chapter 3

Around 2 in the morning the party was going on to its end. I was sitting on the couch feeling tired and looked around to see who was still there. It was a great evening and everybody seemed to enjoy it. Julian was talking to my brothers. Bas was not around and Kevin and Matt where dancing with the only two girls who where still there. A moment later Julian walked towards me and said that he was going upstairs to prepare his sleeping bag. Together with my brothers he disappeared upstairs. Bas came back in from the kitchen and sat down beside me. I think that I have had just a few drinks too much and you. I answered him that I hardly could stand on my legs at that moment. The music stopped and I saw how Kevin and Matt walked with the girls to the front door. They both made their way back in when the girls left. One final drink I said looking at Kevin and Matt. Ok why not.

I walked into the kitchen and took another three beers. Julian was back downstairs when I came in. In his hand was a stock of cards. Ok he said why don’t we play a game of poker. We sat down at the table. What should we play for I asked. Well Julian said we have to undress in a moment anyway so why not a game of strip poker. And the one who is first naked has lost and must pay up. How, Bas said. Well Julian said I have here some notes which I got from you brothers David with a few kind of punishment. Let’s say the loser has to take one out and do what ever there is on the note. We are not going to look at them now. I didn’t see the notes either but your brothers has used them before. We were all kind of drunk so nobody was against it and we started to play.

You could tell that Julian had played this game more than the rest of us. After 30 minutes Kevin and me had only our underwear on and Bas and Matt were still having their Jeans on. Julian just lost his shoes. The next game could bring the decision between Kevin and me. I had not to bad cards and stayed in the game. But this time it was Matt who had the better hand and I had to take of my underwear. Ok Julian said go on. I had already had a half-erected cock but pulled down my underwear. When I started to sit down Julian said no wait stand still. He gave me the box with notes and I took one out. Wait said Julian when I started to take a look at the note. He took the three other notes out of the box and said: Let us see what is on the other notes.

The first note said: your playing partners are going to masturbate on your face. You must keep your mouth open until the come.

The second note said: Get the dildo and fuck yourself with it. In the mean time give a masturbation show.

The third note said: You will receive ten spanks on your buttocks from each of the players. You have to masturbate yourself in the mean time.

Well Julian said give me the note and see what your choice has been. With trembling hands I gave him the note. He opened the note and said well well this is going to be nice. Ok Kevin said tell us Julian what must he do. Kevin looked quite excited with a great bulge in his underwear.

Ok Julian said David you must sit down on your knees and start stroking your cock. You may not come before we are finished. I sat down on my knees and started stroking my cock. Julian looked at the other three and asked has any one has to go to the toilet. Well I have he said. He walked towards me and said open your mouth. I started to protest but he showed me the note and their it was I had to drink their urine. I slowly opened my mouth and Julian took his cock out of his trousers and put it at the height of my mouth. Only a few seconds later I felt the first splashes on my tongue. Whit in a few second I was forced to swallow and almost had to throw up from the taste. After Julian emptied his bladder Matt and Bas were already waiting and one after the other started to piss in my face and my open mouth. I could hardly keep up swallowing but found it kind of nice after a few moments. Kevin was the last one. He had some trouble and only a small stream came out. At that time I came and cum splashed in a cup that Julian was holding in front of my cock. You came to soon he said so on the note was also standing that if you came to early you had to drink that to. He held the cup in front of my mouth and poured cum into it. Swallow he said come on, after a moment he hit me on the back and I swallowed my cum. It didn’t taste too terrible. We sat down and looked at each other.Great night Matt said but I am going sleeping. We all left for our beds. I was still a little bit surprised by everything that had happened but it felt very well to do this first with my brothers and then with my friends.

chapter 4
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