chapter 16

(Back in the room with Francis, Francis talking).

When we got closer I could here his voice for the first time. The voice together with the idea that I knew. It makes it all very surreal. This could be Nick’s younger brother, how is that possible.

“Ok, slaves we are going to give these people a very good second round. I am going to challenge you to go very far as I think you can by now. So stand still while I prepare you”.

He got closer to us. I looked at him straight in the eyes. Bad idea when I saw his reaction to it. “Look down” he said “Now “when I didn’t immediately respond to it.

Oh yea there was no doubt the same colour eyes, younger definitely but my god Nick had a brother. When he started to touch me and pulled my underwear down my dick for the first time responded even harder then it had done before. I was charged up by this guy. I had a physical reaction because of him. I looked again straight in his eyes. “Down now boy” he said forcefully.

“I will remind you who the Master is here, my age has nothing to do with that, now look DOWN”. He almost screamed. Now I was sure I would regret it.

I looked at my colleague slave who looked back. With his lips he formed the sentence, “don’t antagonise him, he is bad, very bad”. I had received the message, hopefully not to late I thought.

We got some wires attached to our body, two to our nipples and two to our balls and one to our cock.

“They are going to enjoy this for sure. We will do a small quiz. You can ask questions and the one that is failing the answer will get a little gift from us, the other one is aloud to decide how long that will have to last”.

I am not going into what and how long it lasted but I can tell you that it was not that easy all in all. This was cruel and it felt cruel. I think I was lucky as I don’t think the other slave had finished college and did part of the university. I was able to answer most of the questions though.

In the end we had stop, my balls where aging and my dick still very hard. I was ready to explode I could feel that.

“Ok, the loser is going to have some fun now the winner can watch but is invited to tomorrow’s afternoon bonanza game which will give freedom for the winner”.

I looked at the other guy he had lost but looked somehow relieved. I saw him moving his lips again but I couldn’t make it out this time what it was.

I watched as the other slave got more torture both bye the younger brother of Nick as by the guests. In the end he needed to drink their urine and was aloud to cum. I wasn’t and I was hard and ready for it. I was lead back to my room saying that I needed to be prepared for the next day. The day that I would have a change to get my freedom back if I would win. I was not sure what the winning situation was but I had an idea that with the questions I had a good chance to get out of here.

(Back to Randy and Nick, Nick narrorating)

When we got back to the room, randy forced me to sit down.

“You forget to tell me something Nick, which was and is still very dangerous you know. Why did you never tell me that you had a brother that was very important information”?

“Calm down Randy”.

“I am not going to calm down Nick, I am going to call your Dad and then this is over. It is just too dangerous. What more didn’t you tell me?”

“I looked at him. I didn’t tell you because I promised the person who told me that I would not tell any one. The last thing that I expected was that I would bump into him here”.

“So he is your brother then for sure”.

“Yea seems so, Mom told me I had a brother but she also said that we where not the same. I guess she was wrong, we must have more in common then she can see”.

“It seems so. What role in all of this does he play then? It can’t be any coincidence that he is manager of that store, the place that could lead to the club”.

“I don’t think there is a connection. He doesn’t know I exist and Mom said that he doesn’t know anything about the visions etc so we should be safe”.

“Hmm, are you sure about that”?

“Yea I am sure, we might even be able to ask him to help us maybe”.

“I don’t know perhaps”.

“We need to see what is going to happen when we get there tomorrow and if he is there”.

Randy was quite the rest of the evening. I know I had brought him in a spot that he didn’t like but I was not sure what else I could do about it. I just hope that the fact we might bump into Damion was going to show as a positive factor in the equation.

The next morning we slept in and left just after midday to get to the shop. I had to undress again. Then I was put on the table. There was not a lot said and it even looked like the last bit of the encounter of the day before had not happened.

“Ok, let’s first see if we can apply the cockring to the base. Sit still slave and don’t squeak”.

I saw that he got some kind of ring in his hand. He tried to put it around my dick but my dick started to get hard when he touched it.

“Oh, and easy trigger I see”.

“Yea, I should have warned you” Randy said.

“Not a problem we have ways to deal with it”.

