chapter 49

So, I was pushed forward to the girl’s locker room. Now I might not able to pervert on the boys but what with all these straight girls, would I be safe I wondered.

The coach opened the door stepped inside.

“Girls, one moment please for the time being Tim is going to change in here. Until the student council has made a discion at least. Be nice to him and make sure you are all out in the gym within 5 minutes ok?”

“Wow, is this for real?” One of them said at the back.

“Yea, and if I hear that anything happened in here then I will find out and make sure that any misbehaviour will be punished understood?”

I saw a few nods. Then I was pushed in further and heard that the door was closed behind me. I saw that most of the girls were changed already.

“Here is an empty locker”. One of them said.

I moved towards it and opened it to put my bag in. I looked and saw that they all had their attention on me.

“So you are gay then for sure Tim?” One of them asked.

I just nodded.

“Well you are more than welcome down here. I am sure you can share a lot of what you have seen over there with us. We love to know what kind of equipment our future boyfriends may have before asking them out”. The same one said with a smile.

Ah, well if that was it, although not sure I could share stuff like that.

“I think you better start changing or you will be late too”.

I let out a sigh and they were right. I had gotten the shorts out of the bag, turned towards the locker and started to get my pants back off.

“You can turn around, we will be seeing it at some point anyway don’t you think”?

I hadn’t said a lot but with my pants off now I thought what the heck. They might be interested in me but I am not in them.

I turned around and said. “I am sorry girls but there is not a lot to see and when it comes to blabbing about the other guys well I am not sure I can do that”.

“Oh I think you will don’t worry about it, but you got a nice package in there. Do all guys wear white briefs these days or just the gay ones”?

I smiled. “I think you would be surprised what they all wear”.

“Oh I know my boyfriend loves boxer briefs but I don’t think he ever wears briefs”.

I looked to see who had spoken and remembered the guy that she means. She was right; he wore very tight boxer briefs, light ones most of the times with what I thought was quite a nice bulge. Just thinking about that I could feel my dick started to stiffen.

“Hey, you got hard thinking about him”. The girl said.

“He has got a nice package but I guess you know”. I said with a smile.

“Yea, well you better get a move on, we will see more after gym class in the shower”.

Oh no, I thought not a shower. “Hmm sorry girls but I think I will do that at home if you don’t mind”.

“Well you can’t do that all the time. I am sure we will see it in the future”.

“Dream on”. I said with a smile while putting my shorts on.

Now they started to walk towards the door of the gym I put my shoes on and was ready to go. Although interested in seeing my dick they were not really making any nasty comments or anything. But this might be the way over this as well.

When I was out of the locker-room I heard some soft remarks made by the guys that were close to the door. I am not sure if they were there to catch a glimpse or anything inside. At that point I knew what to say to them to get them really going.

“Hey, you know you won’t be the only ones anymore that will have seen your girlfriend’s boobs. I will too now, what do you think about that?” I walked away from them towards Michel and Dennis as I didn’t want anything to happen. But when I looked back I definitely saw some very angry looks on their faces. I don’t think they had thought about that at all.

“So how did it go in there?” Dennis asked.

“Fine, lots of interest in my bulge. I think that is the way out of this too. I am not sure the parents will like that the girls can pervert on a boy in the locker-room even when he is gay”.

“Oh, why didn’t I think of that; that is a way out for sure”? Michel said.

“So you didn’t plan this to happen then Michel?” Dennis asked.

“No of course not, this is too much and too dangerous. If this is allowed, where will it go from here”?

“Oh, yea I can see that”.

“He looked at that group down there; it seems they are steaming again”. Dennis said pointing at the group of guys that were standing beside the door of the girls locker-room.

“Yea”. I said laughing. “I just gave them something to think about”.

“What did you do Tim?” Michel asked.

“Oh I said they were not the only ones anymore to know what their girlfriend’s boobs looked like”.

Dennis and Michel started to laugh.

“Good one there Tim”. Dennis said.

“Yea but you better be careful we don’t want them to think about hurting you or anything. So don’t make them madder than they are already are ok”.

“Oh no, I won’t but this was too good to be passed up”.

