chapter 4


When I wake up the following morning it was still very quite in the house. I took a shower and start dressing. When I came down stairs I walked into Julian who came out one of the two extra bedrooms we had. Good morning good-looking he said. Good morning I answered in return. You are up early David. Yea I was awake and thought just to enjoy the morning quietness. I was just going to take a piss and would return for an hour or so. No problem I said.

When I came down in the kitchen I saw that Tim was already in the kitchen. Good morning he said, how was the party last night. I told him what had happened and that I kind of enjoyed it. Tim smiled and said why not. Well I said I don’t know, I never had thought of having sex with guys and even enjoying it. Do you I asked Tim. Tim waited a few seconds before he answered. Ok brother he said sit down over hear, we need to have a small talk. I always knew I was fond of guys, I start looking in the gym locker room when I was 12 at all those beautiful around. I started to masturbate when I was 14 dreaming of having sex with guys. When I just turned 15 your brother walked in one time just when I spurted a load. I convinced him to try it and start helping him. This was the beginning of ayear long stroking each other cocks and for me wanting to do more. Just before your brother turned 16 I started to walk around in my underwear whenever he was around, showing of my cock. ; That was also the time that dad found us masturbating. He said nothing but he noticed me walking around more and more in my underwear. This not only when Jeff was around but also when some of our friends where over.

When Jeff became 16 dad told us that he could not longer tolerate what we were doing and if I would like to walk around in my underwear I could do that for everybody to see during dinner. He organized a party with both friends from Jeff and me. You where send on a short holiday to your cousin Sascha. I remembered the short stay I enjoyed over there. Just two hours before the party started he told us that we would serve our friends in our underwear so that I could come over my obsession in showing off and that Jeff needed a lesson to. After that party I told dad that I loved guys more than girls. He first didn’t react but then said, I though already that something like that was going on with you. And Jeff he sked me. I told him I didn’t know at that time. I didn’t talk about it until a half year later. I told him that I was gay. He said that he liked me to but that he had no feelings for other guys. He was in fact just starting dating a girl. From that point we stopped masturbate on a regular base but we still do it together know and then. So now you David. He looked at him and then asked: Did you ever have sex with a guy? I waited for a few seconds and answered a few times but not often. And we girls then I asked. No he said never. I told him that I was thinking of my teammates more and more the last few months but that I never would suspected the reactions I got last night. I was afraid that Kevin would turn of but the others seemed all to be very cool with the guy sex thing. Don’t worry about guys like Kevin just wait and enjoy the life with friends who have not a problem with it.

Around that time Dad came in and looked at Tim, You told him didn’t you. Yea Tim said I thought it was time now. Dad looked at me and asked what I found of it. I told him that I had no trouble with Tim being gay and….. I waited a few seconds, Yes dad asked and what. Well I continued I like what we did yesterday also. Ok dad said doesn’t worry about it that doesn’t make you gay. It was just your first experience with others in masturbating. Just wait and see if you like girls also on a sexual basis. I just said nothing knowing that this would be just a slight chance. And you Dad I asked. Well he said I have had sex with a few guys when I was 20 but not more than for one year before meeting your mother. What did you plan for the rest of the weekend I asked him? Well he said I thought that we could go camping. I asked you uncle and your cousin Sascha to join us. Jeff has other things to do but Tim will go along and you can ask one of your friends if you want. We have to go in about two hours and we will meet your uncle at the camping site near by the river where we went a few years ago when you mother was still alive. You can start packing you things and tell your friends that breakfast is ready.

I went upstairs and knocked on the doors of our guests and inform them that breakfast was ready in about 15 minutes. I walked to my room and starting packing things I wanted to talk with me. When I came in the kitchen 20 minutes later Bas, Kevin, Justin and Matt where sitting and eating. I told then that we where leaving to go camping in one hour. I looked at Bas and asked him if he had any plans or that he could come along. He thought a minute and said that he had no plans and loved to go camping. I looked at him ok then you better get your things. We will leave in about an hour Tim and my uncle and cousin Sascha will come along also. Ok he said I would be back before the hour is over. We never spoke during the rest of breakfast about what had happened the night before. I said goodbye to them and walked back to my bedroom.

