chapter 45

Chapter 45 of Tom

That night not much more happened. We were both quite tired. Back at the cabin Mark said.

“I know you have a lot of questions Tom, but they can wait until tomorrow.”

“Ok, have a goodnight sleep then Mark.”

I could understand that Mark didn’t want to talk too much. It was probably a really big deal coming out of the closet with his granddad and cousin.

The next morning I woke up first and watched as it started to get light outside. I looked at Mark and got all fuzzy inside. Yea he was a bit young for me, but you could see his nice tight body and that he would grow into more than he already was. After a few minutes I watched as he started to wake up as well.

“You have a goodnight sleep Mark?” I asked.

“Yes Tom, did you as well?”

“It was ok.”

“Did you enjoy last night?”

“Yes, thank you master.”

“You are welcome my slave. I just had hoped you would have been a bit stronger and didn´t lose. But you will feel the consequences of that today.”

“Um, sir you are not happy with that?”

“No, I have got no control over it anymore Tom and I don´t like that very much.”

“Oh, but I did give it my best, you know that don´t you?”

“Yea, I know but you still have to learn quite a bit don´t you think…”

“Yes sir.”

“Good, well time to get up then. We need to be at the cafe around the corner from here at 10:30.”

“Do you have any preferences about the clothes I wear today sir?”

“No, do the same as yesterday evening.”

It seems as if Mark didn’t care anymore. He really was disappointed. I have always seen him enthusiastic when he has treated me as a slave, but that is gone now.

After a short breakfast we went to the cafe. John, Arnold, Joshua and Karl were already there when we arrived.

“Let the party start!” Arnold said.

“Yes we are ready for it.” Mark answered.

“Ok, we need to talk first. Slave you go and stand behind the bar now, even take a drink, which might come in handy.”

Mark, Arnold and Karl sat down at one of the tables.

“Everything ok Tom?” John asked me.

“Yea it was a quiet night though.”

“Oh, well not with us. We enjoyed each other.”

“Hmm I guess Mark didn’t feel up to it when we got back.”

“A shame as I don’t think it is that easy for you to sleep together.”

“No, not really. Does anyone know what is going to happen next?”

“No idea Tom, but I have been here before with Karl.” Joshua said.

“Even on a Sunday?” I asked.

“Yea, especially today with the sun out.”

“I guess I’ll just have to wait.”

I saw that at first Mark was mostly listening and then slowly started to join in with the conversation. A smile appeared on his face and he walked together with Karl to the toilet. They didn´t stay in there that long and when they came back Mark said, “Tom, come down here.”

I walked towards him.

“Get undressed. Leave your jockstrap on for now.”

“Oh, he is still wearing that dirty thing?”

“Yea, it was the only thing I brought with me.”

I knew he was wrong but I didn´t go against him. It was no use I thought.

“Ok, the cafe opens at 11. You will stay for the first hour in the toilet and what we will do after that, you will find out.”

“Come along.”

I walked behind Mark. I didn´t hear the others, but I could hear some laughter. Mark didn´t walk towards the men’s toilet, but just to the door beside it. It looked like a work closet or so. He opened the door and went inside.

“Come on in. My hand is on the light switch, but I first want you to close the door.”

I went in behind him and the moment that he put the light on I saw that it was bigger than I thought it was. There were a few places to sit and also some cupboards. Just before the outside wall was a kind of fence. It was about 40 cm of the wall.

“Ok, come down here; get down on your knees just before the fence Slave.”

I went on my knees in front of the fence.

“I am going to tie your hands to the fence in a moment and then when I am done I am going to put a bit of wood on the fence. Make sure you get comfortable when you rest your head onto it as you will be sitting like this for quite some time.”

Easier said than done. I stretched upwards and put my head on the wood. I tried to get as comfortable as I could. On the ground were my knees were was a pillow so that would be ok. Then I felt that Mark started to put something around my neck.

I tried to wiggle a bit, but it felt like he immobilized my head. I didn´t want that.

“Easy Tom, nothing is going to happen. I am just going to make sure you can hardly move. But you trust me ok. You will be safe.”

Again damn I thought, but I knew that so far although what Mark had made me do was risky but never over the top. I got a bit quieter and just waited. Out of the corner of my eye I saw he took something from the ground. He touched my head and then he pulled it over my head. I saw a tube coming closer.

“Mouth open Tom,” he said.

I hesitated. “Come on Tom, trust me.”

I slowly opened my mouth and he pushed the tube into my mouth. I had about 3 to 4 cm of it in my mouth. I concentrated on the other end of the tube. It was going up a bit and it was attached to some kind of funnel.

Shit no, I thought as I slowly started to see why I was here like this.

I sighed a bit.

“Ok, you understand where you are and what this is I guess. On the other side of the wall is the men’s toilet. The funnel is exactly opposite of one of the urinals. Now you just have to wait and see how many times they will go and choose this one,” he said with a bit of a laugh.

“Maybe this will ensure you will do better your next time Tom. Maybe a bit too far on the other one, I might be the only one to use it.

Oh dammit I was going to be drinking Mark’s urine in a moment. I felt that my dick started to get hard. I did not see what Mark did next, but he stepped back and when he opened the door he said. “There is a button just beside your right hand at the tube. If you need help or are in trouble press it. Only emergencies right Tom, don’t disappoint me.”

As there was no possibility for me to say anything I just waited. A moment later I thought I heard the door from what I thought was the toilet being opened. I started to shake a bit nervously. I knew what my master wanted and I would give it a go. The tube was quite far in my mouth and I couldn´t close my mouth completely.

A bit later there were a few drops coming into the tube and my mouth. I wanted to spit them out as the taste was quite strong. But I couldn’t manage to do that. More and more drops came in and then it became a bigger flow. I tried to keep it in my mouth but I couldn’t and some started to drip out. I smelled it and it stunk. I knew I had to swallow otherwise I would get very wet. I let go of my reflex and swallowed. I tasted the urine even better and now that my mouth was empty the flow really got to going. I had resisted swallowing but in the end I had to and swallowed again. It seems that the tube was regulated by the amount I had in my mouth and the moment I swallowed a lot more came into my mouth till it was filled up again.

After a minute or so it slowed and I heard that the door was closed. That’s good I thought it should take a bit longer now.

But I was wrong as I heard the door open again. I didn’t know it could be that busy already. I didn’t know how many times the door went open but it seems quite often and for some reason they all came to the same urinal. I started to swallow and kept doing it. It tasted really bad right, but the difference in taste slowly started to flow from one into the other. The only thing that was happening was that my stomach started to get full and also was not coping very well with it. I knew there was only one thing that I could do and that was press the button. I hesitated but when I thought I heard the door again I did press the button and the flow of the tube stopped almost immediately.

I choked a bit as my stomach wanted to get rid of it. I now heard that my door was opened.

“I am proud of you Tom. I am going to untie you now.” Mark said softly.

He pulled the tube out of my mouth a few last drops hit my tongue and I started to gag again.

“Take a deep breath Tom, it is over now.”

I just nodded. I couldn’t say a lot as I was desperately trying to keep my stomach under control. He untied my head and helped me to stand up.

I felt that my stomach splashed from all the urine that was inside it.

“Have I done you proud?” I asked him softly.

“Yea Tom, I am really impressed.”

“I am not going to get punished because I pushed the button?” I asked looking afraid.

“No Tom. I am proud of my slave so don’t worry.”

I looked at him in disbelieve. “But I had to press the button because I couldn’t keep up with it anymore.”

“I know but I didn’t expect anything else than that. I saw you postponed it a few times, so I knew that you got to the end of your abilities, you have gone past what was possible just for me.”

I saw that Mark meant it and I started to glow a bit with pride.

“I just didn’t want to disappoint you Master.”

“You haven’t Tom. But you are not completely finished ok.”

“OH, what is next then?”

“You will see, join me back in the cafe ok.”

He opened the door and I followed him into the cafe. It was a lot busier in here than I thought and I felt that my face colored. I put my hand in front of my jockstrap and whispered to Mark, “Can I get my clothes Mark?” I was at that point still behind him.

Mark stepped aside and said out loud. “You ashamed of something Tom?”

“Take your hands away.” He whispered again.

Slowly I took my hands away and I had the idea all eyes of the room were focused on one spot. A spot that was showing off more and more every second and then someone started to applaud and it was followed by more and more.

“I am impressed Tom.” Karl said when he came closer. “I have never seen someone drink that much piss before. Come and sit down and see for yourself. You attracted quite an audience.”

He pushed me in front of a TV. I looked and saw a window and behind the window. “Shit!” I said softly as I realized that the space with me in it was on the TV. They had seen it all.

“You were able to follow it from down here?” I asked surprised.

“Yes of course Tom.” Mark said, “And hmm, we were not the only ones.”

He must have turned the camera now as I saw that they were standing outside. A small group of young men was standing at the window looking through it with lots of smiles on their faces. My dick got even harder now in my jockstrap. I realized I was humiliated even more than I thought I was.

“Ok Tom, last bit for today. I am going to put this blindfold on you and then you will sit on your knees again. Joshua and Arnold are going to tease you and help you. In front of you there are a few of these guys in their underwear. You will have to make sure that a hand of any other part of you is continuously on their underwear. As I said there are five of them and you will have to touch them all at least once. You are going to do this for ten minutes and in that time you are not allowed to cum and after those ten minutes you will have exactly one minute to cum. Understood?”

“Yes sir, Mark,” I said softly.

I sat on my knees and Mark put the blindfold on me.

“Oh one more thing Tom, if you cum during those ten minutes then we will lock it up again.”

“Hmm,” I said.

“You are to get nice and stiff, but you cannot cum.”

“Oh damn.” I said.

“Yes and the key I will give to Karl, so you won´t be released until he comes to visit.”

“Oh shit, dammit.” I said.

“So keep it up although I think that Joshua and Arnold might think differently.”

I felt that people came closer. I slowly felt forward with one hand and then found a leg. I moved upwards until I found some brief. I was horny but that increased and not only with me but also with the one I was touching. Then Arnold and Joshua started to play with my dick. Oh damn, I thought this is going to be difficult.

With my other hand I found another leg. I moved up and thought no different, but then I felt boxer shorts. The dick inside these was hard as well and was proudly using the space he had. I let go of the first one now. I felt someone else was standing very close as I could almost smell him. I pushed my face a bit forward and then I touched almost at the same time another pair of briefs. The odor of urine and precum entered my nose. Oh no I thought as another wave of pleasure went through my body. Joshua and Arnold started to intensify their activities as well.

“Two more minutes,” Karl said.

The last few minutes Arnold and Joshua had been easy on me and had taken it a bit easier. I also had touched the other three, so I slowly started to relax a bit.

“Ok, one more minute. I think Arnold and Joshua are not really doing the best they can!” Karl said. “Mark I would say that one of them will have to put Tom’s device on instead of him and you take the key with you if Tom is not cumming within the next minute.”

No answer from Mark was necessary as both of them started to really go for it. I moaned a few times as I knew I was very very close.

The pressure got bigger and bigger and I knew I was extremely close when Karl said. “One minute now to cum Tom!”

“Damn!” I heard Joshua and Arnold say and at the same time they did, they stopped playing with my dick. I knew I was close but now what. I slowly went forward again and I hit the jackpot again as the bloke was still close by and when my face hit his briefs he moaned loud, which followed by him pressing his crotch into my face. I felt that his briefs went wet and the smell of cum filled my nostrils.

That was enough for me and I started to cum violently. Not once, twice or three times but at least ten times or more.

“Wow!” I heard from several sides of me when the last drops left my dick.

“Go and stand.” Mark said.

I stood up and Mark embarrassed me. He then removed my blindfold and looked at me. “I am proud of you,” and with that he kissed me full on my mouth. Then he whispered softly. “I really really love you Tom.”

I looked at him and smiled. My hand had reached his crotched and he was hard as can be. I licked my lips.

“Hmm, yes you want to suck me Tom?” He whispered.

“Of course Sir.” I whispered back.

“No, not as master Tom, as my boyfriend.”

I looked at him and smiled, “Of course.”

“Well if you want to wait till we are back in the cabin I can understand that too.”

No, wait, definitely not. I was still horny and if I would please Mark with that, then I would.

While I knelt down Mark said. “Oh Karl here is the device I will leave it up to you to decide who is going to enjoy it.”

chapter 44

Within seconds both Joshua and John were in their briefs. Joshua was wearing a nice light blue pair and John was wearing a tight boxer. I looked around surprised, the other two had had a warning but for me this was all a bit fast. I felt that Mark hit my bottom and said, “Ok hurry up Tom, your last as usual.”

I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and trousers. Arnold started to whistle when he saw my jockstrap.

“Nice supporter Mark,” he said. “You really have taste. Look at those tight buttocks and the big bulge he has!”

“Well Joshua is not bad either Granddad.”