I got a lot of stares during the rest of the hour but not any more remarks. Just when I was about to walk into the girls locker-room the coach came up to me.

“Hmm, Tim we might have concluded the earlier decision a bit too fast. I would appreciate if you would change in there again but not shower ok?”

“Oh so you want me to stay dirty all day and sweaty sir?”

“Now don’t start with me Tim. We are just trying to do what is best for all”.

“Oh I know sir but did you really expect me to go and stand in the shower with girls? You want me never to get hard ever again?”

I was not sure that he had realized how big a turn off naked girls were to me. But I guess that aspect sunk in quite fast.

“If you really want to shower you can come back during lunch break and I can open the shower area for you to use ok?”

“I will see. I will try to dry myself off with my towel as good as I can”.

“Ok and Tim don’t start to become an asshole ok? Don’t get an attitude. You are a well respected and liked student. Don’t change that”.

“I won’t sir but I won’t let others bully me neither”.

“No, I agree with you and as said before if someone does come and tell me, they will get suspended or dumped of this school for real ok”.

“We will see sir”.

“Go on get out of here or you won’t be on time for the next hour”.

I walked through the door and saw that most girls were still sitting on the benches in front of their lockers. They were chatting but stopped when I entered.

“Ok, girls if you give me 2 minutes or so then I will be out of here and you can go ahead and shower. I am sure you don’t want me to see anything as much as I hate the idea of any of you seeing me”.

“Oh, you don’t want to see us naked then?”

I smiled at the girl who said it. “I am sure you can imagine that your bodies do nothing for me and even gross me out a bit. Sorry but that is just the way it is”.

One of the other girls came closer now. “You are honest and sweet Tim. If you need help for whatever reason let me know ok”.

I looked at her and recognised the leader of the cheerleaders, a good ally to have I thought.

“I will”.

“Just remember we might convince our boyfriends a lot easier than you can”.

I smiled again. “Got the message”.

“Good, now show us again what you got hiding in those nice white briefs”. She said with a smile.

“You want me to give you some masturbate fantasies girls even though you know I am gay?”

“Why not, a boy is a boy and you got a great body. Maybe not as muscular as others but still very nice”.

I saw several girls nodding and I felt that I started to get red.

In a hurry but also with a little bit of show I changed and got ready to step out.

“Whatever happens you are welcome down here Tim”.

“I know but still showering I would rather do on the other side”.

“Who wouldn’t?” One of the girls said and laughing was all around.

I got out and as one of the first that made it to the next class. I didn’t take the coach up on his offer and got Michel, Dennis and some of the others to go with me to the toilet so I could clean up a bit down there. They made sure no one walked in on me in the meantime.

I got a lot of stares during the day again. I knew it had gotten out what had happened but otherwise it stayed ok.

That evening Michel went home with me. He said the students had given their say that morning and they would hear later that evening what the parents and teacher were going to say about it. I think he wanted to make sure I was ok just in case the outcome would be with the girls.

My dad had been furious and went to the meeting himself. So it was just a matter of waiting till he was home.

“So how are you feeling about this Tim?”

“I don’t know Michel. I don’t want to do this in the girls locker-room although they were friendly and supportive. I don’t really think they want me there either”.

“So no interest in your package then?”

“Oh yea there was but I think I grossed them out when I said how much their bodies were a turn off. I don’t think they realized themselves about that”.

“Ah ok so you’re ok then if the descions goes back to normal again this evening?”

“I am not sure what to fear most Michel. I think the prospect of being in there with those guys is a scary one as well. I won’t be able to look around as I am to afraid of remarks being made and on the other hand just scared of them. Not sure if they would do anything again”.

“I don’t think you need to be afraid of it. I think today’s actions all came from a parent who got his son and others involved. I don’t think it was something that came from the guys themselves”.

“Oh, that might help”.

“So were you able to talk with William already? I am sure that Jamey would love to take Martin with us”.

“Yea we are working on it. I think that William wants that weekend to go somewhere too and he might take Martin with him and drop him off or so”.

“Ah, ok that would be a good idea. Although not sure if it would be better to ask his parents”.

