chapter 32

By the time I got downstairs the guy had left already. My master was sitting with his dad on the couch. They had started the pizza. The other son was standing beside it looking at them.

“AH, there you are. You are looking quite wet”. The dad said.

“Yea, he was thirsty and there was some one here that needed to pee so”, said the young master.

“Oh, so the pizza delivery guy needed to go?”

“Yea, he did, but that was resolved quite nicely”.

“Was it nice?” The dad asked me.

“It was ok”.

“I think more than that, he stayed rock hard during it. Although now I think he has soften up a bit”.

“Yea I think so too”.

“Well they will have to wait for a bit. They will do their last task in a moment”. The dad said.

Without a lot being said they finished their pizza. I looked around but most of my view was on the slave son’s wet briefs. The effect on me was that I slowly started to get hard again.

After about 30 minutes or so the dad said. “Well time to wrap up this for this evening. We will go on again on Friday. Lastly, one of the things we want you to do is a striptease. So we decided that the loser of the last task will start with a striptease on Friday with a piece of clothing less. Not that that will mean anything but it is a start”.

“Yea, nice”. Said the master son. “Can I tell them what it is they will need to do?”

“Yea of course it is your evening”.

“OK, you will go and start to masturbate each other in a moment. You will do your utmost best to make sure that the other one will come as fast as possible and the one that cums first will be the loser. Is that clear?”

Yea what was not clear about that I thought?

“Ok, go and sit beside each other on the couch”.

When we sat down we touched each other. It felt very horny and my dick was very stiff now.

The slave son wanted to get his briefs off but the dad said. “No leave them on; it will make it more difficult”.

Oh that would be the case. I knew he was just as horny as me so whatever happened I knew it would be close.

“Ready, go for it”. The Young master said.



I put my hand on his crotch and slowly started to rub it. I looked to see how he responded. I met his eyes when I realized that he was doing the same. I smiled at him and repressed a moan, which I normally would have let out. It was the very tense for me as I knew I was not going to spurt any cum. It didn’t take long until I felt that I was almost going to cum. When he pulled it further back and the material of my briefs rubbed my dick a bit longer I knew I was a goner and I yelled it out.

I had kept rubbing his dick but then realized that my hand had gotten wet that he had cum as well.

“Good slave”. Said the little master. “I had only hoped you would have lasted a bit longer. I am disappointed in that. But you lost Tom, so on Friday you will start with a piece of clothing less”.

“Yes master”. I said as I had no choice but neither knew what they had planned exactly for Friday.

“Did you enjoy it Tom?” The dad asked.

“Yes master, it was nice”.

“Good, you can get dressed then in a moment and we will see you here again on Friday at 6 pm ok”?

“Yes master”.

“Oh, you will have to make sure you wear a T-shirt, sport shorts and some kind of white briefs, the smaller the better. I assume that you will do this without me contacting your masters right?”

“Yes master”.

“Ok, you can get dressed now”.

After I dressed I was allowed to go.

I took the day off so that on the Friday afternoon I could have a little rest. I had just showered and was checking out my drawer to see what I would wear. The smallest briefs were the ones with the little cartoons on them. I took a deep breath and put them on. Just as I was doing this I heard that I received mail. As I had still some time left I went to the computer to see what was sent to me.


“Dear slave boy”.

The next few days will be very important for your future. You have come further then we expected. You will also have tomorrow evening an appointment. You will call at exactly 8 pm at this address. You will do exactly what you are told. Depending on the end of the evening we will contact you to tell you what will happen further after this. For tonight have a lot of fun but after last Wednesday we suspect you will have.

Your masters Flip and Eric.


Damned two nights in a row. It could get too much I thought. But first tonight I had no idea what was going to happen but I was sure that I would be standing in those very skimpy cartoon briefs at some point.

At exactly 6 pm I pressed the doorbell.

“Ah, you’re nicely on time”. The young master said. “Come on in”.

I walked into the living room. On the couch the slave son was already there. Dressed in the same way I was. The dad was not there.

“OK, we will leave in a moment. My dad can’t be here today so I came up with some fun things to do tonight. First we will go to the fitness centre and I will explain everything there ok”.

“Yes master”. We both said at the same time.

We laughed about it but there was an undertone of nervousness in it for sure.

“Good, you can go to the car and I will be there soon. You can drive ok?” He said to his brother.

“Yes master”.

“Good, wait till I am there”.

Together we walked to the car.

“Where is your dad?” I asked.

“Oh, he had to go to work suddenly. Ever since he told us, I could tell that my brother was having fun with these thoughts of what was to come. I don’t expect this will be an easy night. Sorry for that”.

“I am used to these types of things and it will be very horny time with whatever he comes up with.

“You are looking at that all very relaxed are you not?” He asked me.

“Well not easy but there is nothing else I can do”.

