chapter 22

At that point there was a lot of rumor coming from outside the bedroom.


(Andy narorating).

I had looked around several times at the place. I knew what they where doing in the bedroom’s and I had said yea go ahead to Brian as I knew I could trust them. With 45 minutes to go I had heard some busses that had drove up to the little forest lane. I had been preparing for this and had thought what I was going to say. There where just too many people there to let them go into the house so a direct route on the side to the back was enough. I just didn’t know for sure if I just would let them do that or if I would explain something or not.

When I got to the front door I saw there where at least 3 busses full of people. I waved as I recognised several of them.

Nick’s Dad, Susan and Francis’s Mother where there at the front and when they got closer Nick’s Dad said.

“Hi there Andy where is the rest of the gang”.

“Inside, but”.

He wanted to walk past me into the hall.

“Sorry Sir but everything is set outside and we don’t want too many people go into the building. It might just be too much and it could damage stuff”.

“Oh, right yea well I just wanted to say “Hi!”. I am also surprised by the amount of people they invited. I thought it would be just a small gathering of close friends and family to celebrate this”.

I smiled inside as I tried to keep looking straight. “Let me show you around to the back of the restaurant”. I said to them. Then I looked up towards the other people and shouted. “Follow me to the back of the house. Everything is set up there please don’t go into the building if you don’t need to”.

I walked towards the back and was just hoping they would take it ok. When I got to the back and walked in between the rows of chairs towards the little stage that was there. I felt how Nick’s Dad tipped on my shoulder. “Hm Andy what is all this”. “Just follow me so every one can get here and I can explain”.

I could here Susan whisper to Francis Mother “You knew about this, this looks like  …”she didn’t continue as she saw that Francis Mother now realised as well as what it looked.

I stepped onto the podium and shouted over the now quite lowed whispers of voices that was going on “Can I have your attention”. I needed to do it twice.

“I am sorry but Nick and Francis are not here yet and as I know they played a joke on all of us I want to ask you to find a drink and then a seat”.

“What is this Andy” one of their close friends.

I laughed and said. “Well I am sure you see what the setting looks like. As I said they didn’t tell any one but you are not here only to celebrate their living together but also the fact that they wanted to have a commitment ceremony before they wanted to move in together.

“They are going to get married” A guy who I thought was Jordan yelled from the back.

I smiled “You can call it like that, yea” I answered.

Now it got really loud with lots of “Yeah !” and “Good for them !” going around that I saw their were other signs on the faces of their parents. Good only two to deal with.

“So please get a drink and then take a seat. We are planed to start with this in about 30 minutes”.

“Take them to me now, Andy …” Nick’s dad said.

I thought I might reason with them if I would take them into the house so I said “Follow me”.

They followed me into the restaurant area.

“Nice place they have chosen for it” Susan said.

“They surely did” David said. It seems he was not upset as much as his Father was as Kathy on the other hand looked fuming.

“They should have warned us. There are things we needed to prepare for it”.

“Yea, well they just have to wait then so we can” Susan said.

“No, they will have to wait they are too young. Where are they” Nick’s Dad said.

“I am sorry Sir but under no conditions can you disturb them. They are preparing themselves together with their best men”.

“I don’t care. I want to talk with them now. If you are not going to get them, then I will go and find them”.

“Sir, please don’t you would really upset them if you did. Is that what you want”?

“Andy, I don’t care I agreed that he would leave university but commitment is something big and I am not sure they are ready for this. It is just going way to fast”.

“You think that is why they arranged it like this Sir. They thought you wouldn’t agree and you ladies would fuss about it”.

They now looked more or less all guilty.

“Still, let me see my son so I can talk with him. I just want to make sure he knows what he is doing”.

“Already done Sir and I can guarantee you that they know what they want”.

“You knew then Andy”.

“No, like you we just heard it today. They needed our help to set it all up in the garden. I am sure otherwise they wouldn’t have said anything to much either”.

“Ok, well where are they”.

“Upstairs first floor in the bedrooms” I said as I thought he had calmed down.

I was wrong as he started to walk up there. It took me a few steps to get close again and I managed to stop him when we got up to the first floor.

“Sir Do you really want to upset them just in the last hour for their big moment. Can’t you just except that they have grown up now”.

“Please, don’t “Susan said from right behind me.

I am sure they guys had heard him by now but I just hoped they wouldn’t be too disrupted to much.

“Ok, but .. “.

“Come downstairs now”. Susan said again, almost pulling him with her.

I waited until them were downstairs when I softly knocked on their door and said. “It is ok, all under control”.  I was surprised as the door opened and Randy looked at me.

“Are they gone”?


“Ok, well they didn’t sound too happy with it”.

“No, Nick’s dad is making a bit of a fuss about it. But I think Susan will be able to calm him down”.

“Ok, we will do the same with Nick then. Every one is there ? ”

“Yeb, it looks like it”.

“Ok, well just bring the owner of the restaurant up here in a moment as I think she just drove up to the building. It seems she is the one that is doing the ceremony here as well”.

“I will go and get her. You guys are finished dressing then ?” I asked as I could still see a naked upper body.

Randy pushed the door open. “Yea we are suited up” he said and started laughing when he saw I was blushing with my mouth open not able to say anything. “You mean you are going to do this …. “

“Yea it seems we are”

“Ok, I better get her then otherwise the crowd outside might get impatient, as I am sure they have some explaining to do”>

I walked downstairs when a lady walked into the hall. “Are they upstairs” she asked me. “Yea they are waiting for you” I said.

“Good, they still going forward with their stupid dress plan then”.

Oh she knew I thought. “Yea I think so”.

“Well let’s say it is good they warn me about it. See you later Andy” she said.

I was surprised she knew my name. I continued to walk into the restaurant area.

When I got there I saw that Susan was now together with Francis Mom and Nick’s Dad talking in the corner of the room. David walked towards me.

“Can I disturb them then? I just …”.

“I am sorry David. I know that you are disappointed that he didn’t ask you to be his best men but I think you will know in a moment when they get outside.

“Ok, just as long as my brother knows that I am supporting him. I am sorry Dad went off like that”.

“Oh he is doing ok David. Alexei and Randy are with him for the preparations”.

“Ah, so they are not together”.

“No, not anymore for about 2 hours. It was at least one of the things we insisted on”.

“So you got any idea where they are off to after today then”.

“No idea to be honest. They didn’t really tell us a lot. Just this morning after breakfast when they needed to tell us, they did and so far we haven’t talked about anything after today”.

“Ok, well I just hope they have managed to get a few days away from it all”.

“I am not sure I thought they where trying to find a place near to where you and Kathy are”.

“Yea but not sure if they have found anything already”.


(Francis narrorating ).

“Ok, you guys we better get Francis in the shower. By the sound of it the guests have arrived so we can’t have more then an hour”.  Brian said.

James had been giving me a wonderful massage for the last 20 minutes or so as I almost had fallen asleep.

“Ok, come on Francis” Brian said and pulled me off the bed.

“Hmm, you are going to join me” I asked.

“Yea, not sure we can trust you to be clean enough”.

I blushed and followed him into the bathroom. I saw that James was not far behind.

“Turn around Francis”.  I turned around and was now with my back towards him.

“Stay still” I felt how my underwear was pushed down.

“Are you sure about this Brian” I asked.

“Yea, and remember I have seen it before”.

“I know but still …”

He pushed me into the shower. I turned around and saw that he took his underwear off as well. He had already had been very well endowed. I heard an ohm coming from James’s lips.

“You going to join us James” Brian said.

James was quick enough to get his briefs off as well and followed us into the shower. There was not a lot of space so our bodies touched several times while we where soaping ourselves in. My dick had a mind of its own. I guess it was happy to see Brian’s again as well.

We got the soap off, when Brian looked down at me and said. ‘Not sure you will fit in your suit like that Francis. I think you need some help with it”.

Before I could say anything he was down on his knees and my dick was in his mouth. Oh memories started to come flooding back. I wanted to push him away but I didn’t.

It didn’t take to long, I was hard, he was good and memories helped as well. I now pushed him away as I felt my orgasm was close.

I squirted an awful lot; mostly fell on Brian’s face and chest. “Hmm time to wash again” James said with a wicked grin.

We finished the shower and walked back into the bedroom.


(Back downstairs narrorating by Andy).

Susan had calmed Nick’s Dad down and they were now making their way to the garden. David followed them. I saw that the caterers where getting ready with the last bit of food in the restaurant. It all seems to come to gather nicely. Just as they had planned.

I wanted to go outside when I heard some one coming from the stairs. “Is every one ready Andy”, the restaurant owner asked me.

“Hmm, yea … “.

“Oh, my name is Monique”.

“Yea, it seems they are ready for it Monique”.

“Ok, then get this show on the road”.

I followed her outside. When she got to the podium, she turned around “Please can I have your attention. I want to welcome you to this special ceremony we are going to have here today. I know that they didn’t tell any of you but they are sure they want to do this. I was happy to see Francis so happy after all those years that there was something dark about him. But now that is gone. They want to ask you to sit down in a moment and be all witnesses of the commitment they are going to give each other. Please make sure not to disturb the ceremony even if you are a bit surprised by parts of it. So if you all sit down we might start”.

“Andy who is Nick’s Dad and who is Francis’s Mother”.

I pointed towards them. She walked to them.

“I am Monique restaurant owner and they asked me to perform their ceremony in a moment. I know you must be surprised by all of this but still I only hope that you are happy to join in the ceremony as they requested”.

“Yea we want to” Francis’s Mother said straight off. I saw that Nick’s Dad got a nudge of Susan before he spoke up. “Of course !”.

“Ok, could you follow me then, Andy you too please”.

I followed her to the garden doors of the restaurant.

“Ok, this is what I want you to do. First Francis with his witness is going to walk down to the podium. He hoped that you would walk upfront of them leading them to it. Then after a minute or so Nick will follow with his witness and he wants you to lead them to the platform Sir” she said to Nick’s dad.

“Ok, no problem with that” Nick’s Dad said.

“There is one thing though. When you walk towards the podium you are not aloud to look backwards, not until you reached the podium and you are tapped on the shoulder. That goes for both of you”.

“Why is that” Francis’s Mother asked.

“I have an idea but I am not aloud to explain. Please if you want to do this do as asked, if you don’t want to then Andy can take your place”.

“No it is fine” Francis’s Mother said.

“Ok, then for you Sir. Would you please go with Andy to the side room? Andy you are not a loud to let him out and get back here until Francis has reached the podium”.

“What, why”. Nick’s Dad started but was cut close fast bye Monique, “If you don’t want to follow their wishes then please go back to your seat and Andy will stand in your place”.

“No, I will” he said firm. “But I still find it odd”.

“I know you do and it will explain itself when you get closer to the podium but please don’t turn around. Not before you received the tap”.

I knew what they where up to and it sounded like more pranks of them. I am not sure how many they had up their sleeve for the ceremony but it would turn in something that we would all remember for some time.

“Ok Sir lets go” I said and we walked to the side. I was sorry not to see Brian walking up to the aisle as I was sure it was quite some sight to be.


(Narrorating by Francis).

“So guys how do I look” Francis asked us.

“Hmm, not sure Francis but you might not be able to get down there in one piece you know”.

“Oh I am sure I will, you just have to restrain yourself”.

“I am not the problem; no I think all the guys down there might be”.

“Don’t start or I might not have the guts to go through with this” I said.

“It is not showing to much then” James asked looking down at himself.

“No, you look find, gorgeous but fine James”.

I heard a yell from Monique that all was set. “Ok, we will be down in 1 minute Monique”.

“Thanks for this guys. I am not sure if I would have had the guts to get through all of this without these last relaxing hours. You are really really good friends”. I said.

“We knew that it might have helped to get over any jitters”.

“Just hope that Nick is feeling the same”.

“Oh, I am sure he is, now let’s get this thing going”.

Brian and James walked downstairs I followed close behind, feeling a bit naked but also proud to go and declare my love openly for all those people for Nick. I just hoped he was okay as I had heard his father but it seems that Andy had managed to sort that out together with Susan.

My view was marvellous and I smiled knowing that there would be some upset when we would walk out. More pranks that we had planned but also something we wanted to do. Yea it was a ceremony but I guess it was more for us a statement too.

When we got to the living room I saw that Monique was standing beside my Mom probably urging her not to turn around.

Monique though turned around, let out a deep sigh when she saw us and then she said. “Ready for this”.

“We are”. I said with a smile.

“Ok, let’s do this then”.

Music started as Monique and Mom set their first step towards the stairs that would lead us into the garden and the podium. James and Brian stepped close behind them. I think they didn’t want to be in full view. I waited until they where a meter before me and then I followed taking in a deep sigh.

The voice of … was starting to sing when we got to the grass of the garden. Now with all the guests standing the “OHHH !” and “WOW !” came from the guests as I knew they had seen our suits. I blushed I am sure I did but I followed them to the podium. Now the “OHHH !” and “WOW !” were gone and some people were whistling as that helped me to relax. Then the moment is there. James and Brian had stepped away to the right and my mom was standing up there. I knew she was waiting for me to tap her shoulder. I held out my hand, reached her shoulder and tapped her on it.

I was not sure if I could look at her but I did. She looked at me smiled, and then when she caught on that my chest was bare her smiled disappeared and got into a frown when she reached my crotch. I smiled at her.  “Do I look good”?  I said. A line I had prepared quite some time as I knew that was the only thing I would be able to say at all.

Then slowly a surprise came to her face. “As you did when I held you as a little boy, changing your diapers” She said that a bit louder and I could hear the guys behind me snigger about it.

“You know Francis, I am always been proud of you and I must say that I am proud of the choice you made for the person to live with”.

“So you don’t mind giving me away to him”.

“No, I don’t, although not sure I was ready for that all today”.

“I know lets wait for Nick” I said as I didn’t want to get to emotional at that point. I am sure if we continued that somehow my Dad would come up and he was the last I wanted to talk about.


(Nick narrorating).

“Ok, guys stop fizzling with them, they look great on you”.

“We know but still a bit skimpy Nicky”, Alexei said.

“Oh it is only for half an hour or so and only about 100 or more people will see you”.

“Thank you that is all I need” Alexei said with a smile.

“So you are ready for this Nick” Randy asked.

“I am sure am. I can’t wait guys”.

“Not even going down dressed like this”

“No, Randy I know he will be the same, well almost so no worries”.

“Oh, I would bone up the moment I would see him”.

“Well then be prepared as James will be there dressed like this as well”.

“Damned you better not told me that, now I need all the control I can manage”.

“Nick”, I heard Andy yell from downstairs a minute or two after the music had started.

“We are coming Andy, just be ready”.

When I opened the door I heard Andy saying something to my Dad. I hope he would be able to do what I had asked.

When we got downstairs Alexei and Randy stood behind James and my Dad. James turned around smiled at me and then they started to walk. I knew that my Dad would see Francis and the guys the moment they would get to the grass. I just hoped that he would keep walking and not stop.

I smiled proudly to the guests. They where definitely not as surprised but still whistling a lot. I saw then the bum of Francis, James and Brian. I didn’t see my Dad’s face until the movie of it all afterwards. I was just happy that he was able to walk until he was standing right beside Francis and his mom. He looked at Francis and I saw that Francis smiled.

Alexei and Randy stepped away to the left, leaving now just a meter between me and my dad. I tapped his shoulder and he turned around. Not looking at me but straight looking down. I could see a smile coming on to his face.

“Will you give me away to my beloved one” I asked him, making sure that he would not say anything about the clothes. 

“I will Nick, I am proud of your choise, please step beside me so I can do so”.

I stepped beside him, now my hand on his. We got closer to Francis now. He looked incredible gorgeous in those light red Speedo’s. I felt how my dick tingled but the last thing I wanted was a hard on in my own white Speedo’s.

“You belong together guys. We are both happy you found each other” my Dad said. I saw that Francis Mother was glowing and nodding. The she held her hand which had Francis one on top of it just above ours. She got very close to me and then she took it away. Electric thunder went through me as Francis his skin touched me. My Father had left my hand and took that of Francis’s Mother and led her to their seating’s.

“Nick, Francis” if I can have your attention. Monique said.

We took our eyes off each other and turned towards her with a smile.

“Three weeks ago Francis and Nick came to me and told me that they wanted me to lead them as tree, bound together in love in front of all your friends and family. Surprised I must say but also pleased that you have chosen me for it. I know Francis now for quite a few years, I guess from the first summer he lived down here. He is a good guy, a good worker and from the two times they have been here. I also know that he will be good for Nick. I know Nick and Francis that this place as a special meaning for the both of you. It was for that reason that I am very happy to make this event able to take place down here. Just remember when ever you need to come back, there will always be a place at this restaurant available. But I am sure that is the same with a lot of the people that are here as you really bound a group of special friends around you of which I am sure you have got great things in their future. For you two, I just wish you all the best with your lives and that you are able to develop your talents even further into the future. Now could you please come and stand with me”.

We stepped forward. We hadn’t rehearsed this at all so we were not sure how it would fall together. Our hands where still on top of each other as she now put both her hands on either side of them.

“Please take from this day forward your love, your happiness. Make it to be the light when darkness is surrounding you. Make it shine in your future development as human beings, sharing your gifted talent together for joy of others. Make from this day forward a promise to share, pain, happiness, friends, and live in union together. Now please turn around”.

We smiled at her and turned around. Now standing with our face towards our friends. Our hands still tangled together but with the hands of Monique now resting on our shoulders.

“Brian, James, Randy and Alexei would you please join us”.

I looked to the left of me as Randy and Alexei came closer.

I felt how Francis tickled my hand a bit and at the same time we said “Randy, Alexei, Brian and James please join us to be witness of our promise to each other. Randy (James, I heard Francis say instead) please put your hand on top of mine. Alexei (Brian) please put your hand on the bottom of mine”.

Now with one hand supported bye Alexei and Randy and the other still attached to Francis we where all connected.

We waited a bit then I felt another tickle in my hand. I turned a bit towards Francis, looking at him. He had done the same. Our eyes met and where locked. I could feel myself slip into them, drawing in the feeling of love that swept through my body. Just memorizing the moment as at that moment I remembered the first time that we met as I remember that for one second at that time our eyes where locked just as they were now.

Another tickle, a smile started to form on his face when I slowly saw that he opened his mouth. I joined him.


“Francis (Nick he said) you are the one that I waited on for 19 years to come into my life

and fill up the bit that had been missing for those first years.

Since then I known what it is to be complete.

It has been a rough ride so far

but we knew there was one thing that was always there the love I felt for you Francis (Nick, he said).

And when ever it was needed you where there for me,

letting me feel without any doubt that you love me as much as I love you. 

With that love we tried to continue on separate paths,

but realising that you are part of my inspiration to grow as human beings, as partners.

So Francis (Nick he said) there is no other choise that I have then to pledge my love to you for now,

for the future till there is a moment we have to let go.

But until then I promise to help, support, and be there for you Francis (Nick he said) when ever you need me,

in trust as we both know that our love for each other can conquer every bit of rough patch that might be before us.

Using it to grow together with support of all our friends here witnessing this promise of love.

To seal this promise please hold me, kiss me Francis (Nick he said).


Our faces got closer; electricity was pulling us together, till our lips locked in a passionate kiss. His tongue making its way till it touched mine and together they were dancing on the song of love. I felt how my package had grown while touching his. I knew we would make a bit of a scene but I didn’t care. I had found him and would never let go. When we stopped our kiss, I slowly moved back my head, still our eyes tangled into each other. I smiled and whispered for only his ears “I love you Francis”.

I felt how our hands no longer on top of each other but entangled as the one we had become, where gripping a bit stronger as a sign to continue. We turned now to our friends and family.

“We are glad you are all here to witness our bond. To celebrate this bond, as a clean start, learned from past mistake we are going to plenish ourselves. We want to ask you, as witnesses of it all and to join us and see this as a clean start for what ever mistake we have made in the past. As together we can face our future without fear”

We had left that a bit cryptic on purpose as we knew they would understand the moment they realised what we where about to go and do.

“Randy, Alexei, James and Brian please follow us”. Not that they didn’t had a choise as our hands where tightly gripped on theirs now. We stepped off the platform and turned around towards the lake.

I could hear Alexei and Randy on my side say “No you can’t be serious”. ‘Why do you think you are wearing that outfit then” I said with a smile.

I looked into Francis eyes when we took the first steps into the water. “Without fear” I said to him. It was not as cold as I had been afraid off but still no summer yet has been so to cold to really say yea let’s go in. But together we took more steps followed by what I could feel hesitation of Randy and Alexei.

I slowly let go of their hands only to look at Francis, he nodded then and we both jumped into the water, diving under, then jumping upwards again, screaming out loud. From the splashes behind us I understood that the others had done the same. Realising the promise we just had made was a strong one, one that needed to be washed clean from mistakes of the past. Now all wet it felt great. We dove again, holding each other and when we came up from the surface we embraced each other, our lips finding themselves locked into another kiss.

For one moment I was distracted as I was pulled away from the scene and heard a cry “ Nick, No, don’t help Nick pleaseeeeeeeeee”. The intensity of the kiss though pulled me back straight to the please where I was, with my loved one.

When the kiss ended I looked at him, our eyes locked again, enjoying the feeling of love and be loved.

The end

well that was it the second part of the adventures of Nick and Francis. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I would love to think if you liked it and if you want more. If so let me know then I will send you a message when I will put it online, although that may be for some time now?  Leave a remark in the questbook or write an e-mail to me.

chapter 21

So all in all we got close to get things to a closure it was party time for sure. So that Friday evening as planned as we picked up Andy, Brian, Alexei, James and Randy and drove in the limousine to the little restaurant at the lake. Francis had been here while I was at the university and had made every thing in order. It seems it would cost us a week of work during the summer when the place was open again but we knew we could do that as it would be fun.

We had a very fun and pleasant Friday evening. I am sure well almost sure that at one point Alexei had looked at us like, what are you up too. I had expected him to ask but he didn’t. Well not until Saturday morning when we where all at the breakfast table.

“Ok, this is it, now I want to know, what is up with you two” he started in between sips of coffee.

I looked at Francis. He nodded. I saw that they where now looking at us.

“Yea, I felt something too” Randy said. “For the last three weeks or so there is something brewing and I know it can’t be you moving in together we knew that”.

“Ok, guys sorry but we just want this to go as we planned and no surprise is coming in between it.”

“What, come on you can tell us” Brian added

“We have something that we would like to ask you, well some of you” I started.

“Yea all would be too much” Francis said with a giggle.

“Who then” James said.

“Well, you for example” Francis said.

“Who more”.  Randy said.

“And you” I said.

“What then come on you guys don’t keep us in suspense”, Brian said.

“Well and you too” Francis said with a smile.

I think we had over done it as I saw a twinkle starting to form in Alexei eyes.

“Me too I guess” he said now forming a big smile on his face.

“What, what?” Randy was saying then.

“I think these two guys have brought us here for a special reason” he said now smiling big time.

I looked at Francis and we smiled and started to say together.

“We want you to be our best man, sorry Andy but four was the maximum”.

He smiled, the others looked stunned at us.

“You knew Alexei” Randy said realising that Alexei had known before we knew it.

“No, but what other would they want? to ask us and looking as quidy as they just did”.

“Wow, guys, congratulations”.

We where hugged, kissed, congratulated etc. I think that we both couldn’t get the smile off our faces. We knew the next question was lurking around.

“You set a date” Brian asked.

“Yea we did”. We said simultaneous again.

“When then” Randy wanted to know. “We have busy agenda’s not sure you can get us together that easily over the next few months”.

“We know that is why you are here today” I said.

“Today, no not today” Alexei said. “There are things to be prepared, people to be invited, gifts to be arranged, location to be found, and clothes to be bough”.

I had more or less expected Randy to start about that or James but it seems Alexei was the more romantics of all of them.

“No that is not what we wanted, so that is why we got you here together today. And as best man’s we needed you here early to help us prepare it all”.

“So when, what time, where are we going”.

“Here, we just need to set a little stage outside on the edge of the lake and it is all arranged. Catering will be here later, our family will arrive and some quests. It is all taken care off”.

“Wow, guys this is something big you know”.

“Yea we know. But this is also the time to do it after everything we went through”.

“Oh, I can see that” Randy said.

“We even gotten a surprise for you Randy” Francis said with a little smile. “William will be coming over later as well”.

