Tim and Michel – 61

Jamey narrating

Inside, I smiled. I’d gotten him there … how embarrassing was that, I thought. Now, what to do with that, I wondered. Then I remembered something that was in my bag.

“Hmmm, Mark?” I said.

“Yeah?” he answered as he turned his head towards me again.

“You’d better get out of bed and clean up first, I think. I’ll shower after you.”

I knew he’d have to walk past my side of the bed to get to the bathroom. I rested my head on the pillow, waiting to see what he would do.

“Fuck,” I heard him say again, whispering.

I felt him move and stood beside the bed. He waited a second … let out a sigh … and then slowly started to move. I noticed that he had his underwear tucked under his balls. I’m sure he didn’t want them cummy and now he had to show it off.

He looked cute. It had a bit of a curve. I looked up and saw that his tummy was covered with cum. He must have cum quite hard. He didn’t look at me and I decided not to say anything. He quickly went into the shower and closed the door.

I got out of the bed and forced my dick a bit to one side as I too got hard now. I went to his bag and found what I wanted. I then got my own backpack out and took the item I was looking for out of it. I then put it in his bag and got back into bed. Just as I was getting back into bed, I noticed there was some of his cum on the headboard as well. He really must have had a big one.

I got back into the bed and just waited for his return. It didn’t take too long until he walked back into the room with his towel around his waist.

“So … you enjoyed that?” I asked.

“Yeah … it was quite nice and refreshing,” he replied … but the look on his face said it all. He knew what I meant.

“You going to go shower?” he asked.

I knew he wanted to see more of me.

“I will in a moment … but why don’t you get dressed first?”

He walked over to his bag and started to get his underwear, socks and t-shirt out. Then he stopped, looked in the bag again and scanned the room.

“You’re missing something, Mark?” I asked.

“Hmmm … well …” he stuttered … but he stopped when he saw the smile on my face.

“What are you up to. Jamey? Come on … what did you do with them?”

“What are you missing, Mark?” I asked.

“You know! What you have done with my trousers?”

“Oh, nothing. I’m sure there’s a pair in your bag, isn’t there?”

I saw the look on his face. I saw his hesitation.

“Sit on the bed beside me, Mark,” I ordered.

He came closer to me and sat down.

“You wanted to know what it felt like, didn’t you?” I asked.

He turned red while slowly realising what I was up to.

“Hmmm … yeah … maybe.”

“Well, I won’t tell anyone what you did this morning if you’ll do whatever I tell you to do over the next few hours. Rest assured, my demands will be light and easy … but enough to show you what Tom is experiencing.”

“Hmmm … you mean you want me to wear those trousers?”

“Yeah … I think you’d look good in them.”

“I don’t know.”

I’d seen that he had a pair of bright red briefs with him and they’d be a very good pairing with the trousers I chose for him.

“OK … but you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone.”

“No, I won’t … if you’re a good boy.”

I saw him blush again but his towel also protruded a bit more than it did a moment ago.

“OK … you get dressed while I’ll go have a shower,” I added.

I got out of bed but stood with my back to him. I moved into the shower and wondered if he’d be doing what I just asked him to do. I had a quick shower and got ready to go out quickly. I opened the bathroom door and was curious to see what he’d do.

He was sitting on the bed with a white t-shirt on and, of course, the white trousers I’d put in his bag.

He smiled. I went to my bag and took my stuff out. I turned around and got dressed. “So how does that feel?” I asked him.

“Like I’m five years younger,” he confessed.

“Good … that’s the idea.”

“Michel’s uncle will be here in five minutes. What will we say?”

“I don’t think saying anything is necessary, Mark. Just tell him you thought it’d be warmer outside.”

I saw him blush again.

“Are you sure you cleaned it all up?” I asked.

He looked at me. I could see that he didn’t know what I meant.

“The cum, I mean. I’m sure you don’t want Michel’s uncle to see any of it.”

He turned red and started to feel in his hair and then slowly he turned to the bed. “Damn!” he said. He got up and walked towards it.

I saw him take his towel to clean the headboard. Just before he started to wipe, I said, “Wait, Mark. I don’t think you need the towel … just lick it off.”

He looked at me in despair … let out a small sigh … and then bent over and started to lick it up. When he finished, I saw that his trousers were bulging a bit.

Good … hope you liked that,” I said.

Then there was a knock at the door.

Nothing happened during breakfast and then we drove off to the square overlooking the church. Michel’s uncle dropped us off and we started to look around. After a few minutes, we decided on a spot about 200 meters from the entrance to the church and sat down on a little wall.

“So what do we do now? Just sit here and wait?” Mark asked.

“Yeah, that’s the idea. We’ve got a soccer ball … we can play around later with that if we get bored.”

“Hmmm … sounds like a plan,” he said. “If we have to sit here a few hours, I’ll definitely get bored.

“Don’t worry … I’ll make sure you’re not,” I said with a leer.

It was very quiet for the first ten minutes … then slowly quite a few people arrived walking and a few cars drove up.

“Hmmm, Mark … I think it’s time to stand up now and face away from the church, OK?”

He looked at me. “Come on, Mark … do what you’re told.” He got up slowly and turned around.

“Ok … now open your zipper. Then you can sit back down again.”

He looked at me, then slowly lowered his zipper. He turned around and sat down.

“Just stretch your legs a bit and relax.”

He did as he was told and, with the tightness of the shorts, you could see some red cloth at the opening of his zipper.

“OK … we’ll leave you on display like that for now.”

We kept watching the cars arriving but most of the arrivals came as families. Quite large groups, mainly. There were a few pairs without kids that we saw and we put those licence plates down for checking later. Job done, I thought, although we’d wait until after the service was finished before we could go.

“Time to go and play around with the soccer ball for a while, Mark.”

We enjoyed ourselves for three quarters of an hour. It was time to have some more fun, I thought. I made a goal area with two sticks.

“OK … we’re going to have some fun now, Mark,” I said. “You’re going to shoot ten times on this madeshift goal and I’ll defend it.”

“OK … so what’s the catch?” he asked.

“You need to score at least six times or else you’ll be dropping your pants,” I said with a smile.

“Oh … you mean … here?”

“Yeah … here.”

He looked around. There were quite a few people walking around the square now … mostly with dogs but also some kids playing on the other side of the square in the playground.

“You can’t do that, Jamey. Please … couldn’t it be something else?”

“I’m not sure you’ll like my ‘something else,’ Mark. So it’s this or else ….”

I saw him think. “Yeah … stop it. I’ve done that with Tom before … I’m just coming up with something that is worse.”

“Get ready for it!” he warned.

He sounded convinced that he was going to do it.

“You play football a lot?” I asked him.

“Yeah … so I should be able to make it.”

He was right as the first two got in. He was shooting with his right foot, I noted.

The next one just went a bit too far over to one side. “Damn!” he said.

“Lose your right shoe,” I said in response.

He looked at me. “You mean ….”

“Yeah … I thought I was quite clear.”

He took off his shoe off and looked at the ball before attempting to shoot again.

“Not so sure any more?” I teased.

He did smile and started to prepare.

It seemed that shooting with his bare foot was not that easy as he couldn’t strike the ball firmly enough. His shot was easy for me to stop.

“OK … get rid of the sock on the right foot.”

He did it now without hesitation.

He waited a second before his fifth attempt and missed … two so far.

He used his left foot this time and, although it went just a bit too much to the left, I’m sure the next one would have gone in. He was getting used to my handicaps.

“Lose your left shoe,” I ordered.

“Oh … can’t I take off my t-shirt, Jamey?”.

“No, your shoe.”

He removed his shoe and used his right foot again on the next one … but again he didn’t shoot hard enough.

He got number six in. I deliberately didn’t stop his shot … I just wanted to make him feel a bit more secure. So the score was three in and three out. He was allowed one more miss. Number seven he missed.

“Not so easy, is it, Mark? Lose the other sock,” I demanded.

We had a few spectators watching us now, including a few kids.

He leaned closer to me now. “Please … can we stop this, Jamey? I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Oh … aren’t you looking forward to dropping your trousers soon?”

“No … definitely not. Look at those kids there.”

“I know, Mark. But, with Tom, I’m sure you would have gone through with it, wouldn’t you?”

He hesitated before he answered. “Yeah, I guess I would. He’d have been ….” He stopped mid-sentence and looked down at his crotch.

“Bugger! I’m hard too … just like him.”

“Yea and you are just nicely starting to show off your undies because of that, too.”

He looked down and blushed as now his crotch was showing quite a bit of his undies.

He went for number eight and again I made sure that he scored.

He only had to make two more. Let’s make him really horny, I thought. “Hey, Mark … just think next time before you bet anything. If you miss one more time, then those pants are gone.”

He looked at me, surprised, and then at the kids … as I was sure they’d heard what I just said.

“Oh … he’ll lose them then,” one of the kids yelled. “This might be fun.”

He got up for his ninth one and I allowed him score again. I was just a little too late to stop it but it was close.

He walked up to me again. “Please don’t do this,” he pleaded.

“Are you hard?” I asked him.

“Hmmm… yeah,” he said blushing.

“So you’re enjoying this, too, aren’t you, Mark?”

“I guess so,” he replied glumly.

“Well … one more time … make sure you miss and ….”

He walked back to the ball. I could see that he was nervous but his dick was now almost pointing through his zipper opening.

I knew better then to stop it. I didn’t really want him to lose his pants in public … just enjoy the anticipation of it.

He scored and started to walk around like he’d won a championship.

“Get dressed,” I said with a smile. “You were lucky.”

While Mark started putting his socks and shoes back on, the other kids moved away again.

When he started to adjust his trousers a bit, I said, “no … leave them.”

He blushed more fiercely. We walked back to our original place on the square. It appeared that we’d timed that right as, at that moment, we saw the first people coming out of the church. It hadn’t been as long a service as I thought it might have been. I sat with the ball in my hands and Mark was more or less still showing off his briefs … although he must have softened a bit as the opening had gotten smaller.

Most of the parishioners stayed outside of the church talking, while a few drove off. Kids started to gather around in little groups, too. I looked to see if I could see Tim but, not surprisingly, he wasn’t around.

I wanted to say something to Mark when I saw two boys walking towards us. Hmmm … this wasn’t what we had planned for. When they got close by the slightly taller one said, “Is that a soccer ball? Are you planning to play with it?”

“We might,” I answered.

I saw that one of them had spotted Mark’s open zipper. Bugger, I thought. Now what? “Can we play some ball with you?”

“Oh, yeah … we could if you want. But aren’t we too old?”

“We would be with the 6 of us … the other ones down there would come over to play as well.”

I looked over towards where he had pointed and saw that there were 2 older boys standing.

“Yeah … that could work … if your parents approve, of course.”

I saw that one of the boys hesitated a bit before he turned around. “Come on … let’s ask,” he said to the other boys.

As they walked away, I smiled at Mark and said, “Now this might be a surprising turn. You’d better zip up.”

“He saw, didn’t he?” he said while he closed his zipper.

“Yeah … and I think the two older ones standing down there did, too.” I looked at Mark. He looked up and saw that the two boys had a smile on their faces and it seemed that they were whispering something to each other.

I followed the boys. They talked with their parents and there was some arguing going on. I thought they wouldn’t approve but then one of the parents took a good long look at us and then nodded.

The boys waved at their friends and they started to walk towards us.

“So … can you play?” I asked as they got closer.

“Yeah,” the one who came up to us before said. “My name is John. This is my best friend, Paul, and these are our brothers, Saul and James. They’re shy, though.”

Yeah, yeah … shy and both gay, I suspected … but in the circumstances, not something you would say. “Hi, I’m Jamey! We’ve something in common.”

I could see that he was startled when I said that so I knew that my conclusion was right. “I too am named Jamey.” I followed up what I had started. I saw a bit of relief on his face then and a slight smile.

“So … 3 against 3. Either John or Paul will join our side … is that OK?”

Over the next 30 minutes we played and enjoyed a good match. I think both Mark and I noticed that Saul and James were a bit touchy feely whenever they could … but I just left them alone. One of the parents came over and we stopped playing and walked towards him.

“Time to go, guys. You’ve had enough fun for a Sunday.”

“Dad,” John pointed out. “It’s just some exercise … good for us.

“Yes, I know … but you need to think about God and respect His wishes. You’re overthinking your actions.”

“We know, Dad … we do. So just a 30 minutes break from God can’t be too bad.”

I saw that the father was considering what his sons had to say for a moment and then looked at me: “Hi, guys. Thanks for keeping them busy.”

“You’re welcome, sir,” I replied. “My name’s Jamey and this is my brother, Mark.”

“Ahhh … another Jamey … just to make it more difficult! Well … thanks but they have to go.”

“So … are you guys going to be here again next week?” John asked.

I knew we might not be … but, on the other hand, we’d made some connections. I thought about the best thing to say.

“We would ask our parents first … but if they’re OK with it … we could … yeah. Would that be OK with you, sir?” I asked John’s father.

I saw that Mark was surprised.

“Yeah … that would be OK. You might even want to join in on the service if you’re here a bit earlier.”

Oh, bugger! I thought that would really involve us deeply. I looked at Mark again. He nodded slightly. We knew both it would mean quite a commitment of time if we needed to be here every week … but, still, if that was the way to find Tim, we would.

“Yeah … we can ask that as well, sir.”

“So … see you next week then, John,” I added.

As the father turned around, that seemed to be that. When they reached he gather of the other parents, we caught some stares. I don’t think that the idea of more games was welcomed but somehow it changed during the conversation. There were more sympathetic looks at us. I think they were told that we might even join in the service before we played next time.

They slowly broke up to leave and the square returned to its normal routine of playing kids and people walking their dogs. I called Michel’s uncle to tell him that he could pick us up.

“So, guys … did you learn anything?”

“Well … there were about ten cars or so that drove in without kids … so that was helpful. We made a list of them so we can do some research.”

“Good … that sounds like a good start. Others can go from there next week.”

“rue … but we’ve got some more. We played some soccer with four of them for half an hour and they want us back next week.”

“Oh! You made some friends?”

“Well … we talked a bit with two of them and they looked like they wanted to know us.”

“They were just happy to play soccer!l” Mark contended.

“Maybe … but the other two were just happy to have us in their neighbourhood.”

“You’re sure they’re gay?” Mark asked.

“Yeah … they are … but they’re shy and deep in the closet,” I said. “And then there’s the fact that we’ve been invited into the church next time.”

“Oh … we need to talk with Karl about that. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea.”

Michel’s uncle dropped us off. He told us that he or Karl would be in contact with us to tell us what to do next weekend. He thought that attending church might be a bit dangerous but also might help to get more information sooner.

I called William right after we got home and told him about what happened. I thought about giving Michel a call as well but I didn’t know a lot more so I wasn’t sure what I could tell him.


Tim and Michel chapter 60

Chapter 60 of Tim and Michel

So perhaps you were wondering what happened in the shower? Well, I’m sorry to say that, although Michel kept teasing me, I escaped from there without too much of a problem. I tried to get him to go with me to school, but he started to distance himself the moment I said it … so we went to school separately.

We talked a lot at school about the meeting. Brandon, Paul and Dennis were a bit more optimistic about it all but, still, we weren’t sure of the outcome and couldn’t wait until we could get going. On Friday evening, I was picked up by Michel’s uncle. He would take Mark and me up to the small town where we thought it would all happen. Michel said that two rooms were booked for us at a small motel just outside the town but not in it. We would meet up with Mark on the way as he had stayed with Karl the last few days.

“Did you see Michel?” I asked his uncle as we were settled on the motorway.

“No, I talked with his mother but his dad isn’t letting Michel out of his sight right now. I think he mainly blames me for this.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“I think he still resents me for being gay. He took it badly when I told him many years ago. I thought he’d come around but I see now that I doubt he ever did accept me, to be honest.”

“You’ll not give up on him, will you?”

“No … I’m not sure .…”

“Please … for Michel’s sake … he needs you.”

He looked at me closely before turning back to the traffic.

