chapter 17

It got silent.

“I think everyone has found their partner or at least every one who wanted to play this afternoon. We are going to have a little shoot out competition as you know. Which master can bring the slave the fastest to his highpoint? The first 4 are allowed to cum, the others not. Then after that the four will have some fun as well. So have fun”.

“You better make sure you are one of the first to come brother otherwise I won’t be able to help at all”.

He started to rub through my briefs, then took them off and started masterly manipulate my dick, it got harder and harder and then I already felt it cum, he stopped yelled “CUM” and then it started to spurt out of my dick. I had been the first. But when I was still enjoying the aftermath of my orgasm I heard how Francis did the same as Randy joined in and shouted “CUM”.

Not sure how this was all going to be solved. It seemed as Damion had a plan though. We were still walking around in our briefs, some of the cum that had dribbled out had stained it a bit but not to bad. I tried to get closer to Randy and Francis but somehow Damion prevented that from happening. After about an half hour the announcer came back again. “Ok we are ready for the final bit of this afternoon’s pleasure. As always it involves a bit of a show done this afternoon bye the four winners of earlier on.  Now as you have all hooked up with different slaves the next bit will or might be rewarding to make it into a good show. All Masters agreed that the winner and the loser of the 4 are entitled to leave together as a pair and have some more or less fun. The one winning with more, the one loosing with less fun. That last one is done in your own private situation as long as an account of the proceedings is published tomorrow on our website as usual. So now on how to decide who is going for the fun and who for the other kind of fun” he said with a big laughter.

“First of all the 4 slaves are going to put a mask on. They are not aloud to see any of what is going on. Today’s final game has to do with weight lifting. We are going to see who can handle the most weight. So please masters go ahead and start making the preparations”.

A moment later I could feel that Damion was doing something with my balls. I had been wondering about the weight lifting but now I knew what it was going to be and I was not sure I was going to like it at all.

“So the winner is the one that can handle the most weight, the looser is going to be the last one to shoot with it”.

I waited in anticipation. I knew at least what was coming. I worried about Francis as I was sure he had no idea how it would feel, or well he might have had it done to him down here before.  I felt how weights where put on the cord and pain were shooting through my balls. I felt how Damion pushed them a bit and they where starting to swing.

“If you think Francis can cum fast with his balls tied down you better loose this one, if not you better make sure you keep this up for a bit”.

“I was not sure if Francis would cum from pain. I knew I had in the past. I better would do my best to keep this up as I suspected it would be easier for Francis not to cum at all with the pain”.

“No talking” the announcer yelled from beside us.

I felt how more weights where added. I also heard some moaning coming from beside me. I had no idea if I had more or less on my balls so I had to keep this in check. I wanted to win. Damion in the meantime had done some more swinging of them. Not nice at all. Then more and more weights where hanging on to it. I lost count of them but when the next one came around I screamed it out as it was a lot that was added all in all. But still I managed to keep standing up. I had heard some sounds and cries coming from beside it gotten quieter though. Then an wow came out of the room. I was not sure well not for a moment but then another weight was put on and this increased the pain a lot. It must have been a very heavy one.

‘We got a winner” the announcer said.

“It seems our new participant is really good at this. You are the winner of this all. But can you become the looser at the same time as it won’t be easy to cum with so much weight on them. So here we go start wanking the slave’s, Masters”.

I felt how my still hard dick was now taken by Damion’s, my brothers hand I thought. But the pain on my balls helped to get me going as in a minute I erupted cum all over the place, despite the fact I had come just a moment before as well.

After another 2 minutes or so more erupters happened and the announcer said. “It seems that our looser can’t even get hard. He sucks as a slave I would say”.

I hoped it would be Francis. I waited to see what would happen now.

“Masters, you can take the weights off, but keep the masks on they look cute in it”.

I felt how Damion started to remove the weights and with the blood returning to my balls also the pain increased for a moment.

“So now what we won” I said to Damion when I started to be able to speak again.

“It will mean that with Randy lost and we won that we are aloud both to go with our slaves to have some fun. So behave do as told and we will get out of here”.

“Can I talk with Francis”?

“No and why would you to start with as just wait”.

We mingled for a little bit and I was happy that Randy had found me again at one point. ‘Sir what is going to happen now”?

“Be patient Nick, you done well up there I am proud but you will have to leave with Damion in a moment. I will then leave a bit later with Francis, hopefully out of here”.

“You think that will work then. They will know he was with you and that he is one of theirs so not aloud to leave the room”.

“We hope that the masks will do the trick Nick”.

