days on the beach – 9

On the trip back to Sean’s apartment, Jason found himself feeling very conflicted.  Yes, as usual, he was nearly naked as he sat in the passenger seat and Mark drove.  All he had on was the mesh jockstrap that he had on at the beach earlier.  After as much humiliation as he had been through, though, he didn’t give much thought to his nudity.  He had just experienced something that was beyond all of the humiliation and was beyond any sexual experience he ever had.  The whole scene with Alex was sensual and he felt himself longing to do more with the sexy lifegaurd. However, this idea was not turning him on at the moment.  Rather, it was making him nervous and his heart beating 1000 miles a minute.

Mark grabbed Jason’s crotch through the mesh material as they drove on.The rough grabbing brought Jason out of his thoughts.  Also, he wasn’t used to being touched by Mark or Joe (who he figured were straight and just abusing him).

“Why are you so soft?”  Mark asked, massaging the limp dick in the mesh material.  “Aren’t you having a good time?”

Jason didn’t answer at first.  The silence gave much more of an answer than he intended it to.

Mark laughed.  “Yeah, I thought you would get used to it,” he said.  “I even thought you would start to like it.”

“I’m not a fag,” Jason said softly, under his breath.  In spite of this, though, he cock was beginning to get hard in Mark’s hand.  It was stretching out rather quickly.

“I never said you were,” Mark said.  “But you will be.  And you’re going to love what we’re going to do tonight.”

“What are we going to do?” Jason asked.  He was dreading the answer mostly, but part of him was really wanting to know.  Mark took his hand off his crotch and he felt some disappointment.  Still, his cock was at full mast and stretching the fabric of his jock.

“You’ll see,” was all Mark would say.


2.  Sean and Kyle’s Day

When Mark took Jason to the beach, Joe got the other two slave boys into his car.  He made both of them sit in the back.  “Sit close together, too,” he instructed.  They did so.  “Put your arms around each other.” They did.

Joe smiled as he started driving.  He was really enjoying everything that was going on.  This had all been exciting from the day Kyle iniated it, but it was so much better when they had turned on Kyle and then added Jason into the mix.

No one really knew this, but Jason used to bully Joe when they were younger.  It had gone on for years and since Jason was much bigger than him, there wasn’t much that Joe could really do about it.  When he told teachers what was going on, thy never did anything.  He found out later that teachers think it’s good for people to be bullied.  One of the reasons that he had wanted to use Jason when this experiment started was because Jason had used to call him a fag and told people that Joe sucked cock.  It was fun to be using him like this.

But as much as Joe hated Jason, it wasn’t the main reason he had wanted to do this in the first place.  Joe really was gay and he had the major hots for Mark.  In fact, he felt like he was seriously in love with Mark.  He knew if he ever said anything, Mark would beat the crap out of him, though.  Still, it was Mark who had the original idea of turning against Kyle and it didn’t take much for him to go ahead and say yes. There wasn’t much Joe wouldn’t do to make Mark happy.

Looking up in the rearview mirror, Joe was happy to see that Kyle and Sean were holding each other very close.  He took a look down at their crotches and noticed that they were definitely hard.  He smiled.  He loved what they were doing to them.  Kyle and Sean had wanted each other for so long, but they just needed some pushing together.  Joe figured  that was why Kyle set up this whole humiliation thing for them to begin with.  He wanted to have some fun with Sean.

“Start making out,” he instructed.  There was rarely any resistance from the two boys.  He knew why.  It’s because they wanted each other so much.  He didn’t feel so bad about making them do what they already wanted.

So the two boys, clad only in skimpy thongs that barely concealed their long and hard cocks, started making out and feeling each other up.  It was hot and Joe found himself getting very hot himself.  The whole time, he started thinking about Mark and how he wished he could be doing that with his friend.  His own cock (which he always felt bad about being smaller than all of the slave boys they had) was getting hard in his boxers.  He knew he had to distract himself before they got out of the car.

Once they got to Sean’s apartment, everything happened as it normally did.  All hard and almost naked, Kyle and Sean were made to walk through the whole parking lot and then into the apartment.  There were a few people staring at them, but it wasn’t a big deal anymore.  It happened often enough that they were used to it.  Still, it felt nice when they had the door shut behind them.

“Okay,” Joe said, turning to face the boys, “we have a lot to do to get ready for this party tonight.”

Sean looked nervous, but it seemed like he wanted to say something.  Joe nodded at him, so he spoke.  “What is going to happen at this party?”

Joe laughed.  “Oh, don’t worry, there will be plenty for you boys to do,” he replied.  “Mostly, though, it’s going to be to humiliate Jason and not you.  So, don’t fret too much.”

Sean and Kyle relaxed just a little.  But their dicks stayed hard and that was starting to get Mark pretty hot.  He moved his leg a bit to try and hide his dick getting hard.

“What are you going to do to him?”  Sean asked.  He didn’t care too much, really, but was just curious.  The whole experience had been making him so horny and he had learned to pretty much just enjoy it while he could. Even with the public humiliation, it was kinda hot.

“Oh, let’s just say that after tonight, he’s NEVER going to call anyone a fag ever again,” Joe laughed.  “But let’s have some fun here, too.  I am going to go get myself a snack.  I want you two to be naked and laying on Sean’s bed when I get back.  You should be jacking each others cocks, but not enough to make anything serious happen.  You better not cum and you had better still be jacking once I get in the room.  Get to it.”

After this instruction, Sean and Kyle went into the bedroom and quickly stripped out of their thongs.  Their hard cocks bobbed in the air and it felt good that they were released.  Sean quickly got on the bed, but Kyle hesitated at first.

“Come on!” Sean urged.  “We have to be jacking by the time he gets back.”

Kyle was obviously thinking about something.  He shook his head.  “Joe always takes a while to get his food,” he said.  “We have some time.” Still, Kyle sat on the bed.  He grabbed Sean’s hand in his and caressed it.  Sean smiled.  Secretly, they had let feelings for each other develop.  They hadn’t said anything nor expressed it in front of Mark and Joe, though.  Leaning forward, they kissed each other solidly on the lip.  Sean tried to slip his tongue into Kyle’s mouth, but Kyle pulled away.  Sean felt frustrated.

“What’s wrong?”  he asked.

Kyle shook his head.  “Nothing,” he said.  “In fact, I think I know a way we can switch this game back into our favor.”

“It never was in my favor,” Sean said sullenly.  “It was in yours.”

“I am sorry,” Kyle said.  He kissed Sean again.  THen he reached down and grabbed Sean’s thick cock in his hand.  Squeezing it, he forced another strong sigh from Sean’s lip.  He muffled that sigh with a deep kiss.  “Do you regret what has happened?”

Sean shook his head.  “I am happy to be with you,” he admitted.  “ButI would like all of this public and slave crap to end, though.”

“I think I know how we can do it,” Kyle said.  “For us and for Jason.”

“Oh, I don’t care about Jason,” Sean said.  “He’s always been a bit of a dick anyways.”  He then eached over and grabbed Kyle’s cock.  They began jacking each other and kissing.  It felt good so they kept doing it, kissing in between talking.

“Yeah, I know,” Kyle said.  “He used to call me a fag and beat up on me.

He never touched you, though.”

“Because I am about the same size as him,” Sean said. “You know how bullies are, they only pick on people they know they can beat up.”  He realized he kinda insulted Kyle and then tried to cover it up.  “But anyhow, what do you want to do?”

“Well, I figure we just have to turn the tables,” Kyle said.  “Mark and Joe have blackmail on us, so we’ll have to get some on them.”

Sean moaned deeply as Kyle twisted his fist around his hard cock and squeezed it hard.  They kissed each other deeply with lots of tongue.

“What are you going to do?”  Sean asked.

“Well, the key is Joe,” Kyle whispered.  He then took his other hand and started fondling Sean’s balls.  The way he looks at us, I know he wants us.  So, all we have to do is get him involved and then tape him the way they did to us.”

Sean looked doubtful.  “How are we supposed to do that?”  he asked.

“It’ll be easy,” Kyle said.  “I told you he wants us.  He was getting all hard in the car.  So he’s horny.  It’s not too hard to get a horny guy to do whatever you want.”

“I guess we’re proof of that,” Sean laughed.  For emphasis, he started jacking Kyle’s cock really fast.  He knew Kyle’s spots and knew how to bring him to the edge.  Within moments, Kyle was brought to the brink and panic filled his eyes.

“Sean, stop!” he said and Sean did.  Sean laughed as he watched Kyle start to settle down.  Once he did, Joe still had not come back into the room.  So, Kyle got up off the bed and started to prepare some things.

Joe wanted to take his time getting his snack.  He knew the longer he took the closer the two boys would be to cumming.  One thing he really loved was to watch other guys doing their best not to cum.  It really turned him on big time.  Once he had waited a good 20 minutes, he finally went into the room. As he has expected, the two boys were lying on the bed, jacking each others cocks and squirming.  He had peaked in earlier and saw the two of the kissing too.  It had only been for a second, but he thought it was really hot.  He really liked hot kissing.

“Having fun, boys?”  he asked as he came in.  He sat down in the lounge chair that gave him the best view of the bed.  “Don’t stop on my accord.”

Sean and Kyle had no intention of stopping.  They continued to jack and fondle each other.  They wanted to kiss too, but they were careful not to do it just yet.  They knew how hot it made Joe, so they wanted to make surethey did everything right.

“So how about I let you know a little bit about what’s going to go on at the party?” Joe asked as he sat there.  “Like I said, there will be stuff for you to do, but it won’t be focused on you.  I figure it’s about time for Jason to truly come out of the closet as a true fag.  Better that he does it in front of a bunch of his best friends.  In fact, I think it’s best that he does it in front of every guy who played on every sports team with him in high school.”

Kyle raised his hand to ask a question.  Joe aknowledged him so he could talk.  “Um, so what are Sean and I going to do?” he asked.  “We won’t have to blow him or anything in front of all of those people?”

Joe laughed. “Nope, not at all,”  he said.  “Basically you guys will be serving drinks.  You’ll be wearing your thongs and waiting on everyone. You won’t be doing anything to out you.  Don’t worry.”  He sat back further into his chair.  He was starting to enjoy what was going on and that was exactly what Kyle was counting on.

When Kyle noticed that Joe was getting hard and trying to hide it, that was when he decided to do what he knew would really turn the boy on. Slowly leaning over, he started lightly kissing Sean.  The other boy kissed back and as he did, Kyle looke over and saw some surprise on Joe’s face.  But it was pleasant surprise and that was good.  There was no objections on Joe’s part to what they were doing.

Taking his other hand, Kyle began running his hands up and down Sean’s naked and hard body.  Sean took the hint and started to do the same. They kept jacking each other, even though both of them had started to get really close.  They knew they had to do their best to not cum, though. It would ruin what they had planned.

As they continued making out and jacking and feeling each other, Kyle kept his eye on Joe.  The boy was getting hotter and hotter watching the action on the bed.  After a while, he stopped hiding his hardon and that was what Kyle had been waiting for.  The moment he did, Kyle broke away from Sean and stood up from the bed.

“What are you doing?” Joe asked, the horniness very evident in his voice.  “I didn’t tell you to get up yet.”

Ignoring what Joe was saying, Kyle dropped down in front of Joe. Reaching forward, he grabbed Joe’s crotch and started kneading the hard cock through his baggy jeas.  Joe’s eyes grew wide and he knew he should stop, but he didn’t at first.  No one had ever touched his cock before in his life and he liked the feeling way too much.  When Kyle knew he had Joe where he wanted him, he reached up and slowly unzipped Joe’s jeans. The boy started breathing very heavy.  Kyle pulled the jeans down slowly, revealing a pair of boxers that were being seriously stretched out by his hard cock.  Kyle grabbed the hard cock through the boxers and began to pull on it.  Joe looked like he was going to faint dead away.

After some slow stroking, Kyle then pulled the boxers down. Joe’s cock was about six inches long and it popped out of the boxers.  It was hard and dripping.  Kyle continued to stroke it, making Joe’s eyes cross.

Sean got out of the bed and he came over and he pulled the jeans and the boxers off of Joe’s legs.  The boy put up no resistance.  Then Sean pulled his shirt off so he was naked.  Kyle’s hand on Joe’s cock had the boy in total control.  However, since this was his first time, Kyle knew it might not last very long.  Therefore, he went ahead and pulled Joe up from the chair.  He and Sean led the boy over to the bed and laid him down.  Kyle never took his hand off of the cock.  Joe was hypnotized.

Laying on his back, Kyle went down and put his face close to the cock. He brought his tongue close to it.  Then he looked up at Joe.  “Want me to lick it?”  he asked.

Slowly and dumbly, Joe nodded.

Slowly, Kyle brought his tongue close to the cock.  A long stream of precum revealed Joe’s horniness.  Kyle licked the bottom of the cock all the way to the tip.  Once he got to the top, he took the head into his mouth and start to suck it slowly.  Joe began to sigh with each movement.  His balls began to tightenup and Kyle knew it wouldn’t take long.  He had to get Joe exactly where he wanted him.

Sean began licking Joe’s nipples, getting them hard.  They wanted Joe to be as horny as they possibly could get him.  Kyle began to fondle Joe’s balls as he sucked his cock.  Then, he slowly took his hand down and began to tease Joe’s ass a bit.  As he sucked, he slowly began to insert his finger into Joe to see what would happen.  He tried to move slowly to keep there from being any pain at all.  Joe, however, started moaning and squirming and then tried to get Kyle to insert the finger even faster.

Sean noticed this.  He reached up and kissed Joe on the lips.  Joe didn’t resist.  He knew he should, but he couldn’t.  Everything felt really good.  And if you had sex slaves, they should be made to make you feel good right?  he told himself.

“You like that?”  Sean asked Joe.  Joe nodded.  “What do you want todo?”

Joe didn’t respond.

“Are you close to cumming?”  Sean asked.  Joe nodded again.

“You want to cum?”

Joe nodded.

“Tell us what you want,” Sean asked.

Joe said nothing.

“Tell us or you don’t get to cum,” Sean said.

Joe was surprised to hear his slave telling him that.  If he wanted to cum, then they would make him cum.  That was all there was to it.  he was about to say something, but before he could, Sean reached forward and kissed Joe with a lot of tongue.  He buried his tongue in Joe’s mouth. Then he pulled off, Joe was frustrated and wanted him to keep kissing him.

“Tell us.”

Joe shook his head.  He knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t do it.  He couldn’t admit it to the slaves.

Kyle stopped sucking Joe off and just held his cock really tightly.  He then began finger fucking Joe with the inserted finger.  Joe’s eyes crossed again and he was begging to cum.  With every finger stroke, Kyle gave Joe’s cock a nice squeeze.  He was able to keep the boy very close to the edge but not let him cum.

“Tell us,” Sean insisted.

Joe kept shaking his head, but he knew he was losing his control on this situation.  The finger kept fucking him and the squeezing of his cock kept him one stroke away from coming.  He was losing all his resolve when Sean asked again,

“Tell us!:

“Fuck me, please!”  Joe found himself yelling against his will.  The moment he did, Kyle gave his cock one stroke and a spurt of cum shot out of his dick.  After waiting a second, Kyle gave another stroke and another shot of cum came out.  He did this a few times before vigorously stroking the cock, milking it of all of its cum.  It took a while and soon joe was literally covered in his own cum.  It was like nothing any of them had ever seen.

“Wow, that’s a lot of cum!”  Sean said.  He looked at Joe and smiled.  “I wonder if you can do it again.”

Joe tried to compose himself.  He was covered in cum, so it wasn;t easy. He looked around.  “Get me my clothes,” he ordered Sean.  All Sean did was laugh.  “Stop lauging at me and do what I say.”

“You won’t be giving any orders anymore, hot boy,” Kyle said.  He let go of the spent cock and stood up.  Going over to Sean’s computer, he turned the monitor on.  Joe’s jaw fell open when he realized that Kyle and Sean had recorded everything on their webcam.

“What the hell,,,” he began but was cut off.

“Things are going to be a little different from here on out,” Sean said.

“And to start with.get on your knees, Joe,” Kyle said.  “Sean and I haven’t came yet.”

Joe didn’t move.

“Well, if you don’t, I think Mark would love to see this video.”

That was all it took.  Joe got out of the bed, and dropped down to his knees.  Sean and Kyle approached him from either side.  He was prepared for whatever was coming.

“Suck as both off, at the same time,” Kyle instructed.  Joe reached up and took a cock in each hand.  There was no secret that he really was enjoying this as he just recently spent cock started getting hard already.


days on the beach – 8

It was still rather early on Memorial Day when Sara had made Jason humiliate himself in front of a crowd of people.  The sun hadn’t yet
reached its pinacle in the sky.  After the show was over, and the audience had dispersed, Jason was allowed to put his jockstrap back on.
As was usual with this sessions, once the humiliation was over, the boys were allowed to lay on the blanket while Mark and Joe went to entertain themselves in other ways.  They were left with full instructions not to do anything until their masters returned.  Once in a while, a stray person walking on the beach would come by and say something to the three nearly nude boys on the blanket.  This was usually answered only by a blush by all three of them.

Once lunchtime had arrived, Joe and Mark returned from their swim in the water.  They dried off and asked their three slaves how they were doing. As was per their instructions, they all said they were doing well and it was left at that.

“Good,” Mark said.  “Since today’s a holiday, we are going to do things a little different than before.”

“We think that with everything you boys have gone through, you deserve to have a little Memorial Day party later tonight,” Joe added.  “But first, we do have some things to do throughout the day.”

None of the three boys laying on the blanket liked the sound of a party. Although Joe and Mark would try to make it seem like it was to their benefit, it was more than likely just another way to embarrass them. Each of them exchanged nervous glances, confirming that they were all three thinking of the same thing.  This was going to get a lot worse before the night was over.

“So, after we have lunch, we’re actually going to split you boys up,”
Mark continued.  “I am going to take Jason here to the local swimming pool.  I think there’s a lot of people there who would appreciate seeing such a yummy hunk like him.”

“And I am going to take Sean and Kyle back to Sean’s apartment,” Joe said.  “We have some things to do to get ready for the party tonight.”

The look that appeared on Sean’s face said a lot more than he intended for it to tell.  It was obvious to him that this party was going to be held at his apartment.  Of all of the things that were happening, this was one of the ideas that he hated the most.  Whenever he was forced to do anything that would either get him in trouble with the police, or possibly his landlord, it seemed to him like too many lines were being crossed. On the other hand, if he were not to comply, there were no telling what the consequences would hold.  There was really no choice but to let their tormentors do absolutely whatever they wanted to.

Mark seemed to read Sean’s facial expressions perfectly.  He smiled and nodded his head.  “Yup, I think you clearly understand exactly what’s going on, Sean,” the boy stated.  “Only I don’t think you suspect that it’s going to be half as bad as it already is.”

Sean sighed and simply looked down.  He knew there was really nothing that he could do in this instance.

“Okay,” Mark said.  “Time to get ready to go.  Joe will drop Jason and I off at the pool and then it’s off to your place for fun, Seanie boy.”

“Fun, indeed,” Sean thought.

1.  Jason’s day at the pool.

Mark and Jason were let out of the car as they arrived at the swimming pool.  In the car, Jason was forced to change out of the jockstrap and into an actualy bikini.  It was a small relief, however, as the bikini was way too small and didn’t cover much.  While they rode along, Sean and Kyle were instructed to fondle Jason to keep his cock as hard as they could.  The two of them took turns, rubbing and caresing the hard on through the fabric, keeping it stiff.  After a while of this, they were giving the dick such a workout that wet precum stains were beginning to form on the pouch.

As the car drove away, Mark and Jason made their way into the shower room.  Mark was fully clothed, so this made Jason stand out even more than was usual.  He was clad in only an extremely tight, red bikini brief which didn’t do a good job at all hiding his cock.  Luckily, Mark let him keep the small scrap of clothing on, however, as the boy showered.  After they had both gotten themselves cleaned off, they headed into the swimming pool area.

