chapter 15

“Well to get close to them, we probably need a master and a slave so I thought you being my master”.

“You are sure about this Nick”.

“I don’t see it any other way Randy”.

“Hmm. I have to think about this, did you talk with Alexei or your Dad about it”.

“No, and neither can you not a word”.

“Think about it Nick, I will come down tomorrow and you can pick me up from the airport ok”.

“Sounds like a plan, I will meet you there”.

I knew he was going to talk me out of it but I had made up my mind.

The next morning, I packed my bag. I had booked us a plane ticket as I was going away that afternoon. I would be happy if Randy was coming along but if not well I would go anyway. I sneaked my bag out of the house and into the car. I told my Dad that I was going out for a ride and would be back before dinner.

I was going to give him a ring later that I had met up with Andy and Brian and was going to stay the night, which should have kept him ok for some time I was hoping.

Randy arrived on time. It would give us 90 minutes before we had to board. I hope it was enough to convince Randy.

“Hi there Nick”.

“Hi Randy, did you had a good flight”.

“Yea, it was fine, now where are we going”.

I turned around so he would see my bag. “I think you know Randy”.

“Oh, you want to get straight away then”.

“Yea, I think….”

“You didn’t tell your Dad did you”.

I blushed “No”.

“Ok, let’s sit down and tell me what you have planned so far”.

“To start from the beginning, I got a few words out of the paddle that… well the paddle that was in my vision. I did some research on the internet and it is a club in San Francisco. A club you need to be member of or invited to. It is mentioned to be a social one but it is a bit vague about the activities. There is a member bit I couldn’t get to it”.

“Ok, so now what do you want to do then”.

“Well we could go into San Francisco and see if some one knows the club and how to get into then we could do that and you could be my Master. Your face should help us to get in a bit easier if it is really something for the higher society”.

“Hmm, yea well and what if we see Francis there. What then ?”

“I don’t know yet Randy, that part needs to be filled in more”.

“Ok, and you realise we could get into a situation that we need to do more then pretend right”.

I blushed even more “Yea I realise that, but I see no one out of that, better with you then a stranger”.

“You think I can do that”.

“I hope you can Randy, it was the only person I was willing to ask it. You know what it is to be on the other side. So you know what some one might want from a Master and how a Master needs to act”.

“I know but still, not sure I can play the role of a Master”.

“You are a good actor” I said trying to convince him.

“Ok, but what about your Dad. I really want him to know that we are doing you know”.

“I thought you would but I know he doesn’t want me, nor would my Mom and I have to do this, I have to get him free”.

“What if I won’t go then”?

“I will go anyway Randy you are not going to stop me”.

“Oh, ok, but that is more or less blackmailing as well”.

“No, as I leave you the choice either to come and help me or not”. I could feel I was playing this a bit over my hand but I had to for Francis’ sake.

“Ok, if you booked it anyway let’s go then. I will have to do one or two phone calls anyway so be right back”.

I let him go and waited until he returned. He was right there was still a lot of planning to do but we would see first if there was ways to get into the club or not.

(Ok from here different people will do the narrating so keep an eye out on what is going on with whom and where we are in the story))

(Back at the home of Nick, told by David).

“David”, I heard my name called out.

“Yea Dad”.

“Come down here”.

“Have you see Nick come back home from his ride”.

“No, I haven’t”.

“Damn, I just had a phone call from Alexei that he suspected that Nick has left. That he somehow found a clue in his last vision and left to see if he could get to Francis”.

“On his own has he lost his mind”?

“Hmm, no I think he feels he needs to act, he might feel that he waited to long to start with”.

“You are going to call the police then”.

“No, I think I will give Alexei a call back in a moment and see if he can make sure the detectives knows they have to find answers within the next week as I have the feeling Nick is going to run into trouble quite fast. But before I rang, can you check his room to see if he left any clues where he is off to”.

“Ok, be right back”.

(Francis where ever he is, told bye Francis).

The last evening had completely drained me. I had no idea, people had such kind of idea’s that they could do that to some one else and then in the middle of it all it had happened I had another link with Nick. Not sure how it was possible but it happened. I know now for sure that he couldn’t here me as that was at least something but the idea that he saw that must have frightened him for sure. It still did to me although after 6 weeks I started to get a general feel to the idea what they where doing. I would be kept by them as long as they wanted. I was a toy, a toy to be used however the members liked it. Locked up, only aloud to go mingle with other people but hardly able to speak with any of them long enough as there would always be what I called a guard close bye to undertake action. Not only about what I said but even more a change to see a mistake so I could be punished. Most of the times for the most stupid’s of things, things I didn’t even realised I was doing them to be honest. But Nick must be going out of his mind by now. On one side it gave me hope it would bring them closer in finding me on the other hand it squared me that Nick could see me like that. I had slowly over the last 5 weeks become aware of why Nick didn’t tell me everything that had happened as some of it was just to humiliating to talk about.