“No, maybe not”.

“OK, where is he?” He said after we sat down in the car.

I looked at the house and saw that he was just stepping out of the house and he had his mobile in his hand. I had gone to the front and it seems he was ok with that as he sat down in the back.

“Ok, we are going to the fitness centre close to the shopping centre on the north side, ok?”

“Right, where do you want me to park?”

“ON the front side”. He said.

The slave brother started to drive. I had some idea where the shopping centre was but I didn’t really know it very well. I surely never had been to the fitness centre down there. I had expected that we should have gotten some tasks inside the house but this would be something different. I knew the little master had some strange ideas as well.

After about 10 minutes we stopped at the front of quite a big building.

“Ok, we will go to the locker room in a moment. I still need to change. It is good that you have got the right gear on already. I have got some different shoes with me for you. When we get to the hall I will explain what the first task will be”.

“Yes master”. We both said at the same time.

“Good”. He said and then he looked at me. “Are you not forgetting something Tom?”

I looked at him surprised.

“I believe you were supposed to start with a piece of clothing less today. So what will it be? Your sport shorts?” He said laughing.

“Hmm no, can it be my shoes?” I asked.

“Yea fine although you might have needed them in a moment”. He smiled. “But too late for now. Leave your shoes here ok”.

I took my shoes off and followed them inside on my socks. We followed him into the locker room where the other slave got a pair of shoes to wear. The little master changed making sure we got as horny as possible. Oh I didn’t tell you yet I have received the key to unlock the device. I could get hard easy now but not some. In the car the little master had asked for the key.

I got some strange looks when I entered the hall in my socks. He took us in the direction of some devices. We followed him and then he tapped someone on the shoulder. He turned himself around.

“He Bart, nice to see you again. Are those two really going to do it?

“Yea, they have no choice Sander. It will make them very horny.”

“Hi, nice to see you two again”. Sander said to us.

I had recognised him the moment he turned around. The pizza delivery guy from Wednesday. I expected a lot but not this.

“Ok, first we are going to do four different power exercises. The overall loser of the four will need to hand in another piece of clothing. Understood?”

“Here in the hall?” The son slave asked.

“Yea, where else?” Master Bart said (the young master).

“Oh, ok”.

Damned I thought, I might end up losing my Socks then and even more if we stay here. I thought. I looked around it was quite crowded with an average kind of group. Some younger and some older ones around as well.

For the first exercise I had to go with Sander. It was an exercise where I had to push as much weight as I could while stretching my legs.

I went to lie on the chair.

“So you like to walk around in briefs then?” Sander asked.

“Yea a little bit”. I said.

“Nice, it looked hot. Love to see what you are wearing today”. He said with a smile. “But first push this away in a moment. I will add 5 kg to it each time. We shall see how far you will get.”

I started easy but when we got to the 50 kg it got very hard. I managed though but with the extra 5 kg I lost it. That was just too much.

“Ok, I have written that down. For the next exercise you can go to Bart. I will see you later.”

I saw that Bart was on the other side so I walked towards him.

Nothing much happened during the exercises. It was quite heavy and neither Sander nor Bart said anything about who was in the lead. After we had finished the four exercises we were taken back to the walking tread mill.

“Ok, the next task we are going to do is also the last one we will do here. We want to see who can walk the most distance in 10 minutes. We are going to do this with you standing beside each other so you can see what the other is doing. Oh and with walking we mean walking. You can go as hard as you like as long as you make sure you walk. It is not allowed to run. If you do then you will have automatically lost. To make it a bit more difficult we will start with a slope of 10% as well. Understood?”

We both just nodded. No way were we going to say yes master down here.

“Good but before we go and do this; we have to see who is going to hand us another piece of his clothing”.

Now I thought, I had hoped that walking would be part of it. Well I had done all I could I thought.

They stood together whispering and smiling. “Ok, you can tell them Sander”. Bart said.

“Ok, well the result is fun for us but less for both of you. If we count all the weights you have done there is a tie. So it means you both lost. So decide which piece of clothing you want to take off.

“Hey that is not fair.” Peter said. “Why not make it a double wager at this walking task?”

“Shut up Peter, but if you want to, if you lose the next task you will get rid of two pieces. Sounds like a good deal.” Bart said.

I saw that for one moment that Peter wanted to protest, but it seems he understood that that might just make it worse.

“So what will it be boys?” Sander said.

Now what, I thought. Taking my t-shirt off would be something and I definitely would not take my shorts off. But if I take my socks off, this was bad because I really did not need to walk on my bare feet I thought. If for safety reasons that is not allowed then I will lose this for sure.

I saw that Peter took his shoes off. If I would keep my socks on at least this walking would be an even battle and if Peter lost then we would be even. But could I take my t-shirt off. What would I do….?

chapter 33

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