Being the first big holiday weekend of the spring/summer, it went without saying that the pool was really crowded.  A lot of eyes turned to the two young men as they made their way into the crowd.  Most of them were staring at the young stud in the red bikini, with an obvious body part straining to be released from them, and not really the other wearing long shorts where nothing could be seen.

“So, what are we going to do?” Jason asked, scared to know what the answer to this question could be.  “Just swim?”

“We’ll play some of it by ear,” Mark informed him.  “First, tell me if anyone you know is here.”

Jason looked around and to his chagrin realized that there were indeed some people he recognized.  Some guys from the varsity football team he played on were hanging out and some were swimming.  A few girls from the cheerleading team were there, including a few that he had done a couple of times.  Reluctantly, he nodded at Mark.

“Good, well here’s what I want you to do,” Mark instructed.  “You see that lifegaurd over there?”  He pointed and Jason followed his gaze.

The lifegaurd was a pretty close friend of Jason’s.  In the past years, Jason had actually been a volunteer lifegaurd at one of the other pools in town.  Originally, when they had come to this pool, he had felt relieved that it wasn’t some place he had worked before.  But upon seeing Alex as one of the lifegaurds was just as bad.  Jason slowly nodded.

Mark somehow caught on the implications of the situation.  A smile spread its way across his lips.  “Someone you know, huh?” he asked.

“A little,” Jason admitted, knowing that the admission would probably only make everything worse than it already was.

“Good, that’ll make it a lot more fun,” Mark giggled.  “I want you to go over and lean on the lifegaurd stand.  When he looks down at you, you are to adjust your cock so he can see you doing it.  If he wants to talk to you, then talk to him.  But, as long as he talks to you, keep absently rubbing your cock through the bikini.  Even if he tells you to stop, keep doing it.  Then, I will be standing across the pool from you.  I will wave at you when I want you to stop.  As soon as you see my wave, you are to jump into the water.  You’re a good diver, right?”

Jason nodded.

“Good,” Mark said.  “Now get to it.”

Mark then made his way to the other side of the swimming pool.  With some trepidation, Jason walked slowly over to where Alex was sitting.  He had never thought about it before, but he realized then what a stud Alex had to be.  He stood about 6 foot one, and was very toned.  His hair was dirty blonde and he had a very light sprinkle of this blonde hair on his chest.  For a split second, Jason found himself wondering what his pubes looked like.  Shaking himself out of that line of thinking, he finally reached the lifegaurd station.  Alex’s hot, tanned body was not very far away from him.  Knowing it wasn’t really a proper thing for him to do, he leaned against the station.

Alex immediately looked down.  “Hey, don’t lean against-” he began, but then saw who it was.  “Jason?”

“Hey!” Jason said, in mock surprise.  “Alex, what are you doing here?”

“Working, obviously,” came the reply.  The intrusion by leaning was forgotten.  “I haven’t seen you in a long time.  What’s up?”

“Oh,” Jason started, searching for some sort of excuse, “I just decided to come and get a little sun, you know.  Maybe go for a swim or something.”

Alex laughed.  “Well, it looks like you came to show off or something,” he said.  “Could you possibly wear a skimpier outfit?”

Although the initial reaction to this was a blush, Jason also felt that his cock was starting to stiffen.  Looking across the pool, he noticed
that Mark was standing on the other side watching.  A bit of  impatience shown on the younger boy’s face.  This reminded Jason that he was supposed to carress himself while Alex watched.  Slowly, and he hoped subtley, Jason lowered his hand down to his crotch.  With his index finger, he slowly traced the outline of his hard cock.  He tried as hard as he could to make it seem as absent minded as possible.  Alex’s gaze seem to catch him doing it for a moment, but there was no immediate reaction.

“Oh, you know me,” Jason finally replied.  “I like to give all the chicks a good show.”

“Looks like it,” Alex said, his eyes still following Jason’s hand as it only caused his cock to continue to lengthen.  The lifegaurd gulped
slightly.  It seemed like it was a bit hard for him to get his eyes off of his friend’s crotch.  Alex shifted in his seat, and looked back at

A quick glance over at Mark showed he was doing good.  Jason also noticed that Mark was talking to three little boys, all of whom were periodically glancing over at them.  The kids couldn’t be any older than 12 years old.  Jason didn’t know what Mark was up to, but sincerely hoped that it wasn’t going to be anything sick.

“What are you up to later tonight?” Jason asked Alex, not sure what to really say.  He couldn’t keep his fingers away from his growing shaft and it appeared that Alex couldn’t keep his eyes away from it either.  The silence between them was making him feel rather uncomfortable, though.

“Huh?” Alex asked, momentarily pulling his eyes away.  Once he realized what was being said, he tried to compose himself and smiled.  “Oh, nothing big, you know.  I figured since it was Memorial Day that I should just go out and party, you know.  There’s a lot of hot parties going on tonight.  You going to any?”

“Yeah,” Jason admitted.  “I have one being planned especially for me, actually.”  There was no way that he was going to say anything more about that one.

“Sounds cool,” Alex said, letting his gaze shift back down to Jason’s crotch.  Still, the lifegaurd didn’t say anything about what the boy was doing.  It had gone beyond the point of him just being nice to his friend, though.  It was obvious that Alex was getting rather turned on by the situation.  Jason couldn’t deny that he was starting to feel very horny himself.  Looking down again, his cock was betraying him once more.  It was getting so hard, that it was threatening to push past the flimsy waistband of the bikini.  A bit of alarm began to fill his mind.

With a quick look over at Mark, he saw that the boy was simply standing there watching.  Jason gave him an exasperated look, hoping he would be getting his sign by now.  Mark only shrugged his shoulders and smiled. The three boys that he had been talking to were gone at that point, but Jason wasn’t really worried about that.

Turning back to Alex, the lifegaurd was still staring and practically drooling over the scene.  Jason had never figured him for a fag, but he knew that it didn’t matter at this point.  He himself had done so much over the past few days that he knew he was in no position to say anything bad about what anyone else was doing.  This was especially true because having Alex look at him like that was only serving to turn him on even more than ever.

“So… you dating anyone right now?” Jason stammered, trying to find something else to talk about.  It sounded lame, he knew, but there wasn’t anything that could be done about that.

Absentmindedly, Alex shook his head.  A little bead of sweat appeared on the lifegaurd’s forehead and trickled down his cheek.  From the vantage point, Jason was able to look up and see what Alex was trying to hide. His own cock was getting hard and tenting his shorts.  He had tried moving his legs together to cover it, but it was to no avail.  It even appeared that he wasn’t giving any thought to being seen.

Rightly so, because Jason looked around again and saw that most of the people in the pool were looking at him.  He felt himself turn deep red again.  Looking down, he saw that his cockhead had inched itself up and was pushing on the waistband.  It only needed to grow another half inch and it would break free of its tight prison.  Frantically, Jason again looked over at Mark, hoping for some sort of reprieve.

Mark, looked over at something or somebody, and then turned back to Jason.  Seeming satisfied, he gave Jason the sign that he could dive into the water.  A flood of relief washed over Jason and he turned to look at Alex again.

“Hey, man, I think I am gonna go for a swim,” Jason said.  “It was really cool seeing you again.”

“Hmmm?” Alex asked, and then realized what he was doing.  Jason’s cock had pushed open the seal of the bikini waistband, and since he was sitting higher, he was able to see a little of the cockhead as it tried to make its way out.  For the first time, it dawned on him that he was staring and hard, so Alex snapped out of it.

“Oh, yeah,” the lifegaurd said.  “You have fun.  I am actually getting off… or my shift is over in a few minutes anyhow.  Have a fun swim.
I’ll see you later.”

Jason didn’t want to make any more small talk. In a rush to cover himself, he dove headfirst into the water.  It wasn’t very deep, but he
was a very experienced diver.  In a split second, he was concealed by the clean water of the swimming pool.  For the first time in the whole day, Jason felt concealed.

“You two grab his arms,” an unfamiliar voice said.

Turning around, Jason saw the three boys that Mark had been talking to a few minutes before.  Before he realized what was going on, two of the boys from behind grabbed his arms and were holding him still.  The other boy was in front of him and had a wicked smile on his face.  Mark had put them up to something, and it couldn’t be good.

Hoping that his friend Alex could get him out of this, Jason turned to look at the lifegaurd station.  Mark had quickly made his way over,
though, and was talking to him.  There was no way to do this discreetly and keep from getting in trouble.

The third boy took a breath and he dove underwater.  It only took a minute for Jason to figure out what was going on.  In spite of his
flailing legs, the third boy made for Jason’s bikini.  Struggle as he might, there was not a whole lot that could be done  The boy but his
thumbs into the waistband and quickly pulled the bikini down to Jason’s ankle.  The hard cock was set free and it continued to throb in the cold water.  Jason tried to keep the boy from getting the bikini off of his ankles, but it was no use.  The boy got the bikini and Jason was naked in the water.

Surfacing, the third boy held the red bikini in the air as if it were a trophy.  The splashing had gained some unwanted attention, however.  A lot of folk were looking over at the situation, mostly thinknig it was just some boys rough housing.  Still, they kept watching.

The two boys let him go.  The three of them together made it to the ladder and climbed out before Jason could do much of anything.  He was an awesome swimmer, but that didn’t do him a whole lot of good at that point.  He was also naked, embarrassed and shocked by what had happened.

“Don’t worry,” he told himself.  “Just ask Alex for some help and he’ll get you a towel or something.  Screw it if Mark gets pissed.  All the kid is going to do is punish you anyhow.”

It semed like a good idea, but it was hopeless.  Alex was no where to be seen.  Standing over by the pool at the lifegaurd station was Mark and he had a smile on his face.

“Well, Jason, I think that it’s probably time for us to get going,” Mark said.  “I think you should get out of the pool.”

“I can’t!” Jason protested.  “Too many people are watching me.”

Mark just shook his head.  “I can’t believe you’re still resisting,” he said.  “I have to hand it to you, you’re hard to break.”  Then, in a
quieter voice.  “You’re going to get out of that water and walk back into the shower room, naked, with me.  Your lifegaurd friend, Alex is taking a shower.  So, you’re going to go up behind him and surprise him.  Then, you’re both going to make out and you’re going to give him a blowjob in the shower.”

“No way!” Jason said, knowing it was stupid.  He was positive Mark could come up with a way worse fate if the boy wanted to.

“Or, if you don’t, I am going to get a couple of those gay guys over there watching you to meet us in the showers and they’ll fuck your ass,” Mark threatened.  “What do you think of that?”

Despite all of the weird feelings he had been getting, including the slight attraction for guys that he was not ready to admit to, Jason had no desire at all to be fucked.  With a deep breath, he knew he had to get out of the pool and do as he was told.  He figured it wouldn’t be as bad if he just didn’t watch anyone as he did it.

Swimming up to the ladder, aware of all the eyes on him, Jason started to climb up out of the pool.  Once he was out, his ass and cock were displayed for the whole pool to see.  Most of them had seen what had happened with the three boys, so they knew why Jason was naked.  What caused everyone to laugh, though, was the hard and dripping cock that none of them had expected to see.

“Good boy,” Mark said.

The two boys walked back to the shower room.  A bunch of guys and girls were hooting and whistling at Jason.  As he entered the room, he heard a lot of them applauding him.  The whole time, his cock remained as hard as ever.

Once in the shower room, Mark instructed Jason over to the showers.  He then stood back to watch what was about to happen.

Jason slowly approachd Alex from behind.  The sexy lifegaurd was naked too, and soaping himself up.  For the first time in his life, Jason looked at another man’s butt and found himself admiring it.  The alarms went off in his head, but he had no choice but to ignore them.  With all that had gone on in the past few days, they really didn’t mean much.

Alex seemed completely unaware of what was going on.  He continued lathering himself.  Suds careened down his body, covering his hips and ass with themselves.  Jason felt his cock twitch and move on its own.  He couldn’t believe that this was turning him on so much.

Deciding it was now or never, Jason took his body and pressed up against Alex.  They were about the same height, so it was easy for him to get his arms around the lifegaurd.  Alex jumped a little at first, confirming the fact that he hadn’t known Jason was behind him.  However, with a quick glance around, he saw who it was holding him.  A smile crossed Alex’s face.  He grabbed Jason’s hands and held onto them as they held onto him.  Pulling Jason closer to his backside, he felt Jason’s cock up against him.  A slight moaned escaped Alex’s lips.

Turning in Jason’s arms, Alex met his embrace.  In spite of himself, Jason pulled Alex close to him and their lips met.  They kissed each
other deeply. Their hands began to explore each other, feeling every inch of each other.  It was highly erotic for Jason, who had not felt
something like this since the humiliation had begun for him that weekend.  It felt good to have a little tenderness.

“Oh, Jason,” Alex said into his ear.  “I had no idea you were gay, but man how i have wanted you.”

Jason didn’t know how to react.  He made out with Alex a while longer before realizing that he did have an assignment to complete.  Also, he knew it had to be done before anyone else made their way into the room.

Without a returned word, Jason dropped down to his knees in front of Alex.  The lifegaurd knew what was coming and a smile came to his lips. He put his hands behind his head and stood there.

Alex’s cock was almost as nice as Jason’s.  It wasn’t as long as his, but it was thicker.  It was even thicker than Sean’s, and that boy had a thick dick.  About 7 inches long, he didn’t even want to guess how much it measured around. It was hard, hot and only an inch or so from his mouth.

Jason took the cock into his mouth and began sucking on it.  Alex seemed to not care where they were and he began moaning.  It turned Jason on even more.  The showers were on and they were both being sprayed with warm water.  The shower room was pretty steamed up, making it hard to see much except for the hot boy in front of him.  But even if it wasn’t, Jason doubted he would notice anything else.  He was transfixed on the thick cock in front of him, eager to suck it and get it off.

He paid a lot of close attention to Alex’s cock.  Unlike he had been with Sean and Kyle, he found himself wanted to make Alex feel good in the situation.  The lifegaurd had closed his eyes and moved his hands over to Jason’s shoulders.  Jason licked around the head of the cock, and then decided to lick the entire length of the shaft.  He found that he enjoyed  the feeling of his tongue covering the ample cock.  Alex, of course, liked it took, and he kept moaning.

As soon as Jason took the cock back into his mouth, Alex began to pump his hips a little bit.  He was gentle with it, and Jason appreciated it. He was not yet an expert at sucking cock (and didn’t realize he had used the word ‘yet’) but thought he was doing a good job.

Getting a little braver, Jason reached down and started fondling Alex’s balls.  He then took his hand and brought it up to the shaft and started jacking the part that his mouth could not cover.  Alex’s breath then became deep and ragged and it was clear that something was about to happen.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” Alex said, much louder than he should have.  Jason didn’t care, though.  He found he wanted to make Alex cum.  He felt he needed to make the boy shoot all over the place.  But what he found strangest of all was the fact that although he KNEW Alex was going to cum, he didn’t pull his mouth of his cock.  Mark had not ordered him to let Alex cum in his mouth, but Jason found that he wanted it to happen.

He kept jacking and sucking and soon he felt the load from the lifegaurd’s cock start shooting into his mouth.  At first, the taste
caught him a bit offgaurd, but he didn’t care.  He continued to suck and jack, until he was able to milk every last drop of fluid from the spent dick.  Jason swallowed every single drop.

Afterwards, Alex pulled Jason to his feet.  The two met and started kissing.  It felt good at first.

Jason then realized what was happening.  He broke the kiss and looked at Alex with a shock.  The lifegaurd seemed confused.  Without thinking, Jason broke away and started to leave.

“Jason, what’s wrong?” Alex asked, a bit of apprehension in his voice. “Are you okay?”

“Um, I gotta go,” Jason said.  He turned and ran out of the shower room. He was at the point, as well, where he didn’t care if anyone saw him. All he wanted was to find Mark so they could get out of the place.

“Jason?” Alex called after him.

Days on the beach chapter 9

days on the beach -7

Memorial Day morning came pretty much like Memorial Day comes every year. The sun came up, birds sang… you know, same old shit.

Jason was the first of the three naked boys to wake up in the morning. After his experience of the night before, he was retied to the bed. This time he was on his back, however. The first sunlight of the morning met his eyes, forcing them open. There was a moment of peacefulness that came before he realized where he was. Then, after looking around, Jason remembered everything that had happened to him over the past few days.

Sean and Kyle were both sleeping on either side of him. Unlike Jason, neither of them were tied down, though. None of the boys were afforded a blanket with which to cover up. To keep warm, they were both cuddled up against Jason’s body. At first, he felt okay with it, though that did not last very long. After all of the abuse he had been suffering, it was not all unpleasant to have a little bit of affection as well.

Looking at his limbs, he was handcufed, spread eagled to the bed. The memories from the previous night reentered his consciousness. In spit of everything that he was feeling, Jason’s cock began to get hard again. This first filled with with a modicum of alarm, but that faded quickly as well. His exposure over the past couple of days was absolute in his mind and he could not see how it could get any worse.

As if in a an answer to his question, the door opened and Mark and Joe walked in. They were already showered and dressed. Although no surprise, the fact that they were in shorts and tank tops revealed to Jason what he was in store for today. It seemed like yet another trip to the beach was imminent.

“Look at him,” Joe laughed. “After all we have put him through and he’s still throwing a rod.”

Mark laughed too. “Well, we were right,” he agreed. “The boy is really loving this. You’ll make a great fag, Jason.”

“I ain’t no fag,” Jason insisted.

“Oh really?” Mark asked. “You’re lying there naked, with a hard cock and two naked homos hugging on your body. If that doesn’t make you gay, I don’t know what will.”

Jason was still adamant not to give in. With a deep breath, he looked away from his tormentors. “I still have a girlfriend, jackass,” he said.

“You really think she is going to touch you again after Josh tells her what happened yesterday?” Mark asked. “Once you turn over to men, girls aren’t too likely to want to take you back.”

“I haven’t ‘turned over to men,'” Jason stated. “And even if she won’t stay with me, there are tons of girls who want me. Hell, I can have all the pussy I want. I’ll salvage my reputation. You’ll see.”

Both of the boys laughed. Their laughter caused Kyle and Sean to start to stir. Looking groggy and unsure of what was going on, they didn’t move very much.

“Great,”Joe said, as he noticed them waking up. “It’s 7 o’clock in the morning. It’s about time you two fags were getting up. We’ve got a busy day today.”

Sean and Kyle didn’t say anything. They were both beyond arguing. Like Jason, they hadn’t really admitted to their captors that they were enjoying their punishment. Unlike Jason, they had both already admitted it to themselves. And Mark and Joe knew this as well. It was the original reason why they knew they had to go get a tougher mark. It wasn’t as fun to torture those who were prone to enjoy the torment. It would be much better to get under the skin of someone who honestly did not want to be treated in the fashion that Mark and Joe were treating them.

“The handcuff keys are on the nightstand,” Joe instructed Sean. “You two unlock are ‘straight’ boy and get ready to go to the beach. We have some fun planned for you all today. Your outfits are laid out in the bathroom. You have 15 minutes to be out by the car. If you’re late, there will be hell to pay.”

With that, the two boys left the room and closed the door. It only took a few moments for Sean and Kyle to undo Jason. They were both hesitant about it at first. After everything they were forced to do to Jason’s body, they worried that the boy would try some sort of retaliation. He didn’t, however, perhaps realizing how much dirt that Mark and Joe had on him. For the moment he went along with everything.

In the bathroom, they found-not to anyone’s surprise- three pairs of underwear. There was a red mesh jockstrap, a leather jockstrap and a red thong. After a very short discussion, it was decided that Sean and Kyle were to wear the jockstraps and Jason would wear the thong. It was Jason, of course, who decided this. He didn’t say why the thong was his preference, but simply put it on.

Nearly naked (and all three of them hard) the boys made their way out of Sean’s apartment and down to the waiting car. Joe and Mark made a couple ‘whoots’ and whistles at the boys as they came down. Unlike previous days, they were not given tank tops or tee-shirts to wear. Their erections were obvious and their butts almost completely bare. They were all relieved when they were sitting in the back seat of the car, ready to go.

