Days on the beach – 2

Sean was feeling very lucky.  Well, at least he was for the most part.
Although he had been thoroughly humiliated the day before, no one at the
beach had really seen him.  This was a great relief and it felt even
better that the guys had given him Sunday off.  Not really knowing what
they had in store for him, Sean thought this wasn’t going to be as bad as
he thought it was.

And how could he lie to himself?  In spite of everything that had
happened, he had somewhat enjoyed.  How else could he explain why he had
been so hard throughout the whole experience?  Besides that fact that
Kyle had been playing with his cock the whole time, that is.  But when he
came, it was like the best orgasm he had ever had.  He had loved it.

Afterwards, the luckiest and unluckiest things happened to him.  The boys
let him put his bikini back on, but the thing was soaked in his cum.  It
wasn’t so bad at first, because they were on a part of the beach that no
one really spent much time at.  He had lucked out that no one had seen
him naked, and it was possible no one would see him with cum soaked
bikinis on.  In fact, besides the obvous smell of the cum, they might
just have assumed that he was wet from swimming in the ocean.

It was going good until the boys got hungry.  Mark had the idea to give
Kyle the money and send him to the concession stand.  It was bad enough
that the underwear barely concealed his cock, but being as wet as they
were, his cock was clearly visible.  He blushed when the suggestion was
made, but knew there was no way out of it.  He took the money and went to
get the guys some hot dogs.

It was an odd experience, but luckily no oe said anything.  A couple of
guys gave him the thrice over, but Sean found that it didn’t really
bother him that much.  That was until his cock decided to start getting
hard again.  Once that happened, he felt his whole body turn red.  Of all
the people in the line for the stand, he was the one dresed in the
skimpiest clothes.  Aware of this, his cock began to strain even more
against his bikinis.  He had to get his mind on something else, quickly,
or he knew the thing would spring out of the bikinis and he wouldn’t know
what to do after that.

The man at the concession stand gave him a very wry grin when he came up
to his place.  He ordered the three hotdogs and felt rather pissed off
that the guys were not going to let him get anything.  He was starving as
he didn’t even have time to get breakfast.  The concession man told him
it would be a few minutes, but if he wanted to he could stand to the side
while the other customers were helped.  Already feeling totally exposed,
it was really the last thing that he wanted to do.  But he didn’t have
much of a choice.  Following the boys around had given Sean a bit of a
subserviant attitude and he did so.

About six customers passed him while he waited for the dogs to be done.
Some of the people even had hotdogs, so it didn’t take him very long to
figure out what was going on.  The guy behind the counter was trying to
keep him there for as long as possible.  Realizing the man was doing
whatever he could to keep Sean from leaving, this caused Sean to blush
even more.  Unfortunately, it also caused his cock to start pressing
against his shorts again.  Looking down, he saw the head start to push
against the nonexistent waistband.  As much as he tried to resist and
think of other things, it only made him harder.  He tried to control the
rising dick, but that prove to be impossible.  The big head of his long
dick began to push its way free of the skimpy bikini briefs that he was
wearing.  With alarm running through his body, Sean turned to the guy and
asked if his hot dogs were done.

Luckily for Sean, everything was ready for him.  Unluckily, he had to
carry all of the items with both of his hands.  There was no way that he
could cover himself from being seen.  He had never suspected himself for
being an exhibitionist, but for some reason the thought of being seen was
making him hornier than ever.  He wasn’t 100% sure but he thought at one
point that his cock head had sprung free from it’s polysester prison,
making itself visible to anyone who had any desire to see it.

When he got back to the group, his cock had calmed down just a little
bit.  Sean was halfway scared that the boys were going to make him strip
down to his naked self again, but that did not happen (much to his
relief).  In fact, the guys seemed to lose a lot of interest in him for
the rest of the day.  It was a shock, but not really an unwelcome shock.
If he got arrested for indecent exposure, his only defense would be that
the guys made him do it.  That of course wouldn’t work very well because
the video would not be very good evidence.  He cursed himself for getting
himself in such deep trouble.

Sean’s day passed quietly enough.  He was relieved when he got home and
nothing further happened to him that day.  After speaking to Kyle, he
learned that he would get Sunday off and nothing would happen to him
until the following weekend.  Knowing that this would make things easier,
the week started off as pretty easy.

He had gotten very horny, though, on Sunday night and decided it would be
a good time to jack off.  The following day had been the first time in
his life that anyone besides him had played with his cock.  So jacking
off was something that he LOVED doing.  Most of the time, he did it
several times a day.  Nothing felt better than his hand sliding up and
down the smooth, long and gorgeous shaft.

Looking up some pictures on the internet, Sean pulled down his underwear
and squeezed some lube into his hand.  He hadn’t yet found any pictures
that were quite turning him on, but that wasn’t any excuse for him not to
play just a little.  With a cold, lube filled hand, he grabbed his hot,
throbbing cock and squeezed it as tight as he could.  It felt so awesome.