“I hope so too”.

“Damien is behaving”.

“As far as you can expect from a little brother I said with a chuckle”.

“Now don’t start to get naughty” Randy said.

“I won’t, I better get back to Damion, say “Hi” to Francis from me”.

“I will don’t worry”.

Damion got back to me a little later.

“OK time for us to go. Normally the masks are left here but I will say that we want some fun with it later onwards so I think I will get away with that. We will go back to your hotel room for some fun, then I will leave brother and not sure I will see you then again”.

I was a bit surprised by these last words. We got out to the front door. I got dressed and was able to go out without a problem. Damion explained about the mask and they said to him have fun. IT all went very very smooth I must say.

When we got back to the hotel room he said. “Now get undressed again”.

“What, get undressed Nick now”.

“No way, I am waiting for Randy and Francis”.

“Shut up” he walked towards the bathroom, turned the tabs on and then the radio which was in the bedroom it self.

“You want to fuck this up brother then go ahead. I am not sure why you are with that Randy and how you can be a slave but you better behave. We will need to play this out and that means I have to be rough on you, they know I am a rough Master, they learned me” he said with a bit of a sigh. “So sorry but you have to keep this up for about another hour then I will leave”.

 I saw anger in his eyes; I started to get frightened now. I slowly removed my clothes. He had lowered the radio but kept the bath on. “Hurry boy”.

 He then pushed me hard against a wall. “Stay still, don’t move and scream as much as you can”.

Before I knew it he hit me 4, 5 times in the guts, then once in my face and he ended with 4 direct hits at my balls. I screamed all right, quite hard. I tried to protect my balls and with my hands but he pushed them away and bound them together.

I got more punches. I think after a few more I lost conscience looking back not nice but a lot nicer then raping me as that was something at least he hadn’t done. I found some spurs of his cum on my face though when I came around again. He was gone. Why he had done it no idea. I stood up, slowly but with every move my balls just hurtled too much. I climbed on the bed and stayed down there for a moment. Then as a sudden flash it hit me Randy, Francis were were they? I though for a moment about ringing Randy but I though not from this room. I will go downstairs have dinner and then give Randy a ring.

I was trying to be patient but the moment my orders where taken I got my mobile phone out and dialled Randies number. No answer though, I started to get nervous, where were they I thought?

I tried it several more times during dinner he didn’t answer his phone.

Around 8 pm I had dialled a hundred times or so, but no response. I was about to go back to the club but I knew that that would be wrong as well. Now what I thought. I saw only one solution to it and that was not a pleasant one. I had to call my Dad.

“Nick is that you” was the first thing what he said when he answered the phone.

“Yea it is me”.

“Good at last, I had hoped you would call us as soon as you got out of there”.

“So you knew what was going on”.

“Yea, not happy with it though but we will talk later about that. Now question is Randy there with you”.

“No, and I have been trying to call him for the last 3 hours now but he is not answering. I haven’t seen him anymore since I left with Damion together”.

“Damned” he said.

“Why Dad”.

“Well the detectives lost him somehow when he got out of the club and they have tried to find him but they can’t get to him either. So they called me in the hope you would call”.

“We didn’t want to call you as we had no idea where you were and if we would interrupt something”.

“No, I am fine, outside the hotel room though”.

“Well don’t go back there anymore. Try another hotel if you want. I can pay for it from down here. But what ever you do don’t go back. We are not sure where Francis and Randy are. They might even being kidnapped again”.

“But they got out alright then”.

“Yea that is what the detectives saw but when they tried to follow them out of security reasons they lost them”.

“Strange, why haven’t they called then yet or are they answering his mobile”.

“I don’t know. I will give the detectives a ring and see what to do next ok. Keep your phone on though and look in the meantime for a new hotel”.

I hanged up. Now what is going on I thought what is happening. Where they being captured again. I looked around to see if I was followed or not. We had talked about some shaking off tactics but I was not sure if I could do them on my own. For the next 30 minutes I changed busses, metros and I even went in a train and back again to where I started in the hope that I lost any one that might have been following. I ended up just a few blocks away from the club and found a hotel. I was about to go and call my Dad again when the phone rang. I looked and saw it was Dad.

“And” I said anxious.

“Well still no news son but it seems that during the last 30 minutes or so the increase in security in the club has doubled, hardly any one gets in or out so I think they are on to us. Now we just have to find Randy and Francis then we can confront the top of this organisation in leaving us all alone”.

“You think that will work. Well with the information about the club the people we have seen going on I think it will but we have to wait and see”.

