Days at the beach – 10

Mark and Jason pulled up to the parking lot outside Sean’s apartment. It had begun to get dark already and that brought some sort of relief to Jason. In spite of all of the exposure he had gone through, he had not become desensitized to the embarrassement. He knew that Mark was going to make him walk to the apartment in just his jockstrap. Mark didn’t get out of the car right away, however. After turning the vehicle off, he simply sat in silence. Jason was uncomfortable, but knew better than to say anything. If he had learned anything during the past days it was that his big mouth could only keep getting him in more and more trouble. Therefore, he simply sat there in his mesh jock, his cock semi hard, waiting for Mark to say something or make a move. Finally, Mark spoke. “You know, your life isn’t going to be a bit like it used to be after this night is over,” he said. “What do you mean?” Jason asked, nervously. His life was already nothing like it used to be. He didn’t want to be able to imagine it could possibly get worse. Mark laughed. “Well, you know what’s going on in Sean’s apartment right now, don’t you?” It was almost a rhetorical question. Of course Jason knew about the party, though he was still unsure what the party entailed. In response, he simply nodded his head yes. “Well, you only have some idea of what is going on,” Mark stated. “I mean, what would you do if I told you that every single jock from the swimming team you were on in high school was in that room? And what if, to make it worse, I told you that all the buddies you ate lunch with in school and played football with were in that room? How would that make you feel?” Jason’s jaw dropped open. He had not been expecting any such thing. Quickly, he looked down at himself as he felt his cock start to expand again. Panic began to find it’s way throughout his body, but he did his best to hide it. There was no way of telling whether or not Mark was telling the truth. “Are they?” was all that Jason could ask. “Well,I can’t say that they are all there,” Mark replied. “But I sure as hell invited every single one of them. I mean, all I had to do was get a keg and that’s more than enough to get as many jock boys as possible to come to a party. I mean, you know how it is. Free beer is a great incentive.” “What are you going to do to me?” Jason asked. The butterflies were swimming around in his stomach, but in spite of it all, his cock did not go down. It continued to stretch the fabric and now he was sure that he was precumming too. Some part of him found the whole idea hot, but it was unfortunate that the part of him that did was his cock. He looked down at his hands. “Oh, you’ll find out,” Mark stated with another laugh. “All I can say is, after today, you might have to kiss all of your friends goodbye… or at least blow them goodbye, because when I am through with you, I am sure they’ll have you sucking their cocks for many months to come.” Something in Jason snapped when he heard that.

Without so much as thinking about what he was doing, he grabbed the door handle and swung the door open. Before he knew it, he was sprinting away from the car and the apartment. He was nearly naked and barefoot, but he couldn’t allow Mark’s words to come true. He had to get away. Being that he was bigger, stronger and faster than Mark was, it seemed like it was going to work,too. He had gotten almost out of the parking lot when he felt something grab the back of his jockstrap. It was with such force that it caused him to stumble onto the ground. Very quickly, Mark had manuevered Jason so that he was laid across Mark’s lap with his bare butt sticking straight up. His hard cock was between Mark’s legs. Mark slapped Jason really hard on the ass. Jason cried out. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Mark asked. “Are you trying to get away?” He started rythmically spanking Jason. “Please don’t make me do this, Mark!” Jason pleaded. He was stronger than Mark, but for some reason he had become incredibly subservient. Mark’s hand slapping his butt did nothing to calm down his cock, and he felt it start to throb between his legs. Doing his best to ignore it, he simply kept begging. “I can’t have this happen to me! It’ll ruin my life!” “I couldn’t care less,” Mark said, and he kept spanking his slave. “You’ll do what I tell you to do and that’s all there is to it. I mean, all this is going to be is a little more public humiliation. You can always tell people that I forced you to do it, as I am sure you’re going to do. But I know what happened with you and Alex is something far different. How much do you want me to tell everyone about that? Or better yet, have Alex tell?” Jason began to cry. He couldn’t tell whether it was from the pain of the spanking, or the realization that Mark’s words were true. He and Jason had shared something beyond what Jason could have conceived of beforehand. It’s one thing to be used like he was, but to actually have a tender moment like the two boys shared, that was something totally different.