This time it was Randy who started to blush. We know they had seen each other since Randy had been out of the hospital but I think Randy had not told any one else. For the remaining of the breakfast he had to tell what they had been doing and how he was. One thing I could tell here was definitely love in the air I thought.

Over the next few hours we worked hard to get it all ready. Just before the catering people took possession of the kitchen and dinning room we had finished outside.

“So, guys what else needs to be done”?

“Well not that much I guess” I said looking around.

“Is that really the amount of people you are expecting Francis” Brian asked.

“Yea, if every one shows up”.

“Ok, so what next then” Randy said when he came in huffing from putting some flowers in the right position.

“Well as Nick, just said not a lot. We just need to get dressed, wait for the guest and that is it”.

“Ok, time then for you to separate. It is time for some real wedding preparations then” Alexei said winking at James.

“Where are the suits” James asked.

“In the bedrooms’. We got some for you as well”.  Francis said with a smile.

“Ok, in that case Francis you get your suit and get your ass to our room” Brian said. “You will join us James”.

“Yea wouldn’t miss it for the world” he said.

“We will join you Nick” Alexei and Randy said.

“What will you do” I asked Andy.

“I will be here when the quests arrive and take care of them. Is there anything you want to tell them”? He asked.

“Oh, we can do that when they get there. We will have time to dress after that” I answered.

“Hmm, don’t think so Nick. So if there is anything that you want them to tell you better let Andy do that” Alexei said.

“Oh, and if we want to do that our selves”. Francis said.

“No, you will join us now and not get out before the ceremony” Randy said.

“Well there is one thing you need to tell them”. Francis said with a smile.

“What is that” Andy asked them.

“Well they might get the idea any way when they get outside in the garden but …”

“You didn’t tell no one you where going to do this, did you” James said.

“No’ we said together giggling.

“Not even your Dad or Susan” James continued looking now really surprised.

“No, they don’t know anything of that. They just think that this is to celebrate us going to live together and getting up from all the things that have happened to us”.

“Oh, well not sure I can keep your Dad out of the room then”.

“You better do. We don’t want any one to interrupt, Understood” Alexei said.

“Ok, I will do my best”.

“No, make sure they no, no one is allowed to enter”.

“Ok, I will”.

“Well let’s go guys. We will see you in a minute Francis no second longer understood” Brian said.

We walked to our bedrooms. When the door was closed I pulled Francis in a hug.

“You ready for it Francis” I whispered.

He kissed me even deeper and harder then a moment ago, answer enough I thought.

“Have you got any idea what they have planned for us ?” he asked.

“No, but it can’t be big they just had 90 minutes or so to come up with”.

“Ok, I guess we better get our suits then” while he said it he giggled and I joined in looking over our backs to the suits that where lying on the bed.

“Yea before they are here”.

He took his off the bed walked to the door and said ‘See you in about an hour or then so”.

“You bet” I said with a smile. Giving him a hand kiss before he closed the door.

I let out a sigh and waited for Alexei and Randy to come in.


(Narrating by Francis).

I walked with my suit into the room of Brian and Andy. When I opened the door I saw that James had found his way in as well.

“Ah, good we where wondering if we would need to come and get you”.  Brian said.

“You know me Brian I am always on time”.

“Yea I know that was a very good quality of yours, just like you had more”.

“No regrets though Brian” I asked.

“No, I don’t think we would make it in the end Francis, and I think you got that same feeling”.

“I know still I was happy that you where my first love, Francis”.  I gave him a nice smile. Although we didn’t see each other a lot but I knew there was a band that would never go away”.

“So why are we split up” I asked then.

“Rules and Regulations, if we would have known there would have been no seeing each other since last night. But this will have to do”.

“So we just sit and wait then” I asked them.

“Oh, no we are going to make sure you are ready for this”.

“Well I can get dressed myself” I said with a smile, wondering if they would have found their suits already

“Oh we know, but ….. Yea wait you said our suits where in our bedroom but I didn’t find one in ours” James said.

“I think you did though. It was yellow collared if I am right” I said with a smile.

“Yellow” Brian said.

“Yea, yellow”.

I think Brian then spotted the thing I was keeping in my hand. Some yellow flashed through my fist.

“You mean you are going to get married in those” he said completely surprised.


“And you want us to wear them as well”. I saw that he started to get a color now.

“Hmm yea”.

“What are you talking about” James asked.

“So you didn’t found yours then” I said.

“No, no suit in our room”.

“Show him Francis, I can hardly believe you are really going to do this”.

I opened my hand and showed James what it was. He opened his mouth, closed it again, and started to get red ….. Then opened his mouth again and said: “HMM good we are planning to make sure you are clean”.


(narrorating by Nick).

I looked around at the bed after Francis left. I knew this would be fun but also it would give some of the people around a bit of a shock. But it was our ceremony and we wanted it as we planned. It had been one of the reasons why we did do it today. We just wanted to make sure no one else was able to fuss about it or at least not too much.

I heard the door open and turned around

“Hey Nick, we wondered where our suits are we can’t find them” Alexei said walking in.

“Oh, I am sure you do. They where in the drawer beside the bed” I answered with a small laugh.

“Must be a small suit then” Randy said.

“You didn’t check did you” I said with a smile.

“No not down there. I didn’t expect a suit to fit in their”.

Alexei in the meantime had walked pasted me and looked at the bed. He started laughing quite hard.

“You can’t be serious. Is this it” he said still laughing.

Randy now had pasted me as well and was looking in the direction Alexei was looking. He opened his mouth, shot it again, opened it again and then started to giggle.

‘You are really going for the alternative move aren’t you Nick”.

“Yea guys sorry but this is our thing and we want it as we planned it”.

“Well we better get ours then, we will be right back so don’t move” Alexei said.

I waited for them return.

“You sure you got the right size” Randy said when he walked in. “It looks rather small”.

“Oh, we will see when we get them on in a moment’ I said and I started to walk to the bathroom to try them on.

“You mean you haven’t tried them on either Nick”.

“Sorry, Randy we just hadn’t time for it. Francis bought them all while I was at university”.

“Oh, but get back here Nick. Don’t go into the bathroom”.

“Ah, you want me to strip in front of you guys”.

“Hmm not exactly. We just wanted to make sure you know we are proud of you and Francis. Proud to be your friend is well” Alexei said.

“So what had you had in mind then? We have about 75 minutes left before we need to be out there”.

“Oh, time enough. Now just stand there and relax. Maybe close even your eyes” Randy said.

I felt how they came closer.

“With the suit of your choice Nick it is even more important that we make sure you are totally clean. So would want to make sure that especially as this is the last time we are able to do this without having permission of Francis, you are ready for this ?”.

I felt how their hands where starting to touch my body. I shivered when they both did. I was not sure if I was ready for it but I knew I could trust them they would never go to far. I let out a deep sigh and felt how my muscles started to relax underneath their caressing.

One hand started to slide under my t-shirt now touching my bare skin. Making its way to my nipples. Another hand had found the way on the back and was now moving towards my shoulder blade.

The hand upfront which I think was Randy had stopped at my nipples and was slowly rubbing them. I felt how I reacted and my dick was slowly making its way upwards in my briefs.

More hands got underneath my t-shirt and slowly they started to move it over my arms and taking it off.

“Lay face down on the bed” Alexei whispered.

I did and just wanted to turn my head around “No, stay don’t look” Alexei said.

I could hear how they took their clothes off. Wow what now I thought. Then I saw Alexei’s face on my side while he sat down on the bed.

“Legs close together and relax” he said.

I felt how Randy more or less sat down on the lower parts of my legs. Then his hands started to move over my legs, I could feel the warmth through my pants.

Then another pair of hands started to move over my back. Giving me a very nice relaxing back massage.

“Hmm guys this is nice, but… “

“Stt, Nick, just relax we want to make sure you have a last good time”.

‘But… “.

“I am sure that Francis wouldn’t mind at all. I am sure he is being taken care of as well”.


(Back with Francis).

“Oh, no you guys, I can clean my self” I said.

“We know, but before your wedding night you need to make sure you are nice and clean all over and we want to make sure you are”.  James said with a smile.

I was not sure if I could contain anything knowing that Brian would be there. It had been a long time since he had seen me naked but the fact he was close by and me naked was making me feel nervous.

‘Don’t worry Francis, just relax. Close your eyes and stay where you are” Brian said.

I thought I could fight on the other hand we had our fun so I guess a bit of fun on their part was to be expected.

I felt how they came closer. I thought they where doing something else as well but I couldn’t exactly hear that.

They took the front and back side of my t-shirt and moved it upwards, over my head. Then their hands started to move over my body. Slowly, erotically caressing it. Rubbing one or the other nipple from time to time just making sure I was relaxing.

I know it had the effect that they wanted except for one place.

They where standing close by. At one point I thought I could feel their body heat. The must have taken their shirts off as well and I was tempted for a moment to open my eyes. I was stopped though as at that time I felt hands started to touch my pants. Moving slowly over my crotch to my arms.

“Oh, he is ready for this” I heard Brian whispered. “He was always easy to trigger you know James”.

I felt how my face started to blush. “Shut up Brian” I said a bit harsher then I wanted to.

“You ok Francis” James asked. I could hear the concern coming through his voice.

I waited to answer it. Was I. Yea they where friends they would never hurt me I thought.

“Yea, I am you are friends. I know I can trust you”.

“You can. You know you always could trust me, although I let you down once” Brian said with a sigh.

“I know, not your fault” I said as I knew it wasn’t.

“But…” he continued.

“Not now Brian, you are forgiven and I am happy we are friends again” I whispered.

“Ok, we are going to take your pants off and then turn around and go and lay down on your belly on the bed ok. Just make sure you don’t look back” he said.

They started to bring the zipper down and then pushed my jeans down. I knew they would see a very hard dick in my light blue bon giorno briefs. That where the ones I knew Nick liked and I had teased him with them this morning.

I stepped out of the jeans and turned around. I wanted to look at them but I didn’t and stepped upon the bed. Laying down myself on my belly.

One of them then crawled behind me and set down on my lower legs. His hands slowly started to move over my upper legs.

I smiled when Brian got closer and set beside me on the bed.

“Relax” he said.

I smiled back and closed my eyes again.

I felt how some cold drops fell on my back. I cringed a bit. It was followed bye two pairs of warm hands that started to massage my back. Very nicely giving every bit of skin and muscle its turn. I let out a deep sigh. They where very good at it I thought.

I am not sure how long they went on as I slipped more or less into sleep. I got aware again of stuff when hands moved over the cloth of my briefs. First slowly then pushing a bit on the edge, until the finger tops found their way in between cloth and skin. Now on each of my buttocks was a hand, moulding them, caressing them? I knew that it was James who was doing that.

I could feel that his hands where moving side wards. “Move your hips up a bit” he whispered. I did as was asked and he pulled my briefs down. I could feel them slowly being removed. I giggled a bit. “Hey guys I was this expecting for later on tonight to happen with some one else”.

“Well we just want to make sure you know what to do then” Brian said.

“Oh, I think you taught me all there was to learn’ I said.

“Oh you think” he said with a smile.

Now he got me, what where they up to I thought.


(narrorating by Nick again)

They continued to massage me; they had added some oil to the experience as well.

“Ok, next step Nick”.

They pushed on my side a bit. I looked up and saw that they wanted me to move but for a moment I couldn’t. They where both wearing black briefs and where looking gorgeous.

“Hmm, guys I am not sure this is such a good idea” I said as I knew that my dick was as hard as it could get”.

“Just relax and enjoy, right ?” Alexei said.

I turned over on my back.

“Ah, I see now why. You liked that then”.

“Guys don’t ask stupid questions or I might reconsider if you are suitable to be best men”.

“Oh you think you are able to find some one else that would wear that during the ceremony then” Randy said.

I blushed again.

They had pushed me down now and had started to massage my chest, shoulders and upper legs. I could feel how Randy from time to time just had a bit of a touch of my dick.

“Move your hips up” he said with a bit of a deeper voice then normal, it seems he was not sure if he was aloud to ask.

But when I did he pulled my jeans off. It seems they could just slide open with only the knob open at the top.

“Still looking good Nick” Alexei said with a bit of a sigh.

“You can say that again” Randy said.

“Go on your guys with what ever you have planned but stop making comments”.

They went on with the massage using oil now as well. Each time I thought they where going to put their hands on my dick they moved away again. Teasing me, making my dick jump for it sometimes even.

Then it came unexpected as suddenly my balls where caressed and the hand moved upwards.

“HM, nice” Randy said.

“Let me” Alexei asked and I felt how another hand now was taking the top bit of my dick into his hand.

He didn’t stay long there and before I knew it it was left again. Randy though kept it there and moved it up and down, starting slowly but increasing speed.

“Hmm, you guys you better not …..” I started as I felt all of a sudden I was getting close to an orgasm.

But I was not sure if they didn’t hear it or didn’t want to hear as it was to late any way and I felt how my cum started to spray into my briefs. Randy continued for a bit then stopped. I had to open my eyes and saw his look.

“Hm seems you need to have a shower and change your clothes Nick”.  He said with a laugh.

“Basterd” I just said simply.

“Get up Nick and follow us”.

They got me to the bathroom. I looked at them more or less daring them to take off my briefs. Although after coming a moment ago I was still wondering if they would.

“Oh, lets get on” Alexei said.

He moved his hands to my briefs and pushed them down. I stepped out of them. Definitely not moving as I wanted to wait and see what they would do. I had definitely seen a boner in Randy’s brief but I thought that Alexei had been reasonable.

“Go on” Randy said.

“You are not going to join me then. Or are you just shy”.

He blushed then but moved his hands to his briefs and lowered them as well.

They pushed me into the shower and then started to clean me. Backside, front side, hairs, feet everything. When Alexei had some soap and started to clean my dick it had its own little plans again as it moved up, up and up.

“Oh, damned Nick, not again we thought we had solved that problem” he said.

He sank down on his knees and before I knew it he had my hardening dick in his mouth. Totally surprised by it I felt that it got harder fast. This was a bit of a dream come through I thought. It didn’t take to long as he was good, very good at it. Especially when he moved his tong somehow into my piss split. Wow I thought and jolts of fire went through my spines, up my balls and then out of my cock into Alexei mouth.

“WOW” I said when the orgasm started to fade.

“You can say that again” Randy said. I looked at him and saw that his dick was dripping with cum too.

Alexei got up, kissed me on the cheeks and said “Congratulations. I thought that it was better to get this out of the way as there has always been some tension between us Nick. I love you as a brother and that is how I want it to stay so I hope this will help with it. Just remember when ever you need help I will be there”.

I just nodded. “You knew” I said in the end.

“Yea, there was always that bit of adoration in you, especially at times you thought I was not looking. It was not good if that would have stayed in between us especially not for your relation with Francis. You know that night after your exposition”.


“Well let’s say that we got very very close to happening something at that point. James wanted, I wanted and I knew you wouldn’t object. The fact that Francis was not there and you probably would have felt guilty towards him afterwards was what stopped me and James then”.

“Ok, well thanks you might be right” It was just too much for me to take in. I believed him, There was always something between us but … well at least I knew now what it felt if he sucked me and although great, the mystery of it was gone and that was important. I definitely knew that he was right when I realised that.

“Thanks” I said and give him a kiss on his mouth.

“Ok you guys time to clean up and get dressed”.

At that point there was a lot of rumor coming from outside the bedroom.

chapter 22

chapter 20

That morning I knew that it was time, time to make some phone calls, to sort stuff out and to head out straight looking for answers rather then looking at the problem.

At the end of the afternoon I told him that we where going out that evening. Surprised by it he didn’t asked a lot, but he didn’t object either, not like he had done a few days back.

Around 6 pm we had gotten dressed. I know I was dressed smarter then he was but then I knew what I was up too.

We got in the taxi and when we drove off he whispered to me “Are we going to the lake”. I looked at him and smiled.

“Yea, I thought we deserved that”.

“Did you talk her into letting us stay the night too”?

“Yea, all arranged”.

“Good, I love you Nick”.

“I love you Francis”.

Although I was not able to cook anything like Francis had done in the past. I had assured there would be a nice dinner waiting for us. If we where fast it would still be warm by the time we finished it.

When we had finished dinner I looked at him. “I know we are both struggling at this moment Francis, but I know also we need to go back on with our lives. I am sure the psychologist told you not to let it run your life although it is easy to let that happen”.

“I know but  …”

“St,” I said and put my finger softly on his lips. He licked it and made me giggle. “Wait Francis” I said trying to be serious.

“Ok, sorry Nick just couldn’t resist that, continue”.

“You know I have been on the phone a lot today”.

“Yea, I noticed that, but didn’t want to disturb you”.

“Well I think I have found a way out of this”.

“What do you mean”?

“A way we can both keep our careers going and also live together”.

“How did you do that”?

“Ok, I talked for a long time with my professor today. I explained him the situation and he understood the problem. I bluntly said that I was thinking about quitting. Well it seems he didn’t want me to do that so we worked a way out that I am going to do most of the studding off campus, including practical work. I should be only going in then for exam periods. He said he would give that a try if I would be regular in contact with him. Would tell him if any difficulties occur and if for the first term I would come in once or twice more to look at the progress I was making”.

“You think that would work for you, would you able to do that”. He said.

“Yea, if that it is what is necessary to keep us together”.

“But you need a place to work and have the material to do it all. You have that at the university”.

I smiled. “I know but there is where my first exposition comes in handy”.

He looked at me. “How”.

It had been one of the subjects that neither of us have had the guts to bring up. He had understood from Randy that it was a successes but that was it”.

“Well I think I will be able to afford to get my own stuff. Maybe not all in ones but enough to start with. Then there is the job for Nick”.

“Hmm, well I want you to have all the stuff Nick, not just a bit to do what you do now”.

“No, no worries about that Francis. I have enough to get most of it, just for a few expensive stuff I might need to finish the order I got from Nick”.

“Hmm, Sorry but getting confused now”.

“Ok, let me tell you what happened if you are ok with that”.

“Yea go on”.

So, without going into much detail I told him about how I met Nick, who he was and that he wanted me to do a painting of his boyfriend.

“You think he would still want you to do it then”.

“I haven’t been able to reach him but I might. But that is only to get stuff that I won’t need for the first year or so. I did well Francis, really well, I sold everything, well I could have sold everything and for good prices as well”.

He looked now quite stunned at me “You did”.

“Yea, and although it might mean we need to live tight for a bit together, if I invest it all in material and tools I think I might pursue another exhibition by this summer to make sure we will get some more money in to live on”.

“That much”.

“Yea, that much”.

“I knew they would like it” he said.

I just smiled, blushing a bit as he was right he had pushed me a bit on doing it although later he had found it impossible to come over, but I had the reasons for that.

“So you think this would work then”.

“Living together, with me, so I can train, you can be the artist you are, both have our careers working on”.


He looked still if he couldn’t believe it. I knew I was still in shock that all the phone calls had worked out so nicely.

“Wow, yea that would be great, a dream come true”.

“Good, then I think I will give the professor and Nick tomorrow a ring and see if we can get ahead with it”.

“You told your Dad, Nick”.

“No, he has got nothing to do with it Francis. I know what I want, no what I need to develop my talent and you are big part of the inspiration for that”.

“Hmm, good, he might not agree with it though”.

“I know but that is why I said we might end up living a bit tight, both in space and in money but we can cope”.

“You are not going to tell him then”.

“No not yet, not until it is all arranged. I will have to go to the university to arrange things. Then we need to look at a bigger place at your end. When all that is done we will go together back here and then only then I will tell Dad. There is not a lot he can do anymore then.”

“No he can’t I guess.”

He got closer to me and started to kiss me. The change I had seen from the beginning of the evening till now had pushed me further then I could have gone but I knew it was the right thing. I had hoped not to have asked Nick but I felt that money wise it was the best. I just hoped that Thomas was not doing to bad yet and where able to do this. I still had the sketch but not sure that was enough now.

We kissed and cuddled up just in front of the open fire. I felt like I had not felt when we where here last time. I looked at him and knew he had just though the same.

‘Scary” I said softly.

“Yea, it will take some time to get used to but also reassuring and safe Nick”.

“I know” and gave him another kiss.

We had a good night sleep, no not to much of that going on as I was waited for Francis to be ready for it. I was not going to push I knew to good that was the wrong thing to do. But I noticed he would be getting their faster then I did.

Again he looked so peaceful with his eyes closed, his breast going slowly up and down, a soft smile on his lips. More then ever I was overwhelmed and knew although I had not been sure until that point to do the last bit of my plan as well. I moved forward and softly kissed him on his lips.

When I felt him started to move I moved my mouth close to his ear and whispered.

He smiled immediately. I saw the approval on his face and the tension broke. This was how it should be how it would be in the future.

We talked things over during breakfast and around noon we left to go back home. We had a long talk with my Dad, Francis mom and Susan. My Mom was not in town and it was not something I felt the need yet to talk with her about. It was not easy but in the end I think they saw we had made up our minds and there was no way back anymore.

It was decided that we would go back to the university for 2 weeks to get everything arranged. I would then go to stay with Francis to see if we could find a big apartment of a small house or something to rent so I could have my studio there as well.

When I arrived at the airport I was so eager to see Francis that I almost left my bag behind. It had been a hard two weeks. I finally had been able to contact Nick and he was more then happy for me to finish what I had started. It still had not been going ok with Thomas but both of them wanted me to finish it. I said I would give it a try or I would come out to their place in a months time for a few days if need be.

“At last” Francis said after we had hugged each other.

“You can say that again”.

“Well it was not easy and I know now again that it is good to do this. Although we talked this time each night I am not able to do this long distance. I want to see you, feel you, smell you”.

I smiled you will lets get to your place.

It was a bit of a shock to see his room again, the last time the memory’s had not been good at all. We got back up to speed with what we where doing. Francis and David had looked around. They had found a small house not to far from where David with his family where staying. We want to visit it the next day and I loved it, it was old, ok, small ok but also it had something that you could say atmosphere in it. It had been lived, used and more important loved in the past as well.

We then started to get everything in order. At the end of the two weeks we flew both back home to get the stuff from home as we now had space to put it in.

We had arrived on the Tuesday afternoon. Dinner was nice with Susan, Francis’ Mom and my dad. We talked about what had happened. Francis told them a bit how he was doing but I notice that he didn’t fool his Mom nor my Dad. We had decided not to spoil the evening and would wait until the next day before we would tell. The last thing we wanted was his Mom and my Dad fussing over the two of us. So when we had done breakfast he left to pick his Mom up. They would go into town to do some shopping and have lunch together. I am sure he would be drilled by her a lot more about how he was doing.

As expected my Dad was not leaving the question for to long either. The moment Francis had left he looked at me and said “I hope you haven’t planned anything. I thought we could go to the living room and talk for a bit.”

“No problem with, me I am not going anywhere,” I said.

I followed him to the living room.

“So, how is he doing Nick as he looks ok but is he?”.

“Yea, he is doing a lot better, but as you can expect after his experience it will take a while, just as it did for me.”

“He told you everything that happened then?”

“No, I am sure that he didn’t but he told enough for me to realize that if that is what really happened it probably was a lot worse as I felt he had left things out.”

“He is still going to the shrink then?”

“Yea, and me too. But we can do with a session every now and then. as if need be we can always call him.”

“You ok then too? No backlashes of the past?”

“No, those are over Dad.”

“Oh, just wondering as I didn’t think you where seeing the shrink anymore.”

“No, this is to deal with I guess Mom being back and everything that came out then.”

“You got any of those visions again or not.”

“No, not really. It slowly start to be very unreal if you ask me. Not sure it really happened.”

“And your Mom you talked with her lately.”

“Yea, a few short times.”

“Good, I ..”.

“No, not good Dad, just talks nothing more. I am not trusting her, it still feels like there are parts she is not telling me, us even and that is a big problem for getting her more into my life”

“You saw her, or just on the phone.”

“Just on the phone. I think she starts to realize that she hurted me more then she though she did by leaving. I think she starts to see that it was kind of selfish what she did. Good for her from her point of view and, oh maybe good for us too but that is something we will never know.”

“I don’t know but I can see your point of view.”

“You did see her again.”

“A few times yea. I think we needed that to bring it all to a close down Nick. I also wanted to thank her for her work in finding Francis. Not sure if we ever would be able to do that.”