“Yes, I thought you would appreciate him Mark,” he said.

“Hey, so is my John is like baked fish?” Arnold asked.

“Sorry Arnold but he is too butch for me,” Mark answered.

“Maybe then he can handle a bit of toughness.”

“We shall have to see about that,” Mark answered.

“Ok guys what are we going to do now?”

“Well Granddad, we have three slaves here. You and Arnold both have won a slave so I think it would be nice if the three of us came up with a task to do for these slaves and the loser of the three tasks needs to do something extra special.”

“Oh you are creative Mark, you better start,” Arnold said.

“Ok, do you have some rope and bottle or so down here?”

“To do what with?”Granddad asked.

“Well I think we are going to see which balls can handle the most weight. So guys take your balls out of your underwear and we are going to hang something on them.”

Damn, I thought not the nicest task to do I guess, but it could have been worse.

Mark helped pull out my balls and squeezed them together and started to put the rope around them. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Arnold was doing the same with Joshua and Karl with John, and then on the other end of each rope a bottle was hung.  It was empty but it was a big one.

“So now what?” Arnold asked.

“Do you have something that can contain around two-hundred millilitres of water? We can then take turns pouring two-hundred millilitres in one at a time and see who has enough first.”

“Oh and we can start easier with only five litres, they should be able to handle that!”

I had an idea that John had done this before. I let out a deep sigh when Mark slowly started to put more water in the bottle. My balls were starting to be pulled down.

I could feel that my balls were not used to that much and it felt different than when Peter had done it. I think that when the bottle was filled with about one litre of water I yelled, “Stop.”

“You wimp!” Mark said, “Is that really all you can handle?”

“Sorry Sir, but this really hurts.”

“Well I am disappointed Tom. We will have to work on this and you lost the first round.”

I was upset and I knew I had let Mark down, or at least it felt like I had.

“Ok my turn now,” Arnold said.

“As we have seen the balls in action let see who has the biggest dick of the three slaves.”

“Oh, that’s an easy one Arnold.”

“Maybe but you can make yours more difficult if you want.”

“Ok, perhaps I will. Do you have a tape measure?”

“Yea right here.”

“It is your idea so maybe you should do the measuring.”

“Wait a minute. I think we should blindfold the guys. It will make the tension a bit higher for them,” Mark said.

So they tied some socks to blindfold our eyes.

“Ok, let’s see,” Arnold said. I then heard that Joshua let out a moan I suspect that Arnold got his dick out. “Ok, eight centimetres here.”

“Not that much Granddad, a bit disappointed with that,” Arnold said.

“You’re right that is for real not that much, maybe the bottle has been on him too long.”

Then I felt that my jockstrap was pushed down. I noticed that Arnold’s hands were warm. “I don’t think you are going to lose this round,” Arnold said.

“Nice, it’s ten centimetres and quite thick as well!”

He went over to John and as I suspect, he said. “Oh, eleven centimetres, we have a winner here.”

“Damn Arnold must have known this, but at least I didn’t lose,” Joshua did.

“Ok, so my task is going to decide who will lose. If John looses then we need to do a sudden death. So we have either a sudden death or Joshua or Tom is going to lose. As I want to have some fun as well with the loser I thought we could do the next thing. I am sure you all will need to pee so Arnold why don’t you go and get some glasses. We will see who can produce the most pee with a more or less hard dick.”

Oh well, that is not going to be too difficult I thought, I had been to the toilet but I knew that I had drank enough beer to go again at least, so I smiled.

We still had our blindfolds on and I felt that Mark put a glass underneath my dick and at the same time I could let go of the urine. I sighed with relief. I heard that John started to curse a little bit.

“Well that is clear I would say!” Karl said after a minute or two.

“Yea John I would have expected more from you. This is entirely your fault,” Arnold said.

Ok so it was not Joshua so we will do another round.

“Ok so a sudden death it is going to be,” Karl said.

“Maybe we need to motivate them a little bit Granddad,” Arnold said.

“Oh, how?”

“Well why don’t we tell them what the loser must do.”

“Yes not a bad idea don’t you think Mark?”

“Fine with me, what do you have in mind?”

“Well two things. One is for tomorrow so we won’t tell that one yet. The other well let’s say that whoever loses is going to be used as a slave by the two other slaves. I think that is fair!”

I was not sure what Karl meant by that but the fact it would be tomorrow as well was not something I was looking forward to, so I just had to win. I was the oldest so I should be able to handle whatever they came up with.

“Ok I think we are going to masturbate the three slaves at the same time. The one that cums first is going to lose. What do you guys think of that?”

“Yes but we don’t get our own slaves, so I think we need to fair on this and everyone change. So let’s see how fast I can do Tom and then Mark can do Joshua.”

Damn I thought and despite that I was still blindfolded, I knew it was John’s hand that was on my dick and despite the fact that there was some cotton in between the skins; he must have felt that my dick was starting to get hard. He pulled a few times on it and it got as hard as it could be.

“If you don’t want Tom to lose Mark, I would work a bit harder on Joshua, because I think Tom is not going to last that long!”

I was sure he was right as whatever I tried to do I knew I was going to lose. Arnold was good and then it happened. He let go and my sperm shot into my jockstrap.

Damn I thought and I heard a big sigh of relieve from Joshua and John in the background.

It was silent for a moment and then I heard Mark’s voice whispering, “I am disappointed again Tom. I really had expected some more self control and especially by Arnold, or do you think he is as hot as me?”

I felt a tear starting to run down my face as I understood how disappointed he was. I was not sure what the effect Mark would have wanted but more and more started to appear.

“Hey Tom, take it easy.” Mark said when he took me in his arm.

“You were good Tom and you did fine. I am not sure what trigger Arnold has but if he would have done me, I wouldn’t have lasted very long either. He is good with his hands.” John said.

Yea I thought that is easier said. I disappointed Mark and I lost.

“Ok Tom, come and kneel on your knees. Leave your blindfold on. Joshua, you and Arnold can take them off,” Karl said.

I waited and then I felt that on each side of my face, I was hit by two dicks, hard dicks even.

“Hey sir,” I heard Joshua say. “Can we use that?”

I didn’t know what he meant but the others laughed.

“Yes we can, he may like it.”

“You put quite a bit of urine in the glass before Tom, so you can drink that now.”

Before I could say anything the glass was at my lips and they were forced open.

I drank; some ran out of my mouth at the corners. When I wanted to close my mouth I was not fast enough and then a dick slipped in. It started to work into my mouth in a rhythm. A dick, one I thought that had a bit strange taste but still, he worked it out and then back in again. Oh wait, that was a different one, that one I was sure it tasted differently.

They used my mouth in turns. So here I was as a real slave used by two younger’s slaves. I felt it wouldn’t take too long and then one of them pulled out and sperm started to hit my face. I heard from the moans that it was Joshua and then my mouth was opened again and I thought I tasted some sperm but then soon after, John put his dick in my mouth and he started to really go for it again.

“Oh, here it comes!” He yelled. I thought he would leave it in my mouth but then he pulled out and his sperm shot and hit my eyes and nose.”

“Ok almost done Tom, we have some more for you to drink.”

Again I felt a glass at my face. It smelled like urine. I wanted to protest but then I felt that the glass was quickly put in between my lips and was slowly poured into my mouth. Hmm, not mine I thought and it felt humiliating to have to drink their urine now as well.”

“OK, that is it guys, did you enjoyed it?” Karl asked.

“Well I still have a small problem though!” I heard Mark say.

“Yea me too!” Arnold said.

“Well I think we need to cum as well don’t you think? I am sure John and Joshua don’t mind helping with that.”

My blindfold was taken off and I saw that Joshua and John were on their knees with three dicks in front of them. I was forced to watch the three masters as they were spurting their sperm on their face. I saw that Mark’s hit Joshua. Damn, that was mine I thought, but all I was allowed to do was watch.

When they put their dicks away Karl said. “Not sure for you but it is bed time for me.”

“Yea I think we better go as well.” Mark said

“Good, we will meet you at the cafe tomorrow and see if your slave can impress us or not Mark.”

I turned around to Mark and asked, “What did he mean?”

“You are going to do a task tomorrow with the others present. I think you might enjoy it.”

I had to trust him but I thought it might be something not very easy.

chapter 45


chapter 43

I followed Mark into the living room. I noticed that he walked straight up to someone who was sitting on the couch. I looked around and saw that there were four girls and six guys present.

“Hey Mark, good you are here. We are going to make it into a great evening.”

“Thanks for your invitation Arnold.”

“And, I see you brought someone with you.”

“Yeah, I hope you don’t mind. A weekend alone at the cabin is not that much fun.”

I saw that the guy beside Arnold was looking at me and then back to Mark again.

He laughed and said; “Yeah, always a lot more fun with two around. Hey all, this is Mark and …” He looked at me now. “Tom.” I said softly and stepped forward to give him my hand.

“And Tom.” Arnold said a bit louder.

There were some nods as a welcome from the rest.

“If you want to have something to drink, there is beer there and also some other stuff.”

I followed Mark to get a drink and then he walked back to Arnold to talk I thought. I went towards the window and looked at the garden. Nice house I thought and nice garden. But my mind wandered back to what Mark’s granddad had said earlier. I wondered what Mark thought about it. It seemed that his granddad must have felt something and I felt unease because of it. I had tried to find out by the look on Mark’s face what he thought but he didn’t seem to mind. I just didn’t know what was going to happen tonight but it might have some surprises.

I thought back to the group of friends around. Not a bad looking bunch I thought. I looked back to see where Mark was and he was still talking to Arnold. The guy beside Arnold had left.

“Hey Tom, not fun if you don’t know anyone at a party is it?”

The guy had come from the other side and looked at me with a smile.

“I don’t care, I am here with Mark.”

He smiled, “Well good to have you here, my name is John.”

“Hi John, I am Tom.”

“Yea I got that,” he said.

“How long have you known Arnold?” I asked.

“Almost ten years now, he really is my best friend, and you and Mark?”

“Couple of weeks now.”

“Oh,” he said but he didn’t go on about it.

We talked about more or less nothing. We had another bottle of beer and then he left me with two girls who had been looking at us for some time now. I felt a bit more at ease talking with them. After I got my third and fourth beer I had introduced myself more or less to everyone and had wandered out to the terrace. It was not warm but not too cold either. I had looked to see if I could see Mark but I suspected he was talking with his granddad.

“Hey Tom, sorry but I had to catch up with Mark. It has been too long since we have seen each other.” Arnold said when he came up beside me on the terrace.

“That is ok.” I answered.

“I saw you talking with John for some time and then do the rounds, so I hope you have enjoyed yourself so far, although it must not be easy being the one out at a party.”

“Oh, that is ok Arnold, everyone is friendly enough.”

“I saw the change in Mark, he has really grown you know. But I was surprised with you I must admit Tom. You are clearly older than Mark.”

I looked at him. Did he know anything? Was he fishing or had Mark told him anything? This was awkward.

“What do you mean Arnold?” I asked him.

“Well I know you don’t know Mark from school and he never said anything about you but now tonight it almost seems he can’t stop talking about you. But I have a feeling he is keeping something back ….” He let that hang in the air expecting me to say something now.

“Hmm, your silence is saying maybe more then you know. I will have to take a guess then if you’re not going to respond.”

I smiled now and said, “I have no idea what you are looking for Arnold.”

“Oh you know that Tom. I can see you are more than just a friend for Mark. I don’t care you know. When I heard that Mark had to go to talk with granddad then I knew enough Tom.”

“You got no problems with it Arnold?” I asked him.

“Now, you talked with John. We are more than, Best friends” he said, making sure he put the emphasis on Best.

“Ah, that way?”

“Not as permanent as you and Mark but now and then we have some fun.” Arnold smiled.

“Yea, he is not bad looking Arnold.” I said.

“But back to my question, you are quite a lot older than Mark, right?”

“Yea almost five years.”

“Wow that is a lot.”

“I told Mark that as well, but he said that will disappear when we are twenty-seven and thirty-two years old, and then it will not seem as much anymore and he’s right about that.”

“Do his parents know about you two?”

“Hmm, his father and brother do. I am not sure about his mom.”

“Ah, Peter yeah it’s been a very very long time since I have seen him. We hardly go visiting them anymore, their mother; maybe it is good you don’t know her that well.”

“But maybe we can talk later on when everyone is gone. John spends the night here.”

“Sounds good, we don’t leave early as it is only as short drive.

“You are drinking, Mark is not then I guess.”

“NO officially he is not allowed to drive, but he said he would drive back.”

“Ok, maybe you can do something for me. Could you do the music for a little while so that I can talk with Joshua for a while?”

“Yea, any preferences?”

“No, all the music down there is mine so anything will do. Just make sure you play some variety from time to time.”

“Ok fine.”

