Joey and the dream boy – 6

I touched it and, yes, I saw that in my dream, too. That exact bottle. I wanted to open it but didn’t dare do that again. If this really was from him ,then … or was it just mine? Had I done that in my dream? Had I just …? Geez, this was really getting crazier.
I shook off the feeling. I had another hour to shower, have breakfast, get dressed and pick up some money so I’d be ready when Anita picked me up. And yes, I wanted to make sure I was outside when she arrived. I did it all in time and didn’t run into my parents. When I saw her drive up, I walked out to the car. She opened the door for me.
“Good, you’re right on time,” she said as she glanced over my shoulder towards the house.
Damn! I should have met her somewhere other than at my place.
“Yes, I was woken up by my parents.”
“Who isn’t?” she answered dismissively. I let it go, not wanting to tell her that I was woken up when they stumbled home.
“Well, let’s go shopping then. Do you have any ideas where we should go?” she asked.
“Shopping won’t take that long. And afterwards you wanted to show my new outfit to Marco.”
“Hmmm … do you really think that’s necessary? We’ll be busy all day. And Marco will see the results on Monday.”

Apparently Marco was right and this was something more than a one time thing. I looked at her. “I enjoy doing this with you, Anita.”
“Do you trust me, Joey? I know we only met yesterday, but I’m not going to do anything you don’t want.”
“Yes, I know … but, as you said, I’ve known you only for a day. What did you have planned?”
“Well, I’ve made an appointment with a friend of mine. She had time for us to come in and one of her employees will be available to help us today. You can assume it will take a couple of hours with her.”
“Oh! But I’m not sure that I have enough money.”
“Don’t worry. This is a gift from me.”
“Sure … but ….”
“It’ll be fine, Joey, just go along for today. You can always do something nice for me in return some time later.”
I nodded but didn’t know what was going on. I could never figure her out.
“Relax, Joey. Did you have a nice afternoon with Marco?”
“Oh, yes … it was great. A nice swim… that really helped because I wasn’t stiff at all this morning.”
“Ha …. you boys and then ….” She stopped in the middle of the sentence. I looked at her. I saw that she was blushing furiously. “Okay, I’d better be careful. You’re definitely not used to this kind of frankness. Sorry for that, Joey. “
“It doesn’t matter.”
I wasn’t going to say anything more about what had happened with Marco.
“Yes, Marco said that he enjoyed the afternoon. You watched a sweet movie.”
Oh, damn! She must know which one, but I couldn’t remember. I knew what I dreamed last night but not what happened yesterday afternoon.
“Yes, sure.” I smiled enigmatically and dropped the subject. Fortunately, she let it go.

A minute or two later we arrived at a really imposing mansion. We got out and Anita went up the steps and pushed the door open. I expected her to press the bell by the door but she walked right in.
I followed her inside. We entered a grand hall with a staircase leading directly to the floor above. We weren’t alone; other people were seated at tables having cups of coffee and tea. Some were dressed in uniform and looked like they worked there. One of them walked over to us and spoke to Anita. “You have an appointment, ma’am?”
“Yes, Petra knows I’m dropping by and she said she would have time for us today.”
I watched him when she dropped the name Petra. He ignored me but responded, “I’ll be right back.”
He walked away and within a minute a woman came over to us, followed by a handsome man. I didn’t know what was going on. “Hi, Anita. Nice to see you again. Not with Marco today?”
“No, after our last visit, I really don’t think he’ll be joining me again, Petra. But I found a new victim.” Petra looked at me and saw the horrified look on my face when Anita said “victim.”
“Don’t worry! She barks but doesn’t bite … much …, “then she paused and smiled
I held out my hand and said, “Joey, madam. My name is Joey.”
“Oh, so polite,” she purred.
“Julian, it’s up to you. I expect you to take good care of Joey.”
“Thank you, Petra, I appreciate that very much,” said Julian.
“We’ll see how much Julian can do, Anita.”
Petra turned to me and said, “Enjoy yourself, Joey and just go with the flow. Promise me, please … come and see me before you go, OK?”
“Yes, Madam,” I promised. “I’ll make sure we do.”
“Oh, I’m sure that Julian and Anita will want to show you off,” replied Petra.
“Good. Julian, do your best. I want to see the result at the end of the day.”
The young man looked surprised. “Don’t you trust me any more, Petra?”
“Of course I do, but I think Anita is looking for something truly special and I want to be sure that you give her what she wants.”
“Of course I understand, Petra,” he said with a smile as he looked me over from head to toe. “I think that can be done,” he continued. “Anita, nice to see you again. You’ve given me an interesting challenge this time.”
“Oh, I think you’re going to have an unforgettable day.”
“We’ll see! So let’s go.”

