Ok, so you want to know something about me. Well let me see. I am 44 years old and live in the Netherlands. If you think where that is you better take another look as you might be surprised where it is. And yea it is a country as well. I am about 1 meter 76 cm, I weigh around 75kg (hmm I wish more like 80 at the moment).  I have brown hair.

In my spare time I love to read. Mostly fantasy and science fiction books. Mysteries are not to bad either. You have to think about writers like Grisham, Tolkien, David Eddings and a lot more of them.

I am not sure if the reading got me into writing as well. You probebly found the stories I have written as well so you know I do write. Mostly gay erotic stories. The theme’s are mostly involving some kind of humiliation. Mostly of guy’s in their underwear. Yea I love underwear, especially briefs etc.

And when I write I like to listen to music. Music like The corrs, u2, UB40, Sting, Altan etc.

I like to hike a lot during my holiday’s and have visited in the pasted, canada, norway, new sealand, spain, greece, austria, france, switzerland, germany, sweden, finland

Any questions, just ask.