chapter 17


I went backstage and back to the room where I waited before I did the performance. I started to get my clothes on and just when I was almost finished I heard a nod on the door. I said, ” Come in” and when I looked back to see who entered I just starred and couldn’t say anything any more.

“I hardly could believe what happened when Brandon and his friends came walking in but when you came on stage, all became clear to me. Tim, my love what have they been doing to you”

Michel walked towards me and I started to cry. He took me in my arms and I lost complete control and just couldn’t stop crying any more.

“Just, calm down Tim, you are save now, just calm down”.

I tried to stop crying and looked into the eyes of Michel. I am not sure of what I saw but just looking at him heeled something again.

“Come on Tim, just stop crying and tell me how and why you were there on stage”.

“I am not sure I can do that Michel, I am just not sure,” I said. “I think I am still afraid of what might happen.”

“Well, don’t be I am here now and if we need help I can always get my uncle to help me”.

“Your uncle” I said still sniffing.

“Yea, he owns this place and lets me sometimes sit in the back and just look. He knows I am gay and he agreed not to tell any one until I say he can”.

“I can’t tell you here, you better leave here right away because Brandon and his friends will be here very shortly. They might see you”.

“Well I better can handle that first wait here while I will talk with my uncle”.

Michel left for a while to speak to his uncle and I, well I just didn’t know it anymore. I was glad that Michel was the one who found me but I was unsure if I could tell him everything.

Five minutes later he came back and said ” well that is taken care of Brandon and his friends won’t be able to bother us for a while so come on tell me what happened”.

“I can’t Michel, just not yet”.

“Come on Tim, if you want me to help you, you better give me some idea of what is going on”.

“Well I don’t no Michel I am still afraid what might happen if Brandon found out you know what has been going on.”

“Well, then I will tell you what has been going on, you have been blackmailed by Brandon to do humiliating things don’t you”.

I looked at him and said, “How do you know”.

“Well I figured something out like that when you were putting up that show during weight lifting, the way Brandon suggest you to get weighted without your underwear made me suspicious. I wanted to talk about it then but I just hadn’t had a change. So how did he managed to do that”.

“Well he caught me looking at him and getting a stiff one. Later he made a video of me masturbating and he told me that he would show it around if I didn’t obey him”.

“Well I think it is time to get back at him. I never suspected Brandon to be gay but this is going to be fun. I already talked with my uncle and he came up with a plan on blackmailing Brandon back”

“Don’t go overboard Michel, I don’t think Brandon is gay he just likes to humiliate others.”

“Why do you think so Tim, why did he bring you here if he wasn’t gay or so.”

“Well I think just for humiliating me, nothing else.”

“Are you sure, Tim?”

“Yes I think so Michel he even didn’t fuck me or so. I had so suck him yesterday but I believe that was of the others who forced him to but this morning he was quite mad that that had happened”.

“Well even better then, we will get him for that, my love”.

I looked at him and good hardly believe what I heard saying him ” You still love me Michel?”

“Yea of cause” he answered and with that he place a big wet kiss on my lips. First I couldn’t open them because I still wasn’t ready to believe what was happening but slowly I let his tong entering my mouth and we had the biggest kiss we shared until know.

When Michel let go I tried to look into his eyes, does beautiful eyes and I found a sea of love in them. I hardly good say anything but managed to say, ” I will love you for ever Michel”. We stared for more than a minute in each others eyes and were both lost in those powerful emotion called love but Michel broke the moment and said: ” well we better go to my uncle and see what we are going to do exactly”.

“Michel, you just go ahead I want to clean myself a little before meeting him, is that alright”.

“Yea just go ahead and take your time. When you are ready just go left in the hall and go to the door that is at the right hand side. We will be waiting for you there”.

I followed Michel until he left the room. I looked back at the mirror and for a second I couldn’t believe myself. There I was, declared love to Michel after been humiliated in the most public way possible. I wanted to look at my best when I would meet Micelles uncle so I started to clean up my face and put my cloths right. Then I took a deep breath and started to walk towards the door.

I walked into the hall and saw the right hand door, which Michel had mentioned. I nod on it and waited for a reply.

The door opened and Michel just looked at me ‘ Come on in” he said. “Meet my Uncle Jeff, Uncle Jeff this is my boyfriend Tim” I shook hands with a beautiful looking man who was much younger that I had expected. But I also looked at Michel very quick because the way he introduced me surprised me “You mean that Michel?”

“What” Michel said surprised?

“Well me being your boyfriend”

“Yes if you want to be Tim”

I didn’t answer but instead I just kissed him long and sweet. “Ok you two love birds I believe we have a problem we need to handle isn’t it”

I scaredly looked at Jeff and just couldn’t say anything. “Don’t be afraid Tim, your secret is save with me and Michel already told me what Brandon has been doing to you.”

“Did you Michel”. “Yea I did Tim, but not in detail, I just told him that you were blackmailed by Brandon and his friends to go on stage this evening”.

“I can’t things like that happen around here so if you want I can help you to get back at them”.

“Well I just don’t know why don’t we leave it and go on. I will tell Brandon that I won’t do it anymore and that is that”.

“But he has that video of you, don’t he” Michel said.

“Yea I know but what the hell with it, if he want’s to show it let him. As long as you are my boyfriend Michel I can handle anything”.

“Well I am not sure I would like that to happen Tim. I want our relation to be a little more concealed for a while. I think we must try to get something to blackmail him back and my uncle already came up with an idea. Tell him Jeff”.

“Ok, Tim if you are upto it we are going to do the following thing”.

Jeff spoke for more than five minutes explaining me what the plan was. “Do you agree, Tim”.

“Well, I am not sure Jeff, are you not afraid you are going to get in trouble somehow for this”.

“No I don’t think so Tim, Brandon will be to afraid to tell any one”.

“Ok, Lets do it then Jeff. Were do you have me planned in for this,” I asked him.

“Well just go to the table were your friends are sitting and let things just happen. Michel here will do his part and I will start up the show”.

I left them just a little scared and went back to the entrance were backstage and visitors hall came together. I walked into the hall to the bar were Brandon and the others were sitting. I saw that somehow they were forced to stay put. Brandon was looking towards the door all the time just if he was waiting for me. I entered and walked towards the table were they were sitting. On stage a man of 40-year old was just ending his act.

“Hi you guys”, I said with more confidence then before. ” I am glad you waited here for me. Did you like the show”.

Brandon looked a little bit suspicious and said then: “Yea great show Tim, love to see you lick like that but before we go on you have earned some money tonight, hand it over to me. You only got it thanks to us”.

I handed in the money I got it was over a 100 dollar, not bad for one performance Jeff had told me.

“Why couldn’t we come and get you, we tried but some man in the hall told us that you wanted to be alone and that you would come to us when you were finished. That is not a good behaving of a slave, you know”.

“I am sorry Brandon, but I had to take some time to clean up, I hope you don’t mind”.

“Well I will forget it Tim because of the perfect show you put on. I believe the men around loved it”.

In the mean time Jeff walked on to the stage and took the microphone. “Ok you guys out there we are going to do something special just as promised on our folder outside we are ending each evening with a special show. Tonight is going to be a little different so just wait and relax. The drinks will be on the house until the ending of the show. In the meantime nobody can leave the room because the special ending is included in the entrance price so you know what risk you take when you come in”.

I saw Brandon looking at Jef, the people in the bar and then at his friends and me ” Let’s get out of here” he said.

I turned my head to the door and said then to Brandon” seems you are to late for that”.

Brandon stood up and started to walk towards the door but he was held by one of the waiters.

“Please if every one can sit down we can start the show,” Jeff said. “Waiters please bring around the free drinks.

“We better sit down Brandon” one of his friends said. We walked back towards our table and I took an extra chair to sit down beside the others. We received our free drinks and we waited on Jeff to continue. I looked around to see if I could find Michel but I couldn’t see him. I know were he should be but he seemed to be just out of sight.

“Ok, people for tonight special ending we are going to have a free striptease with assignment afterwards. You know we have done this before but tonight I want to make it a special one. Normally I invite one of you horny guys on the floor to put on a show but that means that the horniest one is coming up, the one that can’t think normal with his brains any more. Tonight we are going to do this different. The one who is going to perform is going to do that by chance that means any of you guys can be the lucky one”.

With that said a lot of people started to talk to each other some loud and others jus whispering there were a lot of cheers on so most people were enjoying the thing and some I could see were waiting in anticipation.

“Well guys, I said we are all getting a chance to perform” I said this in kind of sarcatic tone. The answered almost at the same time with ” well not me, no way”.

When the rumor became less Jeff continued. ” Ok, we are going to turn off all lights and then we are going to go around with a big search light. I will have one of the waiters here with me and he will be blindfolded. He will let the search light stop by pushing on this big red nod. The one in the spotlights is the one who has to perform a full striptease act together with an assignment. You all now the assignment lists so after the show you can each vote on which assignment he have to perform. “

The lights were turned off and I looked at Brandon, he looked a little bit scared I knew they would let the spot light go around for more than a minute not touching Brandon once but at the moment supreme the light would be on him.

The light started to turn around but the only thing I could look at was the face of Brandon. I wanted to see his retain, as the light would stop on him. I counted with the second going past and I saw how the light came closer to our table and then I heard how the waiter pressed the button and I saw the awful, disbelieve look on the face of Brandon.

“No way” he shouted. But the audience cheered on his choice because he was one of the better looking guys around and even a very young one. Jeff came down, of the stage and walked towards our table. The lights were turned on again and Jeff put the phone under Brandon’s nose when he asked. “And how is our lucky winner,” An other guy was already taken pictures and Brandon just didn’t want to say anything. I saw whom Jeff went towards Brandon’s ears and I knew what he was going to whisper. “Brandon, I know your name and you better do exactly what I say or we are going to publish this picture of the lucky winner in our magazine and put it outside on the window to. I don’t think you want that to happen do you”.

Brandon turned his head around to me and just looked very angry with me. “No don’t look angry at Tim, I saw directly when you entered what happened and when Tim came of stage he was crying so I forced him to tell me what happened. This is the ending of Tim being your slave but we have to do one thing before you are even so you better walk with me on stage and put a great show on the floor”.

“My name is Brandon,” he said through the Mic when Jeff did a little step back. “Ok Brandon lets go on stage”.

They walked towards the stage and every one including Brandon’s so called friends were cheering him on. On stage Jeff waived towards Brandon and said, ” the stage is yours”.

Somewhat unknown about what to do, Brandon walked towards the middle of the stage and looked around. The music started and when he didn’t move some one in the crowd started to yell, “Go on Brandon show us”.

When he didn’t move for another 30 seconds of so the crowd became more aggressive. They wanted Brandon to start the show. Such a beauty, they wanted to see it all. Then slowly on the rhythm of the music Brandon started to dance and slowly undid his shoes and socks. He danced for more then a minute or so before he started to get ride of his T-shirt.

I was trembling on my chair; I was going to see the whole of Brandon, and something I hardly could have dreamed of. I felt how my dick got very stiff when Brandon unbuttoned his jeans. I could hardly wait to see more and just like his friends and most of the crowd I stood up and cheered him on. He slowly let fall his jeans and there he was standing in an incredibly small white brief which emphasis every muscle of his legs and middle. He just danced some more and then undid his brief revealing a not so little cock anymore. He danced a little more and then the music stopped he stood still and tried to get his clothes but his underwear and jeans were already in the hands of a totally out of control crowd. Jeff came on stage quickly because he saw that Brandon became somehow a little frightened by al those men cheering him on.

“Ok you guys now it is time to decide on the assignment which Brandon has to forefill. You are going to have the following possibilities.

A let him masturbate until he comes

B let him be fucked by his choice from the audience.

C let him fuck and be fucked by who ever I choice.

I knew already what was going to happen because the outcome of this vote would be already in the computer so there would be no problem. I looked at Brandon’s face who looked very scared at the board behind him were the choice were on.

“Ok, lets vote” Jeff shouted. Every one walked towards their chair and pushed a button. We waited a moment and then Jeff pushed the big bottom in front of him. “And the winner is C” He said. “Ok you guys you want to see him fuck and get fucked”.

“No way man, I am not going to be fucked”. He started to walk away and then Jeff said ” you better do as told the new magazine will be out in three day’s.” With that he walked back towards Jeff and said Ok who is going to fuck me.

“Well first of all, you have a great dick Brandon, so first lets decide who is going to be the lucky one to get that thing up his arse”. Jeff looked into the bar and then stopped when he came toward our table.

“I have a great idea, Brandon. He you guys around the table of Brandon come on stage” Because we were far out the youngest guys around and they recognized me the people almost pushed us forward to the stage.”

“Ok here is the guy that gave us a show before tonight. I think he deserves a treat don’t you think people”. The crowd cheered and Jeff came towards me and said: “Well, you can choose, do you want to fuck this beautiful Brandon or do you want to get fucked by him”. I knew this question was coming and I had prepared myself on the answer the whole time. Both Jeff and Michel said that I could get him back hard if I would fuck him but I still was longing to that big dick of his in my bud ever since I saw him standing in his underwear the first time I saw him in the lockers.

“I want to be fucked by him,” I said. Brandon looked kind of strange because he expected me to choose the other way around. “Ok then that leave the two of you who are going to fuck him. Ok you choose who is going to be first and who is going to be last so lets get on with the show.”

I walked towards Brandon and looked at him “You thought you were going to be fucked by me didn’t you”.

“Yea I thought you wanted to get back at me”. “No Brandon the only thing I wanted from you during the whole period was to get that cock of you up my arse. But I know that your friends will do a good job at your hole because the audience will cheer them on and they are to drunk to even think about what they are doing. “

He didn’t say anything back but I just pulled my trousers down and sat on all fours in front of him. The crowed cheered him on but he didn’t make a move. I heard how his friends were cheering and shouting at him and then Andrew took a step forward and took Brandon’s dick in his hand and directed it to my arse. I felt how the cock touched my arse and fired shot through me. This was going to be hot. At last Brandon started to force his way in to my arse and just when I felt he slipped in, Andrew said wait a moment now. He stepped back and took his place behind Brandon. When he pushed in his dick Brandon let out a big scream and he forced his cock deep into my arse. All different kind of emotions took place inside me but partly I loved what happened. Cheered on by the people I shot my load without touching my self hard and far and also I felt how Brandon was getting harder all the time. I knew he had a hard one but hard like this, incredible. I hardly could look back but I could here how Andrew shot his cum in Brandon’s ass loud and clear and then Brandon let go of me for a while when Andrew’s place was taken by Brandon’s other friend. I felt how Brandon speeded up the pass again when his ass was filled again. This time the rhythm was more, better and I could feel how Brandon was working up to the moment. Then his cock became very hard and I felt how he came inside me. I was in heaven for a moment and then turned around and looked in the face of Brandon. I could see that he didn’t like having a cock up his arse. ” That was the only time you did something I liked. It was also the last time so you never forget we can do this to you when ever you want because we tapped this”. I saw who his face became very pale and then he just let me go and felt on the ground. He started to cry, his friend came in his arse and didn’t know who quick he had to get out of his buddy and of from the stage.

I was still looking at Brandon and hadn’t noticed that Jeff stood beside me. “Come on, Tim lets bring him to my office”. Brandon was still crying when we brought him back to Jeff’s office. When we entered Michel was already waiting. He walked towards me and said: “You just couldn’t let go did you, why did you let him fuck you, I felt betrayed. “. I could hardly say anything I hadn’t expected that Michel would react like that. But Jeff came in between; “You can talk about that later. Now for Brandon”. He looked at Brandon and we both did the same. ‘You better stop ordering Tim around because if you do we will make sure that the video we took tonight will be publish some how”.

“Please sir, don’t do that, I will do anything you want” Brandon said.

“Well you don’t have to do anything Brandon beside leaving Tim alone. Do you understand that”

“Yes Sir, I will leave Tim alone, I won’t do anything to him any more”

“Ok that is better and now get out of here.”

Brandon looked just one time at me and Michel and then quickly left putting his shoes on and leaving as quickly as he could.

“Ok now for the two of you. Michel you better not forget what Brandon has done to Tim and don’t yell like that. I have an idea I hope that the both of you will like. I will call your parents to say that you are staying at my place and will go to school directly from here. Do you think that is a good idea”

“Would you do that for us Jeff” Michel said.

“Yea if that is what you want. I think you both need time to clear everything up, don’t’ you”.

“Yes I expect so. Ok by me” Michel said. They both looked at me. I was still not sure about the reaction of Michel and was afraid of loosing him so I just knotted and looked away.

“Ok, I will leave the lights on in my office and you can stay here for the night. Michel you now the way up to my living room. I expect you both there for breakfast”.

With that he walked away and closed the door behind him.

“Michel, what did you mean by the thing you said when I came in”.

“Well, I was just angry we are not going to talk about that” He came towards me and took me in my arms. “If you ever want to tell me what he did to you I am all ears, your secrets are save by me”.

I looked at him and I slowly started to talk about the beginning. It took me for over an hour to tell him everything. I started to slowly but felt more at ease when he reacted by just listening. At the end I started to cry and said: “I just didn’t know who to end it anymore. I am glad you were her tonight Michel. I understand if you don’t want to have anything to do with me anymore now but I am glad you were here”.

“What he said don’t talk like that, I am still very much in love with you don’t forget that ever yea.”

He started to kiss me slowly but lovely and I started to answer the kiss back. I almost forget to breath but we kept kissing and slowly I started to believe that Michel was honest about what he was saying about loving me despite the things that had happened. “I love you too Michel”.

“Let’s make love Tim, I want you now”. With that we slowly started to undress each other and enjoying each other’s bodies. I started to lick his ears and slowly went down towards his nipple. First I took his right one in my mouth and then making a trace to his left one. I slowly went down towards his cock but without touching it I went on to the inner site of his legs. Going down on one side and coming up on the other and then just touching his cock going up again towards his nipples again. I slowly started to suck on one and playing with the other one.

“Oh Yes Tim, this feels great, I love you, don’t ever forget that”.

I went back to his lips and started to kiss him slowly. This time Michel stopped kissing me and went down with his lips repeating what I did to him.

“Oh god Michel, you bring me in heaven”.

I could hardly wait anymore and when he was around my cock I took his head and forced him onto it he started to suck my cock and I felt in heaven. This is what I was longing for. Despite I already came twice that evening my dick was hard in a minute and I felt how love pulses through my body and slowly I came towards a never felt highpoint. I thrusted my hips higher and my cock deeper in his mouth and there it was splashes of cum spurted into the back of Michel mouth. He stayed on it until I felt I was completely dried and suck off. Then he slipped of it and kissed me on my lips. I could still taste my own cum and it was great.

“That was awesome Michel, the best I had ever”

“Glad you liked it Tim, I thought you deserved it. When ever you want I give it to you so don’t ever hesitate to ask”.

I just closed my eyes for a moment just slipping back, enjoying the feeling I had and knowing Michel was very close by. But before I knew what happened I felt asleep leaving Michel alone, just looking at a sleeping Tim.

The end of book 1

If you want to go on go to book 2:  Tim and Michel


chapter 16


I woke up the next morning not knowing at first were I was but then slowly it all came back. I was lying on the floor in the living room of Brandon. When I looked around I saw that nobody else was around and that there was light coming true the curtains so it must have been morning already. I heard no other noise so I expected to be the first one awake. I looked around to see were my clothes were. They were lying around and I started to collect them so that I could get dressed.

I had never thought that Jason, Mike or Peter would have gone that far and I especially like that they had forced Brandon some how to let me suck him. Just thinking about that made my dick hard again and I started to play with it. I knew I was not aloud to come so I started to think about something else. That was not easy because it was like a dream, which had come true. It was a shame that I was blindfolded and didn’t see who his dick looked like but I knew that that could wait.