As we walked away from Petra, I looked around. I saw a fair number of people had watched the exchange among us and looked at me … some jealous and others with disapproval. Clearly I wasn’t the typical client of a posh establishment like this one. For one thing, my clothes were clearly not sufficiently up to date.
“Hey Joey …. come on,” Julian called as he opened the door Anita and I were standing in front of.
I followed them into a vast room. On one side sat a large mirror with a chair. On the other side were placed racks of clothes. Otherwise, the room was quite empty.
“Okay, Joey. I hope you’ll appreciate what we’re going to do. Maybe not at the beginning, but I want to ask you to trust me, OK? I want to look at you first. So please take everything off except for your underwear.”
“What?” I said as my jaw dropped.
“Nothing to be ashamed of. I can only do my work if I can see what I have to work with.”
I looked at Anita. “Ummm … here?”
“Yes, what’s the difference between underwear and the swimsuit you were wearing yesterday?” she asked, smiling.
Of course, she was right again. “No one will walk into the room uninvited?” I asked Julian.

“No, they know better to interrupt when I’m with a client,” he promised.
“OK.” I slowly began to take my clothes off. It felt a little sensual. I would get this done. They seemed a little over the top to me, but I could deal with them.
“My goodness, it’s warm in here,” Julian said. “Please hurry up. I can also see that you have a toned body under what you call clothes.”
I started to blush as I dropped my pants and pulled off my socks.
“OK, come over here.” He pointed to a mark on the floor.
I walked over and stood where he wanted. “OK … please stand still.”
I looked at him and saw him move a mouse. “Stay still, OK? I want this to be perfect. Just look straight ahead.”
“May I ask what you’re doing?”
“Oh, I’m taking your measurements. Not as nice as doing it by hand but the computer does it a heck of a lot faster.”
“With a computer?” I asked.
“Yes, it’s a special 3D program.” He walked back and sat beside Anita in a chair. “Remain standing, please. The scan will take about five minutes.”
“Oh, OK.”

Julian turned to Anita. “What do you want to buy for him, Anita?”
They proceeded to chat as if I wasn’t there. I wasn’t supposed to move and occasionally I tried to interrupt their conversation but they totally ignored me.
“OK, let’s summarize: you want two pairs of jeans, a pair of dress pants, a number of T-shirts for school, a couple pairs of shoes, a set of sports clothes, and a swimsuit. Correct?”
“Right. Now, when does the other stylist come in?” Anita asked.
“In about ten minutes or so,” Julian replied.
“Who’s coming?” I asked them both but she ignored me. Anita went to the other side of the room where there was a big screen and a rack of clothes.
“Just click … but you know what to do,” Julian said, walking back to his laptop. After checking something, he returned to me. “Thank you, Joey, for being so patient. That went well, we got the proper measurements in one scan.”
He stood in front of me and began to slide his hands over my body. “Sorry to be so intimate but I have to use my hands so I can get a feel for you. The computer can’t do that for me. I need to feel what I’ll have to work with. Hmmm, you’re not as muscular as I thought.”
“No, looks are deceiving,” I replied while I was struggling to find this not so arousing. Julian had very soft hands. He smiled knowingly, as if he realised exactly what he was doing to me.
He knelt down in front of me and his hands were now running down the sides of my legs. “Hmmm, you’re more muscular here. Better. Do you want to become more muscular or stay as you are now?”
“Marco has taken over his workouts,” Anita answered before I could.
“Well, that will make his physique even better. I wouldn’t go as far as Marco has developed, Joey … but a little more muscle makes the body more beautiful.”

