Days on the beach – 3

Days at the Beach Chapter 3

Sean’s nightmare 3 day weekend had just begun. He had spent part of the day hanging out in a thong, another part of the day naked and it seemed like he wouldn’t be getting any chance to be alone for a while.  On top of all of that, he was not going to be allowed to cum until Monday night.

After the boys had let him up again, it had been a regular day at the beach.  The tormenting had stopped for a while and they even allowed him to put his thong back on.  Sean so wished that he had another pair of
bikinis, but he decided it would be a better idea to not say anything about it.  The last thing he wanted was to have his thong taken away again.

Not that the thong was really doing much good.  He was so horny that his cock never got lower than half mast.  The thong was not made to cover something so big, so while the other guys played and hung out and swam, Sean had to sit on the blanket most of the day to hide his dick.

When evening was coming, the boys decided it was time to retire back to Sean’s apartment.  Even though he was not looking forward to spending even more time with Kyle and his friends, it would be good at least to be in a more secluded area.  The humiliation was one thing, but getting arrested would be a whole lot worse.  Luckily, they had been hanging out on the slowest and loneliest sections of the beaches.

Once they all arrived at Sean’s place, Kyle parked the car.  He ushered the guys out and pushed Sean ahead of them.

“Go ahead, lead us to your place,” Kyle said and the guys laughed along with him.  There was no chance that Sean was going to be able to use the guys to hide himself.

On the way up the stairs, a couple of guys passed him by.  They both looked a little surprised that a nearly naked man was walking with 3 boys who were fully clothed.  The second guy seemed to get rather turned on by the situation, and gave Sean a little slap on the side of his ass as he passed.  This ended up causing more laughing fits among the boys.

Once inside, Sean went right for his favorite chair.  Sure, he had been exposed several times already, but he wanted to get into a place where he knew he would be comfortable.  Plus, there was a pillow that he could
place in his lap.  At least for a short while he would be covered up.

Kyle would have none of that, however.  He grabbed the pillow out of Sean’s lap and shook his head.  “I don’t think so,” he said.  “And who said you could sit down?  Get your ass out of the chair.”

Submitting very quickly, Sean stood up.  The exposure had the undesired effect and his cock started to grow again.  This insighted more laughs from the peanut gallery.

“Man, it must be hurting his cock to not have much room to grow,” Joe said.  Joe was rather cute.  All of the boys were.  Sean only wished that throughout this ordeal he would eventually get to see one of them naked. However, besides humiliating him and Kyle stroking his cock, none of the guys seemed interested in getting more involved.  Joe was a skater/surfer dude.  He had long, dirty blonde hair and dressed like the grunge look was still in.  He was skinny, but probably toned as skateboarders were. He was forever moving his hair out of his face when it decided to fall in the way.  His clothing was too baggy to really get an idea of what his body looked like.

“Well, I guess we can take care of that,” Kyle laughed.  “Take the thong off, Sean.”

Without a moment of hesitation, Sean lowered his thong and stepped out of it.  The moment his cock was free, it started bobbing and swinging in the air.  He was about to grab it and make it stop, but a stern look from Kyle stopped him.  Sean kept his hands at his sides.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Kyle began.  “Do you have beer in the fridge, Sean?”  Sean nodded.  “Good, go get us a beer.  You can have one too.  The guys and I are gonna sit down and have a drink.  You are not
allowed to sit down until I tell you to.  You are not allowed to touch your cock or try to hide it in any way.  You know the consequences if you do anything wrong.”

Sean agreed.  He then went and got the beer out of the refrigerator. After giving it to the guys, he went and stood beside the couch.  He was about to pop open his beer when Kyle got up.  The boy had already opened
his beer and he took the one from Sean’s hands.

“Here, drink mine instead,” Kyle said with a smile.  They traded beers and Kyle sat back down.

It didn’t take long for Sean to start feeling the effects of the beer. Perhaps it was because he hadn’t eaten anything at all that day.  Who knew for sure?  But by the time he was done with the can, he was quite
buzzed and found that standing up became very hard.  A few times, he had to catch himself to keep from falling on the floor.

Mark laughed.  “You are so mean, dude!” he said to Kyle and they all three laughed.  “He’s losing it already.”

