chapter 44

Within seconds both Joshua and John were in their briefs. Joshua was wearing a nice light blue pair and John was wearing a tight boxer. I looked around surprised, the other two had had a warning but for me this was all a bit fast. I felt that Mark hit my bottom and said, “Ok hurry up Tom, your last as usual.”

I quickly pulled off my t-shirt and trousers. Arnold started to whistle when he saw my jockstrap.

“Nice supporter Mark,” he said. “You really have taste. Look at those tight buttocks and the big bulge he has!”

“Well Joshua is not bad either Granddad.”

“Yes, I thought you would appreciate him Mark,” he said.

“Hey, so is my John is like baked fish?” Arnold asked.

“Sorry Arnold but he is too butch for me,” Mark answered.

“Maybe then he can handle a bit of toughness.”

“We shall have to see about that,” Mark answered.

“Ok guys what are we going to do now?”

“Well Granddad, we have three slaves here. You and Arnold both have won a slave so I think it would be nice if the three of us came up with a task to do for these slaves and the loser of the three tasks needs to do something extra special.”

“Oh you are creative Mark, you better start,” Arnold said.

“Ok, do you have some rope and bottle or so down here?”

“To do what with?”Granddad asked.

“Well I think we are going to see which balls can handle the most weight. So guys take your balls out of your underwear and we are going to hang something on them.”

Damn, I thought not the nicest task to do I guess, but it could have been worse.

Mark helped pull out my balls and squeezed them together and started to put the rope around them. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Arnold was doing the same with Joshua and Karl with John, and then on the other end of each rope a bottle was hung.  It was empty but it was a big one.

“So now what?” Arnold asked.

“Do you have something that can contain around two-hundred millilitres of water? We can then take turns pouring two-hundred millilitres in one at a time and see who has enough first.”

“Oh and we can start easier with only five litres, they should be able to handle that!”

I had an idea that John had done this before. I let out a deep sigh when Mark slowly started to put more water in the bottle. My balls were starting to be pulled down.

I could feel that my balls were not used to that much and it felt different than when Peter had done it. I think that when the bottle was filled with about one litre of water I yelled, “Stop.”

“You wimp!” Mark said, “Is that really all you can handle?”

“Sorry Sir, but this really hurts.”

“Well I am disappointed Tom. We will have to work on this and you lost the first round.”

I was upset and I knew I had let Mark down, or at least it felt like I had.

“Ok my turn now,” Arnold said.

“As we have seen the balls in action let see who has the biggest dick of the three slaves.”

“Oh, that’s an easy one Arnold.”

“Maybe but you can make yours more difficult if you want.”

“Ok, perhaps I will. Do you have a tape measure?”

“Yea right here.”

“It is your idea so maybe you should do the measuring.”

“Wait a minute. I think we should blindfold the guys. It will make the tension a bit higher for them,” Mark said.

So they tied some socks to blindfold our eyes.

“Ok, let’s see,” Arnold said. I then heard that Joshua let out a moan I suspect that Arnold got his dick out. “Ok, eight centimetres here.”

“Not that much Granddad, a bit disappointed with that,” Arnold said.

“You’re right that is for real not that much, maybe the bottle has been on him too long.”

Then I felt that my jockstrap was pushed down. I noticed that Arnold’s hands were warm. “I don’t think you are going to lose this round,” Arnold said.

“Nice, it’s ten centimetres and quite thick as well!”

He went over to John and as I suspect, he said. “Oh, eleven centimetres, we have a winner here.”

“Damn Arnold must have known this, but at least I didn’t lose,” Joshua did.

“Ok, so my task is going to decide who will lose. If John looses then we need to do a sudden death. So we have either a sudden death or Joshua or Tom is going to lose. As I want to have some fun as well with the loser I thought we could do the next thing. I am sure you all will need to pee so Arnold why don’t you go and get some glasses. We will see who can produce the most pee with a more or less hard dick.”

Oh well, that is not going to be too difficult I thought, I had been to the toilet but I knew that I had drank enough beer to go again at least, so I smiled.

We still had our blindfolds on and I felt that Mark put a glass underneath my dick and at the same time I could let go of the urine. I sighed with relief. I heard that John started to curse a little bit.

“Well that is clear I would say!” Karl said after a minute or two.

“Yea John I would have expected more from you. This is entirely your fault,” Arnold said.

Ok so it was not Joshua so we will do another round.

“Ok so a sudden death it is going to be,” Karl said.