I changed into more comfortable camping clothes and thought about the last time when I met Sascha. That was for some three years ago when mother died he stayed for a few days at our house together with his father. I had almost 12 cousins but the only one I had contact with was Sascha. He would be 17 years now. He was kind of a slender boy when I saw him to years ago with just a few hairs on his body, black hair and 1.90 m long. I remembered seeing him one time just in his white underwear. He turned quickly when he saw me standing in the doorway and didn’t turn around before he finished dressing. My cock was slightly aroused thinking about it. I wondered who was going to sleep with whom in a tent.

Three hours later in the beginning of the afternoon we arrived at the camping site just on a small beach near the river. There was nobody else standing except for one tent of my Uncle who already arrived. We started to unpack and a moment later Sascha arrived from a quick dive in the river. I looked quite started because he turned into a very good looking guy the promising boy had come in his heritage. I introduced Bas to Sascha and I start asking Sascha who he was. I found out that he was attending the college in the town where he lived just a 60 kilometers away from hours. He still lived at home. I asked him how the water was. He said it was very good and that he good advise a good swim. I looked at dad. Ok he said if Sascha will give us a hand with the tents you and Bas can take a swim. When we are finished Sascha can join you if he want. Tim was talking to my uncle at that time and the both knot approving the idea. I went together with Bas just a few hundred meters a long the river to a small beach where you could walk into it.

We started to undress and at the point where we put our swimsuits on I tried to have a peek at Bas but for some reason he just didn’t let me. We swim for 15 minutes and than came back to the beach. I looked at him and asked: What did you think about what happened last night. He turned a little bit red and said that he was drunk otherwise he wouldn’t have made me do it. No don’t bother about it I said I ‘am not to upset about what happened I even liked it a little I think. I was also to drunk to thing clear about what had happened. I liked masturbating for you guys. He looked puzzled and han said you like doing things like that. Yea I said it turned me on, didn’t it to you. Yea he said it did but…. Well don’t bother about it I have no problem what happened and if you are keen we could do it together today. He smiled and said well I kind of feeling horny after thinking back of last light but Sascha could be coming any minute know. I know I said did you guys talked this morning about what happened before I came in. Yea we did, Bas answered. Well I said what did they say about it.

Julian said that he enjoyed it and that we could do that more often if we want, play cards and give the loser a task to perform. Matt responded with that even some girls would like to join if the punishment would be for both the girls and boy losers. Kevin didn’t say much but looked like he wasn’t going to plan any further to go on. Julian asked him then straight out what he found of it. Well I said what did he answer. Bas waited a second because he knew that I looked up to the things Kevin did and said. He said that he would never participate in something like that again and that he was bothered by the fact that he took part of it. He also said that he found it very strange what had happened during and after dinner. Julian said that he thought that I had enjoyed it and that he certainly did. Matt said that well every one has his own kind of sexual things that would arouse them. I just didn’t want to hear more and suggested that we would go for another 15 minutes swim.

When we came back to the beach again Sascha was waiting over there. We start talking about what had happened during the last three years. After a few moments Tim came and told us that dinner as ready. We walked back to the camping site and saw that the table was made in order and that there was a good smell of barbecue meet. Ok Dad said lets sit down and David it is your turn so please get dressed for it. I looked at him and he said go on boy it is still your birthday weekend. But Sascha and … I started I will inform them in a moment go on. I went to the tent and took my swimsuit of and took my jock underwear. I just waited for a moment and then walked out. My dad looked at my uncle and said, well what do you think about him, well he said he has always been good-looking but this is a perfect young boy in his teen years I have ever seen. Sascha

didn’t seem to be bothered by anything and looked at me and said: What do you think I have to do at home. I looked at my uncle; he answered my unspoken question with Yes I have copied your father’s behavior regarding this. Sascha has to take his turn also. In fact I think it would be fair to you that he helps you tonight. Sascha looked at his father turning a little bit red, I have. Yes you have go on.