Since none of the boys had eaten breakfast, Joe and Mark decided to treat them to some fast food. They remarked that they were doing this because of how well behaved the three slave boys had been. They weren’t too fond of fast food, but all three of them were hungry and just wanted something to eat.

Mark and Joe decided to pull through the drive thru. While they were ordering, Jason, Sean and Kyle tried to cover themselves up. It was bad enough they were exposed as they were, but they also did not want to be seen by the workers in the drive thru window.

Mark put a stop to this, ordering their hands to their sides. At the window, a young man looked in the backseat and froze when he saw the three boys with hardons pressing against their practically non existent coverings. he stared too long and realized this as he blushed deep red.

Mark and Joe laughed.

“See anything you like?” Joe asked.

“Oh, I am sorry,” the worker, whose name tag identified him as Terry, replied. “I’ll just get your food for you.”

“Wait a moment,” Joe insisted and the boy did. “Why don’t you come join us down at the beach for some fun? You seem like you might enjoy it.”

Terry blushed again. He stammered for a moment, trying to think of a way to redeem himself or at least get out of the situation. The best he could come up with was, “Well I don’t get off work until the afternoon.

And then, I only like to go to the swimming pool. I can’t swim in the Ocean.”

“Oh, do you go to the Bayside Swimming Pool?” Joe asked and got a nod from Terry. “Well, I’ll make you a deal. Go there today and we’ll bring our boys over and give you a show. Whaddya say?”

“It’s Memorial Day,” Terry said, reminding them. “It’s going to bereally busy at the pool. Do you guys want to expose yourself like that to so many people?”

His question was aimed at the boys in the back of the car. Joe waved them off, however. “These guys don’t have any say in the matter. They do what they’re told.” Joe paused as Terry handed them their food and their drinks. All three boys in the back placed the cold drinks between their legs, hoping the coldness of the cups would relieve the hardons straining the fabric of their underwear.

“Oh?” Terry asked, confused.

“Yeah,” Joe confirmed. “In fact, which one do you like best?”

After a moment of pure embarrasment, Terry pointed at Jason. “The one in the thong,” he stated. This got laughs from both Joe and Mark.

“I’ll make you a deal, then,”Joe offered. “You show up at the pool around 3PM and I’ll let you see him without the thong. What do you think?”

Terry readily agreed. “I’ll be there!” He said.

“Great,” Joe said. “Look forward to it.” With that, he put the car back in gear and drove off

When the five of them arrived at the beach, they made their way over to the usual spot. Generally a more desserted part of the beach, the recent shows put on by Jason, Kyle and Sean seemed to be bringing in the crowds. Lots more guys than usual were set up in the area. When they noticed the three scantily clad boys, led by their masters, making their ways down the beach, there was some hoots, hollers and even some applause. Jason, Kyle and Sean all blushed, but knew there was little that they could do about it.

After the blankets were set up, Joe and Mark sat down and let the three slaves sit on another blanket. The rules were as usualy, they were not allowed to cover themselves up at all. Also, they had to keep sitting on the blanket unless they were instructed to do something else. This was fine for all three of them, as the underwear they were wearing was not enough to cover much and at least their butts were covered by sitting down.

There was some attention given to them, but not a whole lot. For an hour or so, Joe and Mark swam for a while, played volleyball with some other guys and all around enjoyed their day at the beach.

Sean, Kyle and Jason simply sat alone, awaiting whatever humiliation the boys had in store for them on this day. It was a much longer wait than usual, however. The waiting eventually caused all three of the boys to eventually go soft.

Soon enough, Joe and Mark made it back to the blankets. Joe picked up his cell phone and made a phone call. None of the boys were able to tell who he was calling, but knew it couldn’t be good. The most that could make out was that whomever it was, they were being invited down to the beach. They said they would be hanging out with Jason and that was how the person would be able to spot them.

Once Joe was done, the two tormentors sat down on the blanket and looked at their slaves. “We’re going to do something just a little different today,” Mark told them. “But don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as you think it is.”

“Right,” Joe agreed. “This is going to be easy. Jason, you’re going to play with Sean’s and Kyle’s cocks. But you won’t be taking their jocks off. Just sort of knead their crotches and make them feel good.”

Jason shook his head. “There’s no fucking way I am going to do that.”

“Oh really?” Mark asked, shooting a smile at Joe.

“It’s different doing this shit indoors, but I am NOT going to make myself look like a fag out here on the beach,” Jason insisted. “No motherfucking way.”

“Sorry you feel that way, Jason,” Joe said. “He then looked over at Sean and Kyle. “You two; grab him and hold him down.”

They didn’t need to be told twice. Kyle and Sean eached grabbed Jason by one shoulder and armed and forced him down to the ground. He was still able to control his legs for a moment. That didn’t last long, however, as Joe grabbed them and held them still. That left Mark as the only one that wasn’t holding onto some part of Jason.

“Well, since you argued with us, the stakes just got a little higher,” Mark said. “Now, you’re going to do what we said, whether you want to or not. Only now, you’re going to do it naked.”

Mark got down on his knees in front of Jason and put his hands on either side of the straight boy’s hips. He laced his fingers underneath the string of the thong. At first, he simply ran his fingers through the waistband. He did this, his hands barely brushing over Jason’s cock. It didn’t take long for the boy’s 9 inch cock to grow to full mast and stretch the hell out of the red thong. ONce it was at full attention, Mark slowly started to peel it off. In a short moment, the hard cock was free. It stood straight up in the air and was bobbing in the wind.

The guys on the beach finally saw that something was starting to happen. They had not been sure whether or not they were going to get their show today. As soon as one of them saw Mark strippig Jason naked, he called out to the group and soon a lot of gay men began to surround the blankets. Jason was getting so turned on that precum began to drip from his cock and glistened his shaft.

Pulling the thong all the way down, Joe released one of Jason’s feet at a time. It only took a minute and he was lying on the ground, completely buck naked and with a massive, throbbing hardon.

“Now,” Mark whispered to Jason, “you can either do exactly what we said for you to do, or you can walk home naked. of course, by the time you get there, your dad will be watching all of the videos we made of you, so he might not even let you in. I am sure that if you show up at the house naked, it will be all the confirmation he needed to kick your sorry ass out of the house. So what’ll it be?”

Knowing they had him, Jason stopped struggling. There was obviously no way he was going to win in this situation. He simply nodded, indicating that he would do as he was told.

All the boys let go of Jason. Sean and Kyle then lay down on the blanket. The whole spectacle had turned them on immensely and they were totally boned up again. Naked Jason-also still hard-turned over and got down on his knees. This exposed his butt to the entire crowd. All of the men cheered.

Putting his hands on both of their fabric covered cocks, Jason did the best he could to play with them. It was not very easy, though. Kyle’s cock was easier to manipulate, as it was only covered by a mesh

jockstrap. Sean’s, however, was in the leather one, straining to be released from the strap. Jason was dreading what he suspected would be the inevitable freeing of both hard cocks from their prisons.

“Jack them off!” some guy in the crowd yelled and it of course caused Jason to blush. Having his rear end exposed to a bunch of men was just as bad. He couldn’t believe how red his body was turning. He could feel the blush spreading throughout his body.

“They promised it would be over quickly,” Jason thought to himself.

“Just play, and it will be over soon. They promised…”

“Holy shit, Jason,” a familiar and very feminine voice said. It caused him to freeze, still holding both hard cocks in his hands.

“Sara?” he asked, turning his head around. Sure enough, Jason’s girlfriend Sara was standing right behind him within the throng of gay men.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked, walking over to her boyfriend.

“I…uh… um,” Jason began, trying to make any excuse that he could think of. Immediately, he released both Sean’s and Kyle’s cocks. He, however, did not turn his body around to see Sara.

Sara turned over and looked at Joe and Mark. “Thanks for calling me, Joe,” she said. “I didn’t believe you at first, but I sure do now.” She looked back at Jason. “I can’t believe you’re cheating on me with two guys! You fucking pervert!”

Jason was flustered beyond belief. He wasn’t sure how to get himself out of this predicament. Looking over at Joe and Mark, he wanted to accuse them, but didn’t. A stern look from both of the boys caused hi to keep his mouth shut. Instead of replying, he simply turned his head back around.

“Turn around when I am talking to you!” Sara demanded.

“I can’t,” Jason said, still looking down.

“You fucking turn around or I am never talking to you again!” She yelled at him. A lot of the guys in the crowd started laughing. Jason wanted to get up and beat the shit out of them. he knew he couldn’t, however, He knew he did not have a choice but to do what he was told. Unfortunately, being told what to do only got his cock harder and harder. he turned around, sitting down on his butt with his hard cock sticking straight up in the air.

The men in the crowd, of course, cheered, but Sara only looked at her boyfriend with scorn. She closed her eyes and shook her head in disbelief.

“You fucking asshole,” she accused. “You’ve been dating me this whole time and it turns out you’re fucking gay! Do you know how humiliating that is?”

“I’m not gay!” Jason protested. The crowd of men simply laughed at him. “I’m not gay, Sara! I swear!”

“You lying sack of shit!” She yelled. “I never want to see you again!”

Sara was about to walk away when Joe stopped her. The two of them had been good friends for a while. It was really the only reason that Mark and Joe knew Jason personally. Taking her to the side, he whispered something into her ear. Both of them looked at Jason for a moment, while Sara seemed to be thinking something over.

“You think so?” she asked Joe and he nodded.

“I think it’s the best way for you to redeem yourself here,” he stated.

Another thoughtful moment passed over her face, and then Sara agreed with Joe. Without another word, she walked over and sat down on the blanket next to Jason.

“Lay over my lap,” she told him.

“What?” Jason asked, “I’m not doing that!”

“I am going to take it out of your ass, in front of all these people for how you humiliated me,” Sara demanded. “Now lay over my lap.”

Jason refused yet again, but that got him nowhere. A quick glance at Sean and Kyle from Joe, and the two boys grabed Jason by the arms and legs. Pretty soon, he was spread over her lap, with his hard cock in her lap. Both of the boys were holding him down, so no matter how hard he struggled, his ass was totally exposed.

Taking her hand, Sara started spanking Jason on the ass. At first it wasn’t so bad, but after the first 20 smacks, his ass started to burn. He stopped struggling to get free and instead just started taking the blows.

“You fucking asshole,” Sara accused as she continued to work over her boyfriend’s butt. “Fucking lying and cheating on me! Making me date you and you fucked me while you were a fucking faggot the whole time!”

Sara kept slapping Jason’s ass. The crowd was loving it, cheering and laughing and enjoying the whole spectacle. Jason was counting the blows until he realized that Sara was not going to stop anytime soon. Stil being held down, some tears started streaming down his face. His ass was hurting bad and he was sure it was going to be dark red by the time this was over. In addition to the physical hurt was the verbal assault that Sara was laying on him. With each smack on his bare behind, she called him a liar, a faggot, a fucking homo… any other barrage of insults she think of. It didn’t take very long until Jason was audibly crying, tears streaming down his face.

“You call yourself a fucking man,” Sara accused, as she kept beating his ass. “Yet here you are, sobbing while a girl is spanking your ass. You’re nothing but a lowly faggot… you make me sick!”

With that, Sara took Jason and threw him off of her lap. He rolled over on his back onto the sand. This time, he made no attempt to cover himself. He was lying naked in the sand, throwing a massive hardon that was red and totally dripping with precum. In spite of himself, the big alpha male personality that Jason had exuded his whole life was shattered. He was crying his eyes out, blushing, ashamed of everything that was happening to him. in spite of it all, his cock remained hard.

Sara, surprising everyone, then said, “Well, just don’t lay there like a knot on a log. Jack that cock off. Obviously this crap turns you on, so you might as well get off.”

Jason looked over at his girlfriend, stifling a sob. His eyes were confused.

Sara simply nodded at him.

Jason didn’t need any further provocation. He immediately grabbed his swollen cock and started pumping it hard in front of the whole audience. His pride was gone and he didn’t care anymore who was watching him. The spanking had taken it’s toll on him, but he figured that at least he could get a little relief out of it.

It didn’t take much stroking before he started to shoot. his balls tightened and everyone noticed it. As his hand glided up and down the slippery shaft, Jason started shooting his load up and all over his naked body. He cried out when it happened, overcome like never before over the power and intensity of the orgasm. His body, his face and even his hair was showered with cum.

When he was done, he simply lay in the sand, naked and spent. Sara got up and walked over to him. Pissed off, she kicked sand onto Jason, almost walked away, and then reached down, grabbed his cock in her hands and squeezed it so hard that some more cum spurted out. She then slapped the

cock, causing the hard shaft to bob in the air once again.   Then she walked away.

Jason doubled over, but the pain wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Sara pulled the kick and didn’t get much impact. But, inspite of the pain in his dick and ass… Jason remained as hard as a rock. He once again started crying, wondering what was in store for him. And secretly started to realize that he was enjoying it. Without realizing it, he grabbed his cock and started to pump it a little again.

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days on the beach -8

Days at the beach – 6

Joe and Mark began to feel like they had a little too much of a good
thing. When Sean and Kyle had been their only slaves, it had been a lot
of fun. Adding Jason in made the humiliation so much better. The only
issue seemed to be that the focus on Jason may have been taking away from
the other two.

“What do you think we should really do?” Joe asked. “I don’t feel like
really giving up on the two of them.”

“I agree,” Mark said. “But there’s so much we can do with Jason. it’s
easy to tell that we’re breaking him down. It’s more fun that Sean and
Kyle have been. I mean, we already knew they were fags.”

“Well, what do you suggest, then?”

“We should just keep doing what we have been doing,” Mark suggested. “We
can humiliate all three guys at once. The more public things we do, if
we get in trouble,it’ll be Sean’s and Kyle’s asses on the line. Not

“Sounds good,” Joe agreed. “So what should we do to our little hetero
brat next?”

“Oh, I have a few ideas,” Mark said. “In fact, I believe our boys are
waiting for us in the bedroom.”

Joe laughed. The two of them got up and walked into the other room.
Opening the door introduced them both to a very funny scene.

Jason was tied down, spread eagled and face down on the bed. He had a
gag in his mouth. His red ass was uncovered and vunerable. The opening
of the door caught his attention and he looked around and saw his
tormentors come in. Sean and Kyle were both wearing tight blue thongs.
Their cocks were hard and stretching the fabric. The two of them were
busy massaging and feeling up Jason’s body. After the episode at the
beach, the boys felt their straight boy should get a little pleasure in
return for that he had given the two other slave boys earlier.

“Untie him,” Joe ordered. Sean and Kyle complied really quickly and
untied Jason’s bonds. Then, the two of them turned around and awaited
further orders. Jason, however, stayed on his stomach.

“What’s a matter, straight boy?” Mark asked with a laugh. “Turn over on
your stomach. Let us get a look at your cock.”

Jason shook his head no. His face and body was beet red with

With a quick look and a nod, Kyle and Sean knew what their orders were.
Both of them grabbed onto each side of Jason and started to turn him
over. He resisted just a little bit at first, but the two boys were
enough to overpower him. Them flipped the naked straight boy over onto
his back.

What they saw caused Joe and Mark to laugh out loud. Not only was Jason
rock hard, his cock was throbbing. With ever beat of his heart, the rod
bobbed up and down. The shaft was slick with precum, going all the way
down to his balls. A string of cum attatched his cock to his belly
button. Closer inspection revealed a glistening sheen of cum over his

“Looks like our boy is kinda turned on,” Joe said.

“Good deal,” Mark agreed. “How about you two fags? Are you having fun
with Jason?”

Sean and Kyle readily agreed that they were. While the focus was still
on on Jason, they awaited any further orders. To everyone’s surprise,
Joe went over the the video camera and turned it off.

“Well, we are going to have a lot of fun tonight,” Joe announced. “After
your little workout at the beach, we both feel you deserve a night of
just hanging out. The four of us are going to head towards the mall.”

“So, get up and get dressed,” Mark instructed. “You’ll find your outfits
sitting over there on the dresser. Sean and Kyle, you get dressed
first. Jason… you stay there naked. Once the two fags are dressed,
they’re going to dress you too.”

While Jason lay naked with a throbbing and bobbing hardon, Sean and Kyle
put on their outfits. Once they were dressed, they both stood awkwardly
and embarrassed. Joe and Mark had their laughs. The two of them kept
their thongs on, and covered them only with sweat pants. then, to make
them look like rejects from the 80’s, they were both wearing half
shirts. Sean’s was gray and Kyle’s was black. Their cocks continued to
put major dents into their pants, while their flat bellies were
completely uncovered.

Dressing Jason was a lot more fun. They put a mesh jockstrap on him, and
made sure his hard cock was laying up against his belly. Then, they
dressed him in a pair of really tight jeans. They then fit him with a
skin tight shirt with no sleeves. It hugged every inch of his torso,
leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. In big letters on the
front of the shirt was the saying “I Like My Cock.” Afterwards, they
primped his hair up nice, applied a lot of gel, and finished the look off
with a viser.

“Well, he sure looks like a fag now, doesn’t he?” Joe laughed.

“Sure does,” Mark agreed. “Let’s get him into the car.”

As was before, the three slave boys sat in the back of the car. Jason
was made to sit in the middle to prevent him trying to get away when the
car stopped. Mark was driving and Joe was keeping an eye back on the
spectacle behind them. None of the boys knew what was in store for
them. All three of them had hard cocks, however, created large bulges in
their pants.

After about fifteen minutes of driving, the boys pulled up to the local
mall. Joe and Mark got out first, and then they let the other three out
of the back seat. Once the slave boys knew where they were, Kyle and
Sean groaned, but Jason almost automatically freaked out.

“What the hell are we doing here?” he asked. “I can’t be seen dressed
like a homo here! I have friends who hang out here!”

“Being seen looking like a homo is going to be the least of your
problems,” Joe laughed. “Now get walking or you know what the
consequences will be.”

Resigning himself to his fate, but still visibly nervous, Jason began to
walk with the other boys to the mall entrance. In spite of his fear,
everyone noticed that his cock did not go down at all. It still pressed
hard up against his jeans. Every now and then, either Sean or Kyle would
be ordered to reach over and give the boner a slight caress.

Many boys and girls were giving the small group the strangest stares. It
was Saturday night and the mall was very crowded. This was exactly what
Mark and Joe had been counting on. They had something in mind for poor
Jason that would transform his entire life for good.

Once inside the mall, the boys made their way over to the food court.
Sean and Kyle were made to go and get the food for everyone, while all
the other boys sat at the table. Unsure of exactly what was in store for
them, Kyle and Sean complied. They had been slightly relieved at the
thought that the focus had been taken away from them. They didn’t want
to overthink it though, because they hadn’t been taken totally off the

Things were halfway normal for about 45 minutes. Mark and Joe did make
Kyle and Sean stand up while they ate. That wasn’t so bad, though. Some
people gave them very odd looks, probably also because the two of them
were dressed so alike. The attention wasn’t that bad, though.

“Okay, Jason, time to have a little bit of fun,” Mark announced.

“Yeah, Sean and Kyle, we want you to stand back a little from the table,”
Joe instructed. Both boys complied. Jason began to look a little
relived. He assumed incorrectly that this coming humiliation was going
to all be about them.

“Good,” Mark said, obviously pleased. “I like where this has the
oppurtunity to go.”

Luckily, the two boys had picked an area that was set off to the back
corner of the foodcourt. Although this really did not protect them from
being seen, it was a place that the mall security rarely came to. That
way, whatever horrid thing that Joe and Mark had in mind might embarrass
them, but not get them arrested.

“Here’s how things are going to work this time around,” Joe said. He
turned over to Jason and gave him a big smile. “You’re going to have a
lot of fun now, boy.”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked, alarm coming into his voice for the
first time. He had totally assumed that he was off the hook for the
night. Surely they were not going to make him humiliate himself in the

“Well, here’s what you’re going to do,” Mark instructed. “First, you are
going to unbutton your jeans and halfway unzip them. Don’t worry, it
won’t be enough for anyone to see anymore then the top of your

He was about to say something, but Jason realized that he had better
not. The last thing he wanted was for his father to find out what was
happening. A little exposure of his underwear wasn’t much to ask. He did
as he was told.