Sean realized then that they must have put something in his drink  It worried him at first, but for some reason didn’t seem like it was a very big deal.  He felt good, his dick was rock hard and dripping and he was
no longer too embarrassed about being naked.  In fact, it began to seem and feel very natural to him.

The boys still did not let him sit down, though.  In fact, Mark left the room and came back in with a video camera.  It was Sean’s, but he didn’t mind, really.  It wasn’t really connecting in his brain what was about to
happen.  The boys were going to make videos of him, obviously drugged up, naked, dripping tons of pre-cum and hanging out with three seventeen year old boys.  If had known better, he would have tried to put a stop to it. There was really no chance of this though.

After everything was set up, Kyle asked Sean if he wanted to pose a little bit for the camera.  Totally feeling up to it, Sean tried flexing his muscles a few times.  The third time, he tripped and fell on the
floor.  His cock rubbed against the floor, leaving a trail of pre-cum on the hard wood.  He tried to get up, but wasn’t able to.

Kyle (the only one of the boys who seemed willing to touch him) came over to help him up.  Sean was a bit bigger than him, though, and Kyle was not strong enough to pull him up.  After a while, he had to ask for help from Mark and Joe.

Instead of putting him back on his feet, the guys carried him over to the easy chair.  Kyle sat down first and then they sat Sean down on his lap. It felt good, sitting between the younger boys legs.  Kyle put his arms
around Sean, indicating to him that he could lay back if he wanted to. Sean readily did so.

“We’re going to play a little game, okay Sean?” Kyle asked.  Again, Sean nodded.  He liked games.  “Okay, here is what’s going to happen.  Mark and Joe are going to run the video camera.  I’m going to play with your cock.  Your job is to moan and really get into it for the camera.  You can not cum.  If you do cum, I will get pissed off and show the videos to your parents, our boss and someone at your college.  So, if you get
close, you let me know.  got it?”

Sean indicated that he understood.  One word from Kyle and they started the camera up.

As soon as Kyle’s hands touched his dick, a long sigh escaped from Sean’s lips.  He spread his legs out really wide, giving the camera the best view of his shaft and balls.  Pre-cum had coated his cock with a nice shiney sheen.  Kyle hands moved up and down with ease.

Sean didn’t even have to improvise.  It felt so good.  He started moaning.  Whatever drugs they gave him took away any of his shame.  It felt so good.  He started swiveling and rocking his hips, thrusting his
hard dick through both of his hands.  When he did this, though, Kyle squeezed the shaft very tightly.  This caused Sean to moan louder than he ever had.

“Haha, look at all that pre-cum!” Mark laughed.  “He must be close.”

As Sean was moaning, Kyle squeezed his cock even harder.  Looking down, Sean saw his cock was turning red.  His balls were pulled up tight against his body.  “Ahhh-ahhhh—AHHHHHHH!!!!” Sean moaned, his breath catching with every squeeze.

“Oh, I’m close!”  Sean cried.  He tried thrusting his cock through Kyle’s hands, but it didn’t do any good.  Even with the large amounts of pre-cum,  Kyle’s grip was too hard.  Sean started riding Kyle’s hand for all he was worth.  His hips were thrusting up and down like a bucking bronco, but it did no good.  All Kyle did was remove his hands and he held his arms around Sean’s waist.  There was nothing for his cock to press up against.

“Oh please let me cum, please let me cum!” Sean cried.  He wanted so bad to reach down and start fisting his cock.  Before he had a chance, though, Kyle grabbed both of Sean’s wrists and held his arms behind him. “I need to cum!  PLEASE KYLE, I’ll do anything you want!”

Joe and Mark were getting a good laugh at Sean’s expense.  not only that, but there were getting every moment on tape as well.

After a few moments, Sean calmed down a bit.  He relaxed and collapsed against Kyle.  That was when he felt something very odd.  Lying against Kyle, he felt Kyle had a hard on.  It was the first time he had noticed
anything like that from the boys.  This whole situation was turning the boy on.