I walked to Joshua and told him he could have a break. He looked surprised and I was not sure he was happy for me to do that or not. He explained to me what to do and before turning around he just stood there for a little while and then he walked towards the bar. He didn’t say a lot.


(In the meantime in the study) Told by Mark.

“Hey Mark, come in!” Karl said when Mark stayed at the door not sure what to do.

“Do you want me to close the door?”

“Yea I think that is a good idea. I am sure you don’t want this to get around.”

“Hmm, no I don’t think so, not yet at least.”

I walked to the chair across from him and sat down. I looked at him but I didn’t say anything. I knew the stories about Karl. My dad always had said that his dad was a real good man, easy to talk with but he didn’t mind playing around as well. I was sure that is what he was doing at the moment.

I kept looking back at him. Slowly a smile started to come on his face. “Just like your dad, stubborn and a strong willed. Fine, I thought that those charms would be lost in the family with Peter.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant by that.

“Even though I don’t visit a lot Mark, I still have regular contact with your dad. Let’s say that I know a bit of Peter. He even spent a weekend with me at the hut. I think since then he knows a lot better who he is and what he needs.”

I still looked at him not really understanding him, or at least trying to give him that impression.

“Don’t be so innocent Mark. You know exactly what I am talking about.”

I blushed now. “Good, that helps. I have had words with your mom a few times that is why I am no longer welcome at your house. I respect your dad’s wish in that although he knows I disapprove. I would have liked to have seen a lot more of you and Peter in these last few years.

Ah, now that started to explain a bit more. I always had wondered why he stopped coming over the last few years.

“Well maybe that can soon change then.”

“What do you mean Mark?”

“Well mom is hardly at home anymore. To be honest I think that a divorce is eminent soon.”

He smiled now, “Smart little guy aren’t you. I already told your dad he should tell you as I knew you might get that idea already.”

“You know then?”

“Yea but now back to you Mark. So you are gay?”

He didn’t try to bring it softly but said it straight out.

“Yes I am,” I said proudly, “problems with that granddad?”

“No, as I said I know about Peter, so no real surprise. And to be honest I had a bet going on with Arnold about it, but it seems I have lost that one.”

“Oh, yes your dad kept that bit of information for himself. But Arnold always has said you were and we had a wager about that. I always thought you would take more after your dad.”

I didn’t understand what he meant with that last bit. “How do you mean sir?”

“Well, love women but really wear the pants around the house. Not like most men who don’t.”

I looked at him again. Was he really implying what he was implying? Yes he played with Peter from time to time, but was that not to keep Peter in line? Peter needed that.”

“I think you really need to have a good talk with your father Mark,” he said then.

“You mean that with Peter there was more than that?”

“Oh I know he didn’t because Peter needs it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your dad has more with it then you know.”

“Ah, with mom?” I said then softly.

“I don’t know for sure Mark, but when he was younger there were a whole lot of girls and women that felt for him for more than one reason so to say.”

I looked at him. My dad a master. Now that would be a surprise. I had told my dad how I felt about Tom and yes what we did but he never said anything about what he thought about it. It seems it was so normal for him that he forgot to tell me about it.

“I think that next time I am in town I will visit again Mark and we can all have a good clearing up talk.”

“Hmm, but you said you hardly ever come to our town.”

“Oh I am there on a regular basis and I have quite a lot of friends out there. I know even a few that are your age and well you know with the same interest as you.”

I knew there was no way back on it anymore. He was definitely talking about more than being gay. “Oh you are known with it then?” I asked trying to be more naive then I really was.

“You know exactly what I mean Mark. Be honest to me okay. Tom is your boyfriend but at the same he wants to be your slave? That is so obvious so that means you will be or are you already his master? I am not sure how far you are but Tom recognised me for what I am. A master and he gave me the respect I deserve. So it is up to you Mark. Do you want to be his master?”

I smiled now and simple said, “I already am.”

“Fine, that gives faith to the future. Tom can’t be without you know. He needs to have a master.”

“Hmm,” I said because I was not sure what he meant.

“Tom needs to serve someone. He can love someone deeply but beside that he has the urge to be a slave that needs to play some time. If you can give that beside your love the better it is.”

“Oh I like that!”I blushed then.

“You do love him don’t you?”

“More then you can imagine Granddad.”

“Good, I am glad we have cleared all of that up then. I don’t like secrets. I will have a good word with your father as well about it. I will be in town in two weeks, so that would be the ideal moment. But if you have any questions about anything or if you don’t understand Tom for some reason, I am here for you alright. Also if Tom wants to talk. You will tell him this as well.”

“Thanks Granddad. This is unexpected but good.”

“I thought it would be. If you want to talk with a master your own age then let me know. I can introduce you to some of them as well. They are nice guys and are also still experimenting and learning.”

“Nice, I think Tom would like that as well.”

“Now tell me what kind of slave is Tom?”

I told him how we had met each other and how he impressed me and that in the end I had ask him if he wanted to be my boyfriend. My granddad asked me some questions very encouraging and open.

“Good,” he said at one point. “I have kept you too long in here. Go back to the party. I will see you at the end when everyone has left. I think Joshua might be in for a surprise.”

The DJ I thought? But before I could ask him why, he pushed me out of the study back towards the party and everyone. I looked around and didn’t see Joshua straight away as he was not at the music area anymore. Tom was there. I smiled at him and got a big smile back. It seems he was enjoying himself. One of the girls was standing with him. I saw that Arnold and John were on the couch with the other girls.

“Hey there’s space enough who wants to dance?” I asked and soon enough everyone was dancing encouraged by the music choices from Tom.

The evening went by fast. I didn’t talk a lot with Tom. He was kept busy by Arnold and his friends. Now and then we smiled at each other and each time I was surprised by the bubbles it gave me in my stomach. I loved him a lot. I knew that.

When at a certain point Karl came into the room, it seemed that it was time for the other ones to leave. Only Joshua who was back at the music, John, Arnold, Tom and me stayed.

“Good, do you want me to stay Arnold?” Karl asked.

“Yes I think you better. I have no problem with it and you can see what happens when you lose a bet.”

Tom was standing beside me know and whispered, “What is this about?”

“They had a bet Tom. Arnold thought I would be gay and Karl said I wasn’t.”

“Oh, that is why. Do you know what the stake was?”

“No, I don’t know.”


(From here Tom will be the narrator again.)

I didn’t have a chance to talk with Mark, so I had no idea what had happened in the study. I also had kept an eye on Joshua most of the time but talking to him was impossible as he had kept himself aside and Arnold and John had set themselves the task to keep me busy while Mark had been in the study.

“Joshua, I am sorry but I lost the bet!” Karl said while he walked to Joshua. He lifted his head up and looked at Karl begging. “You know that this is what you want, so trust yourself ok. Besides I know Arnold well enough, so nothing is going to happen that you wouldn’t agree with ok.”

“Hey Mark,” I whispered.

“Yeah more surprises,” he laughed back.

Slowly I started to understand the behaviour or Joshua a bit more too. He was a guest and did not know the others.

“For Mark, Tom and John to make sure, the bet was that Joshua would be Arnold’s slave for an hour. Normally, he is mine. He is still being trained but he has a lot of potential. A situation like this around people of his age to do some task is just good for him. So go and stand beside Arnold.”

Joshua slowly went to Arnold and stood beside him with his face down.

“Thanks Granddad. Maybe you might think twice because I am sure Joshua is going to remember this.”

For a moment, I saw Karl look concerned but then a smile appeared on his face.

“Hmm, Arnold we had another bet you know.”

I saw that Arnold looked at me and Mark now. “You mean, not Mark and Tom as well?” He stopped and looked at Mark, “Mark are you Tom’s master?”

Mark smiled and said. “Yes I am, Arnold”.

At that moment I heard John Say, “Dammit!”

“I think we are going to have a lot of fun this hour, are you in as well Mark?” Karl said.

I didn’t see Mark’s response as he was fast and then he said, “Ok, clothes off guys, you can keep on your underwear.”

Shit I didn’t expected that.

chapter 44


chapter 42

Mark was quitely eating his breakfast and when he was almost finished he looked at me and said; “Time to get a shower I guess.”

I followed him into the bathroom. Would I see him naked at last? But nothing of that, just outside the shower I was ordered to sit on my knees while he stepped into the shower wearing his briefs. I felt that my dick was ready to explode. He finished and came out with his towel around him.

“Ok, now you”, he said. “Just leave your briefs down here. I already have turned the tap on. You can get yourself wet and wash your hair but otherwise don’t touch anything alright.”

“Hmm, yes Mark.”


I looked at him but wasn’t sure what he wanted.

“What do you say now slaveboy?”

“OH yea, Sir Mark.”

“That’s better, now get those briefs off and you have two minutes to shower.”

I turned around and stepped out of my briefs. I opened the door of the shower and felt some splashes of water on my arm. I hestitated.

“Come on go on or do I need to help you?”

“Hmm, no.”

“No what?”

Damn, I had to be carefull he was not looking pleased at all. “No, Sir Mark.”

I stepped under the shower, from the drips I had already felt it was very very cold. I quickly got the shampoo and started to wash my hair and body. My dick and balls didn’t know how fast they could suck into my body. This was really cold.

I finished fast and opened the door of the shower. Mark was waiting there with a towel.

I quickly rubbed myself and got a bit warmer.

“Ok Tom, time to do some exercises this morning don’t you think. I have put some clothes out on the bed, and then I will see you in 5 minutes downstairs.”

Before I could say anything he had turned around and was gone. I walked into the bedroom and looked at the bed and on it was a pair of light green briefs with some drawings on them, together with a white t-shirt and a small pair of sport shorts. I put on the briefs. They were old, probably an old pair from Mark I thought. Then the t-shirt which just reached the top of the briefs and was quite tight. The sport shorts were tight too and my bulge was sticking out quite obviously. Since the shorts were white, it would be possible to see the green briefs through them, especially my buttocks, but since there was no mirror I couldn’t check that out.

“Good, you now look even younger than I do. First we are going to run. I think about thirty minutes or so. I will be about two meters behind you and when you need to change directions I will let you know.”

We stepped outside. It was a beautiful day. I waited till he had closed the door and then we started to run to the right onto a forest path. I didn’t start off very hard as I knew that thirty minutes would be a long run for me.

“Come on a bit faster Tom. I think we definitely need to get you in better condition.”

I upped my tempo a bit. “Yeah that is fine. Now keep that up ok!”

Easier said than done I thought. I had to go a few times right and left but I felt that we were getting further and futher away from the hut.

“Come on, keep it up, don’t slow down.” Mark said after a few minutes.

I was never going to last thirty minutes I thought.

When I started to slow down a bit Mark said. “Maybe you need some extra motivation.”

I looked back, “What?”

“Motivation, you know. To make you run thirty minutes without stopping. Lets say that if you stop or slow down you will have to give me your sport shorts.” I looked back again and almost stopped.

“Go on!” He said, “or are you giving up already?”

I saw him smirk. I looked in front of me and started to speed up again. I knew there was no one down here but I would rather keep my shorts on than run in those small green briefs.

He told me to go right, the path got wider about and fifty meters in front of us I saw a car drive by over a crossing. Damn a road. I had no idea how much time was left but it better be fast I thought as I was starting to breath harder and harder. When I got to the crossing I had to turn right. I quickly looked left to see if there was anyone to be seen.

I tried to keep up my speed but with every step I knew I was starting to slow down. I knew what was coming. I didn’t dare to look around too much. Oh damn my dick started to get hard while a car came towards us. If I had to take my shorts off now that car would see me for sure. My dick got even harder. Suddenly, I startled when Mark whispered softly while he had come up and was running beside me.

“Do you give in Tom, do you want to stop?”

“No, Sir!” I said.

“Well keep up the pace then as you are slowing down.”

I blushed as I knew I had lost the challenge. I stopped and leaned forward resting my hands on my knees. After a short period I looked up.

“Sorry Sir, but I can’t do this yet.”

“I understood that already Boy. Well hand me your shorts then.”

I blushed even more, “Here, beside the road?”

“Yes we will go on for another hundred and fifty meters beside the road and then into the forrest and then back to the hut.”

I let out a sigh and pushed my shorts down. It wasn’t cold and I was still excited so the small green briefs showed my hard dick.

I handed the shorts to Mark.

“Ok start walking now. I think we will leave the running for next time.”

Yeah, now that I had a reason to get out of here as fast as I could he wanted me to walk. Mark got back behind me again. When we got to the next crossing where we would go right, a bicycle came close by us. He had a good view of my front side and I think I heard him whistle when he was just passed me. I had the urge to turn around but didn’t. This was humiliating again but also exciting.

We walked on for about ten minutes and when we got closer to the turn that the path would make. I couldn’t see around it, so I didn’t know if anyone would be coming towards us. I felt that the tension increased again.

“Ok, wait a minute Tom.” Mark said.