“So what do the detectives want me to do then”?

“Did you find another hotel? Yea I am standing in front of one”.

“Good, send me the name in a sms message in a moment and I will give them a ring to book you a room. Then I am going to give you the name and phone number of one of the detectives or his assistants and they will come to you ok”.

“Yea, but hurry”.

“Just stay calm Nick, don’t worry too much”.

Easier said then done I thought. I send him the sms message and a few minute later I got confirmation of the booking. I checked in and got myself a room. Then I called the number of the detective that I got.

“Hello” he answered.

“This is Nick” I said carefully.

“Hi there Nick I was awaiting your call where are you”.

I told him the address and he said he was close by and would be there in about 15 minutes.

“Are you sure you were not followed?”  He asked before hanging up.

“Yea, I have done the bus, metro, train routine for 30 minutes so I think that was enough. I doubt it though that I was followed in the first place. I haven’t been in the hotel for hours so I think I was ok to start with”.

“Well with these guys you better make sure three times before that you are right about that one”.

Some time later there was a nock on the door. I looked through the whole and saw a youngish guy standing in front of it. Not the detective I had expected to be honest. I got careful as I was not sure that was the detective to start with. So I got my phone and sms him to put the card under the door if he was standing in front of it. I saw him picking up the phone and reading the message. A smile appeared on his face and he bended over to push something underneath the door.

I picked it up an read: William Stockridge, private eye. Well that was enough I thought so I opened the door and welcomed him in.

“Sorry for that but I just wanted to be sure you where who I thought you might have been”.

“No, that is very good. I am William by the way”.

“Yea I read that, I am Nick, welcome here”.

“Thanks, now tell me what happened in the club”.

I started to tell him what had happened inside.

“I will only do the more important bits yea not the details”.

He blushed and then said. “I know some of it any way but yea that is fine Nick, just everything that had to do with what Brian and Francis said and what they did when you left”.

I went through it and he scribbled down a lot of notes. “Ok thanks for that, I know that must not have been easy”.

“Well not to difficult. I am starting to get used to it I guess”.

“There should be no need for that Nick. But at least it gives us a good idea what happened. I am going to ring my boss and see what he thinks, but so far as I can tell our plans worked out quite fine, now we just need to find them”.

He phoned his boss and talked with him on the other side of the room. He looked at his notes several times. After about 10 minutes or so he hanged up. I looked at him and said.

“So now what”.

“Well he will talk with the other detectives and if we will need to do something they will let us know. I think they are going to try to see if they can get in contact with Damion. You don’t have his phone number do you”.

“No, I haven’t”.

“That is ashame as out of what you told us I think he tried to get out of it and it backfired. We know he talked with his mom earlier today but we are not sure where he is now in or out of the organisation”.

“Ah, so we just wait then”.

“Yea, it might be a good idea to get even some sleep. I haven’t had a lot and I don’t think that unless Randy contacts either one of us there won’t be a lot we can do for the next several hours”.

Sleep, here together I thought. I saw that he was starting to take his sweater off, a beginning of more I thought. I looked him over, he was very attractive I must admit that but I felt very strange to get undressed with him in the same room.

When he had done his t-shirt (and oh that upper body looked good indeed) and turned around to do his pants he saw me looking at him.

“I am sorry but I can’t sleep with my clothes on, is this going to make you uncomfortable”, he asked.

“Hm, no sorry I was just taking a bit by surprise” I answered.

“Well don’t worry I am going to keep my underwear on. I hope you don’t mind sleeping in one bed though. I promise to stay on my side”.

I had been afraid he was going to be uncomfortable with me being around but it seems he was more worried with the other way around. I followed him and started to undress as well. When I got to my trousers I realised that I was wearing quite skimpy underwear. I hadn’t had a chance to change when I had gotten back to the hotel, all my clothes where still there.

I decided to bite the bullet and got my trousers off. He had walked to the bed and sat down on it. He then looked at me just when I was folding up my trousers.

‘Hmm looking good though” he said with a smile.

“You are gay then” I asked him now bringing my suspicion into the open.

“Yes, I thought you knew’.

“No, I didn’t”.

“Ah, that is why you where so surprised by all of this. Well don’t worry I am ok with it all”.

“Ok”.  I got on the other side of the bed and stepped in.

“But I saw you got some bruises though, did Damion did that?”

“Yea, when we got back to the room, he said he needed to otherwise they might get suspicious”.

“You ok, though, or is it still hurting”.

“No I am fine, it will heal”.

We were both lying on a side, with the backs towards each other.