Then before I knew it he had my balls in his hands and turned them around while squeezing them. I screamed hard, my god what was he doing I thought. But it did the trick as my dick had gone down. He quickly moved the ring over my dick and balls and brought it around the base.

“This will stay good without to tight to make normal usage of it impossible. When though the blood will get into his penis and it gets hard, it will make it more difficult to let the flow go back”.

He started to play with my dick again. I guess he wanted to make his point. He was right it got hard very easy still.

“Let’s see if the response is the same as a moment ago”

Before I knew it he had my balls again in his hand and started to put pressure on them. I screamed again, tears ran over my face. I saw that Randy almost said no but I was able to put a smile in between all of it. He then let go and said. “Look still hard”, and with his hand he ticked to my hard dick.

“Good, that will show himself off more easily in the gym etc in his undies” Randy said.

“Next thing”, the sales person said.

It went on for a little bit. I got a special kind of dildo that was not used to try it out so I am not sure what it will do but I am sure it is not nice. Then there was the rubber band with spikes to go around my dick and the band to put around my balls to expand them and retract them from my body. All in all quite a few stuff, which I hope we never needed to use though.

Then when I just had put on my underwear again, still hard with the cockring around though, the other guy came walking in again.

“Looks good to me”.  He said.

 “Thanks” Randy said.

 “You got all you wanted then”.

 “Yea all looks fine so far. Just need to find a place now to try it out”.

 “Good you mention that I talked with Damion and …………..

 (Ok lets go on now with what happened that afternoon with Francis.

 I was informed to make sure that we wore our uniform again. But this time without the socks, bowtie and underwear. I thought yea naked so why not say it. We had never had to go out naked before so that was strange.

 I was lead into a room, with a stage where 5 chairs where on, on the other side was an audience of about 15 people, sitting in a launch chair, relaxing. I though I recognised as some that I definitely had seen before.

“Ok, go and sit down then I will explain you what we are about to do”.

We set down all naked, 5 young guys. I had seen one or two before but not that much. It must mean that the amount of guys that where here in total was more then I had though of in the beginning.

“This is your chance to get out of here as you know. If you win this afternoon you can go and we don’t expect to see you back. For the others, this is the only time you will be allowed to play so it is one or never. I know some of you have been here for years others just a few weeks. What is happening here will never be spoken off, if we find out some one is the punishment will be the hardest you can imagine. Understood”.

We all nodded, a chance to get out was more then I ever dreamed off and by the looks on the faces of the other guys I think they where thinking the same.

“Ok, then we will proceed in a moment. You sit back and relax for a moment”.

Another guy came onto the stage he had a bag in his hands and set down at the first one. He started to get something out of the bag and then started to bind it around the balls of the guy. From it was a bit of rope that was hanging almost until on the ground.

The guy went from one of us to the other and did the same thing at all of us. I tried to see what he put on their but we where not aloud to see. He left when he was finished.

“Ok, I will tell you what we are going to do in a moment but first of it we are going to make you hard and horny as the winner also is going to be aloud to cum so we have selected some of the Masters to make you ready for it”.

Wow, cumming was also not normal so this was going to be good for the winner. I had been cumming when ever they where not watching when I was just here but some severe punishments had soon made me realise that they where watching every where, even while you where under the covers in bed.

There he was again, the guy that looked so much like Nick. He walked towards me, sat down in front of me on his knees and started to touch my dick. Within a minute it was rock hard and ready to go off. It didn’t needed a lot, not after being without cumming for almost 3 weeks now I thought. He smiled at me and got behind me. He stood himself right behind me, watching straight forward as it seems this was quite a ritual I thought.

“Ok, well the 15 quests of this afternoon are going to decide who turn it is they are not aloud to talk during the session. They will however be able to watch it all back again as this will be recorded from every angle possible. They will press a button when asked choosing either number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4 or number 5. Depending on who gets the most votes, he will have the next turn. Then one of you will be asked to roll a dice, the number that will come up is the amount of seconds we are going to let burn the cord that is hanging under your balls. The one that reaches his balls first will be the winner of today and will be the one that has the right to leave. Any questions”.