I just looked around once more and saw that the video with me on it was still lying around. I walked towards the TV and put it on. I wanted to enjoy this one without any one else watching. I started the video and looked again at the way Brandon got me the first time I was in his house. It was no more that 2 months ago and it seemed like a complete year.

I knew the weekend was not over yet but I decided just to wait. When the video was almost completed I heard how the back door was going open. I quickly stopped the video because I didn’t know who entered. But then the door opened and Mark, Brandon’s little brother walked in.

“Well there you are Tim. You liked the party yesterday.”

” You knew what Brandon had planned. “

“Yea he said he would wanted his friends to enjoy you somehow. And did they?

“I guess so, but what are you doing here.”

“Did Brandon not tell you. You are mine for the rest of the morning and the first few hours of the afternoon”.

“No, he did not tell me, but I think I need to be here when he awakes Mark”

“No, go upstairs, his room is the first door on the left and ask if you are aloud to go with me and what time you have to be back”

I went upstairs and found the door of Brandon’s room. I hadn’t been here before so I couldn’t no what to find. I opened it slowly and there was Brandon lying on his bed with only a sheet over his body. When I opened the door he opened his eyes and looked at me.

“What do you want Tim, go back to sleep for a while:”

“Well, Brandon, Mark is here and he is saying that you promised him he could take me with him for the next hours or so”

“Yea, you can go. We have nothing else planned for the coming hours. But you better be back at four O’clock. We have some special evening for you to go. You have deserved some lesson after what happened yesterday. I don’t want to be forced like that to let me suck by a faggot. So I think you need to be punished quite hard.”

“No Master Brandon, I didn’t do anything. The others wanted you to do that.”

“It doesn’t matter who did it, but you have to pay for it. So go with Mark and tell him to bring you back before four O’clock.”

I turned around and started to walk out of his bedroom.

“Wait, Tim, you can tell Mark that he can do anything with you, also the thing he wanted and I said he wasn’t aloud. Don’t forget to tell him that because I will ask him later on. Well have a good time and see you later”:

I hardly could image what mark wanted but I knew Brandon would ask so I better tell him.

“And what did Brandon say”, Mark asked when I came back in the living room.

“Brandon said it was alright to go along with you and that I had to be back by four O’clock”

“Anything else Tim”

“Eh Yes Mark, I also had to say that you were aloud to do anything with me even the thing you asked him last time and he didn’t want you to do with me”

“What did you do Tim, because I think Brandon is upset with you otherwise he wouldn’t have told me this”

“Well, I am not sure”

“I think you know Tim, come on tell me what happened exactly yesterday”.

“Jason, Mike and Peter were here and I suck them and was fucked by one of them. Then Jason asked Brandon what Brandon made me do with him. Brandon said that I hadn’t done anything sexual with him. Brandon was somehow forced to keep up his face and I was ordered to suck his dick blindfolded.  He told me a moment ago it was my fault that that happened. “

“Yea” Mark screamed “At last the straight boy Brandon sucked by another guy. You did it know, he is going to punish you for that, that is one think I know”.

” Well I think I had to pay up last night enough already”

“Ok wait here I have to make some phone calls and then we are gone here”.

I had to wait for 10 minutes or so and then mark walked back into the room.

“I have made all arrangements so we can go”

“Were are we going Mark”?

“Just wait and see, some friends are expecting us so lets go, you can borrow Brandon’s bike”

We went of and left the places were they were living. About 30 minutes later Mark pointed at a farm and told me were going to pick up his friends there. When he arrived I saw whom he mend. Both Frank and Andrew were waiting with their bikes in their hands.

“Well Glad to see you again Tim” Andrew said.

I didn’t answer because Mike said: “We better get out of here before any one is starting to ask questions”.

“Yea that is a good idea” Frank said, “I know a place not to far away were we can talk our planes through”.

We started to ride to a little forest site that was on the horizon. When we had driven for almost 30 minutes we rode into the forest and Frank stopped us, as soon we were a minute or so in it.

“I think this is a good place to discuss what we are going to do with Tim. You better wait here Tim”

They walked away and some discussion happened. During the discussion they sometimes looked at me but the discussions faded and they agreed on something.

“Ok, Tim here is what we are going to do” Mark said.

“You are going to stand on the left side beside your bike and then you are going slowly take off your shoes, socks, Blouse and Trousers. You can keep on your T-shirts and underwear. Do it slowly so that we can make some pictures.”

I saw that Andrew was making his camera ready. I walked to the side and put my bike to a three. Then slowly I started to take of my clothes. I knew it was not good thing to try to protest. As long as knowbody was going to get by it didn’t matter.

Andrew took a picture of 10 while I was undressing. My white underwear was taken on the photo while I had to keep my T-shirt a little higher so it would be on the photo.

“Ok that was your first assignment Tim, Now get on the bike and we will go further.”

Frank got my clothes and put them in a bag he brought along. Just when we were finished another bike came riding there. When he was close by I could see it was a boy of 12 or 13 only. He looked curios at me and then at the others.

“You have any questions,” Mark asked.

“Well, no I will just go on if you let me pass” He said with a little tremble in his voice

” You don’t have to be afraid if you want to ask anything you can” Mark replied.

The boy still didn’t look to positive but slowly he asked, ” Why is he riding in his underwear”

“Because we told him to do so,” Mark said.

The boy looked curious ” What?”

“He is our slave and has to do exactly what we tell him to”

“Oh ” he said.

” Do you want to come along, you can if you want to” Mark said.

“Can I, you wouldn’t mind” he asked

“No of cause not, you can even give him an order later on if you want”.

“Ok, it you don’t mind I will come along, My name is Kevin”

“Ok Kevin, I am Mark, that is Andrew and Frank over there and our slave is called Tim. We were just planning to ride further on”.

We got back onto the bikes and started to go deeper into the forest. Kevin looked curios sometimes but didn’t ask anything. We ride along for some 15 minutes or so when we came to a meadow in the forest.

“We are going to stop over here guys,” Frank said. You can go on already. I will be back in 15 minutes or so”

We put our bikes beside a tree and I looked at Mark to see what we were going to do now.

“Ok we will sit down over here and wait for Frank to come back. At the meantime I think it is a good idea to get out of that T-shirt Tim.”

I did as I was told and Andrew took some pictures again. While I was waiting there I was standing up and the others were sitting in front of me. They couldn’t see what I did; again some one on a bicycle was coming towards me. I felt how mine face turned red because again some one was going to see me.

The others looked around when they heard that some one stopped.

“Well what do we have here”

It was a young guy of a year of 20 or something like that.

Mark stood up and said: “We are playing with our toy. He does anything we say”

“Is that so, do you mind if I join. I like to see some spectacles:”

“Well as long if you let us play and if you are only going to look then I don’t mind” Mark answered.

“Well that is fine by me”.

He didn’t introduce himself. He was about 1.80 long, blond hair and a little heavy build. Not my type but the idea he was looking at me made my dick stiffen up.

“Ok, Now get out of that underwear, Tim and let us see if you are enjoying yourself”. Mark said.

I stepped out of my underwear and saw the two new ones looking at my stiff dick.

“Well it seems he likes that very much”, the 20 year old said.

“Despite everything that he had to do already he is still enjoying it” Mark replied.

With that he started to tell them what kind of public humiliation I already had to go through.

“That sounds like a lot of fun, but what are you going to do with him now” he asked.

“Well just wait, one of our friends is getting something and then he must perform some more” Mark said.

We waited and Mark and Andrew talked a little with the 20-year-old one. They didn’t say much to me and Kevin was just sitting there and looking at my dick.

“Mark, can I touch his dick it looks quite heavy and I just want to touch such a thick cock to know how it feels:

“That is fine by my. As long as Tim knows that is not aloud to cum yet”. Mark replied.

With that Kevin walked towards me and started to feel my dick. First slowly, barely touching it and then he started to make a fist around my cock and slowly stroke it. He seemed to like it because he let go again and then slowly started to rub the top of my dick. It felt like it was going to explode but I knew I had to control myself.

Andrew had taken the camera again in his hands and started to make some photos. I was afraid of what they were going to do with those.

Then we heard some noise from behind the left side and turned around. Frank came walking back to us with a horse. It was not a very huge horse but it had the same hight as Frank had so it looked quite big. I turned my face towards Mark with I think a lot of questions on it because I slowly started to get an idea of what they were planning.

“Well, here he is, This is goldie a young but very easy horse I think he will do for our purpose just right.”

“Ok, Tim, this is what we are going to do. You will go lay down on the grass and we will direct the horse towards you. You better lay still otherwise it is possible you will be hit by the horse. Then when he is above you, you can slowly start touching the dick of the horse. Depending on what happen we will decide how to go on”

Mark showed me where I had to go to and I lay myself on my back. I trembled a lot because this is not going to be fun I thought. I had seen a horse dick in the past and I wasn’t going to be fucked just like by the dog. I would rather die then do that.

They lead the horse over me so that it was standing with its front legs beside my head, one at each side. The horse’s dick was hidden in a push of hair but I could reach it when I just stayed lying there.

“Ok go ahead” Andrew said, “Just let us see if you can get it stiff”.

I slowly started to touch it but was to scare to make any force with it. Nothing happened and I was already glad. The horse was just not in to it at this moment so I was of the hook.

It took too long for Andrew, Frank and Mark. The started to whisper between each other and then Andrew said: ” we leave you the choice or you find the right sport and make sure that the horse is going to enjoy this or we make sure that the horse likes it and then he deserves the right to fuck you in your ass”.

I knew this mend that I better try more to get in to this. I started to rub its dick more forcedly and it started to respond. Out of its shaft came a big, red, brown top and it started to get hard very quickly.

“That’s it, Tim goes on” Frank shouted.

I started to get a firm rhythm going and the horse started to get very hard. I could hardly believe what was happening there.

“Wait,” Mark said when it looked like the horse was going to shoot his load within a few minutes.

“You are going to lift yourself up a little and make sure that your mouth is in the neighborhood when the horse is going to shoot. In the mean time he there is aloud to do with you what ever he likes as long as your mouths keep in position.”

While he said that he was pointing at the 20 year old.

“May I, ” the 20-year-old replied: I have never liked faggot so this is a chance to get back at on”

I lifted my head while I still was stroking the big fat cock of the horse. I needed two hands so Andrew helps me to keep my high enough with my mouth. In the meantime the 20-year old started to hit my dick and balls with a belt he had taken of his jeans. I hurt but I had to concentrate on the horse so more or less I was able to let it go by. He was not doing his best so it didn’t hurt too much. In the mean time I saw how Andrew was still making pictures of me.

The horse became more and more restless and I could feel that his dick was close in shooting so I started to slow down a little bit. Then without any warning I felt his cock pulsating and knew for one second before it happened that I better opened my mouth or I would have been punished for not getting any of it. Then it hit my mouth, my face, my eyes, nose and everywhere. It seems liked it wasn’t going to end. I got some in my mouth and slowly started to swallow. It had a different taste then human sperm but it didn’t taste any worse. Mean while the boys looking were clapping and cheering me on.  When the horse’s dick came to a rest a little it was Mark who said, ” Well suck the last bit out. I can see you enjoy it”.

I slowly went with my mouth towards the top op the horse’s dick and I slowly put my lips around it. I had to open my mouth as far as I could before I had a little bit of the top in. Then when I sucked a little it seemed like the horse came again. He pushed his dick further in and while I tried to get away a very big load came in mouth.

“Swallow” Frank yelled.

I did as told and could hardly keep it in whiles the horse still try to fuck my face.

“This is going to be great pictures,” Andrew said while he continued to make them.

The horse came to rest again and the 20-year old had ended his hits on my balls and dick when the horse came so I had a moment to breathe heavily.

“Well that looked great Tim, I think you have deserved some pleasure for yourself. Go and stand up and relieve yourself”.

I slowly tried to get from under the horse and stood beside it. I slowly looked at my dick and saw that it was quite red from all the hits with the belt. I slowly started to masturbate but needed only a few tows before I came loudly.

“Well I think you can go dress again Tim. We will leave here in a while and we must be sure that you are on time back home” Mark said.

Kevin and the 20-year old started to talk to the others and they let me finish dressing up. Without saying goodbye Kevin and the 20-year old went away. Andrew walked towards me and said, ” We will go now to my place we have still two hours or so before you have to be back”.

We rode to Andrew’s place in 45 minutes and then went inside. I didn’t know what they were going to do but when we entered Andrew’s room and he started up his PC, I knew I was in trouble.

“You are not going to put these pictures on the net are you guys’ I said almost begging.

“That was the idea”, Andrew said, “We have to, we promised that to one or two newsgroups. We have asked them what would be nice to do with a slave and so on and they gave us this idea and some others, but we had to let them see what we choice. So here we go.”

He connected his camera to the computer and then slowly started to start putting them on the net. I hardly knew what he was doing.

“We will let you know what the reactions are when you are at school tomorrow. We will give them to Brandon”.

After 30 minutes or so they were ready and Mark told me that it was time to go back to Brandon.

We left and just a little bit before four O’ Clock we arrived at Mark and Brandon’s house.

” Well just in time back Tim, you can go to the living room. The others are all there” said Brandon when he opened the door.

I went into the living room and they were still there Brandon’s friends. I had to tell them exactly what I had been doing that they and they had a good laughter about it.

“Well you are going to love the things we are going to do tonight.” One of them said. I don’t remember who said that exactly.

When Brandon came back into the room he walked towards me and put a blindfold over my face.

“You are not going to see where we are taking you. You will get your assignment when you are there”

I was let to the car and pushed into it. We drove for something that felt like an hour or so. Then Brandon took me by the hand and forced my way into a building. I saw through my blindfold that we left the light of the sun.

“Wait here, I have to make some arrangements,” Brandon said.

He went for a while and the other guys were waiting with me.

“Do any of you know what he has planned for me” I asked them.

“No Tim, Brandon didn’t tell us anything but we have some idea since we entered this bar” one of them answered.

When Brandon came back he started to talk to the other boys in an other area so I couldn’t hear them.

“Ok Tim,” said Brandon when he came back towards me. ” I will bring you to a room were you are going to stay for a while. Then you will be called out. When you are in the room you can take the blindfold off. When you are called you will be brought to a stage and there you will perform a full striptease and masturbation show in front of us. When you are finished you can leave and go back to the room. I will get you there”

” You mean I have to perform for you on a real stage Brandon”.

“Yea you have but I don’t know exactly how long it will take for you can go up so just wait in the room”

He let me to the room and opened the door. “Just walk in now, you can take the blindfold of and then just wait until you hear your name”

With that he closed the door and I walked into the room and took off the blindfold. The room looked like an old dressing room. I couldn’t see any other men where using it at the time. I waited for something like a half-hour or so and started to get aroused by the idea that they were going to watch me on a real stage with lights and all. They have seen me doing it before so I just didn’t worry too much but got excited more and more as time pasted by.

After something like an hour or so (At least that is what I thought), someone called my name and opened the door.

“You can go on to the stage keep on walking trough that hall and then just step on the stage as the music start. You can do your stuff then. I hope for you they have the right music ready”.

I walked into the hall and found something that looked liked the door at the end. I slowly opened it and there was already the music. That was when I found out that the rumor that was coming from that room behind the door wasn’t only of Brandon and his friends. I waited for a moment. I just could not believe that Brandon would have me perform for a whole crowd but then some one pushed me in. I didn’t have the time to resist and when I was on the stage I heard mean screaming to start. I tried to see something but because of the bright lights that was impossible. I just started to dance on the music and slowly doing some cloths out. I just concentrated on the performance and not on the audience present.

Remarks were made when I put off my trousers and when I stepped out of my underwear I had a thick and hard cock. People were encoring me to go on and some money was thrown on the stage floor.

I could hardly believe what was happening but started to masturbate some more. The crowed became very loud and at some point I just could not believe the money that was coming on to the floor. Then it came, the erotic scene of all the people looking was too much for me and I came with big splashes on the floor.

Then the crowd started to applause hard and one voice came over the noise. It was Brandon who yelled, ” Lick it”. That yell was taken over by all the others and just when the lights in the room were put on and that of the stage a little less I went towards the floor and just before I started to lick I saw a room full of man of the age of 25 to very old who were cheering me on. At the right hand of the stage Brandon and his friends were sitting. When I was finished I stood up and looked one more time around before grabbing the money and leaving the stage. In that flash I thought I saw Michel sitting in the back of the left-hand corner. I wasn’t sure but it could have binned him.

chapter 17

chapter 15


After gym class Brandon spoke out his approval about what happened. I did exactly what he asked. I was over the embarrassment quite quickly because I did this for the team. The coach informed me that I better would lose some more weight before Saturday. I told him I tried hard already and wasn’t sure that it was going to work. I better prepare him on forehand because I knew already that something like that would have to happen again on Saturday. When we were waiting for the train after that gymlesson he came up to me and informed me what he would expect form me on Saturday.

” You better be sure that on Saturday the exact same things happens but this time be sure that all of your hair around your cock and balls have been removed. Also I want you to tell your mother that you are going to stay at my place after the game on Saturday and Sunday. We are going to have a little party at my house after the game and you are going to be there. Is this all clear Tim.”

“Yes Master Brandon I do understand but I don’t think that my mother will approve of because I am still grounded”.

“Well you have enough time to ask her and if you need help I can always ask her and pursue her. Ok do as you are told and be sure to have a hard one this time when you are on the weighting table. I will check on you before we enter the lockers on Saturday be sure to be on the outside of the school an half hour before”

I had a hard time the next few days I almost started to think about confiding this all to Michel and ask him to help me but he was still Ill and I could not come around so I just spoke at the phone to him and that was not the way I wanted to tell him.

I knew I was getting Brandon more aroused each time but I just wanted him to touch me or to let me suck his dick or lick his ass. If Saturday was going to be a private party maybe I could get him a little drunk and horny and who knows what would happen.

On Friday evening I got some shaving cream from my farther and put it on. I started shaving, which was going; quite well because I had a very hard dick during the time I was busy. I looked at my self in the mirror and I thought it looked kind of childish without all my hair. I just couldn’t control my self and started to stroke it. It got harder and with a few more strokes I came. I cleaned everything of and went to bed.

On Saturday morning I got my bag full of cloths for the next two day’s and went downstairs. My farther did not approve of this weekend but after Brandon called my mother she convinced my dad that it was good for me to go. I am not sure what Brandon told her but I would have to ask him that otherwise I could not tell them afterwards what we had been up to.

I was at school a half-hour before we had to be there and I saw that Brandon was already waiting for me. I took me to the backside of the school and said ” Open your trousers let me see if you did as you were told.”

I opened my trousers and pulled away my underwear.

” That looks really nice Tim, you look like a twelve-year-old. Ok we better wait a minute or ten and then go in there.”

We waited a while and then he walked towards the door. I followed him a minute later or so. When the coach so me entering he walked towards me and asked: ” And are you below your maximum weight Tim?”

“Well I did everything I can to be sure of that but I just can’t get it down anymore so I still will be around that maximum. If I have to I can always put down my underwear again”.

“Would you do that Tim, if I know in front I can inform the judges of that”

“That is ok coach if that is what it takes to win today”

“You know you have to do that in front of every player, coach and assistants of each team that is here today”.

“I know coach but I hope it is not necessary”.

“Ok I will inform the judges already”

He walked away and Brandon came towards me. “What did the coach want Tim?”

I told him what he asked and what I replied to it. “Well done Tim, you are going to learn it already”

When coach came back 10 minutes later he smiled at me and said for everything one to hear “It is ok, they looked it up and if necessary than it is according to the regulations”.

