, OK?”
“OK … well, I’ll see you later.” I pulled my jogging pants back on and walked upstairs and then into the garden.
“Ah … there are you,” said Anita. “I thought I might have to come and save you.”
“Not at all, Anita. In fact, Marco was fine, very caring and helpful. He explained everything well.”
“Oh … Marco was caring?” she asked pointedly.
She expressed doubt for a moment and added, “Hey, Joey, come over here. I think we started on the wrong foot.”
“It’s OK, Anita,” I replied.
“No, I want to make it right. Just sit down … the pool can wait.”
I laid next to her on one of the sun loungers.
“OK … I can be very direct. Sorry about that. Marco had already warned me that you were shy and insecure.” She waited a minute. I think she wanted some confirmation from me.
“Yes, I’m insecure, but ….”
She was incredibly honest and open and I did not know what else to say. I could talk to Marco quite easily and I felt the same way towards her.
“That’s true for Marco as well, you know ….”
“Oh, what do you mean?” I asked, astonished.
“Well, he generally needs time to get to know people and, when he’s home, he pretty much does his own thing. Do you know that he’s never before offered any of his friends use of that equipment downstairs?”
“Oh, I didn’t know that … but I didn’t push myself onto him or anything.”
“No, I understand that. Marco hasn’t stopped talking about you for the past two days. I just want to be sure you know that the Marco you see at school and one you see here are two different people sometimes.”
“That may well be true, but I haven’t noticed that much difference.”
“I understand that. You’re shy and insecure. Marco is making his contribution by helping you strengthen your body. Ik wil ook wat doen. I want to do something, too. You seem like a nice guy so what do you think about going shopping tomorrow?”
“What do you mean?”
“I just think you could use some more up-to-date clothing, which certainly would help your confidence in this day and age.”
“Oh, my mother usually takes me shopping.”
“That’s what I thought. Well, make yourself available for an hour at 11 tomorrow, OK?”
“Hmmm … just one problem … I don’t have the money for that, so I’d have to ask whether my parents could afford new clothes first.”
“It’ll be all right. I’d like to surprise Marco.”
I didn’t understand that last comment but I didn’t dare ask for clarification. “Time for the pool! ! I’ll wait until Marco comes back and then I’ll leave you two alone.”
She pointed me towards the pool house at the back of the garden. “You’ll find everything there you’ll need, including clean towels.”
“Thanks, Anita … and for tomorrow, too.”
“That’s fine, Joey. We’ll have a good time.”
Arriving at the dressing room annex, I soon found the drawer with the swimwear. I opened it and found three pairs … not really swim trunks but more along the lines of swimwear of the speedo type. Obviously they weren’t very big so it was nice once again to challenge Marco a bit. Oh, I was going to test him a bit and see what would happen. I chose a light blue pair and started to dress. Just as I’d put the speedo on, I started to feel like I was somewhere else. I blinked and realized that, somehow, I was back in the basement. I looked down and saw that I was lying on one of the mats, with my dick … well, really, Marco’s dick … in my hands … no, it was Marco’s hands. I felt him get more and more excited.
What was happening to me again? I seemed to have crawled into Marco’s body … it felt real … I wasn’t dreaming now. He moaned … a moan which came out of my mouth. Even though he was lying down and I was standing, my legs started to wobble. I felt as if he was about to cum. I looked down for a second. What a beautiful dick he had! I wanted to do more than just have the feel of his hand. I felt a doubly aroused feeling coming over me now … not only what Marco was feeling bit what I was feeling as well.
I knew this couldn’t be true, however. I moved my hand and noticed that Marco’s movements had seemingly taken over. I’d no idea whether Marco realized this or not, but I noticed that he didn’t moan any more. That he was approaching an orgasm was clear. I now had my hand all the way around his cock and I could feel how the muscles in his dick had started to tighten … he was almost there. He moaned even louder followed by … what I thought I wanted him to say. I felt my mouth form that message and I called out my own name, “Ohhh Joeyyyyyyy.”
His orgasm overwhelmed me completely. I felt like I had to sit down while enjoying his cum. It all felt so nice. I saw the sperm shoot over my head, then onto my face and, finally, a few shots landed on my chest and belly. The smell of his sperm filled my nostrils. Wow! I moved his hand and slowly I pulled it away. Could I control this? I moved the hand slowly to his/my mouth. I noticed that there was some resistance but I continued and brought his hand to my tongue. I slowly licked his seed … yes, I actually tried it. It was delicious.
Apparently that was too much as, suddenly, I was back in reality. I was sitting on the ground, a terribly obvious hardon in my speedo … totally shocked by what had happened. What had happened here? This wasn’t at all normal. Did I do that? Or had Marco called out my name himself? I got up and took a towel. It was time to cool down in the pool. I walked the short distance between the pool house to the swimming pool, holding the towel in front of me, and then I quickly dropped it and dove into the pool. When I surfaced, I saw Anita smiling and, next to her, stood Marco. Oh wait ….
Now what?

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Chapter 5

Joey and the dreamboy – 3

I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable. My dick jumped in my pants, but I ignored it. Then I felt the heat of his breath on my face and I heard him whispering, “You’re worth it, Joey. Stop doubting yourself. Show me who you are.”

I felt the distance between us grow as he moved away a bit. Had I misunderstood him? I carefully opened my eyes and looked into Marco’s beautiful face. He had a big smile on it.
“Stop, Joey. Let them thing whatever they want of us. We know better anyway.”
I wondered. “Tomorrow they’ll just try again to knock me down.”
“Well, we’ll do something about that. “You’re not a loser but they are for sure.”

