chapter 2

I woke up around 7 o’clock and start thinking about what happened   the evening before but soon wondered about the things that would take place that evening. Four of my swimming mates would come around for dinner and I had to serve dinner in my underwear. I just didn’t know how Julian, Bas, Kevin and Matt would react.

We were friends for over 4 years. Bas and Julian were of the same age as I was and Kevin and Matt were two years older and 18. Bas was the shy one of the five of us, with his 1.65 he was also very small boy, but quite good looking with his blond hair and green eyes. Julian was more the one with initiatives on special, adventure kind of things. He was 1.86-m long, brown hair and eyes, but had quite a few pecks and a perfect figure. Kevin and Matt also tried things out first, because of their age. They were the first two who started talking about girls during the last year. Kevin and Matt had both blond hairs, 1.80 m long, Kevin with blue eyes and Matt with brown eyes. Just thinking about their reaction made my dick erected again. I started stroking it and after a few minutes the excitement about tonight was enough to make me come for the second time in 24 hours. I new I had to hurry to make it in time for school.

During the day nothing happened. At the end Julian, Bas, Kevin and Matt told me they would stay sleeping if it was possible and that they would come around at 6.30 p.m.

I said that that was OK and went home. When I came in my father was already home and said that he was expecting me in a half hour downstairs to help him prepare dinner. I could go upstairs to wash and dress. The suit I was going to where was on the bed again. It was the same as the night before. At 5 O’clock I went downstairs and started to prepare the table etc. Dad instructed me to have everything ready by 7 o’clock. Also I wasn’t allowed to walk around in the suit between 6 and 8 p.m. as agreed  the evening before. Just before 6 p.m. I started to undress my self. I heard that my brothers where in the living room watching TV.

“Ok”, dad said, “go on you could start making the table ready after

your friends arrived. Your brothers and me will welcome them. I will tell you when you can start bringing things in”.

Around 6.30 the doorbell rang and I heard that my dad was talking to the guys and instructing them to place their bags in the spare bedroom above.

A few moments later the door opened and Dad said: “give me 5 more minutes then you can come in”.

I just couldn’t believe this was going to happen, I got a little bit afraid of their reaction but also a little bit excited and my cock started to make its way to the top of my little jock.

A few minutes later I heard my father yell. “Ok David we are ready”.

I looked at every thing that was standing ready. It would take me at least nigh or ten times to put plates and everything on to the table. I took some plates and opened the door slowly. When I came in they were talking but after a few moments they stopped and looked at me. First to my face but I saw that Julian and also Kevin taking a glance down to my crotch. My face turned red and after putting the things down I made it back to the kitchen as hard as I could. After I put everything down at the 10 time I was about to get the first part of the meal, but dad said: “Ok David wait for 5 minutes before bringing it in”.

I went to the kitchen and I heard Dad start talking to them. I couldn’t hear everything but the start I could. It is not going to be his exact words but this is what he said:

“Ok you guys their is a rule in this house that every boy/man is doing his job in the kitchen to be sure that he knows his place during that time he has to serve us in his underwear. Tonight it is David’s first night, so you understand that he is feeling a little bit awkward. I couldn’t here the response of the guys but they reacted on the things”. he said.

Then I heard my dad say, Ok this is what we are going to do. He dropped his voice and I could not hear him any more. A moment later there were some laughters and my Dad yelled Ok son bring in the soup.

I walked in the living room and went to the table. First I started to serve the soup in Dad’s plate then that of my brothers and at then endfor my swimming mates. When I came to Jeff, he felt his hand at my buttocks touching and a little spank. I didn’t think about it until I came with Bas who did the same. Still I didn’t think about it, but Julian was not only touching my buttocks but started to feel at my crotch quite openly. I started to walk away when he said, wait a second I’m not ready

yet. And while he was saying that he squeezed in my now a little more erected dick.