“Hot,” Joe remarked with a laugh. “Don’t you think so, boys?”

Both Sean and Kyle nodded.

“Don’t nod,” Mark scolded. “Tell Jason how hot you think he is.”

“You’re very hot, Jason,” Kyle and Sean said. They tried to be slightly
quiet about it. Unfortunately a few people still heard. They turned and
started watching what was happening with interest.

“Now, we’re not going to make any of you expose yourself in the mall,”
Joe said. “So don’t worry if that’s what you were thinking.”

Tha was a breath of relief for all three of the slave boys. They had
been slightly scared that they would have to jack each other off or
expose themselves in some other way.

“But you’re going to pretend like you’re going to do something,” Mark
said. “It’ll just be for a quick moment, though.”

“What?” Jason asked, a sudden look of worry comig to his face. “What is
that supposed to mean?”

“Easy,” Joe clarified. “You’re going to get on your knees in front of
Sean and Kyle.”

“No fucking way!” Jason said, way too loud for his own preferences. This
caught the attention of some more people in the crowd.

“Let me finish and don’t you damn dare interupt again,” Joe said and
Jason immediately shut his mouth. “If you don’t do exactly what we tell
you, I can guarantee you that you will be a lot worse off that you will
be otherwise.”

Mark agreed. “All you’re going to do is get down on your knees in front
of them,” he said. “Then you’ll reach for their crotches. You don’t
have to grab them or anything. Just reach out.”

“What’s the fucking point of that?” Jason asked. He was a slight bit
relieved that there would be no nudity. However, it did seem like they
may be letting him off too easily.

“Nothing, actually,” Joe said. “The only thing we’re trying to do is
make sure you will be doing what you are told.”

“And if you do it, we’ll leave the mall right after,” Mark agreed.

“And once we get home, you’ll get a little bit of a reward,” Joe put in.

Jason still looked a little unsure. He had no reason to trust either one
of the boys. They had changed his life remarkably in the last 24 hours.
Both of them had made their intentions clear. They wanted to turn him
into a fag. Still, he realized that he didn’t have much of a choice. If
he resisted, there was really no telling what might happen to him. With
a deep sigh, he looked over at Sean and Kyle.

“You promise that’s all I have to do and then we’ll go?” Jason asked.

Both Mark and Joe readily agreed. “But you better hurry up and get down
on your knees, Jason,” Mark said. “Our offer is only available for the
next 30 seconds.”

With a rush and a hurry to get out of the mall, Jason quickly got down to
his knees. Once there, he immediately began reaching for Sean’s and
Kyle’s cocks. Right before his hands reached, though, he stopped.

Jason didn’t stop because he was told to, though. Jason stopped when he
heard a voice behind him say, “Jason, what the fuck?”

Still on his knees with his hands outstretched, Jason turned and looked
behind him. His jaw dropped as he saw his best friend standing right
behind him. He was completely frozen with fear.

“Josh, what are you doing here?” Jason asked. He remained on his knees
for two reasons. The first being that he did not really know how to
react to this situation. The second was that he had felt his cock start
to harden in his jockstrap. The long shaft started inching it’s way up
further and further. It was threatening to break free past the waistband
of the jock.

“What the hell are you doing?” Josh asked. “Get the hell up off the
floor or people are going to think you’re a fag.”

Jason did what he was told. He started to stand up. His cock kept
expanding, though. To keep Josh from seeing his obvious arousal, he kept
facing Sean and Kyle.

“Um, nothing,” Jason said, sheepishly. He shot a quick look over at Mark
and Joe, who were laughing their asses off. They really got him good
this time. “I was just hanging out with some guys here.”

“What the hell were you doing on your knees in front of them?”

“He was gonna jack them off!” some guy who was watching the action said.
The crowd burst into laughing.

“No, I wasn’t doing anything,” Jason protested. He searched his mind as
quickly as he could to come up with any sort of lie. The truth could not
be told. If was bad enough that his best friend may have suspected him
for a fag, but it would be worse if Josh knew that two smaller and
younger boys were treating him as their slave. So, Jason simply stood in
place, facing away from Josh. He couldn’t think of aything to say.

“You better not be a fucking homo,” Josh warned. He seemed to be getting
very irritated. “Why the hell won’t you turn around when I am talking to

“Turn around, Jason,” Mark instructed. This got a dirty look from the
older boy, but Jason didn’t say anything. He simply gave up and turned

“What the fuck?” Josh asked. With those words, Jason knew that he
probably lost his best friend. Later on, he may have been able to come up
with some sort of story to explain why he had been on his knees. He
might have said he had been drinking or was stoned. But the one thing
that he couldn’t explain is why his 8 1/2 cock was as hard as a brick.
And not only was it pressing its way to escape from the mesh jockstrap he
was wearing, but the actual head of his dick had found it’s way past the

Jason was about to cover himself up, but an extremely mean look from Mark
made him drop his hands to his side. To the boy’s further dismay, Josh
had noticed this.

“Why the hell do you have a hard on?” Josh asked. “Why the fuck are you
hanging out with these little homos?”

Jason couldn’t say anything. He could normally be very good at lying, but
there was nothing he could think of to explain the current predicament.
Besides, as he stood there, his cock continued to throb and kept trying
to push its way further out from the constraints of the jockstrap.
Despite all of the humiliation and the potential loss of his best friend,
Jason’s cock did nothing but get harder and harder. The more he hung his
head down, the more his dick raised its head.

Josh was at a loss for words as well. Here was the guy he had hung out
with since they were little kids. Jason was not only his best friend,
but he was a total alpha male personality. He had a girlfriend, but he
got with a lot of other girls when he and she had been off… which was
time from time. He played all sorts of sports, he hung out with all the
jocks.. he even changed in the same locker room. Hell, there were quite
a few times when Jason had even seen Josh naked. Josh had no telling
whether or not his best friend had been checking him out the whole time.

Jason was trying to think fast. He knew he had been set up by Mark and
Joe. He was trying to think of the best way for him to get himself out
of this mess without digging himself in deeper. As quickly as his mind
raced, though, his cock seemed to be the organ that was in control. It
throbbed more and stretched higher and higher, coming up to his belly
button. At least two full inches of meat were visible to anyone who was
watching. An a lot of people were watching.

Josh was about to ask another question, but he stopped when he saw what
he considered to be the final straw. A bubble of precum came from the
tip of Jason’s hard cock and then slid down the shaft. There was no way
the boy could deny that this whole sequence was turning him on.

“Sean,” Joe said, motioning over to Jason. A simple look from the boy
told Sean easily what he was to do. Walking over to Jason, he reached
around and put his hand around the boy’s exposed cock. He gave one
squeeze and the resulting moan from Jason’s lips gave away the last hope
of survival the boy had.

Josh was about to turn and walk away. He started to move, but then
looked back at Jason with a terrible look of disappointment. “You better
believe your girlfriend is going to hear about this,” he said. “She’s
never gonna touch your homo ass ever again.”

Josh turned and walked away.

Mark and Joe decided the that boy had suffered enough. They did not let
him tuck his cock back in his jockstrap, but they allowed him to let his
shirt fall over it. It still looked slightly obscene, though, as they
walked their way out of the mall. For the second time that day, Jason
was practically in tears. The two boys had taken him to the ultimate

Back at Sean’s apartment, Joe and Mark took Jason into the bedroom. They
laid him down on the bed, where he sulked. He was visibly upset, cried
for a large part of the way home… but his cock never wilted at all. In
fact, the thing had been throbbing, twitching and was bigger than Jason
had ever seen it before. He couldn’t figure out why his dick was
betraying him the way that it was.

“Well, i think we better give Jason that reward he was asking for,” Mark
said. “I think he;s suffered enough.”

“Sean, get Jason naked,” Joe instructed.

Jason did not resist at all while Sean undressed him. It only took a few
moments before the boy was down to his jockstrap. His cock was still
standing tall, straining against the mesh prison. Once Sean pulled the
jock off, though, the cock was freed and it bobbed in the air. It seemed
like it was begging to be touched.

Sean licked his lips.

Mark laughed. “Jack it for him,” he ordered.

Sean grabbed the big cock and closed his hand around it. Jason had
leaked so much precum that it was easily stroking. Another soft moan
escaped from Jason’s lips. He laid his head back and spread his legs.
Despite all that had happened to him so far, his cock was still in

“Play with his balls,” Joe instructed Kyle. Kyle quickly went over to
Jason and started pulling on the boy’s balls. Jason seemed like he was
in ecstacy having two men faun and fondle over his huge dick. For the
first time in the last day he seemed to forget that these were other men
and he just tried to enjoy himself.

It didn’t take long for Jason to get close to cumming. Once he got
close, his heart started racing and he started thrusting his hips in
Sean’s hands. Joe and Mark knew what was coming, so Joe went and
whispered something into Sean’s ear. Sean nodded in response.

“Time to give Jason his reward, boys,” Mark ordered.

Sean, still working on Jason’s cock, and Kyle took Jason and moved him
over, so he was laying sideways on the bed. The sudden movement
surprised Jason, but the movement on his cock pretty much kept him in
compliance. Kyle scooted Jason over, so that the top half of his body
was leaning off of the bed. After some adjusting, he was sat back in
such a position where his legs were propped up and his cock was pointed
directly at his face.

“Now, don’t make him cum until he begs for it,” Mark said.

“And you better make sure to get a couple shots in his mouth,” Joe added.

Sean kept stroking, but made sure to not let Jason get over the edge.
Every time it seemed like he was about to cum, Sean slowed down and would
stop. If Jason thrust with his hips, Sean would simply move his hips.

“Plead for it, Jason,” Joe said.

Jason shook his head. He was in ecstacy, but he wasn’t about to give
in. He knew he could make himself cum without losing all of his dignity
to the boys.

Mark looked over at Kyle. “Talk dirty to him,” he instructed. “Get him
horny so he begs.

Kyle complied quite easily. “You are a dirty little pervert, jacking off
when you know we’re recording it. risking all of this just so you can
get off you’re a nasty, horny little pervert. you’re a slave not only to
me, but to that hard cock between your legs. You’re a fag, Jason.
You’re a cock sucking, fag and you want to blow your load into your
mouth. You love Sean’s hand on your fuckstick, don’t you? You love how
he keeps pounding and pumping your cock. You want to taste your own
load, don’t you? You are such a perv and you want to blow into your own
mouth. Look at it, you’re ready to blow, aren’t you? you can feel the
cum now. The cum has moved into your shaft already hasn’t it? You don’t
think you could hold back now even if you wanted. Well, you know your
dad will get to see the video of this unless you beg! Tell us you want
to eat your own cum! Hurry, Jason. The cum’s in your tube already!
You’re cock is throbbing and it’s going to blow! Jason, beg for it!”

“Oh my god, feed me my cum!” Jason shouted, not able to hold back

The moment he said it, the cum started shooting out of his cock. Sean
made sure that he kept aiming it correctly. The two first shots got him
right on the face. After a stern look from Mark, Jason opened his mouth
and he got the next three shots right in his mouth and on his lips. He
was moaning louder than he had ever moaned before. He didn’t care who
heard him though. All he knew is that he was feeling awesome.

Sean just kept pumping his cock. It still felt good. Something happened  afterwards that made Jason feel like he had crossed the point of no  return. In simply one day, these fags had made him do some things he  never would have considered. But the next thing he did was not because  of them. He was shocked that he did it, but didn’t really mind.

Jason licked all of the cum off his lips and swallowed. His cock stayed  as hard as a rock.

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Days on the beach – 7

Days at the beach -5

Sean had come to accept his fate rather easily.  There was really no way
for him to get out of it.  Kyle was being more stubborn, but Sean had no
doubts that the younger boy would have to eventually come around.  Sean
himself had been very hesitant when all of this started, but had come to
terms with it.

Joe and Mark, however, were only starting to have fun.  The excitement of
having Sean as the original slave had passed and that was why they added
Kyle to the humiliation.  Whether he wanted to admit it or not, both boys
knew that Kyle was gay.  The way he played with Sean’s cock and the plain
and simple fact that he had set all of this up to beging with was all the
evidence they needed.  So, they were convinced that deep down, Kyle was
enjoying everything as much as Sean had been.

To truly humiliate someone, you have to be able to force them to do
things they wouldn’t enjoy.  To prepare someone to be a real slave, they
had to be blackmailed and forced to down to a further and further level.
Two fags like Sean and Kyle had longed for things of this nature to
happen to them. The torment was something the both of them loved, no
matter how much they refused to admit it.  No, what Mark and Joe needed
was to add someone in that never would have considered doing any of the
things that he would be forced to do.

They needed a straight boy.

The night of the volleyball game was the night that the two boys had sat
around and considered what they next step in the process would be.
Neither of them were really that big or strong.  They relied on pure
blackmail to get Kyle and Sean to do what they were being forced to do.
That was a tried and true plan that would have to come together as it had

Joe and Mark took Kyle and Sean into Sean’s bedroom.  Both boys were
hoping that they wouldn’t be the one to be tied up with the rope.
Needless to say, both of them were disappointed.

“Here’s how this is going to play,” Mark said.  “The two of you are going
to lie together in a 69.  Joe is going to take the rope and tie you
together in the middle and tie your hands behind your backs.  You’ll be
stuck in the 69 for as long as we want you to be.”

Joe continued:  “The rules are the same as they have always been.  Sean
is not allowed to cum.  But to make sure you don’t make him shoot, Kyle,
you will be the one punished if he does.  I think it’s enough incentive
to you that if Sean does shoot, you will have cum all over your face and
in your mouth.”

“Kyle, on the other hand, still has five times to cum,” Mark said.  “So
you guys better get to work.  Oh, and just to make it more fun, Kyle is
going to wear those bikinis we had him wearing at the beach.  We want
them soaking with his cum by the end of the night.”

Sean and Kyle went ahead and laid down on the bed.  Neither of them
really felt much like arguing at that point.  Kyle had his bikini briefs
on, but Sean was still totall naked.  They laid together in the 69
position.  Sean’s cock was right in Kyle’s face.  There was not much he
could do about it, though, as Mark started tying his hands together.
Joe, on the other side, was taking care of Kyle’s hands.  They then put
the rope around their midsections, tying them both together tightly.  The
rope was strong and there was no way that either of the boys were going
to be able to get out of it.

“Have fun, boys!” Joe laughed as the two of them left the room.  They
closed the door and went off to do their planning.

Sean went straight to work on Kyle’s pouch.  he was breathing heavy
through the mesh and licking and sucking for all his was worth.  He had
about 90 minutes to be able to get Kyle off five times.  Whatever
punishment lay in store for him otherwise was more than a motivating

It took Kyle a little while, but he relaxed a little bit and started
moaning.  Sean’s cock was hard and dripping cum all over Kyle’s face and
the younger boy did not like that at all.  Even though it was probably
because of his overflowing lust, Kyle would never admit that was why he
took Sean’s cock in his mouth and started sucking.  He kept telling
himself over and over that it would be better to get all of the leaking
cum into his mouth instead of on his face.  Still, he did like the
feeling of having a hot shaft sliding in and out of his mouth.  It was
all that it took to get him off the first time.

Sean’s tongue and mouth were working hard on Kyle’s bikini clad cock, and
having his own dick slide into the younger boy’s wet and slippery mouth
was enough to make him go a little wild.  Both boys enjoyed it and soon,
Kyle was shooting off into his briefs.  It was another large load of cum
which drenched the bikinis.  The feeling was so intense that it set Kyle
on fire and he started really going to town on Sean’s cock.  He sucked it
hard.  His inexperience with cock sucking took over when Sean’s dick slid
out of his mouth while he was cumming.  Overcome with lust, he started
tonguing the thick shaft.  He had to have the taste of it, he had to try
and get it back in his mouth.

After Kyle was done shooting, he relaxed a little bit.  It was a very
good thing that he had, too.  He had brought Sean closer to cumming than
the boy had been in the past few days.  Sean was right on the edge and
about to erupt.  Kyle stopped just in time and prevented the two of them
from getting punished.

Sean, having had no relief, was still as horny as hell.  Instead of
taking a break, he went right back to work on Kyle’s cock.  The boy’s
dick did not even have a chance of going down.  It didn’t take long
before Sean was moaning once again.  And like before, as soon as he was
worked up, he set to work on Sean’s hard cock again.  It was going to be
a long night.

Meanwhile, Joe and Mark had been discussing what was to be the next step
in their little game.  Trying to decide on how they were going to get a
straight guy into the humiliation play that had been going on.  After
discussing it for a while, the two of them came to an idea.

“What about Jason?” Mark asked.  “He’s pretty hot and he has a thing for
my cousin.  Perhaps there is someway that we can use that to our

“Isn’t Jason’s dad a city councilman?” Joe asked, an idea beginning to
brew in his mind.

“Yeah,” Mark said.  “We could get my cousin to sleep with him and record
it.  Then we could threaten to use it against him unless he does
everything we say.”

Joe laughed.  “I think that’s a great idea,” He agreed.  “Let’s see if it
will work.  How quickly do you think that Jane could do this set up?”

“Jason is so hot for her, we could probably have them fucking sometime
tonight,” Mark guessed.  “I’ll call her and you can go get the camera
from Sean’s room.  If we play this just right, we may be able to get
Jason over here in a few hours.”

“You think the boys are done?” Joe asked.

“Who cares? this is going to be so good if we can get Jason in here.
Let’s just say it’ll be a surprise for Sean and Kyle.”

Mark started making the phone call as Joe went into the bedroom to get
the camera.  Kyle and Sean were still hard at work on each other’s
cocks.  They both stopped when Joe entered the room and looked over at
him with alarm.

“I have to get Kyle off once more,” Sean insisted.  “Don’t I have some
more time?”  He was unable to get a good look at his alarm clock because
of the position he was in.

“Well Mark and I have some things to do,” Joe said.  “We’ll let you guys
relax for just a while.  But first-”

Joe reached between Kyle’s legs and slipped the bikinis off of the boy.
“Since Sean has been tasting your cum all night and he can’t get off for
two more days, I think you should get a taste of cum too.”  With that,
Joe stuffed the cum drenched bikinis into Kyle’s mouth.

“You boys have fun.  Get some sleep.  We’ll be back later with a

Jane had just finished sucking Jason’s cock.  It felt so good when
he came and shot his loads of cum onto her face.  Although Jason enjoyed
cumming, his favorite part of the whole episode was when her tongue
licked up and down on his tight shaft.  His cock was a beautiful eight
inches long.  It was thick, too.  But its best feature was probably how
tight the skin got when he was up.  He had seen other guys hard (in porn
films and such) but a lot of them still has some wrinkles in their
hard-ons.  Not him.  His cock was so tight that it shined.

Jane was still a virgin.  They had only made it to third base.  Only
third base for Jason, that it.  She would not let Jason go down on her.
In fact, Jason had never even seen her naked yet.  He wanted to.  Several
girls would have jumped at the chance to be nude in front of him.  Not
her, though.  For some reason, she wanted to suck his cock desperately
that night but wouldn’t let him do a thing to her.  At first, he had
thought this was very weird.  Doesn’t everyone like to have sexual
attention thrown upon themselves?  After a while, though, you start to
realize that free blowjobs were nothing to complain about.


The sound came right before Jason came.  He turned over and saw two guys
standing at the door with a camera in one’s hand.  He smiled at
Jason.  He was about four strokes away from shooting all over Jane’s
face and that was the point of no return.  Looking at his girl he started
to mouth the word `stop’ but it was to no avail.  Jason’s
hips started bucking, his cock grew tighter and he started spewing boy
cum all over Jane’s face.  To his further horror, the guys kept
taking pictures. Jason wanted to stop him, but he couldn’t.  Every
spurt was recorded on the digital camera.