When we got closer he said, “You’re going to get another choice. Just after that bend there is a small cafe annex shop. I know they sell some clothing in there, not a lot but some. You have the choice to either walk in there with these ripped up shorts.” He ripped the shorts up that I had worn a moment ago. “You can ask for a new pair of shorts or you can continue to walk like this until we get home. We will end up back at that road we walked beside a moment ago.”

“Oh, hmm, will you go inside with me?” When he had given me the choice I felt that my briefs had gone tight again with my dick on the increase. I knew what I wanted but I had no idea if I would dare to do it.

“NO, you will go in on your own. I will wait outside. If something happens you can always give me a yell. Does this mean you have made your choice Tom?”

“I don’t know. Beside the road is also an option. You said it was quiet down here.”

“Ok, you got a minute to make up your mind. I don’t mind what your choice is, it also says something about how eager you are to become my slave as well.”

Yes if you look at it like that. I let out a deep sigh. I knew what his preference was and I wanted him to be proud of me. I looked at him again. This time his face showed more than Master Mark, it said I love you too Tom. How could I refuse that I thought. Never! I let out a deep sigh and said to him, “OK, I will go inside.”

We walked on and indeed just after the bend, there was a small house with a sign on it to show it was a cafe/shop. In front of it a few bikes were parked up but no cars.

“OK, I’ll wait down here.”

I walked to the door with my ripped up shorts in my hand. When I went to open the door Mark softly shouted. “Hey Tom, turn around for a moment.”

I turned myself around.

“Good, you are definitely showing something. I just wanted to make sure.

That didn’t do a lot of good as I felt that my dick became even harder.

I opened the door. It was not that dark inside. On the right handside there was a small bar and at it were two people sitting down and behind it stood another one. I opened the door a bit futher and saw on the otherside that there was a small shop mostly supermarket stuff but some clothes as well.

I just wanted to close the door behind me when the bartender asked, “Come in, how can I help you?”

“I, Hmm well I have ripped my shorts a moment ago and I cannot go on like this. I saw that this was a shop to, so I hoped you would have something like this, so I can continue my run.”

I felt that blood went to my face again. The two people at the bar turned around to look at me. On their face was some light and I could see they were young, not more then twenty or so. The bartender had sounded young as well. I stepped a bit more inside so that I could see better. I knew what that meant though, as they would see me better as well.

“Hmm yes I think we have something like that.” The bartender said.

He got closer now and in the light I could see he was definitely not that old at all.

“But you might need more, what you are wearing doesn’t look big enough either.” He said with a smile.

“Hmm, well no.”

“Doesn’t matter.” One of the guys at the bar said, “We get those all the time as well.”

“Yeah we do.” The other one said, “We just don’t show it off like that!” He continued laughing.

I think at that point my dick got even harder or at least I felt how it pushed against the small green briefs even more.

“I think he enjoyes it to show it off like that!” The same guy said.

“Walk with me.” The bartender said. “I think I can help you with that.”

He hesitated a moment, like he wanted to say something more but then walked towards the shop side of the area.

“I have some white shorts down here. Maybe just your size. Try them on.”

I took them from him and then stepped into them. They were tight but they fitted.

“You better be carefull that this one doesn’t rip as well.” One of the guys said again. It looked like they enjoyed it. He was right, if I bent forward I am sure it would rip as it was pretty tight.

“Ok, that is twenty dollars then.” The bartender said.

Damn I thought, I haven’t got any money with me nor had I thought about that when I came in. I looked at him.

“Hmm, no money with you then?”

“No, sorry, can I come back in a moment?”

“Are you close by then?” He asked.

“Yes in a hut not more then twenty minutes or so from here.”

“Oh, the hut of old Karl, that is fine I can put it on his tab.”

I was not sure if that was a good idea but I couldn’t think of anything else.

“Would you like something to drink?” The one guy asked again.

I blushed a bit and said, “No I need to go on.”

“Ashame.” He said with a smile. “Let me know when you go walking again next time!” He said smiling.

I didn’t answer but closed the door behind me as fast as I could.

When I got to Mark he said, “Looking good Tom. Maybe even better than the other ones. This is a see through one!” He laughed.

I looked down and I saw that he was right. I didn’t see that inside.

“Any problems inside?” He asked.

“No not really. Only that I didn’t have any money with me and it was put on the bill from someone that is named Karl.”

He laughed now.  “Yeah I wondered about how you would solve that. But no problem that is my granddad. I just need to make sure I tell him, otherwise I might get questions through my parents.”

“Sorry I Didn’t know what else to do.”

“Doesn’t matter. Although he might have asked for something else in return!”

I blushed even more now.

“AH, did he make a remark like that?”

“No, but one of his customers did.”

“Good, the better for the humiliation. Well just a bit further and then we are back at the hut.”

We walked on and we were a lot closer than I thought. I remembered Mark’s words when we arrived.

“Hey Mark, you said we would walk beside that road again.”

He smiled, “This is shorter and now with shorts on its better, otherwise we would have done the road.”

The remainder of the afternoon I was only allowed my green briefs on and nothing more. Mark made sure I was kept hard most of the time. He was sweet but strict. A dream come true I thought. Around five o’clock I was allowed to have a warm shower. He had put some clothes on the bed again. A tight white t-shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans. A tight fitting one as well and for underneath he had chosen the Bike yellow jockstrap. He must have thought this through, because I didn’t bring all these clothes with me.

“You ready to go?” He asked.

“Yes Sir Mark.”

“Fine, for the rest of the evening it is just Mark again ok?”

“Good Mark. You are sure you will introduce me as your boyfriend?”

“Yes I will stick with that ok?”

“It is not my family so I don’t care.”

He showed me how to get there. Just outside the bigger town close by he directed me to a lane. A big house was at the end of it and in front of it there were already several cars. I parked and followed Mark to the front door.

The door opened, “Hey Mark, good you are here.”

“Granddad, your here!”

“Yeah you know me and without me there is no party.”

“Nice, it has been too long since I have seen you. You hardly have visited us lately.”

“Oh well too busy with stuff.” He answered.  “I see you brought a friend with you.”

“Yes this is Tom.” Mark said.

I stepped forward and Karl gave me a hand. He looked direct into my eyes. I couldn’t keep his gaze for some reason as I felt intimidated by him.

“Oh, sweet.” He said. “I am Mark’s granddad. Nice to meet you. Just call me Karl, ok?”

“Yes, Sir!” I replied.

“I think we need to talk later Mark. You are full of surprises today.” He said.

I saw that Mark blushed a bit, “Ah, if you think so.”

“Yeah I think so. I suspect there are a few things we should talk about.

“Well, he is my friend that I am in love with.” Mark said in a challenging voice.

“I had noticed that Mark.” He replied calmly.

“Do you disapprove of that Grandad?”

“No, not at all Mark, but you know what it is I mean. Come around to the study in an hours time ok.”

I looked surprised at Mark but didn’t get a chance to answer because Karl continued with, “Your nephew is in the livingroom. Have fun.”

chapter 43

chapter 41

Chapter 41 of Tom

On Thursday I really had a good feeling about all that had happened. It had also seemed so unreal. Had Erik known? He must have seen Mark and his father or… No, Mark would not have been there! He would have not gotten permission to get in there. I thought about giving Erik a ring, but on the other hand, what good would it do?

Later on that evening Mark phoned me, “Hey Tom, good that you are home, for a moment I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get in contact with you.”

“OH, why Mark?”

“I have been invited this weekend to go to a party of one of my cousin’s. He is just a bit older than me and I am allowed to bring someone along with me. It is a two hour’s drive from here so I was thinking no I better not because it means staying over with them as well, but my uncle has offered that I stay in their cabin which is just outside of the city in the forest.”

“OH, nice for you Mark, but what has this got to do with me?”

“I wanted to ask if you wanted to come along?” He asked very softly.

I could hear the tension in his voice.

“When do you want to leave?”

“Well I had hoped to leave at the end of tomorrow afternoon and be back on Sunday afternoon. I have not finished all my homework so need to do that on Sunday night.”

OH wow a weekend together with him I thought.

“Yes that sounds good to me Mark. Do you also want me to go to the party as well?”

“Of course, that is all part of it.”

“Hmm, but I don’t know anybody there.”

“Not a problem, they are all nice guys so we will fit in.”

“Ah Mark and who am I then?”

“Oh you mean that, what am I, well your my boyfriend who else?”

“Ok, as long as you are sure about that Mark.”

“I don’t care and if they do then well bad luck, we will head back home or to the cabin. Don’t worry about it I would say.”

“You sound full of confidence about it Mark.”

“Yes…” I could hear a smile in his voice, “It feels good Tom. I know what I want and I don’t care anymore. So what time will you be home tomorrow afternoon?”

“Oh, around 4 pm I think. We should be able to get out of town before rush hour starts.”

“Sounds like a plan, see you then and hey… thanks Tom. I am really looking forward to this.”

I smiled. “Me too Mark, me too.”

“Sweet dreams for later Tom.”

It took us another five minutes before either of us had hung up the phone. Neither of us wanted to be the first one. I know that sounds mushy but as Mark said it feels good.

On Friday I hurried, I had a quick shower when I got home and put a nice pair of black jeans on with a white t-shirt. Some other clothes I put in my bag and then I jumped into the car, so it was just 4 pm when I arrived at Mark’s place. A bit earlier than he expected probably but I guess I was really looking forward to it.

“Hey, you are early.” Peter said when he opened the door.

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

“No surprise there. He is still upstairs so you can go on up. You know where it is.”

I got up the stairs and knocked softly on the door.

“Hey Peter, you forget something?” Mark yelled from his room. He definitely didn’t expect me yet, so time to have some fun I thought.”

I turned the door knob and with quite a bit of force I pushed the door open completely. Mark would not have the time to respond. I wanted to say something but my breath was taken away with the view of Mark, who was standing with his back to me. I let my eyes wonder over his strong shoulders then his smaller back down towards his buttocks. They were covered in some nice tight white cotton briefs. He was wearing a pair of Calvin Klein briefs, not something I would have expected. His buttocks were nice and round, then my gaze went down over his legs towards his feet. They were just a bit apart and not too big. All in all, he was pretty much shaped to perfection. I felt that my dick started to get hard instantly.

“Hey Peter, you better keep your tongue inside your mouth!” He said and I could hear he had a smile on his face.

I swallowed heavily and said with a soft sensual voice, “Hmm, yes but that is not easy Mark.”

“OH shit!” He responded. He bent forward to step into his jeans that he had in his hands.

Now bent over the view only got better, he was fast I thought and a moment later I heard him close his zipper and then he turned around.

“I didn’t expect you Tom”, he said with a smile.

“Well I am looking forward to this and if I had known you were waiting for me dressed like that I would have come a few minutes earlier.

“Yeah you would have liked that wouldn’t you? Just be patient Tommy.”

In the meantime my eyes had been going up and down his upper body. His nipples were shining a bit and were hard. Around them there were small little hairs. Hmmm so cute I thought and not too many hairs but just enough.

He smiled again while he got his shirt from his bed and put it on.

“I just have to tell them that we are going and then we can leave ok!”

“Good, is this your bag?” I pointed towards a bag at the side of the bed.

“Yes it is.”

“I will go ahead and put it in the car.”

“Fine, I will be out in a few minutes.”

He was right about that. I think he liked the idea of going as well. I never thought that his dad would let us go alone for a weekend like this. I know he approved of us but this was really something.

We talked about what had happened at his school and my work during the last two days. He told me that we were going to visit his cousin who had his eighteenth birthday and that this would be a large celebration. He had talked with his cousin and found out that there would be around thirty people or so and as they just didn’t see Mark that often and he was asked to stay late. The cabin was an answer to the travel problem as it was only twenty minutes from the house.

It seems that the cabin was not Mark’s uncles but belonged to his granddad and that it was used as a sleeping over place for going hunting the next morning early. Mark had been there twice so far. It was quite out of the way of anything else.

He was right about that, when we arrived I had not seen any houses for the last fifteen minutes or so. I had expected just a small cabin but it was more the size of a bungalow. Inside it was even bigger as it had a lot of facilities in it as well.

“I will show you the bedroom. We can put our bags down there and then start a fire.”

“Ah, a double bed”, I said when Mark opened the door.

“You don’t mind I hope Tom?”

“No, I was just not prepared that it would be ok with you too.”

“Well if you don’t want to then?”

“No, not a problem Mark.” I said with a smile. “I might even see more than this afternoon!”

I had expected a more relaxed comment back, but he tensed up when he said, “Who knows Tom.”

Together we prepared some food and talked about what we liked and didn’t like, and after a cosy dinner it started to get slowly darker in the cabin. Mark had a few movies to watch with him.

We sat ourselves in front of the fire. The first movie was a comedy but to be honest I didn’t see a lot of it. Our hands had found each other and through my jeans I felt the heat of his leg and from time to time I felt that his feet touched mine. Not accidently, no it was on purpose that was for sure.

