chapter 53

(still narrowrating bye Jamey)

We were all looking at Justin and Brandon now.

I think they noticed that as they stopped shouting.

“What is going on guys?” I asked.

Justin turned completely red.

“Tell them, you need to and the cops as well Justin!” Brandon said.

I noticed that Justin was looking at Michel. I looked at Michel and I think he had foreseen then what Justin was going to say. He nodded to Justin to go on.

“I told mom about where we were. I am sorry Michel but…” He stopped there and looked down to the ground.

Michel didn’t say anything. I don’t think he could. “What your mom does is not your responsibility Justin but you should have told us. Michel you ok?” I asked.

“Yea, sorry Justin but I don’t feel like talking at the moment. Maybe you can go and talk to the cops ok.”

“I will tell them everything okay Michel.”

Brandon pushed Justin outside towards where Frank was.

I got the phone numbers from the rest. Martin had called William and he was on his way. I don’t think he had been too happy but understood he needed to.

I looked outside and I saw Frank making notes while listening to Justin. I walked over to Martin.

“You ok Martin?”

“Yea, I just was thinking about what to tell them Jamey.”

“Just keep it light. Tell them I am your boyfriend and that is it more or less. The rest if they find out we will see, we watched but went with them because of the chance to be together. We can say we wanted to know if we really felt something for each other.”

“Hmm, yes that might work. Not sure though what I will do when they ask if we have sex. I know my mom she will be straight forward with that so you better be prepared.”

“Ok, good to know.”

“Probably not when dad is around but I am sure when he isn’t.”

“You’re not afraid of her response?”

“No, she will be fine, it is dad that, well let’s say will need some adjustment I suspect.”

“Well we need to talk with William first; because of what his role is in all of this and the cops know he was not here first so that is not going to work either.”

“Oh bugger, Jamey I might end up being grounded for quite some time you know.”

“Yea we will deal with that as it comes just as long as you know I love you.”

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Frank had gotten back to Michel. I suspect to verify Justin’s story. I just hoped that my granddad would be here soon. I knew we could use his help for sure.

I watched Justin now devastated in Brandon’s arms. I don’t think that he could have ever suspected that his mom would have told Tim’s Mom, but it looked like the most obvious explanation at this point. I didn’t want to interrupt and I saw that Paul and Dennis were trying to deal with it all as well. The scariest thing of all for me was the chance of change in all the relationships and also just the friendships that could be lost easily at this point.

I don’t know how long I was lost in my own thoughts but in the end I saw more cars’s driving up to the cabin.

“Hey guys, here comes the first batch. Everyone ready?”

Both Justin and Brandon and Paul and Dennis came closer. Martin was right behind me and I was not sure Frank and Michel had notice it yet.

“Your granddad, Jamey?” Martin asked.

“Yea but not sure who else is there.”

We looked at the cars and out of one came William. He must have been fast on the road as I didn’t expect him. But I was glad as he could take care of Martin while I was talking with Granddad. I saw a hiss coming out of Justin as we saw that Tim’s dad stepped out of one of the other cars with Michel’s father. The third car was Granddad and he was with Keith. Now that is going to be a lot of explaining to do. But maybe it was better to do it now than to do it when the other parents would be here.

I saw that Tim’s dad together with Keith went straight over to Frank. William came closer to us and I pushed Martin towards him. “I need to talk with granddad ok.”  He smiled and I was surprised when I saw that William and Jamey hugged. Yes we were going to need each other this time. Michel’s dad went straight to him but I also noticed that Michel didn’t dare to look at him and before I could do anything I was cornered by my granddad, “What is going on Jamey? It seems you guys made a mess of all of this!”

“It seems so Granddad but nothing was intended you can be sure about that.”

“Maybe,” he looked at the scene developing around us. His eyes stuck on William and Martin.

“You love him a lot Jamey?” He whispered then.

I looked at him shocked. He smiled now, “Come on Jamey. I bet you have known him now for about four weeks.”

Had I been so transparent I thought. “Hmm, yes I do.” I said saying my words slowly out loud.

“Good, he looks cute, a bit young but definitely cute.”

“How did you know Granddad?”

