chapter 6


After I shot my load Sascha and Tim walked away laughing. Bas went for his clothes and started to follow them. It seems that he was to embarrassed about what happened. I called him but without looking back he kept on walking back to the camping site. I tried to untie my nuts but this seems not so easy. I found my knife set in the pocket of my trousers. The knife set also had a small scissor on it. I just didn’t think at the pain for a moment and cut it. I put on my swimsuit and stayed at the water site for a moment just thinking about what to do know. I knew that Bas thought that I would be mad at him. All in all that was the only thing I didn’t like what happened a moment ago. I enjoyed the punishment and the sexual arousal it gave afterwards. But the reaction of Bas what a little ddisturbance in all

I went for a swim and stayed on the small beach for a few hours, but I knew I had to go back anyway. When I arrived back it was late in the afternoon. Nobody seemed to have missed me. I found out that Sascha and Tim already had told my dad that I was lying around the beach. I just saw that Bas was working together with my uncle at something that looked like a barbecue. I just walked towards the tent entrance and said to my dad. All the swimming has made me sleepy is it ok if I take a nap for a hour or so. I didn’t wait for the answer but went in the tent and laid down on my sleeping back. Tired as I was from a short night sleep and the activities of that day I only stayed a wake for a few moments. When I woke up it was already dark outside and a smell of barbecued meat came into the tent. I heard my dad see to Bas go and see if David is awake already. I yelled outside that I was awake and would be their in a minute.

Everybody was seated around the improvised campfire / barbecue. I sat down just beside Bas. But before I could ask him what he had been doing that afternoon he walked away to get a drink and sat down on the other side of the fire.

I just looked at him and give him a positive smile to let him know that I wasn’t mad at him. During dinner there was a lot of talk between Tim, Sascha and my dad and uncle. Neither Bas or me did say mutch. During dinner I found my self more and more looking at the well build body of Sascha. He was wearing a very tight jeans with a white t-shirts true. This was also very tight. His nipples pounded through the white material. He was still very hot looking for me, despite every thing that had happened that morning. I hardly couldn’t wait what would happen that night. My uncle went away and brought his guitar with him and we started to sing some songs. My father went to his car and brought a few six packs of bier with him. Here he said, and handed me a can. Because it is your special weekend, you may drink a few beers tonight. As long as you make not a habit of it. I thought that I hadn’t drink before, but I had. Better let him believe that.

After an hour of singing and drinking, I felt myself more relaxed than during dinner. Ok father said lets go to bed. Bas walked towards my father and whispered something to him. Oh I see he said, I already thought that you two wear quite this evening, but changing with Tim is not the answer if you have a fight. I have a better idea why do we not set up the third tent. Sascha and Tim can go in there and you and David can work out your quarrel. Bas turned to me, still expecting that I would be mad at him. But I just looked and said thats fine by me.

I just could not be certain about what I felt. I was glad that I would get the chance to have a private talk with Bas before we would go back tomorrow. But on the other hand this mend that Sascha would be in the hands of Tim and I was a little bit disappointed in that. But it was important to talk with Bas before we were going back to our town and school. I went to help to set up the third tent. It seems not a bother to either Tim or Sascha that they would be together in a tent. I just noticed that from time to time Tim kept looking at Sascha, especially when he bent over to take something from the ground.

When I turned back I saw that Bas already had disappeared in the tent. When I entered he was already lying in his sleeping back with his back towards me. That’s quick I said to him, I just wanted to go to sleep if you don’t mind. No that’s ok with me I answered. But I just wanted to let you know that I’m not mad at you because of this morning. I liked what happened. He turned around and said you did?. Well it had some kind of a strange sexual arousal you know. Well I am sorry he said but only thinkingabout my dad made me worry a lot. I know, don’t be bothered about it any more I said. Still friends he said. Of course, and I gave him a handshake. I started to undress and Bas turned his head around, and said well goodnight.

That was the last thing we said that night. In the morning we started to pack everything and we were allowed to have one more swim. Tim and Bas staid back at the camping site but both Sascha and me wanted to go for just another swim before the hot drive back to town.

When we came back out of the water, I sat down beside Sascha. I just would let you know that I’m not mad at what happened yesterday. Your aren’t he said. No, came Tim on to you last night. Yea he did, Sascha said. I already thought so. You seemed to enjoy him this morning. I just said to him that I would scream if he touched me. OK for you I said. You know, Sascha said I found it great when you gave a blow job the night before. Would you do that again. I looked at him and said Well, I don’t know. You sure you want that. Well I kind of find you very attractive, with that swimmers body of yours. Thank you I said to him. Well he said come on please. Ok I said. He put down his swimsuit and said we wait stay on lying their. He put his legs around me until he was lying with his dick above my face. What are you doing he said, well I wanted to fuck you like I normally do with girls. Well I don’t know I said. Don’t worry he said and pushed his dick to my mouth. Come on open he said. I slowly opened my mouth while Sascha forced his dick into my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth very hard and I just couldn’t do nothing about it. He started gently but more and more he started to breath heavily and speeding up his moves. Then I felt some pre-cum and in a few seconds later he shot his load in my mouth. I would surprise him and kept his cum in my mouth. He retracted his dick out of my mouth and backed of a little bit. He wanted to say something but I quickly put my lips on his and before he knew what happened I gave him some of his come back into his mouth. He backed of immediately but I knew he had tasted it. He started to spit and curse at me. I laughed and said well just something you deserved I thought. When he saw me laughing, he started laughing to. Ok he said I think you are write. We put our swimsuit on and walked back to the camping site.