Sean froze, though.  He remembered one of the things that he had promised
to Kyle the day before.  He had said that he would not cum unless given
permission to do so.  He promised.

Yeah, but who would know? he asked himself.  There’s no way they could
find out that I have jerked off.

With that cleared away, Sean started pumping his hard cock.  He loved the
way his hand glided over the shat.  Sean loved his cock.  He was aware at
a very young age that he was truly gifted in the dick department.  His
cock was a beautiful 8 inches long and so thick that he was just able to
get his hand around it (for you readers, this is based off my own cock,
just so you know).  The skin was always so tight when he was at full
mast.  It was a thing of beauty and it was his pride and joy.  He almost
wondered if it really mattered that other people may have caught a
glimpse of the impressive tool.  They would have been crazy to not have
loved it.

As his hand slid up and down the slippery tool, a strange thought
appeared in Sean’s mind.  He was breaking his promise.  He was breaking
his word.

So what?  His mind said to him.  There was no way that the guys would
know.  He could always lie and said that he didn;t jack off.  There was
no way of telling.

Satisfied with the answer he gave himself, Sean decided there was no
reason he couldn’t bring himself to cum.  He found this great picture
online that horned him up really good.  The guy in the picture was laying
asleep in his bed.  Some other guy was holding his cock, as it was
hardening through the slit in his silk boxer shorts.  After having his
dick held by Kyle, this was truly a fantasy that he was able to relate

For some reason, though, he paused.  Not sure exactly why, he almost felt
slightly guilty.  As if he were betraying some sort of confidence.  His
hand stopped sliding and simply held the hot and throbbig cock between
his fingers.  What was going on?

He couldn’t do it.  For the first time in his life, he felt bad about
playing with himself.  He had learned to jack off when he was about 10
years old and had made a regular habit of it since then.  Never before
had he ever stopped in the middle of doing it.  Hell, he often would do
it three times before he decided to quit.  But for some reason, he felt
very guilty this time.

It was because of what he said to Kyle, wasn’t it?  It was because he
said he would not jack off unless he was permitted to do so. How odd that
he would feel so subject to such a stupid thing.  But there was some
subserviant part of him that knew it was the right decision.  He couldn’t
cum unless he was given permission to do so.

Permission? he asked himself.  What was he, some sort of slave?  What the
hell was happening to him.  There was no telling.  Apparently the boys
had found some sort of weakness in himself and there didn’t seem to be
any way around it.  His hand was leaking with lube as it held his cock,
so ready for release.  For the first time in his entire life, though,
Sean did not jack off.  He held his dick for quite a while, giving it the
occasional squeeze, but not once did he stroke the throbbing member.  He
realized in some dark and remote reason that it was almost hotter for him
not to cum.

If he realized what the following weekend had in store for him, he would
have jacked off until he was out of cum.

The whole week at work was a lot easier than he thought it would be.  The
boys did not do anything to him, and it was pretty easy.  Several times
he expected one of them to jack him off in the fitting rooms, or to make
him work in his underwear, but to their credit, they did not make him do
anything at all. Besides the not cumming part, Sean suspected that he had
made it through the week pretty much unscathed.

On Saturday morning the next weekend (Memorial Weekend and he was happy
for a three day holuday) the phone rang at seven in the morning.  Knowing
who it was, Sean answered the phone.

“Kyle.” He said, solemnly.

“Hey, you are learning pretty quickly,” Kyle responded in the phone.
“Are you ready to have some fun today?”

Fun? Sean thought.  Maybe fun for you.  In spite of that, though, he
heard himself say, “Yeah, I am ready.”

“Good, now what else do you have as far as underwear goes?”  Kyle asked.

“Well, I have more bikinis,” Sean stated.  “I also have briefs, some
boxers and a couple of thongs and-”

“What color thongs?”  Kyle asked as Sean wished that he had not mentioned
it at all.

“Blue, green, red-” Sean begn and was cut off.

“Put on a red thong,” Kyle said.  “Meet us outside in about 20 minutes.
You better be wearing the thong and you better NOT be covering yourself
up.  Got it?”

“I got it,” Sean agreed.  As much as it pissed him off, it also quite
turned him on at the same time.  He found the red thong and putting it
on, he fully expected something bad to happen to him.  He went outside
and waiting until the boys arrived.  At least I will be able to get off
soon, he thought, fully expecting nothing more than a simulation of the
previous week.  It had been a whole week since he had shot a load and he
was more than ready to give it another go.

The boys showed up and let him in the car.  Nothing too embarrasing had
happened while he was waiting.  An old lady had passed by and she made a
comment about how hot he looked in his bathing suit.  Not really being
able to reply, Sean had simply smiled back at her.  Old women seemed a
perverted lot, and he was happy for that fact at least.  When he got into
the car, it was the same situation as it was the Saturday before.  He was
not allowed to cover himself up as he sat in the back seat by himself.