It would almost be as bad as admitting that he was a fag. “Please don’t tell!” Jason pleaded. “Please don’t make me do this, Mark!” Mark showed amazing strength, and he flipped Jason around on his lap. He grabbed the front of Jason’s jockstrap and pulled it open. The long and hard cock jutted proudly from its confines. Easily, Mark tucked the pouch of the strap under Jason’s balls so that his cock was standing straight up, visible to anyone who wanted to see it, bobbing in the slight breeze. Slowly, Mark took his hand and slowly started carressing Jason’s dick. In spite of everything, Jason moaned deeply. “Like that?” Mark asked. Jason, sniffling back more tears, simply nodded. He had the strength to fight Mark off, he knew that. He could beat the crap out of Mark and get out of this predicament. Hell, he even knew that Alex would not breath a word about what had happened between the two of them. But as he lay there, strewn across the lap of a younger boy, he realized what had really been keeping him in line. It wasn’t fear of what his father would do, and it wasn’t fear of his jock buddies that were waiting for him up at the party. What really kept Jason from running away was that he knew this was what he wanted. He knew that he enjoyed what was happening to him in some way. If he didn’t, his cock would not get so hard and he would be able to get away. The only thing keeping him in the position he was in was himself. “Better than your girlfriend ever did, isn’t it?” Mark went on. Again, Jason nodded. There was no point in hiding the truth of the matter any longer. He kept crying, though, as Mark’s hand kept jacking his cock. Admission was the hardest part of it all, because when he admitted he might be turning gay, there was really no going back from it. Looking up at Mark’s face, Jason licked his lips without realizing it. Mark laughed. “Do you want to kiss me, Jason?” Mark asked and this got another nod from Jason. Mark simply laughed. “I’m not a fag lke you, Jason. You’re not kissing me anytime soon.” he pushed Jason off his lap and back over to his his seat. “Now pull up that jockstrap and get ready to go into the apartment.” Humiliated and with tears staining his eyes, Jason did as he was told. Then, Mark ordered him out of the car. They both got out of the car and then locked it behind them. They then made their way up to the apartment. Jason was very aware that he was nearly naked, but tried not to notice if anyone was paying any attention. He didn’t know if anyone had come across the parking lot or not. When they reached the door of Sean’s apartment, Mark ordered Jason to lower his jockstrap. With a bit of a whimper in his voice, Jason did as he was told. He reached to pick it up off the ground, but Mark said there was no need for that. He wouldn’t need it where he was going.

Once the door was opened, Jason’s jaw dropped about as far as it was possible. Mark had not been lying about all of his friends that had been invited to the party. The apartment was full of them. They were chatting and drinking beer from a keg, but they all turned around when they saw their straight friend walk in the door. IN spite of the sheer humiliation of the event, Jason felt his cock start to get harder. He reached in front of himself to cover himself up, but the others would have nothing to do with it. Mark slapped his hand and Jason immediately complied. “Oh my God!” one of the jocks exclaimed. “What the fuck is goig on?” “I didn’t believe it!” another said. “I guess Jason really is a fag. Who’d of thunk it?” “Oh, just cause he’s naked doesn’t mean he’s a fag,” someone suggested. Jason turned his gaze to that person and saw that it was Joe. He obviously couldn’t be going anywhere good with this. “Let’s give the dude the benefit of the doubt.” Jason was pushed through the door by Mark. Once inside, the door was closed behind them. Looking around, Jason saw everything that he had expected. All of his friends were there; or at least all of his male friends. There were no girls anywhere. It was definitely a party, with drinks and snacks and things. The only surface that wasn’t covered with refreshments of some sort was the coffee table. There were a few ropes strewn upon it, though. A cold wave went through Jason’s body when he realized that was probably for him. He did also notice that Kyle and Sean were nowhere to be found. Mark immediately walked away and over to Joe.

