Days at the beach – 10

On the trip back to Sean’s apartment, Jason found himself feeling very conflicted. Yes, as usual, he was nearly naked as he sat in the passenger seat and Mark drove. All he had on was the mesh jockstrap that he had on at the beach earlier. After as much humiliation as he had been through, though, he didn’t give much thought to his nudity. He had just experienced something that was beyond all of the humiliation and was beyond any sexual experience he ever had. The whole scene with Alex was sensual and he felt himself longing to do more with the sexy lifegaurd. However, this idea was not turning him on at the moment. Rather, it was making him nervous and his heart beating 1000 miles a minute. Mark grabbed Jason’s crotch through the mesh material as they drove on. The rough grabbing brought Jason out of his thoughts. Also, he wasn’t used to being touched by Mark or Joe (who he figured were straight and just abusing him).

“Why are you so soft?” Mark asked, massaging the limp dick in the mesh material. “Aren’t you having a good time?” Jason didn’t answer at first. The silence gave much more of an answer than he intended it to. Mark laughed. “Yeah, I thought you would get used to it,” he said. “I even thought you would start to like it.” “I’m not a fag,” Jason said softly, under his breath. In spite of this, though, he cock was beginning to get hard in Mark’s hand. It was stretching out rather quickly. “I never said you were,” Mark said. “But you will be. And you’re going to love what we’re going to do tonight.” “What are we going to do?” Jason asked. He was dreading the answer mostly, but part of him was really wanting to know. Mark took his hand off his crotch and he felt some disappointment. Still, his cock was at full mast and stretching the fabric of his jock. “You’ll see,” was all Mark would say. 2. Sean and Kyle’s Day When Mark took Jason to the beach, Joe got the other two slave boys into his car. He made both of them sit in the back. “Sit close together, too,” he instructed. They did so. “Put your arms around each other.” They did.

Joe smiled as he started driving. He was really enjoying everything that was going on. This had all been exciting from the day Kyle iniated it, but it was so much better when they had turned on Kyle and then added Jason into the mix. No one really knew this, but Jason used to bully Joe when they were younger. It had gone on for years and since Jason was much bigger than him, there wasn’t much that Joe could really do about it. When he told teachers what was going on, thy never did anything. He found out later that teachers think it’s good for people to be bullied. One of the reasons that he had wanted to use Jason when this experiment started was because Jason had used to call him a fag and told people that Joe sucked cock. It was fun to be using him like this. But as much as Joe hated Jason, it wasn’t the main reason he had wanted to do this in the first place. Joe really was gay and he had the major hots for Mark. In fact, he felt like he was seriously in love with Mark. He knew if he ever said anything, Mark would beat the crap out of him, though. Still, it was Mark who had the original idea of turning against Kyle and it didn’t take much for him to go ahead and say yes. There wasn’t much Joe wouldn’t do to make Mark happy. Looking up in the rearview mirror, Joe was happy to see that Kyle and Sean were holding each other very close. He took a look down at their crotches and noticed that they were definitely hard. He smiled. He loved what they were doing to them. Kyle and Sean had wanted each other for so long, but they just needed some pushing together.

Joe figured that was why Kyle set up this whole humiliation thing for them to begin with. He wanted to have some fun with Sean. “Start making out,” he instructed. There was rarely any resistance from the two boys. He knew why. It’s because they wanted each other so much. He didn’t feel so bad about making them do what they already wanted. So the two boys, clad only in skimpy thongs that barely concealed their long and hard cocks, started making out and feeling each other up. It was hot and Joe found himself getting very hot himself. The whole time, he started thinking about Mark and how he wished he could be doing that with his friend. His own cock (which he always felt bad about being smaller than all of the slave boys they had) was getting hard in his boxers. He knew he had to distract himself before they got out of the car. Once they got to Sean’s apartment, everything happened as it normally did. All hard and almost naked, Kyle and Sean were made to walk through the whole parking lot and then into the apartment. There were a few people staring at them, but it wasn’t a big deal anymore. It happened often enough that they were used to it. Still, it felt nice when they had the door shut behind them. “Okay,” Joe said, turning to face the boys, “we have a lot to do to get ready for this party tonight.” Sean looked nervous, but it seemed like he wanted to say something. Joe nodded at him, so he spoke. “What is going to happen at this party?” Joe laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, there will be plenty for you boys to do,” he replied. “Mostly, though, it’s going to be to humiliate Jason and not you. So, don’t fret too much.” Sean and Kyle relaxed just a little. But their dicks stayed hard and that was starting to get Mark pretty hot. He moved his leg a bit to try and hide his dick getting hard. “What are you going to do to him?” Sean asked. He didn’t care too much, really, but was just curious.

