chapter 1

I lived together with my two brothers and dad. My mother died three years ago. Just after a short while a few thinks changed. We didn’t often had all together diner but dad insisted that we had in the future. We were allowed to make any plans but had to be home between 6 and 8 O’clock for diner and family day talk. Because we lived with three man together it became more and more a habit that one of my older brothers were walking in their underwear during breakfast or just before going to bed. After a year or so my dad had a hard argument with my two older brothers. After that one of them had to walk around in his underwear during diner and serve us. Every week they changed places. Beside that one argument they had no problems with it and it seemed almost natural to me. My oldest brother Tim is 19 year old and Jeff is 18. Sometimes if my friends were early in picking me up, the saw a glimpse of one of them in their underwear, but they never asked why.

So my birthday weekend came up. I was going to be 16. By the way my name is David. A few weeks before my father said during one of the diners that it was going to be a birthday weekend instead of just one-day. My birthday was on a Thursday and we would have a special diner

just for me. On Friday I was allowed to give a party for my friends starting with diner and a dance with a live band in the backyard afterwards. The weekend would be special dad told me neither my brothers nor me were allowed to make any plans for those two days.

The Thursday went normal, at school all my classmates were talking about the diner and dance afterwards. Dad told me that a few of my friends of the swim team could come for diner and every one else around 9. When I came home around 5 o’clock Jeff was making diner table ready and smiled at me. He asked who my day was and that I better could get formal dress for diner. I walked to my room and to my surprise a suit was lying on my bed with a note, try this on for diner tonight, love dad.

I took a shower and tried to fit in the suit. It was a blue suit with a nice white shirt. I looked stunned in the mirror and saw that I never had looked more handsome than in this suit. I knew I was quite

good-looking, girls always tried to get my attention but some how they were not a big turn on for me at that time. I had blond hair, brown eyes, and 1.73 m long and because of my swimming I had a good figure.

I went down stairs and walked towards the kitchen. The front door opened and dad came walking in. No hold it he said when I start pushing the kitchen door open. You don’t have to do anything for dinner this evening. Your brothers will do that. He looked all over me and I turned just a little bit red. The suit looks very well on you young man. I thank him for it and said down at the table. I will be down in a while and he walked upstairs and a minute later I heard his bedroom door.

I was thinking about tomorrow night I still hadn’t dared to ask dad if Tim, who was on duty that week to serve dinner could were normal clothes. I would do it after dinner and new that dad would be in his best mood. Some 15 minutes later dad came back downstairs. I looked at the table

and said your brothers have made quite a nice preparation for it, are they still in the kitchen. I told him that I hadn’t seen or heard them. He walked towards the kitchen door and yelled we are ready if you are. My brothers came in the living but to my surprise they were both in their underwear and what kind of underwear. Except for the special day, they normally wore boxer shorts, but know both of them wear dressed in something that could hardly be described as underwear. A small jock short, which seems to be a few sizes too small. My face turned towards dad and all three of them wear smiling. This is part of our gift to you. We heard you were dressing in your first suit so we also put on our finest underwear. I looked again and saw that Tim’s dick was larger than normally. He looks excited at that time. Ok dad said lets start eating. Tim and Jeff put down the plates they brought with them from the kitchen and sat down.

After an hour we were finished and normally Tim would clean up the table and the others would talk about the day that was gone past. But neither Tim nor Jeff started to make any progress in standing up and cleaning the table. They looked at dad, so did I.

“Ok David, so you turned 16 today not a boy anymore but still no man either. From today on you are going to help your brothers with dinner and serving at table”.

I looked at my brothers, they smiled back.

“You mean in my underwear” I asked my dad.

“Yea” he said.

I turned just a little bit red.

“Ok you could start with cleaning up the table”.

“You mean now”

“Yes come on take off your clothes”.

I stood up and looked quite shy. With the suit on my bed their had been a very short jock kind of underwear and I had no other thinking than that it had been part of the suit.

“Come on son, you listen to me or must I help you”.

No way I though and started to undress me. My brothers were looking strait at my crotch when I through of my trousers and I was standing in that far too small size underwear. I felt my dick growing.

“Ok looking good. Go on and clean up the table”, My dad said.

When I walked to the kitchen I heard them talking to each other, but just not loud enough for me to hear. I had to walk five or six times before the table was clean and each time when I walked into the living room they looked at me quite open and stop talking. When I left the start talking again.

When I did the last things, dad said “Ok you did your first job quite well. Because you can help your brothers now I have made a new schedule starting tomorrow”

” Dad, I said there is one thing I would like to ask, who ever is on duty tomorrow can he do it dressed in normal clothes”.

“You’re embarrassed towardsyour friends”.

. I said nothing but looked to the ground.

“They all have seen guys in underwear so why change the rules”.

“Please dad, I will tell them that dinner is cancelled if you are going to let Tim serve in his


“Oh no you’re are not”, he said.

“Oh yes I do”, I started to yell at him.

“Stop this David. You know we have rules here, and that you and your brothers must obey them”.

“No I said I wouldn’t let my friends come to dinner””.

I made some hard comments with rude words.

“This time David you have gone too far, and I am not let you say these things even if it is your

birthday. Come over here”.

“No” I said.

“Tim, Jeff bring him”.

I had a small struggle but couldn’t resist them. Ok just to learn, I was put over dad’s

lap and he started to smack my buttocks with his flat hand. After a minute

of two I start crying.

Dad stopped and said: “your friends will come to dinner you understand”.

I said nothing.

“Ok Tim and Jeff your turn”.

I was put on Tim’s lap and he smiled at me and started to smack my but harder than dad did. After one minute I was turned over to Jeff and he started to smack even harder. I cried very hard and Jeff stopped after 10 smacks or so.

Dad looked at me, “Ok so I hoped you learned enough I don’t like to do this but you must have some respect for me”.

“Ok my friends will come”

We sat down at the table again and Dad gives us a paper with the new schedule for dinner. At first I didn’t get the picture but then I startled and looked up to dad and my brothers. I could tell at their faces that they knew. On top of the list was the date of tomorrow and my name was behind it. I would serve my friends in my underwear. I wanted to say something, but my dad did instead.

“Is their something the matter”?

During that moment he put his hand flat on the table.

“No” I replied. I was not allowed to dress again that evening we had a few drinks  and dad told me we would have a great weekend together and dad I would receive my present on Saturday. At 11 O’clock I went to my bedroom. Lying in my underwear on bed I was thinking about tomorrow. Knowing that six of my best friends would be looking at me serving them at dinner. I got aroused thinking about it and started to stroke my dick, until a few moments later I came more loudly and heavier than I had done before. The knowledge of what was going to happen tomorrow evening didn’t make me scared any more but just a little bit anxious in a great sexual way.

chapter 2
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