“I know, Jamey. I know. I won’t give up on him or on my brother.”

“Good, I think you would regret it if you did.”

“You’re way too wise for your age, you know, Jamey.”

I blushed a bit.

“So … what do you know about Mark?” he asked.

“Not a lot. Karl said he was younger and that we had some stuff in common to talk about.”

“Ah, well … that you’re both gay, for one thing.”

“Yeah … definitely that … but I’m just not sure what else. Might be he’s without his parents as well.”

“You’ll be OK. You only have to spend a few hours playing around the church tomorrow … you’ll cope.”

“You don’t think we’ll find out much tomorrow?”

“No … this feels like a wild goose chase so we just have to be patient.”

We got to the motel around 10 pm. It had been about a 5 hour drive. I knew the town wasn’t close but this felt like it was out in the middle of nowhere.

“So now what?” I asked as we got out.

“Let me go and get the keys and then we’ll meet Karl and Mark and see what the strategy is for tomorrow.”

I looked around. It wasn’t a big motel, just 15 rooms or so. Not all were occupied as there were only about six cars or so outside.

“OK, we’re in rooms 7 and 8,” Michel’s uncle said when he came back from the reception desk.

We walked towards the rooms. He opened number 7 without using the key.

“I thought you’d be here,” he said while opening the door.

Karl and someone else were sitting on the edge of the bed.

He stood up and walked towards Michel’s uncle. “Good to see you again.”

“You too, Jamey,” he said, shaking my hand as well.

“So let me introduce you to Mark … he’s one of my nephews.”

The teenage boy got up and came over to us. “Glad to meet you,” he said softly and we shook hands as well. He seemed a bit shy, I thought.

“So, what’s the plan?” Michel’s uncle asked.

“Well, I’m leaving in a moment. You can sleep in room 8 and the guys can have room 7. I’m sure they’ll have lots to talk about. Then tomorrow, you drive into town … it’s about eight miles from here. You’ll find a church in the middle of town. There are lots of vantage points to check the area out while staying nearby. You need be to be there at 9.30 as mass starts at 10. It might take up to two hours before you see anyone exiting. They normally stay around talking for a bit before leaving. When they’re all gone, someone will lock up the church. At that point, call your uncle and then you can go back home. I’ll be in touch on Sunday to discuss the things you saw.”

“What do we need to look out for?” I asked.

“Most important is car number plates. We want to see if we can track where everyone in the community is living. That is step 1. I think you’ll also want to make a special note of any couples that come in on their own. They don’t have children and that is kind of strange for this group of people.”

“You think Tim might be with them then?” Mark asked.

“He might be … we just don’t know. But don’t expect to see him straight away … this is likely to be a time-consuming stakeout and we might need several weeks to get what we want.”

“What if someone comes up to talk to us?” I asked.

“You just say that you’re waiting for your uncle to pick you up.”

“We’re family then?” I asked while looking at Mark.

“Yeah … that’s the idea.”

“OK … any questions?”

“No, not really,” I replied.

“Good. If you do, text me … OK, Mark?”

“Yes, sir,” Mark promised.

“Well … it’s time for me to leave. Good luck, guys.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that … but we said our goodbyes.

“I’m going to go to bed, guys. I’ve had the late shift all week in the bar and I was awake early today as well. I’ll knock on your door tomorrow around 9 a.m. Have a good sleep.”

When Michel’s uncle closed the door, there I was unexpectedly in a room with this unknown, but pretty good looking, guy. I knew better than to hope that he’d start the conversation. He’d already shown himself to be very shy.

“So … I guess we’re on stakeout together.”

“Yeah, it seems so.”

“You OK with that?” I asked.

“Yes … anything I can do to help Granddad is fine….” He paused for a moment … looked me in the eye … and then a small smile appeared on his face. He added, “Not a disappointment when I have to spend the night with a hunk like you, either.”

OK! I started to blush again. “Thanks, Mark. You’re pretty cute yourself.”

“So … does that mean we can have some fun?” he said.

So much for being shy! I couldn’t have been more wrong. Once alone, he was quite forward now.

“No … sorry, Mark, but I have a boyfriend.”

“Me, too … but he doesn’t have any say in this.”

I sat down on the only chair in the room. “Oh, why is that?”

“He has to do what I want. He’s got nothing to say about what I do.”

A thought began to form in my mind. Just like his granddad, was he ….?

“He’s your slave” I said quietly.

“Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?” His voice now was strong … a bit too much so, I thought. He was proud but also insecure, I judged. That is why he had been shy when we had entered.

“No, I’ve got one myself,” I said.

“Really? You do?” he asked.


“Oh … I didn’t think you ….”

“Not manly enough for it, Mark?” I asked.

He’d backed down a bit now. “Sorry if I insulted you, Jamey. I just thought … well … you know you don’t look …..”

“I know I don’t have your muscles, Mark, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to push someone’s buttons”

He blushed now. He stood up and moved closer to me. He held out his hand. “Sorry, Jamey. I’m new to all of this and, although I want to help, I didn’t expect to meet another master.”

“That’s OK, Mark.”

“How is Michel doing?” he asked.

He seemed to know quite a bit of the background of the story.

“Not good. But, once we find Tim, he will be.”

“You’re a good friend of Tim’s.”

“Yeah … he’s the best.”

“I don’t have many friends my own age, you know. I’m not yet out at school.”

“How old are you, Mark?” I asked.

“Just 16.”

“Wow … and you already own a slave. You’re still young.”

“I know what I want and Tom adores me,” he replied quickly.

“I’m sure he does. But do you adore Tom as well?” I asked.

“Of course … otherwise, we wouldn’t be together.”

“Well … maybe you should respect him a bit more, then, and not expect to do it with just any one who you find attractive. Let your own relationship develop first.”

I saw that he was thinking about that.

“I just don’t know. Maybe I am too young and don’t deserve someone like Tom yet.”

I looked at him. “Shall we get ready for bed and you can tell me about him, OK?”

Before long we were in bed. We’d undressed with our backs to each other and had gotten in the bed without seeing much of each other’s body. Not even a peek. But in bed it wasn’t easy to ignore that we were naked together.

“So … tell me how you met him.”

Mark started to tell the story about Tom coming to their house as a surprise for his brother and him. Paid for. He said he fell in love with him straight away … but he wasn’t sure if that was because of who he was or of his slavish behaviour. But later on, after not seeing him for a while, he knew he wanted just to be with him … although the aspect of having him do what he wanted was exciting as well. Mark had had several talks with his dad about it.

“Your dad?” I said.

“Yeah … you sound surprised.”

“Yes. I’m not sure I would talk with my granddad about something like that, to be honest.”

“Oh … my dad helped me to get Tom in the end. So he ended up being both my boyfriend and my slave.”

“Wow!!! That’s quite special. Is Tom OK with that? Isn’t he too young to know he is a slave?”

“Oh, no! Tom is 21 already. We’ve talked about it and he loves me … but he also loves to serve me and makes sure I’m always proud of him as well.”

Next he told me what Tom had done for him so far.

“So … what do you think?

“Sounds like he loves you a lot, Mark.”

“Yeah … I’m pretty sure he does,” he said in a wistful voice. “So how did you meet your slave boy?” he asked.

“Oh … that was quite special. I’d seen him before ….” I started to tell him the story about the party. I saw that he liked what I had done.

“I’m still not sure what Martin thought when we met the first time, but I knew that there was sexual tension between us from the first moment we saw each other. When he got up on that podium, I felt so proud of him … that he would do that for me … showing how much he must have liked me.”

“Hmmm … yeah … I wondered about that too, you know.”

“About what, Mark?”

“Well … what they feel … why they do it. I’ve tried to talk with my brother about that … he too is a slave, you know … and he tried to explain it … but I just can’t see it.”

“Maybe that’s why you’re a master, Mark, and not a slave.”

“I know … but have you ever wondered?”

Now that was a question that really hit home. Of course I’d wondered about it … and I’d planned to talk with Tim about it … as I wanted to understand Martin better … but I just hadn’t found the courage yet to do it … and now, well, now it might be too late.

“You have thought about it as well, haven’t you?” he said as I kept staring off into space.

“Yeah … I have, Mark.” With that admission, it hit me like a truck: I needed to understand Martin. If I really was his master, I needed to get to the bottom of his sexual being. I think at that point we both were considering the same question.

I let out a sigh. “You ask tough questions there, Mark. I’m not sure I want to know the answer at this point … but I feel it might be necessary in the future. Did you ask your granddad Karl?”

“No. I can talk with my dad but I have not seen Karl, my granddad, that much. Might do it in the future. Who knows?”

“Well … maybe it’s time to go to sleep then,” I said.

“Yeah … I’m not sure that I can but we’d better try, I guess.” He turned the light out and I knew he’d he turned his back towards me. I did the same. I felt how tired I was and was asleep before I knew it.

I know I was awakened by some movement in the bed. I remembered where I was and then thought … no, Mark … please don’t do that. But I could feel from the movement of the bed what Mark was doing. I knew he was 16 and 16 year olds are always horny … but couldn’t he have waited to do it in the shower or somewhere more private?

His climax took another minute … then he shuddered, stopped stroking and sighed. Done, I thought. Then suddenly he looked over his shoulder and looked me straight in the face. I smiled.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed.

“Well … same result,” I joked.

“Oh, I ….”

chapter 61

Chapter 59 of Tim and Michel

“Hmm … I’m not sure, Michel. No playing around or anything, right?”

“No, of course not,” he replied with a smile. I wasn’t certain what he wanted but I knew I could never do that to either Martin or Tim.

I put his drink on his side of the bed and walked towards the other side. I left the snacks on the table there together with my drink. I sat down on the bed and took my shoes and socks off. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Michel was taking in every move I made. Then I lifted my hips to slide my pants off as well.

“Spoil sport,” he said when he noticed I wouldn’t stand up but swing around so I would be on the bed beside him.

“You’re way too eager. Michel. After what happened tonight down here I think this is enough.”

“Oh … like you didn’t have any fun with Martin while you were gone. We all noticed that Martin came in a bit later.”

I laughed out loud at that. “Yeah, you’d better not tell Martin, though … he’ll be embarrassed by that. He’s such an easy target. What a kiss can do for him!”

Michel smiled at that, too.

“So how are you feeling, Michel? Was it as bad as you thought it might be?”

“I don’t want to feel anything, Jamey.”

“What do you mean by that, Michel?”

“I’m afraid to feel at the moment. I hate what I feel when I feel it … so feeling nothing is a good goal to get to. So I shut it all out … like I’m not a part of it.”

“Have you talked with anybody about this, Michel?”

“No … I don’t think anyone would understand or do anything about it.”

“Not even your uncle?” I asked.

“He’s not allowed to come over any more. You saw what kind of tension there is between him and my dad.”

“Not even when you go straight home after school or something like that? I’m sure he’d love to see you and help you.”

“I know … but my dad makes sure he’s already home when I get home so ….”

“He’s really not dealing with this very well, is he, Michel?”

“No, not really. We’re polite to each other but he can’t come to grips with the whole concept of it. I think I’ve already disappointed him by being gay … but he was able to deal with that … but this situation? This is just way too much for him. I think he was influenced quite a bit by Tim’s dad … but, for some maybe obvious reasons, they don’t talk anymore.”

“Bummer. So … what do you think of Karl’s plan?”

“Sorry, Jamey … but I’m not expecting much of anything at the moment.”

“You’re trying not to get your hopes up … I can understand that.”

“Yeah … partly, I guess … but to me, it feels like a wild goose chase, to be honest.”

“Maybe … but at least it’s brought us a bit more together,”

“It might have … yeah. You’re OK doing this … especially with someone you don’t know?”

“It’ll be fine. He’s quite a bit younger … but we’ll get to know each other … and, according to Karl, it seems we’ve got something in common.”

“Yeah … Karl seems to know them all,” Michel said with a smile.

“He’s doing his best and, for an old geezer, he’s not doing too badly.”

“So … what’s going on with Martin? Even at school you seem to be avoiding each other.”

“Oh … let’s just say that his dad isn’t approving anything at the moment … so Martin has been forbidden to have any form of contact with me.”

“Ahhh … so … how did he end up here today?”

“I think William got his mom involved and got her to OK it. I suspect his dad doesn’t even know he’s here.”

“Hmmm … his dad and my dad … two peas in a pod, it seems.”

We were quiet for a while. I didn’t know where my next questions might lead … so I thought about it.

“Why are you avoiding us at school?” I asked after at least 3 or 4 minutes of silence.

He turned towards me. “You don’t really want to get much more involved in the gossip and stories that are going on about me at the moment, Jamey.”

“That’s up to me to decide, Michel … not you.”

“Well, I’ve hurt enough people with this … so I stay away from everybody.”

“We’re missing you, you know.”

“I’m not a lot of fun to be around at the moment, Jamey. I’m sure you’ve noticed that.”

“I don’t care. We can share a bit of your burden, Michel.”

“No, you can’t, Jamey. It’s mine to carry,” he said softly while he looked at me. Then he whispered, “You and the rest need to move on sooner rather than later … and I know I will never be able to do that.”

“I think that …..” but, before I could finish my sentence, there was a knock at the door. No one waited for any response from us before the door flew open.

“What the hell are you doing in bed together?” was the sentence that came out of his mouth first. It almost seemed like he wasn’t even surprised … like he knew before hand. Michel didn’t blink or anything and he whispered at me, “We seem to have a visitor … shall we ignore him?”

With a surprised look on my face, I looked at him and then at his dad.

“I think it is time for you to leave now, Jamey. I trusted you and ….”

“Oh … shut up, dad. Jamey is going to spend the night and normally you do that in a bed … so that’s why he is here, OK? Nothing else.”

“He’ll have to stay in the guest room … there’s no need to sleep in here.”

“Oh, no … I invited him. He’s my guest and I need him here … not in the guest room … so get the fuck out of my room,” Michel shouted.

In the meantime, his mom had found her way inside his bedroom as well. She smiled at me. I was about to open the duvet so I could step out but, before I could do that, Michel grabbed me and started to hug me … well, more like clinging to me.

There was more going on than I could discern at that point. I looked at Michel. He whispered again, “Stay here … I need you.” I then looked at his mom who, it seems, had heard the whisper as she pushed her husband out of the room while saying, “Jamey is staying and that’s the last word on this subject … so go downstairs and let me deal with them, OK?”

When Michel’s dad had left the room, she turned around. “I’m sorry for that, Jamey … but we’re all having some trouble dealing with this situation. Please accept my apologies and know that you’re more than welcome to stay with Michel if he needs you.”

“Thank you, ma’am. Can I talk with you for a moment?”

“Stay here, Jamey. I don’t want you to leave.”

“I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t worry, OK?”

“OK … but remember, I need you,” he whispered again.

I pulled back the duvet and was happy that my shirt was long enough to cover most of my underwear. I followed his mom outside the door and then closed it.

“I just wanted to tell you that I think that Michel is starving himself. I’m not sure if he’s eating or not … but I definitely know that he’s lost weight. I saw him when I was helping him into the shower earlier.”

“Are you sure? Because he’s been eating OK.”

“Just look at his t-shirt and jeans … how they’re hanging off his body. I know I’m right … I’m just not sure what to do about it.”

“Thanks, Jamey. You’re a better friend for him than we are parents at the moment. His dad is having a hard time dealing with all of this … and his dad just seems to be able to press all the disturbing buttons with him.”

“I know. I’ll be here for him if I can.”

“So far, you’ve done more for him than anyone else … at least, he seems to be opening up to you a bit … so I meant it when I said you’re always welcome to stay. I’ll have a talk with Michel’s uncle to see what we can do about his eating habits as that might end up being dangerous.”

“Do you think he’ll be ready to talk to a shrink soon?”

“Not now … but, I’m sure if we can find Tim, he will be. Now he just seems to be swimming in his misery … like he needs to punish himself continuously for what’s happened.”

“Yeah … I think that you might be right. I’ll see if I can get him out of the house a bit more to do stuff and enjoy himself .. as far as that’s possible at the moment.”