The whole experience had been making him so horny and he had learned to pretty much just enjoy it while he could. Even with the public humiliation, it was kinda hot. “Oh, let’s just say that after tonight, he’s NEVER going to call anyone a fag ever again,” Joe laughed. “But let’s have some fun here, too. I am going to go get myself a snack. I want you two to be naked and laying on Sean’s bed when I get back. You should be jacking each others cocks, but not enough to make anything serious happen. You better not cum and you had better still be jacking once I get in the room. Get to it.” After this instruction, Sean and Kyle went into the bedroom and quickly stripped out of their thongs. Their hard cocks bobbed in the air and it felt good that they were released. Sean quickly got on the bed, but Kyle hesitated at first. “Come on!” Sean urged. “We have to be jacking by the time he gets back.” Kyle was obviously thinking about something. He shook his head. “Joe always takes a while to get his food,” he said. “We have some time.” Still, Kyle sat on the bed. He grabbed Sean’s hand in his and caressed it. Sean smiled. Secretly, they had let feelings for each other develop. They hadn’t said anything nor expressed it in front of Mark and Joe, though. Leaning forward, they kissed each other solidly on the lip. Sean tried to slip his tongue into Kyle’s mouth, but Kyle pulled away. Sean felt frustrated. “What’s wrong?” he asked. Kyle shook his head. “Nothing,” he said. “In fact, I think I know a way we can switch this game back into our favor.” “It never was in my favor,” Sean said sullenly. “It was in yours.” “I am sorry,” Kyle said. He kissed Sean again. THen he reached down and grabbed Sean’s thick cock in his hand. Squeezing it, he forced another strong sigh from Sean’s lip. He muffled that sigh with a deep kiss. “Do you regret what has happened?” Sean shook his head. “I am happy to be with you,” he admitted. “ButI would like all of this public and slave crap to end, though.” “I think I know how we can do it,” Kyle said. “For us and for Jason.” “Oh, I don’t care about Jason,” Sean said. “He’s always been a bit of a dick anyways.” He then eached over and grabbed Kyle’s cock. They began jacking each other and kissing. It felt good so they kept doing it, kissing in between talking. “Yeah, I know,” Kyle said. “He used to call me a fag and beat up on me. He never touched you, though.” “Because I am about the same size as him,” Sean said. “You know how bullies are, they only pick on people they know they can beat up.” he realized he kinda insulted Kyle and then tried to cover it up. “But anyhow, what do you want to do?” “Well, I figure we just have to turn the tables,” Kyle said. “Mark and Joe have blackmail on us, so we’ll have to get some on them.” Sean moaned deeply as Kyle twisted his fist around his hard cock and squeezed it hard. They kissed each other deeply with lots of tongue. “What are you going to do?” Sean asked. “Well, the key is Joe,” Kyle whispered. He then took his other hand and started fondling Sean’s balls. The way he looks at us, I know he wants us. So, all we have to do is get him involved and then tape him the way they did to us.” Sean looked doubtful. “How are we supposed to do that?” he asked. “It’ll be easy,” Kyle said. “I told you he wants us. He was getting all hard in the car. So he’s horny. It’s not too hard to get a horny guy to do whatever you want.” “I guess we’re proof of that,” Sean laughed. For emphasis, he started jacking Kyle’s cock really fast. He knew Kyle’s spots and knew how to bring him to the edge. Within moments, Kyle was brought to the brink and panic filled his eyes. “Sean, stop!” he said and Sean did. Sean laughed as he watched Kyle start to settle down.