Every member of my team looked at me and they al seem to know what the coach said I saw that some of them walked towards Brandon and start talking to him. They smiled and kind of complemented him.

I dressed my self and put on the underwear we wear during the game. The coach held a little speech and it was time to go to the weighting room. When we arrived I saw that about 100 people were there, players, officials, coaches and so on. I looked around to see if I saw anybody I knew but that was not the case. Some good-looking guys got my attention and there were some hot ones around. I always liked looking at other guys in underwear but got also hard at the fact that I was going to show my self off in front of all those people.

The weighting started it always took about half an hour or so. Nobody was aloud to leave before the last team was weighted. This was to be sure that all was going according to the regulations. Because our team was the organizing team we were last to go. During the weighting of everybody most of the teams were talking to each other and not paying much attention to what happened at the small podium. Normally the weighting was a straightforward process. They all kept talking to each other while the first of our team were weighted then it was my turn and I stepped on the scale.

When some one was to heavy he had to step down of the scale and the judges would put it on zero again. Then he had a second change. But that the first one was not Ok was loudly announced for every one to hear. When I stepped down it became quite and all the people started to look at where we were standing. I knew what they had in mind would the home team (and one of the favorites to win) be disqualified because of overweight.

I walked toward the scale again and stepped on it. Every one was looking and I was getting hard.

The judge beside me looked at me and announced hard; ” 200 grams overweight. You have one more change son, you are the guy the coach talked about isn’t it”.

“Yes Sir” I replied.

“Well then step down and take of those underwear and we will try again” When he finished that sentenced I saw that almost everybody was looking at me. Some of the coaches started to speak with each other slowly. I think they were arguing the fact if this was according to the rules.

I stepped down and took of my underwear slowly. I heard some rumor and whispering. My hard dick stood full in front of me and even my teammates start whispering I could here that some of them made a point of me shaving of my hair this time.

I stepped on the scale and looked at the judge ” Ok, you can participate”.

I wanted to step down but one of the other coaches walked toward the judges. ” I want to see that. I want you to put it on zero first and then look at the weight of this boy”.

I knew that this was aloud. Other coaches had the right to control each of the judge’s decision. Because of fraud in the past this public weighting became part of the rules and regulations of each game.

I knew then that I had to stay naked a longer time because probably each coach would want to check this. The judges gave his approval of this and started to put the scale back on zero. I had to step up again and the coach checked the weight. So this was repeated 16 times and all that time I had to stay naked and step up and down of the scale. After the first three times I dared to look around and I saw some players looking quite openly at others and me more secretly. But I also could see some bulges that were greater then normally.

At last every coach agreed and the other team members were weighted and the games could start.

In the lockers were I put my jersey on Brandon smiled at me but didn’t say anything.

The game went OK. I won all mines and the team became school state champion as aspected. Most of my opponents were kind of distracted and some of them stared openly at my crotch just before the start of each game.

At the end we were back in the lockers some bears were past around and we had a small party which lasted an hour or so. When the first started to go Brandon walked up to me and said: ” Well done, it was a beautiful site to see you being humiliated like that. We are going to my place in a moment. Peter, Mike and Jason will join us. I have rented some videos and got some more beers around. “

We went together back to Brandon’s place. He didn’t make any remark on the way their that suggested that the others knew that I was his slave. When we arrived Brandon asked us what we wanted to drink and walk to the kitchen. When he came back he put on the video. He had tapped the last episode of Star Trek, which had been on television yesterday. We looked at it and still there was not any remark about being the slave of Brandon. When the episode was finished Brandon went to the kitchen again to get new drinks. Jason went to the video and asked if Brandon had made any plans to the following video. He answered from the Kitchen that it didn’t matter and that he could get any tape he wanted.

Jason went through the tapes and found a few without any label on it. He said well just have to wait and see what this one is about. He put it in the video. Brandon walked back in and I saw that when he looked at the video his face turned pale. I also looked at the video and saw that it showed the livingroom from Brandon on it. Then I walked in and stood still before the table.

Oh no I thought that was the tape Brandon made the first evening. I looked around and saw question marks on the faces of the Mike, Peter and Jason.

“What is this, ” Jason asked.

Brandon answered Just wait and see. I would like to know what you find of it when it is finished”.

During the video the all looked at me from time to time and I didn’t know what I was going to say or do I found it very humiliating to be looking at the video in presence of three other boys.

When the video finished it was Jason who started to talk first. ” How did you get him so far to do this Brandon”.

“I found him staring at my crotch in the lockers when we were together. His dick became hard and I forced him to masturbate in front of him. He begged that I could not tell anybody else. I agreed but made him my slave in stead. I believe he just loves to be humiliated in public. Do you know the time when we were waiting for the train and he joined us for a drink at the canteen at school.”

The three nodded.

“That time I saw that he had something to drink within himself. Well in that bottle was his own pee. I made him drink that in front of you”.

“All the other times he showed himself somehow in the lockers and like today before the match, did you made him do that too” Jason asked.

“Yes I did, I shall tell you what happened so far if you like”

“Yes Cool,” Mike replied.

Brandon started to tell everything and the looked at me from time to time but didn’t say anything to me.

Brandon told them everything including what had happened with his brother at the party. Mark had told his brother everything.

When he was finished Mike turned around and looked at me “Why did you do all of that Tim, did you enjoyed it that much?”

I looked at Brandon who said: “Well answer him”.

“I was afraid that Brandon would show the tape to somebody else so I just did as he requested.”

Jason answered: “I think you also liked it, I noticed each time you had to do something in the lockers you’re dick was hard too”.

“Brandon instructed me to do so” I answered.

“Well I don’t know”, Mike said, “but I think you can better be sure to do what you are told if you don’t want any one else to find out. Can you make him do something now Brandon?”

“Why don’t you give him some orders. He will obey don’t you Tim?”

“Please no Brandon not with them around”

“No argue Tim, they are as much your master now as that Mark or me is”.

“Well for a start get undressed Tim” Jason gave me that first order.

I started to undress slowly and watched their reactions carefully. Of cause I like some of the things I had to do but the most I wanted to get my hands on the dick of Brandon.

“Ok bend forward” Jason said when I was undressed.

He started to spank my but first slowly but because I almost did not react he started to use more force.

“Does any of you want to join in on his other buttock”.

I saw how Peter walked to the other side and I felt how at the same time on each buttock landed a hand.

My bottom started to heat up and I lost control and started to cry a little. I also started to beg them to stop but that made them just spanking me harder. My dick also started to grow and that was noticed by Mike ” Look see, you are enjoying yourself Tim”.

With that Jason and Peter stopped spanking. ” Go ahead”, Mike said,” start wanking on that dick of yours”.

I did as told and started to masturbate. I noticed that especially Mike and Jason got a bigger bulge in their crotch then before. I tried to see if that was the case with Brandon but nothing showed there.

It lasted only a few minutes before I shot my cum all over the table. I had closed my eyes during those final moves and when I was finished I looked at them and saw they were smiling. “Lick it” Jason, said.

I started to lick my cum 

“Brandon, is it alright if Tim give me a blowjob. I have always wanted to know what that felt like but I can’t get my girlfriend to do it”.

“Of cause Jason, he has to do anything you want”.

“Well get over then Tim, and undo my pants I want the best blowjob you can give”.

I walked towards him and sank down on my knees. Jason was not that bad looking. He was quite tall with nice blond hairs but he was build quite firm. I unzipped his pants and he let them drop. I removed his underpants and an already hard dick came out of it. It was not only hard but also very thick. I looked at it for a second and then took it in my mouth. It tasted like piss. It seemed as if Jason hadn’t changed his underwear because his entire dick tasted licks that. I slowly started to move my lips around the top of dick and then slowly took more and more in my mouth. He started to moan and I knew he was enjoying himself. After a few minutes of sucking and licking he grabbed my head and started to face fuck me instead of me giving him a blowjob. I tried to get away but Brandon interrupted that by saying, ” Don’t do that Tim, let him do his stuff”.

He seemed to loose all control and a moment later he started to cum in my mouth he screamed loud with it.  I swallowed every drop and when he finished I started to suck him completely dry.

I stopped and looked at his face and asked ” Did you like that Jason”.

“That was the best Tim, I never had an orgasm like that before. You can do that to me when ever you want.”

“Glad I could be of assistance Jason”. I knew that maybe this was going to be the evening I could get my hands on Brandon’s dick. I the other two boys would made me suck their cock to Brandon had to follow.

“You guys, I can advise you that, Mike, Peter this is great”.

I just sat there and waited.

“Well I want to try it also”, Mike said, “my girlfriend did it once but this looked better that what she did”.

“Wait,” Peter said ” I don’t want a blow job but I think I want to try to fuck arse, that is something my girlfriend won’t let me do while I have heard that that is more tight then a pussy”.

Before I knew what happened I was forced on the ground and both my mouth and butt where filled with cock. They also made the pass and I had trouble not gagging with Mike’s dick in my mouth. His dick was larger than that of Jason. It took them also five minutes or so before they both came. I felt exhausted after wards but also I knew that maybe Brandon was next.

“That was great to look at guys,” Brandon said

“What are you going to do with him Brandon. You didn’t tell what you have done so far with him. You didn’t want to tell us how much blowjobs you already had from Tim”

I saw whom Brandon turned red. This is where I wanted him and I was curious how he was going to resolve this.

“Well, you guys until now I didn’t do anything with him”.

“You mean not even getting masturbate by him,” Peter asked.

“No, but just looking at you make me horny so I think he deserves another face fuck, but then blindfolded”.

I almost fainted at the idea that I was going to get Brandon’s dick in my mouth. It was ashamed that I was going to be blindfolded but what the heck I was going to blow his dick.

They blindfolded me and I heard how the others said Wow just after Brandon unzipped his trousers. Something was put between my lips and forced its way in. I opened my mouth and almost immediately I was filled with cock. Not only a big cock but also a thick one. That must have been the Wow about. Brandon fucked my face hard and I almost believed he was going to break some teeth out of my mouth. I then knew that the next morning was not going to be pleasant because my jaws would hurt a lot. It took him only a minute or saw when a huge amount of cum landed in my mouth I started to swallow and at the same time I came again. Just knowing that Brandon was face fucking me made me horny enough to come again even without touching myself.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur for me. Exhausting as I was I laid down on the floor sometimes giving some spanking while the others were watching television? Somehow during that I must have felt a sleep because that is how I woke up the next morning.

chapter 16

chapter 14


Wednesday went by without any special things happened to me. I couldn’t find Michel and I learned that he was ill. I almost would have ran of to his house to see what was wrong with him but I knew I had to be patient and wait for tonight so that I could call him.

On Thursday nothing happened at the gym either. Some guys did make a suggestion if I had forgot my underwear again on purpose last Tuesday but I just did if I didn’t hear what they were saying.

Brandon gave me another hard hour to work out and he whispered that we would see what that evening was going to happen. He told me that he had spoken with my mother and that it was ok for me to go home with him right after school. That surprised me but I knew I had to do what he told me.

When I arrived at Brandon’s house he opened the door (he was off 1 hour earlier than me) and guides me in. You know what to do Tim, when you enter this house so go ahead.

I walked into the living room and saw that Mark and two of his friends were already sitting there on the couch. I didn’t expect them so I hesitate for a moment.

“Well go Tim, you know what to do”, Mark said.

I walked towards the table and then I started to undress myself. I knew I could leave my underwear on so when I was finished undressing I just waited and looked at the boys sitting there.

“You like nice” Mark said. “I want you to introduce yourself to my friends. Come here and let them see you a little closer”

I walked towards them and I stopped in front of the boy who was sitting to the left of Mark.

“Hello I am Tim and I do exactly what you say”

“Hello Tim, I am Frank and you have a quite basket there”. He touched it and squeezed my balls.

I walked up to the other side and introduced myself again.

“Thanks Tim, Well get out of those underwear right now and squeeze you’re own balls as hard as you can”.

I did as told and started to squeeze my balls. “Harder,” Andrew said.

He helped me and put his hands around mine and started to squeeze real hard. I yelled and tears came in my eyes. Andrew stopped and I felt down on the ground with my balls in my hands. That was a hard beginning I thought.

Brandon walked in and said: ” I see you have met the gang of tonight.”

“Yes sir” I stumbled.

Brandon had walked in with three pizzas in his hands. He put them on the table and said ” Well that is dinner for tonight. You already have drinks so lets start eating.”

They all took one pizza and I just looked at Brandon and said: ” And me, Can’t I get something to eat.”

“You are our slave and you eat when we are finished”

I just waited and looked how the boys eat the pizzas and drank some cola. When they were finished Brandon looked at me. I was still standing naked in front of the table.

“Tim, if you look behind you on the table their is a bowl with your dinner. Take the top of and start eating without using your hands or any spoon”.

I turned around and saw a bowl with a top on. I unscrew it and when I lit it I was struck by a most terrible scent. I opened it further and I put it down right away. I turned around and said: I can’t eat that Brandon, please don’t force me. Until know I have done everything for you but please don’t let me eat that”

“That is the first time you are begin Tim. I think I like that but it doesn’t help. If you don’t want the other kids to see the movie from you, you better do as told, so eat that dog shit.”

I turned around and I looked at it. I started to bend forward so that I could get into the bowl with my head. I almost started to gag. This only because of the smell and then I took a first bit. I didn’t want to tjew on it so I tried to swallow it as quickly as I could. I tasted horrible but I knew I had to continue. After my seventh or eight times I just couldn’t swallow any more and started to gag. This time it all came out and I even could taste it better this time. I start to gag more and a lot of that afternoon’s lunch came out to. I stopped and looked around at Brandon.

“Ok you can stop now, I will get you something to drink”

“Tanks, sir”, I said.

I stood up and waited for Brandon to return. When he came back he had a dark glass in his hands.

“Here drink this all and you will feel better, don’t spill any of it”

I took the glass to my mouth and with the first fluid touching my lips I knew this wasn’t water but urine I was drinking. I slowly drank all of the glass. I could almost not control my self and start gagging again. But after a good breath I got the control back over my stomach.

” Ok, Brother I will be going for an hour or 2 so I leave Tim up to you know. You can tell me when I am back if he has done as you requested or if he need to be more punished.  Any Questions mark?”

“Nope Brandon, I think I can handle Tim, he knows he better can obey me don’t you boy”

I looked at Brandon first and when I saw he was not going to say anything I looked at Mark and said: “Yes Sir”

“When I am back, Tim we will check how much weight you have lost and what you must do the next coming days to be sure that you weight as much as I want. Ok see you later”.

With that I knew I was in the hands of Mark and his friends Frank and Andrew. 

“Ok, Tim we have designed a complete program for you tonight so you are going to enjoy this. First of all get you’re underwear back on. We are going to blindfold you”.

Mark walked towards me and put a blindfold for my eyes.

“Just getting the rules straighten out Tim. You are not aloud to say anything except when you are asked or ordered to. You are not aloud to cum during the next two hours. Is that clear”

“Yes Mark I do understand”.

I heard how the three boys started to whisper between themselves. I just waited. After a moment I heard that some one walked away, went upstairs and came back in again.

They started to laugh a little and I thought that they were undressing but I couldn’t see that. I would have loved to see them but I couldn’t.

” Sit down on your knees, Tim and open your mouth”.

I did as told and I felt how two hands at the back of my head push the head forward. I felt that a cock was put in my mouth.

“For the next minutes suck each cock you get”

One at a time I got the three cocks in my mouth and sucked on them. I had a feeling if the second one almost came after I sucked him for only a minute or so. He must have been very horny.

The hands stopped pushing and I felt how some one took off my underpants

“Go and lay down on your stomach. Just don’t move and relax”

I lay down and waited for what was coming. At first I though noting happened then I first felt a finger which tried to invade my ass and then I got a good slap on my bottom. After the first slap I tried to protect my bottom for the second one. That landed on my hands.

“If you do that one more time you are going to regret that so please leave you hands on there normal place”

I took them away and received at least 10 more spankings with what I think was a belt or something.

During that time my ass was still invaded by now three fingers.

“OK. You better be prepared not to shout now so be ready”.

I didn’t know for what exactly but that they were going to put something in my ass was clear to me.

I felt how a dildo entered my ass and I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I wanted to scream but I just couldn’t. The dildo was pushed in at one and I had a hard time adjusting to it. I knew I had to because if I would ask it they would stop.

For a few minutes they started to fuck me with that dildo but then I felt how it popped out. I waited and again something tried to force its way. It felt bigger and again my ass was full of pain. This time tears came down my face but still I could control myself and kept quite.

With this dildo they didn’t start to fuck me but they more and more tried to open up my ass.

” So this should be enough Tim, we have planned this two hours and we have to go, so I hope for you your ass has been stretched enough.”

I wasn’t asked anything only being informed so I didn’t answer.

They were whispering again and I waited for what was going to happen. Then I felt how one, two or even three fingers where pushed into my ass. I could hardly believe what was happening but those three fingers didn’t hurt more than the last dildo.

Then I felt how they started to open my ass more and more. One of them took my buttocks and held them apart. Then I felt how even more fingers were put in my ass I just lost track of the feeling how many there were. Tears were rolling over my face when all of a sudden I here Andrew say. “Here we go”

With that I felt how my ass was complete be force and I just didn’t know what he tried but it was awful.

“Yes there its going” Frank said.

“Never thought that this was going to work” Mark added.

“You are a big boy Tim, Do you know what Andrew just did?”

I knew this was a question but I hardly good say anything and when Andrew pushed a little harder I screamed loud. Then I also knew that not only the fingers of Andrew were in my ass but also probably his complete hand.

When I calmed down I said: “Yes Mark, I think his complete hand entered my ass just a moment ago”

“That is right Tim”

I felt how my ass was forced a little bit more but the pain became less and with little fuck movements from Andrew the feeling became more and more hot. My dick which was gone soft during the intense pain of the beginning was hard again and I had trouble of not shooting my cum yet.

” Well you have proven that you can have it so we are going to let your ass come to a rest now. Just go and stand up”.

I stood up and waited what was going to happen. I heard how the talked to each other but I couldn’t hear enough to understand what they were talking about. I just waited.

10 minutes went by without anything happening. Then Mark started to whisper in my ear:

“Go sit down on your hands and knees. We are going to end this session now so be prepared. One of us is going to fuck your ass, one is going to fuck your mouth and the other one is going to take a movie from it. You better do your best and make it a great movie.”

I sat down on my hand and knees with my mouth open. A cock was put in it and I started to suck it. Then I felt how a cock pushed its way in my ass. It felt great the normally splitting pain I had when somebody entered my ass. The first fucking had done this already. They were all quite horny because I felt after two or three minutes that they were ready to shoot, but I could feel how they just before coming left my mouth and ass. By the sound they made I could sense that they had cum both at the same time.

“Ok, now its my turn” I heard Mark say.

“It is alright now Tim, you may cum so start pulling it”.

I did as ordered and after only a few strokes I felt how the cum splashed almost anywhere.

Also Mark was already there but he also left my ass before he came.

“Ok. Tim you can go and sit down, I will help you,” said Andrew

I was pulled by my balls up to the couch and sat down.

“We are going to clean our selves and will be back soon.”

I just sat there not knowing how much time I had left with those boys before Brandon would come back. I thought it would take at least 30 minutes but the door opened and I thought that it was Brandon on the sound he was walking.

“And Tim, did you enjoy yourself with my brother”.

I had guessed right it was Brandon who was already back.

“Yes, Brandon, I did as ordered”

“Well, I will go upstairs and tell them not to return to the livingroom”

Again some time went by before Brandon came walking in again.