“Oh, you have been singing, laughing a lot more, opening up even to me. I knew there was more than just the new friendship you had found. I saw you getting used to the fact that you are gay but these last few weeks…” He stopped there looked a bit past me and then with a sigh said, “… you looked a lot like your mother Jamey when she found your dad. I had seen the signs before and I am very happy for you.”

“Thanks Granddad, not sure it will last long though.”


“His parents!” I said.

“They are on their way as well, Jamey?”

“Yes. The police called all of them.”

“Good, better explained here than at home I suspect, although I am sure that Martin is nervous about it all. Is that his brother?”

“Yea William, they are close.”

“Good, well you better introduce me to all of them I guess, so I can help when their parents get here.”

I knew I could get away with it like this but granddad had been open and forward with this so I better be as well. I knew he would hear it from either Frank or Keith in a moment anyway.

“There’s more,” I whispered and I pulled him back.

Looking over his shoulder to see if Jamey was still ok and my gaze stuck on Tim’s dad, who now was looking at Michel and I knew then that he knew. The look said enough and I was not sure if it would ever be the same.

But granddad got my attention back when he said, “What Jamey?”

“Hmm, there is something else you need to know. Something that will come out and it will complicate everything Granddad.”

I saw that my granddad knew it was something severe, as he must have picked up on my voice and facial expression.

“When Tim was kidnapped he was tied down to the table down here.” I hoped he would pick up from there everything from that, I didn’t want to explain myself anymore but he looked at me not knowing what I meant. I sighed and continued, “He was alone, and no one was here. He was in his underwear and all his clothes were still here when we got back.”

I noticed questions still on my granddad face, “go on Jamey you can tell me, you can trust me.”

I knew that but still. “The reason why he was like that was that he was being punished.”

“Punished for what?”

“Not obeying. It was even for his own safety.”

“Safety?” My granddad asked.

“Yea, he had gone too far and he needed to be reined in. You know. He was being too cheeky this morning, challenging Michel and now …” As I felt for the first time that my strength started to crumble.

I felt that my granddad had placed his hand on my chin and with it he lifted my head up until he could look into my face. “It is ok Jamey. I am ok with it. If that is what Tim and Michel needed then it is ok.”

“You mean you…”

“I am a former policeman you know. I have seen it all.”


“Yea well it is a bit unexpected to be honest but I know they love each other very much and I am sure you were not pulled into their play.”

I must have started to blush again now. “Well you see there is….”

Granddad now stepped away and looked again at Martin. Who was now standing beside William looking at us? I think he knew what I was telling him.

He let out a deep sign and looked at me. “Ok, I should have seen that straight away as well. But I am still ok with it Jamey, and even if Martin is your slave it’s ok. As long as you are monogamous I don’t care whatever it is that makes you happy ok.”

I slowly started to smile now. “You sure Granddad?”

“I think the real question is, are you sure Jamey? It is not a small responsibility you take up you know.”

“I know but yes I think that my love is big enough to give him that bit as well. I am not normally like that but for Martin, I am fine with it I think. I talked with Michel and some other people about it and slowly I am starting to see what it means.”

“Good, well I know some people as well so if necessary then I can always introduce them to you, ok.”

“You keep surprising me Granddad.”

“Good, now why don’t you get Martin over here and introduce him to me.”

I winked at Martin who was anxiously looking at us. He got a smile on his face when he saw one on mine. He came closer.

“Granddad, I want to introduce you to my boyfriend Martin.”  I watched as my granddad held his hand out but Martin was looking at the ground and not sure what to do.

“Nice to be introduced to you Martin. Jamey told me a lot about you already. More than he knows.” My granddad said with a smile.

Martin now looked up shyly. “Thank you sir.” He said. He didn’t seem to be sure about himself at all.

My granddad now laughed and said, “You’re going to have your hands full with this one Jamey. You’re welcome Martin, whenever it is needed. You are welcome at our house. See it as yours!” He said very openly.

I saw a small smile starting to come on Martin’s face.

“So you’re ok with it Sir?”

“Yes Martin. I knew Jamey found his love four weeks ago or so.”

“He knows everything now Martin.”

Martin looked surprised at me. “I had to tell him. He can help with the rest and with your parents as well.”

“You’re ok with that Sir?”

“Yes, and Martin stop calling me sir ok, Granddad will do.”