We said goodbye and this was the end of my birthday weekend. This doesn’t mean the story ended here. I still had to see my friends the next day at school especially Kevin, who I admired.



chapter 5


I woke up by a big yell outside the tent from my uncle; hey you guys wake up breakfast is ready. I heard the sound of Bas and Sascha waking up on either side of me. I looked at Sascha and the memories of his cock in my mouth came back very soon. I felt my dick starting to get hard just a little bit. I looked at Bas and saw that he was fully awake while Sascha eyes where still closed. Good morning I said to Bas, good morning he said. Where you thinking about last evening he asked. Yes it kind of came up as the first thing to think about this morning. Did you like it, he asked. I looked into his eyes and decided to be honest to him. Yes I did, I already thought during dinner about a way to get his cock into my hands but I never thought that it would be that easy. I even get a little bit hard thinking about it. Well I must admit me too, I found it kind of silly in the beginning but seems I liked it more and more after looking at you doing it a few times. He turned a little bit red and said, I even got a stiff one now, would you like to take care of that for me. I almost could not believe my ears. You are sure Bas, I asked him. Yea why not he answered. Ok I said but not here. Can you wait until after breakfast? We can take a swim then. Ok he said.

I started to crawl out of my sleeping bag and putting my clothes on. It was a wonderful morning with a lot of sunshine already. Bas came behind me out of his sleeping bag but it seems as if Sascha was still a sleep. My dad and uncle already made breakfast ready and we started to eat. It seems that Bas was in an even great hurry to finish his breakfast as I was. When we where almost finished Sascha came out of the tent at the same time as Tim was. They sat down and started talking about things to do during this day. I looked at Bas and then turned to Dad, is it Ok if Bas and me are going for a swim in a moment. Ok he said that is no problem Sascha and Tim can wash up after they are ready. I looked at Bas and said shall we go. I saw Sascha looking in a strange way and he smiled a little bit. He looked at Tim and whispered something that made Tim laugh but I couldn’t over hear them.

When we came to the riverside we better start with a swim and get our hairs wet. We started to undress and I walked into the river naked. Bas waited a moment but followed quickly. After only a minute or so, Bas said shall we go back I can hardly wait of anxiety about what is going to happen. I smiled at him. We walked on to the beach and we lay down on our towels. I looked at him and started to feel at his body, his big arms, and his soft tits. He just looked at me, I said don’t be afraid I just want to make you feel good. He didn’t say anything but let me go on. I went with my lips to his ears and started kissing them. Then towards his cheeks and his mouth. I kissed him on his lips and tried opening them but he kind of eased of when I did so. I took his cock in my hands and started stroking them, in the meantime continuing to kiss him on his body going slowly towards his dick.

Only listing to the sounds he made informed me that he liked what I was doing. I stopped stocking his dick and started to take his cock into my mouth very slowly. It became harder on the moment I just touched it and blow some air over his dick. Slowly I started to go deeper into his mouth and slowly back. He made some approval noises and I took his hand and leaded it towards my dick and when he touched it he started to stroke it just a little bit. I didn’t look up but stayed sucking his cock. After a minute or two he stated to breathe heavily and a moment later he came. I just could get his cock out of my mouth in time and he splashed his cum all over my chest and face. Just when I felt I would cum myself I heard the voice of Tim; well well he said what do we have hear. Bas stopped stroking my dick immediately and looked embarrassed at Tim. Then I saw that beside

Tim Sascha was standing. Seems if they enjoyed themselves while we were cleaning up breakfast. I opened my mouth and wanted to say something. No don’t say anything Tim said. Looks like it is our turn to enjoy ourselves he said looking at Sascha. Bas started to get his clothes but Sascha prevented him and they started a fight. Stops Tim said, and looked at Bas, you better do what we are saying. Come on Tim I said let us go out of here we were just getting ride of a morning hard on. It looked like more Sascha said. I then started wondering how long they had been looking before saying any thing.

Well Tim said we can do two things or you are going to obey us and do exactly what we tell you or we will yell for Dad and Uncle to come. I looked at Tim and said No problems call them, dad experimented in his youth also, so he won’t mind. No, No I heard Bas shouting don’t call your dad he will tell my dad what we did and then I am going to be in big trouble. My parents are not as open minded as your dad. No I said Dad wouldn’t. Are you sure of that Tim asked me? He did tell my first boyfriends parents what we were doing. Please Bas said lets do as asked I will do anything to prevent that my dad would get to know what happened. I just wasn’t sure about it, but Bas wearily begged so I said Ok then, tell us what we must do.

Well Tim said wait over hear for one second, he winked at Sascha and they both walked away from us and started whispering. After a minute of so they came back with a smile on their faces.

We will do the following thing Sascha said we are going to punish just one of you but first we are going to decide who that is going to be. Go and lean forwards to that three over there. We are going to give you a good spanking sessions. We will punish the first one who will say mercy more heavily.

We walked towards the three and I heard how my brother took his belt out of his trousers and handed them to Sascha, go ahead your turn first. Sascha started to belt us on our bottoms. After a few moments I could have started to scream but just didn’t wanted to be the one to give in first. After a minute or so I started to get tears in my eyes, but whenI looked I saw the same with Bas. I just could not take it any more and said ok stop this is too much for me. I just didn’t want to that Bas would get the punishment for something I wanted. That’s quick brother Tim said I thought that you could have taken more. I just didn’t say anything but looked at Bas had a smile of thanks on his face. I started to get anxious again not knowing what Tim and Sascha would have in mind for me.