“I know … just help him if you can. It seems that we can’t at the moment.”

“Just be supportive to him. I think that’s what you’re already doing … so that might be all you can do at the moment. So know in advance that I might bring food up later tonight. Hopefully he won’t get too mad with me as well.”

“Just be careful as he seems to trust you now. Just ask him if he’s lost any weight … so he knows someone is watching out for him and has noticed the change.”

“Yeah … that might be a plan.”

“OK. Good night, Jamey.”

“Good night ma’am.”

I opened the back door and saw Michel looking at me.

“Done gossiping behind my back?” he asked.

“No, never. I want to hear all those baby stories if I can.”

He smiled but he knew that he’d been the subject of the conversation.

“So what are we going to do before we go to sleep?” I asked while I pushed the duvet back over me and settled down beside Michel.

“Watch a movie … talk some more. Just lay down here. Read something. More or less whatever you want, Jamey.”

“Hmmm … let me see, Well, if you want to talk, that’s fine but we can watch a movie as well.”

‘I think I’m done talking for tonight. Jamey. Thanks for being here and I’ll see if I can get in contact with my uncle, OK?”

“Sounds like a plan. A movie it is then. Let me call my granddad while you start up Netflix.”

I called my granddad and we watched a movie. Not that I remembered much of the plot because I watched Michel most of the time. I could understand what Tim saw in him. He was kind and friendly … even now, while his mind was trying to deal with these troubles. I’d love it if he’d have opened up to me and tell me what he was thinking. He had said a bit but I was sure there was more behind it than what he’d revealed. In the end, without much being said, we cuddled together and fell asleep.

I woke up several times during the night while Michel was talking in his sleep, tossing and turning. But all in all, it was not a bad night. Around 6.30, I felt Michel’s dick sticking in my back. Morning wood, I thought, as I noticed that I had the same problem. This could be a bit embarrassing though. By the sound of it, Michel was still sleeping. I just relaxed and enjoyed being in his arms. It took another 15 minutes or so before Michel started to move a bit. He must have been waking up. I just lay silently.

“Thanks for that, Jamey,” I heard him whisper.

“You’re welcome, Michel.”

“I needed that … just to hold someone … someone who wouldn’t walk away from me for what I have done … a friend to cuddle with, to help me sleep better than I have done in months. I suppose you couldn’t do that every night, could you?”

I turned around now as I wanted to see his face as I answer him. I had to swallow very quickly as I saw a complete vulnerability in his eyes and on his face … like a very insecure child wanting his mother to comfort him.

“No, I can’t. I don’t think granddad would allow that … but that doesn’t mean I can’t come over occasionally to do that … if that’s what helps you.”

“It did. Thanks again, Jamey.”

“Just promise me you’ll try and talk with your uncle this week, OK?”

“Yeah, I will.”

There was a knock at the door and I moved away from Michel but gave him a smile to let him know that everything was OK.

“Guys … if you’re awake, then you’d better start to get up. In another 30 minutes or so, you’ll have to leave.”

“Thanks, mom,” Michel yelled. “We’re awake.”

“OK, let’s get going,” Michel said.

He got up but realised that he had a hard on and his boxer briefs were displaying his predicament quite well.

“Hmmm … sorry about that, Jamey.”

I thought I’d better not leave him in a state of embarrassment, so I got out of bed and displayed my bulging briefs. I smiled at him and said, “I’m in the same state … it happens to all of us. Let’s get into the shower.”

“Together, you mean?” he said with a devilish smile.

chapter 60

chapter 58 of Tim and Michel

Yeah … they might have. We’re not sure about that. But let’s just say that it’s happened in the past.”

“Bastards!” Seph said aloud.

At that point, I felt Michel start to shake nervously. I rested my hand on his shoulder, trying to reassure him. He looked pale. I nodded at Brandon and pointed to the kitchen. He looked at me … then at Michel … and I think he started to realise what I wanted.

“Come on, Michel … let’s get something to drink. You show me where everything is in the kitchen.”

I saw Michel’s mom start to get up. “I can do that, Brandon,” she said.

“No … you stay here. We can handle this, can’t we, Michel?”

In the meantime, Brandon had taken hold of Michel’s hand and was pulling him along.

“Yeah, mom. We can manage. You’ve done enough,” Michel said.

When they’d left, Brian said, “Good … I think that was done nicely, Jamey. I think Michel has heard enough.”

“I agree,” Seph said.

“He looked like he was going to throw up or something,” William added.

“He’ll be OK … it’s all just too much to deal with,” I said. “But Karl … what’s the plan?”

“Well Jamey first of all … you need to realise that this is dangerous. No wandering around on your own. Always stay together … and, by together, I mean together … the buddy system … so do nothing on your own, OK?”

Damn, I thought as I’d looked forward to spending some time with Martin. “In that case, it’d be best if the stakeout was done by two people who aren’t associated … If you know what I mean,” I said.

“Yeah … that might be best. We don’t know what they’ll do if they see two of you making out. It probably would give them a reason to take action … and we don’t want any of you be abducted, too, do we?”

“Hmmm … no sir,” I said firmly.

I felt Martin squeeze my hand at that last part of the answer. I looked at him and smiled. He pulled gently on my hand then, his head pointed towards the door that led to the hallway. I saw that, while waiting for the drinks. the rest were talking among themselves. This just might have been the right time …if any. I followed him and quietly closed the door.

We stopped at the bottom of the stairs. “Are you OK, Martin?” I asked him to start.

“Yeah … I’m just missing you, Jamey.”

“I know, Martin … but we can do this. We can be strong, you know.”

“I know … but I’m not sure for how long. Whenever I see you at school, I just want to go up to you and kiss you … you know?”

“What’s stopping you, then?” I said with a smile.

Before I finished the sentence, though, his lips were touching mine. Electricity went through me and I felt my dick instantly become hard again. Our lips parted and our tongues started to dance. I’d missed this … I’d missed this more than I thought.

I inhaled the smell of Martin one more time. It felt like I was smelling weed … giving me energy and a lot of power. Together, we could handle anything, I thought. I needed to breath and pushed him away gently.

“Wow!!! That is what I needed!!!” Martin exclaimed. I saw him look at my crotch.

When his gaze reached my eyes again, I smiled. “Not here, Martin,” I warned him.

I’m not sure if he heard me or not as his hands reached to unzip my jeans.

“Martin!” I said, more harshly this time.

He looked up again. He looked around and said, “Upstairs, then” … almost pleading now.

“Hmmm …this isn’t the time or place, you know.”

“I don’t care.”

“Oh … so you wouldn’t mind hurting Michel when he might see us while ….”

He started to blush. “Sorry, Jamey, but ….”

“Just be strong, Martin. You can do it … and make sure you take care of yourself, too.”

“You mean ….”


“William told you then?” he whispered.

“Yeah … listen to him. I agree, OK? I don’t want you to work against him or your mother. I don’t want you to end up in military school.”

“Me neither.”

“We’ll be smart then, won’t we? I know you want to do this for me but this is not what I want, OK?”.

“OK, Jamey. But you still love me, don’t you?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions!” I pulled him closer again. We did a repeat of that first kiss. This time, though, it lasted and lasted and ….

“Shit” I heard Martin say as he ended the kiss. No, I thought. I pushed him away. He was blushing furiously.

“What is it, Martin?”

“I just … well …you know, Jamey,”

“Hmmm … you’d better go and clean up in the toilet. I’ll see you back in the living room, OK?”

“Wait!” I said when he started to move away. “I’m so going to have fun with that in the future, you know, Martin. You’re so easy to trigger. Yeah … ‘am looking forward to making you last, for sure.”

“Stop,” he said, “or I’ll cum again.”

Then he turned around and left as he said, “I can join you again and hold hands.”

“Yeah … I’d love that.”

He walked towards the toilet with his hands in front of his pants. The kitchen door was on the other side.

I turned around just as the door to the living room opened. “Are you OK here?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah … we are.”

“Well, drinks have been served … so come back in so we can discuss what we’re going to do.”

For the next hour, Karl lay out his plans for the next few weeks. He told us it would not be easy but with all of us helping, his plan might just work. We’d go out on the Saturdays in pairs. On the first weekend, there’d just be two pairs to see who was going to church and to mark some targets we could follow home after church in the weeks after that. The pairs would mingle and we would always make sure that there would be another couple there at the beginning and at the end of the church service, which usually lasted almost two hours, we were told. It might take a short period or it could take months … so it was important that we were committed to doing this.

The church wasn’t very close by … so that meant that we needed to stay overnight nearby the night before to make sure we’d be there on time. It felt strange to watch a church on a Saturday … but it was better than the Sunday … for it gave us time to have a weekend day at least. Pairs were made up for the stake out and a schedule was prepared as well. The pairs were as follows:

Brandon and Paul

Dennis and Winston

Jamey and Mark

Daniel and Justin

Martin and Tom

Brian and Shawn

Michel wanted to join in but, for more than one reason, it was better not to do that. Granddad, Michel’s uncle, Seph and Karl would participate as well. They would be close by but never in sight. Brandon, Paul, Mark and me would go next Saturday. Oh, yeah … Karl had made up the list together with Michel’s uncle but two names on the list were unknown to us. Karl told us they were his nephew and his boyfriend and they’d love to join in and help. When Michel asked if they knew the complete story, Karl replied that it seemed that his nephew had more in common with him than he’d imagined.

“Oh… OK,” Michel said.

Most of the group left quickly after we’d made all the arrangements. William pushed Martin out but not before he told me that things were starting to look better at home. When grandad started to get ready to leave, too, Michel asked if I could stay for a while,

“Yeah … of course … if he wants to.”

“I’d like that,” Michel said, smiling a bit.

“I’ll stay then, Michel,” Jamey said.

“Are you OK with everything, Michel?” Michel’s uncle asked.

“Not sure uncle. It will have to do though.”

“Just … if you need to talk, call me, OK?”

“I will. Shall we go up to my room, then, Jamey,”

“Ummm … Michel … it might be better if you both stayed downstairs,” Michel’s dad interjected.

Michel looked at him. I thought he was going to say something, but he just turned around and walked to the door.

“I’ll come in a second, Michel. I just need to ask your uncle something.”

“OK … just don’t stay down here too long … as I’m not coming down tonight any more.”

“Go on up. I’ll bring us some drinks as well.”

“And a snack, Jamey,” he added while closing the door.

“You were way too harsh on him, brother.”

“Don’t start now, OK? I just want what is best for him and for Jamey’s safety.”

“Oh, I think Jamey can defend himself quite well,” Michel’s uncle answered.

“Just leave it, brother. I don’t want a repeat of a few weeks ago. Let’s just agree to disagree, OK?”

It seemed that I was trapped in something that had been going on for the last few weeks.

“You wanted to talk with me, Jamey?” Michel’s uncle asked.

“Yeah … if I can.”

“Why not talk in the kitchen?” Michel’s mom suggested.

I followed Michel’s uncle into the kitchen and just caught the start of what seemed to be a heated conversation between Michel’s parents.

“You’re going to be OK up there, Jamey. Michel is not going to do anything. I’m sure of that.”

“I know that. That’s not my concern. Have you noticed anything about Michel lately?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well anything about eating habits or ….”

“I’ve hardly been here and Michel hasn’t left the house except for school … so, no … I don’t know anything that would help.”

“He needed help upstairs, getting into the shower … and I Always thought Michel was quite a well-developed, buff guy … but that’s changed. I could count almost all of his ribs. He must have lost quite a bit of weight. Didn’t you notice how his t-shirt was very loose and his jeans almost falling down?”

“Yeah … I noticed his t-shirt as he used to wear them quite tight at one time.”

“I think he’s doing that on purpose. He might be eating but I suspect he throws up the moment he returns to his room.”

“Damn! I’m not sure I’m the proper person to raise that with his parents.”

“I’m not sure I am, either, to be honest . And I’m certainly not sure at the moment that I want to tell them I helped him undress.”

“Did he really need your help then, Jamey?”

“Yeah. I’m not sure you noticed but he never stood alone anywhere in the room for very long. Most of the times he made sure he could sit down.”

“I thought that that was just because … well, you know … he didn’t want to be the centre of attention.”

“No … it’s clear that he didn’t have the energy to stand very long, sir.”

“Damn! I might need to talk with his mother then. Maybe she’ll see the light.”

“Maybe. If not, let me know, OK? I can always talk with granddad to see if he knows off a solution.”

“Good idea. It seems that, at his age, he might have some influence. I guess you’d better go up to Michel and see how he’s doing. If you need anything, Jamey, let me know.”

“I will and, if I notice anything else with Michel, I will as well.”


We shook hands and I went into the living room.

Michel’s mom came towards me. “Be careful, Jamey. Michel puts a lot of trust in you. Even we’re not allowed in his room any more. Don’t hurt him, OK?”

“I never would. I know you don’t know me but we were quite good friends … all of us are, you know.”

I could hear Michel’s dad make a strange noise when I said that. I’d had it with him, though, and with Michel’s mom. I felt sufficient courage to say, “I’m sorry, sir, but you’d better stop implying anything is amiss. We’re all very monogamous … we don’t sleep around like you seem to think.”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I felt a little push from Michel’s mom but also saw a smile on her face as she urged me towards the door which led up to the stairs to Michel’s bedroom.

Michel’s bedroom door was closed. I knocked on it.

“Come on in, Jamey,” Michel yelled from inside.

I opened the door and stepped inside.

“I thought I’d better get ready for bed as I’m tired,” Michel said.

He was lying in bed under the covers but still with a t-shirt on.

“If you want to go to sleep, I can leave, Michel.”

“No, I want you to stay. To be honest, I’d hoped you could stay the night.”

“Oh … if you want me , I will … but I’ll have to call granddad first, though.”

“You can use my cell phone.”

“I’ll wait as he’ll still be on his way home … but he should be home for certain in about 15 minutes.”

“OK … well, why don’t you make yourself comfortable?” Michel suggested. As he said that, he pushed the duvet open and I could see that, although he was wearing a t-shirt, he’d taken his pants off. He was now showing a nice pair of red boxer briefs with a bit more volume in the crotch than I think he would normally.

Chapter 59

chapter 57 of Tim and Michel

I looked again and thought about what would happen that evening. No, this was not a good time to mention it to Michel just now.

“Turn around.”

He looked at me but did what I asked.

With one hand on each side, I reached around him until I found the buttons of his trousers. I heard him take a deep breath while I opened them. Before I undid the last one, though, they fell down on their own. He then pushed his underwear down. I stepped beside him and let him lean on me. We then slowly walk towards the bathroom. It was a good thing he had an en suite … otherwise this would have been embarrassing.

I pushed him towards the door to the shower. I opened it and motioned him to go in. “You can hold onto the side railing,” I said.

“Hmmm,” he moaned.

When he got in, he turned around and looked at me. “Please stay with me, in case I can’t do it alone.”

I smiled. For a moment. I’d been afraid he would ask me to join him … and. in my current state … yeah, I got hard the moment I started to undo his trousers … I’d better not.

“No worries … just yell if you need anything.”

I looked around and found a chair to sit on just beside the sink. Michel, though, hadn’t moved and my eyes were now level with his crotch. He looked good … an interesting set of balls and a nicely shaped dick, I thought. I’m sure I blushed a bit. Michel saw the effect he’d had on me … and he slowly turned around while keeping himself steady with one hand on the railing. He turned on the water. Luckily for me, it started to steam up quite quickly. I adjusted my own hard on a bit. I looked around for a towel as that was probably the next thing he was going to ask for. I saw one lying on the side of the cupboard beside the shower.

I tried to imagine what Michel was dealing with to cause all of this upset … his lethargic state … his nervousness. He just didn’t look like himself. I realised that guilt must have been a part of it but I could hardly guess how he felt.

The water stopped and he pushed the door open.

“Towel?” he said.

I handed it to him.

“Hmmm … I can’t keep myself upright and dry myself off with one hand,” he pointed out … more embarrassed now.

