Days at the beach – 4

Days at the Beach Chapter 4

Kyle still had a hard time believing that this had happened to him.  Only 24 hours before he had been running the humiliation show.  Now, he was standing nearly naked on the beach with nothing but a tank top to keep him from baring all.  And now he was going to be expected to play volleyball.

Sean, on the other hand, had other problems.  Unlike Kyle, he was being held under an order to not be able to cum until Monday night.  It had been over a week since he had last shot, so the slightest arousal could be his undoing.

The lucky part of the game was that there were only a few other people on the beach near them. Being that they were all men, there was a possibility that they were all gay.  If this was the case, it would still be embarrasing, but it would likely not result in the police being called.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” Joe said, as they set up to play.  “We’re going to put a little wager on this game.”

Neither Kyle nor Sean liked the sound of that, but they didn’t say a word.  The last thing they needed was to be punished more than they already were.

“Oh, it won’t be so bad,” Mark put in.  “In fact, you might come out of this a little better than you are right now.”

They both doubted that, but still remained silent.  Another small breeze came along and rustled Sean’s cock just a little.  He felt a little swell and he knew he had to control it.

“The good news is if you win, you’ll have a little bit more cover,” Joe continued.  “You’ll take off the tank tops and wear these instead.”  He reached into his deep pockets and pulled out two pairs of bikini briefs.
One was red and the other was orange and they were both made of mesh.  Although they were bikinis, it was still obvious that they were underwear and not shorts.  The only advantage was that they covered more than the tank tops would.

“And if you lose,” Mark went on, “You get to spend the rest of the day naked.”

“Ah, come on guys!” Kyle pleaded.  “This has gone too far now!  Let me get back on your side and just torment Sean!”

Joe and Mark laughed.  Joe took out the ball and prepared to serve. “We’re going to play until 21 points.”  He served without even worrying about replying to Kyle’s comment.

The game was very close. It went back and forth and was pretty evenly matched.  This was pretty impressive as Kyle and Sean tried their best not to expose themselves too much.  It was amazing that they were able to do this and yet remain in the game.

As it progressed, the game did attain its share of attention.  About ten guys eventually migrated close to the net to watch.  A couple girls made their way over too, interested in seeing how the two scantily clad guys
were going to keep themselves covered.  Whether or not Sean or Kyle did good or bad, almost every move got them cheers.

On almost every serve and return, Sean and Kyle had to of course raise their arms up.  Depending on the angle, this would reveal so much of their cocks and balls.  They all got whoops and raves from the audience.
The greatest moment of all came when Sean ran towards the ball and dived towards the ground to return.  He not only missed the ball, but he almost lost his shirt in the process.  His cock was already getting hard from the attention, but he had done a pretty good job of not letting it be seen all the way.  His dive pulled the shirt up to his chest.  His half hard dick skidded into the sand.  The shock of this caused him to turn on
his back to keep from injuring himself.  His dick was then visible to everyone, hard and covered with sand, slapping against his stomach.  This got him a standing ovation from the meager crowd.

Getting up, Sean had quickly pulled his shirt down to cover himself again.  The exposure, though, was quite a turn on and he found himself getting even harder.  The cock started, which had been laying flat on his
stomach, began to press against the shirt in a quite obscene way.  He only tried to adjust it once before getting a stern look from the other boys.

In the end, Sean and Kyle did end up winning by one point.  It was close though and it was Kyle who scored the winning point.  He had been exposed enough and was not quite ready to be totally naked on the beach.

Soon after the crowd went away, Sean and Kyle were presented with their mesh bikini briefs.  Kyle took the red one and Sean wore the orange one. They were made to hand over their shirts, though, so there was still a large degree of exposure.

They both thought they were out of the line of fire when they were allowed to lay down on the blanket, though.  They couldn’t be more than wrong.  Joe and Mark had a lot more torment planned for their two slaves.

Sitting across from them, the two tormentors laid out the plans for the rest of the day.

“We’re going to do things a little different with the two of you today,” Joe said.  “Sean is still not allowed to cum until Monday night.  Kyle, however, we can make cum however many times we want him to.  So, we
decided to completely reverse the situation.”

“Kyle has to get off no less than seven times a day,” Mark laughed.  “And each time it has to be Sean that makes him cum.”

“The first time is going to be right now,” Joe put in.  He looked over at Sean.  “Stroke him through his mesh bikinis.  I want him to cum in his shorts and wear them for the rest of the day at the beach.”