Happy with the last bit of information no one really had a question. With the dice there it would mean burning of 6 seconds tops, it would mend a few times before one of us would be home to a win.

So we where started up the first 10 points was made and 3 of us went twice, one just once and the guy beside me three times already. But all in all with the seconds he was just a bit ahead of us. The cord was lighted by the guys that where standing beside us.

(Back at the shop with Rand and Nick)

“Good you mention that I talked with Damion and he hardly can believe that he has a brother as his Mom would have mentioned that. He wants to meet up with you at some point but it might need to wait until later this week or early next week. He was quite busy at this point”.

Well I though that didn’t seem like he was very interested to get acquainted I thought.

“But we can give you an introduction to a good club if you want to go a bit further then little things with your slave and if he is allowed to play with others as well”.

“Yea that is the idea I had with it”.

“Ok, well then Damion might be in contact you within a few days to set up an appointment”.

“We will wait for his phone call. I left it at the cashier last night”.

“Yea, no problem we got that. Oh and we want to make sure that nothing you see there and nobody that you see there will be remembered, it is a special kind of meetings and no ones to be remind about it outside the gathering, understood”.

“Yea that is fine, that is exactly how I want it”.

“Ok, then we will see you around, have fun with the goods and the slave” he said with a laugh.

Again we were quiet till we got to the hotel room. Randy put on the bath when he waved me to come in.

“I think that went well but from now on we need to be careful. I talked with one of the detectives and they think they might bug our rooms and telephones so we need to make sure there is some background sound on when we talk. Otherwise if you have anything just write it down. Oh but make sure to burn the paper before we leave the room”.

“You got in contact with the detectives”.

“Yea sorry Nick, but I had to we need to coordinate a bit or it will end up as a bigger mess. I don’t think that they have said anything to your Dad except for that you are fine”.

“Oh, ok, so what do you think do we have an entry in to the club”?

“I think so now the only thing to find out is what is going on their and how are we going to get Francis out. And maybe the biggest part in this is, what will Damion do in all of this”.

“Yea, no idea yet though, he didn’t see eager to meet up with us did he”.

“No, not really so we just have to wait and see”.

(Back at the little stage with the 4 slaves and Francis)

“Ok, this was the first round, we will do at least another set of 10 before anything will happen, and at least that is in the past. But we will have a break to work on your dicks although most of them are quite stiff still”.

I got worked up again by the younger look a like of Nick which really didn’t a lot of work on it to get it all poking and ready again. He smiled at me and set “Have fun now”.

Not sure what he meant with it.

“Ok, I have one more surprise for you, the camera’s will be ready to get close ups from you from now on, so don’t sweat if it will. Also you are not aloud to look down anymore so we will put a little board around your neck, not tight or anything as that is not important but just to make sure you can’t see where the burning of the cord is when it is your turn. What we haven’t told you yet is how the winner will be decided. Yea it will be the one whose cord is finished burning and at that same point the winner will be aloud to come as well. But you might be wondering how we know it is finished burning. You might remember that we put something around your balls which as you might not know is attached to the cord. What we have put there is a very light explosive which will go off when the burning cord hit it. I am sorry to inform you that the winner is aloud to leave but it will also mean that he has cum for the last time as his balls will be gone for good”.

I swallowed deep, I saw that one of the others wanted to get up and leave. We looked at each other in unbelief. The chance to leave sounded all of a sudden a lot less attractive.

“Ok, let’s go on”. From now on we only knew who was going to be the next one to light but not the amount of seconds so no idea what and how far you where off. We were all wanked, but only the ones that are almost going to pop will be brought to a climax. When it was my turn though he really got into it and I knew that the plan was that you exploded at both times so if you got close it could get dangerous. I saw that some of the other realised that as well as the tension on their faces grew. This was incredible I thought I was almost there when the next round was announced.

“Ok we are very close now guys and we thought we will do it a bit different though. When the winner is going to be close you will be all wanked till you cum so you have just wait for what will happen with it if you lost or won tonight. I just hope it will give you all an incredible fun time”.