It seemed that his reluctance to ask for help had disappeared.

I had to be careful and not laugh. “Here … step out of the shower first … then lean on the sink.”

He stepped out and stood with his face to the sink. I started to dry his back, then his arms. I bent over and did his legs. “OK … if you can, turn around.””

“Don’t want to but need to,” he said.

“How did you do this on your own recently?”

“Either I didn’t … or I washed sitting down,” he said while turning around.

“You OK with this?” I whispered.

“Go on, Jamey.”

I slowly dried the front of his legs and moved up towards his crotch. I rubbed it lightly but moved towards his stomach when I felt a reaction. I then put the towel around him and said, “Let’s get you dressed. The others might be getting anxious by now.”

I got some clean clothes out of his closet and dressed him. He looked at himself in the mirror.

“Hmmm … that’s the best I’ve looked in weeks, Jamey. You’ve got a good fashion sense.”

I knew he was partly right … but I also saw that his shirt was way too big and his trousers were just hanging onto his slim hips. I just hoped that everyone else would see it as well. Otherwise I knew I’d have to make a comment at least to Michel’s uncle about his condition later in the evening.

I hesitated for one second when he started to walk to the door.

“You OK, Jamey?” he said, his voice now sounding stronger.

“Yeah … just sit down for a moment before we go down, OK, Michel?”

He looked at me but did as I asked.

“The idea was to ambush you and lead you downstairs without you realising what was going to happen … but I can’t.”

He started to tremble a bit then … not as scared as I thought … but I hoped I could convince him to go down with me anyway. He didn’t say anything, so I continued.

“I think you thought that only Martin’s downstairs … but I’m not sure he coming. I do know that others will be here soon. There should be a whole group downstairs.”

“Why? To cheer me up?” he asked.

“No … well … maybe partly … but we’re all here because of Karl.”

“Karl … as in the old bloke that was at the party?”

“Yeah … him. Let me explain.” I told him about Karl’s visit and the conversation we had.

“So you’re all here because you think that Karl has found Tim?”

“I’m not sure, Michel … maybe he hasn’t found him … but he might know where we might need to look. He might need our help looking.”

“So … everyone is down there?”

“Maybe … they hadn’t all arrived when I came up.”

“I’m not sure I want to see them, Jamey.”

“I understand … but don’t you want to find Tim?”

He started crying then. I moved beside him and, before I could do anything to comfort him, his head was resting on my shoulder. I didn’t know what to say. Maybe the best thing to do was just to let it happen.

It took a while for him to regain control. I then slowly pushed his head back up.

“It’s my fault, Jamey. I did this to him. He never wanted to see me again. I’m not sure I wanted to see him again, either, to be honest.”

Wow! I knew something like that might come up … but now what? I wasn’t sure I could help him with that. I could say something very wrong if I wasn’t careful, I thought.

“I know, Michel … I know. But didn’t Tim realise he was wrong before we left? He knew you weren’t to blame.”

“Maybe … but, still … I left him there … on his own … not able to defend himself.”

“If anyone is to blame, it’s his mother, Michel. If it hadn’t happened this time … then it would have happened some other time.”

“Maybe … but I should have been there to protect him from it.”

“We all should have been there to help, Michel,” I said … as I knew I wouldn’t be able to get him through that. He needed professional help to sort out his feelings.

“But, for now … let’s go downstairs and see what Karl has to say, OK? No harm in that, is there?”

“No … I guess not. I know everyone down there.”

“Yeah … they’re all good friends, Michel.”

I stood up and he reluctantly followed.

“Lean on me when you need to,OK?” I said to make sure he knew I was there to support him.

We slowly went downstairs. I opened the door to the living room and, when I looked around, we were greeted by a lot of smiles. They weren’t sure I could convince him to join us. Michel’s uncle stepped forward and hugged him. It was a loving hug that lasted a long time and I think that, as they held each other, I heard Michel sob again. My granddad stepped closer and, when Michel saw the approach, he retreated a bit. “Good to see you again, sir,” he said with a bit of a phony smile on his face.

I looked at Michel’s uncle with a questioning look as I wondered where the others were. It was quiet in the house … but the rest must have arrived by now. He saw my look and pointed to the kitchen. I nodded.

“I thought there’d be others here as well.” I saw Michel’s dad give me a look this time. “I told him,” I admitted. “I though he deserved that at least.”

“OK … everyone else is in the kitchen.”

“I think everything is OK … so let’s bring everyone in.”

I felt Michel retreat closer to me as the door opened and everyone slowly entered the room. Brandon was the first one to move close to us. He opened his arms and, again. just like like his uncle, he took the opportunity to hug Michel … who I saw relaxed a bit with the contact.

“Thanks for being here, Brandon,” Michel whispered.   Brandon looked surprised and smiled gently as he said, “There’s no thanks needed, Michel. I just wanted to see you happy and OK.”

Michel nodded. He looked around. The others were nervously a bit distance. They said hello … or waved timidly.

I think most of us felt a bit awkward by the situation.

“Good … we’re all here now. Karl … I think it’s your turn to explain why you got us all here.”

Karl made his way to the front.

“To start … I’m sorry that this has happened, Michel. But I think we might have a way to find him.”

“How did you come to that conclusion, Karl?” Michel’s uncle asked.

“Well … let’s just say that I’ve heard stories before of people, mostly youngsters, being abducted like that. Some of them luckily escaped … but have kept a low profile. When I heard Michel’s uncle’s story last weekend, I knew there might be a pattern, But to find him we’ll need help. I was afraid the police wouldn’t be able to do anything, as it would be too conspicuous and drive the perpetrators underground.”

“You asked around?” Michel’s dad enquired.

“Yeah … I did. I visited them together with Jamey’s granddad on Monday. Though they couldn’t act on their suspicions, they told me enough to confirm my guess where he might be. They can’t look into it … but they can help us if they can … especially if we find him.”

“OK …so we go undercover or something … and they’ll help us when we find him?”

“Something like that … but there’s no need to go undercover or anything. We don’t want them to try to capture anyone else.”

“So … what did you find out?”

“On Sunday morning I contacted one of the people that escaped from them. I had a lengthy talk with him about what happened to him. He was naturally reluctant to go into detail … but he told me enough to let me formulate a plan.”

“What did he tell you?” my granddad asked.

Karl looked around. “I’m not sure you want to hear this … but, on the other hand, you need to know what we’re up against.” No one said a word … we just waited … probably prepared for the worst.

“He told me that it felt like brainwashing. He was kept locked up for the first few weeks, with little outside contact. Then slowly … more and more … he was introduced to religion. All day long … readings on tape … sermons … and then the second stage, he said, had been hard. He called it bringing him to a state of denial about his feelings. He said it was painful and tiring as they never stopped. In the end he surrendered. He knew his feelings hadn’t changed … but he just wanted the relentless assault to stop.

He was then placed with a family which kept a very close eye on him. When he asked why they were doing this, they said it was to help me … to heal me … to make sure I’d feel loved. They told him that, if he did something wrong, he’d be punished … but if he followed orders, he was slowly allowed to go out and meet others … others who were already converted. In the end, he was allowed out at least once a week to go to church. He said that he saw that as his opportunity: he worked on getting more and more fit … he did a lot of exercises … and he built up his strength. In the end, he escaped simply by outrunning them.”

“Wow!!! Did he know where he was held?”

“No … he was driven in a darkened car to church. He knew the house he stayed in only from the inside. But he know where the church is. That’ll be our starting point to look.”

“OK … that sounds like a feasible approach, I guess,” Michel’s uncle said.

Most of the others nodded. During the story, I must be honest … my eyes had wandering towards Martin and I felt that he had been looking at me, too. At one point, I’d seen him looking and I’d given a slight hand sign to tell him to come and stand by me. He took his time but, towards the end of Karl’s story, he stood beside me. We smiled at each other. I reached out to take his hand. I felt excited to be holding his hand …. but even more, I could smell Martin … and I loved it. I’m not sure I realised that I’d sunk into a daze … but when my granddad gave me a little push, I came back to reality to focus on what was happening.

“So … what’s next? What can we do?” Michel’s uncle said. “Do you have some kind of plan?”

“Yeah, I do. I think the best thing to do would be, first, to stake out the church … and then maybe widen the search to families who might be holding Tim.”

“You think he’s already been placed with a family?” Michel’s dad asked.

“Yes, sir. I think he might be.”

“What are you basing that on?” he asked.

“I’m not sure you want to hear this … but let’s just presume that Tim’s submissive nature might make him go along with this process a little bit easier that others might.”

“Oh!” Michel’s’ dad said. That wasn’t really the answer that he’d been expecting.

“You think they used that approach?” Brandon asked. We youngsters all had been quiet … but I could see we all had questions.

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chapter 58

chapter 56 of Tim and Michel

Chapter 56 of Tim and Michel

[William and I chatting]

“I only knew one way I thought he might respond to me. I told him to stand to attention and drop his trousers. When I said that, his eyes grew large and he looked at me. I saw a teardrop run down his cheek … but I also saw him move to obey. As he stood beside the bed he dropped his hands to his trousers and started to open and lower then. He didn’t hesitate at all. This is what he wanted … and needed.”

“You mean … he was hard?” I asked.

“Yeah … very aroused. I looked at him and said, ‘You’re not listening to anyone, Martin. Your approach isn’t going to work. I’m not sure you want my help … but you’re making a mess of everything. If you want to go to military school, just tell me … and I’ll walk away’. ”

“He looked shocked when I mentioned military school. He bowed his head and waited for me to continue. ‘You’re totally out of control, Martin. This can’t go on. Dad will send you off, no question. You can kiss Jamey goodbye then’.”

“He didn’t move.  I asked him what I needed to do. He didn’t say anything but he moved towards the bed. He laid down on his back with his legs up … his way to tell me he needed a spanking. I gave him 15 hard ones on each of his cheeks. By the time I was finished, he was crying softly. I told him to sit up and I held him. I asked him why he was behaving like this. While he cried, he whispered that he couldn’t go on like this. After he met you last time that weekend, he promised himself that he wouldn’t cum anymore unless you allowed it. I looked at him shocked at that point.

‘You haven’t had an orgasm since then?’ I asked.

“He nodded. ‘So you’re pretty horny, aren’t you?’ I asked.

“He nodded again. I wasn’t sure what to do about that. I know that, when I’m horny, I’ll do almost anything … so I was getting to understand what he was willing to do. At that point he was looking down submissively again. I took his chin in my hand and lifted his face up. ‘There’s only one thing now that we can do then, isn’t there, Martin?.’

“He pleaded, “No … please … not that.’

” ‘Yeah,’ I said. ‘You need to cum, Martin … otherwise, you’ll lose control again … something bad will happen.   We can’t let that happen. But this isn’t a game, William. I won’t play. I’ll have to make you just do what I want, won’t I?’

He didn’t looked very pleased but I could tell that he knew I was right. I laid him on the bed and lifted his legs up in the air so I could reach his ass. I told him I was going to hit him just as long as it took him to cum. I was going to make sure he was going to touch himself and masturbate. It took me about 20 minutes and about 40 spanks on each cheek before he touched himself. He was subbing then and I knew he was ready. After that, it only took 30 seconds or so or before he came all over himself. As he slowly came to his senses , we talked. I told him mom was on his side but that it would take some convincing for dad to agree … and that his present behaviour would be just the thing to prevent dad from agreeing. So I hope his behaviour will change … so you can come to dinner soon.”

“Wow … I didn’t know you had that in you, William.”

“Me neither … but I knew it was necessary to get him to stop his self-destructive behaviour and bring him in line for the sake of all of us. I’m not sure whether he’s still mad … as he really didn’t want to cum. You might need to explain to him somehow that he needs to release his tensions because I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not doing it again. At his age he needs to cum at least once a day.”

“Maybe I can do that on Wednesday … we’ll see.”

“We’d better get back to class. I’ll let you know tomorrow, OK?”

“Yeah … that’s OK.”

The next thing on my schedule was lunch. I got to the cafeteria and looked around. On the far right side I saw Brandon sitting with Dennis and Paul and some of their friends. I slowly walked over to them. My eye caught Martin on the other side. I smiled and saw that he noticed. He even winked this time. I felt my knees go all wobbly. I walked on. As I got close to Brandon’s table, I tried to make sure that he noticed me. Getting no response, I was about to walk away when Dennis saw me.

“Hey, Jamey … good to see you!!! Pull up a chair and sit down.”

I smiled and said. “Hi … Dennis … Paul … Brandon.”  I looked at the others and said to them, “Hi … I’m Jamey.”

I heard greetings and everyone introduced themselves. I didn’t get any question how they knew me. I sat down beside Brandon. He sat back a bit and whispered to me, “You OK?”

““Yeah … thanks for letting me join you.”

“Why wouldn’t we, Jamey?”

“I talked with Dennis and Paul … and they’ll be there for sure. I contacted Winston and Daniel and they might be there, too … but they can’t be sure yet.”

“OK … well, William is going to try to push his mother but we might need the police to request their help to get them going.”

“Well … that’s enough to get started … we can always see who else we can mobilise, if necessary.”

“You talked with Martin, too?”

“No … just with William. But he also told me his mother is trying to push his dad to invite me for dinner … to get to know me … so who knows what will happen?”

“That sounds like progress to me, to be honest.”

“I know … but I’m not sure I want to go to dinner and be in the spotlight like that.”

“You’ll do fine.”

“We’ll see what happens.”

“Hey, Jamey,” Dennis said. “It’s good to see you. How are you … and how are things going with Martin?”

I realised at that point that he didn’t know.

“No, we’re not together for the time being, Dennis. I haven’t talked with him at all.”

“Oh, bugger!” he said.

I could see that he didn’t know what to say

“But we can’t give up. I know Martin won’t … and I won’t, either.”

“Good. You’re going to be there on Wednesday evening?”

“Yeah, I will and maybe William and Martin will be there, too. How are things between you and Paul?”

“Let’s just say that everything is in the open now and, so far, it seems that everyone’s reaction has been positive … so that’s good.”

“And you?”

He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I was kind of forced to it but, in my heart, I knew it was the right thing to do. Whenever Paul got any attention from someone else, I pulled him back to me. I realised that that’s what I’ve been doing … ignoring him and then regretting it and having to get him back. He said he felt he was being played with and I’m really sorry that he feels that way. But we talked it through.”


“Do you have any idea what that Karl guy has as a lead, Jamey?”

“No, not really. All we can do is wait and see.”

Not a lot happened during the next two days. On Wednesday morning I had a chat with Brandon and it appeared that everyone was going to be there … so that at least was something. I’d seen Michel but he kept to himself. I got a call around 4 p.m. from Michel’s uncle, asking if I could be at Michel’s place around 6:30 as we’d have to prepare the family for the arrival of the others. It seems that they still hadn’t been told anything.

We left around 6 and, when we got to Michel’s place, I saw that his uncle was waiting for us in the car. We got out and together we all walked towards the door. I tried to keep breathing normally while we did it.

Before he could ring the bell, the door was opened by Michel’s father.

“Hi This is a surprise … I didn’t expect you to come around.”

“I know … I would have called ahead if I would have known that everybody would stay home for my arrival.”

Michel’s dad looked surprised and then said, “Come in … you’ve made me quite curious.”

Then he saw that we were behind. He asked, “And who are you?”

“They’re with me. Let’s get inside so we can explain.”

“OK ,” Michel’s dad said carefully.

We followed them into the house. We sat down at a very large table at the north side of the living room.

“So who might have run?”

“Michel probably.”

“Oh … this is about him, is it?”

“Yeah … you have to admit … this can’t go on like it has been.”

That comment suggested that they’d argued about this subject before.

“Hmmm … I guess … but what are you planning?”

“A get together of Michel’s friends this evening.”

“Ahhh … even those who were there that weekend,” he said. “Now I recognised you guys.”

“I’m Jamey, sir … and I’m sorry for the way we met.”

“It’s a little late for the apology now, isn’t it?”