Once he did, Joe still had not come back into the room. So, Kyle got up off the bed and started to prepare some things. Joe wanted to take his time getting his snack. He knew the longer he took the closer the two boys would be to cumming. One thing he really loved was to watch other guys doing their best not to cum. It really turned him on big time. Once he had waited a good 20 minutes, he finally went into the room. As he has expected, the two boys were lying on the bed, jacking each others cocks and squirming. He had peaked in earlier and saw the two of the kissing too. It had only been for a second, but he thought it was really hot. He really liked hot kissing. “Having fun, boys?” he asked as he came in. He sat down in the lounge chair that gave him the best view of the bed. “Don’t stop on my accord.” Sean and Kyle had no intention of stopping. They continued to jack and fondle each other. They wanted to kiss too, but they were careful not to do it just yet. They knew how hot it made Joe, so they wanted to make surethey did everything right. “So how about I let you know a little bit about what’s going to go on at the party?” Joe asked as he sat there. “Like I said, there will be stuff for you to do, but it won’t be focused on you. I figure it’s about time for Jason to truly come out of the closet as a true fag. Better that he does it in front of a bunch of his best friends. In fact, I think it’s best that he does it in front of every guy who played on every sports team with him in high school.” Kyle raised his hand to ask a question. Joe aknowledged him so he could talk. “Um, so what are Sean and I going to do?” he asked. “We won’t have to blow him or anything in front of all of those people?” Joe laughed. “Nope, not at all,” he said. “Basically you guys will be serving drinks. You’ll be wearing your thongs and waiting on everyone. You won’t be doing anything to out you. Don’t worry.” He sat back further into his chair. He was starting to enjoy what was going on and that was exactly what Kyle was counting on. When Kyle noticed that Joe was getting hard and trying to hide it, that was when he decided to do what he knew would really turn the boy on. Slowly leaning over, he started lightly kissing Sean. The other boy kissed back and as he did, Kyle looke over and saw some surprise on Joe’s face. But it was pleasant surprise and that was good. There was no objections on Joe’s part to what they were doing. Taking his other hand, Kyle began running his hands up and down Sean’s naked and hard body. Sean took the hint and started to do the same. They kept jacking each other, even though both of them had started to get really close. They knew they had to do their best to not cum, though. It would ruin what they had planned. As they continued making out and jacking and feeling each other, Kyle kept his eye on Joe. The boy was getting hotter and hotter watching the action on the bed. After a while, he stopped hiding his hardon and that was what Kyle had been waiting for. The moment he did, Kyle broke away from Sean and stood up from the bed. “What are you doing?” Joe asked, the horniness very evident in his voice. “I didn’t tell you to get up yet.” Ignoring what Joe was saying, Kyle dropped down in front of Joe. Reaching forward, he grabbed Joe’s crotch and started kneading the hard cock through his baggy jeas. Joe’s eyes grew wide and he knew he should stop, but he didn’t at first. No one had ever touched his cock before in his life and he liked the feeling way too much. When Kyle knew he had Joe where he wanted him, he reached up and slowly unzipped Joe’s jeans. The boy started breathing very heavy. Kyle pulled the jeans down slowly, revealing a pair of boxers that were being seriously stretched out by his hard cock. Kyle grabbed the hard cock through the boxers and began to pull on it. Joe looked like he was going to faint dead away. After some slow stroking, Kyle then pulled the boxers down. Joe’s cock was about six inches long and it popped out of the boxers. It was hard and dripping. Kyle continued to stroke it, making Joe’s eyes cross. Sean got out of the bed and he came over and he pulled the jeans and the boxers off of Joe’s legs. The boy put up no resistance.

