Joey and the dream boy – 1

Distracted, I ran to my last class of the day.  Phys Ed is not my favourite period of the day but, since it was the final hour, I could cope with it.  The moment I walked into the dressing room, my heart skipped a beat.  There stood my dream …. my super dream, standing exactly in the spot where I normally would change.  Should I stand next to him?  Or what?  My heart took over from my head and, before I knew it, I was standing beside him.


“Hey,” he replied.  “Is everything OK?”

“Yes … there’s just another hour and then we can go home.”

“You can say that again.  Fortunately final period is gymnastics … it could be worse.”

“Well, perhaps …” I replied, uncertainly.

He was now showing off his chest.  Something I was always willing to stare at.  I expected him to proceed to put his T-shirt on now.  Instead I saw him slide his hands down and I knew that he had something else planned,  Excited by the prospect, I took several deep breaths.

“Not your favourite class, I’m guessing?” he queried.

“No, not really,’ I replied.  I turned around and began to open my sports bag and got out my T-shirt and shorts.  I changed into my T-shirt and was just undoing the ties for my pants when he continued: “Yeah, I understand how you feel.  With my body, I’m more built for sports than you are, don’t you think?”

To answer that question I had to turn around because there was no way to reply without looking at him.

I looked up and saw that he now wearing just a pair of nice yellow boxer briefs, its opening bulging.  Oh, damn!!!  Would he notice that my first glance was not on his upper body, which I was supposed to be commenting on, but on his underwear, which wasn’t supposed to be what he asked me about.  My cock responded and went from soft to hard in just two or three seconds.

I tried to recall what kind of underwear I’d put on that morning.  I wore boxer briefs occasionally but usually I just chose some kind of brief.  I’d hoped that I’d selected a dark blue or black pair that wouldn’t show very much.  While I was trying to respond to his comments, I pushed my pants down and saw that I’d worn white briefs.  Damn!!  My aroused cock was clearly outlined in my briefs.  I sighed heavily and replied, “Yes, there’s a great deal of difference in our builds.”

I went to take off my shorts.  I waited for him to continue because it would be embarrassing to turn around at that moment.

“You can do something to improve, you know.  A little more work and you’ll become a lot better muscled than you are now.”

“That may be true … but I can’t really convince myself to make the effort.”

“Well, if you want to, I can help you.  I’d be happy to give you some pointers.”

We were both now standing in our underwear … me with my T-shirt on, his chest bare.  I can’t remember a lot about what was happening around us … or even if there was anyone else there … or if we were seen or listened to by anyone else.  The only thing that mattered now was my dream boy.

“How do you see that happening?” I asked bluntly.

“I’ve got a mini-gym in our cellar at home.  You can come over any time.”

“Hmmm … I’ll have to ask my parents if that’s OK.”

“That’s fine.  How about tomorrow?”

My dick had started now to have a life of its own and it was showing off itself nicely in my tighty whities.  Everything I had was on display, even though my T-shirt was hanging down over my crotch.

“Sure … let me know tomorrow if you can come over, OK?”

“That’s fine.”  I started to turn around when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned towards him.  He was bent over slightly and his lips were close to my ear.

“I’m glad to see that not every muscle needs a lot of work.”  I blushed.  I stood there wondering.  I took his words as a compliment, but did he mean it the way I took it?  I turned, closed my eyes, and saw the image of my dream boy:  nice shiny brown hair, beautifully shaped eyes, blue in colour, a small nose and a sculpted chest with just a few hairs.  He already had developed a six pack below which rested a pair of yellow boxers which appeared to be well filled.  My cock got even harder now and, before I knew what was happened, my cum was shooting from my dick into my briefs.  At the height of my orgasm, I was only picturing my dream boy.  I wondered … what would happen now?

Had anyone else seen me?  Was it obvious that I’d leaked a wet spot onto my white briefs?  I started to blush, glowing warm except for that cooling wet spot in my briefs.  If I could just turn around!  Had he seen what had happened?  I put my sport shorts on.  I wanted to hide everything as quickly as possible.  After that, I’d look around to see if anyone had seen me.  Carefully I pulled my shorts up over my wet white briefs.  Then I stood up.  I looked in a different direction from where my dream boy was standing.  In that direction, there was no one.  I turned my head and there were a number of other classmates on that side.  But it seemed as if no one was looking at me.  As I finished my turn, I knew I’d be standing eye to eye with him again, my dream boy.  I just hoped he’d have started to dress, too.  I felt even more blood rush to my face.

“I’m ready,” I said quietly.

“Ummm … and your shoes, too?” he said with a smile.

My blush deepened.  Of course he was right.

He grabbed his shoes as well and sat down.  I was happy that he’d already put on his T-shirt and sport shorts as well.  I’m not sure if I could have kept myself standing if he hadn’t been dressed.  I picked up my shoes and sat alongside him.

“Yes, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, Joey.  I’ll enjoy teaching you some moves.”

Damn!  What was he talking about?  I just needed to keep my head straight.

“I’ll be honest, Marco.  I’m not looking forward to it but you’re right … I could use the exercise.”

“Just don’t let any of the others bother you.  Let them gossip.”

I looked at him now with a questioning look.

“Yeah, I know, Joey.  You’re bullied from time to time and at Phys. Ed., you’re always the last to be chosen.”

“Well … that’s true ….”

“But we’re going to change all that.”

