chapter 5


I woke up by a big yell outside the tent from my uncle; hey you guys wake up breakfast is ready. I heard the sound of Bas and Sascha waking up on either side of me. I looked at Sascha and the memories of his cock in my mouth came back very soon. I felt my dick starting to get hard just a little bit. I looked at Bas and saw that he was fully awake while Sascha eyes where still closed. Good morning I said to Bas, good morning he said. Where you thinking about last evening he asked. Yes it kind of came up as the first thing to think about this morning. Did you like it, he asked. I looked into his eyes and decided to be honest to him. Yes I did, I already thought during dinner about a way to get his cock into my hands but I never thought that it would be that easy. I even get a little bit hard thinking about it. Well I must admit me too, I found it kind of silly in the beginning but seems I liked it more and more after looking at you doing it a few times. He turned a little bit red and said, I even got a stiff one now, would you like to take care of that for me. I almost could not believe my ears. You are sure Bas, I asked him. Yea why not he answered. Ok I said but not here. Can you wait until after breakfast? We can take a swim then. Ok he said.

I started to crawl out of my sleeping bag and putting my clothes on. It was a wonderful morning with a lot of sunshine already. Bas came behind me out of his sleeping bag but it seems as if Sascha was still a sleep. My dad and uncle already made breakfast ready and we started to eat. It seems that Bas was in an even great hurry to finish his breakfast as I was. When we where almost finished Sascha came out of the tent at the same time as Tim was. They sat down and started talking about things to do during this day. I looked at Bas and then turned to Dad, is it Ok if Bas and me are going for a swim in a moment. Ok he said that is no problem Sascha and Tim can wash up after they are ready. I looked at Bas and said shall we go. I saw Sascha looking in a strange way and he smiled a little bit. He looked at Tim and whispered something that made Tim laugh but I couldn’t over hear them.

When we came to the riverside we better start with a swim and get our hairs wet. We started to undress and I walked into the river naked. Bas waited a moment but followed quickly. After only a minute or so, Bas said shall we go back I can hardly wait of anxiety about what is going to happen. I smiled at him. We walked on to the beach and we lay down on our towels. I looked at him and started to feel at his body, his big arms, and his soft tits. He just looked at me, I said don’t be afraid I just want to make you feel good. He didn’t say anything but let me go on. I went with my lips to his ears and started kissing them. Then towards his cheeks and his mouth. I kissed him on his lips and tried opening them but he kind of eased of when I did so. I took his cock in my hands and started stroking them, in the meantime continuing to kiss him on his body going slowly towards his dick.

Only listing to the sounds he made informed me that he liked what I was doing. I stopped stocking his dick and started to take his cock into my mouth very slowly. It became harder on the moment I just touched it and blow some air over his dick. Slowly I started to go deeper into his mouth and slowly back. He made some approval noises and I took his hand and leaded it towards my dick and when he touched it he started to stroke it just a little bit. I didn’t look up but stayed sucking his cock. After a minute or two he stated to breathe heavily and a moment later he came. I just could get his cock out of my mouth in time and he splashed his cum all over my chest and face. Just when I felt I would cum myself I heard the voice of Tim; well well he said what do we have hear. Bas stopped stroking my dick immediately and looked embarrassed at Tim. Then I saw that beside

Tim Sascha was standing. Seems if they enjoyed themselves while we were cleaning up breakfast. I opened my mouth and wanted to say something. No don’t say anything Tim said. Looks like it is our turn to enjoy ourselves he said looking at Sascha. Bas started to get his clothes but Sascha prevented him and they started a fight. Stops Tim said, and looked at Bas, you better do what we are saying. Come on Tim I said let us go out of here we were just getting ride of a morning hard on. It looked like more Sascha said. I then started wondering how long they had been looking before saying any thing.

Well Tim said we can do two things or you are going to obey us and do exactly what we tell you or we will yell for Dad and Uncle to come. I looked at Tim and said No problems call them, dad experimented in his youth also, so he won’t mind. No, No I heard Bas shouting don’t call your dad he will tell my dad what we did and then I am going to be in big trouble. My parents are not as open minded as your dad. No I said Dad wouldn’t. Are you sure of that Tim asked me? He did tell my first boyfriends parents what we were doing. Please Bas said lets do as asked I will do anything to prevent that my dad would get to know what happened. I just wasn’t sure about it, but Bas wearily begged so I said Ok then, tell us what we must do.

Well Tim said wait over hear for one second, he winked at Sascha and they both walked away from us and started whispering. After a minute of so they came back with a smile on their faces.

We will do the following thing Sascha said we are going to punish just one of you but first we are going to decide who that is going to be. Go and lean forwards to that three over there. We are going to give you a good spanking sessions. We will punish the first one who will say mercy more heavily.

We walked towards the three and I heard how my brother took his belt out of his trousers and handed them to Sascha, go ahead your turn first. Sascha started to belt us on our bottoms. After a few moments I could have started to scream but just didn’t wanted to be the one to give in first. After a minute or so I started to get tears in my eyes, but whenI looked I saw the same with Bas. I just could not take it any more and said ok stop this is too much for me. I just didn’t want to that Bas would get the punishment for something I wanted. That’s quick brother Tim said I thought that you could have taken more. I just didn’t say anything but looked at Bas had a smile of thanks on his face. I started to get anxious again not knowing what Tim and Sascha would have in mind for me.

Ok Since you are the one that must be thankful Bas, You are the one that is going to punish you friend. You better do exactly what we are saying otherwise we will do it ourselves and then to you instead of my brother and if we are not satisfy by what you are doing we can always tell your dad.

Ok Tim said here is what we are going to do. You will first bind off the balls of David whit this fishing line then he will be given 20 paddles with your hand on his bottom followed by 20 with the belt on his dick. Then we will decide if this is enough or not. Here is the fishing line start your work Bas.

Bas came towards me and said sorry David I can help this. He started to get my balls together and tie them of with the fishing line. Sascha was looking if he was doing OK. Tighter I heard him say and I felt how Bas pushed my balls almost out of its basket. I started to scream and cry a little bit. Ok I heard Tim say that is enough. Go on with the paddles. Bas started on my bottom, because I did not cry Tim said after 10 paddles, harder Bas you are not doing your best. I felt that Bas tried as hard as he could and the last two felt wearily hard, I started to cry a little bit Well Sascha said go on here is the belt. I turned around and leaned backwards at the three. I start to get my hand in front of my dick and balls to protect them. You have one second I heard Tim say to get your hands away and you better not do that again. Bas started to take his first sweep and it landed on my dick. I directly felt a very hard pain and almost felt. Ok Sascha said I will keep you on your feet and he took my arms and kept them behind the tree so that I could not fall or protect my self. Ok go on Sascha said to Bas. After the firth stroke I was crying hard when Sascha said ok now lower on to his balls. I almost pasted out during the next session of five strokes on my balls. Ok Tim then said seems like you doing you best to be sure you keep Tim know and Sascha and me will do the

next 10 strokes. I just could not take it anymore and started to beg no please Tim not anymore. Ok we will see. I say how Sascha but the belt in the air and the next thing is the sharp pain in my balls. Again I heard the belt and feel the pain. When I open my eyes that was one by Tim. Ok he said looked like you had enough, but you still didn’t come so start masturbates yourself. I looked at him and said please untie my balls. No he said go on masturbate. I started to stroke my cock and then after a few minutes I started to cum which was even more pleasant than normal with the pain of my balls together.

chapter 6
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