chapter 22

At that point there was a lot of rumor coming from outside the bedroom.


(Andy narorating).

I had looked around several times at the place. I knew what they where doing in the bedroom’s and I had said yea go ahead to Brian as I knew I could trust them. With 45 minutes to go I had heard some busses that had drove up to the little forest lane. I had been preparing for this and had thought what I was going to say. There where just too many people there to let them go into the house so a direct route on the side to the back was enough. I just didn’t know for sure if I just would let them do that or if I would explain something or not.

When I got to the front door I saw there where at least 3 busses full of people. I waved as I recognised several of them.

Nick’s Dad, Susan and Francis’s Mother where there at the front and when they got closer Nick’s Dad said.

“Hi there Andy where is the rest of the gang”.

“Inside, but”.

He wanted to walk past me into the hall.

“Sorry Sir but everything is set outside and we don’t want too many people go into the building. It might just be too much and it could damage stuff”.

“Oh, right yea well I just wanted to say “Hi!”. I am also surprised by the amount of people they invited. I thought it would be just a small gathering of close friends and family to celebrate this”.

I smiled inside as I tried to keep looking straight. “Let me show you around to the back of the restaurant”. I said to them. Then I looked up towards the other people and shouted. “Follow me to the back of the house. Everything is set up there please don’t go into the building if you don’t need to”.

I walked towards the back and was just hoping they would take it ok. When I got to the back and walked in between the rows of chairs towards the little stage that was there. I felt how Nick’s Dad tipped on my shoulder. “Hm Andy what is all this”. “Just follow me so every one can get here and I can explain”.

I could here Susan whisper to Francis Mother “You knew about this, this looks like  …”she didn’t continue as she saw that Francis Mother now realised as well as what it looked.

I stepped onto the podium and shouted over the now quite lowed whispers of voices that was going on “Can I have your attention”. I needed to do it twice.

“I am sorry but Nick and Francis are not here yet and as I know they played a joke on all of us I want to ask you to find a drink and then a seat”.

“What is this Andy” one of their close friends.

I laughed and said. “Well I am sure you see what the setting looks like. As I said they didn’t tell any one but you are not here only to celebrate their living together but also the fact that they wanted to have a commitment ceremony before they wanted to move in together.

“They are going to get married” A guy who I thought was Jordan yelled from the back.

I smiled “You can call it like that, yea” I answered.

Now it got really loud with lots of “Yeah !” and “Good for them !” going around that I saw their were other signs on the faces of their parents. Good only two to deal with.

“So please get a drink and then take a seat. We are planed to start with this in about 30 minutes”.

“Take them to me now, Andy …” Nick’s dad said.

I thought I might reason with them if I would take them into the house so I said “Follow me”.

They followed me into the restaurant area.

“Nice place they have chosen for it” Susan said.

“They surely did” David said. It seems he was not upset as much as his Father was as Kathy on the other hand looked fuming.

“They should have warned us. There are things we needed to prepare for it”.

“Yea, well they just have to wait then so we can” Susan said.

“No, they will have to wait they are too young. Where are they” Nick’s Dad said.

“I am sorry Sir but under no conditions can you disturb them. They are preparing themselves together with their best men”.

“I don’t care. I want to talk with them now. If you are not going to get them, then I will go and find them”.

“Sir, please don’t you would really upset them if you did. Is that what you want”?

“Andy, I don’t care I agreed that he would leave university but commitment is something big and I am not sure they are ready for this. It is just going way to fast”.

“You think that is why they arranged it like this Sir. They thought you wouldn’t agree and you ladies would fuss about it”.

They now looked more or less all guilty.

“Still, let me see my son so I can talk with him. I just want to make sure he knows what he is doing”.

“Already done Sir and I can guarantee you that they know what they want”.

“You knew then Andy”.

“No, like you we just heard it today. They needed our help to set it all up in the garden. I am sure otherwise they wouldn’t have said anything to much either”.

“Ok, well where are they”.

“Upstairs first floor in the bedrooms” I said as I thought he had calmed down.

I was wrong as he started to walk up there. It took me a few steps to get close again and I managed to stop him when we got up to the first floor.

“Sir Do you really want to upset them just in the last hour for their big moment. Can’t you just except that they have grown up now”.

“Please, don’t “Susan said from right behind me.

I am sure they guys had heard him by now but I just hoped they wouldn’t be too disrupted to much.

“Ok, but .. “.