His hands were now investigating the insides of my legs and, when he touched my briefs, I had to breathe deeply. My dick was already at half mast at that moment.
“Hmmm, good thing you did. Just let yourself relax. I’ve got to have a clear idea of the entire body.”
I felt myself blush as my dick slowly rose. It became more embarrassing when Anita added, “Yes, and those balls are also quite nice.”
As she said that, she couldn’t see me, her back was to me. She must have observed me yesterday at the pool more than I thought.
“Hmmm, yes … you’re right,” Julian said as he massaged my balls gently with his hands. He let them go and moved to slide his hands gently over my buttocks. “Nice firm butt, too. He’s even better than Marco in that department, Anita. Marco’s ass is just too muscular. This one is much more beautiful, firm, not too muscular, and beautifully proportioned. Just perfect,” he said as he stood up.
My face was now beet red and my briefs were extended by my aroused cock, and I couldn’t hide either condition.
“Oh, I love it when someone acts like he doesn’t know how handsome and well-formed he is. You’re going to have a very fun week, Joey,” added Julian. “Anita has arranged a complete makeover for you. You’re going to be completely recast by the end of the day. But first, please do this. Then we’ll see a little less of you. In your present state, you’ll distract Francis too much.”
“Francis?” I queried.
“Yes, while I’m out working on the design of this makeovers, we’ll see what he can do with your hair.”
“Oh,” I said, still mystified.
“Are you ready, Anita?”
“Not yet, I want to talk to Joey, but you have plenty of information for you to get started.”
I quickly pulled up my shorts. They didn’t add a lot of coverage, but it was better than nothing.
“Come and sit here, Joey,” Anita invited.
I sat on the chair next to Anita. “Julian is right, you know. Marco exaggerates a little. You look much better than he does, all things considered. And no, I’m not saying that to tease you. I mean it.”
I smiled shyly at her. “I’m not used to hearing so many compliments, Anita,” I said honestly.
“I know, but you’ll get used to it.”
“What do you mean?”
“Just wait til later this afternoon.”
“OK, but why are you doing this makeover for me?” It was a question I had been asking myself since yesterday, and even moreso since we’d arrived. I knew now that this wasn’t just expensive but very expensive indeed.
“I’ll be honest with you. Wow … this isn’t easy. Let me start by saying that, if you weren’t gay, I would probably have done everything I could to get you into my bed because you’re just lovely, Joey. But, I know that will never happen so …. ” She stopped when she saw my mouth drop open in astonishment.
“You’re gay, Joey. I know I’m right about that.”
“Well, yes … but how ….”
She threw her arms around me when she saw tears forming in my eyes.
“Calm down, Joey. You’re safe with me.”
I nodded because I knew that already, but I was too upset to be able to speak.
We sat so quietly. I looked over towards her. “How did you know? Do I look gay?”
“No, not at all. It was more about the way you and Marco dance around each other.”
“OK, but I didn’t notice anything gay about Marco, and I know he’s not.”
She started laughing. “Joey, Joey … maybe Marco doesn’t know it yet. Maybe he isn’t even aware of what you mean to him.”
I looked at her in astonishment.
“I was looking at the two of you yesterday, playing sports. The sexual tension just oozed from your encounter.”
“Oh .. when did you realise ….”
“By what happened during your last hour together.”
“OK … so, when we were ….”
“Of course. How did you think I knew you had such big beautiful balls?”
I blushed even more furiously.
“Don’t be embarrassed, Joey. I think you’ll make a great brother in law.”
“You think Marco ….”
“Yes, I have no doubt about that. As I said, maybe he doesn’t yet know, but tomorrow will be a different story.”
“You mean .…”
“Of course! Why do you think I’m doing this? A little bit for you but moreso for my brother.”
“Does he know we’re here?”
“Maybe, though when I brought him here for a makeover, I had to book an appointment two months in advance so he probably couldn’t guess what I was able to arrange at short notice.”