They whispered for a few moments, and Mark looked very annoyed. Jason was too concerned with his current situation to really do anyting about it, though. He kept looking around the room at all the guys who were looking at his naked body and the hard cock that was now sticking straight up in the air. He felt the shaft begin to throb and was scared he might start leaking soon. “Damn, dude… what are you so hard for?” a guy asked. Jason looked and it was a friend of his named Todd from the swim team he was on. He froze and didn’t say anything. “Why don’t you put some clothes on or something? Cover yourself up or something.” Jason wanted nothing more than to be covered up, but he knew he couldn’t. He was too terrified of what Mark would concoct for him if he disobeyed. In spite of his strong feelings against all of this he said “No, I am okay being naked.” “What are you, a fag or something?” Todd asked. “Why are you so fucking hard around all these guys?” Jason didn’t know what to say or do. He simply stood there, his hands at his sides, his hard cock standing out and started to drip. To his complete horror, Todd noticed the dripping. His friend grimaced in some sort of disgust. Todd walked away. Mark returned to Jason. He seemed annoyed with something, but didn’t seen to be very willing to talk about it. Instead, he just went about humiliating his slave. “Well, I was going to have you do some things with Sean or Kyle, but I think I have a much better idea,” he said. Then, Mark turned to the crowd. “Hey, I know I promised you guys that Jason here was a fag. We know how much he has picked on gay guys throughout the years. Well, it seems that maybe he as doing it to just try and get the focus off of himself. He’s a cocksucking faggot. None of you believed me when I told you, but you’re all here. Now who needs some proof?” Some of the guys expressed their agreement. Others seemed convinced it was still a scam. A few of the guys just seem disgusted and Jason to put some clothes on. “I think he’s a fag,” Todd was heard saying to someone. “I mean, look how hard his dick is.” “Maybe he’s on viagra,” another guy said and some of the guys laughed. Mark got all of the attention back to himself. “Come on guys, I will prove everything to you,” he said. “Jason told me something when I was bringing him here tonight. He has sucked a lot of cock and eaten a lot of cum. But he’s still a virgin. No one has ever fucked him yet. And he really wants someone to fuck him, too. But it’s not going to be that easy for him. He’s going to have to earn it.” “How?” Todd asked. He seemed to be getting somewhat interested. “Well, Jason has a thing for bondage,” Mark continued. “So, we’re going to tie him to the coffee table there, for all to see. Then, I got another fagwho is going to work Jason’s cock and his ass for a while. You’ll know he’s a fag because he’ll really get off on it. I mean, if he’s not gay, then none of it is going to turn him on, right?” A lot of the guys said ‘right.’ “So, if he can go all night without cumming, then we’re going to give Jason what he wants. He won’t get to cum, but he will get his ass fucked by a very cute guy. Someone he really wants to be fucked by.” Jason started shaking his head. There was one thing he really did not want and that was to have any guy fuck him. Just the thought hurt. He felt his cock start to lose a little bit of altitude. Some of the guys noticed this. Someone commented that he was losing his hardon at the thought of being fucked. Maybe that meant he wasn’t gay. Mark was too swift to let this mess up his plan, though. Looking at Jason, he smiled. “Don’t get so unexcited yet, lover boy,” Mark said. “If you pass my test, it’s going to be Alex who is going to be doing the fucking.”