“Come downstairs now”. Susan said again, almost pulling him with her.

I waited until them were downstairs when I softly knocked on their door and said. “It is ok, all under control”.  I was surprised as the door opened and Randy looked at me.

“Are they gone”?


“Ok, well they didn’t sound too happy with it”.

“No, Nick’s dad is making a bit of a fuss about it. But I think Susan will be able to calm him down”.

“Ok, we will do the same with Nick then. Every one is there ? ”

“Yeb, it looks like it”.

“Ok, well just bring the owner of the restaurant up here in a moment as I think she just drove up to the building. It seems she is the one that is doing the ceremony here as well”.

“I will go and get her. You guys are finished dressing then ?” I asked as I could still see a naked upper body.

Randy pushed the door open. “Yea we are suited up” he said and started laughing when he saw I was blushing with my mouth open not able to say anything. “You mean you are going to do this …. “

“Yea it seems we are”

“Ok, I better get her then otherwise the crowd outside might get impatient, as I am sure they have some explaining to do”>

I walked downstairs when a lady walked into the hall. “Are they upstairs” she asked me. “Yea they are waiting for you” I said.

“Good, they still going forward with their stupid dress plan then”.

Oh she knew I thought. “Yea I think so”.

“Well let’s say it is good they warn me about it. See you later Andy” she said.

I was surprised she knew my name. I continued to walk into the restaurant area.

When I got there I saw that Susan was now together with Francis Mom and Nick’s Dad talking in the corner of the room. David walked towards me.

“Can I disturb them then? I just …”.

“I am sorry David. I know that you are disappointed that he didn’t ask you to be his best men but I think you will know in a moment when they get outside.

“Ok, just as long as my brother knows that I am supporting him. I am sorry Dad went off like that”.

“Oh he is doing ok David. Alexei and Randy are with him for the preparations”.

“Ah, so they are not together”.

“No, not anymore for about 2 hours. It was at least one of the things we insisted on”.

“So you got any idea where they are off to after today then”.

“No idea to be honest. They didn’t really tell us a lot. Just this morning after breakfast when they needed to tell us, they did and so far we haven’t talked about anything after today”.

“Ok, well I just hope they have managed to get a few days away from it all”.

“I am not sure I thought they where trying to find a place near to where you and Kathy are”.

“Yea but not sure if they have found anything already”.


(Francis narrorating ).

“Ok, you guys we better get Francis in the shower. By the sound of it the guests have arrived so we can’t have more then an hour”.  Brian said.

James had been giving me a wonderful massage for the last 20 minutes or so as I almost had fallen asleep.

“Ok, come on Francis” Brian said and pulled me off the bed.

“Hmm, you are going to join me” I asked.

“Yea, not sure we can trust you to be clean enough”.

I blushed and followed him into the bathroom. I saw that James was not far behind.

“Turn around Francis”.  I turned around and was now with my back towards him.

“Stay still” I felt how my underwear was pushed down.

“Are you sure about this Brian” I asked.

“Yea, and remember I have seen it before”.

“I know but still …”

He pushed me into the shower. I turned around and saw that he took his underwear off as well. He had already had been very well endowed. I heard an ohm coming from James’s lips.

“You going to join us James” Brian said.

James was quick enough to get his briefs off as well and followed us into the shower. There was not a lot of space so our bodies touched several times while we where soaping ourselves in. My dick had a mind of its own. I guess it was happy to see Brian’s again as well.

We got the soap off, when Brian looked down at me and said. ‘Not sure you will fit in your suit like that Francis. I think you need some help with it”.

Before I could say anything he was down on his knees and my dick was in his mouth. Oh memories started to come flooding back. I wanted to push him away but I didn’t.

It didn’t take to long, I was hard, he was good and memories helped as well. I now pushed him away as I felt my orgasm was close.

I squirted an awful lot; mostly fell on Brian’s face and chest. “Hmm time to wash again” James said with a wicked grin.

We finished the shower and walked back into the bedroom.


(Back downstairs narrorating by Andy).

Susan had calmed Nick’s Dad down and they were now making their way to the garden. David followed them. I saw that the caterers where getting ready with the last bit of food in the restaurant. It all seems to come to gather nicely. Just as they had planned.

I wanted to go outside when I heard some one coming from the stairs. “Is every one ready Andy”, the restaurant owner asked me.

“Hmm, yea … “.

“Oh, my name is Monique”.

“Yea, it seems they are ready for it Monique”.