“So, first we will take off that blindfold. Now that is done I am going to tell you what you are going to do until the next gym lesson when the decision is made about the weight classes and what you are going to do from then on to the match on Saturday. I am going to weight you in a moment and see how much you must loose or gain. You are going to be sure that on next Tuesday gymlesson you will weight too much with you underwear on and just enough without them. Do you understand what I mean? “

I didn’t answer him because I hardly could believe he had planned for me this time. I knew that this would be a hard task for me to perform. I could easily weight too much or not enough.

” I think I understand Brandon but how am I going to do this”.

” I think the easiest way is to be sure you weight not enough and eat Monday evening and Tuesday morning just enough that you are a little bit to heavy. Well, before you are going to leave I heard that Mark hand his friends had left you a drink. I will get it now”.

Brandon walked towards the other end of the room and came back with a glass which was half way filled with cum. Now I knew were they had put it.

“Ok, you better drink this and then get dressed”

I did as ordered and drank the glass empty, got dressed and left.

With the tats of cum in my mouth I left the house of Brandon and went home.

On Friday evening I had a long talk with Michel on the phone. He was still ill and I could not see him that weekend. I promised I would call him again on Saturday and Sunday. I thought about telling him what was going on but I just could not face up to tell him the complete story. On Monday evening I was a half kilo to light and I knew that I maybe could manage to fulfill the order of Brandon.

On Tuesday Brandon walked up to me during lunch and asked if I did as ordered. I told him that I thought that it would work but that I didn’t know it exactly.

When the gym class started the coach said: “Ok, all who are a part of the wrestling team gather around the others can go on the other part of gym doing there normal routine.”

10 kids gathered around the weighting machine. ” Ok, we will start with the lower class and work our way up”.

I knew that this means that I was the fourth to go. I looked at Brandon and he had that terrible irritating smile on his face.

The first three stood on the machine in their underwear and everything was ok. I was next. I was a little embraced already because all those kids in there underwear made me a little horny.

I stood on the machine and the coach said, ” Well, Tim it seems like you are a little to heavy. Lets try again after I put it directly on zero.”

I stood down and saw whom the coach worked on the machine to make sure that it was O kg exactly.

“Ok, there you again, Tim.

But still I was a little over 200 gram too heavy. “Well this is going to be a problem on our forms I have to fill in how much each of you weighted today but you are still a little to heavy. That would mean that you are off the team Brandon. I am sorry but I have no other choice”.

” Coach” Brandon interrupted. “Its only Tuesday why don’t you put a slight smaller amount on the form and Tim can make sure that he loses some weight before Saturday”.

“That is not aloud Brandon. If Tim is still to heavy on Saturday I will be severe punished for giving them false information. They also can come by at any next day and check the data I filled in.”

” How much must he loose Coach”

“Well only about 200 gram Brandon”.

” I know something, do you have the rules book over here”.

The coach and all the others looked kind of strange at him. “I just want to see if there is a rule on what clothes you have to wear when you are weighted.”

The coach walked away but some of the kid’s attention was drawn towards my underwear after that remark from Brandon

The coach came back and said ” No Brandon there are no special remarks about that, just that you should be weighted 4 days before the game and on the day itself.  Does this change the situation Brandon?”

The coach still didn’t catch it. I waited for Brandon to answer but I knew what was coming.

“If there is not mentioning anything about what clothes to wear and Tim has only 200 grams too loose he can take off his underwear”.

At the moment Brandon said the word underwear I felt how every eye of every kid was drawn towards my underwear. Even the coach took a look at it before he looked me in the face and said: Well, if Tim doesn’t mind that would probably be enough”.

I knew it was time to answer. I looked around and said: ” If that is what you want coach and if that helps the team”.

“Yes it would Tim, and you can loose some weight before Saturday, but it would solve the problem with the form”.

“Ok, I will do it then”

I saw the strange looks on the faces of some of the kids and I stepped down from the machine and took of my underwear. My dick was still half-hard and I had a lot of trouble in keeping it that way.

” Just a second ” the coach said, ” I want to be sure the machine is still on zero.

I stepped on the machine and I saw how some of the kids openly starred at my half hard dick. I was glad that the coach announced that I was not to heavy any more because my dick started to turn hard. I quickly turned around and got my underwear and shorts back on.

Next was Brandon and when he took off his shorts I could see he had enjoyed him self again because his dick was also a little hard when he took his place on the machine. “Ok, Brandon this is ok so that means that we have the team we wanted for Saturday.” I expect you all to be here around 9.00 O’clock. The games will start at 10.00 O clock but we have to be weighted before that. For the rest of the hour I want you to practice some more”.

During the rest of the hour we wrestled some more and again nobody said anything. I started to be more and more surprised by the other kids. I had expected more comments on what happened.

chapter 15

chapter 13


So I knew I was going to be humiliated again during the next gym class. The change that the coach would allow me to get one of the spare shorts would be small. But I before it was going to be Tuesday and would see Michel on Sunday.

I told my parents that I would go to Brandon’s place and work out again with him. They believed me and I went away. I met Michel at the station.

“Good morning, there you are, pretty one”

“Yea good morning to you to Michel, it is going to be beautiful weather for a nice bicycle tour. Don’t you think?”

“Yea, that is fine, come here and let me kiss you”.

I walked towards him and put my bicycle aside. We started kissing and I knew I longed for that during the last days. I started to go through his hair with one hand I just loved the way his hair felt, soft and a little bit erotic I think. We hardly could stop but I knew I had to be careful at the station, you never if there is somebody who knows you.

“We better stop Michel and try to find a more quite place to continue”

“That is a good Idea Tim, but it is hard not kissing you”.

We started off and for the next hour we road through the countryside. We talked about school, the badminton matches of Saturday and of the upcoming wrestling match at school. Almost 40 km from the station there was a little lake with a kind of cabin beside it. When I was a child I visited it regularly and I never so anybody there. I had some difficulties to find it but it was still there. It looked even worse so I think nobody had been around here for the last year or even more. We put our bicycles at a try and made our way to the cabin.

“This is a beautiful place Tim, how did you find it”.

” I first found it by accident when I was 9 or so. I was just having a ride through the countryside when I found the lake. Later on I discovered this cabin. I haven’t been around for a few years but this looks still abandoned. To me”.

“Yea that is one thing for sure, well we better see what is inside”.

We went inside and I saw that nothing much had changed. The same old table and sofa were still there together with some chairs.

Come on lets sit down. We sat down and started kissing again. Not only on the mouth but we also went for the ears, neck and little by little we took our shirt off and started licking each others chest and nipples.

Michel started to moan. ” Oh Tim I could do this every day with you, I just love you so much”.

I was taken a little by this confession of Michel. I stopped sucking on one of his nipples and looked into his eyes. I could see right trough him, his eyes said everything and I just couldn’t say anything but I think I gave him the best kiss ever. I also knew I was going to give him some good time.

“Just let me take care of you Michel. Sit back and relax”

Again I started to suck on his nipples, my hands were going slowly over his chest and back just stroking, teasing him. I felt how his nipples became hard, so he enjoyed this. I slowly went further down and started to lick and kiss his belly. With my hands I slowly went towards his legs and just let them glide over his jeans.

I came back again with my hands touching his inner legs and then slowly felt his crotch. Even through his jeans I could feel that it was already hard. I slowly unzipped his jeans and took them off. I looked a moment at his white Calvin Klein’s underwear. I could see his dick clearly it was well outlined in his underwear. I touched it with my lips and slowly started to suck on it. At first at the place were the top of his dick was and then slowly lowers towards his balls. He was breathing very hard and when I looked up I could see he was enjoying this. I took one of his balls into my mouth trough the underwear. I sucked a little bit and then it slipped out of my mouth. With my finger I found his holly hole and slowly I started to give the surroundings a small massage.

After I went up again to the top of his dick I slowly started to bite a little and when I came at the top I got quite a lot underwear in my mouth and with my teeth I slowly pulled it down. His dick got out of it, happy as it was freed out of its basket.

I let the underwear go and went back towards his dick. First I started to blow on the top of his dick and then I slowly started to lick it.

“Please go on, you’re making me made, this feels terrific, Tim”.

Encouraged by comments like that I slowly started to lick his cock more intense and more to the base of it. When I came at the place were his balls were, I took one into my mouth. I let it roll in my mouth and let it out again.

At the same time I slowly played his ass with one of my fingers. Just slowly so that I was sure he wanted me to fuck him later. I started to take more and more cock into my mouth. He laid his hands on my head and they decided more and more the rhythm and depth of me sucking. He took completely over and more and more he began to fuck my mouth harder. I knew he was almost there and awaited his define fluid. He started to scream a little and then I felt how his cum landed on the back of my tong. I slowly started to swallow it.

“Oh Tim, that was wonderful, the best until know.”

“Well, you deserved this because of the lovely words you said. You know Michel, I love you to and this was one of the way’s to show that”.

“I have one problem now Tim, You have made my ass as hot as warm cream so please fuck me, will you”

“If you want”

“Yea please I’m longing for it”

I took his legs up in the air and brought slowly my dick at the holy entrance. Very carefully I started to push and little by little it went in. When the top of my dick was in I waited for a moment I could see that I was hurting him but I knew that pain would become less after he got used to it.

After a minute or so I saw a smile on his face and he told me to continue. I slowly pushed my dick further in and I knew he could handle it because now it went in very smoothly.

“Is it all inside me” he asked a moment later.

I smiled at him and went forward so that I could kiss him. Now I slowly took it out and in again. I started to fuck him at fist slowly but the feeling of my dick in such a tight hole made me forget a little what I was doing.  So I became a little harder and the rhythm took over and I was out of control. I fucked him hard and a minute or so later I came. I felt how his ass contracted and tried to squeeze my dick out but I managed to stay in until the last drop left my dick. Some of it started to flow out of his ass together with some blood. I was scared when I saw that and looked at his face. A big laugh on his face told me that he enjoyed it despite the way it happened.

“I am sorry Michel I just lost control. Your tight ass was too much for me to handle. I just love you”.

And with that said we kissed again and lay quietly beside each other just enjoying the feelings we just had gone though.

Some how I had fell asleep and I became awake with a sound I heard coming from outside. I looked around to see if I saw Michel but he was not there. The door opened and he entered.

“I had to take a pee and I didn’t want to wake you, you sleeping beauty.”

“Did you sleep too?

“Yes, I just woke up.

We kissed and when I looked for my watch I saw it was already three O’clock.

“I have to go Michel, I can’t be home to late otherwise I will be grounded for a longer period.”

“That is fine by me, Tim, as long as I can see you somewhere next week”.

“That should be Ok, Michel”.

Together we went back towards the station and we arrived just a few minutes before Michel’s train came. We kissed goodbye and I slowly started to think what a great day it had been.

The Sunday evening went by and on Monday I tried to be around Michel as much as I could. We talked again during lunch and we tried to hold hands if we thought that nobody was looking.

At the end of the day at the station I saw Brandon again. He told me not to forget what he had said on Thursday evening. I told him that I would do as he told me too.

On Tuesday morning I left my shorts at home. I already had thought about what kind of underwear I was going to wear. I had a black and a blue one. Briefs quite big and not too tight. I decided to take the dark blue one because if I dripped some piss or something else on the black one before gym, they would see that.

When I entered the lockers that afternoon I went to the coach straightaway and told him that I had forgot my shorts.

“Well, you know that that is no excuses not to take part so just keep your underwear on and go in. This is the last time you and Brandon can practice before the test games of next week. Did you loose some weight already or not?”

“Not enough sir I just dropped 2 kilo’s “

“Well you have an other week so do your best”.

I walked back into the lockers and saw that Brandon was waiting for me.

“Hurry up Tim, I want to start you’re training again.”

“I forgot my shorts Brandon and was just asking the coach if I could get a spare one”

“And did he?”

“No I have to go on in my underwear”

I knew we were not playing this game for Brandon but for any one else who was standing around.
Most of the kids had left and I started to undress myself.

Just before I went into the hall, Brandon said with a soft voice ” When we are ready walking, you are going in to take a pee. Also you must get one of the pills I put in you’re bag and take it before coming back into the gym”.

Then I knew what the humiliation was going to be. He wanted to order me around in front of every body in my underwear with a hard dick that would not go soft.

The other kids looked at me when I entered the gym but the coach already said, ” You all know what happens when you forget you’re gym short. Ok Brandon and Tim you can use the left side of the gym today”.

My dick was not hard yet and I had to start to walk hard 20 rounds. When I finished that Brandon told me that we would go wrestling a little bit. I knew I had to go to the toilet know so I did as ordered.

I found the pill that Brandon had put in my bag and I went to the toilets I got some water and took the pill. I looked at my underwear and tried to fit it in the best possible way with a lot of cloth to hide a hard one.

I went back in and Brandon and me started to wrestle. A few times I felt how his hand touched my crotch and instantly my dick went hard. Well-let say as hard as it had never been. Brandon laughs a little when he saw what happened.

He had never done that before, touching my crotch and just before we continued I looked at his crotch and saw that his dick was a little bit harder than normal. Was this going to be the first time that I would see Brandon getting aroused by humiliating me. At that moment I knew I would go for it. When you are wrestling you always have a chance to touch the other one on that intimated spot.

We continued the game and before I even could have tried touching his he already touched mine a few times. I became very horny and new I just wasn’t to far away from coming. I tremble a little when I came to that conclusion and when I looked at Brandon I could see on his face that he was just planning that to happen. We continued the game and I tried to reach his dick a few times. It didn’t work until after he touched my dick again and he seemed off guard for a moment. I felt his dick and it was not a little bit hard but very hard at that time.

“You like this don’t you Brandon”.

I saw how confused he was for a moment but then he controlled everything again and said ” I will punish you for that remark.”

At the same time he touched my dick again a few times and I got a change of getting his dick also. That was just too much for me and I felt how cum got out of my dick and stained my blue underwear. When he touched my dick again his hand felt the wet place and looked at me. “We better stop no. Start running again for at least 50 laps. I have to go to the toilet, will be back soon”.

I saw whom he walked away quickly, just before he turned around I saw that his dick was still hard and you could see it also. Was he going to wank his dick in the toilets? I had not enough time to think about that I knew I had to stand up and start running. I looked at my hard dick and the stains. You could see my underwear was wet but it even could have been piss. I looked around of anybody was looking and started to get up and do my 50 laps.

I saw how some of the kids noticed at least my hard on because they were taking a good look at it when I walked by. I felt pretty embarrassed. It took a while before Brandon came back; I couldn’t see the outline of his dick anymore so my suspicion had been correct. He had been wanking his dick in the toilet. I knew I was getting were I wanted him. I wanted his cock in my mouth or ass but until now I hadn’t had a chance or order to touch it so well maybe in the future.

The gym lesson continued we wrestled some more and sometimes I felt how Brandon touched the wet spots on my underwear. At the end of the lesson we walked back into the lockers. We were the last ones to enter and only four or five kids were there the others had already changed and left home. Most of them were friends of Brandon’s. One of them came closer by and said:

“Looks like he is hot for you Brandon. He has a very hard dick.”

Brandon looked at me and said: ” well maybe this little faggot licks to show of his dick and did he forgot his shorts on purpose”.

Jason the friend of Brandon who was standing now right in front of me looked even more closely at my underwear and said: ” He, his underwear is even wet looks like you enjoyed yourself out there didn’t you Tim”.

I just didn’t know what to answer and then the coach walked in and every one got on with their business. I knew I was out of the picture now but I still didn’t know if the other guys would think that I was gay or not.

When I arrived at the station, Brandon came towards me and said: ” That was a close escape for you but because you didn’t answer their question I think you need to have another lesson. So on Thursday night come to my place and you will get told what to do. We will also see how much your weight is. I have special plans for next week for you. “

chapter 14

chapter 12


The Sunday went by and nothing happened. The next day I went to school as usual. I talked to Michel during lunch and we enjoyed each other but had a difficult time not touching each other. We agreed that I would try to come to his place some evening that week. But I had to ask permission at home.

At the end of the day Brandon walked up to me and said:

” I have your next assignment here. You must wear a jockstrap tomorrow and leave the class before gym 10 minutes before it ends. I expect you to meat me at the toilets on the second floor. You understand me”.

“Yes, sir”.

I knew I had to do as he requested. The next day I wore my new bought jockstrap to school.

I had asked my mother to buy them for an upcoming wrestle match. I didn’t saw Michel until lunch and again we talked a lot and decide that we would meet each other after gym. The lesson before gym went by quickly and 10 minutes before it ended  I asked if I would be excused from the lesson because I had to go to the toilet.

I got permission to go and walked towards the toilets on the second floor. I saw that there was a sign outside the toilets saying that they were out of order. I waited for a moment and there was Brandon. “Just walk in. I have put that sign on so that we wouldn’t be disturbed. “

I walked in front of him into the toilet.

“Go and stand they’re in the middle. Take your paints of and bend forward. I am going to give you a little spanking”.

I bend forward and a moment later I felt how he smacked my butt with a kind of wood. I felt how by but begin to warm up. I suppose it would have changed of color also.

He kept on smashing my buttocks, one at a time until the bell rang.

“Ok, now you are going to the lockers and there you are going to undress yourself and walk to the toilet to take a piss. When you are finished you are coming back and walk slowly to your own place and get dressed. “

This would not be nice I could feel my warm and probably red buttocks in my pants and because of the jockstrap they would see my red butt.

I went back to the class and when I entered the lockers, almost everybody was there. I started to undress and when I took of my pants I made sure that the others would see my front side and not my red buttocks.

“He look,” one of them said. “Tim is wearing his jockstrap again. You look hot, you should show yourself to the girls instead  to us”.

My face turned red but I didn’t give any comments and walked to the toilet. I felt how a few the looked at the back side of my jockstrap. I knew they would only see my red hot buttocks   I didn’t here any of them say something. I took a piss and walked back into the lockers. Brandon and a few others were still there but knowbody said anything. When I looked to see if Michel was there I saw that he was looking curiously.
 I just got my shorts on and walked into the hall.

“Ok you guys”, the coach said, “you all know that in two weeks the regional school wrestling championships will be in our gym. I would like to say that because of last year’s performance we have a good chance to win. If we want to do that I would like to make a change in the team.

” Ah Tim, were are you. Oh there you are, you played really good in your weight class last time but I have Brandon also for that weight class. Because Tomas is sick I would like to ask you if it is possible for you to loose some weight and fight in his place. That would secure that weight class also for us.”

“Well I don’t know Coach. I think I have to loose a couple of pounds”.

“Would you like to try, I don’t have to know until three days before. Just keep out of any grease food and try to work out a little more.”

“I can try Coach but I am not sure that it would work”.

“Well, give it your best shot and because it is in the interest of Brandon too that you succeed I am going to give him to you as your personal coach for the next coming gym lessons. You two can have that spare site of the room and work on you loosing some weight. Would you like to do that Brandon”.

“Yes, sir if I can get a place in the team like that I will try to help Tim loose some weight”.

This was like every one was helping Brandon to humiliate me some how. I was for sure that he would take this assignment of being my personal coach as a server job.

During the rest of the lesson nothing special happened I felt how my buttocks became less sore and probably also less red. When I went back into the lockers I supposed that anybody could hardly see that Brandon had given me a spanking. I changed and looked around to see where Michel was. I walked towards him and said: “are we still on for the next hour”.

“Yes, If you have to wait for the train you can do that also at my place if you want”.

“Ok, Lets go then:”

We walked to his house and there we went straight to his room. His mother was at home so we couldn’t do much.
I said down at his bed and Michel said down beside me. We started kissing each other and touching each other’s body.

“We better Stop, Tim, my mother can walk in any moment. Normally she don’t knock on the door before entering”. 

“Ok, then, if you don’t want anymore”

” No that is not the point, I just don’t want my parents to know it yet. Can you get one evening out this week and come around. My mother has evening shift at the mall.”

