days on the beach -7

Memorial Day morning came pretty much like Memorial Day comes every year. The sun came up, birds sang… you know, same old shit.

Jason was the first of the three naked boys to wake up in the morning. After his experience of the night before, he was retied to the bed. This time he was on his back, however. The first sunlight of the morning met his eyes, forcing them open. There was a moment of peacefulness that came before he realized where he was. Then, after looking around, Jason remembered everything that had happened to him over the past few days.

Sean and Kyle were both sleeping on either side of him. Unlike Jason, neither of them were tied down, though. None of the boys were afforded a blanket with which to cover up. To keep warm, they were both cuddled up against Jason’s body. At first, he felt okay with it, though that did not last very long. After all of the abuse he had been suffering, it was not all unpleasant to have a little bit of affection as well.

Looking at his limbs, he was handcufed, spread eagled to the bed. The memories from the previous night reentered his consciousness. In spit of everything that he was feeling, Jason’s cock began to get hard again. This first filled with with a modicum of alarm, but that faded quickly as well. His exposure over the past couple of days was absolute in his mind and he could not see how it could get any worse.

As if in a an answer to his question, the door opened and Mark and Joe walked in. They were already showered and dressed. Although no surprise, the fact that they were in shorts and tank tops revealed to Jason what he was in store for today. It seemed like yet another trip to the beach was imminent.

“Look at him,” Joe laughed. “After all we have put him through and he’s still throwing a rod.”

Mark laughed too. “Well, we were right,” he agreed. “The boy is really loving this. You’ll make a great fag, Jason.”

“I ain’t no fag,” Jason insisted.

“Oh really?” Mark asked. “You’re lying there naked, with a hard cock and two naked homos hugging on your body. If that doesn’t make you gay, I don’t know what will.”

Jason was still adamant not to give in. With a deep breath, he looked away from his tormentors. “I still have a girlfriend, jackass,” he said.

“You really think she is going to touch you again after Josh tells her what happened yesterday?” Mark asked. “Once you turn over to men, girls aren’t too likely to want to take you back.”

“I haven’t ‘turned over to men,'” Jason stated. “And even if she won’t stay with me, there are tons of girls who want me. Hell, I can have all the pussy I want. I’ll salvage my reputation. You’ll see.”

Both of the boys laughed. Their laughter caused Kyle and Sean to start to stir. Looking groggy and unsure of what was going on, they didn’t move very much.

“Great,”Joe said, as he noticed them waking up. “It’s 7 o’clock in the morning. It’s about time you two fags were getting up. We’ve got a busy day today.”

Sean and Kyle didn’t say anything. They were both beyond arguing. Like Jason, they hadn’t really admitted to their captors that they were enjoying their punishment. Unlike Jason, they had both already admitted it to themselves. And Mark and Joe knew this as well. It was the original reason why they knew they had to go get a tougher mark. It wasn’t as fun to torture those who were prone to enjoy the torment. It would be much better to get under the skin of someone who honestly did not want to be treated in the fashion that Mark and Joe were treating them.

“The handcuff keys are on the nightstand,” Joe instructed Sean. “You two unlock are ‘straight’ boy and get ready to go to the beach. We have some fun planned for you all today. Your outfits are laid out in the bathroom. You have 15 minutes to be out by the car. If you’re late, there will be hell to pay.”

With that, the two boys left the room and closed the door. It only took a few moments for Sean and Kyle to undo Jason. They were both hesitant about it at first. After everything they were forced to do to Jason’s body, they worried that the boy would try some sort of retaliation. He didn’t, however, perhaps realizing how much dirt that Mark and Joe had on him. For the moment he went along with everything.

In the bathroom, they found-not to anyone’s surprise- three pairs of underwear. There was a red mesh jockstrap, a leather jockstrap and a red thong. After a very short discussion, it was decided that Sean and Kyle were to wear the jockstraps and Jason would wear the thong. It was Jason, of course, who decided this. He didn’t say why the thong was his preference, but simply put it on.

Nearly naked (and all three of them hard) the boys made their way out of Sean’s apartment and down to the waiting car. Joe and Mark made a couple ‘whoots’ and whistles at the boys as they came down. Unlike previous days, they were not given tank tops or tee-shirts to wear. Their erections were obvious and their butts almost completely bare. They were all relieved when they were sitting in the back seat of the car, ready to go.