“I know and that is the only reason why I am still talking with her as I am gratefull that she did what she did. I know she put her own life on the stone with that, too. But there is to much more that is unanswered and a few weeks ago Francis opened my eyes a bit more as I am not sure I understand some of her biggest descions. Even if I could understand us leaving then it gets very disturbing with Damion. How could she let them do that to him. There is not one good reason for that to happen Dad.”

“So Francis got problems with her as well?”

“Oh, lots more then I do, I talked with her. I don’t think that he is up to do that for a long time. If I will meet up and I might then it will be somewhere alone and not together with him around.”

“Is that troubling your relationship with him.”

“No not at all. We know where we stand and I will let him know when and if I meet up with her. How is Susan dealing with it all.”

“Oh, shocked at first I would say but she trusts me and I know she has no problem with the meetings we had. But as you do with Francis, I told her all about them. Your Mom knows that as well. I am not letting Susan go she is the best next thing to have happened to me so no worries there.”

“Good, I hoped that would be the case.”

“Hm, did you talk with David about your Mom as well while you where down at Francis’s place?”

“Oh we did several times. I think we are more or less on the same level although he has less to deal with. It might though, that it makes that only tougher to believe, why she left in the beginning anyway.”

“It could. As long as he talks. He has met her again then?”

“No not yet. But I think that Kathy and he came to the conclusion that they want their son to know his Grand Mother so I guess that will happen at some point.”

“Good as I had hoped that would have happened. It is something that what ever happened she deservers and the little rascal deserves to know her as well.”

“I must say Dad that it seems you are dealing with this all very easily you know. Hardly if you are not having any anger towards her at all.”

He looks surprised at the question then smiles. “I guess I am past that point Nick, maybe even to old. Or maybe if I hadn’t had Susan I might have but now it feels like a waste of time to be honest. I want to enjoy it all and being mad at your Mom is not going to help at all.”

“Maybe yea, but …”

“Just let me finish for a moment Nick. I just want you to realise one thing as well. You might have all the time of the world but maybe not your Mother, she is older just like me and when you get older you realize you might not have the time of the world to heal things so think about that too because it will be to late not only for her but also for you when she dies.”

“Hm, yea I guess you are right about that too. I am not going to make a descion on a short term but might in a few weeks or so to take her up and see her again.”

‘Good, so now what about you. James was wondering when you would be back with him. You thought about going back to the University?”

Ah I thought there is the question, the one that I had been waiting for all the time. I knew he would be coming. I was wondering how to do this.

“You have your inspiration back to do the good paintings again haven’t you?” he asked before I could say anything

“I think so, not had a lot of time to do anything but it feels good again so yea that should not be a problem. I talked with Nick, you know the one that asked for that painting to be made and I agreed with him that I would finish It. I might be going soon back up there soon to finish it.”

“So what about university then?”

“Yea that too. I talked with my professor for quite some time. He is eager for me to start as well. I explained I would but it would mean some changes in how I would do it.”

“What do you mean Nick?”

“We worked out a way so I don’t need to go back to University for the whole time. Just for certain periods. It would mean making a lot more work though. But I think I can handle that. It might turn even good enough for another exposition around the summer.”

“Oh, but where are you going to stay then in the meantime.”

“I am moving in with Francis. We …”

“Nick, are you sure that is a good idea. He needs his concentration just as much as you do you know.”

“I know but we also need each other as inspiration. We came to the conclusion that that is more important then the distraction. We have learned from that Dad, we can’t do that anymore. We tried that for the last 2 years and it just didn’t work. It worked but not in the way it should. We need to concentrate on our work and not only on what the other is doing, if he is ok etc. That worked more as a distraction.”

“Hmm well I am not sure Nick. You are still young and I know what is on your mind. Why do you think I had those rules when you where living down here.”

“I know but I think we have grown and we know the responsibility we have towards each other careers.”

“Does Francis Mother know?”

“I think they are having that conversation right now as we had planned to tell you this morning.”

“Oh, well sorry I am worried about you two you know. I think that if I would have known that this is the path that was layed out for you then I …..” he started to cry a bit.

“No worries we are ok and yea it has been hard first for me and now for Francis but I know I got stronger because of it and I am sure that Francis will be as well. I think especially mentally it will help to improve his gymnastic even but that might be a while before he gets there.”

He looked up at me. “I know I let you down when Mom left. That I spend a lot more time with David but that was not because I didn’t love you as much. Just that for some reason you wanted to cope with it on your own. You are so much stronger then you think Nick. You are able to deal with stuff that even I am not sure I could.”

I smiled now, got closer to him and hugged him. “I learned too, from you and how you dealt with it all Dad. It is not something that comes from me.”

“Even though. I had more years to get there.”

“We will see,” I said.

“So when are you moving then?”

“Oh we moved already most of my stuff. We got to buy a bit more stuff so I am able to do all the work I wanted to do. Especially while I can’t use the facilities anymore of the University.”

“Is that going to be difficult money wise, Nick?”

“No, I earned enough with the exhibition and I have the painting for Nick to do as well. I think we will be able to manage. Now if the summer exhibition is not going to be a success it might be a different story all in all.”

“Well I can always help as you know. But are you going to stay here for a bit longer then or are you going back soon.”

“No, we are going to stay until the weekend. We have invited a lot of people over for a party on Saturday evening.”

“Oh, but not here is it?”

“No, we are going up to the restaurant at the lake.”

“Ah, ok, well I am sure you will have a lot of fun you deserve it.”

“Oh, we will but you and Susan are invited as well.”

“Hm not sure I want to Nick, it is nice you thought about us but we are getting older you know. I don’t think we will fit .”

“No, you better be there and there will be others like Francis Mom and I am sure you would not want to miss out in meeting up with David and Kathy and the little one?”

He smiled”Are they coming too then?”

“Yea they should arrive on Saturday morning.”

“Nice, we can go and pick them up.”

“You are coming then?”

“Wouldn’t want to miss seeing them and I guess you got all the others of the gang down there too?”

“That is the plan. But no need to pick them up we have arranged all of that. Just make sure you are ready by 11 ok?”

“Oh, ok, so any plans for the rest of the day?”

“No, I thought we could hang out a bit. I haven’t told you about our new place.”

For the rest of the morning and during lunch time we got up to speed with what has happened during the last few months. Not the hard bits but everything else around it.

Francis came back early afternoon. He had a smile on his face so it meant that it had went ok with his Mom. We got back to our bedroom just around 3 pm to have a bit of an afternoon cuddles.

“So it went ok with your Mom then Francis?”

“Yea no problem she is just happy that we are happy together. I think after the situation with my Dad that she knows how important that is”.

“Was she not going on about how you were doing”.

“A bit but I think when I told her that I would be back in training and school soon she was a bit more convinced about it.”

“Fine, how did she react to the invitation for the party this weekend?”

“Oh, she didn’t want to come at first but when I said there would be older people as well she was easily convinced.”

“Good, the same with Dad.”

“Was he difficult upon you moving in with me?”

“A bit yea, not sure he is totally convinced about it but he knows he can’t stop me.”

“So we are all set then for the weekend. You still want to go through with it all?”

“Yea no problems there.”

“Good, well lets see if we can do a nap.”

He rested his head on my chest and in silent we enjoyed each others company.

chapter 21

chapter 19

“So, Nick tells me you did find us because of another vision”.

 “Vision” Francis said. He looked at me carefully.

“Is that what it was? Where you really there the few times I saw you. Did you see all of that”? He said now whispering the last words when he realised what I had witnessed.

He looked down at the bed. I got closer to him and brought my hand slowly on his cheek, rubbing it slowly, and then lifting his chin up until our eyes met.

“It is ok, no one will ever know”.

A small smile returned on his face. “But how Nick, how”.

I explained over the next hour or so what had happened the first time when I was at Nick’s place and got the feeling that something was wrong, until the last bit where I had seen him laying in hospital.

“I have felt you, you know several times. It gave me strength although I was never sure if it was for real or just my imagination”.

“It was true. Mom said that somehow our connection must be very strong as the person that is seen in the vision never knows that they are in one”.

“Hmm yea, well I hope you know how I feel Nick, despite everything that happened the mistake taken that never changed”.

“I know Francis, I know, as long as you do too”.

“Ok, guys how sappy can this gets” Randy said.

I got closer to Francis and gave him a long and tender kiss on his mouth. “How soppy do you want it as we can oblige” I said looking at him when we finished kissing.

We talked about a lot of things over the next hour or so, but then it was time to call it a day. I knew they would be good together, not alone and I hoped that Randy would be able to help Francis a bit with it all as well. It might be easier for him to do that then it would be for me.

They stayed in hospital for another week. We went home together. Randy was pressured to stay around until he felt better. What I had started to wonder about lately though was the fact that Randy for some reason never had to call some one, never had to get back to family or even talked about them. I felt there was a not so pleasant story behind it. It just mend I wanted to make sure how I appreciated his friendship which had grown over the last few years.

We had been able to postpone parties that had been planned. But David, Kathy and the little one had come over to stay for a little time. After 2 weeks Francis had gone to the psychologist as he knew how it helped me. He hadn’t opened up a lot and I could feel how he felt when I didn’t do that to him earlier either.

Randy had left and slowly the world started to return to its normal self again. I knew I had to pick up university again soon but I was still struggling with leaving Francis behind.

One afternoon we where sitting together in the living room. My Dad and Susan had gone out for the evening. Somehow there was a tension in there as if we both knew we needed to talk about the future. I looked at him. Pulled him close in a hug’s and kissed him passionately.

“Are you afraid of the future Francis” I whispered softly.

He pushed me back a bit; our eyes locked “Never Nick, not while I know I have you”.

“Me too Francis, me too. But I want never to get in a situation that all got us in this mess”.

“Me neither. But how are we going to do that”.

“I don’t know Francis. I know we can talk when we are together, but the distance created by our individual careers got definitely in the way. I got frustrated, I think not so much with you as with the fact that we were not talking, not seeing each other enough”.

“Hmm, yea I talked with the psychologist about that too”.

“Did he had the answer”?

He laughed, “Did you forget Nick, and he hasn’t gotten the answers just the questions”.

I smiled now as well realising what I had said. “But he has some good questions isn’t it”.

“Yea he has, I am getting there I can feel that but it is hard work”.

“You making progress with him”. Francis asked.

“Slowly but this is something that I don’t think he can help me with, but we will see”.

“You wane talk about it”.

“hmm not yet, maybe later”

“So what do you feel about going back to the university and start up training again”. I asked.

“I don’t know Nick, I would love to as I am more then ever know why I would want to do it but on the other hand I am not sure I could with you not there”.

“So you would want me to come and live with you”.

“No, not if that means that you can’t follow your dream. I would never want to stand in the way of that”.

“Me neither of yours that would make me feel like I am holding you back, made you make a decision that you might regret”.

“What then” I looked at him.

“I don’t know now, really don’t but I am dreading the moment that we need to make some kind of decision”.

“You know I could come over. I can paint and draw where ever I want”.

“No, not without the support of a good teacher in it. I know you are gifted very gifted even but I am sure you are still eager to learn to develop techniques and find new ways to express yourself with it”.

“Not sure I want to though. Not anymore after all that happened”.

“That will pass and you know it”.

“I don’t Francis and that is what is bothering me most. How will it go from now on. I haven’t had any visions so far but what will happen”.

“But you can’t stop. You will deal with it and use it to make your drawing and painting even better”.

I looked at him. I knew he was right, dead right but there was no way that I would leave him on his own, never again, I knew that too.

We got silent again, sitting beside each other cherishing the moment but the air filled with unanswered questions, questions that got to the hard of our feelings.

That night though was the first time that we slept close and snuggle up all night asI didn’t feel him crawl away anymore. I was still careful to touch him but I smiled when I woke up realizing my hand was resting on his stomach, feeling the heat it was generated, the softness of his skin. I didn’t move and turned my head towards him. I had seen him restless in his sleep but I also had seen the improvement over the last few days and felt he was happy and content being there beside me.

During the last session with the psychologist he had asked me if I wanted to do a joined session with Francis. I had been thinking about it for some time now and I guess that it was time to really get to the bottom of this. I was not sure if Francis was ready for it but we needed to face it before we could move on.

‘You are awake early Nick?”

“Just enjoying the view Francis.”

He smiled.

“You were thinking about ……”

“I wasn’t.”

“Oh, yea you were. I can tell you get that very cute expression on your face when you do. Like you want to say something out loud but you just don’t do. Your mouth a little bit open almost like a smile that is starting to form.”

I blushed. “Guitly then I guess.”

“So , what was it?”

“Hmm, did the psychologist ask you to do a joined session too?”

“Hm, yea more or less. He said we would needed to do one in the end.”

“So what do you think?”

“I don’t know Nick, not sure I am ready for that yet. I am still trying to deal with it all.”

“Oh, no problem when ever you ready for it. Just tell him ok. He won’t rush you.”

“You want to then?”

“I might be, yea.”

“Oh, well maybe then.”

“No, Francis not until your ready, ok?”

My mobile phone went off so I turned over to pick it up.

“Nick here.”

“Hi mom, how are you? It is Mom,” I said looking now at Francis.

I heard her say something but I was more distracted by the respons on Francis’s face.

“I will get up and go and have a shower,” he whispered and walked off.

“Sorry Mom what did you say”.

“Yea, I think that would be ok. When?”.

“Oh, I will ask Francis but don’t think it will be a problem. We will be here.”

I hung up as she was in town and wanted to visit that afternoon.

I got up and walked to the shower. I got undressed as I saw movements of Francis through the misty glass of the shower. I smiled and felt how my dick had started to get hard.

I opened the door. Before I could step in though Francis pushed it further open and said “All yours I am done.” I tried to look at him but he picked up his towel and went to his room. I though tabout stepping in the shower but turned around and followed him back to our bedroom.

“Hmm Francis?”

“Yea Nick.”

“You, ok?”


‘Well Mom is visting this afternoon.”

“Good, I was planning to go into to town any way.”

“You are not going to stay around to see her then?”

“No, she is here for you.”

“But she would like to meet you too.”

“Oh, that can wait.”

I thought about pushing it, but it might have been the wrong descion at that point. I knew he was not happy with her but I didn’t realize it was that deep.

“Ok, I will go and have a shower be right back.”

He left before she was there and didn’t come back till later. He said he had run into Brian and Andy and had dinner with them. Not that I doubted his words but still it seems he avoided her for sure.

Not a lot happened over the two weeks that followed as we got closer again slowly. He let me get closer I could feel that but we didn’t talk. I had questions and I am sure he had too but they didn’t surface at all. On the Wednesday, my appointment with the psychologist was going ok. When I was about to leave he said, “Wait you can stay here. We have another session. Francis said he was ready to have the joined session.”

“Oh, ok,”  I wondered though while he hadn’t said anything. When the psychologist saw the surprise on my face he said. “He didn’t tell you?”

“No, not sure why not though.”

“Well a good question to ask then?”

He walked to the door and a moment later Francis got in.

He smiled and said “I am ready.”

“Sit down please Francis. Ok. I have been in favour of a joined session as I think there are things you are not telling each other. I am here to help you, to give safe surroundings. I hope you will keep promises to each other that nothing in here will be repeated to others ok, just like the promise you have from me?”

I nodded and Francis said “Yea of cause.”

It got silent then. Neither of us said anything and when we looked at the psychologist he was just watching his notes. Now what I thought. Normally I would talk and he would say things from time to time. Sometimes he asked questions to clearify stuff or even just to make me think about what I said. But now here with Francis in it.

I looked at Francis, he looked away.

“Hmm guys. I am ok with a joined session and you are paying for it but I think it would be a good idea to make the most out of that time don’t you think?”  He looked now at both of us.

He smiled. “You are all the same, well lets see Nick you had a question you wanted to ask Francis when he got in. Why not start there?”

“Yea ok. Hmm I wanted to ask why he didn’t tell me that he had booked the joined session?”

I looked at the psychologist while saying this.

He smiled again. “Ask him not me Nick.”

I looked now at Francis and repeated my self. “Why didn’t you tell me Francis?”

“Hm, I “ he looked at the psychologist. He let out a long sigh before going on. “I was afraid, afraid you might want to talk about it already.”

“Why, you know how important talking is, you said yourself.”

“I know but not about this Nick. I know that I need to as it involves us but I can’t not about this.”

“Oh, but why now then?”

“I don’t know. I felt like we where sliding again and that I was the reason more then you. I felt I was not making the effort for it. We talked about it last session and I knew this was the right thing to do.”

“So you want to talk but not at home,” I said more with a smile now.


“Good, I don’t mind where we talk as long as we do Francis.” I got my hand close to his arm now and touched it. He moved away a bit.

With that question answered, it got silent again. “Don’t have you any questions for Nick?” the psychologist asked

He blushed.

“Or do you want tell first what we have been talking about it”.

He looked still very nervous. I had been there I had been in the spot light and I knew how he felt about it.

“Let me first otherwise, ok?”

He turned towards me now. I saw the psychologist nodded to go on.

“I know Francis I told you at the hospital most of how we found you. I explained about the visions or better how Mom told me that it was something genetic. You know we have had them as you saw me or better felt my presence when I had them. What I know so far about it is that I can get them when we are somehow at the same moment, emotionally touched and drawn to each other at the same time. It happened as you know a few times”.

“Can you see and hear anything that goes around then?”

“No, I can just see your surroundings and feel how you feel but that is it. Nothing more.”

“Oh, have you had them with others?”

I smiled at that one, “No, only with you my love.” I got a smile back for that one.

“So you only experiences a few times then it might just be those and over with them from now onwards?”

“Well not exactly Francis as some how it helps me to draw and paint as well. Not sure how but Mom told me that her Dad, my Grand Dad had the same powers and had drew a lot. She said it is like he was able to put emotions that he saw into his drawings”.

“You think it works for you the same then?”

“It looks almost like that doesn’t it? You have seen them and it seems most of the reviews about them said that that was part of the astonishing things. So there must be some truth in it. And then there is the competition, the gymnastic ability it seems I suddenly got out of now where. You know what happened. I did those routines that Alexei did. I saw them and copied them, some how that must be part of that same kind of talent that I inherited as well.”

“Hmm, yea that would explain that.”

“So what has that to do with your Mom running off then?”.   I knew that that was one of the questions he had. Not sure if that was the one why he had been avoinding her but it was one I was not sure I could answer. I hadn’t told David about it and not sure I ever would. He seemed to have been ok the last few times. Not that he wanted a lot of contact with her. But I could feel that Kathy for sure but I think even David wanted their son to know their Grand Mother.

This time I took a deep breath. I looked up to him now, our eyes met. “You know we said that the psychologist didn’t had the answers but was able to ask the right questions well you have done just that Francis. It is something that I am still dealing with. Again I could easily say oh it is something that comes along with the vision talent but it is to easy it feels to easy you know.”

“Just tell me if you want, if not it can wait”.

“No, it can’t you know. This all has been part of what has been hanging in between us. It has to be said. Maybe not understood but I know for sure there can’t be no secrets between us. I can’t do that anymore. If we want to move onwards these are things we need to deal with Francis so…, “ I took another deep breath.

“There is something that comes attached with the vision. It seems it is away to control them as it seems there are negative parts that come attached with them. I can asure you so far I have not encountered them but Mom told me that it is not pleasant. To get on any moment a feel of what some one else is feeling, planning or even has done in the past. She said it doesn’t happen all the time but it gets more frequent from the time you start to become, hmm sexual involved”.

Francis wanted to say something. “NO, wait let me go on as I said she found a way to control them. At first she didn’t realize it that happened but it also got her trapped. How, you will soon see. The way to control it, is to go and follow your feelings, act upon them so to say. Mom started to do that a few years after I was born and before she realized she was trapped, trapped in the net of the organization. She had told some one she trusted about her visions and it seemed he had been the wrong person to do that. She learned her lesson but couldn’t get out anymore”.

“So what did she do then, on what feeling this she act?” he asked. I was not sure but some part in his tone of voice told me that he knew as there was a slight tremble in it.

I waited not sure what words to use for it. I looked at the psychologist who had been very quite, he nodded as to encourage me to tell. I had told him which ended in me feeling a lot happier with it as it had helped to put past feelings on its place.

“You know I love you Francis, but, well you know we talked about it before. I can be turned on, not a little bit but enormous when I get humiliated, you know sexual, like with Mike or the doctors. Not sure the pain stuff but the humiliation like the one time I went with you all shopping for those gymnastic outfit, well that was just one bit turn on. I wanked that evening at least 3 times”.  I stopped as I waited for a response.

It seems they are part of the visions as how they connect with each other I don’t know, Mom doesn’t know but it seems they do. It seems to make them less heavy or so. But at least for Mom it meant she was able to deal with it. But also how they got her into their grip. She couldn’t get out without hurting Dad and when they found out about the visions they would not let her go any more. She got out before they would use us to blackmail her as she didn’t want to bring us in danger”.

“Hm,, have you ever acted on them, needed to do that?”.  He asked looking confused

“No, never as I said I never had them until the ones since you got kidnapped but you know I was turned on by what Mike did as I told you. Well it seems that is all part of the vision talent as well. It is something I, maybe even we have to deal with as I am afraid that it is not something to go away”.

 “What do you expect me to do then Nick?”

“Nothing you don’t want and nothing that is dangerous. Just be open and try to understand.”

“Maybe I can help her, Francis,” the psychologist interjected as, “Although this is something between the two of you, it is also something that I can shed some light on. At first when Nick told about his feelings. We explored them and came to the conclusion that just like all people have their turns ons and turn offs this was his. Some call it a fetish I just call it part of the stimulation that gets you off. There are people thinking that those kind of turn ons and turn offs are some how connected with their upbring and surroundings of that. I am sure that there has to do be something genetic as well. Now with the story of his Mom it seems to confirm my thoughs about it and we have been discussing that lately.  You understand that?”

“Yea I can relate to that. So no problem but …”

“Ok, let me finish Francis. Now you wonder if you need to do something if Nick needs to feel and be unlawfull to you or even if you need to take part in it. That is not the case, like with other turn ons or turn offs it is good as they are in the open but no need for them to act upon as long as both partners know them. They might use them in their relationship but there is no need for it. How it will go with you, is something you will learn, you will find out. As long as you keep talking about it. And I know you both know how important it is to talk about stuff.”

“So where does that leave us know then?”

“I would say a lot closer to understanding. As long as you are open to each other.”

“You ok with it then Nick?” he asked.

“I don’t know Francis. I just know now where to place it, deal with it as you might want to say. Not easy but at least I don’t need to wonder about it. As I said I could make it easy with that and just act on it or something like that but that is not me. I think you know that. It is still something I feel, something I need to be open about and sometimes confront it helps to deal with it and live our lives with it. You see?” I said looking into his eyes.

He didn’t answer, he didn’t look away either but their was doubt in his eyes.

I was afraid to disturb the silence there was as I knew what would be said was going to be important and I was afraid to let that moment go.

“I don’t know if I can?” he said with a trembling voice.

I touched his arm again to let him know he would not be alone to do this. He didn’t move away anymore this time.

“Francis, maybe this is the time to tell why, you know what you talked about it last time,” the psychologist said.

“I know, but “he let out a sigh. “You are so much futher Nick, I am not there yet. Not sure I will ever be able to get it past you know. But ok, I guess I can tell you some of it at least.”

He looked at me and said, “Please don’t interrupt me as not sure I can do this otherwise.”

I smiled and said, “Ok, love.”

“I am afraid Nick. So afraid. I was shocked to shocked to deal with when it all happened. I was lost and most of the times that is still how I feel, lost. You know, oh yea you know it is so difficult to even find to believe that they can control you like that. In a sexual way I mean. .. I “

So that was it, he hadn’t believed it could happen and now he found the need to some how get to grips with it. Would I be able to help him with this?

“I now realise what it must have been for you, it is incredible that some how some one can so easily do so much to you that you get stimulated and are able to cum even if your mind is saying no, don’t. I tried to fight it, oh yea I did till the end. I guess that was partly lucky as well as otherwise I would never have lost that competition. I knew I would have been aloud to go with Randy but I lost oh so many times, and each time it happened I felt I betrayed you. But I couldn’t help it. Oh I know they used stimulants, a lot maybe even but that didn’t matter that my mind couldn’t deal with it. I think since then I have gone through all the several emotions that go with it anger at me, at them but I think I have to be honest as some things really got to me and turned me on. I guess part of me has found a few of the turn ons and turn offs as you say. But I am mad in the way I had to find out. You know it is not something that they can just force onto you. It is shocking and ….. well I don’t know. I am not sure if I can ever do stuff like that again. Even sex it is come all so shallow, so unpersonal. So much part of the body, like my mind had and has nothing to do with it”.  A tear started to run over his cheeks.