After he was done cumming, it didn’t stop either.  Jane kept
stroking his cock.  Jason found himself embarrassed but also excited
about being caught by the boys he now recognized as Mark and Joe.
Jason quickly came close to another orgasm and this time he didn’t
notice Mark handcuffing him to the legs of the bed as he was shooting.
Needless to say, cumming makes it rather hard for you to do anything but

Usually, when Jason was done, he liked girls to lick all of the cum off
of his cock and stomach.  He hit my face a few times too, and was hoping
that she would lick that off as well.  She didn’t do either, though.
Standing up, she walked over to the other boys and took the digital
camera out of his hands.  They both turned and smiled at me.

“What the hell is going on, Joe?”  Jason asked, finally coming to terms
with the fact that he was naked, covered in wet cum and his hands were
spread out, handcuffed to the legs of the bed.

Mark patted Janeon the back.  “You know what to do with those, honey,
right?”  He asked.  She nodded, patted him on the back and then walked

Looking at Jason’s disappointment, Joe smiled at him.  “You’re
upset about her not licking your cum up, huh?” he asked, coyly.

Noddding, Jason said “Among other things.”

“Well, I hope you enjoyed that blowjob, because it’s the last sexual
contact you are ever going to have with a girl,” he told Jason.

Jason narrowed his eyebrows.  “What?”

Both boys starting walking over towards Jason.  His cock, which had gone
down, started to rise a little.  He wasn’t sure why.  It didn’t
get hard all the way, though.  It begun snaking up, just a bit.  Jason
took his feet and he spread Jason’s legs far apart.  Then, kneeling,
he placed his hands on his hips, being careful not to touch anything.

“After tonight, Jason, you’re going to be a total cocksucker,” he

“Uh uh,” was all Jason could get out.  “I’m no fag.  That’s just
nasty.”  In spite of his words though, he kept throwing a rod.  Mark
noticed this and smiled.

“When we’re am done with you, you won’t have much of a choice,”
he replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, let’s just say that you’re going to go through a series
of tests,” Mark said.  “By the time you are done, you are going to only
want to be with boys.”  Pausing, he smiled.  “We’re going to turn you
gay.  You’ll never have pussy in your entire life.  All you will want
is cock.”

Jason started to pull on the handcuffs, but that was to no avail.  They
were on pretty tight and the bed was too heavy to lift.   “Let me the
hell out of this!” he yelled.  “I want out and you’re not touching me
ever again!!”

“Well, if you want your dad to see those pictures,” he started to get up
as he spoke.  Walking towards the door, he froze and Jason knew it was
for him to have a chance to speak.  His obvious reply was, “What?”

“You ever wonder why Jane wanted nothing to do with you fucking her?”
he asked.  “Ever wonder why she never let you touch her?  I asked her to
suck you.  I asked her to find out how long it took you to shoot your
load when she sucked you.  Then, we set up this little blowjob to get
those pictures.  Right now she is loading them on the internet.  If for
ANY reason, you fail to do whatever I say, she’ll email them to
everyone in town.  What do you think will happen then?”

“Don’t be upset,” Joe soothed.  He sat down between Jason’s
spread eagled legs.  “The next couple months might be a little hard on
you, but it’s all for the best.  We’re only gonna make you very
happy.  Besides, look down.”

Jason did and was shocked.  His dick had risen to its fullest height.
Jason blushed.

Joe put his hands back on Jason’s hips.  There was cum there and he
rubbed it in.  Jason moaned a little.  Joe smiled.  Very slowly, he
inched his hands up Jason’s sides, every so slightly coming closer
and closer to his throbbing cock.  The closer his hands got, the more the
cock jerked.  A moan escaped his lips as he knew the other boy was about
to touch it.

But he didn’t.  Instead, he encircled the cock with both of his
hands.  Not laying a finger on the bone, he just took his hands and
pretended to jack off the cock.  It made Jason so horny and he even
spurted some precum out.  Joe stopped and reached up to his chest.  With
his hands, he rubbed the cum into Jason’s torso.  It felt so good and
Jason moaned again.

Joe did not look shaken at all, though.  “You’ll love it.”  He and
Mark just got up and walked out of the room.  They left Jason handcuffed
and naked with a raging boner.  He called out their names as they left,
but it did no good.

About twenty minutes later, the boys came back with some shaving tools.
They had three disposable razors, some shears and shaving cream.  Both
boys sat them down beside Jason.  Taking a hot and wet wash cloth, Joe
threw it on Jason’s crotch.  The boy moaned as the hot dampness
provided the only cover on his body.

“Here’s the deal.” Joe said.  “Either you ask me to let you suck
cock, or I will shave yours clean.  And if I get to the end of the shave
and you still haven’t asked, there will be another punishment for
you.  What do you say?”

Jason shook his head.  His pubes were not a big deal to him.  Some guys
lived and died by them, but not Jason.

“Fine,” Joe said and sounded a little irritated.  It was the firs time
in this ordeal that he seemed less than happy.  Jason suppose that should
have frightened him, because the boy was standing over him with 3 razors
and scissors, but Jason was still convinced that he wasn’t going to
be hurt.

Taking the can of shaving gel, he held it over Jason’s crotch and
pushed the button.  The gel came pouring out and generously covered his
entire pubic region.  The moaned yet again as the cold gel fell on his
hot cock.  It felt so good and indescribable.

Then, Mark took his hand and started rubbing the gel in.  It felt so
awesome to have a hand on his dick again.

For a while, the two boys took turns jacking Jason’s cock while it
was covered in the shaving cream.  Every time he came close to cumming,
Jason would moan and the boys would stop.  Then, while Jason was
receding, one of them would shave part of him; either his cock, balls or
pubic area.  Each boy jacked him at least ten times close to orgasm while
he was shaving Jason.  Once they were done, Joe wiped the hairless crotch
off and then covered it  with the wet cloth again.  Then, grabbing the
shaft, he quickly jacked Jason off to a stunning orgasm.  He came through
the cloth and his newly shorn cock was covered with cum.

“Are you guys gonna let me go?” Jason asked.  He assumed that after he
came, everything was going to be over.

Joe laughed.  “Jason, we haven’t even begun,” the boy said.  “Mark
unhandcuff him, but leave the cuffs on his hands.  If you struggle once,
Jane is going to show those pics to everyone.  So you better just get
used to the fact that we’re going to humiliate the living hell out of
you.  Got it?”

Jason wanted to get free and beat the crap out of the two boys, but he
bared down and nodded his head.  If his dad found out about any of this,
he would be thrown out on the streets and he couldn’t let that
happen.  Hoping that the two kids were not going to do much to him, he
resigned himself to his fate.

Sean and Kyle were sleeping in each others arms.  It was hard not to as
the both of them were tied together.  For some reason, there was a light
in the room that woke them up.  Not knowing what was going on, they
slowly woke up and looked around.

“What the hell?” Kyle asked.  With a bit of cooperation, the two of them
managed to sit up and what they saw shocked the hell out of them.

A cot had been brought into the room and was laid out beside the bed.
Handcuffed face down on the cot and gagged was someone that both of the
boy’s knew.

“Is that Jason?” Sean asked and Kyle nodded.

Jason turned and looked at the two boys.  His furrowed his brow in
anger, but was not able to really say or do anything.

The light was coming from a white candle, which had been placed between
Jason’s butt cheeks.  He was instructed to hold the candle tightly or
he would be punished severely.

Sean and Kyle were not sure whether to be scared or relieved.  Now there
was a third person involved in all of this.  What did Joe and Mark have
in mind.


The following morning found Sean and Kyle wakened and tied down to the
bed.  They laid beside each other with their hands and their legs roped
to the tops and bottoms of the bed.  Kyle’s cock had been worn down by
the constant attention, but it achingly began to grow with the excitement
of the new bondage.  Sean’s cock, however, was as hard as ever, leaking
tons and tons of precum.  In fact, during the night, Kyle had probably
swallowed just as much precum as Sean had regular cum.

When Joe and Mark untied Jason, the boys saw that he had his cock and
balls totally shaved.  The candle he had been holding between his cheeks
had melted down all the way, covering his butt in wax.  They made him
stand naked in front of the others.

“This has gone on far enough,” Jason said, with a tremble in his voice.
“Please let me go, guys.”

Joe answered by slapping Jason on his sore ass.  The boy yelped from the
pain.  He definitely had his answer.

“Now get on the bed with the boys,” Mark commanded.

There was just one moment of hesitation before Jason did what he was
told.  In spite of himself,the scene was obviously turning him on.  His
nice, long cock was growing.  It had a nice shape to it, and curved
slightly up.  Both Kyle and Sean found themselves looking the other boy
over.  Jason was taller than all of them; probably standing about 6’3″.
He was toned and lean, at about 180 pounds.  He had short brown hair
which was only on his head with his pubes gone.  Both boys in bed got
huge boners looking at the straight stud.

Almost whimpering, Jason got down on the bed.  It was near impossible for
him to get into any position where he was not in some sort of contact
with the two boys.  Eventually, he was able to get himself down in the
middle of them.

“Three fags on a bed,” Joe laughed.

Mark made sure to shush Jason before he had a chance to deny this.
Humiliated, the boy just sat there.

“So, here’s the itinerary for today,” Joe said  “We’re going to make a
nice trip to the beach.  Kyle is going to wear those bikini briefs he had
in his mouth last night.  Sean will get to wear a thong, and Jason is
going to wear a mesh jockstrap.  We want everyone to be able to see what
a nice job the candle did on his ass.”

“I’ll get arrested!” Jason protested.  This was a big mistake and pissed
both Joe and Mark off.  They both went over to Jason, who realized he
fucked up by speaking.

Mark pushed Jason over so that he was lying face down between the two
tied up boys.  He then held Jason’s hands to prevent him from getting up
and defending himself.  Joe then took his hand and slapped Jason hard on
the ass.  His butt was already sore and the slap caused him to cry out.

“Ow, please stop!” the boy pleaded, tears entering his eyes.  It was
still so much for him to take in everything that had happened to him in
the past ten hours.

“Shut up!” Joe said and slapped his ass again.  Jason seemed to know
better than to say anything in response.  Joe kept slapped the red ass
until Jason was in so much pain and humiliation that the normally tough
straight boy started crying.

“If you ever question our orders again, there is going to be hell to
pay,” Mark threatened.  “And it won’t just be a slap on the ass.  The
very next time you piss either of us off, we’re going to take you down to
the mall.  Then, you’ll jack both Kyle and Sean off at the same time in
front of everyone in the food court.  Got it?”

Jason at first did not say anything.  A hard slap on his butt from Joe
started the tears up again.  He agreed.

“Good, now untie Kyle and Sean and the three of you can get dressed in
the outfits we laid out for you,” Mark said.  “Joe and I are going down
to the car.  All three of you better be out there and in the back seat in
five minutes. If you’re not… you won’t be very happy with what will
happen to you.”

Joe and Mark left the room.  They went outside, laughing.  When
everything had begun, the two of them had been very hesitant to go along
with Kyle’s wild idea.  Now, they regretted ever thinking about backing
out.  The past few weeks had been the most fun parts of either of their

The five minutes passed while the two sat in the front seat of their
car.  Kyle, Sean and Jason all made it out to the car on time.  Kyle and
Sean made no attempts to cover themselves.  The two of them had been
exposed so much already that it wasn’t a big deal.  This was still a new
experience for Jason, however, as the boy had never been nearly naked in
public before.  He kept trying to cover both his front and his back with
his hands, but was not able to sufficiently cover either.  His cock
betrayed him in the exicitement, growing hard and stretching the fabric
of the mesh jockstrap.

When they got in the car, Jason was made to sit in the middle of the two
other boys.  Sean was so horny that his cock was not going down anytime
soon.In spite of the obvious humiliation, Jason’s cock was at full mast,
too.  He tried covering himself each time a car drove by but was caught
doing this by Joe.  Joe instructed both Kyle and Sean to hold one of
Jason’s hands down to keep the boy from covering himself.  They did and
his cock pushed straight up, straining the fabric of the pouch.  A few
cars drove by and girls and guys caught looks at the three almost nude
boys in the backseat.  Sean and Jason’s huge and hard cocks got a lot of
cheers from those who saw it.

Once they arrived at their regular beach spot, there were a little bit
more peope in attendance than usual.  This was more than likely a result
of the previous days volleyball game.  When Joe and Mark led their
entourage of almost nude boys to the blanket, attention started coming
their way.

Jason was obviously very nervous.  He wasn’t aware (as Sean hadn’t been)
that this part of the beach was predominantly gay.  Most gay men weren’t
going to call the cops or try to put a stop to a spectacle of sex and
nudity.  It was the main reason Kyle had originally picked the spot to
begin with.  They wanted to have as much fun with the slave as possible
without themselves getting into any trouble.

Immediately, Joe and Mark made Sean and Kyle lay down on the sand.  Their
arms and legs were kicked apart so they were spread eagled.  Joe had a
bag with him and he took out some ropes and stakes.  It didn’t take long
to plant the stakes in the ground and to have the two boys tied up.
Covering his bare ass with his hands, Jason stood and wondered what was
going to happen to him.

It didn’t take long to find out.  “Okay, the rules are this,” Joe
instructed.  “Jason is going to get his first taste of cock.  And not
just one cock, but two.”

“Originally, we weren’t going to let Sean get off until Monday, but we
decided to go easier on the boy,” Mark continued.  “I think that Jason
needs to taste some cum, so you’re going to get both Kyle and Sean off

“Oh, that’s nasty!” Jason protested, although his cock grew a whole inch
with the thought.  It was his biggest mistake.

Joe walked over to Jason and grabbed him by the hand.  He started
swatting Jason hard on the ass, causing the boy to cry out in pain.  he
couldn’t cover his pouch anymore and his hard dick was jutting out in
front of him.  His crying caught a lot of attention and some men began
taking notice.  By the time Joe was done,Jason was hard as a rock and in

“Just for that, you are going to be punished severely after we leave the
beach tonight,” Joe whispered in Jason’s ear.  “Just remember about what
we said about the mall.  Now get down between Sean and Kyle.  You have a
lot of work to do.”

Still crying, Jason walked over and sat himself down between the two
boys.  He didn’t do anything at first, which was all right.  He was
trying to keep his ass covered.

“Okay,” Mark instructed, “We’ll tell you what to do and then you’ll do
it.  And if you do anything differently than what we say, the consquences
will be MUCH worse.  If you are a good little fag, Joe and I MIGHT
reconsider your mall punishment.”

Jason nodded.

“Okay, first get on your hands and knees,” Mark said.

With only a very slight moment of hesitation, Jason propped himself up on
his hands and knees.  His nice, smooth yet red ass was completely visible
to everyone.  He awaited his next instruction.

“Start by caressing BOTH Sean’s and Kyle’s pouches,” Joe instructed.

Jason put his hands on both cocks, with only thin, mesh fabric seperating
his hands from two boners.  He had never touched another man’s cock
before.  It was an odd and new feeling, but he found that he didn’t mind
it too much.  Without being told to, he started massaging both pouches.

“Good job,” Mark said.  “Now start jacking them both.”

Jason closed his hands around the shafts and started pumping through the
fabrics.  Both Kyle and Sean started moaning and both of the boys closed
their eyes.

A few guys noticed the show and decided to come and watch.  All they saw
was an extremely hot boy in a jockstrap with a very red ass pulling on
the rods of two tied down studs.

Jason soon found himself getting into it. For a while, he forgot about
his audience and his tormentors.  He was jacking the two cocks in
rhythm.  He never realized that he started drooling just a little bit and
licked his lips.

Mark’s words broke him out of his little trance.  “Now, grab the top of
the briefs and pull the pouches down,” he instructed.  “Don’t pull the
underwear down though.  Just release the cocks and hook the pouches under
their balls.”

Jason did that.  He grabbed the waistbands and pulled them down.  Sean
and Kyle’s hard cocks immediately sprung free.  Both boys sighed with
relief as their hard and struggling cocks were finally freed from their
prisons.  He hooked the pouches underneath the balls as ordered.

“Now jack those rods off until your hands are covered with cum,” Joe

Jason grabbed the two cocks and started pumping them.  They were both
slick with precum and his hands easily slid up and down the shafts.

“Get them off fast,” Mark commanded.  Jason started jacking fast, eager
to get the scene over with.  About 7 guys were watching the event and a
few of them even were cheering Jason on.

“Wait, I got a better idea,” Joe said.  “Stop stroking.”

Almost slightly disappointed, Jason did what he was told.  He did,
however, keep his hands around both of the cocks.

“I think it’s time for Jason to get his first taste of cock,” Joe
suggested.  “So, you’re going to suck Sean off while jacking on Kyle’s.”

“I don’t wanna suck cock!” Jason protested and realized too late that it
was a mistake.

“You suck that cock, boy, or we’ll have Sean and Kyle gang bang on your
ass in front of everyone,” Joe said.

Definitely not wanted that (but not totally unsure it was going to
eventually happen anyways), Jason sucked it up and decided he had to do
it.  While still gripping Kyle’s cock, he slowly went down on Sean’s.

The moment his lips touched Sean’s cockhead, it was a feeling like
nothing he had experienced.  The cockhead was soft, yet hard and very
warm at the same time.  Also, the precum tasted salty, although not too

Slowly, Jason began to suck on the cock, more out of curiosity than the
fact he was being forced.  It was an odd sensation and he almost liked
the idea of having something like that in his mouth.  Although he was at
work on Sean’s cock, his other hand still simply held on to Kyle’s. He
didn’t jack the other boy at all at first.

“Start sucking,” Joe ordered.

Taking the cock all the way in was quite a task.  Sean’s cock was as long
as his own, but much thicker.  He grabbed tighter on Kyle’s rod, but
still did nothing to get the boy off.

Jason started going up and down on the baseball bat of a cock of Sean’s.
The boys dick was hard, tight and not about to last long.  Jason tasted
the cum as he was about to pull his mouth off.  Before he could, though,
Joe said, “Don’t you dare.”

there was no way out and he had to just go through it.  Jason started
sucking harder and Sean started moaning.  The cum was at this point
sitting in his shaft, ready to spurt out.  Sean started to breath heavy
and then began cumming hard into Jason’s mouth.  It had been the first
time in over a week since he had shot and he unloaded tons of cum into
Jason’s mouth.  Jason swallowed as much as he could, but he was too
inexperienced to get much.  Cum started pouring out of his mouth and back
all over Sean’s cock and stomach.

In spit of himself, Jason was severely turned on.  He didn’t realize it,
but he started jacking Kyle’s cock at the same time.  Kyle had been close
too because of the constant squeezing Jason was giving him.  After Sean
was done cumming, Kyle started shooting off into the air himself.  he
shot so high that the gathering crowd of men let off a cheer.  Even after
both boys were spent, Jason kept stroking and sucking.  It wasn’t until
Joe told him to stop that he did.

“Okay, now for the fun part,” Mark said.  “Lick the cum off Sean’s balls
and cock and tell him how much you like it.”

Without so much as a split moment passing, Jason started licking Sean’s
cock.  Sean moaned as his dick stayed hard.

“Tell his cock how much you like it’s load,” Joe said.

“I like your load,” Jason said, feeling silly.

“You better put a lot more feeling into it than that, or you know what
will happen,” Mark said.

“MMMM thank you, Sean’s cock,” Jason said, blushing.  “You tasted so

“Now lick his bals,” Joe ordered.  “And tell them how much you enjoy the

Jason did exactly what he was told.  He started licking the cum off of
the low hanging balls.  He liked the taste, and he vocalized that.
“Thank you for the load of cum you fed me,” Jason said, as he licked the
cum of his balls.

Mark and Joe laughed at the humiliation of the straight boy.  It was
fun… but it wasn’t going to be as nearly as fun as what was coming.
Once they were done with Jason, he would not only have the living hell
humiliated out of him, but no girl would ever want to touch him again.

chapter 6

Days at the beach – 4

Days at the Beach Chapter 4

Kyle still had a hard time believing that this had happened to him.  Only 24 hours before he had been running the humiliation show.  Now, he was standing nearly naked on the beach with nothing but a tank top to keep him from baring all.  And now he was going to be expected to play volleyball.

