Joey and the dream boy – 4

“Hey, lazy ass, wake up! Your phone has already gone off a few times and, if I must, I’ll answer it the next time.” My father said this through the door. I knew he wouldn’t open the door but still.
“Yes, I’ll be there in a moment.” I heard him walk down the hall and down the stairs.
Slowly I began to remember … no, not again … it was so real … but it had to have been a dream again. Verdomme. Damn! I felt my briefs and there was that wet spot again … an ejaculation … not a real hand job by my dream boy … but surely just a dream again. What a loser, I thought. I swallowed deeply. Oh, yes … of course I would go to him … but yes … what I’d just dreamed would definitely not happen.
I was confused and not at all sure what was going on. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I wondered whether I could bring myself to go, but I had to be sure. Had I been looking forward to going just to make a fool out of myself? I looked in the mirror and saw the face of a loser. I hated my insecurities, but they were confirmed every time I went out … so why bother? Shit, what was that on my neck … a big mark … what was that? I felt it cautiously but, no, this was no pimple. It was shaped like lips impressed on my skin. Suddenly I remembered the last part of my dream. Shit! It wasn’t a dream … but I hadn’t been with him yet. But unquestionably this was a hickey. I didn’t understand it … first the jockstrap and now this from my dream. What was going on?

I heard my phone go off back in the hall. I quickly ran into the bedroom and pulled my pants on.
“Hi, Joey here,” I said.
“Hey, Joey … you’re finally awake! I’ve already left a few messages. Come on over. I’m ready.”
“Hi, Marco … yes, I’ve just gotten up. Sorry, I didn’t had a restful night.”
“Okay … I’ll see you in half an hour.”
“Sure … that’s fine. Do I have to bring anything?”
“Some casual sports clothes you can easily move in.”
“No problem.”

He gave me the address. I had a quick shower and dressed in a pair of smart jogging pants and a nice T-shirt.
I grabbed a glass of milk in the kitchen and called out to my parents, “I’m going out, but I’ll be back sometime this afternoon.”
They weren’t used to me going out. Usually I spent the entire weekend at home. I didn’t want them to ask any questions or see my hickey. I quickly got on my bike and ten minutes later I rang the doorbell.

It was a big house with, as far as I could see, a large garden. No wonder he had room to work on his muscles! The door was opened by a female, a bit older than Marco, but definitely a member of his family.
“Come on in.I’m Anita, Marco’s older, wiser sister.”
What could I say in response to that? “Yes, Marco invited me over.”
“Yes, so he said … come on in!”
I followed her through the entryway into the living room. There was no sign of Marco. What was I doing here, sitting with his sister?”
“Sorry, Marco will be down in a minute. He asked me to keep you company.”
“Oh … okay.”
“Marco has been talking a lot about you the last two days. Have you known each other for long time?”
“Well, no … not really. We’ve been in the same class all year long.”
“Well, he’s pretty impressed with you.”
She look me over from head to toe. “Wow! That’s a decent souvenir you have there! That must have been a wild time!”
I knew exactly what she was talking about but I also felt very uncomfortable discussing my hickey. I should have camouflaged it better, I thought. I didn’t respond but I blushed very deeply. Then she added, “Yes, Marco said that you were shy! Don’t worry. Girls don’t mind that at all. Indeed, a lot find it quite attractive. But you probably know that already.”

Oh! She was getting very blunt and almost intrusive now, I thought. At that moment the door opened and Marco entered. “Good … you’re already here. Nice! I’ve already warmed up so I can start immediately.”
He saw the look on my face and turned to his sister. “Sis … have you been teasing him ruthlessly?”
“No, Marco … why would I? But as a friend of yours, he’d better be able to take a little kidding.”
Marco’s look, however, said something different … something like, not now, sis. Apparently she understood his message better than I did because she turned to me, gave me a smile, and said, “If you’re done later and Marco wants to keep on going, I’ll be in the pool. Feel free to join me. I promise not to bite, OK?”
I nodded and followed Marco up the stairs.
“Well, Marco … what was all that about?”
“Oh, nothing … just leave it alone. My sister likes to challenge and sometimes she goes too far. By the way, I’m glad you’re here. It’s nice to have someone to work out with. First to my room and then we’ll go to the basement where all the apparatus is.”

Oh, shit, I thought … his room. That’s how it had all started in my dream as well. I felt my cock rise in my jogging pants. It was fortunate that I’d worn a nice pair of tanga briefs that kept my dick under control.