I moved closer and layed my arm around his shoulders.

“Is that what it was before this all happened. All the things we did, the quality time we spend?” I asked him.

“No, but I am so much afraid that I have lost that feeling. That I can’t connect the two together anymore.”

He looked at me now. I gave him a smile “We will, we will find that together again.”

“I quess I am just afraid I won’t be able to anymore. As I said the experience was quite shocking and I am not sure I can trust myself to feel anymore.”

“As we spoke about Francis, you will you will have to give it time,” The psychologist said.

“It took time for me too Francis, remember. I had lost some of that too and it took the European holiday to get it back.”

“I know, but not sure how you did it though.”

“Trust. I trusted you and trusted your love for me. I guess somewhere inside me I know I could trust the feeling of my love for you too.”

“But …. You never afraid you would become like your Mom then?”

I looked at him, surprised at his question. Now I knew something about my Mom had been bothering him. I just didn’t know what. It seem that was the next point to deal with. Not sure I wanted to as there was still a lot of uncertainty in that subject for myself.

“What do you mean, become like Mom?”

‘Un attached from her love. Letting her lust take over and leave those who she loved. Getting other people involved in the same and so mislead them into a false path of body and lust”.

“You think that is what happened with her and why she did it”.

“I don’t know Nick. I just know what I saw at that place and you saw only the light stuff, there was more, more then I even might be able to tell you. She might not have been involved, no let me rephrase that. What you told me about Damion is what makes me believe that if she really is up to something then she would have prevented that to happen already.”

I stared at him. I hadn’t touched that subject with Mom yet but it has been on my list. Knowing her she would have said probably it is none of your business but still, he had a point there. Not sure how deep she had been in, but I was sure that she never did anything to stop it neither.

“Oh, hmm I don’t know Francis I truly don’t and it is one of the questions I have for her, not sure she will answer them. But I don’t know. I quess I just want to get to know her again and then sees where it all goes”.

“Not sure I can Nick, or at least not for a long time. She is connected to what happened and even talking about it now makes me feel full with rage and anger towards her so I think that is one of those topics that we can see, yea it is in the open but we need to approche it carefully. For now I don’t need to meet her or to get to know her.”

“You don’t want me to ….”.

“Shsss Nick, no if that is what you want to do, go ahead. Get to know her again. Just don’t expect me to do that for some time. Maybe in the end I might, that is if you still want me to, then.”

“You don’t think she will stay around that she is trying to be a Mother again”.

“No, I don’t think she will as I think she can’t she is not able anymore. I have seen people there that can’t Nick. They don’t feel anymore, they just act.”

I looked at him shocked. He was pretty much asure of it. No doubt in his voice, his face, his body language at all. I looked at the psychologist “Is that possible?”

“Yea it happened. The people that Francis described to me more or less were having all the symptoms. Not sure your Mom is like that but then she might be I don’t know. But it does exist.”

I closed my eyes. It all brought a new perspective on it. I guess my eyes had been closed for that part of it all. I was just happy that she had come back and that we had found Francis because of that. The rest, the anger, etc. that I had felt had gone because of what she had gone through, but now, I didn’t know, I just didn’t know.

“Take your time Nick as we spoke off your relationship with your Mom is not easy. Not after what had happened and as you said a few meetings ago it depends more on her actions in the future then what happened in the past. That will make it clear to you if you can trust her or not and that is only up to you and to no one else”.

“He is right about that Nick. I am not want to pressure you or do something you don’t want to. It is up to you. I just want you to know that your Mom is for now to close connected to what happened with me and that is something I am not able yet to separate. I might not even be able to do that at all”.

“Ok, but where does that leave us then?” I said as he had brought up a major point so far, two points I was not sure how we could deal with.

“Where we were before you silly. Just that we talked about it now. I know what you have been doing for the last 2 weeks. I know when you placed your hand for the first time during the night on my belly. It felt good. No it felt wonderfull and safe. So you are doing the right things. You are making me feel less afraid little by little. It is going to take time we both know that. You have been there and we got there in the end. Now it is me, you are doing all the things you need to do. I am taking my little steps and although my mind knows all of this my heart has more trouble with what I feel.”

“What about Mom then?”

“That I don’t know. You must go on with what ever you want as long as for now you leave me out of it. Maybe when we get this a bit more behind us I might want to talk with her but not now, ok?”

I looked up at the psychologist. He smiled and then started laughing when I saw that Francis just did the same. When he got it under control and saw that there were smiles on our lips as well he said, “You are so the same you know, so different but most of the times you act so much the same. But I guess this is it for now. You guys keep talking like this to each other, be open and upfront and you will go away from all this as a much stronger individuals and couple then before it all.”

“Thanks for the session I guess,” I said to him as we stood up to shake hands.

“Oh, I think you can have one on your own next time. As long as you did what you did in here and talk, honestly. I didn’t do that much at all.”

“I don’t think so, not sure I would have been able to do this without you to be honest,”Francis said.

“I know that is what the private session are for but be honest Francis does it feel a lot better now you told Nick. Now he knows what you are afraid of what you are dealing with?”

He looked at me. “Yea I guess it does.”

“Well keep that in mind next time you have difficulties to tell him something. Don’t walk away as face up to it and you will feel better afterwards for it.”

“I guess that might help.”

“Ok, you guys have a good weekend and see you next week for your private sessions.”

“Bye doc and thanks,” I said with a smile.

“So what are we going to do now Francis?”

“Oh, I know what I want, lets get home”

When we got home he took me straight to our bedroom.  Come down here and sit on the bed with me. I sat beside him.

He got closer and kissed me on my cheek. “Thanks for being here Nick. Without you this would almost impossible to deal with. Now lets get undressed.”

I saw that he got his t-shirt off. I had seen his body in the hospital but it had gained now a bit more and even some of his muscles had returned from the working out he had been doing. I did the same and got my t-shirt off. Just when I was about to pull it over my head I could feel one of his hands going over my body. I pulled it off and threw it on the ground. A moment later he got his hands on my zipper and lowered it. He unbuttoned it and pushed me up. My trousers fell on the ground. Now standing in a nice white boxerbrief I sat back down. He got my hand and pulled it towards his zipper. I understood what he wanted. I could feel the electricity going through me while opening his zipper my hand touched a very hard dick. I opened the button. Francis now pushed his hips up and lowered his trousers, reveiling a dark blue brief. Not big but just the size to hold in his big wood. He now moved onwards on the bed and lay down on the pillow. His hand softly touching the matrass making sure I knew where he wanted me.

I got beside him. He put his arm wide out, I got my head on it. He pushed his hand down now close over my shoulder again. My head rested on his shoulder feeling the warmed of his chest, the sound of his heart, peacefull giving away the rhythm of life.

I wanted to say something but just didn’t know what, nor did I want to break what felt like a fragile moment. “Nice, safe,” Francis whispered. I stayed there relaxed and happy to be close again with my love.

Much, much later Francis told me that had been the first night he had slept again without having a dream or night mare disturbing him. Oh, he had him afterwards again but this was the first time he didn’t.

chapter 20

chapter 18

I was lost though as that was a possibility as Mom had told us, they where hard and they didn’t want to be found out, they where making to much money to risk it all. Emotions came rolling over me again. I started to feel nauseous, my stomach turned around. I put my head in between my legs to see if that would help.

I could here William say “you ok Nick”. But there was something that prevented me to answer. Another vision I thought and I slowly opened my eyes, afraid I was right, afraid I was wrong at the same time.

I saw Francis again. He was lying in a bed. I saw he was opening his eyes slowly. He had several tubes on him and I could see that he was in pain. I guess that is why the connection was there again all of a sudden. I think at that point Francis saw me again he smiled and I think he whispered “I am ok, come Nick”.

Then the link was broken, the vision faded and the surrounding of the café came back to me.

“You ok Nick” I heard William ask again.

“Yea, thanks, just let me a few minutes and I will be ok. Can you get me some water to drink”?

William got up to get me some water.

I looked at Damion. “What was that Nick. I saw that with Mom a few times”.

‘Ok, well ask her then next time you see her promise me” I said.

“I will”.

“But before now, I can’t explain to William what just happened. I know that Francis and probably Randy are ok. But could you put up your phone pretending you are calling some one and then when William is back and heard a few lines hang up and tell us that they are not in the hands of the organisation”.

“Yea, I can do that. Are you sure they are fine”.

I smiled at him and said “Yea, they are ok, not sure where but ok”.

“Ok, let me do that then”.

He got his phone and pretended to have a call.

“Who is he phoning” William asked when he got back.

“His Dad” I said hoping that Damion would here that”.

When he had hanged up he looked at us. “Sorry guys but he is sure that they are not there. He said they where franticly looking for them. It also means now that they know they are not safe with us yet”.

“You told him that”, William asked.

“No but he is smart enough to come to that conclusion”.

“Ok, so now what”.

“Hospitals I would say. They better go and look to see if they got hurt somehow and are in a hospital”.

“That is probably the next thing to do yea. I will give my boss a call and inform him”.

“Tell him to call the hospitals” I said a gain more pushy.

William looked at me “Ok, I will do that”.

He walked a bit away to make the phone call.

“You going to be ok Damion” I asked concerned. He was still my brother and he had a rough time dealing with all this. I know I would have been at his age.

He looked at me. “I don’t know I have a lot of anger in me towards every body. You opened my eyes. Yesterday you know I went to them and asked if I could quit being a manager and Master that I needed to go to a university and develop myself, find my real skills. They then said I had found them already and that they needed me. I pushed some more until I think I reached the edge, they wanted me in their power they said they would tell any new friends I made who I was that was easily done with pictures and stuff by e-mail or post. I knew then that they weren’t the friendly helpful people that I though they were. You taken my blind off and now I am not sure who I can trust”.

“I know this will take time Damion. Do you know what you are going to do now”?

“Not sure but I will get away from all of this”.

“If you need help let me know yea. I have been going to a good shrink over the last 3 years and he helped me quite a lot. I have had a lot to deal with as well, live has not been as easy as you might think. Just type in my name in Google and you will find some articles about what happened ok. I can’t tell you now but you might want to read up on it in the future”.

He looked at me with more peace now. “I might, but for now I need to sort this out”.

“Ok, just stay in contact from time to time and ask Mom yea there is more to it and I think she is more then happy to tell you now your eyes are opened’.

“I will Nick, I will, Thanks brother” he stood up and we hugged. I could feel him start to tremble a bit and I think some tears where running.

“Thanks” he said again and walked away. I looked after him to see where he was going. I felt sorry for him and I hoped that he would find some friends to help him. I knew that I would have wanted to be one of them but I understood that that was too early. Maybe in the future.

I turned my eye to William and saw that he was still on the phone. I opened mine and called Dad. I was not sure if they would follow my advice so I needed some more pressure from another side on them to go and search through the hospitals.

“HI Dad”.

“HI Nick, some news already”.

“Yea, I think they are in hospital. They must have had an accident or so”.

“You are sure about that”.

‘Yea I am Dad”.

“Ok, I will tell the detectives to search all of them. Let me know when they are found”.

“I will”.

I hanged up when I saw that William walked back to me.

“They are going to check hospitals, police stations etc to see if they can be found ok”.

“Sounds like a plan”.

“Damion left”?

“Yea, he did”.

“He looked like a very troubled young men. I hope he can find some rest somewhere”.

“He will, he will need time to sort this all out”.

“So we are going back to the hotel”.

“Yea lets do that, we can diverse our plans fast enough when we know where they are”.

It didn’t take more then 30 minutes before the phone call came that they where found. We got into the car and drove up to the hospital.

We were met at the entry by William’s boss.

“How are they doing” I asked straight off.

“Not sure we know they are here we haven’t asked how they are doing yet as we knew you would be here soon. Randy is in room 212 and Francis in 428”.

“Ok, let’s go and find out then”.

I was scared that although Francis had smiled at me in the vision something serious had happened to them, also Randy was in a different place then Francis was not the same ward. I though about it and then decided that I wanted to see Randy first. No that is wrong I didn’t want to see Randy first I needed to see him first. I wanted to go to Francis straight off, but Randy deserved it to go first to him. When we got to his room there was a man standing outside, he greeted William and his boss.

“You are safe guarding them”. I asked William.

“Yea there will be full time at least one person at their doors and about another 5 or so will watch the area’s around it”.

“Good” I said.

I opened the door not sure what to expect. I then felt how William followed me. I looked back at him. “It is ok to go in with you. I always have wanted to meet Randy”.

Oh and admirer I thought. “Yea come on” I said.

I turned around and moved forward into the room.

I saw the bed beside the window. It was a private room, he was there alone. I moved closer. He must have heard something as he opened his eyes. His smile got bigger and bigger by the second when he saw me. “Nick, at last. I have lost my phone so I couldn’t contact you. I didn’t know the number and so far they didn’t let me use a general phone either. They want me to stay in bed for the time being, but you are safe, I am so happy. How is Francis”?  A rupture of words left his mouth as he was almost afraid to stop.

“He is upstairs, I haven’t visited him yet, but he smiled earlier so I think he is ok”.

“You had another vision, is that how you found us”.  I looked over my shoulder as William must have heard me. He looked surprised at me.

“Yea I had. I will go up to him in a moment”.

“Ok, so you know what happened then”.

“No, idea Randy”.

“Well it was very stupid Nick. We where crossing a street when a truck went through red and hit the two of us. I think that Francis had some bone fractures and for me it was more or less only internal injuries. I have been operated on for several hours”.

“Oh, ok, but you will be ok”.

“Yea, they closed it all up, with a few scares is all that will be left of it”.

“That is good to hear. When are you aloud to go out”?

“Oh not for a week or so”.

“Well we will stay around for some time”.

“Maybe you can ask them if they can bring Francis in here too. I didn’t do that because I was not sure what was wrong with him exactly”.

“I will be back, let me get to Francis and then I can ask them”.

“Ok, and Nick, be careful with him, he has been through a lot”.

I smiled, “I will. I have been there before you know”.

“I know but we all respond different to it”.

“See you Randy”.

I said. “You going along” I asked William who had been more standing at the door.

“No, he is staying” Randy shouted from the back. I smiled when I saw William blush and move forward slightly.

“Ok, see you in a bit then”.

I got out and started to walk upstairs. Now accompanied bye William’s boss.

I swallowed before I entered into the room.

“Go on, you will be ok” William’s boss said.

I opened the door and looked inside, there were more beds in there but only one was occupied.

“I don’t want to be bothered and I don’t want any food so please go” Francis said. He was lying with his back towards the door so he hadn’t seen who entered.

I decided to move closer to him before saying anything. When I was almost at the side of the bed he said. “I can still feel you are in here now get out”. With those last words he turned so he could look over his shoulder.

“Nick, oh Nick “and with that he started crying.

As you can imagine my tears where not that far away either. I bend forward so that I more or less could hug him.

We stayed a bit for that then he pushed me away a bit.

“Let me go and sit up a bit more”.

He got up a bit more and I was able to take a good look at him in the meantime. He had lost weight, he was always a very trim, muscle guy with not a lot of fat but now he had lost most of the fat he still had and his muscles had definitely gone a bit as well.

When he was sitting more straight up in the bed, he looked up to me.

“I am sorry Nick, I should have been there with you then nothing of this had happened”.

“Schuss Francis, I don’t think that would have made a lot of difference you know”.

“Oh yea it would I am so sorry for making the wrong choose, I regretted that Saturday evening already. I should have been there you know”.

“I think we are both to blame Francis I was not very nice last time I was with you either”.

“Oh but that was because of me not willing to come over”.

“Maybe but there might have been more. I think I was feeling very selfish at that moment; just like you was when you stayed behind for the opening”.

“Yea, I guess that was the case”.

“You ok Francis”.

“Now you are here I will be, it will take time, but I think you know about that”.

“Yea, I am sorry that you have to find that as well”.

“Well it is an experience. But I was happy that you walked in, at first though I thought you where kidnapped as well”.

“I saw that on your face Francis. But it is good that Randy could talk with you that fast. Can you tell me what happened though when you walked out of the club? Did you got out easily with the mask”?

“Yea not a problem at all. They had down that Randy came in with his slave so he would leave with one as well. In the meantime we had been going to a room for some ‘play’. We where nervous though and we didn’t know if you and Damion had gotten out”.

“No problem with that although, well I have to tell you later what happened back in the hotel room. So what happened when you got out then”?

“Very stupid of us I must admit. I think Randy agrees with me. We where very nervous about being followed or getting out. We used the strategy that Randy had gotten from the detectives to do a few fast bus/metro changes to get us out there as fast as could. In one of those changes we thought we where followed and we rushed out of one bus to the metro station without noticing that at that point the lights changed. So when we where in the middle a big truck came through and we where hit on the side. I got more bone injuries and Randy more internal ones it seems”.

“Yea, so you never saw it coming then”.

“No, not for a minute there”.

He looked at me, I got closer and we shared another hugs. I had found him again, I could smell him, and I knew then and there that I would never let him go to far again. We belonged together for sure.

We where in a hug for a long time, only being disturbed by William’s boss again when he scratched his throat behind us.

“Hmm, not sure we could stay this long Nick. It is outside visiting hours”.

“I don’t care” I said.

“I know but Francis needs his rest”.

“But, there is so much more to talk about”.

“You can later, maybe even better when he is brought down to the same room as Randy”.

“Is that possible” Francis said.

“Yea I think we should be able to manage that. It might be even easier to get visit hours arranged as well”.

“Ok, go then Nick and I will see you when they moved me. Just don’t pester them to much if that is going to take a few hours ok”.

I looked at him. He looked so vulnerable but still so strong in his voice, trying to convince me. I gave him a smile and nodded. “But I will be back in tops two hours if you are moved or not”.

“That is fine, then it should be visiting hours again” William’s boss said.

As soon as the door was closed I looked at him.

“Why was that? Why did you come in”?

“Because, well because they are going to move him in the next hour or so. We arranged that already and also because we need to make a few arrangements and I need you for that too. I want to ask you what we need to do about Damion. If we are fast we might catch him”.

“Hmm, William told you what happened”.

“Yea, you didn’t think he was that stupid did you”.

“Nothing, he is coming around and it will take time to deal with it, but I trust him to get there. I just want to make sure that he knows that we are here to help if needed”.

“Ok, we can do that. We can even keep an eye on him if you want”.

“That might not be a bad idea. I will make sure Mom knows that we can help as well”.

“Good idea”.

“So what was the other business you needed me for”?

“Well we are about to enter their world and tell them you are all safe. Tell them that we never want them to even get close to either of you or we will have to make public all the evidence we have against them and their customers. But I thought you might have changed your mind and wanted to go after them legally anyway”.

“No, I think we had enough. We just need to make sure that we limit their activities to old enough ones and only if it is done out of free will. No one is aloud to get hurt over this anymore”.

“Hmm, not sure we can do that you know. That is a lot to ask. There is also very limited way to control on it”.

“I see, what do you suggest then”.

“I am not sure; we could give it a try. We are still not sure who is behind all of this there might be a few surprises in their and if that is the case then who knows but at the time being I would say secure your safety is one and we can see what we can do more. I think that is going to take some time as well to get that done anyway”.

“Ok, let’s do that, secure our safety and then see what else is possible. Your Dad also asked you to phone him”.

“Ok, I will”.

Over the next 30 minutes I was on the phone with Dad. I explained what had happened. He had found us another room close to the hospital. It had been secured now so if I wanted a rest I could. He wanted to come down but I said I was ok and didn’t need him at that point. I knew he had more then enough work to help the detectives to get this deal done. I asked him to tell Mom that she needed to make sure Damion knew we where there to help. So all in all a productive hour.

I did look around to see if William’s boss was still there but he had gone. I made my way down to Randy’s room again and was happy to find that they had moved Francis to it.

“So back together again now, I think I will better leave” William said. “I am sure there are things you want to discuss”.

“But you will stay close bye for protection right” Randy said with a smile.

I saw another blush of William but he was more forward this time with his answer. “Of cause Mr Harrison all for your protection and pleasure”.

“Good, I want to see more of you later”. Randy said. William totally unprepared for that smiled, blushed and rushed out of the room at the same time.

“Are you teasing him Randy or”. … I started.

“Oh don’t worry Nick” Francis started “I think it was more then teasing. You should have seen when the nurse came in a moment ago to take his blood pressure. She said it was up and running. Randy was hard from what ever had going on before they brought me in here”.

“Shut up Francis”.

I laughed now at Randy.

“So, Nick tells me you did find us because of another vision”.

“Vision” Francis said. He looked at me carefully.

chapter 19

chapter 17

It got silent.

“I think everyone has found their partner or at least every one who wanted to play this afternoon. We are going to have a little shoot out competition as you know. Which master can bring the slave the fastest to his highpoint? The first 4 are allowed to cum, the others not. Then after that the four will have some fun as well. So have fun”.

“You better make sure you are one of the first to come brother otherwise I won’t be able to help at all”.

He started to rub through my briefs, then took them off and started masterly manipulate my dick, it got harder and harder and then I already felt it cum, he stopped yelled “CUM” and then it started to spurt out of my dick. I had been the first. But when I was still enjoying the aftermath of my orgasm I heard how Francis did the same as Randy joined in and shouted “CUM”.

Not sure how this was all going to be solved. It seemed as Damion had a plan though. We were still walking around in our briefs, some of the cum that had dribbled out had stained it a bit but not to bad. I tried to get closer to Randy and Francis but somehow Damion prevented that from happening. After about an half hour the announcer came back again. “Ok we are ready for the final bit of this afternoon’s pleasure. As always it involves a bit of a show done this afternoon bye the four winners of earlier on.  Now as you have all hooked up with different slaves the next bit will or might be rewarding to make it into a good show. All Masters agreed that the winner and the loser of the 4 are entitled to leave together as a pair and have some more or less fun. The one winning with more, the one loosing with less fun. That last one is done in your own private situation as long as an account of the proceedings is published tomorrow on our website as usual. So now on how to decide who is going for the fun and who for the other kind of fun” he said with a big laughter.

“First of all the 4 slaves are going to put a mask on. They are not aloud to see any of what is going on. Today’s final game has to do with weight lifting. We are going to see who can handle the most weight. So please masters go ahead and start making the preparations”.

A moment later I could feel that Damion was doing something with my balls. I had been wondering about the weight lifting but now I knew what it was going to be and I was not sure I was going to like it at all.

“So the winner is the one that can handle the most weight, the looser is going to be the last one to shoot with it”.

I waited in anticipation. I knew at least what was coming. I worried about Francis as I was sure he had no idea how it would feel, or well he might have had it done to him down here before.  I felt how weights where put on the cord and pain were shooting through my balls. I felt how Damion pushed them a bit and they where starting to swing.

“If you think Francis can cum fast with his balls tied down you better loose this one, if not you better make sure you keep this up for a bit”.

“I was not sure if Francis would cum from pain. I knew I had in the past. I better would do my best to keep this up as I suspected it would be easier for Francis not to cum at all with the pain”.

“No talking” the announcer yelled from beside us.

I felt how more weights where added. I also heard some moaning coming from beside me. I had no idea if I had more or less on my balls so I had to keep this in check. I wanted to win. Damion in the meantime had done some more swinging of them. Not nice at all. Then more and more weights where hanging on to it. I lost count of them but when the next one came around I screamed it out as it was a lot that was added all in all. But still I managed to keep standing up. I had heard some sounds and cries coming from beside it gotten quieter though. Then an wow came out of the room. I was not sure well not for a moment but then another weight was put on and this increased the pain a lot. It must have been a very heavy one.

‘We got a winner” the announcer said.

“It seems our new participant is really good at this. You are the winner of this all. But can you become the looser at the same time as it won’t be easy to cum with so much weight on them. So here we go start wanking the slave’s, Masters”.

I felt how my still hard dick was now taken by Damion’s, my brothers hand I thought. But the pain on my balls helped to get me going as in a minute I erupted cum all over the place, despite the fact I had come just a moment before as well.

