chapter 18

I was lost though as that was a possibility as Mom had told us, they where hard and they didn’t want to be found out, they where making to much money to risk it all. Emotions came rolling over me again. I started to feel nauseous, my stomach turned around. I put my head in between my legs to see if that would help.

I could here William say “you ok Nick”. But there was something that prevented me to answer. Another vision I thought and I slowly opened my eyes, afraid I was right, afraid I was wrong at the same time.

I saw Francis again. He was lying in a bed. I saw he was opening his eyes slowly. He had several tubes on him and I could see that he was in pain. I guess that is why the connection was there again all of a sudden. I think at that point Francis saw me again he smiled and I think he whispered “I am ok, come Nick”.

Then the link was broken, the vision faded and the surrounding of the café came back to me.

“You ok Nick” I heard William ask again.

“Yea, thanks, just let me a few minutes and I will be ok. Can you get me some water to drink”?

William got up to get me some water.

I looked at Damion. “What was that Nick. I saw that with Mom a few times”.

‘Ok, well ask her then next time you see her promise me” I said.

“I will”.

“But before now, I can’t explain to William what just happened. I know that Francis and probably Randy are ok. But could you put up your phone pretending you are calling some one and then when William is back and heard a few lines hang up and tell us that they are not in the hands of the organisation”.

“Yea, I can do that. Are you sure they are fine”.

I smiled at him and said “Yea, they are ok, not sure where but ok”.

“Ok, let me do that then”.

He got his phone and pretended to have a call.

“Who is he phoning” William asked when he got back.

“His Dad” I said hoping that Damion would here that”.

When he had hanged up he looked at us. “Sorry guys but he is sure that they are not there. He said they where franticly looking for them. It also means now that they know they are not safe with us yet”.

“You told him that”, William asked.

“No but he is smart enough to come to that conclusion”.

“Ok, so now what”.

“Hospitals I would say. They better go and look to see if they got hurt somehow and are in a hospital”.

“That is probably the next thing to do yea. I will give my boss a call and inform him”.

“Tell him to call the hospitals” I said a gain more pushy.

William looked at me “Ok, I will do that”.

He walked a bit away to make the phone call.

“You going to be ok Damion” I asked concerned. He was still my brother and he had a rough time dealing with all this. I know I would have been at his age.

He looked at me. “I don’t know I have a lot of anger in me towards every body. You opened my eyes. Yesterday you know I went to them and asked if I could quit being a manager and Master that I needed to go to a university and develop myself, find my real skills. They then said I had found them already and that they needed me. I pushed some more until I think I reached the edge, they wanted me in their power they said they would tell any new friends I made who I was that was easily done with pictures and stuff by e-mail or post. I knew then that they weren’t the friendly helpful people that I though they were. You taken my blind off and now I am not sure who I can trust”.

“I know this will take time Damion. Do you know what you are going to do now”?

“Not sure but I will get away from all of this”.

“If you need help let me know yea. I have been going to a good shrink over the last 3 years and he helped me quite a lot. I have had a lot to deal with as well, live has not been as easy as you might think. Just type in my name in Google and you will find some articles about what happened ok. I can’t tell you now but you might want to read up on it in the future”.

He looked at me with more peace now. “I might, but for now I need to sort this out”.

“Ok, just stay in contact from time to time and ask Mom yea there is more to it and I think she is more then happy to tell you now your eyes are opened’.

“I will Nick, I will, Thanks brother” he stood up and we hugged. I could feel him start to tremble a bit and I think some tears where running.

“Thanks” he said again and walked away. I looked after him to see where he was going. I felt sorry for him and I hoped that he would find some friends to help him. I knew that I would have wanted to be one of them but I understood that that was too early. Maybe in the future.

I turned my eye to William and saw that he was still on the phone. I opened mine and called Dad. I was not sure if they would follow my advice so I needed some more pressure from another side on them to go and search through the hospitals.

“HI Dad”.

“HI Nick, some news already”.

“Yea, I think they are in hospital. They must have had an accident or so”.

“You are sure about that”.

‘Yea I am Dad”.

“Ok, I will tell the detectives to search all of them. Let me know when they are found”.

“I will”.

I hanged up when I saw that William walked back to me.

“They are going to check hospitals, police stations etc to see if they can be found ok”.

“Sounds like a plan”.

“Damion left”?

“Yea, he did”.

“He looked like a very troubled young men. I hope he can find some rest somewhere”.

“He will, he will need time to sort this all out”.

“So we are going back to the hotel”.

“Yea lets do that, we can diverse our plans fast enough when we know where they are”.

It didn’t take more then 30 minutes before the phone call came that they where found. We got into the car and drove up to the hospital.