Ok Since you are the one that must be thankful Bas, You are the one that is going to punish you friend. You better do exactly what we are saying otherwise we will do it ourselves and then to you instead of my brother and if we are not satisfy by what you are doing we can always tell your dad.

Ok Tim said here is what we are going to do. You will first bind off the balls of David whit this fishing line then he will be given 20 paddles with your hand on his bottom followed by 20 with the belt on his dick. Then we will decide if this is enough or not. Here is the fishing line start your work Bas.

Bas came towards me and said sorry David I can help this. He started to get my balls together and tie them of with the fishing line. Sascha was looking if he was doing OK. Tighter I heard him say and I felt how Bas pushed my balls almost out of its basket. I started to scream and cry a little bit. Ok I heard Tim say that is enough. Go on with the paddles. Bas started on my bottom, because I did not cry Tim said after 10 paddles, harder Bas you are not doing your best. I felt that Bas tried as hard as he could and the last two felt wearily hard, I started to cry a little bit Well Sascha said go on here is the belt. I turned around and leaned backwards at the three. I start to get my hand in front of my dick and balls to protect them. You have one second I heard Tim say to get your hands away and you better not do that again. Bas started to take his first sweep and it landed on my dick. I directly felt a very hard pain and almost felt. Ok Sascha said I will keep you on your feet and he took my arms and kept them behind the tree so that I could not fall or protect my self. Ok go on Sascha said to Bas. After the firth stroke I was crying hard when Sascha said ok now lower on to his balls. I almost pasted out during the next session of five strokes on my balls. Ok Tim then said seems like you doing you best to be sure you keep Tim know and Sascha and me will do the

next 10 strokes. I just could not take it anymore and started to beg no please Tim not anymore. Ok we will see. I say how Sascha but the belt in the air and the next thing is the sharp pain in my balls. Again I heard the belt and feel the pain. When I open my eyes that was one by Tim. Ok he said looked like you had enough, but you still didn’t come so start masturbates yourself. I looked at him and said please untie my balls. No he said go on masturbate. I started to stroke my cock and then after a few minutes I started to cum which was even more pleasant than normal with the pain of my balls together.

chapter 6

chapter 4


When I wake up the following morning it was still very quite in the house. I took a shower and start dressing. When I came down stairs I walked into Julian who came out one of the two extra bedrooms we had. Good morning good-looking he said. Good morning I answered in return. You are up early David. Yea I was awake and thought just to enjoy the morning quietness. I was just going to take a piss and would return for an hour or so. No problem I said.

When I came down in the kitchen I saw that Tim was already in the kitchen. Good morning he said, how was the party last night. I told him what had happened and that I kind of enjoyed it. Tim smiled and said why not. Well I said I don’t know, I never had thought of having sex with guys and even enjoying it. Do you I asked Tim. Tim waited a few seconds before he answered. Ok brother he said sit down over hear, we need to have a small talk. I always knew I was fond of guys, I start looking in the gym locker room when I was 12 at all those beautiful around. I started to masturbate when I was 14 dreaming of having sex with guys. When I just turned 15 your brother walked in one time just when I spurted a load. I convinced him to try it and start helping him. This was the beginning of ayear long stroking each other cocks and for me wanting to do more. Just before your brother turned 16 I started to walk around in my underwear whenever he was around, showing of my cock. ; That was also the time that dad found us masturbating. He said nothing but he noticed me walking around more and more in my underwear. This not only when Jeff was around but also when some of our friends where over.

When Jeff became 16 dad told us that he could not longer tolerate what we were doing and if I would like to walk around in my underwear I could do that for everybody to see during dinner. He organized a party with both friends from Jeff and me. You where send on a short holiday to your cousin Sascha. I remembered the short stay I enjoyed over there. Just two hours before the party started he told us that we would serve our friends in our underwear so that I could come over my obsession in showing off and that Jeff needed a lesson to. After that party I told dad that I loved guys more than girls. He first didn’t react but then said, I though already that something like that was going on with you. And Jeff he sked me. I told him I didn’t know at that time. I didn’t talk about it until a half year later. I told him that I was gay. He said that he liked me to but that he had no feelings for other guys. He was in fact just starting dating a girl. From that point we stopped masturbate on a regular base but we still do it together know and then. So now you David. He looked at him and then asked: Did you ever have sex with a guy? I waited for a few seconds and answered a few times but not often. And we girls then I asked. No he said never. I told him that I was thinking of my teammates more and more the last few months but that I never would suspected the reactions I got last night. I was afraid that Kevin would turn of but the others seemed all to be very cool with the guy sex thing. Don’t worry about guys like Kevin just wait and enjoy the life with friends who have not a problem with it.

Around that time Dad came in and looked at Tim, You told him didn’t you. Yea Tim said I thought it was time now. Dad looked at me and asked what I found of it. I told him that I had no trouble with Tim being gay and….. I waited a few seconds, Yes dad asked and what. Well I continued I like what we did yesterday also. Ok dad said doesn’t worry about it that doesn’t make you gay. It was just your first experience with others in masturbating. Just wait and see if you like girls also on a sexual basis. I just said nothing knowing that this would be just a slight chance. And you Dad I asked. Well he said I have had sex with a few guys when I was 20 but not more than for one year before meeting your mother. What did you plan for the rest of the weekend I asked him? Well he said I thought that we could go camping. I asked you uncle and your cousin Sascha to join us. Jeff has other things to do but Tim will go along and you can ask one of your friends if you want. We have to go in about two hours and we will meet your uncle at the camping site near by the river where we went a few years ago when you mother was still alive. You can start packing you things and tell your friends that breakfast is ready.