“I want to see you.” Mark whispered with a hoarse voice.

I smiled at him, “Open your eyes then.” I chuckled.

He smiled back at me and answered, “You know what I mean Tommy.”

“Here or the bedroom?” I answered softly.

“Here by the fire”, he said with a hopeful glee on his face.

“Let’s push the table away and then we can sit on the carpet.”

The table was pushed away and he came slowly closer to me. I could see he swallowed hard before saying. “Just look and feel, ok Tom.” His voice was full of expectation and excitement.

I took the initiative and started to open the buttons from his shirt. I could feel that he was starting to shake. While I was doing this the back of my hand was softly caressing his warm skin.

My dick had found its way up again and I started to get harder fast.

When I had gotten to the last button, which was just under his navel, he let out a deep sigh. Relieved I had done it I now pushed the shirt backwards, slowly revealing his upper torso. Pushing his shirt over his shoulder I just let it drop and started to caress his shoulders. He let out a soft moan. I moved my hands towards his nipples and rubbed them softly before I flowed downwards over his tight stomach. I had seen it but feeling was even better. Hard and still soft as his skin felt like silk.

He pushed me backwards while his hands had found the bottom bit of my t-shirt. Slowly he moved it upwards. I raised my arms up so that in one movement, he slowly took my t-shirt over my head. When the first part had reached my head he stopped. I felt that his hands were now slowly going over my stomach moving upwards towards my nipples. He didn’t touch them but just went around them. I felt that I wanted more. They got hard and I just moved a bit trying to make sure that he would touch them. I let out a moan as well now and I was shaking a bit when his hands left my body and pulled my t-shirt further over my head.

He looked at me and asked softly, “Nice?”

“Yes, sure Mark.”

I had put my hands down again until they had found the zipper of his jeans. I slowly took it down. I felt the hotness of his penis through the thin cotton of his briefs. I knew I would enjoy that a lot more in the future. I pushed the jeans down. I can assure you that he followed my movements fast and before we knew it we were both standing in our briefs.

“Come here”, he whispered. I came closer to him and he wrapped his arms slowly behind me and then pulled me closer. Our skin touched each other. Our breast rubbed. Oh and I felt the hardness of his dick. I had noticed it when I had taken his jeans off but feeling it was different. Our hands touched each part of the other’s body and caressing it softly. It felt very erotic. I was shaking a bit from time to time and when we kissed and our tongues touched each other I could feel the heat moving upwards. He pushed his dick harder against mine and I pushed back. Almost like a dog can ride some ones leg we did it harder and harder and I knew I didn’t want to stop it because it felt incredible to feel him and his soft warm skin. But I knew I could not keep this up as I felt that my balls were starting to contract and just at that moment I felt that Mark shook even more and then stopped pushing.  I knew I was not the only one as both of our briefs were soaked with warm sperm that rocketed out of our dicks. I felt that he slowly relaxed again in my arms. Something I am sure I did too.

“Sorry for that”, he whispered.

“Sorry for what Mark? This was just perfect. The rest will come.”

He relaxed some more. We kissed again and went to lie down on the carpet. During the rest of the evening we continued to caress each other slowly, but sometimes our hands would go a bit faster but most of the time it was slow and wonderful. Then we stopped and just looked in each other eyes. I am not sure but when I woke up I felt I was in a bed. We must have somehow gotten in there at some point. I saw some light coming through the curtains. Mark was lying against me, with one arm around me and I was not sure as it was under me that he had any feeling left in it.

I enjoyed the moment. I thought I could do this every morning and then Mark moved. He was waking up it seemed.

“Good morning Tom”, he said softly.

“You too Mark.”

“A good nice sleep Tom?” He whispered in my ear while with his tongue he started to draw circles over my neck.

“Yes, and you too?”

“Yes, so time for some breakfast, don’t you think.”

“Sounds like a good plan Mark, although I would not mind something else either”, I said softly chuckling.

“Hmm, no Tom, breakfast and I think you can prepare it.” Mark said now a bit harder and with more confidence in his voice.

“I could do that yes, but is it not nicer to do it together?”

He turned towards me now. I was startled by his expression. There was love yes but also something else.

“No I don’t think so Tom. Your Master wants his breakfast in bed and guess who is going to make that for him?”

My smile disappeared from my face.

“Hmm… Me then I think.”

“I think so too, so go on”, he said while he pushed me out of bed.

I got my bag and pulled some trousers and t-shirt from it.

“Do you really think you need those Tom?”

I looked at him. My dick was very hard now. Would this be the first time since, well since we had gotten together that…?

“Tom Now! Breakfast and you are wearing more than enough clothes for the moment!”

I felt that I blushed when I turned around. I had no idea what to say. This was different and I had to get used to the idea again.

“Tom, now or do I need to punish you already?”

I stood straight up and looked at him. I could tell he was serious about that.

“See you in a moment slave boy.”

With a hard dick in my briefs I turned around and left the bedroom. Now what I thought? Parts of me were liking this but it was unexpected and I had a hard time adjusting to it. I didn’t know what would happen next but I was horny and that was for sure. I prepared breakfast fast and then walked back to the bedroom. Mark was sitting up straight in the bed, so I put the tray in front of him.

“Good, and while I eat you will go and sit on your knees Tom, just beside the bed. Oh wait make sure you keep upright. I love a breakfast with a view to enjoy in the meantime. You are really a slave boy aren’t you Tom. Just look at yourself, all boned up. I think we are going to have some fun today!” He was now laughing out loud.

I felt my heartbeat go up, the tension rose while I was sitting on my knees with my hard dick straight up. In the meantime my mind went over all the things he might have planned, but then who knows he had surprised me in the past that was for sure. I watched while he started to eat breakfast.

chapter 42 

chapter 40

Chapter 40 of Tom

Mark called me on Monday evening. It was not a short phone call because it went for almost an hour. He told me about his day and I just listened most of the time. I also went through my day with him, which was something really nice to do. He told me that he was not able to do Tuesday evening but Thursday would be ok. We agreed that I would come to his place and we would stay the evening down there.

On Tuesday evening Erik called.

“Hello Erik, Tom here.”

“Ah and how are things with Tom?”

“They are great. I had a very good date on Sunday with Mark. I will see him again tomorrow evening.”

“Good, have you already decided on what you are going to do with the others?”

“Hmm, yes I think I have. I am not going to keep them on for long. It might be very good and a lot of fun to do but I want to choose myself. I think that with the date I had last Sunday it might end up like something that I want as well.”

“Well whatever you decide Tom, they will respect it.”

“You think they will?”

“Yes that is what they said and I trust them.”

“Well I am going to ring them either tomorrow or on Thursday so you know upfront.”

“Fine and thanks Tom. It was very nice to keep you occupied like that. I hope you will get something you want out of the new relationship with a bit of spice to go with it.”

“We shall see but it might not be out of the question.”

“Fine, I will send you the pictures and some other stuff. I delete them so that is that and you are free to do what you like.”

“Thanks Erik.”

We wished each other a good evening and I hung up the phone. So that was the first step, but I was for sure that I would soon give the other masters a call. I needed one more night with Mark just to give me enough courage to do that.

After work on Thursday I had a nice bath. I got dressed reasonably nice and went out. He wanted me over there around 6 pm, so we could have dinner. I expected that he was home alone and I was surprised when Peter opened the door. It was a nice surprise as he was just wearing a small pair of white briefs.

“Hi there Tom, Mark had told me you would drop in.”

“Yes I thought he was going to be home alone as he invited me for dinner.”

“No, it is a family dinner, didn’t he tell you?”

“No but that is fine. I know all of you.”

“Fine, it is a man’s evening anyway. I don’t think things are going very well between my mom and dad as mom has been around less and less.

“AH, that is why you are opening the door dressed in your briefs.”  I said laughing while I pushed the door open further to go in.

“Yes what else did you think?” Peter said with a developing blush.

“Is that Tom?” Mark yelled from above.

“Yes Mark.” Peter said.

“OK, take him into the dining room. I will be downstairs soon.”

I followed Peter into the dining room. Their father was sitting reading the newspaper.

“Hey Tom, nice to see you again.” He said.

“Yeah, thanks.” I said.

“Don’t be shy Tom. We know each other,” and he winked with that.

“Yes but…”

“Well, I don’t care. I got faith in Mark and in you as well, so then it will all be alright. After the way Mark came home on Sunday I think you do have faith in the two of you, so as I said I don’t care.”

Now it was my turn to blush.

“Good, I just wanted to say that. You have to know that Mark has little secrets for me so I hope you don’t mind and if you do you need to tell him.”

“Well I enjoyed Sunday very much as well.”

“Good. I know he needed a bit of a push to set the first step. I don’t think otherwise he would have. But we were starting to get crazy down here with him so I am glad it did work out.”

“Oh why is that?”

“Well he was not nice to be around anymore, especially after he had taken Peter and you with him out that evening. You must have made a major impact on him that evening. He was already talking a lot about you but since then there is no other subject. Ah, there he is, seems he needed a bit more time than normal!” He said with a smile.

I turned around and saw that Mark had entered the room with a big smile on his face. He was wearing a tight white t-shirt and a black pair of slim fit jeans. Again you could see he has spent quite some time working out.

“Hi Mark.” I said softly.

“Tom, you ok?” He asked.

“Yes, and how about you?”

“Hey come on guys, kiss each other and then we can move on!” His father said with a big grin.

I smiled. I liked the way they interacted with each other. I noticed that Mark had a blush again. But all of that got lost the moment our lips touched each other. My dick got hard instantly when he slowly started to work his tongue into my mouth. When I let him go I could hear Mark make a soft moan.

“Hmm, nice Tom, I missed that.”

I smiled.

“Ok, Peter, bring the food in, we are now ready for it now.” Mark’s dad yelled into the kitchen area.

During dinner not a lot was said and it seems that was normal. I think that slowly I started to understand that Mark was not a big talker as I first thought he had been.

After dinner we went upstairs. Mark wanted some private time with me.

“Hey, nice room,” I said when I entered. He had a light blue coloured room with lots of paintings and photographs on the wall. Some were small and others were quite large.

“Did you take those Mark?” I asked him.

He blushed again, which I really liked. I guess that said enough.

“Two of the pictures were of his brother and another one of a guy that was Mark’s age who I didn’t know.

“You really have Talent. Do you do this very often?”

“Most of the time during my holidays Tom.”

“Ah, nice.”

“Come here, I want to kiss you again,” he said with a smile.

We kissed each other and it took us a while before we let go.

“That is better,” he said.

“YOU know how difficult it is to sit at a table with you, see how you work your food into your mouth with your lips… Hmm, it’s so seductive.”

I just laughed a bit.

“I had a phone call with Erik yesterday and I informed him that I will call the other masters and will tell them I can’t do it. I want to see how it goes on with us Mark. I want to give it a chance. I can’t think about anything else anymore then last Sunday. You have enchanted me.”

“Good, when are you going to call them?”

“Well tomorrow or perhaps now with you beside me.”

I noticed that Mark got white, very white. “Well maybe you can do it better tomorrow evening.” He stumbled on the words when he said them.

“Oh, I thought you would like me to do it here with you present.”

He didn’t look at me, he got very quiet. What now I thought?

“Have you changed your mind Mark? You don’t want to? ….well you know.”

“Yeah I do but ….wait I will be back in a second.”

It seems he had made up his mind about something as he walked quite fast towards the door and went through it out into the hallway.

Now what I thought again? I looked around in his room again. I saw a stack of clothes on the ground just beside the bed, including a pair of light blue briefs. I smiled and bent over to pick them up. I checked to see if he was coming back or not and then brought the briefs to my nose. Hmm, it smelled just like Mark I thought. I let them fall quickly back onto the stack with clothes and looked around the room again. I saw a stack of CD’s and started to nose through them.

I had gone through most of them by the time I heard some sounds coming from downstairs. Loud voices, Mark and has dad seemed to be having an argument. I heard a door slammed and then his dad said loudly. “You have to Mark. There is no other way!”  It stayed silent then but it seems it had done the trick as I heard that the door opened again. I didn’t hear anything else but shortly after that I heard more than one pair of footsteps coming up the stairs. I went back to sit on the bed.

“Is it ok if my dad joins us for a moment?” Mark asked very softly. I was slowly starting to learn that whenever Mark was not sure of himself he started to talk softly.

“Yes it is your room Mark so why not?”

“I know but it is also a bit your room when you are here.”

He sat down beside me and his dad got a chair from the desk and sat down opposite of us.

“Mark is afraid Tom, afraid to tell you the next thing. You have to know that he was not sure what to do and that I more or less pushed him into this. He asked me to join you two, so if need be I can explain my point of view.”

“Ok, but I have no idea what this is about.”