Sean had gotten rather used to this treatment, so it didn’t phase him  much.  At least this time it was not going to be him that was on the exposed end.  That was somewhat of a relief.  Plus, he had really wanted
to get his hands on Kyle’s cock, even if it was only going to be through his underwear.

Without so much as a word, Sean grabbed Kyle’s pouch.  The younger boys cock started getting hard right away.  The head extended and pressed hard against its mesh barrier, stretching the bikinis as far as they could go.  Sean’s hand was solidly grasping the mesh clad cock and he began pumping it for all it was worth.

Kyle tried his best for a long time to not let anyone know he could possibly be enjoying it.  He kept a scowl on his face for as long as he could.  Sean’s hand, however, was a bit more talented than he had counted
on.  After a while, in spite of himself, a small moan escaped Kyle’s lips.

“Haha,” Joe laughed.  “I knew he would like it!  Kyle’s a fag just like Sean!”

No matter how much he was enjoying a handjob, Kyle was not ready to be called names.  Angrily, he looked over at the boys and said, “I am not a fag!”

“Look here,” Mark said.  “If you ever deny being a fag again, I will make sure your father not only gets these videos we’re making, but I will take your bikinis and make you walk home naked.  You got it,?”

Kyle said nothing at first.  Sean’s hand stroked him hard and he felt his body lurch forward in lust.  Then, he looked down at his dick and remained silent.  A simple nod of the head was all he gave.

“So?” Joe asked.  The nod wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

“I’m a fag,” came Kyle’s humiliated reply.  Somehow, though, it was obvious that the humiliation was a turn on to him.  His eyes went out of focus and it almost seemed like the admission pushed him to the edge.

“I think he’s gonna shoot!” Joe yelled, much louder than eithe Sean or Kyle would have liked.

“Oh yeah!” Mark said.  “Pump that rod, Sean.  Pump it for all you’re worth.”

Sean did just that.  He started pulling on the briefs even harder, giving the cock a good workout.  Kyle was so horny and wanting to shoot that he began bucking his hips.  As he did this, it made Sean just incredibly
horny so he started jacking away with all he had.

“OH god, I’m cumming!” Kyle whispered and he did just that.  Right away, he began shooting off in his bikinis.  The cumshot was great and it came spurting through the mesh briefs.  Most of it just oozed through, but the first spurt was strong enough that it hit Sean in the face.  Without even thinking about it, Sean reached his tongue up and licked the cum into his mouth.  This got a couple of hoots and hollers from the boys.

“Keep jacking him,” Mark ordered and Sean obeyed.  he was in no hurry to get his hand off Kyle’s cum soaked cock.  He kept stroking and Kyle kept hard.  There was a bit of squirming while his dick started to get a little sensitive, but that did’t really last very long.  Before either of them knew it, the combination of cum and stroking had the boy writhing in lust again.

“I want him to blow again,” Joe ordered.  “I want those briefs overflowing with his juice.”

“Yeah, jack off his rod, Sean,” Mark said, the horniness began showing in his voice.  This caught Sean a little off gaurd, but he knew better than to say anything.  Instead, he just kept his work up on the hard dick.

“Stick your hand in the briefs and jack him more,” Mark suggested.  “Get that cum working for you.”

Sean reached his hands into Kyle’s briefs and the younger boy gasped at the skin on skin contact.  His boner was indeed hard as a brick and slippery as could be.  Sean’s hand was very well lubed and it slid easily up and down the long shaft.  Kyle’s now heavy breathing suggested that he wasn’t far off from another orgasm.

Pretty soon, Kyle was bucking his hips once again.  His eyes were closed and he was feeling all of the strokes.  It felt so good to have his cock so slippery and he forgot totally that he was on the beach where anyone could see him.  His hips were working like a jackknife in tune to Sean’s hand.  He moaned out loud and then another spurt of cum came flying out of his briefs.  This time the spurts were landing on his stomach and chest.  Sean’s already cum soaked hand was just filled with more and more juice.  He was moaning and thrusting until he was totally spent.

This time the boys let Sean stop jacking.  However, that did not mean he was off the hook.

“Now, take his briefs off and take yours off too,” Joe instructed.

“What?” Sean asked.  “You said we didn’t have to be naked if we won the game.”