“No apology was necessary, sir,” granddad said. “Jamey just gave you one out of politeness.”

“And you’re his sugar daddy?”

“No, I’m his grandfather.”

Michel’s dad now blushed in embarrassment.

“That was way out of line,” a women’s voice said from the door while she was looking at her husband.

“Sorry, honey.”

“It’s not me you need to say sorry to.”

“Sorry, sir. I didn’t know.”

I thought that Michel’s dad had accepted Michel being gay … but there seemed to be some unresolved issues that were coming to light now.

“No problem,” my granddad said. “We’ve all been under stress and I presume you’re still trying to deal with it all.”

“Just look at what all this has done to Michel. He’s changed completely. He used to be very talkative and outgoing … but now we hardly see him. He spends all his time in his room.”

“I know … it’s had an effect on all of everybody. And we can’t start any healing until Tim has been found.”

“I agree. I’ve talked with Tim’s dad on a regular basis but I can’t even get myself to give him a ring after the argument we had before we went to the place that weekend.”

“Well, that’s the other thing we’re here about,” Michel’s uncle added.

“Oh … so you’ve invited him over, too?”

“No, not his dad. We need to find Tim and so far, no one is making an effort.”

“You know where to look for him then?”

“No … but we know someone who might.”

“Ahhh … who?”

“Let me explain.” Michel’s uncle then told what had happened during the last few days and how he had been in contact with Karl, the police and my grandfather. Also that, at Karl’s request, we’d rallied the troops to be here tonight to plan some action.

“Hmmm. Does that mean we’re having a big group of visitors in a moment?” Michel’s mom asked.

“I’m afraid so … in about 15 minutes.”

“Then I’d better put the kettle on.”

It seemed she didn’t mind as she just went back through the door she had come from … the door I thought led to the kitchen.

“So you’re getting everyone together … but you have no idea what this Karl knows or what he’s going to propose?”

“To be honest, brother … I don’t really care. I think it’s just important to get everyone together and, if something comes out of that … so much the better.”

“I don’t know if that’s really a good idea. I’m not sure if Michel can handle any more surprises or disappointments. You know what I mean?”

I saw Michel’s uncle nodding his head thoughtfully as a startled look appeared on my granddad’s face.

“It might be an idea if Jamey goes up to see if Michel wants to come down,” my granddad suggested.

“Yeah … why don’t you give it a go? Tell him his uncle is here … that might help. Don’t tell him there’s more people coming … he might hide or run then. Go up the stairs … it’s the second door on the right.”

I got up and went up the stairs. When I arrived on the upper landing, I saw one door to the left and three to the right. I knocked on the middle one. I didn’t hear anything and decided to knock again.

“No, mom … I don’t need anything. Just leave me alone,” I heard Michel say through the door but his voice lacked conviction. Indeed, he spoke without any emotion whatsoever.

I knocked again. “Go away … I’m fine.”

OK … that was my opening, I thought.

“If you’re fine, Michel, you can let me in,” I said quite loudly as I wanted to make sure he could hear me.

There was silence for a second and then I heard Michel ask, “Is that you, Jamey?”

“Of course, it’s me.”

“Why are you here?”

“Visiting you.”

“I don’t want visitors.”

“I know … but I came anyway.”

“Go away. I’m terrible company at the moment.”

“Really? I can’t tell as there’s this thick door between us.”

He didn’t reply.

“Michel … open the door,” I said with a more forceful voice.

No response again. I guess he was trying to play chicken.

I waited two minutes or so … making him believe I’d left.

“I’m going to count to ten Michel, and by the time I get there, you’d better have opened the door or I’m going to bust it in.”

“No, you won’t … cause you’ll get into trouble with my dad.”

“No, I won’t. He gave me permission. So what’s it going to be? Open the door or have an open door permanently?”

I didn’t hear any response so I started to count “1, 2, 3, 4 …” and then I saw the handle of the door move slowly.

“Please don’t do this, Jamey. I really don’t want to see anyone.”

“I know, Michel … I understand … but shared pain is easier to deal with, you know.”

He opened the door a bit further and then fell into my arms, his head on my shoulders, and gently he started to sob. At first softly and then louder. Now what? I asked myself. I stood there for a little while and then I got an idea. As his crying slowed, I opened the door with my foot a bit more and slowly pushed us into his room.

His room smelled. It was dark in there and now I realised that I could smell Michel’s body odour as well. It was pretty strong. I pushed him away a bit from me and gave him a gentle smile. “See? It’s not that bad, is it?”

He gave me a tiny smile in return.

“I’m sorry,” he said quietly. “I’ve ruined everything.”

“Not at all. You’ve brought us all together … and that’s more important.”

He didn’t respond but instead said again. “I’m sorry.”

I lifted his chin and looked into his eyes. “For what, Michel?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing is your fault.”

“Tim’s not here … they’re hurting him,” he said quietly.

I tried not to look shocked as he said that.

“How do you know that?” I whispered back.

“I can feel it,” he replied.

I thought about what to do now. This was for a professional to deal with, I thought.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, Michel.”

“Why? I’m not going anywhere.”

“Oh, yes, you are. We’re expected downstairs in a moment. You don’t want the others to see your room, do you?”

“Oh … is Martin with you? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing him.”

“So what do you say/ Let’s put you in the shower.”

The last thing I wanted to do is tell him that a lot of people would be there.

“You help me, Jamey.”

“You don’t need help, Michel.”

“Oh, yes, I do. I can hardly stand up at the moment.”

I tried to see if he was right as I let go of him.

He started to wobble on his feet and then fell back on the bed.

I wasn’t sure if he was playing with me or if this was real.

“What are you doing, Michel? What is going on? Why?”

He didn’t answer me … so I decided that the only way to proceed was to get him out of his clothes and into the shower.

“OK, then … let me help you.”

I got close to him and started to take his shirt off. I almost stopped as I lifted his shirt over his head. Damn!!! I knew where this was going. Didn’t his parents know, I wondered.

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Chapter 57

chapter 55 of Tim and Michel

After the new chapter I got the request to make a list of characters and I must admit there are a few in this story so I followed this good idea. Here it is:

Character list:

Tim: Main character, boyfriend and slave of Michel

Michel: Main character, boyfriend and slave of Tim

Brandon: first master of Tim before he came to conclusion he is gay. Now boyfriend of Justin.

Jamey: school friend of Tim who has a grandad who is connected with police

William: school friend of Michel, on the school board with Michel and brother of Martin.

Dennis: school friend, discovers he is bi and now boyfriend of Paul

Paul: tong time crush on Dennis and since the weekend they are boyfriends

Winston: Nurse of Tim while he was in hospital and now boyfriend of Daniel.

Daniel: Intern in hospital while Tim was there and now boyfriend of Winston.

Seph: Master of Brian, Friend of Michel’s uncle and mentor of Michel.

Brian: Slave of Seph, mentor of Tim

Stephan: Nephew of Seph and goes to the same school as Tim and Michel. Also shop assistant.

Shawn: bartender at night club of Michel’s uncle and also his slave.


“What do you mean?”

“Well, I don’t know where he is … but I’ve got a hunch after I heard the stories told by Michel’s uncle.”

“Oh … and how would they help?”

“That is where you both come in. I understood you’ve made pretty good connections with the police?”

“Yeah … I know one of them quite well.”

“Could you put me in contact with him?”

“I suppose so … but not till Monday, though.”

“That’s fine. There’s a few things I need to check anyway.”

“And what about me?” I asked.

“I think that if we really want to find Michel, we need people. The police will definitely not agree to provide the kind of manpower I think we need to find him. They simply haven’t got the resources for it. But if we work together, involving every one that has participated so far, it might just work. It’s asking a lot of you, I know.”

“I’m not sure if I can bring all of Michel’s friends together.”

“Yeah … I’ve heard that there’s been almost no contact with Michel. He’s shut himself off completely. And the others … will they be willing to help?”

“If we can get them all communicating … sure. We’ll all have to overcome some personal issues … and I’m pretty sure that some of the parents won’t be happy with it though.”

‘Hmmm… that might be one of the reasons why we need the police involved. If the police ask for cooperation, Michel’s friends would surely help locate him?”

“OK … do you think you could get everyone together by Wednesday evening? Maybe at Michel’s place?”

“Yeah, I think that should work. Justin might not be able to come … as he doesn’t live nearby … but the others Sure.”

“Good, do that. Let’s say 7 p.m. at Michel’s then?”

“You’ll tell Michel?”

“No … I’ll leave that up to Michel’s uncle. He’ll be there, too.”

“OK … I think I’d better go and start rallying the troops then.”

“If you need me to talk to any of the parents, please let me know, Jamey,” my granddad said. “I’m going to give Keith a call, though, and see if he wants to meet us at 9 a. m. on Monday. Would that be OK with you?”

“Sure, that’ll give me time to sort everything else out for the Wednesday evening gathering. Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out.”

For the first time in months, I had the feeling we might be getting somewhere. I just hoped that Tim would be OK.

I got to my room and thought about who to call first. I’d tackle William tomorrow. I wasn’t sure I had strength to contact Martin at the moment. But William would be a good start to get a message though to everyone else. Then there were Paul and Dennis. But the easiest would be Brandon: he’d been the closest to both Michel and Tim … and their longest term friends.

I got Brandon’s mobile phone and I heard it ring.

“Brandon?” I heard him say.

I took a deep breath and said “It’s Jamey here, Brandon.”

“Oh! Hi, Jamey. How are you?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, thanks … and you?”

“I’m good,” he said . paused … and then added slowly, “Sorry I haven’t been in contact.”

“No problem, Brandon. I haven’t tried very hard to contact you, either.”

“How are things with Martin?”

“Hmmm … not very good. Or not as bad as it could be … depending on how you look at it. I only see him at school but I’m not allowed to talk to him at all.”

“Oh, bugger. Do you know how he’s dealing with it?”

“So far as I know … not very well. And how about you and Justin?”

“I guess more or less the same, Jamey. We have some odd chats once a week, but that’s it. He’s afraid of something but I’m not sure of what.”

“He thinks you’re mad at him.”

“I told him that’s not true … but he still believes it. It’s completely different, knowing something and feeling something. I’m sure he’s feeling guilty about it all. And I know he doesn’t want to face you guys … but he knows I still love him and he loves me … so hopefully we will get past that.”

“Have you talked with Michel lately?” I asked.

“No, I’ve tried a few times but he’s shut me out completely.”

“I know … me, too.”

I wasn’t sure what to say next. It wasn’t easy for me to talk. I’d felt safe and secure in the group … that was certainly true … but I reached that state through Tim and now, without him, I wasn’t sure. It got quiet for a moment. What should I say now?

“You called for a reason, Jamey?” Brandon asked.

Good … an opening! “Yeah … well … I … yeah … hmmm. Michel’s uncle sent someone to our place this evening that might need our help. He’s got an idea where Tim might be.”

“Wow! Where?”

“He didn’t say because he wants to make sure there’s no chance of a problem. Granddad is going to take him to Keith’s place from the police station on Monday … and then he needs to do some checking. But he might need help … that’s why he asked me to see if we could all meet on Wednesday evening. Would you be able to help arrange do that?”

“Of course ,,, anything I can do to get Tim out of the hands of that bitch.”

I smiled as I was sure that would be his response.

“OK … good … let’s make it 7 p.m. at Michel’s. But don’t say anything to Michel if you bump into him. He doesn’t know yet.”

“That’s easy, as he doesn’t talk to me anyway. Who else are you going to ask?”

“Well, I thought about asking Dennis and Paul, of course … and William and Martin. But I’m not sure whether anyone else would be willing to help.”

“Oh, I think there’s a few more people that we met at the party that might help … such as Winston and Daniel …or Seph and Brian … they’re all good friends of Tim … and Michel, too.”

“Yeah … I’ll have to check to see whose numbers I have.”

“We’ll see Dennis and Paul in class tomorrow and I think they have contact numbers for Daniel … so let’s look into that tomorrow. That leaves Seph and Brian.”

“Oh … I think I might have that number somewhere. I’ll check and let you know. If I don’t have it, we can find it tomorrow, OK?”

“That sounds like a plan, Jamey.”

“Are you going to tell Justin?”

“Hmm … yeah … probably … but not until I know more. He can’t come over anyway during the week so there’s no point in telling him anything until I know more.”

“That might be best, certainly.”

“I’m glad that we chatted, Jamey. We’ve missed you at school. Why aren’t you hanging around with us any more?”

Oh, the big question, I thought. “I’m not sure if you wanted me to, Brandon. I was more friends with Tim and Michel than with the rest of the group. And I’m not really the type of student you hang around with.”

“I didn’t know I had a type but I sort of know what you mean, though. But bullshit, Jamey. I … we want you there … so, tomorrow, join us for lunch, OK?”

“OK,” I said, hesitantly.

“I mean it, Jamey. The Brandon in the past might have cared only about sporty types but he’s gone. So join us. Most of the time, either Dennis or Paul are there, too.”

“OK, I’ll do that. We can decide whether we’ve talked with everyone. Have a good evening, Brandon,” I added.

“You, too, Jamey.”

I took a deep breath … one down … a few more to go … but that went better than I thought it might.

I looked through my phone until I found the call that Brian had made when he invited us over. I pushed the button and waited.

“Brian here.”

“Hmmm … hi, Brian. I’m not sure you know who I am … but this is Jamey from the .…”

“Of course I know who you are … from the party. Cute guy who took control ….”

I blushed. “Yeah … I guess that’s me.”

“How are you, Jamey? It’s good to hear from you as I lost your phone number and we wanted to get in contact with all of you to find out how you’re doing and if there’s any news.”

“I’m doing OK, Brian … and there’s not a lot of news to tell you, to be honest.”

“Oh … OK. I’d hoped you knew more than Michel’s uncle … maybe that Michel had been in touch with you guys. Seph tried to contact him a few times but he either hung up on him or he doesn’t even answer his phone.”

“That sounds familiar, Brian. He’s shut all of us out of his life as well. And, as a group, we haven’t had much contact, either.”

“Bummer. This must be difficult for all of you. You’re dealing with it OK?”

“I’m relatively fine as my granddad was quite understanding as far as can. But not everyonne has handled it well so far.”

“Martin’s parents, for example?” Brian asked.

“Exactly. Not good at all. I’ve hardly been able to talk with him any more.”

“Just be patient, Jamey.”

“I know … and I will be … because I can still see us together. I’m not giving up … not at all.”

“Good for you.”

“I’ve got a bit of news, though, Brian. We had a visitor tonight. Michel’s uncle send him to us. You might know him. An older gentlemen who was there at the party. I think one of the oldest people there.”

“Hmmm … you mean Karl?” he asked and he couldn’t mask the surprise in his voice.

“Yeah … that must be him. He has an idea where Tim might be. He wants us to help.”

“Ahhh … did he tell you where he thought Tim was?”

“No, not yet. He needs to verify a few things first. But he contacted Michel’s uncle for another reason and then heard that Tim was still lost.”

“Good. What does he want us to do?”

“He hasn’t said yet … maybe stakeouts or something … but first, he wants us all to meet at Michel’s place on Wednesday evening at 7. Could you be there?”

“Absolutely … not a problem. We’ll be there.”

“OK … Michel doesn’t know yet. I’m not sure his parents do either, to be honest. But Michel’s uncle will be there too.”

“Fine … 7 it is … and, Jamey … if you ever need a sympathetic ear or anything at all … remember … we’re there for you too, OK?”

“Yeah … I know you’ve been great for Tim and Michel … so, If I need anything, I’ll let you know.”

“Good. Well … thanks for the call and we’ll see you Wednesday.”

“Bye till then, Brian,” I said.

“Are you OK out there?” I heard my granddad ask.

“Yeah … I’ve made two calls so far and both of them went well.”

“I’m going to read a bit and then I’ll be off to bed, OK?”

“Yeah … goodnight, granddad.”

“Night, Jamey.”

I thought about the next morning and tried to think of ways to tackle William. Ideas went around and around in my head all Sunday and I was happy when Monday morning arrived. My granddad went off to the police and I made my way to school.