We were met at the entry by William’s boss.

“How are they doing” I asked straight off.

“Not sure we know they are here we haven’t asked how they are doing yet as we knew you would be here soon. Randy is in room 212 and Francis in 428”.

“Ok, let’s go and find out then”.

I was scared that although Francis had smiled at me in the vision something serious had happened to them, also Randy was in a different place then Francis was not the same ward. I though about it and then decided that I wanted to see Randy first. No that is wrong I didn’t want to see Randy first I needed to see him first. I wanted to go to Francis straight off, but Randy deserved it to go first to him. When we got to his room there was a man standing outside, he greeted William and his boss.

“You are safe guarding them”. I asked William.

“Yea there will be full time at least one person at their doors and about another 5 or so will watch the area’s around it”.

“Good” I said.

I opened the door not sure what to expect. I then felt how William followed me. I looked back at him. “It is ok to go in with you. I always have wanted to meet Randy”.

Oh and admirer I thought. “Yea come on” I said.

I turned around and moved forward into the room.

I saw the bed beside the window. It was a private room, he was there alone. I moved closer. He must have heard something as he opened his eyes. His smile got bigger and bigger by the second when he saw me. “Nick, at last. I have lost my phone so I couldn’t contact you. I didn’t know the number and so far they didn’t let me use a general phone either. They want me to stay in bed for the time being, but you are safe, I am so happy. How is Francis”?  A rupture of words left his mouth as he was almost afraid to stop.

“He is upstairs, I haven’t visited him yet, but he smiled earlier so I think he is ok”.

“You had another vision, is that how you found us”.  I looked over my shoulder as William must have heard me. He looked surprised at me.

“Yea I had. I will go up to him in a moment”.

“Ok, so you know what happened then”.

“No, idea Randy”.

“Well it was very stupid Nick. We where crossing a street when a truck went through red and hit the two of us. I think that Francis had some bone fractures and for me it was more or less only internal injuries. I have been operated on for several hours”.

“Oh, ok, but you will be ok”.

“Yea, they closed it all up, with a few scares is all that will be left of it”.

“That is good to hear. When are you aloud to go out”?

“Oh not for a week or so”.

“Well we will stay around for some time”.

“Maybe you can ask them if they can bring Francis in here too. I didn’t do that because I was not sure what was wrong with him exactly”.

“I will be back, let me get to Francis and then I can ask them”.

“Ok, and Nick, be careful with him, he has been through a lot”.

I smiled, “I will. I have been there before you know”.

“I know but we all respond different to it”.

“See you Randy”.

I said. “You going along” I asked William who had been more standing at the door.

“No, he is staying” Randy shouted from the back. I smiled when I saw William blush and move forward slightly.

“Ok, see you in a bit then”.

I got out and started to walk upstairs. Now accompanied bye William’s boss.

I swallowed before I entered into the room.

“Go on, you will be ok” William’s boss said.

I opened the door and looked inside, there were more beds in there but only one was occupied.

“I don’t want to be bothered and I don’t want any food so please go” Francis said. He was lying with his back towards the door so he hadn’t seen who entered.

I decided to move closer to him before saying anything. When I was almost at the side of the bed he said. “I can still feel you are in here now get out”. With those last words he turned so he could look over his shoulder.

“Nick, oh Nick “and with that he started crying.

As you can imagine my tears where not that far away either. I bend forward so that I more or less could hug him.

We stayed a bit for that then he pushed me away a bit.

“Let me go and sit up a bit more”.

He got up a bit more and I was able to take a good look at him in the meantime. He had lost weight, he was always a very trim, muscle guy with not a lot of fat but now he had lost most of the fat he still had and his muscles had definitely gone a bit as well.

When he was sitting more straight up in the bed, he looked up to me.

“I am sorry Nick, I should have been there with you then nothing of this had happened”.

“Schuss Francis, I don’t think that would have made a lot of difference you know”.

“Oh yea it would I am so sorry for making the wrong choose, I regretted that Saturday evening already. I should have been there you know”.

“I think we are both to blame Francis I was not very nice last time I was with you either”.

“Oh but that was because of me not willing to come over”.

“Maybe but there might have been more. I think I was feeling very selfish at that moment; just like you was when you stayed behind for the opening”.

“Yea, I guess that was the case”.

“You ok Francis”.

“Now you are here I will be, it will take time, but I think you know about that”.

“Yea, I am sorry that you have to find that as well”.

“Well it is an experience. But I was happy that you walked in, at first though I thought you where kidnapped as well”.

“I saw that on your face Francis. But it is good that Randy could talk with you that fast. Can you tell me what happened though when you walked out of the club? Did you got out easily with the mask”?