After another 2 minutes or so more erupters happened and the announcer said. “It seems that our looser can’t even get hard. He sucks as a slave I would say”.

I hoped it would be Francis. I waited to see what would happen now.

“Masters, you can take the weights off, but keep the masks on they look cute in it”.

I felt how Damion started to remove the weights and with the blood returning to my balls also the pain increased for a moment.

“So now what we won” I said to Damion when I started to be able to speak again.

“It will mean that with Randy lost and we won that we are aloud both to go with our slaves to have some fun. So behave do as told and we will get out of here”.

“Can I talk with Francis”?

“No and why would you to start with as just wait”.

We mingled for a little bit and I was happy that Randy had found me again at one point. ‘Sir what is going to happen now”?

“Be patient Nick, you done well up there I am proud but you will have to leave with Damion in a moment. I will then leave a bit later with Francis, hopefully out of here”.

“You think that will work then. They will know he was with you and that he is one of theirs so not aloud to leave the room”.

“We hope that the masks will do the trick Nick”.

“I hope so too”.

“Damien is behaving”.

“As far as you can expect from a little brother I said with a chuckle”.

“Now don’t start to get naughty” Randy said.

“I won’t, I better get back to Damion, say “Hi” to Francis from me”.

“I will don’t worry”.

Damion got back to me a little later.

“OK time for us to go. Normally the masks are left here but I will say that we want some fun with it later onwards so I think I will get away with that. We will go back to your hotel room for some fun, then I will leave brother and not sure I will see you then again”.

I was a bit surprised by these last words. We got out to the front door. I got dressed and was able to go out without a problem. Damion explained about the mask and they said to him have fun. IT all went very very smooth I must say.

When we got back to the hotel room he said. “Now get undressed again”.

“What, get undressed Nick now”.

“No way, I am waiting for Randy and Francis”.

“Shut up” he walked towards the bathroom, turned the tabs on and then the radio which was in the bedroom it self.

“You want to fuck this up brother then go ahead. I am not sure why you are with that Randy and how you can be a slave but you better behave. We will need to play this out and that means I have to be rough on you, they know I am a rough Master, they learned me” he said with a bit of a sigh. “So sorry but you have to keep this up for about another hour then I will leave”.

 I saw anger in his eyes; I started to get frightened now. I slowly removed my clothes. He had lowered the radio but kept the bath on. “Hurry boy”.

 He then pushed me hard against a wall. “Stay still, don’t move and scream as much as you can”.

Before I knew it he hit me 4, 5 times in the guts, then once in my face and he ended with 4 direct hits at my balls. I screamed all right, quite hard. I tried to protect my balls and with my hands but he pushed them away and bound them together.

I got more punches. I think after a few more I lost conscience looking back not nice but a lot nicer then raping me as that was something at least he hadn’t done. I found some spurs of his cum on my face though when I came around again. He was gone. Why he had done it no idea. I stood up, slowly but with every move my balls just hurtled too much. I climbed on the bed and stayed down there for a moment. Then as a sudden flash it hit me Randy, Francis were were they? I though for a moment about ringing Randy but I though not from this room. I will go downstairs have dinner and then give Randy a ring.

I was trying to be patient but the moment my orders where taken I got my mobile phone out and dialled Randies number. No answer though, I started to get nervous, where were they I thought?

I tried it several more times during dinner he didn’t answer his phone.

Around 8 pm I had dialled a hundred times or so, but no response. I was about to go back to the club but I knew that that would be wrong as well. Now what I thought. I saw only one solution to it and that was not a pleasant one. I had to call my Dad.

“Nick is that you” was the first thing what he said when he answered the phone.

“Yea it is me”.

“Good at last, I had hoped you would call us as soon as you got out of there”.

“So you knew what was going on”.

“Yea, not happy with it though but we will talk later about that. Now question is Randy there with you”.

“No, and I have been trying to call him for the last 3 hours now but he is not answering. I haven’t seen him anymore since I left with Damion together”.

“Damned” he said.

“Why Dad”.

“Well the detectives lost him somehow when he got out of the club and they have tried to find him but they can’t get to him either. So they called me in the hope you would call”.

“We didn’t want to call you as we had no idea where you were and if we would interrupt something”.

“No, I am fine, outside the hotel room though”.

“Well don’t go back there anymore. Try another hotel if you want. I can pay for it from down here. But what ever you do don’t go back. We are not sure where Francis and Randy are. They might even being kidnapped again”.

“But they got out alright then”.

“Yea that is what the detectives saw but when they tried to follow them out of security reasons they lost them”.

“Strange, why haven’t they called then yet or are they answering his mobile”.

“I don’t know. I will give the detectives a ring and see what to do next ok. Keep your phone on though and look in the meantime for a new hotel”.

I hanged up. Now what is going on I thought what is happening. Where they being captured again. I looked around to see if I was followed or not. We had talked about some shaking off tactics but I was not sure if I could do them on my own. For the next 30 minutes I changed busses, metros and I even went in a train and back again to where I started in the hope that I lost any one that might have been following. I ended up just a few blocks away from the club and found a hotel. I was about to go and call my Dad again when the phone rang. I looked and saw it was Dad.

“And” I said anxious.

“Well still no news son but it seems that during the last 30 minutes or so the increase in security in the club has doubled, hardly any one gets in or out so I think they are on to us. Now we just have to find Randy and Francis then we can confront the top of this organisation in leaving us all alone”.

“You think that will work. Well with the information about the club the people we have seen going on I think it will but we have to wait and see”.

“So what do the detectives want me to do then”?

“Did you find another hotel? Yea I am standing in front of one”.

“Good, send me the name in a sms message in a moment and I will give them a ring to book you a room. Then I am going to give you the name and phone number of one of the detectives or his assistants and they will come to you ok”.

“Yea, but hurry”.

“Just stay calm Nick, don’t worry too much”.

Easier said then done I thought. I send him the sms message and a few minute later I got confirmation of the booking. I checked in and got myself a room. Then I called the number of the detective that I got.

“Hello” he answered.

“This is Nick” I said carefully.

“Hi there Nick I was awaiting your call where are you”.

I told him the address and he said he was close by and would be there in about 15 minutes.

“Are you sure you were not followed?”  He asked before hanging up.

“Yea, I have done the bus, metro, train routine for 30 minutes so I think that was enough. I doubt it though that I was followed in the first place. I haven’t been in the hotel for hours so I think I was ok to start with”.

“Well with these guys you better make sure three times before that you are right about that one”.

Some time later there was a nock on the door. I looked through the whole and saw a youngish guy standing in front of it. Not the detective I had expected to be honest. I got careful as I was not sure that was the detective to start with. So I got my phone and sms him to put the card under the door if he was standing in front of it. I saw him picking up the phone and reading the message. A smile appeared on his face and he bended over to push something underneath the door.

I picked it up an read: William Stockridge, private eye. Well that was enough I thought so I opened the door and welcomed him in.

“Sorry for that but I just wanted to be sure you where who I thought you might have been”.

“No, that is very good. I am William by the way”.

“Yea I read that, I am Nick, welcome here”.

“Thanks, now tell me what happened in the club”.

I started to tell him what had happened inside.

“I will only do the more important bits yea not the details”.

He blushed and then said. “I know some of it any way but yea that is fine Nick, just everything that had to do with what Brian and Francis said and what they did when you left”.

I went through it and he scribbled down a lot of notes. “Ok thanks for that, I know that must not have been easy”.

“Well not to difficult. I am starting to get used to it I guess”.

“There should be no need for that Nick. But at least it gives us a good idea what happened. I am going to ring my boss and see what he thinks, but so far as I can tell our plans worked out quite fine, now we just need to find them”.

He phoned his boss and talked with him on the other side of the room. He looked at his notes several times. After about 10 minutes or so he hanged up. I looked at him and said.

“So now what”.

“Well he will talk with the other detectives and if we will need to do something they will let us know. I think they are going to try to see if they can get in contact with Damion. You don’t have his phone number do you”.

“No, I haven’t”.

“That is ashame as out of what you told us I think he tried to get out of it and it backfired. We know he talked with his mom earlier today but we are not sure where he is now in or out of the organisation”.

“Ah, so we just wait then”.

“Yea, it might be a good idea to get even some sleep. I haven’t had a lot and I don’t think that unless Randy contacts either one of us there won’t be a lot we can do for the next several hours”.

Sleep, here together I thought. I saw that he was starting to take his sweater off, a beginning of more I thought. I looked him over, he was very attractive I must admit that but I felt very strange to get undressed with him in the same room.

When he had done his t-shirt (and oh that upper body looked good indeed) and turned around to do his pants he saw me looking at him.

“I am sorry but I can’t sleep with my clothes on, is this going to make you uncomfortable”, he asked.

“Hm, no sorry I was just taking a bit by surprise” I answered.

“Well don’t worry I am going to keep my underwear on. I hope you don’t mind sleeping in one bed though. I promise to stay on my side”.

I had been afraid he was going to be uncomfortable with me being around but it seems he was more worried with the other way around. I followed him and started to undress as well. When I got to my trousers I realised that I was wearing quite skimpy underwear. I hadn’t had a chance to change when I had gotten back to the hotel, all my clothes where still there.

I decided to bite the bullet and got my trousers off. He had walked to the bed and sat down on it. He then looked at me just when I was folding up my trousers.

‘Hmm looking good though” he said with a smile.

“You are gay then” I asked him now bringing my suspicion into the open.

“Yes, I thought you knew’.

“No, I didn’t”.

“Ah, that is why you where so surprised by all of this. Well don’t worry I am ok with it all”.

“Ok”.  I got on the other side of the bed and stepped in.

“But I saw you got some bruises though, did Damion did that?”

“Yea, when we got back to the room, he said he needed to otherwise they might get suspicious”.

“You ok, though, or is it still hurting”.

“No I am fine, it will heal”.

We were both lying on a side, with the backs towards each other.

“Can you tell me how you became a private detective”?

Over the next hour or so he told me the story of how that it happened. I asked a few questions but all in all it seemed more boring then exciting as it is normally seen though.

“So now what, you want to tell me how you gotten into this mess”.

I looked at him.

“No, not really “I said.

“Ok that is fine I just wondered”.

“No that is ok, just not a happy story”.

“Tell me then what kind of studies that you do”.

So for another hour we kept on talking. Very strange laying in bed with a stranger that got a bit more known slowly to .

 “I think we better see if we can sleep a bit. I have the phones on so I will be awake the moment it rings”.

“Ok, “.

“And Nick, don’t’ worry we will find them we always do”.

Yea I thought but is that dead or alive. I sighed and closed my eyes in the hope I could sleep.

In the end I did sleep for some time. I was awake longer then William thought as I could here his breath.

I woke up by the sound of a phone. I turned around and saw that William was already up and answering it.

I just hope that was some good news I could use it.

When he hanged up he looked at me. “Well it seems that your Mom has tried to contact Damion. Damion called back but it seems he was not really clear on anything. He is going to ring you we hope to set up an meeting so we can see if he can help us”.

About an hour later Damion called. He said he had the feeling he was still followed. He got some instructions from William in trying to shake them off, and then he was asked to meet us at a café in an hour’s time. We got ready to leave.

“Are there any others around” I asked him.

“Yea we are being kept by quite a few people. They will make sure that Damion isn’t followed and if he is that we spot it so we can take our measures in going back to the hotel”.

“Ok, so what are we going to ask Damion”?

‘He still will have contacts within the organisation. We want to know if they have got Francis and Randy again or if they are still out there somehow”.

“Yea, I can see that. What if they have them”?

“I don’t know we might need to negotiate our way out then”.

“Ok, oh see there he is” I said when I saw Damion coming towards us.

‘Wow he must be your brother; you could almost think he is your twin”.

“Nick, and who are you” he asked.

“Hi Damion I am William, one of the private detectives that is helping Nick and his family”.

“Oh, well I have no news so not sure why I am here”.

“We need your help Damion” I said.

“Why, would I want to help you Nick. You had a decent life”.

Ah I thought some of the resentment is showing through, was that the reason he had been so harsh earlier and I had seen the anger in his eyes. I start to think about my conversations with the psychologist and he said that I had to be careful as sometimes things could backfire as was this one of the things. Had we open the eyes of Damion to much, to hard? Was he in shock now?

“We can talk about that later Damion now we need to know if they captured Randy and Francis again”.

“They got out then”.

“Yea, but we have lost track of them since then. They are not answering the phones or anything”.

“So you want me to take the risks of contacting them and they finding out that I helped you”.

“I know it is a risk for you but yea I hope you would be able to do that”.

“What is going on here, I am starting to feel there is something else going on as well. Mom was not telling me everything either and although I am young I think I want to know what is going on before I do anything”.

I looked at William. He nodded.

“Francis was kidnapped to keep pressure on your Mom to make sure she would oblige to the organisations requests. Your Mom has something powerful with what she has them been helping. They started though to think otherwise and with that they kidnapped Francis to keep pressure on her”.

“What got Francis to do with our Mom is he another son of her”.  He spitted out.

“No, “I hesitated one moment.

“Now what, her lover then”.

I almost laughed at that idea. “No he is mine” I said softly.

“Your lover, he is your boyfriend?”

“Yea, he is”.

“Ah, and Randy then”.

“Just a friend, who is helping us”.

“Ok, how is Mom helping them then. What is the power she has”?

I hesitated again. “Sorry Damion but that is something that you need to ask her. I can’t go into that”.

“But you know”.

“Yea, she told me but that was pure personal reason. Not even my Dad or David does know the reason behind it all”.

“Hmm more secrets, I am feeling used, used by all of you and the organisation. I need to find my own, my own life. Why would I help you”?

“Maybe to get back on the right track in trying to find yourself” William answered.


“But before you decide do you still have friends that you trust and could contact within the organisation”.


“High enough that they would know about it”.

“Yea, there is my Dad” he said softly.

I looked at him, he looked very confused, very alone and not at all the adult he had looked a few days ago. His world was crumbling around him and he needed to find himself again.

“Only if you want to Damion, we will be able to find them in another way otherwise”.

“No not if they are kept by them still. They will be closed up for some time and no one will find them. If they didn’t murder them before it” he said. Then when he realised what he said he looked at me. “I am sorry Nick, but I don’t think they have”.

chapter 18

chapter 16

(Back in the room with Francis, Francis talking).

When we got closer I could here his voice for the first time. The voice together with the idea that I knew. It makes it all very surreal. This could be Nick’s younger brother, how is that possible.

“Ok, slaves we are going to give these people a very good second round. I am going to challenge you to go very far as I think you can by now. So stand still while I prepare you”.

He got closer to us. I looked at him straight in the eyes. Bad idea when I saw his reaction to it. “Look down” he said “Now “when I didn’t immediately respond to it.

Oh yea there was no doubt the same colour eyes, younger definitely but my god Nick had a brother. When he started to touch me and pulled my underwear down my dick for the first time responded even harder then it had done before. I was charged up by this guy. I had a physical reaction because of him. I looked again straight in his eyes. “Down now boy” he said forcefully.

“I will remind you who the Master is here, my age has nothing to do with that, now look DOWN”. He almost screamed. Now I was sure I would regret it.

I looked at my colleague slave who looked back. With his lips he formed the sentence, “don’t antagonise him, he is bad, very bad”. I had received the message, hopefully not to late I thought.

We got some wires attached to our body, two to our nipples and two to our balls and one to our cock.

“They are going to enjoy this for sure. We will do a small quiz. You can ask questions and the one that is failing the answer will get a little gift from us, the other one is aloud to decide how long that will have to last”.

I am not going into what and how long it lasted but I can tell you that it was not that easy all in all. This was cruel and it felt cruel. I think I was lucky as I don’t think the other slave had finished college and did part of the university. I was able to answer most of the questions though.

In the end we had stop, my balls where aging and my dick still very hard. I was ready to explode I could feel that.

“Ok, the loser is going to have some fun now the winner can watch but is invited to tomorrow’s afternoon bonanza game which will give freedom for the winner”.

I looked at the other guy he had lost but looked somehow relieved. I saw him moving his lips again but I couldn’t make it out this time what it was.

I watched as the other slave got more torture both bye the younger brother of Nick as by the guests. In the end he needed to drink their urine and was aloud to cum. I wasn’t and I was hard and ready for it. I was lead back to my room saying that I needed to be prepared for the next day. The day that I would have a change to get my freedom back if I would win. I was not sure what the winning situation was but I had an idea that with the questions I had a good chance to get out of here.

(Back to Randy and Nick, Nick narrorating)

When we got back to the room, randy forced me to sit down.

“You forget to tell me something Nick, which was and is still very dangerous you know. Why did you never tell me that you had a brother that was very important information”?

“Calm down Randy”.

“I am not going to calm down Nick, I am going to call your Dad and then this is over. It is just too dangerous. What more didn’t you tell me?”

“I looked at him. I didn’t tell you because I promised the person who told me that I would not tell any one. The last thing that I expected was that I would bump into him here”.

“So he is your brother then for sure”.

“Yea seems so, Mom told me I had a brother but she also said that we where not the same. I guess she was wrong, we must have more in common then she can see”.

“It seems so. What role in all of this does he play then? It can’t be any coincidence that he is manager of that store, the place that could lead to the club”.

“I don’t think there is a connection. He doesn’t know I exist and Mom said that he doesn’t know anything about the visions etc so we should be safe”.

“Hmm, are you sure about that”?

“Yea I am sure, we might even be able to ask him to help us maybe”.

“I don’t know perhaps”.

“We need to see what is going to happen when we get there tomorrow and if he is there”.

Randy was quite the rest of the evening. I know I had brought him in a spot that he didn’t like but I was not sure what else I could do about it. I just hope that the fact we might bump into Damion was going to show as a positive factor in the equation.

The next morning we slept in and left just after midday to get to the shop. I had to undress again. Then I was put on the table. There was not a lot said and it even looked like the last bit of the encounter of the day before had not happened.

“Ok, let’s first see if we can apply the cockring to the base. Sit still slave and don’t squeak”.

I saw that he got some kind of ring in his hand. He tried to put it around my dick but my dick started to get hard when he touched it.

“Oh, and easy trigger I see”.

“Yea, I should have warned you” Randy said.

“Not a problem we have ways to deal with it”.

Then before I knew it he had my balls in his hands and turned them around while squeezing them. I screamed hard, my god what was he doing I thought. But it did the trick as my dick had gone down. He quickly moved the ring over my dick and balls and brought it around the base.

“This will stay good without to tight to make normal usage of it impossible. When though the blood will get into his penis and it gets hard, it will make it more difficult to let the flow go back”.

He started to play with my dick again. I guess he wanted to make his point. He was right it got hard very easy still.

“Let’s see if the response is the same as a moment ago”

Before I knew it he had my balls again in his hand and started to put pressure on them. I screamed again, tears ran over my face. I saw that Randy almost said no but I was able to put a smile in between all of it. He then let go and said. “Look still hard”, and with his hand he ticked to my hard dick.

“Good, that will show himself off more easily in the gym etc in his undies” Randy said.

“Next thing”, the sales person said.

It went on for a little bit. I got a special kind of dildo that was not used to try it out so I am not sure what it will do but I am sure it is not nice. Then there was the rubber band with spikes to go around my dick and the band to put around my balls to expand them and retract them from my body. All in all quite a few stuff, which I hope we never needed to use though.

Then when I just had put on my underwear again, still hard with the cockring around though, the other guy came walking in again.

“Looks good to me”.  He said.

 “Thanks” Randy said.

 “You got all you wanted then”.

 “Yea all looks fine so far. Just need to find a place now to try it out”.

 “Good you mention that I talked with Damion and …………..

 (Ok lets go on now with what happened that afternoon with Francis.

 I was informed to make sure that we wore our uniform again. But this time without the socks, bowtie and underwear. I thought yea naked so why not say it. We had never had to go out naked before so that was strange.

 I was lead into a room, with a stage where 5 chairs where on, on the other side was an audience of about 15 people, sitting in a launch chair, relaxing. I though I recognised as some that I definitely had seen before.

“Ok, go and sit down then I will explain you what we are about to do”.

We set down all naked, 5 young guys. I had seen one or two before but not that much. It must mean that the amount of guys that where here in total was more then I had though of in the beginning.

“This is your chance to get out of here as you know. If you win this afternoon you can go and we don’t expect to see you back. For the others, this is the only time you will be allowed to play so it is one or never. I know some of you have been here for years others just a few weeks. What is happening here will never be spoken off, if we find out some one is the punishment will be the hardest you can imagine. Understood”.

We all nodded, a chance to get out was more then I ever dreamed off and by the looks on the faces of the other guys I think they where thinking the same.

“Ok, then we will proceed in a moment. You sit back and relax for a moment”.

Another guy came onto the stage he had a bag in his hands and set down at the first one. He started to get something out of the bag and then started to bind it around the balls of the guy. From it was a bit of rope that was hanging almost until on the ground.

The guy went from one of us to the other and did the same thing at all of us. I tried to see what he put on their but we where not aloud to see. He left when he was finished.

“Ok, I will tell you what we are going to do in a moment but first of it we are going to make you hard and horny as the winner also is going to be aloud to cum so we have selected some of the Masters to make you ready for it”.

Wow, cumming was also not normal so this was going to be good for the winner. I had been cumming when ever they where not watching when I was just here but some severe punishments had soon made me realise that they where watching every where, even while you where under the covers in bed.

There he was again, the guy that looked so much like Nick. He walked towards me, sat down in front of me on his knees and started to touch my dick. Within a minute it was rock hard and ready to go off. It didn’t needed a lot, not after being without cumming for almost 3 weeks now I thought. He smiled at me and got behind me. He stood himself right behind me, watching straight forward as it seems this was quite a ritual I thought.

“Ok, well the 15 quests of this afternoon are going to decide who turn it is they are not aloud to talk during the session. They will however be able to watch it all back again as this will be recorded from every angle possible. They will press a button when asked choosing either number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4 or number 5. Depending on who gets the most votes, he will have the next turn. Then one of you will be asked to roll a dice, the number that will come up is the amount of seconds we are going to let burn the cord that is hanging under your balls. The one that reaches his balls first will be the winner of today and will be the one that has the right to leave. Any questions”.

Happy with the last bit of information no one really had a question. With the dice there it would mean burning of 6 seconds tops, it would mend a few times before one of us would be home to a win.

So we where started up the first 10 points was made and 3 of us went twice, one just once and the guy beside me three times already. But all in all with the seconds he was just a bit ahead of us. The cord was lighted by the guys that where standing beside us.

(Back at the shop with Rand and Nick)

“Good you mention that I talked with Damion and he hardly can believe that he has a brother as his Mom would have mentioned that. He wants to meet up with you at some point but it might need to wait until later this week or early next week. He was quite busy at this point”.

Well I though that didn’t seem like he was very interested to get acquainted I thought.

“But we can give you an introduction to a good club if you want to go a bit further then little things with your slave and if he is allowed to play with others as well”.

“Yea that is the idea I had with it”.

“Ok, well then Damion might be in contact you within a few days to set up an appointment”.

“We will wait for his phone call. I left it at the cashier last night”.

“Yea, no problem we got that. Oh and we want to make sure that nothing you see there and nobody that you see there will be remembered, it is a special kind of meetings and no ones to be remind about it outside the gathering, understood”.

“Yea that is fine, that is exactly how I want it”.

“Ok, then we will see you around, have fun with the goods and the slave” he said with a laugh.

Again we were quiet till we got to the hotel room. Randy put on the bath when he waved me to come in.

“I think that went well but from now on we need to be careful. I talked with one of the detectives and they think they might bug our rooms and telephones so we need to make sure there is some background sound on when we talk. Otherwise if you have anything just write it down. Oh but make sure to burn the paper before we leave the room”.

“You got in contact with the detectives”.

“Yea sorry Nick, but I had to we need to coordinate a bit or it will end up as a bigger mess. I don’t think that they have said anything to your Dad except for that you are fine”.

“Oh, ok, so what do you think do we have an entry in to the club”?

“I think so now the only thing to find out is what is going on their and how are we going to get Francis out. And maybe the biggest part in this is, what will Damion do in all of this”.

“Yea, no idea yet though, he didn’t see eager to meet up with us did he”.

“No, not really so we just have to wait and see”.