Since none of the boys had eaten breakfast, Joe and Mark decided to treat them to some fast food. They remarked that they were doing this because of how well behaved the three slave boys had been. They weren’t too fond of fast food, but all three of them were hungry and just wanted something to eat.

Mark and Joe decided to pull through the drive thru. While they were ordering, Jason, Sean and Kyle tried to cover themselves up. It was bad enough they were exposed as they were, but they also did not want to be seen by the workers in the drive thru window.

Mark put a stop to this, ordering their hands to their sides. At the window, a young man looked in the backseat and froze when he saw the three boys with hardons pressing against their practically non existent coverings. he stared too long and realized this as he blushed deep red.

Mark and Joe laughed.

“See anything you like?” Joe asked.

“Oh, I am sorry,” the worker, whose name tag identified him as Terry, replied. “I’ll just get your food for you.”

“Wait a moment,” Joe insisted and the boy did. “Why don’t you come join us down at the beach for some fun? You seem like you might enjoy it.”

Terry blushed again. He stammered for a moment, trying to think of a way to redeem himself or at least get out of the situation. The best he could come up with was, “Well I don’t get off work until the afternoon.

And then, I only like to go to the swimming pool. I can’t swim in the Ocean.”

“Oh, do you go to the Bayside Swimming Pool?” Joe asked and got a nod from Terry. “Well, I’ll make you a deal. Go there today and we’ll bring our boys over and give you a show. Whaddya say?”

“It’s Memorial Day,” Terry said, reminding them. “It’s going to bereally busy at the pool. Do you guys want to expose yourself like that to so many people?”

His question was aimed at the boys in the back of the car. Joe waved them off, however. “These guys don’t have any say in the matter. They do what they’re told.” Joe paused as Terry handed them their food and their drinks. All three boys in the back placed the cold drinks between their legs, hoping the coldness of the cups would relieve the hardons straining the fabric of their underwear.

“Oh?” Terry asked, confused.

“Yeah,” Joe confirmed. “In fact, which one do you like best?”

After a moment of pure embarrasment, Terry pointed at Jason. “The one in the thong,” he stated. This got laughs from both Joe and Mark.

“I’ll make you a deal, then,”Joe offered. “You show up at the pool around 3PM and I’ll let you see him without the thong. What do you think?”

Terry readily agreed. “I’ll be there!” He said.

“Great,” Joe said. “Look forward to it.” With that, he put the car back in gear and drove off

When the five of them arrived at the beach, they made their way over to the usual spot. Generally a more desserted part of the beach, the recent shows put on by Jason, Kyle and Sean seemed to be bringing in the crowds. Lots more guys than usual were set up in the area. When they noticed the three scantily clad boys, led by their masters, making their ways down the beach, there was some hoots, hollers and even some applause. Jason, Kyle and Sean all blushed, but knew there was little that they could do about it.

After the blankets were set up, Joe and Mark sat down and let the three slaves sit on another blanket. The rules were as usualy, they were not allowed to cover themselves up at all. Also, they had to keep sitting on the blanket unless they were instructed to do something else. This was fine for all three of them, as the underwear they were wearing was not enough to cover much and at least their butts were covered by sitting down.

There was some attention given to them, but not a whole lot. For an hour or so, Joe and Mark swam for a while, played volleyball with some other guys and all around enjoyed their day at the beach.

Sean, Kyle and Jason simply sat alone, awaiting whatever humiliation the boys had in store for them on this day. It was a much longer wait than usual, however. The waiting eventually caused all three of the boys to eventually go soft.

Soon enough, Joe and Mark made it back to the blankets. Joe picked up his cell phone and made a phone call. None of the boys were able to tell who he was calling, but knew it couldn’t be good. The most that could make out was that whomever it was, they were being invited down to the beach. They said they would be hanging out with Jason and that was how the person would be able to spot them.

Once Joe was done, the two tormentors sat down on the blanket and looked at their slaves. “We’re going to do something just a little different today,” Mark told them. “But don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as you think it is.”

“Right,” Joe agreed. “This is going to be easy. Jason, you’re going to play with Sean’s and Kyle’s cocks. But you won’t be taking their jocks off. Just sort of knead their crotches and make them feel good.”

Jason shook his head. “There’s no fucking way I am going to do that.”

“Oh really?” Mark asked, shooting a smile at Joe.

“It’s different doing this shit indoors, but I am NOT going to make myself look like a fag out here on the beach,” Jason insisted. “No motherfucking way.”