For a moment I thought this real or not as it was starting to be one heck of a mind game. I felt how I was getting closer and closer. They did another round and I thought it was mine that was burning but I couldn’t see. I felt I started to shake a bit; I didn’t want to loose my balls. What would Nick say when I would, he never would want me then anymore as that is for sure.

“Can I do something so you prevent this from happening” I asked the guy that looked as much as Nick.

“Sorry I can’t, now shush”.

“But I am not here out of my own free will, I have been taken”.

“So are we not all” is what he answered.

I wondered what was going on. I knew better then to say a lot and I think that it had stopped burning so that was good I thought.

I am not sure what happened next as I felt that I started to get very close then without a notice the guy speeded up and I screamed out when I came, harder then I ever had also I tried to note if I felt anything or not. I let out a sigh of relieve, not free I knew but still with balls. Then slowly I started to notice that there was one scream that had been louder then the others so I guess some one had loose their jewels. I tried to look around but the guy beside me said. “Stay looking forward, don’t look side ways”.

While one of the guys kept screaming we waited not sure for what though.

“Ok now stand up and then do three passes forward”.

I did and didn’t dear to look behind me, to afraid to see who was there and how it looked.

The cords where pushed off our balls and I think also the explosive was taken away. If it had happened then I couldn’t remember that their had been an explosion in the end. Was it all a mind game I though. I wanted to look back. We should have heard an explosion I thought. But the Nick look a like pushed me forward to the side of the stage where we where taken into the open door.

The main speaker was there too. “Sorry guys but you where not aloud to watch the rest anymore”.

“I didn’t hear any explosion” I said looking at him.

“Maybe there was none” the speaker said with a grim. “But you will just never know. You will be brought back to your rooms now”.

I just hoped that there was not ever going to be something like this again. Not sure I could take it. I also wondered if I could talk with that Nick look a like next time to see if he was able to help. He must come outside I thought.

(Back with Randy and Nick)

The next few days seems to last for ages. We didn’t dare doing a lot, nor phone a lot of people. Randy had bought a prepay mobile in the hope that it would be kept unknown to any one who was following us. We had a few dinners in the hotel and went to one or two movies. All the time when we where out I pretended to be his slave and was very obedient. Not that he demanded a lot to be honest.

Then after 3 days the expected phone call came. An appointment was made although not bye Damion himself. For a 17 year old one that sounded a bit strange, but then again he was a manager of a small but busy shop as well.

The meeting was at 10 am in the morning the next day. Randy had me dressed in one of my skimpiest briefs and a grey t-shirt that didn’t cover up a lot. I didn’t really like to be introduced to my brother, if it was my brother but still we couldn’t let up the cover, just in case he wasn’t coming along.

We where sitting at the table when there was a nock on the door. When neither of us moved Randy said. “Don’t you think it is your job to open the door”?  I let out a deep sigh but knew better then to object. I walked to the door and slowly opened it.

I looked again and again. I think from after that first 10 second there was no doubt in my mind anymore that he was in deed the brother my Mom had talked about he looked quite a lot like me. But why had she said we had not a lot in common.

“Won’t you let me in” he said.

“Oh, yes Sir, of cause Sir” I said just remembering my role. He looked surprised when the Sir’s came around.

When he was in, he looked back at me, giving me a good look over. “Turn around” Randy said.

I slowly turned around so my brother could have a good look at me.

“I couldn’t believe when they told me at the shop that I had a brother but seeing him now I can’t deny it. Don’t know how it is possible but he is”. He said now looking at Randy.

“Yea we where a bit surprised as well we must say but I can see the resembles quite clearly” Randy said.

Damion looked at me again. “He seemed even have the same sizes as me; quite good for a slave boy I must say”.

“Do you wane sit down” Randy asked.

Damion set down. He still hadn’t said one word to me. “Is it ok to ask him some questions Mr Harrison”.

“Yes of cause and you can call me Randy”.

“What is your name brother of mine”?

“I am Nick and you must be Damion”. I answered him.

“Hmm, he needs to learn still doesn’t he”?

“We are getting there but I am sure this is a shock for him as it is for you”.

“Is it Nick, or did you know you had a brother”.

“I knew”. I answered knowing better then asking something back. It was Randy’s job to do that.