“Maybe we need to motivate them a little bit Granddad,” Arnold said.

“Oh, how?”

“Well why don’t we tell them what the loser must do.”

“Yes not a bad idea don’t you think Mark?”

“Fine with me, what do you have in mind?”

“Well two things. One is for tomorrow so we won’t tell that one yet. The other well let’s say that whoever loses is going to be used as a slave by the two other slaves. I think that is fair!”

I was not sure what Karl meant by that but the fact it would be tomorrow as well was not something I was looking forward to, so I just had to win. I was the oldest so I should be able to handle whatever they came up with.

“Ok I think we are going to masturbate the three slaves at the same time. The one that cums first is going to lose. What do you guys think of that?”

“Yes but we don’t get our own slaves, so I think we need to fair on this and everyone change. So let’s see how fast I can do Tom and then Mark can do Joshua.”

Damn I thought and despite that I was still blindfolded, I knew it was John’s hand that was on my dick and despite the fact that there was some cotton in between the skins; he must have felt that my dick was starting to get hard. He pulled a few times on it and it got as hard as it could be.

“If you don’t want Tom to lose Mark, I would work a bit harder on Joshua, because I think Tom is not going to last that long!”

I was sure he was right as whatever I tried to do I knew I was going to lose. Arnold was good and then it happened. He let go and my sperm shot into my jockstrap.

Damn I thought and I heard a big sigh of relieve from Joshua and John in the background.

It was silent for a moment and then I heard Mark’s voice whispering, “I am disappointed again Tom. I really had expected some more self control and especially by Arnold, or do you think he is as hot as me?”

I felt a tear starting to run down my face as I understood how disappointed he was. I was not sure what the effect Mark would have wanted but more and more started to appear.

“Hey Tom, take it easy.” Mark said when he took me in his arm.

“You were good Tom and you did fine. I am not sure what trigger Arnold has but if he would have done me, I wouldn’t have lasted very long either. He is good with his hands.” John said.

Yea I thought that is easier said. I disappointed Mark and I lost.

“Ok Tom, come and kneel on your knees. Leave your blindfold on. Joshua, you and Arnold can take them off,” Karl said.

I waited and then I felt that on each side of my face, I was hit by two dicks, hard dicks even.

“Hey sir,” I heard Joshua say. “Can we use that?”

I didn’t know what he meant but the others laughed.

“Yes we can, he may like it.”

“You put quite a bit of urine in the glass before Tom, so you can drink that now.”

Before I could say anything the glass was at my lips and they were forced open.

I drank; some ran out of my mouth at the corners. When I wanted to close my mouth I was not fast enough and then a dick slipped in. It started to work into my mouth in a rhythm. A dick, one I thought that had a bit strange taste but still, he worked it out and then back in again. Oh wait, that was a different one, that one I was sure it tasted differently.

They used my mouth in turns. So here I was as a real slave used by two younger’s slaves. I felt it wouldn’t take too long and then one of them pulled out and sperm started to hit my face. I heard from the moans that it was Joshua and then my mouth was opened again and I thought I tasted some sperm but then soon after, John put his dick in my mouth and he started to really go for it again.

“Oh, here it comes!” He yelled. I thought he would leave it in my mouth but then he pulled out and his sperm shot and hit my eyes and nose.”

“Ok almost done Tom, we have some more for you to drink.”

Again I felt a glass at my face. It smelled like urine. I wanted to protest but then I felt that the glass was quickly put in between my lips and was slowly poured into my mouth. Hmm, not mine I thought and it felt humiliating to have to drink their urine now as well.”

“OK, that is it guys, did you enjoyed it?” Karl asked.

“Well I still have a small problem though!” I heard Mark say.

“Yea me too!” Arnold said.

“Well I think we need to cum as well don’t you think? I am sure John and Joshua don’t mind helping with that.”

My blindfold was taken off and I saw that Joshua and John were on their knees with three dicks in front of them. I was forced to watch the three masters as they were spurting their sperm on their face. I saw that Mark’s hit Joshua. Damn, that was mine I thought, but all I was allowed to do was watch.

When they put their dicks away Karl said. “Not sure for you but it is bed time for me.”

“Yea I think we better go as well.” Mark said

“Good, we will meet you at the cafe tomorrow and see if your slave can impress us or not Mark.”

I turned around to Mark and asked, “What did he mean?”

“You are going to do a task tomorrow with the others present. I think you might enjoy it.”

I had to trust him but I thought it might be something not very easy.

chapter 45


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