At that moment the door opened. A flamboyant guy in his 20s bounced excitedly into the room. “You were lucky, Anita. I had my whole day booked but, with such bad weather, I suddenly had an opening. You’re really lucky.”
I looked at Anita.
“Yes, in your world, Francis … but your bad luck is our good luck. Here, I want to introduce you to Joey.”
I stuck my hand out to shake his and it was grabbed enthusiastically by Francis as he quickly scanned my body.
“Hello, Joey! Pleased to meet you today. You really know how to find the best ones, Anita.”
As he said that, he slowly ran his fingers through my hair, just like your typical hairdresser.
“Oh, and this will be so nice to work with. A bit thick but a good length, without any natural curls. You know how I hate curls on a man.”
“Right, Francis. I also had to consider your availability when I called Julian yesterday.”
“Good. Well, Joey, come with me and we’ll see what we can do.”
He walked over to the chair. Only when he arrived there did he see that I hadn’t moved.
“Hello! Is something wrong? Come over and we’ll start.”
“Julian … Anita … Francis … I just wanted your attention.”
Anita looked at me. Julian turned around.
“Just to be clear. I’m OK with this … and you’ve asked me to trust you, and I do … but please stop talking as if I’m not here. If you want us to continue, you’ll have to please tell me what you’re gonna do, OK?”
“Oh, the little pup has teeth,”Julian observed.
All three nodded. I got up and walked over to Francis.
“OK … there are several steps to what I’m going to do, Joey. First I’ll take a look at what I can do with your hair. That involves a lot of manual manipulation and the use of a few tools. Once I’ve decided what to do, I’ll talk to Julian about style and colours as whatever I do should match your clothes. Then the shaping and cutting will be followed by colouring and whatever else is necessary. Whether more needs to be done depends on what Julian or Anita recommend. Clear enough?”
“Yes, all clear … but what do you mean by colour?”
“Well, we need to decide on the shade … lighter or darker … or whatever.”
“OK … but not yellow or green or anything?”
“No, definitely not. You don’t have to worry about that. You said you trusted us, so that is what you should do.”

For an hour or so, Francis worked diligently on my hair. I could hear Anita and Julian talking in the background, but I was just sitting in my chair, my mind wandering.
“You’re hard, too, while you’re talking about it,” I heard someone say.
“Yes, sorry … it’s so odd. I don’t understand.”
“Come on, brother, come on. Enjoy your delicious fantasies, but it’s too early to predict the future.”
“You can’t know that, not with us.”
“I agree, but the feelings will come soon, so it’ll take a while.”
“I know, but still. It stays weird. I really woke up having had a wonderful dream, but I can’t remember any of the details.”
“Smile … you just forgot how it should go.”
“Yes … and you’re laughing.”

I realized I was in Marco’s house again. That must have been the youngest brother, the one I had not seen yet. He was also a nice-looking guy. True, not a muscular body like Marco’s, but you could really see the resemblance. I realised that Marco was thinking about that dream tonight. Wow, he really enjoyed it! Anita might be right. Marco was day dreaming but it was so real. I almost literally felt how he took my dick back in his mouth and …. slowly began to suck, with his tongue slipped forward toward my balls.
“Ahhh …. ” I just was able to feel the tongue gently….
“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” said Francis as he was snipping my hair.
“No, no,” I said quickly. “I’m fine,” I added quietly as I remembered how Marco enjoyed my love pole. One more deep thrust and I knew what would happen next. Wow! I so felt that! My cock started to throb and it was like I was about to erupt. At that moment I began to taste it again in my mouth … my own seed. Thinking of Marco brought it all back. What did it all mean? Oh, yes … he pulled on his dick once or twice and then … oh, yes … his sperm also shot out. Sitting there in the salon, I moaned as if I was right with him. Ohhhhh, shit, I thought, not now.
“You OK, Joey?”
I opened my eyes and saw Francis looking at me with concern.
“Ummm … yes … sorry but I fell asleep.”
“Oh, is that what we’re calling it now?” he said as he smiled knowingly.
What I didn’t notice was that Anita was standing right next to him, observing.
“Well, I might have, Francis. I think it’ll be good for me to check with Joey, seeing how far along Julian has gone with my wardrobe.”
Francis took the hint.
“Well, Joey … are you saying you just … well … you know ….”
As he stuttered in confusion, I didn’t just blush, I went beet red.
“OK … his opinion doesn’t matter … but weren’t you inside Marco’s head just now?”
“What do you mean?” I asked her.
“Well ….”

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