At the very mention of the other boy’s name, Jason felt a wave of emotion go through his body. Right away, his cock started to get hard again. It didn’t take but a moment before he was hard and dripping yet again. He hung his head in shame, but realized something. He was scared to be fucked, but he really wanted to have another moment with Alex. The moment in the shower was something he was never going to forget. It was something he felt he needed to have again. Alex made him feel good, which was something he had not been experiencing lately. “Get over to the table,” Mark ordered. To the surprise of most of the boys, Jason did exactly what he was told. He went over to the coffee table and even laid down on it. he propped his knees up so his whole body would fit. It also gave some exposure to his ass, as he knew that it would be worked on for the first time in his life. Mark took the ropes, bound Jason’s hands underneath the coffee table. There was no way he was getting loose. “Okay, Terry, you can come in now.” To Jason’s total surprise, Terry, the guy who was checking him out in the drive thru came into the living room. They were supposed to meet at the swimming pool but never did. Terry was fully dressed, but he was carrying a vibrator in his hand. And it was no small vibrator, either. Jason had never had anything up his ass before, and started out with something so large was going to be a bit of a horror. Terry went and knelt down by the coffee table. He had a big smile on his face. He sat the vibrator down on the floor and then reached out and grabbed Jason’s cock. Smearing the precum all over his cockhead, he made Jason moan. Jason dropped his head onto the coffee table and felt his body jerk a little bit. “He is a fag!” One of the guys said. “That’s some sick shit!” “Shut up!” Todd said. “I wanna see this.” “Go ahead and get started,” Mark ordered. “You have to last an entire hour, Jason. If you cum within the hour, then you won’t get fucked by Alex. Instead, we’ll take your naked and cum covered body, drop you off in a dumpster in the middle of town somewhere and let you try to get home that way. So don’t cum, fag boy.” Slowly, Terry began to stroke Jason’s cock with one hand. He didn’t stroke for long, as he gathered the large amounts of precum off of the head and then took that hand and brought it down to Jason’s ass. At first, all he did was carress his butt, running his cum slicked hand all up and down his butt. Then, Terry grabbed Jason’s cock with the other hand and began stroking the large cock up and down. Jason started moaning, in spite of the predicament he was in. “Man, that’s gross!” one of the guys said. “I can’t believe that Jason is fucking gay. He’s totally getting off on this shit!” Jason was beyond the point of caring. There was no way he was going to get out of this situation at this point. He was convinced that he was pretty much going to be labeled a fag no matter what. If he went along with his punishment, then at least he might be able to get something out of it. He really wanted to spend time with Alex. It would be worth it and he also wanted to cum. He had been so horny lately. Slowly, as he was stroking Jason’s cock, Terry pressed his finger up against Jason’s hole. He didn’t push it in just yet, but sort of carressed it. Jason had never felt such a thing before. The feeling, along with the presence of the hand on his cock was more than he thought he could handle. He started bucking up and down on the table. He felt his cock feel as if it grew a whole extra inch. It was so hard he felt it would bust out of his skin. he wished his hands were free so he could work on his hard cock the way only he knew how. “Oh God, yes!” Jason yelled outloud. Looking at Terry, Jason tried to bring his face close to Terry’s. He felt like he really wanted to kiss someone. He could barely reach Terry, so he found himself sticking his tongue out, eaching for the man who was pleasuring him. Terry obliged and then kissed Jason on the mouth. It was odd, because Terry seemed so ready to go along with the whole deal. Obviously, having sex in front of other guys wasn’t something that he was scared to do. All Jason could figure was that Terry was gay and everyone knew it. While Terry was kissing Jason, he finally entered his finger into Jason. The feeling was intense, like nothing else that Jason could have imagined. He again started bucking his hips up and down on the table, fucking himself on the finger. It was amazing. There were quite a few hoots and hollers as the guys seemed to be getting into this spectacle. Jason found it odd that so many straight jocks would care about something like this, but the thought left his mind rather quickly. INstead, he focused on the finger that was going in and out of him. Strangley, he liked it. He tried to push it deeper in him, while still having Terry’s hand working his hard cock as well. The feeling was so hot that he felt his cum start to rise in his cock and he knew he was about to cum. Panic flew through his body, as he realized it could not have been more than 15 minutes since it started. He didn’t want to be left in a dumpster. Immediately, Jason pulled his mouth away from Terry’s. His cock was going through convulsions and he didn’t know what to do next. He, however, thought of something very quickly. In order to keep from cumming, he bit down very hard on his lip. It was painful, but it was enough to stop the convulsions and the orgasm subside. “Having problems?” Mark laughed. “Maybe you need something bigger in that hole?” He nodded at Terry, who quickly pulled the finger out. Jason moaned and everyone laughed at him. The guys were really getting into the spectacle. “Just fuck him with the dildo,” Mark instructed. “Don’t work his cock anymore. He’ll be cumming in no time.” Jason looked puzzled at Mark. He didn’t know why mark would think that he could cum without work being done on his shaft. However, it seemed that Mark was giving him a reprieve. It was a bit of relief. That relief changed, though, as he saw Terry start to lube up the vibrator. He wasn’t sure how ready he was to have such a big thing put inside him. A bit of anxiety fluttered through him. But a thought occured to him.

“What if that was Alex’s cock?” he thought and the anxiety left. JAson felt totally horny again and knew what he wanted. He wanted the dildo in his ass only because it would let him know what things would feel like when he finally got to be with Alex. He also found he didn’t care about anything, as long as he had Alex fucking him. “Fuck me, please!” Jason moaned outloud. A few of the guys gasped, but most of them laughed. There was little doubt now that he was truly a fag and there was no going back. For a moment Jason wondered how many of the guys would be asking him or making him blow them. How many of the guys would want to use his ass after they saw him get used by Terry and maybe Alex. He wondered how long he would be able to last, as horny as he was. It was all too much for him, though he knew he had to control himself. He couldn’t cum and lose the chance with Alex. Terry took the vibrator and put it at Jason’s hole. He gently pushed it up against his hole and pressed slightly against it. Jason moaned. Terry reached down, kissed Jason, and buried his tongue in Jason’s mouth. While doing that, he slowly pressed the dildo into Jason, a little bit at a time. Jason felt his whole body convulse, but he realized he liked it. He wanted it deeper. He kept kissing Terry, only feeling both Terry’s tongue and the dildo as it went further and further in his hole. Jason pulled his head away and moaned loudly. Slowly, inch by inch, Terry was fucking Jason, naked on the coffee table in front of about 25 guys. It was hot, and Jason wished he could be stroking his cock while it was happening. He really wanted to pump himself and make himself cum. But he was glad there was no work on his cock. He still had about a half hour to go before he could cum. He was glad he wasn’t being jacked off. But then, he felt something he never thought was possible. His breathing became ragged, his heart was pounding and Jason realized he was getting close to cumming. There was no hand on his cock, it was simply throbbing and bobbing in the air. It was drooling all sorts of precum. But for some reason, Jason was about to shoot his cum everywhere. Jason gasped.

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