I went upstairs and knocked on the doors of our guests and inform them that breakfast was ready in about 15 minutes. I walked to my room and starting packing things I wanted to talk with me. When I came in the kitchen 20 minutes later Bas, Kevin, Justin and Matt where sitting and eating. I told then that we where leaving to go camping in one hour. I looked at Bas and asked him if he had any plans or that he could come along. He thought a minute and said that he had no plans and loved to go camping. I looked at him ok then you better get your things. We will leave in about an hour Tim and my uncle and cousin Sascha will come along also. Ok he said I would be back before the hour is over. We never spoke during the rest of breakfast about what had happened the night before. I said goodbye to them and walked back to my bedroom.

I changed into more comfortable camping clothes and thought about the last time when I met Sascha. That was for some three years ago when mother died he stayed for a few days at our house together with his father. I had almost 12 cousins but the only one I had contact with was Sascha. He would be 17 years now. He was kind of a slender boy when I saw him to years ago with just a few hairs on his body, black hair and 1.90 m long. I remembered seeing him one time just in his white underwear. He turned quickly when he saw me standing in the doorway and didn’t turn around before he finished dressing. My cock was slightly aroused thinking about it. I wondered who was going to sleep with whom in a tent.

Three hours later in the beginning of the afternoon we arrived at the camping site just on a small beach near the river. There was nobody else standing except for one tent of my Uncle who already arrived. We started to unpack and a moment later Sascha arrived from a quick dive in the river. I looked quite started because he turned into a very good looking guy the promising boy had come in his heritage. I introduced Bas to Sascha and I start asking Sascha who he was. I found out that he was attending the college in the town where he lived just a 60 kilometers away from hours. He still lived at home. I asked him how the water was. He said it was very good and that he good advise a good swim. I looked at dad. Ok he said if Sascha will give us a hand with the tents you and Bas can take a swim. When we are finished Sascha can join you if he want. Tim was talking to my uncle at that time and the both knot approving the idea. I went together with Bas just a few hundred meters a long the river to a small beach where you could walk into it.

We started to undress and at the point where we put our swimsuits on I tried to have a peek at Bas but for some reason he just didn’t let me. We swim for 15 minutes and than came back to the beach. I looked at him and asked: What did you think about what happened last night. He turned a little bit red and said that he was drunk otherwise he wouldn’t have made me do it. No don’t bother about it I said I ‘am not to upset about what happened I even liked it a little I think. I was also to drunk to thing clear about what had happened. I liked masturbating for you guys. He looked puzzled and han said you like doing things like that. Yea I said it turned me on, didn’t it to you. Yea he said it did but…. Well don’t bother about it I have no problem what happened and if you are keen we could do it together today. He smiled and said well I kind of feeling horny after thinking back of last light but Sascha could be coming any minute know. I know I said did you guys talked this morning about what happened before I came in. Yea we did, Bas answered. Well I said what did they say about it.

Julian said that he enjoyed it and that we could do that more often if we want, play cards and give the loser a task to perform. Matt responded with that even some girls would like to join if the punishment would be for both the girls and boy losers. Kevin didn’t say much but looked like he wasn’t going to plan any further to go on. Julian asked him then straight out what he found of it. Well I said what did he answer. Bas waited a second because he knew that I looked up to the things Kevin did and said. He said that he would never participate in something like that again and that he was bothered by the fact that he took part of it. He also said that he found it very strange what had happened during and after dinner. Julian said that he thought that I had enjoyed it and that he certainly did. Matt said that well every one has his own kind of sexual things that would arouse them. I just didn’t want to hear more and suggested that we would go for another 15 minutes swim.

When we came back to the beach again Sascha was waiting over there. We start talking about what had happened during the last three years. After a few moments Tim came and told us that dinner as ready. We walked back to the camping site and saw that the table was made in order and that there was a good smell of barbecue meet. Ok Dad said lets sit down and David it is your turn so please get dressed for it. I looked at him and he said go on boy it is still your birthday weekend. But Sascha and … I started I will inform them in a moment go on. I went to the tent and took my swimsuit of and took my jock underwear. I just waited for a moment and then walked out. My dad looked at my uncle and said, well what do you think about him, well he said he has always been good-looking but this is a perfect young boy in his teen years I have ever seen. Sascha

didn’t seem to be bothered by anything and looked at me and said: What do you think I have to do at home. I looked at my uncle; he answered my unspoken question with Yes I have copied your father’s behavior regarding this. Sascha has to take his turn also. In fact I think it would be fair to you that he helps you tonight. Sascha looked at his father turning a little bit red, I have. Yes you have go on.

Sascha went to his tent and came back wearing just a little thong underwear in which you could hide not a thing. Together we started serving dinner outside. I saw that Tim was looking quite often at the good-looking Sascha. No way I thought your are not going to get him, he is mine. I start making plans i seducing Sascha but suddenly came to my senses thinking what I was doing, trying to seduce my cousin. I start eating and for a moment I didn’t think about it. We wear sitting next to each other and I could see his crotch looking be just a bit more than normal. We cleaned up table together and then went back to the rest of the group. Ok my dad said you could change again now. I walked back to my tent, but just before reaching it my father yelled. Take your things and those of Bas and put them in the tent of Sascha you three can bunk up together so will Tim and your uncle. I changed into normal clothes and took everything to the tent where Sascha was still in.