He opened his door and I followed him in. I was shocked. I recognized the room as if I’d seen it before … in fact, last night in my dream! Damn it! How was this possible? I felt my legs start to tremble. What was happening here? This wasn’t fun any more. I was so amazed that I didn’t realize that Marco was talking to me and had taken off his jogging pants, revealing light green briefs.

“Oh, yes … fine,” I said … but I didn’t really know what question I’d responded to.
He looked at me strangely but didn’t say anything. He moved closer. He touched my shoulder and said, “Come on … let’s go downstairs. My sister calls it the torture room. I don’t think it’s all that bad.”
I followed him down the stairs, into the hall and down another staircase. We arrived at a professionally decorated room with a bike, treadmill, weights and some other devices I had seen in a public gym.
Before I knew it, we were at it. Marco explained everything well and knew instinctively what I could do and what I couldn’t. Some things he did for himself and other things he helped me with. That meant that he would touch my body and that caused an increased blood supply and beads of sweat to my love organ.
After we’d been working out for half an hour and he’d corrected some of my faults in my technique, he suddenly stopped himself. “Wait a second! I’m screwing this up, aren’t I? I didn’t even bother to ask you whether you liked this … or if was it helping … or even if was painful. Sorry … but I get carried away sometimes. Once I finish my exercises on Saturday morning, I lose track of everything. Anita sometimes says that I’m like a man possessed. But hey .. are you all right?”