So another start of the day. I was not sure if I needed to help that evening or not as it was not every evening that they wanted me so I just set their waiting for what was going to happen. It was kind of boring with nothing else to do as well. No wonder I was more and more getting horny.

(Back with Nick and Randy).

Randy had done his phone calls and got back to me. We boarded the train and not a lot was said. When we got to our hotel room (yea we booked a joined one, Randy said that that is what we needed to do if we wanted to play out the role of slave and Master properly), Randy got a few answers back on his phone calls from before we left.

“Ok, Nick, I think I got a possible way to get into the club. I know a few people that have heard of it. You are right it is a high social standard club where normally only well known or rich people get to relax. I am not sure but I had one or two warnings from people to stay away from it as it meant trouble as well. So if I take that into account then it might just be the place where Francis is. I also heard that it owns a large block of houses and even some open spaces that are behind the club so it is very easy for them to keep it all secret and even hide people down there”.

“Well that is at least something then Randy”.

“Yea, not done badly for a few phone calls I must say. But the best thing is that I was told about a place where they might have a way of getting us in”.

“Terrific, another club”.

“No, not really but you will find out. It will involve more role play Master / slave though as it is a place where that is normal for it”.

“Ok, so what do you want me to do then”?

“To trust me, you know how important that is, trust me and work with me”.

“Hmm, yea any other rules then”.

“I will think about that and will let you know before we go ok”.

“Ok, when will that be”?

“Not before tomorrow as it is closed today”.

“Good. So what will we do tonight then”?

“Nothing, stay in we don’t want any other people to see us, that might be possible their. We are not going enough to play the role continuously I think”.

“Oh, I don’t know” I said with a smile.

“Yea, yea I know it has been a long time since you have had any but stay in control Nick. I don’t want you to loose any of it for the time being ok”.

“Ok, I will do my best as I don’t think I want to loose it either”.

“I am sure you don’t want to but we will see what will happen”.

So for the rest of the evening we stayed in and the morning came faster then I might have wanted.

When I got ready to have my shower Randy told me to make sure I was clean properly as he didn’t want me to be more embarrassed then necessary.

(Told bye Francis)

Early that afternoon I was told to get ready for some special visitors they where going to have that afternoon. So I got dressed as usual, white socks, white briefs and a little black bow tie. I know for sure that during the lunch I got there was again something put into the drink as by the time it was ready to leave the room; my dick was hard as ever. It was something that happened every time. The first time I was ashamed it was but the second time I realised that it must have had something to do with the food that I had eaten up front.

They took me to another room; there was a table in the middle and two chairs. I was aloud to sit down on one of them.

“Francis, we are having a special afternoon with some special guests. A small party so to say. An important one as well, you better be on your best behaior as otherwise the punishment will be harder then ever. I know we can trust you to do as we want to. Now their might be one or two faces in the customers that you know, don’t talk with them about it, just act if they are normal people like the ones we had here before ok”.

“Yes sir”.  I knew better then to go against it. I though I already had seen one or two people that I though I knew but I was not sure about that as I was not very good updated with the rich and famous of this country. Ok we had seen our share but these seem to be more upper stock for sure.

“There will be in total 4 slaves around, you will be bottom one as usual. The quest won’t interact with much of the play usual so we have also got in two professional Masters. Now they might be seem to be a bit young but I can assure you that they know their work. I would not really agitate them if I where you”.

Ok I thought it is more or less going to be a show then me though. I wondered if he was going to add anymore to it or not.

“Just remember to do what they say. Oh and there won’t any guard around this afternoon either but with the doors locked there is no need for that either. So any questions”.

I didn’t really have so I just waited for him to go on.

“Ok, let’s go then”.

He led me to another room not to far away from the one I was in. I had not been there before. There where several couches in it and also some bigger open spaces in the middle. I didn’t say any of the more normal attributes that where around in the open but I was sure there would be. The three other slaves where there already. I knew 2 of them, they where about my ages. One of them was new. He was also wearing a boxer short instead of briefs. He was a few years older. I nodded towards the three of them but as usual I didn’t get a lot of response to that. They didn’t interact at all.