When I entered he just made some room to put our gear down. We were called by my uncle we told us that we would take an evening stroll through the woods and would and with a great campfire.

We walked around for two hours and when it became dark we returned to our camping site with a lot of branches to make a great campfire.

It was not a very cold evening and Tim suggested that we have a late night swim. Nobody answered but I wanted to cool down before going in the same tent with Sascha. Together we walked towards the river and at the beach we started to undress. When I was ready to put on my swimsuit Tim said we could do without those, there is nobody around. I looked at him and nod. At the same time I turned around and walked into the river. We swum for a 20 minutes and left the water. On the shore I couldn’t hide myself for Tim. We lay us down on our towels. Don’t be embarrassed about it I was horny all the time when I was your age. If you want to do something about it, just do it I don’t care. I even may help myself. He started to stroke his semi-erected cock a little bit; go on he said join me. I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it softly. After a moment Tim asked may I, I just smiled and Tim put his hand on my dick and started stocking. It felt really good and in no time my cock stood too its full potential with 18 cm. I closed my eyes and let Tim do the work. A moment later Tim took my hand and put on his own dick. I knew want he wanted and started stroking his dick very slowly. Shall I give you a blow-job, he asked. I answered no not over hear just keep on going with your hand. It seemed as if we went to our highest point at the same time our breathing became harder and we started to cum in long streams over our belly’s.

When we came back at the camping site every one was already in their tents. I went to ours. Bas was already in his sleeping bag but Sascha was just undressing. One second he said and you can come in otherwise we don’t have enough space. I waited and looked how Sascha went in his sleeping bag only wearing the same underwear as before. I went completely inside and closed the tent. I started to undress and both Bas and Sascha where looking at me very openly. Shall I make it a striptease a joked a little bit? Bas turned red but Sascha said why not you seemed to be in it a moment ago with your brother also. You saw us, I replied. Yea I did, but don’t worry about it I won’t tell any one about it. Who does it feel if somebody else is doing the job for you? Great I said you could relax just that little bit more. Well, he opened his sleeping bag and said look over hear maybe you can help me know. I didn’t do anything except looking. Well you looked at it long enough during dinner so come on. He took my hand and I started stroking it. I just remembered that it seemed as if my dream came true. Go on Bas said I wouldn’t tell any one either. I went on stroking that really good looking cock of Sascha and was just wondering how it would taste. Would I? I looked at the face of Sascha and went down with my mouth just to the top of his cock. I topped stroking and started to lick the top of his cock with my tong very carefully. I slowly took the top of his cock in my mouth and started sucking it just a little bit. Wow I heard Sascha saying; this feels incredible go on. I just took slowly took more and more of the cock into my mouth and started sucking just a little bit harder. O, I think I ‘am going to come I just can take no more. And he screamed a little bit and I felt gushes of cum cream in my mouth. I taste it and then slowly let it walk out of my mouth I just wasn’t ready to swallow. The biggest gushes came on my face, when I let slip his cock out of my mouth. I looked at Sascha who had a great smile on his face and said, you can do this anytime you want it feels much better than masturbating your self. Then I just remembered that Bas was also around and I turned my back and saw just how he stopped stroking his cock and had a few splashed of cum on his belly. I just could not hold it any more you two made me very horny. Well no that is taken care of Sascha said we can go to sleep. He just turned around, closed his sleeping bag and was a sleep in only a minute or so. I turned to Bas who said well that is one way of thinking about it. You won’t tell any one I asked Bas. No I won’t, I even my ask you to give me the same attention when I am horny enough. It looked great. Well good night then he also turned around and started to sleep.

I start making my face clean and slid into my sleeping bag and started thinking about everything that had happened so far. It felt right the mutual masturbating with Tim and the sucking of of Sascha. After a while a started to think what could happen to morrow, but those fantasies made me also falling asleep.

chapter 5

chapter 3

Around 2 in the morning the party was going on to its end. I was sitting on the couch feeling tired and looked around to see who was still there. It was a great evening and everybody seemed to enjoy it. Julian was talking to my brothers. Bas was not around and Kevin and Matt where dancing with the only two girls who where still there. A moment later Julian walked towards me and said that he was going upstairs to prepare his sleeping bag. Together with my brothers he disappeared upstairs. Bas came back in from the kitchen and sat down beside me. I think that I have had just a few drinks too much and you. I answered him that I hardly could stand on my legs at that moment. The music stopped and I saw how Kevin and Matt walked with the girls to the front door. They both made their way back in when the girls left. One final drink I said looking at Kevin and Matt. Ok why not.

I walked into the kitchen and took another three beers. Julian was back downstairs when I came in. In his hand was a stock of cards. Ok he said why don’t we play a game of poker. We sat down at the table. What should we play for I asked. Well Julian said we have to undress in a moment anyway so why not a game of strip poker. And the one who is first naked has lost and must pay up. How, Bas said. Well Julian said I have here some notes which I got from you brothers David with a few kind of punishment. Let’s say the loser has to take one out and do what ever there is on the note. We are not going to look at them now. I didn’t see the notes either but your brothers has used them before. We were all kind of drunk so nobody was against it and we started to play.

You could tell that Julian had played this game more than the rest of us. After 30 minutes Kevin and me had only our underwear on and Bas and Matt were still having their Jeans on. Julian just lost his shoes. The next game could bring the decision between Kevin and me. I had not to bad cards and stayed in the game. But this time it was Matt who had the better hand and I had to take of my underwear. Ok Julian said go on. I had already had a half-erected cock but pulled down my underwear. When I started to sit down Julian said no wait stand still. He gave me the box with notes and I took one out. Wait said Julian when I started to take a look at the note. He took the three other notes out of the box and said: Let us see what is on the other notes.