I was quite early and stood in the hall where William would have to pass on his way to his locker. About 10 minutes before class, he showed up and saw me standing, waiting for him to arrive. I saw him smile.

As he came closer, he whispered, “You’re as up tight as Martin. He was up in arms all weekend. In the end I had to do something to calm him down.”

“What did you do? You didn’t hurt him, did you?”

“I can’t, Jamey … I love him as much as you do … but in a brotherly way. But he definitely needed it.”


“But you’re obvious waiting for me to tell me something. It’s good that none of my friends is with me today as I’m sure they are reporting on my behaviour at school as much as he is doing on Martin’s. That’s why I told you to stay away.”

“Ahh … OK … that explains that. So Martin has been missing me?”

“Oh, that’s an understatement, Jamey. I think he came very close this weekend to being sent to a military academy or something. He just needs to be patient. But what did you want to tell me?”

“Yeah … hmmm. We need your help.”

“With what?”

“Finding Tim. But we can talk later … morning break, for example … otherwise, we’re both going to be late for class.”

“Yeah … as long as my so-called ‘friend’ doesn’t show up. Meet me on the other side of the sports fields. We should have a good 10 minutes to talk.”

“OK … see you then.”

With a bit lighter step, I continued on to my classroom. That information explained a few things about what had happened … and also it seemed that William was OK with us being together, too.

At break, I got out of the classroom as quickly as I could. When I arrived, William was already there.

I started to explain what the plan was.

“So … you think we can help?”

“We’ll know on Wednesday. He needed to check a few things before he was sure.”

“OK. I’ll need to think about ways to get us there, though.”

“You think your parents might try to stop you?”

“Yeah … maybe.”

“We could try to get the police to make it an official meeting … that’s what my granddad is trying to arrange today.”

“I think that might be the way to go. I think if I talk with mom about it … explain that our help was needed to help Tim … that that might help her convince dad. It’s just the Christian thing to do … he’ll go for that.”

“You think your mom would talk your dad into approving?”

“Yeah … mom is not the problem. She understands and sees what Martin wants as well. She doesn’t want to lose him and she knows he’ll go the moment he can. She’s shown a bit more respect but, so far, she hasn’t convinced our dad yet. But I know … she’s working on it. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to come over for dinner at some point.”

“Hmmm … I’ll be prepared for that.”

“They don’t bite, you know. I think Mom is thinking dinner together would be a way to get to know you and see what Martin sees in you.”

“You think Martin might be allowed to be in contact with me soon?”

“Maybe … at least during school time. But it’s going to be a slow process, Jamey …. so just be patient. That’s what I’ve been telling Martin as well.”

“I can wait if I have to,” I said with a smile.

“Yeah … I think you both can. You’re both still young. So let me see if I can get mom on my side and then let you hopefully know tomorrow whether this plan is working.”

“Yeah … that’s fine. Just … if you see Michel, don’t say anything … he doesn’t know yet.”

“I won’t … but there’s no chance I would as he hasn’t talked with Martin or me yet. I tried twice during the school board meetings but he ignored me completely.”

“Damn! He seems to have done that with everyone so far.”

“We just need to help him with this on Wednesday.”

“Right … but not just Michel. We need to help each other, too. We had a good group of friends and now, we’re not talking at all any more. And, yeah, you were included in that group, too”

“I know … although I never know for sure what you see in that kind of stuff, Jamey. I mean sexually. I know Martin needs it but still. I did it on Sunday because I knew it would help him”

“Hmmm … what did happen on Sunday, William? Can you tell me?”

I didn’t want him to know that I was eager to know as It felt enormously exciting.

“It started when he had another argument about nothing with dad. I was there and dad told him to shut up. He then walked out and I went behind him. He slammed the door so hard that I think something fell off the wall. Dad went after him but I said I’d take care of it. Dad told me to make sure Martin knew that he’d had enough and that military school might be the only way to deal with him if he didn’t behave. So, when I got to his room, he was on his bed, ignoring me. Even after I spoke to him, he didn’t respond …so I did the only thing that might get through that thick skull of him. So I told him to ….”

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Chapter 56

Chapter 54 of Tim and Michel



Chapter 54 of  Tim and Michel

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(Jamey still narrating )

The next day was hell. I wanted to know what happened between Martin and his dad but no one was answering the phone. I called Michel as I knew he had the number for William’s mobile phone, but Michel wasn’t answering either. My granddad kept looking at me but I just didn’t feel like talking. I didn’t have the numbers for Paul or Dennis … stupid, I know, and strange. And as for Brandon … well, I suspect he had enough on his plate, dealing with Justin. I’d just have to wait till Monday at school to find out what was going on.

(Michel narrating)

That I was lost is an understatement. I knew my dad wouldn’t understand … for, if I’d been Tim’s dad, I definitely wouldn’t understand the situation … so I felt completely lost. Mom had tried to be there for me. I’m not so sure if she knew what was happening … I suspect she did … but she just didn’t care at the moment.

And then there was Tim. What had I done to him? Where was he and how was he? I just didn’t know what to do. I’d called Keith, the policeman friend of Jamey’s granddad … but he said that there was no news at the moment. It seemed the police had gone with Justin to his home but either they were keeping everything hush hush, or there was really nothing to report. Most of the day I just stayed in my room, staring at the ceiling. From time to time I nibbled some of the food mom urged me to eat.

I’d had a call from Seph and we talked a bit. He told me I had done the right thing and that I was not to blame. I’d done what needed to be done at the time and it was Tim’s mother who was responsible … if she was really behind it. It was she who was to blame for what happened to Tim.

With my head I knew he was right, but my heart told me otherwise. I’d been thinking about driving around and trying to find him but there was little chance he was somewhere here in town. No, I just had to try to hang in, making sure I could be there for Tim when he came back. My dad had not said anything since we’d come home. I think it was all just too much for him to deal with. He’d been happy for me when I brought Tim home but this new situation was beyond his ability to cope. I wasn’t looking forward to going to school but staying home was the last thing that I wanted to do.

(Martin narrating)

William had been with me that morning. He’d seen that I hadn’t slept very much. It had been an odd evening the night before. My dad would not say anything but just kept looking at me from time to time. Mom would ask me if I was OK every time I moved. In the end I went upstairs early but I couldn’t sleep. My dad had forbidden me from seeing Jamey and William would be responsible for getting me home right after school. I’d tried to talk with him but he’d just walked away. Actually, he had turned around and told me he would punish me if I didn’t listen. So, here I was on Sunday morning, tired and fed up … without any idea what the future held. Oh, yeah … and I’d been thinking about Tim a lot and how he was coping. I just hoped he was OK. My talk with William had helped a bit … he was still there for me and he would help me if I needed it … but he also had to be careful.

But then there was school. William must have left his friends and he’d been getting calls from them, asking if everything was OK. Would it stay quiet or was what happened going to become public knowledge? If that happened, I didn’t know if I could face school. Being gay would be something I’d need to deal with anyway … so I didn’t see a problem coming out … but would I be able to deal with people who didn’t understand what happened to me? The experience was something that I had been slowly starting to understand during the last year … and, with Jamey around, it had all made sense. I understood it all a lot better. Most important … it felt good and that was something that was critical … but I just wasn’t able to explain it to others. It was what it was. Maybe in the future, I could articulate how I felt. For now, I’d just have to see what was going to happen tomorrow.

(Paul narrating).

I was happy. I felt like I was in seventh heaven. It hadn’t been easy but, with everything that had transpired and our parents going to pick us up, we had to make sure we were solid for each other. I knew it wasn’t easy for Dennis … but he understood. I’d known from the first time we had fooled around. I’d still had doubts then … but everything felt good when I took hold of his dick in my hands. When I saw his face as he came, I knew I loved him and I’d do anything for him to have that feeling again.

I knew it was different for him … or, at least, I thought that it was in the beginning. As we got older and we played less, I realised he was straight and it would certainly end. I’d been depressed … but then, when we got to know about Tim and Michel, I’d seen Dennis change again. Not quickly … slowly … and that weekend, well it had been great being together at night. It had felt like our first times together … but with a little bit extra. Dennis seemed to be into it more than before. So when we knew it would all come out, I asked him what we should say. Were we just playing around … or was there something more between us?  I knew when I looked into his eyes. I smiled. Since we chatted last night, I knew what Dennis wanted. He said he knew what he wanted … and he was ready to tell the world if necessary.

I told him … let’s start with our parents and then see where this went. He’d been surprisingly OK with that. Later that evening, my mom told me that she’d known for the past few years … or at least suspected it. So I felt great. I knew that Dennis would probably still need some time to adjust to this new reality. We agreed we’d see each other later that day … so that was good.

(Brandon narrating).

I did see Justin leave when my dad picked me up in his car. We hadn’t talked very much yet but, when he started to drive, he told me to be quiet. I knew what he wanted to know so, quietly, I told him about us … about me … how I came to realise I was gay … the fun I’d with Tim … and then being introduced to Justin. I told him about Justin and Tim being family and what had happened with his mother. He responded that it seemed to him that he needed a good lawyer to put her behind bars when he was finally freed. I wasn’t sure that was the way for him to show that he was fine with what had happened … it felt strange.

Now mom was a different story. She was always more religious than any of us and she had a hard time dealing with it. I guess it was difficult, knowing that I wouldn’t be the one to produce grandchildren for her … and that that responsibility would now be left to my brother. He was happy about my announcement, and told me later that evening that he knew immediately what my announcement meant to him. He told me that I was always looking at him more with lust than disgust … so he knew I might have been gay. He was OK with it though.

When I woke up, I dialled Justin’s mobile number. I was very happy when he answered. We talked and it seemed that his mom was really onside with our relationship … but both he and his mother were disturbed that his aunt was opposed. They started to realise that there must be something really, really wrong with her. They hadn’t heard anything from her, and they doubted that they ever would. I thought about calling Michel but I wasn’t sure who would answer and left it … because we’d see him tomorrow.

(Jamey narrating)

As you might guess, I was up very early on the Monday morning. I looked at the clock and wanted to go, the faster the better. I needed to know how he was doing. I sat on the stairs in front of the building and waited. After about 10 minutes a car drove up. I knew that car. I saw William and Martin got out. His dad was behind the wheel and watched them leave. They didn’t look at me although, from the vibe I got, I’m sure that Martin had seen me. They walked towards the door. Just when I was about to stand up, I felt something. I looked back at the car. Martin’s dad’s eyes were focussed on me. He didn’t drive off … he stayed right there. I wasn’t sure what he wanted me to do, but following them into the school building just didn’t feel like the smart thing to do. We both stayed where we were. As more and more kids came around, I slowly started to feel cold. I knew I had to move forward and go inside. I smiled at him and in I went.

I didn’t expect them to be standing around, so I checked the three main corridors to see if I could see them. Along the last one, I saw that they were stopped by some of William friends and I started to walk towards them. But before I could reach them, William pushed Martin away towards his classroom. William looked over his shoulder. He wasn’t smiling; he almost looked apologetic. Now I was lost. This would be a lot more difficult than any one of us had ever could have imagined.


……. And so the days passed by and nothing changed. Phone calls were not answered … people got in the way. Justin didn’t want to do too much with Brandon because of his friendship with Michel … but then, what Justin didn’t know was that virtually none of us had any contact with Michel at all. He kept to himself. He stayed home for quite a few weeks before coming back to school. By then the story had become old news. Now people were discussing the kind of relationship Michel had with Tim. Not in front of his face, of course … but you could see people look and talk whenever they were just out of his hearing. And Tim? Well, nothing was heard of him. My granddad was in contact with Keith a lot. The first calls were strained, but over time, it became easier to talk normally. Yeah, Keith was OK and no, there was no news about Tim. And with each call, it was becoming harder to get a feeling about how all of this was going to end.

[Writer’s commentary: I’m sure my readers have noticed that I took quite a leap there in time, something I hardly ever do. But the story got stuck in its own way and I had to find a way out. I hope I can now move the story forward. As you will read the next segment of the story, you’ll understand that we have jumped forward in time for a reason. That intervening time is not unimportant, but its significance will be revealed in flashbacks. Future chapters will detail what happened … and all will become clear, I promise. So let’s start with a bit of the next chapter so you get an idea where we are going. Surely you didn’t think I’d leave you hanging?]

“Jamey?” my granddad said.

“Jamey?” he repeated. I looked up from the book I had in my hands.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said and continued to read my book.

“Hmmmm … I doubt it, to be honest. You haven’t turned a page for 30 minutes now.”

I realised he was right: I’d been staring at the book but not really reading.

“Yeah, I’m fine … just a bit preoccupied.”

“Martin?” he asked.

“Yeah … partly about him … but also the others. It was a great gang you know. We had lots of fun.”

“You wanna talk about it?”

“Not sure there is much to say, to be honest. It doesn’t exist any more.”

“You really going to let this destroy everything … without trying to make it work?”

“I tried, granddad. Nobody is talking to anyone.”

I don’t think he had any answers, either, as he stopped talking at that point. My eyes drifted back to the book.

Yummy. Martin … I still got very wobbly in the legs when I thought about him. My mind would turn into one big excited state of bliss when I saw him. I could hardly function when I was in the same room with him. Still it was difficult to talk with him. William was there and he told me there were others recruited by his dad to keep an eye on me. He told me that … not to warn me off … but so I’d know the dangers.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my granddad get up. I’m not absolutely sure but I think he went towards the hall which led upstairs and to the front door. I tried to start reading again.

“Jamey?” I looked up when my granddad said my name.

I saw that he’d returned … followed by someone.

“Jamey, this gentlemen is here to see you.”

The stranger came into the room now and I vaguely recognised him.

“You’re Jamey, young man?”

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“Good. I was told it would be best to come and talk to you and your granddad.”

“Told by whom?” my granddad asked, as I was still a bit in my own world.

“Michel’s uncle,” he said while looking directly at me.

I knew then and there where I’d seen him: he was one of the few old men who had been there at the party that was held for Tim and Michel at Michel’s uncle club.

“Oh, yeah … we met there,” I said to him while I stood up and shook his hand.

“Please, sit down. How is Michel’ uncle?”

“Fine … but he’s worried about his nephew right now.”

I didn’t want to go into that. I wasn’t sure I could talk about it.

“You know what happened?” my granddad asked.

“Yes. I heard about it and, since I knew both Tim and Michel and some of the group involved, I kept myself informed. I contacted Michel’s uncle earlier this week in the hope that he could help me with setting up a meeting with some of the younger guys I met at the party.”

I saw a strange look on my granddad’s face. “Why?” he asked suspiciously.

“Oh, nothing like that,” our guest said quickly. “I wanted to introduce my nephew to them. He lives down here as well and I wanted him to make some friends who are dealing with the same kinds of feelings and issues as he is himself … if you know what I mean.”

I felt myself blush and my granddad said, “Gay feelings, you mean?”

“Yes …and other stuff, too.”

“Oh .…”

We were all silent for a minute or two.

“I’m not sure it’s appropriate for me to listen in on this conversation. Maybe it’d be better if you talk with Jamey in private.”

“No, I want you to stay. This isn’t about that. This is about Michel and sweet Tim.”

“You know where he is?” I asked.

“No … well ….”

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chapter 55


chapter 53

(still narrowrating bye Jamey)

We were all looking at Justin and Brandon now.

I think they noticed that as they stopped shouting.

“What is going on guys?” I asked.

Justin turned completely red.

“Tell them, you need to and the cops as well Justin!” Brandon said.

I noticed that Justin was looking at Michel. I looked at Michel and I think he had foreseen then what Justin was going to say. He nodded to Justin to go on.

“I told mom about where we were. I am sorry Michel but…” He stopped there and looked down to the ground.

Michel didn’t say anything. I don’t think he could. “What your mom does is not your responsibility Justin but you should have told us. Michel you ok?” I asked.

“Yea, sorry Justin but I don’t feel like talking at the moment. Maybe you can go and talk to the cops ok.”