“Ah, how long did you know”.

“Mom told me about 10 days ago or so that you existed. The last thing I though was bumping in to you down here”.

“Ah, well Mom never told me you existed. So you are enjoying being a slave then Nick”.

“Yes Sir, especially with a Master like Randy”.

“I can see that. What does get you off Nick”?

Before I could answer that Randy said:  “Showing himself of in underwear and seeing others in their underwear”.

“Ah, no real surprise I guess” he said.

“Oh why is that”. Randy asked.

“That is something I like to but then from the Dominant side. It sees our Mother has spread her genes in opposite directions when it comes to us. I guess he is queer, as he is with you here”.

“Yea, he is”

“Well that is then something else that is different. I am bi and I like both sides of the line. Although my sexual pleasure is more with girls”.

“AH, not exactly the same then”.

“How old are you Nick”?

I looked at him trying to guess how old he was. “I am 20” I said.

“Ok, so you where there 5 years before me strange”.

“You are only 15 and then already you have your own shop” I said quite surprised.

“I guess I must have the brains as well” He said with a laugh. He continued with “I don’t own it I just manage it and that is not a lot of work”.

“Well still admirable” I said.

“Hmm he really needs to stay with the answers if he ever is to become a good slave you know Randy”.

Damned it seems he had picked up on that again.

“It doesn’t show the ability that you have as a Master I am sure off”.

“He is only my slave for about 2 months now and this is one of our first longer get together so he will in time”.

“Maybe you should punish him more slaves do learn with that the best you know”.

“I know but I am not always into that”.

“So any more surprises Nick for me, or is that it”.

“No, you have another brother out there”.

“Ah, a slave gay one as well”.

“No, a straight normal one, as far as I know”.

“He knows you are a slave and gay”.

I was not sure what to answer with that and hesitated one more before answering “Yes he does”.

“Ever played with him”.


“Ever dreamed of playing with him”.

Now there was a sensitive touch as I was in my role but this question was something that got close to the truth as when I was around  14 or so and David around 16 I had been having fantasies about playing with him so I answered a bit to slow I guess. “Hmm no not really”.

“Not really or really not”. He asked me.

“Well sort off ones or twice”.

“So that is a yes then” he said.

I swallowed, this was not nice to admit “Yes, but “.

“NO buts Nick, I hate when they say that” he said to Randy.

“Come closer Nick” he said to me now. I looked at Randy and he nodded.

“OH, I should have asked you Randy, can I show him what it is to have a real brother”.

I saw Randy hesitate “Yes he is all yours if you want to, I didn’t expect you would do”.

“Well he is good-looking, older and I like that” Damion said.

I stood now just in front of him. He pushed the t-shirt up a bit more, “take it off”.

I stepped back a bit and took the t-shirt off.

He held his hands out and one of them got closer to my right nipple, he touched it gently. It was very strange to have your nipple touched by your brother. I felt strange standing here and although I didn’t had a hard one yet; it started to get harder now. He started to massage it a bit harder and then he twisted it a bit. I had to keep my mouth shut hard to not let out a scream or anything. His other hand in the meantime had wondered down to my briefs. It started to caress my dick through the briefs.

“Hm he is easy to get hard isn’t he”?

“Yea he is. Do you wanna play with him”.

“For a bit if that is fine” Damion said.

I didn’t see that Randy nodded but he must have done as Damion went on, now touching my balls and still twisting my nipple with his other hand. Then all of a sudden the pressure on my balls got bigger, he was squeezing them.

“Stop please, stop Damion”.

Wrong answer it seems as he squeezed even harder.

“Stop please stop Sir” I said now faster.

He stopped and looked into my eyes. I looked back but then knew it was better if I would look down. When I did I saw that he had a bulge in his own trousers as well.

“Like what you see down there” he said.

“Yes sir”.  I answered.

“Good, maybe time to get to know it a bit better then. Go and sit on your knees”.

Was this for real did he really wanted me to touch his dick to see it close by as I trembled a bit when I sank down on my knees. I hoped that Randy would step in, but on the other hand I knew there was little chance he would as that would give us away for sure. I needed to go on to make sure we would get that invitation.

