chapter 21

So all in all we got close to get things to a closure it was party time for sure. So that Friday evening as planned as we picked up Andy, Brian, Alexei, James and Randy and drove in the limousine to the little restaurant at the lake. Francis had been here while I was at the university and had made every thing in order. It seems it would cost us a week of work during the summer when the place was open again but we knew we could do that as it would be fun.

We had a very fun and pleasant Friday evening. I am sure well almost sure that at one point Alexei had looked at us like, what are you up too. I had expected him to ask but he didn’t. Well not until Saturday morning when we where all at the breakfast table.

“Ok, this is it, now I want to know, what is up with you two” he started in between sips of coffee.

I looked at Francis. He nodded. I saw that they where now looking at us.

“Yea, I felt something too” Randy said. “For the last three weeks or so there is something brewing and I know it can’t be you moving in together we knew that”.

“Ok, guys sorry but we just want this to go as we planned and no surprise is coming in between it.”

“What, come on you can tell us” Brian added

“We have something that we would like to ask you, well some of you” I started.

“Yea all would be too much” Francis said with a giggle.

“Who then” James said.

“Well, you for example” Francis said.

“Who more”.  Randy said.

“And you” I said.

“What then come on you guys don’t keep us in suspense”, Brian said.

“Well and you too” Francis said with a smile.

I think we had over done it as I saw a twinkle starting to form in Alexei eyes.

“Me too I guess” he said now forming a big smile on his face.

“What, what?” Randy was saying then.

“I think these two guys have brought us here for a special reason” he said now smiling big time.

I looked at Francis and we smiled and started to say together.

“We want you to be our best man, sorry Andy but four was the maximum”.

He smiled, the others looked stunned at us.

“You knew Alexei” Randy said realising that Alexei had known before we knew it.

“No, but what other would they want? to ask us and looking as quidy as they just did”.

“Wow, guys, congratulations”.

We where hugged, kissed, congratulated etc. I think that we both couldn’t get the smile off our faces. We knew the next question was lurking around.

“You set a date” Brian asked.

“Yea we did”. We said simultaneous again.

“When then” Randy wanted to know. “We have busy agenda’s not sure you can get us together that easily over the next few months”.

“We know that is why you are here today” I said.

“Today, no not today” Alexei said. “There are things to be prepared, people to be invited, gifts to be arranged, location to be found, and clothes to be bough”.

I had more or less expected Randy to start about that or James but it seems Alexei was the more romantics of all of them.

“No that is not what we wanted, so that is why we got you here together today. And as best man’s we needed you here early to help us prepare it all”.

“So when, what time, where are we going”.

“Here, we just need to set a little stage outside on the edge of the lake and it is all arranged. Catering will be here later, our family will arrive and some quests. It is all taken care off”.

“Wow, guys this is something big you know”.

“Yea we know. But this is also the time to do it after everything we went through”.

“Oh, I can see that” Randy said.

“We even gotten a surprise for you Randy” Francis said with a little smile. “William will be coming over later as well”.

This time it was Randy who started to blush. We know they had seen each other since Randy had been out of the hospital but I think Randy had not told any one else. For the remaining of the breakfast he had to tell what they had been doing and how he was. One thing I could tell here was definitely love in the air I thought.

Over the next few hours we worked hard to get it all ready. Just before the catering people took possession of the kitchen and dinning room we had finished outside.

“So, guys what else needs to be done”?

“Well not that much I guess” I said looking around.

“Is that really the amount of people you are expecting Francis” Brian asked.

“Yea, if every one shows up”.

“Ok, so what next then” Randy said when he came in huffing from putting some flowers in the right position.

“Well as Nick, just said not a lot. We just need to get dressed, wait for the guest and that is it”.

“Ok, time then for you to separate. It is time for some real wedding preparations then” Alexei said winking at James.

“Where are the suits” James asked.

“In the bedrooms’. We got some for you as well”.  Francis said with a smile.

“Ok, in that case Francis you get your suit and get your ass to our room” Brian said. “You will join us James”.

“Yea wouldn’t miss it for the world” he said.

“We will join you Nick” Alexei and Randy said.

“What will you do” I asked Andy.

“I will be here when the quests arrive and take care of them. Is there anything you want to tell them”? He asked.

“Oh, we can do that when they get there. We will have time to dress after that” I answered.

“Hmm, don’t think so Nick. So if there is anything that you want them to tell you better let Andy do that” Alexei said.

“Oh, and if we want to do that our selves”. Francis said.

“No, you will join us now and not get out before the ceremony” Randy said.

“Well there is one thing you need to tell them”. Francis said with a smile.

“What is that” Andy asked them.