“I will tell them everything okay Michel.”

Brandon pushed Justin outside towards where Frank was.

I got the phone numbers from the rest. Martin had called William and he was on his way. I don’t think he had been too happy but understood he needed to.

I looked outside and I saw Frank making notes while listening to Justin. I walked over to Martin.

“You ok Martin?”

“Yea, I just was thinking about what to tell them Jamey.”

“Just keep it light. Tell them I am your boyfriend and that is it more or less. The rest if they find out we will see, we watched but went with them because of the chance to be together. We can say we wanted to know if we really felt something for each other.”

“Hmm, yes that might work. Not sure though what I will do when they ask if we have sex. I know my mom she will be straight forward with that so you better be prepared.”

“Ok, good to know.”

“Probably not when dad is around but I am sure when he isn’t.”

“You’re not afraid of her response?”

“No, she will be fine, it is dad that, well let’s say will need some adjustment I suspect.”

“Well we need to talk with William first; because of what his role is in all of this and the cops know he was not here first so that is not going to work either.”

“Oh bugger, Jamey I might end up being grounded for quite some time you know.”

“Yea we will deal with that as it comes just as long as you know I love you.”

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Frank had gotten back to Michel. I suspect to verify Justin’s story. I just hoped that my granddad would be here soon. I knew we could use his help for sure.

I watched Justin now devastated in Brandon’s arms. I don’t think that he could have ever suspected that his mom would have told Tim’s Mom, but it looked like the most obvious explanation at this point. I didn’t want to interrupt and I saw that Paul and Dennis were trying to deal with it all as well. The scariest thing of all for me was the chance of change in all the relationships and also just the friendships that could be lost easily at this point.

I don’t know how long I was lost in my own thoughts but in the end I saw more cars’s driving up to the cabin.

“Hey guys, here comes the first batch. Everyone ready?”

Both Justin and Brandon and Paul and Dennis came closer. Martin was right behind me and I was not sure Frank and Michel had notice it yet.

“Your granddad, Jamey?” Martin asked.

“Yea but not sure who else is there.”

We looked at the cars and out of one came William. He must have been fast on the road as I didn’t expect him. But I was glad as he could take care of Martin while I was talking with Granddad. I saw a hiss coming out of Justin as we saw that Tim’s dad stepped out of one of the other cars with Michel’s father. The third car was Granddad and he was with Keith. Now that is going to be a lot of explaining to do. But maybe it was better to do it now than to do it when the other parents would be here.

I saw that Tim’s dad together with Keith went straight over to Frank. William came closer to us and I pushed Martin towards him. “I need to talk with granddad ok.”  He smiled and I was surprised when I saw that William and Jamey hugged. Yes we were going to need each other this time. Michel’s dad went straight to him but I also noticed that Michel didn’t dare to look at him and before I could do anything I was cornered by my granddad, “What is going on Jamey? It seems you guys made a mess of all of this!”

“It seems so Granddad but nothing was intended you can be sure about that.”

“Maybe,” he looked at the scene developing around us. His eyes stuck on William and Martin.

“You love him a lot Jamey?” He whispered then.

I looked at him shocked. He smiled now, “Come on Jamey. I bet you have known him now for about four weeks.”

Had I been so transparent I thought. “Hmm, yes I do.” I said saying my words slowly out loud.

“Good, he looks cute, a bit young but definitely cute.”

“How did you know Granddad?”

“Oh, you have been singing, laughing a lot more, opening up even to me. I knew there was more than just the new friendship you had found. I saw you getting used to the fact that you are gay but these last few weeks…” He stopped there looked a bit past me and then with a sigh said, “… you looked a lot like your mother Jamey when she found your dad. I had seen the signs before and I am very happy for you.”

“Thanks Granddad, not sure it will last long though.”


“His parents!” I said.

“They are on their way as well, Jamey?”

“Yes. The police called all of them.”

“Good, better explained here than at home I suspect, although I am sure that Martin is nervous about it all. Is that his brother?”

“Yea William, they are close.”

“Good, well you better introduce me to all of them I guess, so I can help when their parents get here.”

I knew I could get away with it like this but granddad had been open and forward with this so I better be as well. I knew he would hear it from either Frank or Keith in a moment anyway.

“There’s more,” I whispered and I pulled him back.

Looking over his shoulder to see if Jamey was still ok and my gaze stuck on Tim’s dad, who now was looking at Michel and I knew then that he knew. The look said enough and I was not sure if it would ever be the same.

But granddad got my attention back when he said, “What Jamey?”

“Hmm, there is something else you need to know. Something that will come out and it will complicate everything Granddad.”

I saw that my granddad knew it was something severe, as he must have picked up on my voice and facial expression.

“When Tim was kidnapped he was tied down to the table down here.” I hoped he would pick up from there everything from that, I didn’t want to explain myself anymore but he looked at me not knowing what I meant. I sighed and continued, “He was alone, and no one was here. He was in his underwear and all his clothes were still here when we got back.”

I noticed questions still on my granddad face, “go on Jamey you can tell me, you can trust me.”

I knew that but still. “The reason why he was like that was that he was being punished.”

“Punished for what?”

“Not obeying. It was even for his own safety.”

“Safety?” My granddad asked.

“Yea, he had gone too far and he needed to be reined in. You know. He was being too cheeky this morning, challenging Michel and now …” As I felt for the first time that my strength started to crumble.

I felt that my granddad had placed his hand on my chin and with it he lifted my head up until he could look into my face. “It is ok Jamey. I am ok with it. If that is what Tim and Michel needed then it is ok.”

“You mean you…”

“I am a former policeman you know. I have seen it all.”


“Yea well it is a bit unexpected to be honest but I know they love each other very much and I am sure you were not pulled into their play.”

I must have started to blush again now. “Well you see there is….”

Granddad now stepped away and looked again at Martin. Who was now standing beside William looking at us? I think he knew what I was telling him.

He let out a deep sign and looked at me. “Ok, I should have seen that straight away as well. But I am still ok with it Jamey, and even if Martin is your slave it’s ok. As long as you are monogamous I don’t care whatever it is that makes you happy ok.”

I slowly started to smile now. “You sure Granddad?”

“I think the real question is, are you sure Jamey? It is not a small responsibility you take up you know.”

“I know but yes I think that my love is big enough to give him that bit as well. I am not normally like that but for Martin, I am fine with it I think. I talked with Michel and some other people about it and slowly I am starting to see what it means.”

“Good, well I know some people as well so if necessary then I can always introduce them to you, ok.”

“You keep surprising me Granddad.”

“Good, now why don’t you get Martin over here and introduce him to me.”

I winked at Martin who was anxiously looking at us. He got a smile on his face when he saw one on mine. He came closer.

“Granddad, I want to introduce you to my boyfriend Martin.”  I watched as my granddad held his hand out but Martin was looking at the ground and not sure what to do.

“Nice to be introduced to you Martin. Jamey told me a lot about you already. More than he knows.” My granddad said with a smile.

Martin now looked up shyly. “Thank you sir.” He said. He didn’t seem to be sure about himself at all.

My granddad now laughed and said, “You’re going to have your hands full with this one Jamey. You’re welcome Martin, whenever it is needed. You are welcome at our house. See it as yours!” He said very openly.

I saw a small smile starting to come on Martin’s face.

“So you’re ok with it Sir?”

“Yes Martin. I knew Jamey found his love four weeks ago or so.”

“He knows everything now Martin.”

Martin looked surprised at me. “I had to tell him. He can help with the rest and with your parents as well.”

“You’re ok with that Sir?”

“Yes, and Martin stop calling me sir ok, Granddad will do.”

A smiled appeared on his face while he said, “Yes Sir” and that instantly made him blush when he realized what he had just said.

“Oh I am going to have a lot of fun with you if you keep doing that Martin.”

He turned towards me and said, “Ok, I think I am going to talk with the rest. I am sure Tim’s dad can use some attention. If you need me just call ok!” He said that and walked off.

It seemed that while all of this had happened, he had kept an eye on Tim’s dad who now was talking quite loudly with Frank and Keith and making gestures towards Michel. I am sure he was told what had happened. I just hoped that he would listen to granddad. I saw that Brandon and Justin were still at the other end of the room. Justin had almost crawled behind Brandon. I am sure he felt that he was going to be next.

“Well that could have gone a lot worse.” William said when he came closer to us.

“Yea, I am surprised that he took it so lightly guys. I am happy for it though, especially in the way he made sure that you were welcome whenever you want Martin.”

“Good, one hurdle taken for sure!” William said, “But what are we going to do about the next one?”

“Not sure William. Do you have any suggestions at this moment?”

“No not really. I suspect that the truth will come out with all that has happened here so knowing my parents we need to be upfront with them. There is one thing they might even like less and that is lying and not standing up for who you are, so I would say Martin that although it is not an easy way, it might be the best one. Just like what Jamey has just done.”

“But I can’t, I could never say it to them. You know how I am around them.”

“Yea I know but think about it, it is the only way forward don’t you think?”

“Martin,” I said, “I think William is right, as difficult it might be…”

“Can’t we just leave that last bit out of it? You know the…”

“I can understand you want to Bro, but do you think they won’t put one and one together if they hear the reason why they are here and what happened between Michel and Tim?”

I saw that Martin was thinking about it and I think he knew that William was right but that didn’t mean that he liked it.

“I guess so.”

Justin and Brandon had been coming over closer to us now.

“You ok guys?” Brandon asked.

I smiled. “Yea the first hurdle taken, although I was surprised how my granddad responded to it.”

“Yea better than Tim and Michel’s dads though.” Justin whispered.

“You really think that your mom…” Martin started looking at Justin but afraid to finish his sentence.

“No idea Martin but if she did, but then she didn’t realize, what Tim’s mother would do with the information.”

“Oh, well we will know when she gets here I guess.”

“Yea, not looking forward to that though.” Justin said.

“Me neither!” Martin smiled now a bit when he said that to Justin. Before I knew it they were hugging each other.

“You ok Brandon?” I asked him.

“Yea my parents might be shocked but they will be ok. I have a gay uncle and I know they are ok with him.”

“Right that helps for sure.”

“So you think your granddad can calm down Tim’s and Michel’s dads?” He asked pointing towards the other side of the room.

I saw now that Tim’s dad was sitting down, tears running down his face. I saw that Michel was standing alone, his father about one meter away from him not sure what to do. My granddad was standing beside him slowly whispering things to him. I am not sure what was going on with him but he definitely looked disappointed. He was not looking at Michel and I could see the hurt on Michel’s face.

I knew better then to interfere so I made sure that we all stayed where we were. It felt just like waiting till the next episode of this all. There were four hurt people already and I just wondered if there would be more. Paul and Dennis were still outside on the front porch. I noticed that Paul was definitely doing most of the talking with Dennis. It might be that Dennis needed to come clear with Paul. But it looked like he was having a difficult time with it. We talked a bit amongst ourselves and were just waiting to see what would happen next.

We didn’t have to wait too long as more cars came down the hill.

“Ok here we go.” William said.

“Just keep strong Martin,” he said.

I looked at Martin and gave him a smile. I saw he was lightly shaking.

“I think I better leave you alone for a moment guys. Just know I am here if you need me Martin.”

He smiled a bit more now back at me and said, “I know, Jamey.”

I saw that his parents got out of one car and I think it was both Dennis’s and Paul’s dads that got out of the other one.

It didn’t last long until Martin and William had their mom’s arms around them. Especially Martin I thought. Their dad stayed a bit behind them. He looked around at the others. One of the police officers walked towards him and started talking.  I couldn’t hear what was said but I saw his face going around the room and then he looked again at both William and Martin. But I couldn’t read his face at all.

He asked the policeman some questions and then thanked him. He looked at William and Martin and took them to the table where he told them to sit down and that is what they did. I saw he then asked them questions. I knew I had to stay where I was but that was not easy as I could tell that Martin was shaking quite obviously.

“You ok?” I heard from behind.

“Yea Granddad.”

“You want to go over there and hold Martin in your arms?”

I looked back now and smiled. He knew what I felt.

“I know the feeling Jamey. He will be fine.”

“I don’t know Granddad.”

We just watched to see what was unfolding at the table. At a certain point William talked a lot and I could see that he started to get angry then I thought for a moment that his dad was going to hit him. Instead he pointed to the car. I saw that William looked at Martin for a moment and then slowly stood up and started to walk to the car.

“I don’t know Granddad, but this doesn’t look good at all!”

Martin’s dad looked like he was holding a dialog now with his son. Martin wasn’t really looking. Listening for sure but his eyes were looking at the table.  Then I saw that his dad looked over Martin’s shoulder straight at me. I felt that my face started to get red. I think at that point our secret was out. I wasn’t sure all of it but I wouldn’t be surprised it was. I think I saw curiosity now on Martin’s dad’s face. I guess he expected someone more like Dennis and Paul more butch to have had that role for his son.

“I guess your secret is out Jamey.”

“Looks like it Granddad. You think we should join them?”

“No, I think we better wait till we are invited.”

I noticed then that Martin looked up. I guess they were getting closer to an end of it all.

“Here we go,” I heard my granddad say.

I guess he was expecting just like me that when Martin’s dad stood up he would come over instead he turned around and started to walk to William and the car.

“Oh, not good. Let’s see, I think I better go and talk with him. Stay here ok,” granddad said to me.

I didn’t follow him as my eyes were focussed on Martin. I saw that he now was talking to his mom. I guess his mom was more responsive than his dad to it all. I suspected that his relationship with his mom was probably better than his dad anyway. I saw that his mom looked up as well and gazed at me. She had a smile on her face. I then watched that as Martin turned around as well and smiled at me. I saw his hand waved so I guess it meant that I was allowed to come over.

Martin and his mom stood up. His mom had her hand out. “It’s good to meet you Jamey,” she said.

I looked at Martin just to make sure he was ok. “I knew he found love and I suspected it would be a boy.”

Mom knows is a saying, but I guessed that was right. “You ok Martin?” I asked.

“Not sure.”

“His dad is not happy and can hardly believe it all. Not only well what you do but also about the fact that Martin is gay. I know he will be able to get past that but it will take time.”

“Are you ok with it then?”

She looked at me. “I can see love that is all I need Jamey. The rest is up to you. I can’t condemn it but can’t see the reason for it, so I think we better leave it with that and not talk about it ok.”

“Yes Madam.”

“Good, Martin you have five minutes, and then we want you in the car ok. I think you need some time but not too long ok. We don’t want to anger your dad anymore.”

“Nice to meet you Jamey. Just be patient with us ok.”

“I will Madame.”

“You ok?” I asked Martin when she walked away towards her husband.

“Not sure. Dad is really mad. I know he keeps himself under control with the cops around but… well don’t be surprised if I won’t see you for a while except for school. I suspect we both will be grounded for quite some time.”

“Well we can always call or chat and school will be enough for a while if that is to be the case.”

“I am not sure but it will have to do.”

I saw that he wanted to hug me but he was not sure. I saw him looking over his shoulder. “Oh fuck them!” I heard him say and he hugged and kissed me. “Love you Jamey!”

“Love you too Martin!”  With that he turned around walked to the car.

With pain in my heart I saw him walk away. I knew I would see him in two days at school but still. He got into the car straight away. William and his mom followed. His dad was still talking with granddad. I just hoped he could talk some sense in him.

When granddad came walking back to us he told me that it was time to go. I argued that I wanted to stay but the police wanted everyone to leave so they could do another search through the place and the woods around it. I waved at Michel but hopefully he would understand. No I knew he wouldn’t as I wouldn’t have either. I knew I would try to call him later on in the day or meet up with him tomorrow. I guess granddad knew as he said, “You can go visit him tomorrow or invite him over ok.”

“Thanks I just don’t know what he must be going through and it seems his dad is not helping at all.”

“I know. Let’s just hope that Tim will be found soon.”

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chapter 52

Chapter 52 of Tim and Michel

(still seen and spoken through the view of Jamey)

 “No, and I am sure he couldn’t have gotten out. No idea he was that smart”.