“And you won’t be,” Mark said.  “You’re just going to switch bikinis.”

Without another word, Sean slipped Kyle’s briefs off.  When he pulled his own off, his hardon slapped hard against his stomach.   Sean’s cock was covered in precum and it splattered against his tummy.  He moaned a little when that happened, but tried to ignore it.  Taking Kyle’s bikinis, he was about to put them on him.

“No,” Joe said.  “Put yours on Kyle first.”

Sean obeyed.  He slipped the dry bikinis onto Kyle.  The boy lifted his hips up to allow the to slide on evenly.  A smile on Kyle’s lips showed  that he thought he was definitely getting the better part of the deal.
When Sean grabbed the cum soaked bikinis and was about to put them on, Joe made him stop.

“No,” Joe stated.  “I want you to lick the cum off them.”

“What?” Sean asked, not expecting this.  Not only were they not letting him cum, making him jack Kyle off, but they were going to force him to lick the cum off the bikinis?  It was clear that he was still more of an
object of humiliation in this situation than Kyle was.

Lifting the cum soaked mesh bikinis to his mouth, Sean began to lick the cum off of them.  He had never tasted anyone’s but his own, but he found right away that he actually liked Kyle’s cum better.  It had more of a sweet taste to it and was less salty.  He found himself actually enjoying it and totally forgot that he was being forced into it.

“Looks like he’s getting off to it,” Mark said.

“Yeah,” Joe agreed.  “I have a better idea.  Put them in your mouth and suck the cum out of them.”

Kyle did not have to be told twice that time.  He stuffed the bikinis into his mouth and began to suck the sweet cum out of them.  By the time he was done, the briefs were still soaked, though most of it was his own saliva.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Joe said.  “Now put them on.”

It was hot for him to be wearing the briefs after all that had happened to him.  However, it was hard for him to get the mesh to completely cover his cock.  Sean hadn’t realized that he had a full boner that did not
want any part of being covered up.  Eventually, he had to decided it wasn’t going to work.  So instead, he had to let the big head stick out over the waistband.  He just hoped no one would see.

Luckily for both boys, not much else happened at the beach.  Joe and Mark seemed satisfied for the time being.  So, they played in the water, ate hot dogs and made Kyle and Sean simply lay on the blanket.  It was boring and the two didn’t talk much.  However, when they did, Kyle seemed like he was softening up to Sean just a little bit.  He might have started to realize that they were both in a very complicated predicament that neither of them had any chance of getting out of soon.

When they got back to Sean’s house, the focus was put back onto Sean. Both boys were forced to get naked as soon as they entered the house. Joe and Mark must have still had a soft spot for Kyle.  Kyle was allowed
to sit down while Sean had to stand up.

There was a lot of talking and hanging out, and it seemed for a while like Kyle was becoming a member of the group again.  Sean, on the other hand was feeling very uncomfortable.  He was naked, hard and dripping in front of the other boys. Worst of all, he had no idea what was in store for him next.

After a while, he found out, though.  Joe reached into his backpack and took out a pair of handcuffs.  He went over to Sean and cuffed his hands behind his back. Joe then went over to Kyle.  He kicked Kyle’s legs open.

“Sean, come sit over here,” Joe instructed.  Sean came over and he was pushed down into Kyle’s lap.

“Now, what we’re gonna do will be really fun,” Joe continued.  “We are going to watch the video of you guys getting busy last night.  We’ll decide when to do something different.”

Mark turned on the video and then he went and sat on the couch with Joe. Sean was sitting between Kyle’s legs on the easy chair with a raging and dripping hardon.

As he was watching the activities of last night, Sean began to get hornier and hornier.  Everything that happened threatened to send him over the edge.  He yearned to grab his dick and start yanking on it, but
there was no way that he could with his hands cuffed.  Frustration was mounting and it didn’t help when Kyle’s cock got hard again and started pressing against his back.

When the part of the video came where Kyle was stripped down to his bikini briefs, Kyle was given an order in real life.  “You start jacking Sean’s cock,” Joe instructed.  “Remember, he is NOT allowed to cum.  And
YOU are NOT allowed to stop stroking.  If he cums, you will both be punished.  It you can get through the video without Sean shooting, we have a little reward for you.”

Kyle reached around and closed his hand around the throbbing piston that was Sean’s cock.  The older boy felt like he was going to shoot off the very moment the hand laid on his boner.  Joe and Mark were way too good at coming up with punishments for them, so he knew he had to control himself.  The next half hour was going to be the hardest of his entire life.