(Back at the little stage with the 4 slaves and Francis)

“Ok, this was the first round, we will do at least another set of 10 before anything will happen, and at least that is in the past. But we will have a break to work on your dicks although most of them are quite stiff still”.

I got worked up again by the younger look a like of Nick which really didn’t a lot of work on it to get it all poking and ready again. He smiled at me and set “Have fun now”.

Not sure what he meant with it.

“Ok, I have one more surprise for you, the camera’s will be ready to get close ups from you from now on, so don’t sweat if it will. Also you are not aloud to look down anymore so we will put a little board around your neck, not tight or anything as that is not important but just to make sure you can’t see where the burning of the cord is when it is your turn. What we haven’t told you yet is how the winner will be decided. Yea it will be the one whose cord is finished burning and at that same point the winner will be aloud to come as well. But you might be wondering how we know it is finished burning. You might remember that we put something around your balls which as you might not know is attached to the cord. What we have put there is a very light explosive which will go off when the burning cord hit it. I am sorry to inform you that the winner is aloud to leave but it will also mean that he has cum for the last time as his balls will be gone for good”.

I swallowed deep, I saw that one of the others wanted to get up and leave. We looked at each other in unbelief. The chance to leave sounded all of a sudden a lot less attractive.

“Ok, let’s go on”. From now on we only knew who was going to be the next one to light but not the amount of seconds so no idea what and how far you where off. We were all wanked, but only the ones that are almost going to pop will be brought to a climax. When it was my turn though he really got into it and I knew that the plan was that you exploded at both times so if you got close it could get dangerous. I saw that some of the other realised that as well as the tension on their faces grew. This was incredible I thought I was almost there when the next round was announced.

“Ok we are very close now guys and we thought we will do it a bit different though. When the winner is going to be close you will be all wanked till you cum so you have just wait for what will happen with it if you lost or won tonight. I just hope it will give you all an incredible fun time”.

For a moment I thought this real or not as it was starting to be one heck of a mind game. I felt how I was getting closer and closer. They did another round and I thought it was mine that was burning but I couldn’t see. I felt I started to shake a bit; I didn’t want to loose my balls. What would Nick say when I would, he never would want me then anymore as that is for sure.

“Can I do something so you prevent this from happening” I asked the guy that looked as much as Nick.

“Sorry I can’t, now shush”.

“But I am not here out of my own free will, I have been taken”.

“So are we not all” is what he answered.

I wondered what was going on. I knew better then to say a lot and I think that it had stopped burning so that was good I thought.

I am not sure what happened next as I felt that I started to get very close then without a notice the guy speeded up and I screamed out when I came, harder then I ever had also I tried to note if I felt anything or not. I let out a sigh of relieve, not free I knew but still with balls. Then slowly I started to notice that there was one scream that had been louder then the others so I guess some one had loose their jewels. I tried to look around but the guy beside me said. “Stay looking forward, don’t look side ways”.

While one of the guys kept screaming we waited not sure for what though.

“Ok now stand up and then do three passes forward”.

I did and didn’t dear to look behind me, to afraid to see who was there and how it looked.

The cords where pushed off our balls and I think also the explosive was taken away. If it had happened then I couldn’t remember that their had been an explosion in the end. Was it all a mind game I though. I wanted to look back. We should have heard an explosion I thought. But the Nick look a like pushed me forward to the side of the stage where we where taken into the open door.

The main speaker was there too. “Sorry guys but you where not aloud to watch the rest anymore”.

“I didn’t hear any explosion” I said looking at him.

“Maybe there was none” the speaker said with a grim. “But you will just never know. You will be brought back to your rooms now”.

I just hoped that there was not ever going to be something like this again. Not sure I could take it. I also wondered if I could talk with that Nick look a like next time to see if he was able to help. He must come outside I thought.

(Back with Randy and Nick)

The next few days seems to last for ages. We didn’t dare doing a lot, nor phone a lot of people. Randy had bought a prepay mobile in the hope that it would be kept unknown to any one who was following us. We had a few dinners in the hotel and went to one or two movies. All the time when we where out I pretended to be his slave and was very obedient. Not that he demanded a lot to be honest.

Then after 3 days the expected phone call came. An appointment was made although not bye Damion himself. For a 17 year old one that sounded a bit strange, but then again he was a manager of a small but busy shop as well.

The meeting was at 10 am in the morning the next day. Randy had me dressed in one of my skimpiest briefs and a grey t-shirt that didn’t cover up a lot. I didn’t really like to be introduced to my brother, if it was my brother but still we couldn’t let up the cover, just in case he wasn’t coming along.

We where sitting at the table when there was a nock on the door. When neither of us moved Randy said. “Don’t you think it is your job to open the door”?  I let out a deep sigh but knew better then to object. I walked to the door and slowly opened it.

I looked again and again. I think from after that first 10 second there was no doubt in my mind anymore that he was in deed the brother my Mom had talked about he looked quite a lot like me. But why had she said we had not a lot in common.

“Won’t you let me in” he said.

“Oh, yes Sir, of cause Sir” I said just remembering my role. He looked surprised when the Sir’s came around.

When he was in, he looked back at me, giving me a good look over. “Turn around” Randy said.

I slowly turned around so my brother could have a good look at me.

“I couldn’t believe when they told me at the shop that I had a brother but seeing him now I can’t deny it. Don’t know how it is possible but he is”. He said now looking at Randy.

“Yea we where a bit surprised as well we must say but I can see the resembles quite clearly” Randy said.

Damion looked at me again. “He seemed even have the same sizes as me; quite good for a slave boy I must say”.

“Do you wane sit down” Randy asked.

Damion set down. He still hadn’t said one word to me. “Is it ok to ask him some questions Mr Harrison”.

“Yes of cause and you can call me Randy”.

“What is your name brother of mine”?

“I am Nick and you must be Damion”. I answered him.

“Hmm, he needs to learn still doesn’t he”?

“We are getting there but I am sure this is a shock for him as it is for you”.

“Is it Nick, or did you know you had a brother”.

“I knew”. I answered knowing better then asking something back. It was Randy’s job to do that.

“Ah, how long did you know”.

“Mom told me about 10 days ago or so that you existed. The last thing I though was bumping in to you down here”.

“Ah, well Mom never told me you existed. So you are enjoying being a slave then Nick”.

“Yes Sir, especially with a Master like Randy”.

“I can see that. What does get you off Nick”?

Before I could answer that Randy said:  “Showing himself of in underwear and seeing others in their underwear”.

“Ah, no real surprise I guess” he said.

“Oh why is that”. Randy asked.

“That is something I like to but then from the Dominant side. It sees our Mother has spread her genes in opposite directions when it comes to us. I guess he is queer, as he is with you here”.

“Yea, he is”

“Well that is then something else that is different. I am bi and I like both sides of the line. Although my sexual pleasure is more with girls”.

“AH, not exactly the same then”.

“How old are you Nick”?

I looked at him trying to guess how old he was. “I am 20” I said.

“Ok, so you where there 5 years before me strange”.

“You are only 15 and then already you have your own shop” I said quite surprised.

“I guess I must have the brains as well” He said with a laugh. He continued with “I don’t own it I just manage it and that is not a lot of work”.

“Well still admirable” I said.

“Hmm he really needs to stay with the answers if he ever is to become a good slave you know Randy”.

Damned it seems he had picked up on that again.

“It doesn’t show the ability that you have as a Master I am sure off”.

“He is only my slave for about 2 months now and this is one of our first longer get together so he will in time”.

“Maybe you should punish him more slaves do learn with that the best you know”.

“I know but I am not always into that”.

“So any more surprises Nick for me, or is that it”.

“No, you have another brother out there”.

“Ah, a slave gay one as well”.

“No, a straight normal one, as far as I know”.

“He knows you are a slave and gay”.

I was not sure what to answer with that and hesitated one more before answering “Yes he does”.

“Ever played with him”.


“Ever dreamed of playing with him”.

Now there was a sensitive touch as I was in my role but this question was something that got close to the truth as when I was around  14 or so and David around 16 I had been having fantasies about playing with him so I answered a bit to slow I guess. “Hmm no not really”.

“Not really or really not”. He asked me.

“Well sort off ones or twice”.

“So that is a yes then” he said.

I swallowed, this was not nice to admit “Yes, but “.

“NO buts Nick, I hate when they say that” he said to Randy.

“Come closer Nick” he said to me now. I looked at Randy and he nodded.

“OH, I should have asked you Randy, can I show him what it is to have a real brother”.

I saw Randy hesitate “Yes he is all yours if you want to, I didn’t expect you would do”.

“Well he is good-looking, older and I like that” Damion said.

I stood now just in front of him. He pushed the t-shirt up a bit more, “take it off”.

I stepped back a bit and took the t-shirt off.

He held his hands out and one of them got closer to my right nipple, he touched it gently. It was very strange to have your nipple touched by your brother. I felt strange standing here and although I didn’t had a hard one yet; it started to get harder now. He started to massage it a bit harder and then he twisted it a bit. I had to keep my mouth shut hard to not let out a scream or anything. His other hand in the meantime had wondered down to my briefs. It started to caress my dick through the briefs.

“Hm he is easy to get hard isn’t he”?

“Yea he is. Do you wanna play with him”.

“For a bit if that is fine” Damion said.

I didn’t see that Randy nodded but he must have done as Damion went on, now touching my balls and still twisting my nipple with his other hand. Then all of a sudden the pressure on my balls got bigger, he was squeezing them.

“Stop please, stop Damion”.

Wrong answer it seems as he squeezed even harder.

“Stop please stop Sir” I said now faster.

He stopped and looked into my eyes. I looked back but then knew it was better if I would look down. When I did I saw that he had a bulge in his own trousers as well.

“Like what you see down there” he said.

“Yes sir”.  I answered.

“Good, maybe time to get to know it a bit better then. Go and sit on your knees”.

Was this for real did he really wanted me to touch his dick to see it close by as I trembled a bit when I sank down on my knees. I hoped that Randy would step in, but on the other hand I knew there was little chance he would as that would give us away for sure. I needed to go on to make sure we would get that invitation.

He stood up; now his crotch was on high eye for me. When I breathed in the next time I could smell the scent he was sending out a very heavy send I must say.

“Take my trousers off”.

I got with my hands to his zipper, opened it slowly and then after loosing up the button, I lowered his pants over his hips. Now he was standing in a very tight boxer brief, red of colour and very lustful to see. I felt how my dick started to jump a bit more. Down boy I though. It felt very strange to be aroused bye your own look a like standing in his underwear.

I expected that the next thing that I was going to do was touching it. He took me a bit by surprise when he said “Kiss it”.

I hesitated it one moment and then kissed his dick. The underwear smelt very pee like even a bit of cum like as well.

“Kiss it more, and then try to take it into your mouth”.

I kissed a few times more wondering in the meantime how I was going to be able to get this into my mouth as it had started to expand more and more with each kiss that I gave it.

I put my fingers a bit behind one side and pushed a bit forward. I moved my lips around it and then closed my mouth. I sucked a bit on it, it definitely tasted like pre cum I though.

“Go on suck it” he said again.

I could feel it getting harder and harder while I sucked it.  Then he pushed his hips further into my face as I could feel the cotton of his briefs started to get wet and wetter. He let out a cry of joy and kept pushing the now wet brief further and further in my face. I started to taste his cum that now saturated the cotton and started to slide into my mouth. He screamed out a second time, more and more cum now got into my mouth.

Then he backed off looking at me. He pushed my chin upwards, our eyes met “Was this one of the dreams you had” he asked. Before I answered he continued “Well it was one of my so thank you brother, but trust me this was a one time event. Never again so don’t salivate on me ok”.

I nodded and though in relieve good, although it had been nice, once was enough.

“Is he aloud to come as well” he asked Randy.

“No, he isn’t. I thought we could wait with that until the party”.

“Yea might be good idea the older they get the less horny they get”>

It seems you got of fast enough though” Randy said with a smile “OR was it really one of your fantasies”.

“Well not a fantasy but I had heard other Masters told about their sibbelings experiences and I just wanted to see how good it was”.

“And happy with it”.

“Yea, he does know how to do that pretty well I must say” smiling now at me.

“You have definitely found your natural skills brother”.

“Now we have done this bit, there is the party bit as later after that I am sure there is time to get to know each other if you want to Damion”.

“Yea my schedule as you noted is quite full so not a lot of time now, but yea after the party we need to do some serious talking Nick. I want to know why Mom never told me about you and why she I guess never saw you as it must have been quite a time since you saw her last”.

“It has been” I answered and wanted to go on but Randy said “We have time for that later Nick. Now when is this party Damion”.

“It is in 2 days time and the rest of the clientele fits your purpose perfectly”.

“There will be others that are famous”.

“Yea and some will come with their slaves too”.

“What is on the programme of the party”?

“Well it is not a lot, a we can play all party but without a major theme or finally. Just a friendly way to show off your slave and let your slave is admired in my forms”.

“For a first time that sounds like a good one” I said.

“Yea I though it might be, we will inform you that evening about other possibilities for your and or your slave at this club”.


“Well if that is all then”.

“No, not really Damion. I have one more favour of you to ask”.

“Oh, and that is”.

‘Do you know a lot of the slaves that comes around at those parties”?

“Most of them yea”.

“Do you know how they get there then”?

“With their Masters and the ones that don’t have Masters have been coming their bye shops like mine”.

“So every one is there on its own free will then”.

“Yea as far as I know”.

“I don’t think so” I said slowly to let the words sink in with him.

“You think people are brought down there under force”.

“Yea, and I don’t mean the force of play. I even got the impression that there are people, young men mainly held there as slave’s while they have been kidnapped.

“No, can’t be”. He said.

So far this went well although I was a bit surprised as I thought Randy would have played open card with him and told him who we are.

“Yes I think there is a criminal organisation behind it all making money out of it big time”.

“No way, Mom would have known”.

“Well we haven’t talked with your Mom about this, but we had some detectives going over it”.

“You are police then”.

“No, private detectives”.

“Why would you do that”?

“Because I think they are having one of my slaves and I love him to much to let him go by down there and being used without my permission”.

“Oh and why are you telling me that”.

“I had hoped you could help us getting him free”.

“Why didn’t you go to the police then”?

“Because I think there clients are in the police force as well”.

“This sound all very strange”.

“I know, do you like to see a picture of the slave of who I thinks is being held there”.

“Yea” he said still very wary of it all now.

Randy got a picture of Francis out.

“Hmm, yea he is there, but I though he was there out of his free will”.

“As far as I know he isn’t”.

“Does he know Nick”?  He asked then.

“Yea why”.

“Hmm that explains in the way he reacted at the last party to me then”.

“You played with him”.

“A bit yea”.

I wanted to step in but Randy looked at me with a glaze that said don’t interfere, let me handle it.

“So you wanting him out there is dangerous then if he is held there”.

“Yea it might be”.

“Especially with the cops in then there must be a big organisation behind it”.

“We think so, but to be honest Damion how did you get in there and do you think they will let you off and do something else ever. And even how long are they letting you play the Master as well you know you get older and”.

He got quite now. It seems the detective found a lot more out in a short notice then I knew as there was no way that Randy was this just all guessing this.

“I am not sure I need to think about all of this’.

“I know, maybe it is a good idea to call your Mom right”.

“You think she knows all of this then”.

“Well she might, you know how deep she is in it”

“I guess, so, I want to know more about Nick also so I am going to give her a call anyway”.

“Ok, so you will let us know if you would help us”.

“I will, but you still have to come to the party anyway there is no way out of that now”.

“We know and we will have fun”.


“Well see you around Nick” He said to me and stood up.

He walked to the door opened it and left. I looked at Randy and said. “You took me by surprise there Randy”.

“Yea I know I did but I thought that was the best approached after he played with you”.

“That was a surprise”.

“But a good one I hoped” he said with a smile.

“Well, yea I guess not to bad. Strange though that we all as I think we all do fantasies about having something with our brothers or sisters but then when it really happens it is also very strange at the same time, not like with any other guy I have been with”.

“Now we have to wait till he calls us”.


We waited for the phone to ring over the next few days but nothing happened, nothing at all. Randy had one more time contact with the detectives and had gotten some good information out of them as it seems they had found some one who had wanted to talk about what happened to him. It seems he just came out of it some how. They had also found the main people behind it and where ready to move onwards as soon as we had Francis out. It was now only waiting for us to see if we could. There was no word from Damien by the time we had left so we wondered about if he was or wasn’t going to help us. Or even if Francis would be there or not.

So we got to the club on time and when Randy told his name we where lead through to the back to a special area straight off.

“You are early but the others will come soon. You can wait here before entering the room that is behind it”.  He looked at me “Your slave can also get into his uniform down here”.

Uniform I thought. We really hadn’t prepared a lot as we didn’t know what to expect. I was of cause wearing a small pair of underwear but was that what they would expect me the only thing to be wearing.

Randy looked at me “Get it off and keep the undies on ok”. I looked pleading at him but he didn’t give a kick. So I got out of my clothes and sat down in just my white pair of skimpy briefs. “Keep standing” Randy said.

Then others started to come in, some seems to know each other others didn’t. They all looked at me very closely and then started to talk with Randy. It seems a few knew him and I think that a few of them where surprised he was there. There were also three women slaves around and 2 women domina’s. But no Francis or Damion where there.

Then the door was opened and we showed into a big room. It had several places to sit, couches, pillows on the ground a few tables and then a few area’s that where designed for playing. I saw some paddles, dildos and a lot of rope around.

When we got in a group of young probably slaves came in caring drinks to a plateau and also wearing not a lot. Randy tapped on my shoulders and pointed over at Francis who had come in from the other side that I was looking. He stood still and almost dropped his plateau when he saw me, then when he saw Randy as well a little smile came over his face.

“Stay close with me, don’t talk or get close to Francis at all. When I will in a moment wonder off and talk with one of the other slaves. Don’t talk with any Master and if they want something do it”. I just nodded.

We mingled through the room. Randy got lots of compliments on me and my endowment as it was quite clearly visible now I had seen Francis. I saw that he was also quite stiff just as he had been in my vision. I saw that he tried to get closer to us but each time he did Randy walked away on purpose.

“Now” Randy said when he got closer again. I walked off to the other side and I heard that Randy started to talk with him.

When I was about 4 meters away or so I turned around trying to look at them, but my sight was blocked when another Master stood before me. “At last I thought your master would never tell you to wonder around on your own. You are new to all this isn’t you” he said with a devilish smile.

“Yes sir”.

“Good, well shaped I must say” I felt how his hand started to touch my dick and balls; he started to play with it quite good I must admitted. “You wane come boy” he said.

I said “No, Sir not aloud”. He used his hand now even better. ‘Are you sure boy”? I started to breathe deeper trying to prevent as what seemed to be inevitable”.

“Yes Sir”.

“Hmm I can make you cum you know”.

“Yes Sir, I know you can, I just hope you don’t”.

He smiled now, “Well said boy. You will learn fast enough. I am sure I see you around later”.

He walked off; I saw that Randy’s hand was now resting on Francis’ dick. I got jealous but I knew it was necessary. I saw the intense look of hope on Francis face. Whatever was going down here it was not all pleasant that was for sure.

My view then was blocked again.

“I see that your Master has found his former slave, not afraid he will replace you” Damion stood there and looked at me.

“No, he can handle two’

“Well you never know”.

“I trust him”.

“Ok, you are looking good again Nick, but then why wouldn’t you with my genes running through you”.

“Sir, permission to speak”.

“Granted” he said.

“Are you going to help us”?

“I might”.

“Did you talk with Mom”?

“Yes, in length and she said more or less the same. I have been giving this place a good look through and I am more or less convinced Randy is telling the truth”.

“So you will help us”.

“I have one more thing to try out boy and then I will let you know. But I can guarantee you that you will see me soon again”.

He walked off, brushing his hands over my dick which jumped again. I waited till Randy and Francis where finished talking. I had hoped that Francis would have come towards me now but he didn’t. Randy though came walking back to me and saved me from another Master wanted to have a feel.

“I saw you talked with Damion what did he say”.

“He talked with Mom and believed us more or less. He didn’t say yet he was going to help us, he said he wanted one more thing to try out”.

“Oh, he is cutting this short. I don’t want to have us to do this another time. No better opportunity then the first. I am not sure Francis could stand staying behind now he saw us. At first he thought we where both captured as well. I set him straight on that aspect. He also said he was not aloud to talk with another slaves so he was going to stay away from you. But he said also that you looked to good to be true”.

I smiled with that and looked over where he was. He caught my eye and smiled back.

“Well we better wait and see what is going to happen then. We are supposed to mingle a bit more and Francis also said it is not a good idea to stay to close together. It is the meaning of this kind of party to let your slave loose and be looked and played with bye others so you ok with this”.

“Yea but how do we know Damion will help us”.

“We don’t we just have to wait and see”.

In the next 30 minutes I got groped by quite a few other people, not as forward anymore as the first one but still it didn’t feel that pleasant all in all. I had followed Randy and Francis his movements from time to time and found that they had met up once each with Damion. He on the other hand had been gone for about 15 minutes and had then returned.

At a certain point Damion was in front of me again, at the same time was the Master of the first time around too. They looked at each other.  “I was going to claim him this afternoon Damion” the other guy said.

“Normally I would oblige you as you know as I respect you but not with my brother if that is fine. It is his first time here and we haven’t met before so I hope you will let me this afternoon”.

Ah normally Damion would have stepped back but for some reason he insisted. I waited for the guy’s response. He looked us both over a few times. “I didn’t know you had an older brother Damion, but there is no doubt that he is your brother, even in the dick compartment he seems to resemble you. So I think I will enjoy watching this for sure”.

He backed off but kept looking at us. I saw that there were a few more couple formed which were more or less got the attention of others. One of them were Randy and Francis.

“Now what Damion are you going to help us” I hissed at him.

“Shut up, behave and do as told”.

“Ok” I said

There was some one that was standing beside a microphone who started to make an announcement it seemed. “Can I have your attention please?”

chapter 17


chapter 15

“Well to get close to them, we probably need a master and a slave so I thought you being my master”.

“You are sure about this Nick”.

“I don’t see it any other way Randy”.

“Hmm. I have to think about this, did you talk with Alexei or your Dad about it”.

“No, and neither can you not a word”.

“Think about it Nick, I will come down tomorrow and you can pick me up from the airport ok”.

“Sounds like a plan, I will meet you there”.

I knew he was going to talk me out of it but I had made up my mind.

The next morning, I packed my bag. I had booked us a plane ticket as I was going away that afternoon. I would be happy if Randy was coming along but if not well I would go anyway. I sneaked my bag out of the house and into the car. I told my Dad that I was going out for a ride and would be back before dinner.

I was going to give him a ring later that I had met up with Andy and Brian and was going to stay the night, which should have kept him ok for some time I was hoping.

Randy arrived on time. It would give us 90 minutes before we had to board. I hope it was enough to convince Randy.

“Hi there Nick”.

“Hi Randy, did you had a good flight”.

“Yea, it was fine, now where are we going”.

I turned around so he would see my bag. “I think you know Randy”.

“Oh, you want to get straight away then”.

“Yea, I think….”

“You didn’t tell your Dad did you”.

I blushed “No”.

“Ok, let’s sit down and tell me what you have planned so far”.

“To start from the beginning, I got a few words out of the paddle that… well the paddle that was in my vision. I did some research on the internet and it is a club in San Francisco. A club you need to be member of or invited to. It is mentioned to be a social one but it is a bit vague about the activities. There is a member bit I couldn’t get to it”.

“Ok, so now what do you want to do then”.

“Well we could go into San Francisco and see if some one knows the club and how to get into then we could do that and you could be my Master. Your face should help us to get in a bit easier if it is really something for the higher society”.

“Hmm, yea well and what if we see Francis there. What then ?”

“I don’t know yet Randy, that part needs to be filled in more”.

“Ok, and you realise we could get into a situation that we need to do more then pretend right”.

I blushed even more “Yea I realise that, but I see no one out of that, better with you then a stranger”.

“You think I can do that”.

“I hope you can Randy, it was the only person I was willing to ask it. You know what it is to be on the other side. So you know what some one might want from a Master and how a Master needs to act”.

“I know but still, not sure I can play the role of a Master”.

“You are a good actor” I said trying to convince him.

“Ok, but what about your Dad. I really want him to know that we are doing you know”.

“I thought you would but I know he doesn’t want me, nor would my Mom and I have to do this, I have to get him free”.