He stood up; now his crotch was on high eye for me. When I breathed in the next time I could smell the scent he was sending out a very heavy send I must say.

“Take my trousers off”.

I got with my hands to his zipper, opened it slowly and then after loosing up the button, I lowered his pants over his hips. Now he was standing in a very tight boxer brief, red of colour and very lustful to see. I felt how my dick started to jump a bit more. Down boy I though. It felt very strange to be aroused bye your own look a like standing in his underwear.

I expected that the next thing that I was going to do was touching it. He took me a bit by surprise when he said “Kiss it”.

I hesitated it one moment and then kissed his dick. The underwear smelt very pee like even a bit of cum like as well.

“Kiss it more, and then try to take it into your mouth”.

I kissed a few times more wondering in the meantime how I was going to be able to get this into my mouth as it had started to expand more and more with each kiss that I gave it.

I put my fingers a bit behind one side and pushed a bit forward. I moved my lips around it and then closed my mouth. I sucked a bit on it, it definitely tasted like pre cum I though.

“Go on suck it” he said again.

I could feel it getting harder and harder while I sucked it.  Then he pushed his hips further into my face as I could feel the cotton of his briefs started to get wet and wetter. He let out a cry of joy and kept pushing the now wet brief further and further in my face. I started to taste his cum that now saturated the cotton and started to slide into my mouth. He screamed out a second time, more and more cum now got into my mouth.

Then he backed off looking at me. He pushed my chin upwards, our eyes met “Was this one of the dreams you had” he asked. Before I answered he continued “Well it was one of my so thank you brother, but trust me this was a one time event. Never again so don’t salivate on me ok”.

I nodded and though in relieve good, although it had been nice, once was enough.

“Is he aloud to come as well” he asked Randy.

“No, he isn’t. I thought we could wait with that until the party”.

“Yea might be good idea the older they get the less horny they get”>

It seems you got of fast enough though” Randy said with a smile “OR was it really one of your fantasies”.

“Well not a fantasy but I had heard other Masters told about their sibbelings experiences and I just wanted to see how good it was”.

“And happy with it”.

“Yea, he does know how to do that pretty well I must say” smiling now at me.

“You have definitely found your natural skills brother”.

“Now we have done this bit, there is the party bit as later after that I am sure there is time to get to know each other if you want to Damion”.

“Yea my schedule as you noted is quite full so not a lot of time now, but yea after the party we need to do some serious talking Nick. I want to know why Mom never told me about you and why she I guess never saw you as it must have been quite a time since you saw her last”.

“It has been” I answered and wanted to go on but Randy said “We have time for that later Nick. Now when is this party Damion”.

“It is in 2 days time and the rest of the clientele fits your purpose perfectly”.

“There will be others that are famous”.

“Yea and some will come with their slaves too”.

“What is on the programme of the party”?

“Well it is not a lot, a we can play all party but without a major theme or finally. Just a friendly way to show off your slave and let your slave is admired in my forms”.

“For a first time that sounds like a good one” I said.

“Yea I though it might be, we will inform you that evening about other possibilities for your and or your slave at this club”.


“Well if that is all then”.

“No, not really Damion. I have one more favour of you to ask”.

“Oh, and that is”.

‘Do you know a lot of the slaves that comes around at those parties”?

“Most of them yea”.

“Do you know how they get there then”?

“With their Masters and the ones that don’t have Masters have been coming their bye shops like mine”.

“So every one is there on its own free will then”.

“Yea as far as I know”.

“I don’t think so” I said slowly to let the words sink in with him.

“You think people are brought down there under force”.

“Yea, and I don’t mean the force of play. I even got the impression that there are people, young men mainly held there as slave’s while they have been kidnapped.

“No, can’t be”. He said.

So far this went well although I was a bit surprised as I thought Randy would have played open card with him and told him who we are.

“Yes I think there is a criminal organisation behind it all making money out of it big time”.

“No way, Mom would have known”.

“Well we haven’t talked with your Mom about this, but we had some detectives going over it”.

“You are police then”.

“No, private detectives”.

“Why would you do that”?