Kyle’s hand continued it’s jacking of Sean’s cock.  Sean kept watching the video, but did everything he could to take his mind off of it.  he tried to think of anything that would keep him from cumming.  Whatever he had used before to lower his libido went through his mind.  It di help a little, as several times Sean was ready to cum and was able to hold it off.

The hottest part of the video for Sean was when Kyle had his bikini  briefs ripped off his body.  Seeing that started the convulsions in cock and he thought he was going to blow.  It was so hot the way he wrapped
the tattered remains of the bikinis around the nice hardon and continued to stroke Kyle, who was naked save for the shards of cloth remaining around his hard dick.

Kyle sensed this, however, and he slowed down his stroking.  He was actually able to open his hand enough to cut down on the friction that bringing Sean close to orgasm.  The other two boys did not notice and
that was cool.  Neither of them wanted to be punished.

When the video was coming to an end, Joe and Mark had to admit they were impressed.  But, they were not quite ready to give up on Sean’s torment just yet.  They told Kyle to take his hands off of Sean’s cock right away and he complied.  Despite himself, Kyle was getting used to getting orders.

“Sean, stand up for a moment,” Mark instructed.  He did so and the two boys laughed when they saw the huge hardon jutting from Kyle’s crotch. It was leaking tons of precum, which was cool because it hadn’t been that long since he came at the beach.

“He’s such a fag!” Joe laughed.

“Say ‘I love to suck big cocks,'” Mark instructed.

“I love to suck big cocks,” both Sean and Kyle said at the same time. They hadn’t really thought about who was being addressed.

“Wow, Kyle,” Joe said.  “We never would have guessed.”

“Now, Sean,” Mark added, “sit down on Kyle’s knee.”

Surprised by this new turn, Sean did as he was told.  It was pretty uncomfortable and he found himself squirming.

“Not like that, you idiot,” Joe said.  He came over and grabbed Sean by the shoulders.  “You have to have his knee press right under his balls. Where his shaft goes into his body.  THere, that’s right.”

Sean was adjusted and the moment he was, his eyes went wide.  Kyle’s knee pressed right under his balls and the pressure felt awesome.  He found himself squirming again, but this time it was to keep the pressure on. His cock (already 8 inches long) expanded and was even bigger than he had ever seen it.  Mesmorized, Sean kept looking down as his ballooned up dick.

“He’s turned on by his own cock,” Mark laughed.  “Look, he’s starting to drool over it.”

“Give him a pony ride on your knee until the video ends,” Joe instructed.

Kyle immediately started rocking Sean up and down on his knee.  Because he couldn’t grab his dick, the boner kept bobbing up and down in the air.  Sean couldn’t keep he eyes off it.  The throbber was leaking with tons of cum and the bouncing on Kyle’s knee started flinging bits of cum all over the room.  Generally, Sean would have been worried about it getting all over his carpet, but he was so horny that he couldn’t do
anything but stare at the long, thick shaft.

After a few moments of rocking, Sean began thrusting his hips again.  He was so close to cumming and he needed to thrust against something. Unfortunately, there was no friction and nothing for him to to get off
on.  His eyes crossed and he started moanly deeply.

The click of Joe turning the tape off brought him out of it.  Sean looked around and realized he had made it.

“Good job,” Mark said.  “You guys deserve a reward.”

“Great, can we get dressed?” Kyle asked hoping.

“No, nothing like that,” Joe said.  He turned to Mark.  “Go in Sean’s bedroom and set up the video camera.”  Mark immediately did as he was told to.

“Mark and I are going to give you time to be alone,” Joe continued.  “You can get to know each other better, have some fun time of your own.”

“I am not having sex with this guy!” Kyle protested.  “I’m not a fag!”

“Look here,” Joe said.  “You will make love to Sean whether you like it or not.  You’ll suck his cock, he’ll suck yours… you’ll do everything you can think of without letting him cum.  And if you don’t, we’ll take
you down to the mall and make you run aroud there naked.  got it?”

Kyle stopped arguing.  Sean was secretly happy to be able to do something that was less kinky than what was going on.  A chance to just be tender with Kyle would be more fun.

When Mark walked in the room with the rope, however, this idea totally left Sean’s mind.

To be continued.  Any comments, please email the writer

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