I smiled for a moment. This was the concerned Marco I’d come to know and love. He’d shown that aspect of his personality from time to time and it was so incredibly sweet when he did that.
“Of course, Marco. I’d already said that I was fine. It’s okay for me to sweat. I think that’s kinda the idea here, isn’t it?”
“Hell, yes. Do you have other questions or can we move on?”
“Hmmm … next time I’d better wear sports shorts because these jogging pants didn’t really work. Occasionally they grab my legs and that doesn’t make exercising easier.”
“You’re right, of course … and I should have told you so up front. But if they bother you, just take them off. If that makes you more comfortable, go ahead … there’s no one else here and we’re both guys, after all.”
I blushed again. Why had I said that? I had nice briefs on but, most of the time, they were definitely well filled.
“Hey, I don’t care … we’re just two guys together and, as I said before, you have a nice body, so you have nothing to be ashamed of.”
I wondered. Damn! Before I could say anything or do anything, he pulled his own sports pants down. “See? I’ll join you so you don’t need to feel embarrassed.”
Oh, dear! That certainly wasn’t any help! But I couldn’t be left behind at the same time. He was right … it didn’t mean anything … but, still, I turned my back to him while I took my jogging pants off.
“OK,” I said casually. “What’s the next thing you want me to do?”
I saw him look down at my crotch … or did I see that wrong? “Oh, we’ll continue doing squats. Another half hour or so and then you’ll have had enough.”
He stood next to me during that exercise and I also saw him looking at my neck. I knew what he saw. He didn’t say anything. During that half hour, I really had a pretty stiff dick a number of times. I had no idea what to do considering all of this … it was still very confusing. Also … what about those green briefs … which were definitely a statement. Was he now challenging me by wearing something provocative … or was this still just “guys together”? I didn’t dare do anything because I was afraid of losing the friendship that I was just starting to build with him now.
Na een uurtje of zo stonden mijn spieren op springen.After an hour or so, my muscles were very sore. “I’m going to do a little more,” he said, “but I really think you’ve had enough. What would be really good for your muscles would be a little swimming and just lying in the water. Your muscles will feel less stiff tomorrow. I’m going on for another half hour and then I’ll come outside. OK?” OK?”
“OK … “””””OK … but I don’t have any swimwear with me and your sister is out there.”
“Oh, no problem. Behind the pool is a small changing room. In the second drawer there’s some swim wear of mine that you can fit into, OK?”
“OK … well, I’ll see you later.” I pulled my jogging pants back on and walked upstairs and then into the garden.
“Ah … there are you,” said Anita. “I thought I might have to come and save you.”
“Not at all, Anita. In fact, Marco was fine, very caring and helpful. He explained everything well.”
“Oh … Marco was caring?” she asked pointedly.
She expressed doubt for a moment and added, “Hey, Joey, come over here. I think we started on the wrong foot.”
“It’s OK, Anita,” I replied.
“No, I want to make it right. Just sit down … the pool can wait.”
I laid next to her on one of the sun loungers.
“OK … I can be very direct. Sorry about that. Marco had already warned me that you were shy and insecure.” She waited a minute. I think she wanted some confirmation from me.
“Yes, I’m insecure, but ….”
She was incredibly honest and open and I did not know what else to say. I could talk to Marco quite easily and I felt the same way towards her.
“That’s true for Marco as well, you know ….”
“Oh, what do you mean?” I asked, astonished.
“Well, he generally needs time to get to know people and, when he’s home, he pretty much does his own thing. Do you know that he’s never before offered any of his friends use of that equipment downstairs?”
“Oh, I didn’t know that … but I didn’t push myself onto him or anything.”
“No, I understand that. Marco hasn’t stopped talking about you for the past two days. I just want to be sure you know that the Marco you see at school and one you see here are two different people sometimes.”
“That may well be true, but I haven’t noticed that much difference.”
“I understand that. You’re shy and insecure. Marco is making his contribution by helping you strengthen your body. Ik wil ook wat doen. I want to do something, too. You seem like a nice guy so what do you think about going shopping tomorrow?”
“What do you mean?”
“I just think you could use some more up-to-date clothing, which certainly would help your confidence in this day and age.”
“Oh, my mother usually takes me shopping.”
“That’s what I thought. Well, make yourself available for an hour at 11 tomorrow, OK?”
“Hmmm … just one problem … I don’t have the money for that, so I’d have to ask whether my parents could afford new clothes first.”
“It’ll be all right. I’d like to surprise Marco.”
I didn’t understand that last comment but I didn’t dare ask for clarification. “Time for the pool! ! I’ll wait until Marco comes back and then I’ll leave you two alone.”
She pointed me towards the pool house at the back of the garden. “You’ll find everything there you’ll need, including clean towels.”
“Thanks, Anita … and for tomorrow, too.”
“That’s fine, Joey. We’ll have a good time.”
Arriving at the dressing room annex, I soon found the drawer with the swimwear. I opened it and found three pairs … not really swim trunks but more along the lines of swimwear of the speedo type. Obviously they weren’t very big so it was nice once again to challenge Marco a bit. Oh, I was going to test him a bit and see what would happen. I chose a light blue pair and started to dress. Just as I’d put the speedo on, I started to feel like I was somewhere else. I blinked and realized that, somehow, I was back in the basement. I looked down and saw that I was lying on one of the mats, with my dick … well, really, Marco’s dick … in my hands … no, it was Marco’s hands. I felt him get more and more excited.
What was happening to me again? I seemed to have crawled into Marco’s body … it felt real … I wasn’t dreaming now. He moaned … a moan which came out of my mouth. Even though he was lying down and I was standing, my legs started to wobble. I felt as if he was about to cum. I looked down for a second. What a beautiful dick he had! I wanted to do more than just have the feel of his hand. I felt a doubly aroused feeling coming over me now … not only what Marco was feeling bit what I was feeling as well.
I knew this couldn’t be true, however. I moved my hand and noticed that Marco’s movements had seemingly taken over. I’d no idea whether Marco realized this or not, but I noticed that he didn’t moan any more. That he was approaching an orgasm was clear. I now had my hand all the way around his cock and I could feel how the muscles in his dick had started to tighten … he was almost there. He moaned even louder followed by … what I thought I wanted him to say. I felt my mouth form that message and I called out my own name, “Ohhh Joeyyyyyyy.”
His orgasm overwhelmed me completely. I felt like I had to sit down while enjoying his cum. It all felt so nice. I saw the sperm shoot over my head, then onto my face and, finally, a few shots landed on my chest and belly. The smell of his sperm filled my nostrils. Wow! I moved his hand and slowly I pulled it away. Could I control this? I moved the hand slowly to his/my mouth. I noticed that there was some resistance but I continued and brought his hand to my tongue. I slowly licked his seed … yes, I actually tried it. It was delicious.
Apparently that was too much as, suddenly, I was back in reality. I was sitting on the ground, a terribly obvious hardon in my speedo … totally shocked by what had happened. What had happened here? This wasn’t at all normal. Did I do that? Or had Marco called out my name himself? I got up and took a towel. It was time to cool down in the pool. I walked the short distance between the pool house to the swimming pool, holding the towel in front of me, and then I quickly dropped it and dove into the pool. When I surfaced, I saw Anita smiling and, next to her, stood Marco. Oh wait ….
Now what?

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Chapter 5

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