A smiled appeared on his face while he said, “Yes Sir” and that instantly made him blush when he realized what he had just said.

“Oh I am going to have a lot of fun with you if you keep doing that Martin.”

He turned towards me and said, “Ok, I think I am going to talk with the rest. I am sure Tim’s dad can use some attention. If you need me just call ok!” He said that and walked off.

It seemed that while all of this had happened, he had kept an eye on Tim’s dad who now was talking quite loudly with Frank and Keith and making gestures towards Michel. I am sure he was told what had happened. I just hoped that he would listen to granddad. I saw that Brandon and Justin were still at the other end of the room. Justin had almost crawled behind Brandon. I am sure he felt that he was going to be next.

“Well that could have gone a lot worse.” William said when he came closer to us.

“Yea, I am surprised that he took it so lightly guys. I am happy for it though, especially in the way he made sure that you were welcome whenever you want Martin.”

“Good, one hurdle taken for sure!” William said, “But what are we going to do about the next one?”

“Not sure William. Do you have any suggestions at this moment?”

“No not really. I suspect that the truth will come out with all that has happened here so knowing my parents we need to be upfront with them. There is one thing they might even like less and that is lying and not standing up for who you are, so I would say Martin that although it is not an easy way, it might be the best one. Just like what Jamey has just done.”

“But I can’t, I could never say it to them. You know how I am around them.”

“Yea I know but think about it, it is the only way forward don’t you think?”

“Martin,” I said, “I think William is right, as difficult it might be…”

“Can’t we just leave that last bit out of it? You know the…”

“I can understand you want to Bro, but do you think they won’t put one and one together if they hear the reason why they are here and what happened between Michel and Tim?”

I saw that Martin was thinking about it and I think he knew that William was right but that didn’t mean that he liked it.

“I guess so.”

Justin and Brandon had been coming over closer to us now.

“You ok guys?” Brandon asked.

I smiled. “Yea the first hurdle taken, although I was surprised how my granddad responded to it.”

“Yea better than Tim and Michel’s dads though.” Justin whispered.

“You really think that your mom…” Martin started looking at Justin but afraid to finish his sentence.

“No idea Martin but if she did, but then she didn’t realize, what Tim’s mother would do with the information.”

“Oh, well we will know when she gets here I guess.”

“Yea, not looking forward to that though.” Justin said.

“Me neither!” Martin smiled now a bit when he said that to Justin. Before I knew it they were hugging each other.

“You ok Brandon?” I asked him.

“Yea my parents might be shocked but they will be ok. I have a gay uncle and I know they are ok with him.”

“Right that helps for sure.”

“So you think your granddad can calm down Tim’s and Michel’s dads?” He asked pointing towards the other side of the room.

I saw now that Tim’s dad was sitting down, tears running down his face. I saw that Michel was standing alone, his father about one meter away from him not sure what to do. My granddad was standing beside him slowly whispering things to him. I am not sure what was going on with him but he definitely looked disappointed. He was not looking at Michel and I could see the hurt on Michel’s face.

I knew better then to interfere so I made sure that we all stayed where we were. It felt just like waiting till the next episode of this all. There were four hurt people already and I just wondered if there would be more. Paul and Dennis were still outside on the front porch. I noticed that Paul was definitely doing most of the talking with Dennis. It might be that Dennis needed to come clear with Paul. But it looked like he was having a difficult time with it. We talked a bit amongst ourselves and were just waiting to see what would happen next.

We didn’t have to wait too long as more cars came down the hill.

“Ok here we go.” William said.

“Just keep strong Martin,” he said.

I looked at Martin and gave him a smile. I saw he was lightly shaking.

“I think I better leave you alone for a moment guys. Just know I am here if you need me Martin.”

He smiled a bit more now back at me and said, “I know, Jamey.”

I saw that his parents got out of one car and I think it was both Dennis’s and Paul’s dads that got out of the other one.

It didn’t last long until Martin and William had their mom’s arms around them. Especially Martin I thought. Their dad stayed a bit behind them. He looked around at the others. One of the police officers walked towards him and started talking.  I couldn’t hear what was said but I saw his face going around the room and then he looked again at both William and Martin. But I couldn’t read his face at all.