Then one of the doors opened and some people dressed walked in. I though to recognise one or two of them again but I was not sure. I saw a few smiles appearing on the other slave’s faces as almost they recognised them. They where not as old though as the ones that normally would attend a party so that was good I thought.

We got up and introduced ourselves; we also asked if they wanted something to drink. So me light alcoholic beverages where given out to them and we interacted a bit in conversation. I came to the conclusion that most of them where not older then 30 even. A special event, yea but it must have costed them quite a lot of money as well.

After about 15 minutes the door opened again and in walked what definitely looked 2 masters. Even I had started to recognise the attitude of them, especially when walking into a room. But my god they where young they couldn’t even look older then 15 or so and one… I had to catch my breath, I looked again, how was this possible, I felt I knew this one, but where from. I am sure I had seen him before. Together they came closer to us and split us up in groups. He didn’t’ say a lot so I had no time to see if I could recognise his voice, but his face looked very familiar. I was swept away to the other side of the room with the other Master and was not able to follow the other one from that time.

We where used as usual for the next hour. Then they announced us we would switch groups. I knew I would here his voice, needed to follow his orders but again when I got closer I almost thought I knew him, there was something in him that ……….

(Nick and Randy told bye Nick).

“Ok, Nick, time to get ready before we leave. I told you this morning to clean yourself properly so I hope you did. Did you put a small white brief in your bags for underwear? If so wear that. Also got a tight s-shirt out and some kind of shorts. If you don’t have nay of them let me know we will go and buy them first”.

“No, I have them”.

“Hmm, Nick that is not the answer I expect from you. Try again”.

I wondered for a moment what he wanted then I smiled and said, “No, sir I have those items with me”.

“Ok, that is better. I won’t punish you this time but I will according to, if need be the next time understood”.

“Yes sir”.

“From now onwards, until we are back in the room we are in role play ok”.

“Yes Sir”.

“Fine, we are going to do some shopping now, the shop might be able to introduce us into the club but only if we play this for real. So you better act for real right”.

“Yes sir, hmm can I ask something Sir”.

He smiled now “Good Nick, and yes you can”.

“What kind of shop Sir are we going”?

“Oh, we need some stuff to play with don’t’ we Nick”.

Ok, I though that would be logically as those place have normally ties to other stuff as well.

“Hmm sir, one more question though”.


“You better not call me Nick but something else ok”.

“Good thinking again hmm…… slave boy it shall be”.

We were really getting into this. I got the stuff out of my bag and when I wanted to walk to the bathroom to change Randy put his arm on my shoulder and said. “It might be even a bit easier on you if you start to get used to in the room less dressed then others you know”.

I blushed, I not realised it yet but he was going to see me less dressed for sure. So he was right. I turned around and started to undress. I just made sure that I kept my longer t-shirt on until I changed into my small white briefs. When I was done I looked up to see Randy smile.

“Next time put off all clothes first before you do your underwear ok”.

I blushed again. “To be honest Nick you have nothing to be ashamed off so let’s get going”.

It took us about 30 minutes ride with the taxi to get there. “Follow me, stay close but not to close and look down not up ok”. I got behind him when we entered the store.

I didn’t look up but also on the bottom half of the shelves I saw al sort of kind of stuff when we walked round the shop from whips, dildo’s to special kind of underwear etc.

After about 5 minutes walking around and a few gasps from Randy as I suspected he saw something he hadn’t seen before, some one walked up to us.

“Hm, sir I can help you maybe” the guy in his mid twenties asked.

“Yes, maybe we will need some help. We want to buy several items this afternoon for my slave here”. He said pointing towards me.

“Ah, I though he might be your slave sir. I want to congratulate on your choice, a looks like a good specimen”.

“Yea, I think he is, but he is just learning one so we need some good stuff to start with so he knows straight off where and what he is. So far we played but we came into town especially to buy stuff. I heard through friends this was a place where we could get stuff fitted especially on size and all”.

“I think we can help you with that Sir. But I would like to ask you to walk around a bit more, make a list of things you want and then we will go to a special area where a more specific selection is available of other stuff and also we can do special fittings”.

 “Sounds like a plan. I will let you know when we are done”.

 The salesperson walked away. “So far so good Nick, keep it up boy”.

 I smiled as I knew I had to behave and didn’t look up or tried to answer him. I saw that he had put several items on his list before he approached the salesmen again.