“Because I think they are having one of my slaves and I love him to much to let him go by down there and being used without my permission”.

“Oh and why are you telling me that”.

“I had hoped you could help us getting him free”.

“Why didn’t you go to the police then”?

“Because I think there clients are in the police force as well”.

“This sound all very strange”.

“I know, do you like to see a picture of the slave of who I thinks is being held there”.

“Yea” he said still very wary of it all now.

Randy got a picture of Francis out.

“Hmm, yea he is there, but I though he was there out of his free will”.

“As far as I know he isn’t”.

“Does he know Nick”?  He asked then.

“Yea why”.

“Hmm that explains in the way he reacted at the last party to me then”.

“You played with him”.

“A bit yea”.

I wanted to step in but Randy looked at me with a glaze that said don’t interfere, let me handle it.

“So you wanting him out there is dangerous then if he is held there”.

“Yea it might be”.

“Especially with the cops in then there must be a big organisation behind it”.

“We think so, but to be honest Damion how did you get in there and do you think they will let you off and do something else ever. And even how long are they letting you play the Master as well you know you get older and”.

He got quite now. It seems the detective found a lot more out in a short notice then I knew as there was no way that Randy was this just all guessing this.

“I am not sure I need to think about all of this’.

“I know, maybe it is a good idea to call your Mom right”.

“You think she knows all of this then”.

“Well she might, you know how deep she is in it”

“I guess, so, I want to know more about Nick also so I am going to give her a call anyway”.

“Ok, so you will let us know if you would help us”.

“I will, but you still have to come to the party anyway there is no way out of that now”.

“We know and we will have fun”.


“Well see you around Nick” He said to me and stood up.

He walked to the door opened it and left. I looked at Randy and said. “You took me by surprise there Randy”.

“Yea I know I did but I thought that was the best approached after he played with you”.

“That was a surprise”.

“But a good one I hoped” he said with a smile.

“Well, yea I guess not to bad. Strange though that we all as I think we all do fantasies about having something with our brothers or sisters but then when it really happens it is also very strange at the same time, not like with any other guy I have been with”.

“Now we have to wait till he calls us”.


We waited for the phone to ring over the next few days but nothing happened, nothing at all. Randy had one more time contact with the detectives and had gotten some good information out of them as it seems they had found some one who had wanted to talk about what happened to him. It seems he just came out of it some how. They had also found the main people behind it and where ready to move onwards as soon as we had Francis out. It was now only waiting for us to see if we could. There was no word from Damien by the time we had left so we wondered about if he was or wasn’t going to help us. Or even if Francis would be there or not.

So we got to the club on time and when Randy told his name we where lead through to the back to a special area straight off.

“You are early but the others will come soon. You can wait here before entering the room that is behind it”.  He looked at me “Your slave can also get into his uniform down here”.

Uniform I thought. We really hadn’t prepared a lot as we didn’t know what to expect. I was of cause wearing a small pair of underwear but was that what they would expect me the only thing to be wearing.

Randy looked at me “Get it off and keep the undies on ok”. I looked pleading at him but he didn’t give a kick. So I got out of my clothes and sat down in just my white pair of skimpy briefs. “Keep standing” Randy said.

Then others started to come in, some seems to know each other others didn’t. They all looked at me very closely and then started to talk with Randy. It seems a few knew him and I think that a few of them where surprised he was there. There were also three women slaves around and 2 women domina’s. But no Francis or Damion where there.

Then the door was opened and we showed into a big room. It had several places to sit, couches, pillows on the ground a few tables and then a few area’s that where designed for playing. I saw some paddles, dildos and a lot of rope around.

When we got in a group of young probably slaves came in caring drinks to a plateau and also wearing not a lot. Randy tapped on my shoulders and pointed over at Francis who had come in from the other side that I was looking. He stood still and almost dropped his plateau when he saw me, then when he saw Randy as well a little smile came over his face.

“Stay close with me, don’t talk or get close to Francis at all. When I will in a moment wonder off and talk with one of the other slaves. Don’t talk with any Master and if they want something do it”. I just nodded.