“Sorry you feel that way, Jason,” Joe said. “He then looked over at Sean and Kyle. “You two; grab him and hold him down.”

They didn’t need to be told twice. Kyle and Sean eached grabbed Jason by one shoulder and armed and forced him down to the ground. He was still able to control his legs for a moment. That didn’t last long, however, as Joe grabbed them and held them still. That left Mark as the only one that wasn’t holding onto some part of Jason.

“Well, since you argued with us, the stakes just got a little higher,” Mark said. “Now, you’re going to do what we said, whether you want to or not. Only now, you’re going to do it naked.”

Mark got down on his knees in front of Jason and put his hands on either side of the straight boy’s hips. He laced his fingers underneath the string of the thong. At first, he simply ran his fingers through the waistband. He did this, his hands barely brushing over Jason’s cock. It didn’t take long for the boy’s 9 inch cock to grow to full mast and stretch the hell out of the red thong. ONce it was at full attention, Mark slowly started to peel it off. In a short moment, the hard cock was free. It stood straight up in the air and was bobbing in the wind.

The guys on the beach finally saw that something was starting to happen. They had not been sure whether or not they were going to get their show today. As soon as one of them saw Mark strippig Jason naked, he called out to the group and soon a lot of gay men began to surround the blankets. Jason was getting so turned on that precum began to drip from his cock and glistened his shaft.

Pulling the thong all the way down, Joe released one of Jason’s feet at a time. It only took a minute and he was lying on the ground, completely buck naked and with a massive, throbbing hardon.

“Now,” Mark whispered to Jason, “you can either do exactly what we said for you to do, or you can walk home naked. of course, by the time you get there, your dad will be watching all of the videos we made of you, so he might not even let you in. I am sure that if you show up at the house naked, it will be all the confirmation he needed to kick your sorry ass out of the house. So what’ll it be?”

Knowing they had him, Jason stopped struggling. There was obviously no way he was going to win in this situation. He simply nodded, indicating that he would do as he was told.

All the boys let go of Jason. Sean and Kyle then lay down on the blanket. The whole spectacle had turned them on immensely and they were totally boned up again. Naked Jason-also still hard-turned over and got down on his knees. This exposed his butt to the entire crowd. All of the men cheered.

Putting his hands on both of their fabric covered cocks, Jason did the best he could to play with them. It was not very easy, though. Kyle’s cock was easier to manipulate, as it was only covered by a mesh

jockstrap. Sean’s, however, was in the leather one, straining to be released from the strap. Jason was dreading what he suspected would be the inevitable freeing of both hard cocks from their prisons.

“Jack them off!” some guy in the crowd yelled and it of course caused Jason to blush. Having his rear end exposed to a bunch of men was just as bad. He couldn’t believe how red his body was turning. He could feel the blush spreading throughout his body.

“They promised it would be over quickly,” Jason thought to himself.

“Just play, and it will be over soon. They promised…”

“Holy shit, Jason,” a familiar and very feminine voice said. It caused him to freeze, still holding both hard cocks in his hands.

“Sara?” he asked, turning his head around. Sure enough, Jason’s girlfriend Sara was standing right behind him within the throng of gay men.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asked, walking over to her boyfriend.

“I…uh… um,” Jason began, trying to make any excuse that he could think of. Immediately, he released both Sean’s and Kyle’s cocks. He, however, did not turn his body around to see Sara.

Sara turned over and looked at Joe and Mark. “Thanks for calling me, Joe,” she said. “I didn’t believe you at first, but I sure do now.” She looked back at Jason. “I can’t believe you’re cheating on me with two guys! You fucking pervert!”

Jason was flustered beyond belief. He wasn’t sure how to get himself out of this predicament. Looking over at Joe and Mark, he wanted to accuse them, but didn’t. A stern look from both of the boys caused hi to keep his mouth shut. Instead of replying, he simply turned his head back around.

“Turn around when I am talking to you!” Sara demanded.

“I can’t,” Jason said, still looking down.

“You fucking turn around or I am never talking to you again!” She yelled at him. A lot of the guys in the crowd started laughing. Jason wanted to get up and beat the shit out of them. he knew he couldn’t, however, He knew he did not have a choice but to do what he was told. Unfortunately, being told what to do only got his cock harder and harder. he turned around, sitting down on his butt with his hard cock sticking straight up in the air.