We started to look around the cabin. Both cars were still there and there was no sight of him. Michel kept looking but I decided to go inside. I walked over to the table. There were still some bits of the rope on the ground. Not a lot. Most of it looked like it came from where he had been tied with his legs to the table. I stood up, that is odd I thought. There was not any sign of the weights that had been on his balls. I saw the ones lying on the stack but there should have been more of them.

“Hey Dennis, something’s not right here.”

“What is it Jamey?”

“Look at this, there is some rope but not all of it and look at the cuts. Then there are the weights it seems that the ones he had on him are missing as well.”

“What do you mean Jamey?”

“Well it almost looks like someone else has been here. Look this is rope is cut.”

“Oh I see, so now what?”

“Well first make sure the others stay outside ok. If Michel wants to come in fine but we need to try not to disturb in here too much.”

Dennis walked towards the door and just stopped Paul from entering. “Hmm better stay outside for a bit Paul, where is Michel?”

“I think he is losing it to be honest. I think he searched the cars and looked around and I suspect he is coming back to the house in a moment.”

“Ok make sure when he gets back here that he is kept standing at the door.”

“OH why is that?”

But before Dennis could answer it was Michel who came closer to the door.  “Where can he be? If he is not in the house and not down here. I haven’t looked on the bed yet. Let me get in so I can.”

“Wait!” He heard Dennis say.

“Why, I am sure he is so afraid of me that he is hiding under the bed I want to make sure he knows I am not mad.”

“Calm down Michel, he is not under the bed ok.”

“You found him, where is he?”

“Jamey you better come down here.”

When I came closer to the door I saw that Dennis was holding Michel, stopping him from entering.

“You found him Jamey?” Michel asked. He looked white, very white, almost as he was in shock.

“No, not yet Michel but why don’t you come in and sit on the couch.”

“You know where he is?”

“We might yes, so just come in with us. Get a glass of water Dennis.”

I heard that Dennis whispered something to Paul and then walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I put Michel instead of on the couch on one of the chairs at the table. I could explain best down here I hoped.

Dennis wanted to give him the glass but I said, “Wait, let’s see how he responds, you might not, well you know…” He nodded.

“Michel, Michel, look here.” Michel turned towards us, his eyes looked wild.

“Where is he Jamey? He knew I loved him and that I would never hurt him.”

“He knows Michel he knows but Michel, please look at this.”

I showed him the rope.

“Yes that is the rope he left it behind.”

“No Michel, look at it, it has been cut and the other thing is that all the weights that were hanging on him are missing. Also there is not enough rope here. We are still missing quite a lot of it.”

Now he looked bewildered. “What do you mean Jamey? Are you saying someone was here and let him out?”

“No, we think someone took him away and left the weights and probably the rope around his hands as well.”

“No, no no no no no no no no…” Then he started to cry.

“Take him to their bedroom Dennis then go outside and explain to the others. I will need to give my granddad a call.”

I saw that Dennis took Michel with him to the bedroom on the first floor. Paul was standing outside in the door and I got the feeling the others were not far away from him.

“Can we come in Jamey?”

“Yes but head straight off to the steps upstairs ok. I don’t want any of you walking around down here.”

“Ok, are you right, do you really think someone took Tim?”

“That is what it looks like. I hope I am wrong but at the moment it is strange that he is missing isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but we think he just left for a walk or so.”

“He might have been but did you find more rope and the weights somewhere?”

“No, but we didn’t really look for them.” Martin said.

“Well maybe two of you can go and do that and the others go upstairs and help Dennis to keep Michel quiet.”

“What will you do?” Brandon asked.

“I will call my granddad and he can call Michel’s dad and they will know what to do with Tim’s dad ok.”

“Oh shit his Mom. You think this might be Tim’s Mom?” Brandon said startled by his own conclusion.

I had reached that in between as well and found that it all might make this look a lot more serious than it was when we entered.

They left and went outside again or upstairs. I got my mobile phone out and called. Granddad should be home and I was glad when he answered real fast.

“Jamey, I didn’t think you would have time to talk with your old granddad this weekend.”

I smiled. “No, granddad but I need your help. As far as I can tell Tim has gone missing. He is not here where he should have been.”

“He run away or just went out for a walk?”

“No, I think this is more serious…” Then I started to tell him what I had discovered so far.

He was quiet when I came to the point that I had sent Martin back outside again and Michel and Dennis were upstairs.

“You think it is his mom Jamey?”

“No idea but that is the first thing that came into my mind, although we kept this a secret. There are not a lot of people know that where we are exactly Granddad.”

“You want me to call the police and meet you there?”

“Yes and convince them as I was not sure they would come if I called and also call Michel’s dad and he can tell Tim’s dad best I think.”

“Yes of course I will do that as well. Leave your mobile phone on ok and I will ring back as soon as I know what is going to happen.”

I hung up and to be honest, I was glad that neither Michel nor I had to make those last two calls. The police well I had thought about that and I just knew I would not able to convince them. We needed bigger city guns to convince the locals down here and now the waiting started. I walked over to the stairs and looked at the room. Was there anything else that was different?

I might have missed something but so far the rope was one of the only things that was there that was not the same as it had been before.

Martin opened the door, “Can we come in?”

“Yes, but just walk straight down here ok.”

They walked on the stairs and said to me, “You looking for something?”

“No, not really. I suspect you didn’t find anything outside right?”

“No nothing at all.”

“Ok, just stand behind me and look at the room. Remember it as it was before we left; is there anything at all that has been moved?”

“What?” Martin asked.

“Is there anything that has been moved since we left?”

“Doesn’t look like it.” He said after a few moments. Look even the DVD player is still on and the controls are still on the ground and the table.”

“Yes I had seen that too and the vacuum cleaner is half way on the floor between here and the kitchen. I think that is where it was when we left as well.”

“So, what does it mean then Jamey?”

“Well for one thing, Tim didn’t walk around a lot but if he left he left almost straight from the table to the door and that is odd don’t you think? He had some lunch but not that much. If he planned to run away he would have gone to the kitchen and there was nothing to be seen of any presence there either. Also… he left his clothes.”

“Oh that, yea that is strange.”

I noticed that he looked around again.

“Well we can stay and sit here forever but it is not going to move by itself so I guess we came to the right conclusion. I think we better go upstairs and leave this for now. Let’s see how Michel is doing.” I said.

We went upstairs and found the door to the bedroom open.

“Hey, you find out anything else Jamey?” Dennis asked.

“No not really to be honest, just confirmed so far my thoughts.”

I could hear Dennis say damn very softly.

“Hey Michel, how you doing?”

He looked up when I said his name.

“You think he has been taken right Jamey?”

I sat down beside him on the bed. He looked vulnerable very much so I thought. I should take this easy I thought as long as I was not sure what had happened at all.

“I think he might but I am no police detective, Michel. I just found those few things that I told you downstairs odd and that is enough for me to make me wonder ok.”

“Yes I guess but who?”

I noticed that Martin almost said something but he got an elbow from Brandon.

“I don’t know, we just have to wait and see. I called my granddad and he will inform the police. That should make it a bit easier to get them convinced to come out here. I was not sure they would if I called.”

“Hmm, good thinking of you Jamey.” Brandon said.

“Yea, I also asked him to call your dad Michel.”

I saw him startle when I said that. “Sorry I thought he had a right to know.”

“Hmm, yea good idea Jamey. And…”

“I am sure he will be contacted as well.”

Then my phone went off and I stepped a bit back towards the door.

“Jamey here.” I said.

“Jamey I just wanted to let you know that the police are on their way. I also got the detective from down here involved and he should be on his way as well although he will be later.”

“Ok, I will make sure we will greet them in front when they get here.”

“Good, now I suspect that Michel’s dad will be on his way soon as well. I am going to go over with him to Tim’s dad. Not sure if he will come around but we will see.”

“Ok, how did he respond?”

“More or less as you can expect.”

“Hmm, did the police give any time window when they would arrive?”

“Yes in about fifteen minutes from now they should be there.”

“Thanks let me know when there is more news ok.”

“I will, just make sure you take care of Michel, Jamey.”

We ended the call and they looked at me.

“The police are on their way and should be here in fifteen minutes. We better decide who is going to do the talking to them. I don’t think it is a good idea if you do that Michel.”

“Oh you, well maybe not.” He said.

“We can do that Jamey, you and me.” Dennis said.

He was definitely showing he was the most mature one.

“Do you have to tell them about the rope?” Michel asked.

“Yea I think we need to….”

“But that means they will want to talk with me for sure Jamey.”

“Oh, yea they might. I looked around at the rest. You know what this will mean of course?”

I saw their faces go from one side to the other and back.

“Are we ready for this?” I asked again when no one said anything.

“What do you mean?” Dennis asked.

“Well that we are gay for sure, that we maybe do other stuff as well…..” I said.

“Oh…” and while he said it he kept his mouth open realising what might happen.

I could see that everyone was starting to think about it and that no one wanted to say the first thing. I am not sure the others knew what the consequences were and how to deal with them.

“Umm, guys I….” Dennis started but stopped half way through the sentence.

“I think we all realise that this is something we don’t want. We are not ready for it and have not even thought about it, so I haven’t the answer on this one either but I know cops and they will continue to ask us questions until they are sure they have the right information. They won’t easily believe that Tim was abducted if we don’t present the full clues and if they don’t believe these are right. So the rope and that nothing was touched and the missing weights are three important things in this. And with that said they will know what has been going on down here and will ask a lot more questions. So yes they will want to talk with you Michel and they will get to know the truth as well, that is if we want them to go and find Tim.”

“But can’t we be out of the picture completely like that we arrived later on this afternoon and were in town all day?” Justin asked.

“You think they won’t investigate that?”


“Sorry guys but this is about Tim and me so I think I better do the talking here.” Michel said.

“Are you sure?” I asked him.

“Yea, I can’t get you all involved in this. Yes it might become known that we are all gay for sure but the rest, well if it has to come out, it has to be something between Tim and me and not all of you. It’s my fault, if I would not have bound him here then…”

“Would you do that Michel?” Justin asked.

It seems so far he was the most concerned about it all.

“No, but I want to protect the rest of you so you better stay upstairs when the police gets here. Jamey would you go down with me though?”

“Yea, I am sure they want to talk with me anyway as my granddad made this all happen.”

“I suspect so.”

We talked a bit more about it and it seems that Dennis, Paul, Brandon and Martin were as much relieved that Michel would take the heat to start with as Justin had been.

About ten minutes later a car came driving down the path. Together with Michel I went down and opened the door. We were going to meet them outside as we wanted to make sure they would accept the fact we had not touched anything inside.

“Ah, you are waiting already. Did you call some city cop earlier on?”

“Yes Sir I did.” I said.

“Something about a missing kid right?”

“Yes Sir.”

They came closer now and when they were in handshake range the first one said. “Well I am Officer Frank and this is my partner Officer Anthony.”

“I am Jamey and this is Michel.”

“Good, shall we go in?”

“Umm, no sir can we talk with you first out here?”

“Oh, why is that Jamey?”

“In there is where it happened and we need to make sure you know what happened before you go in.”

“Oh ok, if you say so. You seemed to know a lot about this stuff.”

“Yes, my granddad used to be a detective in town.”

“Oh, that’s why. Well tell us how we can help.”

“Well when we got back from a swim in the lake this afternoon, one of our friends that stayed in the cabin was missing.”

“So you had a fight and he ran away?” Officer Anthony said.

“Hmm no we don’t think so.”

“You checked to see if he went home?”

“Umm, let me finish. No we don’t think he left for home. He was in no state to leave the house without help so we think he has been abducted or something like that.”

“So he was drunk and not able to walk or anything then?”

“No, sir.” Michel now intervened, “He was bound to the table and was not able to escape.”

“What?” Officer Frank asked.

“He was bound to the table.” I added.

“So before we go forward, why he was bound to the table, is that the only reason why you think he has been abducted?”

“No, sir there are a few more things like the fact that there was nothing moved in the cabin at all. So if he left he left straight off without touching anything which seems strange to us.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes we are. And Umm….”

“Yes go on.”

“Well he left all his clothes behind that were on the couch.”

“So what, he didn’t need any spare ones to take with him.” Anthony said. I saw that Frank was looking at us and then said, “No I think Anthony what they mean is that he was bound naked to the table. Not sure what is going on down here but if they are right then there is some strong evidence for abduction.”

“Oh, I see.” He looked at us now with a disgusted face.

“I think you better take us in so we can take a look around.” Officer Frank said. It seems for sure that he was the one in charge and I was happy that he was.

We let them go in first and just stayed behind at the entrance of the cabin.

“Doesn’t look too messy indeed.” Anthony said.

“No, is this the stack of Tim’s clothes?” Officer Frank asked.

“Hmm, strange indeed and no other clothes are missing?”

“No sir, not at all.” Michel answered.

“Ok, what are these for?” Officer Anthony asked pointing at the remaining weights that were on the table.

“Oh, uh…” Michel said starting to colour now completely.

“I think we will come to that in a moment and I am not sure if you want to know that Anthony”, Officer Frank said.

I saw that he started to colour now as well. I thought he might do that and I was lucky we didn’t need to answer that one at all.

“Anthony, why don’t you go upstairs and get the statements of the others while I talk with Michel and Jamey down here.”

“Oh, ok, you don’t need my help?”

“Listen Anthony. We have known each other long enough. You don’t like what was going on before the kidnapping so I will get the details down here and you try to find out where the others were this afternoon ok?”

“Yea, ok.”

“Sorry for that Guys”, he said when Anthony was upstairs.

“I want the complete story Michel and Jamey. I am going to excuse Anthony from the case because of his views. He will never be objective in this and I know he won’t mind but I need facts and the truth to do it and help the case to move forward.”

So over the next fifteen minutes we told him what had happened that day but also informed him what had happened to Tim earlier this year and how we had rescued him.

“Ok, so any idea where Tim’s mother is?”

“No, not really. I don’t think she has been in touch at all.”

“Who knew you were here guys?”

“Only us and my granddad and Tim’s dad and no one else.”

“Not even your parents Michel?”

“No, nor any of the others.”

“Because of what was going down here?”

“No not really. Well not the bit about us being gay or anything as most of us are out to our parents but well the other stuff is definitely not known.”

“Hmm, well we need to talk with all of them and the procedure is that they need to pick each of you up so be prepared to tell most of it ok, it probably will come up.”

“You can’t keep that a secret Officer Frank?”

“Sorry but if they ask why this is a kidnapping then I am sure we have to tell them why.”

“Ah, ok well I guess we need to talk with the rest for sure.”

“Good, get the phone numbers of their parents as well so we can give them a call. After that you can call them yourself. I will go outside and will make some phone calls and will be back in fifteen minutes or so.”

At that point Anthony came downstairs followed by the others.

“Ok, guys. We need to talk.” I said to them.

“He is an asshole that Anthony isn’t he?” Justin asked.

“Yea, Frank is going to make sure he is off the case so hopefully you have been honest to him.”

“We were he wasn’t too specific in his questions.”

“No, but we have another problem guys. Frank wants our parent’s phone numbers. Each of them need to personally come pick you up.”

“Damn!” Martin said.

“Yea, this is not going to be easy and I think that you all need to prepare to tell your parents most of what has going on. Not in detail but still…”

“I think I will give William a call, he better be here or he will be in deep shit as well.” Martin said.

“Yea I think we are in trouble enough already.” Jamey said with a smile on his face.

“You not going to abandon me are you Jamey?”

“No, don’t worry. But we will need to come clean to your parents about most of it for sure.”

Martin looked like a scared cat caught by a car in the night.

He walked off and I saw he had his phone to his ear. William should be here before their parents will be.  I looked around where everyone was. I saw Dennis and Paul talking with each other and also Justin and Brandon. Michel stood still looking at the table where Tim had been before we left.

The whispering was broken by a lout cry of Brandon “No, No, No …. Why… Damn….”

“You think…” I heard Justin say.

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 chapter 53