We mingled through the room. Randy got lots of compliments on me and my endowment as it was quite clearly visible now I had seen Francis. I saw that he was also quite stiff just as he had been in my vision. I saw that he tried to get closer to us but each time he did Randy walked away on purpose.

“Now” Randy said when he got closer again. I walked off to the other side and I heard that Randy started to talk with him.

When I was about 4 meters away or so I turned around trying to look at them, but my sight was blocked when another Master stood before me. “At last I thought your master would never tell you to wonder around on your own. You are new to all this isn’t you” he said with a devilish smile.

“Yes sir”.

“Good, well shaped I must say” I felt how his hand started to touch my dick and balls; he started to play with it quite good I must admitted. “You wane come boy” he said.

I said “No, Sir not aloud”. He used his hand now even better. ‘Are you sure boy”? I started to breathe deeper trying to prevent as what seemed to be inevitable”.

“Yes Sir”.

“Hmm I can make you cum you know”.

“Yes Sir, I know you can, I just hope you don’t”.

He smiled now, “Well said boy. You will learn fast enough. I am sure I see you around later”.

He walked off; I saw that Randy’s hand was now resting on Francis’ dick. I got jealous but I knew it was necessary. I saw the intense look of hope on Francis face. Whatever was going down here it was not all pleasant that was for sure.

My view then was blocked again.

“I see that your Master has found his former slave, not afraid he will replace you” Damion stood there and looked at me.

“No, he can handle two’

“Well you never know”.

“I trust him”.

“Ok, you are looking good again Nick, but then why wouldn’t you with my genes running through you”.

“Sir, permission to speak”.

“Granted” he said.

“Are you going to help us”?

“I might”.

“Did you talk with Mom”?

“Yes, in length and she said more or less the same. I have been giving this place a good look through and I am more or less convinced Randy is telling the truth”.

“So you will help us”.

“I have one more thing to try out boy and then I will let you know. But I can guarantee you that you will see me soon again”.

He walked off, brushing his hands over my dick which jumped again. I waited till Randy and Francis where finished talking. I had hoped that Francis would have come towards me now but he didn’t. Randy though came walking back to me and saved me from another Master wanted to have a feel.

“I saw you talked with Damion what did he say”.

“He talked with Mom and believed us more or less. He didn’t say yet he was going to help us, he said he wanted one more thing to try out”.

“Oh, he is cutting this short. I don’t want to have us to do this another time. No better opportunity then the first. I am not sure Francis could stand staying behind now he saw us. At first he thought we where both captured as well. I set him straight on that aspect. He also said he was not aloud to talk with another slaves so he was going to stay away from you. But he said also that you looked to good to be true”.

I smiled with that and looked over where he was. He caught my eye and smiled back.

“Well we better wait and see what is going to happen then. We are supposed to mingle a bit more and Francis also said it is not a good idea to stay to close together. It is the meaning of this kind of party to let your slave loose and be looked and played with bye others so you ok with this”.

“Yea but how do we know Damion will help us”.

“We don’t we just have to wait and see”.

In the next 30 minutes I got groped by quite a few other people, not as forward anymore as the first one but still it didn’t feel that pleasant all in all. I had followed Randy and Francis his movements from time to time and found that they had met up once each with Damion. He on the other hand had been gone for about 15 minutes and had then returned.

At a certain point Damion was in front of me again, at the same time was the Master of the first time around too. They looked at each other.  “I was going to claim him this afternoon Damion” the other guy said.

“Normally I would oblige you as you know as I respect you but not with my brother if that is fine. It is his first time here and we haven’t met before so I hope you will let me this afternoon”.

Ah normally Damion would have stepped back but for some reason he insisted. I waited for the guy’s response. He looked us both over a few times. “I didn’t know you had an older brother Damion, but there is no doubt that he is your brother, even in the dick compartment he seems to resemble you. So I think I will enjoy watching this for sure”.

He backed off but kept looking at us. I saw that there were a few more couple formed which were more or less got the attention of others. One of them were Randy and Francis.

“Now what Damion are you going to help us” I hissed at him.

“Shut up, behave and do as told”.

“Ok” I said

There was some one that was standing beside a microphone who started to make an announcement it seemed. “Can I have your attention please?”

chapter 17


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