“Ok, then get this show on the road”.

I followed her outside. When she got to the podium, she turned around “Please can I have your attention. I want to welcome you to this special ceremony we are going to have here today. I know that they didn’t tell any of you but they are sure they want to do this. I was happy to see Francis so happy after all those years that there was something dark about him. But now that is gone. They want to ask you to sit down in a moment and be all witnesses of the commitment they are going to give each other. Please make sure not to disturb the ceremony even if you are a bit surprised by parts of it. So if you all sit down we might start”.

“Andy who is Nick’s Dad and who is Francis’s Mother”.

I pointed towards them. She walked to them.

“I am Monique restaurant owner and they asked me to perform their ceremony in a moment. I know you must be surprised by all of this but still I only hope that you are happy to join in the ceremony as they requested”.

“Yea we want to” Francis’s Mother said straight off. I saw that Nick’s Dad got a nudge of Susan before he spoke up. “Of course !”.

“Ok, could you follow me then, Andy you too please”.

I followed her to the garden doors of the restaurant.

“Ok, this is what I want you to do. First Francis with his witness is going to walk down to the podium. He hoped that you would walk upfront of them leading them to it. Then after a minute or so Nick will follow with his witness and he wants you to lead them to the platform Sir” she said to Nick’s dad.

“Ok, no problem with that” Nick’s Dad said.

“There is one thing though. When you walk towards the podium you are not aloud to look backwards, not until you reached the podium and you are tapped on the shoulder. That goes for both of you”.

“Why is that” Francis’s Mother asked.

“I have an idea but I am not aloud to explain. Please if you want to do this do as asked, if you don’t want to then Andy can take your place”.

“No it is fine” Francis’s Mother said.

“Ok, then for you Sir. Would you please go with Andy to the side room? Andy you are not a loud to let him out and get back here until Francis has reached the podium”.

“What, why”. Nick’s Dad started but was cut close fast bye Monique, “If you don’t want to follow their wishes then please go back to your seat and Andy will stand in your place”.

“No, I will” he said firm. “But I still find it odd”.

“I know you do and it will explain itself when you get closer to the podium but please don’t turn around. Not before you received the tap”.

I knew what they where up to and it sounded like more pranks of them. I am not sure how many they had up their sleeve for the ceremony but it would turn in something that we would all remember for some time.

“Ok Sir lets go” I said and we walked to the side. I was sorry not to see Brian walking up to the aisle as I was sure it was quite some sight to be.


(Narrorating by Francis).

“So guys how do I look” Francis asked us.

“Hmm, not sure Francis but you might not be able to get down there in one piece you know”.

“Oh I am sure I will, you just have to restrain yourself”.

“I am not the problem; no I think all the guys down there might be”.

“Don’t start or I might not have the guts to go through with this” I said.

“It is not showing to much then” James asked looking down at himself.

“No, you look find, gorgeous but fine James”.

I heard a yell from Monique that all was set. “Ok, we will be down in 1 minute Monique”.

“Thanks for this guys. I am not sure if I would have had the guts to get through all of this without these last relaxing hours. You are really really good friends”. I said.

“We knew that it might have helped to get over any jitters”.

“Just hope that Nick is feeling the same”.

“Oh, I am sure he is, now let’s get this thing going”.

Brian and James walked downstairs I followed close behind, feeling a bit naked but also proud to go and declare my love openly for all those people for Nick. I just hoped he was okay as I had heard his father but it seems that Andy had managed to sort that out together with Susan.

My view was marvellous and I smiled knowing that there would be some upset when we would walk out. More pranks that we had planned but also something we wanted to do. Yea it was a ceremony but I guess it was more for us a statement too.

When we got to the living room I saw that Monique was standing beside my Mom probably urging her not to turn around.

Monique though turned around, let out a deep sigh when she saw us and then she said. “Ready for this”.

“We are”. I said with a smile.

“Ok, let’s do this then”.

Music started as Monique and Mom set their first step towards the stairs that would lead us into the garden and the podium. James and Brian stepped close behind them. I think they didn’t want to be in full view. I waited until they where a meter before me and then I followed taking in a deep sigh.

The voice of … was starting to sing when we got to the grass of the garden. Now with all the guests standing the “OHHH !” and “WOW !” came from the guests as I knew they had seen our suits. I blushed I am sure I did but I followed them to the podium. Now the “OHHH !” and “WOW !” were gone and some people were whistling as that helped me to relax. Then the moment is there. James and Brian had stepped away to the right and my mom was standing up there. I knew she was waiting for me to tap her shoulder. I held out my hand, reached her shoulder and tapped her on it.