I’d been bullied quite often but never before had someone threatened to assault me. This was new, frightening.
“Time for the next class … don’t give up. Just wait for me in front of the school tonight, OK? I’ll take you home, trust me.” I smiled cautiously.
“That’s better, Joey. You must do that more often.” I still felt uncomfortable.

He was so nice, but what was going on? This felt so unusual to me, so very unusual. I walked behind him back to the classroom and the next lesson started. Before I knew it, I was acting normally in the classroom, just going through the day.

Why now? Why him … the boy I’d dreamed about for so long? I spent the rest of the day waiting for it to end. If he wasn’t standing there, I would take the chance and wait … or not take the risk and just try to go home as soon as possible.

When I got to my bike he was waiting there. Beautiful as always, a smile on his face.
“Hey, Joey! Luckily we’re done for the week.”
“Yes, the weekend,” I said happily.
Two days to get past! I’ll read a lot of the time … watch TV … play games … and stay out of sight. For me, nothing new … just more of the same.
“You should play more sports, Joey. Get stronger … then those bullies will leave you alone.”No, that’s not for me, sticking around a gym. All those muscles!!! What would I do there?”

“You have to start somewhere. Hasn’t everyone done that at some point?”
I shrugged my shoulders.
“Well, just come over to my place tomorrow. Where do you think I got my muscles from?” He struck a pose and his arm muscles rose in sculpted mounds. Hmmm … yes, I thought … so beautiful. So entranced, I didn’t realize that he had asked a question. Only when my gaze went from his arm to his face did I realise he’d posed his question. My answer had taken too long and I didn’t have time to think about the consequences of my response. “Yes, that’s OK,” I blurted out without thinking.
What did I just agree to? I really couldn’t do this. Being at his home … working out together. My courage faltered. “OK, that’s settled. I’ll call you as soon as I wake up. What’s your number?”

I gave him my number. We arrived at my street.
“This is as far as I go.”
“Fine … I’ll see you tomorrow. I’ll give you the address when I call you.” “See you tomorrow!”
He turned towards his house. I watched him until he’d walked two blocks further. Shit! Now what?
When I got home, things soon returned to normal … eating dinner … Friday evening chores … and then bed. I didn’t have much time to think about Saturday. I would deal with all of that tomorrow. First I needed to sleep.

His house was big, very big. I knew there were a few mansions of that size around that area but I did not know Marco lived in one. He let me in with a big smile on his face. “You’re here … good. Can we start right away?”
Before I knew it, I was in his bedroom … a nice big room with a computer, music system and a desk to work on. A mix of posters decorated the walls. Some pictured athletes, some beautiful girls, and some music groups. Nothing special actually. He closed the door behind me and sat down on the bed. I didn’t know what to do until he patted the spot next to him on the bed. Hesitantly I sat next to him.

I looked around the room but stopped when his warm hand came to rest on my face again.
“We’ll have more time for that later, Come here.” Before I knew it, our lips touched each other, his tongue penetrated between my lips. I resisted for a moment, but the taste of his lips and the softness of his tongue quickly made my resistance disappear. What followed was a passionate kiss … our tongues danced together to unheard music and he became acquainted with every intimate corner of my mouth. So it could happen … it was happening … not that I expected it. At that moment I felt my cock jump in arousal. At the same time, I needed to breathe.

I was afraid I was dreaming … that this was not happening … so I tried to suppress the need for air as long as possible. Unfortunately, I felt him slowly pull back. We keken elkaar aan. We looked at each other. I saw his hand slowly moving towards my pants. The touch caused an involuntary reaction … a deep intake of air … and a rush of feelings that went through my body. His other hand had caught my hand and he brought it against his crotch. I felt the warmth before I touched it. There was something special in my dreams … his delicious love pole. Was it really that hard and big?

He’d let go of my hand and pushed against me with his other hand. He wanted me to stand up. I responded to his hands … stood up … and turned towards him. His hands quickly went to my pants, began to loosen the knots, and then they quickly dropped to the floor. I tried to look at him, but his eyes were now focused on my cock. My feelings were all over the place but physically they expressed themselves in a stiffness that I knew I could be proud of. He rubbed gently over my briefs. I could not control myself any more. My basic instincts needed to be unleashed. My dream boy understood that and pushed the edge of my briefs over my dick. With a jump it looked for freedom. I heard him moan a deep sigh. His hands came closer … and even closer … and then touchdown! My cock became even harder, if that was possible. It welcomed his muscular fingers, which slowly began to stroke the skin of my shaft. Up and down, up and down, up and down.
My knees began to wobble. I knew that this could not last much longer. A second hand had now also found its way to my balls, where juices, I felt, were slowly reaching the boiling point. I laid my hands on his shoulders. He looked up, smiling when he saw my face. He kept looking as he slowly brought me to a height. My cum was ready … ready to show that it was meant for him … and then it squirted, one, two, three, four, five times. It never wanted to end. I really needed to rest myself against him. Energy drained from my body and, at the same time, I felt immense pleasure and pure ecstasy.
I never thought it could be that way and now it had happened with him. The last drops of cum dribbled out and I half hung on him … Marco, my dream boy. My head rested on his shoulders. I felt his breath on my neck. I felt him kissing me gently … not once but several times. I was exhausted, sweat coating my body from the exertion. He kissed me on my neck and licked the nectar of sweat from my skin.
Slowly I began to breathe normally again. I pushed myself backwards a little, a slight smile on my face. I looked at him, knowing that it was my turn now. My hands moved slowly down. Apparently he understood what I wanted. I saw a smile creep onto his lips as he spoke quietly. “Not necessary,” he whispered. He blushed … and I knew … wow, he had cum without being touched!

I was amazed. I’d done that to him … me, Joey … who everyone thought of as a mere boy … and a loser. A sense of comfort, of joy washed over me. Was it possible … or ….

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Chapter 4