“Well his parents will be told others will be there too. William just is not going to stay at the same place but he won’t be too far away”.

“Ah, I like that”.

“Yea and I think both the parents and William want a quiet weekend and don’t need Martin to be around”.

“So when will you know?”

“In a couple of days probably. But I think that we will tell Jamey but we won’t tell Martin. I think they want to have some fun with him”.

“Oh he will love that”.

“Ok, so come down here Tim. I think it is distraction time”.

I moved close to him and slowly our lips touched each other.

“Let’s get to bed”. He whispered.

When we got to the side of the bed our lips were still locked, he slipped his fingers inside the waistband of my underwear and slowly tugged them down until they were hooked below my balls with my dick standing straight out.  Moving his hand softly up my shaft, he put pressure on it by squeezing as he lowered his hand to the base.  He did this repeatedly, which caused a new sensation to flow through me.  I reached over and grabbed him in my hand and slowly stroked him for a few minutes then moved my hand to cup his balls and give them a slow, gentle squeeze.  When I did, his tongue darted in my mouth and our tongues duelled each other for superiority.  Before we could figure out who the victor was, I broke the kiss and grabbed his dick as I pulled him closer to the bed.

Laying him out flat, I used my tongue to travel over his lips, down his chin onto his muscular chest, over the peaks and valleys of his pecks until each nipple was softly chewed and sucked on then followed his sternum down to the rippling waves of his abs.  When I reached his navel, I dragged my tongue across and when it found the hole, I hardened my tongue and pushed inside and at the same time, with my right hand holding his dick, my left hand squeezed his nipple with more force than before and his body became supported by just his feet and his head.  Everything else was arched and his dick was shuddering as if he was cumming.

“Oh, my God.  It felt like I had an orgasm, only it was in my nipple and my dick and not my balls.”

“Did it feel good?”

“Just slightly less intense than the real thing.”

“Wow.  I got to try that again sometime.”

“Cool”. He said and I noticed a little bit of panting coming from him.

Instead of waiting, I decided to try it again immediately.  Once again, I squeezed his nipple and inserted my tongue into his belly button with just a little more force.  He arched again, this time, beating the bed and trying hard not to yell.  His dick was twitching like mad, almost double time from when he really did shoot.  After a few seconds, I let go of his nipple and he fell back to the bed, breathing hard.

A few seconds after catching his breath, I asked.  “Was it good, again?”

“You are a very mean Tim.”


“You didn’t even let me catch my breath before you did it again.”

“I was trying to please you”. I said, smiling mischievously.

“If you do that one again, you’re going to have to warn me.  There’s no warning to my body that it’s coming.  It just happens.  It’s like electricity running between my dick, my navel and my nipple.”

“I wonder if it works on the other nipple”. I said reaching for it.

“Don’t you dare”. He said, covering both with his hands to keep me from them.

“Fine, I guess I got to suck on that thing then”. I said, playing around with him.

“Ahhh, poor baby.  Like you don’t love it as much as I do.”

Smiling, I said. “You’re right”. Then I basically fell on his dick, hitting my mouth perfectly.  I worked on his head for a few moments then slowly sank down further and further until I had to pull off.  I learned the hard way that you don’t force a hard dick in your throat unless it wants to go willingly.  I figured the problem was that at the tip of Michel’s dick, there was a slight curve up, away from the floor if he was standing.

Because of that, when I sucked him from between his legs, the curve is working against the angle of my throat.  It doesn’t want to bend the wrong way and I don’t want to choke, plus I didn’t want to hurt him.

When my convoy of long-stroke sucking was done, I pulled him out of my mouth completely and traced the back of his throbbing member with my tongue until I reached his balls.  He knew what was coming and encouraged me to go slow.  This was his favourite part since he found out his balls were so sensitive.

My tongue reached the loose, wrinkly skin and I licked them until they were soaked with my saliva.  Small moans escaped his lips the entire time my tongue was making contact with him.  After they were soaked, I opened my lips wider and suctioned them onto an individual testicle and put even more suction behind it causing it to slowly crawl into my mouth.  When it was rested in the warm wetness, I flicked my tongue around slowly, feeling where each and every hair popped out of the skin.