“What if I won’t go then”?

“I will go anyway Randy you are not going to stop me”.

“Oh, ok, but that is more or less blackmailing as well”.

“No, as I leave you the choice either to come and help me or not”. I could feel I was playing this a bit over my hand but I had to for Francis’ sake.

“Ok, if you booked it anyway let’s go then. I will have to do one or two phone calls anyway so be right back”.

I let him go and waited until he returned. He was right there was still a lot of planning to do but we would see first if there was ways to get into the club or not.

(Ok from here different people will do the narrating so keep an eye out on what is going on with whom and where we are in the story))

(Back at the home of Nick, told by David).

“David”, I heard my name called out.

“Yea Dad”.

“Come down here”.

“Have you see Nick come back home from his ride”.

“No, I haven’t”.

“Damn, I just had a phone call from Alexei that he suspected that Nick has left. That he somehow found a clue in his last vision and left to see if he could get to Francis”.

“On his own has he lost his mind”?

“Hmm, no I think he feels he needs to act, he might feel that he waited to long to start with”.

“You are going to call the police then”.

“No, I think I will give Alexei a call back in a moment and see if he can make sure the detectives knows they have to find answers within the next week as I have the feeling Nick is going to run into trouble quite fast. But before I rang, can you check his room to see if he left any clues where he is off to”.

“Ok, be right back”.

(Francis where ever he is, told bye Francis).

The last evening had completely drained me. I had no idea, people had such kind of idea’s that they could do that to some one else and then in the middle of it all it had happened I had another link with Nick. Not sure how it was possible but it happened. I know now for sure that he couldn’t here me as that was at least something but the idea that he saw that must have frightened him for sure. It still did to me although after 6 weeks I started to get a general feel to the idea what they where doing. I would be kept by them as long as they wanted. I was a toy, a toy to be used however the members liked it. Locked up, only aloud to go mingle with other people but hardly able to speak with any of them long enough as there would always be what I called a guard close bye to undertake action. Not only about what I said but even more a change to see a mistake so I could be punished. Most of the times for the most stupid’s of things, things I didn’t even realised I was doing them to be honest. But Nick must be going out of his mind by now. On one side it gave me hope it would bring them closer in finding me on the other hand it squared me that Nick could see me like that. I had slowly over the last 5 weeks become aware of why Nick didn’t tell me everything that had happened as some of it was just to humiliating to talk about.

So another start of the day. I was not sure if I needed to help that evening or not as it was not every evening that they wanted me so I just set their waiting for what was going to happen. It was kind of boring with nothing else to do as well. No wonder I was more and more getting horny.

(Back with Nick and Randy).

Randy had done his phone calls and got back to me. We boarded the train and not a lot was said. When we got to our hotel room (yea we booked a joined one, Randy said that that is what we needed to do if we wanted to play out the role of slave and Master properly), Randy got a few answers back on his phone calls from before we left.

“Ok, Nick, I think I got a possible way to get into the club. I know a few people that have heard of it. You are right it is a high social standard club where normally only well known or rich people get to relax. I am not sure but I had one or two warnings from people to stay away from it as it meant trouble as well. So if I take that into account then it might just be the place where Francis is. I also heard that it owns a large block of houses and even some open spaces that are behind the club so it is very easy for them to keep it all secret and even hide people down there”.

“Well that is at least something then Randy”.

“Yea, not done badly for a few phone calls I must say. But the best thing is that I was told about a place where they might have a way of getting us in”.

“Terrific, another club”.

“No, not really but you will find out. It will involve more role play Master / slave though as it is a place where that is normal for it”.

“Ok, so what do you want me to do then”?

“To trust me, you know how important that is, trust me and work with me”.

“Hmm, yea any other rules then”.

“I will think about that and will let you know before we go ok”.

“Ok, when will that be”?

“Not before tomorrow as it is closed today”.

“Good. So what will we do tonight then”?

“Nothing, stay in we don’t want any other people to see us, that might be possible their. We are not going enough to play the role continuously I think”.

“Oh, I don’t know” I said with a smile.

“Yea, yea I know it has been a long time since you have had any but stay in control Nick. I don’t want you to loose any of it for the time being ok”.

“Ok, I will do my best as I don’t think I want to loose it either”.

“I am sure you don’t want to but we will see what will happen”.

So for the rest of the evening we stayed in and the morning came faster then I might have wanted.

When I got ready to have my shower Randy told me to make sure I was clean properly as he didn’t want me to be more embarrassed then necessary.

(Told bye Francis)

Early that afternoon I was told to get ready for some special visitors they where going to have that afternoon. So I got dressed as usual, white socks, white briefs and a little black bow tie. I know for sure that during the lunch I got there was again something put into the drink as by the time it was ready to leave the room; my dick was hard as ever. It was something that happened every time. The first time I was ashamed it was but the second time I realised that it must have had something to do with the food that I had eaten up front.

They took me to another room; there was a table in the middle and two chairs. I was aloud to sit down on one of them.

“Francis, we are having a special afternoon with some special guests. A small party so to say. An important one as well, you better be on your best behaior as otherwise the punishment will be harder then ever. I know we can trust you to do as we want to. Now their might be one or two faces in the customers that you know, don’t talk with them about it, just act if they are normal people like the ones we had here before ok”.

“Yes sir”.  I knew better then to go against it. I though I already had seen one or two people that I though I knew but I was not sure about that as I was not very good updated with the rich and famous of this country. Ok we had seen our share but these seem to be more upper stock for sure.

“There will be in total 4 slaves around, you will be bottom one as usual. The quest won’t interact with much of the play usual so we have also got in two professional Masters. Now they might be seem to be a bit young but I can assure you that they know their work. I would not really agitate them if I where you”.

Ok I thought it is more or less going to be a show then me though. I wondered if he was going to add anymore to it or not.

“Just remember to do what they say. Oh and there won’t any guard around this afternoon either but with the doors locked there is no need for that either. So any questions”.

I didn’t really have so I just waited for him to go on.

“Ok, let’s go then”.

He led me to another room not to far away from the one I was in. I had not been there before. There where several couches in it and also some bigger open spaces in the middle. I didn’t say any of the more normal attributes that where around in the open but I was sure there would be. The three other slaves where there already. I knew 2 of them, they where about my ages. One of them was new. He was also wearing a boxer short instead of briefs. He was a few years older. I nodded towards the three of them but as usual I didn’t get a lot of response to that. They didn’t interact at all.

Then one of the doors opened and some people dressed walked in. I though to recognise one or two of them again but I was not sure. I saw a few smiles appearing on the other slave’s faces as almost they recognised them. They where not as old though as the ones that normally would attend a party so that was good I thought.

We got up and introduced ourselves; we also asked if they wanted something to drink. So me light alcoholic beverages where given out to them and we interacted a bit in conversation. I came to the conclusion that most of them where not older then 30 even. A special event, yea but it must have costed them quite a lot of money as well.

After about 15 minutes the door opened again and in walked what definitely looked 2 masters. Even I had started to recognise the attitude of them, especially when walking into a room. But my god they where young they couldn’t even look older then 15 or so and one… I had to catch my breath, I looked again, how was this possible, I felt I knew this one, but where from. I am sure I had seen him before. Together they came closer to us and split us up in groups. He didn’t’ say a lot so I had no time to see if I could recognise his voice, but his face looked very familiar. I was swept away to the other side of the room with the other Master and was not able to follow the other one from that time.

We where used as usual for the next hour. Then they announced us we would switch groups. I knew I would here his voice, needed to follow his orders but again when I got closer I almost thought I knew him, there was something in him that ……….

(Nick and Randy told bye Nick).

“Ok, Nick, time to get ready before we leave. I told you this morning to clean yourself properly so I hope you did. Did you put a small white brief in your bags for underwear? If so wear that. Also got a tight s-shirt out and some kind of shorts. If you don’t have nay of them let me know we will go and buy them first”.

“No, I have them”.

“Hmm, Nick that is not the answer I expect from you. Try again”.

I wondered for a moment what he wanted then I smiled and said, “No, sir I have those items with me”.

“Ok, that is better. I won’t punish you this time but I will according to, if need be the next time understood”.

“Yes sir”.

“From now onwards, until we are back in the room we are in role play ok”.

“Yes Sir”.

“Fine, we are going to do some shopping now, the shop might be able to introduce us into the club but only if we play this for real. So you better act for real right”.

“Yes sir, hmm can I ask something Sir”.

He smiled now “Good Nick, and yes you can”.

“What kind of shop Sir are we going”?

“Oh, we need some stuff to play with don’t’ we Nick”.

Ok, I though that would be logically as those place have normally ties to other stuff as well.

“Hmm sir, one more question though”.


“You better not call me Nick but something else ok”.

“Good thinking again hmm…… slave boy it shall be”.

We were really getting into this. I got the stuff out of my bag and when I wanted to walk to the bathroom to change Randy put his arm on my shoulder and said. “It might be even a bit easier on you if you start to get used to in the room less dressed then others you know”.

I blushed, I not realised it yet but he was going to see me less dressed for sure. So he was right. I turned around and started to undress. I just made sure that I kept my longer t-shirt on until I changed into my small white briefs. When I was done I looked up to see Randy smile.

“Next time put off all clothes first before you do your underwear ok”.

I blushed again. “To be honest Nick you have nothing to be ashamed off so let’s get going”.

It took us about 30 minutes ride with the taxi to get there. “Follow me, stay close but not to close and look down not up ok”. I got behind him when we entered the store.

I didn’t look up but also on the bottom half of the shelves I saw al sort of kind of stuff when we walked round the shop from whips, dildo’s to special kind of underwear etc.

After about 5 minutes walking around and a few gasps from Randy as I suspected he saw something he hadn’t seen before, some one walked up to us.

“Hm, sir I can help you maybe” the guy in his mid twenties asked.

“Yes, maybe we will need some help. We want to buy several items this afternoon for my slave here”. He said pointing towards me.

“Ah, I though he might be your slave sir. I want to congratulate on your choice, a looks like a good specimen”.

“Yea, I think he is, but he is just learning one so we need some good stuff to start with so he knows straight off where and what he is. So far we played but we came into town especially to buy stuff. I heard through friends this was a place where we could get stuff fitted especially on size and all”.

“I think we can help you with that Sir. But I would like to ask you to walk around a bit more, make a list of things you want and then we will go to a special area where a more specific selection is available of other stuff and also we can do special fittings”.

 “Sounds like a plan. I will let you know when we are done”.

 The salesperson walked away. “So far so good Nick, keep it up boy”.

 I smiled as I knew I had to behave and didn’t look up or tried to answer him. I saw that he had put several items on his list before he approached the salesmen again.

 “We are ready”.

 “Ok, I warned my colleague already and he said he was ready for you. Please go through the door on the right. It should be open. If not let me know”.

 I saw he was correcting his crotch when we walked away. I just hadn’t been able to see more of him.

 Before we went through the door I saw that Randy was reading something. Just before he opened the door he whispered. “You are suppose to be only in your slave clothes when you get in their so when we do in a moment I want you to undress until you only wear your underwear understood”.

“Yes sir” I answer.

Now it would start. Randy had performed well until now, now it was my turn, my turn to do my part. I, no I better be honest I had been hard from the moment we walked into the shop. There was no way that I could deny that I was not getting horny from all of this as I definitely was.

When he closed the door behind me. I saw a young man of around 25 or so was just standing beside it. “Just closing the door behind you sir. We don’t want any one to drop in now do we”?

“No, I think that is fine” Randy said.

“So this is your slave sir”.

“Yes and he need to get an appropriate attire”.

“Sounds like a plan. Have you made the list”?

“Here it is”. I saw that the list was swopped hands.

“Slave boy what did I tell you too, get undressed now” Randy said.

I had forgotten that I had to get into my underwear so I did that as fast as I could. I didn’t dear looking up but I could feel the eyes of the young men burning on my body.

“Looking good, sir you have a good taste”.

“Thank you. But can you do for us what is on the list”.

“Yea I think we can do most of it, this is his slave attire then, the white undies”.

“He is a bit strange he likes to be humiliated in his underwear so I have bought him some to small undies to wear”.

“He looks a bit like a little boy in them, only the content tells us otherwise”.

“It does for sure”.

“Ok, so let see what you want to have, a dildo, cocking, nipple clamps, a whip, an enema bag, and the other items, well that looks like we will be able to provide them”.

“Good, I want you to make sure the dildo and the cocking have a perfect fit. The other things I think don’t matter so much”.

“I agree Sir these needs to be in a good fit to start with”.

“So how are we going to approche that then” Randy asked.

“Well I think first of all we want to make sure that he is relaxed so we are going to do that first. Then we will measure him up on several places and get the stuff ready that won’t take to long as we have got quite a bit in stock”.

Ok well go ahead.

I got something to drink and was then put on a table. My underwear was removed while I was on my belly. My button was probed for some time with several stuff but I guess what ever I drunk must have helped to relax and even stun it a bit. I was not aware of what happened over the next 15 minutes as I was more or less not feeling a lot. But it seems he was finished when I was aloud to turn around again and put my underwear back on.

I was sitting down to wait as Randy was taken more backwards in the room. I think that he was decided on the items that he wanted. I heard them talk on the background as well.

I then heard the key turned in the door and the door opened. I wanted to put my hands in front of my crotch but I remembered why I was here and didn’t do that. I looked at him when he came in. He looked at me, one time, two times then yelled to the back.

“He I didn’t know that Damion had a brother”.

I looked startled to the back of the room. I saw that they both got closer to the person that entered the room.

“Who are you if I may ask” Randy said trying to keep his role as Master on.

“Oh, sorry Sir, but I am one of the shop assistance. I normally do the work together with him down here”.

“Ok, and what did you ask just now, a brother”.

“Yea, hmm your slave, that is your slave right”.

“Yes he is”.

“Well he looks like someone I know, some one that is called Damion. He is the manager of this store”.

I didn’t look at Randy, I hadn’t told him my other brother, but I was shocked to find out that I looked like him. This might complicate things.

“He looks like him, you say”.

“Yes, he does, your slave is older but definitely got the same kind of face, eyes, nose line etc. Family for sure I would say. But Damion never said he had an older brother. Especially not that that one was a slave, I am sure he would have told us. As I am sure they would have had a lot of fun together.

“Oh, well this slave doesn’t know his Mom so who knows he might be family. Maybe you can ask this Damion to contact us. I have my card here with me”.

He gave the card to the new person that had come walking in.

“Ok, well the things will be ready here tomorrow for you to fit. So we might tell you then that is if we see Damion beforehand”.

“Ok, that would be fine, hmm you know any good club to go to in town, with a you know slave / Master idea and where you can trust people as I am sure you recognised me”.

“We might do, we need to ask some inquiries to see if we can tell you. We might be able to do that before tomorrow as well”.

“Ok, fine we will see you then tomorrow around 3 pm right?”

“Yea that sounds fine”.

We left the shop and drove silently back to the hotel room.

Chapter 16

chapter 14

“I don’t know it depend on who they are, but a good looking guy like Francis, well I am afraid they might use them to be one of their slaves, if lucky a Master but I thought that”.

 It began to sink in what she meant as he would be hurt, forced to do things, as visions of what could have happened to him in the meantime as I felt how tears again started to run over my cheeks. Damn, I needed to help him, but how. When I opened my eyes though I was startled, startled as I could still see Francis as then it hit me I had another vision.

 I saw Francis; he was walking around in a room with men, women, older ones, younger ones. Most of them dressed but quite a few dressed only in some underwear. Francis turned around our eyes met. I looked down and saw that he was wearing a white brief, not much of underwear. His dick was hard, showing off very much in them. He coloured red I could see that, he wanted to turn away but instead he said something. Again just like last time I couldn’t hear him. He tried again I looked at him saying sorry can’t understand what you want. Then I saw that the bottle of wine he had in his hand overflowed a glass that he was filling up. He looked shocked, turned around hastily and fear came on his face.

My vision shifted, I stayed in front of him, now looking at how he bends over a chair. I saw tears coming in his eyes, when a man with a paddle stood ready behind him. Saying something to him, shouting, and then the paddle went down and landed on his buttocks. I shocked, screamed out when more tears started to run over Francis face. He looked up shaked its head as he wanted to say go now; I don’t want you to see this. I tried to stay locked I realised I needed to see more of the room, but when the nodded increased of Francis our bind decreased, the room started to get blurry, I screamed his name again. But then slowly the face of my Mom came instead of the room. I could here Alexei asked what had happened. I heard my Mom answer, also to make sure no one else would enter the room. She looked at me. “Keep thinking, sometimes it comes back, keeping thinking of him”.

I closed my eyes and tried, tried to get back into the room, to connect with the emotions that Francis was having, I knew what he felt I understood the bonding now. But why why didn’t it come back to me. I slowly opened my eyes and shaked my head.

“Sorry Nick, I am really sorry”.  She held her arms out and we embraced each other, tears still continue to make their way over our cheeks. I heard people asked what was going on. I heard David’s voice; I heard my Dad’s taking him away as his voice got softer.

I slowly got around again and looked at Mom. “You had a vision of him right”.

I nodded.

“Do what I say. You want to remember it as much as you can and you know you can if you go back to it, do as if you where going to make a painting”.

I did as she asked, without thinking as if it would be a way back that would be good.

“Ok, now go back to what you saw and take the image one by one up into your mind, you know what to do but hurry before you forget. During a vision that part of your memory is gone. You need to repeat it as soon as you are back again to remember it”.

“What if he doesn’t want to remember” Alexei said.

“He needs to”.

The vision came back and when the paddling started I could see the pain again, the agony of it all but also some kind of embarrassment when Francis realised I was there, that I saw what happened. I saved it as I did with things that I wanted to paint. I needed it Mom said. Not knowing exactly why but she had recognised it straight off for what it was.

When I was ready I opened my eyes again. “Thanks” I said.

She looked at me. “I don’t know Nick, I don’t think in the end you will thank me for it but you needed to remember. If we ever want to find where they are”.

“I know”.

“Ok, do you want to tell us what you saw”?

“It was as you said. He was being a slave, being humiliated then punished for spilling some drinks. They are using him, making him suffer”.

“Damned “Alexei said, “What triggered it though”.

“Did you think about how Francis would feel, how you felt into he pasted”.

“Yea and I think Francis must have some how though about me too, that is when the link is there. The moment he got … well he didn’t want me to be there anymore the link got weaker what ever I tried to keep it and then it disappeared”.

“Emotions, you where thinking about each other with a deep emotional feeling, that creates the link, or it did in the beginning with me”.

“So how does this help”.

“I don’t know yet, did you recognise anything familiar Nick”.

“No, nothing, all strange people I didn’t know”.

“Any signs of where they were, like a name, a view or anything like that”.

“No, not that I can remember”.

“Well you have to make sure there is nothing in it. That is the best possibility to find out where he is. So later tonight go back to it and see if there is anything that adds up to a place or something like that”.


“So that was it then for now”, Alexei asked.

“Not enough” my Mom answered him.

“I don’t know, is there nothing more we can do then, just wait for more visions of Nick”.

“Oh no there is more I have names, faces, places for the detectives but that will only bring them to the higher boss of this scheme. We need to find them because they can only secure our future but it might not be where Francis is and we need to make sure that both things happen more or less at the same time. Freeing Francis and finding the top people who are behind all of this”.

Alexei looked at her, thinking about her words then he nodded. “Ok, that might work, but just make sure you tell us all. I don’t want to see Nick hurt more then he already is, you understood”.

“I know, that is the promise your Dad, Nick asked of me as well and I told him I would. I am not running away anymore we will have to get to the bottom of this now and for ever”.

“You want to go down Nick” Alexei asked.

“Hmm no, sorry I rather want to stay here”.

“Ok, you want me to stay”.

“Yes please”.

“I think I better go then, I am sure there are things you want to talk about” Mom said.

She left the room. Alexei looked at me.

“You really ok, Nick?”.

“Yea, although it is a lot to take in. On the other hand it explains a lot of things that I have been thinking about as I never understood why Mom left”.

“Well we still need to find out somehow if her story is the truth though”.

“You doubt that then”.

“I don’t know what to think Nick. It sounds all very strange but also very reasonable and I think looking at you, you are getting answers about stuff you never thought you would have so yea I think she is telling the truth but I want to make for sure”.

“Yea, I can understand that”.

“So what do you want to do then”?

“I want to go back to the vision but I wanted some one here while I did it”.

“This fast Nick”.

“I need to know Alexei. I need to know if there was something in that vision that gives away where Francis is. I need to help him, I need to make sure that he gets away of their as soon as we can. He doesn’t want this, this is not his way, this is my entire fault and I need to repair it”.

“It is not your fault Nick. Don’t say or think that”.

“I know with my head but that is not the way it feels, so come sit beside me and let us try to find clues. I will tell you what I see, you ask me about it, go back if something is not clear if it is not detailed enough ok”.

Over the next 90 minutes we went over the vision time after time. I screamed several times, I cried an awful lot more and I slowly started to see what my Mom had mentioned with he might not like it but he needs too. Each time it hurt maybe even more and more and although some details where established nothing useful came out of it as it only drained me more and more.

“Stop Nick, it has been enough. Look at yourself you need something to eat and drink”.

I knew he was right, but I also knew that it was not the last time I would go back. I felt like there was something that I didn’t see that I missed and I wanted to find it.

“Ok, you go and get me something to eat and drink”.

He left; I closed my eyes and relaxed.

The next thing I realised was that I must have slept; it was dark in the room, except for the light beside my bed. I turned towards it and saw there where some snacks on a plate and something to drink as well. I listened if I could hear any sounds but it was quite in the house. I looked at the clock and saw it was just after 11 pm.

I let out a deep sigh, looked again but I guess Alexei had went to bed. I started to remember what we had been doing before I woke up. It came slowly all back to me. I relaxed a bit more, took a bit to eat and then closed my eyes, slowly starting to let the vision back into my mind. Slowly it came back fragment after fragment. I wanted to scream almost again but remembered that might not be a good idea. I swallowed my food and then it struck me. There was something written on the paddle. I had been so locked on Francis his face, but now I saw the paddle again. There was something written on it but what was it. It was not clear. I shaked my head, wrong thing to do I realised as the vision was gone.

I sighed, at least I knew now where to look but how would I be able to read what was on it. I sat on down on the bed and started the vision from the beginning onwards again. Trying to fast-forward it but that didn’t work, waiting slowly to get to the point where the paddle was in view. Seeing Francis in his underwear, his fear, and his emotions when he knew what was coming. He knew he had been paddled before. And then the paddle was gone again. I needed to concentrate on it better I thought and I started the vision again.

It took me an awful time until I realised that I could read it and what it said. I let out a deep sigh. Not sure what it mend yet, I had at least found a clue. I looked now at the clock and saw it was 2.30 in the morning. I felt tired, very tired, hungry and thirsty again. Had I been doing this for the last three and a half hours I thought, no wonder. I got out of bed … hmm I was down to my own briefs. Would Alexei have undressed me, I realised he must have. I felt that I started t get hard a bit. Not known I thought. I needed some food, so I got up and walked towards the kitchen.

It was very quite in the house. When I got to the kitchen though the light was on their. I slowly opened the door and saw that Randy was sitting beside the counter, face buried in his hands with his elbows resting on the counter. I walked behind him and then put my hands on his shoulders. He shrived a moment and then looked up.

“Nick”, he said a bit harder and if he was surprised then again softer “Nick, are you ok”.

“Hmm will be just tired and hungry”.

“You have been awake a long time then”.

“Yea, I woke up at 11 and went through it again till now so a long session. Hmm that is if Alexei told you what happened tonight”.

“Some of it. I know he helped you with your vision. Is that what you have been doing for the last three and a half hours then”?

“Yea it was”.

“No wonder you are tired, let me get you some food then”.

He got up and opened the fridge. “Did you get anywhere with it”.

“I might have not sure yet”.

“Ok, I am sorry really sorry for you Nick” he said.

“I know you are Randy and I am not surprised to find you here as I am sure that you are the only one beside Mom can probably feel what it is”.

“Yea, I guess so but not sure in the way she and you do though. But yea that is where my mind was. I decided to get out as I couldn’t sleep anyway”.

“See, well I am not able to tell you know but I will one day Randy, I hope as you deserve to know it”.