The first note said: your playing partners are going to masturbate on your face. You must keep your mouth open until the come.

The second note said: Get the dildo and fuck yourself with it. In the mean time give a masturbation show.

The third note said: You will receive ten spanks on your buttocks from each of the players. You have to masturbate yourself in the mean time.

Well Julian said give me the note and see what your choice has been. With trembling hands I gave him the note. He opened the note and said well well this is going to be nice. Ok Kevin said tell us Julian what must he do. Kevin looked quite excited with a great bulge in his underwear.

Ok Julian said David you must sit down on your knees and start stroking your cock. You may not come before we are finished. I sat down on my knees and started stroking my cock. Julian looked at the other three and asked has any one has to go to the toilet. Well I have he said. He walked towards me and said open your mouth. I started to protest but he showed me the note and their it was I had to drink their urine. I slowly opened my mouth and Julian took his cock out of his trousers and put it at the height of my mouth. Only a few seconds later I felt the first splashes on my tongue. Whit in a few second I was forced to swallow and almost had to throw up from the taste. After Julian emptied his bladder Matt and Bas were already waiting and one after the other started to piss in my face and my open mouth. I could hardly keep up swallowing but found it kind of nice after a few moments. Kevin was the last one. He had some trouble and only a small stream came out. At that time I came and cum splashed in a cup that Julian was holding in front of my cock. You came to soon he said so on the note was also standing that if you came to early you had to drink that to. He held the cup in front of my mouth and poured cum into it. Swallow he said come on, after a moment he hit me on the back and I swallowed my cum. It didn’t taste too terrible. We sat down and looked at each other.Great night Matt said but I am going sleeping. We all left for our beds. I was still a little bit surprised by everything that had happened but it felt very well to do this first with my brothers and then with my friends.

chapter 4

chapter 2

I woke up around 7 o’clock and start thinking about what happened   the evening before but soon wondered about the things that would take place that evening. Four of my swimming mates would come around for dinner and I had to serve dinner in my underwear. I just didn’t know how Julian, Bas, Kevin and Matt would react.

We were friends for over 4 years. Bas and Julian were of the same age as I was and Kevin and Matt were two years older and 18. Bas was the shy one of the five of us, with his 1.65 he was also very small boy, but quite good looking with his blond hair and green eyes. Julian was more the one with initiatives on special, adventure kind of things. He was 1.86-m long, brown hair and eyes, but had quite a few pecks and a perfect figure. Kevin and Matt also tried things out first, because of their age. They were the first two who started talking about girls during the last year. Kevin and Matt had both blond hairs, 1.80 m long, Kevin with blue eyes and Matt with brown eyes. Just thinking about their reaction made my dick erected again. I started stroking it and after a few minutes the excitement about tonight was enough to make me come for the second time in 24 hours. I new I had to hurry to make it in time for school.

During the day nothing happened. At the end Julian, Bas, Kevin and Matt told me they would stay sleeping if it was possible and that they would come around at 6.30 p.m.

I said that that was OK and went home. When I came in my father was already home and said that he was expecting me in a half hour downstairs to help him prepare dinner. I could go upstairs to wash and dress. The suit I was going to where was on the bed again. It was the same as the night before. At 5 O’clock I went downstairs and started to prepare the table etc. Dad instructed me to have everything ready by 7 o’clock. Also I wasn’t allowed to walk around in the suit between 6 and 8 p.m. as agreed  the evening before. Just before 6 p.m. I started to undress my self. I heard that my brothers where in the living room watching TV.

“Ok”, dad said, “go on you could start making the table ready after

your friends arrived. Your brothers and me will welcome them. I will tell you when you can start bringing things in”.

Around 6.30 the doorbell rang and I heard that my dad was talking to the guys and instructing them to place their bags in the spare bedroom above.

A few moments later the door opened and Dad said: “give me 5 more minutes then you can come in”.

I just couldn’t believe this was going to happen, I got a little bit afraid of their reaction but also a little bit excited and my cock started to make its way to the top of my little jock.

A few minutes later I heard my father yell. “Ok David we are ready”.

I looked at every thing that was standing ready. It would take me at least nigh or ten times to put plates and everything on to the table. I took some plates and opened the door slowly. When I came in they were talking but after a few moments they stopped and looked at me. First to my face but I saw that Julian and also Kevin taking a glance down to my crotch. My face turned red and after putting the things down I made it back to the kitchen as hard as I could. After I put everything down at the 10 time I was about to get the first part of the meal, but dad said: “Ok David wait for 5 minutes before bringing it in”.

I went to the kitchen and I heard Dad start talking to them. I couldn’t hear everything but the start I could. It is not going to be his exact words but this is what he said:

“Ok you guys their is a rule in this house that every boy/man is doing his job in the kitchen to be sure that he knows his place during that time he has to serve us in his underwear. Tonight it is David’s first night, so you understand that he is feeling a little bit awkward. I couldn’t here the response of the guys but they reacted on the things”. he said.

Then I heard my dad say, Ok this is what we are going to do. He dropped his voice and I could not hear him any more. A moment later there were some laughters and my Dad yelled Ok son bring in the soup.