“Well they might get the idea any way when they get outside in the garden but …”

“You didn’t tell no one you where going to do this, did you” James said.

“No’ we said together giggling.

“Not even your Dad or Susan” James continued looking now really surprised.

“No, they don’t know anything of that. They just think that this is to celebrate us going to live together and getting up from all the things that have happened to us”.

“Oh, well not sure I can keep your Dad out of the room then”.

“You better do. We don’t want any one to interrupt, Understood” Alexei said.

“Ok, I will do my best”.

“No, make sure they no, no one is allowed to enter”.

“Ok, I will”.

“Well let’s go guys. We will see you in a minute Francis no second longer understood” Brian said.

We walked to our bedrooms. When the door was closed I pulled Francis in a hug.

“You ready for it Francis” I whispered.

He kissed me even deeper and harder then a moment ago, answer enough I thought.

“Have you got any idea what they have planned for us ?” he asked.

“No, but it can’t be big they just had 90 minutes or so to come up with”.

“Ok, I guess we better get our suits then” while he said it he giggled and I joined in looking over our backs to the suits that where lying on the bed.

“Yea before they are here”.

He took his off the bed walked to the door and said ‘See you in about an hour or then so”.

“You bet” I said with a smile. Giving him a hand kiss before he closed the door.

I let out a sigh and waited for Alexei and Randy to come in.


(Narrating by Francis).

I walked with my suit into the room of Brian and Andy. When I opened the door I saw that James had found his way in as well.

“Ah, good we where wondering if we would need to come and get you”.  Brian said.

“You know me Brian I am always on time”.

“Yea I know that was a very good quality of yours, just like you had more”.

“No regrets though Brian” I asked.

“No, I don’t think we would make it in the end Francis, and I think you got that same feeling”.

“I know still I was happy that you where my first love, Francis”.  I gave him a nice smile. Although we didn’t see each other a lot but I knew there was a band that would never go away”.

“So why are we split up” I asked then.

“Rules and Regulations, if we would have known there would have been no seeing each other since last night. But this will have to do”.

“So we just sit and wait then” I asked them.

“Oh, no we are going to make sure you are ready for this”.

“Well I can get dressed myself” I said with a smile, wondering if they would have found their suits already

“Oh we know, but ….. Yea wait you said our suits where in our bedroom but I didn’t find one in ours” James said.

“I think you did though. It was yellow collared if I am right” I said with a smile.

“Yellow” Brian said.

“Yea, yellow”.

I think Brian then spotted the thing I was keeping in my hand. Some yellow flashed through my fist.

“You mean you are going to get married in those” he said completely surprised.


“And you want us to wear them as well”. I saw that he started to get a color now.

“Hmm yea”.

“What are you talking about” James asked.

“So you didn’t found yours then” I said.

“No, no suit in our room”.

“Show him Francis, I can hardly believe you are really going to do this”.

I opened my hand and showed James what it was. He opened his mouth, closed it again, and started to get red ….. Then opened his mouth again and said: “HMM good we are planning to make sure you are clean”.


(narrorating by Nick).

I looked around at the bed after Francis left. I knew this would be fun but also it would give some of the people around a bit of a shock. But it was our ceremony and we wanted it as we planned. It had been one of the reasons why we did do it today. We just wanted to make sure no one else was able to fuss about it or at least not too much.

I heard the door open and turned around

“Hey Nick, we wondered where our suits are we can’t find them” Alexei said walking in.

“Oh, I am sure you do. They where in the drawer beside the bed” I answered with a small laugh.

“Must be a small suit then” Randy said.

“You didn’t check did you” I said with a smile.

“No not down there. I didn’t expect a suit to fit in their”.

Alexei in the meantime had walked pasted me and looked at the bed. He started laughing quite hard.

“You can’t be serious. Is this it” he said still laughing.

Randy now had pasted me as well and was looking in the direction Alexei was looking. He opened his mouth, shot it again, opened it again and then started to giggle.

‘You are really going for the alternative move aren’t you Nick”.

“Yea guys sorry but this is our thing and we want it as we planned it”.

“Well we better get ours then, we will be right back so don’t move” Alexei said.

I waited for them return.

“You sure you got the right size” Randy said when he walked in. “It looks rather small”.

“Oh, we will see when we get them on in a moment’ I said and I started to walk to the bathroom to try them on.

“You mean you haven’t tried them on either Nick”.

“Sorry, Randy we just hadn’t time for it. Francis bought them all while I was at university”.

“Oh, but get back here Nick. Don’t go into the bathroom”.

“Ah, you want me to strip in front of you guys”.

“Hmm not exactly. We just wanted to make sure you know we are proud of you and Francis. Proud to be your friend is well” Alexei said.