“No, I am sorry Michel, but I have to go to badminton training this week or else my coach is going to be around to tell my parents. I missed the last two training sessions.”

“Well then this weekend, can we not go somewhere on Sunday. We can meet at the station and just go cycling or something like that.”

“It has been a long time since I have done that, but I find a good idea. Shall we meet at my station at 11 O’clock. I think I know a nice route. I haven’t bin there since 10 years or something like that”.

“That is fine with me.”

We kissed some more and talked about next Sunday. The hour went by quickly and I went to the station. But I missed the train and saw it drive past when I was only a minute or so away. I had to wait for an other hour. I was glad I had missed Brandon. He hadn’t had the time to say or do anything.

Because I was home later than normal my mother started to ask were I had been.

“I had stayed with a classmate to wait for the train and then I was a minute to late and missed the train. We had done some homework together. I help him with English and he helps me with math. “

” Ok, but I would rather like if you tell me this upfront and call me if you miss the train. I worried because a boy from your gymclass called me already to ask were you was because he missed you at the station. He said he wanted to talk to you because of the special training program you must do for the regional wrestling meet. Did I ever meet that boy; he sounded like a very good boy? What was his name, Tim”

“I think you must have talked to Brandon, If I can loose some weight he can take my place at the wrestle match and I can start in a weight class lower.”

“Do you know him for long, is he good friend?”

” I only no him since this years gym.”

“Well I invited him to come over at Thursday. He suggested that you agreed on a special training that evening.”

“You did what”.

“I asked him to join you from school, have dinner with us and then you can work out together. I think you can better go to the sport school after dinner.”

“Ok, but don’t embarrass me, please, mother”.

“If I have done that ever, son. Well you can go upstairs and do some homework. Dinner will be ready in an hour or so.”

I walked upstairs and could not believe that first Brandon called to my house and then secondly he was invited by my mother to have dinner. I just didn’t think about it to long and started on my homework. I knew I had to be careful on Thursday.

The Wednesday went by without any special things happening. I saw Michel during lunch and we spoke about the things we could do next Sunday.

On Thursday we had gym again. Brandon trained me during that hour. First I had to walk around hard for 10 minutes then we did some fitness exercises and again he had me walk hard for another 10 minutes at the end. He suggested that we would live school that day together. He packed everything and was ready to go to my place directly after school finished. So we agreed to see each other at 15.00 hours at the station. As I was in a place to agree to anything, I didn’t object.

So at 15.00 hours I saw Brandon standing alone on the station platform.

“Hi, there you are, I already thought I had to call your mother again and ask here were you where”.

“No, I am late because of an meeting of the class representatives. It took a little longer than normal.”

“Well, I hope you’re mother can cook well. Depending on her cooking I will decide your punishment for tonight. . I think that is a good way, you depending on the results of somebody else.”

I knew my mother is a good cook. Not something special but normally she can make a good dinner. We continue with some small talk and got on the train. When we arrived at my place I showed Brandon my room and when my mother came home I introduced him. They talked for almost half an hour. It seemed like they hit off very well. I hardly said anything during that half-hour and at last I went upstairs to do some homework. Brandon staid downstairs and kept my mother company.

I found this very strange. Brandon coming to my place and kept on talking to my mother. I did my homework for another hour or saw and went downstairs again.

My mother said, “good you are here, because I have to start with diner. “

“Well, you have a very nice mother, you know. She told me that you are on probation and that I was responsible for you tonight so you wouldn’t do anything stupid. She was afraid that you farther were going to ground you for a longer period. I answered her that she didn’t need to worry that you would do anything I would say. Don’t you Tim?”

” Ah, yes Brandon”.

“She doesn’t need to know how well you are obeying me does she”.

“No, Brandon don’t tell her anything, please I will do exactly as you say”.

“I know Tim, so you better get you’re bag ready for the sport school we are going. I will help you with you losing some weight tonight. You are going to workout in a shirt and a short. You are not aloud to have any underwear on. The short must be the biggest one you have, but it should not have to long legs in it. You have something like that.”

“I am not sure Brandon, sir”.

“Ok, we will go to your room and you can show me what you have”.

We went upstairs and Brandon found what he was looking for. Last year I had bought a white short for running with almost no legs in them. But because of the fact that I had lost weight (almost 4 kilos) since that time it was rather large.

“Ok, this will do nicely. We will leave directly after dinner. Before we go you must take this with a glass of water.”

“What is it Brandon”.

“You will see”.

My mom called from downstairs that dinner was ready. My farther was late again so Brandon and my mother did most of the talking. They chatted like they were friends for years. You almost wouldn’t believe there was an age difference.

After diner we left straight away and arrived at the gym. In the lockers there was nobody and we quickly dressed into our gear. I didn’t get a good view of Brandon because kept enough clothes on to hide his bare parts while he was changing. I had taking the pill as ordered and at first I didn’t believe it at done anything but when I changed into the white short Brandon looked at me and said:

“It seems like the pill is doing its work, you’re dick is getting hard isn’t it?”

” I already noticed that but I thought that was because of the fact that I was wearing no underwear, it isn’t?”

“No, you just took a pill which will take care of people who have problems with getting their dick hard. For the next hour or so your dick will stay hard”.

My face turned red and I just looked down at my too big shorts with no legs. My dick found its way to the upper band. I just hoped it wouldn’t find its way outside of my shorts.

I the gym room there where some 25 people, mostly men, working out. During the next hour I was for some of the men the middle point of their focus. First off all my entire dick stayed hard and the outline could be seen through my short. Depending on the exercise I was doing my dick tried to find its way through the waistband or through the opening at the bottom. A few times my dick felt free and could be seen by everybody but at the moment I wanted to put it back in Brandon told me to leave it there and not touch it with my hands.

” Well I think we have done enough, you have been busy for almost an hour now. I must say you did quite well. Regarding your punishment I have give it a good thought but looking around I would expect that some of the men are going to hit the shower with you. So in the showers you better do what ever the guys want you to do. Is that clear”.

“Yes, Brandon”.

“You better make sure that at least one of them is offering his cock to you, you must show me his cum afterwards. Because I didn’t like the vegetables you’re mother cocked I have another punishment for you afterwards. Ok you finish this exercise and we will go to the lockers and showers”.

I did as instructed and when I was getting my towel in the lockers some of the men who were inside the gym followed us into the lockers. When I was ready to go to the showers I looked at Brandon who didn’t made any progress in coming along.

“Are you not coming to the showers to Brandon?” I asked.

“No, you better do this on you’re own and show me the results later”.

I walked into the showers and put away my towel. My dick was still standing hard and I looked around to see if any one else was there. Only one guy (around 40) was under the shower. When I walked towards the shower beside him, more men walked into the showers. It were the same who followed me into the locker. The men beside me finished and with a look back towards me he left the shower. The three men who came in a moment ago were all around the 35 and came towards me.

One of them said: ” Well, turn around and show us your dick, you have been teasing us for an whole hour you know. We want to see it all”:

I turned around and didn’t say anything.

“SO you wanted to make us horny, well you better help us with it then. Get on your knees”.

I didn’t respond quickly enough and I was forced on my knees. Then they all took their towels away and I was looking at three huge dicks. Not only where they long but also thick. One of them was forced into my mouth; the others were slapped against my face. A moment later the second cock forced its way into my mouth. Only the top op both the cocks entered and I had trouble breathing. I knew I had to stay calm. During the next ten minutes nobody said anything but they kept fucking my mouth one at a time.

“Ok, are you guys also ready to cum”, one of the said.

“I am,” the other two responded at the same time.

“Open your mouth, boy and eat it”.

With that they all pulled their cock back and pointed them at the opening of my mouth. I took a deep breath and a moment later I felt how the first cum landed on my tong. It took almost a minute before the last one finished. I still had to keep my mouth open so I tasted there cum thourhougly. Then I was ordered to swallow. I started to gag but I just could control my self. I had never had so much cum to drink in one time. I felt that I had some cum which landed on my lips I knew I had to keep it there as proof for Brandon. So I left the showers and walked back towards the locker.

‘So, you’re back quickly”.

“Yes, I did as told Brandon, look at my lips”.

Brandon looked carefully and said; “Well just as you deserved a little diner afterwards. I will go directly to the station but before I go I will have to tell you about the second punishment you deserve for this evening. You are not going to perform this tonight but during the next gymclass. You will tell the coach at the beginning that you forgot you’re gymshorts. During that day you must wear small green brief for underwear. I will instruct you Tuesday morning before gymclass. Any questions?”

“No, Brandon”.

“O, I will see you tomorrow at school and greet your mother from me”.

“With that he left, I quickly changed and my mind was already with Tuesday’s gymclass. Normally you weren’t aloud to forget you’re shorts. Nobody did, because you had to do the complete gymclass in you’re underwear. Hopefully the Coach would lend me one of the spare shorts I knew he had them in his cubbord.

When I came home my mother asked how everything went and why Brandon hadn’t come along anymore. I quickly answered and walked towards my bedroom.

chapter 13

chapter 11


I made my homework on that evening and I had not too much time to do something else. I knew I had to Finnish it all because on Wednesday I should meet Brandon’s brother Mark after school.

I didn’t had a chance on Wednesday to talk to Michel any more but we agreed on seeing each other at my place during the weekend so I could probably wait until that time. I didn’t know what Mark had planned for me that evening. I suppose it wouldn’t take long. I probably would get to hear what would happen on Friday.

When I went to the station to go to Brandon’s house I saw that he was waiting for the train to. He walked towards me and said: ” You will meet my brother in a moment isn’t it.”

“Yes I have”.

“Ok I will be there to because you still owe me something for not being totally answering all the questions yesterday during gym. You didn’t tell them where you were thinking about when you came. So I will see you in a moment”.

He walked away and I took a place far from him in the train. I just didn’t want to see him at that time.

I was 15 minutes to early so I hanged around the station until it was almost 4 O’clock. I made sure I was on time. Mark opened the door and he said I had to go in to the living room and start undressing as usual.

Brandon was already sitting on the couch and I took my place in front of the table and started to undress myself. When I was standing in my underwear Mark told me to stop and that I could keep my underwear on.

“Well I asked you to come today Tim because I wanted to tell you want you have to do on Friday evening. You are going to meet me here at 7 O’clock. Then we will go to a friend’s house. He is organizing a party that evening. You will have to dress yourself as followed: little tong underwear, color white, over that a brief underwear in green. The next layer must be a whit small T-shirt with a small gym short. The last bit of cloth may be jeans and a sweater. Do you have all those things?”

“Yes I think so, I will have to look if I have a white tong do”.

“Ok, if you don’t have one, you must by it before Friday. We will go to this party and you will be the main attraction. You are going to give a striptease for all the visitors on a slow music. You better practice a little bit; we want it too look professional. During the rest of the evening you will be asked to serve the quest wearing only the tong. It will be finished around 12 O Clock.”

” Can I go home after that Sirs”.

“Yes you can” Mark said. “I expect you to obey that evening to me and do what you are told”.

“May I ask who will be there”.

“Yes you may. My three friends you saw in the park will be there and maybe some others. I am not sure yet”.

“Anything else Sirs, or can I go”.

I could hardly believe they would let me go. I had to undress myself and I didn’t have done anything else.

“No net yet, Brandon said. “I have a little assignment for you tomorrow during gym. Depending of what we are going to do I want you to be ready to obey anything if I tell you.”

“What will I have to then Brandon”.

“You will see, I am not going to tell you know”.

” I want you to masturbate now and leave the cum in the glass behind you on the table”.

I turned around and saw that a glass was standing there, which again was filled with cum already.

“Yes, Tim that is mines and from Mark. He contributed also this time. Now get on with it, my mother will be home in 15 minutes. You must be gone by then”.

I started to masturbate quickly but I needed a long time and could not get ready in that time.

“Stop no, I will think of something to punish you for that. You better get control over yourself more. Next time I expect you to come if I say so. Now get dressed and leave us alone”.

I quickly started to get dressed and walked out of there. I knew I would be getting new humiliation assignments but I just couldn’t know what exactly.

The next morning I met Michel just before the school starts. I would have liked to kiss him but there was just to many people around and we didn’t find a good place to make out around school. We talked about the weekend and how much we enjoyed ourselves. We were definitely on for Saturday evening. I knew my parents were normally off to friends so I would have the house for my self.

The first two hours went by and the gym lesson on Thursday was programmed for the next hour. I knew that Brandon was up to something but I just didn’t now what it was. In the locker room he came up to me and said softly: “You know that you have to do exactly what I tell you.”

“Yes sir”. I reply also softly.

The lesson started and the coach told us we were going to play basketball. Teams were formed and I was in team 3. Brandon was in team 4 so we had to stay on the bank for the first match. Brandon came towards me and told me: ” You are going to do the following thing. Every time you get a chance you must be sure that you are on the way were the ball is going. Also you must try to let the ball hit you in your crotch. I will try it for sure one or twice myself, but I expect you to try and go for somebody else’s ball also. Any questions?”

“No Sir”. I knew this was going to hurt but I also knew that nothing could keep Brandon from the idea.

I did my best to walk into a ball but during the first ten minutes of the game I had no chance. I was hit at my legs and arms instead. Then I saw that Brandon had the ball and he looked at me. I knew then that the first one was coming and I prepared myself for it. I saw the ball and towards hit. It hit me just a little bit to high but it touched my dick anyway. It wasn’t to bad but the others laugh a little bit when I said out loud shit.

I could continue after I had a deep breath. I tried to walk in a few more times but I just couldn’t get it until one of the better boy’s in Basketball could take a free ball. I started at him and somehow he tried to get the ball to the person who was standing beside me but the ball was not high. I jumped for it and I got it right in my crotch I yelled again and felled down on the floor. The ball hit me in my balls and my penis. I stayed on the ground a few seconds but tried to stand up as soon as I could. The coach came over to me but I could get up before he had. When he saw that I could continue he walked back and said: “Well if you are OK Tim, lets go on.”

Then the game continued and Brandon didn’t try anything until the moment was there that he had to take a free ball. He looked again at me and I knew I had to get in the balls way again. He waited until I was very closed by. Then he threw the ball almost obvious in the direction of my balls and dick. It landed very hard and I collapsed almost right away on the grounded, started to cry and took my balls and dick in my hand without thinking that everybody was looking.

“Are you Ok”, Coach said. “It seems you are continuous in the wrong place today”.

I didn’t answer him and that made start to worry him. I cried still and lay down on the floor. He asked Brandon and Michel who was very quick to come to my help, to bring me to the locker room. He ordered the other students to continue and walked behind us into the lockerrooom.

” Is it getting any better Tim.” He asked.

Before I could answer Brandon replied: “Well look at him, I don’t think so, see his face and the way he hold his hands”.

I felt how they (Brandon, Michel en the coach) looked at my crotch and I started to get a hard on, which made my balls even more painful.

“I am not sure what to do know” the Coach said.

“Well, Brandon said I know that cooling down by water can help.”

He walked out and came back with a wet T-shirt. ” Take you’re short and underwear down, Tim, then I can get this T-shirt on it. It is wet and cold”.

When I didn’t reply immediately, the coach said: “If it helps come on Tim, don’t worry”

I did look at Michel’s face he understood way I didn’t want to do this but I had to, I had to follow the orders of Brandon. I took my thumbs between the band of my shorts and pulled them down together with my underwear. I was still crying and started a little harder when Brandon touched my dick and hold the wet T-shirt on it.

My dick became hard at that moment Brandon touched it. I saw he noticed it and he quickly moved his hand and said. “You can hold it, Tim. Does it give you any relieve?”

I answered “Yes it does”. The coach looked at me and said: Well stay lying there for a minute of 5 or 10 I have to go to see the others. He walked away but was back a moment later and said: I didn’t look at the clock but they better can come in here and start to change for the next hour. You can stay there until you are feeling better. If you are not better before the next class I will give you a note to show to that teacher.”

He walked away into the hall and Michel looked at me, but walked away because he couldn’t say anything would Brandon stay at my side.

” I hope you are not made at me,” Brandon asked.

” No Brandon, you didn’t do it on purpose”.

By that time Michel walked away and started to dress again. Brandon now talked a little softer to me. I suppose Michel couldn’t here what he said.

“You better put the T-shirt in such a way over your dick that the others can see it when they come in at a moment. You also are going to stay here until the next class changed into their gear and started their lesson.”

I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I changed the way the T-shirt was laying over my dick in the way Brandon told me. You could see exactly how it was shaped and how big my balls were. I started to think about which was the next class. I did see them before. I believed it was one of the higher classes.

All my classmates walked by and asked how I was and of cause they all took a look at the way my dick was showing. I just couldn’t do anything about it. My dick stayed hard and showed off a lot.

My classmates went out one by one and just before the next class came in, Michel came towards me and asked how I was feeling. I told him I had been better but if I could stay like that for a half-hour or saw everything would be OK. He was satisfied by my answer and walked away.

When the other class walked in my dick was still hard but they could also see that I had been crying. The first ones to enter came walking in and asked me what happened. I answered them that I had been struck by a ball.

A few started to laugh and said, we thought you were just happy to show off. I just didn’t know what to do and just lay there. My dick off cause stayed hard and my face red of the humiliation.

When the coach had started the next class he came back in and asked me how I was doing. I told him I was fine and that I would leave in a few minutes. The coach gave me the note and walked away.

I waited a few minutes and then I changed into my normal clothes. Putting on the underwear was very painful but I could stay up and went to the next class.

During the whole day I say that some classmates were looking and talking about me but none of them came walking towards me.

I got at home that they and took a long bath. My balls felt almost like normal but I still had trouble peeing. That just hurt too much. Michel called that evening and we had a long talked about what had happened and how I felt. I didn’t tell him that I was ordered to do those things but I was almost sure he was going to suspect something.

The next day there was no school because of a teacher meeting. I stayed home until 6 O’clock and made myself ready to meat Brandon’s brother Mark.

I made sure I was dressed like he told me I found something that could go on like a tong so that I wouldn’t have to go and buy it.  I was at Brandon’s place at exactly 7 O’clock and Mark opened the door.

“Ok you are on time that is a good thing, lets go in”.

He walked before me to the living room. Nobody was there

“Ok we are going to the place of my friend in a moment, you will be brought to the kitchen you are going to stay there until we call you. You will have to do the striptease at the moment we asked you to enter. You have to get undressed completely and afterwards when you are finished you are allowed to get back on your underwear and serves us during the rest of the evening. The party will last until 11 O’clock and then we will stay to clean up for another hour. Then you can go home. Is all clear to you?

“Yes, Mark I think you are very clear, but are you going to ask more for me?”

“Well not me but maybe some others, you have to follow their orders and you are not allowed to say anything anymore from the moment we are leaving here”.

I just nod. We went away to the friend’s house and I was lead into the kitchen. I meat the four other boys who I already had met in the park. They all asked if I was going to do the things they agreed on. Michel assured them that I would do as told. They left and I heard how others came in, I could here their voices but I knew that they party was visited by 10 people or so. I had to wait for more then an hour before I was asked to come in.

I slowly followed Mark and when I entered the room I saw that a small place in the middle of the room was free and that everyone was sitting around. To my surprise there were not only boys but also four girls of the same age as Mark. I just didn’t know what was going to happen but I had to striptease in front of all of them. Mark started the music and set come on go stand in the middle and starts the show.

I started to undress myself with a very red head; I didn’t prepare myself to show my dick even for girls. I was still looking at the reaction of the guys but special the open curiosity of the girls by the way they talked and behaved made me very nervous and shy.

The excitement made me hard and when I started to unzip my trousers you could see my dick right trough my gym shorts. I wiggled around on the music and the girls became more and more interested in what I was doing. When I wanted to get out of my shorts one of them stopped me and came towards me and helped. There I was getting undressed by younger girls. The other applauded and I turned around some more to show myself in my tong.