I didn’t know exactly what he meant.  Was I some kind of project for him?  He was still rummaging around in his bag.  I saw him take something out.  I couldn’t see what it was.

Whispering he then added, “Well, maybe it’s not so nice having that wet spot.  It isn’t much but maybe these will help.”  I felt blood rush to my face again.  Nooooo … he must have noticed!  How the heck was that possible?  I hesitated when he put his hand out to me.  I looked to see what he was handing me.  It was some kind of underwear, yellow in colour.  I didn’t respond to him directly.  He then whispered again, “It smells as well, just a little.”  I looked at him directly.  He nodded towards his hand.  Damn … I couldn’t change into them here in the locker room.  Everyone would notice.

“Just go to the toilet and clean your briefs, then put those on instead.  I’ll wait for you.  Oh, it’s a jockstrap, by the way.  But it’s clean.”

A jockstrap!  I hadn’t heard of such a thing before.  I took it from his hand.  His touch brought a new shock.  I felt my cock start to come back to life again.  I got up and walked to the toilet.  I quickly pulled my shorts and wet briefs down.  With some toilet paper, I cleaned the spot.  Then I got into the jockstrap.  There was no rear, only what looked like strips of cloth.  The front closed tightly around my balls and dick and left nothing to the imagination.   I looked sexy, very sexy, I must say.  I pulled my shorts on again and went back to the dressing room.  My dream boy laughed.  “That was fast,” he quipped.  I wanted to put my wet white briefs back in my bag, but he whispered, “Please let me have them.”  I blushed again and handed him the white briefs.  He looked at them for a moment and then put them into his bag.  “I’ll give them back to you tomorrow.”

“That’s fine … and I can give yours back as well.”

“Fine.  Let’s go and see what sport we’re practising today.”

Once we got to the gymnasium, we were the last students to arrive.  The judo mats were out … not a sport I liked.  It involved too much physical contact and required muscles I didn’t have.

“Oh, there you are,” said the physical education teacher.  “You two are lucky.  We’ve paired up everybody except for those two there.”  I looked at who he pointed to: two solid muscular guys from another class.  That could only mean one thing – losing again and again … but I was used to that.

What I did not expect was that, during the following 30 minutes, there was a lot more than normal bodily contact.  I didn’t know whether that was actually the case, or if it just seemed so because I was wearing a jockstrap that exposed my ass rather than my usual briefs.  I felt every touch in a very soft and almost sensual way.

Oh, damn, I thought.  My hormones are definitely in overdrive today!  Every time I laid on the mat, I felt hands, arms and legs on places where I wished I wasn’t feeling them.  My cock had a mind of its own and remained embarrassingly stiff.  It jumped a bit occasionally, but those funny underwear made sure that my front didn’t show that much.  My dream boy did a little bit better against his opponent, in particular because he was somewhat stronger.  But he got knocked down quite a few times, too.  Whenever that happened, we both just got up again and we looked at each other.  I felt recharged just by his warm smile, that soft gaze of encouragement.  Not that it helped all that much as, once back to the judo, I was once again quickly thrown to the mat.

I’d taken a lot of pummelling when the physical education teacher said we were done for that afternoon.

“Enough of that,” said my dream boy when he moved beside me.

“Yes, that was painful.”

“Next time, we really must be on time.  If we had been, then I’m sure this wouldn’t have happened,” he said with a grin.

I didn’t know whether he expected a response so I didn’t say anything.

“Come on, let’s change and then go home.”

I realized at that point that I was about to expose that yellow … hmmm, what was it called again?  A jockstrap, according to the rest of my classmates.  I’d better hurry up then, I thought.  I arrived at my locker to see that there was hardly any of the usual horsing around going on.  It seemed like everyone was busy trying to get dressed so they could leave as quickly as possible.  So I followed suit, not saying a word.  I didn’t dare look at my dream boy but I felt his presence beside me.  He seemed to be changing just as quickly as I was.  I was cycling home, so I wanted to go to the toilet before I left.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, OK?” I said to my dream boy.

“Yes, great.  I’ll wait for you outside the school if that’s OK?”

“Sure, ” I responded.

When I came back from the toilet, everyone was gone except for two of my classmates who loitered behind.

I wanted to get my bag when one of them said, “So you’re becoming friends with Marco all of a sudden?”

Oh, damn!  This was the kind of conversation I’d wanted to avoid.

“Well …. ”

Before I could go any further the other one interjected, ” And what kind of underwear were you wearing?  Some of those queer underwear?”

“What?”  I felt myself starting to blush again.

“You get off when we say stuff like that to you, don’t you,  Joey?”

I didn’t know what to say.  I grabbed my bag and turned around.  I’d felt my dick start to harden.

“Go ahead … run away … but we’ll get the truth out of you another time.”

I walked away quickly and went to get my bike … relieved to be away from those bullies.  Until now it had only been verbal abuse and I hoped it would remain just that.

There was nobody at home when I arrived.  I quickly went to my room, sat on my bed and, in my head, replayed the scene again.  My hand instantly moved in the direction of the yellow jockstrap.  Quickly enough inch by inch the image of the body of my dream boy came to my mind again.  The whole scene of that day returned … what delicious thoughts! … and I looked ahead to tomorrow when I would be alone with him, in his room, in only a pair of sports shorts.  I would see those delicious legs and ….

And then the door opened.

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