When he stopped my dads said ok sit down David and eat your soup. I walked back to my chair and I heard how Bas started to talk to dad and my brothers about serving in underwear. My brothers told him didn’t bother about it any more it was quite normal know. It also learned them

some respect and humility towards other.

I looked at Kevin and he was very quite and from time to time I found him looking at me.

After a while dad said that I could get the main course of the dinner. When I was in the kitchen I heard them talking again. When I started to do vegetables on their plates again my brothers touched my buttocks and smiled. My cock was now fully erected. Bas and even Kevin this time touched my buttocks and spanked me a little bit. When I came to Julian he said. Seems as if you are enjoying yourself. He again squeezed my dick but this time a little harder. I had to go back to the kitchen for the potatoes and could hardly stop myself from masturbating right there. Only thinking about them touching my buttocks and cock. It aroused me extremely.

During dinner we talked normal about everything except me being in underwear, but each time I had made my round the guys became more and more daring with touching, squeezing and a little spank. After the sixth and last part of the meal I was instructed to clean up the table and do the dishes. I was inspected to come back in about 15 minutes. When I came in the kitchen I saw it was almost 8 p.m. so that didn’t leave much time before other classmates where coming for the dance.

I heard them talking in the living and when I was ready I walked back into the living in my underwear and asked my dad if I could put my clothes on again for the dance.

No David not yet. I looked at him, but he said if you like your brothers are going to give you their birthday gift. At that time they weren’t around but I looked at my friends. My dad saw that and said, they know what the present is and they want to watch. I have no problem do

you. I didn’t know why and said ok.

My brothers came from above entering the living room wearing nothing than the same underwear as yesterday. I saw my friend looking at them with a big smile and something of a kind of curiosity.

Ok said my dad just sit down over their David and enjoy. I sat down and my brother’s walked towards me. They sat down beside me and starting touching my breast, hair, face etc. After a while Jeff starting kissing me and Tim started to rub my cock trough my underwear. A momentlatter my underwear was removed and they started kissing and sucking it. I just let things happening, totally stunned what happened but at the sametime feeling very good and very aroused by all this. During the stroking and sucking I didn’t look at my friends. It was if I was in heaven for a moment and than my cum spurts on the faces of both Tim and Jeff. I opened my eyes and looked at them. Tim said I hoped you liked it. I just smiled but was still very pleasant overwhelmed with what happened. I came to my senses again when Julian said to Jeff, come over hear and I saw how Julian took his finger through the splashes of cum on the face of Jeff. A moment later before I or any one else could say anything he tasted it. He smiled and said tastes good, just a little bit saltier then my own. We started laughing all together when my dad said Ok, in return let your brothers masturbate them self and splash your face with their cum. You must always do something in return if somebody has given a good time.

Ok I said and Both Jeff and Tim started stroking their cocks in front of my face and only a minute later they came at the same time.Ok my dad said go on wash and dresses yourself the other party members will be here soon. I went upstairs and heard that Bas who was my best friend of all came after me.

I kind of puzzled asked him what he found of it. Quite neat he answered. That was the response of the others also. Yea he said we were surprised but nobody seemed to be shocked. We all saw each other naked under the shower any way. Yea I know I said but this is something different. Well I wouldn’t worry about it you have seen how the responses where, especially from Julian. Yea I said, he seemed have done this before.

I still wasn’t sure about Kevin he had been kind of quite during it all. During the last few years he became more and more a role model for me in how the best way in behaving, learning and off cause swimming. I would be very disappointed if he would hold this agains  me. I told Bas togo downstairs and that I would be coming in a minute. Already the first party members where coming in.

When I came down Julian came towards me and said, great gift you received from your brother’s maybe I can do the same for you if you like tonight. I hadn’t had a change to say anything because Peter one of our classmates came standing with us. I hardly could believe my ears when

Julian started to tell him what kind of present I had received from my brothers. He didn’t tell about the underwear dinner. Peter reacted not quite as I expected. He also said that it was nice to learn something from your family.

chapter 3
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