chapter 6


After I shot my load Sascha and Tim walked away laughing. Bas went for his clothes and started to follow them. It seems that he was to embarrassed about what happened. I called him but without looking back he kept on walking back to the camping site. I tried to untie my nuts but this seems not so easy. I found my knife set in the pocket of my trousers. The knife set also had a small scissor on it. I just didn’t think at the pain for a moment and cut it. I put on my swimsuit and stayed at the water site for a moment just thinking about what to do know. I knew that Bas thought that I would be mad at him. All in all that was the only thing I didn’t like what happened a moment ago. I enjoyed the punishment and the sexual arousal it gave afterwards. But the reaction of Bas what a little ddisturbance in all

I went for a swim and stayed on the small beach for a few hours, but I knew I had to go back anyway. When I arrived back it was late in the afternoon. Nobody seemed to have missed me. I found out that Sascha and Tim already had told my dad that I was lying around the beach. I just saw that Bas was working together with my uncle at something that looked like a barbecue. I just walked towards the tent entrance and said to my dad. All the swimming has made me sleepy is it ok if I take a nap for a hour or so. I didn’t wait for the answer but went in the tent and laid down on my sleeping back. Tired as I was from a short night sleep and the activities of that day I only stayed a wake for a few moments. When I woke up it was already dark outside and a smell of barbecued meat came into the tent. I heard my dad see to Bas go and see if David is awake already. I yelled outside that I was awake and would be their in a minute.

Everybody was seated around the improvised campfire / barbecue. I sat down just beside Bas. But before I could ask him what he had been doing that afternoon he walked away to get a drink and sat down on the other side of the fire.

I just looked at him and give him a positive smile to let him know that I wasn’t mad at him. During dinner there was a lot of talk between Tim, Sascha and my dad and uncle. Neither Bas or me did say mutch. During dinner I found my self more and more looking at the well build body of Sascha. He was wearing a very tight jeans with a white t-shirts true. This was also very tight. His nipples pounded through the white material. He was still very hot looking for me, despite every thing that had happened that morning. I hardly couldn’t wait what would happen that night. My uncle went away and brought his guitar with him and we started to sing some songs. My father went to his car and brought a few six packs of bier with him. Here he said, and handed me a can. Because it is your special weekend, you may drink a few beers tonight. As long as you make not a habit of it. I thought that I hadn’t drink before, but I had. Better let him believe that.

After an hour of singing and drinking, I felt myself more relaxed than during dinner. Ok father said lets go to bed. Bas walked towards my father and whispered something to him. Oh I see he said, I already thought that you two wear quite this evening, but changing with Tim is not the answer if you have a fight. I have a better idea why do we not set up the third tent. Sascha and Tim can go in there and you and David can work out your quarrel. Bas turned to me, still expecting that I would be mad at him. But I just looked and said thats fine by me.

I just could not be certain about what I felt. I was glad that I would get the chance to have a private talk with Bas before we would go back tomorrow. But on the other hand this mend that Sascha would be in the hands of Tim and I was a little bit disappointed in that. But it was important to talk with Bas before we were going back to our town and school. I went to help to set up the third tent. It seems not a bother to either Tim or Sascha that they would be together in a tent. I just noticed that from time to time Tim kept looking at Sascha, especially when he bent over to take something from the ground.

When I turned back I saw that Bas already had disappeared in the tent. When I entered he was already lying in his sleeping back with his back towards me. That’s quick I said to him, I just wanted to go to sleep if you don’t mind. No that’s ok with me I answered. But I just wanted to let you know that I’m not mad at you because of this morning. I liked what happened. He turned around and said you did?. Well it had some kind of a strange sexual arousal you know. Well I am sorry he said but only thinkingabout my dad made me worry a lot. I know, don’t be bothered about it any more I said. Still friends he said. Of course, and I gave him a handshake. I started to undress and Bas turned his head around, and said well goodnight.

That was the last thing we said that night. In the morning we started to pack everything and we were allowed to have one more swim. Tim and Bas staid back at the camping site but both Sascha and me wanted to go for just another swim before the hot drive back to town.

When we came back out of the water, I sat down beside Sascha. I just would let you know that I’m not mad at what happened yesterday. Your aren’t he said. No, came Tim on to you last night. Yea he did, Sascha said. I already thought so. You seemed to enjoy him this morning. I just said to him that I would scream if he touched me. OK for you I said. You know, Sascha said I found it great when you gave a blow job the night before. Would you do that again. I looked at him and said Well, I don’t know. You sure you want that. Well I kind of find you very attractive, with that swimmers body of yours. Thank you I said to him. Well he said come on please. Ok I said. He put down his swimsuit and said we wait stay on lying their. He put his legs around me until he was lying with his dick above my face. What are you doing he said, well I wanted to fuck you like I normally do with girls. Well I don’t know I said. Don’t worry he said and pushed his dick to my mouth. Come on open he said. I slowly opened my mouth while Sascha forced his dick into my mouth. He started to fuck my mouth very hard and I just couldn’t do nothing about it. He started gently but more and more he started to breath heavily and speeding up his moves. Then I felt some pre-cum and in a few seconds later he shot his load in my mouth. I would surprise him and kept his cum in my mouth. He retracted his dick out of my mouth and backed of a little bit. He wanted to say something but I quickly put my lips on his and before he knew what happened I gave him some of his come back into his mouth. He backed of immediately but I knew he had tasted it. He started to spit and curse at me. I laughed and said well just something you deserved I thought. When he saw me laughing, he started laughing to. Ok he said I think you are write. We put our swimsuit on and walked back to the camping site.

We said goodbye and this was the end of my birthday weekend. This doesn’t mean the story ended here. I still had to see my friends the next day at school especially Kevin, who I admired.



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