chapter 33

“Well are you going to do something or do you want us to decide” Master Bart asked.

I looked at him and said out loud. “Warm here isn’t it?” Then with that I took the bottom bit of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head.

“That is a surprise”. Sander said.

“Yea, but maybe smart of Tom. You don’t want to stand on the treadmill in your bare feet do you? Well we shall see. Go and stand on it”.

We both went to stand on the treadmill, me without t-shirt and shoes. Sander stood beside Peter and Bart stood beside me. At the same time they started the treadmill and slowly increased the slope to 10%. I started with the speed up to 4 km/hour. I definitely didn’t want to start to fast. I looked sideways and saw that Peter had a faster rhythm but I was not sure how fast as I could not see that. After about 3 minutes he was still going at his pace and I knew if I didn’t want to lose I had to speed up. I did so just until I found that I was going a bit faster than him.

I saw that Sander and Bart anxious followed us and smiled when they saw what I had done.

Peter didn’t hesitate and moved the speed up until he was going faster than me. I counter attacked him and went up a bit more to 5.5 km/ hour. With a slope of 10% that is quite fast. He didn’t follow me and was now going a bit slower than was going. I looked at the clock, 5 minutes gone. I heard that he went faster again and I knew I couldn’t stay behind so I went up to 6.3 km/ hour. Now what would he do I thought?

I got to the speed that ok and I was still walking but I knew from the past that increasing it now would take it up to the edge of going into a running mode. I looked at Peter and saw that he didn’t keep up with me. His facial expression was quite strenuous. After 7.5 minutes I saw that he was going slower. I smiled and thought I am going to catch you. He had to go back twice as it seems he had started to fast. I could keep the speed up just and it was just a bit more than 1 minute.

For a moment I didn’t look at him but at the clock which was now at 9.22, out of my corner I saw he had sped up quite a lot and was almost running now. Damn I couldn’t go a lot harder anymore. I didn’t want to fall or go running. I decided with 20 seconds left that although he went faster now it might just have been enough so I just continued.

“Ok, enough stop.” Master Bart said when we reached the 10 minutes.

“We will go to the locker room now. You don’t need to shower but we need to, watching you gave us a sweat”.

Strange to be walking around in the locker room without doing anything, but no one said anything that we were not that busy. I saw that just like Bart, Sander was wearing a nice pair of briefs too. I wondered if they both were gay or just dominant.

When they were both dressed they winked us.

“Ok, I guess you want to know who walked the most distance. It was close very close and I found it impressive Peter the way you did give it a last go. But it didn’t do it. I think you started too fast. So what will it be Peter?”

I saw Peter looking not very happy. He took his socks off and handed them to Bart.

He looked around then and then kind of stalled…

“Come on what will it be Peter?”

Slowly he lowered his hands to pick the bottom of his t-shirt. If he would have kept his mouth closed we would have been even now. But he had to do another one. So now I had my socks on and he didn’t.

“Ok, good, now I didn’t expect you to get rid of your shorts so let’s get to the car so we can go to the next location”.

We followed them through the building outside. I saw some people look strangely.

When Peter was behind the steering wheel, Sander sat down beside him. Master Bart was with me in the back.

“Ok, two things now. Peter you can drive a bit to the parking place at the back of the shopping center and when we get there you will both play 5 minutes with your dick before we will get out”.

Oh damn a shopping center a very open space. And I knew that my dick would be hard if I would have to play with it that long.

“Ok, get out.” Master Bart said when the time was up.

I looked at Peter and saw that he was quite hard. We followed the two into the shopping center. When we came to the elevator Bart said “OK, Tom you will go with me and Peter will go with Sander.  We will tell you in a moment what we want you to do”.

I followed Bart upstairs. I didn’t know if Sander had taken the elevator or had stayed downstairs.

When we got to the top floor (level 3) he walked right to almost the end on that side. Just before a clothing shop he stopped and took his mobile phone out of his pocket.

“Hey Sander are you ready?”

“Ok sounds good. We can tell them what we want them to do and then they can start ok?”

I just heard one side of the conversation but it seems we needed to go and do something in the shopping center.

“Ok, slave Tom. Your tasks is to go and find Sander. As soon as you have found him he will ring me. If Peter is not here then, then you have won. Is that clear?”

“Yea I think so”.

“You don’t have all evening. You got 15 minutes. If neither of you are done by then you both loose”.

He didn’t wait till I replied but raised his mobile phone back to his ear.

“Ready Sander?”

“Let’s count down, 3,2,1… Have fun” And with that he pushed me away.

Well what now I thought, 4 levels he could be anywhere. I fast went up and down the 3rd floor. If they had gone upstairs then I should see either Sander or Peter but that was not the case. I went down the stairs and got to the first floor leaving the second one. It was a guess but I had a feeling he was downstairs, opposite of Bart. I didn’t see him on the first floor either. I saw that there was only a minute till 8 left when I got to the lower level. The stairs ended just beside the McDonalds. I got several shouts from some youth standing down there. Shouts like is it not way too cold to walk without a shirt.

I started to get nervous and started to run. The 15 minutes were over and I knew I had lost. The question that remains was if Peter had found his brother or not. I was back at the elevator and thought that the best thing now was to return to Bart no point to keep looking. When I got to the third floor Bart and Peter were standing at the elevator.

“Ah, we thought you would come back up here. So you didn’t find Sander then?”