“Yea not a problem at all. They had down that Randy came in with his slave so he would leave with one as well. In the meantime we had been going to a room for some ‘play’. We where nervous though and we didn’t know if you and Damion had gotten out”.

“No problem with that although, well I have to tell you later what happened back in the hotel room. So what happened when you got out then”?

“Very stupid of us I must admit. I think Randy agrees with me. We where very nervous about being followed or getting out. We used the strategy that Randy had gotten from the detectives to do a few fast bus/metro changes to get us out there as fast as could. In one of those changes we thought we where followed and we rushed out of one bus to the metro station without noticing that at that point the lights changed. So when we where in the middle a big truck came through and we where hit on the side. I got more bone injuries and Randy more internal ones it seems”.

“Yea, so you never saw it coming then”.

“No, not for a minute there”.

He looked at me, I got closer and we shared another hugs. I had found him again, I could smell him, and I knew then and there that I would never let him go to far again. We belonged together for sure.

We where in a hug for a long time, only being disturbed by William’s boss again when he scratched his throat behind us.

“Hmm, not sure we could stay this long Nick. It is outside visiting hours”.

“I don’t care” I said.

“I know but Francis needs his rest”.

“But, there is so much more to talk about”.

“You can later, maybe even better when he is brought down to the same room as Randy”.

“Is that possible” Francis said.

“Yea I think we should be able to manage that. It might be even easier to get visit hours arranged as well”.

“Ok, go then Nick and I will see you when they moved me. Just don’t pester them to much if that is going to take a few hours ok”.

I looked at him. He looked so vulnerable but still so strong in his voice, trying to convince me. I gave him a smile and nodded. “But I will be back in tops two hours if you are moved or not”.

“That is fine, then it should be visiting hours again” William’s boss said.

As soon as the door was closed I looked at him.

“Why was that? Why did you come in”?

“Because, well because they are going to move him in the next hour or so. We arranged that already and also because we need to make a few arrangements and I need you for that too. I want to ask you what we need to do about Damion. If we are fast we might catch him”.

“Hmm, William told you what happened”.

“Yea, you didn’t think he was that stupid did you”.

“Nothing, he is coming around and it will take time to deal with it, but I trust him to get there. I just want to make sure that he knows that we are here to help if needed”.

“Ok, we can do that. We can even keep an eye on him if you want”.

“That might not be a bad idea. I will make sure Mom knows that we can help as well”.

“Good idea”.

“So what was the other business you needed me for”?

“Well we are about to enter their world and tell them you are all safe. Tell them that we never want them to even get close to either of you or we will have to make public all the evidence we have against them and their customers. But I thought you might have changed your mind and wanted to go after them legally anyway”.

“No, I think we had enough. We just need to make sure that we limit their activities to old enough ones and only if it is done out of free will. No one is aloud to get hurt over this anymore”.

“Hmm, not sure we can do that you know. That is a lot to ask. There is also very limited way to control on it”.

“I see, what do you suggest then”.

“I am not sure; we could give it a try. We are still not sure who is behind all of this there might be a few surprises in their and if that is the case then who knows but at the time being I would say secure your safety is one and we can see what we can do more. I think that is going to take some time as well to get that done anyway”.

“Ok, let’s do that, secure our safety and then see what else is possible. Your Dad also asked you to phone him”.

“Ok, I will”.

Over the next 30 minutes I was on the phone with Dad. I explained what had happened. He had found us another room close to the hospital. It had been secured now so if I wanted a rest I could. He wanted to come down but I said I was ok and didn’t need him at that point. I knew he had more then enough work to help the detectives to get this deal done. I asked him to tell Mom that she needed to make sure Damion knew we where there to help. So all in all a productive hour.

I did look around to see if William’s boss was still there but he had gone. I made my way down to Randy’s room again and was happy to find that they had moved Francis to it.

“So back together again now, I think I will better leave” William said. “I am sure there are things you want to discuss”.

“But you will stay close bye for protection right” Randy said with a smile.

I saw another blush of William but he was more forward this time with his answer. “Of cause Mr Harrison all for your protection and pleasure”.

“Good, I want to see more of you later”. Randy said. William totally unprepared for that smiled, blushed and rushed out of the room at the same time.

“Are you teasing him Randy or”. … I started.

“Oh don’t worry Nick” Francis started “I think it was more then teasing. You should have seen when the nurse came in a moment ago to take his blood pressure. She said it was up and running. Randy was hard from what ever had going on before they brought me in here”.

“Shut up Francis”.

I laughed now at Randy.

“So, Nick tells me you did find us because of another vision”.

“Vision” Francis said. He looked at me carefully.

chapter 19

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