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chapter 8

  It was a walk of almost 20 minutes to the doctor’s house. I saw that there were some lights on in the house. I saw my bicycle standing at the side of the door. I thought about just taken it and drove away. But I knew that that would mean that Mike would punish […]

chapter 7

  I waited outside the house were the events took place. I was hoping that it wouldn’t take Mike to long before he was coming outside. I really didn’t know what I was getting into. Now that I looked back what I had done that evening I was not sure if I could go on […]

chapter 6

  There we were standing in the middle of the room. I was ashamed of my little stiff dick it was not as hard as it was before but still hard enough. Mike was quite openly looking at my dick and Brian and the other boy was also stealing a glimpse. ‘Ok boys we will […]

chapter 5

 I woke up that morning with a hard one, that was no wonder because I started to remember that I had had a dream in which Francis and my brother had been part of. More and more the details of the dream came back. In my dream my brother came towards me after the doctor’s […]

chapter 4

  During Wednesday and Thursday I didn’t got a chance to talk to Francis. We saw each other in the hallway but that was all. On Thursday afternoon around normal practice time the doctor was coming around. He would use a part of the girl’s lockers as his office and I had to set down […]

chapter 3

  While I hurried to go back to the lockers I so nobody looking but I felt very happy in a strange way. I loved what had happened. Sucking that beautiful guy made my day. Hopefully nobody would notice that I was gone for 15 minutes or so. I went back to the hall first […]

chapter 2

  I was almost finished with dinner when Dad and David came home. They went upstairs to chance and when I put everything on the table they came back downstairs. “That smells nice,” David said. “Well, I knew you would be quite hungry after such a hard day of competition David”. When I turned my head […]

Chapter 1

  I looked around the lockers still not sure what I was doing there. My father called from his office and said that I could better wait here until the matches were to begin. I slowly walked into his office. I would rather have stayed in the lockers waiting until the guys would have come […]