“So what had you had in mind then? We have about 75 minutes left before we need to be out there”.

“Oh, time enough. Now just stand there and relax. Maybe close even your eyes” Randy said.

I felt how they came closer.

“With the suit of your choice Nick it is even more important that we make sure you are totally clean. So would want to make sure that especially as this is the last time we are able to do this without having permission of Francis, you are ready for this ?”.

I felt how their hands where starting to touch my body. I shivered when they both did. I was not sure if I was ready for it but I knew I could trust them they would never go to far. I let out a deep sigh and felt how my muscles started to relax underneath their caressing.

One hand started to slide under my t-shirt now touching my bare skin. Making its way to my nipples. Another hand had found the way on the back and was now moving towards my shoulder blade.

The hand upfront which I think was Randy had stopped at my nipples and was slowly rubbing them. I felt how I reacted and my dick was slowly making its way upwards in my briefs.

More hands got underneath my t-shirt and slowly they started to move it over my arms and taking it off.

“Lay face down on the bed” Alexei whispered.

I did and just wanted to turn my head around “No, stay don’t look” Alexei said.

I could hear how they took their clothes off. Wow what now I thought. Then I saw Alexei’s face on my side while he sat down on the bed.

“Legs close together and relax” he said.

I felt how Randy more or less sat down on the lower parts of my legs. Then his hands started to move over my legs, I could feel the warmth through my pants.

Then another pair of hands started to move over my back. Giving me a very nice relaxing back massage.

“Hmm guys this is nice, but… “

“Stt, Nick, just relax we want to make sure you have a last good time”.

‘But… “.

“I am sure that Francis wouldn’t mind at all. I am sure he is being taken care of as well”.


(Back with Francis).

“Oh, no you guys, I can clean my self” I said.

“We know, but before your wedding night you need to make sure you are nice and clean all over and we want to make sure you are”.  James said with a smile.

I was not sure if I could contain anything knowing that Brian would be there. It had been a long time since he had seen me naked but the fact he was close by and me naked was making me feel nervous.

‘Don’t worry Francis, just relax. Close your eyes and stay where you are” Brian said.

I thought I could fight on the other hand we had our fun so I guess a bit of fun on their part was to be expected.

I felt how they came closer. I thought they where doing something else as well but I couldn’t exactly hear that.

They took the front and back side of my t-shirt and moved it upwards, over my head. Then their hands started to move over my body. Slowly, erotically caressing it. Rubbing one or the other nipple from time to time just making sure I was relaxing.

I know it had the effect that they wanted except for one place.

They where standing close by. At one point I thought I could feel their body heat. The must have taken their shirts off as well and I was tempted for a moment to open my eyes. I was stopped though as at that time I felt hands started to touch my pants. Moving slowly over my crotch to my arms.

“Oh, he is ready for this” I heard Brian whispered. “He was always easy to trigger you know James”.

I felt how my face started to blush. “Shut up Brian” I said a bit harsher then I wanted to.

“You ok Francis” James asked. I could hear the concern coming through his voice.

I waited to answer it. Was I. Yea they where friends they would never hurt me I thought.

“Yea, I am you are friends. I know I can trust you”.

“You can. You know you always could trust me, although I let you down once” Brian said with a sigh.

“I know, not your fault” I said as I knew it wasn’t.

“But…” he continued.

“Not now Brian, you are forgiven and I am happy we are friends again” I whispered.

“Ok, we are going to take your pants off and then turn around and go and lay down on your belly on the bed ok. Just make sure you don’t look back” he said.

They started to bring the zipper down and then pushed my jeans down. I knew they would see a very hard dick in my light blue bon giorno briefs. That where the ones I knew Nick liked and I had teased him with them this morning.

I stepped out of the jeans and turned around. I wanted to look at them but I didn’t and stepped upon the bed. Laying down myself on my belly.

One of them then crawled behind me and set down on my lower legs. His hands slowly started to move over my upper legs.

I smiled when Brian got closer and set beside me on the bed.

“Relax” he said.

I smiled back and closed my eyes again.

I felt how some cold drops fell on my back. I cringed a bit. It was followed bye two pairs of warm hands that started to massage my back. Very nicely giving every bit of skin and muscle its turn. I let out a deep sigh. They where very good at it I thought.

I am not sure how long they went on as I slipped more or less into sleep. I got aware again of stuff when hands moved over the cloth of my briefs. First slowly then pushing a bit on the edge, until the finger tops found their way in between cloth and skin. Now on each of my buttocks was a hand, moulding them, caressing them? I knew that it was James who was doing that.

I could feel that his hands where moving side wards. “Move your hips up a bit” he whispered. I did as was asked and he pulled my briefs down. I could feel them slowly being removed. I giggled a bit. “Hey guys I was this expecting for later on tonight to happen with some one else”.