 “We are ready”.

 “Ok, I warned my colleague already and he said he was ready for you. Please go through the door on the right. It should be open. If not let me know”.

 I saw he was correcting his crotch when we walked away. I just hadn’t been able to see more of him.

 Before we went through the door I saw that Randy was reading something. Just before he opened the door he whispered. “You are suppose to be only in your slave clothes when you get in their so when we do in a moment I want you to undress until you only wear your underwear understood”.

“Yes sir” I answer.

Now it would start. Randy had performed well until now, now it was my turn, my turn to do my part. I, no I better be honest I had been hard from the moment we walked into the shop. There was no way that I could deny that I was not getting horny from all of this as I definitely was.

When he closed the door behind me. I saw a young man of around 25 or so was just standing beside it. “Just closing the door behind you sir. We don’t want any one to drop in now do we”?

“No, I think that is fine” Randy said.

“So this is your slave sir”.

“Yes and he need to get an appropriate attire”.

“Sounds like a plan. Have you made the list”?

“Here it is”. I saw that the list was swopped hands.

“Slave boy what did I tell you too, get undressed now” Randy said.

I had forgotten that I had to get into my underwear so I did that as fast as I could. I didn’t dear looking up but I could feel the eyes of the young men burning on my body.

“Looking good, sir you have a good taste”.

“Thank you. But can you do for us what is on the list”.

“Yea I think we can do most of it, this is his slave attire then, the white undies”.

“He is a bit strange he likes to be humiliated in his underwear so I have bought him some to small undies to wear”.

“He looks a bit like a little boy in them, only the content tells us otherwise”.

“It does for sure”.

“Ok, so let see what you want to have, a dildo, cocking, nipple clamps, a whip, an enema bag, and the other items, well that looks like we will be able to provide them”.

“Good, I want you to make sure the dildo and the cocking have a perfect fit. The other things I think don’t matter so much”.

“I agree Sir these needs to be in a good fit to start with”.

“So how are we going to approche that then” Randy asked.

“Well I think first of all we want to make sure that he is relaxed so we are going to do that first. Then we will measure him up on several places and get the stuff ready that won’t take to long as we have got quite a bit in stock”.

Ok well go ahead.

I got something to drink and was then put on a table. My underwear was removed while I was on my belly. My button was probed for some time with several stuff but I guess what ever I drunk must have helped to relax and even stun it a bit. I was not aware of what happened over the next 15 minutes as I was more or less not feeling a lot. But it seems he was finished when I was aloud to turn around again and put my underwear back on.

I was sitting down to wait as Randy was taken more backwards in the room. I think that he was decided on the items that he wanted. I heard them talk on the background as well.

I then heard the key turned in the door and the door opened. I wanted to put my hands in front of my crotch but I remembered why I was here and didn’t do that. I looked at him when he came in. He looked at me, one time, two times then yelled to the back.

“He I didn’t know that Damion had a brother”.

I looked startled to the back of the room. I saw that they both got closer to the person that entered the room.

“Who are you if I may ask” Randy said trying to keep his role as Master on.

“Oh, sorry Sir, but I am one of the shop assistance. I normally do the work together with him down here”.

“Ok, and what did you ask just now, a brother”.

“Yea, hmm your slave, that is your slave right”.

“Yes he is”.

“Well he looks like someone I know, some one that is called Damion. He is the manager of this store”.

I didn’t look at Randy, I hadn’t told him my other brother, but I was shocked to find out that I looked like him. This might complicate things.

“He looks like him, you say”.

“Yes, he does, your slave is older but definitely got the same kind of face, eyes, nose line etc. Family for sure I would say. But Damion never said he had an older brother. Especially not that that one was a slave, I am sure he would have told us. As I am sure they would have had a lot of fun together.

“Oh, well this slave doesn’t know his Mom so who knows he might be family. Maybe you can ask this Damion to contact us. I have my card here with me”.

He gave the card to the new person that had come walking in.

“Ok, well the things will be ready here tomorrow for you to fit. So we might tell you then that is if we see Damion beforehand”.

“Ok, that would be fine, hmm you know any good club to go to in town, with a you know slave / Master idea and where you can trust people as I am sure you recognised me”.

“We might do, we need to ask some inquiries to see if we can tell you. We might be able to do that before tomorrow as well”.

“Ok, fine we will see you then tomorrow around 3 pm right?”

“Yea that sounds fine”.

We left the shop and drove silently back to the hotel room.

Chapter 16

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