Sascha went to his tent and came back wearing just a little thong underwear in which you could hide not a thing. Together we started serving dinner outside. I saw that Tim was looking quite often at the good-looking Sascha. No way I thought your are not going to get him, he is mine. I start making plans i seducing Sascha but suddenly came to my senses thinking what I was doing, trying to seduce my cousin. I start eating and for a moment I didn’t think about it. We wear sitting next to each other and I could see his crotch looking be just a bit more than normal. We cleaned up table together and then went back to the rest of the group. Ok my dad said you could change again now. I walked back to my tent, but just before reaching it my father yelled. Take your things and those of Bas and put them in the tent of Sascha you three can bunk up together so will Tim and your uncle. I changed into normal clothes and took everything to the tent where Sascha was still in.

When I entered he just made some room to put our gear down. We were called by my uncle we told us that we would take an evening stroll through the woods and would and with a great campfire.

We walked around for two hours and when it became dark we returned to our camping site with a lot of branches to make a great campfire.

It was not a very cold evening and Tim suggested that we have a late night swim. Nobody answered but I wanted to cool down before going in the same tent with Sascha. Together we walked towards the river and at the beach we started to undress. When I was ready to put on my swimsuit Tim said we could do without those, there is nobody around. I looked at him and nod. At the same time I turned around and walked into the river. We swum for a 20 minutes and left the water. On the shore I couldn’t hide myself for Tim. We lay us down on our towels. Don’t be embarrassed about it I was horny all the time when I was your age. If you want to do something about it, just do it I don’t care. I even may help myself. He started to stroke his semi-erected cock a little bit; go on he said join me. I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it softly. After a moment Tim asked may I, I just smiled and Tim put his hand on my dick and started stocking. It felt really good and in no time my cock stood too its full potential with 18 cm. I closed my eyes and let Tim do the work. A moment later Tim took my hand and put on his own dick. I knew want he wanted and started stroking his dick very slowly. Shall I give you a blow-job, he asked. I answered no not over hear just keep on going with your hand. It seemed as if we went to our highest point at the same time our breathing became harder and we started to cum in long streams over our belly’s.

When we came back at the camping site every one was already in their tents. I went to ours. Bas was already in his sleeping bag but Sascha was just undressing. One second he said and you can come in otherwise we don’t have enough space. I waited and looked how Sascha went in his sleeping bag only wearing the same underwear as before. I went completely inside and closed the tent. I started to undress and both Bas and Sascha where looking at me very openly. Shall I make it a striptease a joked a little bit? Bas turned red but Sascha said why not you seemed to be in it a moment ago with your brother also. You saw us, I replied. Yea I did, but don’t worry about it I won’t tell any one about it. Who does it feel if somebody else is doing the job for you? Great I said you could relax just that little bit more. Well, he opened his sleeping bag and said look over hear maybe you can help me know. I didn’t do anything except looking. Well you looked at it long enough during dinner so come on. He took my hand and I started stroking it. I just remembered that it seemed as if my dream came true. Go on Bas said I wouldn’t tell any one either. I went on stroking that really good looking cock of Sascha and was just wondering how it would taste. Would I? I looked at the face of Sascha and went down with my mouth just to the top of his cock. I topped stroking and started to lick the top of his cock with my tong very carefully. I slowly took the top of his cock in my mouth and started sucking it just a little bit. Wow I heard Sascha saying; this feels incredible go on. I just took slowly took more and more of the cock into my mouth and started sucking just a little bit harder. O, I think I ‘am going to come I just can take no more. And he screamed a little bit and I felt gushes of cum cream in my mouth. I taste it and then slowly let it walk out of my mouth I just wasn’t ready to swallow. The biggest gushes came on my face, when I let slip his cock out of my mouth. I looked at Sascha who had a great smile on his face and said, you can do this anytime you want it feels much better than masturbating your self. Then I just remembered that Bas was also around and I turned my back and saw just how he stopped stroking his cock and had a few splashed of cum on his belly. I just could not hold it any more you two made me very horny. Well no that is taken care of Sascha said we can go to sleep. He just turned around, closed his sleeping bag and was a sleep in only a minute or so. I turned to Bas who said well that is one way of thinking about it. You won’t tell any one I asked Bas. No I won’t, I even my ask you to give me the same attention when I am horny enough. It looked great. Well good night then he also turned around and started to sleep.

I start making my face clean and slid into my sleeping bag and started thinking about everything that had happened so far. It felt right the mutual masturbating with Tim and the sucking of of Sascha. After a while a started to think what could happen to morrow, but those fantasies made me also falling asleep.

chapter 5
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