chapter 14

“I don’t know it depend on who they are, but a good looking guy like Francis, well I am afraid they might use them to be one of their slaves, if lucky a Master but I thought that”.

 It began to sink in what she meant as he would be hurt, forced to do things, as visions of what could have happened to him in the meantime as I felt how tears again started to run over my cheeks. Damn, I needed to help him, but how. When I opened my eyes though I was startled, startled as I could still see Francis as then it hit me I had another vision.

 I saw Francis; he was walking around in a room with men, women, older ones, younger ones. Most of them dressed but quite a few dressed only in some underwear. Francis turned around our eyes met. I looked down and saw that he was wearing a white brief, not much of underwear. His dick was hard, showing off very much in them. He coloured red I could see that, he wanted to turn away but instead he said something. Again just like last time I couldn’t hear him. He tried again I looked at him saying sorry can’t understand what you want. Then I saw that the bottle of wine he had in his hand overflowed a glass that he was filling up. He looked shocked, turned around hastily and fear came on his face.

My vision shifted, I stayed in front of him, now looking at how he bends over a chair. I saw tears coming in his eyes, when a man with a paddle stood ready behind him. Saying something to him, shouting, and then the paddle went down and landed on his buttocks. I shocked, screamed out when more tears started to run over Francis face. He looked up shaked its head as he wanted to say go now; I don’t want you to see this. I tried to stay locked I realised I needed to see more of the room, but when the nodded increased of Francis our bind decreased, the room started to get blurry, I screamed his name again. But then slowly the face of my Mom came instead of the room. I could here Alexei asked what had happened. I heard my Mom answer, also to make sure no one else would enter the room. She looked at me. “Keep thinking, sometimes it comes back, keeping thinking of him”.

I closed my eyes and tried, tried to get back into the room, to connect with the emotions that Francis was having, I knew what he felt I understood the bonding now. But why why didn’t it come back to me. I slowly opened my eyes and shaked my head.

“Sorry Nick, I am really sorry”.  She held her arms out and we embraced each other, tears still continue to make their way over our cheeks. I heard people asked what was going on. I heard David’s voice; I heard my Dad’s taking him away as his voice got softer.

I slowly got around again and looked at Mom. “You had a vision of him right”.

I nodded.

“Do what I say. You want to remember it as much as you can and you know you can if you go back to it, do as if you where going to make a painting”.

I did as she asked, without thinking as if it would be a way back that would be good.

“Ok, now go back to what you saw and take the image one by one up into your mind, you know what to do but hurry before you forget. During a vision that part of your memory is gone. You need to repeat it as soon as you are back again to remember it”.

“What if he doesn’t want to remember” Alexei said.

“He needs to”.

The vision came back and when the paddling started I could see the pain again, the agony of it all but also some kind of embarrassment when Francis realised I was there, that I saw what happened. I saved it as I did with things that I wanted to paint. I needed it Mom said. Not knowing exactly why but she had recognised it straight off for what it was.

When I was ready I opened my eyes again. “Thanks” I said.

She looked at me. “I don’t know Nick, I don’t think in the end you will thank me for it but you needed to remember. If we ever want to find where they are”.

“I know”.

“Ok, do you want to tell us what you saw”?

“It was as you said. He was being a slave, being humiliated then punished for spilling some drinks. They are using him, making him suffer”.

“Damned “Alexei said, “What triggered it though”.

“Did you think about how Francis would feel, how you felt into he pasted”.

“Yea and I think Francis must have some how though about me too, that is when the link is there. The moment he got … well he didn’t want me to be there anymore the link got weaker what ever I tried to keep it and then it disappeared”.

“Emotions, you where thinking about each other with a deep emotional feeling, that creates the link, or it did in the beginning with me”.

“So how does this help”.

“I don’t know yet, did you recognise anything familiar Nick”.

“No, nothing, all strange people I didn’t know”.

“Any signs of where they were, like a name, a view or anything like that”.

“No, not that I can remember”.

“Well you have to make sure there is nothing in it. That is the best possibility to find out where he is. So later tonight go back to it and see if there is anything that adds up to a place or something like that”.


“So that was it then for now”, Alexei asked.

“Not enough” my Mom answered him.

“I don’t know, is there nothing more we can do then, just wait for more visions of Nick”.

“Oh no there is more I have names, faces, places for the detectives but that will only bring them to the higher boss of this scheme. We need to find them because they can only secure our future but it might not be where Francis is and we need to make sure that both things happen more or less at the same time. Freeing Francis and finding the top people who are behind all of this”.

Alexei looked at her, thinking about her words then he nodded. “Ok, that might work, but just make sure you tell us all. I don’t want to see Nick hurt more then he already is, you understood”.

“I know, that is the promise your Dad, Nick asked of me as well and I told him I would. I am not running away anymore we will have to get to the bottom of this now and for ever”.

“You want to go down Nick” Alexei asked.

“Hmm no, sorry I rather want to stay here”.

“Ok, you want me to stay”.