Sean, on the other hand, had other problems.  Unlike Kyle, he was being held under an order to not be able to cum until Monday night.  It had been over a week since he had last shot, so the slightest arousal could be his undoing.

The lucky part of the game was that there were only a few other people on the beach near them. Being that they were all men, there was a possibility that they were all gay.  If this was the case, it would still be embarrasing, but it would likely not result in the police being called.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” Joe said, as they set up to play.  “We’re going to put a little wager on this game.”

Neither Kyle nor Sean liked the sound of that, but they didn’t say a word.  The last thing they needed was to be punished more than they already were.

“Oh, it won’t be so bad,” Mark put in.  “In fact, you might come out of this a little better than you are right now.”

They both doubted that, but still remained silent.  Another small breeze came along and rustled Sean’s cock just a little.  He felt a little swell and he knew he had to control it.

“The good news is if you win, you’ll have a little bit more cover,” Joe continued.  “You’ll take off the tank tops and wear these instead.”  He reached into his deep pockets and pulled out two pairs of bikini briefs.
One was red and the other was orange and they were both made of mesh.  Although they were bikinis, it was still obvious that they were underwear and not shorts.  The only advantage was that they covered more than the tank tops would.

“And if you lose,” Mark went on, “You get to spend the rest of the day naked.”

“Ah, come on guys!” Kyle pleaded.  “This has gone too far now!  Let me get back on your side and just torment Sean!”

Joe and Mark laughed.  Joe took out the ball and prepared to serve. “We’re going to play until 21 points.”  He served without even worrying about replying to Kyle’s comment.

The game was very close. It went back and forth and was pretty evenly matched.  This was pretty impressive as Kyle and Sean tried their best not to expose themselves too much.  It was amazing that they were able to do this and yet remain in the game.

As it progressed, the game did attain its share of attention.  About ten guys eventually migrated close to the net to watch.  A couple girls made their way over too, interested in seeing how the two scantily clad guys
were going to keep themselves covered.  Whether or not Sean or Kyle did good or bad, almost every move got them cheers.

On almost every serve and return, Sean and Kyle had to of course raise their arms up.  Depending on the angle, this would reveal so much of their cocks and balls.  They all got whoops and raves from the audience.
The greatest moment of all came when Sean ran towards the ball and dived towards the ground to return.  He not only missed the ball, but he almost lost his shirt in the process.  His cock was already getting hard from the attention, but he had done a pretty good job of not letting it be seen all the way.  His dive pulled the shirt up to his chest.  His half hard dick skidded into the sand.  The shock of this caused him to turn on
his back to keep from injuring himself.  His dick was then visible to everyone, hard and covered with sand, slapping against his stomach.  This got him a standing ovation from the meager crowd.

Getting up, Sean had quickly pulled his shirt down to cover himself again.  The exposure, though, was quite a turn on and he found himself getting even harder.  The cock started, which had been laying flat on his
stomach, began to press against the shirt in a quite obscene way.  He only tried to adjust it once before getting a stern look from the other boys.

In the end, Sean and Kyle did end up winning by one point.  It was close though and it was Kyle who scored the winning point.  He had been exposed enough and was not quite ready to be totally naked on the beach.

Soon after the crowd went away, Sean and Kyle were presented with their mesh bikini briefs.  Kyle took the red one and Sean wore the orange one. They were made to hand over their shirts, though, so there was still a large degree of exposure.

They both thought they were out of the line of fire when they were allowed to lay down on the blanket, though.  They couldn’t be more than wrong.  Joe and Mark had a lot more torment planned for their two slaves.

Sitting across from them, the two tormentors laid out the plans for the rest of the day.

“We’re going to do things a little different with the two of you today,” Joe said.  “Sean is still not allowed to cum until Monday night.  Kyle, however, we can make cum however many times we want him to.  So, we
decided to completely reverse the situation.”

“Kyle has to get off no less than seven times a day,” Mark laughed.  “And each time it has to be Sean that makes him cum.”

“The first time is going to be right now,” Joe put in.  He looked over at Sean.  “Stroke him through his mesh bikinis.  I want him to cum in his shorts and wear them for the rest of the day at the beach.”

Sean had gotten rather used to this treatment, so it didn’t phase him  much.  At least this time it was not going to be him that was on the exposed end.  That was somewhat of a relief.  Plus, he had really wanted
to get his hands on Kyle’s cock, even if it was only going to be through his underwear.

Without so much as a word, Sean grabbed Kyle’s pouch.  The younger boys cock started getting hard right away.  The head extended and pressed hard against its mesh barrier, stretching the bikinis as far as they could go.  Sean’s hand was solidly grasping the mesh clad cock and he began pumping it for all it was worth.

Kyle tried his best for a long time to not let anyone know he could possibly be enjoying it.  He kept a scowl on his face for as long as he could.  Sean’s hand, however, was a bit more talented than he had counted
on.  After a while, in spite of himself, a small moan escaped Kyle’s lips.

“Haha,” Joe laughed.  “I knew he would like it!  Kyle’s a fag just like Sean!”

No matter how much he was enjoying a handjob, Kyle was not ready to be called names.  Angrily, he looked over at the boys and said, “I am not a fag!”

“Look here,” Mark said.  “If you ever deny being a fag again, I will make sure your father not only gets these videos we’re making, but I will take your bikinis and make you walk home naked.  You got it,?”

Kyle said nothing at first.  Sean’s hand stroked him hard and he felt his body lurch forward in lust.  Then, he looked down at his dick and remained silent.  A simple nod of the head was all he gave.

“So?” Joe asked.  The nod wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

“I’m a fag,” came Kyle’s humiliated reply.  Somehow, though, it was obvious that the humiliation was a turn on to him.  His eyes went out of focus and it almost seemed like the admission pushed him to the edge.

“I think he’s gonna shoot!” Joe yelled, much louder than eithe Sean or Kyle would have liked.

“Oh yeah!” Mark said.  “Pump that rod, Sean.  Pump it for all you’re worth.”

Sean did just that.  He started pulling on the briefs even harder, giving the cock a good workout.  Kyle was so horny and wanting to shoot that he began bucking his hips.  As he did this, it made Sean just incredibly
horny so he started jacking away with all he had.

“OH god, I’m cumming!” Kyle whispered and he did just that.  Right away, he began shooting off in his bikinis.  The cumshot was great and it came spurting through the mesh briefs.  Most of it just oozed through, but the first spurt was strong enough that it hit Sean in the face.  Without even thinking about it, Sean reached his tongue up and licked the cum into his mouth.  This got a couple of hoots and hollers from the boys.

“Keep jacking him,” Mark ordered and Sean obeyed.  he was in no hurry to get his hand off Kyle’s cum soaked cock.  He kept stroking and Kyle kept hard.  There was a bit of squirming while his dick started to get a little sensitive, but that did’t really last very long.  Before either of them knew it, the combination of cum and stroking had the boy writhing in lust again.

“I want him to blow again,” Joe ordered.  “I want those briefs overflowing with his juice.”

“Yeah, jack off his rod, Sean,” Mark said, the horniness began showing in his voice.  This caught Sean a little off gaurd, but he knew better than to say anything.  Instead, he just kept his work up on the hard dick.

“Stick your hand in the briefs and jack him more,” Mark suggested.  “Get that cum working for you.”

Sean reached his hands into Kyle’s briefs and the younger boy gasped at the skin on skin contact.  His boner was indeed hard as a brick and slippery as could be.  Sean’s hand was very well lubed and it slid easily up and down the long shaft.  Kyle’s now heavy breathing suggested that he wasn’t far off from another orgasm.

Pretty soon, Kyle was bucking his hips once again.  His eyes were closed and he was feeling all of the strokes.  It felt so good to have his cock so slippery and he forgot totally that he was on the beach where anyone could see him.  His hips were working like a jackknife in tune to Sean’s hand.  He moaned out loud and then another spurt of cum came flying out of his briefs.  This time the spurts were landing on his stomach and chest.  Sean’s already cum soaked hand was just filled with more and more juice.  He was moaning and thrusting until he was totally spent.

This time the boys let Sean stop jacking.  However, that did not mean he was off the hook.

“Now, take his briefs off and take yours off too,” Joe instructed.

“What?” Sean asked.  “You said we didn’t have to be naked if we won the game.”

“And you won’t be,” Mark said.  “You’re just going to switch bikinis.”

Without another word, Sean slipped Kyle’s briefs off.  When he pulled his own off, his hardon slapped hard against his stomach.   Sean’s cock was covered in precum and it splattered against his tummy.  He moaned a little when that happened, but tried to ignore it.  Taking Kyle’s bikinis, he was about to put them on him.

“No,” Joe said.  “Put yours on Kyle first.”

Sean obeyed.  He slipped the dry bikinis onto Kyle.  The boy lifted his hips up to allow the to slide on evenly.  A smile on Kyle’s lips showed  that he thought he was definitely getting the better part of the deal.
When Sean grabbed the cum soaked bikinis and was about to put them on, Joe made him stop.

“No,” Joe stated.  “I want you to lick the cum off them.”

“What?” Sean asked, not expecting this.  Not only were they not letting him cum, making him jack Kyle off, but they were going to force him to lick the cum off the bikinis?  It was clear that he was still more of an
object of humiliation in this situation than Kyle was.

Lifting the cum soaked mesh bikinis to his mouth, Sean began to lick the cum off of them.  He had never tasted anyone’s but his own, but he found right away that he actually liked Kyle’s cum better.  It had more of a sweet taste to it and was less salty.  He found himself actually enjoying it and totally forgot that he was being forced into it.

“Looks like he’s getting off to it,” Mark said.

“Yeah,” Joe agreed.  “I have a better idea.  Put them in your mouth and suck the cum out of them.”

Kyle did not have to be told twice that time.  He stuffed the bikinis into his mouth and began to suck the sweet cum out of them.  By the time he was done, the briefs were still soaked, though most of it was his own saliva.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Joe said.  “Now put them on.”

It was hot for him to be wearing the briefs after all that had happened to him.  However, it was hard for him to get the mesh to completely cover his cock.  Sean hadn’t realized that he had a full boner that did not
want any part of being covered up.  Eventually, he had to decided it wasn’t going to work.  So instead, he had to let the big head stick out over the waistband.  He just hoped no one would see.

Luckily for both boys, not much else happened at the beach.  Joe and Mark seemed satisfied for the time being.  So, they played in the water, ate hot dogs and made Kyle and Sean simply lay on the blanket.  It was boring and the two didn’t talk much.  However, when they did, Kyle seemed like he was softening up to Sean just a little bit.  He might have started to realize that they were both in a very complicated predicament that neither of them had any chance of getting out of soon.

When they got back to Sean’s house, the focus was put back onto Sean. Both boys were forced to get naked as soon as they entered the house. Joe and Mark must have still had a soft spot for Kyle.  Kyle was allowed
to sit down while Sean had to stand up.

There was a lot of talking and hanging out, and it seemed for a while like Kyle was becoming a member of the group again.  Sean, on the other hand was feeling very uncomfortable.  He was naked, hard and dripping in front of the other boys. Worst of all, he had no idea what was in store for him next.

After a while, he found out, though.  Joe reached into his backpack and took out a pair of handcuffs.  He went over to Sean and cuffed his hands behind his back. Joe then went over to Kyle.  He kicked Kyle’s legs open.

“Sean, come sit over here,” Joe instructed.  Sean came over and he was pushed down into Kyle’s lap.

“Now, what we’re gonna do will be really fun,” Joe continued.  “We are going to watch the video of you guys getting busy last night.  We’ll decide when to do something different.”

Mark turned on the video and then he went and sat on the couch with Joe. Sean was sitting between Kyle’s legs on the easy chair with a raging and dripping hardon.

As he was watching the activities of last night, Sean began to get hornier and hornier.  Everything that happened threatened to send him over the edge.  He yearned to grab his dick and start yanking on it, but
there was no way that he could with his hands cuffed.  Frustration was mounting and it didn’t help when Kyle’s cock got hard again and started pressing against his back.

When the part of the video came where Kyle was stripped down to his bikini briefs, Kyle was given an order in real life.  “You start jacking Sean’s cock,” Joe instructed.  “Remember, he is NOT allowed to cum.  And
YOU are NOT allowed to stop stroking.  If he cums, you will both be punished.  It you can get through the video without Sean shooting, we have a little reward for you.”

Kyle reached around and closed his hand around the throbbing piston that was Sean’s cock.  The older boy felt like he was going to shoot off the very moment the hand laid on his boner.  Joe and Mark were way too good at coming up with punishments for them, so he knew he had to control himself.  The next half hour was going to be the hardest of his entire life.

Kyle’s hand continued it’s jacking of Sean’s cock.  Sean kept watching the video, but did everything he could to take his mind off of it.  he tried to think of anything that would keep him from cumming.  Whatever he had used before to lower his libido went through his mind.  It di help a little, as several times Sean was ready to cum and was able to hold it off.

The hottest part of the video for Sean was when Kyle had his bikini  briefs ripped off his body.  Seeing that started the convulsions in cock and he thought he was going to blow.  It was so hot the way he wrapped
the tattered remains of the bikinis around the nice hardon and continued to stroke Kyle, who was naked save for the shards of cloth remaining around his hard dick.

Kyle sensed this, however, and he slowed down his stroking.  He was actually able to open his hand enough to cut down on the friction that bringing Sean close to orgasm.  The other two boys did not notice and
that was cool.  Neither of them wanted to be punished.

When the video was coming to an end, Joe and Mark had to admit they were impressed.  But, they were not quite ready to give up on Sean’s torment just yet.  They told Kyle to take his hands off of Sean’s cock right away and he complied.  Despite himself, Kyle was getting used to getting orders.

“Sean, stand up for a moment,” Mark instructed.  He did so and the two boys laughed when they saw the huge hardon jutting from Kyle’s crotch. It was leaking tons of precum, which was cool because it hadn’t been that long since he came at the beach.

“He’s such a fag!” Joe laughed.

“Say ‘I love to suck big cocks,'” Mark instructed.

“I love to suck big cocks,” both Sean and Kyle said at the same time. They hadn’t really thought about who was being addressed.

“Wow, Kyle,” Joe said.  “We never would have guessed.”

“Now, Sean,” Mark added, “sit down on Kyle’s knee.”

Surprised by this new turn, Sean did as he was told.  It was pretty uncomfortable and he found himself squirming.

“Not like that, you idiot,” Joe said.  He came over and grabbed Sean by the shoulders.  “You have to have his knee press right under his balls. Where his shaft goes into his body.  THere, that’s right.”

Sean was adjusted and the moment he was, his eyes went wide.  Kyle’s knee pressed right under his balls and the pressure felt awesome.  He found himself squirming again, but this time it was to keep the pressure on. His cock (already 8 inches long) expanded and was even bigger than he had ever seen it.  Mesmorized, Sean kept looking down as his ballooned up dick.

“He’s turned on by his own cock,” Mark laughed.  “Look, he’s starting to drool over it.”

“Give him a pony ride on your knee until the video ends,” Joe instructed.

Kyle immediately started rocking Sean up and down on his knee.  Because he couldn’t grab his dick, the boner kept bobbing up and down in the air.  Sean couldn’t keep he eyes off it.  The throbber was leaking with tons of cum and the bouncing on Kyle’s knee started flinging bits of cum all over the room.  Generally, Sean would have been worried about it getting all over his carpet, but he was so horny that he couldn’t do
anything but stare at the long, thick shaft.

After a few moments of rocking, Sean began thrusting his hips again.  He was so close to cumming and he needed to thrust against something. Unfortunately, there was no friction and nothing for him to to get off
on.  His eyes crossed and he started moanly deeply.

The click of Joe turning the tape off brought him out of it.  Sean looked around and realized he had made it.

“Good job,” Mark said.  “You guys deserve a reward.”

“Great, can we get dressed?” Kyle asked hoping.

“No, nothing like that,” Joe said.  He turned to Mark.  “Go in Sean’s bedroom and set up the video camera.”  Mark immediately did as he was told to.

“Mark and I are going to give you time to be alone,” Joe continued.  “You can get to know each other better, have some fun time of your own.”

“I am not having sex with this guy!” Kyle protested.  “I’m not a fag!”

“Look here,” Joe said.  “You will make love to Sean whether you like it or not.  You’ll suck his cock, he’ll suck yours… you’ll do everything you can think of without letting him cum.  And if you don’t, we’ll take
you down to the mall and make you run aroud there naked.  got it?”

Kyle stopped arguing.  Sean was secretly happy to be able to do something that was less kinky than what was going on.  A chance to just be tender with Kyle would be more fun.

When Mark walked in the room with the rope, however, this idea totally left Sean’s mind.

To be continued.  Any comments, please email the writer

chapter 5

Days on the beach – 3

Days at the Beach Chapter 3

Sean’s nightmare 3 day weekend had just begun. He had spent part of the day hanging out in a thong, another part of the day naked and it seemed like he wouldn’t be getting any chance to be alone for a while.  On top of all of that, he was not going to be allowed to cum until Monday night.

After the boys had let him up again, it had been a regular day at the beach.  The tormenting had stopped for a while and they even allowed him to put his thong back on.  Sean so wished that he had another pair of
bikinis, but he decided it would be a better idea to not say anything about it.  The last thing he wanted was to have his thong taken away again.

Not that the thong was really doing much good.  He was so horny that his cock never got lower than half mast.  The thong was not made to cover something so big, so while the other guys played and hung out and swam, Sean had to sit on the blanket most of the day to hide his dick.

When evening was coming, the boys decided it was time to retire back to Sean’s apartment.  Even though he was not looking forward to spending even more time with Kyle and his friends, it would be good at least to be in a more secluded area.  The humiliation was one thing, but getting arrested would be a whole lot worse.  Luckily, they had been hanging out on the slowest and loneliest sections of the beaches.

Once they all arrived at Sean’s place, Kyle parked the car.  He ushered the guys out and pushed Sean ahead of them.

“Go ahead, lead us to your place,” Kyle said and the guys laughed along with him.  There was no chance that Sean was going to be able to use the guys to hide himself.

On the way up the stairs, a couple of guys passed him by.  They both looked a little surprised that a nearly naked man was walking with 3 boys who were fully clothed.  The second guy seemed to get rather turned on by the situation, and gave Sean a little slap on the side of his ass as he passed.  This ended up causing more laughing fits among the boys.

Once inside, Sean went right for his favorite chair.  Sure, he had been exposed several times already, but he wanted to get into a place where he knew he would be comfortable.  Plus, there was a pillow that he could
place in his lap.  At least for a short while he would be covered up.

Kyle would have none of that, however.  He grabbed the pillow out of Sean’s lap and shook his head.  “I don’t think so,” he said.  “And who said you could sit down?  Get your ass out of the chair.”

Submitting very quickly, Sean stood up.  The exposure had the undesired effect and his cock started to grow again.  This insighted more laughs from the peanut gallery.

“Man, it must be hurting his cock to not have much room to grow,” Joe said.  Joe was rather cute.  All of the boys were.  Sean only wished that throughout this ordeal he would eventually get to see one of them naked. However, besides humiliating him and Kyle stroking his cock, none of the guys seemed interested in getting more involved.  Joe was a skater/surfer dude.  He had long, dirty blonde hair and dressed like the grunge look was still in.  He was skinny, but probably toned as skateboarders were. He was forever moving his hair out of his face when it decided to fall in the way.  His clothing was too baggy to really get an idea of what his body looked like.

“Well, I guess we can take care of that,” Kyle laughed.  “Take the thong off, Sean.”