“Hmm, no I didn’t”.

“Ok, do you want to try some more or are you giving up?”

“I give up I have almost looked everywhere”.

“Let me call him”.

A few minutes later Sander came towards us.

“I am disappointed Tom I thought you would have found me”.

“Sorry Sander”.

“Doesn’t matter. You lost so you will have to lose another piece of clothing”.

I bent down and took my socks off.

“Yea we expected that more or less”. Master Bart said.

There we are now both in just your briefs and shorts. What now I thought? This one would be important. I really didn’t want to walk around in my briefs down here. That would be very humiliating and not sure what people would say. Although you could tell it was getting later and also quieter for that.

“Ok, the next tasks we will do in the clothing shop down there so let’s go in”. Bart said.

“You understand that the next one will be important?” Bart asked when we got inside the shop just at the escalators.



We both nodded.

“Good, this is what I want you to do. There is an area with sports clothes up there. You will go up there and buy some new shorts. It will need to fit so you have to try it on. You are doing that somewere in the shop. We don’t care where. Got it?”

“Yes but how do we know who is winning?” I asked.

“Oh that is easy. The one that has got the smallest white undies on will. Because that was the task you got Wednesday. Only I didn’t think that this is what dad had in mind then.”

Damn I thought, although it would be hard to be anything smaller than I was wearing at this time.

“Oh and of course you have to make sure you are seen somehow. So Sander will take you Peter and then when you get back I will take Tom with me”.

We would do this separately again. That’s a shame I thought. I would have wanted to go first to be honest as my dick had its own mind for this task and started to get hard again.

Peter and Sander went up the escalator.

“Nervous Tom?” Bart asked.

“Little bit Master”. I said.

“Good, you got a small pair of briefs on?”

“Yea, as was asked”.

“Good, I know what Peter is showing up there at the moment”.

“Small?” I asked with a shaking voice.

“Yea Very.” He said with a smile.

“Oh,  ok”.

We heard some laughter coming from upstairs and then Peter and Sander came down again. Peter had a complete red head.

Before they got down we were pushed aside by a group of 6 or so who wanted to go upstairs.

“Well have fun up there.” Sander said to me.

I didn’t want to go and stayed where I was.

“You are not going to give in are you Tom?”

“You don’t want me to do the task with those lads up there do you?” I asked.

“The more people that see you the better, remember criteria 2”. Bart said.

“Hmm, well yea but”.

“Now are you coming, if you give in you will lose 2 pieces of clothing and I am sure you don’t want that.”

No that is something I would not do. I would rather be humiliated then go naked here now.

I followed him upstairs and then towards the area with the shorts.

“Ok, here we are. I will walk on a bit. There to the left at the end of the row are some mirrors so you can see if they fit. Have fun”.

I saw that he walked a meter or so on and with interest looked at some socks.

Damn I didn’t want to wait too long so I pulled something out of the rack without looking. I didn’t care.

I didn’t hear the lads anywhere so hopefully they were somewhere else.

I let out a deep sigh and put my fingers in between my shorts and briefs and slowly lowered my shorts.

I saw that Master Bart was laughing.

I turned around and walked towards the mirror that was closer to the escalator and would put my new shorts on there to see if they would fit. When I almost got there I heard.

“He look at that, he is walking in his underwear”.


“Right there looking into that mirror”.

I got red, very red but knew if I would turn around that it was too conspicuous. I slowly started to put the shorts on and pulled them up.

I heard that some people got closer.

“Was it him?” I heard now the voice coming from aside.

I looked up and saw the same group of 6 looking at me.

“I think so yea”.

“Hey it’s funny fitting your shorts here. You better get your own shorts back on”. The oldest of the group said.

I coloured a bit more and asked. “You think this one fits then?”

“Yea it’s fine”.

“Oh, ok then I know I got the right ones”. I said.

I did a few steps back and got my own shorts again in my hand. I saw that they were still looking when I lowered the new shorts slowly downwards.

I looked down and saw that I was very hard in my cartoon briefs.

“It seems he is enjoying himself”. One of them said.

“Looks like it”. Another one said.

“Quiet guys, otherwise someone will come, this is way too good”.

I had taken the new shorts off completely and was just trying to get my own ones back on when Master Bart appeared behind me and said. “I think you need to try these ones as well”.

I looked up and saw that he had some kind of bicycle shorts in his hands.

“You think so?” I asked him and nodded sideways to where the spectators were standing.

“Yea I think so, because you couldn’t find Sander before”. He said softly.

“Alright”. I said and let out a sigh.

I wanted to pull the bicycle shorts on when one of the spectators said. “When I would ride a bike I never had any briefs underneath”.

“Yea, that is true. I think you better get those briefs off first”. One of the others said.

I looked at Bart and I could hardly believe he wanted this but saw that he nodded.

“Oh, wow he really is going to do this. Look how hard he is”.

Yea my hard dick jumped out of my briefs. I stepped out of them fast and when I got the bicycle shorts on they didn’t go any farther than my upper legs. They were way too small.

“Hey that is a pity they are too small”. I heard one of them say.

“Get your briefs and shorts back on again”. I heard Bart whisper.

I dropped the shorts fast and stepped into my briefs and shorts.

“Nice show guys”. The oldest one said.

“Thanks if you want to see more”. He said and then I saw that Bart handed out some cards. I knew exactly what was on them. But I had no idea how he got them.

chapter 34

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