Well, as nice as that thought was, Sean wasn’t able minded enough to really be too concerned with it.  His mind was so sexed up that it was the only thing he cared about.  So, in order to enjoy himself even more,
he pressed his backside up against Kyle’s cock.  A bit of a moan escaped Kyle’s lips, but he cut it off.  However, Sean could tell he was enjoying this.

Kyle’s body was pretty much hidden from the camera.  Also, Joe and Mark could not really see much of what was going on.  Sean sensed this just barely, so he decided he would try playing with Kyle just a little bit. He started massaging Kyle’s dick with his naked ass, pressing hard up against the rock hard cock.  In spit of himself, Kyle seemed to enjoying it.  He hadn’t counted on this turn of events.  It was nice.

Unfortunately for Kyle, Sean wasn’t the only one who noticed what was going on.  Joe and Mark had been planning for some time to change things around.  They were unsure exactly why Kyle had been so willing to keep jacking Sean’s cock.  All they could figure is that Kyle was gay too. So, they decided that if at all possible, they would try to get Kyle into the same situation that Sean was in.  Then, Kyle wouldn’t be the leaderanymore… he would be the slave.

Kyle was rubbing his dick up against Sean’s backside.  His mind had totally gone comatose by this point and he wasn’t sure why.  He was a virgin and no one had ever touched his cock before.  But he didn’t think
that was enough for him to start to phase out.

Almost pushing Sean off his lap, Kyle came to a realization.  His eyes opened wide and he looked at his friends over Sean’s shoulders.  They were both laughing when they saw his eyes.  At some point when he hadn’t been looking, the boys slipped the same drug into his beer that they had given Sean.  He had been set up.

Before he knew what was going on, Joe and Mark helped Sean to his feet. Then, they shoved him to the side on the couch.  Both of them were then on Kyle.  Joe started working on his shirt and Mark worked on his pants. In 20 seconds, they had their friends stripped down to his underwear. Kyle was wearing a pair of gray bikini briefs with a nice wet patch where his cockhead was.  On top of that, he was as hard as a rock.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” he asked, trying to get up.  The drug was overpowering him, though, and he wasn’t able to do anything.

“We were thinking how much fun it would be to have two slaves instead of just one,” Joe laughed.  “And now, you’re the second one.”

“The Hell I am!” Kyle shouted and tried to get up.  He did manage to get up just a little, but was easily pushed back down again by Mark.  Looking down as his dick, he saw the head start to push it’s way up past the waistband.  Alarm showed on his face as he tried to cover himself up. The boys had non e of that, though.

“We have video here of you moaning and thrusting up against a naked guy,” Joe pointed out.  “So, unless you want US to show this to your parents, I think you better calm down and do what WE say.”

Kyle was about to protest, but he had to stop.  He was in no shape to try and talk his way out of this.  His mind was so far gone and his body was too weak.  And his dad was a church minister.  If he saw this tape, his father would disown him.  His best friends had him up against a wall.

“We won’t be all that bad to you,” Mark said.  “IN fact, we’re going to let you get off tonight.  Although, it’ll be the last time you get to for a while.”

“So, here’s the plan, boy,” Joe continued.  “You’re going to go over there into Sean’s bedroom and lay down on his bed.  Then, we’re going to bring Sean in and he’s gonna jack you off in you bikinis.  Once you cum,
we’re going to let you go to sleep, but you have to sleep in Sean’s arms.  We’ll be taping the whole thing.  Got it?”

Kyle nodded, a pissed off look resurfacing on his face.  He had been outsmarted and he wasn’t used to that.  He definitely did not want to be sleeping in bed with Sean.  Although the thought of it did send a big throb through his cock.  he felt some more pre-cum soak his bikini.

“Okay,” Mark said.  “Then tomorrow, we’re going to take you and your boytoy back to the beach.  We’re going to play some volleyball.  I’ll bet you’ll like that.”

Kyle nodded again, but he knew better.  Whatever the boys had planned was not going to be a normal game of volleyball.

Mark picked Kyle up and began dragging him into the bedroom.  At this point, he was almost as far gone as Sean had been so he wasn’t much help.  Once in the room, they threw him down on the queen sized bed.  he rolled over on his back.  His hard dick was pressing up against his briefs, leaving a considerably large tent in them.