“Well we just want to make sure you know what to do then” Brian said.

“Oh, I think you taught me all there was to learn’ I said.

“Oh you think” he said with a smile.

Now he got me, what where they up to I thought.


(narrorating by Nick again)

They continued to massage me; they had added some oil to the experience as well.

“Ok, next step Nick”.

They pushed on my side a bit. I looked up and saw that they wanted me to move but for a moment I couldn’t. They where both wearing black briefs and where looking gorgeous.

“Hmm, guys I am not sure this is such a good idea” I said as I knew that my dick was as hard as it could get”.

“Just relax and enjoy, right ?” Alexei said.

I turned over on my back.

“Ah, I see now why. You liked that then”.

“Guys don’t ask stupid questions or I might reconsider if you are suitable to be best men”.

“Oh you think you are able to find some one else that would wear that during the ceremony then” Randy said.

I blushed again.

They had pushed me down now and had started to massage my chest, shoulders and upper legs. I could feel how Randy from time to time just had a bit of a touch of my dick.

“Move your hips up” he said with a bit of a deeper voice then normal, it seems he was not sure if he was aloud to ask.

But when I did he pulled my jeans off. It seems they could just slide open with only the knob open at the top.

“Still looking good Nick” Alexei said with a bit of a sigh.

“You can say that again” Randy said.

“Go on your guys with what ever you have planned but stop making comments”.

They went on with the massage using oil now as well. Each time I thought they where going to put their hands on my dick they moved away again. Teasing me, making my dick jump for it sometimes even.

Then it came unexpected as suddenly my balls where caressed and the hand moved upwards.

“HM, nice” Randy said.

“Let me” Alexei asked and I felt how another hand now was taking the top bit of my dick into his hand.

He didn’t stay long there and before I knew it it was left again. Randy though kept it there and moved it up and down, starting slowly but increasing speed.

“Hmm, you guys you better not …..” I started as I felt all of a sudden I was getting close to an orgasm.

But I was not sure if they didn’t hear it or didn’t want to hear as it was to late any way and I felt how my cum started to spray into my briefs. Randy continued for a bit then stopped. I had to open my eyes and saw his look.

“Hm seems you need to have a shower and change your clothes Nick”.  He said with a laugh.

“Basterd” I just said simply.

“Get up Nick and follow us”.

They got me to the bathroom. I looked at them more or less daring them to take off my briefs. Although after coming a moment ago I was still wondering if they would.

“Oh, lets get on” Alexei said.

He moved his hands to my briefs and pushed them down. I stepped out of them. Definitely not moving as I wanted to wait and see what they would do. I had definitely seen a boner in Randy’s brief but I thought that Alexei had been reasonable.

“Go on” Randy said.

“You are not going to join me then. Or are you just shy”.

He blushed then but moved his hands to his briefs and lowered them as well.

They pushed me into the shower and then started to clean me. Backside, front side, hairs, feet everything. When Alexei had some soap and started to clean my dick it had its own little plans again as it moved up, up and up.

“Oh, damned Nick, not again we thought we had solved that problem” he said.

He sank down on his knees and before I knew it he had my hardening dick in his mouth. Totally surprised by it I felt that it got harder fast. This was a bit of a dream come through I thought. It didn’t take to long as he was good, very good at it. Especially when he moved his tong somehow into my piss split. Wow I thought and jolts of fire went through my spines, up my balls and then out of my cock into Alexei mouth.

“WOW” I said when the orgasm started to fade.

“You can say that again” Randy said. I looked at him and saw that his dick was dripping with cum too.

Alexei got up, kissed me on the cheeks and said “Congratulations. I thought that it was better to get this out of the way as there has always been some tension between us Nick. I love you as a brother and that is how I want it to stay so I hope this will help with it. Just remember when ever you need help I will be there”.

I just nodded. “You knew” I said in the end.

“Yea, there was always that bit of adoration in you, especially at times you thought I was not looking. It was not good if that would have stayed in between us especially not for your relation with Francis. You know that night after your exposition”.


“Well let’s say that we got very very close to happening something at that point. James wanted, I wanted and I knew you wouldn’t object. The fact that Francis was not there and you probably would have felt guilty towards him afterwards was what stopped me and James then”.

“Ok, well thanks you might be right” It was just too much for me to take in. I believed him, There was always something between us but … well at least I knew now what it felt if he sucked me and although great, the mystery of it was gone and that was important. I definitely knew that he was right when I realised that.

“Thanks” I said and give him a kiss on his mouth.

“Ok you guys time to clean up and get dressed”.

At that point there was a lot of rumor coming from outside the bedroom.

chapter 22

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