The men in the crowd, of course, cheered, but Sara only looked at her boyfriend with scorn. She closed her eyes and shook her head in disbelief.

“You fucking asshole,” she accused. “You’ve been dating me this whole time and it turns out you’re fucking gay! Do you know how humiliating that is?”

“I’m not gay!” Jason protested. The crowd of men simply laughed at him. “I’m not gay, Sara! I swear!”

“You lying sack of shit!” She yelled. “I never want to see you again!”

Sara was about to walk away when Joe stopped her. The two of them had been good friends for a while. It was really the only reason that Mark and Joe knew Jason personally. Taking her to the side, he whispered something into her ear. Both of them looked at Jason for a moment, while Sara seemed to be thinking something over.

“You think so?” she asked Joe and he nodded.

“I think it’s the best way for you to redeem yourself here,” he stated.

Another thoughtful moment passed over her face, and then Sara agreed with Joe. Without another word, she walked over and sat down on the blanket next to Jason.

“Lay over my lap,” she told him.

“What?” Jason asked, “I’m not doing that!”

“I am going to take it out of your ass, in front of all these people for how you humiliated me,” Sara demanded. “Now lay over my lap.”

Jason refused yet again, but that got him nowhere. A quick glance at Sean and Kyle from Joe, and the two boys grabed Jason by the arms and legs. Pretty soon, he was spread over her lap, with his hard cock in her lap. Both of the boys were holding him down, so no matter how hard he struggled, his ass was totally exposed.

Taking her hand, Sara started spanking Jason on the ass. At first it wasn’t so bad, but after the first 20 smacks, his ass started to burn. He stopped struggling to get free and instead just started taking the blows.

“You fucking asshole,” Sara accused as she continued to work over her boyfriend’s butt. “Fucking lying and cheating on me! Making me date you and you fucked me while you were a fucking faggot the whole time!”

Sara kept slapping Jason’s ass. The crowd was loving it, cheering and laughing and enjoying the whole spectacle. Jason was counting the blows until he realized that Sara was not going to stop anytime soon. Stil being held down, some tears started streaming down his face. His ass was hurting bad and he was sure it was going to be dark red by the time this was over. In addition to the physical hurt was the verbal assault that Sara was laying on him. With each smack on his bare behind, she called him a liar, a faggot, a fucking homo… any other barrage of insults she think of. It didn’t take very long until Jason was audibly crying, tears streaming down his face.

“You call yourself a fucking man,” Sara accused, as she kept beating his ass. “Yet here you are, sobbing while a girl is spanking your ass. You’re nothing but a lowly faggot… you make me sick!”

With that, Sara took Jason and threw him off of her lap. He rolled over on his back onto the sand. This time, he made no attempt to cover himself. He was lying naked in the sand, throwing a massive hardon that was red and totally dripping with precum. In spite of himself, the big alpha male personality that Jason had exuded his whole life was shattered. He was crying his eyes out, blushing, ashamed of everything that was happening to him. in spite of it all, his cock remained hard.

Sara, surprising everyone, then said, “Well, just don’t lay there like a knot on a log. Jack that cock off. Obviously this crap turns you on, so you might as well get off.”

Jason looked over at his girlfriend, stifling a sob. His eyes were confused.

Sara simply nodded at him.

Jason didn’t need any further provocation. He immediately grabbed his swollen cock and started pumping it hard in front of the whole audience. His pride was gone and he didn’t care anymore who was watching him. The spanking had taken it’s toll on him, but he figured that at least he could get a little relief out of it.

It didn’t take much stroking before he started to shoot. his balls tightened and everyone noticed it. As his hand glided up and down the slippery shaft, Jason started shooting his load up and all over his naked body. He cried out when it happened, overcome like never before over the power and intensity of the orgasm. His body, his face and even his hair was showered with cum.

When he was done, he simply lay in the sand, naked and spent. Sara got up and walked over to him. Pissed off, she kicked sand onto Jason, almost walked away, and then reached down, grabbed his cock in her hands and squeezed it so hard that some more cum spurted out. She then slapped the

cock, causing the hard shaft to bob in the air once again.   Then she walked away.

Jason doubled over, but the pain wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Sara pulled the kick and didn’t get much impact. But, inspite of the pain in his dick and ass… Jason remained as hard as a rock. He once again started crying, wondering what was in store for him. And secretly started to realize that he was enjoying it. Without realizing it, he grabbed his cock and started to pump it a little again.

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