A few moments later, both of the guys helped Sean into the room.  They put him down on the bed too.  His head landed right below Kyle’s crotch. For a few moments, the drugged boys just laid there, unsure of what to do.

That didn’t last long as Joe and Mark brought the camera into the room. After it was set up, they were about to tell Sean what to do, but the horny 19 year old didn’t need instructions.  He grabbed Kyle’s dick
through the briefs and started jacking him off.

Kyle started moaning right away and they all knew it wouldn’t be long. He was so horned up from what was happening.

“Hey, it’d probably be easier if we got rid of those bikinis,” Mark said.  “They’re restricting him a bit.”

“I got a better idea,” Joe said.  He went over and grabbed Kyle’s bikinis and then ripped them off of him.  Kyle was shocked but was careful not to make any noise.  His cock was still covered in the tattered remains of the ripped up bikini.  This made it so much easier for Sean to do his jacking with the bikini wrapping itself around the hard dick.

The more Sean jacked, the faster he went.  Pretty soon, Kyle was thrusting his hips ito the air much the same way as Sean had been doing before.  They knew he was close.

“He’s gonna blow!” Joe yelled.

“Take cover!” Mark laughed.

Before he knew it, Kyle was cumming into his torn up bikinis.  It was the best orgasm he ever had, but it was only afterwards that he realized what it signified. His life had changed just as much as he had forced Sean’s to.

In the morning, Mark and Joe work Kyle and Sean up.  They were sleeping under the covers together, and Kyle was clinging onto Sean.  When he realized this, Kyle quickly pulled himself off of the other boy and
blushed.  His friends just laughed at him.

To add to his humiliation, the boys made Sean and Kyle shower together. They didn’t really wash each other, but it was still an arousing experience.  Afterwards, they were made to stand naked in front of Mark
and Joe.

“Okay, here is what we’re going to do today,” Joe said.  “We’re going to go to the beach and play volleyball.”

“And?” Kyle asked, knowing that wouldn’t be the end of it all.

“And nothing,” Mark said.  “That’s it.”

“Well, what will we be wearing?” Sean asked, knowing that he would rather not know.

A big smile crossed the boys’ faces.  Joe reached into his bag and he pulled out two tanktops.  That was all.

“Put them on,” Joe ordered.

Kyle and Sean both took the tank tops and put them on.  They were long to enough to cover their cocks and asses… barely.  If for someone reason either of them had to lift their arms up, their dicks would be in plain
view.  Even a little breeze could be their undoing.  The realization and looks on their faces just made Joe and Mark laugh even more.

When they got down to the car, Sean and Kyle had to both sit in the back seat.  More than ever, they had to do their best to keep their erections down.  This would be harder for Sean, though, as he hadn’t been allowed to cum yet.

As they drove along, there really wasn’t much talking.  Kyle was still very pissed and hadn’t accepted his role in all of this yet.  Sean, on the other hand was just being subservient.  He realized before that he was a slave and there was no way around it.

When they got to the beach, they went to their regular spot and put the blanket down.  Kyle and Sean were of course made to stand up.  They had strict orders that they were not allowed to hold their tank tops down.
If they tried to do it just even once, they would be stripped of their shirts and forced to remain naked for the rest of the day.

As Mark and Joe had a good time, hanging out, laughing, swimming, Kyle and Sean simply stood in place, hoping against hope that no breezes would come upon them.

“This is all your fault,” Kyle sneered at Sean.

“I didn’t start it,” Sean replied.  “You didn’t have to start blackmailing me in the first place.”

Right then, a small breeze came along and blew Kyle’s tank top up just a little.  His soft cock was visible for just a few seconds before the fabric concealed it again.  Kyle saw Sean looking down.

“Hey, keep your eyes to yourself, you pervert,” kyle snapped.  “You’re getting hard now.”

Looking down, Sean saw this was true.  He knew he had to control himself because the slightest wood would betray him.  He was able to keep himself down, though.  Perhaps this day wouldn’t be as bad as it seemed.

Joe and Mark, wet from swimming, came back to the two boys standing in their tank tops.  With a smile Joe said what both of them had been dreading all afternoon.

“Ready to play volleyball?”

To be continued.  Any comments, please email the writer

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