“Well it seems like we are going to see a boy’s dick hard for the first time, girls” one of them said.

” Looks like he is ready for it. Shall I help him”.

One of the girls walked towards me and started to get her fingers under my waistband. She pulled it off in one move and my dick got out of it like it wanted to be freed from the underwear. The girl looked at my dick curious and said: ” well it is quite big”. She touched it and the other girls came closer. It seemed like the guy’s intended the girls to have a lesson in how a boy looks and what happened to his dick. The guys were sitting around and they looked at the girls and me. Mark was more looking to me then to the others.

The girls started to touch my dick one by one and slowly it got pretty hard. Then Mark said: “well girls how did you like it so far”.

The girl who had undressed me answered after she looked at the others: “So far you came up to your promise but we want more. We want to see what he can do with it and what for kind orgasm a boy gets”.

“Well you have heard her, Tim, come on get starting with it”. I looked at mark did I understand him correctly did he want me to masturbate in front of them. “Well get going we want to see you reach your highpoint”.

He was sure not going to tell any of the girls what was going to happen and I couldn’t say anything so I just started to stroke my cock. I tried looked at the guys most of the times, because I knew otherwise I wouldn’t get hard in front of those girls. It took me a long time but after 20 minutes I came loud and with a lot of fluid. The girls laugh at me and then one of them said. ” That is the fluid were all the sperm is in it?”

“Yes it is, Mark said. That is were the man contribute his part to a baby”.

“It looks kind of odd, don’t you think girls”. They all started to look carefully at my splashes of cum. Then one of them said: “Can you eat it?” 

“Yes, and Tim love to do that so why don’t you ask him”.

“O, you do Tim well eat it for me” the girl replied.

I slowly started to go through the splashes with my finger and then I brought it to my mouth. I hesitated for one second and then I put it in my mouth. I almost gagged but I licked my fingers and went for the second part of it.

Before I reached it one of the girls went with her finger through it and brought it to her nose.

“It smells terrible,” she said. And with that she brought it to my mouth and forced her finger into it. I licked my cum of her finger.

One of the other girls said then: “Is that all guys do?’ can we touch his dick now or his balls”.

“Yes you can, discover as much as you like, he is her for you” Mark replied.

And with that the girls started to feel my dick and balls. First the went very slowly but after a minute or saw the girls who had been the most brutal of them all started to squeeze my balls hard. I yelled and was warned by Mark directly: Shut up you, you know you aren’t aloud to talk”.

The girl continued to hurt my balls by squeezing them and tug them around.

“This is nice to go,” she said. “It is just like tugging the dog around.” And with that said she stood up started to walk around with my balls in her hand. I had to follow here like a puppy. /

The other girls laugh and started to talk with the other boys. They seemed to have lost interest in my. I was brought back to my place and was ordered to put my tong back on and to get something to drink.

That went on for an hour or saw I was ordered to get each drink and eating stuff they wanted. I got used to walk around in the tong and was not bothered by it anymore. The girls kept on touching me but it didn’t make me hard any more. The guys didn’t seem to be interested and stayed on talking with the girls. Around eleven the girls said they had to leave and were brought to the door.

I was still their in my underwear when Mark said ” You have 15 minutes to get every thing cleaned up here. The other 45 minutes you have to do exactly what we say.

I cleaned up as fast as I could. The boys were whispering to each other’s so I couldn’t hear what they were saying to each other. I think it took me about 20 minutes when I presented myself to Mark and told him that I was finished.

“Ok a little bit to slow but you have done a good job so far this evening. Now lets see if you can stay that good at the second half of the assignment.”

He took a blindfold out of his bag and put over my face. Ok you a guy who is going first. I didn’t know whose dick I felt in front of my face because nobody answered but a cock was forced into my mouth. I opened my mouth and started to suck it. Then I was ordered to bend and my tong was tugged from my bottom and a dick tried to find its way up my ass. I was fucked on both sides and I felt great. The less part of it all was one I saw through the blindfold that one of the boys was making pictures of me.

It didn’t last that long and my ass had bigger dicks than from those young boys. They both came at the same time and I was filled up on both ends with cum. I swallowed on one side and on the other side I felt how the cum leaked out of my ass on the ground. Places were changes and again two boys started to fuck me. Before the came my cum splashed on the floor and when that happened I saw the flashlights again. A moment later again the boys started to cum and I felt as a complete used slut by that time. I was ordered to clean my self. I had to lick the cum which leaked out of my mouth and I had to lick the cum of the floor from the other two. I had tasted some before so it just didn’t do me that much anymore. Then I heard how the boys walked out of the room and I was left a lone for a while. I didn’t dear to get dressed again so there I was sitting on my knees.

After 10 minutes or even more one of them came back and got the blindfold of. I saw that it was mark. “Follow me, we have a little surprise for you now”. I just looked at him and followed him upstairs. We walked into the bedroom of the boy who was living there. I saw the other boys around the computer and the laugh.

I was lead to the screen of the computer and saw my self on the screen. Mark fuck me and the boy who was living there was fucking my face. A few pictures were on the screen, also the one were I was coming. I felt very humiliated by the looks of those photos.

“Ok, now we are going to put these on the Internet. If you do not obey us in the future we will tell every one were to look. ” I saw how the pictures were put on a newsgroup and I just hoped that nobody of school would find them.

“Let’s go now, you can get dressed and we will leave”. I quickly dressed and left together with Mark. “I have a messages for you from my brother. He wants you to buy a jockstrap this weekend and wear it on the day of the next gymclass. That is Tuesday isn’t it”.

“Yes, it is Mark” I answered.

“Ok you can go to the station now and I will let my brother know when I want to see you again”.

I walked towards the station alone. Thinking about another evening of humiliation. I hoped I wouldn’t have to face any of those girls in the future.

When I came home I started to undress and to bed immediately. I wanted to be fresh for the night to follow when Michel would be around. I was humiliated that evening but I would enjoy tomorrow, that was one thing I was sure of and with that image in mind I felt a sleep.

We had to play a game on Saturday so I had asked Michel to be at my home at eight O’clock. I didn’t want him to meet my parents. They were sorry they didn’t meat him but I had said to them that he had to play a game of badminton also and would not be able to come before eight O’clock that evening.

When they left I prepared myself for Michel I put on my smartest looking T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. I wanted the evening to be perfect. I put out the light and lighted a few candles. I looked around and saw that everything was how I liked. I had borrowed a movie with Jonathan Brandis is playing a young football star who is dressed up as a girls.

Just a little before eight the bell rang and I opened the door. There he was the love of my life at that moment. It seemed that he had done his best to look smart also. His hair was in a different way and it just looked terrific. I couldn’t wait to kiss him and that was what I did after I closed the door. We kissed and kissed and kissed, I just wouldn’t let him go but I felt short of breath and had to let go and breath.

“I was in need of that Michel. I had so much trouble not kissing you whenever I saw you at school. It is like torture. “

“I know Tim. It is the same for me” And with that we started again a long and passionate kiss.

Then we walked into the living room. He smiled at me when he saw that I had put on the candles.

“You know how to make a guy at home, don’t you Tim”.

“You like it Mark, I have rented a video with Jonathan in the lead. I will get something to drink and we can look at it”.

“Ok, but hurry up”.

When I came back in the room I said down beside Michel and we started kissing again. I went through his hair with my hand and it felt just terrific.

“We better stop, and look and the video, Tim.

I put in the video and for the next one and a half-hour we just looked at the video and enjoyed each other’s company.

When the movie ended I looked at him and said: ” Let’s go to my room and get comfortable.” We went upstairs and I showed him my room. We sat down on the bad and started kissing again. Slowly I tried to get my hand under his T-shirt and I managed to feel his back. His skin was so soft and I just got a boner of touching it.

“Let me undress you Michel”.

Michel stood up and I slowly started to get his close of. Each time a new part of skin became naked I started to lick and kiss it. Michel started to moan when I did that, after I took his underwear off.

“Wait he said or I am already are going to cum. Let me undress you now”.

And so he did. He sat down and I stood in front of him. He slowly undressed me and now I knew what he felt when I was teasing him by slowly undressing. I didn’t tell him to stop and he slowly took my dick in his mouth when my underwear left its normal place.

He sucked and sucked and I knew I was sort of getting ready but I tried to stop it. I wanted to enjoy this to the fullest but I didn’t manage and a lot of cum spurted on to his face and in his mouth. He continued to suck until my dick started to get soft. He looked at me and I went down on my knees to. I kissed him and started to lick of my own cum which landed on his face. I could taste my cum together with his sweat. It tastes great.

Then I pushed him higher and started to find his cock with my mouth. I slowly took it in my mouth and started to lick and suck on it slowly. I wanted this to last so I did it very slowly but somehow made this Michel hotter then before and I felt how his dick started to get ready. A moment later I felt how his cum landed at the back of my mouth. I quickly started to swallow I wanted to have it all.

I sucked until his dick started to get soft again and we just started to kiss again. Now we laid on the bed in each other’s arms kissing and touching all over. Just enjoying being around each other. I felled like I was in heaven.

I knew what the next thing I wanted. Last time he fucked me this time it was my turn. After an hour or so my dick was all-hard again and I knew I wanted him very much. I looked at him and said: ” Can I fuck you, I really want to know how that feels. But only if you want me too”.

“Well I don’t know Tim, I don’t think I am up to that already”.

“Just looking at your dick Michel I would say you are”. I felt his dick and slowly went with my fingers around his balls to his ass. I started to kiss him and at the same time I entered my finger in his ass and started to move it around.

“Oh God, Tim this feels great” Michel said after a minute or 2. “I want you”.

When he had said that I knew I could go for it. I started to force two fingers into his ass and I turned him around on his back.

“Put you legs in the air, Michel. That is the best way to do it”.

He held his legs in the air and I held my cock just before his ass. “Are you ready” I asked him. He just knobbed so I slowly started to force my dick into his ass. His face turned red and I saw he was in pain at the moment I entered his ass and forced a couple of cm into it. It felt tight and my dick became harder. I knew I wouldn’t last long so I started to force my cock in his ass the whole way. He screamed now and his face was not that happy. I quickly pulled my cock almost out and this time I was more careful when I put it back in again. I slowly started to fuck and when I looked at his face I could see he started to enjoy himself. I didn’t take me long and I felt how my dick started to spurt all my cum into his ass. Just the spurting itself felt great in that narrow ass of Michel.

When I was finished I stayed into his ass and bend forward to kiss him.

“That was great Tim. I was in pain first but when you started slow down it felt great. Especially when you came it was like electric that went through my body.

“I am pleased you liked it”. We kissed some more and I started to suck his dick again, which was hard of fucking. He came quick and shot his cum hard in my mouth. He had been enjoying it.

We talked during the rest of the evening and felt a sleep holding each other. I only became aware of that when I woke the next morning. First I was enjoying it. Walking up near to the guy I loved but then I remembered that my parents would have been coming home in the meantime and normally they would take a look at me before they went to bed. I jumped out of bed and waked Michel while I did that.
“He what are you doing” he said.

” I am not sure but we fell asleep on the bed and my parents normally take a look in my bedroom before they are going to sleep. So we better get dressed and make you’re bed like it has been slept. Just in case they are walking in.

“You are bothered by the fact they might have seen us Tim”.

“Yes, I have some problems with them during the last time so I don’t want them to find out yet”.

“Don’t you think they would have waked us if they had found us”.

“Probably” I answered.

“Well then they didn’t see us, because they didn’t wake us”.

I just looked at him knowing he must be right. They would have waked us if they found us lying like that on the bed. I walked back to the bed and said;” goodmorning, I just love you.” And I kissed him.

We took a shower and I went down stairs to make us some breakfast. Michel would stay until he had meet my parents and would go after that. When we almost finished our breakfast my parents came down and welcomed Michel. They didn’t say anything so I thought that they didn’t see us.

After we talked for another half-hour we went back upstairs to get Michel’s bag. I gave him a farewell kiss and we went down again.

When he was gone I felt kind of lonely. I would have loved it when Michel could have stayed but we were both afraid that we would do something stupid in front of my parents.

I stayed on my room for the most of the time that Sunday and just enjoyed the memories of that evening and night before.

Story will continue with chapter 12. It will not be on a regular basis during the next weeks. I am kind of busy and it depends on how many chapters I can read this weekend, because I won’t have the time during the next three or four weeks. I would like to thank all does who have replied and put in some suggestions. I am going to use them in the upcoming chapters. And for all you who want to teach Brandon a lesson, which knows what will happen in the future. Stay tuned to the story and you will find out.

chapter 12

chapter 10


When I woke up at first I didn’t seem to notice that I was somewhere else but when I came to my senses I felt that I was lying on the ground. I looked up and saw the bed were Michel was sleeping in. He was still sleeping and I could see his friendly face. His upper body was not covered with blankets so I could see his beautiful arms and muscles he had. I just lay there enjoying the sight of the beautiful Michel. I was really falling in love with him.

I stayed there on the ground for more than 15 minutes. Then I walked towards Michel’s bed and tried to kiss him on his neck. He turned around and woke up.

“Goodmorning, love” He said.

“Good morning to you to Michel”.

“Did you have a good night rest, or was the ground too hard”.

“No I slept just perfect, probably to tiered to stay awake anyway.”

We start kissing again and when I look at the clock I saw it was already nign O’clock.

“I have to go Michel. I have to be home in an hour or I shall be grounded for ever”.

“That is ok, Tim, do I see you tomorrow at school”.

“of cause I hope we can sneak away and do some …., well you know”.

“You better get dressed now, I will see if there  is breakfast around”.

Michel left his bedroom and went downstairs. I started to get dressed and knew it was ashamed that I had to go home this soon. I went downstairs and saw that despite the early hour his parents were also awake. We didn’t have a chance to talk about last night but I knew we both had enjoyed ourselves and maybe I even would fall in love.

I was at home at time and stayed in my room most of the rest of the Sunday just thinking about Michel and the love we shared the night before. I started to write some poems but they just didn’t say what I felt so I started over and over again. As Sunday went by I started to think also about Brandon and Mark and that I would have to see them this week. Well just wait and see. How more humiliating then what happened at gym last week could they come up with?

I went to bed early that night knowing that a good rest was important after last night.

When I woke up I knew I started to think about Michel, I could hardly wait until I could see him.

When I arrived at school, the first thing I saw was Brandon and he told me he would see me that evening around eight O’clock. I just said Ok and looked around to see if Michel was anywhere. I found him sitting on the edge of a small fence that was at the far end of the school ground. I walked towards him, but before I was there the bell rang to start the first hour. I looked at Michel and I knew I hadn’t had time to see him and turned around to go to the first lesson.

The first change missed to talk to Michel this day. I had no lessons with him so I had to wait until lunch. But it just appeared to be a curse on us today. I had to stay in during Lunch to work on a nature project I was working on with a team of classmates. I hoped that I could see him before leaving, but I was not sure that he was free at the same time as I was.

I just could not concentrate during the afternoon lessons and waited with anticipation until the bell rang and I could go outside to find Michel. I looked for almost 15 minutes but I just couldn’t find him. I had to leave to get my train; otherwise I would have been to late at home.

When I came home the first thing I did was to take the phone and I called Michel’s home to see if he was in. His mother answered and told me that he would be home late because he had badminton practice. I left a message that I had called and said to his mother that I would not be home that evening but that I would see Michel at school tomorrow.

I left around seven to go to Brandon’s place. I arrived just a few minutes after eight O’clock because the train was to late. When Brandon opened he said: “You are late, that means you will be punished with an other assignment”.

“Yes master” was all I could think about to say. It seems like whatever Brandon would do to me, my love for Michel would make it all better.

“You can go to the living room and start undressing yourself as usual. Keep your underwear on, please. I will be there in a moment”.

I walked into the living room and started to undress my self. Mark entered the room and smiled at me.

“We will see each other at Wednesday at four, you better keep that in mind”.

“Yes Mark, I will”.

“I have spoken with my friends and we find the absolute perfect think to work on you routine. I will tell more about it on Wednesday but you keep better the Friday night free for us too”.

“Mark get the hell out of here”, Brandon entered and made Mark go quickly.

” So sit down on you knees Tim. You’re going to be blindfolded for the rest of the evening”.

With that he took a blindfold out of his pocket and started to put it over my head.

“You are going to have a good evening to night. I have asked a couple of badminton teammates of me to join. They have earned you and I have agreed with them to lend you to them for the evening. I will stay and look of cause”.

‘Who are they Master”.

“Well that is one thing that I had to agree on, you’re not going to see them”.

The doorbell rang and I heard how Brandon walked away to open it. I heard some voices but I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

“Well, there he is. I hope you like what you see”.

“Well for a starts that looks fine to me and to you John”.

“Yes to me this likes a good slave start any way”.

I knew now that one was addressed as John and the other had a high voice.

“You can do what every you like with him for the coming two hours. I will watch, as we have agreed”.

“Ok, John said Let’s start”.

I heard how they put something beside me and then I felt their hands all over my body. My dick came to live as some electricity touched it. These boys knew exactly were to touch a man. They had done this before.

The touching went on for a minute or ten and then they took my underwear off.

“It seems like our slave is enjoying himself.”

But before I could say anything my mouth was closed by a big tang, which was placed over my lips.

We will enjoy ourselves with you tonight. I heard how they started to undress their selves. A moment later a couple of hands took my balls and started to squeeze them. First softly but the pressure became more and more. I wanted to scream but that was just impossible. Then I felt the grip loosened. OK that was part one now part two. My balls were still in the men’s hand but know held complete loose. Then there was a strange feeling and I knew my balls were tied up.

“You are going to like this”

At the same time that was said my balls were tugged downward by something that was hanging under my balls. 

“I think I need to take a piss”.

My balls were stretched even more when I heard a stream of piss entering in something. That something seemed to hang unto my balls and became heavier by the second.

Then I felt a strange feeling at my buttocks. Someone was opening my ass and tried to put something in it. It was very big and pain drove to my body and I started to shake a little. But while I was doing that the weight on my balls became more painful so I stopped as soon as I could. The thing was now pushed into my ass completely. It started to vibrate a moment later. They had put a vibrator in my ass, it felt painful at first but my dick already started to react on it and came alive very quick.

“O, he likes that, lets see if he can have some more.”

At that moment I heard another stream of piss be added to the thing that was hanging on my balls. Pain became more and more and I wanted to scream but that was just impossible at that time.

I knew than that this was not going to be an evening to remember. The left me then standing they’re for a while. The pain becoming more and more of a worry I almost fainted at one moment. Then the weight was taken of my balls and I got a big relieve. The vibrator still did his work as the tang was removed from my lips. I could see something at last.

“If you are going to say anything, any noise you would regret that very much. We will hang the bowl back on your balls and see if you can take more. The bowl is yet half filled so we could add more if you like”.

That made every lust to say something stop immediately. I knew I could try to keep my mouth closed, but if they had done something like that to me again I would scream anyway.

“Open your mouth and drink this without spilling anything”

I opened my mouth and started to drink, I just didn’t want to spill anything. It was the pee they put in the bowl. I just had to obey them. When I was finished I just waited. One of them was playing with my balls again and the other one was turning the vibrator around in my ass.

“You like what you see, Brandon, are we doing a great job on your slave”.

“You give a good lesson, that is one thing that is for sure”.

“You don’t want to join Brandon, looks like you want”.

I just could not believe what was happening. Was Brandon having a hard on while he was looking. He had never had one before. He never had touched me beside the one time in gymclass.