I walked in the living room and went to the table. First I started to serve the soup in Dad’s plate then that of my brothers and at then endfor my swimming mates. When I came to Jeff, he felt his hand at my buttocks touching and a little spank. I didn’t think about it until I came with Bas who did the same. Still I didn’t think about it, but Julian was not only touching my buttocks but started to feel at my crotch quite openly. I started to walk away when he said, wait a second I’m not ready

yet. And while he was saying that he squeezed in my now a little more erected dick.

When he stopped my dads said ok sit down David and eat your soup. I walked back to my chair and I heard how Bas started to talk to dad and my brothers about serving in underwear. My brothers told him didn’t bother about it any more it was quite normal know. It also learned them

some respect and humility towards other.

I looked at Kevin and he was very quite and from time to time I found him looking at me.

After a while dad said that I could get the main course of the dinner. When I was in the kitchen I heard them talking again. When I started to do vegetables on their plates again my brothers touched my buttocks and smiled. My cock was now fully erected. Bas and even Kevin this time touched my buttocks and spanked me a little bit. When I came to Julian he said. Seems as if you are enjoying yourself. He again squeezed my dick but this time a little harder. I had to go back to the kitchen for the potatoes and could hardly stop myself from masturbating right there. Only thinking about them touching my buttocks and cock. It aroused me extremely.

During dinner we talked normal about everything except me being in underwear, but each time I had made my round the guys became more and more daring with touching, squeezing and a little spank. After the sixth and last part of the meal I was instructed to clean up the table and do the dishes. I was inspected to come back in about 15 minutes. When I came in the kitchen I saw it was almost 8 p.m. so that didn’t leave much time before other classmates where coming for the dance.

I heard them talking in the living and when I was ready I walked back into the living in my underwear and asked my dad if I could put my clothes on again for the dance.

No David not yet. I looked at him, but he said if you like your brothers are going to give you their birthday gift. At that time they weren’t around but I looked at my friends. My dad saw that and said, they know what the present is and they want to watch. I have no problem do

you. I didn’t know why and said ok.

My brothers came from above entering the living room wearing nothing than the same underwear as yesterday. I saw my friend looking at them with a big smile and something of a kind of curiosity.

Ok said my dad just sit down over their David and enjoy. I sat down and my brother’s walked towards me. They sat down beside me and starting touching my breast, hair, face etc. After a while Jeff starting kissing me and Tim started to rub my cock trough my underwear. A momentlatter my underwear was removed and they started kissing and sucking it. I just let things happening, totally stunned what happened but at the sametime feeling very good and very aroused by all this. During the stroking and sucking I didn’t look at my friends. It was if I was in heaven for a moment and than my cum spurts on the faces of both Tim and Jeff. I opened my eyes and looked at them. Tim said I hoped you liked it. I just smiled but was still very pleasant overwhelmed with what happened. I came to my senses again when Julian said to Jeff, come over hear and I saw how Julian took his finger through the splashes of cum on the face of Jeff. A moment later before I or any one else could say anything he tasted it. He smiled and said tastes good, just a little bit saltier then my own. We started laughing all together when my dad said Ok, in return let your brothers masturbate them self and splash your face with their cum. You must always do something in return if somebody has given a good time.

Ok I said and Both Jeff and Tim started stroking their cocks in front of my face and only a minute later they came at the same time.Ok my dad said go on wash and dresses yourself the other party members will be here soon. I went upstairs and heard that Bas who was my best friend of all came after me.

I kind of puzzled asked him what he found of it. Quite neat he answered. That was the response of the others also. Yea he said we were surprised but nobody seemed to be shocked. We all saw each other naked under the shower any way. Yea I know I said but this is something different. Well I wouldn’t worry about it you have seen how the responses where, especially from Julian. Yea I said, he seemed have done this before.

I still wasn’t sure about Kevin he had been kind of quite during it all. During the last few years he became more and more a role model for me in how the best way in behaving, learning and off cause swimming. I would be very disappointed if he would hold this agains  me. I told Bas togo downstairs and that I would be coming in a minute. Already the first party members where coming in.

When I came down Julian came towards me and said, great gift you received from your brother’s maybe I can do the same for you if you like tonight. I hadn’t had a change to say anything because Peter one of our classmates came standing with us. I hardly could believe my ears when

Julian started to tell him what kind of present I had received from my brothers. He didn’t tell about the underwear dinner. Peter reacted not quite as I expected. He also said that it was nice to learn something from your family.

chapter 3

chapter 1

I lived together with my two brothers and dad. My mother died three years ago. Just after a short while a few thinks changed. We didn’t often had all together diner but dad insisted that we had in the future. We were allowed to make any plans but had to be home between 6 and 8 O’clock for diner and family day talk. Because we lived with three man together it became more and more a habit that one of my older brothers were walking in their underwear during breakfast or just before going to bed. After a year or so my dad had a hard argument with my two older brothers. After that one of them had to walk around in his underwear during diner and serve us. Every week they changed places. Beside that one argument they had no problems with it and it seemed almost natural to me. My oldest brother Tim is 19 year old and Jeff is 18. Sometimes if my friends were early in picking me up, the saw a glimpse of one of them in their underwear, but they never asked why.

So my birthday weekend came up. I was going to be 16. By the way my name is David. A few weeks before my father said during one of the diners that it was going to be a birthday weekend instead of just one-day. My birthday was on a Thursday and we would have a special diner

just for me. On Friday I was allowed to give a party for my friends starting with diner and a dance with a live band in the backyard afterwards. The weekend would be special dad told me neither my brothers nor me were allowed to make any plans for those two days.