I was not sure if I could look at her but I did. She looked at me smiled, and then when she caught on that my chest was bare her smiled disappeared and got into a frown when she reached my crotch. I smiled at her.  “Do I look good”?  I said. A line I had prepared quite some time as I knew that was the only thing I would be able to say at all.

Then slowly a surprise came to her face. “As you did when I held you as a little boy, changing your diapers” She said that a bit louder and I could hear the guys behind me snigger about it.

“You know Francis, I am always been proud of you and I must say that I am proud of the choice you made for the person to live with”.

“So you don’t mind giving me away to him”.

“No, I don’t, although not sure I was ready for that all today”.

“I know lets wait for Nick” I said as I didn’t want to get to emotional at that point. I am sure if we continued that somehow my Dad would come up and he was the last I wanted to talk about.


(Nick narrorating).

“Ok, guys stop fizzling with them, they look great on you”.

“We know but still a bit skimpy Nicky”, Alexei said.

“Oh it is only for half an hour or so and only about 100 or more people will see you”.

“Thank you that is all I need” Alexei said with a smile.

“So you are ready for this Nick” Randy asked.

“I am sure am. I can’t wait guys”.

“Not even going down dressed like this”

“No, Randy I know he will be the same, well almost so no worries”.

“Oh, I would bone up the moment I would see him”.

“Well then be prepared as James will be there dressed like this as well”.

“Damned you better not told me that, now I need all the control I can manage”.

“Nick”, I heard Andy yell from downstairs a minute or two after the music had started.

“We are coming Andy, just be ready”.

When I opened the door I heard Andy saying something to my Dad. I hope he would be able to do what I had asked.

When we got downstairs Alexei and Randy stood behind James and my Dad. James turned around smiled at me and then they started to walk. I knew that my Dad would see Francis and the guys the moment they would get to the grass. I just hoped that he would keep walking and not stop.

I smiled proudly to the guests. They where definitely not as surprised but still whistling a lot. I saw then the bum of Francis, James and Brian. I didn’t see my Dad’s face until the movie of it all afterwards. I was just happy that he was able to walk until he was standing right beside Francis and his mom. He looked at Francis and I saw that Francis smiled.

Alexei and Randy stepped away to the left, leaving now just a meter between me and my dad. I tapped his shoulder and he turned around. Not looking at me but straight looking down. I could see a smile coming on to his face.

“Will you give me away to my beloved one” I asked him, making sure that he would not say anything about the clothes. 

“I will Nick, I am proud of your choise, please step beside me so I can do so”.

I stepped beside him, now my hand on his. We got closer to Francis now. He looked incredible gorgeous in those light red Speedo’s. I felt how my dick tingled but the last thing I wanted was a hard on in my own white Speedo’s.

“You belong together guys. We are both happy you found each other” my Dad said. I saw that Francis Mother was glowing and nodding. The she held her hand which had Francis one on top of it just above ours. She got very close to me and then she took it away. Electric thunder went through me as Francis his skin touched me. My Father had left my hand and took that of Francis’s Mother and led her to their seating’s.

“Nick, Francis” if I can have your attention. Monique said.

We took our eyes off each other and turned towards her with a smile.

“Three weeks ago Francis and Nick came to me and told me that they wanted me to lead them as tree, bound together in love in front of all your friends and family. Surprised I must say but also pleased that you have chosen me for it. I know Francis now for quite a few years, I guess from the first summer he lived down here. He is a good guy, a good worker and from the two times they have been here. I also know that he will be good for Nick. I know Nick and Francis that this place as a special meaning for the both of you. It was for that reason that I am very happy to make this event able to take place down here. Just remember when ever you need to come back, there will always be a place at this restaurant available. But I am sure that is the same with a lot of the people that are here as you really bound a group of special friends around you of which I am sure you have got great things in their future. For you two, I just wish you all the best with your lives and that you are able to develop your talents even further into the future. Now could you please come and stand with me”.

We stepped forward. We hadn’t rehearsed this at all so we were not sure how it would fall together. Our hands where still on top of each other as she now put both her hands on either side of them.

“Please take from this day forward your love, your happiness. Make it to be the light when darkness is surrounding you. Make it shine in your future development as human beings, sharing your gifted talent together for joy of others. Make from this day forward a promise to share, pain, happiness, friends, and live in union together. Now please turn around”.

