chapter 39

Chapter 39 of Tom

 Damn I thought when I saw those First words. I wanted to look at Mark but I was too curious to read the rest. I looked back at the screen:

If you cum this afternoon then for at least 30 minutes after that you will have to make sure you wear no trousers and only your briefs and people must be able to see you. For example if you are home, go and stand by an open window and take your trousers off. Have fun. Your new master.

Holy shit, not something that I was expecting. I looked at Mark.

“What is it Tom, bad news?”

“Here”, I said and gave him the phone.

A smile appeared on his face. “It is almost if they know what has happened Tom”.

“Yes, unbelievable, but I have to do it as they will find out, I know, if I have done it or not”.

“And, you find that important even if you are not going to go on with them?”

“I don’t know that yet Mark. I know it is what you want”.

“Oh, sorry Tom. And yes that is what I want. But you still haven’t made up your mind have you?”

“No, but I can’t do nothing. It is not fair. And I should have said something yesterday and I didn’t. No I really have to take my trousers off. How long is the movie going to last?”

“45 minutes I think”.

“Ok, that should be enough then”.

I pulled the button open on my trousers and lifted up my butt a bit. I noticed Mark looking with big eyes”.

“You are really going to do this?”

“Yes, I think you can add to your list that I am loyal as well”.

My light blue briefs came into view and you could see a big wet spot on them.

“Shit”, I heard Mark whispered and he moaned softly.

“Hey”, I said. “Nothing you haven’t seen before”. I smiled at him while I pushed my trousers past my knees.

“Yes I know but not like this and my hand was on there a moment ago. And don’t forget that I can see you are getting stiff again in those wet briefs.”

I looked to see what the damage was. He was right, it was quite wet. A hefty orgasm I thought.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mark had unbuttoned as well and then lifted his buttocks.

“What are you doing now Mark?”

“Well I can’t stay behind then”.

I looked at him. “You mean you also just…?”

“Yes when you uncovered those light blue briefs Tom”.

I saw that he had on black boxer briefs. “But that doesn’t mean you have to”.

“Yes I does, today you are not my slave. I will do what you do because this is just a date and I want to show you that I can take a dare as much as you can”.

“Ok, well if you are sure”.

He looked around. “Not sure but I don’t think anyone can see us down here”.

Yes there we were. As you might expect I didn’t see a lot of the movie but it was kind of exciting all in all. I think we were both glad that we could put our trousers back on again before the movie was finished. I found it amazing he had followed my actions as well.

Just when we got outside and walked past the door a guy we were sure was gay of around 30 was standing there. He stepped forward so we had to slow down for a moment.

“Nice underwear guys, thanks for the show”, he smiled and walked away.

“Damn.” Mark said. “That was not supposed to have happened.

“NO, and now you know how I feel when I have to open the door for an example like this”.

“I don’t know Tom. I think there are other things that come into play when you do stuff like this, but what now? What is next? Any plans?”

“I still have a bit of time. You want to go and grab dinner somewhere?”

“Hmm, I want to have you on my own Tom. I don’t like to whisper continuously”.

Yes he was right about that.

“Well we can order a pizza at my place Mark”.

“Yes, we could do that.” He said.

It felt good walking together to my apartment. My feelings for him were growing fast. I had not planned that at the beginning of the afternoon. But I wanted to be with him on our own for sure now. It had gone very fast, way too fast. When we got in I walked to the phone”.

“Pizza it shall be then?” I asked.

“Yes, do a Hawaiian pizza for me ok”.


After I ordered it, I turned around and he was sitting on the couch.  “Something to drink while we wait?” I asked.

“Yes I could do a beer”.

I sat opposite of him when I came back. I had thought about the couch and sitting beside him but it was not a big couch and I didn’t know what would happen then. I noticed that he was disappointed that I did that.

“Sorry Mark but it has gone too fast you know”.

“I know, I just wanted to have you close by”.

We did some small talk waiting for the pizza to arrive.

When the doorbell sounded I stood up and went to the door.

“You’re dressed today!” The pizza delivery guy said when I opened the door.

I smiled when I saw who it was.

“Yes, sorry but I have visitors”.

“Oh, well I guess it can’t be all the time. A shame, I was ready for a break”.

I smiled at him.

We ate the pizza in silence. I looked at him from time to time and I noticed that he did the same.

When I took the dishes into the kitchen and returned I decided to sit beside him.

“I have to go in a moment Tom. I still have some homework I need to do”.

“That’s a shame, but I had a wonderful Sunday Mark.”

“Me to Tom”.

We kissed softly, our lips just touching each other. I felt the pressure to do more coming on fast. The feeling was so incredible, so safe and as it was something I should have done long ago”.

“Hmm, Mark”.

“Yes I know Tom, but…”

We kissed on. We both knew right there, that there was definitely something between us. We clicked. I don’t know why he was right but he was all that was needed. Did I have to be difficult about it? No, but then there was the auction the day before. I knew in an instant what I had to do. I had to be honest with the others and to myself. I needed to tell them No!”

“Hmm, Mark, I want to see you later this week. Can you do Tuesday or Wednesday evening?”

He smiled and kept my eyes locked on me. “This means this no buts… anymore Tom?”

“No, it will be difficult this week but it will be ok”.

“You think?”

“Yes and we have lots to discover Mark. I know what I want and so do you, but still it will take a while to get there”.

“Probably, but I know that I can’t do what I have done with you lately or at least not in the same way but we need to build this up together I guess Tom”.

“Yes” I smiled still.

“I don’t want to go Tom”.

“I know Mark but Tuesday or Wednesday will be here soon”.

“Yes but I find it hard to believe that I have this feeling just after one afternoon, I…”

“We shall see, now it is time to go…”

We kissed one more time and then he stood up and left.

 chapter 40

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