I repeated the process on the other testicle, allowing my tongue to trace the squiggly veins that ran through the sack under his skin.  I let his ball fall out of my mouth and went back to the head of his dick.  He was leaking so much precum, I licked from the base of his dick to the head and, once there, engulfed, tasting the sweetness waiting for me in his balls.

When I knew he was clean of precum, I went back to his balls and again got them wet and rolled them around on my tongue.  Once again, I repeated the process of getting a ball in my mouth, but to his surprise, I put the other inside as well. When they were both in my mouth, I sucked to get the extra loose skin in my mouth so that I was sucking on his entire ball sack with his dick pressed up against my nose.

“Oh, shit, Tim.  That feels awesome.  Use your tongue.  Oh, yeah. That’s it.  Suck `me.  Harder.  Yeah.  Keep it up, just like that.  Oh, God, you’re getting me close.”

His hands had fists full of my hair, so getting him close without touching his dick, amazed me.  I sucked a little harder while flicking my tongue all across his balls.  I split his balls in half with my tongue, first, playing with one, then the other.  I kept that up for a minute longer before he told me he was cumming.

I quickly released his balls and sank down over his dick.  As I did, I grabbed his balls in my hand and pulled them away from his body. The pressure he felt, I felt too.  The force of his first ejaculate hit me so hard; I actually had to pull back a little to avoid the same unexpected jolt.  I could have sworn he produced double from what he did in the afternoon.  I had to swallow three or four times before I knew it wouldn’t drip out of my mouth.

I slowly released his scrotum and slowly released the pressure I had on his dick and let it slip out of my mouth, landing on his stomach with a soft thwack.  I rubbed his balls, gently to massage any stretched feeling from the skin.  Swallowing almost all his cum, I went up and gave him a passionate open mouthed kiss.  Shoving my tongue in his mouth, I knew he tasted himself.  I hope it was as sweet as it was when he did it to me.

Moving my hand to his dick, I grabbed the base and slowly pulled upward and cum starter to gather at the tip before I even moved an inch.  I went back and gently put my mouth around the head and pulled all the way to the top.  I was rewarded with another small load which I gobbled down, not letting it go to waste

I looked up and saw that he was pretty much done for it. I came back up and slowly kissed him again.

I then slowly rolled off him and just watched as he slowly came back to earth.

“You ok Michel?” I said with a smile.

“Fuck yea. That was incredible Tim”.

“Good, it at least took my mind of things”.

“Well let me return the favour”.

He got up a bit and slowly got closer to my dick which almost jumped up to meet him half way. He just started slowly to blow air around it. I closed my eyes expecting the sensation of his warm mouth engulfing on my dick but…

It didn’t, instead the phone went and I could feel that he moved away from it and opened his cell phone.

Shocked coming down from the awaiting sensation I opened my eyes and looked at him.

He didn’t say a lot but just listened and then hung up.

“And?” I asked.

“That was William. All back to normal he said”.

“Good, although well … we will see I guess Michel”.

“Yea don’t worry about it ok”.

Easier said than done. I had another gym hour the next day so we would know fast for sure I thought.

Michel now pulled me into his arms. “Lay on your side”. Before I knew it he was behind me, holding me with his arms. Our bodies touching each other, which was erotic but a more safe and sound type of feeling. Before I knew it I was lost in the land of dreams.

I woke up by the movements of Michel beside me. Yea I had expected him to spend the evening not the night though. I looked at his face. He was still deep asleep. He had a soft smile on his face. His breathing was slow but regular, boosting up his lips a little time with each exhale.

I looked up when I heard that the door was opened.

I waved my hand and my dad understood it as he kept quiet. I slowly got Michel’s hand of my chest and moved from under the blankets.

When I got to the door he whispered. “You ok Tim?”

“Yea, Michel is still asleep”.

“It seems you went to sleep fast last night as when I checked he was awake and you asleep”.

“So you knew Michel stayed the night?”

“Yea I wanted to see how you were doing but I guess you were ok”.

“Yea, just not sure what will happen during gym today”.