By this point, Sean had decided that all of the other guys had to be
gay.  if they weren;t, they would not be putting him through all of this
torture.  Why would straight guys want to see another guy making a fool
out of himself at the beach?  Why even further would anyone put their
hand on his cock without wanting to.  Kyle at the very least was as gay
as Sean was.

When they reached the beach, things were very similiar as they were
before.  The boys laid out a blanket and the sat down to enjoy
themselves.  Sean was made to stand up and was immediately told to lose
the thong.  He did as he was told and handed the thong over to Kyle.  The
younger boy placed the scrap of fabric in his pocket and Sean had to
stand in front of them all with another raging boner.  He was so scared
someone would see, but no one walked by on that lonely part of the beach.

Finally, after talking amongst themselves for a while, Kyle turned to
Sean and smiled.  “Now let us know how many times you have jacked off
this week,” he said.

“None,” Sean replied.  He cock was at full mast and it was already
seeping with precum.  He hoped that was enough to convince the guys that
he was telling the truth.

“Okay,” Kyle continued, “you have been a good boy.  So now you will get
rewarded.  Do you want to guess what your reward is?”

Sean was hoping he would be allowed to get off.  So, he voiced this
concern.  “Will I be allowed to cum, sir?” he asked.  He addded the ‘sir’
on without really thinking about it.  The realization of that caused him
to blush deeply.

“Lay down, Sean,” Kyle instructed.  Relieved about being allowed to lay
on the beach again, Kyle slipped down to the blanket.  His cock was hard,
throbbing and leaking with tons of precum.  He couldn’t wait for Kyle’s
hand to bring him to the brink of cumming again. It had been a whole week
and he had never waiting this long since discovering that he could jack

“Now, things are going to be a little different this weekend,” Kyle
instructed.  “I AM going to jack your cock.  When you get close to
cumming, I want you to tell me.  When you do, I will have another little
surprise for you.”

Sean agreed.  Anything to get some release, he thought.  Nothing would
satisy him more than Kyle’s hand on his throbbing dick.

Slowly, Kyle started stroking Sean’s cock.  Mark and Joe looked on with
eager eyes.  If Sean hadn’t known better, he would have sworn that both
of them were drooling.  Did they want to get their hands on his dick as
well?  Just the though made Sean’s dick stretch larger than it ever had
before and the precum began seeping out in what seemed like gallons.

“I think he’s getting close,” Kyle told the other guys.  “Think it’s time
to tell him his next mission?”

The other two boys agreed.  The both grabbed both of Sean’s arms and helf
them together. Before he knew it, both of Sean’s arms were being
handcuffed together.  He looked shocked, but he was so close to cumming
that he didn’t care too much.  A large moan escaped his lips and then
right when he felt his load building up, Kyle pulled his hand off the
hard dick.

Sean found himself once again thrusting into the air.  Unfortunately the
air was not able to keep the friction going.  His cock was once again
denied its release and he kept rocking his hips.  All three of the boys
were laughing at Sean.

When his hips finally were under control, Sean looked at Kyle with
wondering eyes.  He was sure he knew why Kyle stopped, but knew better
than to ask why.  With sympathetic eyes, he looked at the younger boy.

“I have a new deal for you, Sean,” Kyle stated.  “For each time you nod
your head, I will stroke your cock just once.  If you shake your head, I
will burn your thong and make you walk home naked.  Do you agree?”

Not being stupid, Sean shook his head yes.  This resulted in one long and
slow pull of his dick.  Sean moaned deeply as a load of precum came out
of his slit.  The boys laughed as Sean uncrossed his eyes.

“Here the deal,” Kyle continued, “You are going to let Mark, Joe and e
spend the night over at your place for the entire weekend.  Right?”

Sean wanted to shake his head no, but he had no reason to at all.  Once
again, he nodded.  This nod resulted in another stroke and he realized
then how close he was to cumming.  he began to thrust his hips in Kyle’s
hand, but the boy simply removed it again.  A large glob of cum spurted
from his cok and landed on Sean’s face.  Without so much as an order,
sean found himself licking the cum up with his tongue.  All of the boys
laughed at him as another spurt of cum shot from Sean’s cock.

“Wow, we brought you right to the brink, didn’t we?” Kyle asked.  Sean
nodded but this did not result in him getting another stroke.  THe oys
just loked at him as Kyle asked one final question.

“Now, you won’t cum unless I ask you to, right?” he asked.

Sean nodded, knowing it would get him another stroke.  It did and Kyle
pumped his dick just one last time.  Another load escaped from his cock
and Kyle used this load to polish Sean’s cock.  He was careful to keep
the boy from cumming though.  When he was done, the large dick was
sparkling with cum.  Sean needed to cum so bad.

Then Kyle gave the worst news at all.  “You won’t be allowed to cum until
late on Monday night,” he said.  “And we’re going to torment you so much
that you’ll be our willing slave by the time you are allowed to get off.
And when you do cum, it’ll be like a waterfal and you’ll lick up every
fucking drop.”

This story is copyright 2005 by J.M.K and with his permission published on this website. If you want to write a comment to him use then his email: [email protected]

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