I noticed that Mark looked at his dad. I then heard him give a sigh and felt that his hand took my hand in his.

“I never thought that you would choose for me Tom. Never! I thought you would be mad after our last session. I didn’t know…. Well I doubted myself mostly and so…well…”

I looked at him. “What is it Mark, what is making you doubt yourself?”

“I have not been honest with you Tom.”

“Oh, what about Mark?”

“Well yes, no, lets… I am very very much in love with you Tom. After the First two times you visited us I could hardly sleep anymore. So bad in love that I hoped if I would make it very very difficult on you that night that you would never want to see me again. Problem solved I thought. The opposite happened. I never expected that you would want to go out with me on Sunday and well…” He stumbled a bit now. “I could never ever have dreamed that, well you know, that we would like and want the same in a relationship, I…”

I gave a little encouragement squeeze to his hand. He stopped talking and just looked at me again. “Just tell me Mark, it can’t be that bad. We have just met each other and honesty will last the longest. If you have not been honest it can’t be that long so….”

A small smile appeared on his face. He let a sigh out again and then continued. “Ok, well if you would have made that phone call, you know to the masters that so called bought you on Saturday evening that this mobile phone that would have started to ring”.  I saw him swallow deeply. I looked at the phone in his hand and then I looked at his dad. “Yours,” I said to him.

He smiled “No, I wouldn’t go that far anymore but…”

“You?” I said to Mark now.

He looked tensed at me. My head was spinning around. He had been unsure, doubtful and then he had bought me to be sure.

“Why did we go on a date then on Sunday Mark? You could have just…”


“Because I wanted you to choose for me on your own, that it was me you chose and not the push to have a master who would drive you. When I found out on Sunday how loyal you are I knew I had lost you, but I never thought you would have chosen for me and if not then I had a second chance.”

I swallowed. I could see where he came from but I felt used as well, not taken seriously. I let his hand go.

Mark’s Dad looked at me and said, “I tried to stop him from bidding on Saturday evening but he was so unsure of himself that he needed too. He wanted you so bad Tom and that is why he didn’t think at that moment. The idea of losing you to someone else was too hard on him. He made a mistake and I know for sure that is one that he would not make again.”

Yes I got that now. I looked at him again and asked softly, “Do you really love me that much Mark?”

I saw that a tear started to run down his cheek. “You have no idea Tom. I sleep with your face in my dreams and your body as well. And then I screwed up. I regretted it so much after Saturday night and I was not sure what I would do if Sunday worked out. But by Sunday morning I knew I wanted you to choose for me by yourself. There was no way I could make you love me.”

“No, that is something that would not work. I don’t know Mark. I feel honoured that you feel that for me. That you see all of that in me but I am just Tom. I am guy that doesn’t know it all either and I have some strange triggers in me.”

He smiled a bit again, “I know and that is why I love you so much. Because you are who you are and it doesn’t matter if you are just sweet like last Sunday and being you or being a bit naughty like those few of those other times earlier. I… Can you forgive me Tom?”

“I think so Mark, and as I said honesty last the longest and we don’t get a lot of chances like this.”

I know, no more lies Tom.”

Then Mark’s Dad said, “I think I will go down now as I suspect you will be able to get passed this. Just remember if you need to talk with me, either of you, my door is open.”

“Yeah Dad, thanks!” Mark said.

“You are insecure aren’t you Mark?” I said after a bit of silence.

“Well, yes I am, for example I stand in front of the mirror for a long time when I want to dress nicely.”

“Oh, you do, well that is good and I want to find out about all those little things.”

“Good, there are lots more to discover.”

“But when you are a master, you are not insecure then at all.”

“Yes it’s odd, I never had that with Peter nor with you.” While he said that his voice sounded a bit different as well.

“Good, not sure if it otherwise would work you know.”

“No, well I just want to enjoy your company for a little while before we go downstairs.”

He got close to me and put an arm around me. We had some very soft and tender kisses over the next few minutes. If there had been any doubt with me it was gone very fast. I felt that the sparks went up and down between us and I thought about all the fun we would have.

chapter 41

chapter 39

Chapter 39 of Tom

 Damn I thought when I saw those First words. I wanted to look at Mark but I was too curious to read the rest. I looked back at the screen:

If you cum this afternoon then for at least 30 minutes after that you will have to make sure you wear no trousers and only your briefs and people must be able to see you. For example if you are home, go and stand by an open window and take your trousers off. Have fun. Your new master.

Holy shit, not something that I was expecting. I looked at Mark.

“What is it Tom, bad news?”

“Here”, I said and gave him the phone.

A smile appeared on his face. “It is almost if they know what has happened Tom”.

“Yes, unbelievable, but I have to do it as they will find out, I know, if I have done it or not”.

“And, you find that important even if you are not going to go on with them?”

“I don’t know that yet Mark. I know it is what you want”.

“Oh, sorry Tom. And yes that is what I want. But you still haven’t made up your mind have you?”

“No, but I can’t do nothing. It is not fair. And I should have said something yesterday and I didn’t. No I really have to take my trousers off. How long is the movie going to last?”

“45 minutes I think”.

“Ok, that should be enough then”.

I pulled the button open on my trousers and lifted up my butt a bit. I noticed Mark looking with big eyes”.

“You are really going to do this?”

“Yes, I think you can add to your list that I am loyal as well”.

My light blue briefs came into view and you could see a big wet spot on them.

“Shit”, I heard Mark whispered and he moaned softly.

“Hey”, I said. “Nothing you haven’t seen before”. I smiled at him while I pushed my trousers past my knees.

“Yes I know but not like this and my hand was on there a moment ago. And don’t forget that I can see you are getting stiff again in those wet briefs.”

I looked to see what the damage was. He was right, it was quite wet. A hefty orgasm I thought.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mark had unbuttoned as well and then lifted his buttocks.

“What are you doing now Mark?”

“Well I can’t stay behind then”.

I looked at him. “You mean you also just…?”

“Yes when you uncovered those light blue briefs Tom”.

I saw that he had on black boxer briefs. “But that doesn’t mean you have to”.

“Yes I does, today you are not my slave. I will do what you do because this is just a date and I want to show you that I can take a dare as much as you can”.

“Ok, well if you are sure”.

He looked around. “Not sure but I don’t think anyone can see us down here”.

Yes there we were. As you might expect I didn’t see a lot of the movie but it was kind of exciting all in all. I think we were both glad that we could put our trousers back on again before the movie was finished. I found it amazing he had followed my actions as well.

Just when we got outside and walked past the door a guy we were sure was gay of around 30 was standing there. He stepped forward so we had to slow down for a moment.

“Nice underwear guys, thanks for the show”, he smiled and walked away.

“Damn.” Mark said. “That was not supposed to have happened.

“NO, and now you know how I feel when I have to open the door for an example like this”.

“I don’t know Tom. I think there are other things that come into play when you do stuff like this, but what now? What is next? Any plans?”

“I still have a bit of time. You want to go and grab dinner somewhere?”

“Hmm, I want to have you on my own Tom. I don’t like to whisper continuously”.

Yes he was right about that.

“Well we can order a pizza at my place Mark”.

“Yes, we could do that.” He said.

It felt good walking together to my apartment. My feelings for him were growing fast. I had not planned that at the beginning of the afternoon. But I wanted to be with him on our own for sure now. It had gone very fast, way too fast. When we got in I walked to the phone”.

“Pizza it shall be then?” I asked.

“Yes, do a Hawaiian pizza for me ok”.


After I ordered it, I turned around and he was sitting on the couch.  “Something to drink while we wait?” I asked.

“Yes I could do a beer”.

I sat opposite of him when I came back. I had thought about the couch and sitting beside him but it was not a big couch and I didn’t know what would happen then. I noticed that he was disappointed that I did that.

“Sorry Mark but it has gone too fast you know”.

“I know, I just wanted to have you close by”.

We did some small talk waiting for the pizza to arrive.

When the doorbell sounded I stood up and went to the door.

“You’re dressed today!” The pizza delivery guy said when I opened the door.

I smiled when I saw who it was.

“Yes, sorry but I have visitors”.

“Oh, well I guess it can’t be all the time. A shame, I was ready for a break”.

I smiled at him.

We ate the pizza in silence. I looked at him from time to time and I noticed that he did the same.

When I took the dishes into the kitchen and returned I decided to sit beside him.

“I have to go in a moment Tom. I still have some homework I need to do”.

“That’s a shame, but I had a wonderful Sunday Mark.”

“Me to Tom”.

We kissed softly, our lips just touching each other. I felt the pressure to do more coming on fast. The feeling was so incredible, so safe and as it was something I should have done long ago”.

“Hmm, Mark”.

“Yes I know Tom, but…”

We kissed on. We both knew right there, that there was definitely something between us. We clicked. I don’t know why he was right but he was all that was needed. Did I have to be difficult about it? No, but then there was the auction the day before. I knew in an instant what I had to do. I had to be honest with the others and to myself. I needed to tell them No!”

“Hmm, Mark, I want to see you later this week. Can you do Tuesday or Wednesday evening?”

He smiled and kept my eyes locked on me. “This means this no buts… anymore Tom?”

“No, it will be difficult this week but it will be ok”.

“You think?”

“Yes and we have lots to discover Mark. I know what I want and so do you, but still it will take a while to get there”.

“Probably, but I know that I can’t do what I have done with you lately or at least not in the same way but we need to build this up together I guess Tom”.

“Yes” I smiled still.

“I don’t want to go Tom”.

“I know Mark but Tuesday or Wednesday will be here soon”.

“Yes but I find it hard to believe that I have this feeling just after one afternoon, I…”

“We shall see, now it is time to go…”

We kissed one more time and then he stood up and left.

 chapter 40

chapter 38

Chapter 38 of Tom

I talked with Erik for a long time that evening. But in the end it didn’t lead to anything. Erik was not able to help me with this. This was something I needed to decide myself. The next morning I was laying in bed thinking about it all. Yes looking back it had been good to do as well. I had enjoyed it very very much. My mind was taken over by my dick and balls. But yes there was more I knew that. More than only that.

I got dressed in a nice shirt and some black jeans for my date. Yes it was a date. I had not had one of those in a long time. I just didn’t know what to expect.

When I arrived at the terrace I saw that Mark was walking up and down on the other side. I had expected him to already be seated somewhere. I saw that a smile came on his face when he saw me.

“Hey, for a moment I thought you were not coming Tom.” He said.

“OH I am not that late am I?”

“No, but I mean, well nothing I guess. Where shall we go and sit?” He sounded nervous.

“I don’t care. Maybe there”. I pointed at a small terrace in one of the corners of the market.


All of the other times I had spent with Mark he was very talkative but now he didn’t seem to have a lot to say. In silence we sat down and ordered a beer.

I knew that I needed to say something or this would be a lost afternoon. I looked at Mark. Yes he was young but he had a sense of a strong developing character already on his face and body. He was quite developed. I think he must have spent some time in the gym for sure. He must have seen me checking him out.

“Strange isn’t it, without the pressure.” He said softly.

“Hmm, yes this is not what I expected Mark”.

“No I understand but I have been thinking about you a lot since that first evening at our place”.

“OH, why is that?”

He blushed. “You are nice, open, and honest and you show that too”.

Now it was time for me to blush. “But I thought you were not gay. That you only liked to humiliate others”.

“Hmm, honestly I am now sure Tom and open as I said. Well I didn’t think I was but in the last few weeks I know better”.

I looked at him and saw that he meant it.

“And I am that reason?”

“Yes is that hard to believe Tom?”

“I don’t know, it’s difficult to say about yourself. I didn’t think after the tasks and surely not after the last one that you would respond to it”.

“I had a talk with my dad during the last week and that cleared up a lot of stuff. Not only about being gay but also about the strange sense I got from my father. I am not looking for just something Tom. I want to get to know you, for sure a lot better than I know you now.” He said with a smile. I know he was waiting for a response from me but I waited for him to continue.

“You know more than a relation, a relationship with all the stuff added to it, you know”.

I looked at him startled. Did I hear him right? Was he thinking exactly the same as I was? Was this it? Was this the opportunity I was looking for? But what about the one that had bought me?

I didn’t say anything. I just couldn’t.

“And Tom, would you be interested in that?”

I looked at him and noticed that he was moving up and down in his chair. He was nervous and it had taken him quite some time to come up with these questions.

“Maybe, but”.  I started.

“No, buts Tom. We have time. As I said first I want to get to know you a lot better and then we can see how it goes. That is fine for me”.

“Oh so you want to do this slowly?”

“Yes until we both know what we want”.

I took a small gulp from my beer. I didn’t know how to answer. This was strange.

He was still smiling when he said, “Maybe you can tell me what happened last night. I think I called you on the wrong time”.

“Yes a bit for sure.” I smiled when I thought back about last night.

“I was doing some kind of a task”.