“Well with a big majority vote things were turned back to normal last night. There was a big group that although didn’t like you being in there with the boys, hated the idea’s to give the girls a look at your body so they went for the safe one”.

“You think there won’t be a problem then today?”

“I don’t think so, I talked with the coach and he is ok with it. He said he would make sure no one would hurt you. He said he had already told them that yesterday”.

“Yea he did. Although in a strange way he was standing up for me as well as kicking me out into the girls locker room”.

“Good, well just tell him if someone is harassing you ok”?

“I will sir”.

“Ok, well you go back to Michel and make sure you are up when I leave. I don’t want you to miss classes ok”.

“We won’t, I will go and wake him up”.

I slowly got to the other side of the bed and got on my knees. I slowly started to blow some air on his back.

“You better stop that if you don’t want me to retaliate”. Michel said with a sleepy voice.

“Oh you are awake”.

“Yea, I felt it when you got out of the bed. But why don’t you come back in now”.

I stood up and walked towards the other side. “Hmm I think something needs some attention”.

I blushed when I looked down and saw that I had quite a hard on.

“Was that your dad on the door?” He asked then.

“Yea  h….” But before I could say anything Michel said. “You gave him a good show then”.

I hadn’t realised that and dad hadn’t said anything either. I felt that I blushed even more.

“It’s your fault. When he opened the door I was just enjoying the view of you sleeping”.

“Yea, yea, now come back into bed”.

“No, it is time to get up and have a shower or we will be late to school”.

“Oh bummer, well I guess you have to wait till later today then”.

I smiled and said. “I can”.

When we got downstairs dad had just left. We had breakfast and then got ready to go to school.

“You going to be ok with gym?” Michel asked.

“Yea I am going to pretend as if nothing happened”.

I still got stares at school but less than the day before.

When it got to gym hour I was going to do like nothing had happened the day before. I walked in later this time as I wanted to be sure others were already in there.

“Hey Tim. Don’t think you have won yea. I think we would all like you to go to the other side of the area so you can’t pervert on us”.

“Why do you think I would want to do that then? You think I am attracted to you. Dream on”.  I said with a smile on my face.

“Leave him alone”. One of the other kids said then.

“I am sorry guys if you are not happy with me being here and if you really think I perv on everyone of you because I might like you then you are wrong. Very wrong”.

“Oh I perv on every girl I would be able to see”.

“Yea, you are just living with your little head in your dick aren’t you?” One of the others said.

“So, you won’t mind moving to the other side?” The first one said again.

“If you want but you can go down there too and then I won’t be able to see you”.

“He got you there”. Brandon said.

“Well I just don’t like it”. The first one said.

“Yea, we know that by now. But Tim has done nothing to any one of us, so why should we be worrying about it?”

“I don’t know, you don’t think those times he forgot his shorts were on purpose”.

“You think anyone would do something like that and be humiliated like that, come on guys”.  One of the others said.

I found that they had gotten quite close to home so to say. But happily it was added by several ones that didn’t agree with him about that.

The coach walked in. “Hey you’re not ready yet, come on guys I want you all out in 2 minutes ok”.

Some grunts were made and then he turned to me. “You ok Tim?”

“Yes sir”.

“Good, let me know if any of these guys are bothering you”.

“I will sir dont’worry”.

“Good, now go on you got only minute and a half left to do so.”

Yea I thought talking to me first and then tell me to hurry up.

Not a lot happened during the rest of the gym session and even showering was ok. I was just happy to get out of there.

During the next weekend we stayed at Michel’s place mostly and I was just happy to have a bit of family time to be honest. Somehow I could feel my dad was wrestling still with the whole situation. I think he enjoyed dinner and felt that I was really a part of Michel’s family as well. I could see that on Monday that he was happy with that. He didn’t say a lot about it but just enough to feel some of reassuring falling off his shoulder.

During the week we started to finalize the stuff for our trip away as it was the next weekend.

I got some people sending in comments on the story and that they are reading it. It always helps a writer to get them and stay motivated to keep on writing. At the moment I am working on chapter 50. To reach that is quite something always so I am trying to make it worth its while as well. If you want leave a message in the questbook, or send me an e-mail. It is much appreciated

chapter 50

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