Then Sean pulled his shirt off so he was naked. Kyle’s hand on Joe’s cock had the boy in total control. However, since this was his first time, Kyle knew it might not last very long. Therefore, he went ahead and pulled Joe up from the chair. He and Sean led the boy over to the bed and laid him down. Kyle never took his hand off of the cock. Joe was hypnotized. Laying on his back, Kyle went down and put his face close to the cock. He brought his tongue close to it. Then he looked up at Joe. “Want me to lick it?” he asked. Slowly and dumbly, Joe nodded. Slowly, Kyle brought his tongue close to the cock. A long stream of precum revealed Joe’s horniness. Kyle licked the bottom of the cock all the way to the tip. Once he got to the top, he took the head into his mouth and start to suck it slowly. Joe began to sigh with each movement. His balls began to tightenup and Kyle knew it wouldn’t take long. He had to get Joe exactly where he wanted him. Sean began licking Joe’s nipples, getting them hard. They wanted Joe to be as horny as they possibly could get him. Kyle began to fondle Joe’s balls as he sucked his cock. Then, he slowly took his hand down and began to tease Joe’s ass a bit. As he sucked, he slowly began to insert his finger into Joe to see what would happen. He tried to move slowly to keep there from being any pain at all. Joe, however, started moaning and squirming and then tried to get Kyle to insert the finger even faster. Sean noticed this. He reached up and kissed Joe on the lips. Joe didn’t resist. He knew he should, but he couldn’t. Everything felt really good. And if you had sex slaves, they should be made to make you feel good right? he told himself. “You like that?” Sean asked Joe. Joe nodded. “What do you want to do?” Joe didn’t respond. “Are you close to cumming?” Sean asked. Joe nodded again. “You want to cum?” Joe nodded. “Tell us what you want,” Sean asked. Joe said nothing. “Tell us or you don’t get to cum,” Sean said. Joe was surprised to hear his slave telling him that. If he wanted to cum, then they would make him cum. That was all there was to it. he was about to say something, but before he could, Sean reached forward and kissed Joe with a lot of tongue. He buried his tongue in Joe’s mouth. When he pulled off, Joe was frustrated and wanted him to keep kissing him. “Tell us.” Joe shook his head. He knew what he wanted to say, but he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t admit it to the slaves. Kyle stopped sucking Joe off and just held his cock really tightly. He then began finger fucking Joe with the inserted finger. Joe’s eyes crossed again and he was begging to cum. With every finger stroke, Kyle gave Joe’s cock a nice squeeze. He was able to keep the boy very close to the edge but not let him cum. “Tell us,” Sean insisted. Joe kept shaking his head, but he knew he was losing his control on this situation. The finger kept fucking him and the squeezing of his cock kept him one stroke away from coming. He was losing all his resolve when Sean asked again, “Tell us!: “Fuck me, please!” Joe found himself yelling against his will. The moment he did, Kyle gave his cock one stroke and a spurt of cum shot out of his dick. After waiting a second, Kyle gave another stroke and another shot of cum came out. He did this a few times before vigorously stroking the cock, milking it of all of its cum. It took a while and soon joe was literally covered in his own cum. It was like nothing any of them had ever seen. “Wow, that’s a lot of cum!” Sean said. He looked at Joe and smiled. “I wonder if you can do it again.” Joe tried to compose himself. He was covered in cum, so it wasn;t easy. He looked around. “Get me my clothes,” he ordered Sean. All Sean did was laugh. “Stop lauging at me and do what I say.” “You won’t be giving any orders anymore, hot boy,” Kyle said. He let go of the spent cock and stood up. Going over to Sean’s computer, he turned the monitor on. Joe’s jaw fell open when he realized that Kyle and Sean had recorded everything on their webcam. “What the hell,,,” he began but was cut off. “Things are going to be a little different from here on out,” Sean said. “And to start with.get on your knees, Joe,” Kyle said. “Sean and I haven’t came yet.” Joe didn’t move. “Well, if you don’t, I think Mark would love to see this video.” That was all it took. Joe got out of the bed, and dropped down to his knees. Sean and Kyle approached him from either side. He was prepared for whatever was coming. “Suck as both off, at the same time,” Kyle instructed. Joe reached up and took a cock in each hand. There was no secret that he really was enjoying this as he just recently spent cock started getting hard already.

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