He asked the policeman some questions and then thanked him. He looked at William and Martin and took them to the table where he told them to sit down and that is what they did. I saw he then asked them questions. I knew I had to stay where I was but that was not easy as I could tell that Martin was shaking quite obviously.

“You ok?” I heard from behind.

“Yea Granddad.”

“You want to go over there and hold Martin in your arms?”

I looked back now and smiled. He knew what I felt.

“I know the feeling Jamey. He will be fine.”

“I don’t know Granddad.”

We just watched to see what was unfolding at the table. At a certain point William talked a lot and I could see that he started to get angry then I thought for a moment that his dad was going to hit him. Instead he pointed to the car. I saw that William looked at Martin for a moment and then slowly stood up and started to walk to the car.

“I don’t know Granddad, but this doesn’t look good at all!”

Martin’s dad looked like he was holding a dialog now with his son. Martin wasn’t really looking. Listening for sure but his eyes were looking at the table.  Then I saw that his dad looked over Martin’s shoulder straight at me. I felt that my face started to get red. I think at that point our secret was out. I wasn’t sure all of it but I wouldn’t be surprised it was. I think I saw curiosity now on Martin’s dad’s face. I guess he expected someone more like Dennis and Paul more butch to have had that role for his son.

“I guess your secret is out Jamey.”

“Looks like it Granddad. You think we should join them?”

“No, I think we better wait till we are invited.”

I noticed then that Martin looked up. I guess they were getting closer to an end of it all.

“Here we go,” I heard my granddad say.

I guess he was expecting just like me that when Martin’s dad stood up he would come over instead he turned around and started to walk to William and the car.

“Oh, not good. Let’s see, I think I better go and talk with him. Stay here ok,” granddad said to me.

I didn’t follow him as my eyes were focussed on Martin. I saw that he now was talking to his mom. I guess his mom was more responsive than his dad to it all. I suspected that his relationship with his mom was probably better than his dad anyway. I saw that his mom looked up as well and gazed at me. She had a smile on her face. I then watched that as Martin turned around as well and smiled at me. I saw his hand waved so I guess it meant that I was allowed to come over.

Martin and his mom stood up. His mom had her hand out. “It’s good to meet you Jamey,” she said.

I looked at Martin just to make sure he was ok. “I knew he found love and I suspected it would be a boy.”

Mom knows is a saying, but I guessed that was right. “You ok Martin?” I asked.

“Not sure.”

“His dad is not happy and can hardly believe it all. Not only well what you do but also about the fact that Martin is gay. I know he will be able to get past that but it will take time.”

“Are you ok with it then?”

She looked at me. “I can see love that is all I need Jamey. The rest is up to you. I can’t condemn it but can’t see the reason for it, so I think we better leave it with that and not talk about it ok.”

“Yes Madam.”

“Good, Martin you have five minutes, and then we want you in the car ok. I think you need some time but not too long ok. We don’t want to anger your dad anymore.”

“Nice to meet you Jamey. Just be patient with us ok.”

“I will Madame.”

“You ok?” I asked Martin when she walked away towards her husband.

“Not sure. Dad is really mad. I know he keeps himself under control with the cops around but… well don’t be surprised if I won’t see you for a while except for school. I suspect we both will be grounded for quite some time.”

“Well we can always call or chat and school will be enough for a while if that is to be the case.”

“I am not sure but it will have to do.”

I saw that he wanted to hug me but he was not sure. I saw him looking over his shoulder. “Oh fuck them!” I heard him say and he hugged and kissed me. “Love you Jamey!”

“Love you too Martin!”  With that he turned around walked to the car.

With pain in my heart I saw him walk away. I knew I would see him in two days at school but still. He got into the car straight away. William and his mom followed. His dad was still talking with granddad. I just hoped he could talk some sense in him.

When granddad came walking back to us he told me that it was time to go. I argued that I wanted to stay but the police wanted everyone to leave so they could do another search through the place and the woods around it. I waved at Michel but hopefully he would understand. No I knew he wouldn’t as I wouldn’t have either. I knew I would try to call him later on in the day or meet up with him tomorrow. I guess granddad knew as he said, “You can go visit him tomorrow or invite him over ok.”

“Thanks I just don’t know what he must be going through and it seems his dad is not helping at all.”

“I know. Let’s just hope that Tim will be found soon.”

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