We smiled at her and turned around. Now standing with our face towards our friends. Our hands still tangled together but with the hands of Monique now resting on our shoulders.

“Brian, James, Randy and Alexei would you please join us”.

I looked to the left of me as Randy and Alexei came closer.

I felt how Francis tickled my hand a bit and at the same time we said “Randy, Alexei, Brian and James please join us to be witness of our promise to each other. Randy (James, I heard Francis say instead) please put your hand on top of mine. Alexei (Brian) please put your hand on the bottom of mine”.

Now with one hand supported bye Alexei and Randy and the other still attached to Francis we where all connected.

We waited a bit then I felt another tickle in my hand. I turned a bit towards Francis, looking at him. He had done the same. Our eyes met and where locked. I could feel myself slip into them, drawing in the feeling of love that swept through my body. Just memorizing the moment as at that moment I remembered the first time that we met as I remember that for one second at that time our eyes where locked just as they were now.

Another tickle, a smile started to form on his face when I slowly saw that he opened his mouth. I joined him.


“Francis (Nick he said) you are the one that I waited on for 19 years to come into my life

and fill up the bit that had been missing for those first years.

Since then I known what it is to be complete.

It has been a rough ride so far

but we knew there was one thing that was always there the love I felt for you Francis (Nick, he said).

And when ever it was needed you where there for me,

letting me feel without any doubt that you love me as much as I love you. 

With that love we tried to continue on separate paths,

but realising that you are part of my inspiration to grow as human beings, as partners.

So Francis (Nick he said) there is no other choise that I have then to pledge my love to you for now,

for the future till there is a moment we have to let go.

But until then I promise to help, support, and be there for you Francis (Nick he said) when ever you need me,

in trust as we both know that our love for each other can conquer every bit of rough patch that might be before us.

Using it to grow together with support of all our friends here witnessing this promise of love.

To seal this promise please hold me, kiss me Francis (Nick he said).


Our faces got closer; electricity was pulling us together, till our lips locked in a passionate kiss. His tongue making its way till it touched mine and together they were dancing on the song of love. I felt how my package had grown while touching his. I knew we would make a bit of a scene but I didn’t care. I had found him and would never let go. When we stopped our kiss, I slowly moved back my head, still our eyes tangled into each other. I smiled and whispered for only his ears “I love you Francis”.

I felt how our hands no longer on top of each other but entangled as the one we had become, where gripping a bit stronger as a sign to continue. We turned now to our friends and family.

“We are glad you are all here to witness our bond. To celebrate this bond, as a clean start, learned from past mistake we are going to plenish ourselves. We want to ask you, as witnesses of it all and to join us and see this as a clean start for what ever mistake we have made in the past. As together we can face our future without fear”

We had left that a bit cryptic on purpose as we knew they would understand the moment they realised what we where about to go and do.

“Randy, Alexei, James and Brian please follow us”. Not that they didn’t had a choise as our hands where tightly gripped on theirs now. We stepped off the platform and turned around towards the lake.

I could hear Alexei and Randy on my side say “No you can’t be serious”. ‘Why do you think you are wearing that outfit then” I said with a smile.

I looked into Francis eyes when we took the first steps into the water. “Without fear” I said to him. It was not as cold as I had been afraid off but still no summer yet has been so to cold to really say yea let’s go in. But together we took more steps followed by what I could feel hesitation of Randy and Alexei.

I slowly let go of their hands only to look at Francis, he nodded then and we both jumped into the water, diving under, then jumping upwards again, screaming out loud. From the splashes behind us I understood that the others had done the same. Realising the promise we just had made was a strong one, one that needed to be washed clean from mistakes of the past. Now all wet it felt great. We dove again, holding each other and when we came up from the surface we embraced each other, our lips finding themselves locked into another kiss.

For one moment I was distracted as I was pulled away from the scene and heard a cry “ Nick, No, don’t help Nick pleaseeeeeeeeee”. The intensity of the kiss though pulled me back straight to the please where I was, with my loved one.

When the kiss ended I looked at him, our eyes locked again, enjoying the feeling of love and be loved.

The end

well that was it the second part of the adventures of Nick and Francis. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I would love to think if you liked it and if you want more. If so let me know then I will send you a message when I will put it online, although that may be for some time now?  Leave a remark in the questbook or write an e-mail to me.

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