“Yes please”.

“I think I better go then, I am sure there are things you want to talk about” Mom said.

She left the room. Alexei looked at me.

“You really ok, Nick?”.

“Yea, although it is a lot to take in. On the other hand it explains a lot of things that I have been thinking about as I never understood why Mom left”.

“Well we still need to find out somehow if her story is the truth though”.

“You doubt that then”.

“I don’t know what to think Nick. It sounds all very strange but also very reasonable and I think looking at you, you are getting answers about stuff you never thought you would have so yea I think she is telling the truth but I want to make for sure”.

“Yea, I can understand that”.

“So what do you want to do then”?

“I want to go back to the vision but I wanted some one here while I did it”.

“This fast Nick”.

“I need to know Alexei. I need to know if there was something in that vision that gives away where Francis is. I need to help him, I need to make sure that he gets away of their as soon as we can. He doesn’t want this, this is not his way, this is my entire fault and I need to repair it”.

“It is not your fault Nick. Don’t say or think that”.

“I know with my head but that is not the way it feels, so come sit beside me and let us try to find clues. I will tell you what I see, you ask me about it, go back if something is not clear if it is not detailed enough ok”.

Over the next 90 minutes we went over the vision time after time. I screamed several times, I cried an awful lot more and I slowly started to see what my Mom had mentioned with he might not like it but he needs too. Each time it hurt maybe even more and more and although some details where established nothing useful came out of it as it only drained me more and more.

“Stop Nick, it has been enough. Look at yourself you need something to eat and drink”.

I knew he was right, but I also knew that it was not the last time I would go back. I felt like there was something that I didn’t see that I missed and I wanted to find it.

“Ok, you go and get me something to eat and drink”.

He left; I closed my eyes and relaxed.

The next thing I realised was that I must have slept; it was dark in the room, except for the light beside my bed. I turned towards it and saw there where some snacks on a plate and something to drink as well. I listened if I could hear any sounds but it was quite in the house. I looked at the clock and saw it was just after 11 pm.

I let out a deep sigh, looked again but I guess Alexei had went to bed. I started to remember what we had been doing before I woke up. It came slowly all back to me. I relaxed a bit more, took a bit to eat and then closed my eyes, slowly starting to let the vision back into my mind. Slowly it came back fragment after fragment. I wanted to scream almost again but remembered that might not be a good idea. I swallowed my food and then it struck me. There was something written on the paddle. I had been so locked on Francis his face, but now I saw the paddle again. There was something written on it but what was it. It was not clear. I shaked my head, wrong thing to do I realised as the vision was gone.

I sighed, at least I knew now where to look but how would I be able to read what was on it. I sat on down on the bed and started the vision from the beginning onwards again. Trying to fast-forward it but that didn’t work, waiting slowly to get to the point where the paddle was in view. Seeing Francis in his underwear, his fear, and his emotions when he knew what was coming. He knew he had been paddled before. And then the paddle was gone again. I needed to concentrate on it better I thought and I started the vision again.

It took me an awful time until I realised that I could read it and what it said. I let out a deep sigh. Not sure what it mend yet, I had at least found a clue. I looked now at the clock and saw it was 2.30 in the morning. I felt tired, very tired, hungry and thirsty again. Had I been doing this for the last three and a half hours I thought, no wonder. I got out of bed … hmm I was down to my own briefs. Would Alexei have undressed me, I realised he must have. I felt that I started t get hard a bit. Not known I thought. I needed some food, so I got up and walked towards the kitchen.

It was very quite in the house. When I got to the kitchen though the light was on their. I slowly opened the door and saw that Randy was sitting beside the counter, face buried in his hands with his elbows resting on the counter. I walked behind him and then put my hands on his shoulders. He shrived a moment and then looked up.

“Nick”, he said a bit harder and if he was surprised then again softer “Nick, are you ok”.

“Hmm will be just tired and hungry”.

“You have been awake a long time then”.

“Yea, I woke up at 11 and went through it again till now so a long session. Hmm that is if Alexei told you what happened tonight”.

“Some of it. I know he helped you with your vision. Is that what you have been doing for the last three and a half hours then”?

“Yea it was”.

“No wonder you are tired, let me get you some food then”.

He got up and opened the fridge. “Did you get anywhere with it”.

“I might have not sure yet”.

“Ok, I am sorry really sorry for you Nick” he said.

“I know you are Randy and I am not surprised to find you here as I am sure that you are the only one beside Mom can probably feel what it is”.

“Yea, I guess so but not sure in the way she and you do though. But yea that is where my mind was. I decided to get out as I couldn’t sleep anyway”.

“See, well I am not able to tell you know but I will one day Randy, I hope as you deserve to know it”.

“We will see Nick, we will see, just as you know if you need to talk I am here for you. I want to help you in any way I can”.

“I know and I am not sure but I might need you as well. But as I said to early we need to find out more first”.

We ate something and then went back to bed. I though about giving the vision some more attention but sleep lucky got in the way of that. The next thing I remembered was sunlight. Sunlight in my room, coming through the window and David’s shadow in front of it.