“We will see Nick, we will see, just as you know if you need to talk I am here for you. I want to help you in any way I can”.

“I know and I am not sure but I might need you as well. But as I said to early we need to find out more first”.

We ate something and then went back to bed. I though about giving the vision some more attention but sleep lucky got in the way of that. The next thing I remembered was sunlight. Sunlight in my room, coming through the window and David’s shadow in front of it.

“Good morning David” I said.

“More afternoon Nick, but good morning to you too” he said with a smile on his face.

“Have you been here a long time” I asked him.

He came closer to the bed and set down on it. His face looked tired. I knew I didn’t need to ask him if he had slept a lot as he probably didn’t.

“Some time. I wanted to be here when you would wake up”.

I smiled “Thanks David”.

“Your welcome, but I had some selfish reasons for it as well, as I felt the need to talk about it all. Mom, visions, why you screamed last night. So many questions, more then she was not here”.

Oh, I thought well I have had more answers from her I guess then David had and the talk she had with me, my screaming must have given a lot more for him.

“I am sorry David, sorry to worry you. I am fine, well fine in the circumstances”.

“I don’t know if I can trust her again Nick. Not after leaving her. I want to but parts of me are not sure I can”.

“We talked last night, after she came from you. Something that had shaken her up quite a lot but I had questions too. She was honest about a lot of things, her life she lead, her regret of leaving us, the reasons to come back but somehow I think there are parts she is not telling me”.

“She might have her reasons for that David”.

“I know but it is not helping to trust her again as she hurt me more then I realised back then”.

“I know, I might have shown it more back then but I knew you where hurting too, then. I was just not able to help you with it”.

He smiled. “Oh you did, you left her memory alive for some time at least which helped me more then I thought it did in the beginning”.

“Well you will have to give it time. I don’t think she will be out of our lives fast. There are things that need to be done”.

“Is it true that she can help with Francis”?

“Yea she will, she is already”.

“I know, she talked with the detectives this morning and although some of them looked shocked I also saw some relief on their faces. Alexei said they where happy to have some clues at last that they could follow up, something substantial”.

“Is she still here”?

“No she left, they will come to find her down here, so she said she had to leave”.


“You had more questions for her Nick”.

“No, just that she might have helped more”.

“Oh, but she will stay in contact with the detectives so she will. She just didn’t want to be seen around the house down here”.

I knew she hadn’t told him everything then. The things that she didn’t want to be known where still secret for David. I swallowed as I knew I couldn’t go on about it.

“Alexei, Randy and James left as well. I changed my schedule and will stay for a few more days”.

“Ok, that is good David; we need to talk more about Mom I guess”.

“Yea we will. Ok, I better go and get Dad now as he wanted to know the moment you woke up”.

“Ok, see you later; I will be out bed when he is done worrying”.

“He means good though Nick, remember that”.

“Oh, I know that David”.

David left and I knew it would be only minutes for Dad was around. When he entered he got close to the bed, tears running over his cheeks when we hugged each other.

“I am ok Dad, don’t worry I am ok and Francis will be”.

“I know, but”..

“Stt, not now Dad”.. I didn’t want to talk about it to much. He would want details and I was not ready to share them. We talked about Mom, what she had told him, she had apologized and she had talked with Susan, reassuring that she would not be back for him.

“She did go though a lot after she left Nick”.

“I know Dad”.

“It makes it easier to forgive her. I never thought I could but I think I almost have”.

“Yea it does”.

“You have already haven’t you? I can see how you defend her a bit”.

“Of cause, she had no choice. Would you ever have understood what was happening to her”?

“No, I guess not”.


“I know but still you know her ……”  We talked about her, what it had been before she had run off. It was some big healing time for the both of us, at it had been a subject that always had been between us. Grief, anger or any emotion that he lacked after she had left and my own grief and anger for her doing it had never come together until now.

During the next few days the vision really started to get to me, as it came back and back again, even when I didn’t want it too. I didn’t discover that much anymore. I did some research on the internet and in the end I found what I think is the name of the club that was on the paddle where it all happened. Now finding the club was one but how to get there and making sure that Francis was there as well was something different though.

I had one more phone call with my Mom but that was it. She said she would be back in contact but so far nothing happened. I started to get inpatient. I had a phone call with Alexei and he said the detectives where making progress but it needed to be done slowly and carefully. In the meantime I was struck bye the vision that I had and the agony that Francis was probably in day after day.

The website of the club was a bit of a strange one but if you read between the lines it said enough what kind of place it was.

Slowly I got a plan together and I just thought I couldn’t wait any longer anymore. So 5 days later I got in contact with Randy. I asked him to call me back later on the day as I got his voicemail.

I was happy when he rang early in the evening.

“I have come up with a plan Randy. It is really getting to me that we are not moving forward at all and I want something done. Can you come up for a week or so”?

“Yea, I can no problem. What is your plan though”?

“Well I am not going to go into details yet as I am not sure but I want us to go to San Francisco. I think I found the place where Francis might be and I think the only ways to get into such a place are friends or a good intro. Now I thought about asking James or Alexei but James is not famous enough nor has the experience and although Alexei is famous enough he is lacking the experience nor can he pretend I think. So that left me with you”.

“What have you in mind Nick”?

Chapter 15


chapter 13

“hmm, welll” I was not sure what to tell Randy although he had been there once when it happened.

 “Let me tell you about your Grand Dad, my Dad.”


 “He was a poor painters son as most of the times they were out painting people’s houses. When he was 15 they landed a big order for one of the major mansion’s around. He was dumbstruck by the beauty of the paintings that were in it. On an afternoon when his dad had left him alone he painted one himself on the wall/ Instead of painting it straight, he was found lying on the ground in the evening as he didn’t report home. The painting on the whole was of a bloody scene, a murder they said. He didn’t remember a lot except that he had looked into the butler’s mind before he left. The butler had run away the moment he had seen the picture.  They didn’t know until they found our Grand Dad later that night. He told me this story as from that point onwards that he would have  them on a regular basis. He said that when ever emotions were struck to him. Either by what he saw or by what he felt, he was drawn into it and he could see every detail of it just like he was watching a movie.”

“Is that your gift as is that what you do for them?”

“Hm, yea more or less. I gather information for them. Information they use to do evil with.”


“No murder or anything Nick, just blackmail, extortion and a way to gain influence.”

“Damned,” I looked at her. “How could you?”

“I can’t defend myself Nick. I have been thinking about that for the last 10 years as well. By the time I realized what they were doing I was drawn in to far. There was no way out of it anymore. Not without being subject of blackmail or pain myself.”

“So you got them a lot?”

“On a regular basis, as I said depending on how strong emotions are send out.”

“Did you feel my emotions when I saw you yesterday?”

“Oh, they where clear Nick. All understandable but there was more and …”

“Hmm, this is getting personal are you sure you want me to stay Nick?” Randy asked

“Yea, I might need someone to talk about and there are little or none secrets between us.”

He blushed a bit but kept quite.

“So that is what you found out about Francis?”

“OH, no I saw that in the picture you know. That is what your Grand Dad could do, too. Whenever he had seen an image full of emotions he was able to bring it back to life on the canvas. Powerful for sure.”

‘Do you have some of his paintings then?”

“No, sorry there is as far as I know, not one left. They all went down when his house burned down when I was 15 or so. I don’t think that after that he ever painted anymore. But I remember them.”

‘So when did he tell you then?”

“Just after I got pregnant with David. He said he had been waiting for me to get passion in my eyes as he knew that would be the trigger. So we talked about it. What he thought never knew is how strong it was for me. It was at some point not even choice anymore but very overwhelming where ever I was looking.”

“You still have it as often?”

“No, I have gained a bit more control over it but it is still overwhelming as getting control over it comes with a cost.”

“A cost?”

“Yea, but more about that later. I don’t think you have it to bad so no need for that at all.”

“I don’t know. I don’t have a lot to compare with.”

“So you had them then?”

“Yea a few times. You remember that time at Nick’s place and then there was ….”

I stopped.

“They all had to do with Francis right. All since he left?”

“Yea, it seems our emotions are pulling us together.”

“I knew when I saw that painting of him on TV there was a special connection. I am sure that is what has been helping you so far. Putting the images you get onto paper instead of living them in the visions. It might mean you are not as powerful as me or …..” she stopped and looked at me.

“Hmm, let me know if you think I am going to far Nick or when you want Randy to leave, but hmm are you sexual involved with Francis already?”

I blushed as this was definitively not a question that I would ever dreamed off having to get from my parents, more or less, my Mom.

I looked at Randy as he knew but still.

When I looked back at her a smile came over her face. “Ok I guess that means a yes, hmm now a more difficult question do you have a certain special kind of sex with Francis, a kind of role play?”

I think by now I got as red as you can imagine. I looked at Randy again. When our eyes met I think we both realised what she was asking. Did she know I thought or ..  I looked back at her again.

“I. hmm .. I welll. …. Hmm, what has that to do with the visions?”  Happily to have found a way to deflect the questions.

“Well it is about the control thing, certain role play will help to keep them under control.”

I turned several shades of red now. What was this about, how why.. not with my Mom I couldn’t.

“Oh, hmm.“

“So do you Nick, you reluctance to answer ….. I don’t condemn you if you do Nick. Just might be able to help.”

Still I had no appetite to talk with her about it at all. I looked at Randy again. “Shall I Nick?” he asked

I nodded. I then could here him start to tell about what had happened to me … .. I more or less slowly started to think about Francis. How was she able to help. How…………

I saw him again. He looked at me. I saw his lips moving but again their was no sound with the vision. I felt how my heart flowed over with love. I could see that he was not anymore in the lighthouse as the shape of the room he was in was different then before. I saw also that he was wearing a very tight t-shirt and a very tight pair of shorts, too. He looked incredible smart in them. No sexy was the better word. I am not sure how long we kept looking into each other eyes but a movement in the room where he was made him turn his head away and I could feel that I lost grip on the image. When he looked back at me again I could hardly make out his face. I yelled “Francis”.   I felt how tears where starting to role over my face. I felt how some one had start to talk with me and kept me in his arms.

I stayed with his image in my head for a little while and then I opened my eyes, the images were gone and the whole experience came rolling over me. I looked at Mom.

“You had one again didn’t you?”

I nodded.

“Anything in them could help you to determine where he was?”

I thought about that one for a moment. “Sorry to ask that fast but it is important to remember now so you might go back to it and see if there is something in it?”

“NO, I don’t think there was.”

“That is a shame, just think back later if you can.”

I just then remembered what we had been talking. I looked at Randy, “I told her.”

“All of it?”

“All I know there might be more but that is up to you Nick.”

“Oh, ok so that can be of influence of the visions?” I asked

“Yea, that is a way of keeping them under control.”

“For you too, just like this?”

“More or less. But I have to be honest. I knew most of that, I have been reading the newspapers and keeping up to track. I just wondered how much of this all effected you and your relation with Francis. But I guess, … well; I think you have enough for now to adapt too. I am going to go downstairs and wait for the others. You can talk then if you want with Randy.”

“Thanks Mom.”

“Your welcome Nick. Sorry you have to go through all of this.”

She got close and hugged me.

Randy looked at me. He didn’t say anything, stood up and sat down beside me. Still being quite he put his hand over my shoulder and we hugged.

I looked up to him and said “Now what”.

“Nothing Nick. She is just trying to be honest but I am not sure she is able to tell it all. Something says me that she has been through a lot. That is something you have to remember Nick.

“I guess, well we better go downstairs and see what Keith found out and how we are going to deal with this all”.

“You are not mad at her anymore then”.

“OH, I am but I feel I need her somehow as well. She might have the clue to find Francis”.

When we got downstairs it was just mom standing at the door and David not far away from the couch. It seems he just had stand up.

“Why?  I’m in charge of my life … and I’m not going to stay if you’re going to be here.”

“Please, David … please stay.”

I saw him hesitate but, when his hand reached for the door knob, she pleaded, “Please, David … if not for me or for yourself … stay for Nick’s sake … OK?”

He looked over to me.  I had no idea what this was about, so I asked her what she meant.

“Later, Nick.”

“Stay for Nick’s sake, David,” she repeated.  “Don’t do it for me … but do it for Nick … OK?”

“We’ll see … but if this is just a ploy to try and get back into my good graces … then I’m out of here … understood?”

“OK, David.”

I looked at her again.  What is going on, I wondered.

“I think it’s time for us to leave,” Alexei said.  “I think there’s a family talk that needs to take place.”

“Hmmmm … Alexei?  Are you James’s boyfriend … James, Susan’s son?”

“Yes,” he said, a bit startled that she knew that and that he was gay as well.

“OK, you’re almost Nick’s family … so please stay as well … and I guess the same applies to you, Randy.  You’re not direct family … but you’re a very close friend who’s welcome as well.”

“What is going on, Mom?” David said now.

“Just wait till your Dad and Keith are here ok?”

It immediately became very quiet in the room.  Everyone was asking questions inside, but no one had the nerve to voice them.  We were silent, everyone lost in their own thoughts.

When my Dad came back with Keith and Susan, I could see that she’d been crying.  They’d made some coffee and tea in the meantime as well.

Susan got close to my Mom and opened her arms to her.  My Mom got up and responded to the hug.  I could see that Susan had a tear rolling down her cheek.

“I’m going if I’m not told soon what the hell’s going on here?” David said, now getting very agitated.

“Please stay, David,” my Dad insisted.  “Please do … yes.”

“But can you please tell us what’s going on?  I think we’re all on the edge and the uncertainty is killing us.”

“OK.  Let’s sit down though.”

“So what did you find out Keith” my Dad asked.

“Well we might have found a way out of this all, but it involves a certain equilibrium. That means that the moment we are able to find Francis and lift their leverage …”

“Who, hold on who said that they have Francis. Did you find some more clues to that then?”

“I talked it through with all the detectives and although I am sure it looks very unlikely for you, we are sure that they have him. I don’t think that they would use him against your Mom but they are a group that wants to be sure so yea, we can see that they want have something to make your Mom do what they want to.”

“Ok, so you know where he is?” Alexei asked

“No, the organization is big and it is almost impossible to know all the places they are located. You have to remember that we are just starting to get into knowing them and we are making progress for sure but it is slow going, for sure. “

“So how are we going to find Francis then”.

“Slowly Nick, very slowly, uncovering one stone at a time and then in the end we will find him”.

“Can you help them with it” I asked mom.

“I might but I need to do it very very carefully”.

“Why, if we have enough evidence to get them, then there is no way we need to be afraid of them” David said.

“Hmm, no sorry David, but some of them would get away before we get them for sure and that would threaten to many lives including Francis”.

“Oh, of cause, so what then, just wait and see”.

“No, there are ways that your Mom and Nick might be able to help us with. Your mom told us she could be helpful in the way she was helpful for them, but not to get back at them”.

“Oh, mom, what do you do then”. David asked her in a way he knew he wouldn’t get the answer.

“Sorry David, can’t tell you”.

“You told Nick though didn’t you”.  Know I was not sure if that he knew she told me or that he was just trying to get to her.

“Only what he needed to know”.

“So you know then Nick”.

I looked at them. Was there a way out of this. “David, sorry but this is between Nick and your Mom for the time being stay out of it. Ok”.

 “No, I am her son too”.

 “Yea and you will know but we want to make sure as little people as possible know. Every one that knows is in danger so …. Your Mom just doesn’t want that ok”.

 “I don’t know if she wants me to trust her it is a strange way of doing it”.

 “I know David, but I can’t just not yet. When this is all over I will promised”.

I didn’t think that she convinced him at all. And my dad well he was just playing along I could tell. As long as she was cooperating with Keith he would not bite but their was still anger in him for sure. And for me, I don’t know I always had felt more attracted to her and maybe the talents we both had had to do with them. It isn’t making it any easier. I could see why she had left. I could still feel the pain of it. But I saw also what might have happened if she hadn’t.

“So you found a way to get them to stay off when we get Francis free then” Alexei asked going back to where keith had left off before David got into it.

“Yea, we are gathering enough information that will be so damaging to them that if we have Francis we could barging it to keep them off our backs for sure”.

“You got all the information then already?”.

“No, not yet Alexei but if we keep finding stuff like this together with Nick’s Mom we will in a few weeks or so”.

“So what do we do then in the meantime” Randy asked.

“Just gatering more information and see if Nick and his mom can help”.

“Oh, so there is nothing else to do then at this point”.

“no, we might have questions in the future or might need your help some how but not yet”.

“So, there is nothing else to do then”.

“No, unless…. ….. “.

“I think you are right Keith. I can tell you more tomorrow or so but for now there is not a lot I can do. I want to talk with Nick a bit more see if somehow I can find more out where Francis is”.

“You need to talk with Nick about how to do that”. David asked.

“He will help me”.  I knew when she said that that it probably would be more the other way around. I was just not sure if I could.

“Ok, lets split up then I guess you want to go to Nick’s room again”.

“Yea that might work”.

“You going along Keith”.

“No, if they find anything I will hear it tomorrow”.

“Ok, well for the rest I have a drink in the living room. I think we can use one”.

“You come along Randy” David asked.

I was surprised at that and it seems Randy as well as he looked at me to see what I wanted him to do. I didn’t feel like I was on a good list of David any way and we definitely didn’t want to go any deeper so I though what the heck. I think though that Alexei felt something too as he said. “You go with David Randy, I will go with Nick,just in case he needs some one ok”.

Randy nodded. David led Randy into the livngroom and we went up to my bedroom.

We got up and I felt that Mom followed me into my room. When I wanted to close the door though Alexei pushed his way in.

We all sat down. A very awkward silent hang in the room.

“So do you have any more questions then Nick”? She started.

“I don’t know Mom. You mend me, that I was able to figure out where Francis would be if I would have more vision’s right.

“Yea but , .. hmm he knows all about it then” she said pointing at Alexei.

“yea he knows most of it and has been a good friend so far”.

“Sorry Alexei, but the last thing I expected that my son’s would be having celebrities as friends”.

“Oh that says a lot about them as they feel very much at ease with me and the others. They are fun to be with and always careful not to slip up to others”.

“So you are all right to getting mixed up in this”.

“I don’t know but I have been there for Nick from the moment he needed a friend to confide in. I know he has gone to a rough spot a few times and I am glad that I was there to help him. He knows that he can trust me and if he needs help I am their”.

“Ok, well yea you are right Nick. I can’t do a lot except for helping you with the vision’s when you get them”.

“So how would you help”.

“I think you need to know more  a lot more…..” she stopped then.

“More, of what”.

“More behind me leaving and also behind the visions. They are linked together but in a more difficult way then you can imagine”.

“Like what”.

“Well we talked about the bit of feeling like being humiliated and be treated somehow as a slave. I know after Randy told me the story that probably your relation with Francis has nothing to do withthat but definitely you have feelings in that directions. That is how you ended up with Mike didn’t you”.

I nodded. .

“Your Dad told me you have been going to a psychologist”.

“Yea, why did he tell you that”.

“Can you tell me what for Nick”?

“To deal with the things that has happened in the past”.

“I think I want to, although your Dad told me a bit about it. But can you tell me what the psychologist want you to think about and get to grips with. In other words what is behind all of this for you as there is always is”.

What I thought, how would she know that? I am not going to tell my Mom anything about those feelings. I know Alexei know or guessed but still it is not something to talk about with your Mom, especially not if she is more or less a total stranger to you.

She continued “I think Nick, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, at least not if you tell me. I think I know what you feel, why you feel it and that it is difficult to handle it”.

‘How would you” I said.

 ‘It happened to me too Nick. I have those feelings too. That is what they are locked in with the visions”.


 I felt that Alexei had moved closer to me, his arm now resting on my shoulder.

 “Feelings of wanted to be humiliated, feelings of be humiliated by some one you love. The emotional stimulations from it. I have them too. That is what they found out, that is the real bit they blackmailed me with. That together with the fact I needed to act on it, because otherwise the visions became too bad. So they had me. I couldn’t get away. The emotions where to tight and I had no one to talk about it”.

“But you are straight” I yelled out, not realising that what she meant was humiliated by other men not women.

“Yea I know and I know just like Alexei that you are gay. But that has nothing to do with it as you know what I mean. When Randy told me about what had happened with a certain Mike and some doctors I got scared. Do you know why as it got very close to what had happened to me.  I got hooked up in a world that was more vicious. More know about stuff like that and they had a grip on me if I wanted or not. When I stopped for some time the vision’s came and they where innocent at first but then became more fierce full as I had them of your Dad on the strangest moments of the day. Then at some point I think I started to get them about other people as well. When I met one of them at some point he humiliated me the way they did and the vision I got then of him, in the heighted of emotions made me aware that he had secrets, secrets he could be blackmailed with. What I didn’t know was that when I told a friend that that he would make such miss use of it. So I was hooked I needed the humiliation and the visions came then by it self making it almost impossible for me to have a normal live. When I had a vision of your Dad at some point where he was in the opposite role I got afraid. It always meant that there was something going to happen that would lead us down that path and I loved your Dad to much for that. Just like you love Francis to much for that. I can see that in the painting you made of him. So now you know most of it”.

I looked at her in disbelieve. I could feel Alexei present beside me reassuring me. I could feel that I started to tremble a bit.

“Stay with us Nick” Alexei whispered in my ear.

I almost had to faint again. I looked at her. I saw tears where running over her face. “I knew you were good in painting Nick; I knew that was a quality you had from me. When I saw the painting on TV, the love it was showing I knew you had found your destination but it showed me also that you must had the vision of some kind. I was afraid there might be more you have inherited from me and that was the reason I had to come, I had to find out and warn you about it just in case it was true. I am sorry that my fears became truth though”.

I got up and held my arms out, a long hug followed, tears running over both our eyes.

“Any questions Nick” she asked when we sat down again.

“I don’t know Mom, I really don’t know, this is just too much to take in”.

“I know. I will be around for some time although I am not going to stay much longer down here as I know this is the first place for them to check out to see if I am here. There must be no proof of that at all or we are all in deep shit”.

“Mom,” I said not expecting for her to use such a word.

“I am sorry Nick, but you better get use to the fact that I am saying what I mean and no other way. I have learned to be honest with those I love and care for.”

“How would you know about that, you left us?” I asked as the anger in my voice surprised me. I saw that it had Mom straight in the face again. I was about to apoligize for it when she said.

“I know, but there were others.”

“You got married again?” as that was the first thing came to mind for me.

“No, not married, but …. Lets say that although I didn’t want to I got pregnant at some point.”

I looked in disbelief at her as I almost wanted to run away. A child, for who she had been their all the time. A child who had the love that I had devoured and the support I had needed?

“Yea, you got a little brother,” she said then softly.

“You didn’t run off from him then did you?” I asked

“No, I didn\’t, I couldn’t. They had us.”

I looked now as I could see a lot of pain and regret on her face.

“Let me explain, again,” she said with a sigh. “He is the son of one of their leaders. I couldn’t get away he wouldn’t let me. But David and you are all I have, he is not my son. He is .. well you are all he is not, smart, well-behaved, and talented.”

I could see a tear starting to run over her face. I still had no idea how her life had been but it for some reason it felt like she had not had a lot of control over it at all.

“He has a name?” I asked

“Damon” she said.


I saw her tremble a bit before she spoke. “He is in their grips totally and will do what they want. I love him and I know he loves me, but I am not sure what he would do if he ever needs to go against me, though”.

“Does he know he has brothers?” I asked

“No I was too afraid to tell him when he was younger and later, he was too messed up to know. He …….“ She stopped there.

“He is not of this world. Lets forget about him for now. Lets see where we stand.”

“So now what then?” I asked as my mind wondered

“Well the detectives tomorrow I guess,” she said.

“Hmm, you stopped there a moment ago, Mrs., but I have a feeling there is more….” Alexei said looking at her.

She sighed deep. “You see people Nick?”

“I tend to do yea or at least their emotions and with you I can see there is more, more warning more danger. I don’t know how but if you could tell us it might help to deal with the detectives.”

“I know, I am sorry Nick. I know this is something you don’t want to hear.”

“You think they would kill Francis?” I interrupted her fast

“No, no worries about that, although I am not sure how you felt after that long session with Mike.”

“Well dead a few times for sure, but what does that has to do with Francis? What do you mean, would they hurt him?”. I asked

“Hmm you said something earlier on, Madame that they don’t kill people but they use them, how?” Alexei asked.

chapter 14