They didn’t wait his reply and went on with giving me a lesson. I had to bend forwards and hold my ankles with my hands. A moment later big Smacks came down on my bottom. It went on for a while and because I was not aloud to scream I started to cry. My bottom felt like they had taken all the flesh of it, but I saw no blood falling on the floor so that would not be the case.

Now the smashes came down a little lower and started to come down on my balls. This was even more painful because of the weight that had been there before.

I could hardly believe that this was going to end, but suddenly the smashed stopped and I was ordered to go and sit down on hand and knees with my head straightforward.

“The last thing you are going to do is to be fucked in ass and face at the same time”

I just stood there and started to think about Michel, maybe this could be a protection in my mind to the humiliation I had to go through.

I had to open my mouth and at the same time that a dick was forced in it, my ass was opened by a big dick and was fucked in a hard way.

“Brandon, you look like you can’t control your self any more, why do you not join us”.

” Well I don’t know” he answered.

“Here take the balls of your slave in you hand and crush them”.

I got very hard just thinking that the admiration and master of me was going to touch my balls.

I heard how he came close by and then I felt the pain in my balls. Brandon was done as ordered and was crushing my balls hard.

The sucking and fucking was great after I got used to it but the crushing was terrible. Both my masters came at the same time. Cum splattered out of my ass and on to my face while my own cum came on the hands of Brandon who was still splashing my balls.

Both the dicks in my mouth and ass were taking out of it.

“That was great, and for you Brandon, did we as you wanted”.

“You have done perfect with this slave”.

“Is that his cum on your hand” John asked.

“Yes it is”.

“Let it eat him”.

I felt how Brandon’s hand forced his away into my mouth and I started to lick. I was licking Brandon’s hand. My own cum I hardly tasted but licking that hand and the sweat of Brandon made me cum again.

“Well, well Brandon, seems like your slave had the hots for you, if you like guys of not, you have at least one admirer”.

“Good dammed” Brandon said. “You will be punished for that Tim.”

He had to keep himself up as the straight guy in front of his teammates. But I knew then that what had happened aroused him. I was going to suck his dick eventually that was one thing that I was sure of.

” We are going, if you need a hand, you can asked us any time Brandon, we liked your slave, By.”

I heard them walking away together with Brandon. The door opened and closed again. I was waiting until Brandon would enter back into the living room.

” So you have the hots for me, I will punish you hard for that. I had planned nothing else for this week, but I think you deserve another punishment now”.

” No please Sir, I will have to see you brother already this week is that not enough”.

“No, Not this time. I have lend a thing or two from those two who just left so I will tell you what we are going to do”.

He came close by and removed the blindfold. He took my cock into his hand and put something on it.

“I think you deserve this know. It is a cockring. It will keep your cock hard for the next day or so.”

He turned it faster and faster and my cock was as hard as could be, with Brandon touching and holding it.

“I want you to do the following thing tomorrow during lunch. You will sit down beside me and stay there for a minute or ten. Then you excuse your self and say you are going to get a drink. You then go to the toilet in building E. You know the one with no cabins in it, were only the last years take a pee because all their lessons are there. You will go inside with this bottle and fill it up, while you do this you better be in the middle of the piss holes. You then will come back to the table and start drinking from the bottle. You better be sure that I get to touch it somehow so that I know that it is fresh and still warm. So far you understood it”.

“Yes Sir, but what will I say if any one say or ask anything while I am in the toilet.”

“Just say nothing and keep on going. The last hour we have gym again and you have to wear that cockring during gym. You are not allowed to take it off.”

“But that means I have to take a shower with it. I have been kind of behind with that you know the coach wants us take at least twice a month a shower at school after gym”.

“Yes, that is what I want you to do exactly and if any one want’s to touch it or feel it you let them. You also answer all their questions. Is that understood.”

“Yes sir.”

“Well get out of here now”

I left in the same rush I did the last time although I had a little trouble getting my stiff cock into my underwear.

I left for home and just didn’t want to think about tomorrow. Brandon also managed to get across my plans with Michel I just couldn’t see him during lunch this time. It was a good thing I had time to speak with him between classes tomorrow.

When I was home I went straight to bed and fell asleep quickly. The next morning my hard one had became less but still it was more than usual. It would get hard during lunch again or maybe earlier when I would talk to Michel.  I had my breakfast and went to school.

I saw Brandon on the way from the railway station to the school and he asked me if I was ready for today. He told me that he would see me during lunch at the far end of the canteen.

I tried to see if Michel was anywhere. I found him a moment later. He was walking towards the classroom. I stepped in quickly and said:

“Hi Michel, how are you today”.

“O Hi Tim, I tried to find you yesterday, but I didn’t see you around. You are not made or anything are you”.

“No ofcause not but during lunch I had to finish my project for science and later I called you but you were at badminton training:”

“Can I see you at lunch time, I would like to find a quite place.”

“No I am sorry Michel, but I can’t I have to finish an other assignment. If possible we can see each other this weekend again. Maybe you can come and stay over at my place.”

“That will be fine. I was starting to believe that you didn’t want to see me anymore”.

“No, I still like you and if I got a chance I would like to kiss you here and now, but we better don’t do that now”.

We walked into the class together and sat down on our own places.  I looked at Michel most of the time and at a lot of difficulty to concentrate myself. I knew that lunch was coming to I better get my self-prepared.

When the bell sounded for the lunch period I went to the canteen. I saw that Brandon was sitting on the right had side of the canteen, together with a couple of friends. Some of them I knew and others I didn’t. I said down and Brandon introduced me as a badminton friend. The all said Hi and went on talking together. I didn’t dare to tell anything so I kept calm and a moment or so later I saw that Brandon starting to wink at me. I knew he wanted me to go to the bathroom. I apologized to his friend and said that I was going to get a drink. I walked away towards the part of the building were I hadn’t been too often. Every one it was the part were the lessons of the seniors took place and they didn’t like others to snoop around. Also every one that it had a special toilet were everyone could see you’re dick when you was taking a piss. I had some strange looks when I entered the part of the building but nobody said anything so I just went on towards the place were I was told the toilet would be.

I found it and entered. I looked around and saw that 5 guys were in and they all were taking piss. I saw two dicks when I walked towards the other side of the room were just one guy was standing.

I felt that my dick started to get very hard again. I undid my zipper of my pants and took out my hard dick. It would be very hard to get out any pee at all. I took the bottle out of my pocket and held it in place.

“He what are you doing here” said the guy who was standing beside me.

I knew I was not allowed to say anything and slowly a stream off piss came out of the bottle.

“Can you not answer, you are not a senior and you think you can piss here with a stiff one”.

This line brought the other guys around to come around and see what happened. I still kept calm and knew I wasn’t aloud to say anything. My stream improved and was filling up the bottle quite nicely. It was painful to piss with such a hard on but I managed.

“Well leave him about, if he don’t want to talk he will have a good reason for doing this here”. Said one of the other guys who were making themselves ready to leave.

The one that stood beside me from the beginning stayed around when the others left. He came up to me again and said: ” So you think you can do this without being punished. Just looking at my dick and getting hard. You think I would appreciate that. Get around and bent forward, I will let you feel who the boss is.”

I stopped peeing and turned around. He started to smack my ass and to squeeze my balls hard. When I started to scream he said. “Shut up, I hope this had giving you a lesson”. With that he walked away, other guys came in but they didn’t look at me. I stared to zip up again and was ready to leave with the bottle in my hand.

I went back to the canteen and when I said down one of Brandon’s friends said: “That took you a long while but do you have your drink now”.

“Yes, I have, I saw someone I had to speak about because of the science project”.

I let the bottle slip by Brandon’s hands, which were placed, on the table in front of him. He smiled and nodded like he proved of me drinking. I started to take the bottle to my mouth and started to drink my own pee. It was still warm and had a stronger taste than the cold one I had drank before. I had a lot of trouble holding my stomach in control to keep me from gagging. I was able to drink the first part in almost one time. For the rest of the bottle I needed the remaining of the lunch period and I was glad I took it all before we had to go to the next hour.

Almost now one asked me anything so I just stayed there and listen to what they were talking about.

Then their was another two hours two go before I had the last our with gym. Again Brandon was going to humiliate me in front of the whole gym class. I hope that nobody would notice.

I lasted the two hours and went away to the lockers to get ready for gym. I unzipped my trousers and put on my gym shorts. I had to buy knew one, I couldn’t were the ones I had received back from Brandon. Every would know that something else had happened. So I put on my new ones. Because of the cockring I was wearing you could see through my shorts that I had a stiff one. Maybe because I knew that I could see it but I thought that every one else could too if they looked for it.

Gym went buy without anything happened. I went into the lockers afterwards and looked around to see who else was going to take a shower. I saw that Brandon was getting a towel so he would join. That mends that I was going to see his dick. I hadn’t seen it for a long time. I saw that most of the guys who went into the showers were friends of Brandon. I think they were with six of them in total.

I waited until the last one entered and walked behind him into the shower. I just didn’t know what was going to happen. I let slip of my towel and walked into the wet area.

“He look at Tim”, Brandon shouted. “What have you on know Tim.

” Its called a cockring Brandon” I almost said sir but I could just in time say his name instead. The guys came towards me.

“How does it feel Tim” Brandon asked again. It seemed like he was prepared well for it.

” It feels not normal Brandon. It keeps it hard all the time”.

” You find that normal Tim, doesn’t hurt it, to stay hard that long”.

The other guys came close by know and I saw some of them had a pretty large dick, not hard but large anyway. I looked at Brandon and saw that he had also a big uncut cock hanging between his legs with pretty big nuts.

” Well it does sometimes but I am not allowed to remove it”.

“You’re not allowed to remove it, why” Tony a small blond boy asked.

” I think you have to do this for the doctor, don’t you Tim” Brandon replied before I could say anything.

“yes that is right. It is kind of a test I believe”.

” Can I touch it, Tony asked”

“If you want” I answered.

“yea come on Tony feel it” Brandon said.

I started to tremble a little bit thinking about somebody else was going to touch my dick. The moment Tony touched my cock I felt electrified and started to breathe heavily.

“This feels great, so hard, my is never that Hard”

Tony touched it a second time and squeezed it a little. That was enough for me to cum and it splashed all over the floor.

“Wow Tim, what are you doing”.

I just could not look at any of them and just stood there.

” Just a touch was enough for you to come Tim, what were you thinking about”

Before I could answer that the Coached yelled: ” Ok you guys you better get ready, I want to lock up in 5 minutes.

That was a good thing and before I good say anything they other boys went back to finish their shower.

“You don’t have to answer that” Brandon said, ” we all know were you are thinking about when you are hard, pussy don’t we guys”.

Brandon saved me for that question. I think he was afraid that somebody would find out what he was doing to me. We finished the shower and get dressed. Tony came towards me and said: “Don’t be bothered by it, I am horny all the time and can shoot very easy”.

When I was ready and went outside, I saw that Michel was waiting. I was very glad that he didn’t take a shower this time.

“You have to wait for your train again, don’t you Tim”.

“Yea that is right,”

“You like to cum with me to my house Tim”

“Yea that is OK”

We walked to the house of Michel and went in. His mother was home so we went straight up to his room. Just entered and we started to kiss each other.

” I have missed this Tim, I really love you”.

” I missed you to Michel but we have only an hour”.

” This time I have enough to be in your company and kissing you”.

I stayed in his room until the last possible moment and then I went to the train. We kissed, hugged and touched each other. It was just the best. It made me to forget every thing else that happened that day. It was hard to leave but I knew I had to be at home in time.

So that happened that day and I was humiliated quite heavily but I also had a chance to have a good look at Brandon’s dick. He had touched mine the day before so I was getting somewhere with him. It was slowly but I knew I would get him horny why was he else doing this to me.  It was just a matter of time and more humiliations to go. And there was of cause Michel the boy I didn’t notice before the badminton game but who I started to fell in love with every day more and more. That evening I wrote a poem to Him, but I was scared somebody else would read it so I destroyed it.

chapter 11

chapter 9


My parents did not say anything so I guess they really thought that I was been to badminton practice. I went to sleep early and didn’t want to think about the next day.

I woke up early and my mind started to wonder of and thinking about Michel. I really had enjoyed give him a good blow job. I was still not sure I heard him correct. Had he said I love you or had he not? I better would try to find that out during the day. I could ask my parents if it was ok to go out on Saturday and staying over at a friend’s place from school.

I went downstairs and saw that my parents were both sitting at the table having their breakfast. I walk towards my mother and said, ” Good morning, I would like to ask something. Am I still grounded this weekend? I mean Saturday. A friend from school asked if we could get out and if I would stay over at his place.”

” You now you have to ask your farther this.”

I looked at dad who heard the question I asked my mother.

” Well despite of your behavior I think you deserve one night out. I will expect you to be back around 10 on Sunday morning. Because you didn’t obey us during the first day of the week you will be grounded for another month. You will have to ask permission each time you want to leave the house. You understand”.

“Yes, Dad”, I said.

“We are going to be more severe on you for the coming months. We don’t want you to do stupid things. Now sit down and eat your breakfast”

I sat down and eat my breakfast. I left for school a few minutes later. I had a hard time figuring out what kind of underwear I had to wear that day. I decided that a black brief would be the best option of the underwear, which were in my closet. I rather would have worn a boxershort but I hadn’t had one yet.

When I arrived at school, I first wanted to find out were Michel was. I looked around a few places and found him already in the library. He seemed to startle when I walked towards him.

“Hi Michel” I said. “Is your offer to come around still open. I have asked my partners if it was ok if I would stay over at Saturday”.

“Yes off cause Tim, you are always welcome. Saturday is OK for me too. I have a game during the morning hours but will be home around 4 O Clock in the afternoon. So if you would like to come around then that is ok with me. “

” That’s fine with me. I have to play also on Saturday morning but could be over around 4 O’clock in the afternoon. Have you any idea what we could do on Saturday evening.”

” My parents will be out all Saturday evening and we could play some computergames and could rent a video if you like”.

” That is fine by mine Michel. I have to be going to the first class, see you later today and also on Saturday afternoon.”

“By Tim, see you around”.

I walked to my first lesson. I would see Michel during gym and the hours afterwards we had the same lessons also. The first two hours went by very quickly and I became nervous about the gym hour. I went towards the lockers quickly wen the bell rang for the next hour.

I started to changes and saw that Brandon was looking to see what kind of underwear I was wearing. The door to the gym hall was closed so this could mean Brandon was right and we would have a cross-country. I closed my eyes and prayed for a moment that he was wrong.

Then the coach entered the locker and said: ” Today the gym hall is being cleaned and the floor being treated so I thought it would be a good idea to have a cross country today. You know the route. I will timing you and expect you all to be back before the lunch start. Ok get your asses out of here”:

We started to go outside and I saw that Brandon had a big smile on his face. ” Good luck “he said to me when he passed. I went out as one of the last, remembering that it would be best to start as one of the last ones. We all started and went away towards the station and later in the run to the park. The park was about 6 km after the start en it took almost 1,5 km to get through it. I hoped that not many people would be around in the park. I saw that Brandon didn’t keep up his normal pace and was one of the lasts who turned into the park. I still had to go for more than 500 meters before I was there. When I entered the park I stopped and looked around. At that moment I couldn’t see any one and quickly undid my gymshorts and put these under my gym-shirt. I went on and started to get aroused by showing off my dick to every one who would be there. When I was half way across the park I saw a few people (men mostly) who were walking there with their dog. They noticed me and I get a little embarrassed by it. One of them shouted: ” Well build, are you not afraid to get a cold”. I didn’t answer him and tried to get away as quickly as I could.

When I was almost at the end of the park I saw a few boys were standing with their backs towards me. When I almost reach them one of them turned around. It was Mark who yelled: “Didn’t I say he would, didn’t I”.

Now all the boys turned around and one of them said: ” Stop Tim”.

I didn’t know what to do but decided that it was best to stop and see what they want.

” Come over hear” Mark said.

I walked towards them and stopped just two steps in front of them.

“Nice underwear” said the boy who also called to stop me.

” Look he gets a hard one” Mark said. He was right. Just knowing that four boys could see my underwear and off cause the outlines of my dick made me horny.

“Does he do everything he is told” one of the boys asked.

“He better” Mark replied.

I then new I was in his hands and started to beg them to let me go on. They got around me and Mark said: “You better walk quite with us towards the bushes over there”

I walked with them and saw that from the place they took me nobody would be able to see us.

” Get that underwear off and start stroking yourself” Mark commended.

I could not believe this was happening I had to give a show for those boys.

I got my hand behind the waistband and lowered my underwear. I took my dick and started to stock it carefully.

“Come on” one of the boys said, “we don’t have all day”.

I closed my eyes and started to stroke my cock harder. Then I saw a flashlight trough my closed eyes. When I opened them I saw that Mark had a camera with him and made a few photos. That was the last thing I needed and I came hard and loud in front of the boys. Mark was still making photographs off it. When I came to my senses I looked at him and said “Did I good master”.

” You did as you were told so that was ok, but when Brandon walked by hear a moment ago he said that he was not quite happy with the underwear you had put on. You better would have had a white one on. So he asked me to take you gym short so that you had to end the run in your underwear.”

” No way” I said, but before I could get out of there the boys were all over me and one of them got my gym shorts from under my T-shirt.

” Ok, you will continue now or do we have to take more clothes off and force you to go back almost naked” Mark said this while he was sitting on my chest.

” I will obey Mark, please let me go”.

Mark got of me and said, “we will let you go but next Wednesday we expect you to be at my place at 4 O clock. We want to see you work on your skills then. “

I walked away in my underwear thinking about what I was going to say to our coach when I would be back at school. At first I just couldn’t think of anything but then it could be a good thing to say what had happened. I could tell him that I was molested in the park and good get away just in time but that I lost my gym short before I could away.

When I came at school, I got a lot of attention and I tried to hide my crotch as much as possible. I walked towards the lockers were the coach was standing with his stopwatch in his hands.

” I was going to believe you weren’t coming at all Tim. What happened to you?”

“Well somebody got me in the park and tried to undress me but I could get away after he undid my gymshorts. “

” O no, the coach said. Did you see who it was”

” No because he attacked from the back and I didn’t look back when I was running.”

” Was nobody around who could help you”.

” No nobody was around so I just came back as quickly as I could.”

” That is ok, Get dressed now. I will talk to your counselor and he will call your parents.”

” No sir please don’t make a fuss out of it”

” Ok I will let the councilor decide if he want’s to talk with you before calling your parents. No go on and get dressed”.

Most of the other boys were already changes and ready to leave. Some of them came to ask me if there happened anything more than the thing I told the coach. But I told I was happy nothing else happened and that everything was Ok with me.

When I looked at Brandon I saw that he had that same cruel smile on his face. When he walked away he said:” well done. I will see you at the end of the day at the station. “

I got dressed and started to walk towards the lunch hall to eat. When I sat down Michel walked towards me and asked: ” Are you alright,”

“Yes, I am Michel. I was not hurt or anything”.

” Well I am happy for that. I got scared when you told the coach what happened. I was afraid something worse had happened to you. If I can do anything you will tell me?”

He asked that in a very friendly almost lovely tone. “Off cause I will Michel, thanks for the offer”.

I started eating and Michel stayed during the lunch beside me and we talked about music and school homework.

When the bell went I found out that the time had gone by quickly and that I had enjoyed talking to Michel that longs.

The next hour started and I had to have my mind on other things.

When the bell rang I knew I had to see Brandon at the station, so I went to the station right away. Brandon came a minute later and walked away from his friends and said: ” I talked with my brother and it seemed that you did ok so you are passed this round. But I said to you that you were not aloud to make up stories like that so you will be punished for that later on. You have a meeting next Wednesday evening with my brother. I want to see you next Monday. I still don’t forget that you are not allowed to come. I can check it any time I like”

He walked away from me and left me standing there. I knew I wouldn’t get ride of Brandon yet so I could better make the best of it. Something’s he did I like, for example the public humiliation I liked. Other things I was very humiliated by it. I had no idea how long that this would go on.