“Good morning David” I said.

“More afternoon Nick, but good morning to you too” he said with a smile on his face.

“Have you been here a long time” I asked him.

He came closer to the bed and set down on it. His face looked tired. I knew I didn’t need to ask him if he had slept a lot as he probably didn’t.

“Some time. I wanted to be here when you would wake up”.

I smiled “Thanks David”.

“Your welcome, but I had some selfish reasons for it as well, as I felt the need to talk about it all. Mom, visions, why you screamed last night. So many questions, more then she was not here”.

Oh, I thought well I have had more answers from her I guess then David had and the talk she had with me, my screaming must have given a lot more for him.

“I am sorry David, sorry to worry you. I am fine, well fine in the circumstances”.

“I don’t know if I can trust her again Nick. Not after leaving her. I want to but parts of me are not sure I can”.

“We talked last night, after she came from you. Something that had shaken her up quite a lot but I had questions too. She was honest about a lot of things, her life she lead, her regret of leaving us, the reasons to come back but somehow I think there are parts she is not telling me”.

“She might have her reasons for that David”.

“I know but it is not helping to trust her again as she hurt me more then I realised back then”.

“I know, I might have shown it more back then but I knew you where hurting too, then. I was just not able to help you with it”.

He smiled. “Oh you did, you left her memory alive for some time at least which helped me more then I thought it did in the beginning”.

“Well you will have to give it time. I don’t think she will be out of our lives fast. There are things that need to be done”.

“Is it true that she can help with Francis”?

“Yea she will, she is already”.

“I know, she talked with the detectives this morning and although some of them looked shocked I also saw some relief on their faces. Alexei said they where happy to have some clues at last that they could follow up, something substantial”.

“Is she still here”?

“No she left, they will come to find her down here, so she said she had to leave”.


“You had more questions for her Nick”.

“No, just that she might have helped more”.

“Oh, but she will stay in contact with the detectives so she will. She just didn’t want to be seen around the house down here”.

I knew she hadn’t told him everything then. The things that she didn’t want to be known where still secret for David. I swallowed as I knew I couldn’t go on about it.

“Alexei, Randy and James left as well. I changed my schedule and will stay for a few more days”.

“Ok, that is good David; we need to talk more about Mom I guess”.

“Yea we will. Ok, I better go and get Dad now as he wanted to know the moment you woke up”.

“Ok, see you later; I will be out bed when he is done worrying”.

“He means good though Nick, remember that”.

“Oh, I know that David”.

David left and I knew it would be only minutes for Dad was around. When he entered he got close to the bed, tears running over his cheeks when we hugged each other.

“I am ok Dad, don’t worry I am ok and Francis will be”.

“I know, but”..

“Stt, not now Dad”.. I didn’t want to talk about it to much. He would want details and I was not ready to share them. We talked about Mom, what she had told him, she had apologized and she had talked with Susan, reassuring that she would not be back for him.

“She did go though a lot after she left Nick”.

“I know Dad”.

“It makes it easier to forgive her. I never thought I could but I think I almost have”.

“Yea it does”.

“You have already haven’t you? I can see how you defend her a bit”.

“Of cause, she had no choice. Would you ever have understood what was happening to her”?

“No, I guess not”.


“I know but still you know her ……”  We talked about her, what it had been before she had run off. It was some big healing time for the both of us, at it had been a subject that always had been between us. Grief, anger or any emotion that he lacked after she had left and my own grief and anger for her doing it had never come together until now.

During the next few days the vision really started to get to me, as it came back and back again, even when I didn’t want it too. I didn’t discover that much anymore. I did some research on the internet and in the end I found what I think is the name of the club that was on the paddle where it all happened. Now finding the club was one but how to get there and making sure that Francis was there as well was something different though.

I had one more phone call with my Mom but that was it. She said she would be back in contact but so far nothing happened. I started to get inpatient. I had a phone call with Alexei and he said the detectives where making progress but it needed to be done slowly and carefully. In the meantime I was struck bye the vision that I had and the agony that Francis was probably in day after day.

The website of the club was a bit of a strange one but if you read between the lines it said enough what kind of place it was.

Slowly I got a plan together and I just thought I couldn’t wait any longer anymore. So 5 days later I got in contact with Randy. I asked him to call me back later on the day as I got his voicemail.

I was happy when he rang early in the evening.

“I have come up with a plan Randy. It is really getting to me that we are not moving forward at all and I want something done. Can you come up for a week or so”?

“Yea, I can no problem. What is your plan though”?

“Well I am not going to go into details yet as I am not sure but I want us to go to San Francisco. I think I found the place where Francis might be and I think the only ways to get into such a place are friends or a good intro. Now I thought about asking James or Alexei but James is not famous enough nor has the experience and although Alexei is famous enough he is lacking the experience nor can he pretend I think. So that left me with you”.

“What have you in mind Nick”?

Chapter 15


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