Without a moment of hesitation, Sean lowered his thong and stepped out of it.  The moment his cock was free, it started bobbing and swinging in the air.  He was about to grab it and make it stop, but a stern look from Kyle stopped him.  Sean kept his hands at his sides.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Kyle began.  “Do you have beer in the fridge, Sean?”  Sean nodded.  “Good, go get us a beer.  You can have one too.  The guys and I are gonna sit down and have a drink.  You are not
allowed to sit down until I tell you to.  You are not allowed to touch your cock or try to hide it in any way.  You know the consequences if you do anything wrong.”

Sean agreed.  He then went and got the beer out of the refrigerator. After giving it to the guys, he went and stood beside the couch.  He was about to pop open his beer when Kyle got up.  The boy had already opened
his beer and he took the one from Sean’s hands.

“Here, drink mine instead,” Kyle said with a smile.  They traded beers and Kyle sat back down.

It didn’t take long for Sean to start feeling the effects of the beer. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t eaten anything at all that day.  Who knew for sure?  But by the time he was done with the can, he was quite
buzzed and found that standing up became very hard.  A few times, he had to catch himself to keep from falling on the floor.

Mark laughed.  “You are so mean, dude!” he said to Kyle and they all three laughed.  “He’s losing it already.”

Sean realized then that they must have put something in his drink  It worried him at first, but for some reason didn’t seem like it was a very big deal.  He felt good, his dick was rock hard and dripping and he was
no longer too embarrassed about being naked.  In fact, it began to seem and feel very natural to him.

The boys still did not let him sit down, though.  In fact, Mark left the room and came back in with a video camera.  It was Sean’s, but he didn’t mind, really.  It wasn’t really connecting in his brain what was about to
happen.  The boys were going to make videos of him, obviously drugged up, naked, dripping tons of pre-cum and hanging out with three seventeen year old boys.  If had known better, he would have tried to put a stop to it. There was really no chance of this though.

After everything was set up, Kyle asked Sean if he wanted to pose a little bit for the camera.  Totally feeling up to it, Sean tried flexing his muscles a few times.  The third time, he tripped and fell on the
floor.  His cock rubbed against the floor, leaving a trail of pre-cum on the hard wood.  He tried to get up, but wasn’t able to.

Kyle (the only one of the boys who seemed willing to touch him) came over to help him up.  Sean was a bit bigger than him, though, and Kyle was not strong enough to pull him up.  After a while, he had to ask for help from Mark and Joe.

Instead of putting him back on his feet, the guys carried him over to the easy chair.  Kyle sat down first and then they sat Sean down on his lap. It felt good, sitting between the younger boys legs.  Kyle put his arms
around Sean, indicating to him that he could lay back if he wanted to. Sean readily did so.

“We’re going to play a little game, okay Sean?” Kyle asked.  Again, Sean nodded.  He liked games.  “Okay, here is what’s going to happen.  Mark and Joe are going to run the video camera.  I’m going to play with your cock.  Your job is to moan and really get into it for the camera.  You can not cum.  If you do cum, I will get pissed off and show the videos to your parents, our boss and someone at your college.  So, if you get
close, you let me know.  got it?”

Sean indicated that he understood.  One word from Kyle and they started the camera up.

As soon as Kyle’s hands touched his dick, a long sigh escaped from Sean’s lips.  He spread his legs out really wide, giving the camera the best view of his shaft and balls.  Pre-cum had coated his cock with a nice shiney sheen.  Kyle hands moved up and down with ease.

Sean didn’t even have to improvise.  It felt so good.  He started moaning.  Whatever drugs they gave him took away any of his shame.  It felt so good.  He started swiveling and rocking his hips, thrusting his
hard dick through both of his hands.  When he did this, though, Kyle squeezed the shaft very tightly.  This caused Sean to moan louder than he ever had.

“Haha, look at all that pre-cum!” Mark laughed.  “He must be close.”

As Sean was moaning, Kyle squeezed his cock even harder.  Looking down, Sean saw his cock was turning red.  His balls were pulled up tight against his body.  “Ahhh-ahhhh—AHHHHHHH!!!!” Sean moaned, his breath catching with every squeeze.

“Oh, I’m close!”  Sean cried.  He tried thrusting his cock through Kyle’s hands, but it didn’t do any good.  Even with the large amounts of pre-cum,  Kyle’s grip was too hard.  Sean started riding Kyle’s hand for all he was worth.  His hips were thrusting up and down like a bucking bronco, but it did no good.  All Kyle did was remove his hands and he held his arms around Sean’s waist.  There was nothing for his cock to press up against.

“Oh please let me cum, please let me cum!” Sean cried.  He wanted so bad to reach down and start fisting his cock.  Before he had a chance, though, Kyle grabbed both of Sean’s wrists and held his arms behind him. “I need to cum!  PLEASE KYLE, I’ll do anything you want!”

Joe and Mark were getting a good laugh at Sean’s expense.  not only that, but there were getting every moment on tape as well.

After a few moments, Sean calmed down a bit.  He relaxed and collapsed against Kyle.  That was when he felt something very odd.  Lying against Kyle, he felt Kyle had a hard on.  It was the first time he had noticed
anything like that from the boys.  This whole situation was turning the boy on.

Well, as nice as that thought was, Sean wasn’t able minded enough to really be too concerned with it.  His mind was so sexed up that it was the only thing he cared about.  So, in order to enjoy himself even more,
he pressed his backside up against Kyle’s cock.  A bit of a moan escaped Kyle’s lips, but he cut it off.  However, Sean could tell he was enjoying this.

Kyle’s body was pretty much hidden from the camera.  Also, Joe and Mark could not really see much of what was going on.  Sean sensed this just barely, so he decided he would try playing with Kyle just a little bit. He started massaging Kyle’s dick with his naked ass, pressing hard up against the rock hard cock.  In spit of himself, Kyle seemed to enjoying it.  He hadn’t counted on this turn of events.  It was nice.

Unfortunately for Kyle, Sean wasn’t the only one who noticed what was going on.  Joe and Mark had been planning for some time to change things around.  They were unsure exactly why Kyle had been so willing to keep jacking Sean’s cock.  All they could figure is that Kyle was gay too. So, they decided that if at all possible, they would try to get Kyle into the same situation that Sean was in.  Then, Kyle wouldn’t be the leaderanymore… he would be the slave.

Kyle was rubbing his dick up against Sean’s backside.  His mind had totally gone comatose by this point and he wasn’t sure why.  He was a virgin and no one had ever touched his cock before.  But he didn’t think
that was enough for him to start to phase out.

Almost pushing Sean off his lap, Kyle came to a realization.  His eyes opened wide and he looked at his friends over Sean’s shoulders.  They were both laughing when they saw his eyes.  At some point when he hadn’t been looking, the boys slipped the same drug into his beer that they had given Sean.  He had been set up.

Before he knew what was going on, Joe and Mark helped Sean to his feet. Then, they shoved him to the side on the couch.  Both of them were then on Kyle.  Joe started working on his shirt and Mark worked on his pants. In 20 seconds, they had their friends stripped down to his underwear. Kyle was wearing a pair of gray bikini briefs with a nice wet patch where his cockhead was.  On top of that, he was as hard as a rock.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” he asked, trying to get up.  The drug was overpowering him, though, and he wasn’t able to do anything.

“We were thinking how much fun it would be to have two slaves instead of just one,” Joe laughed.  “And now, you’re the second one.”

“The Hell I am!” Kyle shouted and tried to get up.  He did manage to get up just a little, but was easily pushed back down again by Mark.  Looking down as his dick, he saw the head start to push it’s way up past the waistband.  Alarm showed on his face as he tried to cover himself up. The boys had non e of that, though.

“We have video here of you moaning and thrusting up against a naked guy,” Joe pointed out.  “So, unless you want US to show this to your parents, I think you better calm down and do what WE say.”

Kyle was about to protest, but he had to stop.  He was in no shape to try and talk his way out of this.  His mind was so far gone and his body was too weak.  And his dad was a church minister.  If he saw this tape, his father would disown him.  His best friends had him up against a wall.

“We won’t be all that bad to you,” Mark said.  “IN fact, we’re going to let you get off tonight.  Although, it’ll be the last time you get to for a while.”

“So, here’s the plan, boy,” Joe continued.  “You’re going to go over there into Sean’s bedroom and lay down on his bed.  Then, we’re going to bring Sean in and he’s gonna jack you off in you bikinis.  Once you cum,
we’re going to let you go to sleep, but you have to sleep in Sean’s arms.  We’ll be taping the whole thing.  Got it?”

Kyle nodded, a pissed off look resurfacing on his face.  He had been outsmarted and he wasn’t used to that.  He definitely did not want to be sleeping in bed with Sean.  Although the thought of it did send a big throb through his cock.  he felt some more pre-cum soak his bikini.

“Okay,” Mark said.  “Then tomorrow, we’re going to take you and your boytoy back to the beach.  We’re going to play some volleyball.  I’ll bet you’ll like that.”

Kyle nodded again, but he knew better.  Whatever the boys had planned was not going to be a normal game of volleyball.

Mark picked Kyle up and began dragging him into the bedroom.  At this point, he was almost as far gone as Sean had been so he wasn’t much help.  Once in the room, they threw him down on the queen sized bed.  he rolled over on his back.  His hard dick was pressing up against his briefs, leaving a considerably large tent in them.

A few moments later, both of the guys helped Sean into the room.  They put him down on the bed too.  His head landed right below Kyle’s crotch. For a few moments, the drugged boys just laid there, unsure of what to do.

That didn’t last long as Joe and Mark brought the camera into the room. After it was set up, they were about to tell Sean what to do, but the horny 19 year old didn’t need instructions.  He grabbed Kyle’s dick
through the briefs and started jacking him off.

Kyle started moaning right away and they all knew it wouldn’t be long. He was so horned up from what was happening.

“Hey, it’d probably be easier if we got rid of those bikinis,” Mark said.  “They’re restricting him a bit.”

“I got a better idea,” Joe said.  He went over and grabbed Kyle’s bikinis and then ripped them off of him.  Kyle was shocked but was careful not to make any noise.  His cock was still covered in the tattered remains of the ripped up bikini.  This made it so much easier for Sean to do his jacking with the bikini wrapping itself around the hard dick.

The more Sean jacked, the faster he went.  Pretty soon, Kyle was thrusting his hips ito the air much the same way as Sean had been doing before.  They knew he was close.

“He’s gonna blow!” Joe yelled.

“Take cover!” Mark laughed.

Before he knew it, Kyle was cumming into his torn up bikinis.  It was the best orgasm he ever had, but it was only afterwards that he realized what it signified. His life had changed just as much as he had forced Sean’s to.

In the morning, Mark and Joe work Kyle and Sean up.  They were sleeping under the covers together, and Kyle was clinging onto Sean.  When he realized this, Kyle quickly pulled himself off of the other boy and
blushed.  His friends just laughed at him.

To add to his humiliation, the boys made Sean and Kyle shower together. They didn’t really wash each other, but it was still an arousing experience.  Afterwards, they were made to stand naked in front of Mark
and Joe.

“Okay, here is what we’re going to do today,” Joe said.  “We’re going to go to the beach and play volleyball.”

“And?” Kyle asked, knowing that wouldn’t be the end of it all.

“And nothing,” Mark said.  “That’s it.”

“Well, what will we be wearing?” Sean asked, knowing that he would rather not know.

A big smile crossed the boys’ faces.  Joe reached into his bag and he pulled out two tanktops.  That was all.

“Put them on,” Joe ordered.

Kyle and Sean both took the tank tops and put them on.  They were long to enough to cover their cocks and asses… barely.  If for someone reason either of them had to lift their arms up, their dicks would be in plain
view.  Even a little breeze could be their undoing.  The realization and looks on their faces just made Joe and Mark laugh even more.

When they got down to the car, Sean and Kyle had to both sit in the back seat.  More than ever, they had to do their best to keep their erections down.  This would be harder for Sean, though, as he hadn’t been allowed to cum yet.

As they drove along, there really wasn’t much talking.  Kyle was still very pissed and hadn’t accepted his role in all of this yet.  Sean, on the other hand was just being subservient.  He realized before that he was a slave and there was no way around it.

When they got to the beach, they went to their regular spot and put the blanket down.  Kyle and Sean were of course made to stand up.  They had strict orders that they were not allowed to hold their tank tops down.
If they tried to do it just even once, they would be stripped of their shirts and forced to remain naked for the rest of the day.

As Mark and Joe had a good time, hanging out, laughing, swimming, Kyle and Sean simply stood in place, hoping against hope that no breezes would come upon them.

“This is all your fault,” Kyle sneered at Sean.

“I didn’t start it,” Sean replied.  “You didn’t have to start blackmailing me in the first place.”

Right then, a small breeze came along and blew Kyle’s tank top up just a little.  His soft cock was visible for just a few seconds before the fabric concealed it again.  Kyle saw Sean looking down.

“Hey, keep your eyes to yourself, you pervert,” kyle snapped.  “You’re getting hard now.”

Looking down, Sean saw this was true.  He knew he had to control himself because the slightest wood would betray him.  He was able to keep himself down, though.  Perhaps this day wouldn’t be as bad as it seemed.

Joe and Mark, wet from swimming, came back to the two boys standing in their tank tops.  With a smile Joe said what both of them had been dreading all afternoon.

“Ready to play volleyball?”

To be continued.  Any comments, please email the writer

chapter 4

Days on the beach – 2

Sean was feeling very lucky.  Well, at least he was for the most part.
Although he had been thoroughly humiliated the day before, no one at the
beach had really seen him.  This was a great relief and it felt even
better that the guys had given him Sunday off.  Not really knowing what
they had in store for him, Sean thought this wasn’t going to be as bad as
he thought it was.

And how could he lie to himself?  In spite of everything that had
happened, he had somewhat enjoyed.  How else could he explain why he had
been so hard throughout the whole experience?  Besides that fact that
Kyle had been playing with his cock the whole time, that is.  But when he
came, it was like the best orgasm he had ever had.  He had loved it.

Afterwards, the luckiest and unluckiest things happened to him.  The boys
let him put his bikini back on, but the thing was soaked in his cum.  It
wasn’t so bad at first, because they were on a part of the beach that no
one really spent much time at.  He had lucked out that no one had seen
him naked, and it was possible no one would see him with cum soaked
bikinis on.  In fact, besides the obvous smell of the cum, they might
just have assumed that he was wet from swimming in the ocean.

It was going good until the boys got hungry.  Mark had the idea to give
Kyle the money and send him to the concession stand.  It was bad enough
that the underwear barely concealed his cock, but being as wet as they
were, his cock was clearly visible.  He blushed when the suggestion was
made, but knew there was no way out of it.  He took the money and went to
get the guys some hot dogs.

It was an odd experience, but luckily no oe said anything.  A couple of
guys gave him the thrice over, but Sean found that it didn’t really
bother him that much.  That was until his cock decided to start getting
hard again.  Once that happened, he felt his whole body turn red.  Of all
the people in the line for the stand, he was the one dresed in the
skimpiest clothes.  Aware of this, his cock began to strain even more
against his bikinis.  He had to get his mind on something else, quickly,
or he knew the thing would spring out of the bikinis and he wouldn’t know
what to do after that.

The man at the concession stand gave him a very wry grin when he came up
to his place.  He ordered the three hotdogs and felt rather pissed off
that the guys were not going to let him get anything.  He was starving as
he didn’t even have time to get breakfast.  The concession man told him
it would be a few minutes, but if he wanted to he could stand to the side
while the other customers were helped.  Already feeling totally exposed,
it was really the last thing that he wanted to do.  But he didn’t have
much of a choice.  Following the boys around had given Sean a bit of a
subserviant attitude and he did so.

About six customers passed him while he waited for the dogs to be done.
Some of the people even had hotdogs, so it didn’t take him very long to
figure out what was going on.  The guy behind the counter was trying to
keep him there for as long as possible.  Realizing the man was doing
whatever he could to keep Sean from leaving, this caused Sean to blush
even more.  Unfortunately, it also caused his cock to start pressing
against his shorts again.  Looking down, he saw the head start to push
against the nonexistent waistband.  As much as he tried to resist and
think of other things, it only made him harder.  He tried to control the
rising dick, but that prove to be impossible.  The big head of his long
dick began to push its way free of the skimpy bikini briefs that he was
wearing.  With alarm running through his body, Sean turned to the guy and
asked if his hot dogs were done.

Luckily for Sean, everything was ready for him.  Unluckily, he had to
carry all of the items with both of his hands.  There was no way that he
could cover himself from being seen.  He had never suspected himself for
being an exhibitionist, but for some reason the thought of being seen was
making him hornier than ever.  He wasn’t 100% sure but he thought at one
point that his cock head had sprung free from it’s polysester prison,
making itself visible to anyone who had any desire to see it.

When he got back to the group, his cock had calmed down just a little
bit.  Sean was halfway scared that the boys were going to make him strip
down to his naked self again, but that did not happen (much to his
relief).  In fact, the guys seemed to lose a lot of interest in him for
the rest of the day.  It was a shock, but not really an unwelcome shock.
If he got arrested for indecent exposure, his only defense would be that
the guys made him do it.  That of course wouldn’t work very well because
the video would not be very good evidence.  He cursed himself for getting
himself in such deep trouble.

Sean’s day passed quietly enough.  He was relieved when he got home and
nothing further happened to him that day.  After speaking to Kyle, he
learned that he would get Sunday off and nothing would happen to him
until the following weekend.  Knowing that this would make things easier,
the week started off as pretty easy.

He had gotten very horny, though, on Sunday night and decided it would be
a good time to jack off.  The following day had been the first time in
his life that anyone besides him had played with his cock.  So jacking
off was something that he LOVED doing.  Most of the time, he did it
several times a day.  Nothing felt better than his hand sliding up and
down the smooth, long and gorgeous shaft.

Looking up some pictures on the internet, Sean pulled down his underwear
and squeezed some lube into his hand.  He hadn’t yet found any pictures
that were quite turning him on, but that wasn’t any excuse for him not to
play just a little.  With a cold, lube filled hand, he grabbed his hot,
throbbing cock and squeezed it as tight as he could.  It felt so awesome.

Sean froze, though.  He remembered one of the things that he had promised
to Kyle the day before.  He had said that he would not cum unless given
permission to do so.  He promised.

Yeah, but who would know? he asked himself.  There’s no way they could
find out that I have jerked off.

With that cleared away, Sean started pumping his hard cock.  He loved the
way his hand glided over the shat.  Sean loved his cock.  He was aware at
a very young age that he was truly gifted in the dick department.  His
cock was a beautiful 8 inches long and so thick that he was just able to
get his hand around it (for you readers, this is based off my own cock,
just so you know).  The skin was always so tight when he was at full
mast.  It was a thing of beauty and it was his pride and joy.  He almost
wondered if it really mattered that other people may have caught a
glimpse of the impressive tool.  They would have been crazy to not have
loved it.

As his hand slid up and down the slippery tool, a strange thought
appeared in Sean’s mind.  He was breaking his promise.  He was breaking
his word.

So what?  His mind said to him.  There was no way that the guys would
know.  He could always lie and said that he didn;t jack off.  There was
no way of telling.

Satisfied with the answer he gave himself, Sean decided there was no
reason he couldn’t bring himself to cum.  He found this great picture
online that horned him up really good.  The guy in the picture was laying
asleep in his bed.  Some other guy was holding his cock, as it was
hardening through the slit in his silk boxer shorts.  After having his
dick held by Kyle, this was truly a fantasy that he was able to relate

For some reason, though, he paused.  Not sure exactly why, he almost felt
slightly guilty.  As if he were betraying some sort of confidence.  His
hand stopped sliding and simply held the hot and throbbig cock between
his fingers.  What was going on?

He couldn’t do it.  For the first time in his life, he felt bad about
playing with himself.  He had learned to jack off when he was about 10
years old and had made a regular habit of it since then.  Never before
had he ever stopped in the middle of doing it.  Hell, he often would do
it three times before he decided to quit.  But for some reason, he felt
very guilty this time.

It was because of what he said to Kyle, wasn’t it?  It was because he
said he would not jack off unless he was permitted to do so. How odd that
he would feel so subject to such a stupid thing.  But there was some
subserviant part of him that knew it was the right decision.  He couldn’t
cum unless he was given permission to do so.