“Can you tell me how you became a private detective”?

Over the next hour or so he told me the story of how that it happened. I asked a few questions but all in all it seemed more boring then exciting as it is normally seen though.

“So now what, you want to tell me how you gotten into this mess”.

I looked at him.

“No, not really “I said.

“Ok that is fine I just wondered”.

“No that is ok, just not a happy story”.

“Tell me then what kind of studies that you do”.

So for another hour we kept on talking. Very strange laying in bed with a stranger that got a bit more known slowly to .

 “I think we better see if we can sleep a bit. I have the phones on so I will be awake the moment it rings”.

“Ok, “.

“And Nick, don’t’ worry we will find them we always do”.

Yea I thought but is that dead or alive. I sighed and closed my eyes in the hope I could sleep.

In the end I did sleep for some time. I was awake longer then William thought as I could here his breath.

I woke up by the sound of a phone. I turned around and saw that William was already up and answering it.

I just hope that was some good news I could use it.

When he hanged up he looked at me. “Well it seems that your Mom has tried to contact Damion. Damion called back but it seems he was not really clear on anything. He is going to ring you we hope to set up an meeting so we can see if he can help us”.

About an hour later Damion called. He said he had the feeling he was still followed. He got some instructions from William in trying to shake them off, and then he was asked to meet us at a café in an hour’s time. We got ready to leave.

“Are there any others around” I asked him.

“Yea we are being kept by quite a few people. They will make sure that Damion isn’t followed and if he is that we spot it so we can take our measures in going back to the hotel”.

“Ok, so what are we going to ask Damion”?

‘He still will have contacts within the organisation. We want to know if they have got Francis and Randy again or if they are still out there somehow”.

“Yea, I can see that. What if they have them”?

“I don’t know we might need to negotiate our way out then”.

“Ok, oh see there he is” I said when I saw Damion coming towards us.

‘Wow he must be your brother; you could almost think he is your twin”.

“Nick, and who are you” he asked.

“Hi Damion I am William, one of the private detectives that is helping Nick and his family”.

“Oh, well I have no news so not sure why I am here”.

“We need your help Damion” I said.

“Why, would I want to help you Nick. You had a decent life”.

Ah I thought some of the resentment is showing through, was that the reason he had been so harsh earlier and I had seen the anger in his eyes. I start to think about my conversations with the psychologist and he said that I had to be careful as sometimes things could backfire as was this one of the things. Had we open the eyes of Damion to much, to hard? Was he in shock now?

“We can talk about that later Damion now we need to know if they captured Randy and Francis again”.

“They got out then”.

“Yea, but we have lost track of them since then. They are not answering the phones or anything”.

“So you want me to take the risks of contacting them and they finding out that I helped you”.

“I know it is a risk for you but yea I hope you would be able to do that”.

“What is going on here, I am starting to feel there is something else going on as well. Mom was not telling me everything either and although I am young I think I want to know what is going on before I do anything”.

I looked at William. He nodded.

“Francis was kidnapped to keep pressure on your Mom to make sure she would oblige to the organisations requests. Your Mom has something powerful with what she has them been helping. They started though to think otherwise and with that they kidnapped Francis to keep pressure on her”.

“What got Francis to do with our Mom is he another son of her”.  He spitted out.

“No, “I hesitated one moment.

“Now what, her lover then”.

I almost laughed at that idea. “No he is mine” I said softly.

“Your lover, he is your boyfriend?”

“Yea, he is”.

“Ah, and Randy then”.

“Just a friend, who is helping us”.

“Ok, how is Mom helping them then. What is the power she has”?

I hesitated again. “Sorry Damion but that is something that you need to ask her. I can’t go into that”.

“But you know”.

“Yea, she told me but that was pure personal reason. Not even my Dad or David does know the reason behind it all”.

“Hmm more secrets, I am feeling used, used by all of you and the organisation. I need to find my own, my own life. Why would I help you”?

“Maybe to get back on the right track in trying to find yourself” William answered.


“But before you decide do you still have friends that you trust and could contact within the organisation”.


“High enough that they would know about it”.

“Yea, there is my Dad” he said softly.

I looked at him, he looked very confused, very alone and not at all the adult he had looked a few days ago. His world was crumbling around him and he needed to find himself again.

“Only if you want to Damion, we will be able to find them in another way otherwise”.

“No not if they are kept by them still. They will be closed up for some time and no one will find them. If they didn’t murder them before it” he said. Then when he realised what he said he looked at me. “I am sorry Nick, but I don’t think they have”.

chapter 18

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