The Thursday went normal, at school all my classmates were talking about the diner and dance afterwards. Dad told me that a few of my friends of the swim team could come for diner and every one else around 9. When I came home around 5 o’clock Jeff was making diner table ready and smiled at me. He asked who my day was and that I better could get formal dress for diner. I walked to my room and to my surprise a suit was lying on my bed with a note, try this on for diner tonight, love dad.

I took a shower and tried to fit in the suit. It was a blue suit with a nice white shirt. I looked stunned in the mirror and saw that I never had looked more handsome than in this suit. I knew I was quite

good-looking, girls always tried to get my attention but some how they were not a big turn on for me at that time. I had blond hair, brown eyes, and 1.73 m long and because of my swimming I had a good figure.

I went down stairs and walked towards the kitchen. The front door opened and dad came walking in. No hold it he said when I start pushing the kitchen door open. You don’t have to do anything for dinner this evening. Your brothers will do that. He looked all over me and I turned just a little bit red. The suit looks very well on you young man. I thank him for it and said down at the table. I will be down in a while and he walked upstairs and a minute later I heard his bedroom door.

I was thinking about tomorrow night I still hadn’t dared to ask dad if Tim, who was on duty that week to serve dinner could were normal clothes. I would do it after dinner and new that dad would be in his best mood. Some 15 minutes later dad came back downstairs. I looked at the table

and said your brothers have made quite a nice preparation for it, are they still in the kitchen. I told him that I hadn’t seen or heard them. He walked towards the kitchen door and yelled we are ready if you are. My brothers came in the living but to my surprise they were both in their underwear and what kind of underwear. Except for the special day, they normally wore boxer shorts, but know both of them wear dressed in something that could hardly be described as underwear. A small jock short, which seems to be a few sizes too small. My face turned towards dad and all three of them wear smiling. This is part of our gift to you. We heard you were dressing in your first suit so we also put on our finest underwear. I looked again and saw that Tim’s dick was larger than normally. He looks excited at that time. Ok dad said lets start eating. Tim and Jeff put down the plates they brought with them from the kitchen and sat down.

After an hour we were finished and normally Tim would clean up the table and the others would talk about the day that was gone past. But neither Tim nor Jeff started to make any progress in standing up and cleaning the table. They looked at dad, so did I.

“Ok David, so you turned 16 today not a boy anymore but still no man either. From today on you are going to help your brothers with dinner and serving at table”.

I looked at my brothers, they smiled back.

“You mean in my underwear” I asked my dad.

“Yea” he said.

I turned just a little bit red.

“Ok you could start with cleaning up the table”.

“You mean now”

“Yes come on take off your clothes”.

I stood up and looked quite shy. With the suit on my bed their had been a very short jock kind of underwear and I had no other thinking than that it had been part of the suit.

“Come on son, you listen to me or must I help you”.

No way I though and started to undress me. My brothers were looking strait at my crotch when I through of my trousers and I was standing in that far too small size underwear. I felt my dick growing.

“Ok looking good. Go on and clean up the table”, My dad said.

When I walked to the kitchen I heard them talking to each other, but just not loud enough for me to hear. I had to walk five or six times before the table was clean and each time when I walked into the living room they looked at me quite open and stop talking. When I left the start talking again.

When I did the last things, dad said “Ok you did your first job quite well. Because you can help your brothers now I have made a new schedule starting tomorrow”

” Dad, I said there is one thing I would like to ask, who ever is on duty tomorrow can he do it dressed in normal clothes”.

“You’re embarrassed towardsyour friends”.

. I said nothing but looked to the ground.

“They all have seen guys in underwear so why change the rules”.

“Please dad, I will tell them that dinner is cancelled if you are going to let Tim serve in his


“Oh no you’re are not”, he said.

“Oh yes I do”, I started to yell at him.

“Stop this David. You know we have rules here, and that you and your brothers must obey them”.

“No I said I wouldn’t let my friends come to dinner””.

I made some hard comments with rude words.

“This time David you have gone too far, and I am not let you say these things even if it is your

birthday. Come over here”.

“No” I said.

“Tim, Jeff bring him”.

I had a small struggle but couldn’t resist them. Ok just to learn, I was put over dad’s

lap and he started to smack my buttocks with his flat hand. After a minute

of two I start crying.

Dad stopped and said: “your friends will come to dinner you understand”.

I said nothing.

“Ok Tim and Jeff your turn”.

I was put on Tim’s lap and he smiled at me and started to smack my but harder than dad did. After one minute I was turned over to Jeff and he started to smack even harder. I cried very hard and Jeff stopped after 10 smacks or so.

Dad looked at me, “Ok so I hoped you learned enough I don’t like to do this but you must have some respect for me”.

“Ok my friends will come”

We sat down at the table again and Dad gives us a paper with the new schedule for dinner. At first I didn’t get the picture but then I startled and looked up to dad and my brothers. I could tell at their faces that they knew. On top of the list was the date of tomorrow and my name was behind it. I would serve my friends in my underwear. I wanted to say something, but my dad did instead.

“Is their something the matter”?

During that moment he put his hand flat on the table.

“No” I replied. I was not allowed to dress again that evening we had a few drinks  and dad told me we would have a great weekend together and dad I would receive my present on Saturday. At 11 O’clock I went to my bedroom. Lying in my underwear on bed I was thinking about tomorrow. Knowing that six of my best friends would be looking at me serving them at dinner. I got aroused thinking about it and started to stroke my dick, until a few moments later I came more loudly and heavier than I had done before. The knowledge of what was going to happen tomorrow evening didn’t make me scared any more but just a little bit anxious in a great sexual way.

chapter 2