Permission? he asked himself.  What was he, some sort of slave?  What the
hell was happening to him.  There was no telling.  Apparently the boys
had found some sort of weakness in himself and there didn’t seem to be
any way around it.  His hand was leaking with lube as it held his cock,
so ready for release.  For the first time in his entire life, though,
Sean did not jack off.  He held his dick for quite a while, giving it the
occasional squeeze, but not once did he stroke the throbbing member.  He
realized in some dark and remote reason that it was almost hotter for him
not to cum.

If he realized what the following weekend had in store for him, he would
have jacked off until he was out of cum.

The whole week at work was a lot easier than he thought it would be.  The
boys did not do anything to him, and it was pretty easy.  Several times
he expected one of them to jack him off in the fitting rooms, or to make
him work in his underwear, but to their credit, they did not make him do
anything at all. Besides the not cumming part, Sean suspected that he had
made it through the week pretty much unscathed.

On Saturday morning the next weekend (Memorial Weekend and he was happy
for a three day holuday) the phone rang at seven in the morning.  Knowing
who it was, Sean answered the phone.

“Kyle.” He said, solemnly.

“Hey, you are learning pretty quickly,” Kyle responded in the phone.
“Are you ready to have some fun today?”

Fun? Sean thought.  Maybe fun for you.  In spite of that, though, he
heard himself say, “Yeah, I am ready.”

“Good, now what else do you have as far as underwear goes?”  Kyle asked.

“Well, I have more bikinis,” Sean stated.  “I also have briefs, some
boxers and a couple of thongs and-”

“What color thongs?”  Kyle asked as Sean wished that he had not mentioned
it at all.

“Blue, green, red-” Sean begn and was cut off.

“Put on a red thong,” Kyle said.  “Meet us outside in about 20 minutes.
You better be wearing the thong and you better NOT be covering yourself
up.  Got it?”

“I got it,” Sean agreed.  As much as it pissed him off, it also quite
turned him on at the same time.  He found the red thong and putting it
on, he fully expected something bad to happen to him.  He went outside
and waiting until the boys arrived.  At least I will be able to get off
soon, he thought, fully expecting nothing more than a simulation of the
previous week.  It had been a whole week since he had shot a load and he
was more than ready to give it another go.

The boys showed up and let him in the car.  Nothing too embarrasing had
happened while he was waiting.  An old lady had passed by and she made a
comment about how hot he looked in his bathing suit.  Not really being
able to reply, Sean had simply smiled back at her.  Old women seemed a
perverted lot, and he was happy for that fact at least.  When he got into
the car, it was the same situation as it was the Saturday before.  He was
not allowed to cover himself up as he sat in the back seat by himself.

By this point, Sean had decided that all of the other guys had to be
gay.  if they weren;t, they would not be putting him through all of this
torture.  Why would straight guys want to see another guy making a fool
out of himself at the beach?  Why even further would anyone put their
hand on his cock without wanting to.  Kyle at the very least was as gay
as Sean was.

When they reached the beach, things were very similiar as they were
before.  The boys laid out a blanket and the sat down to enjoy
themselves.  Sean was made to stand up and was immediately told to lose
the thong.  He did as he was told and handed the thong over to Kyle.  The
younger boy placed the scrap of fabric in his pocket and Sean had to
stand in front of them all with another raging boner.  He was so scared
someone would see, but no one walked by on that lonely part of the beach.

Finally, after talking amongst themselves for a while, Kyle turned to
Sean and smiled.  “Now let us know how many times you have jacked off
this week,” he said.

“None,” Sean replied.  He cock was at full mast and it was already
seeping with precum.  He hoped that was enough to convince the guys that
he was telling the truth.

“Okay,” Kyle continued, “you have been a good boy.  So now you will get
rewarded.  Do you want to guess what your reward is?”

Sean was hoping he would be allowed to get off.  So, he voiced this
concern.  “Will I be allowed to cum, sir?” he asked.  He addded the ‘sir’
on without really thinking about it.  The realization of that caused him
to blush deeply.

“Lay down, Sean,” Kyle instructed.  Relieved about being allowed to lay
on the beach again, Kyle slipped down to the blanket.  His cock was hard,
throbbing and leaking with tons of precum.  He couldn’t wait for Kyle’s
hand to bring him to the brink of cumming again. It had been a whole week
and he had never waiting this long since discovering that he could jack

“Now, things are going to be a little different this weekend,” Kyle
instructed.  “I AM going to jack your cock.  When you get close to
cumming, I want you to tell me.  When you do, I will have another little
surprise for you.”

Sean agreed.  Anything to get some release, he thought.  Nothing would
satisy him more than Kyle’s hand on his throbbing dick.

Slowly, Kyle started stroking Sean’s cock.  Mark and Joe looked on with
eager eyes.  If Sean hadn’t known better, he would have sworn that both
of them were drooling.  Did they want to get their hands on his dick as
well?  Just the though made Sean’s dick stretch larger than it ever had
before and the precum began seeping out in what seemed like gallons.

“I think he’s getting close,” Kyle told the other guys.  “Think it’s time
to tell him his next mission?”

The other two boys agreed.  The both grabbed both of Sean’s arms and helf
them together. Before he knew it, both of Sean’s arms were being
handcuffed together.  He looked shocked, but he was so close to cumming
that he didn’t care too much.  A large moan escaped his lips and then
right when he felt his load building up, Kyle pulled his hand off the
hard dick.

Sean found himself once again thrusting into the air.  Unfortunately the
air was not able to keep the friction going.  His cock was once again
denied its release and he kept rocking his hips.  All three of the boys
were laughing at Sean.

When his hips finally were under control, Sean looked at Kyle with
wondering eyes.  He was sure he knew why Kyle stopped, but knew better
than to ask why.  With sympathetic eyes, he looked at the younger boy.

“I have a new deal for you, Sean,” Kyle stated.  “For each time you nod
your head, I will stroke your cock just once.  If you shake your head, I
will burn your thong and make you walk home naked.  Do you agree?”

Not being stupid, Sean shook his head yes.  This resulted in one long and
slow pull of his dick.  Sean moaned deeply as a load of precum came out
of his slit.  The boys laughed as Sean uncrossed his eyes.

“Here the deal,” Kyle continued, “You are going to let Mark, Joe and e
spend the night over at your place for the entire weekend.  Right?”

Sean wanted to shake his head no, but he had no reason to at all.  Once
again, he nodded.  This nod resulted in another stroke and he realized
then how close he was to cumming.  he began to thrust his hips in Kyle’s
hand, but the boy simply removed it again.  A large glob of cum spurted
from his cok and landed on Sean’s face.  Without so much as an order,
sean found himself licking the cum up with his tongue.  All of the boys
laughed at him as another spurt of cum shot from Sean’s cock.

“Wow, we brought you right to the brink, didn’t we?” Kyle asked.  Sean
nodded but this did not result in him getting another stroke.  THe oys
just loked at him as Kyle asked one final question.

“Now, you won’t cum unless I ask you to, right?” he asked.

Sean nodded, knowing it would get him another stroke.  It did and Kyle
pumped his dick just one last time.  Another load escaped from his cock
and Kyle used this load to polish Sean’s cock.  He was careful to keep
the boy from cumming though.  When he was done, the large dick was
sparkling with cum.  Sean needed to cum so bad.

Then Kyle gave the worst news at all.  “You won’t be allowed to cum until
late on Monday night,” he said.  “And we’re going to torment you so much
that you’ll be our willing slave by the time you are allowed to get off.
And when you do cum, it’ll be like a waterfal and you’ll lick up every
fucking drop.”

This story is copyright 2005 by J.M.K and with his permission published on this website. If you want to write a comment to him use then his email: [email protected]

Days at the beach – 1

Sean was not happy. One may have thought he would be happy in a
situation like he was, but it was not true at all. He was not the type
that liked to be controlled. At least he thought he wasn’t. It seemed,
though, that no matter how hard he tried, he kept giving the impression
that he was having the time of his life.

This all started about a week ago. Sean was working part time at a
clothing store at the mall for extra money. He was attending college
during the day and working at night. Being 19, he was one of the oldest
people at the New East Clothing Depot. Most of the kids that were there
were high school students. A couple of the managers may have been in
their late 20’s. It was kinda cool looking at some of the young guys,
but he knew it was hands off. Besides, if they found out he was gay he
might have to quit. No one knew and it wouldn’t make for a very happy
work enviroment for him.

Still, a man had urges and sometimes they were known to betray
themselves. Even when all logic told them better, their cocks would make
them think and do things that were ill advised. And it was because of
this that he got himself into the biggest mess he had ever been in.

It was one late night at work. None of the managers were left in the
store because it was so slow. Sean was the oldest worker and he was more
or less in charge of the place. There were also one girl and three
teenage boys working at the time. All three of them (Kyle, Joe and Mark)
were real hotties and Sean had caught himself staring at them all a
little too long. Until that night, he hadn’t really thought any of them
had noticed.

A cute but obviously underaged boy walked in with his mother. They were
looking throughout the aisles at the clothes. He had picked up a few
items and came up to the counter to ask where the changing rooms were.
Perhaps a little too eagerly, Sean said he would be very happy to show
them where. A couple of the guys laughed, but no one said anything.

After he showed the boy into the fitting room, Sean decided he was going
to steal back into the offices. In the manager’s office, there were
security cameras that looked into all of the dressing rooms. He wanted
to take a look at the boy, just to see how he looked in his underwear.
It was risky, he knew that, but there wasn’t much of a way for him to
resist. He was overly horny that day and just needed a little

He switched the camera over to the correct room and caught the boy as he
was dropping his pants. His shirt then came off next and he was wearing
blue bikini briefs. His body was hairless, except for a whisp of pubic
hair that peaked out from the waistband of his underwear. Obviously a
vain boy, he posed for himself a few times in the mirror.

Sean was very turned on. He absently started fondling himself as he
watched the boy pose. The kid had taken several items into the room with
him, so he kept putting on and taking off his clothes. Seans cock had
grown very hard and he unzipped his fly to let it release. No one was
allowed in the manager’s office so he thought he was safe.

The boy in the camera was getting close to being finished with his
changings. So Sean decided it was a good idea for him to get off quickly
and then get out of the room. He started jacking his cock really fast.
It only took a few moments and he felt the tingle in his shaft as he was
about to cum. He allowed one moan to escape from his lips and then-


The clicking noise happened right as he was about to get off. His hand
stopped jerking while he was on the edge. Turning around, he saw all
three boys standing behind him in the office. The clicking noise was
Mark pushing the eject button on one of the vcrs. A tape came out of it
and Mark tossed it over to Kyle. Sean was so shocked that he totally
forgot that he was there holding his cock. For the first time, all three
boys had a good look at the 8 inch hardon that usually hid in his jeans.

“What the hell is going…” Sean began but was cut off.

“Oh, I think we’ll be asking the questions,” Joe laughed. “Unless you
want the boss to see this tape.”

Sean tried to stuff his hard cock back into his pants, but Kyle shook his
head. “Don’t put it away just yet,” he said. “And don’t take your hand
off. Keep holding it.”

He wasn’t sure why, but he listened to what Kyle said. Most of it was
more than likely fear. The situation he was caught in was not one that
most people experienced.

“Squeeze it,” Mark said, chiming in for the first time. “Squeeze it
three times and then stop.”

“What the hell, I’m not going to!” Sean yelled and was about to take his
hand off.

“Don’t you dare.” Kyle looked at Mark. “Take the tape and put it in your
car. Go now before he has a chance to get up.”

Mark ran off. Sean knew he didn’t have time to conceal his dick and
catch up to him. And he certainly couldn’t have ran out in the situation
he was in.

“What are you guys gonna do?” Sean asked.

Both Kyle and Joe smiled. “I think we’re going to have a little fun,”
Kyle said. “And don’t worry because you’ll be the one having most of the

Nothing had happened right away. Sean was eventually allowed to put
himelf back in his jeans and then go back to work. The boys promised
that the tape would not be shown to anyone as long as he did whatever
they asked him to. Not thinking it would be anything in particular, he
decided they might want him to do some extra work for them do they could
goof off.

That was Monday and the rest of the week passed by slowly. Every day at
work was a nightmare as Sean worried that the boys would say something
about the tape. He was afraid they would tell the manager and he would
lose his job. He came in prepared every single day to lose his job. But
nothing happened.

That was until Saturday morning. He was sleeping when he heard the phone
ring promptly at 7 am. It was his day off, so generally Sean slept late
into the day. Thinking it was a telemarketer, he had intended to just
say that he was tired and end the call. he was surprised when he heard
Kyle’s voice on the other end.

“Hey Sean,”the boy said. “Aren’t you awake yet?”

Sean yawned. “No, I don’t get up so early on Saturdays,” he said.
“Can’t you call me back in a couple hours?”

“No sir,” Kyle said. “We’re going to go to the beach today. And you’re
coming with us.”

“I don’t want to go-”

“Don’t argue or we’ll show the tape to the boss,” Kyle said. “We’ll be
at your house in half an hour. Be outside. Do you have a pair of

“No I don’t,” Sean replied. “I only have trunks.”

“How about bikini briefs?”

“Yeah, I have some of those,” Sean replied and automatically regretted

“Okay, you are to stand outside wearing nothing but you bikini briefs..
and I mean nothing. Then we’ll pick you up and head out to the beach.”

“I can’t stand outside in my underwear!” Sean protested. “I’ll get
arrested or something.”

“Just wear a dark color and people will think they’re speedos,” Kyle
insisted. “Or I could always have this tape play on the closed circuit
television at your college.”

That was the only warning that he needed. Sean immediately said he would
do it. Kyle was happy and hung up the phone.

Right before he went outside, Sean looked at himself in the mirror. He
stood in a tight pair of blue bikini briefs. The outline of his cock was
visible as it was pressed up against his body. His lean, toned body was
hairless and the wavy hair on his head was brown. He thought he was
sexy, but had to get those thoughts out of his head. The last thing he
needed to do was get hard before he went outside.

Standing outside, he made sure he didn’t go out until right at 7:30. He
figured the least amount of time in the open was better. The boys,
however, may have sensed this plot. They didn’t show up on time. A few
people gave him funny looks as they walked by, but no one said anything.

About fifteen minutes late, a white car pulled up. The three boys were
all in the car. They whistled at Sean as they pulled up. Unlike him,
they were dressed in baggy shorts and tank tops. Sean wanted to get in
the car right away, but they didn’t let him.

“Come on guys, people are staring at me,” Sean pleaded. “Can I get in?”

“Are you going to be a good boy and do everything we say without asking
twice?” Kyle asked.

Eager to get in the car and out of public view, Sean replied. “Yes,
anything, just let me in the car. PLEASE!”

“Okay, get in the back.” They opened the door and let him in the back.
The car was big and all three of the other guys were sitting in the
front. After the door was closed, Sean was all alone in the back. The
car took off.

Kyle was driving. Joe was in the middle and he turned around to look at
Sean. Sean blushed as he felt the blood run into his cock. It turned
him on being looked at like that. He covered his crotch and blushed

“Uh uh,” Joe warned. “None of that remove you hands.”

“Come on!” Sean pleaded.

“Remove your hands or we’ll remove your briefs,” Mark warned. He was
serious and Sean could tell. He moved his hands and his cock pressed
hard up against his briefs. If it grew any more, it would pop through
the waistband and be in plain sight.

“He’s so hard!” Joe laughed. The others all laughed with him. “He’s
loving this!”

“What are you guys gonna do to me?” Sean asked. He was a little scared
now. That didn’t make his cock wilt, though. It made it get just a
little more stiff.

“Well, we’re going to go to the beach,” Kyle said, while driving. “And
we’re going to have some fun.”

“Yeah, get used to the bikini for now,” Joe said. “You won’t be wearing
it all day.”

As soon as they got to the beach, they found a nice part that was away
from most of the people. Putting out a big blanket, the three boys sat
down. Sean was about to but he was instructed to stand up. He did as he
was told. It was a little more comfortable being at the beach since
people would have assumed he was in a swimming bikini and not underwear.

The boys laughed and joked for a while, and finally they turned back to
Sean. Kyle, apparently the leader, said, “Okay, you can slip out of
those bikinis now.”

“What? What if someone sees?”

“You get to choose. They can see you or they can see you jacking off to
an underage boy. I wonder how long you college will keep you before
throwing you out?” Kyle said.

“Besides,” Joe remarked, “that cock of yours is straing to get out.”

Realizing he had no choice, Sean slipped off the bikinis. His hard cock
sprung free and stood out at it’s full mast. The boys laughed when they
saw it. Sean felt himself blushing.

Kyle grabbed the bikinis and stuffed them into his pocket. “You can get
these back later,” he said. “First, here’s some of your new rules.
First, you only get to jack off when we tell you to. Got it?”

Sean nodded, knowing that that only meant trouble.

“Second, you are going to spend every weekend at the beach here with us.
Got it?”

He nodded again. There went all of his free time and sleeping late.

“Other rules will come. That’s all for now. Lay down on the blanket.”

Sean laid down as quickly as he could. His cock still stood straight up
in the air, but it was not as easy to see laying down. His one attempt
to cover himself up was stopped when both Mark and Joe grabbed each of
his hands. Kyle kicked Sean’s legs far apart.

“We’ll have none of that,” he said. “But here’s some good news for you.
You will get to cum soon, so maybe that cock of yours will go down a

Some precum seeped out of his cock and all three boys laughed at that.
“He’s so fucking horny!” Joe laughed. “This guys a total perv!”

Kyle reached in and grabbed ahold of Sean’s cock. It was wet and
slippery and Sean gasped. Against his better will, he started thrusting
his hips up and down. Kyle laughed and then let go of the cock.
Frustrated, Sean pumped into the air a few times and then stopped.

“Mmmm, please do that again,” Sean moaned and then wished he hadn’t. It
made them all laugh again.

“Ick, I got his cum on my hands,” Kyle laughed. “Oh, I got a better
idea.” he reached into his pocket and took out the briefs. Sean groaned
as he realized what was about to happen.

Kyle wrapped the briefs around Sean’s cock and started stroking again.
This time he went really fast, like he wanted Sean to cum really quick.
Sean felt it coming pretty soon and he moaned really loud. Right at that
moment, Kyle took his hand off again.

For the second time, Sean found himself thrusting against the air. He
wanted to get off so bad, but there was nothing he could do. All of his
urges to grab himself and beat off were hopeless as long as they held his
arms like that.

“Please make me cum!” Sean found himself pleading. As usual, this only
caused the boys more laughter.

“Okay, sure,” Kyle remarked. “But first, I want you to tell me.. which
one of us do you think is the hottest?”

“Don’t make me do that!” Sean begged.

“Okay” was Kyle’s reply. He grabbed Sean’s bikini wrapped cock and
started jacking it. Sean kept from moaning, but when he came close to
cumming, his eyes crossed. Kyle knew what to do and he pulled his hand
off. For the third time, Sean was left just moving up and down.

“Tell me”


When he settled down, Kyle grabbed him again… he jacked really fast,
just about ten strokes and then pulled off. This time, Sean had been on
the verge of cumming but he stopped. He moaned in frustration.

“come on” Kyle prodded.

“No, I can’t.”

This time Kyle grabbed the cock and squeezed it hard. Sean moaned
against his will. They all laughed. He knew he had to cum.

“Tell me,” Kyle said with a squeeze. When he didn’t give an answer, Kyle
stroked the full length of his cock just one more stroke.

“You! now let me cum, please!” Sean yelled, louder than he would have

Kyle laughed. He squeezed the cock and stroked it once more. A shot of
cum flew out of Sean’s cock. Kyle waited a moment, stroked again and
aimed another shot out. This continued about 3 more times until Sean was
spent. He still felt horny, though, because although cumming felt good,
the lack of strokes stole most of the good feeling. Worse than that, his
bikinis were covered in cum and they were all he had to wear.

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chapter 2