I didn’t meat Brandon or Michel on Friday so the weekend came and I would sleep over at the house of Michel. I was looking forward to that. It was a shame that I still was not aloud to come but I would at least try to find out what Michel mend with I love you. He seemed very worried by what happened during gym. I suppose that was the reason he talked with me that long during lunch. I just would see what would happen on Saturday.

I went over to Him after the game on Saturday. I had tried to look at my best when I left home. I arrived at almost 5 O clock at the house of Michel. I rang the door and after a moment or so a lady opened the door.

” Hi you must be Tim, come on in Michel is in his room upstairs. By the way I am Linda, Michel’s mother.”

“I am Tim, Madame, nice to meet you. Is it ok if I go upstairs right away.”

“Yes off cause it is. I have made a bed for you on the ground in the room of Michel. I though you would like that better than the spare room. You boys want to talk all night about girls and stuff so I thought it would be better to put you in the same room with Michel.”

“That is fine with me”.

“Did you already had dinner Tim,” Michel’s mother asked.

“Not yet”.

“Well that is ok then, dinner will be ready in an hour”.

I went upstairs and opened the door to Michel’s room. He was sitting behind his computer. I could see he was on the Internet but I could not see the page. He turned it of when I entered.

“Hi Michel, here I am. Did you had a good match today”

“Yea we had we won the game, and you?”

“Well we lost, but I didn’t had a change to play this time”

“Well next time better”.

“I have arranged a few video’s for us to look tonight. I will get them when my parents are gone. Is that ok by you”.

“Yes off cause. What are we going to do now.”

” Well we good go outside and play a little badminton there is almost no wind”

“That is fine with me I could do with some practice”.

We went outside and until is was dinner time we played a hard game of badminton outside, trying to make it has hard as possible for each other. We had dinner and afterwards we had to do the dishes. This was very much has at my own place. After dinner the parents of Michel were making them selves ready to go. Just before the were leaving Michel got a lot of good advises what he was supposed to do or even more what he wasn’t supposed to do. Because of the game we played outside Michel’s mother told us we better would take a shower before going to bed that evening. That was one advice I would like to follow without any problem.

When they left we walked upstairs to Michel’s room and he showed me the video’s he brought with him. Two of them were with Jonathan Brandis in a leading part and the other I didn’t know.

“You like Jonathan Brandis” I asked him.

“Yes I find him a very good-looking and respectful person. He is also a great actor” Michel replied.

“So you like looking at boys as much as girls,” I asked moving the subject in the direction I wanted.

“Yes I do, but I believed you knew that already. I like you for example”. While he said this he was looking at the ground and not in my face a little bit afraid of what I would say.

” I already thought so, I like you too Michel. Why won’t we shower first before we go look at the video’s”.

“That is a good Idea” Michel said. “I am all sweat from the game we played earlier. Do you want to go first or shall I”.

” Well I thought we could go at the same time. If you are OK with that”.

He looked surprised but with a little smile he said: ” that is fine with me. I will get the towels and see you in the shower in a moment.”

I went into the bathroom and started to undress my self I wanted to leave my underwear on until Michel came back. When I was taking of my pants he entered the bathroom and looked at me.

“Nice body, I have seen it in the lockers before but close by like this I can see you do a lot of work to keep it like that:”

“Well I just can eat what ever I like without gaining any weight or fat. Come on get undressed”.

“Ok here are the towels”.

He started to undress himself and I took of my underwear and stepped into the shower. I opened the tab and the water poured out of it. I looked around and saw that Michel came in also. He looked as a man made on earth. A perfect trimmed body with almost no hair on his body except for his crotch.

“You are looking fine, a great body you have to Michel”.

“Thanks” he said. “Shall I start soaping you in first”.

“That is OK”.

He started to use the soap on my back first, then my arms and my stomach. I knew he had to go a little lower in a moment. He sat down on his knees and looked at my legs and dick. He trembled a little bit and then took the soap and started to let it flow over my legs. Starting at the bottom and going higher very slowly. At last he came at my dick which was half-hard already, because of the teasing he was doing. I almost thought I would die when he took my dick into his hands. I came very close by spurting my cum at that time.

“This feels great. I could not wait until I could hold your cock after the last time you were here”.

“Well it feels great to me to” I said with a very soft voice. I hardly could say anything because of the unbelievable emotions I had.

He poured some water over my dick and then he went with his mouth slowly towards my dick. He touched it with his lips and then he slowly started to blow some air over it.

“Oh Michel look out this feels awesome” I said.

Then he slowly took my cock into his mouth and started to suck on it. At first very slowly and teasing and then a little bit harder.

” You better stop Michel or I will be ready to come”.

But Michel didn’t stop and I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I wasn’t aloud to come from Brandon. It was just feeling to great to think about that at that time. Then a most unknown climax came and my dick started to shoot very big loads of cum into Michel’s mouth. He kept my dick into his mouth and started to drink every drop that I was giving to him. Even when the last drop entered his mouth he kept on sucking my dick very slowly. Only a minute or saw after that he left my dick slip out of his mouth.

“That was cool, Tim. I really liked to suck and drink. You are great”.

He stood up and looked into my face. “May I kiss you, I would love to do that”.

Instead of saying yes or no I just moved forward and started to give him a well-deserved kiss. We stayed on kissing for almost 5 minutes giving pleasure to each other that we hadn’t had before.

“Can I suck you know I said a moment later. “

” Well we better finish the shower you will get your change later this evening”

We finished showering and went back towards his room. I just could not leave my eyes of his beautiful body. We just put our underwear on and lay down on Michel’s bed. He didn’t say much and just started one of the video with Jonathan in the lead.

We stayed very close during the complete video and sometimes we just touched each other to have some contact. During the video I saw one moment were Michel got stiff it was when for a short while Jonathan was walking around in his sports cloths. I wanted to say something but I just wouldn’t spoil the fact that I could see that Michel was still ready to play and cum.

We looked at the video and then we started to give each other a little more attention. Before we would came to much under the attention of that I wanted to ask Michel what he had said during the last time we had played together.

“Michel did I understand you correctly the last time I was here. I was not sure but I though you said something while I was giving you a blow job.”

“Well eh I am not sure what you mean. I believe I had sad something more than one thing.” He said this not quite convincing so I knew he did know what I mend.

“Well you know I believe you said something like: I love you Tim”.

“So you did hear me, because you didn’t answer and didn’t say anything during the next day I just didn’t know if you had heard me.”

“Yes I did, but did you mean this Michel.”

“Yes I did, Tim, I really love you. Well that’s is I think I do. I think about you very often during the day. I really enjoyed myself talking to you yesterday during lunch. So all those things made me think I love you Tim”.

“Well, Michel I liked talking to you also very much and sucking like I did last time was really great. I would like to do that again in a moment. I love you to Michel”. And with that I started to kiss Michel again. We kissed very long and heavy. When we finished I looked at Michel and said: ” if you want you even may fuck me. I think I am ready for that. “

“You want me to do that Tim, are you sure”.

“Yes, I want you, can’t you see.” And with that I pulled my underwear away and he could see that my cock was stiff like hell despite he had sucked me only an hour or so.

We started to get all over each other. Our hands didn’t stay long on each part of the others body and soon I felt that Michel started to make way. He was giving me a massage of the bottom and started to try to get with his fingers in my whole. I really liked it; first he put one finger in it. He started to screw around and after a few minutes he started to force his second and third finger into my hole

“Oh Yes, Michel keep on going this is just awesome”. I cried out.

Michel didn’t respond first but continued to work my ass with two or three fingers.

Then he said: “Turn around and try to relax as much as possible”.

I turned around and lay down on my back with my legs in the air. I closed my eyes when I felt the pressure of Michel’s dick at the opening of my ass. He started to puss in a little and said: “just relax”.

He bend and kissed me on the mouth. “I will make you think about something else”. While he tried to force his way in he started to kiss me most passionately and it worked. A moment later I felt how his cock slipped into my ass. I screamed for a moment and Michel waited just a second and then he started to move in and almost out of my ass. When he saw that I got a more relayed expression on my face he started to speed up the movement. That got me even harder than I ever had been.

He kissed me again and I could feel how he was smashing his balls against my buttocks. I started to cum and I spurted the cum onto our bodes like a soft cream between two cookies. At that moment I could also feel the subtraction of Michel; s dick in my ass and a moment later a hot fluid came spurting into my love channel. Michel pushed a few more times in and almost out before stopping and with a plop he released my ass and took the whole of his dick out of it.

“That was great, Tim” Michel said.

“I know Michel, It just felt like I was in haven for a moment. I don’t believe I had an orgasm like that before”.

” I know. It felt the same to me”.

We kept close during the whole evening. We hadn’t had any sex during that evening or night, but until we went to bed we hold, kissed and touched each other every time we had.

chapter 10

chapter 8


Michel was waiting outside the door of our lockers.

” How long do you have to wait until your train is coming?” he asked.

” Over an hour” I said.

” Well then we have time enough before that. I am living right between school and the station.”

We walked towards his home. It was a beautiful big house with a big garden on the backside.

“Come in” he said. “Nobody is around at this time of the day”

We put our bags in the hall.

” Do you want to see my room”?

” Yes I do”, I answered

We went upstairs and walked into his room. There was a bed, a table with a computer on it and a lot of posters on the wall. Not only of girls but also from the backstreet boys and of a group I didn’t know.

“Sit down” he said. “Do you want something to drink?”

“Yes Please” I answered. “Do you have a coke”.

” I will get one”.

He went downstairs again and I started to have a look around. His room was very tidy and clean. Not any clothes were lying around.  He walked in again and handed me the coke. He sat down beside me on the bed. We said nothing but looked each other in the eyes. For a moment not one of us was talking the initiative and we were just sitting there.

I drank some of my coke and put the can on the table. With one of my hands I slowly went towards his head and started to go through his beautiful hair. He just looked at me and smiled. I felt this as an invitation to go on. I let my hand slip down on his back and further down towards the place was I could go behind his T-shirt. I moved his T-shirt up a little and started to rub his back. First with one hand and then with two. When I raised his T-shirt from the back his belly became in sight. I went down with my hand towards it and started to kiss and lick it. I started to put his T-shirt over his head and afterwards continued to rub his back with both hands. I went towards his nipples with my mouth and started to kiss the right one. First gently and then with a little suction on it. Michel started to moan a little. I went towards the left nipple and did the same with this one. Then I went towards his neck, just going around with my tong licking and touching it. I went towards his left ear and did the same as I did with his nipple. I suck it and kiss it. Then when I went to his right ear I had a change to see how he was doing. He had his eyes closed and a big smile on his face. I gave his right ear the same treatment. I liked and sucked again. I went slowly back with my tongue over his cheek towards his lips. I slowly put my lips on his and started to kiss him. He opened his mouth and we started a big sucking kiss.

We ended the kiss and still didn’t say anything. He looked at me with a big smile which was saying go on continue. So I did. With my hands I left his back and went down towards his bottom. By touching his bottom I went towards the front of his trousers. In the mean time I went down with my mouth two his nipples again and started kissing. My hands touched his crotch trough his trousers. I could feel that his dick was getting harder. I started to unbutton his trousers and went further down with my mouth towards his belly. Still kissing and licking.

I saw that he had white brief underwear on. I opened his trousers further and he went a little upwards so that I could take them off. I went with my mouth towards his underwear and started to kiss his dick through it. I sucked on his dick a little and then went down with my mouth over the inner side of his legs towards his feet. Still kissing and licking. He started to moan again and I after I licked his ankle I went up back to his underwear again.

His dick was hard and stood proud in his underwear. I took the front of his underwear in my mouth and pulled it away. Just then his dick came free and was waving in the air. I looked at it and remembered then how big it was. I started to lick it from the top down towards his balls. His big balls. I tried to get one in my mouth but that didn’t work. I went back towards the top and started to suck it slowly at first and picked up the pace as Michel started to moan quicker. I just startled and almost stop for one moment when I heard Michel say: ” Oh Yes Tim go on I love you”.

I went on and Michel just kept moaning and a moment later he spurted his cum into my mouth. I just loved drinking it.  I looked into his face. His eyes were open now and he looked quite happily at me. I just wanted to kiss him again but remembered what he said about kissing with his cum in my mouth.

“I just want to go to the toilet for a moment”, I said.

He didn’t answer but just nod that it was OK. I went inside and took one of the glasses to have a drink. I wanted Michel to do the same with me but I remembered I had a big spot on my underwear. It would be best to get out of there as quickly as possible.

I went back into his bedroom. He was still lying on his bed. I walked towards him and said down near to him. I went towards his mouth and started kissing him again. He kissed back right away. When we finished the kiss I looked up at the clock and said: ” I have to go if I want to catch that train”. It seemed like Michel just then came back to this world.

” Can you come back on Friday night and stay over” he asked.

Just a little surprised by this and answered: ” I will have to asked my parents. I don’t think so because I am grounded. But maybe another time”?

” That is OK.” Mickel said. ” We could play some computer games and things like that.

He didn’t mention any of the things he said while I was sucking him. He dressed and we walked towards the hall were I picked up my bag and with a last kiss I went towards the station.

When I came at the station Brandon was standing there with some of his friends. When I passed him he gave me a wink and I walked towards him. ” You did well this after noon,” he said.  ” I want to see you tomorrow night Wednesday at my place and don’t forget you are still not allowed to come.” With that he turned his head towards his friends and left me standing there.

During the train ride back and the complete evening I just couldn’t get out of my mind what Michel had said. Would he really love me or did it just come out by accident. I had a hard time not getting off but I knew I would be punished for it so I didn’t do it.

I found a way out of the problem of me having to get out on Wednesday evening. I told my parents that I had badminton training I knew they would want me to go there. So I was able to go on Wednesday evening to Brandon.

During Wednesday I tried to talk to Michel but he seemed to avoid me a little or just didn’t notice that I wanted to talk. Some of the other boys from other classes were looking at me during lunch and it seemed like they were talking about me. I could imagine that the locker happenings of yesterday were told around.

After school Brandon came towards me and said: ” See you tonight”. I just nod and walked towards the station.

That evening right after dinner I took my cloths and went towards the station and Brandon’s house again.

When he opened he said. “Go in, you know what to do. I will be there in a moment.”

I went in and started to take off my clothes and waited in front of the table for Brandon to come in.

” Every one is out of the house tonight so we can do what we want. But at first I want to complement you with you actions of yesterday it was done very well and for you to know that it was appreciate by a lot of boys in the lockers. If Frank did to I don’t know he must have heard from it by now”.

” So what do you want to do today Tim?’

” I don’t know Brandon’ I said. ” You must tell me”

” That sounds more like it” he said ” but address me with Sir instead of Brandon”.

“At first I want to tell you want we are going to do during next gym hour of tomorrow. I think I know what the coach will have us do so if I am right you must do what I am going to tell you”.

” And what if the coach is going to do something else” I asked.

” Then you are lucky and don’t have to do the following thing. I think we are going to have a cross-country walk tomorrow of 10 KM. It will go through the outer parts of the city and the park that is at the north side. You know were that is?

“Yes I do, we had a cross country already this year, remember Sir”.

” Ok then hear is the thing you are going to do tomorrow if we are going to get cross country during gym. You are going to be sure that you are the last one of the group entering the park. If I was you better be a way behind the last one. When you enter the park you must drop your gym shorts and continue to run through the park in your underwear. Just before you are leaving there is a small turn to the left. That is the place were you could put on your shorts again. “

” You mean this for real Sir”

” Yes I do” Brandon answered.

I just couldn’t believe I had heard I had to go through the park for almost a kilometer running in my underwear.  I hoped the coach would let us do something else tomorrow.

” Ok that is that and then now for this evening”. He stopped talking when the backdoor opened and without any further delay a young boy entered the room.

” Oh I am sorry Brandon he said I didn’t know you had a visitor. “

He looked kind of curious at me.

” As long as you are out of here in a minute and don’t tell any one” Brandon replied to the young men who entered.

” This looks kind of interesting can I stay. Peter is not at home and I offered Peter’s mom to take their dog for a walk. I left him outside”.

” Well if you want to see this that is Ok. This slave is TIM, he does exactly everything I tell him too”

” That looks like it”.

” Tim may I introduce you to my younger brother Mark”.

” Nice to know you Mark,” I replied.

” I have to get the dog in”, Mark said and he went out to get him.

” Well” Brandon said, ” if you are not going to tell me what you want us to do I will have to asked Mark. Maybe he knows a way to punish you.”

When Mark entered Brandon started to tell him everything that happened and why I was standing there in my underwear. In the mean while I was looking at Mark. He was a well build boy and probably would be around 14 years old.

” Would you like to think about a punishment for Tim this evening Mark,” Brandon ended his explanation with that question.

” Do you mean he has to do everything I say, even sexual things?

” Yes he does Mark, did you had something in mind? Tell me first and I will decide if Tim has to obey”.

I thought that this would be an easy night. What could a 14-year-old think about, some spanking, a good masturbation show maybe. Mark started to tell Brandon softly what he had in mind. I could see on the face of Brandon that he liked it.

” Well thought of Brother,” he said out loud when Mark finished.

” Go and lay on the ground Tim” Brandon said. ” My brother had a great idea. You are going to suck cock this evening for us. Not ours but that of the dog.”

 I looked at the big Sint Bernard dog that was standing beside mark.

” Lay down on you back and we will see how this is going to be done”

I lay down on my back and Mark brought the Sint Bernard towards me. He positions him over my head and I was looking at all the hairs that were down there.

” Grab his penis Tim and start stroking it” Mark commanded.

I looked to find it and then I saw a 6 or 7 cm kind of thing hanging between the hairs.

” Go on,” Brandon said: ” that is it get it”

I took it into my hands and the dog wanted to walk away but mark held it in position.

I started to message the dick and it slowly started to grow. The dog started to get in to the rhythm and I didn’t have to move my hand any more. It became harder and harder.

It was already more then 20 cm when Brandon said: ” now open your mouth and let him fuck it. “

I stopped stocking and opened my mouth. Mark let the dog walk forward a little bit and the more the 20-cm dogdick were now in front of my mouth. ” Get it” Mark, shouted.

I moved my mouth a little towards the dick and when I touched it the dog began to make fucking moves and started to get his dick into my mouth. At first he entered just a little bit but when he increased the motion he almost but his all dick into my mouth. I had a hard time not gagging. And then I felt his cock gets subtracted a little and a huge amount of cum spurted into my mouth. I just could not get it all and some started to flow out of my mouth.

” Swallow,” Brandon said.

I did my best and swallowed most of the cum. It tasted more salty and sour then human cum. When the last of the at least 6 spurts of cum left the dogs dick he started to get out of my mouth. Mark wanted to get the dog out of the place but Brandon said. “Wait just see if he acts like humans”.

I didn’t know wait he mend by it. He walked away and then came back with a big pipe and put this between the dog’s dick and my mouth.

” I think you are going to have another drink,” Brandon said.

And yes there it came a minute later the dog started to pee. Because of the pipe in my mouth I had to drink it all. This was really bad the taste was strong and hard. I gagged and Brandon took the pipe out of my mouth and let it flow towards a bottle to collect the rest of it.

When the dog finished he was leaded away by mark and Brandon looked at me and said” Well done Tim, now you know the routine get out of here”.

I quickly started to dress and walked towards the door when Brandon said: ” Don’t forget about tomorrow”.

I surely wouldn’t do that and left in a quick hurry I had to be home in time otherwise my parents wouldn’t believe I went to Badminton Training.

chapter 9