“You want to tell me more about it Tom? Not only what happened but also how you felt?”

“Why would you like to know that Mark?”

“So I can learn to know you a bit better. I wondered why you do what you are doing.”

“AH, ok.” I smiled, “Then last night was for sure a good one.”

“It is a start.” He said.

I told him what had happened. His smile disappeared when I told him about my dilemma. But when I said that I had come to a conclusion that I was looking for a relationship with something extra a smile broke out on his face.

“Well that is fine then he said” and I saw him relax.

“Yes I thought you would say something like that. But loving my partner is a big part of it all Mark”.

“And you don’t put me in there as a possibility Tom?”

“I don’t know yet.” I kept looking at him. “I never thought about you in that light Mark. The way we met. The tasks you made me do. It never occurred to me to think about you in that way. And then there is the age difference, you are…”

“That will disappear with the years. You are now…”

“Oh, you’re 22 Mark”.

“Well 5 years is not that many. Maybe it is now but not in 3 year’s time”.

I thought about that and he was right.

I nodded.

“So what do you think?”

“What do you do besides all of this Mark? Are you still in school?” I asked.

So Mark started to tell me, it was a nice afternoon and yes he was fun to be around. He did do a lot of sport. He was part of the swim team and also the soccer team. He wasn’t very good in the science part of his school subjects but very good at the others. A business type in the future I thought. He read a lot and had quite a number of friends on face book. I also told him where I worked and what I did. I really enjoyed it.

“Would you like to go to a movie?” He asked just after we paid the bill.

“Hmm, yes why not, I have no other plans”.

“Good. He took my hand when we walked away. We arrived too early for the movie so we had a drink at the bar when my Phone went off.

“I will take it.” I said.

“Good, I will go to the toilet”.

“Hi Tom this is Erik”.

“OH, Hi there Erik”.

“Did you think about what you are going to do? I feel guilty to be honest to have brought you so much difficulty”.

“I have got a few more days to decide and I am going to use them Erik”.

“Oh ok, if you want to talk about it let me know”.

“Did you give them my phone number?”

“Yes they have that so they could ring you if they want to straight off”.

“OH, ok well I will call you later this week Erik”.

“OK, have a nice evening”.

Yes, it was still a dilemma. I knew Mark… but could I disappoint the one that had bought me. I really didn’t know.

“Hey Tom shall we go inside?” Mark said when he got back, “The doors are open”.

It was a quiet with not a lot of people around. Mark sat down in the middle on the other side of the room.“ This side stays normally relatively empty.” He whispered really seductively.

“OH” and I felt that I blushed.

The beginning of the movie I saw but when we got closer and closer together especially when our lips touched for the first time I was lost. I felt our tongues slowly move into our mouths. Oh wow I felt electrified by it all. I felt that he moved his hand slowly upwards on my leg. My dick was hard, very hard. He stopped and took my hand in his and moved it onto his leg. As an electric shock went through me, I moved my hand upwards just as he did and I could feel the warmth of his dick and balls coming through his jeans. I moved upwards again just like he did letting our hands completely cover our crotches. Mark moaned straight into my mouth. I had dreamed of this. So long ago. I wanted this feeling. But… I pushed Mark away from me.

“What?” He whispered.

“Sorry this is going too fast Mark”.

“But nice though. And you know it, just like me when our lips touched, there is something between us. It felt like knowing what heaven is.” He said.

I smiled and thought yes I can’t deny that.

He got closer again and kissed me. My resistance went when his hand started to touch my crotch again. Not rubbing just touching. I had moved my hand up again as well and oh wow he had even gotten bigger I thought. He must be keeping something quite majestic in his jeans. What would it be like to take that into my mouth to swirl my lips around it.  To… Oh no I thought as I felt that my balls started to contract and a moment later I felt that my sperm started to make my underwear wet. I am sure he must have felt the movement as well.

I took my hand from his crotch and he looked at me with a smile. He started to say something at that point but got interrupted by the fact that my phone started to vibrate in my pocket.

“Hey your phone.” He said instead while he took his hand from my crotch again.

I pulled out my phone and read:

‘If you for some reason have an orgasm today then……’

chapter 39

chapter 37

Chapter 37 of Tom

“I think I will leave you alone for a moment. You do understand me don’t you Tom?”

“Yes I do Erik, but it comes as a surprise”.

“I understand that. But no worries if you don’t want to do this then it stops. You will have an hour to think about it. If you want to we can even agree that you don’t decide until after the auction”.

“How do you mean?”

“Well you decide not until after the auction. After you have spoken with the person that is buying you. So no decision until afterwards”.

“But I do have an obligation by then?”

“Not if we agree to it like this. But good, just think about it. You got time just before it starts ok”.


“See you later then Tom and if you have any questions let me know”.

Erik stood up and walked to the other side of the room. Now what I thought? My dick was hard and was showing me what I wanted. I had to admit that from a lot of stuff that I had done I really got horny. Not all of them for sure, but now what, doing this with a stranger. No way. I slowly finished my beer. In deep thought, I stared at the table top. A moment later, or at least what I thought was a moment later a shadow fell over the top.

“Hey Tom it has been quite some time”.

I just nodded.

“Ok if I sit down?”

“Yea of course”. I answered.

“You do recognise me don’t you?”

“Yea from that evening at home with the pizza”.

“Yes, that was me.  I am surprised to see you here”.

“Yea, Erik wanted me to be here”.

“Is he going to sell you?”

“Maybe. He does not have enough time for me anymore. He is leaving it up to me if I want to stop or not”.

“Oh no wonder you were gone in thought. I had tried to get your attention before but without success”.

“Yea sorry didn’t see you”.

“I know I tried for more than 5 minutes before I came down here. Have you already made up your mind what you are going to do?”

“No, not really. My feelings say do it. My head says no, to heavy…. I just don’t know what to do”.

“Do you have questions about what all can happen?”

“Well not questions but for example, what if there is no click between him and me? What if he wants me to do totally different things?”

“You find that hard?”

“Yea, well I know what makes me horny. What I can do and yes I like doing it I can’t deny that. But there are other things I just don’t want to think about”.

“Did you make an agreement upfront with Erik about that kind of stuff you don’t want to do?”

“How do you mean agreement? I just did what he wanted me to”.

“Ok, so there was no contract or anything?”

“Contract?” I asked him surprised.

“Yea a contract between a master and his slave. That happens quite often. If there is something you don’t like to do, that is agreed up on in it up front. So you agree on stuff before you start”.

“Oh, no I didn’t have anything like that”.

“How did you then know if Erik wouldn’t do something that you didn’t want to do?”

“I trusted him”.

“Ah, now there you get to a crucial point Tom. Trust that is what this is all about. Nothing else. Even if you get a contract that is still the central theme between a slave and his master. Do you understand that?”

“Ya, but ..”.

“No buts Tom. Trust and just go for it”.

“Easier said than done”.

“Well you had no problem with Erik to do that did you?”

I looked at him and then my eyes turned around the room till I saw Erik. He was looking at us. I turned my eyes away again, realizing there were a lot more people here now.

“Yea you are right about that”. I answered in the end.

“Trust yourself Tom and then do what feels good. Make a good agreement after the auction and it will all turn out for the better”.

“Are you interested?” I asked him.

“No, sorry although I really appreciated what happened that evening I got other stuff that turns me on”.

“Oh, ok, pity. But how do you know up front if a slave has got what you are looking for?”

“Ah, it seems Erik has forgotten to tell you something”. He pointed to the table where a little booklet was laying on the table.

“In the booklet Tom are all these descriptions of the slaves that are up for sale tonight. There is also information that is about you. With some examples of what you have done so far”.


“Any other questions Tom?”

“No, not really”.

“Ok, I might see you then later tonight and this one is for you”. He pushed another beer closer to me. One that he had brought to the table but not had drank anything out”.


He walked away. I could hear the sound of people talking in the background. It had definitely become a lot busier than before. I looked at the booklet that he had left on the table. I opened it and found straight off a picture of me and a description of all the things that I had done. It looked indeed about right I thought. I slowly finished my second glass of beer while I thought about the options.

I knew that if I would stop I would miss having it all around. But then again to completely turn over my life and freedom.

“Do you know what it is going to be?” I then surprisingly heard Erik ask beside me.

“Do I have to decide then already?”

“Yea, the hour is almost over”.

I didn’t realize that the time had gone so fast. I was sure that I hadn’t moved in either direction a lot during that hour.

“I don’t know Erik, I really don’t”.

“I understand that. What do you want to do now?”

“Can’t you just go on Erik?”

“No we discussed this for a very long time Tom. It wouldn’t work”.

“Shit but then what”.

“Ok, well why don’t you go along tonight with what is going to happen and then at the end of the night when you know who has bought you, you can decide together with him what you want”.

“And if I don’t want to then there is no need?”

“Yes, that is what we agree upon now”.

“Ok, let’s do that then”, I sighed. At least I had delayed the decision.

“Good, go to the bar and tell them who you are. They will tell you what to do next”.

10 minutes later I was in an area with 7 other slaves. All differently dressed. When I entered I was informed that I was only allowed to wear in there what I was allowed to wear as a slave normally. When I looked at the others it seems that almost nothing was the trend for slaves. I had kept on my briefs but that was still more than three of them who were wearing nothing except for some chains and a ring around there neck. There was one other slave who was about my age but the others where older. He was wearing some very tight rubber briefs and a t-shirt. Then one by one we were called to the podium. I was the last one and Erik was waiting for me. He introduced me and told a few of the things that I had done. I felt that my dick was starting to get hard while he was doing that. Then that was all and I was told to go back again. I walked off with a modest amount of applause. I couldn’t see into the room because of the light but there must have been at least 100 or so in there.

“Hey, do you know what is next?” I asked the slave who was sitting beside me.

“No not really. Normally we will be all called back onto the podium in about 10 minutes or so, but it almost seems like they are doing something else today”.

“Shut up back there. You should know better than to talk down here”. A harsh voice from the door yelled.

The slave turned his head down and looked at the ground. I looked around but most of them just sat there waiting to see what would happen. We were indeed brought back to the podium. Not all of us together but in a group of 4. When we got onto the podium we were blindfolded.

“Ok, 10 minutes to test the slaves. You are allowed to touch but no pain. You all know the rules”.

Before he was finished saying that I felt the first hands going over my body. I felt that my dick started to grow in these too small white briefs. I heard several men whispering, not only to me but also to the other slaves.  My dick jumped almost out of my briefs when I heard one whisper. “Shall we take you outside dressed like this?” Some of them must have seen the result of that and laughed.

It felt like an eternity but I was happy when the blindfold was taken off and we were lead back to the room beside the podium. The other four went back up now. I sat down close to the slave who I thought was of my age.

“You know what is going to happen now?”

“No, it is the first time for me down here”.

“Oh you think the others have been here before?”

“Yea one of them told me that sometimes master’s do this as part of their game. To give the slave the idea that they are being sold”.

I looked around and didn’t see the man that had shouted shut up before. I think he had gone up to the podium himself.

“Oh shit I hadn’t thought about that possibility yet”.

“Well I hope that is my case. I don’t want to think about having to serve someone else. I really love my master, but if that is what he wants”.  He sighed and a tear was running down his cheek.

“Oh relax you might be right, maybe it is just a test”.

“Maybe but he likes you and I am in my early twenties, so I’m not sure what he does. And you?”

“My master told me has no time for me anymore. He is leaving the decision if I want to be sold or not up to me”.

“Oh and then you’re still here?”

“Yea I am not sure I can live without this. Depends a bit on who will buy me”.

“Well good look. There were quite a few old ugly guys in the room so I don’t think I want to end up serving one of them”.

The others slaves came back again and we knew we better keep quiet again as that man was standing at the door as well.

“Ok slaves”, he said. “They are doing a first bid now in an envelope for each of you. The highest bid amount for each of you is going to decide who is going on to the podium first. We will do the sale in couples of two. We will start that in about 10 minutes. Normally it should all be finished in about an hour. Stay calm and quiet down here. The one that is going to make trouble will end up the podium and will be given a trashing he will remember. I am sure you don’t want that to happen.”

He turned around and every one stayed quiet.

A moment later the first two were being called forward. I thought well I’m not the cheapest of the group. The next two rounds went quite fast. I was left alone with the slave in his twenties. It seems there was more interest in us young ones. It took them quite some time to do the two before us as we had to wait at least 20 minutes or so.

When we were called onto the podium Erik was waiting there with someone else, the other master I thought. I had to go and stand beside Erik and although I was in front of a full room in my briefs I must have been nervous as I didn’t get hard at all.

“Ok, wait and stand still”. Erik whispered.

A moment later numbers were starting to fly around us. It seems we where both quite popular. I couldn’t tell if it was by the same people or not. After 5 minutes there was a short break.

“Ok, we got two requests. I think these slaves should follow them up. The first one is that they need to be naked. So you better get naked guys. The second one is that they have to masturbate during the remainder of the bids, but you are not allowed to cum”.

Damned I thought this is not what I had expected. I looked at Erik and he nodded. I slowly started to take the briefs off. I looked at the other slave and saw he did the same. He had a nice long dick. I felt that my dick started to get hard now. I took it in my right hand and slowly stared to pull on it. I moaned softly and that is when the bidding continued.

I slowly started to get into a trance again. I knew I was doing it in front of a lot of people and I got hornier and hornier. I didn’t even notice that the bidding had stopped until Erik had tapped my shoulder and said “It is done”.

I looked at him and said “And”.

“I don’t know. I didn’t see who it was. But we need to go and sit at that table. The one that bought you will be there as well”.

I was allowed to put my briefs on again.  They hardly covered my very hard dick. I followed Erik to a few tables at the side. It seems these were kept empty for us to use now. From one of the people that organised it all Erik got a note handed to him. He opened it and looked at me just after he read it. “It seems I have to put the blindfold back on again. It seems the buyer is not ready to show himself. But he wants to talk to you”.

Erik got the blindfold out again and put it on. I heard then that two chairs were pulled away from the table and people sat down on them. I thought I heard Erik say “Oh”. But I was not sure of that.

I waited.

“Hmm, Tom I will need to ask you a few questions and I expect honest answers ok?”

“Yes Erik”.

“Do you already know if you want to be sold or not?”

I was surprised by that question. Although it had partly been on my mind during the whole auction I still had not reached a decision on it.

“That depends who bought me”. I answered.

“Yea we expected that more or less. You really want to but it depends on who has bought you. Can you tell us why”?

“I need to be able to trust the person. I knew that Erik or Flip would never go too far. Although, I had my doubts when they started to put me out through the internet. I am not sure if I could do that again”.

“Ok, we understand that” Erik said. I could hear that there were notes being pushed over the table. It seems they wrote down what they wanted Erik to ask.

“Is there anything else that matters Tom?”

I was silent. I knew that I was not sure if I could tell this or not but I decided to be honest. It could be misused but then at this point I could always get out of it.

“There is more than the play between master and slave. I have been in love before and I want that again. But maybe only in combination with the play. I think that would be ideal. More than just do stuff as a slave, build on each other, love each other etc”.

It got silent again and I could hear that someone was scribbling something down.

“Ok, I can understand that. And what if you would find that, would you would be willing to go on?”

“Yea”. I answered fast.

“So you want to get rid of the blackmail and play with someone you love?”

Oh damn they know about the blackmail.

“Yea that would be my choice”.

“And if you wouldn’t have that choice you would stop?”

“I think I would yea”.

“Ok, I am going to give that choice to you. I am not going to threaten or blackmail or something like that. I want obedience and if not then I will punish you”.

“Hmm yea that is what I would expect”.  I said when Erik stopped at that point.

“But if there is no love Tom what then?”

“Well you never know that at the beginning we will have to wait and see”.

It started to go in a strange direction. I was not sure where this would lead anymore.

“Are you sure?” I heard Erik asked to my new master.

I heard something written on the paper again.

“What if I was in love with you already?” That was a question that totally surprised me.


“What if I am already in love with you?” Erik repeated the question.

“How is that possible? Do we know each other?”

“Maybe” was the answer from Erik . “Think about it for a little while. We will be back in a moment”.

I heard that the chairs were pushed aside.

“Who are they I wondered and I had not expect anything like that”.

“No me neither”.  Erik answered without getting into the first part of my question.

“Now what. Do I have to decide without being able to see him? I can’t do that. I also don’t know if I can love him. Shit what a mess. What if I say yea and I can’t fall in love with him later. Erik this is all real right? You are not playing a game with me of trust or anything?”

“He responded direct and convincing: “No this is real Tom. Unexpected but real. I don’t have time to continue so”.

I heard a familiar noise. My Phone went off.

“Answer it”. Erik said while he had taken the Phone out of my bag and offered it to me.

“This is Tom”.  I said when I brought the phone to my ear.

“Hey Tom, home already?”

“Ah, no not yet”. Why did he call I thought?

“Oh, but you finished your task for the evening”.

“No not really. It is not a small one”.

“Ok, well I just wanted to know if you still wanted to go and have a drink with me tomorrow”.

“Hmm I don’t know if I am available tomorrow”.

“But you would if you were available?” He asked.

“Yea I think I would. You want me to know you better and if we walk into each other in the future that can only be in your advantage”.

“Oh,but I just want to do it as friends. I don’t have that many and I thought you might want to become one”.

“Ok, call me tomorrow then ok. If I am available I will come”.

“Good, fine I am looking forward to that”.  I heard him say enthusiastically on the phone. “At noon on a terrace in the town square”.

“Yea fine”. I said.

“Hey you got a date?” Erik asked.

“Yea I think so that is if I get the time for it”.

“Do you like him then?”

“Yea, a bit strange and very demanding but also cute. I think he wants to become friends so let’s see what will happen. But it depends all what is decided tonight if I am allowed or not.

“So you want to go ahead with the sale then?”

I let out a deep sigh. “Are they still close by?” I asked.


“Ok bring them back I think I have them an answer”.

I heard that the chairs were shoved around the table again.

“OK, I will say that under certain conditions I want to go on with this. I need to be able to live my own life, like I have a date tomorrow. So if something like that happens then no tasks. Is that acceptable?”

I heard something was scribbled down again.

“Yea that is fine”.  Erik said.

“Ok, can I take the blindfold off then?”

“Hmm, no, stay like this. We will be in contact with you later this week. There is no need for you to know yet who we are. You can just do what you want. Flip has already dismantled your cameras in your room. You are only not allowed to wear more inside the house then your briefs and you are not allowed to cum yet. Is that understood?”

Well it seems that so far nothing would change. It was a shame I wouldn’t see them though.

“Clear”. I answered.

“Well see you soon then” and with that I heard that the chairs were pushed back again.

“Shall we drink something?” Erik asked.

I nodded and felt that Erik took the blindfold away.

chapter 38

chapter 36

That Saturday went by fast. I needed to do some work around the house and also some grocery shopping. It kept me occupied and I didn’t think too much about what had happened yesterday or what might happen that evening.

I had seen on Friday already that I need to wear a tight red t-shirt with a sports short and one of my new briefs. These were very bright coloured but too small and with a very pronounced bulge in it when I was wearing it.

I had to be there around 4 pm, so around 3 pm I had a nice long bath. Just when I got out the phone went.

“This is Tom”. I said.

“Hey Tom, this is Mark”.

“Hi there Mark”. I said slowly.

“I just wanted to let you know that I was very proud of you yesterday. It was really unbelievable what you did”.

“Thanks”. I said.

What now I thought. He kept quiet on the other end of the line.

“Hey Mark is there something else?” I asked in the end.

“Oh, yea I just wondered if you perhaps later in the week on Thursday or so would like to go and have a drink together”.

Damned I thought more tasks. I better play this in the formal way I thought.

“Yea, might be but I need to ask Erik first ok?”

“No, sorry Tom. I meant a drink not tasks or being my slave”.

“And then” I said slowly.

“We’ll get to know each other”.

He didn’t sound like the self assured Mark I had encountered over the last few days. What was going on there?

“I thought you already knew me quite well Mark”. I answered.

“No, not like that more like friends you know”.

“What Mark”. I said.

“Well to get to know each other as friends”.

“Oh and then?”

“I don’t know you are cute”. He said.

Shit what was that now? Was this some trip, something Flip and Erik were in on as well?

“I have to go in a moment Mark. Give me a call tomorrow ok”.

“Oh, yea Erik told me about it. Well I will give you a ring then tomorrow”. I definitely heard disappointment in his voice.

“Ok, bye Mark”.

After I had hung up I stood there for a minute or so. What was this Mark?  My thoughs went back to the last few days and with a smile I walked into the bedroom and started to dress.

The address where I had to go to looked like a mix between a cafe and a house. I needed to ring the bell to get in. I had to tell the bloke at the door my name, he looked on the list gave a smile and let me in.

“You are early”. He said.

“I was told to report down here at this time”.

“Oh ok, we’ll just go in through that second door”. He said.

“Is Erik or Flip already here?”

“Yea I think they are”. He answers.

Ah, I thought, they know them down here.

I walked into the second door and came into a bigger area. On the right-hand side there was a bar. Opposite of that there were several tables of which a few were occupied. At the back there was a small podium. A soft music was playing in the background. I saw Erik on one of the tables and walked to him.

“Hello Tom, you are right on time”. He said.

“Yea of course, am I not always?”

“We really got a nice report of the things you did last night. Incredible. When Mark suggested the last task I told him that if you were going to object in any slightest way you didn’t need to do it. It seems though that you were horny enough to not even think about that”.

“Yes, I was”.

“Good, you want something to drink?”

“Yea some soda or something”. I answered.

“I think it might be wiser if you have a beer Tom”. Eric said.

“If you say so”.

“Yea I think this is best”.

He got up to get a beer.

I looked back at the podium again and thought. Shall I end up there tonight? With the clothes that I was wearing I would not be surprised if I would. Maybe a beer was not that bad of an idea.

“Thanks”. I said when he put the beer down.

“Ok, you might be wondering why we are here tonight”.

“Well, with the podium down there I started to get some idea”. I answered.

He smiled. “I thought that that was what you were thinking. You are really getting into this. I am surprised with how fast you developed into being a slave Tom”.

I didn’t know what to answer to that so I just nodded.

“But that is where we get straight to the problem. We are really enjoying ourselves with you, Flip and me but we don’t have the time to deal with a slave like you. Because you might have objected to it in the beginning and I know we more or less blackmailed you into it. Now I think you are really enjoying it and looking forward to next tasks isn’t that right”?

“Well, yea most of the times. Not all of it”.

“No, but that is not what we expected”.

“Do you mean you want to stop with it then?”

“More or less Tom”.


Was that the reason why Mark had called that afternoon? Did he know what was going to happen now?

“What about the website then?”

“Yea, before we go there Tom. The choice is up to you. I am not sure if you saw the announcement at the door, but there is a reason why you are here. Others have pointed out to us now that we got you into this it is dangerous to just let you drop. We have got a responsibility in that”.

“How do you mean Erik?”

I looked at him surprised; I really had no clue what he was talking about.

“Now that you discovered your slave feelings it is not something you can ignore anymore. You need guidance with it. Who knows what else you might do. At least that is what others have told us”.

“Oh but I was doing ok before wasn’t I?”

“Yea that is why you were sniffing my underwear in the gym”. Erik said with a smile.

I felt my face turned red.

“So that is why we are here”.

“Oh so what is this then?” I said looking around.

“Before I tell you that Tom I want you to keep something in your mind and that is that there is nothing you need to do ok”.

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly that. What I am going to tell you now is not a task. We are here because we want to give you the opportunity. Nothing less nothing more. If you don’t want to do it we will come tomorrow to your place and remove all the cams and that is that”.

“Oh and what if this is what I want, whatever it is you want me to do”.

“Then the responsibility is with someone else”.

“What?” I said still not sure what he meant.

“Do you understand that if you don’t want to do anything anymore then that is fine? You can go back to your life you had.

“Hmm, Erik is this some kind of test to see if I can be trusted?”  I didn’t understand anything of it anymore.

“Damned Flip had told me it would be difficult to explain to you. Ok, maybe this will do then Tom. You and you alone will decide if you want to quit being a slave or not”.

“Yea but….”

“No wait. I am being honest. If you want to quit then you can just walk out of here”.

“Walk out from what?”

“Well before I tell you that I first want you completely to understand that you are free of choice in this”.

I looked at him. He was different tonight. Maybe even a bit nervous. I was not sure why but it seems that it was important for him that I understood that I was free to go tonight without any consequences.

“Ok, so if I am not happy with what I need to do, I can just walk out then and then it is all over right”.

“Yea that is the case. We will come and bring back your clothes tomorrow and pick up the cams.

“But what if I want to do it. You started with saying that Flip and you are not able to spend the amount of time on me that is needed”.

“That is right. That is why we are here tonight. Tonight it is a slave auction night down here. If you want to we can get another master for you”. He said softly.


“Slaves are sold down here tonight from one master to another”.

“For money?” I said now surprised.

“Yea that too. But more important is that we thought we had the responsibility to make sure you are able to develop as a slave more in the future”.

“But there would be no tasks anymore from you and no more control from you.

“No but from someone else, so that would stay the same”.

“But by someone I don’t know”.

“Yea, but you didn’t know us in the beginning either”.

He had a point in that. But I trusted him. They knew what kind of tasks I liked, to push my buttons so to say. If someone else was going to be in charge, what would he want me to do? Damn I could say I was going to quit. But why was I so hard now then?

chapter 37